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Glen T. Winstein

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put in follower's hands the lives of clean animals to kill for offerings to God
(Gen.8:20-22) and now the lives of all animals to kill for food, he didn't ap-
prove of his creatures taking human life at all before (Gen.4:1-15).  But now,
for someone taking a human life, created in God's image, that takes it without
God's permission, so is therefore a murderer, God required a payback of shed
"blood"--life--from the manslaying person (or animal for overstepping man's
dominion over them? Gen.1:28; 9:2): a follower was required to execute them.
(A punishment for eating blood isn't clarified.)

  According to the Biblical Medical Ethics, Inc. web page: all creatures have
the breath of life (Hebrew: "ruwach") and are all living souls (Hebrew: "neph-
esh chayim"; Gen.1:21,24; 2:7; 9:12ff) with the life principle in the blood
(Gen.9:4,5).  We share the life principle, but it isn't the life principle it-
self that's precious.  "Genesis 9 in a single stroke demonstrates a sharp dis-
continuity between human and animal life by simultaneously prohibiting man-
slaughter (9:5-6) and establishing God's approval of humans killing animals for
food (9:3-4).  The key is found in Genesis 1:26-28, 2:18-25, and 9:5-7; it is
that only man is created in the image of God."

  Mosaic law in the Old Testament

  Lev.11; Deut.14:1-21; others

  Where clean and unclean foods for Israelites are listed, human flesh and
blood aren't given, so they aren't given as permitted food.  If a punishment
for eating them is to be imagined, it would be in the most general statements
about not eating blood and in sections about not eating unclean animals.;&version=49;;&version=49;

  Blood eating bans among verses on animal sacrifices and the ritual use of an-
imal blood

  Lev.1:1,2; 3:17

  Among verses about how to use animals for sacrifices, Israelites are told not
to eat blood.;&version=49;;&version=49;


  Israelites shall eat no blood of birds or animals.  If they do, they shall be
cut off from their people. ("Cut off" meant execution or being disfellowshipped
with execution only meant in verses that stipulate that.  The JW leaders give
it as always meaning execution.  See p.42).;&version=49;


  Israelites and alien residents (generally thought to be Mosaic law followers
who were uncircumcised and therefore prohibited from keeping the Passover--Ex.
12:48) (see pp.28-30) must slaughter their domestic animals as sacrifices to the
Lord (Jehovah--NWT) (and to no false gods) or be cut off from their people.  The
life of the flesh is in the blood.  The blood, as God has directed, is to be put
onto the altar for atonement (the follower sacrifices their animal's literal and;&version=49;