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Glen T. Winstein

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Glenster's Side 1


  Glenster's Side of Episodes from Liberty City
    The Lost and Damned
    The Ballad of Gay Tony

  Copyright 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 Glen T. Winstein

  Glenster's Side of 'Sodes
  Glenster's Epic Epoch of Endeavor at the Epicellar of Hardcoded Episodes from
    Liberty City
  The Man Who Shot Liberty Klebitz

  "Rockstar Games awarded Academy Fellowship | BAFTA Games Awards 2014" by The
Rockstar Fanboy
  "Rockstar Games' Leslie Benzies, Dan Houser and Sam Houser - AIAS 2014 Hall
of Fame Tribute Video" by Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences

  I.     Installation

  I.1    Paying tributes, having things in common, and
           things you may not have noticed

  I.2.   Take-Two Games web site and support

  I.3.   100% completion checklists

  I.4    Single player Achievements

  I.5    Controls

  I.6   A rundown of some of the vehicles and some of their real names
  I.6.a      Four wheel vehicles
  I.6.b      Motorcycles and scooters
  I.6.c      Helicopters and jets
  I.6.d      Boats

  I.7    Glitches and Ghost World
  I.7.a  Problem glitches
            The Taxi bug
  I.7.b  Fun glitches, gimmicks, etc.
  I.7.c  Ghost World

  I.8  Radio
  I.9  TV
  I.10  Internet
  I.11  Phone numbers/codes and unlockables

  II.1   Weapons
  II.2   Wanted rating system


  The Lost and Damned

  III  The missions

  III.1  "The Lost and Damned" mission tree and storyline choices

  III.2  In the beginning....  (cutscene intro)

  Billy Grey's missions

  III.3  Clean and Serene

  III.4  Gang members' toughness


  IV  Preliminaries for TLaD

  IV.1  Save places and parking spaces
  IV.2  Cell phone
  IV.3  Internet
  IV.4  50 Seagulls

  IV.5  Arm Wrestling
  IV.6  Hi-Lo
  IV.7  Pool
  IV.8  Darts
  IV.9.a  Air Hockey
  IV.9.b  Bowling

  IV.10    Friends
  IV.10.a  Jim Fitzgerald
  IV.10.b  Clay Simons
  IV.10.c  Terry Thorpe
  IV.10.d  Friend activities


  V  The missions for TLaD cont.

  Jim Fitzgerald's missions

  V.1  Liberty City Choppers

  V.2  Liberty City Bike Races
  V.2.a  Alderney Bike Races
  V.2.b  Algonquin Bike Races
  V.2.c  East Side Bike Races

  Jim Fitzgerald's missions cont.

  V.3  Bad Cop Drop

  Billy Grey's missions cont.

  V.4  Angels in America
  V.5  It's War
  V.6  Action/Reaction
  V.7  Buyer's Market

  Thomas Stubbs III's missions

  V.8  Politics

  Ashley Butler's missions

  V.9  Coming Down

  V.10  Gang Wars

  V.11  Angus' Bike Thefts

  Thomas Stubbs III's missions cont.

  V.12  Off Route
  V.13  Stubbs' Dirty Laundry
  V.13.a  Communication Breakdow
  V.13.b  First Impressions
  V.13.c  Knowing Me, Knowing You
  V.13.d  Phone Ho'
  V.13.e  When The Blue Chips Are Down

  Billy Greys missions cont.

  V.14  This Shit's Cursed

  V.15  Random Character--Dave Grossman
  V.15.a  First encounter

  Jim Fitzgerald's missions cont.

  V.16  Hit the Pipe
  V.17  End of Chapter
  V.18  Bad Standing

  V.19  Random Character--Brian Jeremy (not needed for 100%)
  V.19.a  First encounter

  Elizabeta Torres missions

  V.20  Heavy Toll
  V.21  Marta Full of Grace
  V.22  Shifting Weight

  V.23  Random Character--Malc
  V.23.a  First encounter
  V.23.b  Second encounter

  V.24 Roman's Holiday

  Ray Boccino's missions

  V.25  Diamonds in the Rough
  V.26  Collector's Item
  V.27  Was It Worth It?

  Thomas Stubbs III's missions cont.

  V.28  Get Lost

  V.29  100% Completion Score

  V.30  Conclusion


  The Ballad of Gay Tony

  VI  The missions

  VI.1  "The Ballad of Gay Tony" mission tree and storyline choices

  VI.2  In The Beginning....  (cutscene intro)

  Tony Prince's missions

  VI.3  I Luv LC
  VI.4  100% Score
  VI.4.a  Mission Replays
  VI.4.b  Time
  VI.4.c  Player Damage
  VI.4.d  Accuracy
  VI.4.e  Headshots


  VII   Preliminaries for TBoGT

  VII.1  Save places and parking spaces
  VII.2  Cell phone
  VII.3  Internet
  VII.4  50 Seagulls

  VII.5  Club activities
  VII.5.a  Dancing
  VII.5.b  The Bus Stop
  VII.5.c  Booty Call
  VII.5.d  Dance Challenge
  VII.5.e  Champagne Drinking Contest
  VII.5.f  Drinking/getting drunk

  VII.6    Friends
  VII.6.a  Armando
  VII.6.b  Henrique


  The missions for TBoGT cont.

  Momma's missions

  VIII.1  Momma's Boy

  VIII.2  L.C. Cage Fighters
  VIII.2.a  Betting
  VIII.2.b  Fighting

  Momma's missions cont.

  VIII.3  Corner Kids

  VIII.4  Drug Wars
  Momma's missions cont.

  VIII.5  Clocking Off

  VIII.6  Friend activities--hanging out

  VIII.7  Random Character--Daisy
  VIII.7.a  First encounter

  Tony Prince's missions cont.

  VIII.8  Practice Swing
  VIII.9  Chinese Takeout

  VIII.10  Club Management

  VIII.11 Random Character--Arnaud
  VIII.11.a  First encounter
  VIII.11.b  Second encounter

  Tony Prince's missions cont.

  VIII.12  Bang Bang

  VIII.13  Random Character--Margot
  VIII.13.a  First encounter
  VIII.13.b  Second encounter

  Tony Prince's missions cont.

  VIII.14  Blog This!...
  VIII.15  Frosting on the Cake
  VIII.16  Boulevard Baby

  Mori Kibbutz' missions

  VIII.17  Kibbutz Number One

  Yusuf Amir's missions

  VIII.18  Sexy Time
  VIII.19  High Dive

  Tony Prince's missions cont.

  VIII.20  ...Blog This!

  VIII.21  Base Jumping
  VIII.21.a  Alderney
  VIII.21.b  Algonquin
  VIII.21.c  Broker
  VIII.21.d  Francis International Airport
  VIII.21.e  Dukes

  VIII.22  Parachutes
  VIII.22.a  Alderney
  VIII.22.b  Happiness Island
  VIII.22.c  Algonquin
  VIII.22.d  Bohan, Dukes, Broker

  Mori Kibbutz' missions cont.

  VIII.23  This Ain't Checkers

  VIII.24  Triathlons
  VIII.24.a  Alderney City
  VIII.24.b  Charge Island
  VIII.24.c  BOABO

  Mori Kibbutz' missions cont.

  VIII.25  No. 3

  Tony Prince's missions cont.

  VIII.26  Not So Fast
  VIII.27  Ladies' Night

  Yusuf Amir's missions cont.

  VIII.28  Caught With Your Pants Down

  Ray Bulgarin's missions

  VIII.29  Going Deep
  VIII.30  Dropping In

  Yusuf Amir's missions cont.

  VIII.31  For the Man Who Has Everything

  Ray Bulgarin's missions cont.

  VIII.32  In the Crosshairs

  Tony Prince's missions cont.

  VIII.33  Ladies Half Price

  Rocco Pelosi's mission

  VIII.34  Party's Over

  Tony Prince's missions cont.

  VIII.35  Departure Time

  VIII.36  100% Completion Score

  VIII.37  Conclusion


  Episodes from Liberty City
    The Lost and Damned
    The Ballad of Gay Tony

  I.     Installation

  I installed "Episodes from Liberty City" from a pair of disks the way I in-
stalled "IV" with "IV" still on my computer.  EfLC is a standalone game but this
way I could still experiment with "IV" and the settings for display, graphics,
and controls were automatically set the same as the way I adjusted them for

  I installed sjaak327's "Simple Trainer" by adding the Trainerbogt.asi, train-
erbogt.ini, Trainertlad.asi, trainertlad.ini, and Scripthook.dll files to the
EfLC main game folder as recommended in the ReadMe file for it.

  I used Vlad_'s '57 Chevy mod I modded and included with my Starter Package to
replace the EfLC Voodoo in TLaD nd TBoGT the same way as I had for "IV."  I un-
checked the Read Only box, used GooD-NTS' OpenIV to replace the voodoo.wft and
voodoo.wtd files (pc > models > cdimages > vehicles.img).  I used Notepad to
change handling.dat and carcols.dat as recommended in the ReadMeGTW file in my
Starter Package.

  "[IV] RIL.Budgeted" by NTAuthority also works with EfLC to prevent the Taxi

  You use the same save slots as you used for "IV" so I saved a copy of those
for "IV" before making new saves for EfLC.

  I.1    Paying tributes, having things in common, and
           things you may not have noticed

  The DJ for "Vice City FM" in "Episodes from Liberty City" is Fernando Martinez
(Frank Chavez) from III, VC, SA, and V!

  The mission "Action/Reaction" in TLaD refers to incidents of the Banditos fir-
ing anti-tank rockets into Hells Angels clubhouses during 1994-1996 of the Nor-
dic war.

  During the second cutscene in "Off Route," TLaD, a prisoner is being led out
to a Prison Bus with a restrictive face mask similar to Hannibal Lecter's in the
1991 movie "The Silence of The Lambs."  A policeman tells the prisoner, "I saw
what you did to that orderly.  A man's organs ain't meant to look like that" and
in the movie Lecter (Anthony Hopkins) is said to have torn out an orderly's
tongue with his teeth. (Thanks Marquischacha)

  In the third cutscene, as Johnny helps the prisoner's escape, the prisoner
says, "Argh!" and eats some of a policeman's neck/face similar to the movie
scene in which Hannibal does that to a policeman as part of his escape from a
museum cell.

  The Rhapsody car (IV, EfLC) is similar to the one that Wayne and Garth drive
in the 1992 movie "Wayne's World."  If you zoom in to the dashboard you can see
a photo of Wayne and Garth taped onto it.  "Rhapsody" is a nod to the "Bohemiam
Rhapsody" scene. (Thanks to Marquischacha for the words and Enjoii for the dis-

  The BAWSAQ (IV, EfLC, V) stock exchange is a parody of NASDAQ.  "BAWSAQ" is
derived from the Scottish slang version of "ballsack."  One BAWSAQ office that's
at the corner of Kunzite St. and Burlesque St. in Star Junction, Algonquin,
looks like the Condé Nast Building in Times Square, NYC.

  "The building's northwest corner holds NASDAQ's MarketSite, a seven-story cyl-
indrical tower whose electronic display provides market quotes, financial news
and advertisements. The ground floor of the MarketSite contains a television
studio with a wall of monitors and an arc of windows looking out onto Times

  The exterior of Perestroika is based on the Millenium Atlantic Oceana, 1029
Brighton Beach Ave., Brooklyn, NY, 11235.  It was a venue for Russian live din-
ner theatre but was closed in 2014 and in the summer of 2014 was being converted
into a Russian supermarket.

  I.2    Take-Two Games web site and support

  Grand Theft Auto Episodes from Liberty City Title Update ("Patch 2")

  I.3    100% completion checklists

  TLAD 100% Checklist

  Complete 22 storyline missions ("Clean and Serene" to "Get Lost")
  Kill 50 seagulls
  Win a game of arm wrestling, pool, darts, and air hockey against anyone
    (Terry, Clay, or a ped)
  Bring Terry Thorpe and Clay Simons to these friendship activities--air hockey
    (win or lose), darts (win or lose), pool (win or lose), drinking, eating,
    comedy club (Split Sides), and a strip club
    (You can have Johnny go into the marker at Perestroika but no act will ap-
  Complete 12 Bike Races
  Complete 25 Gang Wars

  Complete the encounters with 2 Random Characters
    Dave Grossman--1 encounter
    Malc--two encounters
    (You don't need to do the encounter with Brian)

  Complete 10 Angus' Bike Thefts
  Complete 5 Stubbs' Dirty Laundry jobs

  TBoGT 100% Checklist

  Complete 26 storyline missions ("I Luv LC" to "Departure Time"--you don't
    need to get 100% at each tested aspect of each)
  Kill 50 seagulls
  Win the Champagne Drinking contest in Maisonette 9
  Dance successfully in Maisonette 9 and Hercules
  Beat either Armando or Henrique at all of these: pool, darts, golf, and air
  Take Henrique Bardas and Armando Torres to drinking, eating, and a strip club
    (There aren't markers for Split Sides or Perestroika in TBoGT)
  Win the L.C. Cage Fighters championship (6 rounds of 3 opponents each)
  Complete 8 Club Management activities in Maisonette 9

  Complete the encounters with 3 Random Characters
    Daisy--1 encounter
    Arnaud--2 encounters
    Margot--2 encounters

  Complete 25 Drug Wars
  Win 3 Triathlons
  Complete 15 Base Jumps

  I.4    Single player Achievements


  You can still accomplish some of the Achievements from "IV."  For example,
"Genetically Superior"--come first in 20 single player street races--can be done
with the Liberty City Bike Races.

  Easy Rider  Complete the main story missions by completing "Get Lost."

  Full Chat  Build the toughness of Terry Thorpe and Clay Simon to 100%.  Suc-
ceed at the Gang Wars and after "End of Chapter" call them for backup before
the main story missions.  Use manual save after each so you can reload the save
if they get killed.  See III.4  Gang members' toughness.

  Get Good Wood  Knock 69 riders of their bikes with a bat during the 'cycle
races.  Have Johnny move to the right to avoid being hit, hold the LMB to power
up the bat, then release the LMB to have him hit a biker.  To avoid losing the
race, keep track of how many laps are left when slowing down to hit a biker
that's behind him--use the last lap just for winning the race.  You may have
Johnny knock around 10 bikers (or more) from their bikes per race.  To keep
track of that see the stat "Number of racers knocked off their bike."

  A gimmick for getting the Achievement yet losing the race involves having
Johnny knock a biker from their bike and repeatedly knocking them from it when-
ever they get back on it.  If it's a three lap race and you do this fast enough
you may get all 69 in one race.  (Thanks to GTA Series Videos)
  "GTA: The Lost and Damned - Get Good Wood Achievement / Trophy (1080p)" by GTA
Series Videos

  One Percenter  Get Billy his 'cycle by doing "Clean and Serene."

  The Lost Boy  Have Johnny become the president of The Lost by completing
"This Shit's Cursed."


  You can still accomplish some of the Achievements from "IV."  For example,
"Wheelie Rider"--do a motorcycle wheelie lasting at least 500 feet--is easy
with the Police Bike available in TBoGT.

  Adrenaline Junkie  Have Luis safely freefall for the longest time you can.

  Bear Fight  Have Luis win the LC Cage Fighters championship (six rounds of
three opponents each).

  Catch the Bus  Have Luis dance correctly in both of Tony's nightclubs.

  Diamonds Forever  All three "IV" protagonists (Niko, Johnny, and Luis) were
involved in the museum heist.  As you complete "Museum Piece" in "IV" you get
the "The Impossible Trinity" Achievement.  Likewise, as you complete "Not So
Fast" in TBoGT you get the "Diamonds Forever" Achievement.  (There isn't a cor-
responding Achievement in TLaD.)

  Four Play  Have Luis hit a flag with a golf ball four times.

  Gold Star  Score 100% in all of the missions.  You can wait till all the main
missions are done and have Luis use his phone to repeat a mission.  The easiest
strategy is to then have Luis do whatever it takes to score higher on one as-
pect--your previous results for other aspects will stand while you do.
  "GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony - 100% Completion Guide (1080p)" by GTA Series
  "GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony All Missions 100% - Full Game Walkthrough (HD)"
by ThirstyHyena

  Gone Down  Have Luis complete all of the base jumps.

  Maestro  Finish "Departure Time."

  Past the Velvet Rope  Score 80% or more in all of the missions.

  Snow Queen  Complete 25 Drug Wars.

  I.5   Controls

  See the Controls section of "Glenster's Drawer of Some GTA IV."

  I.6   A rundown of some of the vehicles and some of their real names

  For vehicles of "IV" not new to TLaD and TBoGT see the mainly
information in "Glenster's Drawer of Some GTA IV."

  Thanks to for the information about new four wheel vehicles, mo-
torcycles and scooters, helicopters and jets, and boats in EfLC.

  Besides mission appearances, or codes in some cases, these vehicles can be
spawned with the Simple Trainer or Control Center.

  I.6.a      Four wheel vehicles


  Gang Burrito

  The Declasse Gang Burrito is a sportier version of the Burrito and is used by
the Angels of Death motorcycle gang.  It looks like a '96-'02 Chevrolet Express
Van with an altered grille in the front.  The sides and rear mainly look like
those of a third generation Chevrolet Van.  The taillights resemble those of a
Dodge Ram Van.

  It's the fastest van and is durable but a poor performer.  It can be spawned
with a phone code.

  Prison Bus

  The Vapid Prison Bus is basically a school bus used to transport prisoners.
The headlights and grille are a bit like those of a Chevrolet Kodiak.  The body
is somewhat like a Blue Bird CV200.

  It's slow to accelerate but durable, fast, and a good performer.


  The Declasse Rhapsody is a two-door hatchback which looks like a '70's AMC
Pacer with a front like an AMC Gremlin or a Volkswagen Golf MK1.  The wheels re-
semble American Racing Ansen Sprint mag wheels.  It has large windows so pro-
vides little protection from bullets.

  It's back heavy and not durable but is a good performer like the Blista Com-
pact except a bit slower.

  It appears in Northwood, Algonquin, south Alderney, and rarely in Star Junc-


  The Dundreary Regina is a 4-door station wagon similar to the '65-'78 Chrysler
C platform ('65-'68) and the ('69-'73) Town & Country.  The front and rear re-
sembles those of a Town & Country station wagon.

  It's in the beater (junker) category in TLad.  It has poor handling and aver-
age acceleration but good top speed.  It appears during "Heavy Toll."

  Tow Truck

  The Vapid Tow Truck used by Native Engines is like a Chevrolet C3100 tow truck
but looks like a '40-'50 Ford F-100.  The headlights and grille look like those
of a '75-'79 Ford Econoline van and the windshield and door tops look like those
of an '80s Ford F-Series.  It's rusty, has a distorted horn, and csn't tow any-

  It has average acceleration and top speed with poor steering.

  It appears most often in Bohan and Alderney.



  The front and sides of the APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) aka NOOSE Tank re-
semble a Soviet BRDM-2  scout car with side doors from a Cadillac Gage Commando.

  It's at Yusuf Amir's construction site after Luis shoots 50 seagulls and after
"For the Man Who Has Everything."  It's like the SA Swat excpt with explosive
ammo.  It's slow but has good brakes.  It's heavy, durable, and bullet proof
ahead of the back wheels but can take damage behind the back wheels.

  It can be spawned with the phone code 272-555-8265 ("APC"-555-"TANK").


  The Bravado Buffalo and Buffalo S are muscle cars and sports sedans based on
the sixth generation Dodge Charger and the Ford Mustang GT for the greenhouse
area, front fascia, and headlights.  It's fast and a good performer.

  Mori's red Buffalo, along with the other 3 cars available in "This Ain't
Checkers," is equipped with Nitrous to help you win the Triathlon.

  Henrique can be called to deliver one. Uniquely colored examples appear in the
Drug Wars as target vehicles for convoy missions.

  Bullet GT

  The Vapid Bullet GT is a sports car with design cues from the Ford GT such as
the waterfall hood scoop and body shape but doesn't feature a rear-hinged rear
body section.  The lower air ducts on the sides of the car, louvers over the
rear windscreen, and the positioning of the exhaust tips are similar to those on
the Lamborghini Miura.  The taillights are like those of the '99-'02 R34 Nissan
Skyline.  The interior is derived from the Grotti Turismo.
  It's the fastest car in the single player version of TBoGT, has good corner-
ing, and is durable for a sports car.

  The white-red version that you have Luis drive in "No. 3" for Mori Kibbutz can
go 20 mph faster--240 mph.  To get it have Luis abandon Mori and Brucie Kibbutz,
park the car at the safe house, and save the game.

  A Bullet GT with a unique lime green paint-job can be seen during This Ain't
Checkers and the triathlon side-activities, mainly used for the final phase of
the race.  This Bullet GT, like other land cars in the triathlon, is boosted
with Nitro.

  Luis can call Henrique Bardas for one after "No. 3."  It often appears in Al-
gonquin--especially the southern half.  It's common in Alderney.  It's one of
the vehicles used in "This Ain't Checkers" and the Triathlons.  Many used in the
Drug Wars have special paint jobs.

  The Bullet and Super GT are the only two supercars in the game with a perman-
ent spawn point.

  It can be spawned with a phone code--227-555-9666.


  The ProLaps & Nagasaki Caddy is a golf cart.  It's slow, not durable, but has
good climbing power.

  It appears during "Practice Swing.  After the mission it can be saved at the

  Police Stinger

  The Albany Police Stinger is a high-performance 4-door police car based on the
Albany Presidente but features unique bodywork and a pearlescent paint job simi-
lar to that of the Cadillac CTS-V used by the Bloomfield Hills, Michigan Police
Department.  The name may refer to spike strips or that Sting is the lead singer
and bassist of the band The Police.

  It has exceptional performance and speed--it's the fastest land vehicle in the
HD Universe.

  It normally only appears in multiplayer but you can use the Simple Trainer or
Control Center to spawn it.


  The Benefactor Serrano is a crossover SUV similar to a '06-present Mercedes-
Benz M Class W164.  The crease on the sides, the rear, and the front bumper are
influenced by the Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class and the Koenigsegg CCX/Agera.  The bi
xenon headlights are like those on a 2002-2006 Volkswagen Touareg but with added
LED turning signals.

  It has average handling, is good off road, and has a high top speed.

  Luis can get one by calling Henrique.  It appears in Star Junction, The Trian-
gle, Algonquin, and Leftwood, Alderney.

  Stretch E

  The Benefactor Stretch E is a limousine version of the second generation
Schafter.  It's based on a 2010 Mercedes E-class W212 Limousine but the front
resembles the W216 Mercedes CL-Class.

  It has better cornering and acceleration than the Stretch.

  The Stretch E is availabe as the escape vehicle in "Frosting on the Cake."

  Super Diamond

  The Enus Super Diamond is a luxury four-door sedan resembles an '03-present
Rolls-Royce Phantom with some elements from the '68-'91 Rolls-Royce Phantom VI.
The Super Diamond/Super Drop Diamond hood ornament is a diamond with a pair of
wings parodying the Spirit of Ecstasy (Flying Lady) on current Rolls-Royce cars
and the fact that the car is called the Super Diamond.

  It has good acceleration, handling, durability, and is fast (not as fast as
the Super Drop).

  It may appear in West Algonquin around the Golden Pier golf club area, Fran-
cis International Airport, and be used in the Drug Wars.

  Super Drop Diamond

  The Super Drop Diamond is a two-door convertible of the Super Diamond and re-
sembles the '07-present Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupé.

  It's very fast and manueverable.

  It's given by Yusuf after "For the Man Who Has Everything" with a Gold SMG.
Then it spawns near Yusuf's penthouse on Columbus Ave.  It may appear near a
restaurant by Niko Bellic's safe house in Middle Park, Algonquin, and an alarm
goes off if Luis jacks it.


  The Declasse Tampa is a two-door muscle car.  Some of the exterior is based on
the '64-'73 Ford Mustang with a front like a '70/'71 Dodge Dart, the roof and
sides like a '68-'72 Chevrolet Nova but with less of  a fastback profile, and a
rear like a '68 Dodge Charger.  The paint is based on a '69 Ford Mustang Boss
302 with the stripe across the trunk based on the super bee stripe found on per-
formance cars from Dodge and Plymouth since the '60s.

  It's prone to spinout but has good braking, acceleration, and top speed.

  Among places it may appear are southern Algonquin and Middle Park, Middle Park
West, Chinatown, City Hall, Fishmarket South, Castle Gardens, the Northwood
Heights Bridge, and the airport.

  I.6.b      Motorcycles and scooters


  Chopper and cruiser


  The Western Motorcycle Company Angel is based on the Harley-Davidson FXSTC
Softail Custom and uses the Harley-Davidson "panhead" engine seen on the bikes
in the 1969 movie "Easy Rider."  It's the main bike of The Angels of Death in

  It's a heavy bike with good acceleration and top speed.

  It can be found near the Angels of Death Clubhouse and, with the Daemon, is
used by the Angels of Death in the Gang Wars.  It can be found at daylight on
the crossroad in front of the Linen Lounge (North Holland) while driving a
Double T Custom.


  The Western Motorcycle Company Daemon is based on a customized Harley-Davidson
Sportster in the 1970's or the Harley-Davidson Street Bob.  It's the motorcycle
most used by The Angels of Death.

  It's found in North Holland ridden by Angels of Death members esp. while rid-
ing a Diabolus, and it and the Angel are driven by the Angels of Death in the
Gang Wars.


  The Western Motorcycle Company Diabolus is a new chopper style motorcycle
based on a West Coast Choppers El Diablo.

  The Diabolus, like the Hellfury, is an average chopper.  Its top speed makes
up for what it lacks in acceleration.  Oversteer is a problem--because of the
length high speed cornering can end unpleasantly.  But mastering sliding hand-
brake turns can make cornering easy.  Its durable for gunfights but a quick get-
away isn't an option if the wheels are shot out.  It's too big to be the best
for wheelies and stoppies but, besides the cornering, it has great handling and
top speed and affords a good ride.

  It's in the alley on the west side of the Lost MC Clubhouse and at the 69th
Street Diner, Hove Beach.  After "Angels in America" you can have Johnny call
Clay Simonscan to get the Diabolus.


  The Liberty City Cycles Hexer is a "modern classic" chopper-style motorcycle
based on a West Coast Choppers CFL.   It's Johnny Klebitz's favorite bike.

  Johnny's Hexer is used in most missions and can be found by loading a save
file and sending Johnny outside where it appears near the parking lot at the
Lost MC Clubhouse and at Brian's safehouse.  It appears when you begin a mission
that requires the Hexer but you had Johnny drive a different vehicle to the
starting location.

  Regular Hexers appear in parts of Algonquin and Bohan.  If you destroy John-
ny's Hexer after "Clean and Serene" have him bring up his phone and call Clay >
Bikes > Hexer and Clay will drive by to leave one in the street east of The Lost


  The Liberty City Cycles Innovation is a radically designed custom chopper.

  Acceleration is average but the brakes are good and top speed is impressive.
It's one of the easiest choppers to ride in TLAD.

  After having Johnny kill 50 Seagulls the Innovation is rewarded in two ways:
it spawns at Johnny's safehouse(s) and it's added to the list of bikes Clay Sim-
ons can be called to deliver.

  You can spawn one with a phone code.


  The Liberty Chop Shop Lycan is a chopper style motorcycle based on an Orange
County Choppers Pro Street.

  It's often found in traffic outside the Lost MC Clubhouse.  If activities are
arranged for Johnny with Jim, Terry or Clay, and he arrives without a motorcy-
cle, a Lycan is often parked on a nearby street.


  The Liberty Chop Shop Nightblade is a chopper style motorcycle based on an
Orange County Choppers 10th Anniversary or an older Harley Davidson Dyna Street

  You can have Johnny get it after Malc's first Random Character encounter.  The
much rarer Wolfsbane motorcycle is also available in this mission.  It appears
in the bike races.  It's one of the bikes you have Johnny steal for Angus.  It
appears near the Hickey Bridge if Johnny is on a bike.  It's parked under Union
Drive West by the Angels of Death Clubhouse near the east end of the Hickey
Bridge on the south edge of west North Holland.


  The Western Motorcycle Company Revenant is a chopper style motorcycle based on
a Harley Davidson V-rod Night rod special.  "Revenant" is French for "spook."

  It's heavy like the other choppers but is the fastest chopper in the game
with acceleration like the Bati 800, Double T, and Hakuchou sportbikes.

  After "This Shit's Cursed" you can have Johnny call Clay Simons for a Reven-


  The Western Motorcycle Company Wayfarer is based on a Harley-Davidson FXDWG
Dyna Wide Glide.  It's an Angels Of Death gang bike.

  It's heavy and good at cornering.

  It often appears at the side of the road around Alderney City.  It appears
around the Angels of Death Clubhouse in North Holland/Northwood if Johnny is
riding a chopper not associated with The Angels of Death (a Hexer, Revenant, Ly-
can or Diabolus).  It appears at daylight at the crossroad in front of the Linen
Lounge, North Holland, if Johnny is driving a Double T Custom.

  Wolfsbane Bati 800

  The Western Motorcycle Company Wolfsbane is a chopper based on a Harley-David-
son 1200 Custom.  It's used by the AoD.

  After Malc's first Random Encounter Wolfsbanes and Nightblades are left behind
by dead bikers.  It appears at night on the Hickey Bridge between Alderney and
Algonquin if Johnny drives a Double T Custom.  It appear at daylight on the
crossroad in front of the Linen Lounge, North Holland, if Johnny drives a Haban-
ero, Lycan or Double T Custom.


  Bati 800

  The Pegassi Bati 800 and Bati 801 are sports bikes modeled on the Ducati 848
or the Ducati 1098.  The tail bears more of a resemblance to that of the Ducati
Desmosedici RR minus the top-exit exhausts.  It's a gang bike of the Uptown Rid-

  It's more powerful than most choppers but not sports bikes though this gives
it better stability during acceleration and cornering and minimizes excess burn-
outs and spinouts.

  It appears in Northwood and East Holland, Algonquin, where the Uptown Riders
are found.  Bati 800s appear at Johnny's safehouses as a reward for completing
Angus' Bike Thefts.

  Bati Custom

  The Bati Custom and Bati 801RR is essentially a sportier variant of the Bati
800 and a similar excellent performer.  The Bati Custom has very little differ-
ence from the Bati 800 in weight, acceleration, top speed and handling.  The
performance of the Bati Custom is excellent with a lighter body weight (250kg)
that allows for responsive braking and steering, and excellent top speed (297
kph) and acceleration.

  It's common in the northeastern corner of Algonquin--the Uptown Riders' terri-
tory--where it's sometimes found ridden around Northwood, Algonquin, or regular-
ly found in traffic at the intersection next to the North Holland hospital while
Johnny is riding a chopper.  The Bati Custom can be found around North and East
Holland while Johnny rides the Wayfarer.  The Bati Custom appears in the Bike

  Double T

  The front fairing and headlights of the Dinka Double-T are similar to those of
the Honda CBR1000RR while the overall body design is more like that of the
Aprilia RSV4.

  It's the least powerful of the six superbikes, a poor choice for getaways, but
it makes it easy to corner and do wheelies and endos.

  It's driven by the Uptown Riders in Northwood.  It rarely appears in back of
the largest mansion on Owl Creek Ave.  It usually appears when you have Johnny
drive an FIB Buffalo around Alderney.  You can have Johnny call Clay to provide
a Double-T.  (It also appears in TBoGT in Westdyke, Alderney, and Hove Beach,

  Double T Custom

  The Dinka Double-T Custom is a customized Double-T.

  It's more powerful in both acceleration and top speed than the Double T.  It's
the fastest bike in the game but less nimble around corners.

  It appears under the overpass in Presidents City at the end of "Shifting
Weight."  It can be stolen from Malc in Northwood where he appears for his Ran-
dom Character missions.  Have Johnny target a gun at him or have a wanted level
and approach him to make him walk away.  It's sometimes seen during bike races--
you can have Johnny kill the rider and fail the race to get it.  You can have
Johnny use a phone code to get it--245-555-0125.  You an re-enter the code to
get a preferred color.  This doesn't block any Achievements.


  The Shitzu Hakuchou is based on the base-line '08?present Suzuki Hayabusa.

  Because of its heavy weight and its rather long wheelbase this bike is amaz-
ingly stable and almost never bounces on any bad-condition roads, especially at
higher speed.  Despite its bulky design, the bike performs relatively well, with
similar performance traits as the Bati 801, Bati 801RR and Double-T (with a top
speed of 155 kmph, a weight of 250 kg, 50 kg lighter than any chopper, and
stiffer suspensions) but featuring improved acceleration.  It performs like the
Bati 801, Bati 801RR, and Double-T except notably more stable.

  It appears around the North Holland hospital.  It appears at The Lost Club-
house, and ca be obtained by having Johnny call Clay Simons, after 12 bike
races.  It rarely appears with the Double-T in parts of Alderney.

  (It may not appear in TBoGT due to a typo in the game files but you can edit
it with Notepad.  Go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Rockstar Games\EFLC\TBoGT\
common\data\cargp.dat" and change the capital H to a small h (E.g. Hakuchou to
hakuchou).  Then the Hakuchou will spawn normally.)

  Hakuchou Custom

  The Shitzu Hakuchou Custom is based on the Suzuki GSX1300R Hayabusa.

  It's the second fastest motorcycle for top speed and fastest at acceleration
which makes it very sensitive to hard throttle and prone to wheelspin.

  The Hakuchou Custom can be stolen after Malc's first Random Encounter by hav-
ing Johnny quickly drive to catch up with DeSean, who drives off on an Hakuchou
Custom, and kill him.  The Hakuchou Custom may appear in races if Johnny is rid-
ing a Hakuchou.  The Hakuchou Custom can be obtained from in front of Pretty
Boy's garage after Elizabeta's second mission.  It can be spawned with a phone


  Hexer--see above
  It appears in "Not So Fast."

  Police Bike  The Western Motorcycle Company Police Bike is a motorcycle based
on the Harley-Davidson Road King FLHP.  It has good handling, braking, and dur-
ability.  It and the Faggio make it easy to do wheelies.

  I.6.c      Helicopters and jets

  The flight ceiling for TBoGT is about three times higher than in "IV" or TLaD.
(Thsnks to Robert Rusk.)


  The Annihilator is sometimes at the helipad of the East Holland police station
after "Get Lost."



  The Nagasaki Buzzard an AH-6 is an attack version of the MH-6 Little Bird
light observation helicopter, which in turn is a military version of the OH-6
Cayuse and the MD 500C.

  It holds two people and has two high-powered miniguns and rockets.  Miniguns
on the Buzzard are more effective than those on the Annihilator--they fire fast-
er with a narrower spread and are fired simultaneously but do less damage than
the Annihilator guns.  They never overheat which allows for continuous fire.

  It can be spawned with a phone code--359-555-2899 (FLY-555-BUZZ).
  You can have Luis destroy the boats in "Sexy Time," have him land the black
Buzzard on a road, get into a car or bike, and drive away from it but keep the
"camera" fixed on it.  After you fail the mission, have Luis reverse and it will
be there.
  Luis gets Yusuf Amir's gold Buzzard attack chopper as a gift after you com-
plete the game.  It replaces the Swift on the helipad beside the golf club on
the West River.


  The HVY Skylift is a very large heavy-lift helicopter based on the Sikorsky S-
64 Skycrane/Aircrane but with the cockpit bent down and the landing gears ex-

  It's the biggest and slowest helicopter in the game and take a few RPG or Buz-
zard rockets before catching on fire.

  The Skylift is normally unobtainable but you can have Luis get it after "For
the Man Who Has Everything."

  See the video at the next link for the method by XTREME0235 and takadox with
the parking method by TGM0S.
  "GTA: The Ballad of Gay Tony - Tips & Tricks - How to get the Skylift" by GTA
Series Videos

  Also see "GTA IV TBoGT Skylift with attached object Simple Native Trainer" by
Hayden Wicks.

  Have these phone codes available in the cheats section of Luis' phone so they
can be dialed quickly:
  Buzzard 359-555-2899
  Lower wanted level 267-555-0100
  Health 362-555-0100

  After completing the story missions have Luis use the phone to replay "For the
Man Who Has Everything."  Have Luis walk to the front car and lay down for the
rest of the ride.

  Don't skip the closing cutscene.  The Skycar carries the train car and Luis is
dropped to the ground.  When Luis says, "Have fun with it, you crazy fool"
quickly activate the code for the Buzzard--359-555-2899.  Have Luis quickly
board the Buzzard and fly toward the Skylift as fast as you can.  Aim for the
destination of the Skylift--the coast northeast of the onramps for the Broker-
Dukes Expressway in southeast Broker where it hovers.  On the way you see the
Skylift rapidly disappear and reappear.  Have Luis fly close to the Skylift.

  The Skylift drifts backwards at first.  Once it drifts forwards use the blades
of the Buzzard to nudge the Skylift over open land--the best choice is the air-
port since it's nearby and there's lots of open land with no obstacles.  (An al-
ternative is the beach of south Broker.  The Skylift may slide down the beach
into the water a bit but is still retrievable.)

  Give the Skylift a nudge from behind or the side to have it drift in that di-
rection.  To prevent the Buzzard from getting very damaged or losing the rotors
repair it occasionally with the Health code.

  Once the Skylift is over an open area of the airport have Luis use the machine
guns of the Buzzard to kill Yusuf and make the Skylift land.  Have Luis quickly
land, board the Skylift, and fly away as fast as possible.  Once it's off the
ground use the codes for Health (to repair it) and Lower Wanted Level.  The mag-
net can't be used to lift anything.

  It can be saved at a parking space as long as it has at least two wheels in
the area outlined by yellow--the best choice is Niko's Middle Park East, Algon-
quin, safehouse parking space.  Park it pointed approx. south with the front
wheel and right rear wheel in the parking space.  Park as close as possible to
the building--don't worry that the blades may break off in the process.  Have
Luis go elsewhere, save the game, and go back.  With accuracy and a bit of luck
the Skylift will be saved.

  The easiest way to do it is to use the Simple Trainer to spawn the Skylift and
use options of it to attach and detach things.


  The Buckingham Swift is a two person shuttle-civilian helicopter based on the
AgustaWestland AW109 with some details like those on the Bell 222 such as the
winglets on the tail, vents near the rotor, etc.

  It's slightly faster and more maneuverable than larger helicopters such as the

  One way to get the Sweift is to do the Club Management mission featuring Bruce
Spade--complete the mission and keep the helicopter.  You can't redo Club mis-
sions afterward so it's only an option at one point.

  The Swift is available at the west Algonquin helipad near the West River to
the end of the game when it's replaced by the Gold Buzzard.

  I.6.d      Boats



  The Grotti Blade is a 2 seater speed boat.

  The power it has is less than that for the Smuggler but more than that for the
Floater.  It's more controllable than a Smuggler but less so than a Floater.

  It may spawn near Higgins Helitours or at the docks next to Golden Pier Swing-
ers Golf Club, Meat Quarter.  It may appear during the Drug Wars.


  The Floater is a small boat with relatively good performance.

  It may appear on the Humboldt River and West River.  It can be used during the
Drug Wars and Triathlon minigames.


  The Grotti Smuggler is a high-performance powerboat.

  It's the fastest of the three new boats of TBoGT.

  It rarely appears near Happiness Island or the docks at the Golden Pier.  It
can be used for the Drug Wars and Triathlon minigames.  It can be used for "Sexy

  I.7    Glitches and Ghost World


  I.7.a  Problem glitches

  The Taxi bug

  The glitch is that using a vehicle mod can cause a lot of taxis to spawn.
It's not the fault of your computer.  If you increase the sixe of vehicles.img
by modding it the game is caused to handle more than it's designed to so it
spawns common vehicles--taxis (sometimes police cars).

  "[IV] RIL.Budgeted" by NTAuthority solves the problem for "IV" and EfLC.

  The Peretroika developmental oversight (TLaD)

  You can have Johnny go into the marker at a table in Perestroika but no act
appears so it can't be used for a Friend activity.  The screen darkens and
lightens as if an act appeared, the customers reappear in standing position
(some on their chairs), and an icon for the club appears on the radar/map.

  I.7.b  Fun glitches, gimmicks, etc.

  Plumbers Skyway of Death

  This is like the Billbord of Death of "IV."  Have the protagonist park with
their drivers' side door at the outer edge of a break in the metal guard rail of
one of the stunt jumps of the Plumbers Skyway, drive forward and back to break
some of the replacement barricade to leave enough room for someone to walk past
the front or back of the car to the edge, and get a one star wanted rating.  A
large number of police will shout something then fall off the side of the high-
way.  You can adjust the "camera" for a good view.  (Thanks to Ja'Mei Winsted/
  "Fan Facts #6" by whatever57010

  If you use the Simple Trainer you could react to a higher wanted rating by
putting your car in God Mode, using the Airbreak function to have the car hover
a bit higher than the highway and away from the side of it, and watching law en-
forcement vehicles do the same thing.

  Having the protagonist crouch in the narrow area between the metal fence and
cliff near the Burger Shot in Broker is similar.  You can have him just use the
ladder of a billboard or such for a similar gimmick.  Have him climb most of the
way up and police officers climb up behind him.  Have him descend to knock them
off the ladder. (Thanks to danishviper0379/whatever57010)
  "Fan Facts #7" by whatever57010

  Wanted rating exploits

  Your protagonist is invisible to law enforcers while he's in a Pay 'n' Spray.
(Thanks to Robert Rusk)

  (On PC, you could also use the Simple Trainer (turn off the wanted system,
teleport to Seagulls, etc.).


  During the chase and afterward in "End of Chapter" Johnny can't get a wanted
level till he returns to Jim who will wait indefinitely.
  "TLaD - End of Chapter (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010

  Missions in which Johnny is less liable to create a wanted rating.  (Thanks to
Robert Rusk)

  Liberty City Choppers
  Off Route
  Hit the Pipe
  Was It Worth It?

  The Gang Wars can be considered a Wanted Rating Exploit since the law enforc-
ers aren't activated most of the time and the Gang War doesn't end until you
kill the last gang member.


  Thanks to Rusk for recommending using the Drug Wars as wanted rating exploits
as a time to do this without causing a wanted rating.  Use the Stash or Stickup
scenarios.  Let Armando and Henrique be killed then kill everybody else and take
the Stash.  Once on another island any pursuit will stop.

  I.7.c  Ghost world

  See the Ghost World section of "Glenster's Drawer of Some GTA IV."

  Ghost hockey headquarters (TBoGT)

  You can have Luis go to the Ghost World version of the Liberty City Rampage
hockey team headquarters in the MeTV skyscraper at the west side of Denver-Exe-
ter Ave./south side of Kunzite St., Star Junction, seen in the mission "Dropping

  Have Luis take the window washer platform on the west side of the building to
the top then climb a ladder to the roof--or, when it becomes available, have him
use the marker on the east side of the building to teleport to the roof.

  Have him go down to the area with the helipad, go through the red door, go
down a flight of stairs, go through the yellow double doors, go through the
hall, go down the elevator shaft to the roof of the elevator car, go through the
hall, and go through the yellow double doors into a room where a radio is play-

  Typically, you'd have Luis go through the yellow door and down the stairs to
the headquarters where he could leave through a window of the room that has a
long meeting table.

  To have have Luis go from the room with a radio to Ghost World instead, send
him toward the two low dollies/hand carts--each has two high sides and one holds
cardboard boxes--and press F.  Luis will get on an invisible ladder (something
left unused by the game developers).  Have him climb down and you can have him
walk around the upper boundaries of the headquarters which have partial graph-

  One way to have him leave is to have him walk and climb around to the east
side of the building to go through a non-solid area and deploy a Parachute.  See
the video by whatsisface at the next link.
  "GTA IV Glitches (TBOGT): Hockey Building Glitch" for TBoGT by whatsisface

  Considering things like the ramp in the walled lot to let Claude get out if
he dropped in from the invisible plate over Portland (or landed a Dodo in the
lot), the "You werent supposed to be able to get here you know" sign in "III,"
and the planes left to crash into the tops of hills in "San Andreas," I wonder
if the invisible ladder and non-solid eastern part of the MeTV building was left
there deliberately for anyone who enjoys things like that as part of the fun of
a game.

  Another way to get Luis out is to use the Airbreak function of the Simple
Trainer as a Nolip function to get him into the headquarters causing the full
graphics to load then have him go through a meeting room window and use a Para-
chute as you normally would.

  Simple Trainer Airbreak

  The Airbreak function of the Simple Trainer can be used as a Noclip function
to send your protagonist to Ghost World.

  Toggle Airbreak with F6.  It may not work sending the protagonist down through
a solid as reliably as across or up through one.  But if you send him across in-
to something without a solid below it (many buildings, etc.) you can send him
below the map.  He may inadvertently appear below the map if you use Teleport to
Waypoint, NP0 + O, too.

  If you use Teleport to Waypoint during a Friend activity have the Friend in
the protagonist's vehicle first because the friend teleports, too, and the
friend may fall (from below the map or above it) to land and die (even if you
prevent the protagonist from dying by giving them God Mode).  If the protagonist
and a Friend are in a vehicle you can prevent the Friend from complaining about
the landing being like a crash by pressing F6 and setting the vehicle on land
which doesn't bother them.

  I.8    Radio


  LCHC Liberty City Hardcore

  DJ Max Cavalera
  At the Gates - "Slaughter of the Soul"
  Drive By Audio - "Jailbait"
  Celtic Frost - "Inner Sanctum"
  Entombed - "Drowned"
  Sepultura - "Dead Embryonic Cells"
  Deicide - "Dead by Dawn"
  Cannibal - Corpse  "I Cum Blood"
  Bathory - "Call From the Grave"
  Kreator - "Awakening of the Gods"
  Terrorizer - "Fear of Napalm"

  Radio Broker

  DJ Juliette Lewis
  Blonde Acid Cult - "Shake It Loose"
  Kill Memory Crash - "Hell on Wheels"
  Magic Dirt - "Get Ready to Die"
  Brazilian Girls - "Nouveau Americain"
  Freeland - "Borderline"
  Kreeps - "The Hunger (Blood in My Mouth)"
  Japanther - "Radical Businessman"
  Foxylane - "Command"
  Monotonix - "Body Language"
  Game Rebellion - "Dance Girl (GTA IV Mix)"
  The Yelling - "Blood on the Steps"
  The Jane Shermans - "I Walk Alone"

  WKTT   We Know The Truth!
  The Martin Serious Show

  The Beat 102.7

  DJs Funk Flex and Statik Selektah
  Statik Selektah Show
  Termanology - "Here in Liberty City"
  Freeway - "Car Jack"
  Saigon - "Spit"
  Skyzoo - "The Chase Is On"
  Consequence - "I Hear Footsteps"
  Talib Kweli - "My Favorite Song"
  Funkmaster Flex Show
  Busta Rhymes - "Arab Money" featuring Ron Browz
  Busta Rhymes - "Conglomerate" featuring Young Jeezy & Jadakiss
  T.I. - "Swing Ya Rag" featuring Swizz Beatz
  Ron Browz - "Jumping Out the Window"
  DJ Khaled - "Go Hard" featuring Kanye West and T-Pain
  Kardinal Offishall - "Dangerous (Remix) " featuring Akon and Sean Paul
  John Legend - "Green Light" featuring André 3000
  Kanye West - "Love Lockdown"
  Bonus Tracks
  B.o.B. - "Auto-Tune"

  Liberty Rock Radio 97.8

  DJ Iggy Pop
  Nazareth - "Hair of the Dog"
  Styx - "Renegade"
  Rod Stewart - "Every Picture Tells a Story"
  Lynyrd Skynyrd - "Saturday Night Special"
  The James Gang - "Funk #49"
  The Edgar Winter Group - "Free Ride"
  Aerosmith - "Lord of the Thighs"
  Deep Purple - "Highway Star"
  AC/DC - "Touch Too Much"
  Foghat - "Drivin' Wheel"
  The Doors - "Five to One"
  Alice Cooper - "Go to Hell"
  Jefferson Starship - "Jane"
  Iron Maiden - "Run to the Hills"
  Mötley Crüe - "Wild Side"
  Saxon - "Wheels of Steel"
  The Doobie Brothers - "China Grove"
  Bon Jovi - "Wanted Dead or Alive


  Vladivostok FM

  DJ Paul Martin
  David Morales feat. Lea-Lorien - "How Would U Feel"
  Steve Mac - "Lovin' You More" Freemasons (Vocal Club Mix)
  Sucker DJs - "Salvation" (eSQUIRE Mix)
  Stonebridge (feat. Therese) - "Put 'Em High" (JJ's Club Mix)
  Marly - "You Never Know" (Morjac Extended Mix)
  Shape: UK - "Lola's Theme"
  Freemasons feat. Amanda Wilson - "Love on My Mind"
  Soulsearcher - "Can't Get Enough"
  Michael Gray - "The Weekend"
  Jonathan Peters feat. Maya Azucena - "Music"
  J Majik & Wickaman - "Crazy World" (Fonzerelli Mix)
  Booty Luv - "Boogie 2Nite" (Seamus Haji Big Love Mix)
  Hook n Sling - "The Best Thing"
  Eric Prydz - "Pjanoo" (Club Mix)
  David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland - "When Love Takes Over"

  Electro Choc

  DJ Crookers
  Major Lazer (feat. Leftside & Supahype) - "Jump Up"
  Daniel Haaksman (feat. MC Miltinho) - "Kid Conga"
  Crookers (feat. Kardinal Offishall & Carla-Marie) - "Put Your Hands on Me (A
  Boy 8-Bit - "A City Under Siege"
  The Chemical Brothers - "Nude Night"
  Crookers (feat. Solo) - "Bad Men"
  Miike Snow - "Animal (A Capella)"
  Jahcoozi - "Watching You (Oliver $ Remix)"
  Crookers (feat. Nic Sarno) - "Boxer"
  SonicC - "Stickin"
  Black Noise - "Knock You Out (Andy George Remix)"
  Mixhell (feat. Jen Lasher & Oh Snap) - "Boom Da (Crookers Mix)"
  Crookers (feat. Kelis) - "No Security"

  Beat 102.7

  DJ Mister Cee (aka The Finisher)
  Swizz Beatz - "Top Down" (2008)
  Nas - "War Is Necessary" (2008)
  Kanye West (feat. Dwele) - "Flashing Lights" (2007)
  Joell Ortiz (feat. Jadakiss & Saigon) - "Hip Hop (Remix)" (2008)
  Fat Joe (feat. Lil Wayne) - "Crackhouse" (2008)
  Mobb Deep (from H.N.I.C. Part 2 Sessions) - "Dirty New Yorker" (2008)
  Ghostface Killah (feat. Kid Capri) - "We Celebrate" (2007)
  Styles P (feat. Sheek Louch & Jadakiss) - "Blow Your Mind (Remix)" (2008)
  Papoose - "Stylin'" (2008)

  DJ Green Lantern (aka The Evil Genius)
  Styles P - "What's the Problem" (2008)
  Uncle Murda - "Anybody Can Get It" (2008)
  Qadir - "Nickname" (2008)
  Busta Rhymes - "Where's My Money" (2008)
  Maino - "Getaway Driver" (2008) (A freestyle session starts during the inter-
mission after this song)
  Red Cafe - "Stick'm" (2008)
  Tru Life - "Wet 'Em Up" (2008)
  Johnny Polygon - "Price on Your Head" (2008)

  DJ Funkmaster Flex
  Busta Rhymes (feat. Ron Browz) - "Arab Money" (2008)
  Busta Rhymes (feat. Young Jeezy & Jadakiss) - "Conglomerate" (2009)
  Ron Browz  - "Jumping (Out the Window)" (2008)
  T.I. (feat. Swizz Beatz) - "Swing Ya Rag" (2008)
  DJ Khaled (feat Kanye West & T-Pain) - "Go Hard" (2008)
  Kardinal Offishall (feat. Akon & Sean Paul) - "Dangerous (Remix)" (2008)
  John Legend (feat. Andre 3000) - "Green Light" (2008)
  Kanye West - "Love Lockdown" (2008)

  DJ Statik Selektah
  Termanology - "Here in Liberty City" (2009)
  Freeway - "Carjack" (2009)
  Saigon - "Spit" (2009)
  Consequence - "I Hear Footsteps" (2009)
  Skyzoo - "The Chase Is On" (2009)
  Talib Kweli - "My Favorite Song" (2009)

  K109 The Studio

  DJ Karl Lagerfeld
  Change - "A Lover's Holiday"
  Rufus (feat. Chaka Khan) - "Any Love"
  The Fatback Band - "(Are You Ready) Do the Bus Stop"
  A Taste of Honey - "Boogie Oogie Oogie"
  The Trammps - "Disco Inferno"
  Creme D'Cocoa - "Doin' the Dog"
  Chic - "Everybody Dance"
  Sister Sledge - "He's the Greatest Dancer"
  Sylvester - "I Need You"
  Patrick Cowley - "Menergy"
  Stephanie Mills - "Put Your Body in It"
  Dan Hartman - "Relight My Fire"
  Peaches & Herb - "Shake Your Groove Thing"
  Rose Royce - "Still in Love"
  Machine - "There But For the Grace of God Go I"
  Candi Staton - "Young Hearts Run Free"

  WKTT Radio

  Conspire is a phone-in conspiracy theory show.

  Integrity 2.0

  Lazlow and his sidekick Jorge describe the culture in Liberty City such as at
Bahamas Mamas and Hercules.

  Jorge, whom Niko meets at Elizabeta's front door in "Luck of the Irish" in
"IV," is voiced by Greg Johnson.  He's a different Jorge than the one Lazlow
calls "Jorje Boy" who's voiced by Pailo Heitz in TBoGT and also played "Billy"
in "Under the Same Moon," 2007.

  Radio Stations in GTA Episodes From Liberty City

  Vice City FM

  DJ Fernando Martinez
  Hall & Oates - "Maneater" (1982)
  Prefab Sprout - "When Love Breaks Down" (1984)
  Texas - "I Don't Want A Lover" (1989)
  'Til Tuesday - "Voices Carry" (1985)
  Scritti Politti - "Wood Beez (Pray like Aretha Franklin)" (1984)
  Jeffrey Osborne - "Stay with Me Tonight" (1982)
  Swing Out Sister - "Breakout" (1988)
  Roachford - "Cuddly Toy" (1988)
  John Farnham - "You're the Voice" (1986)
  Womack & Womack - "Teardrops" (1988)
  Coldcut feat. Lisa Stansfield - "People Hold on" (1989)
  Mai Tai - "History" (1985)
  Terence Trent D'Arby - "Wishing Well" (1987)
  T'Pau - "Heart and Soul" (1987)
  Robbie Nevil - "C'est la Vie" (1986)
  Climie Fisher - "Love Changes (Everything)" (1987)
  Roxette - "The Look" (1989)
  Marillion - "Kayleigh" (1985)
  Re-Flex - "The Politics of Dancing" (1983)
  Five Star - "Find the Time" (1986)
  Nu Shooz - "I Can't Wait" (1986)
  Curiosity Killed the Cat - "Misfit" (1986)
  Neneh Cherry - "Buffalo Stance" (1988)
  Narada Michael Walden - "Divine Emotions" (1988)
  Hue and Cry - "Labour of Love" (1987)
  Level 42 - "Something about You" (1985)
  Boy Meets Girl - "Waiting for a Star to Fall" (1988)
  Wet Wet Wet - "Wishing I Was Lucky" (1987)

  RamJam FM

  DJ David Rodigan
  Barrington Levy - "Don't Fuss" (AKA "Sweet Reggae Music") (1979)
  Ini Kamoze - "Out of Jamaica" (2009)
  Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley - "Holiday" (2009)
  The Morwells & Prince Jammy - "Jammin' for Survival" (1979)
  John Holt feat. Sizzla - "Police in Helicopter" (1983)
  Sugar Minott - "Hard Time Pressure" (1978)
  Desmond Dekker - "007 (Shanty Town)" (1967)
  Major Lazer feat. Turbalance - "Anything Goes" (2009)
  Prince Jammy - "Jammy A Shine" (1979)
  Toots And The Maytals - "54-46 Was My Number" (1970)
  Frankie Paul - "Worries in the Dance" (1983)
  Mr. Vegas - "Mus Come a Road" (2008)

  San Juan Sounds

  DJ Daddy Yankee
  The segment is one continuous mix with no commercials.
  Elvis Crespo - "Suavemente" (1998)
  Angel y Khriz (feat. Gocho & John Eric) - "Na De Na" (2008)
  Ivy Queen - "Dime (Reggaeton Remix)" (2004)
  Don Omar - "Virtual Diva" (2009 - anachronism)
  Wisin & Yandel (feat. DJ Nesty) - "Me Estás Tentando" (2008)
  Tego Calderón (feat. Oscar D'León) - "Llora, Llora" (2006)
  Fulanito - "Guallando" (1997)
  Aventura - "El Desprecio" (2009 - anachronism)

  Weazel News appears on the radio, TV, and computer often with references to
the missions of "IV" and "Episodes from Liberty City."

  Alison Maybury, radio reporter    Joan Baker  Joan was a Dancer on a 1993 epi-
sode of the TV series "Saturday Night Live," played the Courtroom Stenographer
in 10 2004-2006 episodes of the TV soap opera "Guiding Light," provided the
voice of a Vice City TV reporter in the 2006 game "Vice City Stories," etc.

  Bryan Wilkinson, radio reporter   Bill Andrew Quinn has done voice-over work
for hundreds of national TV and radio commercials, promos, and audio books.

  Callista Brown, radio reporter    Oni Faida Lampley  Oni played  Dollie With-
ers in a 1993 episode of the TV series "Homicide: Life on the Street," Cynthia
in a 2000 episode of the TV series "The Sopranos," Rev. Truman in two 1999-2000
episodes of the TV series "Oz," Ryan in two 2000-2001 episodes of the TV series
"Third Watch," etc.  (She died of breast cancer April 28, 2008, age 49.)

  Eric House, radio street reporter   Michael Jaye  Michael played Dr. Bickman
in a 1997 episode of the TV series "Remember WENN," a Swinger for a 2002 episode
of the TV series "The Job," etc., and not only starred as Tyrant Michael in 25
2001-2006 episodes of the TV series "Tyrants in Therapy" but in 2001 was also a
composer, editor, and producer for it.

  Eugene White, website writer

  Jenny Acorn, radio street reporter   Christine Sockol  Christine also supplied
character voices for three 1991 and 1993 episodes of the TV series  "Where in
the World Is Carmen Sandiego?"

  Jim Harrison, main radio/TV reporter  Jeff Bottoms  Jeff provided the voice of
Jonathan Arnold #2 for a 1997 episode of the TV series "Remember WENN," Arch Ri-
val in the 1998 short "Karaoke Knight," provided the voice of Crimson Dynamo/
J.A.R.V.I.S. for the 2013 game "Iron Man 3: The Official Game," supplied a voice
over for six 2011-2013 episodes of the TV series "Nature," etc.

  John Chesapeake, website writer
  John Rios, website writer
  Karl Kelly, finance reporter

  Lori Diangelo-Stockton, TV/radio rep  Melissa Leebaert  Melissa provided a
voice for the 1988 animated short "The Caterpillar and the Polliwog," for Mepha-
la and Female Khajiits in the 2002 game "The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind," etc.
She also, as herself, narrated the 2013 TV documentary "Pizza in Washington."
  Leslie Mitchell, website writer
  Malcolm Forthright, news reporter
  Malinda Manchester, news reporter

  Mike Whitley, main radio street reporter John Montone  John has been a report-
er for 1010 WINS all news radio station in NYC since at least 2001 and still is
as of 2016.  For "IV" and EfLC he does a spoof of Rush Limbaugh.

  Rick Simpson, website writer
  Sheila Hall, news reporter
  Trip Michaels, weather reporter

  I.9    TV

  TLaD and TBoGT

  There are new episodes of "Republican Space Rangers" and "The Men's Room" (see
the section on TV in "Glenster's Drawer of Some GTA IV").

  "Princess Robot Bubblegum"

  Princess Robot Bubblegum: Ayana Osada  Ayana has also done voice acting for
the GTA games "San Andreas," 2004, "Liberty City Stories," 2005, "Vice City
Stories," 2006, and "V," 2013, and the Rockstar games "Bully," 2006, and Max
Payne 3," 2012.  She's done research for various Rockstar games.  She also co-
produced the 2004 documentary "Original Child Bomb."

  Master Hentai and Sword Boy: Lloyd Floyd  Lloyd has done voice acting for more
GTA/Rockstar games than anyone--all the GTAs from SA to V, supplied a Skinz
voice for "Manhunt," 2003, Curly Shaw/Sandy Dodge/Bandits #1 for "Red Dead Re-
volver," 2004, and Juri for "Bully," 2006, and Gordon Moorehead/Russian/Pablo
etc. for GTA "V," 2015.  He also provided the voice of The Hitchhiker/Tor Ander-
son/Walter Snyder/Night Springs Narrator for "Alan Wake," 2010, Radio Voices for
"Saints Row: The Third," 2011, etc.

  You may recognize a lot of the game titles at his page at the next

  Saki: Gail Bennington  Gail also provided the voice of the Paperboy in the
game "Red Dead Redemption," 2010, and was a voice of the Local Population in the
game "L.A. Noire," 2011.

  "Princess Roobot Bubblegum" is a parody of anime (Japanese hand drawn or com-
puter animation).  Anime often shares characteristics with manga (Japanese comic
strips) such as girls with real big eyes (like in Keane paintings).  One focus
of this parody is the science fiction theme used in an ancient Japanese setting.
In this case it's done by having the cute young lady become a sento bishojo (a
heavily armed female warrior) like a mech (giant robot controlled from within by
a person) with a science fiction version of a fighting trainer of ancient Japan-
ese tradition.

  In GTA style this is combined with suggestive humor and moments of soft core
graphics a bit like the international understanding of hentai (pornographic)

  Weazel News in "IV" reports that Asian Americans protested it and in "V" par-
ents had it banned.

  "Full Robo Hickey Hurry Mech Battlesuit" is a similar parody--in this case a
fictional anime movie advertised on a radio commercial in "IV," TLaD, and TBoGT.
It's a parody of mecha (giant robots controlled from within by people) animes
like the Gundam franchise.  It's advertised as involving a rich boy in a fuedal
futuristic Japanese world who finds a mech battlesuit and "must mate with a cute
gang of robotic pirate girls to save Earth."

  Both also play off the occasional use in videogames of the sexy heroine who's
a master fighter and various mecha games.

  I.10  Internet

  See the section on the Internet in "Glenster's Drawer of Some GTA IV."

  Have your protagonist answer Emails regularly to further undertand the story
of the game.

  The adventures of Niko and "IV" appear in the news of the Liberty Tree, Weaz-
el News, and Public Liberty Online sites.  There are articles about "arson
spates" in Broker and the assassination of lawyer Tom Goldberg, etc.

  I.11  Phone numbers/codes and unlockables


  Give Armor 362-555-0100
  Gives Health, Armor And ammo 482-555-0100
  Johnny old jacket 241-555-0132
  Lower wanted level 267-555-0100
  Raise wanted level 267-555-0150
  Weapon package #1 486-555-0150
  Weapon package #2 486-555-0100

  Annihilator 359-555-0100
  Cognoscenti 227-555-0142
  Comet 227-555-0175
  FIB Buffalo 227-555-0100
  Jetmax 938-555-0100
  NRG-900 625-555-0100
  Sanchez 625-555-0150
  Super GT 227-555-0168
  Turismo 227-555-0147

  Burrito 826-555-0150
  Double T 245-555-0125
  Gang Burrito 826-555-0150
  Hakuchou 245-555-0199
  Hexer 245-555-0150
  Innovation 245-555-0100
  Slamvan 826-555-0100


  Assault shotgun in safehouse Complete 40 gang wars
  Automatic pistol in safehouse Complete 20 gang wars
  Carbine rifle in safehouse Complete 30 gang wars
  Grenade launcher in safehouse Complete 50 gang wars
  Sawn-off shotgun in safehouse Complete 10 gang wars
  Remove ammo limit Get 100% completion
  Bati 800 Complete all of Angus' bike theft missions
  Hokachu Beat 12 Races in single player
  Innovation Kill all 50 seagulls

  Unlockable Weapons for delivery by Jim

  Automatic pistol Finish the "Bad Cop Drop" mission
  Micro SMG Finish the "Clean And Serene" mission
  Pipe bombs Finish the "Hit The Pipe" mission
  Sawed-off shotgun Finish the "Clean And Serene" mission


  Change weather 468-555-0100
  Health & Armour 362-555-0100
  Health, Armor and advanced weapons 482-555-0100

  Akuma (Bike) 625-555-0200
  Annihilator 359-555-0100
  APC(Tank) 272-555-8265
  Bullet GT 227-555-9666
  Buzzard(Helicopter) 359-555-2899
  Cognoscenti 227-555-0142
  Comet 227-555-0175
  FIB Buffalo 227-555-0100
  Floater(Boat) 938-555-0150
  Jetmax 938-555-0100
  NRG-900 625-555-0100
  Parachute 359-555-7272
  Sanchez 625-555-0150
  Super GT 227-555-0168
  Turismo 227-555-0147
  Vader (bike) 625-555-3273

  Raise wanted level 267-555-0150
  Remove wanted level 267-555-0100
  Sniper rifle bullets explode 486-555-2526
  Super punch (exploding punches) 276-555-2666
  Weapons (advanced) 486-555-0100
  Weapons (poor) 486-555-0150


  .44 in Safehouse Complete 10 gang wars
  Advanced MG in Safehouse Complete 20 gang wars
  Explosive shotgun in Safehouse COmplete 30 gang wars
  Gold SMG in safehouse Complete 50 gang wars
  Golden Buzzard Beat the game to unlock a Golden uzzard on a heliport over the
Booth Tunnel
  NOOSE APC at construction site Kill all 50 seagulls
  Parachute in safehouse Complete 15 base jumps
  Remove ammo cap Achieve 100% completion
  Sticky bombs in safehouse Complete 40 gang wars


  II.1   Weapons

  Use my Health, Armor, and weapon maps and location decriptions for "IV" for
weapon pickups common to "IV," TLaD, and TBoGT.

  Gun stores are open from the start of TLaD and TBoGT.

  Thanks to for the descriptions of new weapons in this section.


  The new weapons can be obtained from:

  1. Terry's Gun Van  Have Johnny call Terry and select "Gun Van."  This re-
places the weapon/Armor store in the trunk of Jacob's car in "IV."  Terry's
black Slamvan appears nearby and he'll sell Armor and any weapon except a Base-
ball bat or Pool cue from it after "Clean and Serene," the Grenade launcher af-
ter "Action/Reaction," and he'll give them for free after the last story mission
"Get Lost."

  2. Jim  While Jim is Johnny's friend you can have Johnny call Jim and select
"Weapons."  Jim delivers a one-time pickup for the weapon you choose to a table
by the pool table on the second floor of the clubhouse for free.  The choice is:

  Pistol, Micro-SMG, Sawn-off shotgun
  9mm Automatic pistol after "Bad Cop Drop".
  Pipe bombs after "Hit the Pipe".

  Jim's weapons are unavailable after "Was it Worth It?"

  3. Completing Gang War missions.  For every ten gang wars that you complete a
new weapon pickup appears at the safehouse for a total of five weapons in this
order: Sawn off shotgun, Automatic 9mm, Pipe bomb, Assault shotgun, and Grenade

  4. A pool table  The Pool cue can be used like a Baseball bat and a one-time
pickup for it is on a pool table after you have Johnny play pool on it.

  Semi-automatic pistol

  The Automatic 9mm is based on the Tanfoglio TA90 with the CZ 75 Automatic pis-
tol features.  It's as powerful as the "IV" 9mm Pistol but is less accurate.
Hold down the LMB to give it rapid fire.  It's useful for drive-bys and Execu-

  If Johnny switches from any other handgun to the Auto-9 he loses all extra
rounds beyond 1,200.

  It's given to Johnny in "Bad Cop Drop.".  Afterward Johnny can request it from
Jim and buy it from Terry's Gun Van.  $500 + $15 for each added magazine

  Sawn-off shotgun

  The Shrewsbury Sawn-off/Sawed-off shotgun is based on a sawed off 12 Gauge
Coach Gun with two hammers and two triggers also known as the Lupara.

  It can be used from a vehicle.  If you have Johnny switch from the Sawn-off
shotgun to the Pump or Combat shotgun he loses any shells beyond 80.

  Johnny gets one at the start of the game.  He can call Jim to get one (till
"Was It Worth It?") or buy one from Terry's Gun Van.  It appears at Johnny's
save place after 10 Gang Wars.  $600 + $5 for 2 shells

  Assault shotgun

  The Vom Feuer Assault shotgun is an automatic shotgun modeled after the Pro-
tecta version of the Armsel Striker.

  If Johnny switches from the Assault shotgun to any other shotgun he loses any
extra shells beyond the carrying capacity of the replacement weapon.  It has the
longest range of the shotguns.

  Johnny gets one in "Heavy Toll" after which he can get it from Terry's Gun
Van.  It spawns at Johnny's safehouse after 40 gang wars.  Clay equips it when
he's hardened enough.  $3,500 + $25 for 8 shells

  Pipe bombs

  Pipe bombs are more powerful than Grenades but leave a trail of smoke which
blinds people at close range.   $700 apiece

  If Johnny switches from one thrown weapon to another he loses all units of the
previous weapon.

  Grenade launcher

  The Shrewsbury Grenade launcher is based on the HK69A1 grenade launcher.  The
Grenades are about as effective as Pipe bombs and have a five second timer.

  If Johnny switches from one heavy weapon to another he loses all rounds for
the previous weapon.

  Johnny gets a Grenade launcher in "Action/Reaction," can get one from Terry
Thorpe, and spawns at the Lost MC Clubhouse and Brian Jeremy's safehouse after
50 Gang Wars.  $7000 + $300 per grenade

  The Annihilator has explosive bullets.

  Gun Van weapons:

  Knife  $100
  9mm  $420; $35 for 17 additional rounds
  Automatic 9mm  $500; $15 for 17 additional rounds
  Molotov  $350 each
  Grenade  $700 each
  Pipe bomb  $700 each
  Sawn-off shotgun  $600; $5 for 2 additional rounds
  Pump shotgun  $840; $70 for 8 additional rounds
  Combat shotgun  $1,500; $100 for 10 additional rounds
  Assault shotgun  $3,500; $25 for 8 additional rounds
  Micro SMG  $840; $25 for 50 additional rounds
  SMG  $1,750; $20 for 30 additional rounds
  Assault rifle  $2,450; $55 for 30 additional rounds
  Carbine rifle  $3,500; $70 for 30 additional rounds
  Sniper rifle  $5,000; $500 for 10 additional rounds
  Grenade launcher  $7,500; $700 for 1 additional round
  Rocket launcher  $10,000; $3,500 for 1 additional round
  Armor  $300


  The new weapons can be obtained from:

  1. Armando's Gun Van  Have Johnny call Armando and select "Gun Van."  This re-
places the weapon/Armor store in the trunk of Jacob's car in "IV."  Armando's
black Cavalcade appears nearby and he'll sell Armor and any weapon except a
Baseball bat from it after "I Luv LC," the Grenade Launcher after "Action/Reac-
tion," and he'll give them for free after the last story mission "Get Lost."

  2. Completing Drug War missions.  For every ten gang wars that you complete a
new weapon pickup appears at the safehouse for a total of five weapons in this
order: Pistol.44, Advanced MG, Explosive shotgun, Sticky bombs, and Gold SMG.

  Pistol .44

  It's modeled after the AMT AutoMag Model 180.  It's more powerful and accurate
than the Combat pistol but has the lowest rate of fire of any handgun and takes
longer to reload.  It can be used for Executions.

  Luis gets one in "Boulevard Baby" after killing Vic.  One appears in Luis'
apartment after completing that mission and 10 Drug Wars then can bought from
Armando Torres's gun van.  $640 + $50 for each added magazine

  Automatic shotgun/Explosive shotgun

  They're modeled on the MPS AA-12.

  The Automatic fires buckshot.

  The Explosive shotgun is a version of the Automatic shotgun that fires "FRAG-
12" explosive rounds that can inflict heavy damage on vehicles.

  To switch ammunition from the Automatic and Explosive shotguns Luis must dis-
card their Automatic/Explosive shotgun and lose their ammunition reserve (unless
the weapon is picked up off the ground).  Regular Automatic shotguns have red
shotgun shells in the loading chamber while Explosive Shotguns have green

  The Automatic has the range of a Pistol and the Explosive has greater range
than an SMG.

  If you have Luis switch from the Automatic shotgun to either the Pump shotgun
or Combat shotgun he loses any extra shells beyond 80.  If you have him switch
between Explosive rounds and standard shells the player loses all units of the
previous ammunition type.

  Armando Torres gives Luis a regular version in "Corner Kids."  Yusuf Amir
gives Luis the Explosive version in "High Dive" and "For the Man Who Has Every-

  The Explosive version appears in the kitchen of Luis' save place after 30 Drug
Wars and "High Dive."  After "High Dive" you can have Luis buy Explosive shells
from Armando.  $1,250 + $80 for 20 standard shells or $160 for 20 explosive

  Assault SMG

  The Vom Feuer Assault SMG is modeled on the FN P90.

  It's just as accurate as an SMG but with reduced recoil and slightly more da-
mage per shot but takes longer to reload.  It can't be used from a vehicle but
if you use the Advanced Weapons Set code while Luis is in a vehicle with a dif-
ferent SMG as the current weapon the player can then use the Assault SMG for
drive-bys.  (Luis puts his left hand on the suppressor which in reality after
firing would be boiling thus burning his hand.)

  It's available from Armando's gun van.  $6,725 + $150 for each added magazine


  The Gold SMG is a gold-plated standard length IMI Uzi submachine gun with the
folding stock removed.

  It has the same stopping power and accuracy as the Micro SMG but fires a
smaller magazine faster and takes longer to reload.  It's good for drive-bys and
the relatively light recoil for a submachine gun makes it good for ground fire.

  After Yusuf Amir's final mission Luis gets a Gold SMG the first time he enters
the car Yuseuf gives him.

  It appears on the dining table of Luis' save place after "Departure Time" and
50 Drug Wars.  If you complete the story missions the Gold Uzi is sold in Arman-
do's Gun Van.  $5000 + $60 for each added mag.

  Advanced MG

  The Advanced MG is a light machine gun based on the M249E2.  It has a high
rate of fire but is inaccurate and is best used against multiple enemies at
close to medium range.

  In TBoGT law enforcers use the Advanced MG from helicopters instead of the
Carbine rifle used in "IV" and TLAD.

  It's given to Luis in "Going Deep."

  It appears in the kitchen of Luis' safehouse after ?Going Deep? and 20 Drug
Wars.  It's available from Armando's gun van after "Going Deep."  $7,550 + $400
for each added ammo belt

  Advanced sniper

  The Advanced sniper rifle is based on the German DSR-1 bolt-action sniper ri-
fle manufactured and marketed by DSR-Precision GmbH.

  It can hold up to ten rounds per magazine--the normal sniper rifle holds five
rounds per magazine.  It's very accurate and powerful with regular rounds.  In
the single player game explosive rounds are as powerful as Grenades and Sticky
bombs (and likewise shouldn't be used for nearby targets).

  Yusuf Amir gives Luis an AAdvanced sniper in "Caught with your Pants Down."
After that mission Luis can buy an Advanced sniper from Armando Torres.  $4,750
+ $200 for each additional magazine

  The gun is available by using a phone code--486-555-0100.
  Explosives rounds are available by using a phone code--486-555-2526.

  If you have Luis repeatedly rapidly crouch and shoot at the same time it fires
as an automatic.

  If you mod weapons to be more powerful it's notable that none of Luis' ene-
mies use the Advanced sniper.

  Sticky bomb

  It has the effect of a Pipe bomb and can be attached to an object but not a
person.  It detonates when you press the Down arrow key, have Luis shoot or
cause an explosion by the Sticky bomb, or in 90 sec.  It can be used from a ve-

  A Sticky bomb pickup appears in Luis' apartment after "Bang Bang" and 40 Drug
Wars.  $800 per unit

  Gun Van weapons

  Knife  $100
  9mm  $420; $35 for 17 additional rounds
  44  $640; $50 for 8 additional rounds.  
  Molotov  $350 each
  Grenade  $700 each
  Sticky bomb  $800 each
  Shotgun  $840; $70 for 8 additional rounds
  Auto shotgun  $3,500; $80 for 20 additional standard rounds or $160 for 20
    additional explosive rounds
  SMG  $1,750; $20 for 30 additional rounds
  Gold SMG  $5,000; $60 for 30 additional rounds
  Assault SMG  $6,750; $150 for 50 additional rounds
  Assault rifle  $2,450; $55 for 30 additional rounds
  Carbine rifle  $3,500; $70 for 30 additional rounds
  Advance MG  $7,550; $400 for 200 additional rounds
  Advance sniper  $4,750; $200 for 10 additional rounds
  Combat sniper  $5,000; $500 for 10 additional rounds
  Grenade launcher  $8,000; $1,000 for 1 additional round
  Rocket launcher  $10,000; $3,500 for 1 additional round
  Armor  $300
  Parachute  $100

  II.2   Wanted rating system

  Thanks to Robert Rusk for the tip that in TBoGT from three wanted stars on the
law enforcers use the .44, Assault SMG, Auto shotgun, and, from helicopters, the
Advanced MG.  The police start shooting from vehicles at four stars.

  Thanks to whatever57010 for the tip that in "IV" there's no wanted level/alarm
for having your protagonist enter the prison but he gets three wanted stars for
that in TLaD and TBoGT.  In TLaD the front gate has security cameras that follow
his movements.
  "Your Request #18 - Prison Special" by whatever57010