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Glen T. Winstein

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  Luke 21:5,6,20,21

  In what is usually considered to be the early 30's AD, Jesus fortold that peo-
ple should leave Jerusalem when armies surround it because it will be desolated
and the temple will be destroyed.;&version=49;

  (Later, Jerusalem would be where the rules of about 49 AD, notably including
"abstain from...blood and things strangled," reported in Acts 15, were sent
from.  Compare the events of Acts 21:17,25, occurring possibly 10 years later.
Jerusalem continued to be a base for Christians until, at the latest, the
Christians of Jerusalem and the rest of Judea left for Pella in 68 AD, when the
Roman army, which had surrounded Jerusalem, temporarily withdrew.  Jerusalem
fell in 70 AD.)

  Post-Mosaic law/post-crucifixion (Rom.3:19-26; 10:14; Gal.3:13; Heb.9:13-15;
and others);&version=49;;&version=49;;&version=49;;&version=49;

  In related history, there was a change from early Mosaic law till this period
(the second temple period) in requirements circumcised Jewish law followers had
for relationships with others within Israel and outside it.

  Sorry if I cover that in the next section in several pages instead of one.  I
just wanted to follow through on a couple little discrepancies I noticed be-
tween the JW's NWT (see p.30) and other sources I checked.  For those who have
read it before, the rest continues on page 31.


  In Mosaic law, the resident alien ("proselytos" in Greek) was basically a
follower of Mosaic law to be able to live in Israel.  The most notable excep-
tion was that the males weren't willing to go so far as to be circumcised,
whereas the male full convert could (Ex.12:48; but see the bottom of p.30).
The law said Israelites should love them and remember they were aliens them-
selves once in Egypt (Deut.10:19).;&version=49;

  Unfortunately, after many Jews were treated cruelly by Gentiles, those "from
(among) the nations" (Acts 15:23; 21:25, NWT), in the enforced Babylonian cap-
tivity aka Exile of most of the Jews to Babylonia...

 ...and by the time of Roman rule by Gentiles over Israel, including the time
of the events of Acts 15, about 49 AD, the Jews in Israel became more intoler-
ant of people who weren't circumcised full converts.  The Jews considered so-
cialization with one, such as to enter the building of one or to eat with one,
an unlawful offense that created uncleanness.  (Compare Deut.10:19 and John 18:
28; Acts 11:1-3; Gal.2:12--Cephas--Apostle Peter--avoids having a meal with un-
circumcised Gentiles when he is influenced by circumcised men from Apostle