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Glen T. Winstein

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  Mosaic law continues in Jesus' pre-crucifixion years in the New Testament
  Mark 7:1-23; Matt.15:1-20

  In Mosaic law, murder still brought the death penalty.  Its penalty for eat-
ing clean blood may have also been execution (however, see 1 Sam.14:31-35,
where it seems an altar was used to atone with instead) (p.42, appendix).

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  However, even if it were the death penalty, it wouldn't necessarily be an in-
dication that it was so serious a concern, an important ethical matter or wor-
ship of God necessity, that it would continue to be one later for Christians.
Some things that took the cut off penalty in Mosaic law were ritual offenses
Christians aren't obliged to avoid (Ex.12:15,19; 30:31-33,37,38; Lev.7:25; 20:
18; and others).

  Mosaic law continues in Jesus' pre-crucifixion years in the New Testament

  This is also part of the second temple period.

  "The Last Supper" by Leonardo da Vinci, 1495-1498

  Mark 7:1-23; Matt.15:1-20

  Some Pharisees and scribes from Jerusalem ask Jesus why his followers disre-
gard the rules of oral tradition about washing their hands before eating.  Je-
sus criticizes them for being committed to oral traditions that went beyond,
even led them to think of ways to contradict, the (Old Testament) written laws.;&version=49;;&version=49;

  He then addressed the general gathering of people to add that nothing outside
someone that they put inside themself can make them unclean--defilement comes
from within.  Jesus' followers told him they weren't sure what he meant (some
foods were unclean by written law).  Jesus repeats that something put into one's
mouth just goes through them.  (Some translations add the phrase: "Thus he de-
clared all foods clean").  But lying, stealing, murdering, etc. (Jesus empha-
sized the ethical, not ritual, concerns of written law), come from within.