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  12  A Great Deal!

                     12-01 A Great Deal!-Salieri Bar

  Cutscene: Salieri is presiding over a meeting with Tommy, Paulie, and Sam in
his office at Salieri's Bar.  He congratulates the others on how well the last
mission went (Tommy stealing incriminating evidence against Salieri, and Paulie
and Sam murdering any witnesses against Salieri):

  "Well done, boys--the last job went fine.  There's no evidence or witnesses
left against us.  Thanks to your persuasive methods, they won't even squeak."
Paulie says, " Thanks, boss--we try to make you happy."  Salieri says, "Ha ha
ha ha!  Well, you certainly did.  But today we're here for something else.
Paulie has a pretty interesting proposal."

  Paulie says, "Well, I met a guy from Kentucky: William Gates."  (It's probably
a reference to William "Bill" Gates, a founder and chairman of Microsoft and co-
founder of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  The game was primarily devel-
oped for the PC.)

  "Everyone knows that Kentucky makes the best home-brewed whiskey.  Well, any-
way, this guy almost threw up when he tried the whisky which Morello sells here.
When he gave me a drink of this stuff they brew back there?--forget about it--I
won't drink anything else!

  "So I asked him about it, right?  He said it was no problem--that he could de-
liver me as much as I wanted.  Y'know, I got jazzed thinking about the dough
we'd make on it.  Well, I ordered a truckload of it.  I said to myself: if it
catches on here, we can make a bigger deal later."

  Salieri says, "It would certainly be a good replacement for the loss of our
Canadian.  I like it--nice one."  Tommy says, "Me, too."  Paulie says, "So we're
gonna pick up some beautiful booze."  Sam says, "I'm already looking forward to

  Tommy asks, "Where are they hiding it?"  Paulie says, "They'll meet us in the
big parking garage."

  Salieri says, "We have to be more careful than we were before" ("A Trip To The
Country").  "You'll get to the place by car with two other boys.  They'll be
your escort on the way back.  You three pick up the truck and take it to our
warehouse in Hoboken.  The boys are already out in the yard waiting in the car."
As Tommy, Paulie, and Sam leave, Salieri says, "And bring me back a bottle so I
can finally drink something decent."  Sam says, "Count on it, boss."

  Tommy, Paulie and Sam go to a Schubert Extra Six Fordor in the back lot of the
bar.  There are already two gangsters in the front seats.  As they get in the
back, Sam says, "Get in--we're going for some medicine," and Paulie says, "Here,
Tom--this might come in useful" and hands Tommy a Thompson 1928.  Tommy says,

                     12-02 A Great Deal!-The Parking Lot

  The car parks in front of the Grade Level Parking Lot parking garage (the
building indicated by a brown rectangle at the northeast corner of the block of
"LAND" of "CENTRAL ISLAND" on the Map--Tab).  Tommy, Paulie, and Sam get out of
the back seat of the car.  Paulie tells the two gangsters in the front of the
car: "Wait for us here, boys.  We'll be back in a little while.  When we drive
out, follow after us.  Then we'll have a shot at the warehouse."  One of the
gangsters says, "Sure, boss."

  Have Tommy enter the parking garage.  The attendant in the booth on the left
tells Tommy, "They're waiting for you already, mister."  Have Tommy lead Paulie
and Sam to the third floor, the top floor--the stairs on the right offer the
most direct path--and go to the five men by a Bolt Model B pickup truck, which
has boxes of Kentucky whiskey in the back.

  Cutscene: Paulie greets the spokesman of the group by the truck--"Hey there,
Bill.  It's good to see you again."  Bill says, "Hey, Paulie."  Paulie says,
"These are my partners and good friends.  They like the idea of working together
and they also like first-rate whisky, which yours certainly is."  Bill says,
"That it is!"

  Paulie says, "The main thing is that Don Salieri likes it, too, and since he's
financing the whole deal"--Paulie takes a batch of paper money from beneath his
coat--"here's your first payment for the goods."  Paulie gives Bill the first
payment.  Bill says, "Give Mr. Salieri my regards.  I'm always happy to do busi-
ness with people like him."  Paulie says, "You should be, Bill--you could hit it
big with this.  If this small delivery works out for us, we'll order a lot more
next time."

  Two cars of eight gangsters in black or dark gray suits speed to the other
side of the floor and the gangsters emerge from them with guns.  Tommy calls
out "Take cover!" and dives to the side--Paulie dives the other way, as a shoot-
out begins with Pump-action shotguns and Thompson 1928 machine guns.

  (The gangsters that attack Tommy's group can be found earlier with the noclip
function of "MafiaCon1.2."  They're behind the wall of the building which has a
mainly blue and beige first floor, beige second floor, and gray floors above
that, which is across the street from the entrance to the parking garage.
Thanks to "Mafia Observations" by AsaSK.  You can also use the noclip feature of
"Mafia Hack V1.03" to do that--see the "Mods" section.)

  Bill, the only one who isn't armed, doesn't move and asks, "What's going on?"
Paulie asks, "Jesus, who are they?"  Bill is killed.  Sam or one of Bill's men
says, "Fire--kill the bastards!"  Several men on either side fall to the ground.
Someone in Tommy's group yells, "Damn!"

  Paulie's and Sam's Health bars appear above Tommy's.  You can shoot cars and
yellow barrels till they explode to help you kill the opposing gangsters.  If
you have Tommy use a car for cover, it could explode from being shot, so use it
at a distance and briefly if at all.  Have Tommy crouch, kill the opposing gang-
sters, especially concerned to kill the gangsters that attack Paulie or Sam,
then gather weapons throughout the following.

  Have Tommy kill the first two cars of opposing gangsters then the third car of
gangsters that appear after that.  (You might have Tommy shoot the grill of a
car to blow it up if Paulie and Sam aren't near it.)

  (Bloviator's walkthrough has a tip by Anatoly Ivanov to have Tommy fire a few
shots, go down the stairs far enough to be protected when a Grenade is thrown to
the bottom of the stairwell, then go back up to resume the fight.  Tommy, Paul-
ie, and Sam may lose less Health this way, for some reason.)

  Have Tommy go down the slope to the upper floor of the second floor and kill
two gangsters.  One gangster is usually in the middle of the floor in or by the
fenced section.  There's a Health cabinet with 50 Health in it.  The other gang-
ster is usually behind the gray Schubert Six car at the other end of the floor.
After Tommy kills him, have Tommy get four Grenades, one by one, from a box by
the car.

  Have Tommy go to the slope to the lower floor of the second floor to begin
killing another four or five gangsters, go down that slope to the lower floor of
the second floor and finish killing them, then go down to the upper part of the
first floor and go toward the other end of it.

  There are a couple of gangsters' cars on the slope down to the lower part of
the first floor.  The gangsters behind the cars throw a couple of Molotov cock-
tails to the top of the slope as Tommy approaches it.  Have Tommy, from a safe
distance away, throw a Grenade or two at the cars to blow up and kill some gang-
sters if Paulie and Sam aren't near the cars, shoot any gangsters visible from
the slope, then go to the lower part of the first floor to shoot any remaining

  Have him use the Health cabinet on the wall to the right of the exit for 50
Health.  (Tommy can't get the attendant's shotgun.)

  Cutscene: Sam says, "Bill's kicked it.  He won't be no magnet now."  (This is
a reaffirmation of the idea that "Bill Gates" is a reference to the same-named
Microsoft magnate.)  Tommy asks, "What the hell was that, Paulie?  Who were
those hoods?"  Paulie asks, "How should I know?"  Sam says, "Okay, okay.  Well,
we can't hang around here waiting for more of them to show up.  Let's get the
truck and get the hell out of here.  Tom, you drive--I'll follow behind in one
of the other cars."

  Have Tommy lead Paulie to the top floor and get in the Bolt Model B pickup
truck that has boxes of whiskey in the back.  A damage meter for the truck ap-
pears in the middle of the bottom of the screen.  Have Tommy drive to the ground
level, getting out to use other vehicles to clear the path if needed, and drive
out of the garage.

                     12-03 A Great Deal!-Car Chase

  Have Tommy get out of the truck and go left to use Grenades to kill the gang-
sters before they get into two cars to chase and attack the truck.  If any sur-
vive the Grenades, have Tommy kill them with his Thompson 1928 before they get
up.  (Thanks to Bloviator's and uberwolf420's walkthroughs.)  Otherwise, have
Tommy drive close to the right edges of cars and corners, etc., to shake their
tail or have Tommy stop and shoot them.

  (You can have Tommy drive the truck a few feet to block Sam's path, have Tommy
get out and kill the enemy gangsters, get back in the truck and move it a few
inches, then run to Sam's car.  With luck, it hasn't moved yet and Tommy can get
in the passenger side.  Tommy can do driveby shootings with any gun while Sam
drives to the Works Quarter.  If you're lucky, Paulie gets in Sam's car, too, so
when Tommy gets to the warehouse, the mission is complete.  Thanks to "Mafia
Easter Eggs" by Underground.)

  Have Tommy drive to Salieri's warehouse, which is on the east side of the road
of the east side of the northern block (the one mostly surrounded by a road in-
dicated by a thin line) of Hoboken.  Tommy says, "Okay--we did it!"

                     12-04 A Great Deal!-Back At The Bar

  Cutscene: Salieri presides over a meeting with Tommy, Paulie, and Sam at a
table in Salieri's Bar, which is closed and partly lit.  Paulie says, "So it
looks like Morello got in the way of things again, boss."  Tommy says, "Can't
seem to shake off this bad luck."

  Salieri says, "Boys, you won't believe this, but it's completely the other way
around.  The only one who really had bad luck this time was Morello."  Paulie
asks, "What?!"  Salieri says, "I found out who our Mr. Gates really was."  Tommy
asks, "And?"  Salieri says, "Gates was never really from Kentucky.  He was a
small-time thief who stole the goods from Morello and wanted to sell them to
us."  (Along with the Bill Gates reference, this may be a veiled reference to
Microsoft controversies.)

  "Morello doesn't think that he almost stopped our deal but that we pinched a
truckload of his most expensive whisky.  I bet that bastard's happy now."

  Tommy says, "Unbelievable!"  Paulie says, "Well, that worked out just fine.
Let's drink to that!"  Salieri says, "To another success, boys--salute!"  The
group drinks to their success.

  Tommy can jack or pick the lock of any Lassiter V16 Roadsters, which are
available for "Freeride."

  Video walkthrough
  by 0rland0walkthrough, uberwolf420, TheGamesPerson, and willzyyy

        Intermezzo 3

  Cutscene: 1938

  The headline on the front page of the Lost Heaven Courier declares Dec.5, 1933
as the end of Prohibition (it's the date of the ratification of the Twenty-first

  Tommy continues to confess his experiences with Salieri's group to Det. Nor-

  Norman asks, "The end of prohibition in thirty-three.  You probably weren't
too happy, huh?  Uh, the end of the good ol' days."

  Tommy says, "Yeah, not too happy, but it wasn't all bad.  Eventually, I did
get married to Sarah and had a daughter.  It was a good time.  But life went on
in business.  We made a huge amount of dough during prohibition which we in-
vested into new deals.  A lot of them were legitimate.  We had regular firms
like construction, transport, restaurants, we ran labor unions, and, of course,
there was gambling, betting, the lotteries.  We actually did really well.  We
just tried to stay out of drugs, even if it wasn't always easy."

  Norman asks, "C'mon!  Business is business, right?"

  Tommy says, "You're way off there.  The Cosa Nostra ain't no Paddies or China-
men."  (Tommy associates drug dealing with Irish or Chinese organized crime.)
With drugs comes big money and even bigger problems.  When someone has a problem
with the cops because of drugs, he does the sensible thing--he admits it.  If
his family catches him they rub him out.  Drugs are taboo."

  Norman asks, "So, what--there's some kind of grand pooba passing judgment?"

  Tommy says, "Something like that.  The leading families choose a Boss of
Bosses.  They sort out the big problems and set the rules of the game."

  Norman asks, "So criminals who break the law have their own courts that judge
them?  That's just great."

  (Tommy tries to rationalize crime: with an amoral way of comparing sets of
laws, he says laws are just matters of someone with power exerting their force.
He denies the fact that his group murders--he says crime groups can't use fines
and jails, so they kill those who break their laws.  Tommy denies the fact that
crime groups use robberies and coercion for payoffs--he claims people go to mob
bosses freely to pay for help.  I don't think this is a great way to convince a
detective to give you a relocation program.)

  Tommy says, "Laws aren't changeless, holy words.  Every country in the world
has their own.  It's just somebody with a lot of power applying their own will.
It depends on the person whether they'll serve someone else blindly or apply
their own will.  Why should the Don be restrained?  The Mafia prevailed through
prohibition with its own laws.  A handful of poor uneducated immigrants from
Sicily were stronger than all the laws, courts and police here in the States.
That took some doing."

  Norman asks, "What, with murder?  With the suffering they caused?"

  Tommy says, "C'mon--you think that the Mafia just murders innocent people?
The mafia punishes those who break laws, and the majority of your laws too.  Un-
fortunately, we can't put anyone in jail or fine them.  Everybody who comes and
works for us knows what to expect if he breaks the rules.  People lie and steal
and there are lots of criminals here who get unbelievable pleasure when they
steal from the mob, as well as the mafiosos who get pleasure from cheating the

  Norman asks, "And what about all the payoffs, robberies, and raids, uh?"

  Tommy says, "Hey, the cops ain't no saints neither.  No Don encourages his men
to go around harming people and what other people do on their own isn't our con-
cern.  And as for the payoffs, most people come to the Don for help and advice
on their own.  And they'll pay gladly for it.  The Don is an esteemed person.
But not every Don is like Salieri.  That's the truth."

  Norman says, "There you go.  Your system works, but you know why?  Because
you're a bunch of selfish murderers and you only care about your own gain.  All
your efforts are spent ensuring that you live like pigs in shit.  That's why
you're so successful--you're only looking out for yourselves.  We look out after
everybody.  A few cops have to ensure law and order for all, and that's a much
harder job."

  Tommy says, "That's true, but you can easily leave the Don outside your pro-
tection.  He'll watch his own back."

  Det. Norman reminds Tommy: "And what about you?  What are you sitting here

  Intermezzo 3 recorded by olivierkahm

  13  Bon Appetit!

                     13-01 Bon Appetit!-City

  Cutscene: 1935

  Tommy enters Salieri's Bar where Salieri is seated at the bar.  Salieri says,
"Ah, Tommy--I'm glad you're here.  I was afraid I'd miss you."  Tommy says,
"Hey, boss--what's going on?"

  Salieri says, "There's something I've been looking forward to all week.  I'm
going to Pepe's restaurant for lunch, but my personal bodyguard has called in
sick.  There's nobody here who could take me, and I prefer not to go to these
things alone.  You'll take me, won't you?"  Tommy says, "Certainly, boss."
Salieri says, "Bravo."

  Salieri leads Tommy outside and says, "Let's get going then--I'm already pret-
ty hungry.  Have you got a piece on you, Tommy?"  Tommy says, "Yeah, I got one.
You think I'll need it?"  Salieri says, "Well, ha ha, probably not, but it's
better to be sure.  You know how it is."

  At the front of the bar, Salieri tells Tommy "We'll take my car," hands him
the keys, and gets in the passenger seat.

  Have Tommy use Salieri's Lassiter V16 Roadster to drive him to Pepe's restaur-
ant, which is in at the indication of a driveway on the north side of the block
that's south of the block with "N" of "NEW ARK" on the Map (Tab).

  On the way, Salieri extols the virtues of Pepe's masterful genuine Sicilian
cooking: "Tommy, I'm really looking forward to this.  Pepe is a native Sicilian,
and, above all, a fantastic chef.  Whenever I feel like a specialty from back
home, I go to him.  Wait till you try his cheeses--forget about it.  Luigi's a
great cook but Pepe is a real master--a maestro!"

                     13-02 Bon Appetit!-Pepe's Restaurant

  Cutscene: Tommy parks in front of Pepe's restaurant, opens the car door for
Salieri, and they go toward the restaurant.  Salieri says, "At last--I could eat
a horse!"

  Entering the restaurant, Salieri and Pepe greet each other enthusiastically.
Pepe says, "'ey, Don Salieri--welcome!"  Salieri says, "Pepe, you don't even
know how much I'm looking forward to your specialties!"

  As Tommy and Salieri are finishing their meal, Salieri tells Pepe, who's
standing nearby, "Fantastic meal, Pepe--I haven't eaten that well in a long
time!"  Pepe says, "Molte grazie" (Italian: "many thanks"), "Don.  Praise from a
gourmet like you always make-a me fill with joy!"  Salieri says, "Oh, please--
I'm no gourmet."  He jokes that "If you knew what I ate for dinner yesterday,
you definitely wouldn't say that--ha ha ha ha ha ha."

  Pepe asks, "Can I get you anything else, Don?  I have an excellent Chianti"
(a dry, usually red, wine from the Tuscany region of Italy, or a similar wine
from elsewhere).  Salieri asks, "Really?  Let's get it out here then, Pepe!"
Pepe says, "At once, sir" and goes to get it.

  Salieri asks, "How did you like it, Tommy?"  Tommy says, "It was fantastic,
boss.  I'll have to bring Sarah here sometime."  Salieri says, "Ah, yes--you
certainly should, Tommy."  He jokes "Just be careful so that Sarah doesn't take
offense--she cooks worse than Pepe--ha ha ha ha ha ha ha."

  Six gangsters get out of two Schubert Extra Six Fordors in front of the res-
taurant and shoot Thompson 1928s and Pump-action shotguns through the front win-
dow.  Tommy provides cover for himself and Salieri by pushing their table on its
side.  Salieri says, "What the hell is goin' on?  This is ruinin' my lunch!"
Tommy says, "Morello must have nothing better to do."  Salieri says, " They
could have at least let me taste the wine, Cafonis!"  ("Cafoni" is Italian for
"peasants, boors.")

  One of the attacking gangsters says, "Get this over with."  Another gangster
says, "Ha ha ha!  Throw him his present, Joe--maybe we'll smoke him out."  One
of the gangsters throws a Grenade to the restaurant floor, but it misses Salieri
and Tommy, who have their guns drawn.  The explosion sets the restaurant on

  Tommy says, "Working for you is real interesting, boss."  Salieri says,
"What'd you say?  My ears are ringin' from that blast."  Tommy says, "Yes,

  Salieri says, "It looks like we won't get out this way.  Try and run round the
back of them while I keep them entertained."  Tommy says, "Yes, boss.  Be care-

  Salieri's Health bar appears above Tommy's.  Throughout the following, have
Tommy crouch when shooting and gather weapons as needed.  There are more gang-
sters to shoot than just the six seen before.

  While Salieri fires at Morello's gangsters with his S&W Model 27 Magnum, have
Tommy go to the back of the room and go right to go through the door, use his
Colt 1911 to shoot through the window on the right to kill the gangster in the
distance if he's visible, use the Health cabinet on the left for 25 Health (now
or later), then go out the back door.

  (There's a Boxer dog in the lot.)

  Have him go right, through the lot to the alley, kill the gangster on the
sidewalk past the alley if he hasn't already, get the dead gangster's Thompson
1928, and equip it.

  Have Tommy go back to the lot, open the door at the top of the steps of a
place beside Pepe's, and shoot one or two gangsters.

  Have Tommy go to the front corner of the building and use the corner for cover
if needed, or move ahead near the wall to avoid the shotgun fire of a gangster
on the second floor of a place beside Pepe's, to shoot several gangsters.

  The gangster on the second floor in the building to the right (facing Pepe's)
of Pepe's is on the second floor stairway landing.  Have Tommy go toward the
bottom of the stairs aiming up and back till the gangster comes into view and
shoot him.

  Cutscene: Tommy is on the sidewalk that goes by Pepe's and Salieri stands on
the steps of a place next door.  Salieri says, "I have to say--you got balls,
Tommy.  You saved my ass."  Tommy says, "You weren't so bad yourself, boss."
Salieri exclaims, "Christ, that was crazy.  Thank God Pepe hid.  Poor guy--I'll
have to send him some dough for repairs."  Tommy says, "We should."

  "Boss, I'd like to know how they knew where we were.  You think they followed
us?"  Salieri walks down to the sidewalk and says, "I don't think so, Tommy.  I
have a feeling I know who set me up."  Tommy asks,  "Who?"  Salieri says, "Car-
lo, my bodyguard!  That God damn son of a bitch!  He's the only one who knew
where I was going.  And he also excused himself from work today!  He knew very
well what was gonna happen!"  Tommy says, "That sounds pretty likely."

  (Carlo is mentioned earlier in the Lucas Bertone mission of "Omerta."  Tommy
has to beat up Stan, the bouncer at the Black Cat Bar, for Lucas' friend Carlo.)

  Salieri says, "Yeah, I think so.  I'll tear him apart like a rag doll.  Carlo
lives in a rented house in Little Italy a little way from our bar."  Salieri
starts walking toward his car and says, "There's a pizzeria downstairs.  We're

  (Actually, if Salieri went to Pepe's with any regularity with his own car, an
expensive one for the time, parked out front, he was being so publicly visible
that I don't know how he could be sure it was Carlo who told Morello's gangsters
Salieri would be there.  They could have found out from various people in the
time it took Salieri to finish his meal, too.)

                     13-03 Bon Appetit!-After The Attack

  Have Tommy collect weapons from the area in front of Pepe's and drive Salieri
in the car of your choice to Carlo's place, which is in the four story building
on the north-south road north of the west end of the West Marshall Bridge.  Have
Tommy go to the brown wooden doors of Carlo's part of the building.

                     13-04 Bon Appetit!-Carlo

  Have Tommy follow Salieri up the stairs to Carlo's front door.

  Salieri shouts, "Carlo, you old bastard--we're comin' for you!  Let's do it,
Tom.  Break down the door."  Have Tommy kick (RMB) open the door.  Salieri says,
"Bust in there and kill the bastard."  Have Tommy run after Carlo.

  Carlo, who's in his underwear, goes out the window and down the fire escape to
the lot below.  Salieri shouts, "He's run down the fire escape, Tommy--get him."
Have Tommy quickly climb out the window and shoot Carlo to try to shoot him
while he's on the ground below and to the right.  Carlo will probably get away,
so have Tommy go down the fire escape and shoot Carlo, who fires at Tommy with
an S&W Model 27 Magnum from somewhere in the lot.

  While Tommy does these things, Salieri occasionally calls from Carlo's apart-
ment window: "Shut up, lady, or you're next" "Kill that bastard, Tom" "Don't be
an idiot--shoot the bastard" "Don't waste your time with him--he's shit" "Carlo,
ya dirty rat--weren't you well off here with us?  What'd I do that made you want
to do this?" and "Shoot his brains out the back of his head."

  Have Tommy shoot Carlo's three friends who come out of a door near the base of
the fire escape to attack Tommy with a Baseball bat, a Colt Detective Special,
and a Steel Bar.  The man with light beige pants and a dark short sleeved shirt
is the one with a Colt Detective Special.

  (This and "A Trip to the Country" are the two missions in which Tommy can get
a Steel Bar to use as a melee weapon.  The Steel Bar is a more powerful melee
weapon than the Crowbar.  The man in this mission with a Steel Bar has a blue
short sleeved shirt and brown pants.)

  Cutscene: Tommy and Salieri walk back to the front of Carlo's place.  Tommy
says, "You know what, boss?"  Salieri asks, "What?"  Tommy says, "That's the
first time I knocked someone off in their underpants."  Salieri says, "It's
nothing--first time for me, too.  There's a first time for everything."

  In a room of some unknown location, mob leader Don Morello visits his brother
Sergio, who's in the midst of overseeing the beating two thugs are giving to a
man who's wrists are tied overhead.

  Sergio Morello says, "Well, who do we have here?"  Don Morello says, "How are
you, Sergio?  Staying out of trouble?  I see you got a new punching bag."  Ser-
gio says,. "Well, the gentleman here thinks that the finances of our labor union
ain't fair and he wants to strike."

  Don Morello leans toward the man being tortured and says, "I've always said a
strike is a bad thing--real bad, unless, of course, it's organized by my dear
brother for a higher goal.  The man being tortured says, "You won't get away
with this--the boys'll show you."  Don Morello says, "I think you're overesti-
mating their bravery."  The man being tortured says, "You cockroach."  Don Mor-
ello says, "I didn't come for this discussion, unfortunately."

  Sergio says to the torture victim, "We'd like to introduce you to some of our
principals about labor unions in this free country of ours.  Carry on, boys."
The two other thugs resume beating the man.

  Sergio asks, "What's the reason for you coming, brother?"  Don Morello says,
"Salieri is alive."  Sergio asks,  "What?!  How could he survive?"  Don Morello
says, "I'm afraid in the current situation we can't ask him and there is nobody
else who could tell us what happened.  Our guys are dead, the customers at the
restaurant are dead, and that sneak Carlo is as well."

  Don Morello turns to the two administering the beating and shouts, "Could you
please shut up?  We're tryin' to talk here!"  The man being tortured says, "Go
to Hell."  One of the men administering the beating says, "That's no way to talk
to Mr. Morello" and the beating resumes.  Don Morello says, "Bum."

  Sergio says, "God, he should have been there alone.  How could that old man
kill so many of our guys?"  Don Morello says, "He's as old as me, so I wouldn't
say that.  But he probably wasn't there alone.  I think he'll be planning how to
get rid of us right now."

  Sergio asks, "What shall we do?"  Don Morello says, "I will try to figure out
something.  Anyway, be careful--now his best guys will be after us."  Sergio
asks, "So we really at war?"  Don Morello says, "We have been for a long time
already, but now more than ever before.  Take good care of yourself, brother."
Don Morello leaves.

  One of the thugs giving the beating asks, "Boss, it looks like he's had
enough.  What do you want us to do with him?"  Sergio says, "I don't know.  Fin-
ish him off and dump him in the ocean."

  The Lassiter V16 Roadster Green is added to the garage/back lot of Salieri's

  The Crusader cars (Crusader Chromium Fordor, Crusader Chromium Tudor) are
available for "Freeride."

  by 0rland0walkthrough, uberwolf420, TheGamesPerson, and pitek9099

  14  Happy Birthday!

                     14-01 Happy Birthday!-Vincenzo's Workshop

  Cutscene: in Vincenzo's workshop with Tommy and Vincenzo, Salieri says, "Tom-
my, that assassination attempt" ("Bon Appetit!") "means that Morello has openly
declared war on us.  We have to deal with him.  If Morello didn't have accom-
plices with the politicians and other important city organizations, our forces
would be nearly equal.  If we liquidate those people, our opponent will be a lot

  Vincenzo pours each off them a drink and says, "That's exactly what we gotta
do--eliminate his strong contacts."

  Salieri says, "Right.  And as we all know, an all-out war must be avoided.
Get the generals then the soldiers will give up without a fight.  So this is
what we'll do--we'll finish them off one by one."

  Tommy asks, "What do you mean, exactly?"  Salieri says, "The first in line is
the city councillor who's caused us so much trouble.  Morello got him into poli-
tics, and that makes him a big supporter.  We'll take care of him after the boy,
and I mean today."

  Vincenzo says, "The councillor is celebratin' his birthday and has decided to
throw a huge shindig.  He's havin' it on a steamboat with fireworks and the
whole nine" (yards) "and he'll be makin' a speech to the paparazzi.  There'll be
a lot people there who won't do dick against us when they see what happens to

  Tommy says, "It sounds pretty risky."  Salieri says, "But well worth the
risk.  Vincenzo knows the plan."

  Vincenzo says, "Okay.  As I said, it's on a steamboat.  It won't be easy to
get in without an invite, but I know you can do it, Tom.  Above all, try not to
raise suspicions before we reach our goal.  Of course, you won't get a weapon
past the security, but I've dealt with that already.  As soon as you get on
deck, go to one of the men's rooms--there'll be a small revolver hidden there.

  "Afterwards, just wait outside awhile.  The councillor will probably be hiding
in his cabin, but he'll be out for the start of the celebration and his speech.
That's your big shot.  During the speech you're gonna pop him, Tom.  It's got to
be in public and this speech is the best opportunity.  There'll be a big crowd
there so you can blend in with them once this thing is all done."

  Tommy asks, "And then what?  I'd like to get back to shore in one piece!"

  Vincenzo says, "Afterwards, it'll be nuts. There'll be some security guards on
the boat, and you should be able to get past them in the chaos.  If not, get to
the bow and Paulie will pull up in a boat and bring you back safely."

  Salieri asks, "So what, Tommy?  It won't be a picnic, but you should pull it
off."  Tommy says, "Okay--I'll do it."

  Vincenzo says, "The boat is anchored on the waterfront on Central Island.  You
better get goin' or you'll miss it.  Keep an eye on the time.  Buona fortuna"
(Italian: "good luck"), "Tom."

  Salieri walks down the fire escape, gets in the passenger seat of his white
Lassiter V16 Roadster, and is driven away.

  Have Tommy see Ralphy, who's sitting by several bottles of liquor, for a car.
Tommy says, "Well, here we go again, Ralphy.  Today I need something for one use
because we don't know how it's going to work out."  Ralphy says, "He-He-He-Hey,
Tommy.  Th-Th-Th-That's no big problem."  He says, "I have h-here this little
number--th-th-they're pretty-pre-pretty popular these days" as he goes to a Cru-
sader Chromium Fordor Blue.

  Ralphy says, "Also, they're p-p-puh-pretty solid.  L-L-Look how easy they are
to nab."  Ralphy shows Tommy how to pick the lock of the Crusader Chromium

  (Tommy can now jack or pick the lock of any Crusader Chromium.  At this point,
the game calls it a "Streak" but when you've passed the mission the game says a
"Fordor Blue" has been added to the garage.)

  Tommy says, "Yeah--great, Ralphy.  That should do the trick."

  Have Tommy drive it or whichever car toward the street.

                     14-02 Happy Birthday!-City

  Have Tommy drive to the parking lot of the docks at the southwest corner of
the road of Central Island.  Despite what Vincenzo said about watching the time,
the drive isn't timed.  Have Tommy park and go to the other side of the nearby

  (The people on the steamship, the Lost Heaven Queen, are two-dimensional pic-
tures, like life-sized posters, of people.  Thanks to Bloviator.)

  You can have Tommy go to the receptionist, the man in a tuxedo by a table with
a white tablecloth on a dock, or skip to the next part.  If you have him go to
the receptionist, there's a cutscene.

  Cutscene: the receptionist asks, "Hey, mister--you got an invite?  If not,
kindly take a walk."  Tommy says, "Ehm, I must've left it someplace--um."  The
receptionist says, "Yeah, so like I said--beat it."

  Have Tommy go to the right of the phone booth and go through the doorway of
the nearby building, go downstairs to a locker room, and go toward the two sail-
er suits on a locker.  The screen blacks out for a few moments while Tommy
changes his clothes then we see he's dressed in one of the sailor outfits.  Have
Tommy go back outside and to the receptionist.

  Cutscene: the receptionist frisks Tommy, doesn't find a weapon, and tells him,
"Okay, pal--enjoy yourself."

  Have Tommy go on the dock toward the steamship.

  Cutscene: the gangplank is lifted and the steamship pulls away from the dock.

                     14-03 Happy Birthday!-At The Party

  Tommy boards the boat at the southwest part of the map, so the boat repeatedly
goes west to east by something that looks similar to the south end of the Map.
(If you use the noclip function of "MafiaCon1.2" or "Mafia Hack v1.03" to look
more closely at it, you see that the representation of the lighthouse is only
about as tall as Tommy, for example.)

  Tommy starts with his back to the gangplank at the front of the first deck
looking toward the back.  But I'll refer to the right (starboard) and left
(port) sides of the steamboat from the point of view of looking toward the front
of the ship (the stern).

  - first deck: gangplank in the front, gate to Paulie's boat front right, sail-
or with key left, bathroom with Bucket farther back left, paddle wheel in the

  - second deck: dining room with a drink on the bar front, bathroom to clean
and which has a gun back right

  - third deck: band/councillor's speech in the front, councillor's cabin right

  (You might like to have Tommy go beyond the directions I give to listen to and
talk with the other people on the steamship, too.)

  (The guy leaning over the railing on the right side of the first deck period-
ically throws up.

  (You can have Tommy go to the front of the second deck and into the dining
room and use, RMB, the glass of wine at the bar three times and he says, "There
isn't time for that."  A little bit later, he'll become drunk--the "camera"
zooms in and out and wavers around.)

  As mentioned before, Tommy starts at the front of the first deck looking to-
ward the back.  Have Tommy go to the back of the right (again, that's looking
toward the front) side of the second deck and try to open (RMB) the bathroom
door on which there's a sign that says "SKIPPER HAS KEY."  Tommy can't open the
door without the key.  He says, "Typical.  This has to happen to me."

  Have Tommy do back down to the first/bottom deck.

  Option: have Tommy talk (RMB) to the skipper, who's seated in a chair and who
says, "Yeah, the keys from that puked up pisser?  The lifeguard probably has
them.  He's around here somewhere."

  Have Tommy talk (RMB) to the lifeguard, who's a sailor who looks like he
missed his last shave, wears a blue and white striped shirt, and is found lean-
ing against the rail and smoking on the left back side of the first deck.  At
first, he tells Tommy not to bug him.  Have Tommy talk to him again and he says
he'll give Tommy the keys if Tommy promises "to clean up that mess in there and
bring them back to me."  He say he'll wait on the stern for Tommy.  Tommy asks,
"Clean up?  Ehm, sure--you bet," and the lifeguard gives him the keys.

  (If you skip having Tommy try to open the bathroom door with the sign on it
and have Tommy go directly to the lifeguard on the left side of the first deck
to get the key for it, he'll only say, "Some of these dames ain't gettin' it--
maybe they wanna try a real man," "It's so nice tonight I don't even feel like
workin," and "Don't bother me--can't you see I'm thinkin'?"  He'll get a sailor
on the first deck to do a job for him, stand briefly at the front left and mid-
dle left sides of the first deck, and use the bathroom near his original posi-

  (If that happens, you'll have to send Tommy to try and fail to open the bath-
room with a sign on it and go back to the lifeguard before he'll talk about the
key for it.)

  Have Tommy go through (RMB) the nearby bathroom door, which has a lifebuoy on
either side of it, and pick up (RMB) the Bucket.

  (The Bucket is more of a novelty than a good weapon.  If you have Tommy hold
it while punching, he hits people as usual while holding the bucket with his
right hand.)

  Have Tommy go back upstairs to the back right side of the second deck and open
(RMB) the bathroom door.  Tommy says, "Where are you, baby?  My God, what a
stink!"  Have him enter and use (RMB) the bathroom.

  Cutscene: the bathroom door closes and we hear Tommy clean the bathroom.

  Tommy is in the clean bathroom.  Have him turn to the little stand on the far
right and use (RMB) it to get the Colt Detective Special.

  (The gun hidden in the bathroom, especially taken along with the fact that
there's a Corleone Hotel, seen in "The Whore," etc., in Lost Heaven, is a refer-
ence to the movie "The Godfather," 1972, which chronicles the lives of the Cor-
leone crime family.  In one scene of the movie, Michael Corleone/Al Pacino goes
to the bathroom for the gun he uses to shoot Virgil "The Turk" Sollozzo/Al Let-
tieri and Captain McKluskey/Sterling Hayden.)

  (The headlines shown at the start of the next mission follow the pattern of
headlines shown right after Michael kills Sollozzo in "The Godfather.")

  Have Tommy leave (RMB) the bathroom, find the lifeguard somewhere on the front
of the first deck, and give (RMB) the key back to him.  The lifeguard tells Tom-
my he could "open a cleaning firm" and Tommy says, "Yeah, and I'll use you as
the rag."

  A different method is to have Tommy try and fail to open the bathroom door
with a sign on it on the right back side of the second floor, go to the life-
guard on the left side of the first floor and get the key, skip the Bucket, go
back to the bathroom with a sign on the door and just get the handgun (he can't
clean it without the Bucket), then drop the handgun on the floor on the left
side of the third deck.  The lifeguard will check the bathroom, see it wasn't
cleaned, go to Tommy and complain, "Besides, you didn't even clean up in there,
you bastard" and shove him, then walk away.  Since Tommy dropped the gun, the
lifeguard won't see it when he shoves Tommy.  Then have Tommy get the gun and
continue with the mission.

  Bloviator adds that you can time it so the lifeguard doesn't have time to
check the bathroom and get back to Tommy before the councillor's speech starts,
in which case you don't have to have Tommy drop the gun.

  Have Tommy go to the area before the singer and band, Bandits of Rhythm, on
the front of the third deck.

  Cutscene: the councillor and a bodyguard emerge from a cabin on the back right
side of the third deck and are joined by two other bodyguards.  As they go to
the stage, the councillor makes some friendly small talk with people that are
standing nearby.  The councillor says, "Hello there, John--I hope you're enjoy-
ing yourself."  John says, "Good evening.  Yes, it's lovely here," etc.  The
councillor takes the stage and faces the audience.

  Tommy says, "I think it's about time."

  The councillor gives his speech.  Three bodyguards in black tuxedos are sta-
tioned nearby--one on either side of the stage and one in the middle of the back
of the audience.  You can have Tommy shoot the councillor anytime from the time
he starts his speech till he's safe back in his cabin.

  (If you have Tommy talk to one of the guests during the speech, he says it's
nice not to see all the "riff-raff and criminals."  Thanks to "Mafia Observa-
tions" by AsaSK.  He means the guy in a tux who talks with a woman at the back
right side of the third deck--he's later found listening to the councillor's
speech.  One of the things you can get the guy in the tux to say is, "Lost Heav-
en really looks lovely from out here.  You can't see the poor areas--all the
riff-raffs and the criminals.")

  The councillor's speech:

  "Thank you, thank you, and welcome to this little party.  I never guessed I
had so many really nice friends, who, I hope, will drink with me on this special
occasion.  It never occurred to me in my wildest dreams that when I was forty
that I would end up like this.  I started with only a small firm and a few dol-
lars, but I tried as best as I could.  Even in the worst of times, I always
said: 'With integrity a man will go farthest.'  And that motto has lasted till

  "Later on, when things were starting to go well, I got married to my darling
Agnes.  Unfortunately, that terrible war came into our lives.  It was a dreadful
time, but we got through it alive and healthy.  My darling wife and I could look
forward to a victory for our beloved country.  Shortly after the war, my one and
only son was born.  Though the times weren't easy, we did quite well.

  "We brought our son up to be a model American, and instilled in his mind the
principles of being a good Christian.  Even as many firms fell to ruin and
folded after the boom, my business survived.  I was able to make modest dona-
tions to charities, help the unemployed, become a sponsor of the arts, and fur-
ther, we repaired a beautiful, but devastated church.

  "Fate would have it that recently I had to say goodbye to my son in that very
church.  He lost his life to a criminal.  I've been in politics for a long time.
I was elected by honest citizens and I will protect their rights.  I promise
that the rest of my career will be aimed at the pursuit of that gangster and his
counterparts for the murder of my son.  I'm going to clean up this town of

  "But this is a birthday party.  I've said my piece, and now I just want you
all to enjoy yourselves on this pleasant evening.  I'm starting another decade
of my life and I want to prosper alongside all of you in a healthy and prosper-
ous society.  For me, this is the start of a new era.  I thank you."

  If you have Tommy shoot the councillor during his speech, have Tommy then turn
away from the stage and, avoiding the  bodyguards, go ahead to his left (the
front right part of the deck) to the nearby stairs, go down two levels to the
first deck, go ahead a short distance to a gate that's the last section of the
white railing (before the red and white section) at the front right side of the
ship, and press the Action key (RMB).

  If you have Tommy let the councillor finish his speech and go back toward his
cabin, he walks by those stairs.  Foofighter18 has Tommy shoot the councillor
when he walks by those stairs then has Tommy go right down the stairs, etc., as
shown by Foofighter18's video at the end of this section.

  Cutscene: Tommy boards Paulie's speed boat, and Paulie takes Tommy away from
the steamship.

  Alternate strategies--thanks to the walkthrough by Bloviator:

  You can have Tommy open the door of the bathroom that he said he'd clean but
just get the Colt Detective Special without cleaning the bathroom.  (Have Tommy
press against the right side of the room to just get the gun.)  If you have Tom-
my return the key to the lifeguard, he eventually checks and finds that the
bathroom wasn't cleaned then goes to Tommy, and if you don't have Tommy give the
key back, the lifeguard asks Tommy, "How come you didn't give me back the keys--
wasn't I clear eough?"  Either way, the lifeguard shoves Tommy and sees the gun.

  One way to keep the lifeguard from finding the gun is to have Tommy drop it
when no one's around.  The lifeguard will just shove Tommy and walk away, and
Tommy can pick up (RMB) the gun.  Another way is to have Tommy time these things
so the councillor starts his speech before the lifeguard gets to the bathroom
then have Tommy shoot the councillor.

  According to the members of the MafiaScene web site, when Tommy has to assass-
inate the councillor, you can have Tommy go to the front of the first deck, go
as high as he can go up the gangplank, then turn to face the boat.  When the
councillor gives his speech near the front of the third deck, Tommy can shoot
his back.  The shots from his bodyguards aren't liable to hit Tommy at that dis-
tance.  Tommy can go down the plank to the first deck and go left to use (RMB)
the gate in the rail to get to Paulie's speedboat.

  (Although you can have Tommy wait till the speech is over and follow right be-
hind the councillor, who returns to his cabin at the right back of the third
deck, to see the inside of his cabin, Tommy will be attacked by the councillor's
bodyguards.  Thanks to "Mafia Easter Eggs" by Underground.)

  (An easier way to see the inside of the councillor's cabin is to use the no-
clip feature of "MafiaCon1.2" or "Mafia Hack V1.03"--see the "Mods" section--
during the councillor's speech.  For some reason, I couldn't use noclip to get
Tommy past the cabin wall till after the councillor left the cabin, then it
didn't load up until just before he returned to it.

  (One time he then appeared in it but didn't react to Tommy, probably a result
of using noclip, so I got to have Tommy look around a little before he failed
the mission.  Another time he just stood on one of the left decks and his body-
guards tried to get through the door but couldn't, so I got a longer look at the
cabin.  I suppose you could use "MafiaCon1.2" or "Mafia Hack" to give Tommy in-
vulnerability to guarantee that he could kill the councillor and his guards if
you want a longer look, too.)

  (The painting, which is similar to the 1851 painting "Washington Crossing the
Delaware" by Emanuel Gottlieb Leutze, in his cabin is "Battle of Lake Erie" by
William H. Powell, painted 1865, and shows Oliver Hazard Perry transferring from
US Brig Lawrence to US Brig Niagara.  The painting is also seen in the main lob-
by of the bank in "Moonlighting.")

  The Crusader Chromium Fordor Blue is added to the garage/back lot of Salieri's

  The Guardian cars (Guardian Terraplane Coupe, Guardian Terraplane Fordor,
Guardian Terraplane Tudor) are available for "Freeride."

  City - Daytime and Countryside - Daytime are available for "Freeride."

  by 0rland0walkthrough, uberwolf420, and willzyyy

  Foofighter18's method of having Tommy shoot the councillor

  15  You Lucky Bastard!

                     15-01 You Lucky Bastard!-Salieri Bar

  Cutscene: several different newspaper front pages appear featuring the head-

  In Salieri's Bar, Salieri laughs as he puts a Lost Heaven Courier with the
last headline down on one of the dining tables in the bar.  He tells the others
at the table, Tommy and Paulie, "Tommy pulled it off.  Now all the politicians
in the city are scared.  Nobody wants to end up like the councillor."  Paulie
says, "Nice job, Tom."

  Salieri says, "But it's not enough.  Now we're after Morello's right hand
man--his brother Sergio Morello, Jr.  He controls the unions in the city.  His
biggest assets are the dockers' unions, thanks to whom he practically controls
every import into the city.  We kill him and a big part of Morello income is

  Paulie suggests a plan to Salieri: "I think I know how we'll do it, boss.
Sergio is usually at the Italian Garden restaurant.  There's a telephone in the
restaurant and across the street a phone booth."  Paulie turns to Tommy and con-
tinues: "You go to the booth and call inside the restaurant saying you want to
speak to Sergio.  I'll be standing in front of the restaurant with a Thompson
and as soon as Sergio gets to the phone, I'll waste him.  Then we just gotta get
to the car and make a quick getaway.  What do you say?"

  Tommy says, "Yeah, I suppose I can handle the calling part."  Salieri says,
"Get to it, boys.  Vincenzo will give you your weapons."

  You can have Tommy get Salieri to talk (RMB).  Salieri says, "Take care of
Sergio properly.  I heard he's not right in the head.  He likes seeing people
suffer, so as soon as someone gets in his way, he has them knocked off.  He
likes to take his time and always be present.  I certainly don't call his work-
ing methods good.  Maniac."

  You can have Tommy get Luigi to talk (RMB).  Luigi asks, "So how are things
with you and Sarah?  Last time I talked with her, she seemed happy.  I'm glad
you guys are working it out.  It was no good when you and Paulie were raging it
up all the time.  It's family that's important, Tom.  How's the little one?"
Tommy says, "A little devil--just like me at that age.  My Mom always used to
say that I was a holy terror.  Wish I had more time for her, though."

  Have Tommy follow Paulie to the back lot of Salieri's Bar and up to Vincenzo's
workshop.  Tommy already has a Colt Detective Special.

  Cutscene: Paulie says, "Vincenzo, I need a Tommy gun and somethin' for Tom
here."  Vincenzo says, "Okay," puts a Thompson 1928 and a Colt 1911 on the
counter, and says, "Here it is, boys.  I'll keep my fingers crossed."  Paulie
says, "Thanks."

  Have Tommy take the Colt 1911 and follow Paulie to Ralphy.  Paulie says, "Hey,
Ralphy--we need a car."  Ralphy says, "Hey hey!  I have a new, uh, T-Te-T-Terra-
plane here.  It's decent and a real big s-s-s-sturdy car.  You'll l-l-like it,

  Ralphy goes to a Guardian Terraplane Fordor and says, "It has a ne-ne-ne-new
type o' lock, bu-bu-but if a person is clever it ain't no puh-puh-puh-puh-prob-
lem to open it."  He says, "Just like this--nice and easy--push in and click!"
as he shows them how to pick the lock of a Guardian Terraplane.  (Tommy can now
jack or pick the lock of any Guardian Terraplane.)  Paulie says, "Great!  Let's
go, Tom, let's go!"

  Have Tommy use it or whatever faster car--Tommy has to drive Paulie away from
chasing gangsters later--to drive Paulie toward the street.

                     15-02 You Lucky Bastard!-The Phone Booth

  Have Tommy drive Paulie to park near a phone booth that's across the street
from the Italian Garden restaurant, which is in the middle of the south side of
the block of the "y" of "Little Italy" (the elevated train stop name, not the
same name in bigger letters used to indicate the name of the neighborhood) on
Central Island.  See the Map (Tab).  Paulie says, "Here we are.  Stop right
here, Tom."

  Paulie gets out of the car.  Have Tommy get out of the car and go to him.
Paulie says, "Okay, I'll stand out front.  You call from that booth--say you
want to talk to Sergio.  As soon as I kill him, get in the car and wait for me."
Tommy says, "Sure thing."  Have Tommy go to the phone booth and make the call

  Cutscene: As Paulie goes to the sidewalk in front of the restaurant with his
Thompson 1928, Tommy calls the restaurant.  A waiter answers the phone, which
is in a phone booth by the front window of the restaurant, and says, "Yeah?"
(One of the things on his tray is a bottle of Heinz Tomato Ketchup.)

  Tommy says, "Mr. Morello--please."  The waiter says, "Hang on."  One of the
nearby gangsters answers the phone.  As soon as Tommy hears the receiver being
picked up, he waves his hand giving the signal for Paulie to start shooting.
The gangster says, ""Buddy, Mr. Morello ain't here today.  Try..."  The gangster
screams as Paulie kills him.  Tommy gets out of the booth and shouts, "Jesus!
Paulie--It isn't him!  Paulie, move it--Morello isn't there!"

  Have Tommy get back in the car as Paulie runs to get back into it.  Tommy
says, " The guy you hit wasn't Sergio!  Sergio wasn't there today!"  Paulie
says, "Ah hell--now we're in shit.  We're going back to Salieri."

  Have Tommy take Paulie away in the car using the methods used in "An Offer You
Can't Refuse" to shake the tail of the pursuing Wright Gangster car of shooting
gangsters.  Once Tommy loses the tail, have him drive Paulie back to Salieri's
Bar, park in the back lot (the car will be repaired for the next mission), and
try to open (RMB) the front or back door.  The Guardian Terraplane Fordor Black
has been added to the garage.

                     15-03 You Lucky Bastard!-Vincenzo

  Cutscene: in Vincenzo's office, Salieri tells Tommy, "Don't worry about it,
Tom.  It happens to everybody sometimes.  Vincenzo and me have thought up a new
plan.  Biff told us that Sergio has a mistress who he spends a lot of time with.
He must be there today.  Vincenzo has put together a little surprise for him."
We see that a bomb, which looks like a bundle of several red sticks of dynamite,
is on the table in front of Vincenzo.

  Salieri says, "All we gotta do is put it on his car while he's inside enjoying
himself."  Vincenzo says, "That's right--all you gotta do is put this bomb right
under his car.  Then you can just enjoy the show."

  Salieri says, "Sergio usually leaves at four, so hurry.  This time it has got
to work.  His mistress lives in a house in Oakwood.  We'll know he's there if
his expensive little sports car's parked out in front.  Stick the bomb under

  Tommy says, "That sounds a lot better. I'll get going."

  Tommy has 100 Health, a Colt Detective Special, and an S&W Model 10 M&P.  Have
him pick up (RMB) the bomb, go downstairs to the back lot of Salieri's Bar, and
use any car there to drive toward the street.

                       15-04 You Lucky Bastard!-Fireworks

  Have Tommy drive to park across the street from the house of Morello's mis-
tress, which is on the south side of the block that's north of the western part
(the "OA" part) of the block with "OAKWOO" on the Map (Tab).  There's a black
and green Lassiter V16 Roadster with an orange interior parked on the street in
front of the house.  As Tommy approaches the area, he says, "There it is--let's
have a look."

  When one of Morello's men finishes smoking a cigarette by the Lassiter and
goes into the house, have Tommy go to the engine area of the left side of Morel-
lo's car to plant (RMB) the bomb.

  Cutscene: Tommy plants the bomb on the underside of the car.

  Have Tommy go back toward his car.  (Even if you had Tommy park his car right
across from the Lassiter, the next cutscene will move it safely to the west of
the explosion.)

  Cutscene: Tommy walks a bit to the west of his car then stops to smoke a cig-
arette.  By the time he notices that Morello's mistress has gone to the car
alone, it's too late, and he calls out in vain to try and stop her: "Christ!
No, no, no!  Hey, stop!"  The car blows up.  Tommy says, "Shit!  Damn.  That's


  Tommy sits with Salieri and Paulie at a table in Salieri's Bar.  Tommy says,
"That girl came out and sat down in the car.  I don't know--maybe he lent it to
her or something."  Salieri says, "It just happens sometimes.  There's nothing
you can do!"  But Salieri anxiously says, "To put it simply, we gotta get this

  "Sergio meets with his bookie downtown in the parking lot of the Rainbow Gar-
den Restaurant.  Get Paulie down there to fill him full of holes.  You'll just
drive, Tom, then get away fast before the alarm goes out."  Paulie says, "Now
I'll catch that bastard, I promise.  He'll be gone and he won't even know how I
did it."  Salieri says, "Now get a move on, so you can still catch Sergio

                     15-05 You Lucky Bastard!-Rainbow Garden

  This mission starts with Tommy and Paulie in front of Salieri's Bar in the
last car Tommy used.  Have Tommy get a different car from the lot behind Sali-
eri's Bar if you want a faster one--Tommy has to drive Paulie away from a chas-
ing car of shooting gangsters later.

  Have Tommy drive Paulie to the parking lot of the Rainbow Garden Restaurant,
which is south of the southeast corner of Downtown.  As Tommy gets close to it,
Paulie calls out, "Stop in that parking lot!  Those men in black--that's them!"

                     15-06 You Lucky Bastard!-Escape

  Cutscene: Paulie, carrying a Thompson 1928, walks quickly from the car toward
a group of five men who are having a talk on the front walk of the little build-
ing at the back of the parking lot.  The man whose back is to the door of the
building is Sergio Morello.  Sergio, alarmed to see Paulie coming toward him,
says, "What the...?" as the other men turn to see Paulie, too.

  Paulie says, "We have a message from Mr. Salieri."  As Paulie tries to fire
the machine gun, Sergio says, "What the hell's going on?" and he and his men
draw back in alarm.  But Paulie's gun jams and he says, "Oh no."

  Sergio laughs, "Well, that certainly changes the situation, gentlemen.  Kill
that clown!"  Paulie runs toward Tommy's car.

  Let Paulie get into Tommy's car.  Have Tommy shake the tail of the Guardian
Terraplane Tudor of shooting gangsters, and once that's done, have him drive to
Salieri's Bar and try to open (RMB) the front or back door.

                     15-07 You Lucky Bastard!-Railway Crossing

  Cutscene: Later

  Tommy is shown at the side of the road in a black Guardian Terraplane Coupe
parked facing a railroad crossing.  In a voice-over, Tommy says, "After so many
foul-ups, Salieri gave the job to other people.  I only went with them as kind
of an insurance policy."  A Bolt Model B Fordor with two of Salieri's gangsters
in the front pauses nearby long enough for the passenger to tell Tommy, "Just
sit here and watch so you don't screw up again."

  One of Salieri's gangsters is shown in the crossing booth acting as the con-
troller with the real controller tied up on the floor nearby.  The car with two
of Salieri's gangsters parks facing the track on the other side of it from Tom-
my's car.  The driver regards Tommy derisively and says to himself, "Amateur."

  A couple of honks from the car horn of Tommy's car alerts the gangster acting
as a crossing guard to begin sounding the warning bell, which he does, because
Sergio's car is approaching from behind the car with two gangsters, and the two
gangsters duck down to avoid being seen.

  When Sergio's Lassiter V16 Fordor gets there, his driver stops because the
warning bell is sounding, but the gangster in the crossing booth leaves the
crossing barriers up.  A train begins to roll and speeds toward the crossing.
The car with two gangsters pulls up behind Sergio's car.

  Sergio asks, "Why don't the barriers...close?" and looks back to see the car
with two gangsters push against the back of his car, which is pushed onto the
railroad track.  But he yells, "Go!" and his driver gets his car off the track
in time to avoid the train, which smashes into the car with two gangsters.
Sergio's car speeds off behind Tommy's car.

  Tommy says, "Real damned professional" and turns his car around to drive away
from the crossing and toward Sergio's car.

  (The locomotive of the train has "LMS" written on the side.  The London Mid-
land and Scottish Railway--LMS--was a British railway company from 1921 to

  (A scene of a car getting hit by a train in an effort to push the car ahead of
it into the path of the train was used before about 3/4ths through the 1998 mov-
ie "Lethal Weapon 4."  Thanks to "Mafia Easter Eggs" by Underground.)

  (I think it might have been done before in a silent movie, too, but I can't
remember the name of one with it.)

  Tommy has Full Health and ammo.  Have Tommy chase Sergio Morello's Lassiter
V16 Fordor, which is represented as a red X on the Compass and a blue X on the
Map (Tab).  Sergio can't die yet, and his car is invincible and bashes other ve-
hicles around (sometimes getting thrown a bit off course in the process), so
don't bother having Tommy try to kill him, but try to have Tommy chase him as
closely as you can because you fail the mission if you let Sergio get too far

   At the start of the chase, Tommy's car is pointed west just west of the rail-
road crossing on the northern east-west road, which is a narrow road, of the
most northern block of Hoboken.  Have him go west then south to the T-intersec-
tion, go right to the T-intersection, go left and across the Giuliano Bridge,
continue south past the south end of the Y-intersection, go right, make the sec-
ond right and go across the West Marshall Bridge, take the third left, which is
a wide road, and go toward the intersection at the end of the road.

  The chase ends as Tommy reaches the vicinity of the harbor by the Works Quar-

                     15-08 You Lucky Bastard!-The Harbor

  Cutscene: there are four armed gangsters guarding the entrance of the Port of
Lost Heaven. As Sergio is quickly driven through the entrance, he yells, "Hey--
what are you starin' at?  Kill that bastard tailin' me!" and is sped further in-
to the harbor area.

  Tommy brakes with a fishtail to park across the drive just inside the entrance
as Sergio's men fire at him.  He gets out of his car and crouches behind it.
Farther into the harbor area, Sergio gets out of his car and has the men there
prepare to attack Tommy.  At the entrance, the four gangsters shoot at Tommy.
One of Morello's men, who has a Colt 1911, says, "Okay--come on out, you bas-
tard," and Tommy shoots him, leaving three of his initial attackers to fight.

  Have Tommy crouch when he fires and collect weapons as needed throughout the

  Have Tommy turn right to shoot the gangster with a Colt 1911 who runs to the
little guardhouse, then turn left to shoot the gangster with a Pump-action shot-
gun who runs ahead and to the left behind the hedge.  Have him stand up as
needed to shoot the gangster by a Bolt Truck Covered when he isn't firing his
Thompson 1928.

  Have him shoot the gangster with an S&W Model 10 M&P farther back who runs to
the left from behind the green Bolt Truck Covered.

  Have him go forward and a green Bolt Truck Flatbed comes from between two
orange brick warehouses on the right and parks.  Have Tommy kill the two gang-
sters with Pump-action shotguns that get out of the truck.  As Tommy goes for-
ward, have him kill the two gangsters by another green Bolt Truck Flatbed that's
just around the corner of the second orange brick warehouse.

  Have Tommy go past the second orange brick warehouse and turn right to shoot
the gangster with a Pump-action shotgun standing at the open door on the second
floor of the blue-gray warehouse (which has a ramp leading to the raised first
floor and a ramp inside to the second floor) in the distance, and shoot several
gangsters who shoot and may approach from between the second orange brick ware-
house and the blue-green warehouse.

  Several of the possible courses from there till he gets to the two railroad
tank cars may include:

  0rland0walkthrough's Springfield rifle/blow up the big cylindrical containers

  Have Tommy go ahead to the two story gray warehouse, go along the right side
of it and shoot shoot a gangster that comes out of the warehouse door by the
green Bolt Truck Covered, shoot a gangster that approaches from across the aisle
from between the one story warehouse with "LOST HEAVEN PORT" in red letters on
it and the similar warehouse with "DISPATCH HALL" in black letters on it, and
shoot a second gangster that comes from the warehouse door by the green Bolt
Truck Covered.

  (Instead of "DISPATCH HALL" your version may have "HALA ZALADUNKU," which is
Polish for "loading hall.")|en|HALA%20ZALADUNKU

  (I'll add that you can have Tommy go in the direction the green Bolt Truck
Covered is pointed, which is between the DISPATCH HALL warehouse and the ware-
house to the left of it, and go to a building with five big doors that are each
marked ENTER.  On the left side of that building is an open door to a small room
with a Health cabinet worth 50 Health.)

  Have Tommy and continue ahead, past a couple of wooden shacks on the left,
ahead between the harbor wall on the left and a gray warehouse and an off-white
warehouse on the right, and over a low mound of dirt.

  Have him continue ahead toward the little brick building with orange shingles
and shoot the two gangsters with Pump-action shotguns that appear by the porch
on the right side of the building.

  Have him continue to a bigger brick building with gray shingles and go through
the blue door into a hall, go through the second door on the right, shoot the
sniper who's facing out the window, take his US rifle M1903 Springfield, and
equip it.  Have go back into the hall, go through the door at the end of the
hall into a locker room, and use the Health cabinet worth 50 Health.  Have him
go back into the room where he shot the sniper and go through the blue door to
leave the building.

  Have him go to far side of the stacks of boards and shoot one of the four big
horizontal cylindrical containers that are on a railroad flat car by the gray
crates by the ship to make the containers blow up and kill several gangsters.
Have him go to the two railroad tank cars.

  Uberwolf420's Grenades/truck method

  Have Tommy go back to the green Bolt Truck Flatbed that came from between two
orange brick warehouses, go left and between the orange brick buildings, go
right and past the two story blue-gray warehouse (which has a ramp leading to
the raised first floor and a ramp inside to the second floor), turn left and
shoot the gangster who's between two railroad boxcars in the distance.

  Have Tommy go toward the two one story orange brick buildings which are con-
nected by an orange roof at a 90 degree angle and shoot the gangster who's on
the porch between the two buildings.  (I'll add that you can send him to the
side of one of those two buildings that's across from the two story blue-gray
warehouse he passed and use the Health cabinet worth 50 Health.)

  Have him go between those two one story orange brick buildings, onto the
divider walk between two railroad tracks, and turn left to shoot a gangster
that's by a couple of green railroad boxcars.  Have Tommy go to the compartmen-
talized box on a crate by those boxcars to get a couple of Grenades.

  Have Tommy go back to where he was at the start of this method and get in the
green Bolt Truck Flatbed.  Have him go right, turn right just before the one
story warehouse with "LOST HEAVEN PORT" in red letters on it and go ahead toward
the coast, go left near the coast, go past or between the legs of three red
cranes that are by the ships, go left to run over the gangster that's beside the
right side of the red crates with gray crates on top of them, and go right to
park past the two railroad tank cars.

  Have him go to the nearby one story orange brick building with a gray roof and
throw a Grenade through the open window that's to the left of the blue door then
run a safe distance away--the explosion kills the sniper inside.  Have him go to
the other side of the building and kill the gangster that's at the little one
story orange brick building with an orange roof.  Have him go to the two rail-
road tank cars and use them for cover while using the Thompson 1928 to shoot the
sniper that's on the nearest red crane.

  XmafiaguyX's Springfield rifle/blow up the big cylindrical containers method

  Have Tommy go ahead along the wall on the left, shoot a gangster that appears
on the raised walk to his right, another that appears on the grass farther
ahead, and another that appears on the raised walk behind him.

  Have him continue ahead toward the one story orange brick building with orange
shingles and shoot the two gangsters, one of whom has a Pump-action shotgun,
that appear on or by the porch on the right side of the building.

  Have Tommy go past that porch and go ahead and to the right.  Have him go
through the blue door of the orange brick building with a gray roof into a hall,
go through the second door on the right, shoot the sniper who's facing out the
window, take his US rifle M1903 Springfield, and equip it.  Have go back into
the hall, go through the door at the end of the hall into a locker room, and use
the Health cabinet worth 50 Health.  Have him go back into the room where he
shot the sniper and go through the blue door to go outside.

  Have Tommy go forward near the harbor wall on his left to the end of the rail-
road track and shoot one of the one of the four big horizontal cylindrical con-
tainers that are on a railroad flat car by the gray crates by the ship to make
the containers blow up and kill several gangsters.  Have him go to the two rail-
road tank cars.

  Once Tommy is at the two railroad tank cars:

  Have Tommy go to the track at one end of the two railroad tanker cars, throw
(RMB) the track switch, cross the track, stand safely to the side of the nearby
tanker car, and pull (RMB) the metal wedge from in front of it.  Have Tommy fol-
low the tanker car, which dents but doesn't open a warehouse door.  Liquid fuel
begins to leak from the tanker car.

  There's a second tanker car in case you don't succeed at the method given

  (Uberwolf420 also has Tommy go to the third batch of big shipping crates the
tank car passed and shoot a gangster that's on the far side of those crates, and
use the crates for cover while using the Thompson 1928 to shoot the sniper on a
second red crane.)

  Have Tommy go toward the dented warehouse door.

                     15-09 You Lucky Bastard!-Sergio

   Cutscene: liquid fuel continues to leak from the tanker car.  We hear Morel-
lo, inside the warehouse, say, "Ha!  That didn't work.  Huh?"  Tommy walks to
the tanker car and sees the leak as Morello says, "I know you're tryin,' y'bas-
tard.  My brother'll kill you and all your whole family."  Tommy lights a cigar-
ette as Morello calls out, "Give it up.  You're dead!"  Tommy walks away from
the tanker in the direction the liquid will flow.  Morello shouts, "You won't
get in here, ya idiot.  You're too small for me!  Hey--ya hear?"

  Tommy is approached by a rivulet of the fuel, which he throws his cigarette
into.  He walks behind a corner of the warehouse for protection (I would have
wanted to be sniper rifle shot distance away) as the fuel catches on fire.  The
tanker car blows up and breaks the door open.

  Have Tommy go to the opening of the warehouse and shoot the gangster with an
S&W Model 27 Magnum that's on a stack of boards to the left, go inside and ahead
to the right to shoot a gangster with a Pump-action shotgun who's near the wall
at the right side of a stack of boards, turn left to shoot the gangster with a
Pump-action shotgun that's across the room, go farther along the right side of
the room past a big gray crate to shoot the gangster with a Pump-action shotgun
that's between two stacks of boards past that, and go between those two stacks
of boards and kill the gangster with a Pump-action shotgun beyond them to the

  Then have Tommy kill Morello, who has a Thompson 1928 and has been yelling
commands and taunts ("Waste him, and quick, morons" "Do you know who I am?  I'm
a Morello!") in the middle of the far end of the room.

  Cutscene: Tommy looks down at Morello's body, says, "You lucky bastard," then
puts his gun in his coat and walks away.

  There's a Health cabinet with 50 Health in the office at the back of the ware-

  0rland0walkthrough's quick exit

  Have Tommy go outside, go left, go left and to the back of the warehouse, go
left and past the back of the warehouse, go toward the red, green, and blue
crates, go ahead to the green covered truck, and get in the truck.   Have him go
right, go across the lot where the fight started, go ahead to the right of his
black Guardian Terraplane Coupe, and go through the gate toward the street.

  uberwolf420's four gangster exit

  Have Tommy go outside, go left past the gray warehouses, and go left to shoot
four gangsters who come through the doorway to the street by the little Bolt
pickup truck that's to the right of the little one story orange brick building
with an orange roof.  One with a Colt 1911 goes to the left side of the build-
ing, one with a Thompson 1928 goes in front of it, and two with Colt 1911s go to
the far side of the bigger orange brick building to the right.

  Have Tommy go past the right side of the smaller orange brick building and
though the doorway to the street, get in the Schubert Extra Six Fordor, and
drive away.

  XmafiaguyX's eight or more gangster exit

  Have Tommy go outside, go left, go left and to the back of the warehouse, go
left and past the back of the warehouse, go along the wall past the backs of two
wooden sheds and stop at the far corner of the building with a raised walk.
Have him use the corner for cover while using the Thompson 1928 to shoot four
gangsters dressed in black that get out of a Schubert Extra Six Fordor and
spread across the lot.  Three have Colt 1911s and one has a Thompson 1928.

  Have him go ahead to the parking lot with parked trucks and shoot the gangster
dressed in black with a Thompson 1928 who's ahead at the entrance, go ahead to
the far corner of the last orange brick warehouse on the left and turn left to
have a shoot-out with the three gangsters dressed in black with Colt 1911s who
spread out in the lot with a Schubert Extra Six Fordor, and shoot one gangster
with a cap who has a Colt 1911.

  You might have Tommy use any unused Health cabinets.  Have Tommy get in the
Bolt Truck Covered by the entrance or one of the gangsters' Schubert Extra Six
Fordors and drive toward the street.

                     15-10 You Lucky Bastard!-Return To The Bar

  Have Tommy go to Salieri's Bar and save the game or go to Lucas Bertone's auto
service shop just south of the east end of the Giuliano Bridge for an optional
mission.  Have Tommy get a fast car that seats four (a Thor 810 Sedan would be
good enough) if you want him to do the mission for Lucas--Tommy will have to
transport two people in a timed driving mission.

  If you have Tommy go to Luca Bertone, you can have Tommy use a Health cabinet
in the shop for 50 health.  Looking through the garage door from outside, the
cabinet in on the wall on the left.

  Lucas says, "You're sent from heaven, Tommy--I need some wheels quick!"  Have
Tommy talk (RMB) to Lucas:

  Cutscene: Tommy asks, "What happened?"  Lucas says, "A buddy of mine called:
one of our friends was shot in Chinatown--he's lying in a street near the square
and needs help!  You need to get him and take him to the doc in Oakwood!"

  Tommy asks, "There's a hospital in Oakwood?"  Lucas says, "He's the one that
you took Sam to once" ("A Trip to the Country").  Tommy says, "Sure, I remem-

  Lucas asks, "So?  Can you do it?"  Tommy says, "Okay, if you clean up the
blood from the upholstery."  Lucas says, "That's no problem, but move it--he's
dying out there!"

                     15-11 You Lucky Bastard!-Lucas Bertone

  Tommy has seven minutes to get the guy to the doctor, so don't use the speed
limiter--just slow down if a blue line approaches Tommy's vehicle on the radar.

  Have him go a bit west to the main north-south road then go north on it, cut
through the park, go west across the Terravova Bridge, continue ahead west on
the road and follow the 90 degree bend to the south to an inset section of the
buildings on the left side of the road.  Have Tommy park with the left rear door
close to the man who's been shot in the lower right side and is laying on the

  Have Tommy talk (RMB) to the man standing nearby in a blue suit.  The man in
the suit says the wounded man has been hit by a 45--"The second one's much worse
off, so it ain't a good idea to take him to the hospital."  (The second wounded
man can be seen lying motionless on the nearby sidewalk.)  The wounded man says,
"Algh--take me to the doctor in Oakwood."  The man in the suit says, "Make it
quick--if someone don't take a look at him, he won't make it."

  Have Tommy get back in his car.  Tommy says, "Okay, let's go."  As the two
others get into the car, the wounded man says, "Ah, shit--this had to happen to

  Once in the car, the wounded man's Health bar, which appears over Tommy's,
starts at 60 and goes down during the drive.  The man in the suit says, "Don't
give up now, bud.  You'll be with the doc in a while--he'll put you back togeth-
er again."

  (Tommy giving a ride to a man who's been shot in the abdomen may be a refer-
ence to the scenes after the opening credits in the 1992 movie "Reservoir Dogs."
Thanks to Bloviator.)

  Have Tommy go back over some of the way he came--go north and follow the 90
degree bend to the east, continue east across the Terranova Bridge--but then
continue east to the T-intersection at the end of the road, go south and follow
the 90 degree bend to the west, take the first left to the T-intersection at the
end of the road, go left, take the second right, go left, and stop at the first
house on the right side of the road.

  Cutscene: the man in the suit leads the wounded man into the doctor' house.

  When you get control of Tommy, he exclaims, "Jesus, what a mess--the whole car
is covered in blood!  I hope Lucas has a lot of soap."

  Have Tommy drive to Lucas Bertone's auto service shop and talk (RMB) to Lucas.

  Cutscene: Lucas asks, "Is he okay?"  Tommy says, "Yeah, they're at the doc-
tor--he'll be okay."  Lucas says, "Ohh!  That's a load off my mind.  Hey, he's
my good buddy!  I owe you one."  Tommy says, "Well, since you do, could you
clean the blood off the seats?  The car looks like a slaughter house!"  Lucas
says, "Hey hey, Don't worry, Tommy.  I'll sort it out."  Tommy says, "Well, I
hope so."

  In the lot behind the service station, Lucas wrings out a rag into a bucket of
soapy water he'd used to clean the car while Tommy stands nearby having a smoke.
Lucas says, "Ah, shit.  Well, that guy sure ain't short on blood."  Tommy says,
"You can say that again.  He was like a freakin' fountain!"  Lucas stands up and
says, "Yeah, except that water is much easier to clean off upholstery.  Eh, you
just wait till it dries."  Tommy jokes, "You could donate the blood you cleaned
with that cloth to the hospital."  Lucas says, "Heh, now it's mixed with soap."
Tommy laughs, "Heh heh."

  In front of the service station, Lucas says, "Yeah, whatever.  Anyway, I got a
nice piece of work for you today and it's no big deal to get it."  Tommy  asks,
"No blood?"  Lucas says, "Nah, don't worry.  At the multistory car lot on Cen-
tral Island?  There's a beautiful sports car.  You just go and lift it."  Tommy
asks, "Locks?"  Lucas says, "Ah, nothing special.  With your skills, it'll be a
piece of cake.  Just be careful that the gatekeeper don't call the cops on you."
Tommy says, "Okay.  Thanks, Luca."

  Have Tommy get in his car.  Lucas says, "Hey, I put a towel on the seat so you
won't get a wet ass."  Tommy says, "Oh, that's just great."

                     15-12 You Lucky Bastard!-Lucas Bertone 2

  Have Tommy drive to the Grade Level Parking Lot parking garage at the north-
east corner of the block of "LAND" of "CENTRAL ISLAND" on the Map (Tab).  (It's
where the shoot-out happened in "A Great Deal!")

  The gatekeeper Lucas warned Tommy about is wearing gray pants, a white shirt,
and suspenders, and he's walking back and forth near the sports car.  The easi-
est thing to have Tommy do is run him down--otherwise, have Tommy shoot him--
when no police are around.

  Have Tommy take the sports car, a Bruno Speedster 851, to Salieri's Bar, put
the car in the back lot, and try to use (RMB) the front or back door to save the

  The Guardian Terraplane Fordor Black and Bruno Speedster 851 Silver are added
to the garage/back lot of Salieri's Bar.

  The Bruno Speedster 851 is available for "Freeride."


  by 0rland0walkthrough, uberwolf420, and willzyyy

  The harbor fight and exit by XmafiaguyX

  Fast method for the first part of the harbor fight by pitek9099 (link inac-
tive): have Tommy drive close enough to the gas tanks to shoot them, shoot the
sniper in the little building, release the tanker car.  (The link is inactive.)

  16  Creme de la Creme

                     16-01 Creme De La Creme-Salieri Bar

  The loading screen shows a ticket for a performance by the Lost Heaven Dramat-
ic Club of Shakespeare's "Othello."

  Cutscene: Salieri, in his office at Salieri's Bar, presides over a meeting
with Tommy, Paulie, and Sam.  He says, "It was a tough job, but we finally have
Morello where we want him.  Now one last step remains--eliminate him.  In his
sections of the city there's theft, robbery, blackmail, illegal lotteries, gam-
ing rooms, and whore-houses appearing all the time.  But what's the biggest

  Tommy asks, "Drugs?"  Salieri says, "Horse shit.  The problem is that we don't
get a cent out of it.  That'll change as soon as we get rid of Morello.  His or-
ganization'll collapse and all those smalltime cheats, thieves, and criminals
will kill each other without anybody over there to maintain order.  Today we can
finally remove that bastard once and for all.  Paulie has come up with a plan."

  Paulie says, "That's right.  From what my informers tell me, we have one
chance to get this guy.  Morello watches his back and almost never shows himself
in public.  He goes everywhere in his bulletproof limo, clammed up like some
seashell, but today he's coming out.  He's going to the theater to do some so-
cializing with the creme de la creme of Lost Heaven.  And we'll be there to show
him something, too."

  Tommy asks, "Isn't this a bit risky?"  Salieri says, "It's risky, but this is
our only opportunity to waste him in public and show everyone our power."

  Paulie says, "We'll do it like this: wait in front of the building until the
end of the show.  People will start coming out so there'll be a lot of confu-
sion.  With Morello trying to make his way out, his gorillas won't have much of
a chance to notice us before we hit him.  Make sure you don't draw any attention
to yourselves, so no shooting--pull your weapons when you see him."

  Sam says, "I hope I still recognize him."  Paulie says, "Shouldn't be hard.
Morello likes to wear his white suits--not many people wear them these days."

  Salieri says, "Each of you get a Thompson or Lupara from Vincenzo.  Wait out
in front of the theater on Central Island until Morello comes out.  Then go to
it.  The performance ends at 9 o'clock, so make sure you're there on time.  It
should work out fine, so don't come back without his head."

  Paulie says, "Okay, boss.  Let's get to it!"

  The Health bars for Paulie and Sam appear above Tommy's.

  You can have Tommy talk (RMB) to Salieri, who tells Tommy, "If you have the
chance to say something to that bastard before you waste him, tell him that I'm
not like poor old Peppone" (see "Intermezzo 4" below) "and that this is for
him."   Tommy asks, "Sorry, boss?"  Salieri says, "He'll know what I mean.  We
have a few unfinished scores from the old days."

  Have Tommy go where Paulie and Sam are headed--to meet Vincenzo at the top of
the stairs to Vincenzo's workshop--then follow him inside.

  Cutscene: Paulie says, "Vincenzo, today we need some real heavy artillery.
We're gonna rub out Morello."  Vincenzo says, "Well, I think 600 shots per min-
ute from an ol' Tommy gun should do the trick."  He puts two Thompson 1928s on
the counter.  He says, "At the same time, we could stick to the ancient ways and
use a more traditional Sicilian weapon for a job of this size" and puts a Lu-
para, a Sawed-off shotgun, on the counter.  Paulie and Sam take the machine
guns.  Have Tommy take (RMB) the Lupara.

  There's a Guardian Terraplane Fordor in the back lot.  But there's a chase
later on, and the Silver Fletcher is popularly considered a better choice for
that.  Have Tommy get into the Silver Fletcher or the fastest car that seats
four available otherwise, let Paulie and Sam get into it, then drive toward the

  (You can use the noclip function of "MafiaCon1.2" to send Tommy up the stairs
to see the inside of Ralph's room, which Ralphy comes out of during this mis-
sion, during this or any other mission.  Thanks to "Mafia Observations" by
AsaSK.  You can also use "Mafia Hack V1.03" to do that--see the "Mods" section.)

  (It's not much of a room.  It's just a dark room with brick walls, two tall
plain brown dressers, and a little plain gray cabinet.  I don't think he would
live there.)

                     16-02 Creme De La Creme-City

  Have Tommy drive through the Giuliano Street Tunnel to the Y-intersection then
take the first left south of that.  Tommy or Sam says, "Shit--he's leavin' al-
ready!"  Paulie says, "That damn show must have finished earlier.  That silver
limousine!  Catch him!"  Morello is leaving already in the silver limousine (the
Silver Fletcher on the left side of the street), so have Tommy turn 180 degrees
and follow it.

  Morello's Silver Fletcher goes north over the other branch of the Y-intersec-
tion, across the Giuliano Bridge, continues east, follows the 90 degree bend in
the road to go north, and continues north to take the road at the northeast cor-
ner of New Ark into the country.

  Morello's Silver Fletcher can't be damaged--this is just a chase.

                     16-03 Creme De La Creme-Manhunt

  Have Tommy continue to chase Morello's Silver Fletcher through the country-

                     16-04 Creme De La Creme-The Airport

  If Morello's Silver Fletcher goes to the airport

  The game is programmed so that Morello's Silver Fletcher goes to the airport
More often than not.  If that happens, Tommy's car breaks down.  Paulie asks,
"What is it?  What the hell is happenin'?  Why'd you stop?"  Tommy says, "I--I
don't know--it just broke down."  Paulie exclaims, "Jesus Christ, we almost have
him!  Sam, come on--let's make this happen!  Tom, get out and go after them--
maybe you'll catch them!"

  While Sam repairs the car, have Tommy get out, equip the Sawed-off shotgun, go
to the far left corner of the parking lot, shoot a gangster that comes around
the corner of the nearby building and a second gangster that's a bit farther
back, and go past the building to the tarmac.

  Morello's twin prop plane goes by from left to right, and a black and red dam-
age meter for the plane appears in the middle of the top of the screen.  Have
Tommy chase after the plane and make a couple of shots at a propeller/engine
casing or two.

  When Paulie drives the Silver Fletcher onto the tarmac, he says, "C'mon, Tom--
get in.  We'll shoot it down.  Move it--they won't get away!"  Have Tommy get
into the passenger seat.  Paulie says, "Take my Thompson.  You and Sam shoot
them!"  As the Silver Fletcher chases after the plane, have Tommy shoot at the
two propellers and the engine casing of each of them till each one catches on
fire.  When they've been shot enough, the damage bar is empty.

  Cutscene: the plane, trailing flames and smoke, goes toward the hillside.
Tommy, Sam, and Paulie get out of the car.  Sam says, "Bastards!" and takes a
few shots at the plane.  Paulie says, "Sam--shoot!"  Kill 'em, Sam!"  But the
plane seems to be getting away.  Paulie says, "Aw, shit."  Tommy says, "Damn it,
Paulie."  The plane dives behind a hill and crashes in a big explosion.  Sam
makes an exclamatory whistle and says, "Wow," and Paulie says, "Yes!"

  They walk towards their car.  Tommy asks, "How did you fix the car?"  Paulie
says, "Better ask Sam."  Tommy chuckles as he asks, "Why ain't you a mechanic,
Sam?"  Sam says, "That work's too dirty for me."

  If Morello's Silver Fletcher doesn't go to the airport

  In a minority of cases, Morello's Silver Fletcher doesn't go to the airport.
If that's the case, just have Tommy continue to follow Morello.  After passing
the Clark Motel and taking a bend to the left, you can have Tommy take a short-
cut over the grass instead of staying on the road for the following bend to the
right then another shortcut instead of taking the bend to the left (see the 0r-
land0walkthrough video below).  After a long uphill chase (you'd think this was
the "Mafia" version of Mount Chiliad from GTA "San Andreas"), there's a cut-

  Cutscene: as Morello's Silver Fletcher goes toward the end of an unfinished
bridge, beyond which is a long drop, the gangster in the passenger seat yells
for the driver to "Brake! Hit the brake!"  The driver manages to stop the car at
the edge of the bridge with the left rear wheel over the end.  Tommy pauses his
car nearby for a moment to assess the situation then drives into Morello's Sil-
ver Fletcher, knocking it over the edge of the bridge to land upside-down on the
ground far below.

  Tommy, Paulie, and Sam go to the edge of the bridge to look down at Morello's
car.  Sam asks, "You think he's dead?"  Tommy says, "Well, I guess so--yeah."
Morello's car explodes into flames.  Sam groans, "Oh, Christ."  Paulie laughs as
he says, "Well, he's definitely dead now."  He then says, "Let's go."  Tommy
says, "Okay--let's go."  They walk away.

  (Sano442211 showed, in a video no longer online, Tommy's car ram Morello's
Silver Fletcher into the gate of the airport.  The mission couldn't be completed
yet the game didn't freeze, so sano442211 had Tommy use his car to ram Morello's
car till Morello's driver was suspended in midair in a sitting position.  Then
he had Tommy drive Morello's Fletcher with Morello's upper body hanging out the
left back window.)

  Have Tommy turn his car around and drive Paulie and Sam back toward the city.

  If Tommy's on the airport tarmac, have him go back the way he came on the tar-
mac, go right to go past the terminal building, go right to go through the park-
ing lot, and go down the drive to the street.  At the street, have him turn
right and go toward the city.

  (Before having Tommy leave the airport, you can have him go to HANGER NO.1,
where Morello's Silver Fletcher is parked, if you want a fresh Fletcher.  You
can have him go to HANGER NO.2 to see the same kind of plane used by Morello and
in a mission for FRE.

  (If you have Tommy go left from the airport entrance drive and take the second
left--not counting the dirt path, it's the unblocked choice of the two choices
just after the Clark Motel--you can see the unfinished bridge used in the alter-
nate version of the mission.  The bridge is finished during "Freeride."

  (If you have Tommy look from the unfinished bridge toward the road and then a
bit to the right, or have him go to the area of the first left turn from that
road and look to the right, you see a mountain.  One of the sides of Mount Chil-
iad in GTA "San Andreas" looks a bit like a bumpy version of the latter view of
that mountain.

  (It's also nice to see the countryside at dusk instead of day or night--the
two FR choices.)

  If Tommy's on the unfinished bridge, have him go back over the same road with-
out turn-offs to go toward the city.

  (Before having Tommy leave the bridge area, you can have him go down to Morel-
lo's burning Silver Fletcher.  Have Tommy drive away from the bridge and take
the first left.  The winding road leads down to the wreck, which is about 15'
from the road.  The wreck isn't solid and Tommy, Paulie, and Sam can walk
through it without getting burned.  Afterward, have them continue and merge onto
another road which leads to the city.)

                     16-05 Creme De La Creme-Back To The Bar

  Have Tommy drive into the city and let Paulie and Sam get out of the car to go
through the back door of the bar.  You can have Tommy park in the back lot and
try to open (RMB) the front or back door to save the game or go to Lucas Ber-
tone's auto service shop for an optional mission.

  If you have Tommy see Lucas, Lucas says, "Hey, Tommy."  Tommy says, "Hey.  You
got anything for me today?"  Lucas says, "Well, today was a--a little rough."
Tommy asks, "How come?"  Lucas says, "Ah, you know, the guys left a car here
that was involved in a chase with the cops and, uh, I kinda need to get it out
of here fast."  Tommy says, "Why didn't they dump it themselves?"  Lucas says,
"Oh, well, we had a deal worked out with them, but, uh, it was meant to be a
sure thing and it didn't work out.  They were a little pissed, so they left it

  Tommy asks, "What's in it for me?"  Lucas says, "A lovely German sports car."
Tommy says, "That's worth a risk--I'll do it.  What can I do?"

  By the Crusader Chromium Tudor behind the service shop, Lucas tells Tommy,
"Eh, It's pretty simple.  Take the car to the cliffs outside of town and dump it
in the sea."  Tommy says, "Cool."  Lucas says, "But if the coppers spot you
there'll be trouble, so you gotta shake them."  Tommy says, "Okay."

                     16-06 Creme De La Creme-Lucas Bertone

  Have Tommy get into the nearby Crusader Chromium Tudor and follow Lucas, who
opens the red gates, then drive to the street.  The handcuffs symbol and a red
wanted bar appear in the middle of the top of the screen, and Tommy is chased by
a police car.  Have Tommy try to shake the tail (as in "An Offer You Can't Re-
fuse") and drive fast, mainly to avoid being rammed since another police car ap-
pears if Tommy gets rid of one.

  Have Tommy drive to southeast Oakwood and take the road that leads to Oak Hill
except turn right off the road once past the hedges on the right side of the
road.  Have him park on the slope near the cliff in the direction of the cliff.

  Have him shoot the police officers and use their car to push the other one off
the cliff.  If there are no police cars nearby, have Tommy hold the brake on,
have the car use manual transmission, put the car in neutral, and open the door
and get out while holding the brake on.  The brake will be released once Tommy's
out of the car and it will roll off the cliff.  If it doesn't, have him go to
the road to jack another car and use it to push the Crusader Chromium Tudor off
the cliff.

  Have Tommy shoot any nearby policemen, wait till his wanted rating is gone,
jack a car if he needs one, and drive back to Lucas.

  Cutscene: Tommy asks, "Okay, where's the car?"  Lucas says, "That guy came in
for it a while ago and drove off, but he said he was going for dinner at Roy's
Grill.  It's Downtown--it's just a little way from Pepe's restaurant.  Hey, if
you hurry, you'll still find the car there."  Tommy asks, "What's goin' on--to-
day's customer appreciation day?"  Lucas says, "This one's an exception--he owes
me big time.  I did a bunch of jobs for him and I haven't seen dollar one.  God
knows what he does, but at the same time he acts like a classy guy.  N'this way
he pays his debts and I pay my debt to you.  N'you'd better get going."  Tommy
says, "Right, thanks."

                     16-07 Creme De La Creme-Lucas Bertone 2

  Have Tommy drive to the parking lot of Roy's Grill, which is on the south side
of the block of "EW" of "NEW ARK" on the Map (Tab).  The sports car, a Celeste
Marque 500, is gray with a white soft top and is parked in the lot near the
street.  If Tommy tries to pick the lock while the car is parked there, the own-
er comes from the grill and shoots at Tommy with a Colt 1911 and a policeman
shoots at Tommy with an S&W Model 10 M&P.

  Uberwolf420's method: have Tommy shoot the owner and the policeman or drive
one or both of them over.

  Germanmafia's method: have Tommy park in front of the side door of the res-
taurant, pick the lock of the Celeste Marque 500, shoot the attacking policeman,
then shoot the owner, who's probably constantly running into your car and not

  0rland0walkthrough's method: have Tommy park at the far end of the lot, facing
the street, wait till the owner comes out of the restaurant, and run him down.

  A couple of Bloviator's methods: have Tommy wait by the driver's side of the
car till the owner enters it and shoot him, or

  have Tommy follow him till he parks at his house in Oakwood (the same house
Tommy uses in FRE), wait till he goes inside, then jack the car without a fight.

  Have Tommy drive the Celeste Marque 500 (like the Black Dragon 4WD, Disorder
4WD, and Lassiter V16 Appolyon, it has a horn that quickly alternates between
two notes) to the back lot of Salieri's Bar then try to open (RMB) the front or
back door to save the game.

  The Celeste Marque 500 White is added to the garage/back lot of Salieri's Bar.

  The Celeste Marque 500 is available for "Freeride."


  by 0rland0walkthrough (Morello killed at the unfinished bridge and the air-

  by uberwolf420 (an unsuccessful attempt to kill Morello and both successful

  by willzyyy (Morello killed at the airport and Intermezzo 4)

        Intermezzo 4 

  Cutscene: 1938

  Still in the cafe, Tommy keeps giving an account of his work for Salieri to
Det. Norman.

  Det. Norman says, "So--you killed Morello.  That must have felt good, huh?"

  Tommy says, "We celebrated.  Salieri was thrilled, of course.  We ran the
whole town, practically, and there seemed to be an end to the bloodshed.  For a
while, I felt like a king until I came to a realization: if a regular guy like
me could kill the most powerful man in the city, what good was all his power?
Hell, if he hadn't been so powerful, he'd probably still be alive.  It seemed to
me that no matter how strong someone was, there was always somebody stronger to
take them out."

  Det. Norman chuckles as he asks, "So where did that intuitive thought take

  Tommy says, "Greediness is bullshit.  When you have no money, you think that a
few bucks a month would be enough.  Then you realize that it wouldn't be bad to
have a nice car.  You get a great job in some higher position, but in actuality
you're thinking about going higher.  Before you know it, you wanna be the Pres-
ident of the United States and you wanna win the war against the Germans.  Luck-
ily, that won't happen."

  "Plus, the whole strategy of watching other people's backs has one basic flaw:
the whole time you have to watch your own back in case someone else has the same
idea.  So I thought to myself that maybe I oughtta change my priorities a lit-

  Det. Norman says, "Great bible story, ha ha ha ha ha ha."

  Tommy says, "Laugh it up--you know where it got me in the end?" (Tommy puts a
photograph on the table.) "This."

  Det. Norman takes a look at it and asks, "Who is it?"

  Tommy says, "It's from 1920.  The old man is Don Peppone.  The two younger
ones are Salieri and Morello.  This photo convinced me that this kind of life is
poisonous.  Morello and Salieri were friends and they were both commanders of
Peppone's regime.  But in the 1920s, they got Don Peppone killed because of some
deal.  Strangely enough, Salieri still admires the guy now."

  "Afterward, they divided up the city and each ruled their own part of it, but
they started to compete with each other.  I ended up being Salieri's instrument
of death to kill his best friend, to save him from looking Morello in the eye.
It occurred to me that my friends and the people I loved were the same.  Some
day I'd turn to Paulie and be looking straight down the barrel of a gun.  I
couldn't be sure of anybody above or below me.

  Det. Norman says, "But you were risking your life everyday.  Being a sharp-
shooter for the Mafia ain't no bed of roses, the way you tell it."

  Tommy says, "It's different when you're living it, when you're full of energy
and you're fighting for your life with someone who's like your brother.  You're
just two soldiers who know what needs to be done, and it all depends on your
ability to survive.  It's a war.  The constant feeling that you can't even trust
your best friend is terrible.  You are alone and death can come from anywhere.
I'd lie awake at night wondering if the joke my best friend told me was really
just a joke or if I should get prepared for my own execution.  A person needs
someone he can trust."

  Intermezzo 4 recorded by olivierkahm

  17  Election Campaign

                     17-01 Election Campaign-Salieri Bar

  Cutscene: 1938

  Salieri, in his office at Salieri's Bar, looks at a newspaper, puts it down on
the table, and tells Tommy, "That guy sickens me.  He controls half of the
brothels in the city, doesn't pay us a dime, and then has the nerve to say he's
ending crime in the city.  Of course, I wouldn't give a damn about what he says,
but him and his whores are trying to expand even into our territory.  I have a
feeling it's time to finish his political career.  With the elections such a
long way off, we'll have to remove him physically."

  Tommy says, "I-I don't know, boss.  Haven't we seen enough violence for a
while?  I just have a strange feeling about this."  Salieri says, "Tommy, we're
on the verge of running this town.  He's the only thing that's standing in our

  Tommy asks, "You want him knocked off in public like Morello?!"  Salieri says,
"In public, yeah, but not like Morello.  Remember that knocking off a politician
is messier than offing a gangster.  We don't want anyone to implicate us.  The
speculation and fear will be enough for our purposes."

  Tommy asks, "So, how are we gonna do it?"  Salieri says, "Mr. Sewer has a ral-
ly today in a park on a little isle off Central Island.  There's only one escape
route over a small bridge and normally it would be a problem.  But Vincenzo has
an idea: he took a regular army rifle and put a telescopic sight on it, so you
should be able to hit him from a much greater distance.  You won't even have to
be on the island."

  Tommy asks, "Where then?"  Salieri says, "You can get a beautiful view of him
from Central Island--from the tower of the old abandoned prison on the north tip
of the island.  You'll have the whole park right in front of you.  And with that
rifle, it won't be difficult to take out your target without attracting too much

  Tommy says, "Eh, that doesn't sound like a bad plan."  Salieri says, "Good.
Talk to Vincenzo and get the rifle."  Tommy says, "Okay, boss."

  Salieri says, "And remember Tommy: you have to do it from a distance, and no-
body must see you.  You'll probably only get one shot at this.  If you don't hit
him immediately, they'll cover him and the job will be ruined."  Tommy says, "I
got it, boss."

  Have Tommy follow Salieri, who turns on his gramophone ("Out for No Good" by
The Mills Brothers), and talk (RMB) to him.

  Salieri says, "That bastard is a typical example of today's politicians: they
make and break the laws.  It appears the greatest darkness is under the candle-
stick.  But what weight can a law carry that is made to eliminate the frauds who
thought of the scheme--when they go and do exactly what they themselves have
forbidden?  I'll tell you what--none.  It's like their own laws didn't even

  (If you have Tommy look out the front door of Salieri's Bar, you can see some-
one writing down the inventory for a worker's delivery of a pickup truck of
boxes and big cannisters.)

  Have Tommy go to Vincenzo's workshop and talk (RMB) to Vincenzo.

  Cutscene: Tommy says, "Hey--you got some heavy duty gear for me, Vincenzo?"
Vincenzo says, "You need to pick this guy off at a distance, right?  So I dug
out the best weapon for ya.  The military trains by mounting a sight on this
standard rifle, similar to a hunting rifle.  I got hold of a Mosin-Nagant ri-
fle."  As he puts it on the counter, he says, "It's produced here but the Rus-
sians upgraded it to a marksman's rifle.  It's a good, precise weapon."

  Tommy says, "It looks interesting.  Well, I hope it works."

  Vincenzo says, "Well, Tom, take a decent handgun, too."  He puts a Colt 1911
on the counter.  "You never know who you might bump into."  Tommy asks, "Ain't
that the truth?  Thanks."

  Have Tommy take the Mosin-Nagant 1891/30 rifle with 10 bullets and the Colt
1911 then talk to Ralphy.

  Cutscene: Ralphy says, "Hey, T-T-Tuh-T-Tom.  I have th-th-th-this for yous.
It's a sensible, s-s-spacious and s-solid car.  I think y-y-y-you'll like it."

As Ralphy shows Tommy how to pick the lock of a Wright Coupe car, he says,
"Yeah, y-you could g-get into it real easy."  (Tommy can jack or pick the lock
of any Wright cars.)  Tommy says, "Thanks, Ralphy."

  Have Tommy use that or whatever car and drive toward the street.

                     17-02 Election Campaign-City

  Have Tommy drive to the lot at the left side of the old prison--the LH COUNTY
JAIL, which is indicated in brown at the north end of Central Island on the Map

  At the back right side of the lot (about where one of the racing cars is in
the FRE mission to exchange three race cars) is a worker by some road barriers
and a manhole cover partly covered by a slat of wood.  You can choose from the
following circumstances to have Tommy face when he leaves by which way you have
him treat the worker:

  If you don't want any police to bother Tommy when he leaves the prison, either
have him kill the worker and drag (RMB) him into the manhole, or have him ignore
the worker and drop his weapons before leaving so he's just frisked by two of
the undercover plainclothes policemen (the kind in long light brown coats Tommy
fought before in "A Trip to the Country" and "Omerta") to whom the worker re-
ports the crime.

  If you want Tommy to get a Bolt Hearse, have him kill the worker and leave the
body alone.  Before Tommy leaves, have him drop his weapons so one of the four
undercover policemen who appear just frisks him.  The Bolt Hearse is parked
nearby.  (Thanks to Bloviator.)

  Have Tommy climb (RMB) down through the manhole.

  Cutscene: Tommy climbs down through the manhole and down the ladder below.

  Have Tommy go to the other end of the little room, and climb (RMB) up the lad-

                     17-03 Election Campaign-Old Prison

  Cutscene: Tommy climbs up through a manhole into a room.

  Have Tommy collect weapons as needed throughout the following.

  (You could have Tommy shoot the four dogs through the fence but it's probably
better to make sure he has enough ammo for the batch of armed gangsters he'll
confront soon.)

  Have him equip the Colt 1911, go counter-clockwise around the building to a
door, go through it (RMB) into a room, go through a doorway into a room, go left
to go through (RMB) a cell door, go through the cell and cell doorway, and go up
the stairs.   One attacker with an S&W Model 27 Magnum walks by the top of the
stairs as Tommy goes up (you might have Tommy shoot him).  At the top of the
stairs is a long room with a fire in a trash can.  Have Tommy kill the four at-
tackers there who have a Knife and three S&W Model 27 Magnums.

  Have Tommy cross the room, go through (RMB) a cell door, go across the room
and through a doorway onto a wooden fire escape (a wooden fire escape?), go left
and up the stairs and around the corner and through a doorway, and go across the
room to a door.  Have him kick (RMB) open the door to immediately shoot the at-
tacker who has a Pump-action shotgun and was knocked to the ground by the door.
In the room (another long room with a fire in a trash can) are two attackers who
have S&W Model 27 Magnums and one with a Colt Detective Special.  Have Tommy use
a shotgun on any who come to the door then enter the room to shoot the rest.

  Have Tommy go right from where he entered the room to the other end and turn
to shoot an attacker who has a Baseball bat.  Have him shoot two attackers who
have a Pump-action shotgun and a Colt Detective Special and come from the hall
beyond the nearby doorway.

  Have Tommy go through that doorway, a room, and a doorway to enter a room with
an outside view though a link fence.  On the far left is a Health cabinet with-
out a door--the cabinet has with 50 Health.  Have Tommy go through the doorway
on the far right, go through the hall and doorway into a room, and shoot the at-
tacker who has a Colt Detective Special at the doorway of the fenced-in section
on the right before he can respond.

  Have Tommy go clockwise around the corner to a stairwell, shoot the attacker
on the landing above and ahead, and crouch and shoot another two attackers as
they come into view while having Tommy go up the stairs.  The three have two
Colt Detective Specials and a Colt 1911.

  Have Tommy continue up the stairs, use a pillar for cover to shoot the attack-
er who's further up the stairs with a Pump-action shotgun, make sure your key
for sniper mode works (you may need to reset your key for that in the Controls
section), then continue to the top of the stairs and go to the door.

                     17-04 Election Campaign-Prison Tower

  Have Tommy go through the door onto the walk, crouch, and use sniper mode to
shoot the head of the politician who's giving a speech at the podium in the mid-
dle of the little isle ahead.  (Position the politician's head in the middle of
the up and down waggle the scope makes.)  If you don't have Tommy get him with
the first shot, you may get a second chance if the politician cowers for a few
moments before his guards take him to his nearby car.  If you have to reload the
last save, at least it comes just before this.

  (You can use MafiaCon for a way to have Tommy assassinate the politician.  Use
MafiaCon to have Tommy go to the island, have him kill the man in the Lassiter
V16 Fordor, spawn a car with MafiaCon, have Tommy use the car to push the Lassi-
ter into the water, use MafiaCon to send Tommy back to the prison, then have him
fire a shot near the politician.  He and his bodyguards will run to the Lassiter
and drown.  Thanks to "Mafia Observations" by AsaSK.

  (You can use a weapon spawner to give Tommy a Grenade to blow up the four
dogs, which are Boxers, collect the heads for his Inventory, and use a head as a
boxing glove.  Thanks to "Mafia Observations" by AsaSK.  See the "Dogs head"
section.  You can use the weapon spawner of "Mafia Hack V1.03" to give Tommy the
Grenades--see the "Mods" section.)

  (When you first have Tommy walk outside, you can have him shoot a nearby man
who's standing on a small boat and make him fall off with a big splash.  Thanks
to "Mafia Easter Eggs" by Underground.)

  (You can have Tommy close the door, go to the left to the end of the walk, im-
mediately come back a few feet to avoid falling when part of the walk falls
away, then shoot the four Boxer dogs below.  Thanks to Bloviator.)

  Have Tommy go back through the door and down the stairs.  If you haven't al-
ready had Tommy shoot the four Boxer dogs, have him shoot through the doorway or
go through it into the lot to shoot them now.  Have Tommy go left to the end of
the lot and shoot the padlock off the gray door.

  If you had Tommy do something to the worker by the manhole in the "Old Prison"
section which causes undercover plainclothes policemen to appear and you don't
want Tommy to be attacked, have him drop (not just conceal) all of his weapons.

  Have him go through the gray door.

                     17-05 Election Campaign-Return To The Bar

  Depending on what you had Tommy do about the worker in the "Old Prison" sec-
tion, you can have Tommy just leave or allow the undercover plainclothes police
to frisk him (cutscene), have Tommy take the Lassiter V16 Charon, etc.

  Have Tommy either go to Salieri's Bar and try to open (RMB) the front or back
door to save the game or go to Lucas Bertone's auto service shop for a mission
from Lucas.

  If you have Tommy go to Lucas, have him use a fast car--it's a timed mission.
Press the RMB to get Lucas to talk.

  Cutscene: Lucas says, "Hello dere.  How are you today?"  Tommy puts Lucas on a
bit saying "I just got outta jail" (which typically implies having ended a pris-
on stay there).  Lucas says, "H'yeah, yeah--real cute.  (Yeah) but there ain't
time for that now, Tommy.  I need you to pick up a guy in the Works Quarter, but
quick.  Hey, the cops are after him and he doesn't even know about it."

  Tommy asks, "Where?"  Lucas says, "You won't see anyone else walkin' around in
a suit there, so you certainly won't miss him.  But you gotta hurry, before the
cops get there, or he's finished.  Bring him here."  Tommy says, "Okay, I'm on
my way.  But I wasn't kidding about being in jail."

                     17-06 Election Campaign-Lucas Bertone

  Tommy has five minutes to get to the man in a black suit and a fedora on the
northwest corner of the block adjoining the westmost block of the Works Quarter.
Try to have Tommy get there a minute or so before the end of that time limit, at
which time the police appear by the man and Tommy would have to fight them or
lose their tail.  And try to have Tommy avoid police attention.

  Have Tommy park near the man and stay in his car.  Tommy says, "Quick--jump
in.  Lucas sent me.  The cops are after you--I gotta take you to safety."  The
man says, "Shit.  How did they find me?"  The man gets in the car.  Tommy says,
"And now, let's go back to Lucas."

  Have Tommy drive the man to Lucas.  (Just a reminder: you can have Tommy make
a hairpin turn to the left at the east end of the red guard rail of the Giuliano
Bridge, drive over the sidewalk, and go left under the bridge to get to Lucas'
place quicker.)  Have Tommy go to Lucas.  Press the RMB to start the cutscene.

  Cutscene: the man asks, "What happened, Lucas?"  Lucas says, "Yeah, they fig-
ured out it was you.  They know where you are and I got wind that they'd be com-
ing for yous today."  The man says, "Thank God it worked out that way.  I could
be sitting on ice."  Lucas says, "No, no--thank Tom here.  He stuck his neck
out."  The man tells Tommy, "Thanks, bud--I'll remember it."  Tommy says, "Glad
to be of help."  Lucas tells the man, " Okay, y'sit down a while, huh?.  Me and
Tom need to, uh, work somethin' out."  The man says, "Okay."  The man sits down
in another part of the service station.

  Lucas says, "Ho ho, Tommy--I have got somethin' nice for you.  Sixteen-cylin-
der with custom bodywork--a collector's piece."  Tommy asks, "And where will I
find it?"  Lucas says, "Uh, some playboy in Oak Hill's havin' a party today.
There'll be loads of guests and one of them has got exactly the car you are
lookin' for.  You open it the same as a regular V16, but otherwise it's more a
work of art than a car.  You'll know the place, and there'll be a lot of pricey
cars parked there."  Tommy says, "Great--thanks for the tip."

  Tommy has learned how to steal a Lassiter V16 Appolyon.  (Even though Lucas
didn't show Tommy how to pick the lock of one, Tommy can now jack or pick the
lock of one.)

                     17-07 Election Campaign-Lucas Bertone 2

  There's a Health cabinet for 50 Health in Lucas Bertone's auto service shop.

  Have Tommy go to the Lassiter V16 Appolyon (the big white open top car with
the design of a lightning bolt on each side) near the south end of the west side
of Oak Hill.  Have Tommy go to the two men standing by the front of the car.

  Man #1 (the one wearing a cap) says, "What a beaut'!  That's something I'll
never afford."  Man #2 (the one in a light blue shirt--he's also one of the two
men standing near the initial position of the Falconer Yellowcar in the Tutori-
al) says, "Just picture all the dames you'd pick up."  Man #1 says, "Ha ha ha ha
ha! That wouldn't help you, buddy!"  Man #2 says, "Ah, shut up."

  Man #1 says, " Hmm, look at the curves on that one!"  Man #2 says, "What can
it do?"  Man #1 says, "You don't even know."  Man #2 says, "Must be customized--
they take a regular car and make a totally new body.  Must cost a fortune."

  Have Tommy talk (RMB) to the two men.  Tommy says, "Hey, quit staring at it--
you'll scratch it.  You heard what I said--ain't nothing to look at here.  Beat
it!"  Man #2: "We didn't do nuthin.'"  Man #1 says, "Eh, don't get excited.
Can't we just look at it a while?"  Tommy says, "You know how that works--first
look and then the car's gone, huh?  Get lost."  Man #2 says, "All right al-
ready."  As they walk away, Man #1 says, "That guy's nuts."

  This way, they won't alert the two guards with S&W Model 27 Magnums just in-
side the entrance of the driveway to the mansion to attack Tommy when you have
him pick the lock of the car then drive it away.  The Lassiter V16 Appolyon,
like the Celeste Marque 500, Black Dragon 4WD, and Disorder 4WD, has a horn that
quickly alternates between two notes.

  Have Tommy drive to the back lot of Salieri's Bar.  You can have Tommy talk to
Ralphy if you want to delete any cars from the garage.  Have Tommy try to open
(RMB) the front or back door to save the game.

  (Codebusters has Tommy drop his weapons just outside the prison gate, get
frisked by an undercover police man, pick up his weapons and shoot two undercov-
er police men, speed in a modded car to get the mission from Lucas, speed to
pick up the man in the Works Quarter, then speed back to Lucas while chased and
shot at by undercover police in a Lassiter V16 Police car.

  (Codebusters has Tommy park in Lucas' garage, which the undercover police do
as well, and during the cutscene the man Tommy delivered to Lucas gets in a
shoot out with the undercover police.  When the cutscene is over, codebusters
has Tommy use a Pump-action shotgun to help the man kill the undercover police
men.  See codebusters video at the next link.)

  The Wright Coupe Red and Lassiter V16 Appolyon White are added to the garage/
back lot of Salieri's Bar.

  Tommy can jack or pick the lock of Lassiter Advanced cars (Lassiter V16 For-
dor, Lassiter V16 Appolyon, and Lassiter V16 Police) and Wright cars (Wright
Coupe, Wright Fordor, and Wright Coupe Gangster), which are available for "Free-


  by 0rland0walkthrough

  by uberwolf420

  by willzyyy

  18  Just for Relaxation

                     18-01 Just For Relaxation-Salieri Bar

  Cutscene: in his office at Salieri's Bar, Salieri presides over a meeting with
Tommy, Paulie, and Sam.  Salieri says, "Today's job is just for relaxation,
boys.  There's an import firm that brings in lots of luxury goods from around
the world.  Yesterday, another boatload of goods came into the harbor and I have
a taste for a few of the items on the list."

  A little annoyed, Sam asks, "What do they got that we don't have, sir?"  Sali-
eri says, "Well, I haven't smoked a decent cigar in a long time, and they have
almost a ton of them."  Tommy asks disbelievingly, "Cigars?"  Salieri says,
"Yes, cigars.  Something strange about that?  Customers in our nightclubs are
interested in good, quality cigars, but they're expensive and difficult to get.
If we manage to get a truck full of the best cigars, we can make as much money
as we would off a bank job."  Still annoyed, Sam asks, "What?"

  Frustrated, Salieri says, "Oh, my God.  Just bring me a truckload.  Paulie,
explain it to them."  Salieri leaves.

  Paulie says, "Okay, it's like this."  After the door is closed behind Salieri,
Tommy asks, "Paulie--what the hell is goin' on?"  Insistently, Paulie says, "How
the hell would I know, Tommy?  We have to just nab a truck full of expensive
cigars.  The Don wants them and it makes us money, so it's up to us to get
them."  Tommy turns to Sam and says, "It just seems a bit small-time for him."
Sam says, "Forget about it, Tom."

  Paulie says, "The cigars we gotta steal are packed in crates at the harbor.
We need to get them to a truck then leave the harbor.  But first we have to get

  Tommy asks, "How do we do that?  There's a tougher guard at the harbor now
than when Morello was around."  Paulie says, "Exactly.  Brute force won't work,
so we're gonna play this one cool.  We'll just nab one of the trucks while
they're moving goods around the city.  The trucks have signs on them that say
'Atlantic Import.'  We'll wait for one to come out of the harbor, follow it to a
nice quiet place with no cops, then block its path.  A few shots into the air
ought to get the driver out.  Once we take his papers, one of us can get into
the harbor."

  Tommy asks, "So we're gonna kill the poor bastard?"  Sam says, "No, it's too
much hassle.  So long as we get him out and get everything he's got on him."

  Paulie says, "You'll take the truck to the harbor, Tommy.  Load it up with the
crates of cigars and then we'll meet at the agreed place."

  Tommy says, "I'll load them up alone, unload them alone, and then maybe I'll
smoke a few.  So what are you gonna do?"  Paulie says, "We'll wait a little way
from the harbor at the agreed place.  If somebody starts tailing you, we'll deal
with them.  Then you take the truck to the hand-off point."

  Tommy says, "Yeah, right.  How will I recognize these crates?"  Paulie says,
"They'll have a sign on them that say(s) 'Scorsese Import Export.'"

  Tommy asks, "And the agreed place?"  Sam says, "We'll go there and I'll show
you."  Paulie says, "Yeah.  First we'll go there and then we'll get the truck."

  Tommy says, "So, let's go."

  (You can have Tommy turn on Salieri's gramophone to hear "Rhythme futur" by
Django Reinhardt.)

  (You can send Tommy to the lot behind the bar to find a man and woman on a
fourth floor balcony on the north side of the same building as Vincenzo's work-
shop.  They talk a bit then go inside.  Tommy can kill Vincenzo, if Tommy
doesn't get killed by Vincenzo's Lupara, without ending the mission.  A man at a
table by the window of the bar raises a wine glass to Luigi and someone outside.
Thanks to "Mafia Observations" by AsaSK.)

  Above Tommy's Health bar are Health bars for Paulie and Sam.

  Have Tommy go with Paulie and Sam to the back lot.  Ralphy is talking with a
man by a Lassiter V16 Charon (hearse) which blocks the way to Vincenzo's fire
escape.  When Ralphy finishes talking with the man, the man gets into the hearse
and drives away.

  Have Tommy go up the stairs to see Vincenzo in his workshop.

  Cutscene: Vincenzo says, "Hey, boys--so what will it be?"  Paulie says, "Get
Tom here a bat and a gun and get us two Thompsons."  Vincenzo says, "Okay."
Vincenzo is supposed to put a couple of Thompson 1928s on the counter--actually,
one teleports to the counter for Paulie to take and the other teleports to Sam's
hands.  Paulie takes his machine gun and says, "Yeah, thanks."  Vincenzo puts a
Baseball bat and a Colt 1911 on the counter.  Tommy says, "Thanks, Vincenzo."

  Have Tommy take the Baseball bat and the Colt 1911, go back to the lot, and go
into the garage to see Ralphy.  (If you rush Tommy to see him, you may see him
seem to be looking for something he dropped on the floor.)

  Cutscene: Ralphy says, "H-H-Hey there, boys!  I have something here for you.
Something s-s-special today."  He leads them to a Lassiter V16 Fordor.  Paulie
says, "Yeah, I like it."  Sam says, "Looks pretty good."  Ralph says, "You can
g-g-g-g-get into it this way."  Ralphy shows them how to pick the lock.

  (Tommy can jack or pick the lock of a Lassiter V16.  It has good speed and
handling and a protective roof.  It has more weight than most other cars which
can be useful for ramming other vehicles but remember the momentum it creates
when trying to corner with it.)

  Tommy says, "Yeah, okay--we can do that.  Thanks, Ralphy."  Ralph says, "Hey,
i-i-i-it's n-nothin.'"  Ralphy resumes his search for something he dropped on
the floor.

  Have Tommy get into the Lassiter or whatever car, let Paulie and Sam get in,
and drive toward the street.

                     18-02 Just For Relaxation-City

  Paulie says, "All right.  We're going into a place in the Works Quarter to
drop Sam off."

  Like the Lassiter V16 Phaeton in the City-Night mode, and the start of the
mission to shoot attacking gangsters, of FRE, it's in the lot which has an en-
trance on the south side of the bend in the road which is southwest of the "W"
of "WORKS QUARTER" on the Map (Tab).

  Have Tommy get out of the car with Paulie and Sam.  Sam says, "OK, OK--right
here.  This is perfect."

  Cutscene: Paulie says, "Since we're all here, I wanna ask you both somethin.'"
Sam asks, "What's on your mind?"  Paulie says, "Well, I got this idea.  I might
need you to do a little job with me."  Tommy asks, "Oh, yeah?  What's the deal?"
Paulie says, "Well, it's a big deal, actually.  I can't manage it alone and
you're my good buddies--we know each other, you know?"

  Sam asks, "And Salieri--he know about this?"  Paulie says, "Nah, he doesn't
and he doesn't need to know.  He's already got enough money."  Tommy asks, "So
what's it all about?"

  Paulie says, "Well, I was checkin' out this bank."  Tommy and Sam ask,

  Paulie says, "Cool it--it's okay!  This bank isn't too secure--it's just a
little joint.  At the end of the month, they always have a big pile of money in
the safe.  We'd be pretty loaded if we pulled it off."

  Tommy says, "Or we'd all be dead!  What's the matter with you?  Besides, we've
got plenty of money."

  Paulie says, "Bull!  We ain't doin' bad, but we sure aren't loaded.  Salieri
ain't a bad boss, but once in a while I'd like to make some decent dough on the
side--not some tiny share."

  Tommy says, "Hmm.  I'm not sure it's such a great plan, Paulie."  Paulie asks,
"What do you say, Sam?"  Sam says, "Count me out.  The family's pretty important
to me."  Paulie says, "Yeah, right.  You're probably right.  Forget about it--I
was just thinking out loud."  Tommy says, "Okay, good."

  Sam says, "Okay, I think it's time.  I'll go get ready."  Paulie says, "I'll
be back in a while.  Tom, let's get to the harbor."

  (The ambient sounds of the lot include one of the voice actors singing a few

  Have Tommy get in the car, let Paulie get in the car, and have Tommy drive to
the entrance drive of Lost Heaven Port--the little "L"-shaped driveway indicated
on the Map (Tab) by the road at the southeast end of the Works Quarter.

                     18-03 Just For Relaxation-Transport Required

  As you have Tommy drive onto the entrance drive for Lost Heaven Port, Paulie
says, "Now wait here for a truck and then follow it.  We'll overtake it in a
safe spot and take what we need."

  Have Tommy wait at the edge of the parking lot with his car pointed toward the
street.  Once a Bolt Truck Flatbed with "ATLANTIC EXPORT" written on the sides
(like the hidden truck of FRE) comes from the entrance, have Tommy go forward in
order to follow it.

  The truck enters a warehouse that's on the west side of the street of the west
side of the block that's mostly indicated on the Map (Tab) by a thin line for an
alley on the south side of the Works Quarter.  (The FRE mission to drive by pil-
lars of maroon smoke starts south of the warehouse entrance.)

  Have Tommy drive to the south side of the block and park so the truck can't
pass by.  When it comes by and stops, have Tommy fire a couple of shots near the
driver to get him to get out of the truck.  Have Tommy hit him with a Baseball
bat till his papers appear on the ground by him.  You could also have Tommy kill
the man if you want to to prevent him from running to get guards to get into a
shoot-out with Tommy and Paulie.  Have Tommy pick up (RMB) the papers.

  (An option is to have Tommy park in front of the truck before it gets to the
warehouse, fire a couple of shots near the driver to get him to get out of the
truck, and attack the driver with punches or a Baseball bat till his documents
appear on the ground nearby.  Have Tommy pick up, RMB, the papers and remove,
RMB, the crates from the back of the truck.)

  Paulie says, "I'll meet Sam and we'll wait for you.  Good luck, Tom."  You can
have Tommy leave Paulie to fight any remaining attacking guards, have Tommy hide
his weapons so he won't be attacked at the harbor, and have him drive the truck
back to the Port and through the archway entrance.

  Cutscene: an entrance guard says, "Stop right there.  Show me your license."
He takes a look at Tommy's documents and says, "All right--you can go."

                     18-04 Just For Relaxation-The Harbor

  Have Tommy drive forward, without hitting any of the men and causing them to
attack, through the initial lot then into the aisle between buildings ahead and
a little to the right.  You can either have him park with the back of the truck
against the loading platform by an open warehouse door on the left or park the
truck to face in the direction he'll use to leave, in which case have Tommy park
with the side of the truck against the loading platform (see pitek9099's method
for loading the truck below).  Then have Tommy get out of the truck and go to-
ward the supervisor in the doorway.

  Cutscene: a supervisor with a brown fedora and vest is shown standing at the
open door and twelve boxes with "SCORSESE IMPORT-EXPORT" stencilled on them are
on the floor behind him.

  ("Scorsese" is a reference to movie director Martin Scorsese, who was one of
the editors of "Woodstock" and directed "Mean Streets," "Alice Doesn't Live Here
Anymore," "Taxi Driver," "Goodfellas," "Raging Bull," "The Color of Money," "The
Aviator," "The Departed," etc.)

  Angrily, the supervisor says, "Where are you goin'?  Why are you standing
around doin' nothin'?  We need all hands on deck today.  I need you to take
those crates down to the Dispatch Hall.  I'm gonna go take a leak and it better
be done when I get back."  Tommy says, "Eh, and, a ha ha, ah--yes, chief."

  The crates the supervisor orders Tommy to move are on the ground across the
aisle from the open door of the Dispatch Hall (which is marked as such and is
across the aisle from the warehouse).

  There are several methods for the next section:

  - uberwolf420's quicker, riskier method:

  Have Tommy start loading the Scorsese crates onto the truck (press the RMB to
have him pick up a crate, have him get onto the back of the truck bed, and press
the RMB to have the crate teleport to the front of the bed.  Have him run to do
the same with the rest of the crates) as soon as the supervisor is through talk-
ing to him.  He returns and calls the guards as Tommy finishes loading the

  Have Tommy get into the truck and drive to the entrance while being shot at.

  - 0rland0walkthrough's longer, safer method:

  Have Tommy go to the two men by the crates across from the Dispatch Hall door-
way and tell (RMB) them: "Hey, fellas."  A man says, "What can I do for you,
buddy?"  Tommy says, "Boys, we need to carry those crates down to the Dispatch
Hall."  The man says, "All right, then.  Okay--let's go, boys."

  They begin moving the crates onto the pallet in the middle of the far end of
the Dispatch Hall.  Have Tommy help them--press the RMB to have him pick up a
crate and press the RMB when Tommy gets to the pallet to have him put the crate
down.  When they're done, the supervisor returns.

  Cutscene: the supervisor looks at the stack of crates and says, "Fine.  But
you threw them here like trash!"

  There's no time limit until you have Tommy talk to the supervisor again.

  There's a Health cabinet worth 50 Health in the building at the far end of the
lot.  (It's where the sniper looked out of a window in "You Lucky Bastard!")

  On the second floor of a warehouse with three armed gangsters there's a radio
Tommy can turn on or off (RMB).  In the nearby lookout shelter is a Knife.
(Thanks to "Mafia Observations" by AsaSK.)

  T4mp10's video at the next link shows how to have Tommy get to the radio.
From the harbor entrance, have Tommy go ahead past the orange brick buildings,
go right between piles of lumber to a blue-gray warehouse which has a ramp lead-
ing to the raised first floor and a ramp inside to the second floor, and go up
the ramps till nearly on the second floor.  Have him turn 180 degrees to see a
gangster at a window.  Have Tommy use a fully-powered Baseball bat to hit the
back of that gangster as he walks toward the stairs.  Have Tommy use a fully-
powered Baseball bat to knock out the other two gangsters who each stand looking
out a window.

  The radio is on a pile of boxes in the middle of the room.  When the radio is
turned on, it plays "Coquette" by Django Reinhardt and The Quintet of The Hot
Club de France.

  To find the Knife, have Tommy go up the ramp to the raised porch of the same
warehouse and go to the little gray wooden shed, which AsaSK calls a "lookout
shelter," attached to the left side of the porch.  The Knife is on the floor of
that gray shed/lookout shelter.

  Have Tommy go to the supervisor in the entrance to the warehouse and talk
(RMB) to him.

  Cutscene: Tommy tells the supervisor, "Chief, the boys at the train there need
you.  They're having some problems."  The supervisor says, " I should've known.
As soon as I turn my back, everybody immediately goofs off."

  He goes to check that out, which gives you enough time to have Tommy load the
Scorsese crates onto the truck without being attacked.

  (To have Tommy load the crates onto the truck: press the RMB to have him pick
up a crate, have him get onto the back of the truck bed, and press the RMB to
have the crate teleport to the front of the bed.  Have him run to do the same
with the rest of the crates.)

  (As shown in pitek9099's video walk-through, you can have Tommy park his truck
sideways against the loading dock facing in the direction he'll use to leave.
When Tommy is at the side of the truck with a crate, press the RMB to have the
crate teleport into the bed of the truck.)

  Have Tommy get into the truck and drive to the entrance.

  - Foofighter18's urinatus interruptus method:

  After the cutscene in which the supervisor says he's going to take a leak,
have Tommy follow the supervisor, who, looking out from inside the warehouse,
goes left past two other warehouses then left to a tree to urinate.  Have Tommy
equip and fully power the Baseball bat, hit him in the back with it, then hide
it.  Have Tommy load the truck without a time limit.

  (To have Tommy load the crates onto the truck: press the RMB to have him pick
up a crate, have him get onto the back of the truck bed, and press the RMB to
have the crate teleport to the front of the bed.  Have him run to do the same
with the rest of the crates.)

  Have Tommy get into the truck and drive to the entrance.

                     18-05 Just For Relaxation-The Trap

  A damage meter for the truck appears in the middle of the bottom of the

  Tommy's truck is stopped by the entrance.  The guard says, "Stop right there--
show me your license."  Have Tommy drive away as soon as you get control of the
truck.  The guard says, "Get him!"  Have Tommy, chased by two cars of armed
guards, drive back to the lot which has an entrance on the south side of the
bend in the road which is southwest of the "W" of "WORKS QUARTER" on the Map

  (Uberwolf420 wrote that he was chased by three cars of armed guards, so maybe
if you do it the riskier way, you get three cars of them instead of two--?)

  Once Tommy drives into the lot, Health bars for Paulie and Sam appear above
Tommy's Health bar.  Have Tommy help them shoot the armed guards, a couple of
whom enter from the back of the lot.  He can use the Pump-action shotgun that's
leaning against a wall in the back of the lot.

  (You can also have Tommy kill the men from the harbor who follow Tommy before
he takes the cigars to the agreed place and Paulie will congratulate Tommy when
he gets to the place.  Tommy can also get there without the truck, and Paulie
and Sam won't care.  Thanks to "Mafia Observations" by AsaSK.)

  (I once used "Mafia Hack v1.03 to give Tommy invulnerability to have him look
for the radio and Knife AsaSK mentioned.  In the process, I had Tommy kill all
the gangsters.  I had him load up the truck and go to Paulie and Sam, and he
said, "So, I'm here and we don't even need to spring the trap."  Paulie said,
"Well, I'm surpised--well done, Tommy.")

  Paulie tells Tommy that "Sam's going to get Salieri--us two will take the
truck to the warehouse, and we'll meet there in a little while."

  (When Sam is about to drive back to Salieri, you can have Tommy follow Sam to
his car, get in the passenger seat, and Sam will drive him to the bar without
noticing him.  Tommy can use any gun for a driveby during the ride.  Thanks to
"Mafia Easter Eggs" by Underground.)

  Have Tommy get into the truck, let Paulie get in, and Paulie says, "Okay--
we're goin.'"  Have Tommy drive Paulie to the entrance drive of Salieri's ware-
house, which is on the east side of the road of the east side of the northern
block (the one mostly surrounded by a road indicated by a thin line) of Hoboken.

  On the way, Tommy and Paulie complain, tongue in cheek, about who gets the
tougher jobs.  Tommy says, "Today was just great.  While you two messed around,
I carried at least a ton of crates surrounded by guys with guns."  Paulie says,
"Somebody had to do it and you're the youngest.  Sam always has the bright
ideas.  Heh heh heh heh heh."  Tommy says, "Oh, so it's SAM!  Next time, YOU can
unload the truck--I ain't touching another crate."  Paulie says, "Well, we'll
see about that."

  Cutscene: Tommy backs the truck toward a loading platform but parks far enough
away from it to leave enough room to move around on the ground behind the truck.

  Paulie says, "Perfect--we did it!"  Tommy says, "Good!  Now we'll finally see
what's inside these crates."  Paulie says, "Good idea.  I hope it didn't get
damaged on the way."

  They're eager to find out what's inside the crates, so they go to the back of
the truck.  Tommy lights up a smoke while Paulie gets on the back of the truck
and says, "A few of them fell off--the cigars are smashed up.

  We see Tommy's reactions while we hear Paulie say, "Oh, it ain't so bad.  This
one's just bent so we'll straighten it out.  Damn!  I messed that up!"  Tommy
asks, "What the hell are you doing?"  We hear Paulie ask, "What?  I dropped a
few things--nothing big.  Hey box, what you got inside?"  He then exclaims,
"Christ!  Tom, you ain't gonna believe this!"

  Tommy asks, "What is it--what's inside those boxes?"  Paulie hands Tommy a box
he took from a crate and opened.  Tommy says, "Damn.  Are you thinking what I'm
thinking?"  Paulie says, "Well, they don't look like cigars."

  Tommy takes a diamond from the box and says, "And it's definitely not rock
candy."  Paulie says, "Those are diamonds, and a hell of a lot of them."

  Tommy asks, "What if they're just phonies?  You know, they exchange cigars for
mirrors, crops, beads, stuff like that?"  (If you turn on captions, you'll see
the word "props" used mistakenly instead of "crops.")  Paulie says, "I think
only Columbus got away with that.  These look like diamonds, Tom.  There's a
hell of a lot of them."  Tommy says, "I knew Salieri wouldn't risk so much for
some damned cigars."

  Paulie says, "Well, it looks like you were right.  What do you wanna do?
Should we take them?"  Tommy asks, "What?!  You think we'd get away with it?"
Paulie says, "Well, we could say that some crates got lost in the chase, or...."
Tommy says, "You can forget that--that's bullshit!"  He hands Paulie the box and
says, "Put them back where you found them.  I don't wanna end up with a hole in
my head."

  Paulie asks, "If we just took one or two each.  There's so many."  Tommy says,
"Paulie!"  Paulie says, "Okay, okay--I'll put them back."

  Paulie asks Tommy, "What if Salieri doesn't even know about them?"  Tommy
says, "I think we can easily find out if he knows."  Paulie asks, "How?"
Tommy sees Sam driving Salieri toward the entrance drive in a Lassiter V16 For-
dor.  Tommy says, "Sam's bringing him here right now.  Come--we'll see firsthand
if he knows."

  Paulie gets off the truck and Tommy puts the gate back up.  Sam parks the Las-
siter nearby, Salieri gets out, and as he walks to Tommy and Paulie he says,
"Bravo, boys--you did it!"  He looks at the crates and says, "You've got a well-
deserved bonus coming your way.  Ah, one crate got broke, but it's nothing.
Looks like these ones at the back are okay.  Bravo, bravo."

  Tommy asks, "Boss, should we unload the crates and put the cigars into the
warehouse?"  Salieri looks at Tommy and says, "Uhh, no no--not yet.  Anyway, why
should you do it?  I can get someone else.  You want to work in my warehouse,
too?  Ha ha ha ha."  Tommy and Paulie walk to the Lassiter.  Salieri says, "Now
go take it real easy, boys."  He looks at the crates, says, "Good work," then
walks to the warehouse.

  Tommy and Paulie pause outside the Lassiter V16 Fordor with Sam still at the
wheel.  Tommy says, "Paulie?"  Paulie says, "Huh?"  Tommy glances at Salieri
walking away then, as he gets into the back of the car, says, "I'll stop by to-
morrow and we can talk about that little deal you mentioned."  (Tommy refers to
the bank robbery Paulie suggested earlier that Tommy and Sam were against.)
Paulie says, "Yeah--okay" and gets into the front passenger seat of the car.

  The Lassiter V16 Fordor Green is added to the garage/back lot of Salieri's


  by 0rland0walkthrough
  by uberwolf420

  by willzyyy

  Foofighter18's method to take care of the supervisor (PS2)

  19  Moonlighting

                     19-01 Moonlighting-Paulie's Flat

  Cutscene: We see Tommy walk to the open front door of Paulie' apartment build-
ing while Tommy, continuing his talk with Det. Norman, is heard in a voice-over
saying, "The next day I went to Paulie's like we arranged."

  As Tommy sits at a table in Paulie's apartment, Paulie brings him a drink and
asks, "So what, Tom?  As Paulie walks toward his kitchen, he asks, "What's with
the sudden change of heart?  I didn't think you wanted to do it."

  Tommy says, "That was when I still thought that Salieri wasn't using us.  Now
I know that he is."  As Paulie fixes himself a drink in the kitchen, he says,
"Well, you're certainly right there.  So, would you do the bank?

  Tommy asks, "What about Sam?"  Paulie says, "Hey, you heard him.  He's worried
about what might happen and the Don comin' after us."  Paulie returns and says,
"So, if you wanna do it, it's just you and me.  What do you have to say?"

  Tommy says, "First, I'd like to see this bank--then I'll listen to your plan."
Paulie says, "Fine.  We can go and look at it right now."  Tommy says, "Okay,
let's go."  Tommy gets up and walks toward the door.  Paulie throws back his
drink and goes to join him.

  (Paulie will wait by the front door and won't lock it till Tommy has left the
apartment.  You can have Tommy look around the apartment before leaving.  On a
wall of Paulie's apartment near his front door is a painting of a bulbous vase
with three leaves.  If Tommy shoots the painting, it gets a lot bigger.)

  Once Tommy leaves the apartment, Paulie locks the door.  Have Tommy follow
down the stairs and out the front door of the building.  (You can have Tommy run
downstairs and out the door if you want to speed this part up.)

                     19-02 Moonlighting-On The Way To The Bank

  Paulie, standing on the sidewalk just past the front door, says, "Follow me.
We'll take the train--it ain't far."

  Have Tommy follow Paulie from his apartment (about where the "i's" of "Sali-
eri's Bar" is on the Map--Tab) to the Little Italy train platform, ride the
train with him to the Downtown train platform, and follow him into the First Na-
tional Bank (on the south side of the block that's south of the block with
"Down" of the "Downtown" train station on the Map--Tab).

  During the train ride, you can have Paulie talk (RMB) with Tommy.  Paulie has
a lot to say:

  Paulie says, "We'll be there in a few minutes.  So, how's everything goin'?"
Tommy says, "Aside from the last few jobs, pretty boring.  Of course, my kid
keeps things interesting."

  Paulie says, "You know, I actually envy you.  I gotta find a dame and start
makin' babies.  When I look at my life, I don't seem to be doin' much: hang out,
go to parties--I'm gettin' pretty bored with it.  The problem is I don't know
how to do anything else, ha ha ha."  Tommy says, "I think most people would like
to change."

  Paulie says, "Everybody imagines the adventures and dough they see in movies.
There's nuttin' about the boring deal makin.'  I'm always havin' to negotiate
deals with people and I can't make notes of anything because of the cops, so I
have to remember all of it.  I ain't 20 no more and I'm startin' to forget.
Sometimes, I don't know who promised me what, who I lent what, and, as a result,
someone always messes with me and I lose out on the dough.  It just pisses me

  (At the Central Island station, you can see a couple of workers working on the
platform outside behind Paulie.)

  Tommy says, "Well, we still have the excitement."  Paulie says, "Oh, that's
the worst: nuttin' happens for six months, I start to get lazy, and suddenly
BOOM--some action.  Don't think I ain't worried somethin' might happen to us."

  Tommy asks, "So what are we supposed to do?"  Paulie says, "This'll be our
last big job.  It'd be enough to get me a pizzeria someplace, you know, some-
thing."  Tommy asks, "Oh, really?"

  Paulie says, "Wait a minute.  Get ready--we're gettin' off here."

  Have Tommy follow Paulie off the train and to the bank.  Paulie says, "So this
is it.  It ain't too big and it ain't too small.  Let's take a look inside."

                     19-03 Moonlighting-Reconnaissance

  Have Tommy follow Paulie from the front hall into the main room of the bank.

  Before you have Tommy talk to Paulie and learn the robbery plan, you can have
Tommy listen to the other conversations there.

  (You can use the noclip function of "MafiaCon1.2" to send Tommy to the base-
ment safe to see the money but it can't be taken yet.  Thanks to "Mafia Observa-
tions" by AsaSK.  You can also use "Mafia Hack V1.03" to do that--see the "Mods"

  Ahead of where Paulie stops at a desk, Vic Khomeni tries to withdraw $5 and
gets upset when he's told that he's overdrawn: "What's that supposed to mean?
That's it--I'm through with this bank!"  The teller says, "I can't disagree with
you there, sir."  Vic hollers, "Go to hell."

  Once you're ready to have Tommy Paulie's plan for the robbery, have Tommy go
to Paulie, who's standing at a desk in the middle of the bank, and talk (RMB) to

  Paulie says, "Okay.  We'll start here in the hall.  We'll run in here and
shout that it's a raid.  Those two guards will probably just give up, but if
they want to play heroes we'll liquidate them.

  "As soon as they're out of the way, we gotta get the keys to the safe.  We'll
have to find out where they are from the clerks.  I think they'll talk if a
gun's at their heads.

  "You go through that door, behind the counter, after you get the key.  The
door leads to a corridor.  On the right is a staircase down to the safe and up-
stairs to the office.  If you have the keys go straight to the safe, otherwise
you'll have to get them somewhere upstairs.

  "Downstairs there will probably be more security guards.  You'll have to deal
with them alone while I keep everything in check upstairs.  Downstairs there's a
large safe, which you gotta unlock.  Then you just gotta get the dough and get

  "That's everything."  Tommy says, "Okay."  Paulie says, "Let's go--we'd better
get out of here."

  (In "Intermezzo 4," Tommy showed Det. Norman a photograph of Don Peppone and
said Salieri and Morello were commanders of Peppone's regime then killed Peppone
over a deal, split up the city, and ran it themselves.  But if you have Tommy go
to the cubicle that's the closest to the exit, you can see a man who looks ex-
actly like Peppone.  He persuades a clerk to lend him money for his plan to
build a big fun park--one with a restaurant, dance hall, etc.--in Hoboken.
Thanks to "Mafia Easter Eggs" by Underground.)

  (AsaSK noticed that the man who wants to build a fun park looks just like the
prosecutor of "Visiting Rich People.")

  (Actually, the game just uses a lot of duplicate character models.  If you
need to tie it together, you might figure the prosecutor is a look-alike rela-
tive of the late Peppone and he wants a loan to build a fun park.)

  Have Tommy follow Paulie outside to where he pauses to stand by the building.
Have Paulie talk (RMB)--he says, "The bank is connected to the Holmes Security
System.  Even with radio, cars can't get here for five minutes.  That means
we'll have five minutes from the time we get in to do everything and then disap-

  "We're gonna need some wheels.  It's stupid to get a car from Ralphy 'cause
he'll tell Salieri.  You'll have to get a good fast set of wheels, Tommy.  For
you, that shouldn't be a problem."  Tommy says, "No, it shouldn't.  I think Lu-
cas would know of something."  Paulie says, "Okay.  Try to get somethin' fast--
we'll need it."

  "I guess they won't just let us leave.  Even if we get outta the bank in time,
we could still meet the cops in the city."  Tommy asks, "And how do you wanna
deal with them?"  Paulie says, "We'll head to an abandoned joint right in Hobo-
ken.  It has "Palmero' (he means "Palermo") 'Club' written on the wall."  Tommy
says, "Great."

  Paulie says, "There's still a little problem with guns.  I have my own stuff,
but you don't.  You'll need to get some kinda heater.  I think I know a place
where you can pick one up."  Tommy asks, "Where's that?"  Paulie says, "It's
pretty far--it's probably best to go by train."

  "Get on here and then go to Hoboken.  Get off at the Central Hoboken station
and go in the direction from which you came by the train to the nearest cross-
roads.  Under the elevated railway there's a road.  Follow that and turn left at
the next road.  You'll see an old movie house called the Twister.  At the side
entrance you'll find Yellow Pete's shop.  Tell him I sent you--he should have

  Tommy says, "I'll do that now.  I'll get some weapons, then the car, then I'll
stop by your place."  Paulie says, "Yeah.  Pull in in front of the building and
honk your horn--the janitor's always lockin' the door.  I'll come down and we'll
go.  I'll see you later."

  (Tommy can kill Paulie when he's on his way back to his flat and not fail the
mission--he'll be at the bank later.  Thanks to "Mafia Observations" by AsaSK
and "Mafia Easter Eggs" by Underground.)

  Have Tommy go right (facing the building) to the T-intersection and go right
toward the elevated train station.

                     19-04 Moonlighting-Going Shopping

  If you have Tommy use the method Paulie recommended to go to Yellow Pete's gun
shop, have Tommy, facing the station from the intersection, catch the train on
the right side and get off at the Central Hoboken station.  Otherwise, have Tom-
my jack a car to go to Yellow Pete's gun shop.

  Yellow Pete's gun shop has an entrance on the south side of the Twister The-
ater on the dead-end road southwest of the "H" of "HOBOKEN" on the Map (Tab).
You can have Tommy take a shortcut straight to the gun shop over the walk from
the road due west of it.

  Once Tommy's there, have him knock (RMB) on the door, follow the man who an-
swers the door down the stairs, and go into Yellow Pete's shop to meet Yellow
Pete.  (The only time you can see him in the game is during this mission and the
next one.  He's not in his shop, though Tommy can buy weapons from it, in "Free-

  Yellow Pete's voice is provided by Ray DeMattis who's also played Mr. Kol-
vino/Cox/Bob Sanet/Arnold Dickler in four 1991/1994/1996/2001 episodes of the
TV series "Law & Order," 1st Detective/Harry in two 2001/2005 episodes of the
TV series "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," played Gerry Gaultieri in the 2007
"Kennedy and Heidi" episode of the TV series "The Sopranos," etc.

  Cutscene: Yellow Pete says, "Okay.  Son, what brings you here?"  Tommy says,
"Paulie sent me.  We need some weapons."

  Yellow Pete says, "Right--Paulie.  Yeah, I know least I think I know
him--that short moody guy, right?"  Tommy says, "Uhmm, you could say that."
Pete asks, "Still working for Salieri?"  Tommy says, "Yeah."  Yellow Pete says,
"Well, give that old goombah my regards."

  Yellow Pete probably doesn't mean "goombah" as a pejorative.  According to
Wiktionary, it:

  "Probably originates from the Neapolitan cumpà, (Italian compare and the Si-
cilian cognate, cumpari, akin to Spanish compadre), and literally means 'god-
father,' but used to denote 'friend.' To an English-speaking ear, the unaspir-
ated stops of Southern Italian (especially Neapolitan) are interpreted as voiced
stops, yielding 'goombah.'

  goombah (plural goombahs)

  1. (US, slang, pejorative) A person of Italian descent.
  2. (US, slang) A companion or associate, sometimes with the connotation of an
older friend who acts as a patron, protector or adviser."

  Tommy says, "Sure.  Uhm, anyway, the weapons."  Yellow Pete says, "Sure, sure,
yeah, sure, sure--what does Paulie need?"

  Yellow Pete offers the following selection:

  Baseball bat
  Colt Detective Special
  S&W Model 27 Magnum
  S&W Model 10 M&P
  Colt 1911
  Thompson 1928
  Pump-action shotgun
  US rifle M1903 Springfield

  I'd recommend you have Tommy take at least the Colt 1911, S&W Model 27 Magnum,
and Thompson 1928.

  (As in "The Death of Art," Tommy can kill Yellow Pete but not fail the mis-
sion.  Thanks to "Mafia Observations" by AsaSK.  Don't kill Yellow Pete in this
mission, though--his weapons are a big help in the next mission.)

  (Yellow Pete is a one-armed arms dealer, which reminds me of Phil Cassidy, the
one-armed arms dealer of GTA "III" and "Vice City."  I think somebody persuaded
somebody to like something about the wordplay of "arm" and "arms.")

  Tommy says, "That should be everything."  Yellow Pete says, "Great!  I won't
keep you from your work, son.  Now you say 'hello' to Paulie for me, huh?"  Tom-
my says, "Sure.  Thanks."

  You can have Tommy get a fast car, like a Silver Fletcher, from the street
then go to Paulie's apartment or get a fast car by doing the optional mission
for Lucas Bertone.

  If you have Tommy go to Luca Bertone, press the RMB to start the cutscene of
their conversation.

  Cutscene: Tommy says, "Hey, Luca.  I need a powerful car and fast."  Lucas
says, "W-Wow!  Hey, I was just about to call you!  I also need a quick favor,
and the car I have for you is definitely worth it."  Tommy asks, "What do you

  Lucas says, "I promised to bring some guy a delivery and I can't get out the
shop today.  Hey, could you take it to him?"  Tommy says, "Okay.  I ain't done
no deliveries yet--sure."  Lucas says, "Now make sure nothin' happens to the guy
before you give it to him.  He's passin' it on to someone else and if som'in'
happens to him, the whole deal's ruined."  Tommy asks, "And is something likely
to happen?"  Lucas says, "Hmmm, well, well, you know, uh, you never can tell."

  Tommy asks, "Where do I find this guy?"  Lucas says, "On the plot under the
hoistin' bridge crossin' to Downtown.  His name's Dick.  Before you give it to
him?--make sure you ain't followed."  Lucas gives Tommy a small light brown
package and says, "Here it is."

                     19-05 Moonlighting-Lucas Bertone

  Have Tommy go to the road under the east end of the East Marshall Bridge to
meet Dick.

  Cutscene: Tommy asks, "You Dick?"  Dick says, "Dick?  My name's Big Dick!"
Tommy says, "Ahh, sure.  I got this package from Luca--Dick"  Tommy gives him
the package. 

  Dick says, "Great.  Anyone tail you?"  Tommy says, "I don't think so--no."
Dick asks, "Yeah?  Then who are those guys?"  Tommy turns and sees several armed
men running towards them.  Tommy says, "Shit!"  Dick says, "So?  Show them what
you got."  Tommy says, "You too, Big Dick."

  Have Tommy help Dick shoot three gangsters--two have S&W Model 27 Magnums and
one has a Sawed-off shotgun.  Have Tommy talk to Dick.

  Cutscene: Dick says, "Hey, you ain't as soft as you look."  Tommy says, "You
neither."  Dick asks, "What do you mean?"  Tommy says, "Ah, nothing--don't worry
about it.  Enjoy yourself."  Dick says, "Okay--fine.  Send my regards to Lucas."
Dick dashes up the nearby stairs.

  (You don't have to have Tommy follow Dick, but in case you're curious about
where he goes, he walks to the south end of an alley a couple blocks south of
the "D" of "DOWNTOWN" at the south side of the wide "J"-shaped block that's
south of the downtown church.  He walks to a green door and disappears.)

  Have Tommy return to Lucas.

  (Right after Tommy finishes his effort to help Dick fight the gangsters, code-
busters has Tommy drive back into Lucas' service station while Dick runs after
him.  Once Dick is in the service station, codebusters has Tommy park across the
garage door so Dick can't leave.  After having Tommy talk to Dick, codebusters
has Tommy talk to Lucas while Dick tries to escape.  See the video by codebust-
ers at 6:30 at the next link.)

  There's a Health cabinet worth 50 Health in Lucas Bertone's auto service shop.

  Have Tommy talk (RMB) to Lucas.

  Cutscene: Tommy exclaims, "Jesus, Lucas--that was a close one."  Lucas asks,
"Hey, what happened?"  Tommy says, "As soon as I got there, some hoods wanted to
beat on us."  Lucas asks, "Is Dick all right?  Did you give him the package?"
Tommy says, "Yeah, no problem.  We took care of them together and then he took
off someplace."

  Lucas says, "Ah, thank God!  Ah, you don't know how grateful I am.  I have a
real beauty for you now.  It's an American car from a German manufacturer--it's
the best around these days."

  Tommy says, "Well, it was certainly worth the risk.  Where can I find it?"
Lucas says, "Yesterday I overheard a customer.  Today around this time?--he's
usually drivin' from Oakwood Junior High School to a meetin' somewhere on Cen-
tral Island.  Then follow him and, where he parks, ya simply take the car.
Yeah, the locks will be your only problem, heh heh heh, but I know you'll manage
'em no trouble."  Tommy says, "Thanks, Lucas.  Can't wait."

                     19-06 Moonlighting-Lucas Bertone 2

  Have Tommy drive toward Oakwood Junior High, which is the big building marked
with brown on the east side of Oakwood on the Map (Tab).  As Tommy gets close to
it, a guy drives from it in a Trautenberg Model J (Duesenberg J)--it's a long
open top red and black car.

  Have Tommy follow the Trautenberg Model J on a circuitous route till it's
parked by the Greek revival-looking building by the first "N" of "CENTRAL IS-
LAND" on the Map (Tab) and the driver walks away.

  As uberwolf420's video at the end of this section shows, you may need to have
Tommy use his car to shove the Trautenberg Model J if it gets stuck in traffic.

  You can save a lot of time by having Tommy park in front of the Trautenberg
Model J to stop it before it leaves the area of the high school, shoot the driv-
er, and take the car.  See 0rland0walkthrough's video at the end of this sec-
tion.  (If the driver gets out of the car before Tommy can kill him, Tommy will
have to beat him in a shoot-out.  Thanks to Bloviator.)

  To have the Trautenburg Model J in FR, have Tommy get the car from the teach-
er, park it on the sidewalk outside the windows of Salieri's Bar, then jack
another car to do the rest of the mission.  (Thanks to Fruffles.)

  Codebusters has Tommy get out of his car just south of the north bend in the
road that goes by the high school, stand in the path of the Trautenberg Model J
to stop it, get in the passenger seat, and be driven away.  See the video by
codebusters at 9:15 at the next link.

  If you  use that method, you can have Tommy look around (click the LMB) or
even do a driveby (scroll to any weapon and click the LMB) (click the RMB to
return to normal "camera" aim).  Tommy will be driven to the west side of the
block of the "T" of "CENTRAL ISLAND" on the Map (Tab).  There, the driver gets
out of the car and enters a building that looks like the kind of building in
Washington, D.C. that resembles a miniature Parthenon.  Tommy can just get in
the driver's seat and drive it away.

  Have Tommy drive to the front of Paulie's apartment (about where the "i's" of
"Salieri's Bar" is on the Map--Tab) and honk the horn.  Paulie comes to a second
floor window and says, "Okay--be right down."  Paulie come out of the apartment
building and gets into the car.

  Have Tommy drive him to the First National Bank.  It's on the south side of
the block that's south of the block with "Down" of the "Downtown" train station
on the Map (Tab).

  On the way, Paulie asks, "So what?  Everything's in order?  Got everything you
need?"  Tommy says, "Yeah, yeah" and laughs, "Hey, that Yellow Pete is a little
nuts!"  Paulie says, "He's an old loony but his stuff's good."  Tommy asks,
"Why they call him 'Yellow'?"  Paulie asks, "Did you see his teeth?  They're the
yellowest in town and they also stink the most!"  Amused, Tommy says, "Uh,
right, right."

  (GTW note: guys--no disguises?)

  Once in front of the bank, Paulie says, "Here it is--stop the car."  Have Tom-
my park with the car pointed north in front of the bank and go with Paulie to
the door.  Paulie says, "Okay, let's go in."

                     19-07 Moonlighting-The Bank Heist

  Paulie's Health bar appears above Tommy's Health bar.

  Have Tommy go with Paulie from the indoor entrance area into the main room of
the bank but stop about 10 feet short of where Paulie stops so you have a clear
view of both the door Tommy just came through and the door at the far end of the

  Paulie yells, "Okay, everybody--this is a heist!  Get down on the floor and
nothin' will happen to you.  I said on the floor--everybody!" He tells Tommy to
"Deal with the guard!"

  A pocket watch counting down five minutes, the length of time Tommy and Paulie
have to complete the heist and get away before the police arrive, appears in the
upper right corner of the screen.

  Have Tommy shoot the guard that comes from the doorway across from the doorway
that Tommy just came through and the guard that comes from the wooden door at
the far end of the room and goes behind the desk nearest to him.  The guards of
the bank all have dark blue pants and hats and white shirts.

  Paulie says, "Okay, I like it--nice and cool.  Everything will be hunky dory."

  During the next batch of conversation...

  Paulie yells, "I want the keys to the safe and make it quick!  Where are
they?"  The clerk says, "Uh, sir, the keys to the grating are here but--but only
the manager has keys to the safe."  Paulie yells, "What?  Where can I find the
manager?"  The clerk says, "Um, he's upstairs in his office."  (If Tommy hasn't
left yet, Paulie tells him, "Okay--find the keys and get the dough fast, man!")

  ...have Tommy go through the wooden doorway (which one of the guards came
through) at the far end of the room, go left to the bookshelf left of the EXIT
door, and get the keys to the grating (which I call a cell door), which are on a
key ring hung on the front of the bookshelf between the first two rows of
shelves on the right.

  Have Tommy go through the nearby EXIT door, go up the stairs ahead to the sec-
ond floor, and kill two guards.  Have him go, in relation to his starting posi-
tion on the second floor, into the hall on the left and through (RMB) the first
door, marked "DIRECTOR," on the left.

  Have Tommy demand (RMB) that the manager give him, "The keys to the safe!"
While the manager says, "They're--they're there in--in the cupboard--uh, just
don't k-k-k-k-kill me--I have a f--amily," have Tommy open (RMB) the cupboard on
the right--the right door of the two bigger doors to the right of the book-
shelves--and take (RMB) the keys.

  Have Tommy leave the room, go right, take the hall on the right, and go back
down the stairs and continue down to the bottom of the stairs.  Have Tommy con-
tinue ahead through a little room, through (RMB) the grating/cell door ahead,
and continue through the hall which makes three clockwise 90 degree bends.  Have
Tommy shoot the guard that's at the end of the length of hall beyond the third
bend, shoot the guard that's in the hall to the left of that length of hall,
then go to the end of the left hall.  Tommy opens the grating/cell door.

  Cutscene: Tommy opens the safe then unlocks and goes through the grating/cell
door beyond it.  He says, "Wow!" as he looks at all the bars of gold, stacks of
bills, and bags (which I assume have coins).  He puts stacks of bills into a

  (When Tommy opens the safe, the music for a few moments is the same as the mu-
sic played when Frank was reunited with his family.  Ah, sweet mystery of cash
at last I found you....)

  On the first floor, Paulie yells at a woman to stop screaming--she's actually
just sobbing and continues to sob.  Paulie yells, "Stop screaming!  Stop right
now!  Nobody move!"

  Tommy finishes and goes to the grating/cell door.

  Have Tommy, who has a bag of money draped over his left shoulder, go through
the grating/cell doorway, the safe door, ahead through the grating/cell doorway
and hall to a T-intersection, go right and go counter-clockwise around three 90
degree bends to the left, go ahead through the grating/cell doorway, and up the

  While Tommy approaches the stairs, you hear Paulie still yelling at the woman
to "Stop screaming!  Stop right now!" except now she's actually screaming.  As
Tommy gets to the top of the stairs, Paulie shoots her.

  Have Tommy enter the first floor, go through the wooden doorway, and go to the
other end of the room.  As Tommy goes by Paulie, Paulie says, "That's it--let's
get outta here!"  (You can have Tommy yell, RMB, at Paulie for shooting the lady
hostage--thanks to "Mafia Observations" by AsaSK.)

  Have Tommy go through the doorway on the right, go through the doorway on the
left, and enter (RMB) his car.  Once Paulie gets into the car, have Tommy drive
away.  The game is saved after he drives a short distance.

                     19-08 Moonlighting-Escape

  A pair of handcuffs and a wanted bar appear in the middle of the top of the

  Have Tommy drive east, go left/north, then take the shortcut, mentioned above,
due east across the walk to the Twister Theater, go north to the Palermo Club,
and go into the lot beside it.  Paulie says, "Okay, this is the place."  Have
Tommy drive into the building.  The handcuffs symbol switches to the symbol of
the puzzled policeman and the red of the wanted bar diminishes.

  Have Tommy talk (RMB) to Paulie.

  Cutscene: Paulie says, "We're loaded, Tom!  We did it!  It worked!"  Tommy
says, "Sure looks like it.  So what now?"  Paulie says, "We'll change our
clothes so they won't pick us up on the street and put the dough in the brief-
case."  Tommy says, "Fine--then what?"

  Paulie says, "Don't say a word to anyone.  Sleep on it.  Stop by tomorrow and
think about what we're goin' to do with the dough.  I'll take it with me so Sar-
ah won't find it, you know?"

  Tommy says, "Just don't run off with it."  Paulie says, "Sure, I'll take off
to Hawaii!  Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaa."  Tommy says, "Don't try it--I'd find you
and stuff that metal-plated briefcase down your throat."  Paulie says, "I'm
lookin' forward to it.  Ha ha ha ha ha ha haaa."

  The Trautenberg Model J is available for "Freeride."


  by 0rland0walkthrough

  by uberwolf420

  by willzyyy

  20  The Death of Art

                     20-01 The Death Of Art-Paulie's Flat

  Cutscene: as Tommy walks toward Paulie's apartment building, Tommy is heard
in a voice-over talking to Det. Norman: "We hid the dough from the bank at Paul-
ie's for the time being.  We couldn't blow it all straight away so we arranged
that I'd stop by there the next day and we'd think of the best way to invest it.
I had loads of ideas of what to do with the money but I was pretty curious about
what Paulie's plans were."

  The door isn't locked, so Tommy enters Paulie's apartment and sees he's been
shot dead and is lying on the floor.  Tommy is shocked and exclaims, "Oh, Jesus.
What the hell happened?"  Tommy draws a handgun and takes Paulie's pulse.  Tommy
shouts, "Paulie!  Paulie!" but Paulie doesn't answer to his name.  Tommy shouts,
"Christ...the dough--where's the dough?!"  He sees the cardboard box for it is
empty and shouts, "Damn it, it's all gone."  He says, "This is like a bad

  The phone rings.  Tommy looks around the apartment and out the window to make
sure the area is clear then lifts the receiver.  Sam is on the other end and
asks, "Paulie?"  Tommy says, "Eh, Sam?  I-It's Tom.  Paulie's dead--I, uh, I."

  Sam exclaims, "Christ--I knew it" and worriedly, urgently warns, "Tom, you're
in deep shit.  I wanted to warn Paulie.  Salieri found out about the bank and
decided he wasn't gonna tolerate it.  I didn't make it in time.  Tom, you've
gotta disappear fast."

  Tommy says, "Sam, I--I didn't know it would be such a big deal. I--what should
I do?  I can't just leave Sarah and the kid."

  Sam says, "Okay, okay, Tom, I'll help you.  We gotta meet somewhere but almost
everywhere is dangerous for you now.  Our best bet would be the city gallery."

  Tommy says, "Okay, okay--I'll be there in a little while.  I--thank you.  Y-
You know, Paulie is lying here in a million pieces.  I-I don't know who else I
could turn to."

  Sam says, "It's okay.  I still owe you one."  Tommy says, "Thanks, Sam."

  Press the key for "Empty hands" and have Tommy leave the apartment building so
the two policemen coming up the stairs don't find him at Paulie's apartment and
shoot at him.  As Tommy goes outside, a man in a suit and one of the undercover
policemen go inside to go to Paulie's apartment.

  (In Paulie's apartment, as in "Moonlighting," you can have Tommy shoot the
painting on a wall near the front door to make the painting twice as big, but
this mission doesn't give you much time to look at it safely.)

                     20-02 The Death Of Art-City

  You can have Tommy just go to Yellow Pete's gun shop for weapons then meet Sam
at the art gallery, but before Tommy meets Sam, you can have Tommy do an option-
al mission for Lucas Bertone to unlock the Thor 812 Cabriolet FWD for "Free-

  To do the optional mission for Lucas Bertone, have Tommy meet Lucas at his
shop just south of the east end of the Giuliano Bridge.

  Cutscene: Lucas says, "Hey hey, Tommy!  Hey, you look exhausted."  Tommy says,
"I am and I've definitely got a good reason to be."  Lucas says, "What hap-
pened?"  Tommy says, "It doesn't matter.  I-I just need a good set of wheels,
Lucas."  Lucas says, "We'll see what could be done."

  Tommy says, "Great.  What do you need today?"  Lucas says, "I need to find out
where a certain guy is hidden.  He owes a lot of people big time and I'm one of

  Tommy asks, "Where can I find him?"  Lucas says, "Well, this hooker has fallen
for him and she brings him food and, uh" (he clicks his tongue twice) "y'know,
stuff, y'but so far nobody knows where.  So you need to find her and find out
where he's hidden.  And then I'll find him and deal with him."

  Tommy asks, "And, uh, where do I find her?"  Lucas says, "Uh, she works in
that same hotel which you blew a hole out of in '32" (the Corleone Hotel, where
Tommy set off a bomb in "The Whore").  "Uh, but if you wait for her there, eh,
she'll certainly lead you to him."

  Tommy asks, "And then?"  Lucas says, "When she goes home, just come back here
and tell me where she goes."  Tommy says, "Okay."

                     20-03 The Death Of Art-Lucas Bertone

  Have Tommy go to the Corleone Hotel--it's on the west north-south street on
the third block from the south in Downtown.  When the hooker (blonde, red coat,
black dress) comes out of the hotel, Tommy says, "That would be her."  Have Tom-
my follow her (in his car if you want to have it handy when the pursuit is
over), but not too closely or she'll realize she's being followed and you'll
fail the mission.

  She goes north from the hotel, goes east/right to take the narrow road to the
church, takes a path to the front of the church, goes east across the front of
the church, goes across the street to the corner to the northeast, goes east to
the next corner, goes across the street, and goes through the door by the first
Oriental Beer sign south of the corner.

  Tommy says, "Well, it looks like I hit the nail right on the head."

  Have Tommy return to Lucas after seeing Yellow Pete to save time--Yellow Pete
isn't far away, and you may want his weapons for what Lucas wants Tommy to do.

  Have Tommy, who only has a Colt Detective Special, go to Yellow Pete's gun
shop at the side of the Twister Theater on the dead end road southwest of the
"H" of "HOBOKEN" on the Map (Tab).  (Just a reminder: you can use the walk that
goes due east from the Twister Theater to go to and from Yellow Pete's shop.)

  Cutscene: Yellow Pete says, "Hello, son.  So--how's Paulie?"  Tommy says,
"Paulie's dead."  Yellow Pete says, "Uh?  I guess he ain't too well then, huh?
May he rest in peace.  Knowing you, he('s) probably restin' in pieces, huh?  Heh
heh heh heh heh.  So--your little job didn't work out."  Tommy says, "It looks
that way."

  Yellow Pete says, "Uhhm, so you'll be needing some weapons then, right?"  Tom-
my says, "I see you never forget the business side of things."  Yellow Pete
says, "Course not.  That would be a b-i-g mistake."  Tommy says, "Okay--show me
what you got."

  Tommy doesn't seem to appreciate Pete's joke about Paulie "resting in pieces,"
but Tommy curbs his tongue.  Pete offers the same weapons as in the last mis-

  Baseball bat
  Colt Detective Special
  S&W Model 27 Magnum
  S&W Model 10 M&P
  Colt 1911
  Thompson 1928
  Pump-action shotgun
  US rifle M1903 Springfield

  I'd recommend you have Tommy take at least the Colt 1911, S&W Model 27 Magnum,
and Thompson 1928.  (Bloviator also recommends the US rifle M1903 Springfield.)

  Tommy says, "Thanks.  Here's the money."  Yellow Pete says, "Well, thank you
kindly and, uh, I hope you get those bastards.  Paulie deserves at least that."

  Have Tommy return to Lucas.

  Cutscene: Tommy tells Lucas, "I found him for you, Lucas.  He lives Downtown
on the corner of the street above the church."  Lucas says, with a laugh, "Fan-
tastic.  She didn't see you?"  Tommy says, "No way.

  "So where's this car?"  Lucas says, "Sure.  Uh, you know where the used car
dealership is in town?"  Tommy asks, "Up near Chinatown?"  Lucas says, "Right.
You'll find it there.  An improved version of one sports car with front-wheel

  Tommy asks, "And how is it better than the old one?  Lucas says, "Performance,
son!  'Ey, the accelerator is much better, even if, at first sight, the car
looks the same.  Y'but when you go for it, watch out--the car isn't for sale and
belongs to the owner, and he's got real nasty dogs there."  Tommy says, "I
should handle it."

                     20-04 The Death Of Art-Lucas Bertone 2

  Though Lucas didn't show Tommy how to pick the lock of a Thor 812, Tommy has
now learned how to steal one.  He can jack or pick the lock of one.

  There's a Health cabinet worth 50 health in the auto service shop.  (You might
wait till after Tommy deals with the dogs to use it.)

  (If you have Tommy kill Yellow Pete, his door guard, or Lucas Bertone, you
won't fail the mission because this is the last mission and they aren't needed
anymore.  Thanks to Bloviator.)

  Have Tommy go to the used car lot on the south end of the triangular block on
the east side of Chinatown.  When no police are around, have Tommy shoot the
lock off one of the two pairs of gates, open them, shoot the four Boxer dogs,
pick the lock of the Thor 812 Cabriolet FWD (orange with a black soft top), and
get into it.

  (As with the Boxer dog behind the Clark Motel in "A Trip to the Country," you
can have Tommy lure the Boxer dogs near a car, blow it and them up, and put the
Dogs heads in his Inventory.  He can use one as a boxing glove.)

  Have Tommy go to the art gallery--it's represented by the big brown rectangle
at the south end of Central Island on the Map (Tab).

                     20-05 The Death Of Art-Grand Finale

  Cutscene: Tommy is inside the museum.  As he begins to walk through it, a
nearby gangster says, "Don't move, scumbag!"  Tommy says, "Oh, shit!"

  Two armed gangsters get the drop on Tommy as he walks through the first floor
of the museum.  Bills of the stolen bank money fall around him like confetti and
Sam calls out "Surprise!  Ha ha ha ha ha" from a small round second floor bal-
cony over the center of the room.

  Tommy looks up at Sam who says, "You weren't lookin' for that at Paulie's, by
chance?"  Tommy asks, "Sam, what's going on?  I thought we were meeting alone."
Sam says, "The situation's changed, Tom."

  Sam lights a cigarette and says, "I had to decide whose side I was on, and
sorry, but it would be suicidal to stand on your side.  I can live with murder,
though."  Tommy shouts, "So you killed Paulie?!"  Sam says, "Well, I was more
the means to his death--the same as I am in your case."

  Tommy says, "I would never have expected this from you, Sam."  Sam says,
"Well, I'm in a good mood.  Things are lookin' up for me, and I, why, I found a
bag of money."  Tommy asks, "So killing off your partners is a big laugh?  Maybe
I should try it."  Sam says, "Mm, it ain't bad, but you probably won't have
time."  Tommy says, "It's never too late to start.  I guess honor's out of the

  (Personally, I think Salieri would have found out about the bank robbery any-
way since Tommy and Paulie didn't wear disguises, and to commit a local bank
robbery behind the back of a Don at that.  I've seen episodes of "World's Dumb-
est Criminals" where the criminal wore a bad disguise--they didn't wear any.
When you dare both the law and organized crime to hunt you down, who do you go
to then--Oprah?)

  Sam says, "Honor's meaningless.  This is business and you've broken its un-
written rules many times over, Tom.  Maybe I feel some pity, but that's outta
place in business."

  Tommy says, "I didn't notice that I was the cause of the family's problems."

  Sam says, "Really?  You did what you wanted, Tom!  You didn't kill Frank!  You
let that whore get away and then the bank?  You can't do what you know is right
because you don't know nothin.'  You don't grasp the effects of your actions"
(on the rest of the crime group).  "The Don is the thinker."

  Tommy says, "You were never a great thinker so you probably need him.  That's
not how I feel.  I can think for myself."  (Then where were the bank robbery
disguises?  Never mind....)

  Sam says, "The opinion of Don Salieri is that he won't go and sit in jail just
because of your feelings.  And I agree with his opinion completely.  Don Salieri
really liked you, Tom, and I did, too.  We'll cry together at the funeral."

  Tommy says, "You poor bastard, Sam.  I feel sorry for you."

  Sam says, "But I'm alive.  It's a pity you can't use that money.  Oh, don't
worry--we'll give Sarah a little somethin.'  You know, single mothers don't have
it easy these days.  The Don will take care of her--he isn't as much of a mon-
ster as you think.  Goodbye, Tom--it was nice knowing you.  Take good care of
him, boys.  And please--don't make him suffer.  He's my buddy."

  Just after Sam leaves, Tommy pulls a Max Payne bullet time move and dives for
cover behind a pillar to avoid being shot while using his Colt Detective Special
to shoot one of the two gangsters.

  (GTW note: there's one thing I'd criticize about the game that I don't remem-
ber seeing in any of the reviews.  When Tommy and Paulie rob the bank, they
don't wear disguises.  It's a bank in their own town, and they don't even change
their clothes from what they usually wear.

  (So before you're too harsh on Sam, remember that he didn't have to tell Sali-
eri who committed the robbery--the whole town was going to know the next day.
He didn't have to give any of the reasons for killing Tommy he gave in the last
segment--he could have just said, "You robbed a bank without wearing a disguise?
We're going to have to kill you.  We've got rules about things like that.")

  (According to gaming.wikia: "Much of Lost Heaven's art gallery interior, which
is featured prominently in the final mission, is based heavily on the Kunsthis-
torisches Museum in Vienna, Austria.  The gallery's grand stairway, grand cupola
and exhibition rooms are recreations of those seen in the Kunsthistorisches Mu-
seum.  The name of the Salieri family is also a pun on the famous Cellini Salt
Cellar, called Saliera, which is housed in the museum.") (inactive)

  (I think the name "Salieri" may also have been a reference to the opera com-
poser Antonio Salieri.)

  (See the video by x1805 comparing the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the museum
in the game at the next link.)

  Have Tommy collect ammo as needed throughout the following.  And remember to
repeatedly tap, not hold, the LMB to have Tommy fire the Thompson 1928.

  Have Tommy use the Colt Detective Special to shoot the two gangsters just
ahead in the room.  (If you had him get the Thompson 1928 and the rifle, one is
on the ground.  Pick it up with the RMB.)  Have him use the Thompson 1928 to
shoot the gangster that shoots from the top of the stairs ahead then the gang-
ster that does the same thing.  Have Tommy move out into the room and shoot the
gangster on the stairway behind him to his left as he comes into view beyond the
edge of the staircase.

  Have Tommy go up the stairs ahead of his starting position, go through a room
into a second room, go through the doorway on the left with a hairpin turn into
a room, and shoot the two gangsters in the room ahead--one at the far end and
one by the left wall.

  Have Tommy go ahead through the room the two gangsters were in, through the
doorway to a balcony.  If you have the rifle, shoot the gangster on the balcony
that's across the room.  Use the corner to the right as cover to shoot the gang-
ster below at the base of the stairs, then two more that appear there.  Have
Tommy go down toward the staircase then return to avoid a Grenade explosion at
the base of the stairs, then shoot two gangsters that appear there.  Have Tommy
go to the dead gangster on the balcony to get his Thompson 1928 ammo.  Have Tom-
my go up the stairs.

  Cutscene: Sam talks to Tommy from a balcony as Tommy turns and looks up to
him.  Sam says, "As I see it, the boys underestimated you, Tom.  Well, I hope
they'll be luckier this time.  Boys, be careful you don't break anything.  There
are lots of beautiful and valuable things in here."  Sam casually strolls away.
(In real life, I think Sam would have shot Tommy before he turned around or Tom-
my would have shot Sam.  Never mind.)

  Have Tommy back up to the wall and shoot the gangster at the top of the left
set of stairs, the gangster on the balcony ahead, the gangster on the balcony to
the left, and go up the stairs backward a bit to shoot the two gangsters on the
balcony behind him.

  Have Tommy go up the stairs and ahead to a room surrounded by a hall.  Have
him shoot a gangster that's in the room and two in the hall.

  Have Tommy go back to the top of the staircase, open (RMB) the big double
wooden doors to an orange room, and shoot the two gangsters that are in it ahead
and two more that are at the left side of the room.

  Have him go ahead through that room and a green room into an orange room,
where you have him go through the doorway on the right into a green room and
shoot two gangsters.

  Have him go ahead into the orange room and turn right and use a sofa for cover
to shoot through the doorway on the far end of the room to kill the gangster in
the next room.  Have him go into that green room to kill another gangster.

  Have him go through the orange room ahead, partway through a hall, into the
hall on the left, and go up the stairs on the right at the start of that hall.
A Grenade explodes that was thrown to the base of those stairs as Tommy passed
it.  Have him shoot the gangster that's just to the left of the top of the

  Have him go back down the stairs and across the hall to use the Health cabinet
for 50 Health.  Have him go up the stairs by the Health cabinet, through the
open doors to the right into a hall and go right, follow the hall through a 90
degree bend to the left, and go straight ahead through the hall.

                     20-06 The Death Of Art-Sam

  Cutscene: as Tommy walks onto a balcony holding a Colt 1911, Sam takes a shot
at him with a Thompson 1928 from the balcony across the room.  They each take
cover beside one of the rectangular spaces of the walls at the edge of the bal-
cony that surrounds the room.

  Tommy says, "It looks like YOU underestimated your new partners.  Maybe you
oughtta change sides."  Sam says, "It's still not over, Tom!"  Sam dashes to
another cover spot while Tommy takes a couple of shots at him then changes his
cover position.

  Tommy says, "Things aren't what they look like, Sam."  Tommy takes cover be-
hind a wall at the edge of a rectangular space in the wall as he says, "Salieri
also double-crossed you."  Doubtfully, Sam asks, "What are you talking about?"

  Tommy says, "We almost got killed because of those stupid cigars.  Salieri
knew that the job was risky.  There were diamonds hidden between those cigars."
Sam comes out from his cover to aim his Thompson 1928 in Tommy's direction as
Tommy says, "He didn't wanna give us a cut.  That's why Paulie wanted to take
the bank, because he realized how Salieri was ripping us off."

  Sam says, "He told me about those diamonds, Tom.  He only wanted to keep them
secret so nobody knew where they were before he sold them.  Besides, the dia-
monds have nothing to do with the fact that," Sam shouts, "you didn't kill
Frank!"  Sam says, "He broke the Omerta.  Which is worse, Tom?"

  Tommy asks, "How do you know I didn't kill Frank?"

  Sam says, "You can blame it all on someone else you didn't kill.  You're too
human.  She came back to the city and we found her by accident."  Tommy says,
"Damn it" and runs across the nearby rectangular space in the wall while taking
a shot at Sam, who ducks back behind cover.

  Sam says, "Tom, Tom, Tom--you know you can't trust a dame.  I can understand
it isn't easy to kill your wife's best friend.  Nyeh, I should have done it for
you.  Heh heh, she also pleaded with me and cried, uh.  Well, we realized that
we couldn't rely on you, so we checked up a little and found out about Frank."

  Tommy asks, "Sam, do you really think everything has to end like this?  We
still got a chance."  Sam says, "There ain't no way back now, Tom.  I'm sorry."

  Game saved

  Have Tommy go to the balcony window to the right and shoot at Sam, who's at a
balcony window across the room.  Again, remember to tap the LMB repeatedly to
fire the Thompson 1928 at him.  Go clockwise through the hall till Sam appears
ahead and do it again.  Repeat if needed.

  The easy way to have Tommy kill Sam and complete the mission:

  - Linkin101's method:

  Have Tommy turn right, go around a pillar, and run clockwise through the hall,
following a 90 degree bend, till you get to a corner where you can see Sam at
the other end of the length of hall.  Have Tommy use the Colt 1911 to fire at
him seven times.  Watch Sam as you have Tommy wait for about half a minute be-
hind the corner.  Have Tommy shoot Sam another seven times.  Sam runs away.
Have Tommy go counter-clockwise through the hall around three 90 degree bends.
Have Tommy ready to shoot Sam, because as Tommy gets close to the next corner,
Sam appears from behind it.  Have Tommy shoot him.

  - Ivan18241's method:

  Ivan18241 does it basically the same way except has Tommy use the Thompson
1928 to keep shooting at Sam till Sam runs away.  Then have Tommy continue
clockwise through the hall around two 90 degree bends and shoot Sam who appears
as Tommy approaches the third bend.

  Cutscene: Sam, shot by Tommy, says, "Ow!" and staggers away leaving a trail of
blood as Tommy pursues him with his Colt 1911 drawn.

  Sam comes from behind the corner ahead of Tommy with a Thompson 1928 and takes
a couple of shots at Tommy, who drops to the floor.  The machine gun jams, so
Sam says "Damn it" and drops it.  Tommy aims his gun at Sam, who holds up his
arms in surrender.  But Sam drops his arms as he says, "Hey, it's the same situ-
ation again, Tom.  And once again, you can't decide."  Sam limps away and Tommy
says, "Damn it."

  Sam limps through the museum, trying to escape, while Tommy, with his gun
drawn, follows a trail of Sam's blood.  Sam goes toward the same small round
balcony he stood by when he first appeared in the mission.  It's below a balcony
Tommy is on, and Tommy shoots Sam in the back.

  Sam looks at the blood on his hand as he says, "Y'--you did it.  But they'll
get you all the same.  Salieri?--will get you."  He turns to face Tommy, who
continues to aim his gun at Sam.  Sam says, "He stood by you--you rat.  You're
dangerous, Tom.  And Paulie?--is dead.  He was never--never sure--that you
would--would--forgive--his death.  Oh, you're gonna have to hide--like an out-
cast.  And one day they'll get you--all the same" (he laughs a bit)--"like

  Tommy says, "They found him?!"

  Sam says, "You only--length--lengthened his life.  But in the end, they found
him--all the same.  And Frank--was the Don's--only real friend.  Friendship
ain't worth shit."

  Tommy shoots Sam three times.  Sam dies and falls face forward.  Drops of
Sam's blood fall onto the bills he threw to the first floor when he first con-
fronted Tommy at the museum.

  The Thor 812 Cabriolet FWD is available for "Freeride."

  "Freeride Extreme" has become available (if you haven't already used the gim-
mick to make it available).


  by 0rland0walkthrough

  by olivierkahm

  by uberwolf420

  by willzyyy


  Cutscene: 1938

  Tommy and Det. Norman come to the end of their conversation in a cafe in Cen-
tral Island.

  Det. Norman asks, "So it was you again, huh?  You destroyed the picture col-
lection worth a few million dollars?"  Tommy says, "I wasn't planning on it, but
somehow it worked out that way."

  Det. Norman asks, "Otherwise, that's everything?"  Tommy says, "I got out of
there fast.  There was no picnic.  I really was in danger, but I pulled it off.
I took the wife and daughter and immediately left the country.  Sam was right:
if they decided to find Frank in Europe and take revenge almost five years after
he disappeared, they wouldn't let me just leave after betraying them."

  Det. Norman asks, "And you're willing to say all that you've now said to me in
front of a court and give evidence against all those men?  Don't you think the
situation will be a lot worse for you?  What you're planning to do now isn't be-
trayal--" (Salieri's group's view of what Tommy wants to do would be that) "it's
more like treason."

  Tommy says, "If these people go to jail, or better yet, death row, they won't
be able to take revenge on me--at least not as easily as if they were free.  I
am willing to give evidence against them if you ensure our protection and, after
the trial, a new identity for me, my wife, and my daughter."

  Det. Norman says, "If we manage to pull it off, it'll be the biggest legal
battle this country's ever seen.  It's an interesting offer.  I don't know if
it's moral to help somebody like you, but I think the results'd be worth it.  I
think we'll help you."

  The front page of newspapers appear with the headlines: "GANGSTER TRIAL! What
"ELECTRIC CHAIR FOR SALIERI'S HITMEN"  (There's a picture of a Boxer dog in the
lower right corner of the last front page.)

  Tommy's voice narrates the rest in a voice-over from beyond his death.

  Tommy is shown writing at a small table in his jail cell.

  In a voice over, Tommy says, "Everything worked out until the legal case.  I
sat in my cell and wrote down the evidence I had against all the people I had
worked with--people I had been friends with for ten years.

  "The case was huge and caused a shock throughout the country.  Salieri got
life--even some of his thugs got the chair.  The shortest sentence was eight
years.  I spent the whole time in a closed cell at a secret location with no
visitors.  I didn't see Sarah or my little girl the entire time.

  Tommy is shown at least 20 years later--his hair is a bit lighter, he has a
mustache, and he's watering the lawn of his house, which looks like a nice two
story house in a middle class neighborhood like Oakwood.

  Tommy (voice-over): "In the end it was worth it.  Norman got us new identi-
ties and moved us to the other end of the US.  I got work as a driver for a re-
spectable company.  We started a whole new life.  This peace was only inter-
rupted by the war" (WWII), "but we got through it."

  A red car, which looks mostly like a 1957 Ford Thunderbird, parks in front of
the house.  Two men get out of the car and approach Tommy.  One of the men asks,
"Mr. Angelo?"  Tommy says, "Uh, yes?" as he turns to face them.  The man says,
"Mr. Salieri sends his regards" and shoots him point blank with a Sawed-off

  Tommy is shown lying on the lawn in a pool of blood with blood on his stomach
and around his mouth--the aim of the "camera" moves from his face, around him,
then circles as it pulls up and away.

  While that is shown, Tommy is heard in a voice-over: "You know, the world
isn't run by the laws written on paper.  It's run by people.  Some according to
laws, others not.  It depends on each individual how his world will be, how he
makes it.  And you also need a whole lot of luck so that somebody else doesn't
make your life hell.  And it ain't as simple as they tell you in grade school.
But it is good to have strong values and to maintain them: in marriage, in
crime, in war--always and everywhere.

  "I messed up. So did Paulie and Sam.  We wanted a better life, but in the end
we were a lot worse off than most other people.  You know, I think it's impor-
tant to keep a balance in things.  Yeah, balance, that's the right word.  Be-
cause the guy who wants too much risks losing absolutely everything.  Of course,
the guy who wants too little from life, might not get anything at all."


  The credits roll up the screen.  You can also watch them by picking the Cred-
its option from the Main Menu anytime during the game.

  willzyyy  Ending/Final Mission - The Death Of Art/Epilogue

  tuus4  Ending, etc., and end credits/"Where Do Gangsters Go?" by the Lordz
of Brooklyn


  Bonuses for completing the game

  "Freeride" now lets you adjust red bars for traffic density, pedestrian densi-
ty, and police patrol density from zero to the default level.  See the section
on "Freeride" for the secret door gimmick that lets you adjust those earlier.

  "Freeride Extreme" is available.  See the section on "Freeride Extreme."  See
the section on "Freeride" for the secret door gimmick that makes "Freeride Ex-
treme" available earlier.

  There are also bonuses the game doesn't announce at the completion of the

  The speed limit Tommy has to exceed to create a minor offense in the main
story missions and "Freeride" is increased from 40 to 60 miles per hour.  Cor-
responding to that, pressing F5 now creates a speed limiter of 60 mph.

  Speedometers change from showing numbers for every 10 mph (easy to keep a
check on 40 mph with) and a top speed of 160 mph to showing numbers for every 15
mph (easy to keep a check on 60 mph with) and a top speed of 240 mph.

  The speed Tommy has to exceed to create a major offense for speeding in the
main story missions and "Freeride," and to make money for speeding in "Free-
ride," is increased from 70 to 105 mph.



  Mod sites  (previously

  You can use Google Translate at the next link to translate the foreign sites:

  How to install mods in "Mafia"--Mafiascene modding support group:

  A special thanks to Muggy and Matteo at the mafiascene web site for some tips
on how to do these things.

  General modding info

  Many of the game files of "Mafia" are in *.dta archives.   DataXtractor ena-
bles the game to use the new files you want to use.  Almost every mod will be
installed in the same way as in the following example.  It guides you through
the installation of a typical car, which is comprised of "maps" and "models"

  Installing mods

  Mafia DataXtractor v.1.1

  Download Mafia DataXtractor v.1.0 if you have v.1.0 of "Mafia" or Mafia Data-
Xtractor v.1.1 if you have v.1.1 or v.1.2 of "Mafia."  (If you have "Mafia"
v.1.0 you're generally better off using the patch to upgrade your version of
"Mafia" to V.1.2.)

  MafiaDataXtractor v1.0 by MassaSnygga (that better not be a white modder) for
Mafia version 1.0

  MafiaDataXtractor v1.1 for Mafia version 1.1 or 1.2,pliki,12.html

  Install it in your main game folder and run it.  The program patches the Mafia
rw_data.dll file so the .exe can use the folders you create.

  When it asks you to choose the data files you want to extract, close the pro-
gram and don't extract any *.dta files.

  Using a car mod

  Open your car mod folder which should contain two folders--a "maps" folder and
a "models" folder.  It may also have a readme file.

  A car mod always replaces a car which is already in the game.  For example, if
you have an


  file in the models folder of your mod, your mod replaces the Silver Fletcher
(Pierce Silver Arrow).

  If the file name of your car mod doesn't use the name of a car already in the
game (as with the 57 Chevy mod by MafiaMan9mm listed below--the models file is
called 57BelaireCustom.4ds), you'll have to change the file name in the models
folder to the file name of the car you want to replace.  A list of "Mafia" car
names and the corresponding file names is at the next link (thanks Muggy):

  For example, if you want to replace the HotRod, you change the file name to


  Copy your maps and models folders to C: > Program files > Mafia.  If you've
already put maps and models folders there, copy the files from the mod to the
same-named folders in the game folder.

  Store your mod folder somewhere else so you can know the names of the files if
you want to uninstall them later.

  (I store all the mods, walkthroughs, and message board information I like,
which can disappear from the Internet after a game has been released for a
while, for a game in a folder for each of my games on my external drive.)

  Your mod should appear anywhere in the game the car it replaced normally ap-
pears.  If you don't know which car you replaced, look through the Carcyclope-

  Using other mods

  Installation of other mods is done the same way.  You copy the files of the
mod to the right folders.  You don't need to activate the mod separately.  It
will work with other mods if they don't mod the same files.  For example, you
can use "Brandnames V2" to change some brand names and simultaneously use the
"Sky Mod" to change the sky.

  If the mod has an *.exe–file, read the readme.txt of the mod for further in-
structions.  Otherwise, the installation procedure remains the same.

  If the mod then requires you to replace any of the original files of the game,
you might copy the originals to a separate folder, which you might name "Mafia-
OrigFiles" or such, in case you want to revert to the original versions of those
files and uninstall the mod.

  A small percentage of mods are big and involve more folders.  The mod may re-
quire you to use "MafiaDataXtractor" to extract some or all of the folders of
the game in order to replace some or all of the files in them.  Most of the
files go in these folders:

  Models:   *.4ds
  Maps:      picture files (*.bmp, *.jpg, etc.), *.dx1,*.dx2,*.dx3,*.565
  Tables:    *.def
  Tables >  Menu:  *.mnu
  Sounds:   *.waw
  Sounds > Music: *.ogg
  System:   *.dat

  Uninstalling mods

  To uninstall the mod(s) you've installed, delete the mod folders--in most
cases, the "maps" and "models" folders.  After you delete them, the game uses
the corresponding files from the *.dta archives.

  If you have more than one mod in use and you only want to delete the files for
one mod, check the "map" and "models" folders of the mod for the names of the
files to remove from the same-name folders in the game.

  If you used "MafiaDataXtractor" to extract all of the game folders for a big
mod, that takes up a lot of drive space, so if you want to remove such a mod to
revert to the original game, it's better to just uninstall the game, delete the
contents of your "Mafia" folder except for your "savegame" folder or any appli-
cations you want to save, and reinstall the game.

  Changing the color or images of your car mod

  I use Irfanview (which is free) to do simple things like change the color of a
file.  I might use Microsoft Paint if it has some function Irfanview doesn't

  To replace a file that shows one image--for example, a license plate: I'd take
the image of another license plate (probably from the Internet, but you might
take a photo of the license plate of your own car) and save it as a .bmp file.
If it's not a .bmp file, select .bmp from the Save As Type drop down box when
you save it.  I'd use the Image > Resize function to make sure it's the same
size as the file I want to replace then replace it.

  To replace one image of several shown on a file--for example, to change the
license plate on a file that shows it and several other things with the license
plate shown on a similar file from a different mod:

  I'd use Microsoft Paint and use the Select function in the upper left corner
to drag a rectangle around the part I want on the second file, use Image > Crop
to crop the rest away from it, use the Image >  Resize function to make sure
it's the same size as the part of the first file I want to replace, then save
it.  I'd open the first file, use the Edit > Paste From function and choose the
second file--the license plate appears with temporary dashes around it on the
upper left corner of the first file.  I'd use the cursor to move the license
plate into position, click somewhere else on the image to fix the license plate
in place and make the dashes disappear, then save it.


  Vehicles hidden in the game files

  Use "MafiaDataXtractor v1.1" to extract the models folder and use the method
for using a car mod described above except use one of the model folder files
named below for your mod.  Save a copy of the file of the vehicle you want to
replace in a separate folder in case you want go back to using the original ve-
hicle by that name.  Delete that file from the models folder and use the name of
that file to rename one of the files listed below:

  BigFoot.4ds    monster truck--a Bolt Model B a bit more modded than bigfoot00
  bigfoot00.4ds  brown Bolt Model B monster truck
  brouk00.4ds    customized Volkswagen Beetle
  bull00.4ds       bulldozer
  bus00.4ds        cream colored bus
  toyota00.4ds    Toyota concept car
  traktor.4ds       tractor 
  xedos00.4ds    1999 Rover except flatter
  (Thanks to the mafia walkthrough.)

  You might pick a car that's a close match for the replacement (the VW Beetle
is similar to the Ulver Airstream Tudor, for example) if you're going to have
Tommy give rides and don't want the head of the person in the back seat to poke
through the roof, but you don't have to.  Remember how many the replacement can
seat if it's going to be used in a mission, though.  I also chose vehicles that
Ralphy or Lucas had Tommy use to make sure the vehicle showed up in the game.

  Here's one possible choice of mods.  I kept files in three folders:
OrigFilesGeneralVehicles, OrigFilesHiddenVehicles, and RenamedHiddenVehicles.

  Hidden vehicle      seats  Model file            General vehicle                        Model file

  monster truck           2     BigFoot.4ds       Lassiter V16 Roadster             cad_road00.4ds
  Bolt monster truck   2     bigfoot00.4ds     Trautenberg Model J               deuseJco00.4ds
  custom VW Beetle   2     brouk00.4ds       Ulver Airstream Fordor           airflFor00.4ds
  bulldozer                  1     bull00.4ds           Bolt V8 Roadster                    forVro00.4ds
  cream colored bus    2     bus00.4ds           Guardian Terraplane Fordor    hudfor00.4ds
  Toyota                      2     toyota00.4ds       Celeste Marque 500                merced500K00.4ds
  tractor                       1     traktor.4ds          Bruno Speedster 851               speedster00.4ds
  1999 Rover              4      xedos00.4d        Schubert Extra Six Fordor       chemaFor00.4ds

  So far, I've only gotten the bulldozer and bus to appear in Carcyclopedia.

  "How to convert cars from GTA Vice City to Mafia" by HeKn was at the next
link which is now inactive.

  "Optimized Mafia [REVISED!]" by Muggy

  You can increase draw distance with the "cumdal" code, but Muggy's mod in-
creases it farther.  It's a self-extracting mod.

  Patch the game with Mafia DataXtractor v.1.1 (see above).

  Double click the application file for the mod, browse to Program Files\Mafia\,
click Next, and the edited missions will be installed to the game.  All the mis-
sions of "Mafia" are given optimal draw distance.

   It may help to right click on the game.exe to bring up a menu, select Proper-
ties, click the Compatibility tab, and check Run this program as an administra-

  "Mafia Swap 101" by zman0900

  It allows you to pick which version of "Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven" to
run.  The latest version is v.1.2, but some trainers or mods only work with ear-
lier versions.

  Change a file as it instructs.  At the start of a game, run it and enter the #
for the mod you want to use (or for no mod).  You can then pick which version of
Mafia you run.  If you have v1.2, you can pick v1 and use the +19 trainer, the
shortcut for the race, or try some of the mods (which are version specific).

  Use a separate Profile for each version of "Mafia" you use.

  "Mafia Version Changer" I haven't tried it yet, but you might try it if "Ma-
fia Swap 101" hasn't reappeared at mafiascene yet.

  "MafiaCon1.2" by ASM

  It's like the "GTA San Andreas Control Center"--it's a console for that lets
you cheat and make the lead character fly.  It's compatible with versions 1.0,
1.1, and 1.2 of "Mafia: City of Lost Heaven."

  Copy all the files for MafiaCon1.2 to the game folder.  Start the game with
the MafiaCon.exe.

  For invincibility, press the tilde key ~ (the key left of the exclamation
point key) during the game to bring up the console then type:

  unlimitedhealth 1

  Press Enter to enter the code then press the tilde key to exit the console.

  To disable it use the same method except type:

  unlimitedhealth 0

  To make Tommy's vehicle go very fast use:

  NUM+      Forward
  NUM-      Reverse

  For noclip have Tommy on foot, not in a vehicle, and use:

  HOME       Fly Forward
  END           Fly Backward
  PGUP         Strafe Right
  INSERT     Strafe Left
  PGDN        Fly Up
  DELETE    Fly Down

  "Car Spawner Mod" by dada222

  This mod is for v1.0 of the game.  If you have a later version and want to
play using v1.0, see "Mafia Swap 101."

  It lets you buy the FRE car you want for "Freeride" during "Freeride" instead
of only at the start of the mission.  You can change your car without having to
start "Freeride" again.

  "Mafia Car Value Editor" by swd

  It lets you edit car properties--weight, maximum speed, etc.

  Run "MafiaDataXtractor v1.0" (see above) and extract the Tables folder files
(you don't need to extract all the game folders as the ReadMe file suggests).
The Tables files appear in the game folder in a Tables folder.

  Run the "Mafia Car Value Editor," click "File," "Open," and browse to the ve-
hicles.bin file in the Tables folder.

  Matteo's easy method to transfer the traits of a HotRod taxi to a Falconer
Yellowcar taxi:

  Open MCVE (Mafia Car Vehicle Editor)

  Open File vehicles.bin in the mafia/tables folder

  Click on the Copy Button

  Scroll down in the from menu and choose HotRod(FordHot)

  Scroll down in the to menu and choose Falconer Yellowcar (taxi)

  Click On Copy and Save and click through the next two steps.

  You're done--your Falconer Yellowcar taxi will rip through the streets of Lost
Heaven with ease and can pile up those speeding points in "Freeride."

  "Mafia Weapons Value Editor," "Mafia Value Editor," and "Bscript View 6.0"

  "Mafia Weapons Value Editor" by jaxx
  Run "MafiaDataXtractor v1.0" (see above) and extract the Tables files (you
don't need to extract all the game folders as the ReadMe file suggests).  The
Tables files appear in the game folder in a Tables folder.

  Run the "Mafia Weapons Value Editor," click "File," "Open," and browse to the
predmety file.

  The MWVE lets you edit weapon properties--the rounds per clip, total rounds,
range, damage, burst rate, reload rate, sound type, and holding type for a weap-

  "Mafia Value Editor" by swd

  "Bscript View 6.0" by BrainGib

  "Bscript View 6.0" lets you change scripts and move/add/delete people, cars,
weapons, and other objects.

  Matteo, at the next link, now inactive explained how to use the "Mafia Weap-
ons Value Editor" and "Bscript View 6.0" to put a super Thompson 1928 in
"Freeride."  (There were many other useful modding tips there, too.)

  Use the Data Extractor (see "Installing mods" above) to unlock your files.

  Open the MWVE and open the "perdemty.def" file in your tables folder

  You don't want to turn the regular Thompson 1928 into a super gun or the crim-
inals will have one, so scroll down to the next to last weapon--a silenced

  Make the following changes:

  Rounds per clip 250

  Total Rounds 750

  Range 900

  Damage 9000 (higher numbers create more damage)

  Burst rate 10

  Reload Rate 100

  Recoil Style 1

  Sound Type Thompson

  HoldingType Handgun

  and click save.  You've created a super damage, super speed, one-handed (Tommy
can shoot while driving) Thompson machine gun.

  To get it into the game, run "MafiaDataXtractor v1.0" (see above) and extract
the Missions files.  A Missions folder appears in the game folder.

  Run bscriptview and open the scene2.bin file in the missions/freeride folder
and find the start script.  In the start script, change the line

  character_addweapon 0,10,50,150


  character_addweapon 0,33,250,750

  Save the script change.

  You can do the same with the 2tommy script where you buy a new gun at Yellow
Pete's place.  You can have Tommy walk around with the gun exposed and the po-
lice won't consider it an offense because it's out of the "weapon" range of

  "Alive Mod" by MikeMouse

  The Alive Mod (like SMOD for HL2) v16 at mafiamods  (inactive link)

  It has a flying car, alien super powers, mini-Paulie, super weapons, etc.

  Click "English" by the USA flag in the upper right corner at MikeMouse's site
to read it in English.  (Inactive links)

  Run "Mafia DataXtractor v.1.1" as described above and extract all the files
(this will be a relatively large mod).

  Install v.16  Don't install all the files--only install those of the mod files
from the mod folders to the corresponding game folders as indicated by the in-

  Then add v.18, which is not a standalone mod.  Copy the mod files from the mod
folders to the corresponding game folders and replace files when asked to do so.

  "Alive Mod" user manual  (Inactive link)

  "Mafia Hack V1.03" by Mafiascene

  Put the application in the game folder.

  Choose which version of "Mafia" you run (1.0, 1.1, or 1.2) with the drop down
box every time you start "Mafia Hack."  Start "Mafia."  During a mission, tap a
key for an effect (see below).

  Effects can be toggled on or off.

  When a cheat is enabled you will hear the "Info-Message-Box-Sound."

  When a cheat is disabled you will hear the "Error-Message-Box-Sound".

  PgnUP - Fly Forward (noclip)

  * To have Tommy fly, press PgnUp once and have him move a bit forward.  Now
you can have him fly by pressing PgnUp.

  (To stop the noclip effect, send Tommy near the ground and press a directional
key.  If you press one while he's high in the air, he'll fall to his death.

  (During FRE, before Tommy does the mission in which he follows an airplane, it
hovers southeast of the mouth of the monster cave.  You wouldn't think the plane
would need to be solid, but if you send Tommy toward the lower area of the front
of the propellers, he's sucked behind them and dies in a splortch of blood.)

  The side of the plane is marked "V-TA."  It may be related that during the
Cold War, the Soviet Air Force was divided into three branches--one was Mili-
tary Transport Aviation (Voenno-Transportnaya Aviatsiya or "VTA"), which con-
trolled all transport aircraft.  I think it may be meant to look like a 1930's
Fokker F.XVII.)

  F12 - Unlimited Money (Tommy gets a lot of money for anything that makes money
                                             in "Freeride")
  F11 - Unlimited Health

  * To enable the the Unlimited Health cheat, press F11 then have Tommy get hurt
a bit (by getting shot, by jumping from a raised platform, by crashing his car,
etc.).  He's then invulnerable even if he crashes his car at high speed or if
he's shot by a Pump-action shotgun at close range.

  (I've had a few save games not load up after playing with it.  I recommend us-
ing "unlimitedhealth 1" with "MafiaCon1.2" by ASM, see above, for invincibili-

  F10 - Unlimited Mate Health

  * To enable the the Unlimited Mate Health cheat, use the same steps as for the
Unlimited Health cheat except Tommy's mates have to be hurt before it takes ef-

  F9  - Unlimited Ammo
  F8  - Instant Kills (if Tommy's car crashes, the passenger will die even with
                                  Unlimited Mate Health enabled)
  F7  - No Engine Damage (wheels, headlights, etc., can still be broken)
  F6  - Unlimited Fuel
  (F5 isn't used because it's the default key for the speed limiter.)
  F4  - Stop Timer
  F3  - Instant Destruction (for a vehicle with a damage bar, as in "Molotov

  F2  - No Police (police don't chase Tommy, even with an arrest symbol showing)
  0   - Always Win Race (win after five laps no matter what position Tommy's car
                                            ends up in)

  9   - One Lap Race (win after one lap)

  8   - Change Item (includes the Dogs head, documents, etc.)
  7   - Change Coat Weapon
  6   - Change Pocket Weapon 5
  5   - Change Pocket Weapon 4
  4   - Change Pocket Weapon 3
  3   - Change Pocket Weapon 2
  2   - Change Pocket Weapon 1
  1   - Change Hand Weapon

  It can provide any of the weapons and items in the game and some I don't re-
member from the game like a sword, the top half of a broken bottle, a safe key,

  * To use the weapon manager, make sure Tommy isn't in a vehicle, press one of
the weapon manager keys (1-8), and open the Inventory.  Now the weapon manager
is "initialized" and you can assign weapons using the weapon manager keys.  Re-
peatedly pressing any of these keys will change the weapon/item in the corres-
ponding slot.  You then close the Inventory to see the change.  This must be
done in every main story mission in which you want to change Tommy's weapons,
but the weapons you give him are saved, like anything else, for FR or FRE.

  If you've customized the key choices used by the game, make sure they don't
conflict with the keys used by "Mafia Hack."  Likewise, if you use FRAPS, change
the keys it uses so they don't conflict with "Mafia Hack."

  "Mafia 1.2 +4 Trainer" by neophit
  This is a +4 trainer for version 1.2 that will give the user invincibility,
never reload, unlimited ammo, 1 lap race and the option to reset all of these.
Anti-virus software may mistake a trainer for a Trojan (in most cases a keylog-
ger called HotKeysHook--thanks to the GameCopyWorld web site) because it reads
your keyboard in order to have hotkeys, so set your anti-virus software to ac-
cept it.

  "CityBars Mod & Locomotive v1.0 " by GOLOD55

  In "Freeride," Tommy can enter 15 buildings from the main story missions (v2.0
will let him enter more).  "This mod has been put together with a lot of atten-
tion to detail.  I thoroughly recommend this to anyone."--Muggy.

  Every 15 minutes or so the crossing barriers come down while the steam locomo-
tive (seen in "You Lucky Bastard!") goes by on the track in northern Hoboken in
"Freeride" City-Daytime.  The train is non-solid except to Tommy or a vehicle
he's in.  The mod has an installer.


  City Bars


  "Fr Ramp Mod" aka the "FreeRide Ramp Mod" By Smelli

  This mod adds the jump ramps of "Freeride Extreme" to "Freeride."  Tommy can't
repair his car or buy weapons while the mod is in use, so the "19+ Trainer" by
FairLight is included.

  "Free Camera Mod" by GOLOD55

  This frees the "camera" whether Tommy is on foot or in a vehicle for "Free-
ride" City- Daytime.

  "Lost Heaven 1932 v1.0" by Pavel

  It adds over a hundred free-standing cars and more interactive characters,
scripts, etc.  At the site at the next link, scroll down the inset list of mods
to get to the "Lost Heaven 1932 v1.0" mod.

  "Characters HQ Mod v1.0" by Mafioso

  This mod gives you HQ versions of the main characters: Tommy, Paulie, Sam,
Frank, Ralph, Salieri, Vincezno, and Morello.,plik,23.html

  "Change of Day Mod" by Pinkshit

  Her mod makes the City of Lost Heaven change from day to night, etc., every 36

  Patch the game with Mafia DataXtractor v.1.1 (see above) then put both folders
into a "mission" folder.  It can't be used with the "CityBars" mod.

  "Sky Mod" by Sir Killalot

  You can pick from a variety of skies--cloudy, rainy, etc.

  "The Mafia TreeS Project v3.0" by fowner

  You're going to have to look at a lot of trees in "Mafia," so they might as
well look better.  Have some quality trees.,plik,8.html

  FR-FRE map by Gavel

  A map that notes interesting and secret locations and cars, tips, safe parking
locations for FR, secret doors to open the game's options, etc., is at the next
link.  To use the map to replace the in-game map (seen by pressing Tab), save it
as a .bmp file with Paint, rename it '0mapar.bmp' ("0" is the numeral zero), go
to the maps folder and save the original 0mapar.bmp as a backup file somewhere,
then put your new Omapar.bmp in the maps folder.

  "Airplane Mod V1.0" by GSTR

  Tommy can fly over the City of Lost Heaven in a 1930s military trainer plane--
a Boeing Stearman PT-17--in v1.0 of the game.  To run a later version of the
game as v1.0, see the listing above for "Mafia Swap 101."

  "The Mafia Titanic Mod" by Mr Robville

  This is the RMS Titanic with missions.

  "Mafia 60's Mod" by Priatnia & MafiaMan9mm with help from Axel Rokus and Menju

  It "exchanges many vehicles, scripts and skins in Mafia, also adds new ef-
fects, gangs, detectives and catapults for a more challenging Freeride game."
The cars it adds are from the 1950's and 1960's.

  "Two-tone '57 Chevy Custom V2" and "Chevrolet Hardtop 1957" by Klarnetist con-
verted by MafiaMan9mm

  A quality conveyance.

  Rename the model folder file to one of the file names for a car in the game
(thanks Muggy!).

  Mafia Custom Cars Tutorial

  "Mafia Community Modpack v2" aka "Mafia Remastered"

  "steam/gog hotfix"

  "Mafia Remastered"


  Mafia II

  "Mafia II," 2010


  Speed run

  Playboy centerfolds and wanted posters




  Easter eggs, secrets, glitches, gimmicks

  "Jimmy's Vendetta," 2010's_Vendetta

  "Joe's Adventures," 2010's_Adventures

  Mods, trainers, etc.

  "Mafia II Freeride Mod"

  You can translate foreign web pages with Google translate:

  Denby Grace and Dan Schmittou play an hour of "Jimmy's Vendetta"

  Taped interview with "Mafia II" producer Denby Grace

  "Mafia 2 - E3 2009 Walkthrough *Censored* /w Comments | HD"

  It might be nice if a team of modders modded "Mafia II" to have "Mafia: the
City of Lost Heaven" on the "Mafia II" game engine.


  Mafia III

  "Mafia III," 2016

  Speed run

  Easter eggs, secrets, glitches, gimmicks

  Downloadable content

  "Faster, Baby" March 28, 2017
  "Stones Unturned," May 30, 2017
  "Sign of the Times," July 25, 2017


  All done!