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Glen T. Winstein

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LC Mod Starter Package

  "Glenster's 'Liberty City Mod' Starter Package"
  Glen T. Winstein 2012, 2016, 2017, and 2019


  "Glenster's VC Starter Package--Liberty City Mod version--some of the main
story missions" by Glen Winstein
  I used Glenster's VC Starter Package--Liberty City Mod version--to do some of
the main missions of the game while demonstrating several gimmicks for them.

  "Glenster's VC Starter Package--Liberty City Mod version--the D-Ice missions"
by Glen Winstein
  I used Glenster's VC Starter Package--Liberty City Mod version--to do the
D-Ice missions of the game while demonstrating several gimmicks for them.

  Thanks to the contributors (as of April, 2017) to one of my few most favorite

  PineCreek-Skidz, killer.ip, Demarest, Craig Kostelecky, Ben, Steavor, Model-
ingMan, Knux, Mark Pagliaro, Hammer83, spaceeinstein, Silent, Outback, PatrickW,
CTM, Konstantinos, kipo, ghost of delete key, Luke, jcab42, Diamond Joe Quimby,
Gforce, KoLSPD2, Aztlan, ghost_master2000, crazydude, DaEllum67, Y_Less, Two-
Zero, TbM2k, sleeper777, Thesord, Samutz, silver007, Squiddy, NTAuthority,
rmws., Bebop, Ryan_, Blunted, Flat Face, Cowboy666, Blunted1, wnuczek, Pos-
ty_2k3, Run Down That Guy, JernejL, Opius, madbitch, Hollower, steve-m, roger-
1079, GT-1, VGF, MoeRonimoe, Main_Salvadore, Knightriders, Wasyl-Pasyl, Mega-
VovaN, Calzinger, Dominion Spy, OnePiece, Dalpura, Sputn1k, AK-73, random_down-
load, AdTec_224, T-V, dex909, simplyunkillable, nsane, Smallo, Dygear, Lix,
karlneil, TheAnswer, largopredator, [email protected], madguy, SteveM, GTA_Thomas,
Serafim, KurroptAntagonist, Monitor57, Ash_735, and Mr. Jago.

  Contents described
  Links to helpful informative sites
  Secrets, Easter Eggs, references
  Changes in "III" due to 9/11
  Glitches. gimmicks, etc.
  How to have Claude go through walls
  Criminal ratings
  The Dodo
  How to fly the Rhino
  PC codes
  MP3 radio station
  Seven ways to have Claude get to Staunton early
  Making a custom skin
    Supplements for vehicle mods
    Tools and modding tutorials

  Other save games packages I've released
  My walk-throughs
  My gaming web sites


  This is basically my starter package for "GTA III" with the appropriate

  I didn't write a walk-through for the PC version of "III" so I added more
stuff to my starter save packages for it and the "Liberty City Mod."  For the LC
mod, this includes

  - seven starter saves

  - a condensed version of Robert Rusk's walk-through for "GTA III" altered with
some of my PC-specific tips

  - Klarnetist's 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air four door Kaufman Cab for "Vice City"
adapted by me for the Cabbie and Borgnine, related files I modded, including a
modded sign for the Borgnine Taxis building, and ReadMe files with installation

  - the original files for the LC mod Idaho in case you want to switch it with
the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air from one of my Vice City starter packages

  - my African-American Prostitute mod

  - my High-Res Moon mod

  - my Mafia Titanic Billboards mod

  - my Peaceful Gangs mod

  - my handling changes you can use for the Rumpo, Ambulance, Firetruck, and Pa-
triot in the data > handling.cfg file

  - maps I made

  - directions to some of the beaten path locations

  - codes

  - links for mods and tools and maps

  - links to videos with gimmicks and secrets, etc.

  Three extra submissions are added in Beta 3.3--one bike related side mission
for each island.  They DO count towards 100%.

  Download the "Liberty City Mod" for "Vice City"

  The NYC aspects of Liberty City include that the town is named after Liberty
Island, which is in New York Harbor and the location of the Statue of Liberty.

  The "Liberty City Mod" puts the setting, lead character, vehicles, and mis-
sions of "Grand Theft Auto III" on the engine of "Vice City."  This creates an
improved frame rate and handling of vehicles, and it has better lighting and re-
flections.  It adds the "Vice City" skies and clouds, translucent water with
aquatic life, motorcycles, helicopters, and Skimmer.  You can do the Vigilante
mission with the Hunter and the Dodo is easier to fly.

  For those who'd like to try the latest version, you can find it, and installa-
tion instructions for it, at the GTA Forums web site.  Under "GTA Modding,"
click "GTA: Liberty City" and the mod can be downloaded from a link in the 1st
post, which is by spaceeinstein.

  Installation: install "III" and "Vice City."  (Steam versions are currently--
April, 2017--unsupported.)  Make a copy of your "Grand Theft Auto Vice City"
folder to keep an unmodded version of "Vice City."  Click the installer--a
gta-lc-install.exe file--and let it run.  Copy the audio folder files from "III"
to the audio folder of the mod.  Use the gta-lc.exe file to run the mod.

  To use a trainer with it, go to the main mod folder, un-check the green dot
(I.100.D.a), open the folder, open gta-lc.ini with Notepad, and change:




  Save and exit.

  The mod uses the "Vice City" engine so "Vice City" trainers work with it.

  If you want to put car mods into it, use the "Vice City" modding rules.  It
already has DMagic1's Wheel Mod.

  It's basically like having an extra edition of "Vice City" that takes place
in NYC and gives you more missions, or like "III" was released after "Vice City"
instead of the other way around.


  Contents described

  Starter saves

  I'd typically start by having Claude collect 100 Hidden Packages, which makes
the Hunter appear at Phil's Army Surplus, have him use the Hunter to do the Vig-
ilante Sub-mission, and have him do the Ambulance and Firetruck Sub-missions.

  For the first save file--"Luigi's Girls": "Give Me Liberty" (driving 8-Ball to
Luigi's Club) and "Luigi's Girls" (driving a prostitute from the hospital to
Luigi's Club) are done.  Claude has collected 100 Hidden Packages, and he's done
the Vigilante, Ambulance, and Firetruck Submissions (a bug keeps Submission lev-
els from appearing in the Stats), so has pickups for Health, Adrenaline, Armor,
six Police Bribes, and weapons, including the Flamethrower, at his Safehouses,
and he has the infinite sprint.

  (Sorry about getting a perfect double insane stunt instead of leaving that
blank for you.  Insane stunts can accidentally liven up a chase.)

  The second save file--"Gripped!": among the GTA missions that give people the
most trouble (besides the "GTA III" Ambulance Sub-mission) are the off-road ve-
hicle missions "Patriot Playground" and "Gripped," so those are done as well on
the second save file.  100 Taxi fares are completed so the Borgnine Taxi is

  For the third save file, "Airport Aggression," I also did the Rampages (some
say the three calling for headshots and two for the Flamethrower are difficult),
two Staunton Off-road missions ("A Ride in the Park" and "Multistory Mayhem"),
the airport Off-road mission ("Airport Aggression"), and did the four TOYZ van
missions (with low scores on to make it easier for you to do better on them).  I
did the main story missions "Don't Spank Ma Bitch Up" and "Drive Misty For Me"
for Luigi and "Mike Lips Last Lunch" for Joey.

  (Sorry about doing further main story missions.  I wasn't thinking of making
a third save file at the time.)

  For the fourth save file, "Arms Shortage," I also did the Unique Stunt Jumps
and the Off-road missions "Alleys and Angels" and "College Tour."  I com-
pleted the Import/Export vehicle collections for the Portland and Shoreside Vale
vehicle collection garages.

  For the Portland emergency vehicle crane of the LC mod you need to have Claude
take the Police car, Ambulance, Firetruck, Vice Cheetah, Enforcer, FBI car, Bar-
racks OL, and Rhino to it.  All that was left to do for the ev crane was to have
Claude take the Rhino to it.  I did the Asuka missions enough to make the mis-
sions for Ray available, had Claude do Ray's early missions including "Arms
Shortage," then had Claude push the locked Rhino (made lighter in handling.cfg)
to his Staunton garage.  I had Claude deliver the Rhino to the Emergency Vehicle
crane to complete the vehicle collection there.

  For the fifth save file I did "Smack Down."

  For the sixth save file I did "Kingdom Come."

  For the seventh save file I did "Marked Man."

  To use a starter save game file, such as GTA3sf1.b, Copy and Paste it into the
Documents > GTA LC User Files folder.  The second number in the name of the
file--the number just before the period--is the save slot it takes.  You can re-
name it to use it in the save slot you prefer.

  Robert A. Rusk's "GTA III" strategies condensed

  The "GTA3RuskStrategiesCondensed" text file is my condensed version of his
"GTA III" walk-through, which can be found in unabridged form at the next link.

  I have to extend a notable thank-you to Robert Rusk for permitting me to offer
a condensed version of his "GTA III" walk-through.
  rarusk[gnat]netzero[snot]com (replace [gnat] with @ and [snot] with .)

  I added notes for PC-specific strategies, modding, etc.

  Modded handling.cfg files

  Beyond the handling.cfg changes I recommend if you want to replace the Cabbie
and Borgnine with '57 Chevy mods, see the "ReadMe" file in the "RumpoAmbFirePa-
triotHandling" folder if you want to mod the handling of several other vehicles
in the data > handling.cfg file.  Those vehicles are also given a -1 for column
I, "nPercentSubmerged," in handling.cfg.  If you have Claude drive one of them
into water, they'll drop into Blue Hell for a couple of moments then appear on
nearby land.

  I've included the original handling.cfg lines to use if you want to revert to
the default versions.


  A super Rumpo is fast, more durable, has improved traction and suspension, and
it appears on nearby land if Claude drives it into water.

  The two reasons I chose the Rumpo to mod those ways are:

  1. A parked Rumpo can always be found:

  - in northern Portland in the lot of 8-Ball's Bomb Shop

  - in southern Portland by a building just north of the west side of Liberty
      City Sawmills

  - in the underground parking lot (where a hidden package is) in southwest
      Staunton  (I've read that the PS2 version also has one in the above ground
      parking lot nearby.)

  - on the east side of the hospital parking lot in Rockford in northern Staun-

  - in the parking lot at the north side of the airport terminal in Shoreside

  - at the south side of the lot behind the airport terminal

  2. The game requires Claude to use a Rumpo to collect magazine pickups for El
Burro's mission "Big N' Veiny" and some complain that the timing is too strict.

  There are at least several other advantages provided by a vehicle modded like
the super Rumpo:

  - A super Rumpo can be used to have Claude drive off one end of the broken
bridge or non-operating lift bridge, drop through Blue Hell, then appear on the
other side of the bridge.

  - It makes it easier to do many of the missions, including "The Fuzz Ball"
(Luigi), "Turismo" (El Burro), "Smack Down" (Kenji), "Payday For Ray" (Asuka),
"Bullion Run" (D-Ice), etc.

  (Don't use a super Rumpo for the Vigilante sub-mission or criminals may try to
get away in a super Rumpo.)

  Ambulance and Firetruck

  A super Ambulance and super Firetruck make it easier to do the Paramedic and
Fire Fighter sub-missions.


  The modded Patriot handling makes the Patriot adhere to the ground better
which you may prefer for "Patriot Playground" and "Gripped."

  (A couple of Sub-mission gimmicks for the original "GTA III":

  (When you get the alert for the location of a burning vehicle during the Fire-
truck Sub-mission, you can press F1 twice, to start and stop an instant replay,
and it puts the fire out.

  (When Claude get close to a crime vehicle location during the Vigilante Sub-
mission, you can press Esc twice, which pauses and unpauses the game, to make
the vehicle stop and cause the criminal to get out of their vehicle and become
easier to kill.)

  Klarnetist's "1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Kaufman Cab"

  See the "1957ChevroletBelAir4DoorCabbie" and "1957ChevroletBelAir4DoorBorg-
nine" folders if you want to use Klarnetist's 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air four door
car.  He redesigned it to replace the VC Kaufman Cab and I further redesigned it
to give it various original '57 Chevy features and to replace the LC mod Cabbie
and Borgnine.  The folders contain related files I modded and a ReadMe file.

  Beyond using the '57 Chevy Cabbie for the Taxi Sub-mission, the '57 Chevy Cab-
bie and Borgnine are useful for various missions for which you might want a fast
and/or four door car such as "The Fuzz Ball," "The Getaway," "Turismo," "Sayon-
ara Salvatore," "Smack Down," "Payday For Ray," "A Drop In The Ocean," "Marked
Man," "Bait," "Espresso-2-Go!," "S.A.M.," etc.

  The Cabbie always spawns at Mean Street Taxis.  The Borgnine always appears
at Borgnine Taxis after you've had Claude deliver 100 Taxi fares. See "GTA3_Ve-
hicles_Portland_GTW" in the Maps folder.


  The "Maps" folder contains maps I made for Health, Armor, Adrenaline Pills,
Bribes, Pay 'n' Sprays, Unique Stunt Jumps, TOYZ vans, Off-Road missions,
Phones, weapons, Ammu-Nations, Bomb Shops, the locations of the Import-Export
garages and Emergency Vehicle Crane, and the locations of the vehicles that have
spawn spots and are needed for the garages and crane.  (I already found easy to
print maps for Hidden Packages and Rampages on the Internet--see the links in
the next section.)

  Directions to some of the off the beaten path locations

  See the ReadMeByGTW file in the OffTheBeatenPathDirections folder for direc-
tions to some of the novel locations in Liberty City you can have Claude ex-
plore.  It also suggests a few sites to have Claude visit if a teleporter is
developed for the LC mod.


  Links to helpful informative sites

  Walk-through by Robert A. Rusk
  rarusk[gnat]netzero[snot]com  (replace "gnat" with @ and "snot" with .)

  Maps of Hidden Packages, Rampages, and neighborhoods

  For maps of other things, see my "Maps" folder.

  For some reason, locations on the wikigta maps don't appear when you print the
maps.  You might use the Windows Vista Snipping Tool to get a picture of a map
to print it with the locations.

  Mission tree and checklist for 100%

  "Grand Theft Auto III"


  Secrets, Easter Eggs, references

  See section I.3 "How to go to New York and get there a couple years before you
leave: some of the 'Grand Theft Auto III' tie-ins with 'Vice City'" in "Glen-
ster's Guide to Some of Vice City."  Some of those references are given below.

  See the "OffTheBeatenPathDirections" folder for directions to the "You werent
supposed to be able to get here you know" Easter Egg.

  The message on the base of the statue by the airport subway entrance reads:
"For those who fought for freedom   1936"  It's probably not a reference to the
first year of the Spanish Civil War but a war that happened in Liberty City.

  The clue is the "Liberty City Stories" reference to another LC war memorial,
an obelisk on a platform with steps, by the rest rooms in Belleville Park,
Staunton.  In "See the Sight Before Your Flight," sight 6, you have Tony take a
picture of a veteran standing in front of the memorial, called the Liberty City
War Memorial, so he can pay homage to his lost comrades.

  The Liberty City War Memorial may be based on Liberty Memorial in Kansas City,
Missouri.  (Thanks to the site)

  The names of towns on the radar north of Shoreside Vale are based on the names
of Rockstar employees:

  obbeburgh--Obbe Vermeij (technical
  aaronville--Aaron Garbut (art direction),
  woodcunty--Alisdair Wood (3D artist),
  les county--Leslie Benzies (producer),
  garytown--Gary McAdam (3D artist; also referenced by McAdam Airways bill-
boards in "III" and McAdam Airways hangers in "Vice City")
  Chris' Town--Chris Rothwell (designer), and
  Adamton--Adam Fowler (technical director) or Adam Cochrane (3D artist) or Adam
Davidson (lead analyst and ped voice) or Adam Tedman (production team and pub-
lisher of the liberty tree editorial), or maybe it just refers to the team hav-
ing so many Adams.  (Thanks to GTASeriesVideos)

  OrIGInalPyRO: "Where did the 'squish' noise that played when you ran over a
pedestrian come from? That always made me laugh."

  Rockstar says: "The pedestrian squishing sound was made up from a combination
of squelchy sounds that Rockstar North Audio Designer, Allan Walker recorded
live (Rockstar North Lead Music Producer, Craig Conner seems to recall crushing
fruit and raw chicken in a vocal booth...) and then they added a few more layers
from our SFX library."

  Go west from the Callahan Bridge, make the first left, and on the right is the
[email protected] (twat) Cafe.  Inside, the two previous GTA's are depicted by screenshots on
two computers ("Grand Theft Auto" on the left and "GTA 2" on the right).

  Zaibatsu Pharmaceuticals is a front for a crime group in "GTA 2."  In "III,"
they make Equanox alertness pills.

  Non-working verions of the The Degenatron and Pogo the Monkey arcade games are
found in the Kaufman Cab building and the Little Haiti Well Stacked pizza store
in "Vice City."  Degenatron is advertised on a billboard over a northwest Down-
town road in "Vice City," and both games are advertised on the radio in "III."
Since "III" came out, if you want to play them, you have to go to the 2nd and
3rd links below.

  Pogo the Monkey may be a reference to the 1983 Commodore 64 and Atari 400/800
game "Pogo Joe."

  The rock arch and lighthouse by Salvatore Leone's mansion and the empty box of
"Donald Love's Disappearance" appear in VC in the terrarium in Tommy's Ocean
View apartment.  Claude appears there on a poster and in person in "San An-

  El Burro is among the Stephen Bliss cartoon representations of a few charac-
ters of "GTA III" you can find in "Vice City" (El Burro is that fat guy laughing
and pulling his t-shirt off his belly to show a tattoo).  You can find him with
8 Ball, Kenji Kasen, and Maria in the display window of the Rockstar Video Games
store, south end of the east island, second street from the east, a little over
half a block up on the east side of the street.  You can find ones of Luigi Got-
erellio, Misty, Asuka Kasen, and Toni Cipriani as targets in the windows of the
second and third shooting tests in "The Shootist" and in "Rifle Range."

  The "Eddie's Used Boiler Supply Co. Inc." sign above the Portland save place
garage also appears in "Vice City" on the east beach by the RC car dirt track.

  The multi-story parking garage in Newport in "III" is basically the North
Point Mall parking garage in "Vice City."  The stunt ramp in "III" is replaced
in VC with a wooden plank against the corner.

  One of the two buildings of the Portland Fire department has been burned by a
fire, and there's a shorter but similar burnt-out building behind the roadside
building of the "Vice City" downtown fire department.

  "Cochrane" of Cochrane Dam comes up again in "Vice City" on little plaques by
the doors on a gray-pink wall, and by the doors of the pink building behind the
wall, in Ocean Beach that's south of the east side of the car wash/gas station
that's south of Washington Mall.  The plaques can be read with the Sniper Rifle
scope: "Cochrane Heights Condominium."

  The two big ships at the east side of Portland appear at the south end of the
west island in VC.  The ship you have Claude and 8 Ball sink in Bomb Da Base ap-
pears in better condition as a Chartered Libertine Lines ship at the south end
of the west island in VC and in worse condition on the bottom of the sea in VC.
There's a broken Chartered Libertine Lines ship north of North Point Mall and a
broken Chartered Libertine Lines ship underwater south of the southeast corner
of the west island.

  Go west from the Callahan Bridge to west Staunton and you can see a billboard
that says, "See you in Miami," which is also seen on a poster in the subway be-
fore the exit to the airport area.  It's also the last message sent by pager to
Claude from Ray Machowski.  It's a reference to the next GTA, "Vice City," which
is a fictionalized Miami.

  Around Liberty City campus and south of the stadium is a student with a pony-
tail.  He carries a notepad with a drawing of an ejaculating penis.

  Billboard/poster/commercial/store front references:

  Top Down City           The first two GTA's used the top down perspective.
    with Arnold Steelone  Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone
  Soldier of Misfortune   Soldier of Fortune videogame series
  Badfellas               Goodfellas and Marlon Brando as The Godfather
    with Chuck Schwartz   Chuck Norris
  Saturday Night Beaver   Saturday Night Fever
  Rats                    Cats
  Fannie                  Annie
  69th Street             42nd Street
  Duck Pond               Swan Lake
  Pirates in Mens Pants   The Pirates of Penzance
  The Happy Blimp         Blimpies
  Punk Noodles            Cup Noodles
  ZIP                     In VC, GASH which is a variation of GAP
  Maibatsu Mostrosity     Mitsubishi Motors
  Aeris running shoes     Nike exploiting cheap overseas labor
  SUMO                    Heavyweight wrestlers of Japan--sumo wrestlers
  Stalkers                Walkers crisps (potato chips)
  Learn to Fly            Foo Fighters' song, "San Andreas" flying missions
  Broons                  Scottish comic strip
  John Homes              John Holmes (porn actor)
  New! (white cup, red
  background for orange-
  yellow letters)         McDonalds
  Bolt Burgers            (actual Bolt Burgers founded later--2012)
  White Line Airways      Preceded Escobar airport, VC, as a cocaine reference
  Trattoria Spaghetto     Trattoria Spaghetto
  Steps clothing          Steps clothing
  Bellissimo              NYC hair salon?
  Flatiron Building       Building at right entering Staunton from the Callahan

  Posters in "III" advertise the rock group The Bloody Choppers.  In VC, Phil's
refrigerator has an ad for the Bloody Choppers and a poster in the trailer ad-
vertises the movie "Soldiers of Misfortune."  Both ads can be seen on billboards
in "III" and both things are advertised on LED panels in Bedford in "III."

  "GTA III" store fronts/signs

  Capitali wholesale
  Dr. Chalfonts ring care
  NOW fashion for men
  House of Tomorrow  fancy electronics Hammacher Schlemmer?
  The Tunnel it's dark down there
  Gasoline for youth on the move


  MSX FM  According to "The station's design references var-
ious real-life drum and base-related subjects; the station's suffix is 101.1 - a
reference to Timecode's album, while MSX stands for 'Moving Shadow.'"

  MSX is also a type of computer many early Japanese videogames, like the Metal
Gear series, were made for.

  Francis International Airport is probably named after Francis (Frank) Albert
Sinatra (The VC code COMEFLYWITHME is named after a Sinatra hit) and looks like

  A construction worker with a red hard hat in Portland and Staunton quotes Vil-
lage People lyrics: "young man," "there's a place you can go," "at the YMCA,"
and "in the navy."  One of the members of the Village People dressed as a con-
stuction worker.  In VC, most of the group on the stage of the Malibu Club are
basically dressed like the Village People except the Native American Indian and
cowboy are replaced by a fireman.

  The target in "Two Faced Tanner" is an undercover cop who is "practically use-
less out of his car," which refers to John Tanner, an  undercover NYPD detective
who's the protagonist of the game "Driver," 2000.

  You can play with the hydraulic suspension of the Yardie Lobo as with the
Voodoo in VC (Left Shift--up and down, NP4--raise left side, NP5--raise right
side, NP6--raise front, NP9--raise back; you can also raise a combination of
front and a side or back and a side).

  One of the things the Taxi driver says is, "Are you talking to me?"  This is a
quote of Robert De Niro as Travis Bickle in the Scorsese movie "Taxi Driver,"
1976.  "Mean Street Taxis" are advertised in LC and refer to another Scorsese/
De Niro movie: "Mean Streets," 1973.

  Borgnine Taxis and the Cabbie refer to Ernest Borgnine as Cabbie who drove a
Checker Marathon cab in the movie "Escape from New York," 1981.


  Changes in "III" due to 9/11

  Some wonder if 9/11 caused Rockstar to give the one flying vehicle, the Dodo,
clipped wings and no missions, to remove Darkel, a bearded enemy of capitalists,
and to have capitalist Donald Love ambiguously disappear from a penthouse on top
of a skyscraper as a hasty replacement for a 9/11-type murder.  Some have specu-
lated that the two blocks of construction areas of north Staunton used to be the
location of the Twin Towers.

  See the Wikipedia article at the next link.

  According to Sam Houser on Sept. 19, 2001, "So far we have come across certain
small contextual references that we were no longer comfortable with, as well as
a couple of very rare game play instances that no longer felt appropriate to us.
We apologize to you and all the people waiting for this game to ship for the de-
lays that have now ensued, but I'm sure you can understand our reasoning."

  "About 1% different. We removed only one mission that referenced terrorists
and changed a few other cosmetic details ? car details, a couple of ped com-
ments, lines of radio dialogue etc ? the game came out a very short time later.
The biggest change was the US packaging which remixed the previous packaging in-
to what became our signature style ? because the previous packaging [which was
released as the cover of the game in Europe] was, we felt, too raw after 9/11.
All of the more extreme rumours are amusing but impossible to have been achieved
in such a short period of time."

  Police cars and the Enforcer were changed from a pre-2000 NYPD blue and white
to a more generic black and white.

  According to Rockstar: "Darkel was just a crazy bum who gave you some crazy
missions.  They were removed a few months before the game was done and long be-
fore 9/11 because they just weren?t as good as the rest of the game, and tonally
they were a little odd.  He started with 5 missions and they were slowly all
cut.  When only one or 2 were left, they were all removed as the character just
didn?t work alongside the other characters.

  "None of these missions involved blowing up buses of school children although
that is a funny rumor!"

  Darkel is still listed in the credits with voice actor Bill Fiore.  Darkel was
a revolutionary who wanted to bring down the economy and was to have provided
Rampage-like missions.  Rockstar decided to use their earlier system of provid-
ing Rampages instead.  A mission provided by Darkel to have Claude attract peds
to an ice cream truck then blow it up was changed to be a mission provided by El
Burro to have Claude blow up an ice cream truck to kill four Mafiosi.

  Bill Fiore is Horace X in "The False Prophet," a 1985 episode of the TV series
"Tales from the Darkside," and before that was the guy that called out for
"Mona" at the end of Right Guard commercials.

  (See "Glenster's 'GTA III' Starter Package" for a section that explains how
you can use Darkel's .txd and .dff files in "III.")

  At the Rockstar "GTA III" site at the next link, you can click to enlarge the
section about Portland and click "harbor tunnel" to see Darkel and the four
homeless men associated with the abandoned railroad tunnel.  The four homeless
men stand with Molotov Cocktails around a Hidden Package in the final version of
the game.

  Other changes included removing the ability to play as certain characters
(such as the Taxi driver with an accent and a turban) from the ILIKEDRESSINGUP
code, removing the ability to blow limbs from non-player characters in the PS2
version of "GTA III" (though this can enabled with a code), and removing elderly
peds with walkers, school children as peds (from GameSpot UK's preview and the
Gouranga fansite), and a yellow school bus (seen in eight screenshots).  A
junked version of the yellow school bus can be found in the lot of 8-Ball's Bomb
Shop and the lot to the east of it.

  "GTA III - Liberty City High School" by Cshit87
  According to this video, the Old School Hall in Portland had brighter colors
before the final release of the game, too.

  "GTA3 Beta(Complete)" by Riki497

  The Dodo already had a short wingspan for months before 9/11 as evidenced from
a preview in Game Informer (Issue #95) which indicated that the plane was to be
used in a (now abandoned) mission to fly it high enough to reach new areas of
the city.

  "Because we were making a driving and shooting game - even that, as a combina-
tion of core gameplay elements, was very, very radical at the time. The Dodo was
never meant to be flown very much at all, and it certainly wasn?t grounded as a
result of 9/11 ? it was just a fun thing that people then went crazy with when
they figured out various bugs that let them fly it!"

  "GTA 3 - Walkthrough - Mission #52 - Love's Disappearance (HD) " by GTA Series

  I didn't find a connection between Donald Love's abrupt disappearance and
9/11.  Nothing in the game files, subsequent GTAs, or official releases from
Rockstar explains it.  Love appears on newspapers in "GTA IV," which takes place
in 2008, but that game is a separate universe and what happened to him was left

  The persistent rumor that Darkel was to have Claude fly the Dodo to blow up
against Love's building seems unlikely since Claude would either die or para-
chute from the Dodo before impact, and Rockstar didn't implement parachuting for
a lead character till "San Andreas."

  The most toward that I can imagine as a theory that's based on what we know is
that Claude got missions at the RR tunnel from Darkel, who led a gang of male
and female homeless people.  (In data > pedgrp.dat, they're scum_man and
scum_wom.  According to the .txd files, The female counterpart to the male home-
less guy is the overweight lady with shabby clothes and a crumpled hat.)  The
gang carried Molotov Cocktails (and some other weapon?).

  Darkel, who wanted to bring down the economy, could have sent Claude to kill
Donald Love, the one whom the game (Chatterbox FM, etc.) emphasizes the most as
being a wealthy manipulative capitalist.  And all the cutscenes of Donald Love
take place at his penthouse on top of a skyscraper.

  As mentioned above, it's alleged that a cancelled mission was to have the Dodo
go somewhere Claude hadn't been before, and one such place is Donald Love's
penthouse, although that would require a higher flight ceiling for the Dodo.
Claude's vehicles protect him like Armor, so he could wreck there and get out

  Whether getting there by the Dodo or he same way as in earlier missions, you'd
either have him kill Donald Love or not find him and we'd have the cutscene we
have now--he'd check the little box for something (for Darkel?) and leave.

  Again, those are just fictional possibilities.  Actually, I think the three
things people usually guess about--Darkel, Donald Love, and the Dodo--were prob-
ably the way they are now when 9/11 happened.


  Glitches. gimmicks, etc.

  As in VC or SA, you can have the lead character snipe the moon to change the
size of it.  (See my "HighResMoon" folder if you want to replace the moon with
one with higher definition.  I used a photo of the moon taken from NYC and gave
it the "blue moon" color used in the game.)

  Also as in VC or SA, you can let the lead character pick up a hooker (except
in the originally censored Astralian version of "III").  In "III" and the LC
mod, there are two hookers--a blonde Caucasian lady and an African-American
lady--and each has their blouse parted a bit in the front.  Have Claude let a
hooker enter his vehicle.  The lead character's money starts to decrease as soon
as she enters the vehicle.  Have him park on grass or a beach and the vehicle
shakes while Claude's Health increases 25 points and his money decreases $123
further.  You can use this to give him 25 Health beyond his maximum otherwise.

  (See my "AfricanAmericanProstitute" folder if you want to change her appear-
ance.  I tried to make her a bit more attractive--her lower face is less
squished-in from the sides, she has less of a scowling mouth, etc.)

  The VC gimmick for a long two wheeler stat works for the LC mod.  (Thanks to
Chris, who shared it in a post with pictures at the "gta place" web site.)

  Have Claude use a helicopter with a land vehicle nearby.  Press A or D re-
peatedly to tilt the helicopter up on one rail and hold down S to keep the one
rail grounded.  After you've gotten the length of time you want to record, have
Claude exit the helicopter and enter the land vehicle.  The two-wheeler bonus
stat will appear on your screen and in your Stats.

  You can have Claude jump from atop an Ambulance that's backed onto a mound of
dirt along the wall on the top level of Marco's Bistro (across the street to the
south of Salvatore's mansion) and have him walk out into thin air on a couple
long plates of invisible solid stuff.  He can walk a long way that way, and
through most of it he can jump to the right and end up in a walled yard with no
way in but that or a flying vehicle and no way out except on a ramp that's pro-
vided.  The ramp shows the game developers knew someone could have Claude land
there in the Dodo and may have left the plane of invisible solid stuff above it
deliberately as an interesting game secret, too.

  (Videos by RPKGameVids no longer available)
  "GTA 3 Glitch (PS2): Those Hobo's Sure Like To Go Forth And Multiply"

  Infinite tramps

  If you have Claude park one of the taller vehicles in the middle of the four
tramps with Molotovs in the Portland tunnel from 8-Ball's place to the Supa-
Save!, and you have Claude get on the roof of the vehicle, the tramps disperse.
Have him get on the roof again, and four more tramps with Molotovs appear.  Re-
peat as often as you want.

  "GTA 3 (PS2): How To Play The Censored Version (No Blood & Can't Kick People
When They're Down)"

  Go to Options > Language setup and change the language to German.

  "GTA 3 Glitch (PS2): Ped Standing Dead"

  Enter ONSPEED twice and have Claude use a fast car to run over peds, and a ped
he killed may be non-solid and remain standing till disappearing.  To return to
normal game speed, type BOOOOOORING twice.  It either takes a while to get the
intended result or doesn't work with the LC mod.  You can use LEAVEMEALONE to
remove a wanted rating.

  "GTA 3 Glitch (PS2): Make The Po-Po Drive Your Spawned Tank (Talk Through)"

  It may take repeated efforts to get this to work.

  Give Claude a Rhino.  Type BOOOOOORING to slow down gameplay.  Have Claude get
a wanted level and get in the tank.  Just as a police officer is about to jack
Claude from the tank, pause the game (Esc), type LEAVEMEALONE to remove the
wanted level, and return to the game.  The police officer may jack the tank and
drive away.  Use ONSPEED to return to normal game speed.

  "GTA 3 Glitch (PS2): And For Claude's Next Trick, He Will Make All Of The Cars

  Disappearing multi-story parking lot vehicles

  Have Claude get into one of the vans (something like the Esperanto isn't tall
enough) inside the multi-story parking garage in Staunton, drive onto the jump
ramp on the top level, then get on the roof of the vehicle.  All the vehicles,
including his own, disappear, visually and physically, except for a few on the
ground floor.

  "GTA 3 Glitch (PS2): Ghost Driver"

  Have Claude use his vehicle to push a ped's vehicle into water shallow enough
for the ped to drive out and the vehicle drives out without the ped.

  (A VC glitch is similar and works wih the LC mod.  At the site at the next
link, use Edit > Find > Driving a Ghost on a PCJ 600.

  (Use the "hopingirl" code to get a lady ped on the back of a motorcycle Claude
is using, have him drive into shallow water till his Health is low, and have him
drive back out.  The ped will occasionally disappear or will only be seen by
certain views with Q or E.  When he drives, the bike will occasionally shake,
you'll hear a squish, and the bike will leave a small tire track of blood.  If
you have Claude get off the bike and move around, he'll leave bloody footprints.

  (To get her off the bike, either have him drive the bike into shallow water
again--I'd have him get a Health boost first--or ram it into something.  Then
you'll see her get off the bike and die again.  Don't try storing the bike in a
save garage then taking it back out to get rid of her--after I tried that and
had Claude drive by the garage again to open the door, the game froze.)

  "GTA 3 Glitch (PS2): Driving A Blown Up Car (Talk Through)"

  Have Claude park a vehicle in front of another to stop it, go to the door of
the other vehicle, type the VC code to make all vehicles explode, bigbang, press
F to have Claude enter the vehicle, quickly type the Health code, aspirine, be-
fore it explodes a second time, and Claude can drive a blown up vehicle with
three wheels.  If you have Claude use a Pay 'n' Spray, it replaces the fourth
wheel but the car is still black.

  "GTA 3 Glitch (PS2): Claude Get's Stuck Inside Blown Up Bus"

  I don't know how likely it is for this glitch to occur.  RPKGameVids had
Claude drive a Bus, the Bus exploded, and Claude had a Health of four so was
stuck in the black shell of the Bus.

  "GTA 3 Glitch (PS2): Floating Car"

  After completing the Emergency Crane mission, have Claude go through a pickup
to make the crane start delivering an FBI Car.  Have Claude position the nearby
Yankee in the middle of the yellow striped grid--the landing area for crane de-
liveries--so the FBI Car is placed on the roof of the Yankee, and have Claude
move the Yankee forward and back a bit as the FBI car is placed on top of it.
Have Claude exit the Yankee and move away till the crane moves away.  Have
Claude move the Yankee from beneath the FBI Car and it hovers in the air.

  "GTA 3 Glitch (PS2): Rare Lightless Taxi"

  The lightless Taxi may appear as a glitch in which the Taxi appears but all
the textures for it haven't appeared.  RPKGameVids recommends the method given
in the next video to make that more likely to happen.

  "GTA 3 Glitch (PS2): How To Get The Graffittless Hoods Rumpo XL & Lightless
Taxi (Talk Through)"

  To make it more likely for the lightless Taxi or graffiti-less Hoods Rumpo
to appear, save five vehicles in the Shoreside Vale save garage.  Have Claude
drive one of them partway out of the garage so the door stays open, drive a
sixth one into the garage, and drive the one sticking out of the door back into
the garage.  Have Claude move from the garage so the door closes.

  It may help to try this when it's dark and raining: have Claude go east from
the garage to the street and back to the garage repeatedly till a lightless Taxi
or Hoods Rumpo without graffiti appears in the traffic.

  ("GTA 3 Glitch (PS2): Use Any Vehicle For Taxi Missions": The "III" glitch
whereby you start the Taxi mission, keep holding down the key for toggling a
Sub-mission, have Claude enter another vehicle, and release the Sub-mission key
to use that vehicle for a Taxi mission doesn't work with the LC mod.)

  ("GTA 3 Glitch (PS2): Sinkhole" deoesn't work with the LC mod.  In "III," have
Claude park a vehicle north to south at the AK47 pickup with the front right
corner of his vehicle between the red girders on the east side of the northern block of the Staunton contruction area.  The vehicle sinks through a
non-solid patch of ground, falls, then appears in the subway.)

  ("GTA 3 Glitch (PS2): Disappearing Cartel Cruiser" doesn't work with the LC
mod.  In "III," have Claude park a Cartel Cruiser in the same location except
with the front right corner of his vehicle between the next set of red girders
to the north and exit the vehicle and it disappears.)

  (I didn't get "GTA 3 Glitch (PS2): Rocket Car" to work in the LC mod.  In
"III," have Claude back an Infernus between the railings for the small set of
steps at the west side of the helipad that's at the southwest area of the air-
port.  When the Infernus is wedged between the railings, have him exit, the
wheels spin, and the Infernus shoots out from between the railings.  Another way
to do it is to park the Infernus lengthwise on the handrail between the stairs
that lead down to the airport subway.)

  "GTA 3 Glitch (PS2): Door Falls Off Car, Then A Couple Of Seconds Later Flys
Through Air"

  I don't know if this glitch is repeatable and don't remember seeing it else-
where.  After RPKGameVids used the Rocket Car gimmick, described above, and had
Claude drive the damaged Infernus up the stairs, during which the driver side
door broke off, and parked the damaged Infernus beyond the entrance to the sub-
way, a door flew far away.

  "GTA 3 Glitch (PS2): Bobcat Magically Appears On Roof"
  "GTA 3 Glitch (PS2): Stallion Creates Skid Marks In The Air And Expands"
  Have Claude drive a Bobcat or Diablo Stallion so it points north across the
front of his Portland save place door and drive north as though trying to drive
into the space between the back of the stairs and the corner.  Hold a right turn
to keep the vehicle from sliding too far to the left and it slides a bit left
and moves into the wall of the stairs.  You can watch the progress by pressing
E.  After the vehicle goes through the wall a bit you can stop holding right

  RPKGameVids had the Bobcat teleport to the roof and the Diablo Stallion tem-
porarily leave tire tracks in the air and momentarily appear to be expanded.  I
typed ASPIRINE when my Diablo Stallion caught on fire and had the front end of
a Diablo Stallion embedded in a wall.  Either you need to try this several times
to get RPKGameVids' results or they don't happen with the LC mod.

  "GTA 3 Glitch (PS2): Boat Goes Through Rockface And Weird Things Happen"

  Have Claude drive a Speeder (speedboat) to the northeast shore of Staunton and
go north of the gray-red bridge (Columbian territory).  As you send him north,
the shore gets lower.  Have him continue to the area where grass grows down
practically to the water: the shore there is non-solid.  (It's not a big non-
solid area--the Reefer would probably get stuck.)  Have Claude drive through the
shore to see a bit of "ghost world" then the boat falls.

  It may land in or on the subway tunnel.  Have him exit the boat and try to get
him away from it before it blows up (you may use the Health code: aspirine.)  If
he's on the tunnel, you can send him over it till the radar indicates he's under
land and have him jump off--he'll fall a bit then end up on the land above.

  "GTA 3 Glitch (PS2): Tree Growing In Room"

  Use the Rocket Launcher gimmick to look into the building by the Landstalker
used for "A Ride in the Park" to see a tree in the building.

  The Rocket Launcher gimmick: have Claude equip the Rocket Launcher, stand with
his right side against the wall you want to try to see through, bring up the
scope, turn Claude toward the wall, and he may see through it.

  "GTA 3 (PS2): Getting inside The Laundrette"
  See the section below: "How to have Claude go through walls."

  "GTA 3 Glitch (PS2): Exploring The Inside Of Some Shops"
  See the section below: "How to have Claude go through walls."

  "GTA 3 (PS2) Getting Inside Joeys Garage" by MultiGamer120
  See the section below: "How to have Claude go through walls."

  If you do that, you can get the BP/DP/EP/FP Stretch in "Salvatore's Called a
Meeting."  See the section on that mission in the "GTA3RuskStrategiesCondensed"

  "GTA 3 Replay Glitch" by SomebodyFromRussia"
  Peds killed by an explosion, or parts of them, walk around bleeding in instant
replays (F1).  Unfortunately, instant replays aren't enabled in the LC mod as of
this writing.

  Special vehicles


  How to have Claude go through walls

  Have Claude park a heavy vehicle to create a small angle with a wall.  Use the
ONSPEED code a couple of times to make gameplay very fast, then have Claude run
at the wall, in the space created by the vehicle and the wall, to send Claude
through the wall (such as a wall at the side of Joey's garage to send Claude in-
to the garage).
  To return gameplay speed to normal, use the BOOOOOORING code.

  I haven't tested this with the LC mod to see how it compares to using it in
"III."  I'd rather see if someone comes up with a teleporter for the LC mod.


  Criminal ratings

  Pickpocket                  0 -    9
  Bully                         10 -   24
  Thug                        25 -   69
  Hustler                    70 -  149
  Goon                     150 -  249
  Wheelman             250 -  449
  Hired Muscle          450 -  699
  Fixer                       700 -  999
  Associate            1000 - 1399
  Cleaner               1400 - 1899
  Assassin             1900 - 2499
  Right-Hand Man 2500 - 3199
  Executioner        3200 - 3999
  Capo                  4000 - 4999
  Boss                              5000+

  I'm not sure of the exact system, but I think having Claude complete missions,
kill (one point), and make money without getting killed or busted, then using a
Pay 'n' Spray or saving the game, makes the rating go higher.  (Using codes, at
least GESUNDHEIT, doesn't make it lower in the original "GTA III.")

  An easy place to have Claude go on a rampage is his Portland save place since
you can use the gimmick of having him run to the back of his garage and back to
replenish all of his pickups.  Have Claude do the sub-missions and get all the
Hidden Packages to have all the pickups there that he can have, go on a rampage,
blow up helicopters (Claude gets $250 per helicopter) with the Rocket Launcher,
etc., without getting killed or busted, and the points will be added the next
time you save the game.



  For guides to VC stunt methods equally useful for the LC mod, go to "Glen-
ster's Guide to Some of Vice City" and use Edit > Find > Some notable things
about the motorcycles

  Some of the LC locations you might use for stunts are shown in my video "For-
ever" (GTA III" stunts and mods).

  One easy stunt with a PCJ 600 is to wheelie from a small set of steps in front
of a building to revolve and land facing in the other direction.

  "GTA III (PS2): Jumping Into The Stadium With An Esperanto" by RPKGameVids

  Use the GRIPISEVERYTHING code and press Shift for the LC mod version of the VC
Cabbie/Taxi Boost Jump.  Have Claude drive the Esperanto (which steel2612 says
is the vehicle that makes this the easiest to do in "III") onto the steps of the
Coliseum and jump up onto the ledge.

  (The Chinatown El-Train bend jump doesn't work for the LC mod.  If you want to
use it in "III," see the method at the next link:

   "gta 3 car vs train" by steel2612

  (Have Claude drive a small fast car up the Portland View El-Train station, on-
to the El-Train track, and drive to the right on the right track--to avoid the
train--to Chinatown.  At the curve at the bottom of the slope, have him get on
the left track and park at an angle so the train can hit the car from behind and
so, once hit, the car goes toward the stretch of road ahead.  You'll probably
need to pause--Esc--the game right after the car is hit and type the Health code
to keep the car from blowing up.)

  "GTA 3 stunt movie" by GehakteMolen

  "GTA3 Cheetah somersault onto the airport roof" by ArchDoug

  More advanced stunting

  Look around in the site for lots of suggestions for stunt
videos.  Many of them feature stunts for the LC mod combined with stunts for
"Vice City."

  "Trial by Fire" by a renowned favorite--the Addicted To Stunting (ATS) Crew

  "Arisen - Aries" by Nitzkit, Lord Peres, Samurai, and Omni

  "Renegade" by Kaneda and Neo Anderson

  "No Limits," "GTAStunting League 4 Video," "Trial by Fire," "Velocity," and
  "Elemental" by GTAStunting

  "UnorthodoX" by Barney


  The Dodo

  The LC mod Dodo is easier to fly than the "III" version so you don't need
special flying instructions for it.

  You can change the data folder so it isn't "read only" then give the Dodo a -1
in columnn I for percent submerged in data > handling.cfg so Claude won't drown
if it falls into water.

  If you have Claude use the Rocket Launcher to destroy the full wing Dodo that
flies over the town, he gets a four star wanted rating.


  How to fly the Rhino

  Have Claude drive the Rhino to a place with a long unobstructed runway--the
main runway at the airport is the best--and enter the COMEFLYWITHME code.  Use
NP4 and NP5 to turn the turret straight backwards and shoot it repeatedly with
the LMB or NP0 while driving forward.  Once it gets off the ground, release ac-
celeration but keep shooting.  Claude can then fly the Rhino around Liberty

  Avoid sharp turns with the Rhino or it will dip or even twirl to the ground.
Unlike the Dodo, it doesn't have a height limit.  Once you have a good altitude,
you can stop shooting.   Occasionally let it level itself from a dip or tilt--it
may wreck if you try to control that too much.

  You can try different views with C (and watch instant replays, if they're
fixed for the LC mod, with F1).

  I suppose the problem of flying the Dodo through the areas that trigger the
slow motion effect for Unique Stunt Jumps is a problem to avoid while flying the
Rhino, too.

  You can give the Rhino a -1 for column I, percent submerged, in data > han-
dling.cfg so Claude won't drown if it lands in water.  You can turn the turret
forward and shoot to slow down the Rhino for landing.

  "Grand Theft Auto 3 - Flying Tank" by sk8erboi7000

  I'm not sure if the COMEFLYWITHME code takes points off your criminal rating,
so you might not save the game if you're trying to go for the "Boss" level.


  PC codes

  The LC mod uses most of the VC codes with a few changes.

  You can type the code during the game to enter it or pause the game with Esc
to type a code or codes which will take effect when you resume the game.  The
latter method is handy for various things, such as pausing the game to type the
Health code before Claude's vehicle blows up.

  aspirine  restores full Health to Claude and the body, motor, and tires of any
vehicle Claude is using at the time.

  preciousprotection  gives Claude maximum armor.

  bigbang  blows up nearby vehicles.

  chasestat  shows Claude's media attention level if he has at least two wanted
stars, then it goes up or down depending on the frequency of his destruction.

  seaways  makes land vehicles, even the Rhino, travel over water like hover-
crafts with their wheels folded sideways.

  comeflywithme  lets four wheel vehicles fly a bit (use the flying Rhino con-

  stilllikedressingup  lets you cycle through pedestrians to pick one to use as
the lead player.

  fannymagnet  makes some of the women hang around Claude.

  hopingirl  causes a nearby woman (sometimes a man, so use it when the one you
want is near) to get in or on any vehicle Claude is using but the Hunter or Piz-
za Boy, which just seat one, a Firetruck or Linerunner because the doors are too
high, a boat, or the Skimmer.

  The various weather codes, from sunniest to stormiest, are:


  cantseeathing causes "GTA III" fog.

  gripiseverything  gives four-wheeled vehicles perfect braking and cornering
traction, which unfortunately makes them harder to drive.  Bonus feature: press
Left Shift to have those vehicles do the Cabbie/Taxi Boost Jump (which is given
to VC cabs and taxis for completing 100 fares for the Taxi Sub-mission).

  airship  makes speed boats at full speed fly a bit.

  thugstools  Brass Knuckles, Sniper Rifle, Flamethrower, Tec 9, AK47, Kruger,
Shotgun, Pistol, Molotovs, and Bat

  professionaltools  Rocket Launcher, AK47, M4, Mac, S.P.A.S. 12, .357, Remote
Grenades, and Katana

  nuttertools  .357, .308, Minigun, Mac, AK47, M4, S.P.A.S. 12, Grenades, and

  youwonttakemealive  raises Claude's wanted level two stars.

  leavemealone  removes Claude's wanted level.

  onspeed  speeds up the game.  It's disabled if you do a unique jump and get a
cinematic shot or have Claude use an Adrenaline pill.

  booooooring  slows down the game.  It's disabled if you do a unique jump and
get a cinematic shot or have Claude use an Adrenaline pill.

  lifeispassingmeby  speeds up the game clock to about one hour per second.

  Lead player codes

  deepfriedmarsbars  Makes Claude (or whoever you've chosen for a lead player
with the "stilllikedressingup" code) fat.

  programmer  Makes Claude (or whoever you've chosen for a lead player with the
"stilllikedressingup" code) have thin arms and legs.

  icanttakeitanymore  Makes Claude become wasted--die.

  Vehicle spawning codes

  (Using one subtracts 1,000 points from your CRiminal Rating.)

  panzer Rhino

  betterthanwalking  Caddy

  gettherefast  Diablo Stallion

  travelinstyle  Bloodring Banger A  It's the Oceanic customized for demolition
derby use.

  gettherequickly  Admiral

  getthereveryfastindeed  General Lee  It's also one of the rewards for 100%
completion of the game.

  getthereamazinglyfast  Phoenix

  thelastride  Manana with a corpse in the trunk

  rockandrollcar  Love Fist limo

  rubbishcar Trashmaster

  Traffic codes

  wheelsareallineed  makes only the wheels, and any front and back lights, of
four-wheel and RC vehicles visible.  Helicopters are seen as four wheels--the
back ones spin while Tommy is in a helicopter--and the Skimmer and boats are
totally invisible (but when I had Claude fly the Police Maverick, or entered the
code with Claude near the Skimmer, I got an unhandled exception).  To disable
it, type it again.

 ahairdresserscar  makes most land vehicles (except, at least, Bloodring Banger
A and Securicars), helicopters (except the Hunter), the Skimmer, and speedboats
light purple.

  iwantitpaintedblack  is like "ahairdresserscar" except most vehicles are

  loadsoflittlethings  makes sports cars have chunky tires and it gives the Cad-
dy and Baggage Handler a greater top speed.  You can reload the game and type it
again to increase the effect.

  greenlight  makes traffic lights stay green so traffic doesn't stop at them.
You probably need to make Claude shoot a land vehicle being driven by someone
else to jack it.

  miamitraffic  is like "greenlight" except the traffic lights are normal--just
the traffic isn't.  The traffic doesn't stop if Claude or anyone else gets in
front of it, either, and is a bit more reckless.

  Three codes that make you start a new game to get rid of them if you save the
game after using them:

  fightfightfight  makes most pedestrians run to yank each other from cars,
punch, kick, threaten. and shoot each other (even another member of the same
gang).  They also try to do all these things to Claude.  The frequency of pedes-
trian dialogue about fighting, or about being revived by a paramedic, means you
may hear some you don't normally hear, too.

  nobodylikesme  is like "fightfightfight."  It's supposed to mean the pedestri-
ans who attack mainly attack Claude, but I didn't see that when I tested it.

  ourgodgivenrighttobeararms  makes most pedestrians (except, at least, hookers)
carry Golf Clubs, Nightsticks, Tec-9s, and Pistols.  The gang members carry the
same weaponry as usual--Pistols, in most cases.  No bigger percentage of the
pedestrians is more inclined to attack or fight back than usual, but if they
fight, they use their weapon.  To disable it, type it again.

  These VC codes don't work for the LC mod:

  certaindeath  is supposed to let Claude have a smoke but it doesn't work.
  cheatshavebeencracked  Play as Ricardo Diaz
  looklikelance  Play as Lance Vance
  mysonisalawyer  Play as Lawyer Ken Rosenberg
  ilooklikehilary  Play as Hilary King of "The Driver"
  rockandrollman  Play as Jezz Torrent, lead singer of Love Fist
  weloveourdick  Play as Dick of Love Fist
  onearmedbandit  Play as Phil Cassidy
  idonthavethemoneysonny  Play as Sonny Forelli
  foxylittlething  Play as Mercedes Cortez


  MP3 radio station

  Put a .mp3 or .ogg copy of each of the tunes you want to include on your MP3
station somewhere on your PC drive (I use Documents > Downloads).  Right click
an audio file, click "Create Shortcut," and a shortcut file appears.  Copy the
shortcut and Paste it into the mp3 folder in your main game folder.  The next
time Claude enters a vehicle with music radio stations, you'll have an MP3 sta-
tion with your songs on it.  The songs are played in alphabetical order.

  At the next link, you can use the URL of a YouTube video to have an MP3 file
sent to your E-mail address.


    Seven ways to have Claude get to Staunton early

  1.  Have Claude jump across the north side of the gap of the broken Callahan
Bridge.  Have him jump from most of the way down the second segment of the bent
red girder to the silver pipe.

  2.  Right click the game folder, click "Properties," un-check the "read only"
dot, click "Apply," click to "Apply changes to this folder, subfolder and
files," click "OK," and click "OK."  Give a vehicle a -1 under column I,
"nPercentSubmerged," in data > handling.cfg.

  Have Claude use that vehicle to drive off one side of the broken Callahan
Bridge or Staunton-Shoreside Vale lift bridge.  The vehicle drops into Blue Hell
for a couple of moments then appears on the other side of the bridge.

  The supplied 1957 Chevy mods have handling.cfg lines with -1 for percent sub-

  3.  Have Claude drive the Capital Autos Banshee onto the concrete above the
opening of the tunnel in northwest Portland and back up to the west edge.  Use
the yellow divider lines of the road, and the line above that which represents a
crack in the concrete, to help you position the vehicle to be over the tunnel
that's underwater to the west below the cliff.

  Have Claude back up further so the Banshee starts to topple from the cliff and
have him bail.  Claude is temporarily non-solid so goes through the surface of
the water instead of it causing him to drown.  He lands on top of the tunnel and
can run to a spot beneath Staunton or Shoreside, jump into the abyss, and be
teleported onto the ground above.

  4.  Have Claude back an Ambulance along the southern sidewalk of the same tun-
nel in northwest Portland to the blue wall that blocks the entrance to the tun-
nel.  Have him get on top of the Ambulance and the upper part of his body goes
through the ceiling, which is non-solid from below but not on top.  Have him
jump up onto the roof of that ceiling and go over the roof of the tunnel as in
the method above.

  On PC, he may get stuck in the ceiling over the Ambulance--have him throw down
a Grenade and jump during the explosion to get unstuck and get onto the roof.

  5.  Use the "seaways" code so a four wheel vehicle Claude uses can be used as
a hover boat.

  6.  Use the "comeflywithme" code and have Claude fly a Police car across the
gap of the broken Callahan Bridge.  You can add the "gripiseverything" code and
press Shift to make the vehicle do a Boost Jump to assist with this method and
allow you to use other vehicles.

  7.  Install the "Shoreside Bridge for LC" Created for GTAIII by Mr Milti and
released for GTA:LC by Ben--it provides a bridge between Portland and Staunton.

  PS: If you've already had Claude get to Shoreside Vale and complete the vehi-
cle collection for the south Portland garage, you can have him get a Dodo from
the garage and fly the Dodo (from the Callahan Bridge? from one of the longer
stretches of sidewalk along a coast?) from Portland to another island.


  Making a custom skin

  Go to the "skins" folder in your main game folder and Copy "playa2.bmp," Paste
it somewhere else, and Rename it "playa3.bmp."  Use a different number for the
file name of each skin you want to create.  Open "playa3.bmp" with a graphics
editor such as Microsoft Paint, Irfanview, Adobe Photo Shop, etc.  Color it the
way you want.

  According to the site, "All skins created by the user have to
be a 24-bit Bitmap (bmp) file, and have to be 256 by 256 in size."

  Copy the result into the "skins" folder.  Start the game, go to Options >
Player Skin Setup, and choose the appearance you want for Claude.



  I recommend downloading and saving some unofficial Liberty City mods while you
can still find them on the Internet.

  The basic rules for adding car mods to VC apply to adding them to the Liberty
City Mod.

  Trainers: see the GTA Forums site to see if someone has created a trainer for
the LC mod.  There isn't one compatible with the latest version of the LC mod as
of this writing.


  There's a Stat (statistic) for how much you've had Claude drive a Caddy (golf
cart) but no Caddy in the game.  Thanks to Russell_Stone at GTA Forums for
telling me that you can spawn a Caddy or FBI Rancher in traffic by changing
their "Class" value in data > default.ide from "Ignore" to "Executive" or such.

  The data > handling.cfg line for the Vice Cheetah in the LC mod is CHEETAH.

  "VC Cars In LC (Alpha 0.1)" by Cole

  Other mods by Klarnetist

  1957 Chevrolet BelAir HardTop

  1957 Chevrolet Bel Air four door

  1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Police

  1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Bloodring Banger

  "1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 2-door Hardtop"
  "1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 4-door Sedan"
  "1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 4-door Sedan Taxi"
  "1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Police"            by Viewpoint DataLabs                       converted by Klarnetist
  "1957 Chevrolet Bel Air 'Bloodring Banger'" by Viewpoint DataLabs                                    converted by Klarnetist
                                                                            and modified by Pumbars

  "1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Covertible" by Viewpoint DataLabs                   converted to "III" by Yo-Yo
    (link inactive)                                       converted to "Vice City" by DiCanio


  Supplements for vehicle mods

  "X-box GTA3 Wheels" by Run Down That Guy


  "LC Arsenal" by Commando Funebrero/PsychoFreak


  The "Shoreside Bridge" v1.3  by MrMilti released by Ben

  This bridge connects Wichita Gardens to Francis International Airport and
makes Sub-missions around there a lot easier.

  A bridge To Ghost Town isn't needed for the LC mod because Ghost Town is al-
ready solid and the LC flying vehicles are easier to fly than the "III" Dodo.
  "Miss Liberty" (the Statue of Liberty) by Odie and Rowell Ray Shih
  can be found as part of the "ULCM: Ultimate Liberty City Map"

  Claude's boat disappears after he looks around on the island the statue is on.
See if someone comes up with a teleporter for the LC mod.  Otherwise, just re-
load the game.


  "Non-hostile Gangs" by Konstantinos
  Gangs don't attack Claude.

  To create this modification yourself, save a copy of the original data > ped-
stats.dat.  Right click the game folder, click "Properties," un-check the "read
only" dot, click "Apply," click to "Apply changes to this folder, subfolder and
files," click "OK," and click "OK."

  Use Notepad to open data > pedstats.dat.  For the lines STAT_GANG1 to
STAT_GANG7 change the number in column D to 100 and change the number in column
E to 0.  Save the file.  In most situations, aside from certain missions, the
gang members won't attack Claude.  Some missions, such as "The Exchange" and
certain Rampages, become easier.

  Tools and modding tutorials

  Adding wheels to your car mod by DMagic1

  "CFG Studio 2" by Cerbera

  Cerbera's tutorials

  data > carcols.dat color chart

  GTA Forums tutorials

  gtamodding tutorials

  "IMG Tool v2.0" by Spooky

  "TXD Workshop 4.0B" by Delfi

  Tutorial on how reflections are handled differently in different GTAs by DexX


  Official Rockstar v1.1 patch

  "The Northern Lights Mod" by spaceeinstein
  This puts towers of balls of light above Hidden Packages and Rampage pickups.

  I didn't mod the LC mod peds beyond changing the .txd file for a prostitute but look closely at the two peds at the edge of the sidewalk in this screenshot I made from the end credits,  Don't they look like Claude and Maria?  I guess the idea is that Claude's gun shot at the end of "THE EXCHANGE" was only a warning shot.


  Other save games packages I've released

  "Glenster's GTA 'III' Starter Package"

  "Glenster's Some of Vice City Starter Saves"

  Steam version

  Liberty City mod version

  "Glenster's Go On San Andreas v1 Mission Select Save Games"

  "Jane True, Dunmer, starter save"

  My walk-throughs

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  Info, mods, etc., for a bunch of other games

  My gaming web sites  (no longer updated)

  "Glenster's Guide to GTJ Brooklyn" (an expose of the JWs leaders):


  [email protected]