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Glen T. Winstein

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Glenster's Side 2

  The Lost and Damned

  III  The missions

  III.1  "The Lost and Damned" mission tree and storyline choices

  "The Lost and Damned" mission tree and storyline choices

  Thanks to Robert Rusk, as in my earlier GTA walk-throughs, for much of the
mission sequence, basic strategy, and some of the specific information used for
this walk-through.

  Part one

  III.2  In the beginning....  (cutscene intro)

  Billy Grey: Lou Sumrall  Lou played Aryan in two 2002 episodes of the TV ser-
ies "Oz," Frank Taggart, 2001, and Clayton Miles, 2005, in two episodes of the
TV series "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," Cooper/1995 and John Garvey/2006
in two episodes of the TV series "Law & Order," the Cowboy Palin Supporter in
the TV movie "Game Change," 2012, etc.

  Chad: Ryan Woodle  Ryan played Wade in "The Bonnie Situation," 2005, Jeffrey
Carnes in "The Box," 2009, reprised his role as Chad in the game "Grand Theft
Auto V," 2013, played Joseph Pines in the 2014 short "Family on Board," Barry
in a 2014 episode of the TV series "Person of Interest," etc.

  Mr. Roncero: José Ramón Rosario  Jose played Mr. Jenkins in a 2000 episode of
the TV series "Third Watch," Lt. Friel in "Mystic River," 2003, a Cabbie/Piano
Mover #2 in "Stay," 2005, Benny in the 2012 short "Going Local," Maitre d'Hector
in "The Wolf of Wall Street," 2013, etc.

  The protagonist, Johnny Klebitz, is vice president of The Lost Brotherhood Mo-
torcyle Club.  He leads the club members, including Angus who's in a wheelchair,
from the club house.  Johnny leads all but Angus to take their bikes to see
Billy Grey.  Biker club members include Jimmy Fitzgerald (treasurer), Brian Jer-
emy (club secretary), Terrence ?Terry? Thorpe (sergeant at arms--weapon suppli-
er), Jason Michaels (enforcer), and Clayton ?Clay? Simons (road captain).  (One
of the peds they pass is Niko Bellic.)

  Billy is released on probation from rehab sarcastically playing along with the
idea that he's found rehabilitation through religion to appease his rehab worker
Chad and a skeptical parole officer Mr. Roncero.  After they're gone, Johnny
gives Billy his biker club jacket and he's identified on the screen as "presi-

  Billy Grey's missions

  III.3  Clean and Serene

  Johnny Klebitz: Scott Hill  Scott gave his voice to Johnny in "IV," 2008, TLaD
and TBoGT, 2009, and "V," 2013.  He was also the subject of the 2012 documntary
"Styling the Past" (at the next link).

  Jim Fitzgerald: Chris McKinney (Dennis Predovic in "IV") played various char-
acters in the TV series "The Dana Carvey Show," 1996, Attorney Donavan in four
2003 and 2007 episodes of the TV series "Queens Supreme," Detective Noland in a
2015 episode of the TV series "House of Cards," etc.  He also supplied voices
for many games: War Dogs/Ramirez for "Manhunt, 2003, Oscar Calraca (multiplayer)
for "Bioshock 2," 2010, Dispatch for "Need For Speed: Most Wanted," 2012, Sol-
diers for Crysis 3," 2013,  Patrol Cop #3 for "Need for Speed: Rivals," 2013, a
voice for "Alien: Isolation," 2014, etc.

  Clay Simons: Keith Randolph Smith  Keith played Brother Gene in "Malcolm X,"
1992, Curtis Barnett in two 1992 episodes of the TV series "I'll Fly Away,"
Eugene Watson in a 1995 episode of the TV series "New York Undercover," a Jail-
house Attorney/2002 and Sabo Mechanic/2006 in a couple episodes of the TV series
"Law & Order: Criminal Intent," Father Hendry in a 2004 episode of the TV series
"Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," etc.  He's appeared on Broadway playing Ed
Anderson for the revival of "Come Back Little Sheba," 2008, did voice imaging
for The Vibe 98.8 for "IV," 2008, and reprised his role of Clay again for "V,"

  Terry Thorpe: Joshua Burrow  Joshua's stage performances include appearing in
David Rabe's "Hurlyburly" and Sam Shepard's" Fool for Love," he played Captain
Henry Morgan in a global media campaign, Thomas Caine in "The Crimson Mask: Di-
rector's Cut," 2011, reprised his role as Terry in GTA "V," 2013, played Scuyver
in a 2015 episode of the TV series "Banshee," etc.

  Jason Michaels: Bill Burr  Bill played Billy/Detective/Various in three 2004
episodes of the TV series "Chappelle's Show," has appeared as a comic on radio
in "The Opie & Anthony Show," 2008, starred his own comedy specials such as
"Bill Burr: Let It Go," 2010, etc., reprised the role of Jason he played in GTA
"IV," appeared as himself in eight 2012-2015 episodes of the late night TV ser-
ies "Conan," played Kuby in five episodes of the TV series "Breaking Bad," etc.

  Brian Jeremy: Adrian Martinez  Adrian played Ramone in two 2000 episodes of
the TV series "The Sopranos," Sam Wolfe in a 2000 episode of the TV series
"Third Watch," Adrian in "Mail Order Wife," 2004, "Gorgeous" Chris Borges in the
YV movie "Three Strikes," 2006, Johnny in "It's Kind of a Funny Story," 2010,
Manuel in "Casa de mi Padre," 2012, Hector in six 2011-2012 episodes of the TV
series "A Gifted Man," Jim/2013 Juror/2015 Delivery Guy/2015 in three episodes
of the TV series "Inside Amy Schumer," etc.

  Angus Martin: Brian Tarantina  Brian played Rickman in a 1988 episode of the
TV series "Miami Vice," Speller in "Carlito's Way," 1993, Bruno in "Donnie Bras-
co," 1997, a Fighting Neighbor in "The Talented Mr. Ripley," 1999, Vinnie Culi-
ari in 12 2007 episodes of the TV series "The Black Donnellys," Lucky Lippman
(1990-1991) and Ray Castillo (2004-present) in the TV soap opera "One Life to
Live," Mustang Sally in a 2001 episode of the TV series "The Sopranos," Yorke in
a 2013 episode of the TV series "Person of Interest," etc.

  Ashley Butler: Traci Godfrey  Traci played Ms. Pistone in a 2001 episode of
the TV series "Law & Order," Edwina Fowley in a 2001 episode of the TV series
"The Sopranos," Det. Agnes Farley in 10 2002-2011 episodes of the TV series "Law
& Order: Criminal Intent," Dr. Elaine Schiller in 25 2005-2008 episodes of the
TV soap opera "As the World Turns," and here reprises the role of Ashley from
"IV," 2008, which she played again in "V," 2013.

  "Clean and Serene"

  Have Johnny use his Hexer to drive Billy and lead the gang from the Westdyke
Memorial Hospital rehab center (which strangely is in Leftwood) at the south-
west-northeast lane just north of the "an" of "Panhandle Rd" on the paper map,
to the clubhouse of The Lost on the south side of Berners Rd., Acter, Alderney.

  Once there (Billy: "Hoo-ha!") John and Billy argue.  Strapped for cash used to
pay for food, Billy's rehab, etc., Johnny had to let the Deadbeats gang, whom
Billy brought harm, keep Billy's Revenant 'cycle.  It chopped a girl's leg off
and Billy put Joe Jon's nephew in a coma.  Billy insists that they get it back
and talks Johnny into it for the sake of loyalty over peace and prosperity.

  ("Hooha" was a running gag in the early years of Mad, often exclaimed by char-
acters in the comic book issues written and edited by Harvey Kurtzman. Its some-
what Eastern European feel was a perfect fit for the New York Jewish style of
the magazine. Kurtzman liked using Yiddish expressions and nonsense words to hu-
morous effect, and the very first story in the first issue of Mad was even ti-
tled "Hoohah!" The word's precise origin is unknown, although it may have sprung
from the Hungarian word for "wow," which is Huha.)

  The Lost refer to the Angels of Death as Deadbeats (and the AoD refer to The
Lost as Losers).  The AoD, a nationwide club, seem to be a reference to Hell's
Angels with the name also a reference to the criminality of Nazi doctor Josef
Mengele whose tortuous murdering earned him the nickname the Angel of Death.
The Hell's Angels motorcycle club is considered an organized crime syndicate by
the U.S. Department of Justice.

  Have Johnny drive Billy and lead The Lost to the chop shop.  A gang member
says it's on Guantanamo Ave. but it's in the middle of the southeast side of the
nameless street parallel to and southeast of Jackhammer St., Industrial, Bohan.

  (Don't worry if the followers get caught up on something--they teleport back
behind Johnny.  In fact, if you don't keep up the pace they may occasionally
bump into Johnny's 'cycle.)

  In one of the two possible dialoques Johnny tells Billy he ought to visit An-
gus--the handicapped member of The Lost seen in the intro.  (Later, Angus Martin
sends Johnny Emails and is someone you can have Johnny call after missions simi-
lar to your ability to learn more about the characters by having Niko call Roman
after missions in "IV.")

  At the shop, Billy has Pretty Boy's face held to a running wheel of a 'cycle
so PD quickly admits the Angels of Death (enemy motorcycle club) took Billy's
'cycle.  Billy swings a hammer into PB's face.

  Have Johnny drive Billy and lead the others to the hangout of the AOD--the
Rusty Schit Salvage yard on the northeast side of the northeast stretch of Grum-
mer Rd., Northwood, Algonquin.  On the way, Johnny tells Billy he went too far
with Pretty Boy, that he's getting too violent, that Angus lost his legs for
life, but Billy insists on obedience.

  Have Johnny help his gang kill eight attacking members of the AOD before any
of The Lost are killed in a Sawn-off shotguns and Pistols fight.  There are a
couple of exploding barrels on the north side of the yard.  Don't let any of the
'cycles get destroyed.  You can have Johnny drive from the scene, such as for
Armor, but one of The Lost may die left to fight without Johnny.
  "TLaD - Clean and Serene (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010

  Johnny starts off with a Sawn-off shotgun which you can have him use from his
'cycle, and which means having Johnny move in closer to attackers, but you can
also have him use the weapons of fallen enemies.

  Have Johnny follow Billy with the rest of the club back to the Clubhouse.  A
Lost logo--as appears on the back of their jackets--appears occasionally on the
ground behind Billy's bike.  Have Johnny drive onto the logo for Health, Armor,
and 'cycle repair.

  Back at the club, Billy tells Johnny to call Ashley for group sex with The

  Johnny has $850.

  You get the "One Percenter" Achievement.

  You can have Johnny call Angus who says Billy will run himself into a hole--he
doesn't see Angus or anything that he doesn't want to see.

  You can have Johnny call Ashley who seems to carry a torch for him but, while
he wishes her well, he doesn't trust her and thinks she's still an ice (crack
cocaine or smokable methamphetamine) addict.

  You can have Johnny at the clubhouse play the Hi-Lo card game, Arm Wrestle,
play Pool, use his mattress to save the game, use the TV or computer, and use
the parking lot to save vehicles.

  According to The Lost MC clubhouse looks like the Hells Angels
clubhouse in New York.

  From the start you can have Johnny call Terry for weapons and call Clay for
'cycles.  Johnny starts out with a Hexer and a Hexer regularly appears in the
alley by the front of the clubhouse.

  There's an Armor pickup iun an alley south of the clubhouse on the same block.
Enter the alley on the west side of Vitullo Ave.

  A safer way to save a pair of bikes so the traffic doesn't shove them out of
the save place may be to park them parallel to the curb and near it with a car
between them.

  When you have Johnny honk as he drives among The Lost they honk, whoop, etc.,
in response.

  III.4  Gang members' toughness

  At the end of each mission horizontal bars appear--one by the first name of
Terry, Clay, and four others of The Lost gang members.  The more a grey bar is
filled with white and blue, the more tough/battle hardened the gang member is.
They get more max Health, accuracy, shooting speed, and a weapon upgrade each
time they complete a mission with Johnny.
  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Intro & Mission #1 - Clean and Serene (1080p)" by
GTA Series Videos

  Press Tab during a mission with The Lost to view how tough the gang members
with Johnny are.  You can go to Stats > Player to see the toughness of Terry and

  If a less important biker dies (which happens often even if they're very
tough) they're replaced and their portrait is put on the Memorial Wall in the
Clubhouse.  If Terry or Clay gets killed you have to restart the mission from
the last checkpoint.  This isn't the same in Gang Wars--if Terry or Clay die in
a Gang War it continues without stopping or restarting." (Thanks to Enjoii)

  Use manual, not auto, save after each Gang War.  If Terry or Clay die you can
reload the save.
  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Full Chat Achievement / Trophy (1080p)" by GTA
Series Videos

  Terry and Clay upgrade to better weapons as they get tougher.
  Terry starts off with an Automatic pistol then gets a Micro-SMG, then an AK47,
then, at 100% toughness, a Carbine rifle (M4A1) and a Micro Uzi for drivebys.
  Clay starts off with a Pump shotgun then gets a Sawn-off shotgun, then a Com-
bat shotgun, then, at 100% toughness, an Assault shotgun and Molotov cocktails.

  When Jim achieves 100% toughness he gets an AK-47.

  When non-storyline characters achieve 100% toughness they get AK-47s, Molotov
cocktails, and Uzis.

  You can increase the toughness of Terry and Clay after "Hit the Pipe" (V.16),
too, by having Johnny call one for backup during a mission--both will show up.
Some missions have two paths--one without Terry and Clay and one with them as

  You get the ?Full Chat? Achievement by building the toughness of Clay and Ter-
ry to 100%.


  IV  Preliminaries for TLaD

  The bridges and Gun Stores are open from the start of the game.  You can use
EfLC to succeed at some of the same Achievements as for "IV."  Clothes stores
and Perestroika aren't available.  There are some changes to the scenery and
Stats.  There are new vehicles, weapons, radio and TV stations, and new sites
added to Higgins Helitours.

  IV.1  Save places and parking spaces

  The Clubhouse on Berners Rd., Acter, Alderney, has a save place mattress in
the STORE ROOM and a parking space that can be used to save vehicles.  Johnny
can also save vehicles in the parking space at Brian's save place on the north
side of Emery St. west of the west end of Tinderbox Ave., south Tudor, Alderney,
before being able to save the game there and at any of the parking spaces pro-
vided by "IV."

  The Lost Clubhouse is the only save place till after "Bad Standing" (V.18).
The Clubhouse has front and side entrances.  On the first floor is a save game
bed, a computer, and a TV.  The second floor has Arm Wrestling, Hi-Lo, Pool, and
QUB3D machine activities.  The latter two can still be used for "IV" Achieve-
ments and you can have Johnny play pool with a nameless ped, or cancel a pool
game with a Friend, to cause a pool cue pickup to appear on the pool table.  The
clubhouse can be used for the Friend activity "Hang out"--see section IV.10.d
Friend activities.

  IV.2  Cell phone

  The cell phone works as it did in "IV."  You can have Johnny call Angus simi-
lar to having Niko call Roman after missions to learn more about the two making
the call or others.

  IV.3  Internet

  Have Johnny use the club PC to check his Email.  Angus predicts that Billy
will lead the biker group into fights and ruin.  Have Johnny respond--he thinks
so, too, and calls Angus a friend.  Ashley writes of her failed affair with
Johnny but that she misses him and that she's off drugs.  Have Johnny respond--
he doesn't want to renew their affair.

  IV.4  50 Seagulls  TLaD

  Have Johnny kill 50 Seagulls.  They're white seabirds that have long beaks and
squawk (their sound reminds me of the sound some monkeys make) and have a red
glow on the ground around them.  You can have Johnny kill them with any weapon
except a Fist or melee weapon.

  Thanks to Rusk for recommending the missions with wanted rating exploits as a
time to do this without causing a wanted rating.

  Having Johnny kill 50 Seagulls adds to 100% completion and the Innovation mo-
torcycle appears near the side door of the Clubhouse.


  1.  It's on the southwest side of the roof of a garage indicated on the radar/
maps as the right vertical bar of a roughly "H" shape semicircled by Red Wing
Ave. in northwest Acter Industrial Park.
  2. It' on the guard rail by the top of the stairs to a catwalk that's the
first west-east one south of Muskteer Ave. where it's both beneath the wide
east-west stretch of southern Plumbers Skyway and is also north of the middle of
the parking lot indicated by a rectangle on the radar/maps, Acter Industrial
  3. It's on the ground at the northeast corner of the T-intersection of Toggle
Ave. and a nameless north-south street which is west of the T-intersection of
Toggle Ave. and Grenadier St.
  4. It's on the rail of an abandoned railroad track indicated by a grey west-
east line on the east side of Niblick St. south of Hardtack Ave., east Tudor.
  5. It's on the southern edge of a wall of a building under construction at the
northwest corner of a T-intersection of nameless roads north of the eastern of
three "+" shapes on the radar/maps in west Tudor.
  6. It's on the grass east of Plumbers Skyway roughly west of the west end of
Berners Rd. in west Acter.
  7. It's on a low wall by te sidewalk on the west side of Mueri St. north of
Strower Ave. in east Acter.
  8. It's on a low wall at the foot of stairs by the sidewalk on the south side
of Cockerell Ave. west of Vitullo Ave., Berchem.
  9. It's on a slope of grass east of Plumbers Skyway roughly southwest of the
intersection of Keneckie Ave. and Bedrock St. in west Alderney City.
  10. It's on a hand rail on a wall on the north side of the parking lot in Nor-
mandy that's on the west side of the nameless north-south road that's north of
the bisected rounded rectangle of roads of Normandy/Port Tudor.
  11. It's on the Lombank sign over the doors of Lombank on the east side of the
nameless road between Koresh Sq. and Asahara Rd. and just north of Asahara Rd.
in south Alderney City.
  12. It's on the bus stop shelter on the west side of Applewhite St. between
where it passes over another road and Rand Ave. in east Alderney City.
  13. It's on a low wall on the west side of the western of two ramps between
Panhandle Rd. and Manzano Rd. in west Leftwood.
  14. It's on the grass of a divider of a parking lot indicated on the radar/
maps as the biggest lighter grey area east of the eastern stretch of Bridger St.
in east Leftwood.
  15. It's on a low wall at the coast west of Beaverhead Ave. south of Big Horn
Dr. in west Westdyke and north of the strip mall.
  16. It's on the lawn at the edge of a cliff between the northeast curve of
Beaverhead and the shortest of the nearby dirt roads.

  Algonquin, Charge Island, Colony Island

  17. It's on the corner of the sidewalk by a parking lot for apartment build-
ings on the north side of Frankfort Ave. west of Exeter Ave., Northwood.
  18. It's beside a tree in the sidewalk on the south side of Wardite St. where
it intersects with Vespucci Circus west of Denver Ave., Northwood.
  19. It's on the corner of a low wall at the top of the stairs on the east side
of Ivy Drive North north of Topaz St., North Holland.
  20. It's on a low divider wall by the toll booths on the north-south stretch
of raised highway on Charge Ialand.
  21. It's on the west curb of the most western north-south walkway north of
Quartz St. in Middle Park.
  22. It's on the west curb of the walkway in Middle Park west of the west end
of the eastern stretch of Obsidian St.
  23. It's in the slightly recessed rectangular section of the plaza south of
the west end of the western stretch of Obsidian St. (which is near where it
curves into Ivy Drive South), Middle Park West.
  24. It's on the ground in the southern west-east alley that's between Frank-
fort Ave. and Galveston Ave. and north of Hell Gate, Purgatory.
  25. It's by the southern lamp post in the grey brick north-south sidewalk be-
tween Kunzite St. and Jade St. east of Frankfort Ave., Star Junction.
  26. It's by the third tree, south to north, in the sidewalk on the west side
of Albany Ave. north of Jade St., Lancet.
  27. It's on the handrail of the outdoor walkway of the second floor of the
east side of the southern apartment building in the southern section of Colony
  28. It's on the stone low wall of the elevated sidewalk on the east side of
Columbus Ave. south of Iron St., The Triangle.  There are stairs on either side
of the walk.
  29. It's on a porch roof of a loading dock between Iron St. and Hematite St.
west of Frankfort Ave., The Meat Quarter.
  30. It's by a doorway for Didier Sachs on the west side of Back Passage (a
little street south of Garnet St. and Rotterdam Tower), Suffolk.
  31. It's on the ledge above the UTBNB store windows closed by shutters on the
north side of Emerald St. east of Luddite Row, Chinatown (near the border of
Lower Easton).
  32. It's on the ground in a covered area of the corner of an apartment build-
ing on the west side of Columbus Ave. and south side of Barium St., The Exchange
(near the border of City Hall).

  Broker, Dukes, Bohan

  33. It's on the side of steps to row houses on the east side of Wappinger Ave.
south of Hardin St., Hove Beach.
  34. It's on a wall by the sidewalk on the north side of Ringo St. just east of
Mohegan Ave., Firefly Projects.
  35. It's on a short fence post for the FLORAL CO. on the west side of Onion
St., Rotterdam Hill.
  36. It's on the ground in the northeast area of the alley that can be entered
on the south side of Dillon St. east of Seneca Ave., Schottler.
  37. It's on the metal guard rail on the north side of Carson St. north of the
north end of Tutelo Ave., Cerveza Heights.
  38. It's on a guard rail on the south side of the most southern ramp from the
Broker-Dukes Expressway to the airport, Francis International Airport.
  39. It's on the tarmac.  From the north section of the road around the termin-
el use the path shown on the radar/maps to go north then northwest.  The pigeon
is between the first and second private jet on your right.
  40. It's on the lawn by the steps with a green awning on the south side of
Carollton St. east of Seymour Ave., Willis.
  41. It's on the grass by the southeast onramp from northern Cleves Ave. to the
Broker-Dukes Expressway, Meadows Park.
  42. It's on the middle platform of the scaffolding on the west side of the red
and yellow building covered with graffiti that's on the west side of Dukes Blvd.
north of Stone St., Cerveza Heights.
  43. It's on the north wall of the first, south to north, west-east alley be-
tweeen Concord Ave. and Trenton Ave. north of Morris St., Steinway.
  44. It's on the lawn between the first and seond, south to north, of four
apartment buildings indicated on the radar/maps by mainly rectangular shapes
west of San Quentin Ave., South Bohan.
  45. It's on the awning of the DELI GROCERY store on the north side of Lotus
St. at the east side of Rykers Ave., Fortside.
  46. It's on the globe atop a stone fence post on the north side of Grand Blvd.
east of Uprock St., Boulevard.
  47. It's on the lawn north of Butterfly St., Boulevard.  From the north end of
Uprock St. go east to the second telephone pole then go north.
  48. It's on the northeast end of the first long oblong planter seen when go-
ing, from the east-most part of Valdez St., Boulevard.
  49. It's on the low wall of the steps for an apartment building on the south
side of the nameless street east of Coxsack Ave. and south of Bronco St., Little
  50. It's on the lawn at the top edge of a cliff north of the Northern Express-
way (imagine a line north from the north end of Altona Ave.), Northern Gardens.

  IV.5  Arm Wrestling

  This is available on the second floor of the Clubhouse.

  Press the LMB to begin arm wrestling with a $100 wager.

  If you have a gaming mouse use the highest of three levels of sensitivity.  Go
to Controls > Keyboard/Mouse Options > Mouse Sensitivity, note where your typi-
cal or the default position is (mine is below the right edge of the "e" of "Tog-
gle"), and turn it up to the max.  (Remember to set it back afterward.)

  Use one hand to rapidly slide the mouse side to side between the thumb and
fingers of the other hand to win.

  Press E to quit and forfeit the game.

  The best of three rounds wins.

  Press the LMB for a rematch--$200 wager.

  After "Action/Reaction" it's also available at

  - the Angels of Death Clubhouse on the east side of a nameless road under
Union Drive West north of the east end of the Hickey Bridge, west North Holland,
Algonquin--$200 wager.

  - the Uptown Riders Clubhouse on Exeter Ave. just north of Frankfort Ave.,
Northwood, Algonquin--$300 wager.

  IV.6  Hi-Lo

  Hi-Lo is a card game available at $10 a hand on the second floor of the Club-

  The objective is to guess whether the next card dealt will have a higher or
lower value than the card on the table.  The value of the current card is given
in the upper right corner of the screen.

  Press the Up arrow key to predict the next card will be higher than a card
that's six or lower.
  Press the Down arrow key to predict the next card will be lower than a card
that's seven or higher.
  Aces are low--worth 1.
  If two players get the same card they lose their turn.

  Each player takes a turn to guess. If they guess correctly they stay in the
game and the next player at the table takes a turn.  If a player guesses incor-
rectly they're removed from the game till the next round.  The last player left
is the winner and takes the pot of $40.

  Playing Hi-Lo isn't required for 100%.

  IV.7  Pool

  Pool is available at the Clubhouse and, as in "IV," at the Homebrew Cafe at
the corner of the south side of a nameless street and the west side of the south
end of Tutelo Avenue in Beechwood City.  It's played the same as in "IV."

  You can cut past Johnny or his opponent setting up his shot by pressing the

   After having Johnny play pool the pool cue pickup appears on the table.  The
pool cue can be used as a melee weapon.

  IV.8  Darts

  The game of darts is available at the Steinway Beer Garden at Yorktown Ave.
and Morris St., Steinway, Dukes, and at Lucky Winkles, Galveston Ave. and Hell
Gate, Purgatory, Algonquin.  It's played the same as in "IV."

    IV.9.a  Air Hockey

  Air Hockey is available at the same two Memory Lanes bowling alleys found in
"IV": in Firefly Island, Broker, and in The Meat Quarter, Algonquin.

  It's a two person table game version of hockey.  Each player uses a round
sliding mallet instead of a hockey stick to move the puck.  The table is sur-
rounded by a rail to keep the mallets and puck from leaving the table.  Each has
a goal--a slot at their end of the table.   Try to have Johnny get the puck--di-
rectly or by ricochet--in the opponent's goal and keep the opponent from getting
the puck in Johnny's goal.  The first to score seven goals wins.

  Use the mouse to move Johnny's mallet.
  Use the LMB to shove the mallet forward quickly--a power shot.
  Press V to change view.
  Press E to quit.

  IV.9.b  Bowling

  Bowling can't be used for a Friend activity and isn't required for 100%.  You
could still have Johnny bowl alone and use it for a "IV" Achievement like "Gob-
ble Gobble."

  Bowling is available at the two locations of Memory Lanes.  One is on the
southeastern curve of the elevated boardwalk at Firefly Island near Beach Gate
in Broker, and the other is at the Golden Pier which is along a nameless road (a
sort of driveway) parallel to and west of Union Drive West northwest of the west
end of Iron St., Westminster.

  IV.10  Friends

  IV.10.a  Jim Fitzgerald

  After "Clean and Serene" you can have Johnny call Jim, select Weapons, and se-
lect a weapon to have him leave a one-time pickup of the weapon on a table by
the pool table on the second floor of the Clubhouse.  These are the weapons Jim
can provide:

  Pistol, Micro-SMG, Sawn-Off Shotgun from now onward
  9mm Automatic Pistol after "Bad Cop Drop"
  Pipe Bombs after "Hit the Pipe"

  IV.10.b  Clay Simons

  If you destroy Johnny's Hexer after "Clean and Serene" you can have him bring
up his phone and call Clay > Bikes > Hexer and Clay will drive by to leave one
in the street east of The Lost Clubhouse.

  After "Hit the Pipe" (V.16) you can have Johnny call Clay for backup and Terry
and Clay will provide it.

  (When Clay shouts while driving his voice sometimes reminds me of Glottis from
the 1998 game "Grim Fandango.")

  IV.10.c  Terry Thorpe

  You can have Johnny call Terry, select "Gun Van," and Terry's black Slamvan
appears nearby and he'll sell Armor and any weapon except a Baseball bat or Pool
cue from it after "Clean and Serene," the Grenade Launcher after "Action/Reac-
tion," and he'll give them for free after the last story mission "Get Lost."

  After "Hit the Pipe" (V.16) you can have Johnny call Terry for backup and Ter-
ry and Clay will provide it.

  IV.10.d  Friend activities

  After "Clean and Serene" you can have Johnny call Jim, Clay, or Terry and se-
lect a Friend activity--Air Hockey, Show (Split Sides), Darts, Drinking, Eating,
Pool, or Strip Club--all three will go on the activity with Johnny.  When you've
done the activity you called about the others drive away.  Take Terry and Clay
to each of them for 100%.

  Hang Out

  You can also have Johnny call a Friend from more than a few blocks away from
the clubhouse to have the Friend answer the phone call to Hang Out and respond
favorably.  The Friend meets Johnny near the side entrance to The Lost MC club-
house and they can do up to three activities: Arm Wrestling, Hi-Lo, and Pool.
You're offered a chance to replay the activity if you stay in it bu not if you
leave it.  Doing all three with a Friend at the clubhouse is a good way to raise
their Like stat.  When you're done you can have Johnny end the activity by going
a short distance away from the clubhouse property (such as halfway across the

  Johnny can't hang out with Jim after "Was It Worth It?" and can't Hang Out
with anyone after "Get Lost" when the clubhouse isn't open.

  Have Johnny win at Air Hockey, Arm Wrestling, Darts, and Pool with anyone,
Friend or ped, for 100%.  (Rusk recommends you have Johnny beat a Friend at Air
Hockey, Darts, and Pool to be sure you get credit.)  Terry is the easiest Friend
to beat at Arm Wrestling but you can have Johnny beat all three Friends if you
raise your mouse sensitivity to the max as explained in section IV.5  Arm Wres-

  Have Johnny call to cancel if you don't want him to go on a scheduled activity
to avoid having Like points subtracted.  Having him call a Friend for an activi-
ty who turns down the offer won't cause points to be subtracted.


  V  The missions for TLaD cont.

  Jim Fitzgerald's missions

  V.1  Liberty City Choppers

  Ed McCornish: Wass Stevens  Wass provided the voice of Max Tyler in five 1999-
2001 episodes of the TV series "Daria," played Nick Golliday in the 2003 short
"Killing Pedro Rivera," Nick Volpe in "The Wrestler," 2008, Corrections Officer
Willis/2004 ESU Lieutenant/2006  ESU #1/2006 Curren/2013 and Slice/2015 in five
episodes of the TV series "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," Paul Capra in
three 2013 episodes of the TV series "House of Cards," etc.

  Jimmy Matthews: Matthew P. McCarthy  Matthew played Attorney Sullivan in a
2007 episode of the TV seies "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," provided the
voice of The Police for the 2005 game "The Warriors," the voices of a Pedestrian
and a Background Character in the 2010 game "Red Dead Redemption," reprised his
role as Jimmy for GTA "V," 2013, etc.

  Jim calls Johnny to meet him on Aspdin in Acter.

  Have Johnny go to a parking lot indicated in grey on the radar/maps on the
west side of Aspdin Dr. just north of Hardtack Ave.  Jim wants Johnny to help
him steal 'cycles from the Angels of Death so Jim can sell them to someone who
ships them to Japan.  Have Johnny drive with Jim to the lot on the east side of
Babbage Dr. on the north side of the grey spot that's south of Asahara Rd. in
southeast Alderney City, get in the Yankee flatbed with Jim, and drive to the
lot by a diner on the south side of Emery St. east of Julin St.

  On the way, Jim says the 'cycles are by the Deadbeats (AoD) hangout in Tudor.

  Thanks to Robert Rusk for the tip to have Johnny gather three 'cycles at the
base of the truck before putting a fourth one on the truck because the AoD don't
appear and start attacking until a 'cycle is loaded onto the truck.  You only
need to have Johnny get four 'cycles on the truck (the back gate of it will be
closed after the fourth).

  (Thanks to GTA Forums poster crackman5000 for the tip that you can leave the
truck of bikes near the dropoff marker and go on a wanted rating exploit.  Rusk
recommends having Johnny jump the walls to the north of that so Jim won't fol-
low Johnny.)

  When the shootout starts take Jim's advice and have Johnny call Terry or Clay
to cause both to arrive for backup.  (Having Johnny call either will result in
that but Terry is pre-selected on the phone so it's faster to call him.)  As ex-
plained in section III.4, having them as backup in missions increases their
fighting ability, etc.  Have Johnny use the Carbine rifle or SMG.  When all of
the AoD are dead, make sure all four bikes are on the truck and Jim gets in it
then have Johnny drive it back to the lot off Aspdin Dr.  As you have him get
back on Emery St. four 'cycles of AoD attackers give chase and shoot.  You can
pause to have Johnny shoot them or just drive.

  Two crooked LCPD officers (Ed McCornish and Jimmy Matthews) blackmail Johnny
and Jim into thinking of an amount to pay them off to avoid being turned in.
The officers saw the shootout and know the bikes are stolen.  Meanwhile, the of-
ficers drive off with the Yankee and the four bikes on it.

  Johnny gets $1,000.

  Bars indicate the improved toughness of Jim, Terry, and Clay.

  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Mission #5 - Liberty City Choppers (1080p) by GTA
Series Videos

  V.2  Liberty City Bike Races

  Johnny gets a call from Terry inviting him to race.  There are 12 bike races--
one is available at a time at the radar/map icon of a stylized white "C" on a
red background where a marker for it appears over the road.  The next race is
offered the closest to where you last completed a mission (including a Bike
Race) or Drug War.  After completing all the races they'll still be offered the
closest to where he last completed a mission or Drug War.  If you have Johnny
lose a race the icon/marker for it will appear afterward so you can try again.

  In my limited experience I'd recommend the Hakuchou sports bike (245-555-0199)
with the Bati Custom sport bike or the Diabolus chopper as second choices as the
better handling fast bikes.  See section I.6.b for descriptions and locations.
Rusk recommends the NRG-900 sports bike still available since "IV" (Westdyke
Autos, Lemhi St./Sacramento Ave., Alderney, and at the north end of the runways
at the sirport).

  A race course is indicated in yellow on the radar/in-game map like a GPS route
and yellow markers dot the course.  The last yellow marker includes a checker-
board finish flag design.  The game is pretty generous about the distance Johnny
can be from a yellow marker and be counted as going through the area of it.

  The racers each get a Baseball bat to use to knock other racers off their
bikes.  If you have Johnny knock 69 bikers from their bikes you get the "Get
Good Wood" Achievement--see section I.4  Single player Achievements for tips--
but it isn't required for 100% completion.

  The number of races lost isn't given in the Stats so you don't have to worry
about that if you want to use some races just for increasing the number of bik-
ers knocked of their bikes.  You might use the gimmick given in I,4 of having
Johnny knock a biker off their bike then parking beside their bike to knock them
off the moment they get reseated.

  Johnny gets %500 for the first race and $250 is added per race ($500, $750,
  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Bike Races (1080p)" by GTA Series Videos

  V.2.a  Alderney Bike Races

  Alderney Beach  Three laps

  The race starts about a block north of the north end of Applewhite St. a bit
north of a big indentation of the coast. It goes north along the coast including
the "IV" stunt jump over a small inlet, along the northeast coast of Alderney,
east then south on Beaverhead Ave., east then south on Sacramento Ave., (there's
a three sided bin which can can be used for a jump for a shortcut), south on
Bridger St., east on Frankiln St., north on Applewhite St., and north along the
coast to the starting point.

  Alderney Casino  Three laps

  The race starts on Big Horn Drive a bit west of the northeast curve.  It goes
west on Big Horn Dr., north on Cassiar Ave., east on Beaverhead Ave., north on
the nameless deadend road, counter-clockwise around the abandoned casino, east
through and past the tunnel, clockwise along the coast, south on the eastern
then main branches of dirt road, south on Beaverhead Ave., west on Sacramento
Ave., west on Owl Creek Ave., and north then west on Big Horn Dr. to the start-
ing point.

  Alderney City  Three laps

  The race starts on Boyden Ave. by the northeast end of Koresh Sq.  It goes
south on Boyden Ave., west then north around what I'm guessing is the east block
of Koresh Sq., north through an alley, northeast across Jonestown Ave., north
through an alley that has a couple of 90 degree bends and a picket fence to go
through, west on Lyndon Ave., north then northeast on Bowline (street), south-
east, north, then east on Long John Ave. (you may take a zigzag shortcut through
the alley from Bowline to the last stretch of Long John Ave.), south then east
on Franklin Ave., south on Rand Ave., west over the "S" curve of Applewhite St.,
southwest across Jonestown Ave., and west through an alley to the starting

  Alderney Industrial  Two laps

  The race starts on Barsac Ave. west of Latchkey Ave.  It goes west, south
across the inlet over Mandrel Rd., west then southwest on Plumbbob Ave., north-
east on Red Wing Ave., south on a nameless road, east on the second eastern
turn on a nameless road, south on the first southern turn on a nameless road and
continuing south past a couple minor turns as far south as possible, around a
bend to go east then north on Trinity Rd., east on Muskteer Ave., north, east,
southeast, and east on Praetorian Ave., north then east on Toggle Ave., north
over a curved walkway, west on Plumbbob Ave., north on Latchkey Ave., and west
on Barsac Ave. to the starting point.

  Tudor Docks  Three laps

  The race starts on Tinderbox Ave. (beneath the Plumbers Skyway on the radar/
maps) over Strower Ave.  It goes south and west on Tinderbox Ave., south on Em-
ery St. (beneath the Plumbers Skyway), southeast and south on Latchkey Ave.,
 (you can take a shortcut south from Latchkey Ave. south of the alley east of
Fulcrum Ave.--go south over the small break in the stone guard rail careful not
to hit the nearby telephone pole, go south west of the railroad track, and go
south over the grass to the next yellow marker on Latchkey Ave.),
  east, north, east, and north on a nameless coastal road, east, north, and west
on the east half of the rounded rectangle of coastal roads, north and northwest
on a nameless coastal road, and goes southwest and south on Tinderbox Ave. to
the starting point.

  "GTA IV TLAD - Race Tuder Docks" by ZMOONCHILD
  Zmoonchild has Johnny use a shortcut from the ramp-like dumpster at the edge
of Tinderbox Ave. to the railyard, go south to Latchkey Ave., then go left/east.

  North West Alderney  Two laps

  The race starts on Myung St. south of Lyndon Ave.  It goes south, west on Bed-
rock St., north then east on Keneckie Ave., north then east through a lot, east
a bit on Lockowski Ave.., north then northeast on Manano Rd., northwest then
north through the second lot indicated in grey on the left on the radar/maps,
west then northeast on Beaverhead Ave., southeast then northeast on Big Horn
Dr., east through an alley indicated in grey on the radar/maps parallel to and
south of Owl Creek Ave., south then east on Cariboo Ave., southwest on Ortiz
Rd., west then south on Flathead Rd., west on Manzano Rd., southeast on Long
John Ave., southwest then south on Bowline (street), west on Lyndon Ave., and
south on Myung (street) o the starting point.

  V.2.b  Algonquin Bike Races

  Holland  Three laps

  The race starts on Vespucci Circus a bit northeast of Xenotime St.  It goes
east, southeast, and south on Vespucci Circus, south on Astoria St., east on
Vauxite St., south on Cod Row, west on Uranium St., south on Columbus Ave., west
on Topaz St., south on Galveston Ave., west on Ruby St., north on Ivy Drive
South and Ivy Drive North, east and souteast on a nameless road, south on Gal-
veston Ave., east on Xenotime St., and northeast on Vespucci Circus to the
starting point.

  Park Circuit  Two laps

  The race starts on Exeter Ave. south of Xenotime St.  It goes south on Exeter
Ave., west on Uranium St., south on Galveston Ave., east on Quartz St., north on
Bismarck Ave., continues north then northwest on Walnut Way, and south on Exeter
Ave. to the starting point.

  V.2.c  East Side Bike Races

  Bohan Beach  Three laps

  The race starts in the tunnel east of the east stretch of Planche St.  It goes
northeast to the lot, counter-clockwise along the coast to the inlet north of
the north end of Planche St., goes south on a clockwise-curved path to Planche
St., south, east, south, east, and south on Planche St., and northeast to the
tunnel and the starting point.

  Bohan Steps  Three laps

  The race starts on Folsom Way south of Grand Blvd.  It goes southeast then
east, south then southeast on Rykers Ave., (you can take a shortcut over the
stairs down to Switch St.), west on Switch St., south on Joliet Ave., east on
Hollowback Rd., north on Attica Ave., east on Rykers Ave., north on Guantanamo
Ave., northwest then northeast on Beaumont Ave. (which curves into) northwest on
Greene Ave. (which curves into) west then south on Butterfly St., east on Grand
Blvd., and south on Folsom Way to the starting point.

  Bohan Strip  Three laps

  The race starts on Lompoc Ave. by the alley entrance northwest of Drill St.
It goes northwest on Lompoc Ave., northeast on a nameless road, southeast on
Leavenworth Ave., east on a nameless road, northeast through a lot to Caterpil-
lar St., east then south on Caterpillar St.,
  (you can continue east from the nameless road to take a shortcut over the walk
to Caterpillar St.),
  east on Bronco St., south on Coxsack Ave., west across a lot to the south end
of Coxsack Ave., southeast, south, west, and northwest to turn into Lompoc Ave.,
and northwest on Lompoc Ave. to the starting point.

  Schottler Station  Three laps

  The race starts on Carson St. at the intersection of it and a nameless road
east of the intersection of Carson St. and Stillwater Ave.  It goes west on Car-
son St., south on Wenrohronon Ave., west on Cassidy St., southwest on Cayuga
Ave., south of Bronco St. it goes south over a nameless road (shown on the ra-
dar/maps with the same grey as an alley), a bit southeast across Hickcock St.,
south through an alley, west on Mohegan Ave. and continues west on Deadwood St.,
south on Onondaga Ave., southwest across Ringo St., continues south on Onondaga
Ave., east on James St., northwest across a lawn to go north on Mohegan Ave.,
north on a sidewalk (not shown on the radar/maps), east on Hickock St., north-
east on the Broker-Dukes Expressway, and north and west on Carson St. to the
starting point.

  After the last race he gets $3,250 and a Hakuchou appears near the south end
of the alley that's on the west side of the clubhouse.

  Completing the 12 races is required for 100% completion.

  Jim Fitzgerald's missions cont.

  V.3  Bad Cop Drop

  Have Johnny go to the northwest bend of Aspdin Dr., Berchem.

  James gets Johnny to agree to teach the two rogue policemen trying to black-
mail them that The Lost will attack if they're threatened.  Johnny wants Jim to
lead him to the area where they met the two corrupt policemen near the club-

  Jim gives Johnny an Automatic 9mm (hold down the LMB to have it fire rapidly).
Have Johnny race Jim to the north side of Berners Rd., Acter.  (Johnny has dif-
ferent comments depending on who gets there first.)

  In the cutscene Jim approaches the two criminal policeman--one is standing by
an FIB Buffalo parked in a lot at the north side of Bermers Rd. and the other is
sitting in it.  After listening to some taunts Jim punches the standing police-
man in the stomach.

  Have Johnny use his 'cycle to follow Jim who says to go to Trinity (Rd.) in
Acter Industrial to meet some of The Lost (to ambush the policemen).  Have John-
ny lure the two unethical policemen in the FIB Buffalo to a lot at the west side
of the southwest corner of the loop of road that's at the south end of Trinity
Rd.  While going there, a regular police car joins the chase.  Don't let Johnny
get too far ahead of the law enforcement vehicles or you fail the mission but
keep him ahead of them enough that they don't open fire.  The two in the FIB
Buffalo have SMGs.

  (You can hold down the "cinematic camera" key for the view from inside the FIB
Buffalo which lets you listen to the bent policemen.)
  "GTA TLaD: Funny cop sayings in 'Bad Cop Drop'" by whatever57010

  Have Johnny help The Lost kill the agents from more FIB Buffalos and policemen
in a shootout then lose a two star wanted level to complete the mission.
  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Mission #6 - Bad Cop Drop (1080p)" by GTA Series

  Weazel News radio reports that the two rogue policemen were killed as heros.
It's also reported on the Liberty Tree website.

  Terry's Gun Van sells the 9mm Automatic pistol for $500/$15 a clip and it can
be gotten from Jim.

  Billy Grey's missions cont.

  V.4  Angels in America

  Leila Sharpe (Johnny's girlfriend): ?
  AoD rep: ?

  Johnny joins the celebration of The Lost led by Billy at the clubhouse.  Billy
no sooner begins another argument with Johnny for telling him to calm down when
Jason tells them a couple Deadbeats (members of the Angels of Death) are out-
side.  Billy characterizes them as crashing their party and angrily leads The
Lost outside.

  The AoD rep says he thought there was a truce between their gangs, Billy says
he wasn't aware, the rep gives Billy the finger, and Billy shoots him in the
back as he walks away.  Bill commands The Lost to go after the rest of the exit-
ing AoD and Johnny calls him a moron.

  Have Johnny use his Hexer and Sawn-off shotgun to join Jason and two other
members of The Lost in shooting the escaping members of the AoD (the red blips
on the radar) off their six bikes as they go north on Aspdin Dr., east on Kemeny
St., north on Vitullo Ave., east on Farnsworth Rd., north on Babbage Dr., east
on Asahara Rd., through the Booth Tunnel, and north on Frankfort Ave.

  Make sure Johnny's targets have red markers over their heads so you don't have
him shoot members of The Lost.  Try to move him close to his targets so the
shotgun can kill them quickly.

  If you don't have Johnny kill the AoD during the chase it becomes a shootout
at the AoD clubhouse (thanks to whatever57010) on the east side of a nameless
road below Union Drive West north of the Hickey Bridge, west Norh Holland.
  "TLaD - Angels in America (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010

  Once the fight is over Billy calls and asks if Johnny let the escaping Dead-
beats tell the rest of the AoD a war is on.  Johnny assures him he didn't.
Billy tells him to "meet us over on Grummer Road."

  Have Johnny go to Billy and Jason in a tunnel beneath Frankfort Ave. at the
west side of the lot represented on the radar/maps as a grey spot north of
Frankfort Ave. and west of the eastern stretch of Grummer Rd., Northwood.  Jason
says he's going to see a Russian woman in Firefly Island (he's the motorcyclist
you have Niko kill for Mikhail Faustin in "No Love Lost" in "IV").  Billy says
those Deadbeats won't give them any more trouble--"Let the good times roll!"--
and drives away.
  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Mission #2 - Angels in America (1080p)" by GTA
Series Videos

  Johnny gets $1,110.

  You get a screen prompt that you can use Johnny's cell phone to join other
Games for Windows - Live users in multiplayer games.  (Disclaimer: I haven't
played any so I can't double-check information about that.)

  V.5  It's War

  Dave Grossman: Jay Patterson  Dave played Billie Joe Higgins in a 1984 episode
of the TV series "Miami Vice," Charles Pennington in "Teenage Mutant Ninja Tur-
tles," 1990, Russell in a 2000 episode of the TV series "Touched by an Angel,"
Andy Fryar in a 2004 episode of the TV series "Third Watch,"  Lt. James Reed/
2008 Judge Evans/2015 (twice) in three episodes of the TV series "Law & Order:
Special Victims Unit," a voice of the Local Population in the 2010 game "Red
Dead Redemption," etc.

  Since this can involve mainly long range fighting suggests that
you have Johnny call Jim Fitzgerald before the mission to leave a fully loaded
Micro SMG on the second floor of the clubhouse.'s_War

  I recommend rifle ammo as well.

  Lost member Dave Grossman, a duplicitous lawyer from the (Goldberg, Ligner,
and) Shyster law offices, assures Billy politician Tom Stubbs (III) would love
The Lost.  Billy tricks Dave into smoking reefer that has mescaline in it.
Billy wants Johnny to have fun to break their tension.  But Billy gets a text
message that some of their gang members are being jumped and commands the gang
members present to join him in rescuing them.

  The game wants you to have Johnny follow Billy from the clubhouse to the Dead-
beats/AoD in the lot of an abandoned railroad care warehouse southwest of the
intersection of Red Wing Ave. and a nameless road in west Acter Industrial Park,
Alderney.  You have Johnny drive there a little ahead of Billy.
  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Mission #3 - It's War (1080p)" by GTA Series

  When Billy arrives he shouts, "It's war, people."

  There are about 10 AoD with Pistols and Sawn-off shotguns to attack.  You can
protect Johnny by having him attack from some distance with a longer range weap-
on.  A couple of the AoD are on roofs.  There are a couple of exploding red
tanks and horizontal tanks--you can have Johnny blow them up to kill the AoD or
at least prevent them from exploding near him.  There's a Health pack on the
ground in the southern fighting area.  You don't have to prevent the members of
The Lost already there from dying to pass the mission--you fail if Billy or
Brian dies.  More AoD appear on 'cycles to join the fight.

  The game instructs you to have Johnny follow Billy to another skirmish like
the first one but with even more AoD in an abandoned factory lot south of Musk-
teer Rd. south of the south end of Storax Rd., southeast Acter Industrial Park.
If you remember the location you can have Johnny drive there ahead of Billy to
start attacking the AoD without waiting for Billy.
  "TLaD - It's War (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010

  Four of the AoD are overhead on catwalks or horizontal pipes.  There are hori-
zontal exploding tanks.  Gang Burritos appear with more AoD.  You can have John-
ny take an AoD Gang Burrito after the second fight.

  Billy announces to the gang that Jason, a member of The Lost, was killed in
Broker by a Serbian guy (Niko) hired by the father (Mikhail Faustin) of the wo-
man (Anna) Jason was b**ging.  (This refers to the "IV" mission "No Love Lost"--
thanks to Robert Rusk for the tip.)  Billy vowes payback but meanwhile asks The
Lost to remember Jason.  Billy also commands them (notably Johnny) to remember
he's their leader.

  Johnny gets $750.

  The Internet has news reports of the "IV" mission "Roman's Sorrow."  (The Lost
moves to Bohan after this mission to make it jibe with Niko's story.)'s_War

  V.6  Action/Reaction

  Ray Boccino: Joseph Barbara  Joseph played Danny Zuko on Broadway in the re-
vival of "Grease."  He played Paola Caselli in three 2000 episodes of the TV
soap opera "All My Children,"  E.S.U. Sgt. Delgado/2007 and /Sgt.Sloan/2008 in
two episodes of the TV show "Law & Order," etc.  He produced the short "Mi-
graine," 2009.  He here reprised the role of Ray from GTA "IV," 2008.

  This mission refers to incidents of the Banditos firing anti-tank rockets into
Hells Angels clubhouses during the Nordic war of 1994-1996.

  We learn from a clubhouse bar conversation between Billy and Ray Boccino, then
Johnny asking Billy about it, that Ray has sold Billy "toys" (which we later
learn are Grenade launchers).  Billy tells The Lost to follow him.

  Have Johnny use his Hexer to join some of The Lost (Jim, Terry< Clay, and
Brian) in following Billy to a lot on the north side of a nameless road on the
north side of the AoD clubhouse (at the east side of a nameless road below Union
Drive West just north of the Hickey Bridge, west Holland, Algonquin).  On the
way, Johnny questions/taunts Brian about being a blind follower of Billy.

  Once going north on the western stretch of the Plumbers Skyway, Johnny tells
Billy to "drop the hammer"--race him there.  You don't need to have Johnny win
the race--it just speeds things up--but it's easy to win.  (The
site notes that you could have Johnny shoot the back wheel of the other's bikes
to make them spin out of control.)

  Billy tells Johnny he was given bad information.  The Serb (Niko Bellic)
didn't kill Jason--the Angels in this clubhouse did.  Billy tells Johnny to use
the "toy" (Rocket launcher) to put a grenade in a window of the clubhouse.

  The window has a marker in it.  A screen prompt recommends you aim the Grenade
launcher slightly above a target but in this case the apex of its projection is
about where the marker is so you can just aim the reticle at it.  A fire breaks
out in the room and five AoD emerge from the west side of the clubhouse to the
lot northwest of it to attack.  The Lost attack from across the street that's on
the north side of it.  Both groups (except Johnny) have Pistols and Sawn-off

  Have Johnny use the launcher for big explosions and use a rifle or Micro-Uzi
for specific targets, even the Sawn-off shotgun if you want Johnny to get close.
Once a few are killed a couple more targets in a Gang Burrito drive into the lot
from Union Drive West, several approach in a couple waves from behind the club-
house, and one drives a chopper past The Lost to the lot.

  Testing by whatever57010 showed that the AoD from behind the clubhouse don't
spawn if you have Johnny attack from the top of the stairs behind the building
by the southwest corner.  If you send him a bit closer/north they appear at the
back of the building but don't attack till they run counter-clockwise around it
and get into their fighting positions, so they're easy to have Johnny kill as
they go there.
  "Action/Reaction part 01" by whatever57010
  "Action/Reaction part 02" by whatever57010

  Billy commands The Lost to go inside for the rest but only Billy goes inside
to fight.  Have Johnny go inside.  You might have Johnny use the Sawn-off shot-
gun for the close range fighting.  There are three AoD attackers in the barroom,
two at the bottom of the stairwell, one on the stairs, and three in the base-
ment.  There's a First Aid kit behind the bar.

  Billy tells Johnny to grab the $2 million heroin stash (we learn in "This
Shit's Cursed" that it was owned by the Algonquin Triads).

  Johnny says he thought the fight was to avenge Jason's death and tells Billy
that taking the heroin would bring on the wrath of every AoD on the east coast.
But Billy argues that The Lost hold together better the faster they go and hard-
er they hit and to just let him worry about the consequences.  Brian takes
Billy's side, as usual (Brian is an annoying sycophant), but it's a recipe for
disaster.  Billy has Brian takes the heroin.

  Have Johnny use his Hexer to leave the area as the LCPD arrive.

  Johnny gets $1,000.

  The Grenade launcher can be bought from Terry's Gun Van for $7,000.  A clip
of one round costs $700 and a Grenade launcher can hold 20 rounds.  (It will
also appear at Johnny's safehouses after 50 Gang Wars.)

  Thanks to Robert Rusk for the tip that there are two additional places where
Johnny can Arm Wrestle:

  - the Angels of Death Clubhouse just north of the Hickey Bridge on ground
level, North Holland, at $200 per wager.

  - the Uptown Riders Clubhouse on Exeter Ave. just north of the intersection
with Frankfort Ave., Northwood, at $300 per wager.

  Billy sends Johnny a text message to see Liz Torres who may help unload the
heroin.  If it's cool, collect it from Brian off Inchon Ave.

  You can have Johnny call Billy.  Johnny is concerned that Liz brings heat to a
deal but Billy orders Johnny to see her to sell the heroin despite the fact that
dealng with her is risky.

  V.7  Buyer's Market

  Elizabeta Torres: Charlie Parker (II)  Charleigh E. Parker, whose appearance
as Elizabeta here is a repeat of it from "Blow Your Cover" ("IV," 2008), also
played the Finale Vocalist in "Gory Gory Hallelujah," 2003, Lady Jean in three
2010 episodes of the TV series "Boardwalk Empire," Sissy Garcia in two 2015 epi-
sodes of "Jessica Jones," etc.

  The voice of Charlie, a plain clothes police officer here and in "Buyer's
Market" (TLaD), is James Yaegashi--the voice actor for San Fierro Triads leader
Wu Zi Mu in "San Andreas," 2004.  He also supplied the voice of Dr. Yi Suchong
in the games "Bioshock," 2007, and "Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea," 2014.
He's also the producer and director of "Lefty Loosey Righty Tighty," 2011.

  Agent Jones (Unknown Caller): Peter Appel  Peter played Malky in "Leon: The
Professional," 1994, Lawrence Bailey in a 1999 episode of the TV series "Oz,"
etc.  He's provided voice acting for games such as for the voices of Deputy Po-
lice Chief Jim Bravura/Boris Dime/Announcer for "Max Payne," 2001, a ped voice
for "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City," 2002, a Mobster for "Max Payne 2: The Fall of
Max Payne," 2003, a Hoods voice for "Manhunt," 2003, Derrick Thackery of talk
radio in "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas," 2004, and Ray Machowski for "Grand
Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories," 2005.

  This mission involves the events of the "IV" mission "Blow Your Cover" except
from Johnny's point of view.

  It starts at the same party at Elizabeta's apartment.  She tells Johnny she
found a buyer for the heroin (Billy had Brian steal in "Action/Reaction").  The
buyer's name is Charlie and Johnny should meet him on the third floor of an
apartment building on Cassidy St., Schottler.  She says her Eastern European
associate (Niko) will accompany him and they should do what they have to if
Charlie is the heat.  She introduces Johnny to Playboy X, who's also being sent
to the deal, and Niko.  She explains to Niko that Johnny has a lot of heroin to
sell and gets Niko to agree to oversee the deal.  Johnny excuses himself to go
pick up the heroin.'s_Market

  Johnny leaves to get the package of heroin.  Have him go to Brian Jeremy who
waits with his Gang Burrito at the four way intersection of alleys west of Inch-
on Ave., Dukes.  Brian adds antisemitism to the list of bad habits he's picked
up from Billy as Johnny takes the package.
  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Mission #7 - Buyer's Market (1080p)" by GTA Series

  Have Johnny go to the apartment building on the north side of Cassidy St. west
of Cayuga Ave., Schottler.  There's a Combat shotgun pickup on the first floor.
Have him climb to the third floor marker and wait for Niko and Playboy X.

  The three meet Charlie and his associate, who holds a rifle, in a nearby un-
finished room (some wall frames lack drywall, etc.).  As in "IV," Charlie turns
out to be an LCPD officer--he pulls out a gun and yells, "Freeze!"

  Johnny has a two star wanted level.   Niko kills Charlie.  Johnny tells Niko
and Playboy X to go upstairs and that he'll go downstairs.  Johnny starts off
behind the couch where there's a Sawn-off shotgun pickup.  Have Johnny kill
Charlie's associate.  There's Armor in a nearby room.

  NOOSE officers wear Armor so have Johnny try for headshots.  Have him shoot
the four NOOSE officers just outside the room and two that climb the stairs to
the landing outside.  Have him go downstairs killing NOOSE officers--about three
per floor.  On the south stairs landing of the second floor have him shoot out
the window and use the Grenade launcher to blow up the Enforcer and use a long
range weapon to kill six or so of the closer officers outside.  At the front
(south) door have him shoot any nearby officers then leave the building enough
to shoot the officer on the sidewalk to the left if present.  He has three
wanted stars.  Have him lose his wanted rating.  There's a Pay 'n' Spray on the
south side of Gibson St., Hove Beach.

  If you have him leave through the back (north) entrance he'll be attacked by
two or three NOOSE officers.  You might have Johnny try to kill some of those
agents from a north window before leaving the building,  There's a Bati 800 on
the street.'s_Market

  (As whatever57010 shows by having Johnny follow Niko and Playboy X upstairs
the latter two disappear on the fifth floor and the door to the roof is locked.
If you use the Simple Trainer Airbreak function as a Noclip function you can see
that they appear on the roof and disappear again.  They shoot and shout as if at
NOOSE agents, and leave a dead one on the stairway landing, as they go.)
  "TLaD - Buyer's Market (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010

  Integrity 2.0 with Lazlow is available on the radio (as after "Blow Your Cov-
er" in "IV").'s_Market

  Johnny calls Billy and tells him the heroin deal didn't happen--the buyer was
a pig and they're under observation by an LCPD task force.  Billy doesn't seem
upset.  He says he'll call when another deal comes up and that, meanwhile, con-
gressman Thomas Stubbs III, who's at the Jousters men's club opposite the Liber-
tonian in Algonquin, needs Johnny's help.

  Johnny calls Liz and says her friend the UC (undercover cop) nearly blew his
ass off.  He asks how her European friend (Niko) is working out.  She says he
may be the only one in LC not working for the state.  Johnny assures her The
Lost aren't either.

  Johnny gets a call from an Unknown Caller who says Johnny tried to unload some
smack on a colleague named Charlie--a costly mistake.  The caller identifies
himself as Agent Jones and wants Johnny to come to FIB to give them information
about The Lost.  Johnny refuses and tells Jones to get a warrant.

  Thomas Stubbs III's missions

  V.8  Politics

  Thomas Stubbs III: John Lantz  John played the Pickup Man in the TV movie
"Dreams Don't Die," 1982, Ken McCurdy/1996 and Gil Steffano/2000 in two episodes
of the TV series "Law & Order," Tailor 1 in a 2010 episode of the TV series
"Boardwalk Empire," etc.

  Have Johnny go to the Jousters club, the one with a red awning, on the east
side of Columbus Ave. south of Pyrite St., Middle Park East, Algonquin.  The man
acting like an English butler at the front desk thinks Johnny is a troublemaker
who should leave till Johnny says Stubbs told Johnny to meet him there.  The
front desk man leads Johnny to Stubbs who's getting a massage in the day spa.

  Stubbs (who's nude throughout this scene but not seen below the waist till the
end of it) says Grossman told him Johnny is reliable.  Stubbs threatens to share
his knowledge of Johnny's crimes with the authoritites unless Johnny kills
Stubbs' disapproving uncle who's preventing Stubbs from being re-elected by be-
ing in charge of the family trust.  Stubbs wants Johnny to make it look like a
terrorist act and get a package from Leavis (the front desk man?) on the way

  Johnny is given a Rocket launcher (from Leavis) if he didn't have one.  Have
him get to the airport runway by the time shown and use the Rocket launcher to
shoot the uncle's helicopter (the green blip on the radar) as it lands near the
north end of the north runway.  The airport gates are then locked but Stubbs
sends a text message saying he's caused a guard to let Johnny out through the
southwest gate.  Have Johnny use the GPS route to leave through it and his four
star wanted rating drops to two stars.  Have Johnny get rid of his wanted rat-

  Rusk recommends you have Johnny use a helicopter to land on the hanger to the
north of the uncle's landing spot, has Johnny use the Rocket launcher to shoot
the uncle's helicopter, then fly north.

   Willzyyy has Johnny stay just outside the northwest gate--to the west of the
uncle's landing spot--to shoot the guards at the gate, use a Rocket launcher to
shoot the uncle's helicopter, then flee with a two star wanted level.
  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Mission #8 - Politics" by Willzyyy

  JesusQuesadilla has Johnny stand by a stone pillar west of the northwest gate
to avoid alerting the guards.  The uncle exits the helicopter and leaves
through the gate in a convoy of three cars--the uncle's car is the middle one
of three.  As the uncle's car comes west JesusQuesadilla has Johnny shoot it
with a Rocket launcher.  (This creates a four star wanted level which may be
smaller if you have Johnny use a drive-by.)
  "Let's Play - Grand Theft Auto: The Lost & Damned (Episode 5 - "Politics |
Coming Down")" by JesusQuesadilla

  GTA2010Walkthrough likewise has Johnny stand west of the northwest gate to
avoid alerting the guards, use a Rocket launcher to shoot the uncle's car (the
middle car of a three car convoy), then use the uncle's helicopter for a get-
  "GTA IV: The Lost and Damned: Mission 8 - Politics (PS3)" by GTA2010Walk-

  Zmoonchild has Johnny's Police Maverick land on the tarmac lane west of the
2nd and 3rd landing spots that are south of the uncle's helicopter landing
spot (see video 7:45 etc.), shoot it with a Rocket launcher as it lands, and
fly southwest.
  "GTA IV TLAD - Politics - Thomas Stubbs III mission" by ZMOONCHILD

   Whatever57010 provides Johnny with a variety of ways to do the job.
  "TLaD - Politics (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010

  Johnny calls Stubbs and tells him his uncle is dead adding that he hopes
Stubbs' lack of humanity is a genetic quality.  Stubbs says his uncle was a pom-
pous philanthropist and occasional catamite.  (A catamite in ancient Greece and
Rome was a pubescent boy kept as the lover of a young man, a pederast, but the
word was meant as a insult if about a grown man.)
  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Mission #8 - Politics (1080p)" by GTA Series Vid-

  Johnny get $3,000.

  The Rocket launcher/RPG is available from Gun Stores and Terry's Gun Van.

  An article in the Liberty Tree news web site and a Weazel News radio announce-
ment claim Stubbs' uncle's was killed by terrorists and his children have been
killed, too, leaving the money to go to the uncle's nephew--Thomas Stubbs III.

  Ashley Butler calls pleading for help to protect her from some people around
her whom she says are going to kill her in the projects on Wardite St.  This
takes you into the next mission so put Johnny's phone on Sleep mode if you want
to delay that to do other things.

  Ashley Butler's missions

  V.9  Coming Down

  Have Johnny go to the second floor of an apartment building in Northwood, Al-
gonquin, to meet Ashley.  The entrance is on the west side of the east building
of three indicated by "X" shapes surrounded by Vespucci Circus and Wardite St.

  You can have Johnny call Ashley when he enters the building and she says she's
in an apartment with a red door.  She tells him to hurry--"I'm crushing hard."
In another call she tells Johnny to go to the apartment with loud partying.

  The man guarding an apartment on the second floor will use a handgun to shoot
at Johnny--you can have Johnny shoot him immediately to avoid that.  Have Johnny
enter the apartment and shoot the drug-addicted attackers.  Two men attack from
the apartment hall with Sawn-off shotguns and two others attack with Pistols.
Have him go to Ashley who's stoned, or weary from having just been, on a mat-
tress in a room at the back/north end of the apartment.

  (If you have him try a nearby apartment the two drug addicts inside attack
Johnny with Fist and a Baseball bat.)
  "TLaD - Coming Down (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010

  They hug and she's grateful he helped her out of trouble but he says she's
been on a week long ice binge (as you know he suspected her of doing if you had
him call her and respond to her Email at the start of the game).  She asks him
to help her get home.

  If you didn't have Johnny kill any of the attackers of her apartment have him
kill them thn lead her outside to his vehicle.  On the way out she protests that
she's not able to stay clean as he wants her to be when he's not there to look
after her.  Have him take her to her apartment on the east side of Babbage Dr.
just south of Farnsworth Rd. in east Acter, Alderney.  On the way she says she
wants him to punish her and he says she's not good for him.  (She encourages it
if you have him hit her, not that I'd recommend it.)

  Once there she says she loves him but he says his life's falling apart and
he's skeptical about her claim to have gotten clean.  She says she meant it when
she said it but he doubts she could stay that way.

  You can have Johnny call Ashley.  She calls him her savious but he says he
learned a long time ago he can't save her from herself.  She says she's off meth
but he sas she didn't seem to be when he last saw her.
  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Mission #9 - Coming Down (1080p)" by GTA Series

  Jim calls--he wants Johnny to attack some Deadbeats/AoD.  This makes the Gang
Wars available.

  Angus calls now or during V.10--their export guy doesn't have any orders.
Johnny guesses correctly that he'll have more to do in his spare time and adds
he likes robbing.  See section V.11.

  V.10  Gang Wars

  Thanks to Robert Rusk and for most of this information.

  Gang wars are like the gang territory fights of "San Andreas."

  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Gang Wars (1080p)" by GTA Series Videos

  Have Johnny use a motorcycle to go to a marker where the radar/in-game map
shows a red and white icon of an explosion to start a gang war.  Jim, Terry, and
Clay show up to fight and each brings another member of The Lost to help.  There
are up to 24 of those other members.  They unfortunately rush the enemy so ex-
pect some to die.  Such members who die appear in memorial pictures on the east
wall of the second floor rec room clubhouse whereas when Jim, Terry, or Clay get
Wasted they go to the hospital to be revived after the fight.  Their assistance
diverts the attention of the enemies making it easier to have Johnny kill them.

  After "Was It Worth It?" Jim and his Zombie are replaced by one of the non-
storyline members of The Lost who drives a black Lycan.

  Members of The Lost who help fight get hardened so better at fighting.  This
is a good way to get the hardness of Terry and Clay up to 100% for the Full Chat
Achievement.  For their toughness to increase they have to kill enemies and not
get Wasted.

  Enemies in early wars have lower power weapons like Pistols and Micro-SMGs and
in later wars additionally use the Combat Pistol, SMG, and may use Molotovs and
Pipe bombs.  In later wars enemies increase in toughness and number.  It's safer
to let Terry and Clay kill more enemies, so increase their toughness, in earlier
missions.  Having Johnny try for headshots and keep his distance is always a
concern when you have im fight on foot but becomes more important in later Gang

  Here's a good video by zmoonchild doing some of the last Gang Wars which are
harder to do.
  "GTA IV PC: TLAD Gang Wars 44 thru 50 - Part 1 (of 4) - plus free weapons and
body armor locations" and part 4 by zmoonchild (part 2 has an inactive link)

  There are three types of Gang War.

  1. Hanging out

  Clay or Terry says, "I have intel that they are hangin in our very own Alder-
ney."  There are 20-30 enemy gang members on foot who may call for reinforce-
ments.  You might have Johnny use the SMG or rifles on them to give him the ad-
vantage of distance.  Have Johnny kill all the enemies.

  2. Cruising

  Clay or Terry says, "They are just cruisin' and shit."

  The Angels of Death are on motorcycles.  (Don't be confused by the fact that
Johnny may refer to other gang members as "AOD pricks.")  You can have Johnny
use the Sawn-off shotgun to shoot them off their motorcycles as in V.4  Angels
in America, but otherwise, again, you might have Johnny use the SMG or rifles on
them to give him the advantage of distance..  They call for reinforcements.
Have Johnny kill all the AoD.

  Other enemy gang members are initially in cars--up to four per car.  You might
have Johnny use the SMG or Rocket launcher on the vehicle and occupants and the
Grenade or Pipe bomb on a vehicle that's stopped, but otherwise, again, you
might have Johnny use the SMG or rifles on them to give him the advantage of
distance.  They call for reinforcements.  Have Johnny kill all the enemies.

  3. Escorting a target vehicle

  Terry or Clay says "They are doing a little escort work last time I heard."

  The enemy gang escorts a target vehicle.  Have Johnny destroy it (which leaves
a lot of money).  You might have Johnny use the SMG or Rocket launcher on the
vehicle and occupants and the Grenade or Pipe bomb on a vehicle that's stopped.
You fail the mission if it gets away.

  These are the enemy gangs, their vehicles, and their target vehicles.

  Gang                            Vehicles          Target Vehicles 
  The Angels of Death    Angel
                                       Gang Burrito    Gang Burrito
                                       Slamvan          Slamvan

 Yardie Jamaican
  Hillside Posse              Huntley Sport
                                       Comet              Comet
  The Commission
  (Gambettis, Pavanos,
  Messinas, Lupisellas,
  Ancelottis, Pegorinos)  Sentinel
                                       PMP 600
                                       Phantom         Phantom
  Russian Mafia
  (Petrovic's Family,
  Faustin's Family,
  Bulgarin's Family,
  Rascalov Family)          Schafter
                                        Stretch            Stretch
  Albanians                      Futo
                                        Packer            Packer
                                        Mule               Mule

  A strategy tip from

  The Lost doesn't immediately follow Johnny unless he's on a 'cycle.  Have him
use a car or helicopter to go to the enemy gang location and use explosives on
them till the rest of The Lost show up to kill the remaining enemies.

  I'll add that you could use the Teleport to Waypoint (NP0 + O) and Airbreak
(F6) (for safe landings) functions of the Simple Trainer instead of a car or
helicopter for that strategy.

  Some strategy tips from Robert Rusk:

  Since a Gang War, other than cases of escorting a target vehicle, isn't over
till the last enemy dies you may have Johnny leave the fight to replenish
Health, Armor, and weapons if it can't wait till the end of the war.

  In Gang Wars the traffic and peds nearly disappear and so do the police except
in permanent spawn spots such as police stations indicated by an orange badge
with a black "P" on the paper map, etc.  This helps Johnny avoid a wanted rat-
ing.  Don't have Johnny help police officers kill the enemy gang members they
target or he'll get a wanted rating.  Police attention is more likely in later
Gang Wars.

  In later Gang Wars enemy reinforcements may appear behind Johnny.  To avoid
having him become surrounded you might have him start the war then lure enemies
to a location where he can funnel them for easier kills.  You might have Johnny
search for such locations around stationary fight spots or for where to try to
stop a group on the move.

  Such locations include The Lost Clubhouse (due to the stairwell), Berners Rd.,
Acter, Alderney, indicated by the logo of The Lost on the radar/maps, Schottler
Medical Center at the loop of road at the north side of Cassidy St., Schottler,
Broker, and Westdyke Memorial hospital at the west end of Long John Ave., Left-
wood (not Westdyke), Alderney, (the latter two due to the long narrow hallways)
both indicated by orange crosses on the paper map.

  Another location that lets Johnny funnel enemies is a building with a ladder.
You can have him use one shot to shoot an enemy off the ladder so they fall to
their death.  Have Johnny quickly climb to the top before they have a chance to
shoot at him.

  Weapon pickups that appear between the TV and the computer at the clubhouse:
  10 Gang Wars: Sawn-off shotgun
  20 Gang Wars: Automatic 9mm
  30 Gang Wars: Carbine rifle
  40 Gang Wars: Assault shotgun  It spawns after completing "Heavy Toll" and 40
Gang Wars.
  50 Gang Wars: Grenade launcher

  Johnny gets $1,000 for the first Gang War and $250 is added for each Gang War
done after that ($1,000, $1,250, etc.).

  Complete 25 Gang Wars for 100% completion.

  V.11  Angus' Bike Thefts

  Have Johnny call Angus and select the Job option.

  There are 10 'cycles to steal and take to a garage at the south end of the al-
ley on the west side of the clubhouse.  The clubhouse is on the south side of
Berners Rd., Acter.  The bike can't be returned while Johnny has a wanted rat-
ing.  You fail if the bike is wrecked till it weon't run or abandoned.  Johnny
calls Angus after each theft.
  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Angus' Bike Thefts (1080p)" by GTA Series Videos

  The 'cycle is random (I noticed the Angel, Bati 800, Hellfury, Hakuchou,
Nightblade, PCJ 600, and Sanchez) unless specified below.  You don't get a GPS
route for a target bike that's on the move.

  Payment varies with damage:

  No damage: $1,400
  Light damage: $900
  Medium damage: $600
  Heavy damage: $400'_Bike_Thefts

  A Pay 'n' Spray repair costs $100.  The Pay 'n Spray closest to the clubhouse
is on the east end of Hardtack Ave.

  I usually had Johnny shoot the guys on target bikes or others as needed then
had Johnny drive out of the wanted circle.  The wanted rating didn't get high.

  A Ride In The Park

  (This mission has the same name as an off-road mission with a Landstalker in
Belleville Park in "III.")

  A couple is taking the 'cycle from Quartz St. around Middle Park, Algonquin.
Have Johnny jack it when it stops--the couple just runs away--and take it to the


  A man is driving the 'cycle in circles on the beach in Firefly Island, Broker.
Have Johnny drive-by him or snipe him, get rid of any wanted rating (there's a
Pay 'n' Spray on the south side of Gibson St.), then take the bike to the ga-

  Delivery Boy's Hardship

  A man is driving the 'cycle from Bismark Ave./Diamond St. around Chinatown in
south Algonquin.  Have Johnny jack when it stops and take it to the garage.


  The bike is inside Westdyke Autos at Lemhi St. and Sacramento Ave. in West-
dyke, north Alderney.  Have Johnny take it, get rid of a two star wanted rating
(there's a Pay 'n' Spray on Panhandle Rd.), and take the bike to the garage.

  Get Off Your High Horse

  An AoD is driving the 'cycle accompanied by two fellow gang members on the
East Borough Bridge, starting on the eastern section, around Charge Island.
Have Johnny driveby him or use a car to knock him from the target bike, lose any
wanted rating, then drive the bike to the garage.

  Short Stay Parking

  The 'cycle is on the top level of a multistory car park in Purgatory on the
most northern nearly rectangular projection of land on the west coast of Algon-
quin.  You might have Johnny do a stunt jump from the roof as whatever57010 has
him do in the video at the next link.
  "TLaD: Angus' Bike Thefts" by whatever57010

  Have Johnny take the bike, get rid of a two star wanted rating (there's a Pay
'n' Spray on the south side of the west end of Lorimar St.), and take it to the

  Stripclub Hog

  An AoD and a stripper are standing by the 'cycle at The Triangle Club by Leav-
enworth Ave., Northern Gardens, Bohan.  They fight Johnny with Fists.  (Thanks
to Robert Rusk for the tip to have Johnny use a 'cycle to run into one, lure the
other around the block, then take the unguarded bike.)  I had Johnny run into
one then lure them far enough away from the bike to have Johnny take the bike
then drive it to the garage.

  Take Out Liquor

  An AoD with a Pistol and three who fight with Fists are around the 'cycle by a
liquor store on the south side of Dillon St. just east of Cayuga Ave., Schott-
ler, Broker.  Have Johnny shoot them and take the bike.  (Thanks to Robert Rusk
for the tip to have Johnny use a 'cycle to approach them from the west on Dillon
St., run into one of the gang members to lure them east toward Wenrohronon Ave.,
and go clockwise around the block to get the unguarded 'cycle.)

  Have Johnny get rid of any wanted rating (there's a Pay 'n' Spray on the south
side of Gibson St.) and take the bike to the garage.

  Tattoo Parlor Lament

  The 'cycle is being polished by a man by a tattoo parlor on the north side of
the west end of Lyndon Ave., Alderney City, Alderney.  The man screams and runs
away when Johnny jacks his bike so you can have Johnny just jack it and drive it
to the garage.

  Zorst Fumes

  The 'cycle is being driven south on the eastern north-south stretch of Plumb-
ers Skyway, Alderney, by an AoD accompanied by three armed fellow gang members.
Have Johnny go south on the Plumbers Skyway from the T-intersection of Asahara
Rd. and the Plumbers Skyway, use an SMG to driveby them as needed, and take the
'cycle.  (Thanks to Robert Rusk for the tip that you can have Johnny wait in a
car near the bottom of the long north-south ramp from Plumbers Skyway down to
Barsac Ave. and "head them off at the pass."  Have him shoot and run over the
bikers when they drive down the ramp.)

  Have Johnny take the bike, get rid of any wanted rating he has (there's a Pay
'n' Spray at the east end of Hardtack Ave.), and drive it to the garage.

  A Bati 800 will spawn at the south end of the alley that's on the west side of
the clubhouse.  It's by the south wall of the alley at the west side of the
clubhouse (which makes it a bit further south than the Hakuchou earned from do-
ing section V.2  Liberty City Bike Races).

  Complete 10 bike thefts toward 100% completion.

  Thomas Stubbs III's missions cont.

  V.12  Off Route

  Have Johnny go to the Jousters club, the one with a red awning, again on the
east side of Columbus Ave. south of Pyrite St., Middle Park East, Algonquin.

  On the way (or before?) Weazel News reports that several small time brokers
have been arrested for insider trading.
  "TLaD - Off Route (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010

  Johnny asks the English butler-type front desk man if he likes serving rich
people and he says he does.  The front desk man asks Johnny if giving "the man"
(the one in power) the finger makes him happy.  Johnny says he's learned that
the man comes in all uniforms.

  Johnny meets Stubbs in the steam room.  Stubbs says the Civic Citadel has made
a clerical error--some outstanding people have been taken into LCPD custody and
Johnny has to liberate them from a Prison Bus that's at the Leftwood police sta-

  Have Johnny go to the police station on Rand Ave. north of Franklin St.

  About twelve armed police officers are spread around a lot where six prisoners
board a Prison Bus.  One officer chides the prisoners that they're a long way
from the Exchange (indicating Stubb's interest in them).  The last prisoner on
looks like Hannibal Lecter (Anthony Hopkins in "The Silence of The Lambs," 1991)
wearing a restrictive mask to prevent him from biting and eating people.  A pol-
iceman tells the prisoner, "I saw what you did to that orderly.  A man's organs
ain't meant to look like that" and in the movie Lecter is said to have torn out
an orderly's tongue with his teeth. (Thanks Marquischacha)

  Have Johnny shoot the police officers near the bus and go to the door of it or
just use a car to speed to the door running over some officers on the way.  (If
you have Johnny wait outside the gate to the lot for the bus to drive away you
have to have him quickly shoot the driver when he stops at a light and jack the
bus before it gets to the Alderney State Correctionsl Facility.)

  (Robert Rusk reader neoXsaga found a type of Wanted Rating exploit for this
mission.  Have Johnny shoot some of the police near the bus to get a three star
wanted rating then use another nearby vehicle to leave the area.  The wanted
circle follows Johnny but the police stay at Leftwood police station except for
some at toll booths who won't follow Johnny.  He won't even get police interfer-
ence at the airport or the Civilization Committee building.)

  Johnny boards the bus.  The prisoner in the mask has taken it off and says,
"Argh!" as he eats some of a policeman's neck/face similar to the movie scene in
which Hannibal eats some of a policeman's face as part of his escape from a mu-
seum cell.

  Have Johnny drive the Prison Bus to get rid of a three star wanted rating.
You can't use a Prison Bus in a Pay 'n' Spray so just have him drive around the
streets and alleys (not the highways) till you get it out of the wanted circle.
The bus is pretty damage resistant.

  Have Johnny drive the prisoners to the rendezvous on the road closest to the
coast south of the "k" of "Muskteer Ave" on the paper map--it's by the Globe Oil
plant--in Acter Industrial Park, Alderney.
  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Mission #10 - Off Route (1080p)" by GTA Series

  During the drive you can press the Cinematic camera key for a view of the
prisoners from the back of the bus.

  The prisoners escape on a Dinghy to the south of the rendezvous point.

  Johnny gets $5,000.

  Johnny calls Stubbs who tells Johnny not to worry about the traders that es-
caped but Johnny says the problem might lie with one of the others (the canni-

  A Stallion is parked across the street to the north of the dock.

  Billy sends a text message telling Johnny to go to the clubhouse for a discus-
sion.  You can have Johnny call Billy who angrily reaffirms it.

  Stubbs calls saying he needs greater help and wants Johnny to call him.  He
sends a text message reaffirming it.

  Weazel News reports that a prison bus has been hijacked and several convicts
are at large.  Mike Whitely adds that the escapees include several white collar
criminals and the Dine and Dash cannibal.  An article at the Liberty Tree web
site says the Dine and Dash killer Curtis Stocker and some inside traders were
freed by a prison bus hijack.

  GTW note: I question the idea of the plot that Johnny is a better org. crime
man than Billy.  I guess this is one for a relative ethics class.  True, Billy
is reckless, but Johnny led a lot more of his fellow gang members to be killed
in the Gang Wars.  He regularly kills police officers such as in this mission
when he lets a serial killer go free with the white collar convicts Stubbs
wanted freed.  Don't ever take part in, give money to, or lie for an org. crime

  V.13  Stubbs' Dirty Laundry

  Have Johnny call Stubbs and select Job for each of the five missions.

  Completing each mission gives Johnny $1000 and adds to 100% completion.'_Dirty_Laundry

  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Stubbs' Dirty Laundry (1080p)" by GTA Series

  V.13.a  Communication Breakdown

  "Communication Breakdown" refers to the title of a 1968 song by Led Zeppelin.

  Have Johnny call Stubbs and select Job.  Stubbs says someone is about to go to
the press with sensitive information (Stubbs implies the guy didn't honor an
agreement).  Stubbs wants Johnny to make him see his mistake.

  You have about 1 1/2 min. to get Johnny to the target who's in a car and armed
with a Combat shotgun on the west side of Inchon Ave. just south of Livingston
St., Dukes.  Johnny tries to threaten him out of talking but the man says Johnny
will get serious jail time with threats like that and flees south, etc., in his

  Have Johnny driveby him or shoot his car (try for the rear wheel wells) to
blow it up.  It doesn't drive quickly so it's easy to do.

  Johnny calls Stubbs to say he got the target.  Stubbs says Johnny's ability in
damage control would make him a good lobbyist.

  "GTA TLaD - Stubbs' Dirty Laundry - Communication Breakdown (killd by the
LCPD)" by whatever57010

  Johnny gets $1,000.

  V.13.b  First Impressions

  Have Johnny call Stubbs and select Job.  Stubbs tells Johnny to deal with an
old friend of Stubbs who's meeting an intern at the Superstar Cafe in Lancaster.

  Have Johnny go to the Superstar Cafe on the west side of Bismarck Ave. south
of Ruby St., Lancaster, Algonquin, and shoot the man with ther marker pointing
down at his head talking to the intern.  The target's guards open fire on Johnny
so have him drive out of the area.

  "GTA TLaD - Stubbs' Dirty Laundry - First Impressions" by whatever57010

  Johnny calls Stubbs to say he's down one friend.  Stubbs says he'll make it a
terrorism issue.

  Johnny gets $1,000.

  V.13.c  Knowing Me, Knowing You

  Have Johnny call Stubbs and select Job.  Stubbs wants Johnny to get some in-
formation on the Deputy Mayor Mr. (Bryce) Dawkins who's car is in Westdyke.
Stubbs wants Johnny to take the car to be fitted with surveillance equipment in
a garage on Muskteer.  The mechanic will be told to repair the car if needed,

  Have Johnny go to the orange Infernus in a driveway on the north side of Owl
Creek Ave. north of the north end of Cariboo Ave., Westdyke, north Alderney,
without wasting time.  Have Johnny drive it quickly to the mechanic on the north
side of Muskteer Ave., Acter Industrial Park, south Alderney.

  (Put a waypoint at the onramps for the Plumbers Skyway at Manzana Rd. and take
the west onramp to go south on Plumbers Skyway.  In the middle of the southern
east-west stretch of it, take the long downward ramp in the middle of the Skyway
down to Muskteer Ave.)

  The mechanic recommends that Johnny not damage the car.  Have Johnny drive it
back quickly, in about four min., without damaging it.

  (A quick route is to go west on Muskteer Ave., up the ramp onto the west
branch of the Plumbers Skyway, and go north, etc.)
  "Stubbs' Dirty Laundry - Knowing Me, Knowing You (TLaD)" by whatever57010

  (You might go to Graphics > Vehicle Density and turn down the slider.)

  Once the car is back on the driveway have Johnny leave the area.

  Johnny calls Stubbs to say the microphone is planted.  Stubbs says he'll text
Johnny the number so he can listen, too.

  (The site suggests that you don't save and reload the game or
Johnny won't get the text message and you won't be able to listen to the bugged
audio but zmoonchild saves the game yet gets the message.  Maybe it's a problem
on certain ports.)  (The number is 123-555-0160.),_Knowing_You
  "GTA IV PC TLAD - Knowing Me, Knowing You (Stubbs' Odd Jobs mission) - mission
help" by zmoonchild

  To have Johnny call the number have him bring up the cell phone and select
Bryce Bug.

  The various examples of audio can be heard in whatever57010's video at the
next link.
  "The Orange Infernus (GTA IV/TLaD)" by whatever57010

  Thanks to Robert Rusk for the tip that it's the same car Dawkin's boyfriend
Bernie Crane gives to Niko late in "IV."  The last two examples of the bugged
audio show this--they're of Niko shouting at pursuing and sttacking police cars.

  Johnny gets $1,000.

  V.13.d  Phone Ho'

  Have Johnny call Stubbs and select Job.  Stubbs asks Johnny to use a camera to
take a picture of a Congressman picking up a lady of the night on Traeger St.,
Port Tudor.

  Have Johnny go to an alley by the Gun Store on the east side of Odhner Ave.
south of Traeger Rd. (not street), Port Tudor, southeast Alderney.  Have him go
up the steps and the progressively higher rooftops then into the marker.

  Johnny calls Stubbs to say he can't tell which man is the Congressman.  Stubbs
says he's in a red Cognoscenti.

  Have Johnny watch for the orange-red four-door car which stops across the
street.  Have him bring up the Cell Phone, select Camera, aim it at the car,
zoom with W and S, snap a picture with the LMB when a hooker goes to the driv-
er's side door to talk to Dawkins, and press the LMB to send the picture to
  "Stubbs' Dirty Laundry - Phone Ho (TLaD)" by whatever57010

  Johnny calls Stubbs who says the photo is sensational--he might have Johnny
photograph his family Christmas card as well.

  Johnny gets $1,000.

  V.13.e  When The Blue Chips Are Down

  Have Johnny call Stubbs and select Job.  Stubbs says a friend who may have
contributed to the recent BAWSAQ meltdowns has been arrested by an FIB task
force and Stubbs wants Johnny to liberate her from an alley off Vitullo in Ber-
chem to enjoy her bonus half billion in peace.

  Have Johnny go to the CEO in an alley on the north side of Cockerell Ave. east
of Aspdin Dr., Berchem, west Alderney.  Johnny has a three star wanted level.

  Have him shoot the FIB agent at the opening of the alley, go north into it to
shoot about five of the nearest attacking FIB agents, uncuff the woman who's
standing at the back of a Sentinel, get into the car with her, and drive it east
and into the marker by the helipad on top of the Booth Tunnel.  Have him shoot
the attacking law enforcers as she quickly boards the Maverick (it only takes a
few seconds).

  She flies to a Marquis which sails away as she orders a mojito (a Cuban high-
ball cocktail).

  "GTA TLaD - Stubbs' Dirty Laundry - When The Blue Chips Are Down" by whatever-

  Johnny's wanted rating is over.  He calls Stubbs to say he accomplished the
mission though regrets seeing her sail away with a lot of other people's money.
Stubbs tells Johnny he'll send her his best on his next holiday to the Carib-

  Johnny gets $1,000.

  Stubbs calls Johnny to say they should keep some distance from each other.

  Billy Grey's missions cont.

  V.14  This Shit's Cursed

  Hasve Johnny go to the marker in front of the clubhouse.

  Jim says the Chinese Triads say the heroin Billy had stolen from the AoD ac-
tually belongs to the Triads and they want it back.  Billy wants to war with
them and sell the heroin but Johnny, considering they're already at war with the
AoD and one or two gov't agencies are looking into The Lost, prefers to make a
deal with the Triads, as Jim contends, and they persuade Billy to see it their

  Have Johnny join The Lost in following Billy to the marker on the east side of
Albany Ave. north of Diamond St. (and across the street to the east of the Drag-
on Heart Plaza), Chinatown, south Algonquin.

  On the way, Billy tells Johnny he hopes he hasn't been talking to the police.
Jim says the heroin came to town a few weeks ago on the Platypus (the boat Niko
arrived on at the start of "IV").  Brian accuses Johnny of having an authority
problem.  Once a screen prompt says so you can have Johnny race The Lost there.
(As earlier, the mission continues the same if you have him win or lose, but
it's not hard to have him win.)
  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Mission #11 - This Shit's Cursed (1080p)" by GTA
Series Videos

  Once there, Billy sends Johnny and Jim inside to hand over the heroin claiming
he and Brian will watch their backs.  Inside, the spokesman for the three Triads
says he doesn't want his group to pay for their own heroin.  Johnny gives him
the choice between business or war and the Triads pull Pistols and begin firing.

  (In the TBoGT mission "Chinese Takeout" we learn Billy arranged for Johnny to
be killed by the Triads at Dragon Heart Plaza.  Since Jim knew the heroin be-
longed to the Triads originally, Billy seems to have heard about Jim's inten-
tions before the deal and Billy arranged for the Triads to create an ambush for
Jim and Johnny.)'s_Cursed

  Have Johnny help Jim shoot their way out past about eight Triads to go east
(to the north there's a Triad on the scaffolding and another on the roof), three
more to go north, about five more to go west, go north, kill a couple more to go
west, go south, kill another to the east, climb down a ladder to a lower level,
kill a couple more to go west, and continue west to go into the marker at the
front of the building.

  The police arrive and arrest Billy who ironically shouts that Johnny set him

  Johnny calls Brian to find out where he is.  Brian says he's around the cor-
ner and blames Johnny for Billy's arrest.  Have Johnny lead Jim to their bikes
on the east side of Albany Ave. north of Diamond St.  Have Johnny drive to lead
the group back to the clubhouse.

  Screen announcements declare that that Johnny is now the president of The
Lost, when Johnny leads the group you can press the cinematic camera key to
switch the camera to the group point of view, and to have Johnny drive by the
others of the Lost to talk with them.

  On the way, Brian says he nad Billy were watching out for Johnny and Billy who
weren't watching out for Billy.  Jim calls that BS.  Brian says Johnny must have
f'ed up the deal.  Johnny says he hopes his brothers didn't send him into an am-
bush.  Brian says Johnny won't be chapter president if he has anything to do
with it or Billy hears about it.

  At the clubhouse, Johnny demands to know what Billy and Brian were doing and
Brian says Johnny is a rat and now Billy's gone.  Johnny denies setting up Billy
but Brian insists it and says the police told him Johnny ratted them out.  John-
ny tells Brian that he'll be dead if he keeps it up.  Brian tells Johnny to show
them his phone to prove he didn't call the police.  Johnny says he doesn't have
to prove anything to anyone.  Brian and another leave the group.

  Johnny tells Jim they have to stick together to get through the extra pressure
they're bound to face when it gets around that Billy went to jail. 

  The mission complete music is different as at the end of "Was It Worth It?" and
"Get Lost."

  You get the "The Lost Boy" Achievement.

  Angus sends Johnny an Email to give Johnny his blessing and say Brian and who-
ever takes Brian's side are scum he'd like to kill.  If you have Johnny respond
he replies amen to that.

  You can have Johnny call Angus.  Johnny says he wishes getting the presidency
didn't happen the way it did but Angus says he and the others that are worth it
will follow him.  Johnny says the ones who won't will stab him in the back and
he doesn't think he'll go see Billy after what he said.  Angus says Billy
wouldn't want to see him, either.

  You can have Johnny call Ashley about Billy being put in jail.  Ashley says
she only likes Billy but loves Johnny.  Johnny says she doesn't know what the
words mean.'s_Cursed

  A white symbol (which means he's unavailable but it turns green if you have
Johnny go near it) of a male appears on the radar/in-game map near the corner of
Bismarck Ave. and Amethyst St.

  V.15  Random Character--Dave Grossman

  V.15.a  First encounter

  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Random Character #1 - Dave Grossman (1080p)" by
GTA Series Videos

  "GTA TLaD Random Encounter - Dave Grossman" by whatever57010

  Dave Grossman (who appeared in "It's War") is on the south side of Amethyst
St. east of Bismarck Ave. in front of Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster, south Algon-
quin.  He says his secretary is blackmailing him on a sexual harassment charge
but he says he just looked at her breasts which his wife will give him a hard
time about it so he wants Johnny to intimidate the secretary's lawyer to drop
the charge.

  Have Johnny use a fast vehicle to go to the lawyer on Denver Ave. which causes
him to flee north in his Turismo.  Have Johnny give chase and shoot the lawyer's
car till he stops.  Have Johnny get off his bike.

  Johnny threatens to kill the lawyer if he doesn't back down on the charge
against Grossman and the lawyer agrees.

  This encounter goes toward 100%.

  Johnny gets $500.

  Jim Fitzgerald's missions cont.

  V.16  Hit the Pipe

  Malc: Walter T. Mudu  Walter provided the voices of King Courtney and D-Ice in
the GTA game "III," 2001, played Zilla in a 2005 episode of the TV series "Jonny
Zero," a Lot Manager in a 2009 episode of the TV series "Law & Order: Special
Victims Unit," played TSA Skeleton #1 in "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty,"
2013, etc.  He was also a talent consultant for the 2002 documentary TV series
"Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry."

  King Courtney was the leader of the Uptown Yardies and Malc is a member of the
Uptown Riders.

  DeSean: Craig "muMs" Grant  Craig played Poet in 49 1997-2003 episodes of the
TV series "Oz," Lysol in a 2003 episode of the TV series "Chappelle's Show,"
supplied a Voice for the 2005 game "The Warriors," played Mop in a 2006 episode
of the TV series "The Sopranos," played Joseph Washington in three 2007 episodes
of the TV series "Boston Legal," played a Hernia Patient in a 2014 episode of
the TV series "The Knick," etc.

  Have Johnny go to the north side of Frankfort Dr. west of Exeter Ave., North-
wood, north Algonquin.

  Jim tells Johnny that Malc and DeSean, two members of the Uptown Riders, can
provide explosives (Pipe bombs) they could use to take down the Angels of Death.
("Hair dryers" refers to the Japanese sports bikes used by the Uptown Riders.)

  Johnny agrees and says it will be fun.
  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Mission #12 - Hit the Pipe (1080p)" by GTA Series

  Have Johnny destroy three AoD vans driving randomly around Alderney--the third
is accompanied by two armed AoD on bikes.

  (Thanks to Robert Rusk reader Luiz Fernando Vencio for noting that if you have
Johnny start the mission on a motorcycle Johnny is placed on a Hexer after the
first cutscene.  There's a Bati 800 beside the nearby blue dumpster.)

  The game suggests you have Johnny destroy the three Gang Burrito vans with
Pipe bombs.  If you do so, judge how far to have Johnny drive in front of the
van to drop the Pipe bomb.  But you can have him use whatever weapon you want so
you can have Johnny use an SMG or Sawn-off shotgun from a vehicle if you prefer.
If so, have Johnny shoot a rear wheel well to set it on fire or shoot the driv-

  You can have Johnny use a cab as a passenger, set a waypoint near a van, skip
the ride to get there quickly, jack the cab, then destroy the van.

  You can use the Simple Trainer to teleport to a waypoint (NP0 + O) and use the
function "Blow Up Car attached to Valid Destination Marker."

  This mission is a wanted rating exploit until you have Johnny destroy the last
van.  Johnny can't get so far from the vans that you fail the mission.
  "TLaD - Hit the Pipe (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010

  Johnny gets $2,000.

  Johnny calls Jim to say those Deadbeats aren't a problem.  Jim tells Johnny
that Malc and DeSean are good guys and recommends that Johnny call Terry and
Clay for backup now that he's in charge.

  Terry will send Johnny a text message reminding him before every main mission.
Having Johnny use Terry and Clay for bsckup can increase their toughness stat if
you haven't maxed it out with the Gang Wars.  (Thanks to Robert Rusk for the
tip.)  See III.4  Gang members' toughness.

  When you have Johnny call Terry or Clay for backup both show up.  Have Johnny
wait for them to show up or they'll be considered abandoned and won't be avail-
able for the rest of the mission.

  (Remember you can have Johnny call Bryce Bug to hear a new audio every one or
two days.)

  Jim can supply Pipe bombs.  Terry's Gun Van sells them at $700 apiece.

  Elizabeta sends a text message--Jim says you need work and is sending Malc as
well.  Meet me at my apartment.

  V.17  End of Chapter

  Have Johnny go to a lot on the south side of Vitullo Ave. east of Bear St.,
Berchem, Alderney.

  Jim tells Johnny that Brian wants a truce.  Johnny says, "F**k that--let's go
get him"--and leads Jim, Terry, and Clay to attack Brian.

  Have Johnny lead the others to the meeting.  From the intersection of Latchkey
Ave. and Barsac Ave. have Johnny go a bit south then go east on a nameless road
then east southeast past the curve to get to the marker for the meeting.

  Jim speaks for his faction and Brian speaks for his.  Brian childishly, and
again anti-Semitically, accuses Jim of turning in Billy.  Jim and Scott accuse
Brian of being a baby whose babysitter Billy is in jail and tell him to get out
of town.  Brian says it's the other way around and commands his faction to kill
Johnny's faction while he runs away.

  The first five shooters are driven in a circle by 'cyclists to the west.
Johnny starts behind cover with a Carbine rifle.

  Four attackers approach from the west in a Laundromat Burrito van then anoth-
er four arrive in a Laundromat likewise.

  A couple of motorcyclists, each with a gunman, approach from the west then
four in a Laundromat van do likewise.

  Three approach by climbing over a low wall to the south.

  Have Johnny help The Lost chase after and shoot Brian's remaining fighting
forces who use four 'cycles to flee north through the dock area then through the
city streets.

  During the chase and afterward Johnny can't get a wanted level till he returns
to Jim who will wait indefinitely.
  "TLaD - End of Chapter (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010

  Have Johnny drive to Jim.  Jim says they're the last of the Alderney chapter
of The Lost.  Johnny says the brothers left are Jim, Angus, Terry, Clay, and
himself.  He wishes they pinned down Brian.  Jim says Brian will turn up soon

  Johnny gets $2,000.

  You can have Johnny call Angus.  Angus thinks Johnny started a civil war but
Johnny says Billy started the fight.  Johnny agrees with Angus to do what's best
for the brothers and not his pride.
  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Mission #13 - End of Chapter (1080p)" by GTA Ser-
ies Videos

  My toughness stats for Terry and Clay went from 89% up to 100%.  If your stats
aren't up to 100% they should be there soon if you have Johnny use their backup
regularly.  At 100% they get the best weapons they can get and are at their

  V.18  Bad Standing

  Have Johnny go to Jim on the south side of Manano Rd. east of Franklin St.

  Johnny meets The Lost and Ray Boccino.  Ray wants things to calm down to not
attract attention and for a steady flow of merchandise.  He's told The Lost
where Brian is.  Johnny goes to see Brian.

  Have Johnny go to Brian's place, a three story beige house, on the north side
of Emery St. west of the west end of Tinderbox Ave., south Tudor, Alderney.

  Jim sends a text recommending that Johnny call Terry or Clay to have both sup-
ply backup.

  From Brian's second floor bedroom he sees that Johnny is outside.  Brian has
armed men on the first two floors.

  If you use Terry and Clay the game recommends you have Johnny throw a Grenade
through a window while Terry and Clay cover the back door.  This causes the men
inside to try to flee.  Have Johnny go to the east side of the house to shoot
any enemies that get past Terry and Clay.  If Brian drives from the area of his
house have Johnny drive after him and shoot him off his motorcycle.

  If Brian gets away (not counting having Johnny confront him but let him live)
you fail the mission.  Johnny calls Jim and says Brian slipped through his fin-
gers but hopes he won't be gone for long.

  Thanks to Robert Rusk for the strategy of having Johnny go to the gutted
building across the street to the south of Brian's building.  Have Johnny climb
west to east over the big shipping crates to jump to the roof and snipe Brian
who repeatedly pauses before his second story bedroom window as he paces in a
loop.  If you miss and Brian and his men flee you can have Johnny use the Rocket
launcher on them as they run past the front of the building.

  You can see whatever57010 use the sniping method in the video at the next
  "TLaD - Bad Standing (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010

  To attack the men in Brian's house without having them try to flee don't have
Johnny throw or shoot anything into his window.  Let Terry and Clay stand guard
outside the back door while having Johnny enter the house through the back door
and use the SMG to shoot six of Brian's men on the first floor and three on the
second.  Have Johnny go to the room past the bedroom to confront Brian who begs
for his life ("I'll leave and never come back," "I'll be a ghost, man, gone,"
  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Mission #14 - Bad Standing (1080p)" by GTA Series

  Once you have Johnny confront Brian there you can have Johnny kill Brian or
walk away from Brian to let him live.

  If Johnny is armed with a Pistol you can have perform an Execution on Brian.
If you have Johnny kill Brian Johnny calls Jim and says Brian is halfway to

  If you don't want Johnny to kill Brian have Johnny walk away from him.  Johnny
says Brian was dead inside, anyway.  Johnny calls Jim who says he hopes Brian
isn't planning something else.  Brian returns as a Random Character you have
Johnny kill--see V.19.  You don't have to do that mission for 100%.  (Brian
really is an insignificant weasel.)

  Johnny gets $2,000.

  Whether Brian is killed or not Jim sends Johnny a text that Johnny can use
Brian's apartment.  Brian's place is a second save place.  It has a parking
space in front and the bedroom features weapons pickups on a table by the mat-
tress used to save the game.  The Hexer, Hakuchou, Bati 800, and Innovation
spawn around it.

  A white male icon appears on the radar/in-game map on Hardtack Ave. west of
Babbage Dr.

  V.19  Random Character--Brian Jeremy (not needed for 100%)

  V.19.a  First encounter

  Brian is on the sidewalk on the north side of Hardtack Ave. west of Babbage
Dr., south Acter, Alderney.  Johnny protests that Brian only became a "ghost"
for about five min.  Brian tries to smooth that over saying they were under
pressure and he made some bad decisions--he just followed their leader Billy
who's to blame for controlling him.  He pleads to come clean and that he can
save the club--then he'll leave town.  Johnny agrees but says if Brian is f**k-
ing with him he'll put a bullet through Brian's head.  Brian tells Johnny to
follow him and not get ahead of him. 

  Have Johnny use his bike--make sure he's ready for an SMG driveby--to follow
Brian to the parking lot on the north side of Topaz St. north of the middle of
Middle Park, Algonquin.  On the way, Brian calls someone to say he's with John-
ny.  Have Johnny call Terry or Clay so they both supply backup.

  It immediately becomes an ambush--then you can have Johnny kill Brian.  Brian
goes up the steps to park on a higher back level overlooking the parking lot but
have Johnny pursue him and shoot him before he can take cover let alone flee and
make it a chase.  If he gets away you fail the mission and if Johnny leaves
Brian's attackers behind you fail the mission because Johnny abandoned the

  Then have Johnny help Terry and Clay kill Brian's gang of about six (?) at-

  Cpt. Michael Klebitz, Johnny's brother and a law enforcer, sends Johnny an
Email.  His job has horrors but he knows he's on the right side.  He writes that
Johnny's made stupid choices like followng Billy Grey who always was an arse-
hole.  Have Johnny reply--he writes that I miss you and we're both fighting oth-
er people's battles.  Look after yourself.

  Elizabeta Torres missions

  V.20  Heavy Toll

  Andreas: Santos  Santos played Gilbert Nieves in a 2004 episode of the TV ser-
ies "The Sopranos," Kiki Maldonado in a 2010 episode of the TV series "Law & Or-
der: Special Victims Unit," Open Mic Comedian #3 in a 2011 episode of the TV
series "Louie," Hector in "Diega!," 2011, etc.

  Have Johnny go to Elizabeta's apartment building on the west side of San Quen-
tin Ave. north of Switch St.

  Elizabeta wants product (cocaine) to sell.  She wants Johnny and Malc to teach
a lesson to a crime group that bribed a guard on the East Borough Bridge to let
a van through without inspecting it.  She sends Johnny, Malc, DeSean, and anoth-
er Uptown Rider to tear them apart.  Outside, Johnny says they need to take a
cage (car).

  (The Uptown Riders, including Malc and DeSean, are a group of urban riding en-
thusiasts who prefer Japanese sports bikes and have their own line of endorsed
products.  This leads to some contentious back and forth with humor between
Johnny and Malc.)

  Have Johnny use the Presidente to drive them to the toll booths on the north-
south stretch of the East Borough Bridge.  On the way, Johnny admires the power
of Malc's street sweeper (Combat shotgun).  Before having Johnny drive into the
marker, have him call Terry or Clay to have them both provide backup.

  The guard requires exact change from a man driving a woman about to give
birth.  Johnny punches out the guard and Malc lets the driver go through.

  Johnny starts out equipped with an Assault shotgun and taking cover behind a
middle booth.  He says, "We gotta get that white s**t" (the cocaine in the Slam-
van).  Malc lets a couple vehicles go by but when the orange Slamvan stops at
the booth he yells, "Give up the van" and a shootout starts.

  The ambush at a toll booth may refer to similar scene in the 1972 movie "The

  Have Johnny help his group kill the nearest eight or so attackers from the
Slamvan, the car and two bikes behind it, and a car ahead of them.  Have him
jack the Slamvan, let Malc enter it, and get out of the wanted circle.  Have him
drive the Slamvan to the AUTO PARTS garage on the south side of the nameless
street parallel to Jackhammer St., south Industrial, Bohan.

  Malc says the cocaine should help finance them.  Johnny says he just hopes he,
Malc, and Liz can stay away from the police long enough to enjoy it.
  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Mission #15 - Heavy Toll (1080p)" by GTA Series

  Johnny gets $1,000.

  There's a Hakuchou Custom nearby to the southwest.

  Elizabeta calls.  She asks if Johnny drove the van for her.  He says he dumped
it in the lockup.  She says she'll send Adreas to check out what's in the back
of it.

  Elizabeta sends a text message with the phone number--555-2222--of Roman Bell-
ic's cab company Bellic Enterprises.

  Terry's Gun Van sells the Assault shotgun (the best shotgun) for $3,500/$25 a

  An Assault shotgun pickup spawns in your safehouses if you've done 40 Gang

  I recommend you have Johnny put the Assault shotgun in his shotgun slot for
the rest of the game.

  V.21  Marta Full of Grace

  Marta: Honey Rockwell

  Have Johnny go to Elizabeta's apartment building.

  Johnny questions the excessive use of force Elizabeta called for in the last
mission.  She rationalizes that it's good which Johnny says reminds him of
Billy.  She sends Johnny to the airport to pick up Marta who just got in from
Puerto Rico.

  This mission probably takes place after "Have A Heart" since Elizabeta's para-
noid and wielding a gun (and it's possibly a stain made from Manny Escuela's
blood that she orders Andreas to clean from the couch).

  Have Johnny go to the airport.  On the way, have him call Terry or Clay to
have them both provide backup.

  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Mission #16 - Marta Full of Grace (1080p)" by GTA
Series Videos

  Marta the drug mule (she's swallowed condoms filled with cocaine) is led from
the terminal by a FIB agent intent on having her give him blowjobs back at the
office.  Johnny knees him him the groin and leads her away.

  (The FIB agent's voice reminds me of Ray Machowski's voice--supplied by Robert
Loggia--in "III.")

  Have Johnny use the Assault shotgun to kill all the police, FIB, and NOOSE of-
ficers represented by red blips on the radar/in-game map.  After that, Marta
will follow him.
  "TLaD - Marta Full of Grace (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010

  Have Johnny lead Marta onto/into a vehicle, get out of the three star wanted
circle, then take her to Elizabeta's apartment building.

  Johnny gets $2,000.

  The Liberty Tree has an article on carnage at the airport which may have been
caused by a terrorist.

  Elizabeta sends Johnny a text message--she has work for Johnny and Malc.

  V.22  Shifting Weight

  Have Johnny go to Elizabeta's apartment building.

  She's worried that everything's closing in on her.  Johnny and Malc go to sell
her cocaine.

  Have Johnny go with Malc and DeSean to meet the buyer in a lot on the west
side of Butterfly St. north of Grand Blvd., north Bohan.  On the way you can
have Johnny call Terry or Clay for both to provide backup.

  A man and woman are the buyers.  The woman tries the coke but they pull guns
to take it without paying and the woman shoots Johnny's bike.  DeSean shoots the
woman and the man runs away.

  Johnny is on the back of Malc's bike as Malc and DeSean flee from the law en-
forcement vehicles chasing DeSean.  The rest of this mission is a rail shooter--
have Johnny shoot the law enforcers and their vehicles while Malc does the driv-
ing for him.  Johnny has unlimited ammo except for Pipe bombs.

  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Mission #17 - Shifting Weight (1080p)" by GTA Ser-
ies Videos

  "TLaD - Shifting Weight (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010

  When passing the gas station hae Johnny shoot the pump for a brief cinematic.

  Have him shoot the men from the Police Maverick to make it spin out of con-

  When surrounded and stopped Malc drives through the Grotti dealership for a
brief cinematic.

  On the highway three Police Cars chase--the third hits a post sending an of-
ficer through the windshield for a brief cinematic.

  Johnny ends up under the Union Drive East freeway east of the east end of Gar-
net St.  There's a Double T Custom nearby.

  Malc jokingy asks if he and Johnny should get a room together at the Jeffer-
son Motel which refers to a motel in Jefferson, Los Santos, San Andreas.  Malc
and DeSean take the cocaine to Elizabeta.

  Johnny gets $3,000.

  Johnny calls Elizabeta and says the deal didn't happen so Malc snd DeSean are
returning her product.  She says he should stay away from her for awhile.  (His
line "Just don't get freaked out if you see me rolling in a cop car" means he
might use one of the police cars that wrecked in the chase.)

  You can have Johnny call Elizabeta who frantically tells someone to flush
their drugs because the police are coming then pretends she and Marta are OK.

  Ashley calls--she wants Johnny to come see her to meet Ray Boccino at Drusil-
la's restaurant.

  Ashley sends a text file.  She needs to have Johnny come see her soon.

  If you have him call she tells him to hurry.

  Clay sends a text file--he'll fix Johnny's Hexer.

  A fed calls--a close friend of Johnny's is going to take the witness stand.

  A white male icon appears on the radar/in-game map.

  V.23  Random Character--Malc

  The two encounters with Malc are required for 100%.
  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Random Character #2 - Malc [2 Missions] (1080p)"
by GTA Series Videos

  V.23.a  First encounter

  Have Johnny go to Malc who's fixing or tuning up his 'cycle on the north side
of a nameless St. west of the northwest curve of Frankfort Ave., Northwood,
north Algonquin.

  Malc is upset because DeSean hasn't shown up to roll with him as he was sup-
posed to.  Malc can't tune up his bike on his own.  Johnny agrees to help Malc
find DeSean.

  There's a Bati 800 at the curb nearby.

  Have Johnny follow Malc to the east side of Galveston Ave. north of Iron St.,
southwest Algonquin.  On the way, DeSean calls Malc and says he's been shot.
Johnny asks Malc if he's ever been shot in a race.  (How Johnny correctly
guessed it was in a race, I don't know.  Maybe he could overhear DeSean on the
phone but we can't in the game or racing is something DeSean does all the time.)

  Once they get to DeSean he says he's only been grazed but in a race that was
only supposed to use Baseball bats.  Johnny suggests they hit them right back.
DeSean leads Johnny and Malc to the bikers that shot him.

  Have Johnny follow DeSean with Malc to a lot on the north side of Kunzite St.
at Union Drive West.  On the way, DeSean says he only got a few pellets of a
shotgun in his arm.

  There are seven or eight cheating bikers in basically two groups.  Each group
is by an exploding barrel so have Johnny shoot those and pick off any that re-
main with his Assault shotgun or Carbine rifle.

  DeSean says they hit one out of the park for fair play.

  Johnny gets $500.

  Capt. Michael Klebitz sends an Email--you're a disrespectful sh*t to me and
my country and a rat who'd only die for drugs and money.  Look after yourself.
If you have Johnny respond he writes I love you, too.  Take strong medication to
deal with the fact you've lost your mind.

  About a week of game days later the male icon for the second encounter with
Malc appears on the radar/in-game map.

  V.23.b  Second encounter

  Malc is working on his bike again on the north side of Frankfort Ave. west of
Exeter Ave., Northwood, north Algonquin.

  Malc challenges Johnny to a bike race.  Have him follow Malc to the meet--the
Park Circuit race that was used in the Algonquin Bike Races (V.2.b).  It starts
on Exeter Ave. south of Xenotime St.  Again, Johnny gets a Baseall bat to use to
knock others racers off their bikes.

  If Johnny wins Malc says Johnny was lucky but Johnny says it was pure skill.

  Johnny gets $3,250 if he finishes first if he finished first for all the Bike
Races and less if he didn't.  You don't have to have him finish first to pass
the mission.

  V.24  Roman's Holiday

  The title refers to the 1953 movie "Roman Holiday."

  Have Johnny go to Ashley's place on the east side of Babbage Dr. south of
Farnsworth Rd., Acter, Alderney.
  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Mission #18 - Roman's Holiday (1080p)" by GTA Ser-
ies Videos

  Two of Dmitri's gangsters need Johnny to kidnap a guy or Ashley, who owes Dmi-
tri drug money, will be killed.  Johnny has to deliver him to a warehouse on
Lompoc Ave.  The victim's name is Roman Bellic.

  Have Johnny pick up Malc and use a Presidente to park at the alley entrance on
the south side of Dillon St. east of Tuscarora Ave., Schottler, Broker.

  Johnny and Malc kidnap Roman and put him in the back of the car.

  Have Johnny drive to a warehouse lot at the southeast corner of Lompoc Ave.,
Industrial, Bohan.  (Malc likes it if Johnny drives fast.)  On the way, Johnny
and Malc tease Roman about the wimpering to be let go he makes through the gag
in his mouth.  (You might play it twice to hear all the dialogue.)

  If you stop for whatever reason along the way, Roman gets out of the car and
runs.  If that happens have Johnny run after Roman (who doesn't run fast) and
target him (RMB) with a weapon.  Roman will hold up his hands in surrender.
Have Johnny direct him back to the car and Roman will get back into it.  Hitting
Roman--lightly--with the car will do the trick, too.  Once Roman is back in the
car Malc makes sure Roman won't try to escape again.
  "TLaD - Roman's Holiday (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010

  That isn't hard to do but you can skip it by having Johnny drive directly to
the warehouse and calling the phone number Johnny recieved after "Heavy Toll" in
a text message from Elizabeta Torres for Bellic Enterprises: 555-2222.  Johnny
tells Roman, who pretends he's someone else, he has two college coeds who need a
limo and heard Roman was the man for the job.  Roman says he'll try to send Ro-
man there as soon as possible.  Roman arrives in one of his taxis and is kid-
napped in a cutscene.  Have Johnny drive Roman's Taxi into the marker.

  Johnny tells Dmitri's armed man to go easy on Roman.  The man takes Roman into
the warehouse.  (Roman is rescued by Niko in "Hostile Negotiation" in "IV.")'s_Holiday

  Johnny calls Ashley and tells her those Russians have got their guy but she
has to control herself.  She agrees and says the best thing about this is John-
ny and asks him to call.

  Ashley calls--go to Drusilla's to meet Ray who needs help.

  Ray Boccino's missions

  V.25  Diamonds in the Rough

  "TLaD - Diamonds in the Rough (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010

  Have Johnny go to Drusilla's restaurant on the east side of Denver Ave. south
of Feldspar St.

  Ashley, in front of Drusilla's, says she needs Johnny to do something--see Ray
who's inside.  At the bar, Ray says he knows about a couple million in diamonds
bought by wiseguys, from wiseguys, for wiseguys (himself). 

  (Briefly, a cook stole the diamonds from Ray Bulgarin.  Rocco Pelosi has Tony
and Luis buy the diamonds from the cook so that he could sell them back to Ray
at a profit.  But Ray Boccino wants Johnny to steal the diamonds to sell to Mori
and Isaac later.)

  "The GTA Diamonds - full story" by whatever57010

  Ray wants Johnny to steal the diamonds from Gay Tony (Prince) and warns John-
ny: "Don't get too clever."

  Johnny calls Jim for some help in Broker.  Jim says he'll send The Lost.
Have Johnny drive to the west end of the Broker Bridge where five members of The
Lost are waiting, call Terry or Clay to have them arrive with two others for
backup, then lead them all to a lot at the south end of the semi-loop of name-
less road around the red dot for the Broker Navy Yard on the paper map.

  Gay Tony, accompanied by Tony's boyfriend Evan Moss and Luis, pays the cook
for the diamonds and Luis notices the approach of The Lost.  There's a shoot out
and Luis directs Evan to take the diamonds to the club (Maisonette 9).

  Evan flees in a Stretch accompanied by an Oracle.  Johnny directs some of The
Lost to chase Tony and Luis (the TBoGT mission "Frosting on the Cake") while
Johnny leads Terry and Clay to help him driveby Evan's vehicles which go back
across the Broker Bridge then randomly around Algonquin.  Have Johnny shoot at
the cars, notably the rear wheel wells, to blow them up and shoot at the occu-
pants of them.  There will likely be notable obstructions caused by traffic on
the way.  Have Johnny kill Evan Moss, if he didn't already die from the destruc-
tion of the Stretch, and Evan leaves a pickup for the diamonds.  Have Johnny get
the diamonds.
  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Mission #19 - Diamonds in the Rough (1080p)" by
GTA Series Videos

  Johnny calls Ray who tells him to leave half of the diamonds in a trash bag on
Hematite St. and half in a trash bag on Emerald St. for his boys to pick up lat-
er (the "IV" mission "Taking in the Trash").  Just have Johnny drive near the
bags--actually a pair at each spot--and the game puts the diamonds in them.  One
pair is on the north side of Emerald St. east of Albany Ave. and the other pair
is on the north side of Hematite St. east of Frankfort Ave.

  Johnny calls Ashley.  She says Ray needs to sell the diamonds before Johnny
gets his cut.  She says she loves him--he says not enough.

  Ray calls to tell Johnny to work for his money--go to the Libertonian to sell
the diamonds.

  You can have Johnny call Angus.  Johnny says Ashley got him involved with a
Mafia guy.  Angus warns him to watch out for himself--that mobster's cold as

  V.26  Collector's Item

  Have Johnny go to the north entrance of the Libertonian which is on the west
side of Columbus Ave. south of Quartz St., Algonquin.  On the way, have Johnny
call Terry or Clay to have them both arrive for backup.

  This misson is seen from Niko's point of view as "Museum Piece" in "IV" and
from Luis' point of view as "Not So Fast" in TBoGT.

  Have Niko go through the markers to go south through the Libertonian and meet
Niko at the goods entrance.

  Johnny and Niko meet Mori, Isaac, and a couple members of the Jewish mob.
Isaac shows Johnny and Niko the money and Niko shows Mori the diamonds.  Luis
shoots Mori from an upstairs window.  A gangster tries to shoot Luis but Luis
shoots him first and the group scatters.

  Have Johnny go north shooting at attackers ahead and to the east.  (You might
see Niko going south if you quickly have Johnny look down to the first floor.)
At the north end of the room have Johnny go counter-clockwise through a smaller
room to the stairs and go down them.  There's Armor on a stand near the bottom
of the stairs.  (According to you should have Johnny walk down the
stairs if you want to see the bodies left by Niko--they disappear if you have
Johnny jump down the stairs.)'s_Item

  Have Johnny go left to go through a door (where there's a yellow marker and a
blip on the radar), go downstairs and shoot an attacker in a small room, and go
through the door of the north exit (where there's a yellow marker and a blip on
the radar).

  Have Johnny use the Rocket launcher on the cars of the Mafia attackers beyond
the exit while careful not to destroy his 'cycle.  Have him driveby one or two
Mafia members' PMP 600s which flee then get rid of any wanted rating he may
  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Mission #20 - Collector's Item (1080p)" by GTA
Series Videos

  Johnny calls Jim--Johnny says he needs to give Jim something.  Jim says he's
on Exeter on V.

  Have Johnny go to Jim who's in an alley bordered by Exeter Ave., Denver Ave.,
Vauxite St., and Uranium St.

  Johnny gives Jim the money.  (The biker next to Jim is the "IV" version of

  Johnny gets $10,000.

  Johnny calls Ray who says Nicky (Niko) said Johnny got the money--Ray tells
Johnny to bring it to Ray.  Johnny says he doesn't know what happened to it--he
just wanted to get out with his life.  Ray warns him he better not be pulling
anything "or I'll start pulling teeth."

  A Liberty tree website article says Evan Moss was found dead in Broker, he was
rumored to have hooked Tony Prince, and the LCPD are looking for a group of men
wearing tight black leather.

  Jim sends a text message--meet him at Ray's.

  V.27  Was It Worth It?

  This mission happens during the "IV" mission "No Way on the Subway."

  Have Johnny go to Drusilla's to meet Ray.

  Ray tells Johnny "I told you not to get too f**king clever" and directs him at
gunpoint to the cellar where a mobster tortures Jim with a soldering torch.  Jim
won't talk and neither will Johnny so Ray hits Johnny on the head with the butt
of his handgun.  Jim cuts his hands free with a utiity knife and holds it at the
throat of his torturer then Johnny kicks the gun from Ray's hand.  Jim cuts his
torturer's throat as Jim and Johnny go upstairs.  As they run from Drusills'a
Johnny says he's going to Ashley and Jim says he's going to get the brothers
(The Lost).

  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Mission #21 - Was It Worth It? (1080p)" by GTA
Series Videos

  Have Johnny follow the GPS route.  When Johnny gets to around Roebuck Rd. in
Alderney Ashley calls to say Ray sent some men after Johnny.  Four red blips,
each representing a PMP 600 with four Mafia attackers, appear on the radar/in-
game map.  Johnny tells Ashley to meet him at the clubhouse.

  (Thanks to Robert Rusk for the tip that you can consider the following period
a wanted rating exploit although you have to have Johnny avoid the Mafia.)

  Jim sends Johnny a text reminding him that he can call Terry or Clay to have
both arrive for backup.

  I didn't have Johnny use backup.  I had him go south on Roebuck Rd. and use
the Assault shotgun to blow up the nearest PMP 600, kill mobsters, then do the
same with the other three cars of mobsters which come to the area individually.

  Ray's men leave a lot of money when killed.

  If Johnny calls Terry or Clay for backup they help Johnny create an ambush at
the northwest bend of Kenickie Ave.  Let them get there first so they climb to
the roof of the MARKUP TIRE SHOP for a safer shooting spot which you can have
Johnny use as well.

  If you use Robert Rusk's tip to have the shoot out on the roof of the club-
house have Johnny take a Taxi there.
  "TLaD - Was it worth it? (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010

  Have Johnny go to the clubhouse.  Ashley apologizes and implies Jim's dead.
She says Billy tried to poison Ray against Johnny and now Billy s going to go
(turn) state's (evidence) and blame Johnny.  She suggests that congressman
(Stubbs) might help.'s_evidence

  Stubbs calls--he'll come tot he clubhouse and adds "I drink single malt" (a
"whisky made at one particular distillery from a mash that uses only malted
grain, ordinarily barley"--Wikipedia).

  Thomas Stubbs III's missions cont.

  V.28  Get Lost

  Have Johnny go to the clubhouse.

  Inside, Stubbs tells Johnny not to worry about Ray.  He and his gang will be
dead or in jail in a month or so--stay away from him.  But Billy thinks he can
pin a major drug dealing operation on Jim for a Witness Protection Program.  Jim
says a problem with doing anything about Billy is that Billy is in prison.
Stubbs says Johnny will figure something out and tells him to call if he gets in
trouble: "I told you--I was good for a favor.".

  Have Johnny drive into the marker on Grenadier St. south of Praetorian Ave.
Johnny calls Terry and tells him to bring Clay and the rest of The Lost to Al-
derney State Correctional Facility in east Acter Industrial Park, southeast Al-

  Terry arrives in his Gun Van.  You can have Johnny use it as usual except this
time it's for free since it's being used for the club.

  Have Johnny blow a hole in the big prison entrance doors with a Grenade
launcher, Grenade, Pipe bomb, or Rocket launcher.

  Johnny tells Terry and Clay to join him and tells the rest of The Lost to hold
the gate.  Have Johnny fight his way clockwise to the other side of the nearest
prison building killing three waves of about eight shooting guards each.  One
guard of the second wave is on the roof by the water tower.  Have Johnny go into
the yellow marker.

  A couple Annihilators of re-enforcements arrive for the law enforcers.  This
last wave includes two law enforcers on catwalks and one on the guard tower be-
tween them.  As they die a group of about five join them from the east.

  A good shooting spot is the top of the stairs to the east. (Thanks to what-
  "TLaD - Get Lost (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010

  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Ending / Final Mission - Get Lost (1080p)" by GTA
Series Videos

  After killing the guards a red blip appears on the radar/in-game map for Billy
to the south.  Have Johnny go to Billy.  You can have Johnny perform an execu-
tion on him.  Compared to "IV" which requires a Pistol for that I had Johnny do
it with an Automatic 9mm.

  Have Johnny follow Terry and Clay out of the prison grounds then lead The Lost
to the clubhouse.  Johnny says Jim was princely but the clubhouse just repre-
sents BS now.

  Johnny talks with Terry, Angus, and Clay then has Terry torch the place.

  While clips are shown of the "camera" panning the scenery for the end credits
you see re-enactments of scenes from "IV" and TLaD.

  Johnny gets $7,000.  You get the Easy Rider Achievement.

  Johnny appears in front of his only save place (previously Brian's place).  He
can still call Terry's Gun Van.

  You can have Johnny call Stubbs.  He says the club is over due to what hap-
pened.  Stubbs says Johnny has medievel principles and Johnny says he wouldn't
want to stab people in the back to get ahead which is why he didn't become a

  You can have Johnny call Ashley.  She says she didn't think she'd hear from
him again.  He says Billy's dead--she says she knew.  She asks for $40 but John-
ny says she can "kill herself on her own."

  You can have Johnny call Angus.  Johnny says the club is dead.  He says he'll
keep sending money to Jim's wife and kids--Angus adds we all owe her that.
Johnny says otherwise he'll probably cut his ties and that he finally cut Ashley
loose in his head.  He says Angus has been a good friend and Angus says Johnny
is a good man.

  The Liberty Tree web site has an article saying The Lost were in a fight in
the subway between Algonquin and Dukes.  Two bodies were recovered--on was Jim
Fitzgerald.  The article is echoed on Weazel News.

  The Liberty Tree web site has an article sbout the murderous incident at Al-
derney State.

  Ashley sends an Email--she's entered rehab.  If you have Johnny respond he
wishes her good luck and adds please stay the f**k away from me.

  Ashley sends an Email--she loves Johny and wants to borrow money.  If you have
him respond he writes wishing her good luck but tells her not to contact him

  Angus sends an Email--its time to move on and end the charade that their group
meant anything.  Do it for Jim.  If you have Johnny respond he writea that I
miss Jim.  The real deal.  The man we all wanted to be.

  A glitch lets Johnny enter the ruined clubhouse.  Have him use the fire escape
to get on the roof and go to about the middle of the north side so a screen
prompt appears to allow Johnny to watch television.  Press the key to watch
television then press it again to stop.  Johnny will be in the clubhouse but he
can't leave unless he dies or you exit the game.

  Johnny can watch TV and play pool but hi-lo card games and arm wrestling
aren't available.  If you have Johnny walk around the front entrance near the
bar where there's usually a lot of people it's empty but Johnny still does the
pushing animation and says stuff.  In the PC version there are members at the
Clubhouse and the Internet and QUB3D game work.

  You could also just use the Simple Trainer Airbreak function as a Noclip func-
tion to have Johnny (or Luis) enter and exit the ruined clubhouse.

  V.29  100% Completion Score

  Complete 22 storyline missions ("Clean and Serene" to "Get Lost")
  Kill 50 seagulls
  Win a game of arm wrestling, pool, darts, and air hockey against anyone
    (Terry, Clay, or a ped)
  Bring Terry Thorpe and Clay Simons to these friendship activities--air hockey
    (win or lose), darts (win or lose), pool (win or lose), drinking, eating,
    comedy club (Split Sides), and a strip club
    (You can have Johnny go into the marker at Perestroika but no act will ap-
  Complete 12 Bike Races
  Complete 25 Gang Wars

  Complete the encounters with 2 Random Characters
    Dave Grossman--1 encounter
    Malc--two encounters
    (You don't need to do the encounter with Brian)

  Complete 10 Angus' Bike Thefts
  Complete 5 Stubbs' Dirty Laundry jobs

  V.30  Conclusion

  Johnny has unlimited ammo for weapons but the ammo counts go back down to the
usual limits after saving a game.

  Thanks to Robert Rusk for the tip that Johnny, Ashley, and the rest of The
Lost move to Blaine County, San Andreas, in "V" but things don't end well for