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Glen T. Winstein

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Glenster's Guide to Some of Vice City

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  I.68  "The Driver"  the Malibu Club (bank heist asset)

  How to jack a non bullet-proof Sabre Turbo from Hilary on PC--this is even
more optional for me:

  The more complete coverage of the proper mission is at I.70.  You might say
I.68 isn't strictly by the book.  I'd say I read the title on the cover: "Grand
Theft Auto...."  I'd get those lenses checked.

  If you have PS2, you can do this because you want a bullet-proof car.  If you
have a PC, you can do this for something different to do, and to avenge Hilary
for making the regular mission so difficult.  It's not at all needed to complete
the game, so you can skip it if you want to.

  Hilary's car can't be destroyed or you fail the mission.  He needs to live to
get killed later.  (For PS2, his car is bullet- and rocket-proof during the mis-
sion, but you could destroy it with the Rhino, and his windshield is normal.)

  Oh, where--oh, where will you find anyone who turns to such devious and dis-
reputable methods of gameplay?  For shame on them...if they were playing a
multi-player game as a nobleman with too much clerical work to do in Neverelder-
wind or whatever it is.

  (P.S.:  I make fun of Morrowind.  But since I've tweaked it to run smoothly--
and not crash routinely--and got all the Wizard abilities and can run and fly
and swim and throw fireballs, it's better than I 1st thought...even if practi-
cally all the animals, of all varieties, sound like barking dogs, and the pedes-
trians aren't as funny as in "Vice City," and a big percentage of the hundreds
of guys in Vvardenfell all sound like Froggy from the "Our Gang" comedies.)

  Before beating Hilary at I.70, have Tommy jack his Sabre Turbo for one of his
garages.  Poor Hilary, but we won't really kill him--he comes back for I.70.

  When the race starts, turn around and go N.  Tommy has a two star wanted level
for street racing, so make the 2nd left, go through the bribe, then go left to
the base of the little bridge--the other star should go away around then.  Have
Tommy block the two lanes with his car and another.  (If you try a 3rd, one of
the 1st two will disappear).

  Have him wait by the adrenaline pill in the back yard to the S.  At about five
seconds past two minutes on the mission timer, have Tommy run through the adren-
aline pill, to slow things down, and go to the street E of his barricade.  Equip
Tommy with the Minigun or the .308 sniper rifle.  When Hilary comes over the
bridge, make sure he has enough .308 or Minigun minerals in his diet.  On PC,
try to shoot him and not blow up the car; for PS2, the only way to shoot him is
through his windshield, anyway.

  He'll slump out the door and let the car roll a bit--"Mission Failed."

  Take his car to a garage.  (Make sure you don't let the door close while Tom-
my's outside the car before you save it: at least on PS2, he'll be locked out
and you'll have to reload the game to try again.)

  Once it's in the garage, save the game.  Later, you can tell people you not
only beat Hilary but jacked his car.

  How to get a BP/FP/EP Sabre Turbo from Hilary on PC

  Pomor has a couple of methods to get the BP/FP/EP Sabre Turbo on PC--one using
cheats and another without them.  Either way, you have to destroy the Sabre Tur-
bo then Hilary.

  With cheats, spawn a Rhino (PANZER code or trainer, I.100.D.ff) by the pizza
store at the back of the Malibu and use the "camera" view that places the "cam-
era" the farthest behind Tommy.  When Hilary appears, you can destroy the Sabre
Turbo by using BIGBANG or by bumping it with the Rhino, which is riskier because
the Sabre Turbo may fly a good distance away and even land in water.  Then use
the Rhino, keeping the Sabre Turbo in view, to push the Sabre Turbo into a ga-
rage to heal--the El Swanko Casa garage is easy to use for that.  The special
properties of the Sabre Turbo are maintained after saving the game, too.

  Without cheats, do the same thing except, before the race, have Tommy leave
the Rhino at a spot near the Malibu but not so close that the Rhino disappears
after the cutscene.  From the Malibu, have him leave take it S, through the in-
tersection, turn right, and put it off the road by the 4th palm tree that's
close to the sidewalk.  (GTA_Loco used the mansion garage.)  During the race,
have Tommy drive S to the Rhino then drive it back to the race course and go
over it in the opposite of the intended direction and bump the Sabre Turbo.

  There's a shaft of light in front of the Greasy Chopper biker bar--where the
skull icon is on your in-game map and radar.  (What's this thing this shaft of
light has for bars lately?)

  I.69 "Alloy Wheels Of Steel"  Big Mitch Baker

  Big Mitch Baker is voice acted by that handsome leading man Lee Majors, who
also starred as Blue in "Will Penny," 1968, as Andy Crocker in "The Ballad of
Andy Crocker," a TV movie of 1969, in the 1973-1978 TV series "The Six Million
Dollar Man," appeared as himself to narrate the Sept.28, 2014 episode of the
TV series "The AXI: The Avengers of Extreme Illusions," played President Austin
for "Toxin: 700 Days Left on Earth," 2015, did the voice acting for the
character Jeff Tracy for the Feb.22, 2020 episode of "Thunderbirds Are Go," etc.

  Tommy asks Mitch to have his gang do the security for a concert Kent set up.

  Mitch tells Tommy his group just helps itself.  Mitch wants to see how Tommy
rides a bike before he'll consider letting him join the gang.

  Since I organized the missions to do eight races in a row, just pretend Tommy
is giving Mitch plenty of chances to see that he can do it.

  (If you created your own "Alloy Wheels of Steel" Angel as explained in
I.100.D.e  Cars and bikes, Gameplay advantages: How to create your own "Alloy
Wheels of Steel" Angel, remember to have Tommy jack one of the regular Angels by
the bar and not jack one from one of the contestants.  An Angel from a contes-
tant would be twice as souped up and so weird to drive you'd probably lose the

  Tommy has to use an Angel or a Freeway.  The game programs the bikes of the
three bikers competing in the race to be souped up Angels to enable them to make
high speed spin-outs.

  So you have a choice--one of the two worst bikes at handling and cornering, or
an Angel with the best combination of speed and cornering of any bike in the
game--better than a PCJ 600.  It's heavier, but that helps it hold the road bet-
ter, which is good for racing.

  The easiest way is to use the best.  (Thanks to the Brady guide for the tip.)

  Have Tommy go in front of the three bikers lined up on Angels with great han-
dling to start the race.  Don't have Tommy hit them or get into the pink shaft
of light, but send him in front of the one by the shaft of light and just press
F.  Tommy will jack one of their bikes, which starts the race.

  It almost handles like what you'd have if "gripiseverything" improved those
things for bikes.  The other two remaining racers spin out early on, and it's
easy to win the race around the Downtown area.  I pass them early on, but, if
you do, you're safer to give them some room and pass quickly and cautiously be-
cause they're reckless and can knock Tommy from his bike when they wreck, such
as when nearing the Hyman Condo.  You're usually in the clear if you can pass
them along the side of the road early on, but one might whiz past and knock Tom-
my off the bike on the stretch toward the condo or if Tommy has a spill after

  Aside from the usual handling skills, I get the sharpest turns by letting go
of acceleration just before a turn.

  You get $1,000.

  DO NOT SAVE THE GAME TILL AFTER I.71.  Sorry for yelling.  I hope I didn't
scare anybody.  During the next seven races, if you screw up anything, or the
Angel disappears for whatever reason, or you get Tommy busted or wasted and
don't want to save it, you'll be able to reload "Alloy Wheels of Steel" and try
again with a fresh Angel.

  If you took my advice about using this alternate order of the missions, you
can now use the Angel for "The Driver" and the six Sunshine Autos races.  Park
the Angel off the road by the 4th palm tree S of the 1st right turn of the
course for "The Driver," which is the 2nd right S of the Malibu Club (the 1st is
a 90 degree turn--the one you want veers to the right).  I've had the Angel
disappear afterwards when I parked it farther N.  Once it stays in the game for
"The Driver," it stays for all the Sunshine Auto races, too.

  If you used some order for the missions that won't let you do that, but you
like the PCJ 600 and jumps as much as I do, take it around afterwards and have
some fun.  It's too heavy for some of the jumps, but the special abilities are
lost after you put it into one of your garages and let the door close, and it
just looks like one of the red, white, and blue Angels that are always in front
of the bar.  You can have Tommy morph with it--as when he morphs with any hog,
the ends of his legs will disappear into the ground.

  I.70  "The Driver"  the Malibu Club (bank heist asset)  Wow--deja vu.

  Tommy needs a driver to go with his safecracker and shootist.  Phil recommends
Hilary and calls him.  Phil tells Tommy that Hilary will do it, but he has aban-
donment issues--he'll only do it if Tommy can beat him in a race.

  Tommy meets Hilary, who reaffirms that, adding that if Tommy ignores him in-
stead, he'll never forgive him.

  (There are various kinds of "abandonment issues."  I think Hilary's kind is
basically the fear of being left alone, causing the person to manipulate the
other to prove their commitment to the relationship by example--in this case, by
racing him.  He's also possibly over-playing the victim role sometimes associ-
ated with it by making it a condition that he needs to get beaten in the race.)

  Tommy gets a regular Sentinel (not a Sentinel XS) and Hilary gets a Sabre Tur-
bo.  Normally, a Sabre Turbo has better speed and acceleration but a higher cen-
ter of gravity, so less grip.  But just like the competing vehicles in the other
races in this section, Hilary's Sabre Turbo is programmed to drive fast and
wild.  It can seem hard to beat until you figure out how to get ahead of the
competition, and if you make a mistake while trying to  maintain your lead the
competition can seem to come out of nowhere and take it back.

  Just after Tommy gets past the 1st right turn of the race, trailing Hilary,
Tommy has a two star wanted level for illegal street racing.

  I don't think the police are just interested in ramming into Tommy and not
Hilary.  I think they're more interested in whoever is behind in the race.  Usu-
ally, if I get Tommy a clear lead, the police cars are just there to pass by on
one side of the road or another.

  You might want to practice the course beforehand.  From the Malibu, the course
goes S through the middle of the island on the 3rd road from the E, goes clock-
wise around the 2nd block from the S and E till it returns to the 3rd road from
the E, continues S to the S end, then comes back up along the W side to the
bridge NW of the Malibu and ends back at the Malibu.

  If you have an Angel jacked from one of the contestants in "Alloy Wheels of
Steel," you can use it for this race.  Using a motorcycle is riskier than using
a car, though, since Tommy can be thrown from it.

  As Rusk explains, when he does this with a PS2 Hotring Racer, he can't park it
too close to the starting line before the race or it will disappear during the
race.  With the Angel on PC, I've had bad luck reliably keeping the Angel in the
game memory at the spot that works for Rusk's PS2 Hotring Racer (just after the
1st right turn of the race course).  I've had good luck putting it a bit farther
S.  So prepare for this mission by taking the Angel S from the Malibu Club,
through the intersection, turn right, and put it off the road by the 4th palm
tree that's close to the sidewalk.

  Have Tommy go on foot to the shaft of light in the Malibu to start the mis-
sion.  Drive the Sentinel to the Angel and use brake/reverse to stop with the
driver's door close to it, and transfer Tommy to it fast.

  Drive like you did for "Alloy Wheels of Steel" and you can wrap this one up
quickly.  Even if you don't get it the 1st time, there's a klieg light at the
end of the tunnel.


  To modify the Sentinel:

  You could also see I.100.D.e to see how to change the mass, ability to stay
upright and hug the driving surface, ability to survive in water, cornering and
braking, top speed, acceleration, suspension, durability, and miscellaneous jazz
of a Sentinel.  If you modified the Firetruck for I.23 and left it that way, you
could it instead and leave it at the same place you'd leave the Angel in the
method given above.  Try not to knock Hilary into the ocean with it.

  To improve the odds of Hilary spinning out (don't do this if you use the Angel
or it might disappear):

  A method that can let you win in an early effort combines my idea to see if
Hilary spins out early on, Rusk's idea to leave a fast vehicle around the 1st
right turn of the course (the veering right turn past the 90 degree right turn),
and an idea I got from a post by yunagunsling at the message boards at Gamefaqs.
He'd put a Packer (ramp truck) just beyond Hilary's starting place before the
race--then again, his Packer wouldn't disappear for some reason.  What I did was
put a Packer from the airport (I haven't bought Interglobal Studios yet, al-
though you could just to get the Packer inside) sideways at the intersection S
of the palm tree I recommended for the Angel.  Drive the right side of the Pack-
er along the near side of the wall on the right.  Drive out beyond the wall,
leaving a few feet of the back of the ramp against the wall to keep Hilary from
being able to push the Packer out of his way during the race.  Leave the side-
walk clear on the left.

  The Sentinel flew through the gap while Hilary didn't; he tried to regain his
lead, but the police rammed him, and it was a quick and quiet ride to the finish

  If you try it this way, you can store a Packer in the Ocean Drive garage be-
fore the race.  The end sticks out, but it disappears when the door comes down.
There's always a Packer on the S tarmac of the airport and in the W side of the
lot of the Vice City Port Authority in SW Viceport (you can't use the one in the
film studio until you buy it to open the gates).

  If you need to beat Hilary without any gimmickry:

  Drive within the modest limits of the car because Hilary won't give you much
of a chance to screw up, if you manage to pass him at all.

  Drive like it's a fast but careful taxi mission.  Drive fast with control, cut
corners on the wrong side, and go over lawns and sidewalks--wherever you see a
break up ahead, go for it--but don't over-accelerate or you'll have too many ac-

  Maneuver to avoid the police that tend to spawn in certain places (like one
from either side as you approach the T intersection by the Washington Mall--go
through the poles on the right instead).

  Better, I noticed that if Hilary got spun out near the start of the race, and
if I drove like it was a fast but careful taxi mission, I never saw Hilary
again, and the police were usually just there on either side of the road to
drive by or go around, for the rest of the race.  I haven't had the luck some
claim in ramming Hilary--it's like his car is heavier, not just faster, and
makes Tommy spin himself out if he tries it.  So I determined that unless I saw
Hilary get spun out near the beginning of the race, I'd just reload the game and
try again.  The last time I tried this, I managed to get it in five tries and
saved a lot of wasted time.

  You get $3,000.

  If you have the Angel, DO NOT SAVE THE GAME TILL AFTER I.71.

  Go to Sunshine Autos for more record-beating racing times, Paul Newman.

  I.71  Sunshine Autos Street Races

  Send Tommy to the shaft of light at the SE end of the back lot of Sunshine Au-
tos.  You can highlight one of the six different race courses, shown on the map,
by pressing A or D.  Pick one by pressing Left Shift.  Then the screen tells you
to get a fast vehicle and get to the starting grid.  You can enter any of them
as often as you want.

  1  Terminal Velocity

  The entrance fee is $100.
  You get $400.

  2  Ocean Drive

  The entrance fee is $500.
  You get $2,000.

  3  Border Run

  The entrance fee is $1,000.
  You get $4,000.

  4  Capital Cruise

  The entrance fee is $2,000.
  You get $8,000.

  5  Tour!

  The entrance fee is $5,000.
  You get $20,000.

  6  V.C. Endurance

  The entrance fee is $10,000.
  You get $40,000.

  Aside from using a modded Sentinel or other modded car, my favorite vehicle
for the races is the Angel jacked from a biker from "Alloy Wheels of Steel" or
an Angel I modified as explained in I.100.D.e  Cars and bikes, Gameplay advan-
tages: How to create your own "Alloy Wheels of Steel" Angel. It's riskier,
though, since Tommy can be thrown from a motorcycle.

  You race it about the same way, right down to trying to avoid getting knocked
off course by one of the reckless racers.  Try to pass them quickly but careful-
ly early on at the side of the road.  It's risky, but once you get the lead, you
probably won't see them again.  I can't promise you won't have a spill or two,
but I've won it even when that happened.  If you slow down just a bit to drive
carefully and minimize the risk of spills, you're probably in the clear for the
rest of the race.

  After these races, if you used a contestant's Angel and you're through with
it, save the game.  If you want to try it for anything else, you might save the
game at the condo alley with the Angel a couple car lengths away--not in a ga-
rage--so it won't disappear, and use the Angel before you exit the game.  If you
don't want to risk it for a hazardous mission, it might work to put it out of
harm's way on the roof the Skumole Shack is on and just use one other vehicle
for the mission.

  When you don't have the Angel anymore, there's another easy way to try the
races--it's given in the Brady guide.  Get in front of the other racers before
the race and blow them up with a Rocket Launcher, which is easier if you have
the Rapid Load feature by now.  Besides the possibility of missing one of them
and falling way behind them, a drawback to that is it's very easy to create a
distracting wanted level and the need to make a detour to take care of it.  I'd
reload the game if that happened.  When it pays off, race with anything you
want.  The little Caddy is cute.

  You might try the "GTA III" "Turismo" Rhino trick: race at the three cars to
blow them up and start the race.  In fact, it's even easier for "Vice City," but
you have to approach the race cars from the front.  If you try it from behind
them, they blow up but the disks disappear without any explanation from the
screen other than it's obvious the race was canceled.

  Another approach is to just race in whatever you handle the best--I'd use a
PCJ 600 for that.  I hope you like watching Tommy fly after wrecks.

  Since the riskiest part is getting the lead in the beginning, you might want
to use an idea from Rusk's latest update.  You can still use the "GTA III" "Tur-
ismo" trick, recommended by Jason Corns, of banging through the race cars to
start the race with a lead.

  If you modified the Firetruck for I.23, you should have a real easy time of it
if you use that.

  You might see this as a convenience or an inconvenience, but any wanted rating
you get during the race disappears when you cross the red glowing finish disk.
(For the sake of Wanted Stars Attained/Evaded, it would be more convenient if
they didn't disappear.)

  This is the mission you can use the "Hook the Hooker" gimmick of Restick's
that Rusk writes about (I.9.F).  You can't get too much mileage out of those
hookers.  They give Tommy extra health for dangerous missions, and can prove to
be among the most loyal companions, or at least patrons, Tommy has.  Remember,
he is a criminal.

  The fast hooker with a hot engine for rent is the dirty blonde with the black
top and shorts.

  Follow the hooker's car closely during the race, then do a quick and brief
drive-by shooting at her car to get her to get out close to yours.  The easiest
way is to do the shortest race, the one by the airport, and, as Rusk says, don't
go through any glowing disks so the other cars slow down and drive single file.

  Not only will she follow Tommy around and get into any vehicle he gets into
(like when using the "hopingirl" code), but she'll do it vehicle after vehicle,
even a helicopter.  You can use a four-door vehicle and pick up a total of
three, Frankie baby.

  There's a pink shaft of light in front of the Greasy Chopper.

  I.72  "Messing With The Man"  Big Mitch Baker

  Mitch says he knows Tommy was betrayed and spent 15 years in jail, and some of
the bikers in his gang were betrayed by their country, so challenges Tommy to
show how PO'ed he is and "mess with the man."  (Wouldn't that mean mess with
Sonny?  I don't always follow these things.)

  (When Mitch says "This whole damn country needs a kick in the ass" you can see
the image of the face of a man with a goatee on the wooden floor behind Mitch.)
  "Grand Theft Auto Vice City All Easter Eggs, Secrets, Tricks and Extra (HD)"
by kacpi26

  Tommy has to wreak destruction to fill out the chaos meter on the screen in
two minutes.  Getting a three or four star wanted level in the process speeds
that up.

  By far, the easiest way to do this is with the Hunter.  Once you get your
wanted level up fast with the machine gun, shooting the rockets at anything--
even into thin air--makes the meter fill up quickly.  It also has the advantage
of letting you fly right to the bribes when it's over.

  The Brady guide for PC suggests you shoot from the roof the Skumole Shack is
on at police cars and helicopters.  I had Tommy start on the stairs to the shack
with the Minigun, and it got his wanted level up quickly.  When this works, hav-
ing him shoot down the police helicopter alone fills up most of the meter.  I'd
prepare by putting another helicopter on the W side of the roof for his getaway,
because his wanted level doesn't go away when the mission is completed.  Get the
airborne bribes, the condo alley bribe, etc. (I.11) if needed.

  I don't know how anyone manages to miss an opportunity to have some fun with
the Rhino.  So if you'd like another easy way to do this, just drive it around,
blasting and running into things that explode, safe in the Rhino, and fill the
chaos meter in no time.  When you're done, drive into the bribe in the condo al-
ley then send Tommy upstairs to use the helicopter for airborne bribes.

  Before you get the bribes, you might even use this mission as a way to start
an effort to raise your CRiminal Rating or Highest media attention level (I.7).

  You get $2,000.

  There's a shaft of light in front of the Greasy Chopper.

  I.73  "Hogtied"  Big Mitch Baker

  Mitch wants Tommy to retrieve his hog from a rival biker gang that stole it.
If Tommy does, Mitch will have his gang do the security job for Kent.

  Use a PCJ 600 and lots of Molotovs and Minigun ammo.

  Tommy can get a PCJ 600 from Howlin' Petes Biker Emporium across the street
from the bar.  He can get four Molotovs at a time from Tacopalypse, across the
street from the E end of the Hyman Condo alley.  Have a space reserved for use
in the mission at one of the condo garages.  Having the fireproof feature for
Tommy will make it easy for him to use Molotovs nearby.

  A cutscene shows you need to use a fast motorcycle for a stairway jump onto
the roof of Ammu-Nation--Unique Jump 2 again--to get into the compound where the
bike is held.  This mission also uses a variation of the route taken to drive
from the landing roof, down the stairs and over a roof to the ground, over a
small set of stairs, and to the Hyman Condo (I.26).  The compound of the rival
biker gang is the area Tommy drops down to after J2.  It can't hurt to try it
out before this mission and inspect the compound so you know where you're going
when you need to move fast.

  Practice the route with a PCJ 600 1st.  To get to Unique Jump 2 from the Hyman
Condo, go left/S from the W side of the alley, go left/E, then go right/S--the
stairway is on your left.

  Once you jump onto the roof of Ammu-Nation, the stairs to go down are on your
left.  At the base of them, make a 180 degree turn to the right while dropping
to the ground.

  Go ahead, turn left, and stop: one door the bikers will emerge from is
straight ahead and the other is at the near corner of the 3rd building to your
left.  You can tell which ones they'll be during this practice run because they
each have a non-solid black rectangle that slopes toward you from the ground up
in the doorway.  (This is similar to the door straight back from the entrance to
the Washington Beach police station, the blackened alcove of "Hotring," and the
blackened door on the S side of the multilevel structure on the N side of the
ship used in "Spilling the Beans.")  The bikers are armed with Tec-9s except the
last two that appear who have M4s.  Mitch's hog will be in the alcove at the
left of the blackened door straight ahead.

  You could also try the "plug the hole" method.  Prepare for the mission by do-
ing the jump with a police car, driving it down to the compound (give it some
gas going off the lower roof so it lands upright), then driving it into the
blackened door beside the alcove Mitch's hog will be in.  It makes a pretty snug
fit.  Then don't use another vehicle except the PCJ 600 you do the mission with.
(I tried it with a 2nd police car during the mission for the other hole, but it
made the 1st police car disappear.)

  If you feel like a fast fighting approach to the gangsters in the compound,
have Tommy get off the PCJ 600 partway toward the door ahead of him so he can
shoot around at any bikers who attack him, but keep him pressing toward the al-
cove with the hog, ahead and to the left, because the bikers will just keep
spawning.  When you've had him clear enough of an area around it so he can get
it going fast enough to knock down any bikers he passes without getting knocked
down himself, have him jump on it and get going.  This is a hog, not a PCJ 600,
so don't get so worked up you press it more than it can handle.

  Zmoonchild's speed run version is to have Tommy take a Maverick to the low roof
S of the hog, drive the hog over the stairs to the street, and S to the marker.

  The next assault will come from two Streetwannabes armed with Tec-9s in each
of four Gang Burrito vans who appear quickly once Tommy gets back on the
streets.  The gangsters will try to ram Tommy off the Angel then get on foot to
start shooting at him before he can get up.

  One strategy for the Streetwannabes is to have Tommy drive back to where he
dropped in, turn right, drive to the far side of the lot, turn right, go moder-
ately over the stairs to your left with a left turn to go to the Hyman Condo al-
ley, and put the hog in a garage.  Keep a safe distance from the Streetwannabes
in the Gang Burritos--they're pretty aggressive--as you have Tommy throw Molo-
tovs or shoot Minigun bullets at them or their vans from the alley.  They often
wreck trying to get into the alley, which makes it easy for Tommy to start get-
ting them, even get all of them, from there.

  When done with them, Tommy can use the bribe in the alley, then the clothes
pickup on the roof.

  One of Rusk's updates introduced a couple of safer strategies suggested by one
of his readers--Adam Lilley.  Have Tommy kill two gangsters on the roof of the
Ammu-Nation, then move N enough on the roof to shoot the remaining 28 gangsters
who emerge from either blackened door.  (When I tried that, the gangsters came
out of both doors, then ended up just coming out of the W door.  I didn't count
them, but it was getting monotonous, so I sent Tommy down and, luckily, no more

  Using Adam's finale, Tommy then takes the bike from the niche in the compound
below and drives it up the stairs to the Ammu-Nation roof.  He makes a W to E
run across the roof to the S rectangular low raised thing of the four such
things on the E side of the roof.  Have him have the hog make a little wheelie
effort just before impact and go off to the right where the street is.  He can
drive through the opening at the W end of the North Bridge and go S to complete
the mission at the biker bar without ever seeing the gangsters in the vans.

  (Before I tried this, I practiced the jump from the roof a few times.  After
the screen said the mission was accomplished, one of the vans made a late arri-
val and some gangsters came out of it to shoot at Tommy.  They didn't make it
far from the van--Tommy was on foot now and armed with his Minigun, and one ex-
ploding van took care of the lot of them.)

   More recently, I've given Tommy enough room to attack the Streetwannabes by
using the gimmick that uses the programmed path of the Sanchez/Landstalker dirt
track to let you see the taxi/cab driver try to drive on the track.  To use it,
send Tommy over the stairs on the NW side of the gangster compound then E to the
middle of the Downtown dirt track.  When you see which side the Gang Burritos
enter from, you can send Tommy to the opposite side.  At the dirt track, the
gangsters drive on the course till they get to a section by Tommy to depart from
it.  This gives Tommy a lot more time to destroy the vans, and you get a little
more for your entertainment dollar watching the vans flop around trying to drive
on the track.

  You get $4,000.

  Mitch Baker calls: he's grateful, and says to tell Kent he'll have his gang
do the security job for the gig.

  There's a shaft of light in front of the VROCK building--a little S of the W
end of the condo alley.

  I.74  "Publicity Tour"  Love Fist

  The psycho lived through the last mission, so the band wants Tommy to drive
them in their limo to their next venue.

  Percy says, "I'm sh**in' masel's, man" ("sh***ing myself"--scared).

  Dick says, "We're all brickin' ourselves, man" (from "sh***ing bricks" or
"bricking it"--very scared).

  In the limo, they play a cassette that looks unfamiliar.  The psycho has left
a message on it: if the car slows down, it will explode.  Tommy has to drive
fast enough so it doesn't while the band tries to figure out how to diffuse the
bomb--which wire to pull out from the boomshine bottle the bomb has been built

  Save at the Hyman Condo so it's easy to reload the game and try again if you
don't make it.

  Get up to a speed fast enough to keep the "Detonator" meter low, then see how
fast you need to repeatedly and lightly tap Acceleration, W, to keep the meter
from filling up towards explosion.  It will usually be empty without going very
fast.  Bumping into something won't create an explosion any easier than usual
unless it slows down the limo for too long.

  Gun it to get it up to speed 1st, then tap W.  Use your handling skills to
avoid any situation that would make the car stop.  If you stop, you can try to
extract the car fast to lower the meter, but the limo will probably blow up.

  A gimmick that made it even easier for me was to use the speedometer by Spook-
ie I used to determine the top speed of the boats at I.9.E.  The bomb meter will
be kept low or empty if you keep the limo going at least about 60 mph.  60 mph
isn't especially fast in "Vice City" terms--it's about the speed of a Caddy.

  Use the shortcut over the sidewalk across from the pizza place.  If the next
right turn is too congested, which is entirely possible, use the next right and
make a gentle arc over to the main N and S road.

  Drive S on the long N and S main road to the spacious area you find before it
divides at the S end.  Use a quick turning skid and point it N, and try to avoid
the grass, which is slipperier to turn on and accelerate from, as much as possi-
ble.  If you end up on the grass, accelerate off it without any sharp turns.  If
you manage to turn the limo around and drive N, the worst is over.

  In the final stretch, I've only needed to go N to the S Downtown area at most
and around Cherry Poppers at the least before the bomb was diffused.

  Thanks to Ring_of_Fire, who, in 2007, is adding his name to the memorable
glitch finders, for this gimmick that makes the mission easier: during the ef-
fort to diffuse the bomb, keep pressing F1 for instant replays.  Some of the
dialogue plays during each instant replay, advancing the mission that much far-

  (During the panic, a member of the band calls arrogant Jezz a "muppit": an id-

  Then have Tommy drive the band to the concert hall with the big Love Fist ad
over the door S of the VROCK building, and a cutscene shows the band showing
Tommy their concert stage.  One tells Tommy the fans like them "half cut and
tone deaf" ("Half cut" means drunk but not unconscious).

  You get $8,000.

  Mitch Baker calls on behalf of his biker gang: Tommy has their respect.

  There's a shaft of light by the bar inside the Malibu Club.

  I.75  "The Job"  the Malibu Club (bank heist asset)

  The music during the intro cutscene is "The Freaks Come Out at Night" by
Whodini, 1984.  It's also on radio station Fresh 105 FM in "Vice City Stories."

  Tommy now has Cam the jailbird safecracker, Phil the expert delusional gunman,
and Hilary the cling-fast driver.  Tommy makes clear what he plans to do with
his ensemble: rob a bank.  This is a brave man...or foolhardy...or both.

  Have Tommy lead them into a taxi outside.

  Colin Attle noticed that Cal complains about Hilary taking up too much room in
the Taxi though Hilary sits in the front beside Tommy.  (If Hilary gets in the
back, he's teleported to the front.  I'll guess that the original idea might
have been that if Hilary got in the back, Cal would complain, and Hilary would
move to the front, but the idea was left in the abbreviated version we have so
the player could have Tommy start driving and get on with the game faster.)

  Since Cam sits in the right back seat maybe he feels it's hard for him to see
past Hilary.

  Have Tommy drive them to the shaft of light across from El Banco Currupto
Grande while Phil waves his gun around and Hilary takes up too much room.

  If you have Tommy damage the Taxi on the way there:
  Hilary King: "Hey, watch the wheels, Tommy!"
  If you have Tommy damage the Taxi again:
  Hilary King: "The car's ruined.  RUINED!"
  Cam Jones: "You cling to an illusion of permanence."
  Hilary King: "What?"
  Cam Jones: "You think all things will last.  Youth, loved ones, pizza.  All will
pass or end and you must accept that."
  Hilary King: "You're right.  Thanks, Cam."
  Cam Jones: "Don't mention it."
  If you have Tommy ruin the Taxi so it catches on fire, and have him exit it, Cam
asks, "Hey Tommy, why have we stopped?"  You get the screen prompt: "Get in the
getaway car to do the bank job!"  The others exit but it's too late--the Taxi blows
up.  You get the screen prompt: "MISSION FAILED!  YOU TRASHED THE GETAWAY CAR!!"

  There's a cutscene of Tommy telling Hilary to drive around the block and Tommy
popping open the trunk.

  Just warning you in advance: this is one of three places of bad design in this
mission where Cam or Phil could get killed and you could have to redo the mission--
in this case, because Hilary can back up over one of them.  I've even had Tommy
run a bit to the N to avoid it and Hilary turned and backed up over Phil!

  Then have Tommy carefully lead Cam and Phil across the street--check for traf-
fic 1st--and into the shaft of light in front of the bank.

  There's a cutscene of the three disguised in masks (used for protection in
fencing?) and gray-blue coveralls.

  If you send Tommy other than to the marker in his Bank Job outfit, you fail the
mission with the message: "That's right, just wander about dressed like a lunatic
and draw attention to yourself, IDIOT!"

  Then walk Tommy, who has a .357, to the shaft of light at the door of the
bank.  (You can scroll to Minigun now, but he'll have the .357 again in the next

  There's a cutscene in the bank of Tommy and Phil shouting that it's a raid and
ordering everyone to not move and get up against the wall.  Tommy has Phil stand
guard over them and tells Cam the safe is upstairs.

  Now switch to the Minigun.

  Lead Cam upstairs.  Have Tommy walk out into the room to lure out two guards
that each enter and shoot from a different part of the far end of the room.
Send Tommy up the steps behind him before Cam gets hurt back there.  As Tommy
goes out onto the balcony floor, have him shoot at the guard behind the far left
corner of the banister ahead, then keep moving forward on the left side of
the same balcony till you can see to have him shoot part of the security guard
just inside the doorway on the far right.  Send Tommy through it and have him
lead Cam into the elevator.  Once upstairs, bring Tommy out of the elevator and
toward you, then send him slowly right till you can see to have him shoot part
of a security guard that is just inside the doorway to your right.

  Have Tommy lead Cam into the doorway and send Tommy into the big pink Chinese
finger puzzle by the safe.

  You can switch to something that lets Tommy move faster for the next segment.

  In a cutscene, Cam admits it could take hours to crack open the safe unless
Tommy gets the manager to help.

  Send Tommy back to the elevator and across the 2nd floor to the manager's of-
fice, where the manager is hiding behind his desk.

  (If you plan to replay the game: absolutely any weapon you have him draw on
the manager will cause the manager to plea, "Just don't shoot," even if it isn't
a gun.  Each type of weapon causes Tommy to strike a different threatening

  Have Tommy lead him away and get the armor in the adjoining room.

  For a bonus while there, you can walk Tommy to the security monitors, which
have a different arrangement of the same pictures shown on the monitors in the
mansion, to trigger a sequence of green colored views of the various rooms of
the bank--Left Shift turns it off.

  Have Tommy lead the manager up to Cam and submerge himself in the translucent
tower of pink (should he be doing that when he's trying to seem tough?).

  (The gimmick with the poses applies here, too.)

  In a cutscene, Cam says he just needs the managers key code, and Tommy says
he'll check on Phil.

  Send Tommy back out and along the balcony toward the doorway on the far left.
As you do, an alarm starts ringing and Phil calls for Tommy to help him--the
SWAT team is coming.  Tommy has a four star wanted level and the authorities are
on their way, so send him through the doorway and down to ground level.

  (Those wanting to speed this up can have Tommy jump over the railing down to
the 1st floor.)

  Phil shoots the guard who tripped the alarm then kneels on a desk at the rear,
stands behind the desk, or stands a few feet from the front door.  If Phil
isn't on the desk, have Tommy look away from Phil then at him to cause Phil to
appear on the desk.  Knowing that is the location of Phil makes it easier to
avoid shooting him in the upcoming scene.

  Scroll back to the Minigun then have Tommy enter the shaft of light by the

  In a cutscene, they hear a SWAT team member warning them through a bullhorn
that they're surrounded.  Cam calls down that the safe is open.  Tommy says they
have the money so it's time to leave.  The SWAT team member calls out that
they've had their last chance, and Phil calls out that the SWAT team is storming
the place.

  Ceiling tiles fall to the floor, four Swat men rappel from the ceiling to the
floor, and two agents appear on the E balcony while smoke meant to make it hard
to see (Tear Gas which fortunately has no adverse effect on anyone?) fills the
room.  (Be careful whom you have Tommy shoot in the smoke/Tear Gas!)

  Have Tommy shoot agents till Phil says, "That's the last of them--go go go!"
When you hear that, you know you can have Tommy run to the shaft of light by
the front door.

  If Tommy didn't need the armor by the 2nd floor monitors before, check to see
if he needs the protection as a precaution before sending him into the pink tube
by the front door.

  If Cam is killed during the SWAT raid, have Tommy get Cam's briefcase pickup
of money.  Otherwise, the marker that lets Tommy lead Phil outside won't appear
near the front door.

  There's a cutscene.  Hilary pulls up by the door in the taxi and runs into the
clearing at the SWAT team, shooting to provide cover.  (Don't try this at home.)
Hilary goes down.

  (Likewise, in the 1995 movie "Heat," a small crew of bank robbers are am-
bushed by the police as they leave the bank.  Like Hillary, the getaway driver
Donald Breedan, played by Dennis Haysbert, is killed in the gun fight.)

  Send Tommy out from behind the shrubs armed with the Minigun and immediately
shoot the four SWAT men, and have him try to blow up the Vice Cheetah before it
gets close to the Taxi.  If they get out of the Vice Cheetah, have Tommy shoot
the two Vice Cheetah agents.  Clear the area to lead the others, especially
Phil, into the Taxi.  (If Cam dies, there's a different ending, but if Phil dies,
you fail the mission--he has to live to give Tommy missions and go on to create
some more in Liberty City in "III.")

  Have Tommy speed through the two SWAT vans, go E to the grass at the coast,
and go N to the Little Haiti Pay 'n' Spray to get rid of a high wanted rating.
Then have him either drive E to that grass, or W of the bank, to go S to avoid
the SWAT team attacks on the main road. (Although once I managed to have Tommy
return to the bank to get Phil, so it can be hazarded.)  Go a bit further S to
Cam's place.

  (As Rusk says, you can stop somewhere out of the way W of the main road before
you get to Cam's place and have Tommy get out and shoot him if you're curious
about the alternate ending.  Be careful to be quick if you do this.  One time
when I tried it, FBI Ranchers tried to move in on Tommy a couple of times.  Af-
ter driving to Cam's place, the alternate ending has Phil and Tommy agree that
it's too bad about Cam, but that it meant there was more money for each of

  This mission has a glitch whereby Phil or Cam die and you fail the mission.
The two circumstances I've occasionally seen for this are:
  1. Once you get control of Tommy in the bank and send him upstairs.  Cam
probably hasn't followed Tommy up there and may be walking into a corner
on the 1st floor.
  2. Only a second or so after getting control of Tommy out6side and having
him attack the SWAT agents.
  In both cases it's not apparent why one of them died--it just seems like bad

  You get $50,000.

  The Malibu Club makes $10,000 a day.

  Tommy is dressed in the Soiree Outfit.

  The Bank Job Outfit is available on the 2nd floor in the Malibu Club.  A Ma-
chete is now across the room, too, in case you want to give Tommy the look of
Jason Voorhees in the "Friday the 13th" movies.

  Tommy can enter El Banco Currupto anytime after this.  If Tommy gets on the
stairs to get the $1,000 in the manager's office on the 2nd floor, he gets a
four star wanted level.

  The mask Tommy used appears on the low table in the Ocean View apartment, and
manuals and ads and used paper target practice targets for guns appear in the
office in the mansion.  (I think the latter things should have appeared after
"The Shootist.")

  Phil Cassidy calls to offer any help Tommy needs.

  There's a pink shaft of light at the front door of Phil's house--where there's
a P icon on your in-game map and radar.

  I.76  "Gun Runner"  Phil Cassidy asset

  Tommy follows up on a claim Phil had made to provide Tommy with firepower.
Phil agrees to, but adds that he wants a favor.  A Mexican gun runner has been
taking away his business lately, so Phil wants Tommy to ram the gun supplies off
his truck and finish him off.  (The Rockstar Games web site, "Vice City" sec-
tion, "Vice City Crime Tree" indicates Phil's rival is a violent gun runner
named Pedro Garcia.)

  Tommy is instructed to kill the gun runners driving four Walton pickup
trucks--two pairs of them.  The pair in the S have a S.P.A.S. 12 and a .357, and
are in Little Havana going N on the main N and S road.  The pair in the N have
an M60 and a Mac, and are going N on the branch of the same road that goes
straight N through Downtown.  If you have Tommy ram or drive-by a truck, one gun
appears from it on the road for Tommy to take (press Tab if you have to).

  You only need to have Tommy get the four weapons and destroy the four trucks,
though.  Since an attacker armed with an U-zi rides in the bed of each truck,
and each truck driver will ram Tommy and slide him along the road till he's
wasted if he catches Tommy on foot, you'd do well to have Tommy get on foot in
a safe spot and blow up trucks quickly with the Minigun.

  Once you take a pair of guns, four leather jacket guys on Faggio bikes will
chase and shoot at Tommy with U-zis.  Tommy can kill them for a $100 apiece, but
they'll keep being replaced till all four weapons are gathered.

  When all four weapons are gathered and the four pickup trucks are destroyed,
the mission is completed, the wanted rating disappears, and the bikers turn

  The game provides you with a Patriot (AM General Hummer) and remote grenades
for some reason.  The Patriot is pretty sturdy, but I usually pass on the remote
grenades.  You can try leaving them on the N and S road in the path of the
trucks if you want.

  As Rusk writes, if you want to use an alternate vehicle, leave it on the medi-
an strip of the main N and S road E of Phil's Place before the mission so it
doesn't disappear.

  I favor the "EP" Admiral and an MP for this:

  Ram and drive-by the trucks, use the Little Haiti Pay 'n' Spray (it won't hurt
the "EP" quality of the car and you can pick a color you like--I like dark cran-
berry red the best), then get the guns.  After Tommy gets a pair of guns, he can
have some fun swatting and doing drive-bys on the cyclists.  The Admiral is the
easiest to swiftly maneuver of the three alternate vehicles listed here.


  Destroy the trucks 1st, go to the Hyman Condo to use the bribe and put the
Rhino in the big garage, and use the Maverick to get the airborne bribes.  Then
get the weapons.  Remember that the Rhino is slow to accelerate, though, so be
careful to give it a clear path to move in if you fiddle with the bikers.


  Destroy the trucks, get the airborne bribes, then get the weapons.

  Tommy gets $2,000 and $100 for each attacker killed who appeared on a Faggio.

  Gun manuals, catalogues, and used paper targets appear on the desk of the of-
fice in the mansion.

  Pressing Tab to get the M60 and the Mac depleted you of Minigun and MP ammo,
so it's time to stock up on it again.  You'll need MP ammo for "Recruitment
Drive," I.78.  Fortunately, the submachine guns use the same ammo, so you only
need to buy another batch of MP ammo at Ammu-Nation (or, to save money, a bunch
of some cheaper submachine gun ammo then an MP).  For a quick way to replenish
Minigun ammo, see the end of the next mission.

  Pressing Tab to get the M60 and the Mac depleted you of Minigun and MP ammo,
so it's time to stock up on it again.  You'll need MP ammo for "Recruitment
Drive," I.78.

  There's a pink shaft of light at Phil's door again.  Now it's going for pure

  I.77  "Boomshine Saigon"  Phil Cassidy asset

  The music during the cutscene is "Burnin' for You" by Blue Oyster Cult.

  At Phil's Place, Phil wants to show Tommy a remote bomb he's made, but the
Boomshine he's been drinking is so strong that he detonates it while standing
right beside it and blows his own arm off, and Tommy gets drunk from the fumes.
Now we know how Phil lost his arm for "GTA III," and what Auntie Poulet has been
spiking the gumbo with--or is it why Phil lives in Little Haiti to get the in-
gredients for his Boomshine?  This isn't made clear.

  Drunken Tommy has to drive Phil in the Patriot to get help.  It has to be done
before the bar representing Phil's health runs out--about 90 seconds.

  Go S to the hospital on the main N and S road in Little Havana.  Delusional
Phil talks about being in Vietnam, about seeing a giant fish, and about seeing
black bird wings all around.  At the hospital, Phil tells Tommy to take him to
an ex-army surgeon buddy instead.  If you hear Phil say it's beautiful, but it's
so cold, time is running out, so hurry up.  Continue S, make the 1st right turn,
and follow the road W and around a 90 degree curve N to get there, save Phil,
and finish the mission.

  Basically, it's as much a different visual experience as it is a "drive there
then there" mission, with the view and car physics the way Tommy experiences
them in the drunken haze he's in from Phil's Boomshine fumes.  The view is blur-
ry and wavering but less so as the mission goes on, and it makes it seem like
the Patriot over-steers at the slightest touch like a big four-wheel RC Copter.
Similar to driving that copter, you can alternate between bursts of acceleration
and steering.  It can help to pretend you're driving it normally, as you would
if the view wasn't screwy, as best you can.

  Don't try to nurse the Patriot too delicately.  Just plow on, anyway--the Pa-
triot can stand some damage but Phil can't die.

  (At the friend's place, it turns out Phil's right arm has been miraculously
reattached, but now he's lost his left arm.  This guy just has bad luck with
arms.  Legs, he's good--arms, not so good.  Why don't they use the same stuff to
reattach his left arm?--ran out of it, I guess.  He seems happy, though.)

  You get $4,000.

  The Rocket Launcher, Minigun, Remote Grenades, and M60 are for sale at Phil's

  The pickups reappear in a few seconds if Tommy is at least a foot or so away
from the spawn spot.  One batch of Minigun ammo is $10,000, but, if Tommy has
the money, using this Minigun pickup is the fastest way to replenish Minigun am-
mo in the unmodded game.

  (Otherwise, I don't have much use for this.  You can get the 1st two for free
at several save places, and I favor the Minigun over the M60, which is available
for free in the W tower at Fort Baxter.  The Remote Grenades are something dif-
ferent to try if you haven't gotten them before for free from behind the build-
ing across the street and a couple doors N of the Malibu Club, but they take up
Molotov space.  They should have been something different, like poison blow
darts or poisonous lion-fishes for the pools or a harpoon for the shark or the
use of the submarine and torpedoes or the use of the crane to drop the cars of
pursuers into the car crusher or a catapult for junk or police bribes for boats
or some such thing.)

  There are three barrels of Boomshine in the Ocean View apartment.

  There's an A on your in-game map and radar.  Avery wants to launch Tommy into
the Cuban-Haitian gang fracas.


  Buy Interglobal Films studio for $60,000.

  You have a clapper board ("Action--roll 'em"--whap) on your in-game map and

  There's a pink shaft of light by the door to porn studio D.  This shaft of
light goes for anything.

  The gates are open; you no longer have to jump or fly in.

  Pretty soon, you'll have your own little Dodo.  Awwww!

  That's nicer.

   I.78  "Recruitment Drive"  Interglobal Films (film studio asset)

  Voice actors:

  Steve Scott: "Hoosiers" star Dennis Hopper.

  Candy Suxxx: Hosers star (no, no, no) stuff star, and the voice ac-
tress for Daisy, the premier skater to unlock in the game "Tony Hawk's Pro Skat-
er 4," Jenna Jameson.

  Get a lot of MP ammo at the Downtown Ammu-Nation and a PCJ 600.

  Tommy meets director Steve Scott.  Tommy tells Steve that Tommy runs things
now.  Basically, he tells Steve that Steve has been too concerned with ambitions
to emulate Steven Spielberg.  (The "Aliens" and "big" "shark" Tommy notices show
Steve has been influenced by "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind" and "Jaws.")
Tommy orders him to concentrate more on filming porno.

  Tommy goes to recruit Congressman Alex Shrub's hooker Candy Suxxx and Cortez'
daughter Mercedes.

  Drive to the shaft of light at the front of the V.A.J Finance building (go E
from the E end of the condo alley--it's on the S side of the street before it
curves S).

  In a cutscene, Candy is dropped off by Shrub in a gold limo.  Tommy asks if
she'd work in a movie.  She says she would, but 1st he has to talk to her
"agent."  Her pimp, in red and black, drives up, gets out of his car, gets Tommy
PO'ed, gets back in, and three of his henchmen--three of the criminals in white
jerseys, blue jeans, and black leather jackets--get out of it.  The pimp drives
away to the E and S and the three tough guys try to give Tommy a drubbing with
two Baseball bats and a Tec-9.

  Forget the three hard guys.  Candy's agent has shown very unprofessional busi-
ness manners and must be stopped before his capaciousness vitiates Tommy's in-
tended actress.  (That last line is better with a Sheldon Leonard voice--a gang-
ster trying to sound well-bred and all.)  The games always positions the bike to
make a getaway to the E.  Have Tommy get away and do a forward drive-by shooting
at the pimp's car.  Be ready to brake in case the car brakes, at which time
three tough guys, each armed with a Tec-9, may get out and go after Tommy.  As
Rusk notes, if you manage to stop far enough back from the car, the three guys
may not get out.  If three tough guys get out, forget them and chase after the
pimp.  When the car has had it, he'll get out and run.  If he isn't done in by
the car exploding, see how good he can exploit the act of being schlommed up the
butt with a PCJ 600, or just have Tommy shoot him.

  Have Tommy take care of any wanted rating, then go to the shaft of light by

  Candy gets on the bike.  Have Tommy drive her to the Downtown Well Stacked
Pizza place.  Send Tommy inside to the shaft of light by Mercedes.

  (Before you get to Mercedes, you can get a sustained wheelie on the PCJ 600,
if you keep trying at it, easier than usual because Candy's sitting on the back
of the seat.  A couple of times, when I had Tommy take a detour and try bike
stunts, I found that after a Unique Jump you might hear Candy say, "Tommy, be
careful--my implants aren't insured yet" or "I can't do porno after this!"  If
you're reckless, you might hear, "You call that driving?" and "What?  Are you
trying to kill me?  I thought I was the star!")

  In a cutscene, Tommy asks Mercedes if she'd work in a movie--she says sure, if
it's "cheap and sleazy."

  Have Tommy lead the women into the four-door Sentinel across the street and
drive them to the studio.

  You get $1,000.

  You get a call from Sonny.  He's tired of waiting for his money, so he's back
to being furious again.

  There's an undulating shaft of light waiting to be entered in the door to porn
studio D again.

  I.79  "Dildo Dodo"  Interglobal Films (film studio asset)

  Steve thinks nobody will distribute the flyers for the new movie because
they're unimaginative.  Tommy says he has his own ideas about that.

  The screen says there is a seaplane that was used as a prop in an old indie
film round the back of the studios.  (An "indie" film is an independent film,
but, in context, this reminds me of Indiana Jones of the Spielberg movies, too.)

  The blue back gate of the studio is now open, and there's a Skimmer--a little
Dodo with pontoons--at the little pier just beyond it.  As with a boat, have
Tommy go near it and press F to have him appear behind the wheel.

  Controls for The Skimmer


      S....Backward (in water; in air, it decreases speed faster than by releas-
ing W alone)



      Number Pad 6....Up

      Number Pad 9....Down

      Q....Look Left

      E....Look Right

      Q+E or Middle Mouse Button....Look Behind

      F....(Enter or) Exit

      R or Mouse Wheel Up....Change radio station

  The plane is very easy to fly (up, down, left, right--what's complicated?),
but the game gives you a sort of amusement park ride introduction to it full of
swoops and close calls.  Tommy has to fly through one of the six blue disks hov-
ering over the west island.  When he does, the flyers start pouring out of the
plane and a red disk appears.  He has to fly through the red disk to make the
flyers stop pouring out and the remaining blue disks appear, etc., until either
the twelve disks are all gone or he runs out of gas.  A bar on the screen shows
the gas supply.

  As the Brady guide recommends, go from the one at the N end of the island down
the W to the one over the airport terminal, then SE to the one over the Boat-
yard, and up the E to the last one, over the bridge from Prawn Island to Down-
town.  Make one long circle of it, shaving off time.  Midway up the E, for the
4th disk up from the SE--the 2nd red one from the SE--go way out E over the
water to turn W to aim for one disk between buildings.  The two buildings are on
either side of the 1st W turn from the main road S of Downtown.  Check the radar
at times for the location of the next disk, and when it comes into view on the
screen, make sure you're aiming for it without smacking into a building or such.

  The Brady Guide, recommended near the beginning of this guide, has a map of
the disks, making it even easier to plan a course.

  In the PC version, you don't find porno video flyers for "Bite" on the ground
afterward.  The papers that fly out of the Skimmer look like the "Liberty C**k"
newspapers you see blown around town by the wind.

  You get $2,000.

  Best of all, now you can fly the little Dodo with pontoons (I.9.D) anytime you
want.  The Skimmer will be available at the pier behind the studio from now on.
Your flight hours, and pilot ratings based on them, will be shown in your Stats

  Sonny calls again.  Something needs to be done soon.  No one shall be allowed
to come between a man and his Dodo.

  There's a shaft of light getting worked up at the door to porn studio D again.

  I.80  "Martha's Mug Shot"  Interglobal Films (film studio asset)

  Stephen's film idea--"...close encounter...unable to think of anything but
this huge phallic mountain...vat of mashed potatoes"--refers to Steven Spiel-
berg's "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind," notably the tower of rock, and that
alien ESP-influenced people were strongly drawn to it and made all kinds of rep-
resentations of it to show others their visions of it.

  Steve tells Tommy that Congressman Alex Shrub is running for office with the
promise to restrict the porno industry.  Tommy asks Shrub's hooker Candy, who's
in the middle of a scene, if Shrub likes anything kinky.  She seems to say,
"Yeah," so Steve tells Tommy to follow her to her next rendezvous with Shrub.
Tommy has Steve get him a camera.

  Use the "EP" Admiral or the Sparrow the game provides.

  Have Tommy get the Sparrow in the air while Candy slowly sashays out the front
gate to her gold limo.

  (The PS2 glitch where you have Tommy snipe the driver and get in, Candy gets
in, and the car drives itself to the rendezvous destination won't work for PC--
she'll just disappear.  You can get Candy's gold limo by having Tommy shoot the
driver, failing the mission, but it's not a very shiny attractive gold.  It's
more of a moldy gold, and it has no special abilities or handling advantages.)

  Follow the limo to the Shrub-Suxxx hideaway, which is N of the Malibu Club--
it's the building with a pool on top where H24 was and the setting where Tommy
confronted Gonzales for "Treacherous Swine."

  (You can have Tommy jump onto the Stretch and ride it instead of following it
in another vehicle, but he'll end up without an escape vehicle when he needs

  (You can have Tommy and his vehicle precede the limo to the entrance of the
building, and Tommy and his vehicle will be seen motionless or landing behind
Candy in the next cutscene, which is kind of funny since he's supposed to be
trying to be sneaky.  Don't have him precede the limo by more than a block or so
or the game will say he went out of range and you fail the mission.)

  There's a cutscene of Candy entering the building then approaching Shrub on
the roof.  Tommy overhears that Shrub has a kinky side--he likes her to call him
"Martha" (where did Candy hide the listening device?  No, no, no--never mind).
The game will then give you a screen message that the door just opened on the N
side of the WK Chariot Hotel leads to a good spot for shooting the pictures--you
need three good blackmail photos.

  If you use the "EP" Admiral, park by the open blue door on the N side of the
WK Chariot hotel.  Have Tommy go in the door, up eight flights of stairs, and to
the window at the end of the hall.  (If you want to use the hallway but don't
have the "EP" Admiral, land the Sea Sparrow on a desolate area of the E coast of
Washington Beach, or the Skimmer on the water just beyond that.  I didn't see
anyone there during Tommy's run to it for a getaway.)

  If you use the Sea Sparrow, you might have Tommy land on the roof of the front
porch of the WK Chariot Hotel, as the Brady Games advanced strategy advises, and
get out of the chopper.

  (If you have Tommy land on the tall structure at the back of the roof Candy is
on, his camera won't snap a photo.  If his helicopter falls onto one of the FBI
agents there or such, the screen tells you Candy and the Senator were alerted to
Tommy's presence and got away.)

  You need to have him take at least three pictures.  Press RMB to bring up the
aiming lens for this 1st person shooter, zoom with Z and X or the mouse scroll
wheel--and see that Alex likes to wear a bad combo of men's and women's depart-
ment store underwear, too--and snap the shutter with LMB.  After three pictures,
Tommy has a five star wanted level.

  You can keep taking pictures for a bit if you want, since the number is given
in your statistics.  The limit is twelve.  The pictures aren't saved anywhere by
the game, although you could make a screen shot.

  Tommy has to get back to the studio with the pictures.

  If you used the "EP" Admiral (or left the Sea Sparrow or Skimmer across the
beach), have Tommy run down a handful of floors.  He'll have a pair of guys
shoot at him from the N end of each of the three lowest floors of the staircase.
Have him ease them into the aim of his Minigun and sweep the shots across them.

  Get into the "EP" Admiral and take a knockabout ride to a Pay 'n' Spray (or
fly the Sea Sparrow or Skimmer though the airborne bribes, etc.), then go to the

  If you used the Sparrow to land on the porch roof, fly through the three air-
borne bribes of the west island, land on the condo roof and go down to the alley
for a 4th bribe, then get back up to the helicopter and fly to the studio.  (You
might try flying up into the porch ceiling of the WK Chariot, as described in
I.9.G, and get away through Ghost World, but it's risky at this wanted level.
You could also uncheck the green dot, as described in I.100.D.a, and use Notepad
to change the Y column for the Sea Sparrow to 0.0 in data\handling.cfg to make
the Sea Sparrow explosion-proof--I.100.D.e.)

  (If you had Tommy ride on the roof of Candy's limo to get there, you might
have Tommy run behind the building and S to the BF Injection, drive it S on the
beach till about E of the Pay 'n' Spray, then go to the Pay 'n' Spray.)

  There's a regular Rancher SUV with two FBI guys at the NE gate, with a 3rd FBI
guy just inside the gate.  There are two Ranchers and two FBI guys at the SE
gate.  Each FBI agent has an M4.

  If you used the Admiral, have Tommy take them out from a distance with the
.308 sniper rifle or move in and blow up their Ranchers, and them, with the

  If you used the Sparrow, Rusk recommends that you fly E over the bridge to
Prawn Island and turn S when you see the shaft of light (in front of Studio D).
Land in it to complete the mission.  (As an option, he recommends that you can
land by the fountain and have Tommy take out the bodyguards 1st.)

  You get $4,000.

  The blue door on the N side of the WK Chariot hotel will remain open thereaf-
ter if you want to have Tommy go inside and check it out.  For the meaning of
the message by the upstairs hall window--"The Samartians;  DON'T JUST JUMP; HY-
PER-JUMP;  call 555-7000," see I.13.

  Tommy gets another angry call from Sonny.

  Candy Suxxx photos will appear on the low tables, and an enlargement of one
will appear on the E wall, in the mansion office.

  There's a shaft of light throbbing skyward in the door to porn studio D again.

  Odds and Ends

  A Li'l Dodo film by Glen T. Winstein

  Tommy Vercetti takes a lady along for some stunts to "Katmandu."

  You can download some of my other video files from gamefront:

  Near the start of the video, Tommy does a loop de loop with the Steed Mod--
part of the All In One Mod (I.100.D.f).  I think the reason he sticks in the air
is due to whatever causes the glitch that lets Tommy bail in midair from a vehi-
cle that's flying with one side upward and stand on the side of his vehicle,
which freezes in space, except with the Steed Mod and a motorcycle, it looks
like that.  That's my best guess.

  The jump to the roof of the police station is a bump off the hand rail of the
landing at the top of the steps.

  I.81  "G-Spotlight"  Interglobal Films (film studio asset)

  Tommy tells Steve that they need a big promotional gimmick to launch the sale
of the four new naked people videos.  Steve gives a series of ideas, and the one
about searchlights gives Tommy an idea.

  You do acts of stratustrophic derring-do that defy all physical and physiolog-
ical explanation, soaring over the crowd below.  ("How does he hang in the air
like that?" "How can any man manipulate a machine like that?" "How does his
kneecap stand it when he smacks the wall like that?")

  "G-Spotlight" reminds me of the "Carmageddon II: Carpocalypse Now" (1998)
mission "Eye of the Beaver" in that it features a lot of rooftop jumps.
  "Carmageddon II Carpocalypse Now! | Part 8 - Eye Of The Beaver (Mission)" by

  You start at five in the evening and have till seven in the morning.  I don't
think anyone in the world expects a beginner to do all the jumps in one contin-
uous flow without braking, especially since the landing areas for a few are so
short and for a few require you to drive around to another area to begin another
runway.  And don't worry if you don't accomplish Unique Jumps 1, 3, or 4 along
the way this time, especially if you're new.  The game will let you come back
anytime after this mission to play with all the jumps.  Right now, Tommy just
has to live to get the ti**ies on the wall.

  As Rusk reports, there's a gimmick that lets you get all the jump disks with a
helicopter if you can't get them with a PCJ 600.  That's true, but I don't rec-
ommend it.  You're not getting anything done flying a helicopter over these
roofs--you should learn how to have fun doing them with a PCJ 600.  Even the
best stunt jumpers of video games have Tommy get in wrecks now and then, but
just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again if you're go-
ing to learn to get better at it and do those things, too.

  Guided by the kindly instructional throbbing shafts, have Tommy take the PCJ
600 from near the guard booth of the lot (or shave a few seconds from your time
by having him take a PCJ 600 you left at the side of the studio hanger before-
hand) to the W end of the North Bridge, then go S to the E side of the block
across the street to the N of the one the Skumole Shack is on and go to the
marker in the lot.  (You can accelerate to skip the message.)

  Send Tommy up the stairs, across the roof, and into the office (like he did
for H62).  There's a cutscene of a security cam shot of Tommy taking the PCJ 600
up in the elevator.  (You can't skip this cutscene.)  Have Tommy drive to the
marker.  (You can accelerate to skip the message.)

  A few basic stunt tips:

  You can add repeated taps of NP9 to accelerate faster and even go faster than
the usual top speed.

  You can stop with brake/reverse/turn for a shorter stop.

  You can level the wheels in midair with NP6 and NP9.

  For a better chance of having Tommy stay on the bike after a drop, put the
front wheel about 45 degrees higher, or a bit more, than the back one.  If it's
a real long drop, I have him land holding brake/reverse/turn.  Use the left or
right turn that minimizes turning backward on landing.  Tommy will fall off the
bike if it's going backward too fast.

  You can use NP6 to more effectively use ramps--press NP6 just before and on
the ramp.  You can also use it so Tommy isn't knocked off the bike by bumps.

  And, up to a moderate speed, you can use NP6 for a sharper turn (not while
going too fast or Tommy is thrown from the bike).

  Use "aspirine" if Tommy's machine starts to smolder like it's going to catch
on fire and blow up after another bump and waste Tommy.  It's good to know, es-
pecially if the bike is on fire and could blow up before you finish typing the
code, that you can press Esc to pause the game, type in the code, then go back
to the game.  That also avoids changing your radio station (R).  The two cut-
scenes of stairs being lowered repair a burning bike enough to put it out, too.

  Gun it with taps of NP9 to just left of the fellow standing by the window (if
you hit him, it might slow you enough to not make the jump).  If you get a cine-
matic shot of Tommy crashing through the glass and landing in the big hole
that's laid horizontally to receive him in the next office building over, you
just did Unique Jump 4.

  (This hole returns for I.82 so you can fly a Checkpoint Chopper Sparrow
through it.  It's SE of the Maverick on the condo roof, in case you want to make
it part of your morning ablutions.  It's a little snazzier to do it with the

  Keep going moderately fast, not full throttle, and give it a left turn toward
the marker going out the end of the hole.

  Land with the front wheel raised about 45 degrees and go left to continue
through the gap in the low wall.  You don't have to go fast but land with the
front wheel raised about 45 degrees.  (With a bad landing, Tommy may be knocked
off his bike by the low ledge that's like a speed bump.  If that happens, the
bike might slide off the roof and cause you to send him back to the first jump.)

  Land, turn a bit left, and go over the big section of the roof that slants up
away from you.

  Land on the roof surrounded by a low wall of pale red-violet and blue baby
colors and use NP6 to go over the left ramp with a bit of right turn or straight
over the right ramp (if you braked, get a full runway 1st) toward the middle of
the marker.

  Land with the front wheel raised about 45 degrees where there's a little more
landing area on the roof of the Schuman Health Center.  There's a heart pickup
there I never used.  Go clockwise around to the curved area.  To do J1, position
the bike to go clockwise around the curve, which adds a bit of runway to build
up speed.  Go easy around the curve, gun it with repeated taps of NP9 toward the
ramp, then use NP6 to go over the ramp.  Go off the ramp a bit to the right to
avoid the raised sections on the next roof.  Land with the front wheel raised
about 45 degrees.  I then add a bit of reverse to slow him down then turn him
toward the steps.

  (This often makes for a safe landing.  If you just use a straight runway, you
may wreck on the awning across the street and watch Tommy spill onto the roof
though you'll probably get credit for J1, anyway.  Don't worry.  Tommy just
keeps getting back on.  He's a mighty, mighty man.  He must have a jockstrap
made of cadmium steel and the bottom of Buster Keaton.)

  I hope you got J1 and didn't wreck.  Go up two sets of steps on the right then
add a bit of NP6 to go up the low slanted block to get onto the slightly higher
roof to the right.  I send him moderately fast to turn toward the ramp with NP6
then tap NP9 repeatedly to end him to the ramp and go over it with a bit of NP6
and land on the small area with the front wheel raised about 45 degrees and
turning left.

  Have him get enough runway, turn with a bit of NP6, use repeated taps of NP9
to go toward the ramp, go over it with NP6 veering a bit left, and land with the
front wheel raised about 45 degrees.

  Land, go to the end of the area on the right to start a full runway, turn with
a bit of NP6, go to the ramp with taps of NP9, and jump the ramp with NP6.

  Land on the black top roof, go right around the corner, then go right off the
ramp to land with the front wheel raised about 45 degrees on the white raised
section of the roof before the stairway.

  (If you stop at any time from this point onward, a cutscene shows the bottom
length of a stairway being lowered to connect the lower roof to the SW area of
the grass lot the Downtown dirt track is on.  You can use the armor by the top
of those stairs.)

  Continue up the stairs you landed by to the upper roof.  Look from the top
of the ramp at how you might aim this and the next three ramp jumps.  You might
to try for up to four in a row although two and two may be easier for a begin-
ner's run.

  Position the bike for a full runway, accelerate with taps of NP9, and turn a
bit left going over the ramp with NP6.

  Land and go a bit left over the ramp with NP6.  If you're going for four in a
row, go off this ramp aiming for the next one.

  Land and go left over the ramp toward the next one.

  Land and go left going off the ramp for a short jump.  Land and add a bit of
NP6 for a quick right turn.

  Add taps of NP9 to go toward the ramp and go over two ramps in a row adding
NP6 for each.

  Land with the front wheel raised about 45 degrees and go left to continue up
the stairs to an upper roof.  From the top of the stairs, aim toward the ramp,
accelerate with taps of NP9, then turn left to drive over the ramp with NP6.

  Land and go toward the last ramp.  At the most, only about 2/3rds of the long
runway are needed to gun it from a complete stop for the jump, which is J3.  I
usually add some taps of NP9, though, to make sure Tommy doesn't fall short of
the next roof.

  Land on the last roof with the front wheel raised about 45 degrees and brake/
reverse/turn so Tommy isn't knocked off the bike by the ledge of the raised part
of the roof.

  Have Tommy drive over the two foot or so ledge at the base of the raised sec-
tion, up to the shaft of light by the searchlight, and get off the bike and into
the marker.  (Have Tommy either dismount in the marker or far enough from it to
leave clearance for him to get to the marker.  If you're trying for a fast time,
you don't want the bike blocking his way to the marker.)

  A cutscene shows him insert a slide into it so a black and white depiction of
Candy's big fat fraps are plastered across the side of a building.

  Mission completed.  A cutscene shows that the bottom length of a long set of
stairs are lowered to get from the roof to the ground.  They'll be available
from now on.  (If you want to practice all the jumps of this mission, use the
building of the 1st jump of this mission.  To practice some of them, use jump 11
of "Some favorite spots for big Insane Jump statistics" in I.9.C Motorcycles or
use the 1st set of stairs lowered to the ground in this mission.)  

  You get $8,000.  Interglobal Films will make $7,000 a day.

  Kent Paul calls.  He jokes about being a good prospect for starring roles in
porno then adds he doesn't want Tommy to forget about him after all he's done
for him.

  "Que pasa?" means "What's happening?" and "amigo means "friend."  When Tommy
says he doesn't want any fake tag clothes, Kent says Tommy knows he doesn't
touch "bent gear."  "Bent" is U.K slang for corrupt (early 1900's), and "gear,"
which refers to the clothes, can also mean illicit drugs.

  You can use the elevator to the office of the 1st jump, all the jumps, either
of the stairs that became available in this mission, and look at a black and
white depiction of Candy's several story-high flesh-colored volleyballs, from
now on.

  Two Candy Suxxx posters, for "Bite" and "Closer Encounters," will appear at
the Ocean View.  (As Rusk notes, "Bite" is French for "D**k.")

  The last time I did this, the mansion now had pizza, cigarettes, cigars, and
empty cans and bottles by the front door, the door to the TV room, and on and by
the main staircase, and had GASH bags in the TV room.  A couple of garbage bags
of junk showed up by the front door.

  The 4th Chopper Checkpoint mission (I.82) is available.

  I.82  Checkpoint Chopper 4

  The same basic deal as for the 1st three at I.55.

  Downtown.  From the Skumole Shack, go N to the next block and turn left into
the lot.  Go up the stairs and the chopper is on the far side of the roof.
(Around the corner to the left is the office with the elevator to the 1st of
the jumps used in I.81.)  28 disks.

  This Chopper is the most convenient to use in the Hyman Condo garage for
raising your CRiminal Rating, too (see I.7).

  Complete "Cop Land" and "The Job" before "Two Bit Hit" to avoid the Havana
Outfit glitch.

  There's an A that's been waiting a long time on your in-game map and radar.

  I.83  "Two Bit Hit"  Avery Carrington

  Avery tells Tommy that the Cubans are suspected for being behind the death of
a Haitian gang lord.  He wants Tommy to go to the funeral and stir up trouble,
disguised as a Cuban, to start a gang war and bring prices down in the area,
then get out of there.

  Tommy has to get the Cuban outfit at Little Havana Streetwear then kill the
Haitian gang leader.  The gang leader is surrounded by gang members armed with
Tec-9s and M4s at Funeraria Romero, which is at the S side of the pizza place in
Little Haiti.  They made him their leader because he has a big supernatural pink
arrow pointing down at his head.  I guess you can't blame them--it would be a

  You can't have Tommy snipe the gang leader from beyond the barricade of Voo-
doos in the street, before the gang notices him, because a Cuban has to be wit-
nessed killing the gang leader.

  Rusk credits Cic the Poet for giving him the idea of shooting from behind the
wall behind the pizza store.  It's quick and the method I usually use.  I
usually don't collect any vehicles but it makes getting the hearse and/or the
black Voodoo easier, too.

  Get any vehicle Tommy can climb on top of.  Have him drive to the Haitian
wooden shack neighborhood, go W to the E side of the gray wall that's to the E
of the alley S of Little Haiti Well Stacked Pizza store.  Have Tommy park
against the wall and get on the roof of his vehicle, which alerts the Haitian
gangsters to attack.  Have him snipe, or use the Minigun to shoot, the gang
leader--the one with a pink arrow pointed down at his head--pretty quickly be-
cause in about 10 sec. he'll get in the nearby hearse to flee.

  (You might also have Tommy shoot the couple of gangsters in the alley, the one
on the roof of the funeral parlor, and two or three that come from in front of
the funeral parlor.)

  Then have Tommy drive out of Little Haiti.  (You might have him 1st use the
bribe in the alley to the E then go SE to use the Pay 'n' Spray.)

  Rusk adds that if you want the hearse, have Tommy clear out the area around
it 1st, jump the wall with a weapon he can run with, like a .347 (I'd stick with
the Minigun), then drive it out of Little Haiti.

  If you want Tommy to get a Romero's Hearse or black Voodoo, have him shoot
gangsters as described, then get off his vehicle to go W in the alley to shoot a
2nd gangster that's on the roof of the funeral parlor.  The remaining gangsters--
one gangster at the steering wheel of each parked gang vehicle (two hearses, two
red Voodoos, and a black Voodoo)--sit still while you have Tommy snipe them
except one of those Voodoos may drive wildly nearby trying to drive at Tommy.
Be careful in having Tommy shoot that driver not to set the black Voodoo on
fire.  And if you want more than one vehicle to save, don't kill the gang leader
till you're done (see below).

  If Tommy ends up chasing the gang leader, who tries to escape in a hearse, and
follows him closely, a gang member drops coffins from the back door.  They're
kind of pretty and made of polished light-colored wood with rose bouquets on

  They also explode and leave a Molotov-type fire if anyone drives into them.
Fortunately, there isn't much traffic out, including police cars, during this,
so you can avoid having Tommy get directly behind the hearse while he chases and
rams it.

  After he kills the leader and is outside of Little Haiti, the mission is com-
pleted and his wanted rating disappears.  But if you don't want Wanted Stars At-
tained to get much bigger than Evaded, have him use the bribe in the alley N of
the N end of the street that's W of, and parallel to, the big concrete drainage
ditch, and drive the other star off, before leaving Little Haiti.  You can also
have him use the Little Haiti Pay 'n' Spray, unless you have him jack a black
Voodoo and want it to stay black, or use a Rhino to kill the gang leader, in
which case you can have him leave another vehicle in it beforehand.

  This is the mission in which Avery uses a line that Donald Love uses a slight-
ly different version of for "GTA III" (I.3).

  If all you want to do is have Tommy kill the gang leader and not get a special

  You might have Tommy do a ramming drive-by shooting with the "EP" Admiral and
an MP, use the Rhino, or snipe or Minigun the leader from atop a car on the W
side of the wall behind the pizza store.

  Rhino: prepare for the mission by having Tommy leave the Rhino across the
street from Little Havana Streetwear, jack any land vehicle to leave with the
door open in the Little Haiti Pay 'n' Spray, then have him get the Cuban outfit
and the Rhino on foot.  Have him drive N and S and through the area before Ro-
mero's Funeral Parlor and blow things up till he kills the Haitian gang lord--
the yellow dot on the radar.  Then have him use the Pay 'n' Spray and drive out
of Little Haiti.

  "EP" Admiral: have Tommy get the Cuban outfit with the "EP" Admiral parked
across the street to make sure it doesn't disappear.  Have him ram and drive-by
anything at the Romero's Funeral Parlor area till he kills the Haitian gang
lord.  If the gang leader makes his escape in a hearse, you can bang into the
coffins dropped from the back of the hearse to watch them explode since they
won't hurt the "EP" Admiral.  Use the Little Haiti Pay 'n' Spray, then blow up
the hearse.  Reload the game if you lose the "EP" Admiral.

  Romero's Hearse and the black Voodoo:

  There are two Romero's Hearses and a black Voodoo at the gang member gathering
by Romero's funeral parlor.  This is the only mission you can find these vehi-
cles in.

  Romero's Hearse, when there's a coffin in the back, is the "Vice City" version
of the "GTA III" "Dead Skunk in the Trunk" Manana with a dead body in the trunk.
Unlike the more ornamental coffins that are pushed from the back of it during a
chase of the gang leader, the coffin you may find inside it otherwise is a plain
brown or blue one.

  If you want a version of Romero's Hearse that has a coffin in the back, don't
worry if you don't see a coffin in the back of the hearse.  Pressing F1, for in-
stant replay, twice changes a Romero's Hearse to a version with a brown or blue
coffin, or no coffin, inside.

  It's fairly fast, corners okay, but tips over (and burns and blows up) easily
at higher speeds.

  If you have Tommy jack the black Voodoo, don't have him use it in a Pay 'n'
Spray or spray 'n' go or it reverts to the standard maroon color.  If you need
to heal it, type "aspirine" or have him use one of his garages instead.  Don't
use a Pay 'n' Spray to get rid of the wanted rating before leaving Little Haiti,
either--use the bribe in the alley N of the road that's W of, and parallel to,
the big concrete drainage ditch, then drive the other one off instead.

  If you just want one special vehicle to save:

  Have Tommy clear the area of shooting and standing gangsters as described
above from on top of a vehicle behind the wall in back of the pizza place 1st.
Have Tommy go toward the street then turn back to shoot the henchman who
shoots from the roof of the mortuary.  Then you can go look over the vehicles
while the drivers of the two hearses and black Voodoo just sit behind their
steering wheels.  Have Tommy jack the vehicle you want.  Tommy probably has a
two star wanted level--have him take care of that, then leave Little Haiti.

  If the leader and a henchman get away in a hearse, the two maroon Voodoos, the
black Voodoo, and the other hearse will go nuts trying to drive back to where
Tommy is.  The drivers usually wait to get close to get out to shoot at him.
There's a henchman on the roof Tommy has to move in front of the funeral parlor
to see and shoot.  He can still jack the black Voodoo or a Romero's Hearse, but
it's safer to take care of all the henchmen 1st.  Tommy probably has a two star
wanted level, so have him take care of that, then leave Little Haiti.

  If the parked hearse is destroyed, have Tommy chase the hearse the gang leader
got away in.  Use a vehicle with some heft--the gang leader's hearse doesn't go
very fast--and try to ram into the front side of the hearse to drive him into
something, even Tommy's vehicle, so he's just spinning his wheels.  Don't get
too rambunctious because it tips over easily and you don't want it to burn and
blow up.  Have Tommy jack the hearse and shoot the leader then or later.

  If you want to get both special vehicles to save:

  For both, have Tommy clear the area except for the gang leader--the guy with
the big pink arrow pointing down at him.  Have Tommy shoot the henchman who runs
toward Tommy, the two by the gang leader, and one you can see on the roof to
your left.  Let the gang leader drive away in one of the hearses.  The other ve-
hicles will go nuts, driving very badly in an attempt to get into the alley and
over to Tommy.  The drivers usually wait till they can get close before getting
out to shoot at Tommy.  Have Tommy shoot them when they get out--you might be
able to have him snipe one through a windshield if they sit still long enough.
Have Tommy jump over the wall and clear the area.  Send him in front of the fu-
neral parlor to be able to see and shoot the other henchman on the roof.  Tommy
probably has a two star wanted level.

  Have him jack the black Voodoo and use the bribe in the alley N of the N end
of the road W of, and parallel to, the big concrete drainage ditch, or use the
condo alley bribe and the clothes pickup on the condo roof, and save the car in
a garage.

  You might use the Love Fist limo by VROCK for the next part since it has a
good speed and heft for it.  Have Tommy go back and see if the other hearse sur-
vived the car-ramming and shooting--if so, have him save it, too, then kill the
gang leader.  If not, or it disappeared or drove away, have him chase the hearse
the gang leader and a henchman are trying to escape with and have Tommy try to
ram the hearse from alongside it and cut it off with his vehicle and a wall so
it spins its wheels in place.  Be careful since it can easily tip over and blow
up.  Have Tommy jack it and kill the Haitian gang leader then or later.

  You get $2,500.  Umberto Robina, the Cuban gang leader, calls to offer work.

  A shovel appears by the inside of the front door of the Vercetti Estate.

  There's a pink shaft of light at the front door of Robina's Cafe Cubano in
Little Havana--where the psychiatrist's ink blot test gang logo (I say it looks
like a black upside-down octopus missing a tentacle...a sundew plant getting
something to eat?) is on the in-game map and radar.

  The Havana Outfit appears in the entrance to Little Havana Streetwear.

  I.84  "Stunt Boat Challenge"  Umberto Robina

  Umberto Robina is voice acted by man's man Danny Trejo.  He played Tortuga
in two 2009-2010 episodes of the TV series "Breaking Bad," Romero "Romeo"
Parada in fourteen 2011 to 2012 episodes of the TV series "Sons of Anarchy,"
played Danny in a 2019 episode of the TV series "What We Do in the Shadows,"

  Umberto, the Cuban gang leader, has Tommy meet Rico and drive him on a Speeder
speed boat through glowing disks and jumps to prove he's got big cajones (I
guess he wouldn't accept a receipt from the music store).

  The three minute course goes from the W side of Leaf Links, clockwise around
the NE island of it, down the W coast of the east island, around a bridge abut-
ment for the South Bridge, and back the same way except cutting between the main
island and the NE one of Leaf Links.

  Use the radar a lot.  Aim for the middle of the jump ramps and you'll get the
disks by them.  If you get stuck and stopped, use a little turning reverse, then
hold the opposite turn and press acceleration, to extract yourself fast.

  In a cutscene, Rico proudly tells Tommy that he has big cajones.  (He probably
turns the bass up too loud in his Cuban Hermes, too, so it's a big cajone on

  If you turn Tommy left toward Rico's Speeder afterwards, it stops a little
ways away.  If Tommy takes the Predator and jacks the Speeder, Rico says, "Hey,
man," and dives overboard.  You don't get anything like an "EP" Admiral out of

  Robina's Cafe has a jukebox with a couple fuzzy pictures of Elvis on it.  It's
the same jukebox that's by Sonny Forelli in Marco's Bistro at the start of the
game (but not the one in The Greasy Chopper where Tommy has his meetings with
Mitch Baker).  "GTA 2" players will remember the little Elvis gang in that game
going around saying "Thank you very much" and "a hunk a hunk of burnin' love"
and all.  If you ran over a little line of them at once, you were rewarded by
the screen saying "Elvis has left the building!"

  You get $1,000.

  Auntie Poulet calls: she's been communing with the dead people, and she hears
Tommy feels bad.  I guess dead people aren't the best ones to get good news
from.  She invites Tommy to come by for stew.

  There's a shaft of light at the door of her shack--where the voodoo doll icon
is on your in-game map and radar, and another for the disoriented octopus from
the rehab.

  I.85  "Cannon Fodder"  Umberto Robina

  Umberto is upset after losing a few of his Cuban gang members to the Haitian
gang members.  He wants Tommy to drive three Cuban gang members to the battle
some of the Cuban and Haitian gang members are having and take the Haitian gang-
sters down.

  Once he's done that, Tommy has to get a van from the lot of the main battle
and drive it back to Robina's Cafe.

  The Haitian gangsters have pants and jerseys in shades of blue and white--one
t-shirt has "RELAX" on the front, some with white baseball cap-type caps with
blue hat bands and some with blue head bands.  The Cubans have white t-shirts
with a red splotch on the front and red head bands or yellow jerseys with gray
sleeves and black fedoras with red hat bands.

  The Cubans have U-zis except for their leader who has an M4.
  The Haitians have U-zis and M4s.  One has a Sniper Rifle.
  A .308 pickup is provided on the grounds but I'd send Tommy there with a .308.

  Get any four-door vehicle--the driving part isn't timed or a drive-by.  A
Minigun with lots of ammo will do.

  As Rusk explains, the Haitian gangsters have the only weapons in the game that
can quickly destroy a Rhino or the "EP" Admiral.  I don't know why, either, but,
fortunately, it's not that big a stealth and shooter ordeal to handle on foot.

  To be extra prepared:

  If you want to get past the closed gate and see inside the place before you
try to fight in it, and if you'd like another jump for your PCJ 600, you can get
there before doing this mission.  Take a PCJ 600 S from the Downtown area to the
next cluster of blocks, which is Little Haiti.  Go to the W side of the 2nd
block from the N side of it--the one that looks like a cartoon face looking E.
There's a small set of steps with an adrenaline pill over it on the N side of
Rough 'n' Ready Streetwear.  Start your runway at the end of the alley E of
that--the alley on the N side of the pizza store.  Have Tommy drive over the
steps and he'll clear the wall.  (The three indoor places where he'll plant the
bombs in "Trojan Voodoo"--I.98--are the three blue-green boxes marked "explo-
sive.")  There's a stairway on the S side of the grounds that lead to a roof
Tommy can leave on.

  There's enough space to land a chopper on the grounds, too.

  Have Tommy get the vehicle loaded up with young Cuban militants and book it to
the big do.  Tommy is welcomed to the fray in a cutscene.  The Cuban gang mem-
bers want him to help kill all the Haitian gang members at this battle.

  Then the screen says something that created a bit of controversy: "KILL ALL

  (As I've written before, I think that Rockstar wants us to kill all Haitians,
which some politician I imagine was looking to make a name for themself alleged,
about as much as Alfred Hitchcock wanted us to slash women to death with knives
in shower stalls by filming "Psycho."  Rockstar was considerate to those out-
spokenly sensitive about how it related to actual prejudice in the world, nota-
bly Miami, by deleting the line--and deleting or changing other lines about Hai-
tians and Cubans--from subsequent editions of a fictional, M rated game unique
in parodying about every human vice and selfishness, including that kind.

  It's hard to imagine what argument makes sense that the line doesn't fit in
that context, though, or that it does, but the line needs to be removed from a
context it fits in because--what?  You'd think they'd say "Vice City" is a good
context for it.  In "Vice City," everyone is a terrible example of something to
give you an excuse to use that video game weaponry and drive so bad.  It's no
more or less a satiric jab at the callousness some people in the world can show
than when the game refers to how people can consider old people as nothing more
than TV shows to switch the channel from and forget with the "Farewell Ranch"
radio commercial.  I can see leaving kids out of the picture, because they're
too young to be culpable, but the problems of unfair regard and treatment some
Haitians have faced are due to people as grown up but childish as the ones that
cause the ones in "Vice City."

  It's also hard to imagine such a topic being considered off-grounds for a fic-
tional movie, which "Vice City" resembles, and which might show an edgy treat-
ment of disturbing topic material.  Cortez can hate the French and have Tommy
kill them, Diaz and Avery can hate any competition and want them killed, the
Golfers can be caricatures that might make some Jewish people cringe, Christians
get no better representation than Pastor Richards with selfish ideas of what the
collection plate is for and Mercedes wearing a cross as if just to deflect any
suspicion that she's off to another gang bang, the policemen are all brutal and
the military all incredibly hawkish, our lead player is a self-professed drug-
dealing, homicidal maniac, Poulet can hate Cubans and want them killed, but that
line is out of line?  We ought to clean up the representation of criminals to
make sure they aren't shown to have any bad, selfish motives?

  I don't always follow these things, as I told you before.  Apparently, the
rest didn't bother them as much.  Okay, they aren't REAL sensitive--maybe a LIT-
TLE bit sensitive...or erratically sensitive.  At least Rockstar was even-handed
enough to delete any overt expression of prejudiced motive for why the thugs of
either ethnocentric ethnic group want to kill each other.  Now, they just natur-
ally do--better?

  For a brief introduction into the issues involved in the real life immigration
struggles of Haitians in Miami, see I.2--Little Havana, Little Haiti, and Liber-
ty City.  I should be ashamed if I wanted to make fun of the real life problems
of the people involved in any way.  Again, "Vice City" is more a comedic video
game take on the problems that arise from all kinds of human selfishness.  It
reminds me of a point Mel Brooks once made, something about how comedy can be
more powerful when it's the rubber ball bounced off a hard wall of reality.
Richard Pryor's "white people this--black people that" material didn't represent
all people all the time, but I thought it was pretty funny stuff about some
things that really do happen.  With these prejudiced characters in the game seen
in that light, which is, I think, the kind intended--that those waging these
gang wars generally aren't seeing the humanity of their targets, and not dumb
prejudice Rockstar North intends itself we need to protect people from, such
things do deserve a place, all the more if reflecting extreme real life examples
that need to be shown up as such and ridiculed.)

  Have Tommy sensitively blow up the Voodoo and any Haitian gangsters--gangsters
only, "PC" PC gamers--around it at the far end of the entrance lane.

  A cutscene shows several Cuban gang members charge the entrance and get shot
down by a sniper on the roof who gently squeezes out a few alternative philo-
sophical points about "political correctness" and correcting society's inequi-
ties.  With temperance of spirit, have Tommy nurture him to the transcendent
realms with a poignant sermon of Minigun bullets.

  All misty-eyed, the Cubans call for reinforcements to share in this heighten-
ing of awareness--they surge to become a part of the assembly.

  Have Tommy, radiating a oneness of humanity that says far more than words ever
could, enter the complex by using the Minigun on all targets, careful to look
from side to side to make sure he hasn't left anyone near the van or that could
attack from behind.  The Minigun shoots the Haitian gang members around the lot
easier than by using any other weapon he has.  Have the propriety to know that
Tommy shan't tarry to get every Haitian gangster because he has other callings
and he's witnessing the miracle of the ever-replenishing supply of thugs.

  There's a black rectangle the Haitians spawn from inside the Haitian warehouse
back from the front door.

  When the area is cleared of gang members enough to make a go of driving the
van out, scroll to Fist/Brass Knuckles and have him jack the van and drive to
the Little Haiti Pay 'n' Spray to clear a two star wanted level.  If you don't
care about his number of Wanted Stars Attained getting bigger than for Evaded,
you can just have him drive the van to the shaft of light at the cafe and get
him into it, because the immediate wanted level disappears when the mission is

  You get $2,000 and feel enriched.  Your newly raised consciousness will help
you more fully appreciate the rest of the game.  Tommy will now be an older and
wiser, more thoroughly-informed carnage-wreaking sociopath.

  Join the shaft of light finally trying to sober up with some food at Cafe Ro-
bina.  Park your vehicle in the lot across the street from it if you want to be
sure it doesn't disappear.

  I.86 "Naval Engagement"  Umberto Robina

  Umberto wants Tommy to ambush a deal of "really good stuff" the Haitian gang-
sters are importing and finish them.  He tells Tommy he'll take care of him like
family if Tommy does it.  Tommy makes it clear the money is more important to

  Tommy has to meet Rico, who will take him on his perforated Cuban Jetmax to a
deal some Haitian gangsters are conducting with some Streetwannabe's at the pier
of a house at the NW side of Starfish Island, where a boat of Haitian gangsters
flank either side of the transaction.  Tommy has to destroy the two boats, kill
the gangsters, and collect three briefcases of stuff.  One of the two Haitian
gangsters that appear on a 3rd Haitian gangster boat will blow up Rico and his
boat.  Tommy will have to get the briefcases past the couple of attacking Hai-
tian gangsters, and through a four or five star wanted level, to Robina's Cafe.

  Have a lot of Minigun ammo for the fight.

  The getaway is harder.

  At the end of the mission, you can have Tommy make his getaway with the Land-
stalker SUV parked in the driveway at the SE side of the house, or:

  Get the mission, leave the "EP" Admiral on the W side of the lawn of the
fight, and have Tommy go on foot to meet Rico, which makes the getaway easier,

  Get the mission, leave a Sea Sparrow on the neighbor's lawn to the E (which is
used at I.88) of the one the battle takes place in, and send Tommy on foot to
meet Rico, which makes the getaway the easiest, or:

  Prepare before the mission by leaving a Skimmer by the neighbor's pier to the
E of the yard of the battle, and have Tommy go on foot to get the mission from
Umberto then go on foot to meet Rico, which is the most novel.

  Do one of those, then send Tommy to meet Rico at a dock by a strip of Little
Havana that extends down the E coast through Viceport.  Equip the Minigun before
having Tommy enter the shaft of light by Rico, because after the cutscene of
Rico taking Tommy by boat to the deal on Starfish Island, Tommy has to shoot be-
fore being shot down as soon as you get control of him.

  At the deal, there are three Haitian gangsters on each of two boats with three
Haitian gangsters and three Streetwannabes on the dock between them.  Blow up
one boat, get all six in the middle (so there aren't any of them to get on foot
in the next segment), then blow up the other boat.

  A cutscene shows Tommy going ashore on the pier at the back of the yard of a
house.  Have him clear the area.  If he got all six that were on the pier be-
fore, there are three Streetwannabes on the porch (one of which he has to move W
to see), one Streetwannabe on the roof, and one Streetwannabe on either side of
the house, all of which he can pick off from the pier.

  The gangsters have U-zi's and Krugers except for the two--one on either end of
the porch--who have Stubby Shotguns.

  Have him get the briefcase in the little covered portion of the dock then the
two briefcases on the porch.

  A cutscene shows one of the two Haitian gangsters on a boat blowing up Rico
and his boat, Tommy has a four or five star wanted level, and the couple of Hai-
tian gangsters will shoot at him from the NE end of the yard.

  Thanks to brandon6199 at GTA Forums for noticing that though Rico's boat is
blown up, he survives for "Trojan Voodoo."  (In that mission, once you have Tom-
my get into a Voodoo with Pepe, the screen instructs Tommy to "Go meet up with
Rico and the other Cubans.")

  If you don't care about wanted stars Attained getting bigger than Evaded, you
only need to drive, fly, or run to Robina's Cafe and the rating disappears with
the completion of the mission.

  If you do care about erasing the wanted record, before going to Robina's:

  My least favorite choice is to have Tommy run clockwise around the house to
the Landstalker SUV on the driveway.  Be easy on turns--it isn't the greatest
getaway vehicle in the world.  Have Tommy jack another vehicle or run if he has
to.  Have him drive to the Pay 'n' Spray or the spray 'n' go and wish you'd giv-
en him the Admiral, Sea Sparrow, or the Skimmer instead, or:

  Have Tommy drive the "EP" Admiral S to the Sunshine Autos spray 'n' go, or N
on the main road of the W island to the Little Haiti Pay 'n' Spray, or:

  Have Tommy shoot the two Haitian gangsters, fly the Sea Sparrow through the
airborne bribes, and go to the condo roof to use the bribe in the alley, or:

  Use my favorite way.  It may not be the easiest, but it's pretty easy, and I
wanted to think of a way to solve another mission with the little Dodo with pon-
toons.  Fly the Skimmer through the airborne bribes over the drainage ditch and
the fence in back of Sunshine Autos (it's OK if you touch the fence a bit doing
it).  Then crash land on the roof of the Hyman Condo--approach the E side from
the SE--the structure there will prevent you from going off the roof on the oth-
er side, and Tommy won't get hurt.  Have him go downstairs for the bribe, come
back up (and possibly use the clothes pickup), and fly the Maverick to Robina's
Cafe (going through the bribe over the crates in Little Haiti if he needs it).

  Send Tommy to Robina's Cafe Cubano to end the mission.

  You get $4,000.

  There's a shaft of light in front of Auntie Poulet's shack snorting illicit
gumbo dust,

  but not Umberto's Cafe till after her missions.  I don't care when he calls,
we're not making the Haitian gangsters go nuts till I.98.

  Again, she has the voodoo doll icon on your map and radar.

  I.87  "Juju Scramble"  Auntie Poulet

  Auntie Poulet is voice acted with the persuasive powers of Youree Cleomili

  You may wonder why Auntie Poulet, leader of the Haitian gang, has called Tommy
to help her considering how he's just helped her rival gang in bloody battles.
Tommy, for his part, is an immoral mercenary, but he seems hypnotized--stunned,
even--and shows a blithe disregard for the possibility of retribution from Um-
berto.  For her part, I think Auntie Poulet has carelessly acquired some ingre-
dients for her potions from Jeremy Robard and has been spiking her stew with
them.  One thing is for certain: violent foreign gang leaders always have bad
diet and exercise regimens.

  Auntie Poulet, to hazard a translation, heard from her dead grandfather and
his friends that they'd rather be dead than in Tommy's position.  She's heard
about Tommy needing to scramble, even illegally, to get Sonny off his back.  If
he gets her the powders she stashed--powders some Cubans told the police about
and the police think are drugs--before the police get them (and find out they're
not drugs?  she loses me there), she'll help Tommy ward off the law with "juju."
(According to the Merriam-Webster web site, "juju" is the magic associated with
a fetish, charm, or amulet of West African peoples.  I think I'd ask for cash.)
(It makes some sense of it to figure they are drugs, since Tommy seems stoned by
something he took there and that would explain why she doesn't want the police
to find them.)

  After Tommy gets the 1st of the three stashes, each in a briefcase,  he has a
two star wanted level and about a minute to get the 2nd one.  After he gets the
2nd, he has a four star wanted level and about a minute to get the 3rd.  After
that, he has a five star wanted rating and there's no time limit on how long he
can take to get back to Auntie Poulet's shack.

  You might practice this route 1st, so you can do it fast when you have to.
When you do the mission, use brake/reverse to try to stop with Tommy's door be-
side each briefcase pickup.  I recommend using the Rhino or "EP" Admiral.
Thrill seekers can try something fast and sturdy--unfortunately, those aren't
two words that go together, so you might use "aspirine" with that effort.  (You
could also modify the game--see I.100.D.e--and give a Cheetah the durability of
a tank.)

  Have Tommy park pointing E just beyond the E end of the building by the dot on
the radar.  Have him go up the stairs on the W side of the building and cross
the roof to get the 1st briefcase, ready to run N and drop down to his vehicle
after the cutscene.  Four SWAT agents armed with MPs fire at him.

  If you make Tommy run right away, the game skips the cutscene that shows that
an armed SWAT agent wants to get the briefcase.  Have Tommy run and drop right
to his car and get in, because the SWAT guy will be right behind him and try to
bust him.  Tommy has a two star wanted level, so the firing and police car ram-
ming will begin.

  Have Tommy drive E to the T intersection, go right, then go left to the far
corner on the left for the 2nd briefcase and a four star wanted level.

  Then have him go N, and, at the right turn, continue ahead across the street
and to the right to enter the alley that goes N and contains a police bribe.
Have him go through it and continue N to the next block up, and go N through or
around it to the N side of it, then cross the street to get the 3rd briefcase
in the lot of the pale yellow building--it's the lot where you begin J5.  Tommy
will have a five star wanted level.

  The Rhino works fine for this.  I'm just concerned that you might lose it in
all the five star vehicle mayhem and getting Tommy into and out of it.  It's
easily replaced, though, and lets him ride through the police attacks in com-
fort.  The "EP" Admiral works fine, too, but reload the game if you lose it.

  At the end of the mission, you can drive either one to the Hyman Condo bribe,
put the vehicle in a garage, and have Tommy get the Maverick from the roof to
use the airborne bribes before flying peacefully back to Auntie Poulet to end
the mission.

  If you don't care that much about Wanted Stars Attained getting bigger than
Evaded, send Tommy S across the street from the 3rd briefcase pickup to the jump
ramp with a bribe hovering over it in the alley--you might have him jump through
the bribe if he has a vehicle.  If he has a vehicle or not, have him continue S
and W to Auntie Poulet's shack to end the mission.

  HandsomeRockus likes to have Tommy run through the mission, like you can have
him run through a sequence of stores to knock off, and go to Auntie Poulet's
shack.  Since there's no time limit after he gets the third briefcase, you might
have him jack a vehicle and use it in the Little Haiti Pay 'n' Spray, or even
use one he left in it before starting the mission, before sending him to Auntie
Poulet's shack.

  You get $1,000.

  The shaft of light is hooked on the gumbo at Auntie Poulet's shack.  This is
looking like irreversible brain damage.

  I.88  "Bombs Away!"  Auntie Poulet

  Auntie Poulet wants Tommy to use three RC Baron planes, each with an unlimited
number of bombs, to destroy the Cuban gangster's three speed boats used for drug

  Have Tommy drive SE and enter the Top Fun Van that's along the E coast.

  There are nine Cuban gangsters, a Cuban Hermes, and three boats (a Coast
Guard, a Cuban Jetmax, and a Speeder) on or by a pier on the W side of the N
coast of Starfish Island.  Tommy has to blow up the gangsters, the boats, and
the car if one tries to drive away in it.

  (This is the pier I recommended for a Sea Sparrow or a Skimmer in I.86.)

  The Brady guide advanced method, also Rusk's, to drive the planes like cars
works to make this easier.  But the flying method isn't hard, once you get used
to it.

      RC Baron controls:





      Number Pad 6....Up

      Number Pad 9....Down

      Space Bar....Brake

      Left Mouse Button....drop little bomb, go boom.

  Note: the bombs make the planes heavier and dip more easily.  Whenever you get
enough altitude with NP6, though, W does a good enough job of it, so use NP9 to
swoop down very close to each target from behind or you'll rarely get one with a

  The flying method:

  Fly over the Cuban gangsters and drop a bomb on them or one of their boats.
If you try for the gangsters, the idea is there won't be so many bullets flying
from the boats you need to destroy.  I'd try for a boat while it's sitting
still--if you get it, there will not only be one less boat to get, but it tends
to leave one gangster standing on the pier, and anyone left standing on the pier
later is a sitting duck.  Besides, the shooting from the boats usually doesn't
make an RC plane explode for a long time.

  If this method of attack is used the Cuban gangsters retaliate with Krugers.

  When you drop the 1st bomb, they send up a hail of bullets and most or all of
them take off in the boats.  If any are left on the pier or by the car, they
won't leave while you get all the boats.  The screen will warn you if you get
out of range of the boats, so I might just make a pass or two over anyone left
on the pier before I go after the boats.

  Approach each of the three boats, which travel as a group, from behind, and
swoop down at each target like you almost want to collide with it to drop one
bomb on it.  Move up and away to avoid the fire, fly back behind the boats, and
try again.

  Afterwards, if you still have a Cuban gangster at the pier or the car, only
the one with the car will try to get away.  The game doesn't seem fussy about
how close a bomb has to be to get the one standing.  The car will drive to Lit-
tle Havana and drive around in it.  You approach the car about the same way as
you would for one of the boats, except you have more obstacles to avoid.  Remem-
ber that the horizontal traffic light posts are non-solid; it's the vertical
ones you need to avoid.

  The driving method:

  Have Tommy drive SE and enter the Top Fun Van that's along the E coast.  Fly
the 1st plane to the yard by the pier where the boats are, and land in the yard
containing a Cuban gangster and a car.

  The RC plane can now be driven like a car.  If you're going fast enough, or do
it several times, you can use it to run down the gangsters.  They won't react
until you drop the 1st bomb, so use the 1st plane to run over all of them before
you drop it.

  Get the gangster by the car, the three at the top of the steps down to the
pier, the one between the crane and the boats, the one to the W of the crane--
you will need to reverse and go forward several times till he stays down, then
the other three on the pier.

  Then drive the plane onto the middle boat and release the bomb, LMB, on it.  I
try, not always successfully, to land the plane on the boat, but the plane can
land in the water beyond as long as the bomb lands on the boat to destroy it.  I
haven't had any luck making the destruction of the middle boat cause the one to
the E of it to blow up, too, as Rusk describes.  It may be another PS2/PC dif-

  Fly the other two planes to the same yard and destroy the other two boats the
same way.

  You get $2,000.

  There's a shaft of light in front of Auntie Poulet's door.  Still no sign of
Uncle Poulet.

  I.89  "Dirty Lickin's"  Auntie Poulet

  Auntie Poulet tells Tommy there's a Cuban-Haitian gang battle.  They're not
using guns, but she wants Tommy to take the Sniper Rifle with 30 bullets she
provides and kill the Cuban gangsters from a hiding place.  Then he won't be ob-
liged to her anymore.  (Apparently, she only had a few temporary uses of Tommy
in mind, and felt she had to get him bombed to do them.)

  If Tommy has a .308 Sniper, this mission will replace it with a Sniper Rifle.
As Rusk notes, if you buy Sniper Rifle ammo from the Ammu-Nation in North Point
Mall beforehand, this will just add to the ammo it has.

  Having the Fast Load feature from succeeding at "Rifle Range" speeds up the
Sniper Rifle and helps a lot.  If you didn't get it before, there's a standing
invitation at the Downtown Ammu-Nation to try for it again.

  Have a car pointed E by Auntie Poulet's shack before taking the mission, or
use the Voodoo always parked there.

  After the cutscene, scroll to Fist/Brass Knuckles, drive E, and go counter-
clockwise around the building across the street from the gang fight.  Have Tommy
get the adrenaline pill, which slows everything down--targets aren't so hard to
hit--under the stairs behind the building.  Have him climb the stairs to the
roof, and get him into the shaft of light.  (Remember to reduce Tommy's run to a
trot about ten feet before he gets to the shaft of light at the edge of the
roof.  Otherwise, since adrenaline pills make him overdo things with delayed re-
actions, he'll run off the roof.)

  Press RMB to bring up the scope, zoom with Z and X, and use both hands on the
mouse to steady your aim.  The Cuban gangsters have white jerseys with a red de-
sign on the front and red headbands, or yellow jerseys with gray sleeves and
black fedoras with red hat bands.  The Haitiain gangsters have pants and jerseys
in shades of blue and white--one shirt has "RELAX" on the front, with blue head-
bands or white baseball cap-type caps with blue hat bands.  Shoot the Cuban
gangsters fighting the Haitian ones, then the Cuban gangsters who drive up be-
hind them to join the fight, then the ones who arrive running single file from
the lower left of the screen.  One Cuban gangster of that last batch has a

  Thanks to Ring_of_Fire and smaisey for the tip that Tommy can use any weapon.
If he blows up the van when it arrives, then shoots the line of Cuban gangsters
that appear to his left, he won't have much else to do about the one on one
fighters.  The Rocket Launcher (I like the Minigun) makes this real easy with-
out having Tommy use the Adrenaline Pill.

  You get $5,000.

  Stock up on .308 ammo again.

  After doing this for Auntie Poulet, she calls Tommy and says she doesn't want
to see him around Little Haiti anymore.  I don't know why.  Maybe she heard
something about Tommy's affiliation with the Cubans.  Tommy's duplicity in the
matter is the only thing the story gives you to understand it with.  He just
needs to get the money for Sonny.

  There's a shaft of light at Robina's Cafe so Tommy can do "Trojan Voodoo" for
Umberto Robina (I.98).  Stay out of that light like it's poison.  Once you do
that mission, the Haitian gangsters will go as nuts as Auntie Poulet and run and
shoot at Tommy when he goes near them.  I've delayed that till near the end of
the game.  (One alternative is to modify the files with Notepad as explained at Weapons and Attackers--how to lessen the severity of attacks.)


  I.90A  Buy Kaufman Cabs taxi company (taxi firm asset) for $40,000.

  The Taxi Controller Doris is voice acted by that famous and romantical Debor-
ah Harry ("Blondie").  Besides playing Delores in "Cop Land," mentioned in I.2,
she stars as Nicki Brand in "Videodrome," 1983, and as Velma Von Tussle in
"Hairspray," 1988.  She also sang "Rush Rush" heard on Flashback FM in "GTA
III."  She's the lead singer for Blondie, which was inducted into the Rock and
Roll Hall of Fame in 2006.  The song "Dreaming" (Clem Burke/Debbie Harry/Chris
Stein) was used in an Oct.21, 2019 episode of the TV series "The Deuce," etc.

  (Thanks to spaceeinstein for writing to me that the dispatcher's cutscene
files are called CSDoris.  The Wikipedia and imdb sites had her name as Delores,
but his tip is reaffirmed by her being called Doris in one of the radio messages
received by a Kaufman Cab after the KC missions.)

  According to Wikipedia: "A Checker Cab and its cigar-chomping driver made
cameo appearances in various Blondie music videos between 1978 and 1980.  Their
music video for 'Call Me' centered entirely on the Checker and driver, travel-
ling through the traffic-filled streets of Manhattan."

  The Taxi Controller seems resigned to the fact that now and then a new gang
takes over the place, has changes made, and gets into battles with their
rivals.  But she welcomes Tommy to take a cab out if he feels like it.

  That's nicer.

  You have a K icon on your in-game radar and map.

  The doors to Kaufman Cabs are open.  You no longer have to use a Rocket
Launcher to try to sneak a look at the interior that looks like the main set of
the TV show "Taxi."

  If you really want to make these three missions easier give the Taxi a low top
speed in handling.cfg.  In these missions Tommy's attackers all drive Taxis ex-
cept one drives a Zebra Cab.

  There's another of those unexplainable throbbing pink shafts of light, this
time existing simultaneously with a Kaufman Cab.

  I.90B  "V.I.P."  Kaufman Cabs (taxi firm asset)

  Have plenty of MP ammo from the Downtown Ammu-Nation.

  Have Tommy get into the cab with the shaft of light going through it to initi-
ate the mission.

  The dispatcher (Deborah Harry) announces a fare waiting on Starfish Island.
Tommy takes it.

  Tommy has one minute to get to the shaft of light on Starfish Island.  Drive
like you did for the Taxi mission of I.20.  Then honk the horn.

  A Taxi from a competing firm steals the fare, a business man in a suit and
tie, and speeds W to the west island and S.  Don't destroy it--just ram and do
a drive-by shooting on the Taxi so it gives up the business man.  Make sure he
gets in Tommy's cab, then speed him to the entrance of the airport terminal a
step ahead of the attacking Taxi.

  For all three Kaufman Cabs missions, you can press W to skip the intro.

  You get $1,000.

  There's a pink shaft of light waiting in a taxi cab for Tommy to sit on it.

  I.91  "Friendly Rivalry"  Kaufman Cabs (taxi firm asset)

  The dispatcher announces that VC Cabs has so many cars, they're taking the
fares away from them.  She asks Tommy to help before they're put out of busi-

  Tommy has to destroy three VC cabs, shown on your radar.  A VC Cab is a Cab-
bie; it looks like Tommy's cab except without the Kaufman Cabs logo on the side.
(In comparison, the Taxi light on top of a Taxi is positioned lengthwise and it
has a black stripe instead of gray arrows on the side.)  You can't miss them
since their promotional gimmick that's caught on big is to drive about with huge
pink balloons pointing down at their roofs.  There's no time limit.

  This is like an untimed three cab vigilante mission.  You're given a cab, but
destroy them any way you like: with a drive-by shooting with a car or PCJ 600,
the Hunter or Sea Sparrow machine gun, the Rhino, the "EP" Admiral and an MP,
the Minigun, etc.  If you use the Minigun, you'll need to speed around and try
to anticipate where they'll be before you have Tommy get out to customize their

  You get $2,000.

  There's a pink shaft of light waiting for Tommy to run up the meter on its
taxi cab again.

  I.92  "Cabmageddon"  Kaufman Cabs (taxi firm asset)

  The dispatcher announces that Miss (Mercedes) Cortez asked for car 13 (Tommy)
to pick her up.

  Have Tommy drive to the shaft of light.  Go S from the South Bridge on the
main N and S road, go right, take the 1st left, then the 1st right into the lot
and through the gate to a bigger lot (where H86 was and 8 Ball's Bomb Shop is).

  Before you drive into the shaft of light and honk the horn, know that a cut-
scene will show that Mercedes isn't going to show up--it's an ambush planned by
six Taxi drivers.  Tommy will then have to survive with the entrance gate closed
while they try to ram Tommy's cab and run him down for one minute.  Then it
opens long enough to let their leader in, who's in a Zebra Cab and tries to fin-
ish Tommy off.  Which way you pick to handle it determines which way is best to
point the cab in the light--with just the back end sticking into it, as Rusk

  I'll give you several choices--one by one of Rusk's readers and adapted by
Rusk, another by one of Rusk's readers, and one by Brady games, and a Brady
Games variation by me:

  1.  Dexterx5 adapted by Rusk: park pointed to the SE.  Be ready to gun it for
the wall in the SE corner and skid to a stop parallel to the crates.  Have Tommy
jump on the low wall and run E to safety, then N to the middle of the closed
gate and equip the Minigun.  The cutscene shows the arrival of the Zebra Cab,
but Tommy is blocking the entrance.  When you regain control, you'll only have a
few moments, while it backs up to prepare to run him down, to blow it up with
the Minigun.  (I substituted the PC Minigun for the PS2 Rocket Launcher).

  In Dexterx5's original, he waited on the low wall for the Zebra Cab to enter
the big lot, jacked the cab, shot the driver, and drove the Zebra Cab to a ga-

  GTW notes: whenever I've tried jacking the PC version of the Zebra Cab, the
doors were locked.

  If you have Tommy stand to the side of the gate, the Zebra Cab will go into
the big lot and the gate will close behind it.  Either sniper rifle can shoot
through the gate (like they can shoot through glass that doesn't break) if you
have Tommy stand a bit back from it.  You can have him throw Molotovs over the
gate at it, possibly after jacking a van or whatever that's good to stand on
(not the Benson truck that's always nearby).  You may have to wait a bit if the
Zebra Cab pointlessly drives into a wall out of sight around a corner for a

  Adam_AK provides this gimmick (2:26:20).  Have Tommy go east of the attacking
Taxis as before, go north on the east side of the wall, get the Flame Thrower,
go to the gate the Zebra Cab will go through, and, when the timer runs down to
about 2 sec., shoot a flame east from the gate until the Zebra Cab spawns into
the flame and the taxi driver runs away with a pink arrow pointing down at him.
The Zebra Cab drives itself into the gate repeatedly.  Have Tommy kill the taxi

  I've tried the same gimmick except having Tommy use Molotovs (to not replace
the Minigun or M60 with the Flame Thrower) and it worked the same way.

  2.  Brian Prest, adapted by Rusk: park pointed N.  Gun it for the entrance
gate and do the boost jump over it with Left Shift.

  GTW notes: then, as described above, have Tommy wait in the middle of the en-
trance gate like Rusk recommends but with the Minigun, or stand to the side of
the gate with a sniper rifle or Molotovs, or, if you're a thrill seeker, you
could even send Tommy around to try to play "El Toro!" with the Zebra Cab, be-
fore demolishing it.

  3.  BradyGames: park pointed at 8 Ball's Bomb Shop in the SW corner.  Get in
there 1st to lure the others there, let the door fall and rise to equip the cab
with a bomb, have Tommy jump over and behind the crowd a bit, and press LMB to
blow up his cab and the Taxis.  If you go for having PS2 Tommy jack the Zebra
Cab, shoot the tires to slow it down and have Tommy jump on it if it tries to
run him down.

  GTW notes: if Tommy lives, the 8 Ball's method blows up all or most of the
cabs.  Have Tommy run onto the low wall and run E over it to get behind the
crates, where he can blow up any remaining Taxis with the Minigun from safety.

  4. My variation of 3: you could equip the bomb 1st at 8 Ball's Bomb Shop, get
into the shaft of light, then speed to the SE corner and jump to safety before
you detonate the bomb and blow up the cab and the Taxis.

  Again, the PC Zebra Cab doors are locked.  To have Tommy jack it, send him to
the NW side of the yard to lure the Zebra Cab or it will obsess with running in-
to the gate at the NE end for some reason.  As it approaches across that big
yard, have Tommy use the .308 or the Minigun to shoot the driver through the
windshield (like when having him shoot Hilary in "The Driver" at I.68 to get his
car and not blow it up) so he falls out and leaves the door open.

  If the Zebra Cab is destroyed and the driver lives to attack Tommy on foot,
the driver is armed with a Katana.

  You get $5,000.

  Kaufman Cabs taxi company will make $5,000 per day.

  The Zebra Cab (faster than a Taxi but doesn't handle as good) is available at
Kaufman Cabs.

  If you jack a Kaufman Cab, it will have taxi radio messages between dispatcher
Deborah Harry and cab drivers instead of music and talk show stations on the ra-

  I.93A  Buy the Boatyard (boatyard asset) for $10,000.

  Jethro (flowered shirt) is rendered in the vocal stylings of John Zurhellen.
He reprised the role for GTA "San Andreas," 2004, supplied the voice of
Jeremy St. Ives for GTA "IV," 2008, worked on the production team in some
capacity for Rockstar games through 2010, etc.

  Dwayne is voice acted Navid Khonsari, who makes the call about killer bees to
Lazlow in "III" and returns as Dwayne for "Vice City" and "San Andreas."  He
also worked on the production team in some capacity for Rockstar games through
2010, etc.  I think Navid does the voice of Mr. Black, who gives Tommy Assassin-
ation missions in "Vice City," too, because Mr. Black sounds like the guy who
called Lazlow about killer bees.  (See the "Game makers and voice actors"
section of I.2 for more.)

  To get there, go S from the W end of the South Bridge, go past the big ship,
and it's on the left with a crummy black wire fence and a house pickup.

  Tommy checks the place out and meets Jethro (flowered shirt) and Dwayne (yel-
low jersey), who've been cooked with herb.  He asks which of the two speed boats
is the fastest, but they don't make that clear as much as praise the capacity of
the hull to carry shipments from Jamaica.

  You have a ship anchor icon on your in-game map and radar at the Boatyard.

  I.93B  "Checkpoint Charlie"  the Boatyard (boatyard asset)

  Have Tommy get in one of the two speed boats to start the mission.  You have
two and a half minutes to run the course.  As Rusk notes, the game shaves five
seconds off the goal with each success (2:25, 2:20, etc.).  The rewards go up
$1,000 each time, from $5,000 to $9,000, then passes by $10,000 to $14,000 for
some reason and becomes $15,000 each time.

  The goal is to drive through glowing disks in the middle of which are the
rope-bound white packages used for hidden packages in "GTA III."  Try for the
middle of the disks, or at least a good chunk of the sides--the game can be er-
ratic about counting the sides of them.  You'll see what I mean.

  It's also the only mission that lets you see Vice City through some Liberty
City-like fog.  It appears if you try the mission after you beat the timer the
3rd time.  It clears up in a little while after the mission.  Then the fog
didn't appear again.  Instead, when I beat the timer, I saw a thunderstorm and
higher waves each time till I beat it again, then rain, then clear weather three
times, and then another thunderstorm with higher waves.

  There are also three Ocean Bay Marina jump ramps that only appear at the east
island piers during this mission, and you won't miss them later.  You can prac-
tice for the 1st two, going S to N, by trying to send the Speeder over the two
wooden ramps that appear there otherwise.

  Ease up on the throttle or steer to avoid boats which appear at random.

  Squalo II and Cuban Jetmax controls





  Space Bar....Brake

  Q....Look left

  E....Look right

  Q + E....Look back

  R or Mouse Wheel up....change radio stations.

  Save at the boathouse so you can reload and try again quickly, which you'll
probably do a lot if you try to beat your old time as often as you can.  Use the
Squalo II (violet and white) and not the Cuban Jetmax (brown and brownish-yel-
low).  The Cuban Jetmax corners easily, but the Squalo II is faster, although it
gets bounced around too easily like a Blista.  If you've already seen the intro-
ductory information, hit W to interrupt the intro and get going.

  Thanks to Orion_SR whose advice for boat school in "San Andreas" applies here.
A timer counts slower if you turn the frame limiter off.  In this VC mission,
this can let you pause at the last glowing disk, shave a second or two off your
previous time, and beat it again the same way easily enough to let you enjoy all
the different weather conditions that come up with successive efforts.

  Use the radar to see ahead better than by using the scenery alone.  Remember
you can let go of acceleration, hold A or D, and add a press of acceleration for
a sharper turn.  Add brake for turns almost as you would for a car.  Once you
get to the eight and nine thousand prize levels, you'll especially need the ex-
tra acceleration of the Squalo II to overcome the drag caused by waves.

  Go a touch right for the 1st disk, then a bit left and straight for a couple.
Turn strongly right to go around the 1st shack, with a roof, and get one, going
right some more to continue to one by a 2nd shack, without a roof.  There, go
left strongly a moment then gradually left around and through the obstacles,
like a wooden jump ramp on a rock and one of the floating rocks of these waters,
and beyond the 3rd shack, which has a roof.

  Veer a bit momentarily for another disk, keeping an eye on lining the boat up
with the 1st and 2nd of three jumps beyond it on the screen.

  Don't try to go full throttle at all three jumps.  The 2nd is a little to the
left of the 1st, and the 3rd is even farther to the left of the 2nd than the 2nd
was to the 1st.  The unpredictability of the way the boat will bounce over them
and the waves means there's no guaranteed way to get them every time.  Try eas-
ing up, aligning the boat to the ramp, then using a spurt of acceleration just
before the jump, and using your brake and turn handling abilities as you would
for a car to continue over the water for the next jump.  You may get two in a
row, but you probably need to ease up and steer to get over the 3rd jump.

  After that, it's easier.  Use the radar and scenery--hit the disks.  The
course goes up the inlet between Vice Point and Washington Beach, goes counter-
clockwise around the road that ends in a loop, goes clock-wise around Leaf Links
except for the S-most and N-most islands of it, and goes N to end under the
block that looks like a cartoon nose.

  If you really want to apply yourself to this, I hope you're the patient type.
And yes, there is such a thing as jumping through part of a disk, or through one
sideways, and it not making the disk disappear--for the collision file of a wall
to cause your boat to cling to it long enough to miss a disk, and for a boat to
get right in your way (avoid it like when driving a car).  It's understandable
to say, "What a rip!"  Just reload the game.

  The Boatyard makes $2,000 a day after the 1st success.

  "Checkpoint Charlie" doesn't appear on your game loading screen, for some rea-

  The two speed boats, notably the Squalo II--the fastest in the game, are al-
ways available there.  But having Tommy enter one always triggers this mission
for it.  It's like having him get on the "PCJ Playground" bike--whether you pass
the mission or not, you can continue to play with the vehicle, and, in this
case, have a change of scenery.

  The Squalo II is the best boat to use the "airship" code with.  The last time
I used it, I didn't save the game.  However, the next couple of times I tried to
save a game for which I hadn't used a code, I got the message: "Warning! One or
more cheats have been activated.  This may affect your save game.  It is recom-
mended that you do not save this game."  I ignored it, since it wasn't true and
I didn't know what to do about it.  I didn't notice anything go awry in my
Stats.  Still, to be safe, you might want to wait till after you get 100% to
play with it, since we're nearly there.

  If the broken package at the Ocean View indicates that the "Vice City" hidden
packages contain cocaine, I guess this mission indicates that the "GTA III" ones
have herb.

  Buy the Pole Position Club for $30,000.

  You have a pink "P" icon at the Pole Position Club on your in-game map and ra-

  The bar/strip joint is now open.  Tommy needs a drink and some relaxation af-
ter this.

  I.94  The Pole Position Club ass and asset

  Go into the hall in the back of the club and enter the 1st room on the left to
start the mission.  You see a stripper dance while your money diminishes at
about $60 a minute.  You need to spend $300 (about five minutes).  Press Left
Shift to exit.  You can leave and go back every $80 to $100 or so till the asset
mission is completed and see all three strippers available.

  The Pole Position will make $4,000 a day.

  The name of this doesn't appear on your game loading screen, for some reason.

  The room you paid to watch a stripper in will remain open for watching stripb
(her file name), and she'll still charge for it.

  The " only" door on the right at the back of the hall is now
open, and Tommy can go inside to see stripa (her file name) for free.  I've no-
ticed that Tommy pays more attention to her.  She'll double as the bartender at
the Malibu Club, which some reports call her twin due to the picture of two wom-
en who also look identical to each other, both of whom look similar to stripa
and are seen on either side of Diaz, on the back page of the "VICE CITY Tourist
Guide."  Besides, stripa can't be at both places at once, although "Vice City"
becomes a genetic disaster area if we pursue this too seriously.

  The Mr. Vercetti Outfit is available at the NE corner of Collars and Cuffs.

  For some reason, the Pole Position isn't listed on the screen where you load a
previously saved game.

  You might want to change the appearance of the strippers as described in
I.100.D.d (Oo-oo!).

  Buy the Print Works for $70,000.

  It's N of the E end of the skinny horizontal block of Little Havana.

  You have a dollar sign icon at the Print Works on your radar and in-game map.

  There's a big red tube at the Print Works sitting at the dock of the loading
bay, Otis.

  I.95  "Spilling The Beans"  the Print Works (print works asset)

  Ernest Kelly is voice acted by George Dicenzo.  He passed away on Aug.9,
2010.  He was an associate producer for 242 episodes of the soap opera "Dark
Shadows," played Vincent Bugliosi in the 1976 TV miniseries "Helter Skelter,"
Sam Baines in "Back to the Future," 1985, he supplied the voice Ubu for three
1993-1994 episodes of "Batman: The Animated Series," Salieri for the videogame
"Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven," 2002, etc.

  Tommy tells print shop worker Ernest Kelly he's like to print a newspaper or
magazine, but Ernest suggests they print money.  He's heard rumors of a counter-
feiting operation in Florida that would have good quality plates.  Tommy goes to
someone on top of such local rumors (Kent Paul).

  A cutscene explains that Tommy can take a Kaufman Cab to the next location for

  Send Tommy to the cab and press F.  In movie time-lapse style, here we are at
the Malibu Club, where Tommy gets out of the cab.  Send Tommy to the throbbing
hose by the door.

   (I think this is one of those situations where it would have been more conven-
ient to handle it with a phone call.  Then you could have Tommy hold onto what-
ever vehicle and not have to go to the other side of the map and back.)

  Tommy pressures Kent Paul to tell him that the Triads supply the plates at a
shipping company by the Viceport docks, and their boss would know when the next
plates are expected to arrive.

  (Kent calls Tommy "me old China": a friendly address, originally from Cockney
rhyming slang; "China plate"--"mate."  "Dodgy readies": suspicious, dubious

  The screen says to go to the Chartered Libertine Lines boat at the docks.  The
shipping officer, at the dot on your radar, will have the information.

  The boat is covered with armed security guards--the kind you've come to know
and despise.  They're armed with MPs except for three of them who have M4s--
  one guard who stands on a raised section of the middle of the W side and
  the two guards on the upper decks of the NE and NW corners.

  There's one of those blackened doors (like the two at the Biker compound seen
in "Hog Tied" and the one in the back of the Washington Beach police station
seen in "No Escape?") they'll pour out of endlessly if Tommy has been spotted.
It's on the S side of the 1st deck of the multilevel structure on the N end of
the ship.

  Going into the shaft of light on the 5th deck causes a cut scene of Tommy
strolling into the shipping officer's room--he pleas with Tommy not to hit him
in the face and says he'll talk--and Tommy strolling out.  The officer's cabin
door is at the end of a short hall on the next-to-the-top deck.

  Then an alarm bell sounds and the guards pour out and go on the attack, if
they haven't already, and Tommy has a two star wanted level.  Get rid of the
wanted level and send him into the shaft of light at the loading bay of the
Print Works to end the mission.  This is one of those missions that gets rid of
Tommy's wanted rating when you finish the mission, but it looks bad for the "At-
tained/Evaded" stat and there's no time limit, so I'd get rid of them another

  You might want to look over the ship beforehand and get familiar with the
blackened door at the S side of the multilevel structure at the N side of the
ship, the multiple stairs at the N and NW ends of the structure, and the short
hall with a door at the end of it--for the officer's cabin--on the next-to-the-
top deck.  Check out the top deck, too, if you want to try landing a helicopter
there with Rusk's method.

  There are a few ways to do this.

  There's the Brady Games guide approach: have Tommy run on board, get spotted
immediately, and expect a hail of bullets.  Have him run like it's a speed run
or you might call this the kamikaze approach and yell "Banzai!" as Tommy goes
down in a flood of his own blood.  You don't get points for that, though--at
least not any you'd want to remember.

  There's the Rusk approach: after seeing Kent, have Tommy get the Sea Sparrow.
Have him get all the guards you can around the ship with the Sea Sparrow machine
gun, then approach the boat from the W to land carefully on the S end of the
small top deck (I'd add to be ready to type "aspirine").  Have him go down one
flight to the shaft of light, etc., equip the .357 just in case (for PC, use the
PC Minigun), then go back up and fly away in the helicopter.  (I'd add you can
fly through an airborne bribe then fly till the other disappears.  If the heli-
copter doesn't make it, see Minesweeper's good exit idea in the section below.)
Send Tommy into the shaft of light at the Print Works.

  If you want Tommy to both slug it out with the initial bunch of guards and
live you might use this "Hitman" stealth strategy.  It's the one I usually use.

  Have a lot of .308 sniper rifle (the kind at several save places) or Minigun
ammo.  After meeting with Kent, get the "EP" Admiral.

  Park the Admiral with the back at the wall at the coast, pointing toward the
street, by the two palm trees along the N side of the tall black bar fence,
which is to the W of the multilevel structure on the N end of the ship.  Have
Tommy move after he exits so he leaves the door open.

  Send Tommy to the grass or dock north of the ship to snipe the guard on the N
side of the 3rd deck of the multiple deck structure.  If the resolution of your
monitor is high enough, position Tommy further N on the dock and snipe three
more guards--one on the 4th deck and one each on either side of that.

  (You can send Tommy midway W through the big dark grey asphalt lot W of the N
end of the ship to wait for a one star wanted rating to go away.  For a higher
wanted rating you can have him jack a vehicle to use at the nearby Pay 'n' Spray
then leave the vehicle by the door of it in case you need to use it again.)

  Send Tommy to the middle of the triangle of grass where the main road divides
and snipe through a round hole on the side of the ship at a guard patrolling on
the N side of the 1st deck.  (It's also possible to have Tommy get into the
Coast Guard boat along the coast to the N and sail to the E of the N side of the
ship till you find a position that lets Tommy shoot through one of the holes at

  From this triangle you can have Tommy snipe the guard who stands looking E on
a grey concrete block about midway N to S.  Have Tommy snipe the one who patrols
N to S and back.  You can have Tommy snipe him as he passes an opening in the
white guard rail or even snipe the top of his head as it sticks up over the

  Send Tommy S across the street from the S gang plank.  From this vantage point
you can see a guard patrolling N to S and back, whose path passes the opening in
the guard railing, and another whose path includes going W to E toward the open-
ing in the guard railing at the top of the gang plank and back.  You can have
Tommy snipe each one as they pass by that opening in the white guard rail.  You
may even have Tommy snipe the top of the head of the guard who goes N to S and
back while it sticks up over the rail.

  Have Tommy go up the S ramp, go N on the W side of the ship, and stop before
the aisle between the blue platform of crates and a grey wall.  Have him use the
blue platform for cover and use the "camera" to watch for a guard on the E side
of the ship to go N through the clearing.  A moment after he passes by send
Tommy through the aisle to the E side of the ship and shoot that guard in the
back.  Then have Tommy snipe the guard who patrols N to S and back farther N.

  (You won't need to have Tommy shoot the guard that's on a white upper deck to
the N if you had Tommy shoot as described in the 1st paragraph of this stealth

  (I think you may get away with having Tommy be spotted while shooting the last
one or two guards and set off the alarm at this point without spawning more
guards but don't dally.)

  Have Tommy go up the stairs on the N and NW sides.  You'll know at this point
if Tommy got all the guards on deck if he doesn't get spotted, which sets off an
alarm and causes guards to start coming out of the blackened door on the 1st
deck.  Once I was sure I had Tommy get all of them when he found another on the
N side of the 3rd deck, anyway (didn't he just shoot him?).  See if Tommy can
use stealth to get any guard he might run into.

  Send Tommy into the shaft of light, etc.  Even if it's been quiet so far, the
ringing alarm will sound and guards will begin multiplying on the 1st deck.

  Have Tommy go up the stairs on the N and NW sides.  You'll know at this point
if Tommy got all the guards on deck if he doesn't get spotted, which sets off an
alarm and causes guards to start coming out of the blackened door on the 1st
deck.  Once I was sure I had Tommy get all of them when he found another on the
N side of the 3rd deck, anyway (didn't he just shoot him?).  See if Tommy can
use stealth to get any guard he might run into.

  Send Tommy into the shaft of light, etc.  Even if it's been quiet so far, the
ringing alarm will sound and guards will begin multiplying on the 1st deck.

  The often inventive FAQ by Minesweeper at Gamefaqs has my favorite way for
Tommy to avoid the security guards below: jump.  You can have him run or jump
down just one flight of stairs from the shipping officer's door, go to the wall
under the stairs, and run at the guard rail, jumping when about 2/3rds there.
He'll land on the grass.  Drive the Admiral SW to the Pay 'n' Spray, then to the
shaft of light at the Print Works.

  If you must have Tommy face the gunners on the 1st deck as he leaves:

  Park the Admiral at the bottom of the N ramp of the ship and have Tommy get
out with the door left open.  After the cutscene with the officer, send him down
the stairs.  The big trouble is going to be right in your lap in a minute, Son-
ny.  Have Tommy approach the trouble, from the bottom of the stairs on the 1st
deck to the top of the N ramp from the ship, with some stealth and a Minigun--
shoot, waddle ahead a few steps, shoot, waddle ahead a few steps, etc.  When you
think he can make a break for it, say, "The hell with it," scroll to Fist/Brass
Knuckles, and have him run down the ramp into the safety of the Admiral.  If
Tommy is alive, you did good.

  Drive to the Viceport Pay 'n' Spray a couple blocks to the SW.  I still like
the dark red the best, although the dark gray would make a nice conservative
cover.  Then go to the shaft of light bouncing on the bay at the Print Works.

  For the least preparation, have Tommy use the .308 1st, use the Minigun as
need be while going to and from the officer, jump to shore from the 4th deck,
use the bribe NW of Screw This, and go to the Print Works.

  You could try a variation of the plug-the-hole method possible for "Hotring"
(I.31) or "Hog Tied" (I.73):

  Get a Caddy before starting the mission and plug the hole the security guards
come from with the front end.  It doesn't fit in real snugly, but it will stay
there.  (I shot out the back tires and had Tommy run at the back end to push it
in snugly, too, which might have helped.)  Then have Tommy run around without
using a vehicle to try to keep the Caddy in the game memory, and use the slug it
out method with less to slug.

  The last time I did this and Tommy made his getaway, he just had to shoot one
guard who stood on a higher deck and one or two on the 1st deck.  Then I had
Tommy run through the bribe in the alley NW of Screw This and go to the shaft of
light at the Print Works.

  You get $2,000.

  There's a pink shaft of light where the Print Works gets loaded.

  I.96  "Hit The Courier"  the Print Works (print works asset)

  Tommy tells Lance and Ernest that he'll swipe the counterfeit money plates
from the courier at the docks, shake the heat, and come back.  And he wants the
printing with those plates to begin five minutes after he gets back.

  Two women with the plates are going in a Maverick from the S end of the east
island to the clearing near the docks in Viceport, the 2nd one SW of the Boat-
house.  (This area was used for the ambush at the start of the game.)  One is
a haggard-looking lady with dark rings around her eyes, short black hair, and a
light pink top with a pale blue short skirt.  The other is a lady with dark
brown hair pulled into a bun on the back of her head, black glasses, and a pur-
ple dress.

  Waiting for them there are three cars--one is the black Sentinel they'll try
to transfer to, and the other two are red Sentinels some of their armed lady
gangsters will use.

  The lady gangsters are about ten allied henchwomen with Shotguns and Tec-9s.
These gangsters are all seen as lady businesswomen in the rest of the game:

  - more copies of the lady with dark brown hair pulled into a bun on the back
of her head, black glasses, and a purple dress,

  - ladies that have dirty blonde hair and a white dress,

  - and ladies that have dirty blonde hair, black sunglasses, a violet skirt,
and a purple jacket.

  There are four black ladies in blue jeans with Sniper Rifles--

  - one on the crane at the NE section of the lot,

  - one on a one story entrance cubicle adjoining the middle of the building on
the S side,

  - one on the S end of the rooftop of the building on the W side of the lot,

  - and one on a one story cubicle adjoining the N side of the building on the W
side of the lot.  This sniper is mainly a problem for Tommy if he tries to use
the area between the main lot and the nearby road.

  Two ladies get out of the Maverick--the haggard-looking lady and the one in a
purple dress.  When I've tried this, the one in the purple dress is the courier
as the pair go from the Maverick to the black Sentinel, and the haggard-looking
one is the courier that goes from the black Sentinel to the room with a print-
ing press.

  The black Sentinel was locked throughout the mission when I've tried to have
Tommy jack it.

  The courier will try to deliver the counterfeit money plates to a room with a
printing press.  The room is at the base of a few steps in a lot in the middle
of the buildings of the block that's across the street E of Phil's Place.  (It's
mentioned in my directions for how to find hidden package 66 and in the W.K.
Chariot section of I.9.G).  The black Sentinel parks by the N-S alley of the
block, then the haggard-looking lady uses the alley to get to the lot and the
room with a printing press.

  On the way there, the haggard-looking lady will stand through the roof of the
Sentinel, as if it had a moon roof, to shoot at Tommy or his vehicle if he gets
close to her.  The women in her car have a Shotgun, Tec-9, and an U-zi.  The
gangsters in the red Sentinels have two Tec-9s, two U-zis, a Pistol, and an un-
armed woman in a white dress, and will attack Tommy or his vehicle if he's on or
near the path the group uses.

  The path the gangsters take goes N on the main N-S road of the west island,
then turns W at the WestHaven Community Healthcare Centre, N past the Little Ha-
vana Streetwear & Tattoo Parlour, N past the Brownstone Laundromat, N past the
Kaufman Cab building, and N to the N side of the alley to the lot by the room
of the printing press.

  For some reason, you can hear one of the lady gangsters call out to the others
to "Kill him" as the procession starts to go N no matter where Tommy is when it

  One of the rules of this mission is you can't blow up the helicopter, or then
the black Sentinel, when the courier is in it or the plates are destroyed and
you fail the mission.  You need to either kill her when she's between vehicles
or ram and drive-by shoot her black Sentinel till she gets out and the Sentinel
explosion kills her or Tommy does.  If another gangster gets the plates before
Tommy does, he has to get the plates without destroying her vehicle, too.

  Rusk's ideas for the Hunter (I'd add the Sea Sparrow) or "EP" Admiral, adapted
for PC Standard Controls with mouse aim, work fine for this.

  HandsomeRockus uses the Rhino effectively.

  Park whichever one a few car lengths from the shaft of light at the loading
bay before the mission so it doesn't disappear.

  Hunter or Sea Sparrow:

  Fly S over the water and move in to hover at ground level by the SE coast of
the area the pair of couriers' copter will land in.  Aim the Hunter/Sea Sparrow
toward the three cars and the group there to meet them, but stay a bit away and
out of sight.  The area is filled with armed henchwomen.  The one on the left
side of the far rooftop, on the entrance cubicle at the middle of the building
on the left, and the one on the crane on the right have Sniper Rifles, and the
ones on the ground have Shotguns and Tec-9s.

  Wait for the couriers to land and for them to exit the chopper.  Between the
time the one in a purple dress exits the chopper and enters the black Sentinel,
blow up the helicopter and the three cars, and clear the area, with the machine
gun.  The rockets make you more liable to destroy the plates, or at least raise
Tommy's wanted level so he has aggressive police after him, too, where he needs
to land and get the plates.  You might use just a Hunter rocket or two to hit
the crane at the right, the left side of the building at the far side of the
lot, and the middle of the building on the left, to get the snipers with the
vibration of the explosions.

  Then have Tommy land by the plates.  Have the Minigun equipped in case he runs
into an armed lady thug.  Have him get the plates, fly away, use any airborne
bribes if need be, land a few car lengths away from the shaft of light at the
Print Works, and go into the shaft of light.

  "EP" Admiral:

  In one strategy of Rusk's, he has Tommy wait among the unhitched truck trail-
ers in the dirt lot across the street a bit to the N.  When the cars go by and
Tommy is spotted, he attacks the black Sentinel the courier is in by ramming it,
and doing a drive-by shooting at it, till she exits.  He has Tommy kill her if a
car explosion doesn't.  (I'd add you can destroy the other two cars to clear the
area, use the Sunshine Autos spray 'n' go if need be, and put the Admiral in a
garage there.)  Tommy then gets the plates then gets into the shaft of light at
the Print Works.

  (GTW note: if you want to dare to see and hear more of what the game can do,
have Tommy drive the "EP" Admiral into the opening at the street in the crummy
fence by the Boatyard, make a nearly 180 degree turn to the right, press Q, and
have Tommy do a drive-by shooting of about ten henchwomen that come to attack.
Then have him drive into the meeting area by the three cars and keep moving so
he isn't yanked from the car.  Have him run over or shoot any nearby until you
can try to get the courier--in a purple dress with an arrow pointing down at
her--in between the helicopter and the black Sentinel.  If that fails, ram and
drive-by her black Sentinel, etc., as with Rusk.)


  HandsomeRockus uses a variation of what I call the "plug the hole" method (for
example, using the police car in "Hog Tied" or the Caddy in "Spilling the Beans"
to block the blackened door the attackers come out of).

  He takes the Rhino N to Little Haiti and points it N in the N and S alley of
the lot of hidden package 66 (behind the supermarket across the street from
Phil's Place).  He uses the cannon to blow up the 1st two cars, red Sentinels,
that come by, with Tommy protected from the attacks of the henchwomen in the lot
behind him.

  (GTW note: when the courier gets about two blocks from the site of the room
with a printing press, the doors of the room open and four more black ladies in
blue jeans, armed with Shotguns, come out to protect it and will attack Tommy.
Tommy can attack all four as they come up the several steps from the door before
the courier arrives.)

  When the courier comes by and gets out of her black Sentinel to run into the
alley, HandsomeRockus has Tommy drive forward and back a bit to run her over and
make the plates available.  When another woman or two runs into the alley to get
the plates, he does the same.  Then all he has to do is have Tommy get the
plates and drive back to the Print Works.

  (GTW note: if you try this, make sure to have the right side of the Rhino
against the right wall of the alley when Tommy gets out to get the plates so he
can get back inside the tank.)

  I tried it without the tank, arming Tommy only with the Minigun, and Rusk
tried it with the "EP" Admiral, and it worked those ways, too.

  If you use one of the variations of the strategy that put the fight near the
site of the room with a printing press, you might have Tommy take a look inside
since this is the only time in the game the doors for it are open.

  You get $5,000.

  The Print Works will make $8,000 a day.

  Lawyer Ken Rosenberg calls a couple of times--he's frazzled because Sonny has
threatened the life of his family.  He also wants Tommy to check out something
at the Print Works.

  There's an overflowing bag of banded stacks of money on the bed at the Ocean
View apartment.

  There's a pink shaft of light...on Print Works bay...we could hear the voices

  I.97  "Cap The Collector"  Tommy Vercetti

  Tommy finds Ernest has been beaten to the ground and is being helped up.  Er-
nest says Sonny Forelli's thugs came for their cut of the money.  Tommy goes to
take care of them.  He promises they'll have ample new ways to expel solid
waste, for some reason (I didn't know he had surgical training, too).

  Tommy has to stop Sonny's Mafia henchmen from collecting money from his asset
properties.  There is a sequence of three pairs of henchmen--each has a Shotgun
and an M4 on a Sanchez dirt bike.  When one pair is stopped from collecting at a
place of business another pair tries to collect from it.  Have Tommy own the
Boatyard, Sunshine Autos, and the Malibu Club, among others, and their 1st stop
will be the Boatyard, the 2nd will be Sunshine Autos, and the 3rd will be the
Malibu Club.

  As Rusk explains, the Hunter, and the "EP" Admiral with MP ammo (Downtown Am-
mu-Nation), are good choices for this.  As he writes, leave the vehicle a few
car lengths from the shaft of light where you initiate the mission so the vehi-
cle doesn't disappear.  Using the Hunter, think Vigilante mission, "Brown Thun-
der," and use the machine gun.  If using the Admiral, ram them off their bikes
and run them down or do a drive-by shooting of them.

  You could try a forward drive-by with the PCJ 600 and an MP, or drive a fast
car, like an Infernus, and knock them off their bikes and get out and shoot them
with the Minigun.

  The plug-the-hole method by Monkey Man that Rusk relates works fine.  Back an
"EP" Admiral into the door of Sunshine Autos so the money pickup is in the back
seat and you're positioned to do a drive-by shooting at the driveway entrance.
The bikers get off their bikes there and run to the now-inaccessible pickup--and
into your line of fire.  You could also park a Rhino there sideways across the
door and ready to fire the cannon at the driveway entrance.

  GTW note: to make that even easier, since we're using the PC Minigun with
mouse aim, have Tommy equipped with it at the top of the driveway by the money
pickup at Sunshine Autos.  They'll never get past the outpouring of Tommy's ob-
jections.  An option is to let each pair get one or two shots at Tommy just to
hear the extra dialogue (about Tommy being the Harwood butcher and Tommy saying
the town is his now, etc.)  An alternative way to hear it is to use the S.P.A.S.
12 shotgun, which takes more than one shot at a distance to kill the target.
You don't need to have Tommy put any vehicle over the money pickup, unless you
want him to put a car there, run into Sunshine Autos before the 3rd pair ar-
rives, shoot them a couple of times through the glass, listen to their dialogue,
and have Tommy blow up the car and the 3rd pair with it.

  If you want to plug the 1st hole, have Tommy put a Firetruck over the money
pickup at the Boatyard before doing the mission and go everywhere on foot, or
just use one other vehicle.

  A rare exception is when a pair of collectors (usually the 2nd pair) go park
in front of the Malibu Club.  If that happens they're sitting ducks.  It's easy
to have Tommy shoot them then get back to the usual routine at Sunshine Autos.

  You get $30,000.

  Lance calls.  He wants Tommy to come check on something right away.

  There's a huge pink Slinky at the top of the stairs to the mansion office, and
a pair of overlapping V's there on your in-game radar and map.

  But now we're going to fulfill a 100% obligation and go to the shaft of light
at Cafe Robina.

  (Note: if you ever play this again and don't mind passing up the 100% bonuses,
you could do everything except "Trojan Voodoo" so you can go through Little Hai-
ti easier.)

  I.98  "Trojan Voodoo"  Umberto Robina

  Umberto tells Tommy they're going to take out the Haitians (gangsters).  He
tells Tommy to get a Haitian gang car (a Voodoo), pick up Pepe, and take him to
the Haitian gangster's processing plant and use their solvent to blow it up.

  In the manner of the Trojan horse filled with Greek soldiers that infiltrated
Troy, several Haitian gang cars, Voodoos, of Cuban gangsters, and Tommy, are to
enter the Haitian gangster's processing plant.  Then Tommy is to help clear the
area of Haitian gangsters, affix three bombs to the inside of the plant, and run
like billybejiggers (remember Ward Bond?).

  The Cubans have Tec-9s.
  The Haitians have Tec-9s.

  After this, as certain gangs did after you finished with their neighborhoods
in "GTA III," the Haitian gang members will run to yank Tommy from his vehicle
and shoot at him if he just goes near them.  If you have any jumps, etc., to do
in Little Haiti, or want to look inside the building Tommy blows up in this mis-
sion, it would be easier to do it before doing this mission.

  To get past the closed gate and plan your strategy before you blow it up. and
if you'd like another jump for your PCJ 600, go S from the Downtown area to the
next cluster of blocks, Little Haiti, to the W side of the one of the 2nd block
down that looks like a cartoon face looking E.  There's a small set of steps
with an adrenaline pill over it on the N side of Rough 'n' Ready Streetwear.
Start your runway at the end of the alley E of that, on the N side of the pizza
store.  Go over the steps and you'll clear the wall.

  The three places where you'll plant the bombs are the three blue-green boxes
marked "explosive" inside the plant.

  There's a stairway on the S side of the grounds that lead to a roof you can
leave on.  There's enough space to land a chopper on the grounds, too.

  Use a Minigun with lots of ammo.

  Have Tommy lead Pepe into a car or helicopter or onto a bike and take him N
to the Voodoo across from Auntie Poulet's shack (at the N side of the same "car-
toon face" block).

  As Rusk notes, Pepe has some conversation to make about this being a nice part
of town (Little Havana), having had a beautiful woman who lived in this neigh-
borhood, this place being a dump (Little Haiti), Tommy driving like a crazy
bi**h, the good pizzas they sell at Well Stacked pizza, and asks if Tommy is

  Lead Pepe into the Voodoo.  Drive over to the shaft of light by the other Voo-

  (One Cuban gangster says they're going to kill the Haitian "putas."  In Span-
ish, a "puta" is a whore or bi**h, but "puta" is used in a variety of ways like
the English word "f**k.")

  A cutscene will show the others going over to the plant.  Drive ahead and turn
right into an alley, and drive into the shaft of light behind the other Voodoos.
Slowly follow them into the plant--the Haitian gangsters will briefly open the
black metal gate--and park in the shaft of light.

  Have Tommy get out and get right to business clearing a number of Haitian gang
members from the entrance to, and the inside of, the building.  Be thorough be-
cause the timer doesn't start till you set the 1st bomb.  Among the five gang-
sters inside, one is always around the corner to the left, and another is on the
upper walkway to the left.

  Send Tommy up to that walkway on the left to get into the 1st shaft of light.
He now has 45 seconds to set the other two bombs and get safely away before they
explode.  The 2nd one is below it on ground level a little closer to the door
Tommy went in.  The 3rd one is by the other side of that door.  Each of the
three trigger a cutscene of Tommy affixing a few sticks of explosives above the
box to make it a bomb.

  Have Tommy run all the way out to the area of the closed black metal gate, go
right, go up the stairs and across the roof to get away from the several big ex-
plosions in time.  If you have the time, have Tommy lead the Cuban gang members
out as he goes.

  The mission is completed, but you need to get Tommy out of Little Haiti and
away from any Haitian gangsters.  They'll all attack him now.

  You get $10,000.

  Umberto calls: the Cafe is going great, and, to him and his gang, Tommy is Cu-

  The Haitian gangsters, unfortunately, think so, too.  They will run to shoot
Tommy and pull him from his vehicle if he goes near them from now on.  I hope
you saved your "EP" Admiral.  You could also make the Haitian gang members more
peaceful by changing the files with Notepad as explained at Weapons
and Attackers--how to lessen the severity of attacks.

  You can have Tommy go back to see the wrecked building, even get a Minigun on
the 2nd floor, afterward if you want.  But be ready for him to have a battle
with Haitian gang members who gather in and around it, and to draw police atten-
tion as a result.  You might use a chopper so you can go to the airborne police
bribes or the Sunshine Autos spray 'n' go afterward.  Use the Little Haiti Pay
'n' Spray if the chopper is destroyed.

  The prodigal tube is at the mansion.

   I.99  "Keep Your Friends Close..."  Vercetti

  Machiavelli was an Italian political philosopher who lived from 1469 to 1527
AD.  One of his cynical philosophies was that you should keep your friends
close, and keep your enemies closer.  This was, unsurprisingly, a well-known
saying in the Mafia.

  Lawyer Ken Rosenberg and Lance Vance tell Tommy that Forelli's men are coming,
angry that Tommy killed their collector.  Tommy wants to show Forelli's men that
this is his operation.  He has Ken put $3,000,000 of counterfeit money in brief-
cases (note: Tommy says "Twenty" million but, if you have the subtitles on, the
screen says "Three," then a following scene has Tommy say "Three"), and has
Lance get his men together.

  Sonny Forelli appears.  Sonny remembers that Tommy killed eleven men before he
went to prison, which is how Tommy became known as the Harwood butcher.  (Har-
wood is the neighborhood on the N end of Portland in "GTA III.")  Tommy seems to
suspect Sonny for setting him up for his 15 year prison stay by having him am-
bushed, saying that he was sent to kill one man but they knew he was coming.
Then it comes out that Lance tipped Sonny off that the three million Tommy meant
to pay off Sonny with is counterfeit.  Lance tells Sonny that the real money is
upstairs in the vault.  Sonny asks if Tommy expected him to take it and go away
scared.  Tommy says he just wanted to piss Sonny off before he kills him.

  Tommy has to kill the Mafia henchmen who run up the stairs to rob the safe in
the office.  The screen tells you to go to the office to protect the safe.

  There's a cutscene.  As Tommy watches from the entrance of his office, Lance
appears at the 2nd floor corridor entrance on the far right.  Lance seems confi-
dent that Tommy is finished with no one to back him up, but Tommy vows to get
him for stabbing him in the back.

  Tommy has to kill Lance as a couple of Mafia men run to the far balcony and
all three shoot at Tommy.  If Tommy kills him there, he has to run from the room
and back to trigger the next cutscene because the game doesn't predict you'll
get him that quickly.  If Lance lives, as the game predicts, he runs to the
roof, where several Mafia men will join him at shooting at Tommy from the E side
of the roof.  Tommy has to kill Lance and go back to his office.

  There's a cutscene.  Tommy accuses Sonny of taking fifteen years away from
him; Sonny claims he owns Tommy and they were his fifteen years to spend.  Sonny
may mean that, more than just asserting Tommy is someone he owns and rules, that
he chose to have Tommy spend those fifteen years in jail--that he set Tommy up
for it.  Considering that Tommy voiced his suspicion about that earlier, this is
likely what Sonny is reaffirming.  Sonny makes the 1st move--he tells his two
men to get Tommy.

  Tommy has to kill Sonny.

  To put it simply, you have to have Tommy kill the Mafia henchmen armed with
Tec-9s who come from the main and E 1st and 2nd floor doors to rob the safe in
the office,

  kill Lance, who appears with a Kruger at the 2nd floor entrance to the E, and
run out of the main entrance room to that entrance and back toward the office to
trigger the cutscene with Sonny,

  and kill Sonny, who appears with a Kruger and two henchmen by the main en-
trance of the 1st floor.

  There are a variety of ways to do this.

  In a variation of Rusk's Rocket Launcher plan you can have Tommy leave the
office and go W/left and stand near the railing.  Equip him with the Minigun
and have him fire it at the men who run in through the front entrance or two
entrances to the right.  Prevent them from running up the stairs to rob the
office safe.  Have him go E/right to the floor between the top of the stairs
and the office entrance.  Have him aimed at where Lance will appear and shoot
left and down or right from that as needed then back so he's ready to shoot

  The screen tells you to go to the office to protect the safe.

  There's a cutscene of Lance.

  A couple of henchmen run from behind him onto the N balcony.

  Have Tommy fire at Lance then them.  If Lance lives long enough Tommy says
something about this being the last dance for Lance Vance.  Lance says he had
enough of that at school, and Tommy says, "You picked the wrong side, Lance."

  The game needs Tommy to leave the room (supposedly, to kill Lance) before it
shows the cutscene with Sonny.  Don't have Tommy linger or the henchmen will
just keep spawning and shooting away his armor and health.  So use the opportu-
nity to send him through the corridor Lance was in front of, finish off Lance if
you see him at the other end, go down to the bottom floor (below the 1st floor)
weapon room to get the armor (and health, if he needs it), then return to the
2nd floor office, shooting any henchmen along the way.  As you do this, you
might scroll to Fist/Brass Knuckles so Tommy can run a bit, but have him
equipped with the Minigun as he approaches the 2nd floor office.

  There's a cutscene with Sonny.

  Have Tommy fire the Minigun at the two henchmen then Sonny.

  If you want to do this like the "Say 'Hello' to my little friend" scene from
"Scarface," 1983: Tony Montana 1st fires a grenade from the rocket launcher part
of his double duty disassembler to blow the doors off his office and kill a few
thugs.  Then he mainly relies on the machine gun portion.  Of Tommy's weapons,
the M4 looks the most like Tony's M16 with a grenade launcher attachment, but
you'll probably have an easier time with either the Rocket Launcher or the Mini-
gun.  You can't equip both in the same weapon slot.  (You could use up the ammo
of one then get the other on the lawn over the course of the mission, but you'd
have to time your ammo to run out at the right time and hope one round would get
you through the rest.)

   I'd use the Minigun.

  Some of the variations to try:

  Initially, you can have Tommy shoot from the safe--there seem to be more to
shoot that way, though.

  You can have Tommy chase Lance, without shooting him, to the roof (the intend-
ed shoot-out place), and either shoot from behind the crates or run past every-
one to the helipad (and the heart pickup, if he needs it), then go toward them
till you can see enough of them for him to shoot with the Minigun.  You can then
send him to the front of the roof, blow up the three limos Sonny and his men ar-
rived in to take out a few Mafia men in or by them, and go down to the office to
start the cutscene with Sonny.

  You can also have Tommy run out front instead of killing Lance, go around back
and take the Sea Sparrow up to kill Lance and the Mafia guys on the roof, then
go back to the office to trigger the cutscene with Sonny.  (This is similar to
the Sea Sparrow strategy used for "Rub Out," I.53.)

  A Gamefaqs message board post by JRGuitargeek says he had Tommy shoot Lance
then run out front to destroy the limos.  Then he had Tommy take a tank from the
garage and drove up the front steps shooting at the door, killing Sonny in four
or five shots and winning the mission without the cutscene of Sonny.  When I
tried it, the Rhino wouldn't go up the steps.  I guess you have to go off a ways
and turn back to it to build up speed 1st.

  I did use the (dark red) "EP" Admiral for a variation of that.  After having
Tommy kill Lance on the roof, jump down to the armor, shoot a few of Sonny's Ma-
fia guys on the driveway and blow up the limos, I sent Tommy to get the "EP" Ad-
miral from the garage and drive in the front door and up the steps to the office
(not possible with the PS2 version).  There was the cutscene with Sonny.  Then
the game turned the Admiral, with Tommy in it, to be facing down from the top of
the indoor stairs!  So I had him run Sonny down and keep going out the front
door.  It appeared outside while the screen belatedly told me to kill Sonny.
The game showed the ending cutscene and credits.  For a finale, it put the "EP"
Admiral, with Tommy in it, to be facing out from the top of the steps to the

  Starter Package Steam Version Some of the last main story missions

  I used my Starter Package for Vice City--the Steam version--to play some of
the last story missions and demonstrate some of the gimmicks for them.

  In the final cutscene, Lawyer Ken Rosenberg sucks up to Tommy about never hav-
ing trusted Lance.  Tommy tells Ken the group from the N, the Forelli gang, is
over.  They run their own operation.  In a variation on the ending of "Casablan-
ca," 1942, starring Humphrey Bogart and Claude Rains, Tommy says it could be the
beginning of a beautiful business relationship--after all, Ken's a lying little
thief and Tommy's a mentally ill homicidal drug dealer.  Ken says, "Ain't it
just beautiful?"

  The music that plays over the credits and some scenes of the city is kind of
ordinary.  It's like the incidental synth music "Synth and Son" makes fun of.  I
like the opening and mission success music better.  If you've seen the ending
before and want to skip it, press Enter.  I usually watch it.

  When you get control of Tommy again, he looks out from the top of the stairs
to the mansion.  If you haven't destroyed them, the three stretch limos Sonny
and his henchmen arrived in are in front of the mansion for a brief time.

  You get $30,000.

  A checklist for 100% completion can be found at:

  A "Vice City" mission tree:

  If you didn't get 100%, but at least completed the main story missions, all of
the 1st group of Vercetti asset missions, the Print Works asset missions, five
of the remaining seven asset missions--the minimum required to get the last two
Vercetti missions (thanks to a post by Demarest at GTA Forums), and the last two
Vercetti missions, you have:

  armor and .357 pickups in the TV room of the mansion,

  the Hunter appearing on the helipad at the S end of the east island if you
both collected 100 Hidden Packages and completed "Keep Your Friends Close.  It
appears at Fort Baxter if you either collect 100 Hidden Packages (so I've had
one there from early in the game) or complete "Keep Your Friends Close."

  and the Vercetti Gang carrying Uz-Is.

  After the credits roll, you get the phone calls.  I usually wait to get all
the calls before I save the game.

  The calls are from Kent Paul (wowed by Mercedes' sex, he tells Tommy to "Keep
your potatoes skinned for her" which probably means to wear a contraceptive),

  Colonel Cortez (wanting Tommy to assure him Mercedes won't shame him by becom-
ing a lawyer),

  Kent Paul again (drunk, he wants Tommy to recognize how important he's been to
Tommy but ends up begging;  "div": an idiot; "treats": I think he means pretzels
or such),

  Ernest Kelly (from the Print Works with a paternal message about healing up to
return to work, a call which you have to go that area of the west island to

  and Steve Scott from Interglobal Films (elated about their porn movie success,
a call which you need to go to the studio to trigger).

  The 1st few calls can come without leaving the mansion.  I've gotten the one
from Cortez 1st, like Rusk did, but more often the 1st was from Lawyer Ken.

  If you have graduated to the ultra Mafia Mensa 100% class without all those
obscure words and all that math, you get the above plus:

  You can have up to 200 armor and health.

  Any vehicle Tommy is in has double health (I think this helps with "Blood-
ring"--after 100% completion, I've gotten to the three minute mark with dozens
of car kills and Tommy's car health meter stayed nearly full throughout it).

  Tommy's weapons have limitless ammo (ignore the ammo number on screen).  You
can get rid of a weapon, such as to change a weapon to a different one that has
limitless ammo, by sending Tommy through a metal detector.

  The Frankie Outfit ("I completed Vice City and all I got was this lousy T-
shirt") is available in the office in the mansion.

  Three bodyguards are in the TV room of the mansion.  (If you don't see them
there, have Tommy go away and come back to make them appear.)  They look identi-
cal to Tommy's henchmen that wear blue shirts and white pants, and they carry
Uz-Is.  To activate a bodyguard, have Tommy step into the shaft of light in
front of one.  (Hiring a bodyguard costs $2000--thanks to Siva for the tip.)

  The main distinction bodyguards have from the henchmen they look like is that
they follow Tommy around, even into vehicles except boats and trucks with high

  They're supposed to attack those he attacks, or who attack him, but they don't
always do it.  For example, they won't attack law enforcers, which is the main
thing Tommy could use help with.  They also won't attack if the intended victim
is behind the bodyguard.  It's not uncommon for bodyguards to kill each other,
too.  So they're not an enormous help.  You have to lead them around so they
don't get stuck walking into trees and walls, etc., then might use them to kill
criminals or pimps by having Tommy belt one then get on the other side of them,
or try to use bodyguards with the other henchmen to fight one of the gangs.


  Save the game.  Time to retire this save slot for flying the little Dodo with
pontoons and jumping the PCJ 600 and anything else you want to try again, now
that the pressure's off.  But it isn't really over.  There are other save slots
for starting again, and trying out new ways to do some of those things.  And
every now and then I still notice something or hear a pedestrian say something
I don't remember from before.  Putting some new tunes in the MP3 folder helps
keep things fresh.  Someone else can say the world is their's with a blimp--
let's blame them.  I want to try the last couple stunts I learned again.  And
where's the little Dodo?  Awwwwr!


  I.100  Basic skins, modding--use at your own risk, music, and screen shot

  I.100.A  Compressed File Utility

  I.100.B  Web sites for skins and mods

  I.100.C  Skins for Tommy
                    "Tony Montana" by archicondeas
                    Gunslinger: "Robert De Niro" and "Hot Shirts"
                    Make your own skin

  I.100.D  Mods
  I.100.D.a  Un-check the green dot
  I.100.D.b  Make backups

  I.100.D.c  Tools:
                      The IMG Tool v.2
                      DMagic1's Wheel Mod v.3
                      The Vice TXD Tool
                      The Rescaler and CFG Studio 2
                      The GXT Editor v.1.2
                      The GTA3 Audio Editor
                      SFX Manager

  I.100.D.d  Women
                        Gunslinger: "Prostitute Pack"s 1 and 2
                        Dr. Colossus: "Ultimate Nudes"
                        "GTA Vice City Nudes"
                   Naked Women: a variety of methods of insertion
                   Another Naked Woman
                        Russificator: black stripa
                   How to change the way they walk

  I.100.D.e  Cars and bikes:
                         Installing car and bike mods (Example: a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air)
                         How to change their engine sounds
                         How to change their colors
                         How to change their mass,
                              ability to stay upright and hug the driving surface,
                              ability to survive in water,
                              cornering and braking, top speed, acceleration,
                              suspension, durability, and miscellaneous jazz
                         Gameplay advantages
                              Making vehicles weaker or stronger
                              How to create your own "Alloy Wheels of Steel" Angel
                         One possible 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air
                         How to change the traction of surfaces
                         Failure to lower the cannon shots of Rhinos
                         Grand Theft Auto: Vice Bedrock
                         The hot Cougar scandal
                         How to change their wheels
                              DMagic1's Wheel Mod
                              Xbox wheels
                         How to change their on-screen names
                         Spookie's Speedometer mod
                         The Pole Position bike
                         Xbox Cars to PC  Weapons and Attackers
                          How to lessen the severity of attacks
                          The MP5 A2 ("Counter Strike") mod 
                          Buy Back Your Weapons
                          The highly mysterious sexual Busker

  I.100.D.eee  Helicopters
                           How to make the RC Copter easier to fly
                           Low flying jets

  I.100.D.f  Miscellaneous mods:
                     The RC Mod
                     The Surf's Up Billboard Jump mod
                     The Havana Outfit Bug Fix
                     The Rampage and Package Finder Mod (The Northern Lights Mod)
                     The Hidden Interiors and Steed mods
                     The NOS mod
                     VC Code Tools
                     Spaceeinstein's All In One Mod
                     Carl Johnson in Vice City
                     [CLEO] Great Swimming Mod 2.0
                     Parkour Cleo
                     Correct SVH Damaged Building
                     Avery Carrington, Mitch Baker, BJ Smith, and Candy Suxx
                         Player Models
                     Rosenberg's Audio Fix
                     Road Reflections Fix
                     Vice City Trails
                     Silent Patch
                     Fixed VC Animations

  I.100.D.ff  Trainers
                      Pizzadox' +10 Trainer
                      Alper Saracoglu's GTA Vice City Administrative Console
                      Lithjoe's Vice City Ultimate Trainer
                      Developer console by Jernej L aka Delfi
                      Vice City MiniConsole and MiniConsole v2 by spaceeinstein

  I.100.D.g  Total conversion mods
                      The Liberty City mod

  I.100.E  Music
                    MP3s and wav files
                         How to save hard disk space with shortcuts
                         MP3 volume boost

  I.100.F  Screen shots
               Fraps for videos


  I'm sorry if some of the web site addresses I offer have changed since I cop-
ied them, partly to give proper credit where it's due.  If a web address I list
doesn't work any longer, try lopping the end of it off to get to the basic web
site then navigate around.  If that doesn't work, you may just have to use a
search engine to find what you're looking for.

  You can change things with mods (unless they indicate otherwise), skins, or
music anytime during your progress in the game.  You can even create the Liberty
City mod, a total conversion mod, I recommend below while the game is in prog-
ress.  You can do that because it uses a copy of "Vice City," which you put in
your Rockstar folder, but not a copy of the GTA Vice City User Files folder,
which records your progress in the game.  It creates its own GTA LC User Files.

  Rockstar's stance (diminishing support for PC single player modding)

  I.100.A  Compressed File Utility

  If you need a compressed file utility to make downloads with, you can get pick
from a variety of free or shareware versions, or buy one, at the PC World web

  May, 2011: I've changed from Power Archiver to PeaZip, which is free.

  After you download files for mods, you extract them from it.

  An easy way to extract more than one file is to click Edit > Select All, or
hold down Ctrl and click on all the files, to highlight all of them then extract
them all at once.

  I.100.B  Web sites for skins and mods

  Some of the many sites you might try are:

  Some of the many sites you might try are:
     defunct (GTA Action)

  Rockstar Games web site offers a skin for Tommy as well.

  I.100.C  Skins for Tommy
                     "Tony Montana" by archicondeas
                     Gunslinger: "Robert De Niro" and "Hot Shirts"
                     Make your own skin

  As with "GTA III," you can download all sorts of skins for Tommy and put them
in the "skins" folder--C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice
City\skins.  The next time you play the game, you can go to Options, then Player
Skin Setup, and pick the look for Tommy you want to see.

  "Tony Montana" by archicondeas (and via nkjellman)

  This mod lets you play as Al Pacino as Tony Montana as depicted in the 2006
game "Scarface."

  Gunslinger: "Robert De Niro" and "Hot Shirts"

  The best I've seen are by Gunslinger.  I recommend his Hot Shirts Pack V1.0
and Robert De Niro (as he appeared in "Heat," 1995) v1.0 skins, which you can
download to your desktop from the link below:

  Download the choices you like to your desktop.  Right click on a blank space
of your desktop and click "New" then "Folder."  Right click it and click "Re-
name," and call it "GTA De Niro" or whatever like that.  Open your downloaded
file and extract the contents to the folder you created.

  Open the folder and copy the .bmp files to C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\
Grand Theft Auto Vice City\skins.  The next time you play the game, you can go
into the Options for the Player Skin Setup and pick the skin you want to see.

  You'll have a decision to make about how much you want to change the game to
show some of his skins off as he intended.  Some are intended as mods that use a
different lead player model.  Gunslinger likes to exchange the player.dff and
player.txd files of the default player (in street clothes--a blue flowered shirt
and jeans) with the player2, player3, etc., .dff and .txd files which are meant
to show Tommy dressed in the various ways the clothes pickups in the game make
him look (the Soiree Outfit, the Golf Club Outfit, etc.--I.9.C), then do his
artwork on .bmp files, skins, for them.

  He wants you to do that for his De Niro skin to have the full suit used he de-
signed it for, but I don't go that far and disrupt everything over one skin.
Nearly all the skins, unless otherwise noted, you'll see for free at the many
GTA web sites are for the default player in street clothes, which is the look I
usually like best for Tommy, anyway.  I just put the De Niro .bmp file in skins.
It's the same facial model, etc., except his forearms will have a little messed
up coloring on them because the default Tommy wears a short sleeve shirt.  I
just pretend De Niro got his shirt sleeves messed up doing jumps on his bike.

  (gtadude1 came up with a good mod of De Niro as Travis Bickle in "Taxi Driv-
er," 1976, that lets you use him as the lead player in "III," too.)

  The Hot Shirts were designed for the default player.

  "dff" files define the shapes of things, and "txd" files are the "texture dic-
tionary" files--the graphics for the .dff files and the radar.  You find these
files in models\gta3.img--"img" stands for "item group."  Thanks to Ben Mil-
lard's, aka Cerbera's, web site:

  Make your own skin

  Another thing you might do is copy the picture of Tommy with outlines on it
from the Skin file to whatever painting software you might have and make your
own skin.  I've never done this, but I know you're supposed to get rid of the
green outlines on it before you copy the finished artwork as a .bmp file back to
the Skin folder to use it in the game.  It's referred to on page 17 of your Vice
City Tourist Guide in an ad for "Vice City Plastic Surgery" with abysmally tiny

  I guess you could use Microsoft Paint to do it.  I played at it a little, and
didn't figure out how to control it as good as I can draw or paint.  You proba-
bly need to buy a better Paint software program from Adobe or such to do that.

  I.100.D  Mods (modifications of the game)

  I think my computer is allergic to most mod(ification)s for some weird reason.
It might partly be because I like to enjoy the game with the resolution and all
cranked up as far as I can for the unmodified game.  Otherwise, I think I'd have
used more of them than I have.  Turning your computer off at the main power but-
ton is supposed to be bad for it, but sometimes the game freezes that can arise
give you no way out of the game with the keyboard.  Thanks to gtavicer9 for rec-
ommending that you use the reset button, below the main power button on my PC,
instead at such times.  Still, I'll offer a few of the basic things I know to
help you get started with that.

  Different combinations of processors, RAM, hard drives, and types of graphics
and sound cards can have special problems, sometimes fixed by updates for your
cards.  Sometimes downloads are corrupt.  There's no one simple stance on the
safety of mods unless everyone used the same combination.  Distrust the word of
anyone who gives an edited version of the truth that mischaracterizes it.
You've been warned.

  Make backup copies of any files you change.  If you forgot to do that and need
to switch back to your original files, reinstall the game--your progress in the
game has been preserved in My Documents in the GTA Vice City User Files, which
will serve the new installation.

  For technical support, check the support section for the PC "Vice City" at the
Take-Two Games web site.  They have a page devoted to solutions to common prob-
lems that different setups have with the game.  They have a page that lets you
send them an E-mail, too, which connects you to some nice people who offer per-
sonal support.

  Then ask the modders or the GTA Forums web site.  Some mods not only come with
clear read-me files but an e-mail address, even web sites, you can use if spe-
cial problems arise.  And the message boards at GTA Forums cover a variety of
the concerns that come up with modding.  Pick the right topic, and a message al-
ready posted might help you.  Otherwise, just register and ask.

  I.100.D.a  Un-check the green dot 1st.

  As always, except for adding to the MP3 or Skins folders, when you change a
file in the game, you need to make it writable and not "read only" 1st.  Go to:

  My Computer\C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City

  Right-click it, click "Properties," and click the little green dot so it dis-
appears.  It's green for Windows XP Home and blue for Vista Home Premium.

  Click "Apply" and a little menu will ask if you want that to apply to all
files and subfolders--click "OK" and it will disappear, then click "OK" on the
1st one and it will disappear.

  I.100.D.b  Make backups (and where to find other VC backup files)

  Make backup copies of the original files you plan to change.  Save them in a
folder in My Documents in case something goes wrong or you change your mind lat-
er.  That way, if you need to change the file to what it was originally, you
won't have to reinstall the game.  For a copy of the original file and a copy of
the file you can access and read with Notepad, I'd use My Documents to both Copy
and Paste a copy of the file and save it as a text file.

  I.100.D.c  Tools

  The IMG Tool v.2

  You'll also need the IMG Tool v.2 by Spookie to install most mods.  It's a
standard for replacing the dff and txd files of models\gta.img of of "III,"
"Vice City," and "San Andreas".  You can find it at about any GTA site that of-
fers mods.

  DMagic1's Wheel Mod v.3

  You'll need to use DMagic1's Wheel Mod v.3 if your vehicle mod comes with mod-
ded wheels.

  The Vice TXD Tool

  For Ultimate Nudes, you'll need the Vice TXD Tool by Spookie, which can be
found at:

  It also allows you to view the .txd files.

  The Rescaler and CFG Studio 2

  The functions of Ben "Cerbera" Millard's Rescaler--to calculate how to adjust
the suspension of vehicles in the data\handling.cfg file of "III," "Vice City,"
and "San Andreas"--are now handled by his CFG Studio 2.

  You can use his CFG Studio 2 to make those or any other changes to data\han-
dling.cfg, and it makes it easy for anyone to understand how to change the flags
of "III," "Vice City," and "San Andreas."

  As of Aug., 2020, Ben Millard isn't updating this with the latest Windows OS.

  The GXT Editor v.1.2

  The last time I checked, you could get CyQ's GXT Editor v.1.2, to change the
name of the vehicle as it appears on the lower right corner of the screen when
Tommy enters it during the game, from:

  The GTA3 Audio Editor

  You can listen to, and mod, the Audio > sfx.SDT audio files with the "GTA3
Audio Editor" by LithJoe.  Export a file to save, export one to mod and mod it,
replace the original, then rebuild the archive.

  SFX Manager

  HackMan128's "III and VC audio editor" lets you to extract and replace sounds
in Vice City or III.

  I.100.D.d  Women
                         Gunslinger: "Prostitute Pack"s 1 and 2
                         Dr. Colossus: "Ultimate Nudes"
                         "GTA Vice City Nudes"
                         Naked Women: a variety of methods of insertion
                    Another Naked Woman
                         Russificator: black stripa
                    How to change the way they walk

  Don't worry if you think this is too much.  The Vice City women's naked pixels
are only so sexy--curved instead of angular, etc.  Like the rest of the game,
you have to help it with your imagination.  (The Dodo disappeared: it went into
a cloud, etc.)  Fortunately, I have one.  MMmmm, yes.

  Then again, I bet they look sexier than you might think.

  Gunslinger: "Prostitute Pack"s 1 and 2

  You can find some sexy woman mods by Gunslinger at:

  His "Prostitute Pack"s 1 and 2 come with "read me" instruction files and make
the strippers at the Pole Position club look a lot cuter to me.  In fact, I also
exchanged some of the dancers in the front of the club, prostitutes, and some of
the lady pedestrians with Gunslinger's models.  But certain ones, like BFYPR, I
found the replacements for in Grand Theft Auto Vice City Ultimate Nudes 1.0.

  Dr. Colossus: "Ultimate Nudes"

  You might find the Ultimate Nudes 1.0 by Dr_Colossus at:

  "GTA Vice City Nudes"

  I haven't tried it, but for the person who just can't have too many nudes (I
don't know about you, but, personally, I think I could), if you'd like a total
female nude conversion, a sort of Liberty Titty mod, you can try "GTA Vice City

  Naked Women: a variety of methods of insertion

  Note: you can end up with one of your alternative pedestrians as the lead
player by playing with the "stilllikedressingup" code.  We'll show those "Blood-
rayne" people a thing or two (I know--I'm one of them).  Can Bloodrayne play hit
tunes while flying off a ramp?  Can she find a golf cart in a shrub?  I don't
think so.

  To make Vice City look a little more cheerful, and earn it's M rating, do the
bit un-checking the green dot (I.100.D.a) and downloading the files to the new
folder on the desktop again.

  Open the IMG Tool, click "File," "Open," and find "gta3" (no, I don't know why
it's called that and not gtavicecity) via:

  "My Computer," "Local Disk (C:)," "Program Files," "Rockstar Games," "Grand
Theft Auto Vice City," "models," and "gta3."

  Select "gta3" and click "Open," and the window fills with all the file names
in it.

  Scroll through the names to "stripa.txd," click on it to select it,  and click
"Commands" then "Extract."  Extract it to a place where you can save a backup
copy if you change your mind, or anything should go wrong, and you want to put
it back.  I'd put it on the desktop temporarily or in a folder I'd make for it
in "My Documents."

  Then click "Commands," "Delete," and delete the selected "stripa.txd."

  Gunslinger uses the original "stripa.dff" file for this one lady, so we won't
mess with the .dff file this time.

  Then click "Command," "Add," and find the "stripa.txd" file you want from the
desktop folder you made from the Gunslinger download of Prostitute Pack 2.

  Click "Open" and the file is added.

  Whenever you're through doing this stuff with however many files, click "Com-
mands" and "Rebuild Archive," wait for it to do it, close the IMG Tool by "x"ing
it out, and you're done.

  To make other replacements, do the same thing except with both the .dff and
.txd files.  Add the .dff files 1st of each pair of .dff and .txd files you add
due to some technical reason to prevent glitches or freezes.  Always replace
.txd files with ones of the same resolution (128x256, 256x256, etc.).

  Then rebuild the archive.

  If you replace lady pedestrians, I also recommend the "Ultimate Nudes" for
bfybe, BFYPR, HFYBE, WFYBE, WFYLG, wfysk, and WFYST.  It includes changes that
makes the black hooker, who's also a dancer in the front of the Pole Position
club, and ignored by Gunslinger, topless, and likewise includes changes to other
cute women he ignores.

  It just changes txd files and it's done with the Vice TXD Tool (or the TXD
Tool, if you can get yours to work) which is like the IMG Tool except that it
just changes .txd files.  It also shows you pictures of the files as you deal
with them, which can be helpful.

  Un-check the green dot (I.100.D.a), etc.

  Then, with the Vice TXD Tool, open the models\gta3 file and select the .txd
you want to replace; click "Command," "Replace," and a menu appears with which
to find the file you want to replace it with--in this case, from the "Ultimate
Nudes" folder.  Select the file you want on it and click "Open."

  It's replaced by another menu called "Replacement Alpha" at the top--select
"Alpha" then click "Open" and it disappears.

Click on the name of the file in the "Dictionary" window and you can see the
change you made in the window on the right.

  When you're through making changes, close the Vice TXD Tool and open the IMG
Tool and run the "Rebuild Archive" command, then close it.

  The three strippers are stripa, stripb, and stripc.  Stripa, stripb, and
stripc can be found in the 1st room on the left during the Pole Position mis-
sion (I.94); but only stripb is seen there afterwards.  Stripa is the cute lady
in the cowboy hat also found in the " only" room in the club, and
as a bartender at the Malibu Club, after the mission.

  The three hookers are BFYPR, HFYPR, and WFYPR.

  The four dancers in the front of the Pole Position Club are BFYPR (the black
prostitute again), wfybe (dirty blonde, red sandals, dark red bikini bottom),
wfyg1 aka group (Lovefist groupie 1), and wfobe (the old fat lady in a bikini
who faces away from the middle of the room as she dances), who are part of the
peds beyond the club, too.

  Notice that "B" stands for "black," "H" for "Hispanic," and "W" for "white."

  The 2nd letter in each is "F" for "female."  "Y" is "young" and "O" is "old."

  And the last two letters are "PR" for "prostitute," "be" for "beach"--indicat-
ing that the pedestrian wears a swimming suit, and "g1" stands for "groupie 1."

  If gunslinger has a pair of .dff and .txd files you like, and you want to re-
place whatever pedestrian in the game with them, just make sure to rename the
files you put in after whoever you're replacing.  You may be putting in a woman
who's very shapely, but give her pair of files the big fat lady's name if that's
who you're replacing so the game will recognize the file.

  After making the Ultimate Nudes changes I listed, I went for stripa: Pros Pack
2 .txd only; stripb: bfybe as altered by Ult. Nudes; stripc: Candy w/red hair,
HFYPR, of Pros. Pack 2; wfobe: wfypr--Candy w/black hair--of Pros Pack 2; wfyg1:
stripa w/white hair of Pros Pack 2; and HFYRI: HFYRI txd only of Pros Pack 2.  I
left WFYPR alone for more variety.

  Beyond that, I changed wfybu with Gunslinger's Annie Oakley (based on stripa);
HFYBU with Gunslinger's Samantha; and, the most complicated, wfyri with a combi-
nation of Gunslinger's Tiffani in bikini top .txd and an extracted copy of the
wfysk (Rockstar North's own blonde lady skater) .dff, both renamed wfyri and
given the "sexywoman" walk, all the more an accomplishment for her since she
does it on skates.

  "RI" stands for "rich"; "bu" stands for "business," and "sk" stands for "skat-

  I also changed IGCandy (I think "IG" may mean "in game") and CSCandy ("CS"
means "cut scene") with Gunslinger files for Candy.  I used replacements that
are the same size as the files I replaced--44kb instead of 22kb.

  You might also play around with the istilllikedressingup code to see which
pedestrians are brought up by it to decide on your exchanges if you want the new
cast member to be able to appear as your lead player.  Use iwantbigtits to play
as Candy.

  Another Naked Woman

  Russificator: black stripa

  Another modder with good work in this area is Russificator, who can be found
at:  (inactive link)

  You save his pictures into "My Pictures." Then you select one of the pictures
to "Open With" "Paint."  You click "File," "Save As," and you select the "24-bit
Bitmap" option along the bottom, give it a name, and save it back in "My Pic-
tures."  Similar to some of Gunslingers mod ideas, he suggests that you can
change the lead player's .dff and .txd files (saving backups 1st) with copies
from the game of that lady's .dff and .txd files, then put the 24-bit picture in
your "skins" folder and have that lady as the lead player.

  Again, I usually use Tommy in his street clothes for the lead player, and oc-
casionally use a ped instead with the "istilllikedresssingup" code.  I chose to
use a .txd file he sent me of his black stripa, with an extracted copy of the
stripa.dff file from the game, renamed each of them wfyg1, deleted the original
wfyg1 files, and put in the new ones.

  He also has a "Little Annie Fanny"ed Lara Croft for a lead player at:

  How to change the way they walk

  The way they walk is controlled in the Grand Theft Auto Vice City\data\
default.IDE file.  (Thanks to a "read me" file in a mod by Gunslinger.)  "IDE"
stands for "item definition."  (Thanks again to Cerbera's web site.)

  If you have Windows XP Home like me, you can find it with Notepad--when you
open "data," change the window at the bottom to show "all files" instead of just
"text files."

  You'll see all the peds listed in default.ide, and each listing includes a
combination word like "busywoman" (a business woman, she walks with one hand on
her hips and a forearm in the air like something out of a 3 Stooges comedy),
"fatwoman" (she walks like a truck driver or a cowboy who's been riding horses
too often), and "sexywoman" (the sashaying hips walk you've no doubt already no-

  If you want to play with the choices, 1st uncheck the green dot (I.100.D.a),

  You may want to remember this file if you replace the fat lady dancer from the
front of the club with someone more svelte and wonder why they're walking around
looking so butch.  I've played with this a little, too, and once let one shapely
lady walk around looking butch with the fatwoman walk and gave the old black la-
dy in the gray clothes and yellow bandana the sexy walk, but I leave the choices
up to you.

  I.100.D.e  Cars and bikes

  They're okay, too.

  Installing car and bike mods (Example: a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air)
  How to change their engine sounds
  How to change their colors
  How to change their mass,
       ability to stay upright and hug the driving surface,
       ability to survive in water,
       cornering and braking, top speed, acceleration,
       suspension, durability, and miscellaneous jazz
  Gameplay advantages
       Making vehicles weaker or stronger
       How to create your own "Alloy Wheels of Steel" Angel
       One possible 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air
  How to change the traction of surfaces
  Failure to lower the cannon shots of Rhinos
  Grand Theft Auto: Vice Bedrock
  The hot Cougar scandal
  How to change their wheels
       DMagic1's Wheel Mod
       Xbox wheels
  How to change their on-screen names
  Spookie's Speedometer mod
  The Pole Position bike
  Xbox Cars to PC

  Installing car and bike mods (Example: a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air)

  There are some good car mods out there and a lot of crap.  Look before you
leap--see if you can find a site with a picture of it 1st, or if it has a high
approval rating with the fans (not always a reliable method--it may reflect the
popularity of the car and not the quality of the mod).

  Just as an example, let's say you wanted to replace a car with a quality con-
veyance, like a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air by YoYo for "GTA III" and adapted for
"Vice City" by DiCanio.  It's a convertible with the roof down:

  It's a manual installation version, which I prefer, and comes with a pretty
self-explanatory "read me" text file of instructions.  Basically, you download
it etc., un-check the read-only green dot like you did in every example I gave,
and replace the Virgo .dff and .txd files with DiCanio's, then click "Commands"
and "Rebuild Archive."

  I'd use Notepad to make the changes he recommends to some numbers in these da-
ta files: default.IDE and Handling.cfg..  (If you don't have Notepad, you could
use a car editor mod; I can't recommend one because I've always used Notepad,
but the ones I've seen look easy to use.)

  I'd need to use DMagic1's Wheel Mod v.3, as explained a few paragraphs below.
It has you change a number in data\default.ide to 249, and the number after that
is the wheel size, which I changed to 0.85.  For data\carcols.dat, I'd want to
pick my own colors.

  I've also found several 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air hardtops by Viewpoint DataLabs
converted with good detail by a Russian named Klarnetist:
      [email protected]
    See my various variations of VC save game packages for my updates on those
'57 Chevys.

  They come with English read me files.  He has a two-door, a four-door, and a
four-door used for a Kaufman Cab!  The detail work, right down to the little
Chevy logo on the center of the hubcaps, is quite something.

  If you don't want to go to the extent of downloading a COL file (collision
file) editor and replacing the col files of a different shape than the Chevy,
too, just replace the .dff and .txd files of a Virgo with those for a two-door
Chevy, etc., like I described above with DiCanio's Chevy.  Likewise, I just re-
placed the .dff and .txd files with a Kaufman Cab for the '57 Chevy version.

  If you do want to use a col editor, Klarnetist recommends that you use the
Collision File Editor 1.1 Beta:

  If you do that, steve-m requires that you download his D3DX81ab.dll 1.0 file,
too, and put it in your \Windows\System32\ directory for the Editor to work.
Uncheck the green dot (I.100.D.a), etc., 1st.  You then use the Collision File
Editor 1.1 Beta to open the /MODELS/COLL/vehicles.col file in your "Vice City"
folder.  Find the name of the car you want to replace, such as KAUFMAN, in the
model list, select it, and click the Replace button.  In the Open File dialog
box, point to the path of the kaufman.col file, and then Replace the model.

  The two-door hardtop I switched with the Virgo may have a pair of red dice
hanging from the rear view mirror, a Well Stacked pizza box on the back seat, or
a green can of gasoline in the trunk.  Press F1 (replay) a couple of times to
make it switch from one to another.

  Likewise, pressing F1 shows that the four-door '57 Chevy Kaufman Cab has a
couple different collections of golf bags in the trunk.  It has a meter and pho-
to of the driver--Ronald Reagan?!-- on the dash.

  I changed data > handling.cfg to give it -.27 for H, a 1.00 and 0.96 for J
and K, a 260.0 and 27.0 for N and O, a .15 for Y, a 4000000 for ae to make it
good in sand, a 1 for af, and a 1 for ag.  I used DMagic1's Wheel Mod then
changed the wheel size in data > default.ide to 0.85.  This Chevy's ready to
be competitive in Vice City and still has some of the real Chevy characteris-
tics.  I changed the colors and gave it the "1957 Chevrolet Bel Air" onscreen
name.  See below to see how to do all those things (and create a Chevy that's
more of a super car, too).

  How to change their engine sounds

  You can listen to, and mod, the Audio > sfx.SDT audio files with the "GTA3
Audio Editor" by LithJoe.  Export a file to save, export one to mod and mod it,
replace the original, then rebuild the archive.

  For example, if you want to replace the Oceanic engine sounds with authentic
'57 Chevy engine sounds, replace these files: sfx00407, sfx00408, sfx00409, and
sfx00296.  Those are also the sounds of the Bloodring Bangers, Glendale, Hermes,
and Voodoo.  The Virgo engine sound files are sfx00392, sfx00393, sfx00394, and
sfx00291.  Those are also the sounds of the Admiral, FBI Car, Police car, Sen-
tinel, Taxi, and Washington.

  For each set of four, the first gives the vehicle speeding up, the 2nd gives
it slowing down, the 3rd gives it slowing down further, and the 4th gives it go-
ing at a steady speed.  A list of VC engine sound files is at the next link.

  WFOST, old lady ped, dark red skirt and bandana, lime green sweater, with a
voice a bit like Gilda Radner as Emily Litella, may say this when jacked from a
car: "This is a vintage Bel Air--hey" (sfx08360).

  How to change their colors

  The data > carcols.dat file uses pairs of numbers to assign a vehicle the vari-
ous colors it can have.  The 1st of a pair typically represents the body color
and the 2nd is the interior or trim.

  A color chart for the numbers is at the next link.

  If you want to play with the choices, 1st un-check the green dot (I.100.D.a),

  You can play with the colors in carcols to give your car the custom colors you
want (like the silver exterior and white roof--red interior for the converti-
ble--I gave the Chevy for one of the pairs of numbers to make it look like my
Dad's car of the late '50's to late '60's).  Pink and gray seem to be some kind
of 1950's/"Vice City" colors, but I also noticed that dark colors often look
good on one of the original "Vice City" cars that look like it was 1st shaded
with gray and black before the color was added because it covers up the dingy
gray better.

  And if you've already played past a section of the game then read about one of
the vehicles of a rare color, like the silver PCJ 600 of "Autocide," that grabs
your interest, you can just make one of the pairs of color for it silver your-

  The first number of a pair, if it represents one of the colors already created
in the top part of carcols.dat, also represents the color the police dispatcher
gives as the color of Tommy's vehicle while he has a wanted rating.

  You can add colors to the bottom of the list in top part of carcols.dat.  I
use Accessories > Paint > Colors > Edit Colors > Define Custom Colors >> to come
up with the Red, Green, and Blue numbers for a color.  On the rainbow-like
screen, notice that changing Hue makes the cursor move horizontally, changing
Saturation makes it move vertically (moving it down adds grey to black to a col-
or), and changing Luminescence doesn't move the cursor but makes the arrow at
the bar to the right of the screen go up or down (moving it down makes the color

  If you want to match a color in a picture saved on your PC, you can open the
picture in IrfanView, click Edit > Show Paint dialogue, and a Paint menu ap-
pears.  Click the Color-picker button, click the color you want to match on your
picture, and the color appears at the bottom of the Paint menu in one of two
boxes--one for LMB and one for RMB.  Click the color you made appear and a Color
menu appears.  Click Define Custom Colors >> to get the RGB numbers of the color
and you can customize it as with Windows Paint.

  Assign the color a number in carcols.dat and you can use that number for a ve-
hicle in the bottom part of carcols.

  How to change their mass,
        ability to stay upright and hug the driving surface,
        ability to survive in water,
        cornering and braking, top speed, acceleration,
        suspension, durability, and miscellaneous jazz.

  Go to
C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\data\handling.cfg

  For the Steam version on Windows 10 64 bit that's
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\data\

  It's interesting to look at all by itself.  It gives a chart with the scads of
parameters chosen for each vehicle and what each one means.

  "cfg" stands for "configuration file."  Thanks again to Cerbera's web site.

  Mass is in kilograms.  A kilogram is 2.20462 pounds.

  Velocity is in kilometers per hour, which is 0.62137 miles per hour.

  Acceleration, column O, is in ms-2 (m/s squared), which is meters per (second
x second), which is 3.281 feet per (second x second).  For example, 9.8066 me-
ters per second squared is 32.174 feet per second squared.

  Thanks to a post by spaceeinstein at Gamefaqs for the tip to check out this
web site, and to Ben "Cerbera" Millard, the author of the site:

  I recommend anyone interested to explore his studies.  As big as this section
of my walk-through is, my biggest regret is how much information I left out.

  If you want to play with the choices, 1st un-check the green dot (I.100.D.a),

  Write down the original numbers in case you want to change them back.  If you
plan to fiddle around with it a lot, I'd just make a copy of handling.cfg for My
Documents beforehand.


  People like to play with handling.cfg and decrease the Mass, and raise the
MaxVelocity and EngineAcceleration, of a vehicle (columns B, N, and O respec-
tively) to make it more like the Cheetah, or with even larger numbers for top
speed and acceleration, to make it able to perform big jumps.

  As explained in "Top Speed and Acceleration," raising the number for mass
alone doesn't bog the vehicle down as it would in real life physics.  In the
game physics, mass and acceleration are multiplied to create speed, with top
speed setting a limit on it.  Giving a car the weight of the road it's on can
create so much momentum that a vehicle can coast all the way across town.

  (Some use that for "GTA III" to jump a bullet-proof Cheetah, or "EP" Mafia
Stretch, or Manana with a dead body in the trunk, over the gap in the Callahan
Bridge before it's fixed.)

  To make your vehicle a bruiser that knocks other vehicles out of the way, you
can increase the mass, but see the notes for column Y, durability, too, if you
want to do that.

  In real life you might increase the mass to help the vehicle adhere to the
traveling surface better, but see the notes for the ability to hug the driving
surface, cornering, braking, and suspension if you want better traction in Vice

  Column B: one source told me not to make the mass greater than 50,000.0.

  Columns C, D, and E are the dimensions of the vehicle.  C is x: width; D is y:
length; and E is z: height.  They would seem to just give the size of the vehi-
cle but, like mass, they don't strictly refer to real life physics but are also
important in how they effect the game physics.  As in real life, the dimensions
of a sports car, compared to a limo or truck, have a lot to do with how nimble
the handling is.  The "dimensions" the game creates here may vary from the actu-
al size of the vehicle to give the other parameters something different to mul-
tiply with, effecting how the vehicle moves, speeds up, and handles jumps.

  As Cerbera notes, giving a big vehicle bigger x and z values than the sight of
it would indicate it should have, and using a slightly smaller, fictional z di-
mension for a little light sports car, can help the sports car, one that doesn't
have a lot of mass to multiply with acceleration, have less surface friction and
develop a high speed quickly, anyway.  It can also effect turning to change
these figures, with very small ones making the vehicle too prone to rotate
(think of the RC Bandit) and big figures for length and width making a vehicle
bad at cornering.  I'd take Cerbera's advice and generally leave these figures
alone unless you intend to tweak other things in relationship to them.  See the
dimensions handling.cfg gives to the sports cars that have the best handling to
see the figures that make a vehicle agile.

  Another concern to have for C, D, and E, if you like to take screenshots or
videos of Tommy in the vehicle, is how they place Tommy in it.  It looks better
if his hands look like they're on the steering wheel,  so you might use the fig-
ures intended for them by Rockstar North or the modder and tweak the other fig-
ures for better handling.  Column X, fSeatOffsetDistance, may change that more
easily--I haven't fiddled with it yet.

  Ability to stay upright and hug the driving surface

  A lower center of gravity can help the Ambulance, which tips over easily, es-
pecially if you tighten the suspension, too.  It should also improve the han-
dling of a vehicle, since a low center of gravity will make the vehicle adhere
to the driving surface better--the cornering and braking ability of the vehicle
will get a better chance to be effective.

  If you compare the figures in column H in handling.cfg, you'll notice that the
vehicles with worse handling tend to have a positive number (a realistic center
of gravity over the ground) and the ones with better handling tend to have nega-
tive numbers (a center of gravity below the ground).  (I suppose 0.0 is ground

  column H, CentreOfMass.z: -0.9 should help the Ambulance according to a tip by
esterxxxx in a post at GTA Forums, GTA3 and Vice City modding, Editing Discus-
sion, Tutorial Forum, "Scared Soldier Boys And Gangs."  (Thanks as well for tips
on how to raise J and K and some tips used at Weapons.)  You can look
around there for more such tips, too.  I'd adjust the cornering, braking, and
suspension as well as described below.

  When I tried -0.9 for the Pizza Boy (it and the Faggio are covered by MOPED in
handling.cfg), it waggled whenever Tommy meant to sit still on it like some
force was trying to pull it down into the ground, so I lessened the number to
-0.3 for it.

  If you want to use the positive, realistic figures Cerbera may use, you might
want to go the whole way and use his handling overhaul for all the vehicles in
the game to give your vehicle a context it can better be competitive in.  It
loosens up the give and play of the vehicle in reaction to movement changes, and
lessens wheel locking, etc.  Such things can be eliminated with a super car to
the extent you may feel it's unrealistic and boring, so you might like to try it
his way.

  Ability to survive in water

  Column I, nPercentSubmerged, can be changed to -1 so your vehicle can survive
underwater.  (Thanks to DiCanio's RC Mod--I learned about this from the instruc-
tions for it.)  If you do that to a vehicle and drive it into water, it makes
some splashes in "gray hell" then appears nearby on land, sometimes with an In-
sane Stunt bonus.

  It also let me drive the PCJ 600 N from near the light house and drive on the
underwater sand.  When the bike went onto the gray stuff beyond that, the bike
made splashes and appeared nearby on land.

  Cornering and braking

  According to Cerbera, J,  K, and L are absolutes--each one alone takes care of
an aspect of handling.  This is what J, K, and L mean:

  J  fTractionMultiplier: the cornering grip of the vehicle as a multiplier of
the tire surface friction (given in data\surface.dat; see "How to change the
traction of surfaces" below).

  K  fTractionLoss: the accelerating/braking grip of the vehicle as a multiplier
of the tire surface friction (given in data\surface.dat). (GTW note: the numbers
tend to be between 0.7 and 0.9, with 1.3 an exceptionally high number that the
Cheetah has.  The Faggio/Pizza Boy--"MOPED," PCJ 600--"BIKE," and Sanchez--
"DIRTBIKE," all have high scores with 0.9.)

  L  fTractionBias: the ratio of front axle grip to rear axle grip; higher value
shifts grip forwards. (GTW note: the median number seems to be 0.5.)

  Column J: the Cheetah has an exceptionally high number for cornering grip with
1.3 (Cerbera says 1.0 creates the effect of racing slick tires).

  For an extra-strong scooter, because Tommy kept getting thrown from the scoot-
er if I had him make a sharp turn, I only used 1.6, the BIKE (PCJ 600) number,
for J.  But for a possible "Wheels of Steel" Angel, leaving mass and speed,
etc., alone, I used 3.0.

  The turning degree of the vehicle is given in column U.  All the bikes have 35
for that, so I wondered why Tommy was thrown from the scooter I modified.  I
think it's because it's the bike I increased the mass with so much--he developed
so much forward momentum that his body was thrown forward when the bike turned
on a dime.  The only other thing special about the scooter I've noticed so far
that might have contributed to it is that it has the smallest length, width, and
height, given in columns C, D, and E, of the bikes.  Making the same degree of
turn as a larger bike on one with the tiny "dimensions" of the scooter would re-
sult in a turn made over a smaller area, which, combined with the cranked-up
cornering traction, J, and increased forward momentum, B, is, I think, why Tommy
was thrown from the bike on sharp turns as if he'd hit something.  I tweaked the
figure for J, cornering traction, lower so he wouldn't.

  Column K: you might raise the acceleration/braking grip to 0.95 or even 1.4.
For an extra-strong scooter, I used 1.5 for K.

  Cerbera recommends making K (acceleration/braking grip) about .05 (sedan) to
.15 (high performance car) lower than J (cornering ability) in realistic appli-

  I'd combine these ideas with a negative number for H (see "Ability to stay up-
right and hug the driving surface" given above) and tighten the suspension (see
below) to improve handling.

  Since J and K are multipliers of tire surface friction, you can increase the
variety of surfaces you get better grip with by changing data\surface.dat (see
"Change the traction of surfaces" below) as recommended for beach jumps in the
"Surf's Up" mod by DiCanio.  One limitation is that if you change it for one
surface you change that surface for all vehicles--you can't single out one vehi-
cle it applies to.  I usually leave surface.dat alone for a more natural variety
of driving surfaces.  But you can change the ability of a single vehicle to
drive on sand as described below in "Miscellaneous jazz."

  Column R: brake deceleration--the speed the wheels stop with--goes from 0 (no
brake) to 20.  An Esperanto has a low number for a car with 3.4 and a Cheetah
has a high number of 11.1.  But the speed the wheels come to a stop with isn't
necessarily the speed the vehicle stops with.  This has to be seen in relation-
ship to grip and suspension, because a Police Car has 11.1 and can act like a
feature of the Ice Capades on a dry surface.  The bikes have the highest scores,
with the highest being 19.00 for the Sanchez, yet one of the important things to
know about handling them is how to make the most out of skidding turns you ac-
celerate out of.

  Top speed and acceleration

  Column N: several sources indicate the top speed is 300.0, but I haven't test-
ed it.

  Column O: several sources indicate the top acceleration is 99.0, but I haven't
tested it.  50.0 seems to be a choice some make for a super car, but you have to
consider how easy it is for you to manipulate, and you can accelerate faster
than your pursuers without having to go that high.  A Cheetah uses 32.

  Cerbera has done some thoughtful, proper testing which indicates that mass has
an influence on top speed.  If you take two "Vice City" vehicles with the same
top speed and acceleration, but give one a greater number for mass, the one with
a greater mass will develop a greater top speed as long as it doesn't exceed the
number you choose for top speed.  The top speed number acts as a limiter to stop
your vehicle from going faster--it doesn't mean that raising that number alone
necessarily makes your vehicle go faster.  You make it go faster with higher
numbers for mass, B, and/or acceleration, O, with the top speed number, N, set-
ting a ceiling on it.

  One of the easy ways to see the speed limitation is by driving the Cheetah
along a runway at the airport with constant acceleration while using Spookie's
Speedometer mod.  It will peak at 100 mph and stay there, even though the motor
sounds go higher in pitch.


  The suspension of the vehicle can be changed from something loose--with
"wobble," as I call it in this guide--to something as tight as that for a race
car.  If you start changing vehicles into super race cars, you'll soon see why
race car drivers want that.  Going 180 mph is no time for two of the wheels to
start wobbling off the driving surface.

  The various figures for V, W, aa, and ab are inter-dependant upon each other.

  V gives the spring force.
  W gives the damper force.
  aa gives the distance in meters the wheels will bounce up.
  ab gives the height in meters of the normal riding level.

  The easiest way to change the suspension is to plug those figures into Cer-
bera's CFG Studio 2:

  Ben "Cerbera" Millard is no longer updating the CFG Studio with the latest
Windows OS (as of this writing, Aug., 2020, Windows 10 64 bit, for which it
doesn't work).

  In CFG Tool 2, open handling.cfg, highlight the vehicle you want to change,
then click Tools > Suspension.  Change the number for "Springs" under "Suspen-
sion Data" to change the value for "Springs" under "Effect in GTA."  Do the same
wth "Dampers" under the two headings.  There's a guide that lists the suspension
effects you can create, from "truck, old car, off road vehicle" to "exotic rac-
ing car," on the bottom of the screen.

  Under "Effect in GTA," make the number for "Damper" 10-15 points bigger than
the one for "Springs."  (Notice that the original numbers do that.)

  I copy the numbers under "Suspension Data" I need to change for Springs (col-
umn V fSuspensionForceLevel) and Dampers (column W fSuspensionDampingLevel),
exit CFG Studio 2, then change handling.cfg with Notepad.

  Cerbera cautions not to give the suspension an "effect" higher than 50 or your
car may bounce around a lot.  An example of a car at the top of that scale is
the Cheetah, which has about 55.6 and 43.9 for the two "effect" numbers.

  Column ad shows the suspension anti-dive multiplier, which gives the amount of
lean the vehicle has when cornering or braking.  If your vehicle wobbles a lot,
try raising this from 0.10 to 0.30 higher and see what you feel the best about.
I usually adjust the suspension with the CFG Studio 2 and don't bother with
this.  (You might change ad for the Ambulance after using the CFG Studio 2, but
tightening the suspension of it is enough for me.)


  Some increase the mass, column B, to make a vehicle win the battles of the
body blows, even send their opponents flying.  But when I raised mass to
20,000.0 for an Infernus, it just developed a tremendous momentum that made it
skid farther and it blew up just as easily, so it was prone to be an inferno.
So you have to change column Y, the collision damage multiplier, as well, if you
want to do that.

  If you compare the numbers in column Y for the various vehicles, you'll see
that the lower numbers are for vehicles that are more durable.  A Rhino is 0.09,
and an Infernus is the most volatile of high performance cars with its combina-
tion of speed and 0.72.

  Column Y: set it at 0.0 to have a vehicle that isn't damaged by collisions
(except visually, but it takes longer to happen).  Like the so-called "EP" Admi-
ral, it can still be destroyed by landing on the roof, etc.

  Set it at 10.0 to make attacker's vehicles into tinder boxes that blow up very
easily.  I've also noticed that you're less likely to get a wanted rating for
bumping a police car when it's set that high for one.  (Be careful about a high
setting--remember that Tommy may be on foot around an attacker's vehicle some-

  Miscellaneous jazz

  You can change the ability to drive in sand, etc., with the numbers--flags--in
column ae.  It looks to me like you use the code as shown (good in sand would be
0000004) then reverse the numbers (GOOD_INSAND would be written as 4000000).
But it also uses some things, like the letter "C," that aren't explained on the
chart, and some groups of only four numbers, etc.

  I recommend you use Cerbera's CFG Studio 2 to figure it out.

  Ben "Cerbera" Millard is no longer updating the CFG Studio with the latest
Windows OS (as of this writing, Aug., 2020, Windows 10 64 bit, for which it
doesn't work).

  Open the data\handling.cfg file with the CFG Studio 2.

  The flags are the numbers of column ae.

  Use the LMB and click to highlight the box of these numbers for a vehicle.
Use the RMB to click it to make a menu appear--left click "Edit Cell...  F2" on
it to make a larger menu appear.

  This larger menu has a collection of phrases that describe each of all the
possible functions for this flag.  Each phrase is preceded by a check box.  If
you left click a box to add or remove a check, the numbers in the highlighted
box change to the numbers that make up the flag that has the function(s) of the
checked boxes.

  You can then use Notepad to copy that number in the corresponding column of

  The 1 and 2 G Boosts help a vehicle at rest, or that has slowed down due to a
hill or from hitting something, respectively, by giving it an initial speed
boost.  They also increase tire spin, if you like the peeling out effect,
without diminishing acceleration.

  You might also try the code for "IS_BUS." I tried it once.  Tommy boarded the
car like it was a Coach--he walked onto the hood and disappeared.  I had an in-
visible driver for the car!  I stopped it at a bus stop and others got in on the
right and left the same way.  Then Tommy came back out portraying the animation
of someone getting off the bus and falling on their belly!  I tried to have him
get back in, and I think that's when I had a game crash.  I had a faulty mod at
the time, so it may not have been the fault of the bus gimmick.

  You could make sure the law enforcement vehicles didn't have NONPLAYER_STABI-
LIZER turned on, which keeps a vehicle from rolling over when driven by someone
other than the lead player, or didn't have NEUTRALHANDLING turned on, which
makes them less likely to spin out when driven by someone other than the lead

  Columns af and ag determine the size of the lights.

   Gameplay advantages
        Making vehicles weaker or stronger
        How to create your own "Alloy Wheels of Steel" Angel
        One possible 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

  You can improve vehicles used for timed missions to get extra abilities for
Tommy.  The Ambulance, Firetruck, Pizza Boy, the Taxi and any Cab, and any vigi-
lante vehicle can be made undamaged by collision, given better speed, and the
land vehicles given better road grip, etc.  The same can be done for whatever
vehicle you like Tommy to drive around in generally.

  The vehicles of attackers can be made less effective, too.  The Police Car,
Enforcer, FBI Rancher, Cheetah (for Vice Cheetah), Barracks OL, and Rhino can be
given less road grip, speed, and made to explode with one collision.

  Remember that if you change the handling for a vehicle you change it for all
examples of the vehicle in the game.  This can make it hard to decide on what to
do about the listing for Cheetah, just for the sake of the "Vice" Cheetah, and
Rhino, which I'd rather leave the way they are.

  Again, uncheck the green dot (I.100.D.a) and make backups.  You could just
write down the original numbers of any you change, but if you're going to fool
around with these ideas much, I'd recommend you save a copy of the handling.cfg
file in My Documents as both a text document (Save as) and the file itself (Copy
and Paste) there.  Pieces of paper with numbers on them can get lost, and if
that happened, you'd have the original numbers handy--you wouldn't have to rein-
stall the game.

  Example--one possible customization for a strong Sentinel:
   B               H       I    J        K        N       O      V    W      Y
  20000.0    -0.90   -1  1.2    1.15    325.0  50.0  1.9  0.19   0.00

  Example--one possible customization for a strong Firetruck:
   B               H       I     J        K        N      O      V    W       Y      ad
 (left as is)  -0.90   -1   1.10   1.00   300.0  40.0  2.7  0.32   0.00  0.20

  Example--one possible customization for a strong Ambulance:
   B               H       I      J       K       N       O      V     W      Y       ad
 (left as is)  -0.90   -1   1.50  1.00   300.0  40.0   2.4  0.28   0.00   0.20

  Example--one possible customization for a strong Pizza Boy (MOPED):
   B               H        I     J       K       N       O                      Y
  50,000      -0.3     -1   3.0     2.2   300.0  50.0                  0.00

   A strong Firetruck or scooter, modified in some way like in the examples given
above, then accelerate to a great speed quickly, turn and stop on a dime, bang
things out of their way, and, if you raise the number for mass like I did for
the scooter, develop so much momentum and a higher top speed they can coast a
long distance.  Since Tommy can still be thrown from the scooter, I'd prefer the
Firetruck over the Pizza Boy as the one to use for races or hazardous driving

  Sentinel: 141 mph; Firetruck and Ambulance: 121 mph; "Wheels of Pepperoni"
Pizza Boy: I started on the N tarmac for a long run at the S tarmac runway--at
the end of the runway, it was going about 192 mph and still accelerating.

  You can also change an Angel to drive like an "Alloy Wheels of Steel" Angel by
just changing two numbers--the ones for vertical center of gravity and cornering

  Example--one possible customization for an Angel to make it an "Alloy Wheels
  of Steel" Angel:

                H           J
              -0.3         3.0

  If you make an Angel perform that way generally, make sure during "Alloy
Wheels of Steel" you have Tommy jack one of the Angels by the biker bar and not
one of the ones the other contestants have.  The game will boost those figures
for that mission on top of how you boosted them, and their Angels will have such
ridiculously strong cornering that it would be hard to drive one and you'd prob-
ably lose the race.

  These are the original numbers to use if you want to change the Angel back to
the way it was originally:

                H           J
               0.0        1.2

  Nobody's coming to your house to stop you if you want to raise the speed or
whatever of the Angel like in the strong Pizza Boy example given just above, ei-

  "Wheels of Steel" Angel: 103 mph

  Example--one possible customization for a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air used to re-
place the Virgo (only the lines that are changed are shown):
  B                 H          J       K      N         O      Y
 1,400.0       0.25     0.85   0.70  180.0   25.0  10.00

  This slows them down a little, and just a bump or two sets them on fire.  I'd
leave Y alone for Hilary's Sabre Turbo--if he blows up, you fail the mission.

  Example--one possible customization for a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air used to
replace the Virgo (only the lines that are changed are shown):
   H       I       J      K      N        O       R     V     W     Y     ae          af  ag
 -0.8    -1   1.15   0.99  300.0  40.0   10.0  2.0  0.18  .00  4000003     1   1

  I used DMagic1's Wheel Mod, described several paragraphs below, for it, too.
It has you change a number in data\default.ide to 249, and the number after that
is the wheel size.  For the Chevy, I changed the wheel size to 0.85.  (The usual
size for the Virgo, 0.7, would look puny on the Chevy.)

  This '57 Chevy is more of a super car than the one I gave figures for in "In-
stalling car and bike mods (Example: a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air)."

  I left the mass alone.  It will do jumps, hug the road (with practically none
of the old Chevy wobble left in for realism), and is durable (the visual ability
to be wrecked is maintained and enough for the variety).  At R, I tried the de-
gree of braking wheel lock of a Hotring Racer.  At V and W, I used Cerbera's
CFG Studio 2 to figure out how to give it the riding suspension of a Ferrari.
At ae, it's good in sand due to the 1st number, and has an acceleration boost
to overcome being at rest or slowed down, with both the 1 and 2 G Boosts acti-
vated, with the last one (I recommend Cerbera's CFG Studio 2 to know how to
change ae as I did).  At af and ag I just made the front and back lights the
right size.  You might add Sk8er's "Tyre Smoke Mod" which Cerbera offers for
some extra tire smoke.

  Cerbera's CFG Studio 2:

  Ben "Cerbera" Millard is no longer updating the CFG Studio with the latest
Windows OS (as of this writing, Aug., 2020, Windows 10 64 bit, for which it
doesn't work).

  Sk8er's Tyre Smoke Mod:

  You could exaggerate some of the figures further if you want it to better com-
pete for the things cars are asked to do for Vice City.

  1957 Chevrolet Bel Air: 119 mph.

  This is not to be mistaken for the kind of changes Cerbera might make to cre-
ate all sorts of more realistic driving experiences.  He might even raise the
center of gravity, etc., for various vehicles to do that and explore the ways to
play with the various handling changes that creates.  In fact, like the "gripis-
everything" code, you may feel that some of the super strong car changes make
the handling of your vehicle so extreme it seems weird.  It also screws up the
ability of the Pizza Boy and Faggio scooters to do stoppies.  At the start of a
new game, you might use it to get the Sub-missions (Paramedic, Pizza Delivery,
etc.) over with faster, use Demarest's change for RC Bandit to win it faster,
then make a copy of your GTA Vice City User file so you can always play with
those things done and change all but the RC Bandit (and Chevy) handling figures
back to the original numbers.

  You might use the Pizza Boy to jump from the airport to Sunshine Autos before
you change it back to normal.

  One drawback to making this change for your Rhino is that you also create the
same change in the Rhinos that attack at the six star wanted level it creates so
easily.  One advantage you have is that you can shoot your cannon and the at-
tackers never use their cannons.

  To increase the ability to stay upright, I braked when a vehicle tried to ram
it, used A and D to tip it upright, and shot the other one away with the cannon,
if possible.

  The trick at six stars was to go at the attacking tanks offensively, ramming
them back and shooting, and seeing how many I could plow into a wall or such
and flip over and cause to explode.  It did turn the tables on them for a

  From aiming it up a ramp at the end of an airstrip at a hovering police heli-
copter and firing repeatedly, I don't think the game is programmed to let the
Rhino blow helicopters up.  You would think it could, and I could be wrong--I
just tried it once.

  How to change the traction of surfaces

  Vehicles have less traction on grass and even less on sand, and all surfaces
are slipperier when it rains.  This is programmed in data\surface.dat.

  "dat" means it's a "data" file.  Thanks again to Cerbera's web site.

  DiCanio recommends improving the traction on sand for beach jumps in the
"Surf's Up Billboard Jump Mod."  As originally written, the highest number in
surface.dat is 6, but the option changes all the numbers to 12's.  For general
purposes, I leave this alone.

  To change the grip in sand for one vehicle, see above for how to change column
ae in handling.cfg under "Miscellaneous jazz."

  Failure to lower the cannon shots of Rhinos

  In handling.cfg, the numbers below ac represent the suspension bias between
the front and rear of a vehicle.  I think .5 for ac in handling.cfg means equal
distribution of suspension between the front and rear; the vehicles I checked
that have numbers lower than .5 have back ends higher than the fronts.  So I
tried raising the back end of the Rhino by changing ac for it to 0.2, hoping it
would aim the cannon lower for rampages.  Since this made the front end scrape
the road a bit, I made the wheels bigger in default.ide, giving the Rhino the
numbers for the wheels of a BF Injection--the last two in the row.  But it be-
came too easy for attacking tanks and explosions to tip it over, and it didn't
seem to lower the aim of the cannon shots, which I thought might be programmed
separately from all that.

  Cerbera confirmed that the trajectory of the cannon shots, like those of the
Hunter, Sea Sparrow, and Predator, the flames from a Cuban Hermes, the water
cannon of the Firetruck, and the hydraulics of the Voodoo are all hard coded:
" cannot be modified, it is part of the game engine itself and the code
involved is buried somewhere in the EXE."

  However, he did offer that you could access the memory of the game to apply
these settings to other vehicles with Delfi's (aka JernejL's) Developer Console:

  Grand Theft Auto: Vice Bedrock

  I thought of a variation for bike stunts after seeing a good stunt video Tha-
Shoka89 posted a link to at Gamefaqs on March 29, 2005.  It was done with a PCJ
600 and Mario, the popular video game hero, as the lead player.  I imagine you
could give the Caddy totally fictional figures--the figures for a PCJ 600--in
handling.cfg and default.ide.  It's the only vehicle other than a bike Tommy can
morph to, and when he does he looks like Fred Flintstone in his car, complete
with his feet running on the road.  I've even seen mods to make it look even
more like it, but I haven't tried one yet.  It would look a little different
than the usual PCJ 600 stunt videos if you did wheelies and stunts with it.  (I
don't know if they have a mod to make one of the hookers look like Wilma.)

  Update: Switch Designs created a mod to "change your Trash truck into a Flint-
stones car, your Python pistol into a Sling Shooter, and it also comes with a
new player skin that will give Tommy a new look with a Fred Flintstone shirt."

  This contest-winning mod can be found at:

  You need to use DMagic1's Wheel Mod v.3 (see below) to use the Flintstones

  Un-check the green dot (I.100.D.a), etc., 1st.

  The hot Cougar scandal

  DiCanio found a car called a Cougar which is in the game files but isn't used
in the game.  A Cougar is like a Virgo.  You can download it from the next link
and put it back in the game.

  How to change their wheels

  Besides the handling parameters chosen for vehicles in handling.cfg, see

  C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\data\default.ide.

  Besides determining how peds walk, mentioned before, it determines certain as-
pects of the behavior of vehicles as well.  This comes up when using DiCanio's
RC Mod and making RC vehicles as ridable as scooters.

  Since it determines the type and size of the wheels for vehicles, it also
comes up when installing DMagic1's Wheel Mod.

  DMagic1's Wheel Mod v.3

  Since, like many mods, the Chevy comes with its own wheels, DiCanio also
provides DMagic1's Wheel Mod, but otherwise you have to download it separately.

  I got DMagic1's Wheel Mod v.3 at:

  Mine came without a "read me" file.  Just in case that happens to you, here's
how to install it:

  Un-check the green dot (I.100.D.a), etc.  Go to data\default.dat with Notepad.





  Go to data\default.ide.  Change this line near the top of the page:

# wheels: 250-257


# wheels: 250-257, 249

  Go to Start, My Computer, Local Disk (C:), Documents and Settings, etc., to
your Desktop, and the download you put there of DMagic1's Wheel Mod v.3, then
the nowheel.dff file in it.  Click it to highlight it, then click Copy this
file, and a menu appears to let you pick where to copy it.  Copy it to models\

  Go to data\default.ide again.  Most of the way down the page, you'll see

256, wheel_smallcar, generic, 2, 20, 70, 0

  Below it, type

249, wheel_lightmod, generic, 2, 20, 70, 0

  Continuing with the example of replacing the Virgo with a Chevy, I'd go to da-
ta\default.ide and find the line for the Virgo:

221,  virgo, virgo, car, VIRGO,  VIRGO, null, normal, 10, 7,  0,    251, 0.7

  and change it to

221,  virgo, virgo, car, VIRGO,  VIRGO, null, normal, 10, 7,  0,    249, 0.85

  The next-to-the-last number, 251, should be changed to 249, so the game
doesn't use the wheels it usually uses for the vehicle but lets the wheels of
the mod be used.

  That last number, 0.7, is the wheel size.  Check the "Read me" file of your
mod to see what wheel size it should have and see if you need to change it.  For
the Chevy, the wheel size should be 0.85.

  Write down the numbers you're changing in case you want to change them back.

  Xbox wheels

  A mod by Delfi and Suction Testicle Man that improves the details of the
wheels of the vehicles, to make the wheels look more detailed like those in the
Xbox version of "Vice City," could be found, the last time I checked, at:

  You change the wheels.dff and wheels.txd files in models\generic.  Uncheck the
green dot (I.100.D.a), etc., then go to models\generic, copy the originals some-
where just in case, delete the originals from models\generic, then copy and
paste the two new files into models\generic.

  How to change their on-screen names

  The last time I checked, you could get CyQ's GXT Editor v.1.2, to change the
name of the vehicle as it appears on the lower right corner of the screen when
Tommy enters it during the game, from this site:

  Un-check the green dot (I.100.D.a).


  C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\TEXT\american.gxt

  in the bar along the top and click "Load."

  The two vertical panels below fill with names.  Click "MAIN," the top entry in
the panel on the left, to highlight it if it isn't already highlighted.  The
right panel fills with names, including those of vehicles.  Click the name of
the vehicle you want to change the name of.  It appears in the bottom panel.

  Click "Clear" in the bottom left corner.  The name disappears from the bottom
panel.  Type in the name you want there.

  Click "Apply" and "Save."

  Spookie's Speedometer mod

  The speedometer I used throughout this guide, and which I recommend, is the
one by Spookie, available at:

  (The speedometer no longer functions for me on Windows 10 64 bit.)

  You might like the version he adapted for "San Andreas," too:

  The Pole Position bike

  There's also a mod, the "Pole Position Bike," which I've tried as a novelty--
it makes the PCJ 600 a bed with stripa on it in doggie position.  (If any chil-
dren are reading this, that means she's playing with her puppies.)  Tommy drives
it just like the bike, but the movement during turns, and leaning back and for-
ward, takes on another meaning.  I laughed the 1st time I saw it soar across the
city sky after the jump S of the Malibu Club.

  Thanks to Joel Kroll at GTA Forums for letting me know a link for it--I hadn't
seen one for it in about 1 1/2 years!  I finally learned who the author of it
is, too: Exit UMD.  It's really called "Sexycar" and it's listed as a Fantasy
Car at the GTA-Action (German) web site (inactive).

  This link works:

  From the home page, go to Downloads > Grand Theft Auto - Vice City > Vice City
Vehicles > Marque > Fantasy cars; the last time I looked, it was on p.3.  While
you're there, you might want to look around--it's an interesting category.

  Xbox Cars to PC

  ALMOST610 has continued Yojo2's project.  Yojo2 converted all the Xbox VC ve-
hicles to PC except SLAYERMAGGOT converted the Voodoo and Romero's Hearse, rmws
provided the Xbox Airtrain, Barracks & Rhino from "GTA III" (there weren't HQ
models for VC), Squirlkiller provided additional Xbox models to replace corrupt
ones, and DimZet13 provided Xbox bikes.  And cpmusick created the installer.

  Use a clean installation of "Vice City" if you use the installer.  You can in-
stall the .dff and .txd files of vehicles manually instead with the IMG Tool v2,
which is good to know if you've already installed vehicle mods you want to keep

  v0.89: if you're going to use the installer, open the file
"installscript_gtavc" with Notepad and go to these two sections:



  Change the extension of one pheonix file name from .dff to .txd, and one hot-
ring file name from .dff to .txd, or the Pheonix won't appear properly in the
game.  Weapons and Attackers
                          How to lessen the severity of attacks
                          The MP5 A2 ("Counter Strike") mod 
                          Buy Back Your Weapons
                          The highly mysterious sexual Busker

  How to lessen the severity of attacks

  If you want to have less problems with law enforcement, or the Haitian gang-
sters after "Trojan Voodoo," there are a variety of things you can change in da-
ta\weapon.dat and pedstats.dat with Notepad.

  Uncheck the green dot (I.100.D.a), etc., and make backup files, or at least
write down the original numbers if you just change a few or so, especially in
case you get a glitch.

  In weapon.dat, you can change Colt45, the Pistol of the police and most of
the gangs, including the Haitian gang (not the .357, the hand gun at a few save
places and Ammu-Nation cashiers), to have 1 (meter, I guess) Range in column C,
1 for Amount of Ammunition in column F, and 1 Damage in column G.  Give them
slightly bigger numbers if you want to give the attackers more of a sporting

  (Warning: once I tried assigning a zero, which I'd recommended here earlier,
to columns F and G for a couple of weapons in the Liberty City mod.  I don't
know how common a result this would be, but the weapons disappeared from
Claude's arsenal; when the attackers were killed, they left shining white silver
rockets hovering over them--?!; and the game froze a couple of times.  These
things didn't happen when I used 1 in those columns instead.)

  You could also change the Uz-I--the weapon the vice squad and SWAT agents use,
the MP--the weapon the soldiers who appear at six wanted stars and the FBI use,
and the M4--the weapon the soldiers at Fort Baxter use.

  You could also improve the Range, Damage, etc., of whatever weapon you like,
too.  It's enough for me to lessen it a bit, especially so it's easier to play
around in Little Haiti once the gang members go nuts.

  In pedstats.dat, you can change STAT_COP and STAT_GANG2:

  D  Fear 100  (0 to 100: 100 is scared of everything.)
  E  Temper 1  (0 to 100: 100 is bad tempered.)
  H  Attack strength 0.1 (multiplier of ability to damage by attacking)
  I   Defend weakness to 9.9  (multiplier of ability to be damaged by attacks)

  You might also give STAT_PLAYER (Tommy) something higher for H and lower for

  (Thanks again to a post by esterxxx at GTA Forums.  He cautions not to change
columns D and E for STAT_PLAYER.)

  Note: the Cuban gang is gang 1, the Haitian gangsters are 2, the Street Wanna-
bes are 3, Diaz' gang is 4, the Security Guards are 5, the Bikers are 6, and the
Vercetti gang is 7.

  STAT_COP refers to the police, SWAT members, FBI agents, and the army sol-

  The MP5 A2 ("Counter Strike") mod

  Silent Viper made a weapon mod I tried and can recommend.  It replaces the MP
with an MP5 that has more realistic-looking textures: the MP5 used in the "Half
Life" game "Counter Strike."  I found it on the web site under
"Vice City," "Mods," "Weapons" ("Waffen" in German).  The last time I looked it
was on page eleven, but the page number will go up as more mods are added.  You
replace the .dff and .txd files as you would for a car.

  Buy Back Your Weapons

  ThirteenAG has a CLEO mod that lets Tommy buy back his weapons (like Vic Vance
can in "Vice City Stories").  He has versions of the mod for "III," "San An-
dreas," and "IV," too.

  Use the CLEO Library (v1.1.1.6) auto-installer of CLEO for "Vice City" avail-
able at the next link.

  Just click Install on the page about Sammy Builder 3 (unless you've installed
it to create mods yourself) then past two error messages.

  Open the main game folder > CLEO.  Open ThirteenAG's cleo folder, Copy the .cs
and .txt files, and Paste them into the game CLEO folder.  Open ThirteenAG's
CLEO_TEXT folder, Copy the .fxt file, and Paste it into the same-name folder of
the game.

  When Tommy is busted or killed, you can press Tab to have him pay a $2,000
bribe and get his weapons back.

  The highly mysterious sexual Busker

  While you're in data\pedstats.dat, you may notice that you can change the Sex-
iness factor, column G, too.  Before you get too worked up imaging the sexy or
funny things you could do about that, I better add a couple of other things I

  Besides the prostitutes, who rate 100, the only other type of ped with a Sexi-
ness level about that high, at 90, is STAT_BUSKER.

 "Busker" is U.K. slang for someone who seeks to entertain by singing and danc-
ing in a public place.  One popular example is the one Dick Van Dyke plays in
the movie "Mary Poppins," 1964--the kind who puts on a one man band show with a
variety of musical instruments.  But they could put on a variety of kinds of en-
tertainment.  In the U.S., they'd probably be called a street performer.

  Not remembering anyone fitting that description in the game, I checked with
the default.ide file.  The only ped with the STAT_BUSKER designation is BMYBB.
I looked up BMYBB with the TXD Tool, and found him.
  He's a young black guy, no facial hair, in a red jersey with a little white
triangle on it, with white pants and sneakers, and a white sailor's cap with the
brim pulled down to his eyebrows.  He often adds something like the vocal ver-
sion of a percussion bit off of a hip hop record to the things he says.  He may
appear as one of the "Miami Vice"-like pair of guys who appear in a "Vice"
Cheetah, but his duplicity is shown by his appearing in "Love Juice" as a drug
dealing rip-off artist, too.

  "Busker" is taken more broadly in Canada as someone who makes a loud appeal
for something, which is about as true for him as for a lot of the other pedes-
trians, but good luck if you want to remember anything sexy he does.

  I changed the STAT_BEACH_GIRL for column G to 100--the beach girls have a low-
er Lawfulness rating, column F, than the prostitutes, too--and haven't noticed
the beach girls wanting to get into Tommy's car or anything like that.  STAT_-
FIREMAN and STAT_SKATER rate unusually high at 80, for some reason.

  Looking at these things and the numbers assigned to column G for the other
peds, I'm not sure what this column does to any of the peds behavior at all.
And here I had high hopes for it....

  I.100.D.eee  Helicopters

  How to make the RC Copter easier to fly

  The only difference between the Goblin and the Copter I can find in their 1st
pair of listings in data\handling.cfg is the value.  But there are a number of
differences in the pair of listings for them at the bottom of handling.cfg.  You
might change the Copter figures to the Goblin figures to make the Copter easier
to fly.  You could also see I.100.D.e, to see how to play with the C, D, and E
columns for cars, and see if giving the Copter a bit bigger size in those col-
umns makes the Copter any easier to fly.  Remember to uncheck the green dot
(I.100.D.a), etc., and make a copy of your handling.cfg file 1st if you do.

  I haven't experimented with it, but you may find a tip or two in looking at
Cerbera's tentative analysis of the handling file for "San Andreas," which cov-
ers a bit about the configurations it has for motorcycles, helicopters, and

  "San Andreas" adds some parameters to those used in "Vice City," but many of
them are the same.

  Low flying jets

  As esterxxxx noted in a post at GTA Forums, you can lower the altitude of the
jets in data\paths\flight.dat, too, and have them go by just over the rooftops,
which is novel.  As he says, you can use the Edit--Replace function at the top
left of your Notepad screen and change all the 345 (point whatever)'s in the 3rd
column, representing flight height, to 50, for example.  This is one I'd espe-
cially make sure to have the original numbers written down for so I could change
it back after a look!

  I.100.D.f  Miscellaneous

  The RC Mod

  Some other mods I've seen that I liked include the "RC Mod" by DiCanio.  You
can find it at:

  It comes with a clear "Read Me" file.  Un-check the green dot (I.100.D.a),

  With just a few changes in the files, the RC Bandit, RC Baron, and RC Goblin
(the Handling.cfg file name for the "Demolition Man" RC chopper; the Top Fun van
one is RC Copter) are included in the vehicles the peds drive around in, and
Tommy can jack one and drive or fly it himself.  They can take a lot of damage,
and are faster and more stable; Tommy can't be damaged at all on them.

  He can get some wild stunt statistics with the Bandit without damage, and
drive or fly underwater with all three; he spawns on land again if any troubles
happen in the water.  It's yet another way to get to the west island early, and
Tommy can fly the RC Baron higher than the blimp (not normally possible without
the flying Rhino gimmick or the PC super jump).  I like to see the multi-view
mode any of those ways as well.

  Be careful boarding the helicopter--the blades are as deadly as in the mis-
sion.  To jack it, shoot the driver from behind and let the blades stop 1st.
Then walk Tommy into the side of it and press F--it could take a few tries.

  If you can't find it on the Internet. just do this with Notepad after uncheck-
ing the green dot (I.100.D.a) and making backup files:

  Change the Class type of each of the three vehicles in data\default.ide from

  Change the line (delete, then copy and paste, or hash it out numerically) in
the data\handling.cfg file for each of the three vehicles like this:

RCBANDIT       200.0 0.80 1.50 1.00 0.00 0.05 -0.10 -1
1.20 0.95 0.50 1 250.00 35.00 4 E 12.50 0.50
0 22.00 1.60 0.10 0.20 -0.10 500 0.28 -0.08 0.50
0.00 10 0 1

RCBARON        200.0 0.80 1.00 0.20 0.00 0.00 -0.10 -1
1.20 0.95 0.50 1 220.00 35.00 4 P 12.50 0.50
0 22.00 1.60 0.10 0.10 -0.10 300 0.28 -0.08 0.50
0.00 40010 0 1

RCGOBLIN       150.0 0.80 1.50 1.00 0.00 0.00 -0.10 -1
1.20 0.95 0.50 1 255.00 40.00 4 P 12.50 0.50
0 22.00 1.60 0.10 0.15 -0.10 800 0.28 -0.08 0.50
0.00 20010 0 1

  That's it.

  The Surf's Up Billboard Jump Mod

  Another one by DiCanio, the "Surf's Up Billboard Jump Mod," puts six more cop-
ies of the 3D "Vice Surf" billboard jump, originally only found by the airport
terminal, around Vice City.

  The Havana Outfit Bug Fix (referred to at I.39B)

  The "Havana Outfit Bug Fix" is at:

  As an alternative use one of the strategies given at I.39B.

  Un-check the green dot (I.100.D.a).

  Start the IMG Tool.  Click File, Open, and go to

  C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\models\gta3img

  The main window fills up with a bunch of names.

  Click Edit, Find, and type in "littleha.col" without the quotes.  It shows up
highlighted in the main window.  Click Commands, Extract, and extract it to My
Documents (or Desktop or such) for a backup copy in case something goes wrong
and you want to put back in.

  Click Commands, Delete, and delete littleha.col.

  Click Commands, Add, and find the downloaded littleha.col that's in your Desk-
top\gta vc havana folder.  Click Open, and it's added.

  Click Commands, Rebuild Archive, and Yes, and wait for the archive to be 100%

  When it's over, go to Little Havana Streetwear store and get Tommy some new

  The Rampage and Package Finder Mod (aka the Northern Lights Mod) by illspirit
(referred to at I.19)

  The last time I checked, it was at:

  Right click the desktop, click "New" and "Folder," and name the folder "gta
vc hidden packages mod" or such.  Download the file (if you use the GTA Forums
link, click on "right here" to download it) so you Save it in your folder.  Open
the download, a zip file, and press Ctrl while clicking each item to select them
all, then extract them all into "gta...." on your desktop.

  Go to

  My Computer > C:\Program Files\Rockstar\Grand Theft Auto Vice City

  and right click it, click Properties, and un-check the green dot from the box
so the folder is writable, etc. (I.100.D.a).

  Then copy generic.ide from Grand Theft Auto Vice City\Data\Maps to My Docu-
ments to create a backup copy, then delete it from Data\Maps.

  Copy the downloaded generic.ide to Maps.  Done.

  You can delete the original zip file to the recycle bin and move the folder
"gta...." from your desktop to My Documents, if you want to store it.

  If anything goes wrong (it worked okay for me), take out the generic.ide and
put in the old one you saved.

  PS: I added one for "III" to my GTA "III" starter package:

  Spaceeinstein made a similar mod for the "Liberty City" mod, too (see below).

  Likewise, "Hidden Package Help" by JVT has big arrows point down at the pack-

  The Hidden Interiors and Steed mods

  A mod that lets you see the interiors of the Greasy Chopper, Auntie Poulet's
shack, etc.:

  Make backup files 1st.  I've had problems with freezes, but I don't know how
common that is.  (Spaceeinstein's "All In One" mod, described a few paragraphs
below, lets Tommy enter the hidden interiors, too.)

  You can also find Demarest's Steed mod, which keeps Tommy from falling off his
motorcycle, at this web site:

  The NOS mod

  A mod that lets your car shoot flame from behind it and fly through the sky,
the NOS mod by brokenfish and Barton Waterduck, can be found at the GTA Place
web site:

  VC Code Tools

  Demarest has a variety of tools, including "Ancestral Recall," that tells you
what missions you have left to do, and "Uniquecall," that guides you through the
Unique jumps onscreen by showing you where to start and end jumps, which jumps
you have left to do, etc.  (site changed)

  For some reason, Dem's uniquely helpful site isn't up.  Some of his work can
be found at the next link about halfway down the page.

  If his site goes back up, you might check out his helpful tools and mission
guides for "III" and "San Andreas," too.  Among them, he has interactive maps
that can help you plan your route for "III" missions like "Patriot Playground,"
and others that help you get familiar with the "III" weapon, etc., locations.  I
learned that, on PC, using Instant Replay a few times makes the Patriot become a
covered, four-wheel drive Patriot that's better for missions like "Gripped."

  And I don't remember hearing of anyone coming up with useful and entertain--
ing main.scm mods that don't require that you start a new game before.

  "Darkpact," available in versions for "III," "Vice City," and "San Andreas,"
lets you make main.scm changes without having to start a new game.

  Since Dem's site isn't up, I'll keep this listed as a reminder in case "Dark-
pact" goes online again.

  Demarest's Unique Call helps you keep track of Unique Jumps.

  Spaceeinstein's All In One Mod

  This is mainly a main.scm (script) mod.  It's a collection spaceeinstein com-
piled and edited of various script mods by himself, Demarest, Brokenfish, Mod-
star, Barton Waterduck, Patrick W, ODIE, Coby, Spinnie, Bhaal, TbM2k, !cMc! and
Jacob, Spinnie, Eclipse_nl, Ransom1, and Wombat.  The Patriot Explosion Launcher
is by an unknown author.

  You can get the latest version at this GTA Garage:

  There's a message board for it at GTA Forums:

  Since I've had my computer updated recently, I've given it another try.

  It's an extensive change, sometimes rearranging elements found in the original
game, which is fun to try.

  You make backup copies of Grand Theft Auto Vice City\data\MAIN.SCM, TEXT\amer-
ican.gxt, data\handling.cfg, and My Documents\GTA Vice City User Files\re-
play.rep, then un-check the green dot (I.100.D.a) for Grand Theft Auto Vice City
and replace the files.

  As an option, if you have one of the better computers, you can also use his
Draw Distance Mod:

  Because of the main.scm change, don't use save games from any other main.scm
efforts.  Make a folder to save the original main.scm, etc., files in to make it
easy to go back to the regular game and your save games that go with it.

  You play it in the Standard mode, not Classic.  And be careful not to activate
the special features of it during cut scenes.  Check the Read Me file for ways
to avoid the glitches that are possible with it.  I get crashes with it that
cause my PC to want me to end error reports to Microsoft after I run it.  If you
need to end a freeze, don't use the main power button, use the reset button (on
my PC, it's the little button below the main power button).

  Among the many features and options:

  Bikes have the "Wheels of Steel" jacked Angel degree of road grip and corner-
ing ability.

  Tommy can't fall off his bike (it's like he's morphed but sitting normally)
(Steed mod by Demarest).

  One of my favorite things about it is it has what I would call the all-time
cham-peen NOS Boost of any I've tried.

  The NOS Boost mod by Brokenfish gives any vehicle a "Back to the Future"-type
ability to rocket along and even fly to the ceiling of the sky with colorful or-
ange then blue flames trailing behind it.  While flying this way, helicopters
and the Skimmer let you steer them up and down and side to side, and motorcycles
can go up or down and be "steered" side to side by letting them flip over to
some new direction.  Add the "comeflywithme" code for cars and they get the "San
Andreas" flying cars code ability; add "AIRSHIP" for boats for a similar change.
Type the code again to disable it.  F1 replays are fun to watch.

  The Quadruple Insane Stunt Bonus is now possible.

  (Look back over the last few options and imagine your Stunt Stats going
through the roof.)

  It has a vehicle spawner that lets you give Tommy any vehicle of the game (in-
cluding any of the three Hotring Racers) (Car Spawn mod by Demarest).  You can
also use a conversion of it by spaceeinstein that lets you spawn any pedestrian
of the game.

  You can do the Paramedic mission with the Ambulance Maverick (Ambulance Maver-
ick mod by Demarest).  I had some trouble in earlier versions--around level six,
usually--with the chopper needing to get so close to a patient to trigger their
run to the chopper that it hits a phone pole and swerves around and kills them.
But the new version lets you complete the mission by completing level five.

  You can still use the regular Ambulance, now heavier and undamaged by colli-
sions, to get the infinite run.  In that condition, it's easier to kill patients
by bumping them with it, though.  To let them enter, hold down the Spacebar
(Brake) to keep the doors unlocked.

  Tommy's vehicles flip upright if flipped over (Car Unflip mod by TbM2k), are
invulnerable, and appear nearby on land if they fall into the water.

  Tommy is driven to a few missions in a taxi or helicopter, which I thought was
pretty funny (Taxi Service mod by Modstar).

  Tommy can enter the various "hidden interiors" (ones normally just seen in cut
scenes) such as Mitch Baker's biker bar The Greasy Chopper, Auntie Poulet's
shack, etc., after you pass certain corresponding missions, due to some editing
work by Spaceeinstein.

  After Tommy buys the Malibu, he gets a couple of phone calls Rockstar created
but didn't activate for the game.  Spaceeinstein re-activated them.

  You can store a helicopter (I'd pick a Hunter) on the helipad on the roof of
the Hyman Condo (Hyman Heli Garage mod by Bhaal).

  Right after Tommy enters a helicopter, you can press Sprint to have the blades
of the helicopter spin fast enough for it to fly (Fast Helicopter Take-off by
Brokenfish).  This can make it easier to jack a Hunter from Fort Baxter and
avoid getting busted.

  Phil's Patriot launches explosions like a tank (unknown), the Sparrow can drop
bombs that create a lot of fire (Napalm Bomb mod by Eclipse_nl), and your land
vehicle can drop spike strips (Stinger Drop by PatrickW).  (This can add some
variety to your Rampages.)

  Tommy can get "Boomshine Saigon"-type drunk (Drunk mod by Coby) and dance
(Dancing mod by Odie) at the Malibu.

  The Tear Gas is back (and didn't bother my computer).  Tommy can get a Camera
at the WK Chariot Hotel after "Martha's Mug Shot," too, and zoom closer to sub-
jects than with a sniper rifle scope.

  Tommy can buy Apt. 3C, the airport, the lighthouse (Buy Properties mod by
Spinnie), and the Marina Carpark (Marina Carpark mod by PatrickW)--all mods ed-
ited by Spaceeinstein.

  Tommy is invulnerable (Invincibility mod by Brokenfish and Demarest) and can
"swim" instead of drown (Swimming mod Barton Waterduck).

  He can't climb like C.J. in "San Andreas," but you can use a gimmick that lets
Tommy scale any wall--even of a skyscraper (Wall Climbing mod by Barton Water-

  (If you use the "FANNYMAGNET" code, you can create a bigger gang for Tommy
that you can for C.J. in "San Andreas."  And if you have Tommy climb a building,
the gang appears up there with him.  If you have him jump, they do that, too,
and you can create a DMA "Lemmings"-like scene that's more impressive than the
couple of glitches thought to look like that in "San Andreas."  Isn't that ter-
rible?  If you make too big a mess, wait for the paramedics to arrive.)

  Tommy can ride in a car (not a motorcycle) as a passenger (Passenger mod by
!cMc! and Jacob, edited by Spaceeinstein).

  You can have him do pretty much whatever you want regardless of other abili-
ties or weapons, but I'd at least get Tommy the infinite run for a new game so
he isn't as likely to get busted.

  Since Tommy's health and armor stay at least 100 no matter what, you can have
him run down to Sonny in "Keep Your Friends Close" in a blaze of bullets and
give him a good swift belt right in the head.

  It lets you decide if you want to use the gasoline meter or not (Gasometer mod
by neo449 and Ransom1, edited by spaceeinstein).  There's a lightning bolt icon
at each of the two gas stations on the radar and in-game map.  The pink shaft of
light you drive/fly a vehicle into to get gas disappears during a vehicle mis-
sion, but if you park where the light would be otherwise, the gas tank fills up.
If Tommy's vehicle runs out of gas otherwise, you can have him ditch it and
spawn another of a variety of vehicles.

  Tommy may not need to use the helicopter for the Vigilante mission for extra
armor because he's invincible, but doing the Vigilante mission to level 30 puts
six police bribes at every save place that has weapons ("GTA III"-style).  If
Tommy wears the Police uniform for the Vigilante mission, he won't get wanted
stars (Vigilante mod by Spinnie).

  You might have Tommy get the Hunter early in the game, save it on the helipad
of the Hyman Condo, and get the Vigilante targets of the E island.  If you don't
disable the Gasometer for the mission, have Tommy use the Sunshine Autos gas
pump, which is a little easier to land on with the Hunter than the one across
from Washington Mall, when the Hunter gets low on gas.

  The Taxi, Paramedic, Vigilante, and Firetruck Submissions are not required for
getting 100% completion of the game.

  The gang members have stronger weapons, the main drawback being that the
blasts from them can knock Tommy down so often that R24 and R25 become more dif-
ficult.  See if you want a way to tone down the weapons of the Hai-
tians (and of the law enforcement, too).

  It also has a couple of new missions by Spinnie, and has Barton Waterduck's
Mission Chooser hidden in it somewhere.


  (The above screen shot is censored.  Those wishing to have an unedited ver-
sion of this original document, please send $100 to...oh, that's right--you can
get the mod for free.  I almost had a way to make something off this thing.
Never mind.)


  Demarest has a mod that let's you choose from any of the "Vice City" missions
from the start of the game.  Instead of using a lot of save files, you replace
the data\main.scm and text\american.gxt files.  (You can use an IMG Tool to re-
place models\gta3.img\play12.txd, too, as an optional new change of clothes for

  For some reason, Dem's site isn't up.  Try this site:

  It's among other Code Tools about halfway down the page at the next link:

  Because of the main.scm change, don't use save games from any other main.scm
efforts.  Make a folder to save the original main.scm and american.gxt in to
make it easy to go back to the regular game.

  Basically,it gives "Vice City" the feature some other games have of letting
you try out any of the missions with all the abilities, etc., that come from
completing the game, yet with no concern to have to progress toward 100% com-
pletion again.

  It's played without a glitch for me, and it's makes it easy and quick to try
out new ideas for missions.

  All the islands, save places, and vehicles are available from the start of the
game.  Tommy has the infinite sprint, fireproof feature, fast reload, double
durability for vehicles, etc., from the beginning, and you can repeat the Jumps
(the "G-Spotlight" elevator works from the beginning of the game) and Rampages
as often as you want.

  A number of briefcase pickups hover in front of each place of origins of mis-
sions, and the briefcases are used to activate missions.  To activate the 3rd
mission for Diaz, for example, have Tommy walk into the 3rd briefcase pickup
from the left in front of the mansion.  Demarest provides screenshots that show
you which briefcases activate which missions.

  There's a Timetwister mod for "III," too.  Besides being able to pick from any
of the missions right from the start, the bridges are fixed, there are vehicle
location changes that are an advantage for the vehicle collection missions, the
pipes that created a boat barrier have been removed from the water, and the
"Ghost" ("Ghost Missing" on PS2) boat ( a mostly black Predator without working
guns) has a permanent location, etc.

  Carl Johnson in Vice City

  GunMAN has a mod that that lets you play as C.J. in Vice City.  (Thanks to The
Grove for tipping me to it.)

  ModelingMan's version is so good, you might use it and the previous version to
have one or another C.J. appear depending on which clothes pickup you use.

  [CLEO] Great Swimming Mod 2.0

  NRShaggy has a CLEO mod that lets Tommy swim.  Well, he moves through water in
first person view when you press Shift to have him swim, aiming him with the
mouse, and the regular "camera" view comes back when you press Spacebar to have
him jump onto land.  Beats having him drown.

  Use the CLEO Library (v1.1.1.6) auto-installer of CLEO for "Vice City" avail-
able at the next link.

  Copy and Paste swimming.cs from the mod folder into the CLEO folder that's in
your main game folder.  Make an OriginalFile folder in the mod folder and use
the IMG Tool v2 to open models > gta3.img.  Use Commands > Extract to put a copy
of dynbarrels.txd in the OriginalFile folder then Delete dynbarrels.txd from
gta3.img.  Use Commands > Add to put the modded dynbarrels.txd in gta3.img.
Click Commands > Rebuild Archive.

  To have Tommy swim more like C.J. in SA, use the next mod:

  Parkour Cleo

  384185280's CLEO mod lets Tommy swim, and jump to climb onto things, similar
to C.J. in SA, do handstands, flip, skate (more like slide in a reclining posi-
tion), etc.

  Use the CLEO Library (v1.1.1.6) auto-installer of CLEO for "Vice City" avail-
able at the next link.

  Go to 384185280's CLEO folder, Copy climb.cs, parkour.cs, and swim.cs, and
Paste them into your VC CLEO folder.

  Go to 384185280's anim folder, Copy ped.ifp, and Paste it into your VC anim
folder.  Click to replace the ped.ifp file that's already there.  384185280's
backup folder supplies a copy of the original ped.ifp file.

  384185280's GTA Garage page has the keyboard controls for the animations.

  If you get a glitch in "Cannon Fodder" (I.85) that causes the sniper on the
roof to duck behind a ledge, you might either have Tommy shoot the ledge with a
Rocket Launcher or have Tommy climb onto the nearest wall to snipe the sniper's

  Another glitch I had caused the need to press Z repeatedly to get it to move
the view of the sniper rifle zoom.

  I'd like the option of Tommy just having the climbing and swimming ability.
The flipping abilities cause peds to make flips, too, for no reason and Tommy
may fall down twice or flip around police increasing the chance of him getting

  A good protected troublemaking area provided by the climbing ability is the
roof of the one story section below the ceiling of the Ocean Beach outdoor park-
ing garage north of the Pay 'n Spray.

  You can have Tommy climb onto a number of balconies.  It's a little surprising
that they're defined that way given that there would be no use for them in the
default game.

  Correct SVH Damaged Building

  ToD's mod corrects the way the Star View Heights building is damaged at the
end of "Demolition Man."  One drawback is the building always appears damaged,
even if you start a new game, so he advises that you only use it after "Demoli-
tion Man."

  I might at least use the option to use the Xbox textures (256x256 instead of
128x128) for the hotel signs on the street of the Ocean View apartment building.
Use the IMG Tool v2 to change the .txd files in models > gta3.img.  (The Xbox
Auntie Poulet file made my game freeze.)

  Avery Carrington, Mitch Baker, BJ Smith, and Candy Suxx Player Models

  ALMOST610 converted the cutscene models of Avery Carrington, Mitch Baker, and
BJ Smith, and the version of Candy Suxxx that follows Tommy in "Publicity Tour,"
to allow you to use them as player models.

  You have the option of imagining BJ is Victor Vance, too, since Victor looks
like BJ in the opening of "Vice City."

  Silent Patch

  Silent's "SilentPatch" for VC (there are versions for "III" and SA)
  Put SilentPatchVC.asi in the main game folder and the map folder contents in
the appropriate folders in data\maps.
  Wet road reflections render properly again (just like with Road Reflections
  Light glow appears under pickups for weapons, health, armour, bribes, money,
and hidden packages as on PS2.  They hadn't appeaed on PC due to a bug.
  All texts have proper shadows (depending on the chosen resolution, without the
fix they'd appear thinner, etc.)
  Rosenberg's lines which play when Tommy is Busted work correctly now (like
with Rosie's Audio Fix)
  Some props in the Malibu Club, Ocean View Hotel, and Pole Position Club have
been restored; more environment shows outside when player is in interior too
(just like on PS2).
  Play with the Frame Limiter on.

  Fixed VC Animations

  "Fixed VC Animations" by theNGclan fixes the two busted idle animations.

  Noclip mod

  The "Noclip Mod" by HOoliGAN lets your protagonist pass through what otherwise
would be solids (like the Airbreak function of the 'Simple Trainer" for V.")

  "God Mode" by GTA_SA-VC_GUY

  Install by placing VCGodMode.cs in the Vice City CLEO folder.

  "God Mode" by GTA_SA-VC_GUY gives Tommy invincibility, the infinite sprint, a
never wanted status (don't use it for "Cop Land" or "Messing with the Man"), and
Armor and Health that remain 200.  Each vehicle he enters will take no damage/
tire damage.

  I.100.D.ff  Trainers

  Pizzadox' +10 Trainer

  Freeze the mission timer, etc.

  Alper Saracoglu's GTA Vice City Administrative Console

  Many of the same features as the San Andreas Control Center: EP Vehicles, un-
flip vehicle, teleporter, garage editor, one-click completion for Sub-missions
and some others, etc.

  (If you're looking for Alper Saracoglu's GTA "III" Administrative Console, it's
at the next links.)

  Developer console by Jernej L aka Delfi

  God mode for Tommy and his vehicle.
  Car spawner, time and weather manipulation, super turbo, midair handbrake,
bringing last controlled car back to you, changing gravity, etc.  The complete
list can be viewed in the developer console.
  Don't use it with gta-vc 1.1--use 1.0.

  Lithjoe's Vice City Ultimate Trainer

  Jetpack mode (no clip), freeze mission timer, unflip vehicle, garage editor,
teleporter, etc.

  Developer console by Jernej L aka Delfi

  God mode for Tommy and his vehicle.
  Car spawner, time and weather manipulation, super turbo, midair handbrake,
bringing last controlled car back to you, changing gravity, etc.  The complete
list can be viewed in the developer console.
  Don't use it with gta-vc 1.1--use 1.0.

  Vice City MiniConsole and MiniConsole v2 by spaceeinstein

  Spaceeinstein has a CLEO mod that lets you change many variables of the game.
You can spawn vehicles and choose which ones are in garages, pause the countdown
timer, set Tommy's Armor, Health, and weight, toggle the infinite run, fast re-
load, and fireproof abilities, teleport, set the height limit for aircraft,
set gravity, etc.

  Use the CLEO Library (v1.1.1.6) auto-installer of CLEO for "Vice City" avail-
able at the next link.

  Copy and Paste MiniConsole.cs from the mod folder into the CLEO folder that's
in your main game folder.  Copy and Paste MiniConsole.fxt from the mod folder
into the CLEO\CLEO_TEXT folder (create that folder if it isn't there).  Copy and
Paste mctxd.txd into the models folder.

  With my keyboard setup, I toggle the MiniConsole with the tilde (`) key (it's
below the Esc key).  I go through the categories with W,S,A, and D, and raise
and lower variables with the scroll wheel.  F or Enter resets the variable to
the original value.  Save settings with the hyphen key and load settings with
the equal key.

  MiniConsole v2 is a plugin for VC.  It lets you type commands into the game
and modify the game's behavior.  It's the spiritual successor of spaceeinstein's
previous CLEO-based MiniConsole and his first stand-alone ASI plugin release.
  To install it download the mod and Copy SEConsole.asi into the main VC folder.

  I.100.D.g  Total Conversion Mod

  The Liberty City Mod

  For a total conversion mod, I like the "Liberty City" mod.  Demarest and
spaceeinstein, mentioned earlier, are among those who've worked on it.

  Those who contributed to it:

  PineCreek-Skidz, killer.ip, Demarest, Craig Kostelecky, Ben, Steavor, Model-
ingMan, Knux, Mark Pagliaro, Hammer83, spaceeinstein, Silent, Outback, PatrickW,
CTM, Konstantinos, kipo, ghost of delete key, Luke, jcab42, Diamond Joe Quimby,
Gforce, KoLSPD2, Aztlan, ghost_master2000, crazydude, DaEllum67, Y_Less, Two-
Zero, TbM2k, sleeper777, Thesord, Samutz, silver007, Squiddy, NTAuthority,
rmws., Bebop, Ryan_, Blunted, Flat Face, Cowboy666, Blunted1, wnuczek, Pos-
ty_2k3, Run Down That Guy, JernejL, Opius, madbitch, Hollower, steve-m, roger-
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  For those who'd like to try the latest version, you can find it, and installa-
tion instructions for it, at the GTA Forums web site.  Under "GTA Modding,"
click "GTA: Liberty City" and the mod can be downloaded from a link in the 1st
post, which is by spaceeinstein.

  All you need to do is install "III" and "Vice City."  (Steam versions are
currently--April, 2017--unsupported.)  Make a copy of your "Grand Theft Auto
Vice City" folder to keep an unmodded version of "Vice City."  Click the in-
staller--a gta-lc-install.exe file--and let it run.  Copy the audio folder files
from "III" to the audio folder of the mod.  Use the gta-lc.exe file to run the

  Remember that you can't use your old save games with a new or updated version
that changes the main.scm file.

  To use a trainer with it, un-check the green dot (I.100.D.a), go to the Liber-
ty City folder, open gta-lc.ini with Notepad, and change:




  Save and exit.

  It's the "Vice City" engine, so "Vice City" trainers will work with it.

   If you want to put car mods into it, use the same "Vice City" modding rules
given in I.100.D.e.  It already has DMagic1's Wheel Mod.

  Post a message in the HELP & QUESTIONS TOPIC section if you need help with
anything--look to see if it's already been covered in a post 1st.

  It puts the setting, lead character, vehicles, missions, and, so far, some of
the pedestrians of "Grand Theft Auto III" on the engine of "Vice City."  This
creates an improved frame rate and handling of vehicles, better lighting and re-
flections, and no more crummy fog.  It adds the "Vice City" skies and clouds,
translucent water with aquatic life, motorcycles, helicopters, and Skimmer--some
of the "Vice City" pedestrians are mixed in wth the ones from "III."  You can do
the Vigilante mission with the Hunter.  And the Dodo is easier to fly.

  It's something being able to scoot around Liberty City on a PCJ 600 and make
full use of all the jumps.  So far, I've made a four flip jump using the
"leaning back and forth while nearly vertical" flips gimmick.  Weaving through
the traffic in the tunnels was never so easy, it's nice to be able to see the
city from the air, and I gave Rusk's "Turismo" Firetruck idea the I.100.D.e
souped up Firetruck treatment.  (I don't know if the Caddy is in a shrub some-
where.  If not, there's always the "betterthanwalking" code.)

  It's basically like having an extra edition of "Vice City" that takes place
in NYC and gives you more missions, or like "III" was released after "Vice
City" instead of the other way around.

  My computer has seemed like it was allergic to some of the mods and trainers
out there, but this one has played solidly without a hitch...except for a few
minor things currently in development.  (The last time I got around the "Sayona-
ra Salvatore" problems, you could have Claude wait on the roof across the street
from the alley Salvatore will appear from as usual, and watch to the N for the
three Mafia Sentinels to appear.  When they do, have Claude jump down, shoot
them with the Rocket Launcher, then run across from the opening of the alley and
keep sending rockets into it to kill Salvatore's guards then Salvatore.)

  To let Claude Speed leave Portland the fastest, easiest way, un-check the
green dot (I.100.D.a), go into data\handling.cfg--where you might go, anyway, to
soup up the Submission vehicles or the Rumpo (to make "Big N' Veiny" easier)--
and give a vehicle a -1 in column I: percent submerged.  Then, when Claude
drives it off one end of the destroyed Callahan bridge bridge and it falls into
the water, it will appear on the other end of the bridge.  This works to get
across the lift bridge before it's working, too, to get to Shoreside Vale.

  If you send Claude W along the N side of the destroyed Callahan Bridge, down
to about 5' (?) from the end of the 2nd straight length of a bent red girder
that projects beyond the end of Claude's side of the bridge, Claude can jump
over to the thick silver-gray pipe of the other side of the bridge.  He can en-
ter the subway at the S end of Staunton and use it to get to Shoreside Vale.

  If for some reason you don't have "GTA III" yet, this is the next best (and,
in some ways, better) thing--and it doesn't cost a thing.

  The GTA "III" statue of a man with a traffic cone on his head refers to the
equestrian statue of Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington, outside the
Gallery of Modern Art in Glasgow, Scotland.  Capping the statue with a traffic
cone is a tradition representing the humour of the locals and believed to date at
least as far back as the first half of the 1980's.,_Glasgow

  The 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air seen in some of my screen shots is one of the mods
by Klarnetist (I.100.D.e) and which I added to my copy of the Liberty City mod.

  "Glenster's 'Liberty City Mod' Starter Package"

  "Glenster's VC Starter Package--Liberty City Mod version--some of the main
story missions" by Glen Winstein
  I used Glenster's VC Starter Package--Liberty City Mod version--to do some of
the main missions of the game while demonstrating several gimmicks for them.

  "Glenster's VC Starter Package--Liberty City Mod version--the D-Ice missions"
by Glen Winstein
  I used Glenster's VC Starter Package--Liberty City Mod version--to do the
D-Ice missions of the game while demonstrating several gimmicks for them.

  PS: Spaceeinstein has a hidden package and rampage finder mod for "Liberty
City."  At the GTA Forums web site, go to "GTA modding" > "GTA: Liberty City" >
"Unofficial mods"--"page 1," then "Northern Lights mod."  Check to see if it's
been updated to work with the latest version of the mod.  (He also managed to
have his own store in "San Andreas"--it's on the W side of the S side of the
block N of "MARKET" in Los Santos. How'd he do that?)

  I.100.E  Music
                     MP3s and wav files
                          How to save hard disk space with shortcuts
                          MP3 volume boost

  You can just copy your MP3s or .wav files to the Grand Theft Auto Vice City\
MP3 folder.  The next time you play the game, there will be a new radio station
called MP3 with your tunes in it.

  But if you want to save hard disk space, save the MP3 or wav file in My Music
or My Documents or such.  Right click the music file and click Create Shortcut--
a shortcut will appear beside it.  Right click the shortcut and click Copy.
Then open the Grand Theft Auto Vice City\MP3 folder, right click a bare space in
it, and click Paste.  A copy of the shortcut will appear there.  This way, you
can save each song in just one place and use shortcuts from it in any Grand
Theft Auto game that lets you create your own MP3 station ("III," "Vice City,"
and probably the upcoming PC version of "San Andreas").  This works for the
"Liberty City" mod, described above in I.100.D.g, as well.  You can right click
the original shortcut and click Delete when you're through making copies from

  There's an MP3 volume boost in the Audio options.  This lets you adjust the
volume of your MP3 station so it matches that of the rest of your radio sta-


  To download free MP3s, among other things, the PC World and PC Magazine web
sites indicate that one good idea for file sharing is to download Shareaza.  I
did, and it works.  You don't have the problem of downloading music that only
plays back with the same software, either.

  I.100.F  Screen shots and videos

  To make a screen shot, press Prt Scr during the game.  If you don't want to
exit the game, go to the pause screen, highlight "RESUME," and Alt/Tab out of
the game.  Open "Paint" and click "Edit" then "Paste."

  If you like it, click "File," "Save as," choose "My Pictures" in the "Save
in:" bar along the top, and use the drop down menu along the bottom to save it
as a JPEG and not a Bitmap, aka a .bmp, file.  JPEG files take up a lot less MBs
on your hard disk and, though it's a kind of compression that irreversibly sim-
plifies data, looks just as good to me for screenshots.  Give it a name, and
click "Save."  Click the "GTA Vice City" thing in the Task bar to go back into
the game.

  Since "Vice City" is fussier than "San Andreas" about letting you Alt/Tab out
of the game, you might get FRAPS to make screenshots.

  Fraps, the Easy Graphic Converter, and Virtual Dub

  You can use Fraps to make screenshots and videos of your games.

  Fraps lets you use hotkeys.  You can take any number of screen shots at a
time, but the free version doesn't let you make make .jpg files, only .bmp
files which are a lot bigger.  To copy them as .jpg files, you can use the free
Easy Graphic Converter, then delete the .bmp files.

  The free version of Fraps restricts videos to 30 sec. clips.  Whether you use
the free version or not, the videos take up a lot of MBs which you can compress
to take up less hard disk space (and make them easier for your computer to use
with your editor later).  The free processing tool I use is VirtualDub.  I click
Video > Compression > XviD MPEG-4 codec and save them as .avi files.

  Virtual Dub

  How I make videos

  The stunt videos I've made are meant to encourage more people to play with the

  I use the GTA Instant Replay feature for a variety of "camera" angles, which
include one that's adjustable with the Mouse.  As described above, I capture the
scenes on my PC with Fraps.  I use VirtualDub, which is free, to compress the
video clips to .avi files.

  Other free software I've used includes the AoA Audio extractor (to extract
the audio from a clip or convert MP3s to .wav files, which Windows Movie Maker
prefers), Super (to convert most any file type to another), and Wavepad (an au-
dio editor I haven't used much).  I've also used the web page to save
.mp3 files of YouTube videos.

  I edit the clips with Windows Movie Maker, which comes with Windows Home XP
and Vista Home Premium.  I use Windows Movie Maker to publish each video to my
computer,  which lets you compress the video to the size you want.  See the Win-
dows Movie Maker forum for more, including many free user-made effects.

  "Movie Maker was officially discontinued on January 10, 2017 and it is
replaced by Video Editor (formerly Microsoft Story Remix) which is built in
with Microsoft Photos on Windows 10." (Wikipedia Aug., 2020)

  If you're going to buy an editor, check the latest reviews.  Sony Vegas and
Adobe Premier Pro usually get good reviews.  Avidemux is free, but I just use
Windows Movie Maker.

  I upload my videos to You Tube and gamefront.  A list of other web sites that
let you store your videos is at the last link.


  All done!