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Glen T. Winstein

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  Acts 10:9-16;25-28,34,35,39-45; 11:1-18
  Some related history about the Gentiles

  Acts 10:9-16;25-28,34,35,39-45; 11:1-18

  Apostle Peter learns from a vision that the Lord doesn't make any food or
people unclean.  All (including uncircumcised Gentiles who don't have Mosaic
law) with faith in Jesus have their sins forgiven.;&version=49;;&version=49;

  By the time of the events in Acts 15, the Christians had learned, via apostle
Peter and Cornelius, etc., that it was time to expand their mission to include
Gentiles--people whose uncircumcised men, those from among the nations, didn't
follow Mosaic law.  (Also see Eph.2:11-20, written after the events of Acts


  Some related history about the Gentiles

  Among the Gentiles, murder, theft, and injustice were already generally con-
sidered to be bad.  However, fornication, idolatry, and eating blood (and, more
generally, at least eating meat from animals not slaughtered and koshered the
Jewish way) were practiced by many.

  Fornication (illicit sex) was indulged in with temple prostitutes (as in the
cult of Aphrodite) and at Roman feasts and festivals.
  "Festivals and Ceremonies of the Roman Republic," 1981, by Howard Hayes Scul-
lard, pp.107,108,110, and "The Revelation of John," Vol.2, 1959, revised 1976,
by William Barclay, p.144

  Since Jews were only about 7% of the Roman Empire (Corinth wasn't one of the
towns the Jews were numerous in) in 70 AD (GTW note: sorry for the late date
instead of 49 AD)...
  "The Story of Civilization: Part III--Caesar and Christ," 1944, by Will
Durant, p.546

  ...(about 5% of the population in the city of Rome was Jewish)...
  "Wanderings"--Chaim Potok's History of the Jews, p.204.

  ...(Alexandria, which plays a part in later post-scriptural history, had a
high percentage of Jewish people for a major town beyond Israel with about
  "The Story of Civilization: Part III--Caesar and Christ," 1944, by Will
Durant, p.500