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Glen T. Winstein

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SA Starter Steam version

  Glenster's San Andreas Steam Starter Package


  I've included seven save game files for the latest (as of Dec.9, 2014) Steam
version of "San Andreas."  They cover all the side missions needed for 100%
completion of the game so you can concentrate on enjoying the main story mis-

  San Andreas newsteam r2
  On Dec.9, 2014, Rockstar updated the Steam version again.  The only change in
this version is that 16:9 resolutions are unlocked.  This version doesn't have
any version number displayed in menus so has been dubbed newsteam r2 by the com-

  Since the Control Center by Alper Saracoglu doesn't work with that version
(unless you downgrade it?) I've included ways you can mod data > handling.cfg
and various gimmicks to make many missions easier.

  Thanks again to klarnetist for giving me permission to distribute his wonder-
ful 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air mods.  I've included a batch of them and ways you can
change the handling.cfg and carcols.dat files for them.

  I've included files to make the Tec9 like a Minigun and improve some of the
stats (like Hitman status for some of the weapons) more quickly.

  Take care,

  Glen T. Winstein (glenster)