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Glen T. Winstein

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Glenster's Guide to Some of Vice City

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  I.17  The initial main story missions
              The advantages of doing all the side missions you can do for now
              that you need to do for 100% completion,
              and of getting to the mainland/west island,
              Starfish Island, and Leaf Links
              earlier than normal people.

  The initial main story missions get you started.  (The rest of the main story
missions are continued at I.33.)

  Getting 100% in "Vice City" isn't just a statistic.  Among other things, Tommy
and any vehicle he's in get twice the damage resistance, and his maximum health
and armor increase to 200 points.

  Doing the available side missions needed for 100% completion now will give
Tommy money, ability to buy property (including some with garages he can save
vehicles in) and buy or find more powerful weapons, the infinite run and fire-
proof abilities, and extra armor and health.  You'll be more familiar with the
map and the rhythms of using the controls.  Tommy will have a much greater range
of things he can do successfully about the main story missions.

  And it will allow you to enjoy the rest of the main story missions, featuring
talented voice actors, in an uninterrupted sequence.

  Some of these missions involve getting to areas that are normally blocked off
early in the main missions.  Well, this land is your land, this land is my land,
Pete Seeger--we're going to them, anyway.  There are a variety of ways to do it.

  Before you can do anything to save, you ought to watch the opening scenes--



  I.17.A  "In the beginning."

  The cut scenes of "Vice City" were written by Dan Houser and James Worrall.
  The pedestrian dialogue was written by Dan Houser, Marc Fernandez, and Navid
Khonsari, with help from Lance Williams, Jeremy Pope, and Jenny Jameson.

  In the beginning of the main story, we learn that Liberty City mob leader Son-
ny Forelli thinks it will be bad for his crime business if the people of Liberty
City see Tommy walking around there.  It was common local knowledge that Sonny's
crime group would want Tommy dead.  This confirms for us that Tommy is right
when he says later that Sonny set him up to be killed with an ambush 15 years

  We also learn that Sonny Forelli sends Tommy Vercetti, just released from a
prison stay, with two men (we soon learn are Harry and Lee) and Vice City lawyer
Ken Rosenberg, to do a Columbian cocaine deal for him in Vice City.

  The pictures on the walls of Marco's Bistro can be found in models\gta3.img\
hot_mobint.txd, and I exported them to My Pictures with the Vice Txd tool for a
closer look.  The photos and news stories come in two collections of four each
per .txd file under that file heading.  I think I was mistaken, in earlier ver-
sions of this guide, about the group picture, in mob_picts1, including Al Ca-
pone, whom I doubt is the chubby guy on the left.  I don't know whose front and
side mug shots are shown unless it's the same one referred to in the news story
below it in the .txd file, which is blurry but seems to say "Sam Stomey."

  In the four pictures of mob_picts2, one refers to Vera Stretz, who was acquit-
ted in the murder of her husband in 1936, and it and another seem to refer to
the execution of Bruno Hauptmann, for the Lindbergh kidnapping, the same year.
Another is of Frank Sinatra, who was a fan of Chicago Mafia leader Sam "Momo"
Giancana, etc., from around the same time.  Of that same group of four is a
(fake?) front page that is headed "VERCETTI TO DIE."  Considering the context, I
wonder if "Vercetti" is a variation of "Vanzetti," of the two men, Sacco and
Vanzetti, condemned to die after a very controversial and famous trial, in 1927.

  The deal takes place by the docks in Viceport (used at I.96).  The helicopter
they're met by is flown by Lance Vance, whom you'll meet at "Guardian Angels"--
I.42; we'll also later learn that Lance's brother is the man who leaves the
chopper with the two briefcases of cocaine.  (The Rockstar Games web site, in
the "Vice City" section, has a bulletin board with a "Vice City Crime Tree" that
tells us Lance's brother is named Victor.)  The deal is sabotaged, Lance's
brother is killed, Ken is panicked, and Tommy resolves to sort things out.

  In the beginning
  Sonny directed Vercetti to Lance
  But he returned without substance and void
  And darkness was expected upon the face of Forelli
  So Tom roamed about over the face of the earth
  And Rockstar said, "Let there be light," and there was light
       It's a shaft of light in front of the Ocean View--
       the pink blip on your radar screen; drive to it.

  You might be a fast driver, but wait to get the weather bulletin on the radio
before having Tommy leave his vehicle.  The bridges to the mainland (west is-
land) and Starfish Island have been closed due to the possible approach of Hur-
ricane Hermine.

  (There was a hurricane in the N Atlantic named Hermine in 1986.  It didn't
cause significant damage.)

  The cast is all very good.  Ray Liotta said he couldn't believe the things
they had him say:  "When I was doing the lines, I couldn't believe some of the
s*** that was coming outta my mouth" ("Electronic Gaming Monthly," Feb., 2003).
I can believe he thought so--it is on the wild side.

     Tommy Vercetti is Henry Hill as Tony Montana.  He's voice acted by the in-
imitable Ray Liotta (try to imitable him--you can't do it).  Since Tommy is
still alive at the end of "Vice City," I hope they bring Ray Liotta back for a
sequel.  Besides the movies mentioned at I.2, he also starred as Shoeless Joe
Jackson in "Field of Dreams," 1989, which starred Kevin Costner as Ray Kinsella.
Ray played Matt Wozniak in 36 2016-2018 episodes of the TV series "Shades of
Blue," etc.

     After you've been around town a while, you'll know why I keep saying, "Al-
ways a comment with that Ray Liotta."

     The motion capture acting for Tommy is done by up and coming Jonathan Sale,
all the more an accomplishment since it's done in a Spandex-latex suit covered
with little balls (; and all
the rest of the balls are supplied by you.

     Sonny Forelli is a Mafia boss on Salvatore Leone's stomping grounds.  Sonny
Forelli-- the fearsome Tom Sizemore; I'm not sure if he dangled his balls or had
a stand-in.  He also stars as Sgt. Michael Horvath in "Saving Private Ryan,"
1998, Hank Cutter in a 2016 episode of the TV series "Lucifer," etc.

     Ken Rosenberg is Tommy's David Kleinfeld.  Ken Rosenberg--the fearful but
ballsy Bill Fichtner.  He reprised the role for GTA "San Andreas," 2004, plays
Lt. Col. Danny McKnight, with Tom Sizemore as Lt. Col. Danny McKnight, in the
2001 movie "Black Hawk Down," the shotgun wielding bank employee in "The Dark
Knight," 2008, etc.

  Tips: when you repeat a mission that has an opening sequence and doesn't start
with Tommy in or on a vehicle, and you want to skip the opening scene, press En-
ter, Left Shift, or Right Shift.  If it starts with Tommy in a vehicle, use W.

  Unless it's noted as a timed mission, you can take as long as you like to get
anywhere.  You can get another vehicle, weapon, more armor, etc.

  You can do the next few main story things now or later.  They're all basic
"drive here, walk there" things.  I'll give them here so you can get the main
story going, meet some of the other main characters, and get a couple of clothes
pickups.  You can use a clothes pickup to morph Tommy to a PCJ 600 to go for In-
sane Stunts (I.9.C).

  You can save your progress in the game at the glowing pink cassette (both it
and the shafts of light are called "pickup"s in the game) in the lobby of the
Ocean View.

  Walk Tommy to the shaft of light in the Ocean View.  (If you run Tommy at
these lights followed by brief cutscenes, he'll run in the cutscene.)  He goes
up the stairs to his apartment for a phone call from:


  I.17.B  "An Old Friend"

  Sonny calls Tommy from Marco's Bistro in Liberty City.  Sonny hasn't talked to
Tommy in 15 years (1971-1986), the time Tommy served for "the family."  When
Tommy tells him that the deal was ambushed, the money stolen, and Harry and Lee
were murdered, Sonny is furious.  Sonny calls it grounds to kill, but tells Tom-
my to handle it.  Tommy assures him he'll retrieve the cash, cocaine, and make
the attackers very unpopular for dates.

  It's 8 am.  Tommy's apartment, on the 2nd floor of the Ocean View, is open
from now on.

  I don't know who's in the 3rd picture on Sonny's wall.  In an almost commer-
cial plug in the show I've caught, cans of Crispo are on his shelves.  I think
"Ardon Porn Farts" on some yellow boxes is meant as a play on words of "Argo
corn starch."  (See the "Creative plugging" section of I.13.)

  Interesting stuff will appear at Tommy's apartment as the game goes on.  For
now, it has LAYTON booze, a couple vases of daffodils (and orchids?), and some
magazines: "Crime," featuring a picture of Man of the Year, Diaz, whom you'll
meet shortly; "Guide," featuring a "Confessions of a Network Programmer" cover
story and a picture of Lance Vance hugging a female twin of himself to his face;
"New Discoverer," which seems to have an article about Afghanistan (in 1986, a
time of Soviet intervention and war, backed by the U.S., U.K, and China; the
gta.img file "hotelroomint"/"hot_mags1" shows it's "After 17 years An Afghan
Refugee's Story"); and "Erse" (a variant of "arse"), which says "1986 sees best
ever graphics."

  Thanks to U.K. reader Colin Attle, who thinks "ERSE" may refer to a popular
U.K. videogame magazine: "This could be a take off a magazine called EDGE here
in the UK."

  For some reason, "An Old Friend" isn't listed on the screen you use to load a
previously completed mission.

  There's a bouncy pink tube of light at Lawyer Ken Rosenberg's front door.

  I.17.C  "The Party"  Lawyer Ken Rosenberg mission

  Tommy tells frazzled lawyer Ken he plans to kill the ambushers so Sonny and
his men will lighten up.  Ken tells Tommy to go in Ken's place to a party being
held on the yacht of Col. Juan Cortez, who'd organized the intended cocaine deal
with Ken.  He has Tommy get some new clothes at Raphael's 1st (I.9.C--Outfits).
After going to Raphael's, you can have Tommy nab the Freeway--hog--across the
street from it, if you want.

  (The voice that says, "Hmm, nice bike," sounds like someone other than Tommy/
Ray Liotta.)

  As Rusk notes, park in the pink shaft of light at Pier 2 without getting off
the bike if you want it to appear there afterwards.

  At the yacht, Tommy tells Col. Cortez Ken is suffering from agoraphobia (the
fear of being inescapably humiliated, mainly shown in avoiding public places).
Cortez says he's investigating the cause of the ambush, but, for the time being,
wants his daughter, Mercedes Cortez, to escort Tommy.  (Cortez calls her "Cara-
mia."  "Cara mia" is Italian for "my beloved.")

  Guest information:

  Col. Cortez is a gentlemanly-mannered crime boss, like Sosa in "Scarface,"
1983.  Cortez--the cordial Robert Davi, who also stars as Frank Sanchez in the
James Bond movie "License to Kill," 1989, appears as himself in a 2020 epi-
sode of the TV series "Reunited Apart," etc.

  Col. Cortez gives Tommy missions after "Riot": I.37, I.40, I.41, I.42, I.48,
and I.54.

  Mercedes Cortez is a layabout Cortez' daughter.  Her house is the avant-garde-
looking one with the ramps and red lights S of the Leaf Links Apartment and NE
of the E end of the little bridge from Leaf Links to the east island.  Mer-
cedes--the "Almost Famous" famous Fairuza Balk, who plays Saphire Loveson in the
2000 movie.  She also plays Ginger in seven 2015 episodes of the TV series "Ray

  Mercedes will appear in the "Love Juice," I.56, and "Recruitment Drive," I.78,

  When Tommy asks, "Mercedes?" and she says, "You try living with it," it's
probably her reaction to the meaning of the name considering her personal hab-
its.  It means "mercy" in Spanish, and is taken from the title of the Virgin
Mary: "Maria de las Mercedes"--"Mary of Mercies."  OOooh....

  Mercedes gives Tommy a mini-biography of some of the other guests.

  Alex Shrub is Ted Baxter with a mean streak for political celebrity.  Alex
Shrub--Chris Lucas, who doesn't normally need to be locked up.  He reprised
the role for GTA "V" (2013) and was the voice of a ped for GTA "San Andreas"

  Congressman Alex Shrub shows up for "Martha's Mug Shot," I.80, and he's a
guest on VCPR radio.

  Candy Suxxx is the cheerful exhibitionist for money.  Candy Suxxx--talented
naturals (then with enhancement by special effects) actress Jenna Jameson/Jenna
Marie Massoli, who was a voice actress for a 2003 episode of the 1999, etc.,
cartoon series "Family Guy.," etc., and has retired from adult movies since

  Porno star Candy Suxxx and her great big ones will show up in missions I.78,
I.80, and I.81 for the Interglobal Film studio.

  B.J. Smith is the great big S and M car thief/football player on the make.
(He's a comedic take on O.J. Simpson in '86, eight years before becoming a
deathly serious golfer.  One excuse O.J. offered after that was that even if he
murdered Nicole, it was because he loved her a lot.  I bet that excuse routinely
doesn't go over at abuse clinics.)  B.J. Smith--champion Lawrence Taylor.  He
was a linebacker for the New York Giants from 1981 to 1993--many consider him
the best defensive player in American football.

  Ex-football player/used (stolen) car dealer B.J. Smith will show up when you
buy Sunshine Autos, I.62.A, is a guest on KCHAT radio, and has ads on VCPR,
Fever 105, and KCHAT radio.

  Avery Carrington is a feisty Foghorn Leghorn (my Dad was a cartoonist),
unfortunately, he likes land more than people; it makes more money for him.
Avery Carrington--that handsome and funny and talented Burt Reynolds who passed
away Sept.6, 2018.  A recent example of his many acting roles was as Grandpa
Barnes in "Elbow Grease," 2016.

  Avery Carrington shows up for "Riot," I.37, then gives Tommy missions, I.38,
I.39A, and I.83, and has an ad for Shady Acres on VCPR and Emotion 98.3 radio.

  Jezz Torrent, lead singer for Love Fist, shows up for the Love Fist missions,
 I.56, I.57, and I.74, and the group is featured on KROCK radio.

  Jezz Torrent is the trendy hedonist and pretentious soul-barer who can't be
stopped by a career slag.  Jezz Torrent--colorful Kevin McKidd.  He may be
best known as playing Dr. Owen Hunt in over 200 episodes of the 2005 etc. TV
series "Grey's Anatomy."

  Gonzales is a bad stock clerk on the organized crime ladder of success.
Gonzales is asleep, so he isn't voice-acted yet.

  Gonzales is Col. Cortez' right hand man and shows up for "Treacherous Swine,"

  Pastor Richards has memorized the Bible, but just to scam people with it;
he'd be bucking for a job as a Jehovah's Witnesses writer if he wasn't so
independently successful.  Pastor Richards--David Green, unstoppable,
especially if he's armed and pointing a gun at your pubic hair.  He played
Judge Richard Jenkins/FBI Agent Foster/Jim Regan/Dr. Kornfeld from 1991 to
2004 in the TV series "Law and Order," etc.

  Pastor Richards is a guest on VCPR and has an ad on Emotion 98.3 radio.
He's a parody of a controversial 1980's TV evangelist.  He's always smiling and
has brown hair on top (a toupee) and white hair below that.  Some pedestrian
businessman in the game has a toupee, too, but it's not him.

  Steve Scott is Ed Wood with undaunted Stephen Spielberg dreams instead of
Orson Welles ones.  Stephen Scott is played by actor Dennis Hopper who passed
away on May 29, 2010.  Among many roles he played the CHP Officer in "Legacy,"
2004, Joseph/Teacher in "Carried Away," 1996,  Clifford Worley in "True
Romance," 1993, a Photojournalist in "Apocalypse Now," 1979, etc.

  Porno film director Steve Scott shows up for the Interglobal Film studio mis-
sions--I.78 to I.81.

  Ricardo Diaz is Pablo Escobar with a thing for big c**ks, regardless of the
species.  Ricardo Diaz--the gaming goodness of Luis Guzman who reprised the
role in "Vice City Stories," 2006, played Jesse Sallander in 47 2015 to 2018
episodes of the TV series "Code Black," etc.

  Ricardo Diaz is the cocaine baron who chats up Cortez with talk about reward-
ing friends and killing enemies.  He shows up soon for "Guardian Angels," I.42,
then gives Tommy missions, I.44, I.45, I.49, I.51.  He's also in I.53.

  Mercedes has Tommy drive her to the Pole Position Club.  There is always a
Cheetah just S of Pier 2 and a PCJ 600 just S of Pier 1.  If you use the hog or
PCJ 600 instead of a car, you don't get the extra exchange between them in which
Mercedes asks if Tommy minds her resting her hand in his lap.

  (She's invisible during instant replay--F1.  She usually sashays her hips
walking into the club.)

  You get $100 and the Soiree and Street Outfits (I.9.C--Outfits) are available.
A clothing bag from Rafael's hangs on a dresser in the Ocean View apartment.

  Again, the main story missions continue at I.33.  But before the heat gets
turned up with them, doing the missions and activities given below will prepare
you with extra armor and health, wealth and weapons, the infinite run and the
fireproof feature, more vehicles and places to store most of them, and experi-
ence in driving, flying, and fighting.


   I.18  Getting past the barricades and locked gates and back

  Going to the west island early PCJ 600 and a Packer, Coach/Enforcer/Firetruck/station wagon and a boat, jumping off a bridge or through a gate and using a boat, jumping through a bridge, PCJ 600 alone,
       ...and by using a code, codes, or a mod.

  Stealing money from parking meters, buying the Skumole Shack for $1,000,
      and several ways to get back to the east island,
      making a side trip to sneak aboard the yacht

  Four ways to jump into Leaf Links early

  Getting to the west island early PCJ 600 and a Packer

  Rusk calls the PCJ 600 method "The Jump" and the Coach etc. method "The Bus."

  "The Jump" is my favorite way to get over the bridge barricades.

  Drive a PCJ 600 W over the North Bridge to Prawn Island.  As soon as you're
off the bridge, stop at the right with the back of the bike to the wall.

  Drive at the ramp ahead at the side of a building.  Turn right going off of it
to aim for a ramp on the roof of a 2nd building, where you need to accelerate to
get onto the sloped upper part of the roof of a 3rd building.  Have brake and
right turn ready for the landing.  If Tommy has a spill, he can jump or drive
back over to the previous roof and return to the starting point.

   Once on the upper part of the last roof, drive counter-clockwise around a
ledge to the SE end of the roof.  You might use V to get a long distance back
view so he can back the bike to the edge without falling off.  Then press V to
get the mid-distance back view again, and gun it for the ramp on the W end,
veering a bit right as he goes off and aiming for a spot just left of the heat-
ing vents of the 2nd landing roof.  The jump involves landing on a roof then
quickly falling to a 2nd lower roof you brake on (use both brake and reverse)
(Jump 36).

  If you manage that, you can get hidden package 42 up there. (If you're new to
this and fall off the roof, you can drive out on the stairs on the SE side and
try again.  You can get H42 with this jump or a helicopter.  You might also get
hidden package 43 in Studio C--mark down the numbers of the jumps you've done
and packages you've found to keep track of them.)

  Once in Interglobal Film studios with the PCJ 600, turn the Packer (ramp
truck) around in the big clearing to the S and go back near the NW corner so
it's pointed NW.  Line the left side of the Packer with the right side of the
right-most skyscraper on the horizon.  Use Q to look to the left, which lets
you look at the right side of the Packer in the process.  Align the front of the
rear wheel guard/blinker housing with the big fan in the distance.  Look at the
radar and press and release Q to make sure all three things are co-ordinated.

  Then get out and move so that the door stays open--this is an old "GTA III"
trick to make sure a vehicle doesn't disappear if abandoned for awhile.  Unfor-
tunately, the bike occasionally disappears while doing this--I guess because the
Packer is a big vehicle and takes up more memory than usual.  If it does, try
again, because it usually doesn't do it twice in a row and it's worth it.

  Get the PCJ 600 to the stairs at the SE corner of the lot.  (You can use these
stairs to get out of the studio if you want to pass on the jump.)

  Turn the bike so the back is to the stairs and the clearing you want to drive
through is straight ahead.  Gun it without let up; the left turn around the
glass curved corner of the building on the left won't throw you out of control.
Aim for the middle of the ramp.  Once airborne, hold the front wheel in a left
turn, and have brake and reverse combined ready, so you don't smack into the
wall at the far side of the road you're landing on.  You might even land so that
you can keep driving to the W over the bridge.

  (Once Tommy landed on top of the invisible wall that goes up from the barri-
cade--the bike was back in the studio.  I could see the wall goes up pretty high
to prevent jumps being made over it.  After taking in the view, I had Tommy jump
down to the W and go over to the west island.) Coach/Enforcer/Firetruck/station wagon and a boat

  "The Bus"--Coach, Enforcer. Firetruck, or station wagon.

  For a 2nd way Rusk has to get past the barricades, "The Bus," save a Coach
(passenger bus seen at bus stops) in the garage at Ocean Heights (on the S end
of the east island, the 2nd block from the E, on the NW corner), because this
one doesn't always go smoothly and Coaches sometimes take a while to find.  The
end sticks out of the garage but it saves the Coach anyway, which is an old "GTA
III" gimmick that works in "Vice City," too.  But leave room on the driver's
side for Tommy to get in and out.  I've had this gimmick magically transport
Tommy out of the garage and not be able to get back in, which left the garage
useless until I reloaded the game, to get rid of the vehicle, and tried again.

  Rusk adds that you can use an Enforcer instead, and you can always find one of
those at the Vice Point police station.  You can use a Firetruck after using the
Flame Thrower to create fires to attract one.  You could also use a station wag-

  Drive the Coach or whatever to Pier 2 at the SW edge of the east island.  Just
drive it into the plant on the N side of the gate to destroy it--you don't need
to gun it.  Drive the back wheels through the opening and over the low ledge,
then have Tommy get out and shove it through to align it with the pier.  Have
Tommy jump on it, then jump from it onto the pier.  The game may bounce him up
onto the pier if he lands on the water.

  Then have him take a boat to the west island.  You can ground it on the Boat-
yard dock that slants into the water on the SW shore, or on the grass that
slopes into the water on the N shore, or on the beach on the NW side, or on the
grass on the E or W side of Fort Baxter.  You could have it pull alongside the
dock on the N side of the land that projects from the middle of the W side of
the west island and have Tommy jump up onto it. jumping off a bridge or through a gate and using a boat

  Rusk has a couple other ways to do it, too:

  Jumping off a bridge

  A 3rd way past the barricades is to jump from the ledge on the N side of the
North Bridge onto one of the bigger, slower boats.  I didn't always have Tommy
hit the boat, and he even bounced off a couple, but I usually had him make it.
It was easier than I thought it would be.  I had the best luck triggering the
appearance of boats by having Tommy go to the W pillar that rises from the ledge
and then go back E.  If you do see two or more, the ones that follow the 1st one
go slower.

  If you try this one, save the game at 3321 Vice Point, the place N of North
Point Mall, so you can be close by if you need to load your previously saved
game and try again.

  Jumping through a gate

  A 4th way past the barricades is to back an Ambulance to the gate of Pier 1,
then jump from atop the Ambulance at the gate.  The easiest spot for me to get
Tommy over the collison file was just N of the S thick vertical bar of the
gate.  Have him take a boat to the W island.

  There are a couple ways to use an Ambulance to get past the closed Starfish
Island gate, too.

  1. Have Tommy squeeze the Ambulance forward into the space between the S side
of the gate and the guard rail, turn left/E onto the sidewalk, then position
the back of the Ambulance about where the inner guard rail of the sidewalk ends.
Have Tommy climb onto the middle of the front of the roof, make a running jump
SW just E of the black fence onto the eastern section of the shrub (which has a
mound-shaped collision file), and continue onto the island.  I learned of this
from a message posted by Demarest on the GTA Forums web site message boards.

  2. Have Tommy back the Ambulance into the space between the N side of the
gate and the guard rail, back all the way N to the other side, get on the back
of the roof, make a running jump WNW, jump/squirm W to get past the gate, and
continue onto the island.

  (If you just want to go back to the east island the same way, get a tall
vehicle like a Rancher or a Landstalker.  There's always a Landstalker on a
driveway where it curves behind a shrub by the house that's pink with a gray
roof on the NW side of Starfish Island.  Park it by the shrub you jumped on to
get in and jump on it.  Then make a running jump for the road just past the end
of the black fence.)

  Either way, have Tommy go to the NW dock (used in the Umberto Robina mission
"Naval Engagement").  When a boat comes close have Tommy jump on it, jack it,
and take it to the W island.

  I had good luck with the Tropic--the front end would go right up on the
Starfish Island dock.  Likewise, if the Reefer nudges its front end to the dock,
you can have Tommy jump onto the Reefer and the pilot will abandon ship and
leave it to Tommy.  I've also had some luck having Tommy shoot the pilot of
whatever boat (avoid having him shoot a Predator and cause a wanted rating) as
it sails toward the dock then having Tommy jump aboard.

  Ed McMahon is going to have to introduce Rusk pretty soon.  EVerything you
could POSsibly want to know about getting past the barricades early is in his
guide, except: jumping through a bridge

  Have Tommy jump into the bottom of the south side of the bridge from Prawn Is-
land to the west island--south of the orange and white road blocks and down at
water level.  You can move him W within the bridge past the roadblocks then get
him up onto the road surface. (Thanks to A+Start)

  Have him avoid the E end--he can fall through the bridge and drown there.  If
you can't get him to pop up through the middle--about where the yellow divider
lines would be--have him continue W to the W end to fall through Ghost World
then appear on the bridge. PCJ 600 alone

  Spuds725, at the GTA Forums web site (Vice City > Cheats and Tricks), has a
way to get past the barricade on the South Bridge with a PCJ 600.  Have Tommy
get a good runway, speed the PCJ 600 toward the South Bridge, and have his path
go near the right curb as he approaches the bridge.  Aim for the right end of
the barricade segment that's left of the gap that's left of the right-most bar-
ricade segment, and Tommy can speed right through it.

  ...and by using a code, codes, or a mod

  Using a code or codes

   A 5th way I know to get around the barriers to the west island involves us-
ing one code.  Get a vehicle, type "seaways," I.16, and drive into the sea.
This is also just fun to do for its own sake.  The wheels fold up sideways like
the car in "Back to the Future" does when it flies, and it drives over the water
like a hover craft.

  At the west island, you can drive ashore (the wheels automatically right them-
selves) onto the Boatyard dock that slants into the water on the SW shore, onto
the grass that slopes into the water on the N shore, onto the beach on the NW
side, or onto the grass at the E or W of Fort Baxter.  If you use the BF Injec-
tion dune buggy and take advantage of a high wave, you could even get up onto
the dock on the N side of the land that projects from the middle of the W side
of the west island, the SW tip of the airport, or onto the pier on the SE side
(behind the mansion) of Starfish Island.

  If you use the method, given below, of jumping on a shrub to get into Starfish
Island, you could use "seaways" instead of the Sea Sparrow to get to the west
island afterward.

  I wouldn't save the game afterward, though.

  A 6th way involves using two codes: "panzer," to spawn a Rhino, and "comefly-
withme," to fly it using the method to fly a tank I described in section I.9.D.
I'd use the E side of Washington Beach for a runway to leave and to use a runway
at the airport to get back.

  I wouldn't save the game afterward, though.

  Using a mod

  A 7th way to have Tommy get between islands from the start of the game is to
use a mod.

  By using 384185280's "Parkour Cleo" mod, or NRShaggy's "[CLEO] Great Swimming
Mod," I.100.D.f  Miscellaneous, you can have Tommy swim between islands.  A
bonus with that method is that Tommy won't drown unless you have him land in
water in a vehicle without -1 for percent submerged in data > handling.cfg.

  You could use spaceeinstein's "All In One Mod,"  I.100.D.f, and have Tommy
make a vehicle fly to another island with NOS Boost.  I'd probably have him use
a PCJ 600, aim it at the destination with a lot of runway, then take off for it.

  You could change a few lines in some files, as explained in I.100.D.f, to
create DiCanio's RC mod and have Tommy fly to the west island on an RC plane or
RC helicopter.

  There are several trainers you can use to have Tommy teleport: see I.100.D.ff

  Radioman has an 8th way to get to the W island early in the game if you have a
save game for the W island, have missions left to do there, and don't mind hav-
ing Tommy get busted or wasted (I don't save the game if either of those things
happen).  Load a save from the west island, activate a mission, and when con-
trol returns to you, pause and start a new game.  After the opening movie (Son-
ny at Marco's Bistro, etc.) and control returns to you, have Tommy die or get
busted.  When he appears at a hospital or police station, have Tommy enter the
taxi with an arrow over it that appears nearby--it takes him to the last mis-
sion point, which is on the west island.  (This also works for "Vice City Stor-

  Stealing money from parking meters

  One easy way to make thousands of dollars on the west island with a four-
wheel vehicle is to run over the parking meters on the S side of the long E and
W stretch of road just E of the Hyman Condo alley.  The meters have small red
heads on top of slender silver poles, and knocking them down can cause a lot of
money pickups to appear above them.  By the time you're through at one end of
them, they've spawned again at the other.  Make it easier on yourself and use
any heavier vehicle to do it.

  This allows Tommy to go to the west island to buy a place to save the game be-
fore he's made any money on the east island.  You can buy property if you're not
on a mission at the time.  The easiest way to buy a place on the west island is

  Buying the Skumole Shack for $1,000

  To get to the Skumole Shack, go N on the main N and S road of the west island
to where it divides in the S Downtown area, and take the road of it that turns
NE.  Where it turns more to the N, the stairs up to the Skumole Shack are on
your left.

  This is the 1st save place to buy when you jump or whatever to get to the west
island early.  (Wait till you have 70 hidden packages before buying the Hyman
Condo so all your weapon pickups spawn there.)  It's very close to the PCJ 600
at Howlin' Petes Biker Emporium on the S side of the block, and across the
street from that to the SW is a body armor pickup in a white roofless garage at
a bend in the road.  There's an Uz-I pickup beneath the steps to the shack, so
stock up on ammo for it; it's the best submachine gun to have till the MP be-
comes available.  The shack is about a block SE of the police station with a
VCPD helicopter on the helipad on the roof (I.9.D), and not far N of a Pay 'n'
Spray, which is a bit S of Links Bridge on the main N and S road.  You can't use
the shack as a garage to save a bike in between games, though, as has been writ-

  You can try to save your games on the west island until the west island offi-
cially opens--after I.45--because it's easier to take a chopper E than to use a
jump or whatever to go W.  Your helicopter will probably disappear from the east
island at times before then, though, from using other vehicles or exiting the
game while there.

  Several ways to get back to the east island

  While you're on the west island and the road blocks are up, there are a varie-
ty of ways to get to the east island or anywhere in Vice City you want to go.

  VCPD Maverick or VCN Maverick helicopter (I.9.D): available from the start of
the game on top of the Downtown Police Dept. and VCN building, respectively.

  Maverick helicopter: on top of the Hyman Condo from the start of the game, but
you'd need another helicopter to reach it now.  (This guide suggests you wait
until you've found 70 hidden packages to buy the Hyman Condo--I.19.)

  Coast Guard boat: available from the start of the game by a pier just N of the
big ship at the S end of the E side of the west island.

  You could use the "comeflywithme" code to fly the Rhino (I.9.D), which is at
Fort Baxter after you've found 90 hidden packages, and take off from a long run-
way at the airport.

  You could use the "seaways" code (I.16) and travel over water in a four-
wheeled vehicle (even the Rhino).

  I wouldn't save the game after either of those last two, though.

  You could use DiCanio's RC mod (I.100.D.f).

  Making a side trip to sneak aboard the yacht

  Another thing you can do if you get early access to a helicopter is land one
on the back of the top level of Cortez' yacht, which is at Pier 2 at the SW of
the east island.  You can look around the three levels of it once you land.
Don't bother trying to get Tommy aboard the Speeder speed boat hanging off the
back of the yacht.  It's not solid, and is partly covered by something invisible
that bounces him off, and Tommy will drown.

  Four ways to jump into Leaf Links early

  You can use a PCJ 600 to jump into Leaf Links before it's unlocked by doing
"Four Iron" (I.38).

  1. Go to the E end of the bridge from the east island to Starfish Island.
Turn off the road to the N and gun it to the NW corner of the grass and jump to
Leaf Links.  This works for slower vehicles, too, except a scooter, according to
Rusk reader WizO Randal.

  2. Use the slope (sometimes invisible, but solid) up to the low wall at the
N side of the loop at the end of a road near the middle of the W side of the
east island.  Start your run to the SE of it, going beyond the intersection and
across the yard to the low wall by the water.  Wait for a break in traffic and
gun it for the slope.  I don't think Rusk has noted the next two yet, though.

  3. Start across the street to the E from the N side of the Vice Point Pay 'n'
Spray (which is across the street to the N of the Links View Apartment).  Gun
it W past the N side of the Pay 'n' Spray and aim for the corner of the pave-
ment ahead and to the right, and give it a little wheelie once airborne to en-
sure you clear the ledge for your landing.

  4. Drive a PCJ 600 up the steep grass slope at the NW corner of the little
wooden bridge that goes over the road near the E end of Links Bridge and try to
jump or bump the wooden bridge so that Tommy, and maybe the PCJ 600, land or
topple onto the bridge.


  I.19  Finding Hidden Packages
             A mod that can help if you lose count,
             how to find the secret chocolate Easter egg by H61
             and printing press by H66,
             and buying all the other non-moneymaking properties.

  You have to find 100 green and yellow-green glowing hidden packages, which
look to me like tiki statues archaeologists inform us are stylized renderings of
pelicans in ancient Asian potentates outfits that somebody smashed in the beak
with a shovel.  And that's another "Scarface," 1983, reference.  (Remember him
calling the flamingos on TV "pelicans"?  It was a phrase Al Pacino used to prac-
tice his Cuban accent and was left in the film.)

 And it's a 2nd "Scarface" reference because the packages are used to smuggle
cocaine into Vice City; one will appear after "Rub Out" on the counter just in-
side the entrance to Tommy's Ocean View apartment with a few piles of white pow-
der around it.  (PS: this is a work of fiction--don't ever do anything to help
finance organized crime.)  You can see some of them from afar, but the glow ap-
pears as you get close to them.

  You get $100 per package ($10,000 total), and a $100,000 bonus after getting
the 100th.  You also get an icon at the Ocean View, the mansion (after "Rub
Out") and the Hyman Condo (wait till you have 70 hidden packages to buy it so
your weapon pickups all appear there) for each ten you find up to 70:

  10 Armor
  20 Chainsaw
  30 .357
  40 Flame Thrower (and cans of HOT 'N' STICKY appear at the mansion when Tommy
                                 owns it; thanks to Konstantinos for the tip)
  50 .308 Sniper
  60 Minigun
  70 Rocket Launcher


  80 the Sea Sparrow, available from then on behind the Starfish Island mansion,
even before doing "Rub Out"--I.53--and taking the mansion; no one there will
mind.  Just don't mess around with Diaz' gang--they're one of the meanest.

  90 the Rhino at Fort Baxter, across the lot from the entrance gate.  The sol-
diers will shoot.

  100 the Hunter at Fort Baxter, in the middle of the N end.  (Otherwise, it
won't appear there till after "Keep Your Friends Close.")  If Tommy jacks this
right, he has at least a 50% chance of living.  If you both collect 100 packages
and complete "Keep Your Friends Close," the Hunter also appears on a helipad on
the S side of the E island.

  As Rusk explains, if you get 40 packages then buy the Condo, the 1st four
pickups will appear there, but the pickups for collecting 50 to 70 won't appear
there until you open the west island by doing "Phnom Penh '86" (I.45).  But if
you collect 70 1st, so the 1st seven pickups appear at the Ocean View, then buy
the condo, all seven pickups will appear on the roof of the condo before the
west island is officially open.

  To put it simply, get at least 70 packages before buying the condo if you're
buying it before the west island is officially open.

  A mod that can help if you lose count

  This is easy, like an Easter egg hunt.  But make sure you write down the num-
bers of the ones you've found to keep track of them, because 100 is a lot to go
back over if you miss one.  But if worse comes to worse, you can install a mod
(ification of the game) that causes balls of light to hover over all hidden
packages left to find, and rampages left to do, with an unlit segment that keeps
moving down through the balls like something out of Las Vegas.  See The Rampage
and Package Finder Mod (aka "The Northern Lights Mod") under Mods-- Miscella-
neous (100.D.f).

  The numbers for the packages come from the BradyGames Official Strategy

  I'd search while using the PCJ 600, generally--there are some jumps you can
try along the way.

  The ones you can get right away with a VCPD helicopter, including some you
might also use a boat for, are also ones you can wait to use a Sea Sparrow to
get if the pontoons make you feel safer about getting a few of them.  Since the
Sea Sparrow is unlocked after getting 80 hidden packages, you'd have to wait
till then to do those.  I'd use the VCPD helicopter (see I.9.D for the location)
to get them right away.

  Those hidden packages are: 1, 2, 13, 22, 24, 51-55, 84, and 87 (you might get
89, 90, and 91 while you're at it).

  If you're new to the game, you might want to do H15 (in the Washington Beach
police station) and H100 (behind the sign in front of Fort Baxter) after you
get the police outfit, available after "Cop Land" (I.61).  Without the outfit,
you'll be getting shot at while getting H15 and possibly H100.

  I wouldn't wait.

  Ocean Beach (the several blocks on the S end of the E island)

  H1  is on the roofless wooden platform in the ocean at the middle of the S end
of the Vice City map, S of Cortez' yacht and W of the light house.  You might
try for this in a boat or later with a Sea Sparrow helicopter.  I'd use the VCPD
Maverick (I.9.D) now.  Approach from the S and land on the part of the platform
with the pickup for rampage 1.

  H2  is on one of the big pile of the rocks W of the three wooden platforms and
a bit more N than the most N of them.  Again, you might try for this in a boat
or later with the Sea Sparrow, but I'd use the VCPD Maverick now.  Land on the
slightly sloped rock that slopes down to the most N rock with the right side of
the chopper towards the most N rock to help ensure it doesn't slide off.  The
package is on the other side of the big rock beside you to the S.

  H3  is by the back door of the house with a helipad that looks like a trampo-
line at the SW end of the island.

  H4  is at the top of the outdoor steps to the light house at the SE side of
the island.

  H5  is at the NW corner of the indoor parking garage by the piers on the SW
edge of the island.

  H6  is behind the Ocean View Medical Foundation N of H5; if you approach from
the front steps, use the bike to jump onto then up onto the grass.

  H7  is on the walk beneath the E end of the S bridge.

  H8  Either: drive up the circular ramp to the roof of the Washington Mall
parking garage (3rd block from the E, 4th from the S), make a W to E run along
the S side and over the middle of the ramp to the roof across the street (Jump
29), then position the bike and run N to S over a ramp to the next roof over,
where the package is,

      Or: get it with a helicopter later.

      I'd jump with the cycle.

  Washington Beach (the several blocks from Ocean Beach up to just N of the
Washington Beach police station; it's also the name of the entire N to S length
of the beach to the E of it),

  H9  is behind a large pink building, S area of the east island, 2nd block from
the E, 4th block from the S.  Enter the area by going up the steps in the middle
of the S side of the block.  (The pool near the Hidden Package is shaped like a
stylized co** and balls.)

  H10  is on a roof, S side E island, NW side of block 4 blocks up on the E.
Either: use the stairs in the alley across from the middle of the N end of the
block to jump S and onto the roof (Jump 26),

     Or: get it with a helicopter later.

  H11  is on the back porch of a save place you can buy, 1102 Washington St.,
3rd block from the E, 4th block from the S, on the W panhandle of the block.

  H12  Go N on the same street to the SE end of a little bridge.

  H13  I'd get this in the VCPD Maverick.  It's on the roof of the seven story
white building with horizontal blue stripes, E island, N side of the block, 2nd
block from the E and 4th block from the S--it's on the block S of the Washington
Beach police station.

  H14  is over the top of the steps of a little wooden hut on the beach E of the
Washington Beach police station (which is on the block that comes to a point at
the top, 2nd block from the E, 5th block from the S).

  H15  You may want to do this one separately.  Have Tommy go through the en-
trance on the N side of the Washington Beach police station (see H14) and all
the way to the back--he now has a two star wanted level and the police will
shoot at him.  Have him go up the stairs on the right and into a little office
at the far end of the room: the package is on the far right.  Have him run out
the way he went in (across the room, down the stairs, left, and straight out).
Send him E to the alley that runs N to S through the middle of the blocks along
the E side of the island to run (pulse Jump if you don't have the infinite run)
S through the police bribe, then have him run the other star off.

  This is easier with the infinite run (I.22).  It's even easier if Tommy wears
the police uniform available after "Cop Land" (I.61), because that way he
doesn't get a wanted level for walking beyond the entrance room inside the po-
lice station.  I've done it without having the infinite run or the outfit for
him, though, so most anyone could.

  H16  Go N from H12 across the little bridge, and, just a bit ahead, go left
off of the road and up the steps, then go left to the pink house; H16 is on the
S side of it.

  H17  is on the N end of the multi-colored outdoor shower stalls at the S side
of the E end of the Starfish Island bridge.

  H18  is revolving while partly submerged in the ground beneath the same end of
the same bridge.

  Vice Point (the island W of Washington Beach and all the neighborhoods on the
same land N of the Washington Beach neighborhoods)

  H19  Go E on the road from the E end of the bridge to Starfish Island and make
the 1st left, which is N.  Turn right off the road into the entrance of the con-
struction area of a building with red girders.  Have Tommy go up the wooden
plank to the 2nd floor, turn right, and jump onto the scaffolding that extends
from the side at the corner, then jump from it into the Spand Express building
lot to get H19.  Have him use the boxes by the gate to get over the fence to get
out.   (Thanks to David Hawkins, whose method is given by Rusk.)

  H20  Go back up a plank of the red girder building, and continue up planks to
the 4th floor.  The package is at the end of a girder sticking out from the
building.  It's about a foot wide, so it's not hard to do.

  H21  Leave the construction site and turn right to continue N on the road.
Ahead at the 1st left is a short road that ends in a circle.  Just before you
get to the beginning of that road is a house on your left.  H21 is on a dock be-
hind that building.

  H22  Use the VCPD Maverick for this.  You're to land in a swimming pool on a
roof, but the Sea Sparrow doesn't provide any advantage because the water is on-
ly about 1 1/2' deep, and the Sea Sparrow sinks to the bottom of the pool, too.
The package is on the roof of the building across the street to the S of the
Malibu Club.  Get the chopper positioned to go to the pool, including by using
nudges from side to side with A and D, and take it in slowly.

  H23  At the same place, just before the start of the little road, go right in-
stead and across the bridge.  At the end of that road, go right, which is S.  On
your right side you'll see a parking lot, then a smaller lot, and then the Mali-
bu Club.  H23 is in the near S corner of the smaller lot.

  H24  Use the VCPD Maverick for this.  As with H22, you're to land in a swim-
ming pool on a roof, but, again, the Sea Sparrow doesn't provide any advantage
because the water is only about 1 1/2' deep, and the Sea Sparrow sinks to the
bottom of the pool, too.  The package is on the roof of the building across the
street to the N of the Malibu Club parking lot.  Land the chopper as with H22.

  (While there, you may see if you get the glitch I've had where the leaves of
the four biggest palm trees there disappear.)

  H25  In the NW corner of the area behind the hotel E of the Malibu Club park-
ing lot.  For some reason, the PC version has it called "ST HOTEL" along the top
and "WK CHARIOT HOTEL" over the front doors instead of "Vice Point Langer,"
which the PS2 version names it.  (See I.13 for more about it.)

  H26  From the base of the road that ends in a circle, go NE over the little
bridge and into the pizza store on the far corner at the 1st left.  H26 is in
the NE corner of the table area.  (You can have Tommy run over each row of ta-
bles and benches without falling in between them.)

  (The cashiers at the pizza stores, and North Point Mall fast food places, all
look the same and only talk if Tommy buys something.

  Otherwise, they're one of the several groups of pedestrians that won't say or
do anything if you have Tommy hit them to find out more about them, except that
these ones make a brief fighting stance--compare I.9.A: Punching your neighbors
to get to know them.

  Tommy may need a night stick in order to hit the ones in the inaccessible
booths at North Point Mall.  They crouch a bit behind their cash register if
shooting gets near.  If Tommy keeps hitting one of them, they'll make a brave,
pacifistic sacrifice of themselves in the name of bad food, though you'd never
imagine such conviction from how unenthusiastic they are about selling it.  If
you persist at having Tommy try to get a reaction from one till he kills them,
the store won't sell pizza or whatever there for awhile.

  The Ammu-Nation clerks all look the same and never talk, even if Tommy buys
something from them; if he hits them, they shoot at him.

  You'll meet one of another group of pedestrians like that at H28.)

  H27  Continue NE on the same road as the pizza store, cross the street, and
continue to the stairway of the apartment building on the left.  H27 is under
the stairs.

  (There's one of the trees Tommy can climb S of the stairs.  Have him climb
just higher than roof level and he can jump to the roof, then make a running
jump to another roof to the N.)

  H28  Go back to the street you crossed from the pizza store--the one along the
E side of the pizza store.  Go NW on it to the nameless jewelry store on the 2nd
block on your left.  H28 is at the cashier's left side.

  (This is one of the stores Tommy will knock off later--he can't buy anything
in them.  All the cashiers for stores he knocks off look the same--they have
beards and glasses--and they never talk, they just look askance at him.  They
duck if he holds them up.  This is another group of pedestrians that won't talk
if he hits them to learn more about them.  If Tommy hits them, these ones will
duck and set off the alarm, considering him as having held up the store.)

  H29  Continue N on the same road as the jewelry store to the T intersection.
 Go W past the road on the right and turn right to go up the driveway of Merce-
des Cortez' house with flashing red lights.  At the top, go right down a ramp,
then go left around the house to H29, which is by a door.

  H30  Go back down to the street in front of Mercedes' house.  Go E, cross the
street, and go up either stairway of the apartment building on the left (you can
see in the window at the 2nd floor, which you'll have Tommy do for "The Chase").
Go up more stairs to the 4th floor, go left on the balcony, right on the roof-
top, then down a small ramp and have Tommy drop onto the lower roof.  H30 is on
the W side of the ramp.  Have Tommy drop back down to the street from the W side
of the roof, E of, and across the street from, Mercedes' house, to continue.

  H31  Go N on the road at the E of Mercedes' house past two lefts and a tan Pay
'n' Spray on the left and make the 1st right.  Then go right into the alley, and
ahead into the entrance between two old wooden fences.  H31 is to your right in
a corner of the fence by a palm tree.

  H32  Go back out from between the fences and go N to the street.  Go left to
the T intersection, then go N to a T intersection.  Go W and continue as the
road curves to the NE--you're on the block that, to me, looks like a cartoon
nose that's pointing W.  You're on the bridge of the "nose" with a hotel en-
trance to the E of you.  Go in the entrance and get H32 in the tip of the

  H33  is on the high dive board behind the same hotel.  The diving boards plat-
form has a sign on it that says, "DON'T PEE IN OUR POOL!"

  (The other platform that has that sign is in back of the Standing Vice Point
Hotel, which is across the street to the S of the Malibu Club.)

  H34  Get back on the same road (the bridge of the "nose") and go N.  A bit
ahead of you, on the left side of the street, H32 is by the S side of the base
of the bridge to Prawn Island.

  N end of the E island

  H35  is behind the Jocksport sign at the RC Bandit Top Fun van dirt track,
which is on the E island beach E of the big nose of H32 (wasn't Bob Hope good in
that?  No, no no....)

  H36  behind the apartment building that's across the street to the E and a bit
N of the entrance in the middle of the E side of North Point Mall.

  H37  is in the recessed part of the exterior of the middle of the N side of
North Point Mall.

  H38  At the doors of a store in the middle of the E side, 2nd floor, of the
North Point Mall; the store window signs have "SALE" written on them.

  H39  Go into the 2nd floor of the GASH store, which is in the middle of the
S end of the mall.  (You can use the elevator inside the store, if you want.)
Have Tommy jump over some tables in the SW section to get to the package in the
back.  (The 1st floor section is one of the stores you'll knock off.)

  H40  There are two ways to enter the North Point Mall parking garage (a pale
blue horizontal building with horizontal blue stripes):

  through a door on the NW side of the 2nd floor of the mall, or

  from the street to the W of it.

  Go to the 1st floor of the garage.  H33 is S of the S entrance.

  (You might do a jump with the PCJ 600 to leave.  Go to the top floor and make
a NE to SW run to the board propped up in the corner, angling left with left and
reverse/brake ready.

  You might as well learn another jump while you're in the area.  Continue S on
the road on the W side of the mall, and go left, just before the bridge over-
pass, onto the lower walkway.  Go past the police bribe pickup to the end of the
walkway, then make a 180 degree turn onto the nearest, and lower, walkway to
your right.  Go to the end of it and over the small steps onto the bridge which
goes to Prawn Island--watch for traffic when you jump.)

  Prawn Island (the most N of the little islands between the two big ones)

  H41  When you get off the bridge from the E island to Prawn Island, take the
1st left road.  Look for a little alley not far along it on the right--H41 is at
the back of it.

  H42  Go back onto the road near the W end of the bridge.  Drive your PCJ 600
onto the N sidewalk with the rear wheel to the wall.

  You need to make the few jumps you did to get into the film studio if you did
"The Jump" (I.18).

  Drive up the gray ramp across the street at the side of a building and turn
right to jump to a raised ramp on the roof of the next building, where you'll
need to accelerate and go a bit right to jump onto the sloped raised part of a
3rd building.

  Once you've managed that, drive to the end of the SE section facing W at a
ramp across the roof.  (Look to the S from the SE corner to see a set of stairs
you can use if you need to get out, too.)  Have Tommy walk onto the W ramp to
see the following before you jump.  You'll need to go a bit right from the ramp
the ramp, over the street and the yellow wall, and onto the white building with
a blue stripe along the top, then let yourself roll to fall onto the slightly
lower roof of the blue building with rounded sides, where you'll stop with brake
and reverse combined (doing J36 in the process).  (Don't worry--the two build-
ings you're jumping to are so close you could do a running jump from one to the
other.)  This could take a few tries.

  You could use a helicopter for this, but you need to do the jump, anyway, and
the sooner you learn it, the sooner it's easier to have fun doing it.

  H42 is between the two vent boxes on the roof you stop on.

  H43  is in Studio C.  If you're still on the roof where H42 was, drive from
the SE corner to go off the NE corner aiming for the door across the lot
straight ahead--Studio C.  H43 is at the SW corner.

  You'll probably want to look around the studio lot.  A few highlights: you can
get an M4, one of the better weapons, behind the lunar landing capsule in Studio
B.  If you shoot the gas meter by the middle of the W wall, it blows up.  There
are (out of focus) cheesecake pictures inside the guard booth by the front gate
on the E side.  The outdoor studio at the S end looks like a little of Bedford
Point in "GTA III."  The ramp truck used for the PCJ 600 jump to get to the
mainland is at the NW side.  The blue wire gate behind it will open for "Dildo
Dodo" (I.79) and remain open afterward so you can fly the Skimmer, a Dodo with
pontoons, that will appear at the pier.

  To leave, gun it over the stairs at the SE corner and level the wheels for
landing with NP9.

  H44  Go to the fountain, commemorating four fish locked at the hindquarters
and spitting, in the middle of Prawn Island.  Go W to the green house that isn't
trashed with spray paint and up the steps to the W patio for H36.

  H45  From the nauseous aqua coitus fountain, go E to the yellow house trashed
with spray paint.  Go up the steps and inside.  Ahead and to your right you can
see a chunk of the corner of a wall is broken off and there's a room behind it
you need to get into for H45.  Have Tommy go up the stairs to the 2nd floor and
jump into it from the left or drop into it from the right.

  (If you want to explore, you can walk around the outdoor 2nd floor balcony or
go up another floor to the roof you'll go to at the end of "Phnom Penh '86"--

  Leaf Links Golf Club (on three islands close together S of Prawn Island and
close to the E island)

  Use one of the ways given at I.18 to get into Leaf Links, which opens up after
"Four Iron" (I.38).

  However you do it, watch your radar to avoid having Tommy walk-through a shrub
and over a ledge into deep water.

  H46  is under the bridge SE of the clubhouse.

  H47  From the clubhouse, go N, cross a little bridge, and continue N to the
bottom W side of the driving platform.

  H48  is above a sand trap NW of the end of the curvy road W of the clubhouse.

  H49  from H48, go S, cross a little bridge, and continue S to H49, which is
over a little island in the middle of a shallow pond.

  H50  from H49, continue S.  H50 is over the middle of another little bridge.

  Starfish Island (the island between Washington Beach and Little Havana)

  Use one of the ways to get to the west island early given at I.18, get a VCPD
helicopter, and go to Starfish Island.  I'd use a helicopter because I'm not
sure if the boat would drift away if left alone a long time, and you might want
to look around.  You could also see I.18 for the way to have Tommy jump on a
shrub to get there.

  H51  is on the lower sidewalk E of the pool E of the mansion, which is the
only house in the SE area of Starfish Island.

  H52  is at the end of the S to N sidewalk at the W edge of the mansion lot.
Be careful not to have Tommy hurry through the shrub and land in the ocean--
there's no guard wall at the end of the walk.

  H53  is on the 2nd floor balcony of the house with a swimming pool shaped like
the Rockstar logo.  The house is a bit W of center in the W of the two areas en-
circled by road.

  (In "Vice City," the type of picnic tables on the balcony are like the ones in
"GTA III"--hit them with a vehicle, and they assume a damaged shape.  The tables
in the yard of the Keepie Uppie Beach Ball in a pool filled with water on the NE
side of the island are much more accessible.  Trounce one with the bottom of a
Sea Sparrow to see the effect.)

  H54  is in the Jacuzzi by the pool of the house which is a bit E of center in
the E of the two areas encircled by road.

 (The water in the Jacuzzi doesn't make any noise when Tommy moves in it, but
there are splashing sounds if Tommy moves around in the empty pool around the
gazebo with African decorations, which is on the 2nd block S of the end of the
road that extends S from the E end of the bridge from Prawn Island to the E is-
land.  Also, if you have Tommy crouch in the pool beside the Jacuzzi of H54, you
can see that it's one of the pools where the water goes over his head but he
doesn't drown.)

  H55  From the E end of the main E to W road through Starfish Island, take the
1st right turn and turn right into the driveway of the 2nd house on the right.
H55 is at the front door.  (There's always a Comet--a Porsche--in the garage.
It's between two houses that each have a swimming pool with a Keepie Uppie Beach
Ball in it.)

  The mainland (W island)

  Use one of the ways to get there given at I.18.

  Downtown (the N area of the W island down to the S side of the Moist Palms Ho-

  H56  As you get off the W end of the N bridge to the W island, the VCN build-
ing is on your right.  From it, go E, across the street that passes under the
bridge, and go around to the back of the building on your left.  Go N to an in-
dented section of the back of that big building to find H56.

  H57  Go N around the W side of the VCN building (see H56).  Go to the modern
art sculpture for the tomb of the unknown bowling octopus in the middle of the
big white building with blue windows--the V.A.J. Finance building.  Be careful
going over all the curbs.  H57 is in the middle of the sculpture.

  H58  Go to the Hyman Condo alley, which has a police bribe pickup and runs
diagonally SW to NE between the two roads that extend S from the most N blocks
of the W island.  Go W to E in the alley and turn S into the clearing between
buildings.  H58 is in that lot.

  H59  Go clockwise around Hyman Memorial Stadium, which is on the big area that
projects from the NW end of the W island.  H59 is in a corner of the NW side of
the stadium.

  H60  Go to the Schuman Health Care Center, which is on the left at the W end
of the road that extends W from the bridge from Prawn Island to the W island.
Go over the gray driveway beside it on the E side and down into a lower room (an
ambulance is always parked on the upper section nearby).  H60 is in it.

  H61  If you cross the N bridge into the Downtown area, go in the door of the
1st building on the right, the VCN (Vice City News) building.  Tommy will be el-
evated to the roof.  Have him go on top of the helipad and look back and down to
his left to see H61 and jump to it.

  The hidden Easter egg

  (Have Tommy go from the top of the ramp to the helipad to the red light on the
far right corner of the helipad.  Look at the window at about the height of Tom-
my's head to the left.  Have Tommy get a running start and jump at it.  He'll go
through the window to a room that's empty except for a podium with a chocolate
Easter egg on it.  In the Rockstar tradition of creating an absurdist world that
makes tongue-in-cheek fun of gaming traditions--one of which being to put the
programmer's personal messages, called Easter eggs, in the game--it says, "Happy
Easter."  Have him run and jump to get back on the helipad.)

  H62  Go N from the Skumole Shack (see the end of I.18 if you haven't already
bought it) and turn left into the lot.  Go up the stairs and across the roof to
the far left, where you turn left and then left into the office.  (The elevator
in there will be unlocked from "G Spotlight"--I.87-- on.)  The hidden package is
on the right by the desks.

  H63  Go S from where the two roads come together to form the main N-S route of
the west island.  Shortly, you'll see the Moist Palms Hotel on the W side (the
several driveways that join together in front of the hotel are shown on your in-
game map and radar).  Take the driveway through the hotel and go to the SW cor-
ner of the lawn behind it.  H63 is behind the concrete ramp there.

 Little Haiti (the neighborhood of blocks from the S side of the Moist Palms Ho-
tel down to the S side of the block the Pay 'n' Spray is on)

  H64  Jump your PCJ 600 over the ramp of H63 (or go W through the alley at the
S side of the Moist Palms Hotel) and go W over concrete then cobblestone to the
NW corner of the cobblestone area.  H64 is at the corner of it.

  H65  Either: go S from H64, then left into the back entrance (a space between
two big walls) of Phil's Place; go left, right at the corner, past a big pile of
junk and ahead into an alley, right at the corner and over a mound of dirt
sloped against a wall; immediately, turn right and into Phil's Place;

       or: go S from the Moist Palms Hotel (H63) on the main N-S route of the W
island and make the 1st right; continue straight, and just as it starts to curve
left you'll see an entrance with a big sign over it that says, "Phil's Place"
ahead of you--drive in.

       Either way, H65 is in the shack on the right.

  H66  Looking E from the entrance to Phil's Place, go across the street into
the alley on the S side of EL NUEVO SIGLO SUPERMARKET (tan with red horizontal
stripes at the top and bottom).  Turn right at the corner at the end of the al-
ley, and go to the bottom of the sunken stairs for H66.

  The hidden printing press

  (If you equip the Rocket Launcher scope with Tommy's right side to the door at
the bottom of the sunken stairs, and turn Tommy to the right--the look through
walls gimmick--you can see a light green printing press in an otherwise empty
little room.  It's where the courier tries to deliver the counterfeit money
plates in "Hit the Courier"--I.96.  The WK Chariot section of I.9.G explains how
to get into the room.)

  H67  There aren't any stairs to either of the rooftops you use for this so
you'll have to jump with your PCJ 600 or use a helicopter.

  Go S on the main road from the Downtown section, make the 1st right turn, and
look along the right to turn in to a little square lot of a pale yellow build-
ing.  Looking S from it, you'll see a ramp with a police bribe over it across
the street that's beyond an opening.  Drive across the street toward the ramp
and stop, then drive up the ramp and hit brake and reverse simultaneously when
you land on the roof.  Hidden Package 67 is in the indented area of the roof to
the E of the landing roof.  There's only a foot or so space between the two
roofs--Tommy can jump it on foot or even get a PCJ 600 across the space with on-
ly a little speed.

  H68  Looking from the entrance of Phil's Place, go right--S--to the SE side of
the yellow Kaufman Cabs building.  Go around the junked car into the alley be-
tween Kaufman Cabs and a little old house.  H68 is on top of the back steps of
the house.

  H69  Go back out to the front of the yellow Kaufman Cabs building, which has
closed gray doors.  Go S and turn left off of the road at the S side of the piz-
za store on the left.  Go ahead and right onto the walk between Funeraria Romero
and the low-walled grass and trees planter or terrace thing.  Look carefully for
a narrow alley on the left, S of Funeraria Romero.  Go through the alley then
left to find H69 over an open shallow grave of a human skeleton that's missing
part of the left arm.

  H70  From the pizza store, go S, take the 2nd right, go left off the road
into an alley at the W side of the 1st building on your left, then left into a
little alley.  At the end of it, look right to see the stairs.  Take several
sets of stairs to the roof.  H70 is in the middle of several air conditioning
vent boxes ahead and to the right.  Then go back down the stairs, turn 180
degrees, go ahead in the little alley and go right at the alley.  At the street,
go right to another street and face S so you're ready to look for H71.

  H71  Either: go S from where you were at the end of the note for H70--the cor-
ner of the 2nd right S of the pizza store--and follow the road as it curves E to
a T intersection; go S to a billboard--"LITTLE HAITI LIFE'S A BEACH" with
"BI**H" painted over "BEACH"--on the right side;

  or: go S on the main N-S road past the Little Haiti Pay 'n' Spray, then turn
right; at the next right, the billboard is on the far corner.

  H71 is in the inside corner of the gray wooden fence at the base of the bill-

  Little Havana (about the width and length of Little Haiti, S of Little Haiti)

  H72  On the main N-S road, go S past the Little Haiti Pay 'n' Spray, then turn
right.  Continue on the road that curves S to a T intersection, then go W.  At
the next right, the laundromat is on the far corner lot.  H72 is inside.  If you
want to have Tommy avoid the track suit pickup, have him go right once inside
and jump over the counter between the cashier and the front window.

  (The laundromat is one of the stores you'll knock off.)

  H73  From the laundromat front lot, look E at the pale greenish-blue house.
H73 is over the ramp in front of it.

  (I've also gone E to W and used the ramp for a minor jump onto a neighbor's
roof, but I was VERY lucky.)

  H74  On the main N-S road, go S past Cherry Poppers, then go right.  Continue
on the road which turns N, and you'll see Cafe Robina on the corner on the right
where it curves E.  Go across the street from Cafe Robina and into the alley,
and turn right to find H74.

  (Cafe Robina is one of the stores you'll knock off.)

  H75  Either: go E from Cafe Robina and turn right into the dirt lot;

  or: go S on the main N-S road past the Little Haiti Pay 'n' Spray, then take
the 2nd right to a T intersection; go left then take the 1st right, and turn
left off of the road into a dirt lot after the 2nd Mean Street Taxis bench on
the left.

  Either way, continue through the opening in the white wall ahead to the right.

  Go up the stairs.  At the top, have Tommy jump through the space between the
guard rail and the low wall to a lower roof.  Have him climb the stairs to the
roof, and go to the NE corner.  (The .308 Sniper Rifle there is a good weapon.)
Have him jump strongly enough (I once got Tommy stuck for awhile in the gap) to
land on the walkway at the base of the Kaufman Cabs billboard.  H74 is around
the corner at the other end of it.  (Remember to have Tommy jump over the gap
going back, too.)

  H76  Go S on the main N-S road past Cherry Poppers, and go into Callegg's Del-
icatessen at the 1st corner on the right.  H76 is behind the counter.  (This
deli is going to be used for "Sir, Yes Sir"--I.48--and is one of the stores
you'll knock off.)

  H77  From Callegg's Delicatessen on the main N-S road, take the road W and
make the 1st left.  After the 1st building, turn right off the road and into a
dirt lot.  Go up the stairs to the roof.  H77 is on the SW corner of the roof.
Go back down the stairs and across the lot to the road.

  H78  From H77, continue S down the road to Sunshine Autos on the left and en-
ter the S end of the building.  H78 is upstairs.

  (The Ghost Plants, I.9.G, are up there.  Except for some glass at the S cor-
ner, the panes of glass there are among the examples of glass you can have Tommy
shoot through with a sniper rifle without breaking them, if you have Tommy stand
far enough away from them.)

  Viceport (the S end of the W island, E of the dead end road that goes down the
middle of the island except for the Hooker Inn and a bit of the coast)

  H79  Go S on the main N-S road past Cherry Poppers, and turn right/E.  Contin-
ue through the intersection; after the road makes a 90 degree curve N, turn
right off the road to the gates with blue and red banded bars across them.
Squeeze the PCJ 600 through the S end of the S bar, turning right through it.
(Note: there's armor to your left inside.)  Jump the ramp on the E side.  H79 is
in the curve of the pale green-blue pipe in the middle of the four big "AVIATION
JET 'A' FUEL" tanks.

  To get back out, go over the ramp at the SW corner.  Nearly straight ahead is
H80 between two unhitched truck trailers.  You can go out past the S end of the
red and blue bar again or jump out using one of the two ramps on the W side of
the lot.

  H80  If you didn't get this when you got H79, go in the lot past the S end of
the same blue and red banded bar mentioned for H79.  Go right to find H80 be-
tween two unhitched truck trailers.

  H81  Go S on the main N-S road past the S bridge; just past the 1st right turn
is a series of connected apartment buildings that make a series of identical
projections toward the street.  Going S, H81 is between projections seven and
eight behind a covered entrance to the eighth one.

  H82  Go up the S ramp of the two boarding ramps of the big ship docked at the
S end of the E side of the W island.  Once aboard, go to the pile of crates on
your left and go clockwise around them to H82.

  H83  Go to the S section of the main N-S road of the W island; where it di-
vides, go right to a T intersection.  H83 is in the inside corner of the low
concrete wall around the two "1986 VCPA Vice City Port Authority Main Building"
signs on the corner to your right.

  H84  Use the VCPD helicopter.  Land on a big open area toward the W end of the
W ship of the two docked at the S end of the W island.

  H85  go S on the forked dead end road that goes down the middle of the S end
of the west island.  Where the road forks, go left/SE.  The hanger is near the
end on the left.  Go in the door on the N side and into the little office on
the left for H85.

  H86  If you go S onto the dead end forked road down the middle of the S end
of the W island, make the 1st right into a lot--there's always a Benson (a
truck that looks like a U-Haul truck you don't need a special license to
drive) parked about 20 feet into it.  Continue straight through the gateway and
to the end of the lot.  The package is by a pair of gray doors on the right.

  (At the far SW on the lot is 8 Ball's bomb shop.)

  Escobar International Airport (W of Little Havana and Vice Port and S of Fort

  To get there by PCJ 600, go S from Cherry Poppers on the main N-S road of the
W island, make the 1st right, and continue W through an intersection and follow
the road as it curves 90 degrees N then 90 degrees W.  You can go through the
gates on the left to the S tarmac or ahead then to the left to the main terminal

  H87  is on the upper roof of the Freight and Cargo terminal, which is the
place with all the colored crates and wooden planks at the SE corner of the S
tarmac of the airport (just NW of the end of the dead end road that goes down
the middle of the S end of the W island).

  Rusk has got to be kidding about using that series of motorcycle jumps over
planks and crates on the SW side of the building.  I've done it, but the open-
ing jump is tricky.  You have to jump from a wooden plank to the narrow part of
the rectangular top of a red crate and stop on it.

  If you want to make that 1st jump a lot easier, use the ramp truck S of the SE
corner of the main terminal building to make the 1st jump.  Drive it S to the
Freight and Cargo terminal.  Park it with the top of the ramp S of the yellow
crate that's S of the two red crates in a row (the most W of the red crates at
the SW side of the building), and with the ramp in alignment with the two red
crates.  Get out of the Packer, leaving the door open by moving quickly once you
exit so the Packer will stay in the memory of the game.  Jump the PCJ 600 up the
ramp onto the red crates.  Then get the long distance back view with V and back
the PCJ 600 to the S edge of the red crates.  Press V again to get the mid-dis-
tance back view, then gun it across the crates and up two wooden plank jumps to
the lower roof of the building.  Go up the slope on the NE side of it to the up-
per roof.  H87 is near the middle of the S end of the roof.

  Use the VCPD Maverick if you're not in a very patient mood.  Land on the S ar-
ea of the upper roof of the Freight and Cargo terminal for H87.

  H88  is on the concrete heliport with pale yellow diagonal stripes in the mid-
dle of the S end of the S tarmac of the airport.  The steps of it are about a
four second run W from the two red crates of H87.

  H89  From the two red crates of H87, go N to the three concrete ramps with di-
agonal yellow stripes, which are just S of the McAdam Airways hanger.  From the
base of one of them, back the PCJ 600 about 20-25 steps of the right foot, then
gun it over the tarmacadam to the roof of McAdam, and use reverse with brake to
stop.  H89 is over the apex of the roof on the S side.

  You might get this with the VCPD Maverick, too.

  H90  is over the S end of the loading platform (the big white octopus of hall-
ways propped overhead) that runs SE from the main terminal building.

  On the PCJ 600, go N from the entrance of the S tarmac, past the "Vice Surf"
billboard, across the street, through the entrance to the N tarmac (there's a
green booth there; if you look in the window on the E side, you can see through
the S wall of it), and over to the low wall with a fence over it.  Turn 180 de-
grees, and position the bike so the wooden plank at the base of the near side of
the billboard is ahead.  Drive S at the middle of the wooden plank, up through
the ramp in the billboard, use NP6 and NP9 to get the front wheel a bit higher
than the rear wheel, and land with some acceleration on the airport terminal
roof--Unique Jump 10.

  (If you screw up and lose the bike somehow, you can do the jump with a sports
car.  You might also see what half-pipe mileage you can manage to wring out of
the terminal roof with a PCJ 600.)

  Go to the S end of the E valley of the roof.  Get on foot and look down from
the edge--pull on the mouse till you get an overhead view--to see where you need
to position the bike to land on the loading platform.  Drive onto the loading
platform and press brake and reverse combined.  Push the PCJ 600 to the ground
without falling yourself--once you run S on the loading platform, you won't be
able to jump high enough to get over one ledge to get back.  Go to the S end of
the platform for H90.  Then drop to the ground and get the bike.

  You can also get this by landing a VCPD Maverick near the S end of the plat-

  H91  Do the jump through the "Vice Surf" billboard onto the terminal roof
again.  But then go to the W valley of the roof.  Get H96 while you're there.
Test your sense of spacial relationships again by looking down from the edge to
judge how to aim the bike and drive the bike onto the loading platform.  Push
the bike off onto the ground.  Go S over the platform to the S jet on the W
side.  Go over the extension and make the one foot or so jump onto the jet.  Get
H91 over the back of the jet.  Drop onto the wing then the ground, and get the

  You can also get this by landing a VCPD helicopter near the S end of the plat-

  H92  is under the same jet that H91 was over, by the inside of the rear right

  H93  Just S of the middle of the W side of the entire airport (not just the S
tarmac) are open hangers.  H93 is under the left wing of the big jet sticking
out from one.  It's a Rockstar jet, like all the jets by the loading platforms.

  H94  The gray brick VCFD (Vice City Fire Department) building, with a red and
white communications tower on top of it, and a little VCFD sign high on the
front of it, is in the middle of the W side of the entire airport (not just the
S tarmac).  H94 is behind it.

  H95  Go through one of the two entrances in the front of the main terminal
building.  Send Tommy through a metal detector, so his weapons will remain out-
side along the front window till he goes back out for them.  (You can have him
jump from a vehicle over the metal detector, but it's liable to cause Security
Guards to shoot at him.)  Go behind the divider wall at the SW side of the 1st
floor for H95.  You can get H97 while you're in the building.

  H96  is in the W valley of the main terminal roof.  Do the "Vice Surf" bill-
board jump for it.

  H97  is inside the terminal building (Brady Games: who numbered this stuff?)
on the 2nd floor.  Go through the hall by the "Gate 1--8" sign.  H97 is in the
room at the end, just inside the entrance and on the right.

  H98  Go N from the "Vice Surf" sign onto the N tarmac again, except go N on
the runway (it looks like an asphalt two lane highway) at the left of the wall/
fence (don't let Tommy fall in the gap to the road below), then go E to the near
edge of the pale yellow wall.  Go N on the E side of the wall till you can go E
over the gray tarmac that goes over the road below, and get onto the grass be-
hind the billboards.  Go S to the inside corner of them to H98.

  To return, go N, go W after the billboards, go to the pale yellow wall and go
S along it (don't let Tommy fall into the gap just beyond it to the road below),
then go W to the runway and S to the "Vice Surf" sign.

  H99  Go N from the "Vice Surf" sign onto the N tarmac and get on the runway
again.  Follow the runway, which goes N then curves W, to the 2nd Rockstar jet.
H99 is beneath it between the rear wheels.  To return, follow the runway E then
S,  then continue off of the N tarmac and back to the street.

  Fort Baxter (N of the airport)

  H100  Behind the "VICE CITY AIR RESERVE Fort Baxter" sign at the W side of the
entrance to Fort Baxter.

  From the "Vice Surf" billboard, go E to the N-S road by the grass lot the
billboard is on.  Go N on it, and continue around the 90 degree curve W.  Take
the 1st right, and follow it N and around a 90 degree curve W.  As you go W, the
only place on the right is Fort Baxter.

  You can stop on the big walkway along the left to use your sniper rifle scope
to look at the sign by the entrance from afar.  This way, you can plan your
moves and be quick in having Tommy get the package since the soldiers may shoot
at him when he goes there.  Scroll to Fist/Brass Knuckles so he'll be able to
move faster when he gets off the bike behind the sign.

  Have Tommy speed to the sign, but slow down just before it so he doesn't smack
into anything and waste time while he gets himself back up.  Have him stop be-
hind the sign, get H100, and get outta there before somebody kills him.  Contin-
ue W on the road and around the bend to the S with a wall, which also has barbed
wire along the top, on your left.  Once you've gotten that wall between Tommy
and Fort Baxter, he should be in the clear.

  You now have $100 per package--$10,000, plus a $100,000 bonus for getting them
all, the armor and six weapon pickups at the Ocean View, the Sea Sparrow is now
available any time behind the Starfish Island mansion, and the Rhino and the
Hunter are now available and ready to be jacked any time from Fort Baxter.

  Buying all the other non-moneymaking properties

  This could be a good time to go N on the main N-S road of the W island; where
it divides at the S end of Downtown, take the W road; continue N to a T inter-
section; go W to a T intersection; go N then into an alley on the right with two
pickups in it; one is a police bribe, and the other has a symbol of a house.

  If you walk Tommy into the pickup of a house, you'll be asked if you want to
press Tab to buy the Hyman Condo for $14,000.  It features a three car garage
and a pair of two car garages to save vehicles in, a door to the roof where
you'll have your own helipad with a Maverick helicopter on it, a satellite dish,
all of your 1st seven hidden package pickups and a street clothes pickup, and
the house pickup Tommy is standing in will become another pink cassette you can
use to save games with.

  I'd press Tab, but that's just me.

  If you already own the Skumole Shack and buy the Hyman Condo, there are five
other non-asset properties left to buy where you can then save your games.  You
need to buy all of the non-asset properties to get 100% for the game.

  The non-asset properties have pickups of green houses on pink disks.

  (You can't have asset properties that earn money for you till after "Shake-
down"--I.58.  For now, those places have pickups with blue houses on pink disks.
The Phil's Place asset will provide a place to buy some weapons after you do his
missions, which are available after the Malibu Club missions.)

  All of these are on the east island:

  El Swanko Casa costs $8,000 and has a garage.  Go E on the North Bridge from
Prawn Island to the east island and continue on the road as it curves S and you
come to a T intersection.  El Swanko Casa is the fancy looking stucco place with
a pool across the street in front of you.  You can go to the W side of the high-
est balcony in the front and jump to the roof and go around to the other side to
get a Kruger if you don't have an M4, which is better.

  Links View Apartment costs $6,000 and has a garage.  Go W on the street in
front of El Swanko Casa and turn left at the end of the block it's on.  Go S
past a right turn and the Links View Apartment is on your right.  It's a yellow-
tan and light gray splotched building with an orange roof, and has a road around
the back of it for no apparent reason.  Thanks to HandsomeRockus for pointing
out that "Apartment" is singular.  (One apartment suits the price better than
the entire apartment building would, too, which I guess would be Links View
"Apartments."  But I think it and the next one listed each ought to have "The"
in front of the name, especially since the picture you see after you buy each of
them makes it look like you're buying the whole building.)

  Ocean Heights Apartment costs $7,000 and has a garage.  It's in the S area of
the east island.  It's on the NW corner of the 2nd block from the E and the 1st
block along the S.  It's gray with red stripes and has ivy hanging from the roof
of the garage.

  1102 Washington Street costs $3,000.  It's on the west side of the panhandle
of the block Washington Mall is on.  (Washington Mall looks like a gray cartoon
face looking W on the radar and in-game map.)  It's a mostly blue-purple build-
ing.  (Okay, this and the next one are pretty big buildings but are even cheaper
than the last two places, which were each a single "apartment."  These two
buildings are each designated by one street number for the one door of the
place, so I guess they're just really crummy inside.)

  3321 Vice Point costs $2,500.  It's the light green building in the NE corner
of Vice Point across the street from the NE corner of North Point Mall.


  I.20  Taxi mission (a Sub-mission)

  Get a Taxi or Cab from the street and press Caps Lock.

  When I 1st played this game, the easiest vehicle to learn to drive fast enough
with was the Taxi--yellow with a horizontal black stripe along the bottom of the
sides, black spots around the outer hubcaps, and a Taxi sign on top that's posi-
tioned lengthwise.  Press Caps Lock, and the screen and radar will show you
fares to pick up and where to take them.  You can gun it as soon as they grab
the door and you'll carry them along while they get in.  Each fare has a time
limit that depends on how far away their destination is.

  You're given an amount of time to deliver a fare once they get in the vehicle.
The faster you deliver them, the more money you make and the more time you have
left on the clock.  Once they're delivered, ten seconds is added to the time
left on the clock for you to pick up another fare.  The "speed bonus"es just
seem to refer to having delivered a fare quickly for more money since no money
or time is awarded beyond that.

  You need to drop off 100 fares for 100% completion of the game.  You don't
have to deliver any number of them in a row--the number you get in multiple ef-
forts can accumulate to 100.  But, besides various payments per fare, you get
bonus money for every five done in a row--$100 times the number of fares done in
a row--and your time allowed per fare accumulates with successive quick deliver-
ies till you can have a lot of time to spare per fare.

  If you run over a potential fare, or cause a fare to leave the vehicle in ter-
ror, there's always another one close by.  It doesn't end the mission.  If you
trash the vehicle, potential fares won't enter it till you either take it into a
Pay 'n' Spray or use the "aspirine" code.

  There's no ceiling to the number of people you can drop off.

  If you leave the vehicle, fail to beat the clock, or press Caps Lock again,
the mission is over and you're credited with the number of people you dropped
off and cash made in a taxi.

  If you do this on the west island, get familiar with using the grass to the E
of the main N and S road as a shortcut, avoiding traffic by using the median
strip, and going between the random vehicle that always appears backing into
traffic S of the Downtown "Y" division in the main road and the telephone pole
across from the vehicle.  On the east island, remember that, while the shortest
distance between two points is a straight line, the vehicle goes slower (about
15-20 mph slower, I think) over sand.

  How to jump over anything that gets in your way

  Once you drop off 100 passengers, pressing Left Shift in any taxi or cab won't
sound the horn, it will cause the boost jump when the vehicle is moving fast
enough.  (If you don't watch for it, you can easily miss seeing the little mes-
sage about it that appears in the upper left corner of the screen when your
100th fare is delivered.)  It lets you jump over traffic and sometimes creates
an Insane Jump award.  (If you want a preview, the "gripiseverything" code
gives you the boost jump for all four-wheel vehicles, even if you haven't done
the taxi missions.)  You might want to check the section on the Cabbie Climb at
I.9.B, too, to see how to do stunts with it.

  After the Kaufman Cabs missions (after I.92), a separate set of missions,
you'll get a Zebra Cab at the Kaufman Cab building.  I don't wait to get the Ze-
bra Cab to do the Taxi Missions in this guide.

  1. If you're new to town, the taxi missions will help you learn the layout of

  2. The Taxi may be a bit slower than the Zebra Cab, but it handles better and
is still plenty fast.

  3. Because getting the boost jump before doing the Kaufman Cabs missions can
help you do one of the Kaufman Cabs missions: "Cabmageddon" (I.92).

  You get various amounts per fare depending on how far you went and how fast.
Again, you get more pay for faster deliveries and bonus money for doing multi-
ples of five in a row.  For dropping off 100 fares, you get the boost jump.  You
don't have to deliver the fares consecutively.

  Taxi: Ford LTD '83-'85
  Zebra Cab (available from "Cabmageddon," I.92, on)/Kaufman Cab/Cabbie:
  Checker Taxicab '56-'82

  Again, typing the code "aspirine" can let Tommy do such missions uninterrupt-
ed--here, by visits to "Pay 'n' Spray"s to repair damage.

  One gimmick has it that if you drop off a passenger when the timer is at zero,
you get infinite time to make your runs.  I haven't gotten it to work for the PC
version--it may just be another PS2/PC difference.

  I.21  Pizza Delivery Mission (a Sub-mission)

           and how to make things easier
          for the Pizza Delivery, Paramedic, and Firetruck missions.

  Sometimes '60's Mods must deliver the cheese.

  To trigger the mission, get on a Pizza Boy scooter at any Well Stacked Pizza
store.  You don't press Caps Lock, the Sub-mission key, to activate it, but you
can press it to cancel the mission, which is why it's categorized as a Sub-mis-

  There are three Well Stacked Pizza stores to pick from:

  1. Vice Point in the middle of the E island.  To get there, go NE from the
base of the road that ends in a circle.  Go over the little bridge, and the
store is on the far corner of the 1st left turn.

  2. Downtown.  To get there, go W from the W end of the bridge from Prawn Is-
land to the west island to a T intersection.  Go S and the pizza store will be
on your right before the road curves 90 degrees to the E.

  3. Little Haiti.  To get there, go S from Downtown on the main N-S road of the
W island.  Take the 1st right to a T intersection, then go right.  After the
road curves S, the pizza store will be on your left.

  You need to get to level ten to have your maximum health increase to 150
points (175 with a prostitute).

  You can miss with a pizza box and throw the customer another one, or even run
over a customer, but it cuts away from your time to do so.

  You have to get to level ten in one effort--it can't be done two here and
three there, like the Taxi mission.  You deliver a pizza box to one customer in
the 1st level, two customers in the 2nd, etc., culminating with ten in the 10th.
You have five minutes per level, which would mean that at level ten you'd have
30 seconds per delivery, except that you can only carry six pizza boxes at the
most at one time then need to return to the shop for more.

  On the plus side, you can pause the game by pressing Esc and look at your in-
game map.  It shows where all the customers are so you can plan your route.  If
Tommy gets off the scooter and doesn't get back on in time, fails to beat the
clock, or you press Caps Lock before succeeding at level ten, the mission is
over and Tommy is credited with the pizzas he delivered.

  To make the scooter go faster, press NP9 repeatedly.

  In contrast to I.22 and I.23, the screen doesn't show what level you're on,
aside from the number of blips shown on the map and radar at the start of each
level.  And the Stats don't indicate the level you attained, even if you com-
plete level ten, for some reason.  You're just told that the mission is com-
pleted after level ten.

  There's a ceiling of ten levels.

  To deliver a pizza, stop with the customer off to one side of you, press Q or
E to look at them, then press Left Mouse Button to throw a pizza box at or near
them.  (You'll probably waste pizza boxes and time trying to get fancy and do an
in-motion pizza drive-by.  You could get away with a stoppie on an early level,

  Try to avoid throwing pizza boxes by light posts, which they can get stuck on.
If that happens, try nudging the pizza box toward the customer with the bike.

  You get $10 per pizza pie delivered, and $5,000 for delivering all 55 pizzas
through level ten.

  Two pizza boxes can appear on the low table in the TV room of the mansion once
Tommy owns it.

  I think the Pizza Boy is a customized Faggio, which is a Piaggio Vespa, a fa-
vorite scooter of '60's Mods in the UK, in case you were wondering about my
opening line.

  How to make things easier
  for the Pizza Delivery, Paramedic, and Firetruck missions

  If you want to stop the mission timer, which appears below the regular clock
in the upper right corner of the screen, for the Pizza Delivery, Paramedic, or
Firetruck missions, you can download a trainer at lots of "GTA Vice City" web
sites.  Put "Vice City trainer" or such in a search engine.  As of this writing
there are trainers by hyunicz and pizzadox at:

  Another choice, and one that carries less of a risk of causing the glitches or
freezes I've had with some trainers, is to modify the files for the mission ve-
hicle with Notepad as explained in I.100.D.e  Cars and bikes: How to change
their mass, ability to stay upright and hug the driving surface, ability to sur-
vive in water, cornering and braking, top speed, acceleration, suspension, dura-
bility, and miscellaneous jazz.

  If you do, you might leave the Pizza Boy that way to use it for a few of the
drive-by rampages that come up later: R12, R17, and R22.

  I.22 Paramedic Mission (a Sub-mission)

  Some of those people that got run over (crunch) managed to live.  Why can't
everybody drive like me?--always courteous, always considerate.  Try not to run
a lot more down while you go pick them up and take them to the hospital.

  To trigger the mission, get into an ECNALUBMA and press Caps Lock.  No Ecna-
lubma gang members will attack you.

  There are four hospitals to choose from where you'll always find an Ambulance:

  Shady Palms Hospital--it's on the W side of the block which is E of the block
that looks like a cartoon nose sticking out to the W beneath North Point Mall.

  Ocean View Hospital--W of Washington Mall, which is on the S side of the east
island, three blocks from the E and four blocks from the S.

  Schuman Health Care--go W to a T intersection from the W side of the bridge
from Prawn Island to the west island; it's on your left.

  WestHaven Community Healthcare Centre--go N from the Starfish Island Bridge on
the main N and S road of the west island; it's on your left.

  (You could also jack one that may come by with paramedics who heal the
wounded, but you're going to have to take your patients to one of the hospi-

  It's the easiest to use Shady Palms Hospital.  My 2nd choice would be Ocean
View Hospital.  The patients often appear on the beach for those.  Since we're
doing this before the west island is officially open, no patients would appear
over there now, anyway.

  You need to go to level twelve to get the infinite run--it can make life in
Vice City MUCH easier.  There's one patient for level one, two for level two,
etc.  Like the pizza mission, you have to get to the top level in one effort--it
can't be done in segments.

  The Ambulance can only carry three patients at a time.  That's 26 runs at
three patients each for a total of 78 patients.

  As with the pizza mission, you can press Esc to look at your in-game map and
plan your route.  You can decide to plan it for patients who are closer or far-
ther away based on how much time you have.

  You can get extra time bonuses for fast deliveries.

  Your time isn't penalized for hitting bumps and making the patients groan and
causing a blood trail to be left behind the Ambulance--you are one ambitious hu-

  If you press Caps Lock again, get out of the vehicle, fail to beat the clock,
or kill a patient before succeeding with level twelve, the mission is over, and
you're credited with the level you attained and the number of people you saved
in an Ambulance.

  There's a ceiling of twelve levels.

  Stop with the patient safely away and to the right of the ambulance, since
it's very easy to hit and kill them with the slightest bump in their weakened,
bleeding condition as they run to get in the front passenger seat or the back.
Give the patients an extra wide berth on sand, which is slipperier than grass
for the heavy ambulance to stop on.  If they fall, you might move away from them
a bit.  Sometimes they stay down a long while because they're weak, but they may
need more room to get up in, just like pedestrians might need otherwise.

  As with the Taxi mission, you can gun it as soon as they grab the door (or get
in, if you lost your door).  See the 1st few paragraphs of I.9.F and use your
vehicle handling skills for this.  A special note to add to the Space Bar/S
braking combination for this: release S 1st so you don't fatally tap a patient
with the rear end of your Ambulance.

  If you press Left Shift several times, you activate the flashing red and blue
lights on the roof and the siren; some will pull their vehicles over and get out
of your way, but some may get in your way, too.

  The paramedics in the game rub fallen people around the groin to revive them;
you don't have to make Tommy do that.

  Colin Attle wrote to me (thank you!) that the pay for the Paramedic Sub-mis-
sion, and the 1st twelve levels of the Firetruck and Vigilante Sub-missions, is
$50 x (the number of the level) x (the number of the level), which is $50 times
the number of the level squared: $50, $200, $450, $800, $1,250, etc.

  Completing level twelve of the Paramedic Sub-mission pays $7,200.

  If you finish level twelve, the screen says, "You will never get tired!"  I
think that's a nice message for the end of a Paramedic Mission.

  Ambulance: Ford E350 Diesel (cube or box type) Ambulance '86

  You can type "aspirine" to repair the vehicle.  As Rusk says, the Ambulance
does a little self-healing with successful deliveries (from level four onward,
for any but the last trip of each level, from black smoke to white smoke or from
white smoke to no smoke).  But "aspirine" does it 100% right away.  Sometimes,
you want to get a little fast and messy.

  See my closing note for the Pizza Delivery Mission, I.21, if you want to stop
the mission timer.  And, as with the Pizza Boy, you could modify the files for
the Ambulance with Notepad as explained in I.100.D.e  Cars and bikes: How to
change their mass, ability to stay upright and hug the driving surface, ability
to survive in water, cornering and braking, top speed, acceleration, suspension,
durability, and miscellaneous jazz.

  I.23  Firetruck Mission (a Sub-mission)

  To trigger the mission get into a Firetruck and press Caps Lock.

  You have one fire department where you'll always find a Firetruck, but we're
not using it.  (If you needed it, you could go W from the W end of the bridge
from Prawn Island to the west island, make the 1st left, and find it in the
fenced in lot of the fire department on your right.  The fence has an opening at
the N and S ends of that part of the fence.)  But since we're doing this before
the west island is officially opened, no targets will appear there.

  You never have to send Tommy to or from the fire department to do this mis-
sion, though.  Have him snag a Firetruck after doing rampage 2, with Molotovs,
W of the light house.  You can have Tommy attract a Firetruck, though less reli-
ably, by starting fires on the east island with the Flame Thrower you got for
finding 20 hidden packages (I.19) or with the Molotovs you can find at Tacopa-
lypse (I.10--4. Weapons you throw).

  I like to use Molotovs to get a Firetruck then store it at the Ocean Heights
Apartment garage (the end sticks out while the door is open but the truck can
still be saved there) in case I need to try the sub-mission again and to keep
rampage 2 free on a starter save.  I change Enter/Exit from F/Enter to just
Enter because if you accidentally have Tommy exit the truck during the sub-mis-
sion you fail it.

  Do this to level twelve for the fireproof feature (good for using Molotovs

  The number of burning vehicles and victims to extinguish grow in cycles of
four levels:

  1st level: one empty vehicle,
  2nd level: one vehicle with one passenger who gets out and runs,
  3rd level: one vehicle with two passengers who get out and run,
  4th level: one vehicle with three passengers who get out and run.

  On the 5th level there's a vehicle with three passengers who get out and run
and an empty vehicle, etc.

  On the 9th level there are two vehicles with three passengers each and an emp-
ty vehicle, etc.

  The maximum number of targets is reached at the 12th level.  For it and subse-
quent levels there are three vehicles which each have three passengers for a to-
tal of nine passengers who get out and run.

  As HandsomeRockus points out, the 4th level is the only one in which you have
to chase a burning vehicle to put it out.

  You only have so much time per level, and you have to get to level twelve in
one effort.

  If you fail to beat the clock before succeeding with level twelve, press Caps
Lock again, exit the Firetruck, let a vehicle explode (the flaming people last
longer than the vehicles and any other flaming people in the game, for some rea-
son), or run over one of the flaming people, the mission is over, and you're
credited with the level you attained and total fires extinguished.

  There's no ceiling on the number of levels you can attain.

  Firetruck water cannon:

  Number Pad 9....Up

  Number Pad 6....Down

  Number Pad 4....Right

  Number Pad 5....Left

  Left Mouse Button....shoot water

  If you press Left Shift several times, it activates the flashing lights on the
roof and the siren; some will get out of your way, but some may get in your way,

  I mainly get the water cannon shooting ahead then aim the water by positioning
the truck.  Persist at the target doggedly.  Get the vehicles 1st, which also
helps you get those people who get out and run against a vehicle or in the path
of the water.  Shoot the water at or over the vehicle/person on fire till it
hisses/they hiss and you see white steam/smoke arise from it/them, then hold
that till you hear a "blink" and the white stuff disappears and they stop siz-

  I know the Firetruck looks like a big happy St. Bernard puppy running across
the linoleum knocking things over to put out fires.  But it isn't damage-proof,
so you can type "aspirine" now and then.  For all the water it carries, it isn't
able to put itself out if it catches on fire.

  As mentioned above, thanks to Colin Attle for writing to me that the pay for
the 12 levels of the Paramedic Sub-mission, and the 1st twelve levels of the
Firetruck and Vigilante Sub-missions, is $50 x (the number of the level) x (the
number of the level), which is $50 times the number of the level squared: $50,
$200, $450, $800, $1,250.  Completing level twelve pays $7,200.

  He adds that in the Fireruck and Vigilante missions, beyond level 12, the for-
mula is the amount for the previous level plus (the previous level number times
100) plus 50.  So for level 13, the formula is: 7,200 + (12 x 100) + 50 =

  Firetruck: 1987 and 1988 Peterbilt Thibault firetrucks were the closest I
found for the 1986 time frame.

  The water can also be used, as in "GTA III," to wash the pedestrians down the
road.  It's not a real important weapon, but it is something to see.

  Once Tommy has the fireproof feature, he can then use Molotovs on targets be-
side him--he'll be on fire yet not burn, like Moses' bush or something out of
"The Exorcist."  Type in "aspirine," and he can heal a Plymouth.  There's an un-
usually bright star in the E (at the bottom right of the R* constellation).  If
he's killed, he resurrects.  I wonder what a game based on the life of Apostle
Paul would be like?  "Get Paul through his torments and shipwrecks--he has to
write the book of Ephesians"; "When Paul learns what Peter is teaching in Jeru-
salem, should he use his Rocket Launcher or ram those Sons of Belial with the
Rhino?"; "Bless you"--pa-HOOM; no, no, no....

  If you want to stop the mission timer, see my closing note for the Pizza De-
livery mission, I.21.  And, as with the Ambulance, you could modify the files
for the Firetruck with Notepad as explained in I.100.D.e  Cars and bikes: How to
change their mass, ability to stay upright and hug the driving surface, ability
to survive in water, cornering and braking, top speed, acceleration, suspension,
durability, and miscellaneous jazz.  As a nice variation on Rusk's "Grand Theft
Auto III" "Turismo" Firetruck idea, you might leave it that way to store an all-
purpose, hot rod bulldozer Firetruck in a garage for certain missions that come
up later, like "The Driver," I.70, the Sunshine Autos Street Races, I.71, "Gun
Runner," I.76, "Naval Engagement," I.86, or "Juju Scramble," I.87.  (Tommy can
still get knocked off of the modified Pizza Boy.)

  I.24  Knocking Off Stores

  All you need to do is have Tommy threaten the cashier.  (Once Tommy robbed a
store just by belting one of them.  And I think I had him trigger one once just
by having him drive a PCJ 600 fast into a store.)

  GTA_Loc's way to get $1,000 per store and not confront the police:

  You can use GTA_Loco's Never Wanted/Felony Allowed gimmick to have Tommy rob
all the stores, letting the money max at $1,000 at each, without any police
around.  See I.53 "Rub Out" and I.61 "Cop Land."

  In earlier versions of this walk-through, I'd recommended you keep Tommy armed
with one of the handguns throughout a sequence of store robberies because it
lets you have Tommy run from one store to another without having to scroll be-
tween weapon slots.  That's true, but I'm going to recommend a variation on that
this time, because it let me have Tommy knock off all the stores without the
glitch that causes one or two of the robberies not to register in the Stats.

  I've had a problem (glitch?) whereby the money kept appearing but the alarm
bell didn't go off till Tommy ran through the money.  By then he had a three
star wanted rating--the maximum for this.  I've also had a problem (glitch?)
whereby the alarm bell went off but the money didn't appear.  Sometimes I had
Tommy stand so close to the counter that the money appeared then disappeared in-
to him in a moment, creating the sound that means he got it.  And for one reason
or another, the game didn't register one or two of the store robberies after-

  Send Tommy into the store using Fist/Brass Knuckles.  Have him stand a bit
back from the counter facing the clerk--far enough back so that when the money
appears over the counter, it won't immediately disappear into Tommy.  Scroll up
a couple of weapon slots to the handgun so the aiming reticle is on the clerk.
The cashier turns with a start and/or ducks, and the money appears over the

  Then scroll back down to Fist/Brass Knuckles, which sets off the alarm.

  Have Tommy jump on the counter to get the money a moment later to keep his
wanted rating at two stars--the minimum for this.

  You might make a note of any store that reacts differently so you know which
store(s) to try again if you don't get credit for a robbery or two.

  You should be able to have Tommy go through a whole series of stores this way
with only a two star wanted level.

  I still had the glitch of a clerk not appearing at one of the stores, but when
I had Tommy go back later, the clerk was there.  When I had Tommy knock it off
the way I recommend, it registered in the Stats.

  Have Tommy do the Paramedic mission to level twelve for the infinite run 1st.
Then just have him run through all of the stores for a whole island--seven
stores on the west island and eight stores on the east island.  (Thanks again to
proven Rusk strategies.)  Drive around and memorize a route 1st; get a print out
of a map and make notes.

  The time it takes for Tommy to go through his motions of getting into or onto
a vehicle, and get it going fast enough not to be pulled or knocked off of it,
leaves him vulnerable to getting busted.

  Running is easier than you might think from the hectic way the police may
chase and ram Tommy's vehicle and try to pull him out and bust him with two
wanted stars.  They don't block him from leaving the store--he can run right
past them if he has to.  They don't shoot constantly, and they miss most of the
time when they shoot.  When they chase and shoot, have Tommy do a lot of weaving
around corners, trees, and posts to avoid bullets and lure their cars to get
stuck against things or to drive into the pool at the Moist Palms Hotel.  Have
Tommy pause to cause their car to stop then have him run away from it.

  In the W, you can use the bribe NW of Screw This from either end of the alley,

  the bribe in the alley N of the N end of the road W of, and parallel to, the
big concrete drainage ditch,

  and the bribe in the Hyman Condo alley--and you can use the clothes pickup on
the roof.

  In the E, you can use the bribe behind the house SE of the road that ends in a

  the bribe on the corner by the building that's N of the Malibu Club,

  the bribe in the alley E of the Links View apartment,

  and the bribe in the low walk S of North Point Mall.

  You won't need all the armor and bribes I've given directions for, except for
the bribe at the end of each run.  But if you're new, who knows what trouble
you're going to get into?

  You can only rob the stores listed below.

  As noted before, for H28, the cashiers all have beards and glasses and they
won't talk no matter what you do.  If you try to have Tommy hold up a fast food
place, they'll just ignore Tommy, but at least they'll say something if Tommy
buys something.  And if you try it at an Ammu-Nation, they'll shoot Tommy, and
they still never talk to him, but at least Tommy can buy something there, too.
Tommy can't even buy anything in these stores--no wonder the clerk doesn't have
to know how to talk.  I guess that's why these are the store clerks Tommy robs--
it's the only way to get something from them, and he hopes they won't talk to
the police, either.

  In British slang, to "knock off" a store is to steal from it (it can also re-
fer to sex in another context).  "Tool up" is to become armed, usually with a
gun.  "Tool" is a penis or an idiot.

  East Island

  Before you start Tommy's run, you can have him leave a vehicle in the Vice
Point Pay 'n' Spray N of the Links View apartment.  If you do, you can have him
get in or on it to trigger the Pay 'n' Spray to remove his wanted rating.  Don't
have him use any other vehicle while you want the rigged Pay 'n' Spray to be
available to better ensure that the vehicle inside it stays in the memory of the

  Bunch of Tools: go S from the E end of the bridge from Starfish Island to the
E island; it's on your left.

  Knock it off, then go N on the road at the W side of the store.  Go past the
construction site and cross the little bridge; go N on the road on the E side of
the pizza store.  (There's a bribe on a corner E of the pizza store.)  On the
2nd block on your left is the:

  Jewelry Store.  Knock it off, then go N to the T intersection, go left/W, then
go right/N.  (There's a bribe in the 2nd alley on your right.  The Pay 'n' Spray
is further N on the left.)  Continue N to a T intersection, where you make a
quick left/W then right/N.  On the right side of the street is the:

  Dispensary.  Knock it off.  Go N to the T intersection, go E to the T inter-
section, then go S.  On the next corner on your left is the:

  Corner Store.  Knock it off.  Go N.  (After you pass the 1st left, there's a
blue/gray and white building you can enter on the left side of the road; inside,
atop the 2nd ramp, is armor.)  Continue N through the break in the low guard
wall where the road curves W, then go left to get to the base of the stairs of
the North Point Mall.  Go up them and go inside the mall.  Go up an escalator
and go to the middle of the W side of the mall, where you'll see:

  Vinyl Countdown.  Knock it off.  Go down to the 1st floor (you can even jump
over the banister if you're in a hurry) and go to the N area of the E side of
the mall, where you'll see the:

  Jewelry Store.  Knock it off.  Go across to the S area of the W side of the
mall, where you'll see:

  Tooled Up.  Knock it off.  Go to the middle of the S section of the store
where you'll plunge right into a:

  Gash.  Knock it off.  Hold up the store.  Then go out one of the S exits and
jump over the banister and run through the police bribe.  I know you're still
wanted, and you're pretty excited about it, but run it off.

   West Island

  Before you start Tommy's run, you can have him leave a vehicle in the Pay 'n'
Spray just S of Ryton Aide.  If you do, you can have Tommy get in or on it to
trigger the Pay 'n' Spray to remove his wanted rating.  Don't have him use any
other vehicle while you want the rigged Pay 'n' Spray to be available to better
ensure that the vehicle inside it stays in the game.

  Deli: go S from the Starfish Island Bridge on the main N-S road of the W is-
land: it's at the 1st right on the near corner.

  Knock it off.  Go W, and on the left side of the road you'll be tempted to:

  Screw This.  Knock it off.  (You pick a strange time for these things.)  Hold
up the store.  Continue W on the road, and follow it as it curves 90 degrees N.
On the inside of the curve where it curves 90 degrees W, you'll enter:

  Cafe Robina.  You'll disappear momentarily, reappear, then knock it off.  Go
outside, disappearing and reappearing, and go E.  Take the 1st left and go N (or
go straight then off road right into an alley for a bribe, then go back to the
same corner and go N).  Follow it as it curves 90 degrees to the W.  Just before
it curves 90 degrees to the S, go right across the lot to the:

  Laundromat.  Knock it off.  Go E and take the 2nd left N.  (Ahead and to the
left, beyond the bend in the road, you'll see the concrete and yellow Print
Works building.  Go past the several loading bays and go left into a covered al-
ley that runs through it; go up the stairs on the left if you want the armor on
the roof.)  Follow the 90 degree bend in the road and go E to the main N-S road.
Go left/N to the place at the bend in the road with the name of the store in red

  Ryton Aide.  Knock it off.  (The Pay 'n' Spray is beside it to the S.)  Con-
tinue N past three lefts and the Moist Palms Hotel, then go left/W.  On your
left, before you get to the bend in the road, is the gray:

  Dispensary.  Knock it off.  Go N around the bend, and 4th door on the right is
the gray:

  Jewelry Store.  Knock it off.  Then continue N past the 1st right, and turn
right off the road into the Hyman Condo alley.

  There's a bribe in the Hyman Condo alley for one wanted star, and you can run
the other one off or go to the roof of the condo for a clothes pickup.

  Check your Stats and any notes you've kept of odd store behavior to see if you
have to do any again.  But at least now you know how easy it is.

  You get $50 to $1,000 per store, depending on how long you threaten the ca-
shier (I'd go for the bigger money somewhere else and keep the wanted level down
to two stars for this).

  I.25  Vigilante Mission (a Sub-mission)--Brown Thunder, if using the Hunter

  Do the Vigilante Mission to level twelve for 150 maximum armor.

  To trigger the mission, have Tommy get into a police car (go to any police
station or jack one), Enforcer (at the Vice Point police station), Vice Cheetah
(behind the Little Havana police station), FBI Washington (in an alcove in the S
segment of the alley S of the Downtown pizza store), FBI Rancher (jack it off an
FBI agent), Rhino (at Fort Baxter after collecting 90 Hidden Packages) or Hunter
(at Fort Baxter after either collecting 100 Hidden Packages or completing the
story missions, and on the helipad at the S end of the east island after both
collecting all the packages and completing the story missions), and press Caps

  (Maybe it's because some PC component of mine is fast, but "Brown Thunder,"
the name given to the mission if you use the Hunter, flashes on and off the
screen in a blink.)

  If you press Left Shift, normally for horn, several times, it activates both a
siren on all but the Hunter and Rhino, and a flashing red dashboard light in the
Cheetah, flashing blue dashboard light in the FBI Rancher, flashing red and blue
lights on the roof of a police car, and flashing red and blue lights over the
windshield of the Enforcer.  This causes some drivers to get out of your way,
although some get in your way, too.

  The timer gives various times permitted for the initial level--1:15, 3:51,
etc.  I suppose it depends on how far away the 1st target is.

  As HandsomeRockus explains in his walk-through at Gamefaqs, there are the same
number of criminals as there are levels.  Since only four can fit in a four-
wheel vehicle, you get two vehicles from level five on and three from level nine
on.  For level twelve and subsequent levels you'll get three vehicles of four
criminals each per level.

  The pairs or trios of vehicles travel together till after level twelve.  Then
you always get a pair of them together and a 3rd one traveling separately.

   Sometimes the criminals exit their vehicle and shoot at Tommy; if so, and he
destroys their vehicle but doesn't kill them, they may jack another vehicle and
continue in it.

  You have to get to level twelve in one effort.  If you fail to beat the clock,
press Caps Lock again, or exit the vehicle and fail to get back into any vigi-
lante vehicle in less than one minute, you end the mission and you're credited
with the level you attained and number of Criminals killed.

  The time per level and financial reward increases with successive levels, ex-
cept that the timer rolls over to whatever small amount of a 1st level after
99:59.  Be sure to be quick about getting more criminals then and not be off
looking for a bribe.

  There's no ceiling on the number of levels you can attain.

  You might want to use the ability for Tommy to be outside of a vigilante vehi-
cle for a minute to collect money and weapons the criminals leave behind.  But I
don't have him leave the Hunter for them ever since I had him get out around a
bunch of blown up cars and it disappeared.

  I would use the Hunter for this as Rusk recommends.  (See "How to Hijack the
Hunter" near the end of I.9.D.)  The Hunter machine gun has more auto-aim than
usual during "Brown Thunder."  When using the Hunter, keep in mind that the
rockets are more liable to draw police attention than the machine gun, and
shooting innocent people is harder to avoid with rockets and more likely to at-
tract the police as well.

  The Hunter is said to get more durable as the mission goes along.  But some-
times the criminals get out of their vehicles to shoot at the Hunter and can set
the Hunter on fire, the easiest with the shotguns they may have, so be ready to
fly off and type "aspirine" now and then.

  For some variety, you might try the vigilante mission with the Rhino or Vice
Squad Cheetah.

  The main strength of the Rhino is its hit and explode ability.  If you turn
the cannon backwards and fire to give it an acceleration and maneuverability
boost, the Rhino is the 2nd easiest to do this with.  The one drawback to it is
that Tommy is bound to shoot a number of pedestrians and their vehicles that way
and increase his wanted level, so you might have him leave a vehicle in a Pay
'n' Spay beforehand.

  If you have Tommy use the Cheetah, have him get out to Minigun the criminals.
He has a greater chance of getting busted down on the ground, though, so try to
keep him moving.

  As noted in I.8, I haven't gotten the PS2 gimmick of having Tommy run from an
FBI Rancher and turn to find the FBI Rancher abandoned to work on PC.  When I've
tried it, the FBI Rancher disappears but the agents are still there shooting.
You might have Tommy try a minor rampage in the alley of the Hyman Condo and use
a Molotov (the neutron bomb of the game--you can kill the people and leave the
vehicle intact) to get an FBI Rancher.  It's an SUV that handles like a BF In-
jection or a Patriot.  I got one that way without much trouble but didn't find a
lot of use for it: the Hunter is the best for vigilante missions, and I general-
ly favor the PCJ 600 for routine driving.

  I haven't gotten the same gimmick to work for a "Vice" Cheetah yet, either,
but there's no big call for it.  There's always a "Vice" Cheetah behind the Lit-
tle Havana police station on PC.

  It is possible to jack one or the other by moving Tommy at the front or side
to make it come to a stop and pressing F before it stops.  More often than not,
Tommy gets busted.

  It's got the best chance of working if it looks like a vehicle jacking does
otherwise, with Tommy yanking out the driver and the other(s) getting out.  He
may still get busted, but he may be able to speed away, possibly with a flat

  I'd stick with the Molotovs and the back of the Little Havana police station
if I had to get one of them.  It would probably just end up taking up room as a
garage trophy, though.

  An FBI Rancher is the easiest to take and save by a Hyman Condo garage, since
the condo alley affords some protection from helicopters, there's armor on the
roof and Molotovs across the street, and going to the roof provides a quick
change of pace if you're in a tight spot.  I once got an FBI Rancher when the
FBI agents drove it into the big garage there; Tommy was near it so the door was
open--I just had him walk away.  There was no exchange of shots--the Little Shop
of Hyman ate them.  You can play with this lure and trap gimmick (a variation on
a scene from "Cop Land") with other law enforcement vehicles or policemen, too.

  Whichever you prefer, the airport, with its wide open spaces, is the easiest
place to do it.  But get familiar with how high up the Hunter can be from the
lamp posts and all in other areas and get the targets with the auto aim machine
gun, too.  You may start the mission in one place and get sent to another.

  As Rusk explains, you might want to do the vigilante mission to level twelve
on the east island to get 150 armor, then, when the west island opens up so tar-
gets can be generated on it, do it at the airport.  You can easily go to as high
a level as you want and to make a lot of money (I once maxed my cash out at
$999,999,999 when I got to level 400) and kill a small town's worth of crimi-
nals.  When trios of criminal's vehicles appear, using the airport area often
makes one of the three appear over water, which destroys those criminals for

  You might remap the Sub-mission key from Caps Lock to something over in the
number pad section for the occasion so you don't accidentally press it after
getting a high level (I've done that).

  And a bonus gimmick of using the airport area is that the mission timer, and
the creation of targets, stops if you get your most recent target(s) while hov-
ering over the water W of Fort Baxter.  This lets you go back down over the wa-
ter to the airport to go over land, which reactivates the timer and the spawning
of criminals again, to help you keep the mission happening at the airport.

  Another gimmick is to watch your radar for the criminals spawn point.  If you
watch Tommy's wanted level, too, you can have him hover or park the Hunter near-
by, aim at the spawn point, and blow up a whole string of the criminals in a row
without moving or moving much.  The hovering ability of the Hunter, keeping him
safer from getting busted while doing that, is another advantage it has for this

  I've had Tommy use the rockets to kill targets generated inside a building as
Rusk describes, and it works.  Look for a pink glow created by the big direc-
tional arrows used to point down at them.  Owing to a glitch, you may even see
parts of the criminals stick out through the wall.

  I've had the criminal's vehicles show up in all sorts of other odd places,
too, like inside a basketball court or driving endlessly at a corner, which the
rockets helped Tommy with.  The concussive effect of the blast of the rockets
can get targets on the other side of walls or anywhere close to the blast.

  I've also had the added distraction of criminals seeming to appear in a build-
ing then being transported in an instant to a nearby road.  You may even see
some in a non-dirt track vehicle going for a World's Most Stupid Criminals Award
trying to race around the path programmed for the three Haitians at the Downtown
dirt track.

   Airborne police bribes:

   * One is over the fence at the back of the yard behind Sunshine Autos.

   * The 2nd is over the big concrete drainage ditch W of the Pay 'n' Spray in
Little Haiti.

   * The 3rd is in N Little Haiti by some crates and just N of the N billboard
of the two that say, "Little Haiti"--"Life's a Beach" with "Beach" crossed out
and "Bi**h" written on it.

  Again, since the timer rolls over to a small 1st level amount of time again
at 99:59, make sure you have enough time before going for police bribes.

  As mentioned before, thanks to reader Colin Attle for writing to me that the
pay for the Paramedic Sub-mission, and the 1st twelve levels of the Firetruck
and Vigilante Sub-missions, is $50 x (the number of the level) x (the number of
the level), which is $50 times the number of the level squared: $50, $200, $450,
$800, $1,250.  Completing level twelve pays $7,200.

  He adds that in the Fireruck and Vigilante missions, beyond level 12, the for-
mula is the amount for the previous level plus (the previous level number times
100) plus 50.  So for level 13, the formula is: 7,200 + (12 x 100) + 50 =

  He adds that in the Fireruck and Vigilante missions, beyond level 12, the for-
mula is the amount for the previous level plus (the previous level number times
100) plus 50.  So for level 13, the formula is: 7,200 + (12 x 100) + 50 =

  There's no ceiling to the number of levels for this, and you can easily do
this with the Hunter till Tommy's a millionaire--even max out his cash, if you
want to.

  I.26  Unique Jumps

  Get a PCJ 600 (I.9.C).  Know where the armor is (I.11).  If you're getting
killed doing this stuff, you're trying to make the jumps without using one of
the two.

  If the bike starts smoking, type "aspirine"--let people who bind themselves to
some wholly arbitrary allergy to good medicine search for another bike.  We've
got jumps to do, and we don't want to interrupt the tunes on the radio.

  There are 36 Unique Jumps in the game, and we're going to do all of them the
game will let us for now.

  When you make your approaches to the jumps, get to know the limits of acceler-
ating out of controlled skids, and of accelerating with turns to tighten them,
and just ease up on the acceleration to navigate through some turning hazards.
Gunning it is never the answer to everything.  And remember that grass is slip-
perier than pavement, especially when it's wet.

  Remember to use NP9--lean forward, and NP6--pull back, to try to land on two
wheels to give Tommy a better chance of staying on the bike.  Using a little ac-
celeration when landing can help with that, too.

  Having the front wheel turned with A or D changes how the bike leans, and can
prevent a sideways spill.

  You can combine brake with reverse when he has a small landing space, and re-
lease them if it looks like he's about to spin out and wreck.

  If you do these things, the game can be generous about letting Tommy make some
spectacular sideways landings and such.

  When are you going to be able to drive so good you never wreck?  Given the un-
predictability factors involved in driving at all adventurously, when you stop
driving.  Unless you're driving with no armor and very low health, he'll get
right back up.  With full armor and health, the bike is liable to be destroyed a
lot sooner than he is.  Know where the armor is and type "aspirine" for the bike
now and then, and crank up the tunes.

  You can also do many of these with a sports car (the Cheetah is light and fast
for that).

  The Uniquecall mod by Demarest

  If you can't figure out which jump you missed, even more informative than "The
Rampage and Package Finder Mod (the Northern Lights Mod)" for finding Hidden
Packages and Rampages is the "Uniquecall" mod by Demarest.  It has the game show
you onscreen where to start and end jumps, which jumps you have left to do, etc.
See VC Code Tools under I.100.D.f.  (And thanks to TownRanger at the Gamefaqs
message board for the helpful tip about Demarest's uniquely helpful work in
creating these tools.)


  J1  not available till "G-Spotlight" (I.81).

  J2  from a big set of stairs onto the roof of the Downtown Ammu-Nation.

  To get to the stairs, go W from the W end of the bridge from Prawn Island to
the W island and make the 1st left--they're on your left.

  Go S from them down past a slight bend in the road, turn around, and gun it N
and go onto the sidewalk to go up the middle of the stairs.  Use NP6 and NP9 to
prepare for landing, and use brake/reverse with a turn.

  (While you're there, you might as well learn to go down the steps at the W
side of the roof to a lower roof, continue off the far end of it avoiding the
raised parts, turn right before the far wall, and go moderately over the steps
with a left turn to go to the Hyman Condo alley.  It can become a regular way to
go from the lower W island to the Hyman Condo.  I don't know if it's faster, but
it sure is scenic.)

  J3  not available till "G-Spotlight" (I.81).

  J4  not available till "G-Spotlight" (I.81).

  Little Haiti

  J5  going S on the main N-S road from the Downtown section, make the 1st right
turn and look along the right to turn in to a little square lot of a pale yellow
building.  Looking S from it, you'll see a ramp across the street that's beyond
a clearing.  (You don't need to pass through the bribe hovering over the ramp.
That's one of the three airborne bribes to use in a helicopter to get rid of a
wanted rating.)

  Try to jump a bit to the right to avoid smacking into the back of a "Move Over
Miami" billboard up there and continue beyond it, or don't gun it so much and
land with brake/reverse.

  (While you're in the area, there are another couple of jumps (not Unique
Jumps) you can do.  There's a big pile of black stuff by the S wall in Phil's
Place you can jump the wall with, and you can continue S to go over a pile of
dirt against a wall--aim to avoid the poles beyond it--and land on the street in
the direction of traffic.)

  J6  go S from Downtown on the main N-S road and make the 3rd right--it's just
after you pass under the Links Bridge.  After you make a 90 degree curve to the
S, make the 1st right turn.  You'll see an abandoned school bus on your left and
a clearing with a propped up wooden ramp on your right.  Go N around the ramp
and over the grass along the wall.  At the least, I'd go about halfway toward
the corner of the wall before I turned S to begin my run to the ramp.  In fact,
I've had more success in landing safely that way.

  In your run S, before you get to the change in the lawn color, ease up on ac-
celeration to make a left turn to go over the ramp.  You want to go over the bus
and the little house beside it to the S.  The game doesn't require you to land
safely to give you credit for the jump, but this isn't my favorite jump.  I've
had less luck starting back at the N corner because the increased speed gives
you less time to make the sharp left turn on the slippery grass, and the landing
area is riddled with trees, rooftops, fences, etc.  I nearly always wreck among
the houses in the landing area doing it that way, often getting the bike stuck
on a roof.  If that happens, have Tommy get a van or such going by and jump on
it and onto the roof to get his bike.

  (Just to play with the jump, I've started my runway back at the wall of the
Kaufman Cab building and just veered a bit left going off the ramp and made it
all the way over the houses--but wrecked more often than not.)

  J7  go S from Downtown on the main N-S road and make the 3rd right; after the
90 degree curve S, make the 2nd right turn.  Go to where it curves N but turn
left off the road there into the lot.  Turn E and back the bike to the wall.
When there's a break in the traffic at the T intersection ahead, gun it E down
the street, across the intersection, and hit the wood ramp with a bribe over it.
(Again, you don't have to pass through the bribe--that's for getting rid of a
wanted star when you're flying a helicopter.)  You can try to land on the roof
of the Pay 'n' Spray by going off the left side of the ramp, but you'll need to
do it just right with a full throttle and full motorcycle health or you'll prob-
ably just smack into the wall of it.  The game should still give you credit if
you wreck.

  (Otherwise, just driving through, I try to jump to the right to avoid the Pay
'n' Spray and land in the clearing that leads to a road.  In between the right
and left jumps you'll emulate a "George of the Jungle" cartoon.)

  Little Havana

  J8  Go N from the Starfish Island bridge on the main N-S road of the W island,
make the 1st left and go to a T intersection, and Little Havana Streetwear is
across the street to your right.  It's a one story yellow and black building set
in from the road a bit.  Go into the alley on the N side of it and position your
bike for a run at the slope to a roof you'll see to the S.

  You don't have to go full throttle for this series of jumps--easing up on ac-
celeration once you land can help you steer to the ramp up ahead.  Go up the
slope and you'll jump to a place farther S on the roof.  Drive off the edge of
it onto a roof vent ramp just past it--aim for the space between the backs of
the two billboards up ahead and you can continue down to the street beyond them.

  If you want to stop before hitting a billboard, don't gun it so much and have
brake/reverse with a turn ready.

  (If you want to try to go over the ramp on the left and get over the bill-
board behind it, good luck.)

  Escobar International Airport

  Go S past the S-most bridge on the main N-S road of the W island and turn
right; go through the intersection and follow the road as it curves 90 degrees N
then 90 degrees W; turn left off the road through one of the entrances by the
pale green booth onto the tarmac.

  The easiest way for a beginner to get some of these airport jumps is to aim
your bike from the thing you jump from toward the target you want to hit (or ob-
struction you want to avoid) beyond it, back the bike straight back from it,
then accelerate.

  J9  Near the NE corner of the tarmac, close to the E fence, is a metal set of
steps on wheels.  You need to use it for a jump ramp to land on the lower roof
of the Vice city Transport building across the street to the NE.

  J10  The 3D "Vice Surf" billboard across the street to the N of the airport
terminal has a board propped up against the N end.  You can drive up through the
middle of it and use it as a jump ramp to the terminal roof.  If you didn't use
it to get Hidden Packages before, you need to use it at least for J10.  Go N
from it, cross the street, and go over the N tarmac to the low wall with a fence
along the top of it.  (The more adventurous can try going farther N.)  Turn S
and gun it for the middle of the ramp.

  (Once on the roof, you might see what half pipe mileage you can get out of it.
You can also practice landing after a long fall by driving off the S end of it:
correcting your level with NP6 or NP9 and acceleration can help, but I won't
make any promises.)

  (With a Cheetah, you may turn left to go up the sign's curl of a wave a bit to
try to get a flying corkscrew jump out of it--this is harder to do and not a
Unique Jump, but you might get some Insane Jump statistics.)

  (See I.100.D.f for DiCanio's way to put six more of these 3D "Vice Surf"
billboard jumps around Vice City.)

  J11  Go back to the S tarmac where you did J9.  There are two runways on the
tarmac that each have a pair of ramps at the N end--one ramp is steep and the
other is not so steep.  Use the SW to NE runway and use the steep ramp.  (If you
use the steep ramp of the other runway, you'll do a header with the ramp.)  Get
ready to land with a left turn and you might land safely in the street.

  (For a little variety, you can try this jump sometime with the Rhino.  Turn
the turret backwards and fire constantly while you accelerate.  It will rumble
with speed and you'll see it fly higher than you can fly it any other way with-
out using the "comeflywithme" code for it.  I read where one fellow cranked up
the top speed in data\handling.cfg and flew to Sunshine Autos.  Another said
they flew to the E island, but I can't remember if they said what they changed
the top speed to.)

  J12  There are two white octopus-looking structures--the loading bridges--held
aloft on the tarmac.  Use the metal steps on wheels on the E side of the E one
to jump E to W over it.  Go right off the ramp to avoid the jet on the other

  J13  Use the metal steps on wheels on the E side of the W loading bridge to
jump E to W over it.

  J14  Use the metal steps on wheels on the W side of the W loading bridge to
jump W to E over it.  Start by the wall S of the hanger with a little jet stick-
ing out of it and turn right going off the ramp.  If you don't land in the
clearing between several things beyond it, you may get past them.

  J15  Go as far back on the tarmac as you can to begin your NE to SW run at the
middle of the yellow marker NE of the little building with a red radar spinning
on top of it, which is S of the W loading bridge.  Hit the yellow marker diago-
nally, not straight on, and aim for the area over the middle of the lower roof
of the radar building.

  J16  Just get as long a runway as you can and gun it SW to NE to the metal
steps on wheels SW of the radar building for a long jump over the tarmac.

  (While you're at the S tarmac of the airport, you can use one of the set of
three concrete ramps by a hanger to jump the hanger and fence to the street to
the w, and use a similar set up to jump the E side of the N fence, and get a
long runway to use a set of metal steps on wheels to make a jump over the W side
of the N fence.)

  Starfish Island

  J17  not available till after "Guardian Angels" (I.42).

  Vice Point

  J18  Use the concrete HI-PRESS GAS ramp just SW of the SW corner of the Malibu
Club, about halfway up the E island along the longest N-S road of the E island.
Start your runway NE of it at the back of the light gray asphalt lot across the
S bend in the road.  Aim for a place near the fat palm tree on the right.

  J19  Speed S over the grass from the ramp of J18 to an identical ramp.  Veer
just left of the palm tree trunks and aim for the street in the distance.  Be-
fore you adjust the level for landing, you have time to try a flip gimmick
(I.9.C), too, if you want.

  How to use J19 to give Tommy a car that's suspended in midair to stand on:

  Have Tommy get a fast car; I had some luck when I tried this with a Banshee.
Have him drive at the ramp used for J19 so the right two wheels don't go over
it.  As the car begins to fly over the bridge, with the driver's door upwards,
press F.  If all goes well, the slow motion mode abruptly ends and the game re-
verts to regular game speed, and the car freezes in midair with Tommy standing
on it.  The rest of Vice City will carry on as usual and you'll have full con-
trol of Tommy, but you'll have a unique place to have him look around from.

  Tommy can jump off and do other things and the car will probably stay there
till he drives one or two other vehicles.  Shoot one of the tires to make it
fall to the ground.

  I'd give credit and thanks to the originator of the gimmick, but this idea has
been around so long I can't possibly remember.  Thank you, whoever you are.

  J20  From the E end of the Starfish Island bridge, go N and turn right off the
road into a construction site of a building with red girders.  Go up the ramps
to the 4th, top, floor.  Take a while to position your PCJ 600 in alignment with
the girder sticking out to the N.  It's about a foot wide but plenty long, and
you might fall off if you try to correct your steering while speeding along it.
Gun it and give it a right turn at the end of the beam so Tommy won't smack into
the building below and ahead.

  J21  From the E end of the E to W street S of the Washington Beach police sta-
tion, go W to another concrete ramp.  Veer right going off the ramp, and have
brake/reverse ready to avoid the low white wall beyond.

  J22  From the big peachy arch at the E end of the Starfish Island bridge, go
E.  You might ease up to go right around the curb at the intersection; that curb
has thrown my bike sometimes.  Go into the lot with a pile of dirt sloped up
against the low wall where there's an opening in the fence.  Aim for the middle
of the street beyond.

  Washington Beach

  J23  Go N of the 6th block from the S along the E side.  Start your run W of
the hill in the grass across the street to the N.  Go S across the street and
hit the wooden ramp at least hard enough to clear the 2nd one and land on the
roof.  (This is the 1st jump of PCJ Playground, I.27, too.)

  J24  Go to the N end of the N-S alley of the 6th block from the S along the E
side.  Go S and go up the stairs to jump over the street to a rooftop.

  (This is also done during PCJ Playground, I.27, except then you only need to
drop off the end of the stairs and turn into the alley to the S of it.  You'll
use these stairs later for "Guardian Angels," I.42, too.)

  J25  The jump is done with the E-W stairs by the street that goes E-W across
the N end of the 5th block from the S along the E side.  Go W from the stairs to
the low wall E of the lamp post which is N of the bench on the grass to position
your bike for the run.

  Go E and over the stairs--veer left at the top to aim for the middle of the
clearing between two trees on the lawn of the police station.  You need to land
on the lawn.  Watch out during your run to the stairs for the invisible but sol-
id stuff sticking out from the S side of the last tree you pass (ghost coco-
nuts?).  Have brake/reverse and a turn ready so you don't smack into the sta-
tion.  You have to be going fast enough to reach the landing area, but the land-
ing area is small.

  (Lance Vance will climb the N-S stairs that share the same top landing as
these stairs for "Guardian Angels.")

  J26  Start at the N end of the N-S alley of the 5th block from the S along the
E side.  Go S to the N-S stairs on your right and jump to the roof across the

  (You may have used this jump to get H10.  This jump is also done during "PCJ
Playground," I.27.)

  J27  Start your run most of the way N in the N-S alley of the 4th block from
the S along the E side.  Go S and go over the propped up wooden pallet on the
right side of the alley.  Go over it doing a left turn to aim for the clearing
in the alley beyond.  If you don't turn left enough, you may foster untoward
feelings about the corner of a wall with a telephone pole by it up ahead.

  (This jump is also done during "PCJ Playground.")

  Ocean Beach

  J28  Use a PCJ 600 for this, after you've gotten credit for J29 with a Chee-
tah, because it's easier.  (Who's numbering these things at the BradyGames
place?)  Do J29 with a PCJ 600 this time to get on the roof of the Beach Scooter
store.  Go up the stairs and turn left at the top to get onto the higher roof
beside it.  You'll only need about half of the W-E distance of that roof to make
a straight run for the vent on the NE corner of the lower roof beyond it, and
you don't have to gun it the whole way, to jump over the street to get onto the
roof of the peach building with brown and pale blue markings.  Land with brake/
reverse and a turn.

  Another way to do it is to back the PCJ 600 to the W edge of the Beach Scooter
store roof (use V for the distant back view to back up, then go back to the mid-
distance back view) to get a runway to jump the stairs with.  Go only moderately
fast straight over the stairs, so you've added a little to the speed you can
create on the 2nd roof, and land on it sooner to use more of the 2nd roof for
acceleration.  Gun it for the vent in the NE corner and jump to the roof of the
building across the street to the E.  Land with brake/reverse and a turn.)

  The jump from the vent to the peach building is J28.

  Then drive off the S end to the lower roof, then down to the street or alley.
If you choose the longer drop from the landing roof to the street, level the
wheels and use some acceleration as you land.

  J29  Using a Cheetah for this is easier because you may need to do this jump a
number of times before it's counted when you use a PCJ 600.  Enter the Washing-
ton Mall parking garage on the E side of the block, 3rd block from the E and 4th
block from the S.  It has a spiral ramp to the roof.  Go from the SW corner of
the roof to the middle of the slope at the SE corner and jump to the roof of the
Beach Scooter store across the street--that's J29.

  (This jump is part of one of the ways given to get hidden package 8--I.19.)

   (If you want to try doing J29 and J28 in a row with a PCJ 600 after getting
credit for both jumps, aim for the right side of the head of the arrow up ahead
when you drive at the slope of the parking garage roof.  Have brake/reverse
ready to not smack the wall on the Beach Scooter store roof beyond, but you can
probably continue on over the stairs there to try J28.  If you gun it, this usu-
ally involves a right turn to the stairs and a left turn going up and off the
stairs, then a corrective right turn on the roof beyond that to aim for the vent
in the NE corner of that roof, which takes too much steam out of your forward
momentum to make it worth it.  Ease up on acceleration at moments to straighten
that out so you have more speed to hit the NE vent with and gun it for that.
See the 2nd way to do J28.  You can do it and land on the roof beyond, but it
can take a number of tries.)

  J30  Start your run at the S end of the alley that runs N-S through the 2nd
block from the S along the E side.  Go N and hit the propped up wooden pallet.
You can try for the roof on the left--have brake/reverse ready for the landing--
or gun it right and go for the distance into the clearing of the alley beyond.
I usually go for the distance to the right.  (And remember not to make the un-
pleasant mistake of trying to do this going N-S as you do with the two wooden
pallet jumps to the N.)

  J31  Enter either end of the E-W alley (gray on your in-game map with a stub
on the N side) of the 2nd block from the S and the 2nd block from the E.  Go N
into the parking garage, and go up the ramps to the roof.  Go right to the NW
corner of the roof to start a run to the concrete ramp at the SW corner of the
roof and jump to the next roof to the S.

  You might look S from atop the J31 ramp to aim 1st, and see that you can veer
a bit to the right going off it to try to get to the W end of the S side of the
roof you land on.  From that part of the roof you land on, you can continue S to
land on another roof then drop beyond it to a lower roof, then drive off the
right side onto the street and keep going.  Dazzle and amaze your friends.

  J32  The jump ramp is the stairway in the "stilt" building, which is entered
on the N side of the block, 2nd block from the E and 3rd block from the S.

  (You use this jump in "PCJ Playground," too--I.27.)  Since this is the 1st
Unique Jump of two in a row, start your run all the way back in the alley across
the street to the N.  Gun it N-S and go for the left of the middle of the

  J33  The vent on the pink roof you land on for J32.  Keep going and gun it
with a right turn over the vent.  The game is usually generous about counting
the jump even if you just smack into the indented area of the front of the
building which has the roof you want to land on.

  J34  not available till after "Phnom Penh '86" (I.45).

  J35  not available till after "Phnom Penh '86" (I.45).

  Prawn Island

  J36  Drive a PCJ 600 over the bridge from the E island to Prawn Island.  As
soon as you're off the bridge, stop at the right with the back of the bike to
the wall.  Drive at the ramp ahead at the side of a building.  Turn right going
off of it to aim for a ramp on the roof of a 2nd building, where you need to ac-
celerate to get onto the sloped upper part of the roof of a 3rd building.

  Have brake and right turn ready for the landing.  If Tommy has a spill up
there, he can jump or drive back over to the previous roof and return to the
starting point.

  Once on the upper part of the last roof, drive around to the E end of it, and
use V to get a long distance back view so he can back the bike to the edge with-
out falling off.  Then press V to get the mid-distance back view again, and gun
it for the ramp on the W end, veering a bit right as he goes off.  The jump in-
volves flying over the street, landing on a roof, then quickly falling to a 2nd
lower roof you brake on (try brake and reverse at once).  (It's the roof H42 was
on, and was used before doing "The Jump" at I.18.)  If you're new to this and
fall off the roof, you can drive out on the stairs on the SE side and try again.


  I.27    PCJ Playground

  To get to the bike used for this mission, go N from the N-S alley of the 6th
block from the S along the E side of the E island.  Go across the street and up
the small hill in the grass to find a PCJ 600 parked in a corner of the S side
of the Standing Vice Point Hotel.  It's always there, and getting aboard always
triggers "PCJ Playground."

  The timer doesn't start till Tommy passes through the 1st glowing disk, howev-
er, so you can send Tommy around before that and survey the locations of the
jumps needed to get the 24 disks as long as you want.  Once you trigger the tim-
er, you have two minutes to get the disks.

  The 1st jump is Unique Jump 24 (I.26).  Go moderately fast up the two ramps
(passing over the 2nd ramp) to the 1st marker, remembering that this time you
need control on the roof to hit another disk and come down left in the direction
of the alley.  Take it easy over the stairway used for Unique Jump 25 ahead--you
just need to fall off the other side of the stairs and turn left then right into
the next alley.  You need more speed for the next stairway to get over onto a
roof, the way you did it for Unique Jump 26, but you need to hit another disk up
there and fall off the roof to the left in the direction of the alley again, so
be careful not to overdo it.

  Go moderately, turning left as you hit the propped up wooden pallet you used
for Unique Jump 27, aiming for the alley ahead to the left (do it the same way
as for J27 and you'll go over the passing truck).  Be ready in case you need to
brake a bit--a 2nd truck sometimes passes across the next intersection ahead.

  There's a long straightaway ahead, but touch brake/reverse a bit midway so at
the end you control the sharp left then right into the next alley, and then go
along behind the pillars on the right and make the right turn through an E-W al-
ley of the SE block just after that.

  The game can be generous about counting the disks of the sunken shopping cen-
ter if Tommy is close enough to them--notice how you can aim the bike in midair
by turning, and think in three dimensions.  Go moderately, turning right, up the
stairs and through a disk, get one on the left sidewalk, then skid left around
the corner to the one on the left, going through it with a right skid that aims
for the alley on the right side of the road.

  Go about midway back into the alley and turn around to start your runway at
the 2nd (middle) telephone pole.  You're going to gun it all the way for a spot
about 2/3rds to the right on the stairway ahead in the "stilt" building--Unique
Jump 32, but you're not shooting for Unique Jump 33 this time.  The game will
count you as having hit the marker at the top of the stairs on the right.  Give
it a touch of left turn at the top.  Level the wheels once airborne.  Have
brake, reverse, and left pressed to prepare for the landing on a roof.  You're
hoping to be close enough to the last marker to turn left and run into it.

  Take it easy to get the feel of the course so you learn  where you feel confi-
dent about laying on a little more speed as you get used to it.  It might help
to plot the course on a print out of a map and use it to rehearse without the
timer running.

  You get $1,000 for success and each time you beat your previous time.


  I.28  Test Track and Trial by Dirt

  Trial By Dirt (Sanchez dirt bike) and Test Track (Landstalker SUV)

  Go to the dirt track at the NE end of Downtown.  From the E end of the Hyman
Condo alley, go E.  Just after you pass the VAJ Finance building on the right,
turn left off the road and go over an asphalt driveway between two buildings.
The start of the track is where the Sanchez and Landstalker are always parked.

  Entering/boarding one triggers the mission designed for it.

  With the Sanchez, go clockwise around the track through the glowing disks

  With the Landstalker, go counter-clockwise through the glowing disks twice.

  The dirt track has lots of twists and some bumps and a series of four humps in
a row (wow--how 'bout it?).  You might luck out driving fast over the humps, but
you might luck out better if you pulse W instead.  With the bike, do a lot of
controlled turning skids, and don't try to gun it too much or the turns will be
wider.  With the Landstalker, which tips over easily if you turn over a bump or
such, go slowly and carefully.  Use A and D to try to keep the Landstalker from
ending up upside down.

  (You might also see I.100.D.e: "How to change their mass, ability to stay up-
right and hug the driving surface, ability to survive in water, cornering and
braking, top speed, acceleration, suspension, durability, and miscellaneous
jazz" and consider trying -0.9 in column H in handling.cfg to make the Land-
stalker less liable to tip over.)

  The way it's supposed to work:

  If you succeed at Trial by Dirt, the next time you try it there will be four
red ("explosive," but they don't explode if you run into them) barrels on the
track to avoid.  If you succeed again, the next time there will also be rain for
the 2nd half or so of the run--the track becomes very slippery.  If you succeed
again, the next time there will be barrels, rain, and three Haitian gangsters
with machetes on black Sanchez bikes (the only black Sanchez bikes in the game)
that chase Tommy for most of the run.  Actually, they just follow, but they will
knock him off his bike and cut him with their machetes if he dawdles.  If Tommy
gets off the bike for whatever reason, he has 14 seconds to get onto a Sanchez
and resume the course.

  Test Track is supposed to be the same except it replaces the three gangsters
on bikes with a Security Guard in a black Rancher that will try to ram Tommy's
Landstalker and yank him out of it.  If Tommy leaves the Landstalker for whatev-
er reason, he fails the mission.

  You get $100 the 1st time you pass the mission by getting all the glowing
checkpoints in whatever race time, and the reward goes up by $100 to $200, $300,
etc., each time you beat your old score with the same vehicle.

  The game doesn't require you to stay on the track or avoid the red barrels or
go around them any special way--as long as you hit all the glowing disks (or
even go near them), you'll pass the mission.

  The Dirt Track Stats glitch for Trial by Dirt:

  You can always get the Stats to record your proper best time for Test Track--
the SUV test.

  But if you do Trial by Dirt 1st and succeed with it quickly, you get paid $100
but your time won't show up in the Stats.  (It appears in the Brief section--
write it down.)  It's remembered somehow by the game, though, because if you
then do Test Track and succeed with it taking, for example, a minute longer, you
can then do Trial by Dirt again but you have to beat your previous unrecorded
time for it to pass the mission--and just to end up with the Stats giving it the
long time score you got for Test Track!

  Likewise, if you do Trial by Dirt 1st and take a real long time to do it,
you'll get paid $100 but your time won't show up in your Stats.  (Check the
Brief section for it and write it down.)  If you then do Test Track and take,
for example, a minute less time for it, the Test Track score will appear in the
Stats.  If you do Trial by Dirt again, you only need to beat your long unrecord-
ed time for it by a second or more for the Stats to award you with the one min-
ute faster Test Track time!

  How to adjust to the statistics glitch for Trial by Dirt

  How to see the Security Guard and Haitian gangsters:

  Since Trial By Dirt scores won't register in your Stats unless you do it after
Test Track (a programming glitch), do Test Track 1st.  Do Test Track REAL
slowly--have a snack or smoke a cigarette--before finishing two laps.  Then do
Trial By Dirt even more SLOWLY.

  There are two guiding points here: one, you only get paid subsequently if you
beat your previous score, so get a real long time score for Test Track you'll
be able to beat easily a few times; take even longer for Trial by Dirt so you
know you just have to beat the Test Track score the Stats give it (and not some
faster score the game will hold you to but not show and which you might

  And two, we want to make the red barrels, rain, and, finally, three Haitian
gangsters on black Sanchez bikes, and Security Guard in a black Rancher, appear
on your subsequent efforts as you beat your previous scores, to get the most
mileage out of what the game can do.

  No matter what you do, your Trial By Dirt score won't register as any better
than your last Test Track score, which won't be great because the Landstalker
tips over so easily, so you're screwed for Trial By Dirt, anyway.

  To plan a dragged-out time, remember that the last two disks for Test Track
are the one half buried in a valley and the one above a hump.  The last two for
Trial by Dirt are the two at the end of the short non-solid flag posts on your
right--later, after the red barrels.

  I got to see all the bonus events if I did Test Track slowly and next did
Trial by Dirt even more slowly.  I then had the Test Track score for both
events.  Then I beat that time by just a bit with both vehicles, then beat that
Test Track time by just a bit with both vehicles, etc.  Eventually, the Security
Guard and Haitian meanies appeared.  Again, don't worry--the Haitian gangsters
follow more than they chase if you drive all right.

  Now go ahead and tear up the track with the Sanchez as best you can, consider-
ing that the rain will screw up the track.

  If you want a black Sanchez for one of your garages, have Tommy use the Mini-
gun with a bit of distance so he doesn't get surrounded and attacked.

  You can lure an Haitian gangster away from the track, but you have to drive
very slowly and check behind you now and then to make sure he's still there.

  You get $100 the 1st time you pass the mission by getting all the glowing
checkpoints in whatever time, and the reward goes up by $100 to $200, $300,
etc., each time you beat your old score with the same vehicle.

  Landstalker: Ford Explorer '91 to '94

  Sanchez: Yamaha DT dirt bike (a Kawasaki KX is similar)

  How to get the cab driver to run the course

  Another thing you can do is have a race on the track.

  Go SW from the starting area and out between the buildings to the street.
Have Tommy jack a vehicle that's driven by someone who tries to jack it back,
such as a Taxi, Cabbie, or Kaufman Cab, or anything driven by the paunchy white
street lady or the guy in a light jersey with dark hair and sunglasses.

  If you use the Taxi, Cabbie, or Kaufman Cab, use the driver who saunters over
slowly to get it back--the driver who runs won't take back the cab, he'll just
pick a fight with Tommy.  Lure the slow-walking driver by driving slowly over to
the track, then let him jack it back.  He'll start driving around the track.

  (The technical explanation is that pedestrians walk where they walk, and driv-
ers drive where they drive, guided by the computer paths programmed for them.
The dirt track has one meant for the three Haitian gangsters.)

  He drives as fast as if he were on the street, which is reckless on the dirt
track.  He may flip on his side and keep accelerating till he falls back onto
four wheels and keep going.  You can get on a Sanchez and race him if you want.
But he drives dangerously from side to side, so you may just want to have Tommy
run around so you can watch him flailing around the course.

  (Thanks to spaceeinstein's web site for the idea about races on the track.)

  The same gimmick works at the RC Bandit dirt track on Washington Beach, except
the driver doesn't go dangerously from side to side there.  It's easier to drive
beside the Taxi there, or to have Tommy take a ride on the roof of it there.

  I've also had criminals show up driving around one of the dirt tracks, espe-
cially badly on the Downtown course, for the vigilante mission with the Hunter,
and law enforcement vehicles driving around one during one of Tommy's high
wanted ratings.

  The other off-road programmed paths for vehicles I know are the ones for the
several vehicles that drive in a procession, and for the security guard in a
Baggage Handler, on the S tarmac of the airport.  If you can get a Viceport
Packer--ramp truck--driver, like the construction worker in a yellow hard hat,
to go there, the Packer could be a moving jump for your PCJ 600.  You can speed
up luring him to the tarmac a little bit by occasionally stopping it with the
ramp in front of him; he'll walk up the ramp about halfway and drop off the
side, during which time you can use a little more gas.  Once there, let him jack
it back somewhere away from the loading platforms; the baggage handler scoots
under a jet, but a Packer won't.  Have the PCJ 600 by that spot beforehand, and
try to stay near the Packer so it doesn't disappear.

  I've seen a variation of the normal use of programmed paths at Leaf Links golf
course, too.  There's a loop of road behind the club house that you might find a
Caddy driving on.  If you follow it, it may drive on the various roads there
then over the grass of the golf course.  But sometimes, you see some other vehi-
cle appear there, like a Banshee, which does the same thing.

  I've also had criminals show up driving around one of the dirt tracks, usually
badly, for the vigilante mission with the Hunter, and law enforcement vehicles
driving around it during one of Tommy's high wanted ratings.

  I.29  Cone Crazy

  To get to the Ocean Beach parking garage, go to the 2nd block from the S and
the 2nd block from the E of the E island.  A gray mark on your radar indicates
an E-W alley there, with a stub sticking up N from the middle of it.  Enter ei-
ther end of the alley and drive up the stub to enter the garage, then go to the
roof.  There's always a Stallion parked there.  It's a two-door with dual ex-
hausts, a split front grill, and may be a convertible or a hardtop, parked just
W of middle of the N area of the lot.  Have Tommy enter it to trigger the mis-

  You can skip the intro by pressing W.

  One time I surveyed the situation, before starting the timer, and I knocked
over a cone but it wasn't counted against me during the mission.  It's probably
just a glitch, because another time I did the same thing and failed the mission
before the timer started.

  If you want to retry the mission, park the Stallion where you found it, then
exit and enter it.

  (The glitch of the original PS2 version, whereby after each success at the
mission the game says the time per cone has been reduced but it isn't actually
reduced, isn't found on other versions.)

  You get $200 the 1st time you succeed, which doubles each time you succeed af-
ter that.

  Stallion: Pontiac Firebird '67-'69 except with two head lights, not four, and
vertical rear lights instead of horizontal ones.  (It's fast with bad road grip
and cornering ability.)

  I.30  Top Fun van: RC Bandit, RC Baron, and RC Copter

  Top Fun van: a dirty gray van; on either side are three red stars above which
are two horizontal red lines, between which is a horizontal blue rectangle with
"top fun" printed on it in white letters.  (It's also used in "Demolition Man,"
I.39A, and "Bombs Away!" I.88.)

  Entering one of the three Top Fun vans triggers an RC--radio controlled--ve-
hicle mission.  Tommy stays in the van and controls the other vehicle with a ra-
dio frequency device.  (So "aspirine" won't work on the RC vehicle--Tommy's not
in it.)

  You can skip the intro by pressing W.  You can exit the mission by pressing
the LMB to blow up the vehicle.  You can try again by re-entering the van.
(Sometimes, you need to move it a bit forward or backward, exit and re-enter it,
for it to kick in.)  You might not take any vehicle you value to the mission.
Sometimes they've disappeared when I've gone for them afterward.

  Top Fun van: GMC Vandura '86

  RC Bandit

  Enter the Top Fun van on the N area of the E island beach and to the E of the
block that looks like a cartoon nose pointed W.

  This two lap race with an RC car against three others is miserable.  If I had
to pick a couple of the most dislikable parts of the game, this would be one of
them.  The packed sand course is slippery, has bumps and some sharp turns, and
the collision factor of the surrounding walls causes the RC Bandit to get stuck
on them unless you're driving fast enough to overcome it or carefully enough to
avoid them.  It always took me a lot of tedious trial and error to beat this.
There's no timer to stop because you have to beat the other cars regardless of
the time it takes.

  The "EDDIE'S USED BOILER...." sign at the W side of the track is the sign
found over Claude's Portland garage in GTA "III."  (Thanks to ThaddeusMcKlown at
the GTA Forums web site.)  The phone # on the sign, "555-8383," was also used by
Jerry Seinfeld's character "Jerry Seinfeld" as his car and home phone # in the
1989-1998 TV series "Seinfeld."  (Thanks to Michael Hunt at GTA Forums.)

  Demarest's way to alter the handling.cfg code for RC Bandit (THANK you)

  An advantage of the PC version is the ability to modify the files for the

  I tried adjusting the top speed, acceleration, and traction in sand, and it
only made things worse.  I gave up on it, and figured this was the best Rockstar
could do.  I thought they should have dumped the idea and put something else

  Demarest, of the GTA Forums web site message boards and Liberty City mod team,
had a very helpful idea for me.  If you change the Bandit's handling, you change
it for the three competing Bandits as well.  So you have to come up with some-
thing that's to your advantage, given your driving ability compared to how the
competitors are programmed to drive.  He wrote that you could make it easier
with a file change.

  (If you do that, 1st go to C/Program Files/Rockstar, right click it, click
"Properties," uncheck the green dot to make it a writable file, and click "OK" a
couple of times so the subfiles and folders are writable, too.)

  Go to the data/handling.cfg file.  Copy the line after RC Bandit somewhere,
like Notepad, as a backup, then change the original to this (making four of the
numbers different):

2000.0 0.8 1.5 1.0 0.0 0.05 -0.1 70 1.60 0.75 0.49 1 75.0 80.0 4 E 5.5 0.50 0
25.0 1.8 0.1 0.2 0.05 500 0.28 -0.08 0.5 0.0 0 0 1

  In other words, change B from 100.0 to 2,000.0, change J from 1.10 to 1.60,
change O from 35.0 to 80.0, and change V from 1.6 to 0.8.  This increases the
mass, acceleration, and cornering traction, decreases the spring force of the

  If, like me, you'd rather win this in a handful of efforts instead of hours, I
can happily recommend it.

  You get $100 for coming in 1st.  And, thanks to Demarest, you can take the
sign off RC Bandit that says, "Not for human beings."

  RC Baron

  Enter the Top Fun van on the NW corner of the top floor of the North Point
Mall parking garage, which is on the NW side of the mall.

  This is a one run course race with an RC biplane against three competitors.
Go through disks down the W side of the E island, around the S end, and a bit up
the E.  You fly over the roads just over lamp post height most of the time.

  Remember to fly past the end of the "cartoon nose pointed W" block and cut
across the water to make a right turn that goes between palm trees to get anoth-
er disk over the road.

  Remember to turn right over the pizza shop roof to fly over the channel to
resume following another road from above.

  Remember to make a hard left at the S end of the island and go up for a disk
then right back down so you don't smack into the back of a billboard.

  Remember that the horizontal white traffic posts over the road are non-solid.

  If you're new to the course, look at your radar for the dim red dot beyond
your next one, which is bright, and do the same with the disks on your screen,
to help you plot the course.

  Ironically, though Rusk makes the PS2 RC Bandit sound easy and it isn't on PC,
this one isn't so bad on PC as Rusk makes it sound for PS2.  Remember to keep W,
acceleration, going the whole time.  Use A for left, D for right, Number Pad 6
for up, and Number Pad 9 for down.  Once it gets going, W is enough to keep it
aloft, and you'll usually just need to push the plane down with NP9 now and
then.  A sharp turn makes it dip, but you can compensate for that with NP6.  If
the plane hits the ground, turn it to an open area and get it flying on course
again.  I hit the ground with it twice and won, anyway.  I've played the game a
number of times, so I'm used to the course and the game physics for the plane,
and I usually get this my 1st time now.

  Press the LMB to make it blow up and end the effort.

  Rusk notes that if you switch the "camera" view (with  V) to 1st person or
cinematic in a vehicle before having Tommy enter the Top Fun van, it changes the
"camera" view for the RC Baron from above and behind to behind it.

  If you try to send it into the mall, it blows up.  If you try the Washington
Beach police station, the doors are closed.  The only ulterior use I found for
it was to use it with the various land and sea vehicles to practice for "Bombs
Away!" (I.88).

  You get $100 for coming in 1st.

   RC Raider Pickup (using the RC Copter, the file name for the helicopter in

  Enter the Top Fun van in the S parking lot of the airport.  To get to it, go
down the road that goes down the middle of the S end of the W island.  Where the
road divides, go right, then through the entrance on your right--it's on your
left.  Leave your vehicle about half past the white building to the N of it so
it doesn't disappear.

  You fly the wobbly RC Copter through 20 disks placed one at a time around the
S tarmac and structures of the airport and the "Vice Surf" billboard.  As it
goes through one, check the radar and screen to find out where the next one is.
It's timed, but it's not a race and there's no time limit, and you don't have to
try to best your previous time unless you want to for your Stats, so the pres-
sure is off.  (I let the timer run to see if there's a time limit, and gave up
after 50 minutes.)

  The easiest way to control the RC Copter is to use nudges of A or D to point
the teardrop-shaped icon on the radar at the red blip you're aiming for, then
use little nudges of NP9 to go forward.  Use turns with Q or E sparingly be-
cause they have a tendency to oversteer, making you repeatedly press one then
the other if you press one of them.  If you use them, wait for the "camera" to
swerve behind the helicopter before you go forward.  It's slow, so be patient,
or you'll waste time making it swerve and wobble and getting reoriented.  Try
patiently making smaller presses of the buttons to get the RC Copter to mimic
the behavior shown with a bigger helicopter as best you can.

  The last disk is between the blue crate, at the S end of the crates under the
shelter, and the red crate S of that.

  I think the wobbliness of the RC Copter is due to certain normal game physics
for an average sized helicopter being applied to a tiny (3'?) one.  Held too
long, A. D. NP6, and NP9 make it do a loop de loop, and Q and E make it swirl in
circles.  The "camera" only uses the speed to get behind the subject it usually
uses.  So the "camera" is usually busy trying to swirl to stay behind something
that makes a big degree of arc if you turn with any more than the least move-
ment.  (Try a mid-distant back view for the Hunter to see the other extreme.)

  See "I.100.D.eee  Helicopters--How to make the RC Copter easier to fly" if
you'd like to change the data\handling.cfg file and make it easier to fly the
helicopter that's the hardest to control.

  Be careful to avoid banging into things because the RC Raider will burn and
explode--again, "aspirine" won't work because it's not a vehicle Tommy's inside

  You get $100 for doing it.

  I.31  Hyman Memorial Arena: Hotring, Bloodring, and Dirt Ring

MySpace Led Scroller

  The Hyman Memorial Stadium is the most NW structure on your in-game map and
radar.  Have Tommy enter it on the E side between 20:00 (8 pm) and midnight,
when the door in the middle of the upper landing is open, to cue the mission.


  Check the billboard and the moving message in lights in front of the stadium
to see which of the three events are available that night.  One of the three
events are advertised on them for 24 hours beginning every midnight.  You can
read the billboard from the roof of the Hyman Condo.


  Entering the stadium triggers the advertised mission.  You can exit the mis-
sion by having Tommy enter a shaft of light in the location shown in the intro.
(If you exit the mission, the screen says you "bottled it," which is U.K. slang
meaning you lost your courage.)

  You can advance the game clock six hours by saving the game, and set it so
Tommy has plenty of time to get to the stadium while the entrance is open, such
as by setting a game to start at around 20:00 with Tommy at the Hyman Condo.  If
you fail the mission, you can then erase the effort by starting a new game and
load your earlier save game to get Tommy back to a convenient time and place to
try again.

  And a couple missions have some off-the-wall unofficial side thing or two you
can do with them.


  12 laps around an oval track with aggressive drivers that crash, burn, and ex-
plode a lot.

  You can skip the intro by pressing W.

  Your effort is rewarded if you come in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, which, along with
your best overall time and best time for one lap, is recorded in your Stats.
Thanks to spaceeinstein for the tip that you need to come in 1st for 100% com-
pletion of the game.

  Sometimes speeding carefully (be ready to slow down and brake since you can't
drive through metal) through the opening onslaught can work.  Touch the brake to
help turn to the inside without hitting the wall.  Use your handling skills, be-
cause that floor can get slippery when you're trying to press your limits of
control and speed.  Using "aspirine" is faster than going to the pit stop and
waiting for it to repair your car.

  How to be the only one in the Hotring

  A variation you can try is to drive into the blackened alcove along the out-
side wall.  Back into the back wall with the passenger side against the side
wall.  Have Tommy get out, equip him with the Minigun, and have him blow up the
other contestants.  One choice then is to drive the race uncontested--you won't
have as fast a time as the regular way, but you'll come in 1st.

  Another choice is to go back into the alcove and you'll see a car flashing on
and off.  This represents your replacement contestants you've blocked off trying
to get out to the track.  (When you drive the race normally, you can get smacked
by them flying out of this alcove.)  If you have Tommy shoot the Minigun at it
you can get hundreds of Tires Popped with Gunfire in your Stats in a minute.

  (Thanks to spaceeinstein's web site for these Hotring variations.)

  You get $5,000 for 1st place, $1,500 for 2nd, and $500 for 3rd.
  A trophy will appear on the TV at the mansion.

  Hotring Racers:

  Hotring Racer is the one that looks like a Ford Mustang LX '83-'86 with some
Ford Mustang GT '87-'88 hatchback features.  Aside from this race, you get it
after completing the 4th vehicle collection list for Sunshine Autos.  You can
also get all three Hotring Racers for Tommy by using the Car Spawner by Demarest
utilized in spaceeinstein's "All In One Mod" for "Vice City" (see I.100.D.f
"Miscellaneous mods").

  Hotring Racer A has a front end that looks like a Chrysler Laser/Dodge Daytona
'84-'86 or a Vauxhall Firenza '73-'75--a "Droopsnoot"--was grafted onto a Ford
Thunderbird Aero Bird '87 modified for NASCAR racing.  The engine hood always
has decals advertising "THE BURGHER SHOT" and "Pets over night."  You can make
it appear with the "getthereveryfastindeed" code.

  Hotring Racer B The body overall looks like a 1987 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Aero
Coupe except with the grill made a bit narrower horizontally--like something
Dale Earnhardt would have known about.  The driver's door always has a decal ad-
vertising "THE BURGHER SHOT" and the passenger door always has a decal advertis-
ing "TELECOM VICE CITY."  You get Hotring Racer B by using the "getthereamazing-
lyfast" code.


  A demolition derby on a slippery dirt oval with high sloped sides

  You can skip the intro by pressing W.

  You have a short time each time to drive through one glowing yellow disk worth
ten seconds in a succession of such disks, and thereby add to your time score,
which is measured in 60 second increments.  Another car may get to the disk 1st,
so you have to try for the one that appears afterward in another location.

  You have to get that up to 60 seconds to pass the mission the 1st time, 120
seconds the 2nd time, etc.  You fail if it goes down to zero.

  The Stats also count the number of other motorists you killed.  One unusual
car damage rule is used for this: if you hit another car, you only damage it,
and if they hit your car, they only damage your car.  After you get the time up
to 120 seconds, you might want to just play at seeing how many cars you can blow

  This is another one you might want to use "aspirine" for.  The game sets your
car upright if it flips over, but not always fast enough to keep it from blow-
ing up, or the time from running out, while the other cars are banging into it.
Use A and D to try to set it upright.  I reload the game if Tommy gets wasted.

  Just go forward, brake, go backward, go around the sides instead of through
the chaos in the middle if you have to, so you go through the yellow disks.

  This becomes easier after you get 100% completion for the game, because any
vehicle Tommy is in will be able to take twice the damage.

  You get $1,000 for each success and $100 for each car destroyed by you or any-
one else.

  A trophy will appear on the TV at the mansion.

  If you succeed in getting 60 seconds worth of yellow disks, a couple of Blood-
ring Bangers will always be at the SE side of Hyman Memorial Stadium.

  Bloodring Bangers: see section I.9.B for the real cars these cars are based
on.  Bloodring A looks like a "Vice City" Oceanic and Bloodring B looks like a
"Vice City" Glendale, each customized for use in a demolition derby.  (Both of
them make it seem like the nice small car manufacturers described in that sec-
tion said, "You know what?  I don't think people go for traction at all.")

  Dirt Ring

  A stunt course in an oval county fair carnival-like setting

  You can't skip the intro by pressing W for this one.

  Drive through the glowing disks amidst loop de loops, a short dirt track which
includes one disk you need to pop a wheelie to hit, flaming hoops to jump
through, and acts of driving legerdemain over junked cars (pop a wheelie to get
onto one), boards, and jagged pieces of white wall turned narrow side up.  If
Tommy falls off the bike and doesn't get back on in 30 seconds, you fail the

  How to pick your time for the dirt bike event

  There is a gimmick you can use to fool the mission clock.  Have Tommy drive a
Sanchez to the entrance door of the mission.  There are various ways you can
have Tommy get his 'cycle into the mission, but the last time I tried it I used
Rusk's version: have Tommy get off the cycle and push it into the doorway until
the screen starts to darken for the start of the mission then have him get on
the cycle.  This can take some trial and error and repositioning of the Sanchez
to make it work.

  After the cutscenes of the carnival-like setting are shown, you're back in
control of Tommy who's sitting on the Sanchez he drove in with.  A pink arrow
points down at the Sanchez intended for the mission--the timer won't start till
he gets on that one.  You can have Tommy drive through the glowing disks with
the Sanchez he went in with, but leave one disk for a real easy stunt.  Then
have Tommy get on the other Sanchez, starting the timer, and drive through the
remaining easy stunt creating whatever time you like.

  You can even drive through all the disks before getting on the intended San-
chez, at which time the timer starts and stops in the same instant, creating a
time of zero seconds, although that looks a little absurd in your Stats.  Rusk
adds that a time of 0:00 will show up on your Stats, but won't count toward 100%
completion of the game.  So I'd use the gimmick for a small time, but not zero
seconds (unless you already got, or plan to later get, credit for the mission
with some other time).

  You get $5,000 for over 10 min., $10,000 for under 10 min., and $50,000 for
under 5 min..

  A trophy will appear on the TV at the mansion.

  Sanchez: Yamaha DT dirt bike (a Kawasaki KX is similar)

  A billboard outside the oval says "VICE STREETRACER EARN CASH NOT KUDOS."
The same message is over the map at Sunshine Autos for the street races (I.71).
This may be a rib of games like "Stunt man" and "Need for Speed Underground,"
etc., where you earn cash, kudos--points, and vehicles

  I.32  Rampages

  There are 35 Rampages, each triggered by sending Tommy on foot into a pickup
with a skull on it.  Tommy has two minutes to kill some number of a gang or de-
stroy so many vehicles with the weapon provided (you can't scroll to a different
one).  The gang at each Rampage pickup is chosen randomly with each attempt.

  Have full health and armor for Tommy 1st.  Rusk's latest update notes this
idea from Monkey Man: before the Rampage, switch to the same weapon slot as the
weapon provided by the Rampage or the weapon you had in that slot will be gone
afterwards.  If you fail, the skull pickup appears again, but I would save near-
by so I could reload the game and be conveniently nearby rather than save a mis-
sion failure.  You'll probably be able to do most of them the 1st time, though.

  You might wait to do certain Rampages after getting the Fast Load feature from
"Rifle Range."  It especially speeds up the shooting speed of the Rocket Launch-
er and either sniper rifle.

  When shooting at groups that run to Tommy to retaliate, have him get some dis-
tance so he can shoot them in the order of their proximity to himself before
they can get close.  If any get closer, have him back away and shoot.  If worse
comes to worse, have him run away a bit then turn and continue.  A weapon can be
useless when the target is right beside Tommy, and you can't scroll to Fist/
Brass Knuckles to have Tommy punch his way out.  If Tommy doesn't get a retali-
ator before going to next nearest target(s), the ignored retaliator may shoot
away Tommy's armor and health.

  When doing a forward drive-by on a PCJ 600 or Sanchez, do something similar,
using some slow to moderate forward movement so you can control the bike while
you waggle side to side to aim your shots.  Only go faster to get to the next
spot or elude any close gang members or police, who will knock Tommy off the
bike.  On a bike, I'd plow through a number of clusters trying to get most or
all of them without worrying about any strays that were missed, then return over
the area to get the new batches that appear.

  Otherwise, go after the targets doggedly, since some rampages are more gener-
ous about providing targets than others.  You can listen for the gang's typical
chatter as well as look to figure out the whereabouts of the targets.

  Rhino cannon shots count for certain ones, as was true in "GTA III."  (See the
"Rhino Tank FAQ" by Azraelot, aka Mathew Rorie, in the "Grand Theft Auto III"
section of the Gamefaqs web site.)  Unfortunately for drive-bys, the "Vice City"
Rhino tends to shoot over the target's heads.  You get the most targets with it
by shooting at walls targets are by to get them with the concussive effect of
the blast, and that doesn't come up often enough with some of them.  I wouldn't
use it for R20, for example, for that reason.  It makes any vehicle destruction
rampage easy, for example, which especially stands out as a help for one like
R1, which doesn't create enough targets for the originally intended method.

  The recent updates by Rusk include the use of the Rhino with most of the ram-
pages.  I won't guarantee the same results for all of them on PC.  For example,
the Minigun, Chainsaw, M4, and Katana originally intended for some are already
very easy to use on PC.  A few that are a bit harder as originally intended,
like R20 or the two Little Haiti rampages, were a bit harder with the Rhino,
too, but so were a few that are easy the original way.  And the Rhino disap-
peared for some, like R4 and R5, if Tommy just went into a building or yard and
came back out.  Have Tommy exit with the door open to try to keep the Rhino in
the game--I never realized how prone it is to disappearing.  The ones that were
the easiest for me with the Rhino as an fun alternative, besides the vehicle
destruction rampages, included rampages 3, 6, 7, 22, 23, 26, 27, and 30.

  Drive-bys count for vehicle destruction rampages.  The PCJ-600 and an MP might
work, and the "EP" Admiral and an MP might be even easier, if you try that, but
I'd rather use the Rhino for them.

  Hunter and Sea Sparrow machine gun bullets count for certain ones, and Hunter
rockets count for certain others.  If you use the Hunter rockets, which don't
have auto-aim, you might want to use "aspirine" to heal the Hunter if you bang
it into lamp posts, and don't have Tommy shoot anything close by or he'll be
wasted in a moment.

  You get $50 for the 1st success, and the reward goes up another $50 each time.

  After the rampage, you can also gather any money and weapons the targets left

  Any wanted wanted level created by a Rampage disappears after the Rampage.  It
isn't great for Wanted Stars Attained/Evaded, but what can you do?

  Rampage pickup reached by helicopter or boat: R1. (I recommend the Hunter

  Rampage pickup reached by helicopter only: R28.

  Rampage drive-bys: R12, R17, R22. (I recommend the PCJ 600.  If you modified
the Pizza Boy for I.21 and didn't change it back, you might use it.)

  Rampages to destroy vehicles: 1, 31, 33, 34.  (I recommend the Rhino tank.

  Rampages with a Chainsaw (see I.10  Weapons for the segment about fast Chain-
saw attacks): R6, R13.

  Southern Ocean

  R1  On the wooden platform with no roof (where H1 was) W of the light house
and in the sea in the middle of the S area of your in-game map.

      Destroy ten vehicles with a Rocket Launcher.

  The game normally doesn't produce enough targets in this location.  You can
have Tommy fly to the street by the light house on the E island with the Rocket
launcher and find targets more often, or you can have him use the Hunter and
hunt for boats with the auto-aim machine gun, which counts for this.  You could
also fly Tommy over to a Rhino, stored at Sunshine Autos, to do this.

  Rusk has advice which also works for PC: do this in the day and have Tommy get
a three star wanted level before flying to the platform so he has police boats
and a Police Maverick to shoot.  (I'd just add that you should have Tommy shoot
from the stairs or where there's no railing or he'll be damaged or killed by the
blast.  Completing the rampage removes the wanted level, but adds that many
stars to Attained and not Evaded in your Stats.)

  Then have Tommy fly NE to the roof of the garage by Pier 2, shoot boats and
the nearby Cheetah, then shoot the vehicles in the garage.

  The easiest method is to wait till you have Tommy buy Sunshine Autos and do
the vehicle collections (I.62.B) for it.  Have him put eight vehicles (and pos-
sibly a motorcycle or two) at the back of the four garages.  Then you can have
him fly to R1 in a helicopter, start the Rampage, fly to Sunshine Autos, stand a
safe distance away to shoot through the glass to blow up the vehicles in the
show rooms, blow up his helicopter, then go down the ramp to blow up the vehi-
cles in the garages.

  The vehicles in the showroom will respawn after Tommy leaves the area and re-
turns to it, but a vehicle in a garage will heal as soon as the garage door goes
down and up, so you could save even more time by having Tommy repeatedly blow up
a batch of vehicles in a garage.

  If you've had Tommy use a garage to store a vehicle you want to save otherwise
and the explosions knock it out of the garage, make sure to have Tommy push it
back into the garage before the garage door closes.

  Ocean Beach

  R2  On the gravel path. not on the map or radar, that winds SE from the S end
of the E-most road.

      Ply 30 gang members with Molotov Cocktails.

  Save at the Ocean View in case you want to redo this.  This one is very easy,
so you might plan to do this one when you're ready to try the Firetruck mission.
It's an easy way to get a Firetruck on the east island.  The truck usually shows
up, and you can redo it if it doesn't.  Just make sure Tommy is far from the
targets he throws Molotovs at, and doesn't go near any fires he starts, because
he can lose a lot of armor and health if he catches on fire for a bit.  He can
tolerate it once, maybe twice, with full armor and health.

  The game creates more than enough groups of targets, and there's a lot of mon-
ey to pick up afterward.

  Washington Beach

  R3  On the little section of beach at the S end of Washington Beach.

      Show 30 gang members how they do it at Big Bill's Bowls with a vehicle.

  Take a fast car to get the pickup.  Then just run over targets convenient to
get on your way to the sidewalk by the street or you'll waste time sliding
around missing targets on the slippery sand.  Drive up and down the sidewalk and
over groups of gangsters.  The Rhino works for this, too, but it's slow, so use
the gimmick of firing the cannon backwards to speed it up if you do that.

  Ocean Beach

  R4  On the SW corner of the 1st floor roof of the Ocean Beach parking garage.
Go inside to the 2nd floor and jump out onto the roof.  The garage can be en-
tered by either the E or W end of the E-W alley of the 2nd block from the S and
E.  (It's the same garage used for J31 and "Guardian Angels.")

      Zoom in insightfully on 25 gang members with the .308 Sniper Rifle.

  Equip the scope with the RMB and zoom with Z and X.  If you don't see targets,
look away, equip the scope, and look back so the game generates them.

  R5  From the entrance to the stilt building (the N side of the 3rd block from
the S and E), cross the street to the farthest left opening between hedges.  Go
through it, continue between some buildings, then go right; the pickup is behind
a tree.

      Impale or behead or leave the mark of Zorro on 10 gangsters with a Katana.

  You can't just cut the targets with the sword, you have to push it through
their bodies or cut off their heads.  The LMB fast attack gimmick doesn't help
with this.

  If you want to try a Rhino drive-by, though you usually only get targets that
are killed by walls you shoot the cannon at, this is a good choice because you
only need to get ten targets.

  R6  It's past the opened door of a pink wall, which is S of the gas station
and on the E side of the block, 3rd block from the S and E.  (A plaque by the
door can be read with the Sniper Rifle scope: "Cochrane Heights Condominium";
"GTA III" had the Cochrane Dam.)

      Gang dismember 20 gang members with a Chainsaw.

  Have Tommy jump towards targets, then walk him at them, then hold down the
LMB, too, to have him hold the Chainsaw before him, and steer with the Mouse, to
speed him up a lot for this.  He's liable to attract police attention, so, when
you're done, have him run to the bribe in the sunken shopping center in the mid-
dle of the 2nd block from the E and 2nd block from the S.

  R7  On the lawn by the SE corner of the W of the two Ocean View Medical Foun-
dation buildings N of the NW curve of the 2nd block from the S and 4th block
from the E.  You can have Tommy jump from atop a vehicle, even a bike, to get
from the entrance area to the raised lawn beside it to the E.

      Rifle down any objections created by 25 gang members with an M4.

  Go back and forth on the raised area to keep retaliators and policemen at a

  R8  On the lower SW section of the top floor of the Washington Mall parking
garage (also used for J29).  To get there, go up the spiral ramp on the E side
of the block, 4th block from the S and 3rd block from the E.

      Aerate 25 gangsters with your Shotgun, Junior Walker.

  Have Tommy get the rampage pickup, go to the middle of the roof, and jump down
onto the upper walk of the mall.  Have him go at the gang clusters with some
speed because this one doesn't always create enough targets.  If the look around
then look back gimmick, and looking around, doesn't create enough targets on one
floor quickly, try the other one.

  Rusk's recent idea for the Hunter, firing the rockets from over the water at
the gangsters near the wall along the sidewalk by the medical building, is a
good alternative.

  Washington Beach

  R9  Go E from the E end of the Starfish Island bridge, go right, and turn off
the road to the right to go up the steps with potted palms at the top.  Then go
left to R9, which is between the E end of the pink and dark peach house and the
dark peach wall.

       Demonstrate martial law to 25 gang members with an MP.

  Run around the patio getting groups of gangsters.  The MP lets you move and
take down targets quickly.

  Vice Point

  R10  At the E side of the Standing Vice Point Hotel just S of the opening be-
tween the hotel and the wall around the back pool area.  The hotel is N of the
6th block from the S and 1st block along the E, and S and across the street from
the Malibu Club.

       Gently but firmly put your foot down to 30 misunderstood miscreants with
a S.P.A.S. 12.

  Have Tommy run around another patio getting groups of gangsters.  Chose a dis-
tance you can pick off the retaliators of a gang with considering you can't move
quickly with a shotgun.

  R11  At the end of the high dive board behind the Standing Vice Point Hotel.

       Be-still 30 restless gang members with a .308 Sniper Rifle.

       Use the look away, re-equip the scope, and look back gimmick to create
targets.  The game should produce enough of them to get this the 1st time.

  R12  It's at the end of the road that ends in a loop W of the Malibu Club.

       Drive-by to soften the hard outlooks of 35 rebels till they feel all Uz-I
inside.  (Normally, I'd recommend that you use a PCJ-600.  But if you modified a
Pizza Boy for I.21 and left it that way, use it.)

  The easiest way for me to do this was as a PCJ 600 drive-by shooting.  Use the
usual concern to have Tommy start shooting when you feel you can pick off all
the retaliators that may rush to him, with the added concern to move forward
just fast enough to waggle your aim side to side, and with the added benefit of
being able to speed off if they get close.

  Rhino cannon shots count but, unfortunately, it tends to shoot over the tar-
get's heads.  You get the most targets with it by shooting at walls targets are
by and killing them with the concussive effect of the blast, and that doesn't
come up often enough.  R20 is a bit easier with the Rhino.

  Hunter and Sea Sparrow machine gun bullets don't count, but Hunter rockets
count.  If you use the Hunter, you might want to use "aspirine" to heal it if
you bang it into the lamp posts, because the PC Hunter rockets don't have auto-
aim, and don't shoot anything close by or Tommy will be wasted in a moment.

  R13  Go E from Leaf Links club house, over the hump in the road which is a
little bridge, then go N off the road through an opening between the concrete
wall and the beige wall of Mercedes' house.  Go left to R13 on the S end of the

       Break down 20 gangsters walls of alienation with a Chainsaw.

  As mentioned in I.9.A, Left Mouse Button Attacking, it can help speed Tommy up
for this to pulse jump, Space Bar, till he's near a target.  Then walk him, W,
toward it and add the LMB, and keep holding down both so he keeps the Chainsaw
pointed forward while you walk him into targets.  He's liable to attract the po-
lice; there's a bribe behind the building across the street SW of the base of
the road that ends in a circle.

  I've had a glitch a couple of times that caused this pickup to reappear after
I did it and the next several rampages.  It stayed done after I did it again.
So if you do a few more and find you're one short, try looking here.

  R14  Go to the N end of the E side of the beige wall around the back of the
building with several big horizontal bands of different hues of beige, which is
across the street to the E of the N end of the E side of North Point Mall.  You
can also approach R14 from the NW side of the beach.

       See how lucky 25 punks feel about your .357.

  It's true, as Rusk suggests, you might send Tommy into the Mall to reduce po-
lice attacks, but I got more targets more often on PC doing this with Tommy on
the nearby sidewalks or by staying on the beach where the pickup is; you can
send him to the E shore, where peds and police don't spawn, if you want him to
evade the police.

  R15  Just S of the E entrance of North Point Mall.

       Make the area around the mall more spacious to the tune of 35 less loi-
terers with your M4.

  You can have Tommy get targets quickly at some distance with an M4.  Do this
on the sidewalk and street or the beach nearby like R14.

  R16  Over the raised planter in the middle of the W side of the 2nd floor of
North Point Mall.

       Chaperone 30 gang members to another level of being with a Rocket Launch-

  Have Tommy keep moving, and look and listen for targets.  One bazooka blast
can kill a bunch, so don't get Tommy too close to them or anything else when he
fires or you'll hurt or kill him.

  R17  Along an E-W stretch of the road at the N end of the E island, on the W
section of that stretch, on the N side of the road, is an apartment building
with a sloped driveway at the E side of it.  Go up the driveway and you'll see
R17 behind the building.

       Drive-by 30 social aberrations and playfully call out, "I see you--Uz-I?"
(I recommend taking the PCJ 600 to this function.  Again, if you modified the
Pizza Boy for I.21 and left it that way, you could use it instead.)

  As with R12, use the drive-by advice given at the start of this section.  For
a little variety, you might want to use the Hunter rockets.  This one was easier
for me with the Hunter than R12 was, and which I didn't recommend it for.


  R18  Go E from the E end of the Hyman Condo alley.  The V.A.J Finance building
is the 2nd from the end on the right before the road curves S.  The pickup is S
of the huge statue of a bowling octopus on the patio that runs through the

        Brink the chasm of misunderstanding for 30 sorely misunderstood misan-
thropes with a Minigun.

  Are you kidding?  You've got a Minigun.  It would be harder to screw this one
up.  Try to focus your wanton destruction just where you need it to be to mini-
mize police attention.

  ("VAJ," pronounced "vadge," is U.K. slang for "vagina."  Likewise, "vagetar-
ian" is U.K. slang for "lesbian."  Thanks again to

  What that has to do with the bowling and the octopus, I'm not sure, but I do
know this: this is one strange woman.  And that's how we like 'em--strange but

  R19   Go W from the W end of the bridge from Prawn Island to the W island.
It's atop the winding stairway on the W side of the 2nd building on your right.

        Brighten the neighborhood with 40 Molotov-moistened malcontents.

  Keep a good distance between Tommy and targets unless you got the fireproof
feature from succeeding with the Fire Truck mission.

  R20  At the top of the long set of stairs S of the Downtown Ammu-Nation.  To
get to the stairs, go W from the W end of the bridge from Prawn Island to the W
island and make the 1st left--the stairs are on your left.  (The stairs are also
used for J2 and "Hogtied.")

       Clarify some fine points of the handgun laws to 25 lawbreakers with a

  As usual in such things, have Tommy start shooting at a group with enough dis-
tance so he can pick them all off as they run at him to retaliate.

  You might try the Rhino for this, though you mainly kill targets who are near
walls you shoot at, because there are a lot of walls around the area.  If you
do, just stay in the area and give yourself enough room to turn around in away
from attackers.

  Hunter rockets count--again, you mainly get targets by shooting at walls
they're close to.  If you use the Hunter, you might want to use "aspirine" to
heal it if you bang it into the lamp posts because the Hunter rockets don't have
auto-aim, and don't shoot anything close by or Tommy will be wasted in a moment.

  R21  By the walkway to the floating helipad at the Hyman Memorial Arena.

       Diminish the attendance at the Hyman Memorial Stadium by 30 gang members
with a Flame Thrower.

       Have Tommy keep moving, including back and forth on the upper walk of the
stadium, to generate targets, which you can often hear.  If you have the fire-
proof feature, just go nuts.

  The Hunter rockets work for this.  There are enough stairs and walls around to
get targets with the concussive effect of the blasts.

  R22  In the alley on the W side of the building S of the Well Stacked Pizza
store at the SW corner of the Downtown roads.

       Subjugate a subdivision of 35 subversives with your submachine gun till
they're subdued.  (Use a PCJ 600 with the Uz-I provided.)

  Have Tommy shoot forward on his PCJ 600, and waggle the aim a bit to get the
cluster.  As in all these things, go at it like a hungry dog after some meat,
but with enough bike and stealth sense to keep control of the bike and avoid
having Tommy get knocked off of it by the gang members or police.  If Tommy gets
knocked off and you can't have him shoot the gang members near the bike, or run
to lure the police from it, then run back to it, just reload the game--it hap-

  As with R12 and R17, you could try the Hunter rockets for this, but this was
the hardest of the three for me to do that way, so I don't recommend it.  The
PCJ 600 drive-by is much easier.

  R23  At the NE corner of the Moist Palms Hotel, which is on the W side of the
main N-S road at the S end of Downtown.  Your in-game map and radar show the
several driveways that converge into one in front of it.

       Put on a performance for 30 amateur reviewers with divine miss M60.

  Use the usual shooting strategy, except you have an M60, which is like the
Minigun, and you usually get biker gang members, who are among the easiest to
shoot down.  This is a relatively easy one--have at 'em.

  Little Haiti

  Haitian gang members can run fast, carry strong weapons, and can take a little
more effort to kill.  You're more likely to get Haitian gang members as targets

  R24  Over the cobblestones at the W side of the small one story building near
the "Welcome to Hell" ("Haiti" painted over) billboard at the outside of the NW
curve of the big SW-most block of Little Haiti.  It's the S of the two blocks
there that look like a face looking E, except the face is smashed flat, cartoon-
style, on this one.

       Find 35 a 12 gauge Sporting Purpose for American Sociopaths with a
S.P.A.S. 12.

  Use your general shooting strategy.  While you can't run fast with a shotgun,
it has a powerful spread at a medium distance.

  R25  Behind the little pale green house with a dirty concrete roof on the same
"cartoon with a smashed face"-block mentioned for R24 (the big block in SW Lit-
tle Haiti), except it's the 2nd house from the N on the W side of the N-S street
on the E side of the block.

       Hip 30 to take five with a Tec-9.

  Have Tommy get back from a cluster and start shooting so they run into his
line of fire.  Have him back up shooting, and, when need be, run away to keep
his distance.  Don't try to make anything of him being surrounded--just try to
have him evade it, then continue.

  Little Havana

  R26  In the middle court of three basketball courts in the middle of the Lit-
tle Havana block that's green with white dots on your in-game map and radar.
Enter the area from the middle of the N, S, or E side of the block.

       Insist that 25 with terrible judgement in picking a priority group ride
Shotgun while you drive.

  The Shotgun is a little slower than the S.P.A.S. 12 of R24, but the Cuban gang
members you're liable to get are a little less aggressive, too.  It's a milder
version of R24.

  R27  On the loading bay area at the SW corner of El Banco Corrupto Grande.  To
get to the bank, go N from the Starfish Island bridge on the main N-S road of
the W island.  Past the 1st left, it's the place on the left with a Gruppe Sechs
Securicar parked in front of it.

       Infuse Asian culture into 10 ethnocentric eccentrics with a Katana Sword.

  As before, sword killings only count favorably with insertion or making them
lose their heads, not if Tommy cuts or beats them to death.  (It's like the OJ
trial again.  Duck under your seats till that joke goes by, too.)

  Hunter rocket blasts count, and there are only ten targets this time, if you
want to try it for all or part of this rampage.

  R28  Take a helicopter--it's on the roof of the building N of Cherry Poppers.
From the W end of the Starfish Island bridge, Cherry Poppers is across the
street and to the S.

       Make sniping comments to 20 anti-social types with a Sniper Rifle.

  Use the look away, re-equip your scope, and look back gimmick to keep targets

  Rusk's recent idea to use the Hunter and search for targets while flying down
to Viceport is a good alternative.

  R29  On the NW corner of the roof of the building with a red and white awning.

  To get there, go S from the Starfish Island bridge on the main N-S road of the
W island and turn right; where the road makes a 90 degree curve to the N, it's
on your left. (This roof is also where H77 was.)

        Beat some German chocolate out of 20 ne'er-do-wells with a Kruger.

  Use the turn away and look back gimmick from the roof to keep targets appear-
ing below, and have Tommy jump down to the ground to get some that may go out of
view below, next to the building, near the end of it if you have to.


  R30  By a real big shrub at the SE corner of the Hooker Inn.  To get to the
Hooker Inn, go S from the Starfish Island bridge on the main N-S road of the W
island.  Go right, go through the intersection, and it's on your left.

       Promenade 35 gangster blades to the nether shades with some hand gre-

  The grenades will take out whole clusters, best thrown at from at least the
width of the street away from them.  You just have to keep Tommy running and
tossing, and it should be easy.

  R31  On the E side of a post on the S end of the big ship at the S end of the
E coast of the W island.  Use the ramp at the S end of the ship to get there.

       Lift 15 vehicles to a state of transport with a Rocket Launcher.

  Use the Rhino instead.

  Typically, this doesn't create enough targets for the Rocket Launcher in the
PC version, even if you block the road with a vehicle and get the van (at the
far left) and the Linerunner (at the far back) in the dirt lot across the
street.  If that happens, the gimmick of trying to raise Tommy's wanted level to
get police vehicles doesn't help with this one.  But if you try it, you may want
to have Tommy avail himself to the health pickup under the N ramp of the ship
between efforts when he can run.

  I don't recommend the Hunter machine gun: the auto-aim didn't go for vehicles
but went for gangsters unless it killed all the gangsters and you pointed the
gun at a vehicle right ahead, and then it still might shoot to the side and not
at the vehicle!  There weren't enough boats, etc.  It's possible, but you better
move that Hunter like a Cheetah, and it doesn't have that kind of maneuverabili-

  The easiest way by far was with the Rhino.

  Escobar International Airport

  R32  In the main airport terminal behind a divider wall on the SW side of the
1st floor.

       See 25 gang members to their seats with a S.P.A.S. 12.

       Again, pick a distance for Tommy to shoot at a group with that allows him
the time to get them as they rush to retaliate, keeping in mind, as with R24,
that Run, Left Shift, doesn't work with a shotgun equipped.

  R33  On the N end of the W valley in the roof of the main airport terminal.
Get there by PCJ 600.  If you use the Rhino, have Tommy jack a passing sports
car to do the billboard jump to the pickup.  (This roof is also used for J10 and

       Change the handling files of 12 vehicles, without unchecking the "read
only" box, with the Rocket Launcher.

  If you have Tommy use the Rocket Launcher, have him use the PCJ 600 to get the
pickup, drive NW to get the vehicles in the parking lot with a low wall around
it, then drive E to the grass across the street from the E end of the terminal
and have him shoot mainly E at oncoming traffic and away from gang members, who
will attack if he hurts any of them.

  I don't recommend the Hunter for the same reasons given for not wanting it for
R31, except that this one was even worse.

  You can have Tommy leave the Rhino, with the door open to try to keep it in
the game memory, on the tarmac to the N of the terminal, and jack a passing
sports car to use the billboard jump to get to the pickup on the roof and drive
to the tank.  It's easy once you get the Rhino for it, except you better have
Tommy get into it fast, because the game spawns soldiers that shoot at him, on
top of the regular gang members created for the rampage that just attack if at-
tacked, for some reason.  Once he's in the Rhino, the shooting doesn't create
any difficulty for the rampage, though.

  Fort Baxter

  R34  By the bushes E of Fort Baxter Air Base.

       Remodel 15 vehicles with the Minigun.

  It's safer to have Tommy go E and away from Fort Baxter a bit because the sol-
diers may attack him.  The last time I tried this and they started shooting, I
just had him drive W on a bike for a moment and they stopped, so I got him off
of it and continued from there.  Even if you get one of the more aggressive
gangs nearby, the Minigun makes that easy to handle.

  This is easy with the Rhino, too.  It's also easy to shoot boats with the
Hunter machine gun.

  Starfish Island

  R35  By the E side of the most W house on Starfish Island.

       Form a fast bonding experience between 35 gang members and the Admiral
next to the pickup.

       If you have Tommy drive there, make the W-most N turn from the main E-W
Starfish Island road; the house is the 1st on the left.  Have him jump off the
roof of his vehicle to get over the gate, or jump off the black Dumpster by the
hedge in the yard to the N to get in the yard where the pickup is.

  I tend to favor going back and forth over the road that forms an arc over the
N section, changing sidewalks if I think I'll get more that way.  Try not to
wreck--it slows you down, and sometimes I just make it in time.


  I.33  The Rest of the Main Story Missions (continued from I.17.)

          Learning that being a celebrity
          gives you access to other celebrities that most people never have,
          especially if you're ethically impaired in how you go about it--
          and polishing off the side missions.

  If you haven't already bought the non-money making properties, I recommend you
do it now.  (See the ends of I.18 and I.19.)  It makes certain missions easier
when you can prepare for them by saving the vehicles that help the most for them
in nearby garages.  It's especially helpful to have a place to save the "Every-
thing-Proof" Admiral, and you'll soon have just one early mission to get it

  It should be easier for you to do these missions now that you have lots of
money, weapons and ammo, extra armor and health, the infinite run, the fireproof
feature, and experience in driving, flying, and fighting.


  There's a mission available from Lawyer Ken Rosenberg ("L" on the radar).
When having Tommy get Ken's missions, one nearby place to have Tommy park a ve-
hicle so it appears after cutscenes is in the east end of the alley by Ken's of-
fice in the Hotel Harrison.

  I.34  "Back Alley Brawl"  Lawyer Ken Rosenberg

  Voice actors:

  Kent Paul: the stylings of Danny Dyer, creating nostalgia for the future.
He reprised the role for GTA "San Andreas," 2004, played Moff in the movie
"Human Traffic," 1999, Marc Cannon in two 2013 episodes of the TV mini-series
"Power to the People," etc.

  Lance Vance: the intense action-adventure of Phillip Michael Thomas.  He
reprised the role for "Vice City Stories," 2006.  He may be most remembered
for playing Det. Ricardo Tubbs in the 1984-1989 TV series "Miami Vice."  He
appeared as himself in two 2013 episodes of the TV series "High Chaparall,"

  Ken tells Tommy to see Kent Paul, a British music industry guy familiar with
the local cocaine dealers, at the Malibu.  He may know something to help Tommy
hunt down whoever created the ambush of the cocaine deal at the start of the

  Note: after the cutscene, Tommy faces out from door, but you press S to have
him turn to it and back away from it, then control him as as normally.

  Kent tells Tommy drugs are a "mug's" game--a "mug" is a stupid, gullible per-

  By twisting his arm behind his back, Tommy gets Kent to tell him to check out
a chef who may be a lead.

  (Kent refers to the chef as a "trumpetshifter."  The best I've found so far
for that is that "trump" is slang for "fart" in the U.K., and "bugle" is co-
caine.  "Cum" is used instead of a hyphen.  To "shift" is to move, which I'm
guessing in context means to move drugs--to sell them.  If I'm right, "Chef cum
trumpetshifter" would be a chef-cocaine dealer.  Thanks to the Carnegie Library
of Pittsburgh for help with that.)

  (U.K. reader Colin Attle adds that it might also refer to the fact that some-
one like that may well "talk out of their butt.")

  When you have Tommy confront the chef in the alley, whatever weapon you have
Tommy use will appear in the cutscene.

  You could just run the chef down from the N (as Rusk notes, if you try to run
the juror down from the S, you have to bail 1st or the game shows a cutscene
with the car stopped and Tommy walking toward him), but you'll miss a bit of the
dialogue of the game.  While walking Tommy to the chef, use the "walk and hold
LMB to prepare to punch, then release LMB to punch" gimmick, back up and repeat,
and kick, till he stays down, and get his cell phone.

  Tommy meets Lance Vance, who flew the helicopter at the intended drug deal.

  Lance says he wants his dead brother's "white lady," which is slang for co-
caine.  (Thanks to saintdave)

  Lance says Tommy just silenced the lead he had a mutual interest in.  Tommy
tries to ditch him but three chefs appear with a Knife and a Meat Cleaver so
Lance throws Tommy a Pistol and says to follow him.

  The easiest thing to do is just have Tommy run (jump if he doesn't have the
infinite run yet) to stay right by Lance and get in the white Infernus (the blip
on your radar) and gun it.

  If you have him stay and fight 1st, have him run away from the chefs a bit,
then turn and use something stronger than a knife.  Pretend it's a mini-rampage
at the school of culinary arts.  A Minigun will take each of them down if the
torrent of bullets crosses any part of them; a Chainsaw does a quick job, too.
If he gets a one star wanted rating, have him use the bribe in the alley to the
S.  If he gets two stars, have him get that then run the other one off--also
easy to do.

  I usually use a save game in which Tommy has the infinite run.  I have Tommy
park a car at the N side of the intersection to the N of the cook, go S to
snipe the cook from N of the cook in the same alley as the cook, and get the
phone.  Cutscene.  I have Tommy run N to his car, drive S to run over the three
cooks, then drive to Lance's Infernus.

  The Infernus is very responsive and fast (though I prefer the smaller turning
radius of the Cheetah).  Don't gun it the whole way or you'll have to learn
about using "aspirine" again, too.  Just get it to Ammu-Nation and try not to
try to drive through metal.

  At Ammu-Nation, you'll learn how to buy weapons there.  You walk Tommy into
the light, use A and D to admire their selection, press Left Shift to buy, and
press F to exit the deal.  Since I have my weapons at my save places, and all
the free weapons scattered around the landscape of all the islands, to pick from
by now, I usually don't use it.  Only the Pistol and Mac are available here now.
If you want to skip this part, press W.

  Drive Lance to the Ocean View.

  (My unedited PC version doesn't have the extra dialogue by Lance about the
Pole Position Club reported by eL dudE's Game Script FAQ, even if you have Tommy
park in front of it; it's on the SE corner of the 2nd block from the S and E.
Lance: "Tommy, every man needs a little R and R once in a while.  This here's
the Pole Position strip club.  You might want to drop in some time."

  (The recordings of Lance saying those lines are files lanstp1 and lanstp2 in
the Grand Theft Auto Vice City\Audio folder.  Rusk tells me he hasn't heard them
in the game, though, either.  They may just be heard in a certain version of the
game or....?)

  (Just when I was so glad the radar let me stop doing that W on the main N-S
road stuff.)

  You get $200.

  Tommy gets a cell phone call intended for the chef, Leo, on the phone he took
from him--hit Tab to answer the phone.  The caller says, "Hey, Leo, I think we
got a buyer for Diaz' merchandise...."  Since Kent Paul thinks the chef-cocaine
dealer was a lead in finding out who caused the ambush and took the money and
cocaine, and the chef got a call about Diaz, known from "The Party" as a cocaine
dealer, having merchandise to sell now, Diaz is a suspect.

  Tommy will follow the lead when he gets five Assassination missions meant for
Mr. Teal over the phone--Leo was also an assassin named Leo Teal.

  The Rockstar Games web site has a "Vice City" section with a bulletin board
that has a "Vice City Crime Tree" section.  It indicates that the chef's super-
ior is named Mr. Black, suspected of being involved in running a hitman busi-
ness, so I guess that's Mr. Black who will give the assassination missions.

  I think the voice actor for the man on the phone with assassination missions
is Navid Khonsari (Dwayne of the Boathouse) because the voice sounds like the
man who called Lazlow about killer bees in "III," and Navid did the voice acting
for that.

  I.35  "Jury Fury"  Lawyer Ken Rosenberg

  Ken tells Tommy he's worried those "guidos" are coming from up N (Liberty
City).  ("Guido" is derogatory slang for a lower middle-class urban Italian-
American that tries to portray a macho thug with slicked back hair, gold chains,
etc.)  As a favor to them, Tommy needs to intimidate, not kill, a couple of jur-
ors Ken failed to persuade, or Sonny's cousin Giorgio (like Moroder, who did the
five "Scarface," 1983, tunes used for "GTA III"?) will get five years for fraud.

  When Tommy leaves Ken's office, he witnesses a hit and run homicide by a golf-
er whose victim leaves a Hammer.

  The juror to the S is talking to a lady by his Admiral.  (The arrangement of
cars is a little different than Rusk reports for the PS2 version.  On PC, the
Admiral is the only car around the juror to the S.)

  The juror to the N isn't present by his Sentinel.  You just need to have Tommy
bash up or blow up that juror's Sentinel to intimidate him.

  The game wants you to learn that you can destroy a car with a melee weapon.

  If you're impatient about that, you can use Rusk's idea to have Tommy blow up
the cars with Grenades.  (I'll add that various weapons could do the job.  I'd
have Tommy use a Pistol or submachine gun on the engine hood for a fast result
that avoids an explosion.)

  To have Tommy intimidate the S juror while avoiding the possibility of the
juror getting hurt by an explosion, especially if he runs toward his car once
trouble starts, you can have Tommy hit the S juror in the back with a fully-pow-
ered Hammer, hit him a couple more times, and have the juror run away without
getting into his Admiral.  You can also have Tommy ignore the juror and just hit
his Admiral with a Hammer or Bat till the juror runs away.

  If you don't have Tommy hit the S juror or his Admiral that much, the juror
gets in his Admiral and rams it into a Spand Express truck, which knocks a
couple of Hammers from it.  You shouldn't have Tommy kill the juror, just intim-
idate him, so have Tommy wreck the juror's car with a melee weapon or ram his
car with the truck till he runs away.  Tommy can get a wanted star as he does
this, so watch out for police and be ready to have Tommy run.

  You might have Tommy try to park in front of the juror's car and punch him
till he runs, but Tommy's car may disappear if you let the juror get in his car.

  I tried to do something different and have Tommy jack each car before the ju-
ror ran away, but both cars are locked at 1st and a Hammer wouldn't knock the
doors off.  The N one only unlocks after the juror runs away, but the S one un-
locks if you have Tommy punch the juror and jack it when the juror tries to get
into it.  Then the juror just runs away without the scene with the Spand Express

  If you replay the game you can hear Tommy call out at least five different
things, like "Giorgio sends his regards," to the fleeing jurists.

  You get $400 and two cell phone calls.

  Remember throughout the game that pressing F3 causes a phone call to go silent
and be sped through.  You can't skip phone calls in "Vice City" but you can at
least speed them up.  If you have a saved replay, pressing F3 will play that
replay and not speed through the phone call.  You can Delete the saved replay by
Deleting replay.rep from Documents > GTA Vice City User Files.

  This F3 gimmick may make the radio go silent, too.  When that happens, it >may<
work to have Tommy switch cars and radio stations till the radio comes on again.

  Sonny calls.  Sonny somehow had the number to the cell phone taken from the
chef-cocaine dealer-assassin Kent suspected as knowing about the recent drug
deal ambush, and the call on it for Leo seemed to indicate that Diaz was behind
the ambush of that deal, which Tommy was to make for Sonny.  In "Keep Your
Friends Close" (I.99),  we'll learn Tommy has long suspected that Sonny was be-
hind the ambush Tommy ran into 15 years ago.  So while it may be that Tommy sim-
ply called Sonny earlier and gave him his new cell phone number, it seems to be
implied that Sonny has looked into new cocaine selling plans with Diaz, tried,
with Diaz, and failed to have Tommy killed with an ambush again, and may try to
have him killed once he gets his money back from him.

  Sonny makes his position clear at the start of the game--it's a liability for
his business for people to think he'd even let Tommy walk the streets.  So Tommy
might have that extra reason to want to create his own empire while playing
along with Diaz and Sonny but secretly figuring out how to dispose of them.

  Meanwhile, we do know that as Tommy tries to make money to pay back Sonny and
figure out what led to the ambush, he uses the occasion to make his own powerful
connections in Vice City.

  The other call is the 1st Assassination mission.

  I.36  "Road Kill"  Phone: Assassination mission 1

  Tommy also gets another cell phone call meant for the chef, and we learn his
whole name was Leo Teal, and he was an assassin who killed "out-of-towners."
(The chef doesn't look like any of the guys we see shoot Lances' brother and two
of Sonny's henchmen at the start of the game, but he might have set it up.)

  The Rockstar web site indicates that the chef worked for Mr. Black, so I guess
that's who's calling.

  The caller (I can't place his accent) gives Tommy the 1st of five assassina-
tion missions.  In each one, Tommy goes to a ringing pay telephone where he gets
a call on his cell phone!--we don't know why, other than that the caller seems
to prefer to tape his instructions onto public pay phones (shouldn't he try to
be more discreet?).

  For the 1st assassination mission, Tommy has to kill a pizza delivery guy be-
fore the guy delivers 50 pizzas.

  A forward drive-by shooting with a PCJ 600 or Sanchez and a submachine gun is
the easiest.  Get a lot of Uz-I ammo (the MP isn't available till after "Rub

  If you use a fast car you handle well, try to 2nd guess which street he'll
drive on (a direct chase can be frantic, but go for it if he's right in front of
you).  Meet him head on to ram him off his scooter.  He can show a remarkable
resiliency about getting back on and speeding off, so park on the scooter or him
if you can, and use the Minigun to shoot him or blow up the vehicle.  Running
him over while he's on foot works but has to be done repeatedly.

  Once I shot forward on a bike till his scooter was a flaming fireball hurtling
down the street, and then it exploded.  He tried to run, but, weakened by the
explosion, he was killed by Tommy with one punch.

  You get $500.

  I.37  "Riot"  Lawyer Ken Rosenberg

  Avery Carrington is voice acted by that sexual Burt Reynolds, who was nominat-
ed for an Oscar for his portrayal of Lewis in "Deliverance," 1972, was ranked
among the top ten box office stars in the world for an unparalleled thirteen
years in a row, was awarded the Children at Heart Award in June, 2000, for his
efforts to aid the children who suffered from the Chernobyl disaster, received
the 1991 Emmy Award for "Best Performance in a Comedy" for his role as Wood New-
ton in the TV series "Evening Shade," etc.

  Tommy meets Lawyer Ken's friend Avery Carrington, the criminal big time real-
tor.  Avery promises to kill to protect Tommy if Tommy helps him by starting a
riot at the SpandEx building and putting the owners out of business so the own-
ers will be more willing to sell it.  Ken tells him to go to Raphael's for
clothes 1st.

  You can have Tommy go to Raphael's for overalls so Tommy looks like Jonathan
Winters' character Elwood P. Suggins, but the clothes change is optional in this
mission.  When you have him get close to SpandEx, the workers are already close
to rioting against the security guards.  The game says to have Tommy start a
fight with four of the workers, then tells you to have him destroy the three
trucks behind the wire fence in front of the building.

  There are two security guards with Nightsticks by the workers and one security
guard with a Pistol between the trucks.

  As Rusk notes, you can have Tommy bypass the fight with the workers and just
go past them to the fence to blow up the three trucks (Minigun, Grenades, etc.).
Rusk also notes that you can have Tommy approach the trucks from the other di-
rection, from the 2nd floor of the building under construction with red girders,
as for H19, except jumping onto the roof of the SpandEx building instead of into
the lot around it, and destroy the trucks from up there.  Have Tommy shoot the
red explosive barrel by two of the trucks to take care of them then shoot the
3rd truck till it blows up.  The workers all walk out quietly afterwards once
the trucks are destroyed.

  If you feel like seeing and hearing more of what the game does, have Tommy get
full health and armor and hit the workers with a Hammer, Bat, or Brass Knuckles
and use the Minigun as a back up if it gets to be too much.

  An easy way to have Tommy get into the fist fights, if you're new to such
things, is to have Tommy hit one in the back of the crowd and run outside the
compound so the worker follows and can be dealt with singularly.  Have Tommy
beat him up, lather, rinse, and repeat, until the game prompts the next part.
Then have him shoot any guards that attack and have him blow up the trucks.

  You can also have Tommy use a Minigun to blow up the three trucks from any-
where you can see them.  You could also have him stand outside the entrance to
the lot, mow everyone inside down with the Minigun, then blow up the three
trucks.  If he gets a wanted rating, it goes away once he blows up the trucks.

  You get $1,000.  The coveralls pickup is now available at Tooled Up in North
Point Mall.

  Avery Carrington now has missions available at the entrance to the building
under construction with red girders ("A" on the radar).

  Colonel Cortez calls and makes missions available at Pier 2 ("C" on the ra-

  I.38  "Four Iron"  Avery Carrington

  It's 10:00 am.  Avery wants Tommy to go to the golf course and "beat eight
tons of crap" out of someone holding onto land he wants to buy.  He gives Tommy
a membership to Leaf Links and sends him to get golf clothes 1st.

  Get Tommy the gawky plaid clothes then go to the club house.  Have him enter
the shaft of light at the entrance to see the cutscene of the target, a golfer,
surrounded by henchmen armed with Golf Clubs.  The target is making practice
shots from on top of a driving structure on the N side of the course.  "The
target is at the driving range enjoying a game of golf.  Make sure it's his
last."  If Tommy's in/on a vehicle, press W to skip the cutscene.

  If you have Tommy go through the metal detector at the entrance, his weapons
will remain as pickups outside except for Brass Knuckles and any melee weapon.
(The metal detector also takes those weapons if he exits through it, for some

  But you can have Tommy use any vehicle he can jump on, then from, to jump over
the lawn roller, at the W side of the entrance into Leaf Links, with all of his
weapons.  (You can use the ramp on the other side of it to drive out.)  He can
also drive through the metal detector on a PCJ 600 with his Brass Knuckles and a
melee weapon (like the Chainsaw).  The security guards give chase for a bit,
then wait, but can be lured further if you don't keep Tommy going.

  (I think there must be another PS2/PC difference in that Rusk likes Tommy to
get a tall vehicle to use as a step to jump over the lawn roller, but you could
use any vehicle to do it on PC.)

  The hardest part of this is if you try to directly chase the golf cart the
golfer uses to get away once rousted.

  Once Tommy gets in with his weapons, he can use his sniper rifle or Minigun,
whatever, on the target at a safe distance before the target can get to a cart.

  He can use the Minigun on all the carts and henchmen then deal with the golf-
er, who's a lot easier to chase when he's on foot.

  Since the golfer always ends up going to the clubhouse to escape in a car out-
side, Tommy can go S, straight to the clubhouse, and wait for him as soon as
he's rousted.  To make it even easier, as soon as Tommy gets into the course, he
could use the golf cart supplied for him there and plug the metal detector with
it.  Then he could roust him, run back, and punch him to hear the different
things he says.

  If you let the target run through the metal detector, he tries to get into a
car and drive away.  If Tommy punches him and jacks the car, the target makes an
aimless effort to run away and is easy for Tommy to attack.

  Easy way using the default method of sending Tommy through the metal detector

  Have Tommy push the two most S carts, and the unoccupied cart E of the driving
platform, into the water.  Have him then push the remaining S cart to the SW
corner of the platform so it's pointed NW toward the water from the top of the
steep grassy bank and the two front wheels are over the top edge of it.  Have
Tommy run toward the target till he speaks to his guards then have Tommy run
from the guards while the target runs to the cart at the bank.  He drives the
cart into the back of the platform then backs up into the water.

  You get $500.

  Leaf Links is now open.

  The Golf Outfit is available at the entrance to Leaf Links.

  The golf club pickup will remain available behind the club house.  If you have
Tommy walk into it, the golf club will replace any melee weapon Tommy has with-
out the game asking if you want to press Tab to have it done.

  Having Tommy enter a Caddy will cause him to get a golf club if he doesn't al-
ready have a melee weapon.

  (Note: you don't need to use this opportunity to get a Caddy to save for the
Sunshine Autos vehicle list--there's always one hidden in the 1st shrub at the
left side of the path that goes W from the light house.  Use the radar and have
Tommy turn left to avoid the sea, and have him avoid the police, when he gets

  I.39A  "Demolition Man"  Avery Carrington

  Avery is so hale and hardy, he bailed from the limo while it was still mov-
ing--a long black limo with nobody inside it bangs into the construction site.

  Avery wants Tommy to destroy an office development so he can get the land.

  Send Tommy from Avery into the Top Fun van in a lot to the S.  From the van,
Tommy needs to guide the RC Goblin, the file name for the little copter in han-
dling.cfg., to pick up and place four bombs in the unfinished building with blue
windows in seven minutes.

  The copter picks up each bomb by passing closely over it, and it can scoop it
up with a swoop.  Nudges from side to side with A and D aim the swoops.  You
have Tommy drop a bomb by passing it over the pink shaft of light above a can
and pressing the LMB.

  The security guards will shoot it with Pistols and the construction workers
will hit it with Hammers, so Tommy needs to kill them with the blades before
they destroy it.  It doesn't take much damage from them, or from banging into
things, to blow it up.  To save time killing the workers, you might fly over
them till you've lured a group of them to a lower floor and get them then.
Since the timer doesn't start till you pick up the 1st bomb, you could fly
around getting the attackers before you pick up the 1st bomb.

  Almost the same as with the three Top Fun van missions, you can just send Tom-
my up the block to the shaft of light, etc., and back if you need to try again.

  A good gimmick, and a big difference between this RC helicopter and the one
used for RC Raider Pickup, is that you can speed things up by holding NP9 while
using W and S for stretches at a time, notably between the bombs and the build-

  Notice not only that each stairway is beside the last one, but you can go
straight up through the opening over both the E 2nd and 3rd floor stairs to go
from the 2nd to the 4th and the 2nd to the 3rd and back down again.

  As suggested by Cic the poet in Rusk's latest update, save the top floor for
last.  The logic is that you don't have to fly back to the van area after the
last bomb is planted, so make your several fly-back times the three shorter

  A map to help you beat the clock with the RC Goblin helicopter

  Here's a rough idea of the layout.  Each floor has a central stairway, a dif-
ferent placement of wood divider walls, and each asterisk represents a big can
with a pink shaft of light over it.  Only the stairs that are flown over from
the floor below are shown.  In the case of the 4th floor, it's the same set of
stairs flown over to get to the 3rd floor.  North is at the top.


  2.  Park a PCJ 600 in the doorway of Little Havana Streetwear with the back
half sticking out.  Have Tommy jump on the back, jump towards the door till in,
then at the outfit.  It can take some doing.  With success, he goes through the
wall and changes into the outfit while falling through Ghost World, and ends up
dressed in it on the street nearby.

  3.  You can use a mod(ification of the game) so you can always do "Two Bit
Hit" as soon as it's available and have easy access to the Havana Outfit.  See
The Havana Outfit Bug Fix under Mods--Miscellaneous (100.D.f).

  And there's still a "C" at Pier 2.  As with the hog in "The Party," leave your
PCJ 600 or whatever in the shafts of light, used to initiate missions with Cor-
tez, at Pier 2 if you want it to be handy when the cutscenes are over.

  I.40  "Treacherous Swine"  Col. Cortez

  Col. Cortez is voice acted by gentleman's gentleman Robert Davi who starred as
FBI Special Agent Baily Malone in the 1996-2000 NBC TV series "Profiler."  He's
been acclaimed for his rendering of Sinatra songs for "Davi Sings Sinatra -- On
The Road To Romance" (2011) and the comedy/documentary "Davi's Way" (2016).

  Gonzales has now awoken and is voice acted by the palpably more peppy Jorge
Pupo.  He also supplies the voice of Alberto Robina, a Diaz gang member, and
reprised the roles of Gonzales and Alberto for "Vice City Stories" (2006).
Jorge also did the motion capture performance for Diaz and Old Man Kelly for

  Cortez tells Tommy that his right hand man Gonzales leaked information which
led to the ambush.  He tells Tommy if he kills Gonzales he'll help Tommy look
for the money.  He wants Tommy to use a Chainsaw.

  Gonzales' place is the one just N of the Malibu Club.  It has a police bribe
on the corner just N of it.

  This is the only main mission (not counting rampages) that prompts you to use
the Chainsaw.  Unlike the rampages, you could use something else for this.  But
with the fast Chainsaw attack described in I.9.A overcoming any objections to
it, I'd rather use the Chainsaw.

  You might prepare by leaving a PCJ 600 by the bribe on the corner N of the
Malibu Club.  You could also have Tommy push a car, pointed north, into the en-
trance to Gonzales' building to prevent him from escaping.  If you do, leave the
north end of the car pressed against the building just enough to block Gonzales
to make it easy for Tommy to drive north to the bribe.

  (Don't bother trying to prepare Tommy by having him go behind Gonzales' place
for the Adrenaline Pill--it becomes ineffectual after the cutscene.)

  Send Tommy into the shaft of light at the entrance to Gonzales' place.
There's a cutscene of Tommy coming from behind the railing of an upper walkway
on the roof threatening to shut Gonzales' big mouth.  Then have Tommy jump over
the railing and toward Gonzales and give Gonzales a fast Chainsaw attack (have
Tommy walk, then hold the LMB and steer with the mouse).  The door Gonzales goes
for is right behind the area Tommy lands on, so you don't have to have him chase
Gonzales around.  An alternate easy choice would be to have Tommy give Gonzales
a generous lathering of Minigun bullets.  Once he's dead, the two unarmed body-
guards lose interest in killing Tommy unless you have him attack them.

  If you don't have Tommy kill Gonzales and he runs S into the Washington Beach
police station, you fail the mission.  Even Tommy's trot, without adding Left
Shift, is faster than Gonzales' running speed, though.

  Killing Gonzales gives Tommy a two star wanted level.  If Tommy is still on
top of Gonzales' building, you can have Tommy use one of the two shafts of light
to go downstairs.

  The game wants to show you how to use a Pay 'n' Spray.  Knocking Off Stores
showed you it's easy for Tommy to run through a two star wanted level, and
there's a bribe right around the corner.  So have Tommy drive or run through the
bribe and use the Pay 'n' Spray just N of your Links View place or run the other
star off.  I'd be inclined to use the Pay 'n' Spray just because I like to see
all the things the game has to show.

  When you lose the wanted level, you complete the mission.

  You get $250.

  The Casual outfit is available at the 2nd floor entrance to Gash at North
Point Mall.  (Note: there are now two clothes pickups at North Point Mall, with
one at Tools Up, which makes it a good place to get the hang of morphing.)


  I.41  "Mall Shootout"  Col. Cortez

  Cortez tells Tommy he'll continue his investigation into the cause of the am-
bush.  Meanwhile, he has Tommy go to the 2nd floor of Washington Mall to meet a
French courier to get some technology--chips--for him.  (The Rockstar Games web
site "Vice City" section "Vice City Crime Tree" indicates the courier is French
Secret Service Agent Pierre La Ponce.)  When Tommy does, a cutscene shows that
some French agents ambush them and demand the chips for the French government.
(The ambusher who calls out "Freeze, imperialist American pig...." sounds just
like the courier.)  The courier panics and runs out the N exit to his PCJ 600
while the agents shoot at Tommy with Pistols.

  Once the cut scene ends, turn Tommy and have him jump down to the 1st floor
and into the N exit to avoid the French ambushers.

  The Brady guide instructs you to use a vehicle to block the N entrance of the
mall by parking it across the inside of the entrance before you send Tommy in
to meet the courier.  (I'd useSave Changes the Sentinel modded as instructed in my starter
package since it's heavy, durable, and makes a fast getaway vehicle.)

  Have Tommy activate the cutscene.  After it, have him run to the N exit to
kill the courier and get the chips (the briefcase pickup).

  If allowed to escape, you have to send Tommy to kill the courier who drives
a PCJ 600 on the road that goes NE from the mall then curves N.  If so, have
Tommy use a fast car and have him bump the courier off the bike then run over
or shoot him.

  If you use the PCJ 600 that the game provides at the N exit lane to the road
after the cut scene, have Tommy shoot forward at him, "Road Kill"/Rampage-style.
Get a lot of Uz-I ammo before the mission.

  However you choose to do it, have Tommy get the chips and either go back to
Pier 2 to make the two star wanted level disappear, or use the Pay 'n' Spray
that's a few blocks S of the W side of the mall to keep his stars Attained from
getting much bigger than his stars Evaded.

  You get $500.

  You also get a cell phone call for Assassination Mission 2.  Since the
easiest way to do it is with the Rhino, I'll give that after the west island
is officially open.  But see I.47 for a couple other ways you might want to try
before that.


  I.42  "Guardian Angels"  Col. Cortez

  Ricardo Diaz is voice acted by the engagingly expansive Luis Guzman.  He also
reprised the role for "Vice City Stories" (2006) and played Jesse Salander in
47 episodes of the 2015?2018 TV series "Code Black."

  See my note below about getting the "EP" Admiral, and make sure you get it
from this mission and put it in one of your garages and save the game.  Get a
lot of Minigun (Ocean View, Hyman Condo) and Uz-I ammo.  If you get a lot of
Uz-I ammo beforehand, you'll get more by running through the Uz-I pickups during
the mission.  Otherwise, you'll be told you can press Tab to have the Uz-I re-
place whatever is in that slot of your weaponry.

  The Colonel says Diaz told him to watch over a business deal Diaz is going to.
He tells Tommy to do it and sends him to get some protection 1st.

  Using your radar, get to the entrance of the Ocean Beach parking garage by
going into either end of an E-W alley with a stub pointing N from the middle of
it--it's just a bit S of your radar blip.  The Kruger is on the 2nd floor.
(This is the building used for J31.)  Lance arrives in his Infernus.  (You can
skip the cutscene after he says, "Hoggin' all the action, I see.")

  Have Tommy drive him to the deal.  (The alley of the 6th block from the S
along the E.)  Diaz and his men pull up in Diaz' white Admiral.  Diaz and the
various gangsters have U-zis.

  The following is a good strategy from Rusk.  I substituted the Minigun for
this version.

  After you send Tommy to the shaft of light at the top of the stairs, there's a
cutscene of Diaz and the Cuban gangsters.

  The Cuban gangsters wear white t-shirts with a red and black splotch on the
front and red headbands, or light yellow jerseys with gray sleeves and black fe-
doras with red hat bands.  They have Tec-9s.

  Send Tommy down to street level at the corner right below--the end of the al-
ley.  Equip the Minigun.

  Have Tommy shoot the Haitian gangster's vehicles as soon as they appear, and
they'll probably blow up before the Haitian gangsters can drive them into the
alley and get out of them.

  The Haitian gangsters are in dark blue jerseys that have "RELAX" in white let-
ters on the front with white baseball cap-type caps with dark blue brims, or
light purple sleeveless t-shirts with a purple and white splotch on the front
with blue headbands.  They have Tec-9s.

 A Haitian gangster vehicle appears from the E, then one from the W, then one
from the E.  Have Tommy go a bit N in the alley to blow up a van that enters
from the N.  Send him S, back to the street, and look W to blow up another Voo-
doo that tries to get to the alley.  If you have time to spare, have him shoot
any other stray Haitian gangsters that may be there, but keep Tommy at the S end
of the alley.

  Between Rusk and the Minigun, I can't make that any easier.

  In a cutscene, two Haitian gangsters drive through going S on Sanchez bikes.
One is shot, but the one who grabs Diaz' money speeds S through the alleys (used
for "PCJ Playground") that go through the blocks along the E.

  Switch from the Minigun to Fist/Brass Knuckles, have Tommy run to get onto the
abandoned Sanchez, which automatically equips his Uz-I, and have him chase the
Haitian gangster S through the winding alleys with a forward drive-by shooting.
Don't floor it the whole way, but gun it when you can to stay on his tail.  You
might even collide with him to knock him off and have Tommy shoot him.

  When he's down, get the briefcase.  I like to wheelie to show off going back

  To get Diaz' "Everything Proof" Admiral in the PC version, you have to have
Tommy return the briefcase to Diaz from the N facing S, the same direction Diaz'
Admiral is pointed in, when you have Tommy step into the pink shaft of light.
During the ensuing cut scene with Tommy and Diaz, have W and Left Shift pressed
so Tommy is ready to run S as soon as the game gives you control over him again.
Then have him run S and around the corner to his left, and the Admiral will be
sitting there, without occupants, waiting for him at the T intersection.  Save
it in a garage then save the game.

  You could just have Tommy kill Diaz and his two henchmen the 1st chance you
get, failing the mission (the screen will say something like,"Hey, you're sup-
posed to be guarding Diaz and his men, not killing them!"), take the car to a
garage, save the game, then load the game again and try to pass the mission.

  Either way, I strongly recommend that you get the "EP" Admiral for one of your
garages (except the big garage at the condo).  When others shoot or ram your
car, you're in a MUCH better position.  After you save it in a garage, it's like
any other car except you can bang it into stuff (except a Rhino) and it can be
shot at (except for the tires and by Haitian gangsters during "Cannon Fodder")
without damage.

  I like to take it to a Pay 'n' Spray, which won't hurt the "EP" quality, and
get it a dark cranberry red color to hide the dingy gray marks and make it look

  (As an alternative, you could modify the game to make an Admiral or Cheetah,
etc., invulnerable.  If you want to do that, put 0.00 in column Y, the column
for the collision damage multiplier, for the vehicle--I.100.D.e)

  You get $1,000.  Diaz calls to offer work (the "D" on your radar).

  You can now get a five star wanted level.

  And Starfish Island is now open.

  I.43  Unique Jump 17

  Go to the apex of the big curved road in Starfish Island.  Go into the alley
on the N side just E of the apex.  At the end of it, go right and through the
gate, clockwise around the garage, through the gate, and across the yard to the
hedge.  Start the jump with the back of the PCJ 600 against the hedge and aim E
for a straight run to the steps at the back of the house in the previous yard,
gunning it the whole way.  Correct the level of the bike once airborne, as al-
ways.  Try to go across that yard and over a hedge to the next yard.

  I.44  "The Chase"  Diaz

  You'll see the "Scarface," 1983, monitors, described in I.2, for the 1st time
here during the cutscene in the office of Diaz' mansion.

  Diaz tells Tommy that one of his men has withheld some of Diaz' profit for
himself.  He tells Tommy to follow him to see where he goes, and they'll kill
him later.

  Have Tommy go to the guy's apartment (it's the same place he climbed to the
roof of to get to the roof where H30 was) and enter the shaft of light.  Then
send him up the stairs to another shaft of light. There's a cutscene: the thief
sees Tommy looking in his window and panics and runs.  (If you press the Run
keys again, the game skips the cutscene, if you're in a hurry to have Tommy
run.)  Have Tommy run up the stairs to the balcony, go left to the section of
roof that extends right, and go right.  Have Tommy chase the man, but you can't
have Tommy kill him in this mission--just tail him.  (You might have Tommy belt
him once if he catches up with him.)  Either watch your step aiming Tommy over
the wooden planks connecting two gaps in the rooftops or have him jump the gaps,
which is faster.  The thief sets off some explosive barrels at the last rooftop,
but just keep focused on having Tommy chase him.

  The thief runs off the roof and tries to get away shooting a Kruger from the
back of a BF Injection.  Have Tommy drop from the roof and use the Faggio nearby
to tail him.  Keep a fairly steady distance and do a lot of weaving side to side
to make it hard for his bullets to connect.  He goes to the E road, up around
the N side of North Point Mall, down the W side, goes left then left to go over
the bridge to Prawn Island, where he makes the 1st right and goes to the 1st
house on the right.  If the mission lingers here, get a bit closer to the vehi-
cle to end it.

  The mission is completed, but, if you're fast, you might want to have Tommy
catch up with their vehicle, shoot it to stop it, and jack it as a bonus thing
to do.  If it gets out of view, it disappears.

  You get $1,000.  The Stubby Shotgun can be bought at the North Point Mall

  The Corby vacuum cleaner a henchman of Diaz mentions as part of the non-mis-
sion ped chatter is a U.K. brand.  (Rusk says it's Kirby, a U.S. brand.  Wager-
ing will be held in the back room, and fist fights will have to be held out-

  The next set of gimmicks work for PC but they can be tricky to set up.

  Have Tommy use the infinite sprint to run ahead of the Sharks gangster across
the roofs.  A couple of problems can keep the gangster from following Tommy off
the last roof:

  - The gangster chased over roofs may fall off the W side of the roof then keep
running into the W side of the building.  I think this is more likely if you
have Tommy bump him.  Having Tommy punch him may kill him and you fail the mis-
sion so I'd just reload the save game.

  If Tommy gets too far ahead of the gangster the gangster will stand still.  If
that happens, have Tommy go back toward him to activate the cutscene of the
gangster blowing up the explosive barrels and saying, "Loser!  Too slow,
grandad!" (sic) after which he'll continue over the roofs.

  Make sure to have Tommy avoid touching him when passing him and slow down a
moment to listen for Tommy to say, "You better keep on running, a**hole."

  Have Tommy and jump off the last roof before the gangster.  A cut scene shows
the gangster jump off.  Have Tommy jack the BF Injection and accelerate.  The
gangster with a pink arrow pointing down at his head stands in one spot and lets
the passenger side of the BF Injection pass through his body.

  A few different things can happen/be made to happen:

  - the gangster with the pink arrow overhead may take control of the BF Injec-
tion but won't drive it.  Have Tommy jack it and try to make one of the possi-
bilities below happen.

  - Have Tommy drive the BF Injection a bit, let the gangster with the gun shoot
out the rear tires, then let the gangsters take the vehicle back.  Tommy will
have an easier time following it as it slides out side to side for the rest of
the run.

  - You can have Tommy kill the gangster who has a gun and jack the BF Injec-
tion.  Let the gangster with a pink arrow pointing down at his head jack it back
and you can have Tommy follow the BF Injection without having to dodge gun fire.

  If you have Tommy accelerate the BF Injection the body of the gangster with a
pink arrow passes through the passenger side of the vehicle.  A few different
things can happen or be made to happen.  (All of these let you control "camera"
mode and the radio as you can when having Tommy drive a BF Injection.)

  If you have Tommy pull away to the east slowly enough, the gangster with a
pink arrow leans to his left to jack the vehicle from Tommy as the vehicle is
moving and Tommy disappears into the gangster's body.  You won't have to help
Tommy drive--the vehicle takes the regular route and you can sit back and watch.
At the end of the run, the cutscene shows the gangster run into the Prawn Island
house, then you see a BF Injection with an invisible Tommy--mission passed.  You
can't control him until you have him exit the vehicle which unfreezes the BF In-
jection and makes Tommy, the supernatural sleuth, reappear.

  After you have Tommy jack the BF Injection you can have him drive NE across
the street and park with the driver's door against a wall.  You can have Tommy
drive away from the gangster with a pink arrow overhead fast enough that when
the gangster enters the passenger side he doesn't merge with Tommy.  (In fact,
if Tommy merges with the body of the gangster you can press F and have Tommy
exit the BF Injection then try the gimmick again and have Tommy pull away fast
enough to let the gangster board the vehicle yet not merge with Tommy so keep
Tommy in control of it.)

  A couple of the choices you have then are:

  - You can have Tommy drive E to the end of the street then go N.  The game
takes control of the car and drives it on the usual route.

  - You can have Tommy avoid that street that goes N to maintain control of the
car and drive it on a more direct route to the gangster's house.  (This is the
method shown by the speed run of ADAM_AK.)

  After the gangster runs inside the car is frozen with Tommy at the wheel till
you have Tommy exit.

  I've also had Tommy get busted, the gangster with a gun shoot the other gang-
ster and cause the mission to fail, etc.

  In other words, it's an interesting gimmick to play with when you have the
spare time but it's too risky for me to recommend it as a time saver.

  Side note: if you have Tommy control the BF Injection with the gangster in the
passenger seat and the car is driven into a river/ocean the car will survive
Ghost World--if it falls it goes through grey hell then appears on land--as if
it had a -1 for percent submerged in data > handling.cfg (the -1 for percent
submerged effect remains after the mission).  If the gangster survives the de-
struction of the vehicle the gangster, if on the mission path, will try to jack
another vehicle and get to the gangster house.  If away from the path the gang-
ster will shoot at Tommy.

  Glenster's Vice City Starter Package Steam Version 3rd Edit

  I used my Starter Package for Vice City--Steam version--to do this and several
subsequent missions while demonstrating several gimmincks for them.

  If you scroll to Minigun before activating the next mission the amount of
Minigun ammo becomes the amount of M60 ammo.  (For example, an amount of Mini-
gun ammo so large it makes the HUD count disappear becomes an amount of M6O
ammo that makes the HUD count disappear.)  Otherwise, you end up with one round
of M60 ammo.

  If you forget to scroll to Minigun before activating the mission you get a
second chance to scroll at the start of the third cutscene (the one that shows
the helicopter taking off).

 I.45  "Phnom Penh '86"  Diaz

  Diaz tells Tommy the place he discovered in the last mission is a fortress at
ground level, so wants "Quentin"--Lance Vance working under an alias for Diaz--
to fly Tommy there to kill the thief and his gang.

  (Note: There aren't any paintings on the wall by the door to the office man-
sion yet.)

  Lance tells Tommy he knows Diaz caused the ambush and killed his brother--the
one carrying the cocaine--at the start of the show.  He wants to kill Diaz, but
Tommy tells him to let him do it.

  Lance flies the helicopter while Tommy mans the M60 (like a Minigun) in 1st
person shooter mode.  Going with Tommy's prompt to "get a bit of practice" on
the way up to Prawn Island, see if you can blow up a boat and one of the heli-
copters by shooting ahead to it and continuing after you pass it.  Use both
hands on the mouse to steady your aim.

  (Note: if you look back at the bridge Lance flies under, you can briefly see a
guy in dark blue overalls fall from the bridge into the water.  He's one of the
SpandEx workers--one of the ones with a mustache and blue cap--the game tells
you to have Tommy fight to start a riot in "Riot."

  (On the way north you can have Tommy get some target practice shooting the
mansion Stretch/Admiral, the Marquis on the north shore of Starfish Island, the
Spand Express worker, though he may be invulnerable, who jumps from the Leaf
Links bridge--he's the one with a blue cap and a mustache of the repeated pair
from "Riot," one of the three boats--two Marquis and a Rio--at the south shore
of a Leaf Links island, a Caddy of a pair of them on a Leaf Links island, and
the western of two Sea Sparrows that fly south.)

  At Prawn Island, you fly near rooftops, a back patio area, the upper and lower
porches at the front of a house, etc., each with a handful or so of men shooting
Tec-9s at the copter.  When you get all the targets in one section, Lance flies
to the next.  If the helicopter health bar on the screen reaches zero, you fail
the mission.

  Since the M60 is like the Minigun, don't feel obliged to try to focus your aim
on any one target while the helicopter ride keeps bouncing your aim around--you
can't do it that way.  Instead, try to keep the aim waggling across your tar-
gets, remembering to blow up a vehicle or explosive red barrel near one if it's
convenient.  If you repeat this and get the hang of it, you can even point the
gun where you know the targets will be and let the helicopter move it across
some of them.

  Afterwards, Lance flies near the ground so Tommy can go into the 1st place to
finish the gang off.  Tommy is standing on a rail of the 'copter--have him look
straight down or to the 'copter to be released from it or jump off.  Lance goes
to hover over the porn studio.

  The men in the house have Tec-9s.  On land, Tommy can get four or five with
the M60 before he goes inside--then there are just one or two in the main room
and one at the top of the stairs to the roof.  Then have him get the briefcase
of Diaz' money on the roof and Lance will fly back to pick him up.

  You get $2,000.

  Your Minigun ammo has been ripped off and replaced by the M60 you had to use
for this.  If you didn't use the ammo gimmick described just before this mission
go get Minigun ammo.

  The west island--the mainland--and Piers 1 and 2 are now open.

  Cortez calls Tommy on the cell phone to offer more work (I.48).

  Another Avery mission icon appears.  I.39B explains why the Havana Outfit
glitch has caused me to delay this last mission for Avery to I.83 and several
ways you can handle it.

  I.46  Unique Jumps 34 and 35 (the mainland--west island--and piers 1 and 2 are
now open)

  Take a PCJ 600 onto Pier 1, the N pier of the two at the S end of the W side
of the east island.  If you don't have a PCJ 600, there's always one by Pier 1.

  Back the bike to the N curb and gun it S.  The two jumps in a row, 34 then 35,
are in a straight line--have brake/reverse ready to stop you after the 2nd one.
You'll have time to turn and aim yourself for the jump ashore, which isn't a
Unique Jump.

  I.47  "Waste The Wife"  Phone: Assassination Mission 2
             (get out the Rhino: "Gangway, coming through.")

  Tommy has to kill Mrs. Dawson with a vehicle while she's in a car--you can't
have him use a drive-by or get out and shoot her car.  She always stops at a
light around the corner from where you start the chase.  After you hit her car,
she takes off in a panic.  When the damage meter for her car is empty, you pass
the mission while her car blows up.

  So: like Rusk says, get a Rhino (see I.9.B).  Everyone's garage should have
one.  This mission is a fast chase without one, but as easy as running into a
parked car with one.  The game represents the ability of a tank to flatten vehi-
cles by having vehicles it bumps blow up.  So drive carefully otherwise if you
want to avoid police attention.  You can get away with blowing up a vehicle oc-
casionally, but you never know when a policeman may be out of your view nearby
and you won't.

  I've done this with the "EP" Admiral as well.  Just ram her car, shove it
around, etc., for a few blocks or more with it and her car catches on fire and
blows up.

  Either way, when you're done, save your vehicle in a garage.

  If you use another, and fragile, vehicle, you might want to use "aspirine" so
Tommy doesn't blow up before she does.

  You get $2,000.

  I.48  "Sir, Yes, Sir!"  Col. Cortez

  Cortez tells Tommy he thinks Diaz was responsible for the ambush of the drug
deal at the start of the game--a loss he shares with Tommy.  Cortez is looking
into it.  Meanwhile, he wants Tommy to jack a tank, being given a military es-
cort through town, and bring it to him.

  The convoy is armed with Krugers.  It makes a run that starts somewhere in
Little Haiti, goes S on the main road of the W island, and the destination in-
tended is Viceport in a garage across the street to the S of the corner with
two Port Authority signs where hidden package 83 was.  Tommy is to jack the
tank, the Rhino, before it gets there.

  One easy way to do this is given in the Brady guide--jack it when the convoy
stops for doughnuts.

  Have Tommy get a nice fast vehicle and drive to Callegg's Deli.  It has one
of the ads for an actual product I've identified so far in the game over the
door: Squirt, the grapefruit soda pop (see I.13).  (Rusk writes you can even
park in front of the door to block the soldier that will try to enter.)

  Have Tommy stand on the corner on the E side of Callegg's facing N, which is
where the tank, two Barracks OLs of soldiers, Patriot, and foot soldiers will
come from.  Have him take on the army unarmed.  The procession will stop right
in front of him and the tank driver will be ordered to get out to go into Cal-
legg's for some doughnuts ("Sir, yes, sir").  Have Tommy go to the tank, press
Enter or F, and gun it.

  A timed detonator--security protocol Delta India Echo--is activated when he
jacks the tank, so there isn't much time for an unofficial rampage.  At the
least, you'll probably blow up one or two Barracks OLs and police cars on the
way.  The basic directions are: right around the corner you start from, right,
left, right, and look for the open garage to the right to drive the tank into.

  Even faster is to have Tommy go farther N and stop the tank by parking in
front of it, jack it, then go to the same garage.  (Thanks to HandsomeRockus.
You can learn some good stuff from this guy.)

  Get Tommy out of the tank and garage when the screen tells you to and you
pass the mission.

  If you're feeling adventurous, you might also try the advice of the Brady
guide to have Tommy block the road, take cover from a distance, and snipe
(I'd have Tommy use a Minigun) the guy on top of the tank and the rest before
beating on the door of the tank with a melee weapon to scare the driver out.
I had Tommy, a safe distance S of the military men, use a Minigun on all the
vehicles and soldiers and the tank driver ran away scared before Tommy could
get close to the tank.

  Speed run variation
  29:24  Have Tommy stand on the opposing lanes southeast of the Rhino, shoot
the Rhino turret soldier, then quickly jack the tank.
  "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City by KZ_FREW in 57:39 - AGDQ2019" by Games Done

  You can find another Cheetah, a VCPD Cheetah, at the south side of the Little
Havana police station.

  You get $2,000.  You get another call from Cortez.

  You can go ahead and do "All Hands On Deck," the last mission for Cortez, now,
if you want.  There's no important strategic reason to wait.  I just like to
save it up for after the "Rub Out" of Diaz as a nice capper to the Diaz episodes
because Cortez was a lot of help in figuring out that Diaz caused the ambush at
the start of the game.  Just be sure to have a lot of ammo for your Minigun
whenever you do it.

  I.49  "The Fastest Boat"  Diaz

  Diaz wants Tommy to jack him a new boat--a smuggler's dream, the fastest
boat--just created at the boat house.

  To get to the Boatyard, go S past the South Bridge on the main N-S road of the
W island--where the road divides, take the E road past the big ship on the left;
look for a building with a crummy black fence and a glowing blue house pickup in
front of it (you buy it later) on your left.

  All the guards outside the boathouse, before the boat falls, have Krugers.

  The easiest way to have Tommy jack the boat is provided by IncredibleHoke in
Rusk's latest update.  Have Tommy drive to the fence on the S side of the Boat-
yard.  Cutscene.  Have him exit his vehicle, run to the S side of the fence
across from the boat--a red and white Squalo II speed boat which is suspended
from a crane by dark ropes or chains--and press F/Enter.  Tommy is transported
through the fence and behind the wheel of the boat--basically, the way he can
enter a boat otherwise.  It drops into the water without needing to have him
go through a shootout or pull the switch in the boathouse.  Tommy gets a three
star wanted rating.  Have him drive N to the mansion.

  If you're as big a fan as me of how funny it looks for a guy to handle some-
thing in town by going for his tank, you might like Rusk's variation whereby you
blast the henchmen at the Boatyard with the cannon from the Rhino 1st.  It tends
to shoot over people's heads, though.

  If you use the Sea Sparrow, fly S to the rocks hidden package 2 was on, then
go W toward the Boatyard.  Starting in a spot a safe distance away, fire and
pivot this way and that, then move a bit closer and do it again, etc.  This also
lures the targets out into your line of fire.  As you get closer, you'll see at
least one in the boathouse as well--get them, too.  You can circle the boathouse
and get any others you find, if you want.  When it's clear, have Tommy land by
the entrance to the boat house and run into the shaft of light inside it,
prompting the cutscene of him pulling the switch to make the boat drop into the
water.  Have him run through some shooting to get into the boat--press F--and
drive N to the mansion.

  You could try Rusk's method of landing the Sea Sparrow on the suspended boat
and getting Tommy out onto it.  If successful, the chopper falls away, the boat
drops in the water, and he avoids the shooting.  If you cleared the area 1st but
you don't manage to get Tommy in the boat that way, he's still safe for the run
to the switch.  There's always shooting for his quick run from the switch to the
boat, so just ignore the shooters and have him run straight for the boat and
press F.

  (As Rusk used to note, if you fly straight to the Boatyard, you can see the
fastest boat fly up from the water onto whatever that is it hangs from.)

  I've also had Tommy drive there and cautiously shoot whoever showed up on the
way to the boat.  I mostly had Tommy snipe them but had the rest with the

  If you want the full shootout, have Tommy get on a car across the street and
snipe three guys in red jerseys and black jackets and pants before he enters
the grounds.  One patrols the west side of the boathouse and there's one each on
either side of it.
  Then you can send Tommy most of the way E on the raised walk on either side of
the boathouse to snipe each guard that's farther E.  Have Tommy avoid the boat-
house opening for now to not alert the guards posted there.
  Have him throw a few Molotovs at the S side of the boathouse between the AC
and the window to the E of it to exploit the fact that the flames go through
walls to kill the three men on the other side of the wall.  (They're in light
brown coveralls and armed with a Hammer and a Screwdriver.)
  Then have him switch to the Minigun, sneak up on the two guards who have
Krugers at the entrance opening and shoot them, go into the pink marker inside
(causing the boat to fall into the water), back up onto the raised part of the
floor, and shoot the six guards in black jackets with Tec-9s who come into the

  On Tommy's drive N to the mansion, I have him send the right side of the
Squalo past a support post of the South Bridge to keep Predators away.

  You get $4,000.  You get a cell phone call to go to the phone by Washington

  I.50  "Autocide"  Phone: Assassination Mission 3

  Tommy is told to take out the members of a European gang that plan to hold up
a bank.  They're working under cover, or are on vacation, in various locations
around the east island.

  The Sea Sparrow is easier to get, but the better auto-aim ability of the Hunt-
er machine gun makes it easier to use.  The Hunter rockets don't have auto-aim
and draw more unwanted police attention than the machine gun.

  You can find a silver PCJ 600 by the weapons Tommy is given at the start of
the mission.

  (When it comes to vehicles with special colors found only in a certain mis-
sion, I wouldn't worry about that aspect too much.  See I.100.D.e for how to go
to data\carcols and change the color of vehicles.  You can make one silver or
whatever color anytime you want.  This PCJ 600 is a medium-light silver--about
the same silver as on a silver Freeway.  I especially like the PCJ 600, and like
the look of this one, so I'd probably save it.)

  If you use a chopper, land in the lot of the gas station across the street
from the pay phone, or land in the parking lot beside the pay phone.

  If you use the PCJ 600, take a Minigun and an Uz-I with lots of ammo.

    Mike Griffin

  He's on the walk of a military recruitment parody billboard NE of Washington

  Chopper: shoot him with the machine gun.

  Bike: you can have Tommy get him with the Minigun at least as fast as by aim-
ing and scrolling with the .308 sniper rifle.

    Dick Tanner

  He's in a Securicar in a lot on the N side of DPB Security: it's on the NW
side of the block along the E side of the E island four blocks from the S.

  Chopper: carefully lower the chopper near the street without banging into too
much and shoot the Securicar with the machine gun.

  Bike: have Tommy go to the corner across from him to the NW and blow up his
Securicar with the Minigun.

    Marcus Hammond and Franco Carter

  They're In a pickup truck on the E side of the N end of the middle road that
goes S from the road that goes E from the Leaf Links bridge.

  Chopper: shoot the truck with the machine gun, fly off a bit, then go back for
the one that gets out of the truck to shoot at you.

  Bike: have Tommy use the Minigun to blow up the truck, and, if he got out of
the truck before the explosion, shoot the guy that gets out to shoot Tommy.

    Nick Kong

  Chopper: use the machine gun to shoot the boat till it blows up.

  Bike: go W into the E side of the lot of a house that's on the land S of the E
end of the bridge from the east island to Starfish Island.  Go W along the low S
wall to a place where the grass that slopes up to the far side of the wall
slopes higher on it so you can have Tommy jump over it and get back to his bike
faster.  Send Tommy over the low wall to shoot him.

    Charlie Dilson

  He's driving around the S area of the E island on a PCJ 600.

  Chopper: cut over blocks to get at him with the machine gun.

  Bike: do a forward drive-by shooting.  One advantage to using the bike for
this: Chuck's quick, but, if Tommy keeps shooting, Chuck wrecks at some point.
If Tommy's on a bike, have him persist with a forward drive-by, and he can be
right there to get Chuck when he falls off the bike.

  You get $4,000.

  I.51  "Supply & Demand"  Diaz

  Diaz wants Tommy to use the fastest boat to beat the other boats to the yacht
of a freelancer who comes by once a month and sells on a "1st come, 1st served"

  Lance, working for Diaz under the alias Quentin, joins Tommy.  Lance asks Tom-
my why they're still doing jobs for the man they now know set up the ambush.
Tommy says they can learn more about the town they plan to take over that way.

  Note: this is the mission where Diaz says he's a follower of "El burro" movies

  This is also the mission that starts with a cutscene of Diaz as the invisible
man (I.9.G).

  In the 1st of the two parts, you drive the boat and Lance shoots at the compe-

  Have acceleration (W) pressed during the cut scene to be moving the Squalo
right away.

  The routes the competition uses both start E of the mansion at the S side of
Starfish Island. Two of the four go E, go N up the W coast of Vice Point, then
N up the W coast of the E island, to a boat between it and the N end of Leaf
Links.  The other two of those four boats take the same route after going
counter-clockwise around the island chunk of Vice Point.

  If you take one of those routes, Rusk prefers going W, which is easier, but
I'm used to using the E route and get it in one or a few tries.  Then again,
I've played the game through that way a number of times.

  If you drive through the channels, drive fast when you can, but let up on ac-
celeration to avoid banging the boat against things so much it catches on fire
and blows up.  Speed past the competitors without hitting them--they can hit
Tommy's boat and make it point the wrong way.  Remember to avoid a docked boat
on the right.  Use the radar to help you make the turns you plan for up ahead.

  But, without a doubt, going N in a route W of both of those routes is the
shortest route and the easiest.  Blast N up the W coast of Leaf Links and turn
E in a gentle arc before the N island chunk of it. Turn N and go to the supply

  On the way back, Lance drives the Squalo S through the channel to the mansion
without going around Vice point.  You can use both hands on the Mouse to help
Tommy aim and shoot the Kruger in 1st person shooter mode.  In such shooting
cases, use the lowest sensitivity for your Mouse.  (You can lower it further
in the Options.)

  Two Jetmaxes chase the Squalo.  Have Tommy shoot the driver and shooter on the
front boat, or at least make the front boat catch on fire so it will blow up.
Do the same to the second boat.

  I try to have Tommy shoot the exploding red barrels that are on the dock up
ahead to your right then any of the shooters left standing there.  They can
lower the Health of the Squalo.

  Have Tommy shoot the guy shooting from one of the skids of the helicopter
that comes from behind.  You really only need to have Tommy shoot any part of
the Sparrow till it burns then explodes.

  Then you just have to have Tommy shoot the shooter of the boat up ahead.
After shooting the shooter you can have Tommy look behind to make sure that
the shooter's yellow gun pickup is in the water.  Again, you can just have
Tommy blow up the boat.  If so, be careful not to have it explode by the

  You can pass the mission by having Tommy kill the attacking gunners of
the two Jetmaxes and the Sparrow but not the drivers of them, and keep the
Squalo from losing all of its Health.

  Lance takes Tommy to the mansion.

  You get $10,000.

  The Tracksuit outfit is now available at the Downtown Jocksport, S of the W
end of the Hyman Condo alley.

  Lance calls to tell Tommy, "We can do it" (kill Diaz).

  But later, Kent calls Tommy.  He has something important to tell him at the

  I.52  "Death Row"  Kent Paul

  Send Tommy to the "K" on your radar--at the Malibu Club--to meet Kent Paul.

  Sea Sparrow: take a lot of Minigun ammo and land in the club parking lot on
the N side of the club, or, better, right in front of the club, pointed W.

  "EP" Admiral: have lots of ammo for your Minigun and Uz-I and park pointing NE
in front of the club.

  This is a timed mission, so I'd recommend the Sea Sparrow as providing a fast-
er way to get to the battle.

  Have Tommy go in to talk to Kent.

  (Thanks again to the "A Dictionary of Slang" web site for some of the U.K.
slang definitions.)

  Kent Paul gets Tommy's attention with "mush," an address to get the attention
of a stranger, derived from the Romany for "man."

  He tells Tommy he's going to save his "vera."  Chris, of the gta place web
site, and who lives in England, tells me "vera" is short for "Vera Lynn," which
is rhyming slang for "skin"--a cigarette paper.  So it's a variant of "save your

  Kent says, "that 'wanker'--"contemptible person" (or "masturbator")--"Diaz,
the 'bugle master'"--"bugle" is cocaine--has got Lance, who failed in an attempt
to jump Diaz.

  When Tommy grabs Kent to ask where Lance is, Kent tells him to "keep your bar-
net on": "barnet" means "hair"--Cockney rhyming slang for "barnet fair"--which,
in context, means the same as the British slang "keep your hair on" (as in
"don't lose you head")meaning "don't get upset."

  Kent says they're holding Lance at the junkyard.

  Tommy needs to get to the junkyard fast, before a bar on the screen shows
Lance's health has run out.  The Sea Sparrow is faster than a land vehicle.

  Either way, thanks again to Rusk for most of the strategies.

  You can check out the layout of City Scrap/Junkyard beforehand.  It's the most
W section of Little Haiti, and W of the Links Bridge.  In the big domed building
with a dirty orange front in the NW corner, the chair Lance will be tied to is
already bloody--apparently, this is a regular thing there.

  (Note: from inside the building, there's a window at the back on the left you
can see through.  When you look for it outside, it's not there.)

  There are 16 of Diaz' henchmen armed with a few Krugers but mostly U-zis.

  Sea Sparrow: make a bee line for the junkyard.

  Sea Sparrow, front gate approach:

  Fly only as close as you need to for the machine gun to clear out the en-
trance.  Fly a bit closer and shoot some more till it looks clear.  Fly to the
left/S side of the wall around the yard, turn in towards the junk yard, and
thoroughly clear out whatever you can from there so you can land just inside
safely.  Type "aspirine"; you want to be able to fly back out.

  Equip Tommy with the Minigun (scroll to Brass Knuckles to run a bit if it's
clear at 1st) and go N shooting everyone (some guy appears from the left, a cou-
ple from in front, some guy is firing from atop the building in the back, a few
are in front of or in the building, etc.).  Have him shoot attackers immediately
as he moves past the big pile of black junk on the left, then moves N along the
dirty orange wall to his right, using it to protect his back.  Look in the open-
ing in it on the right, and make sure it's clear to the right and ahead at the
end of it.  Then the big domed building with a dirty orange front, and a big
yellow crane, should be ahead to the left.

  Compared to landing the Sea Sparrow in the NE corner, this has the benefit of
quickly clearing the place to make it safer to get Lance out afterward.

  Have Tommy go to Lance, who's tied to a bloody chair.

  Sea Sparrow, NE corner landing: when Rusk lands in the N, he likes to land by
the building Lance is in at the NW corner.  When I do something similar, I land
in a clearing in the NE of the yard away from the attackers.

  If you land in a NE clearing to start the attack:  go S doing the reverse of
the S to N advice given above, shooting anything that moves--shoot the guy on
the roof of the building Lance is in, the guys in front of it or in it, and any
guys that your movement of Tommy can motivate to show themselves.  Clear the ar-
ea out going S as best you can and still have time to run N to Lance before
Lance's health gets too low.

  Remember, as many "Vice City" gamers know, he's vulnerable to attack when weak
yet likes to help out if there's shooting--sometimes running right in front of
Tommy's line of fire (like in the next mission, "Rub Out"--it's like the same
programmer did Paulie for "Mafia").  So try to clear out the area from Lance on
down so Lance can follow Tommy into the helicopter later without anyone getting
close enough with an attack to trigger Lance to pull one of those moves.

  Speed run helicopter variation
  32:28  Have Tommy fly a helicopter from the Malibu Club and park it in the
section of the junkyard lot east of the warehouse that contains Lance (yellow
blip).  Have Tommy shoot four armed guards (the one on the mobile crane with a
claw as found on an arcade game crane, two by the warehouse door, and one inside
the warehouse) then go to Lance.
  "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City by KZ_FREW in 57:39 - AGDQ2019" by Games Done

  Have Tommy go to Lance, who's tied to a bloody chair.

  "EP" Admiral: Go N, take the 2nd left, go W and over the Links Bridge to the
west island, go straight to cut over the grass divider at the left side of the
road and continue W on the road beside it, follow it as it curves 90 degrees to
the left/S, turn right and go to a T intersection, go right, then turn left into
the road that leads to the junkyard.

  Drive over and drive-by all of Diaz' henchmen you can.  The car is BP--bullet-
proof--but not JP--jack-proof--so keep moving with room to make turns in, espe-
cially when you're going to drive forwards while looking sideways.  Do a drive-
by shooting at the ones by Lance with enough distance to draw them into your
fire with a little forward and back car movement.  Have Tommy get out and Mini-
gun the guy on the crane.  When he gets to the building where Lance is, have him
use the Minigun to kill the two armed guards in front of the warehouse, move a
bit north, then snipe the armed guard standing by Lance.

  (I have Tommy get there the same way if I use the modded handling file for the
Sentinel I recommend in my starter package and send him there in a Sentinel.
But I'm so familiar with this game I probably have Tommy use the Minigun on
most of Diaz' armed men then snipe the last guard.  Then I have Tommy use the
Sentinel parked by the warehouse as a getaway vehicle.)

  Have Tommy go to Lance, who's tied to a bloody chair.

  There's a cutscene of Tommy being upset that Lance messed up his plan, and
Lance countering that Diaz killed his brother--what did Tommy expect him to do?
Tommy says they're going to have to take out Diaz now, and gets Lance to use a

  There's a lot of cash left by Diaz' thugs, if you want some.

  When you want someone to follow Tommy, try to go straight for awhile without
going around anything, then look to see that they've followed you.  (Before get-
ting the hang of that, I had occasion to find the one meant to follow running
persistently into the side of a wall and such--you don't want to see that at a
hectic time like this.  As the name of the show referred to on KCHAT says: in
the future, there will be robots.)

  Sea Sparrow: lead Lance to the Sea Sparrow.  If you landed in the NE, you may
need to have Tommy shoot some henchmen that approach from the S.  Have Tommy
shoot them before they shoot the weakened Lance, who will probably charge them
to help, and try to avoid having Tommy hit Lance.  (Afterward, as Rusk notes, as
a side feature, you can fly S briefly to shoot the three Comets beyond the en-
trance that chase and shoot when you leave that way.)  Fly N over water, then
fly E to the Downtown hospital using the radar.  Take care to land in the pink
shaft of light, or have Tommy get out and run into it.

  "EP" Admiral: lead Lance to the "EP" Admiral.  when Tommy exits the Junk Yard,
three Comets of Diaz's lowlifes will soon chase him and shoot at him with U-zis.
You can have him stop and do a drive-by shooting till they explode from the
bullets or from ramming the "EP" Admiral; explosions won't hurt it, either.
Drive N and E to the main N and S road and go N to a T intersection, then go
left and drive into the shaft of light in front of the hospital on the left.

  If you haven't gotten the Sea Sparrow or "EP" Admiral, finish the task at the
junkyard then send Tommy a few feet beyond the entrance with a Rocket Launcher.
The attackers in Comets will appear at the E end of the long straight E-W road,
and Tommy can shoot them as they approach.  Having him get the nearest one 1st
can deter the other ones.

  A tip from GTASeriesGuides is to have Tommy's vehicle, which you send E from
the junk yard to meet four Comets of attackers, turn right instead of left to
shake the Comets.
  "Death Row - GTA: Vice City Mission #21" by GTASeriesGuides

  If you use my starter package you can use the modded data > handling.cfg line
I supply for the Sentinel and have Tommy and Lance escape in the Sentinel that
spawns beside the building Lance was held in.   After having Tommy bang those
Comets away you can have him speed off to the hospital.

  For some people, this is one of the most difficult missions.  This way, if
you're new to it, you may only need to repeat it to get the idea of where the
targets tend to be.  Don't be shy with Sea Sparrow or Minigun bullets.  You
don't have to be pixel-perfect with your aim--just waggle it around over the
targets.  And when you get the idea of where some targets are, you can have Tom-
my emerge from behind things, used as shields, to get them before they get him

  I've done this by flying there in the Hunter and blowing up the blockade at
the gate with rockets.  After that, it was the same as when using the Sea Spar-
row, except I used the car by the building Lance was in to get Lance to the hos-
pital.  Shortly after leaving the scrap yard, the three Comets sped around and
shot and tried to knock Tommy's car around.  After extracting the car from them
to get back on course, like in Bloodring, I just had Tommy speed to the hospi-
tal, but I was probably lucky.

  Tommy tells Lance to get patched up and meet him on the bridge to Starfish Is-

  You get no pay, since Tommy worked off a tip and not in a mission for someone.
Tommy gets to know Lance is safe and take whatever he wants to grab of the money
left behind by Diaz' henchmen.

  Again, I'm waiting to end the dealings with Diaz before I do the last mission
for Cortez.

  There's a "D" on the radar.

  I.53  "Rub Out"  Diaz

  Go to the shaft of light on the part of the sidewalk to the E in front of the
mansion.  Lance drives up in a Stallion (where's the white Infernus?) with weap-
onry in the trunk.  Tommy likes the M60, which is like a weaker Minigun.  In
fact, I don't care how much Tommy admires Lances' arsenal, I'd take a Minigun
with lots of ammo.  Scroll to Brass Knuckles to have Tommy run a bit at times
because it's better to have him stay ahead of Lance and take care of everything

  (As is unfortunately the case with AI meant as helpful around 2003, they can
run into the stream of ammo, get themselves killed, and cause you to redo the

  Diaz has about 22 henchmen armed with U-zis.  Diaz has an MP.   You probably
won't have to have Tommy deal with all the henchman, such as those killed by
Lance, but you should try to have Tommy kill them to protect Lance (a Health bar
is shown for Lance) and have Tommy kill Diaz.

  (The twelve monitors Diaz looks at in his room on the 2nd floor of the mansion
are six copies each of two of the six ones Tony Montana/Al Pacino looks at when
he realizes his mansion is being invaded near the end of "Scarface," 1983)

  I send Tommy, armed with his Minigun, W enough to shoot the henchman who
stands on the landing of the E steps at the front of the mansion, turn S to shoot
the two henchman who stand to the fore of the raised area of the yard, shoot the
henchman who stands by the wall of the mansion, then go a bit downhill to shoot
the henchman who stands further S.

  (A few henchmen are outside but so far W I usually don't bother with them.)
  (Don't try having Tommy enter the front door.  The graphics for the interior
of the mansion won't load, the screen will say the door is locked, and Diaz'
men will fire at Tommy while he wastes time with it.)

  Have Tommy go S to the steps and go up them to the raised section of the
E yard.  Have him go S and shoot the henchman who's around the corner.

  As soon as you get Tommy just above the lower back yard, have him shoot down
at the henchman ahead on it, go down onto the lower walk, and turn W to shoot
the henchman who's farther W.  Send him further W and around a corner of the
mansion to shoot the henchman who stands further W then send Tommy N and into
the mansion.

  Send Tommy ahead enough to shoot the lower part of a henchman who stands on
the stairs,
  send him up three steps of the stairs then turn up to shoot a henchman,
  send him up past two landings, up three steps of the stairs, then turn up to
shoot a henchman similarly,
  and send him to the top of the stairs.

  Send Tommy through the hall N then W.  Providing Lance isn't behind Tommy,
have Tommy shoot the henchman who's ahead then another two who are across the
room.  Send Tommy into the room enough to shoot the henchman who runs up the
stairs below before he jumps back down, down at the two henchman guarding
Diaz's door, and shoot down at the henchman who stands by the bottom of the
far side of the stairs.

  Send Tommy back through the hall, down a flight of stairs, and into the
hall.  Send him W then N, have him shoot a henchman, continue N then W, and
get onto the big stairway that leads to Diaz' office.  (You may need to have
Tommy shoot the henchman mentioned before that tries to jump back down-

  (An option is to have Tommy, when still outside, get into the Sea Sparrow,
fly up and turn 180 degrees, land it on the roof of the mansion, and run
inside and down a flight of stairs.  Get the Minigun ready again and have
Tommy turn into the hall.  From there on it's the same as two paragraphs
above--the one that begins "Send Tommy through the hall N then W."  As an-
other option, you could just, after shooting henchmen from the area, have
Tommy move closer to Diaz' office to trigger Diaz to appear and shoot him
from there.)

  After the cutscene of Diaz emerging in protest, have Tommy aim one volley of
Minigun bullets at him to end your task.  (The cutscene does the rest.)

  If you use a lesser weapon, there's a cutscene of Diaz running into his office
saying he's going to kill Tommy real soon, etc.  Then have Tommy go finish him

  In the final cutscene, Diaz crawls out protesting to Tommy and Lance, who draw
over him with guns.

  "Say 'Goodnight,' Mr. Diaz."

  I've done this before doing the side missions, too.  I put the VCPD chopper in
the Sea Sparrow's place ahead of time and used the M60 provided--it worked the
same way as in the case in which Diaz gets back into his office and Tommy has to
shoot him again.


  GTA_Loc's "Felony Allowed" gimmick: wanted stars flicker and disappear; no
soldiers appear at Fort Baxter.
  After Tommy and Lance kill Diaz' outdoor bodyguards, and Tommy gets into the
interior, the kind the graphics load for, of the mansion, the Felony Allowed
status begins.  You can have Tommy take Lance along to rob all 15 stores, let-
ting the money max out over four payments to $1,000 at each.  Have Tommy put
Lance somewhere safe outside if you want Tommy to create destruction for his
CRiminal Rating (I.7), etc.  (Another mission you can do this with, except with
a Never Wanted status, is "Cop Land"--see I.61.)


  You get $50,000.

  You own the mansion--now called the Vercetti Estate.  You'll have armor and
weapon pickups by the wall at the back of the E side of the front yard; a two
car garage with Lance's white Infernus parked nearby (if it's not white yet, go
away and go back and it will be); an Admiral or a Stretch on the other side of
the front stairs (ditch the Admiral down the road if you want the Stretch to re-
place it); a Maverick on the roof; a Sea Sparrow in the back yard; health, ar-
mor, an M4, and a Shotgun in a bottom floor room; a health pickup in the TV
room; and a street outfit in the office.  The PC version lets Tommy drive a ve-
hicle in the mansion, so he can drive a PCJ 600 inside if you want him to morph.

  I'd move the "EP" Admiral to the mansion garage.

  You have an open safe overflowing with banded stacks of paper money.  If
you've collected 40 Hidden Packages and the Flame Thrower appears among Tommy's
weapon pickups, two gasoline can-like cans of "Hot 'n' Sticky" appear in the of-
fice.  Your TV room on the 1st floor has an unplugged TV, and (if you've done
"Demolition Man") an open "ACTION HELI" box.

  The "V" will appear at the mansion on the radar and map whether there's a mis-
sion there or not.  A 2nd "V" will appear if there's a mission there.

  The paintings on the 2nd floor become defaced soon (if they haven't appeared
yet, go away and go back and they'll be there).  The mansion has a little junk
in the TV room; it and the main entrance room are going to become a mess of more
and more empty pizza boxes, empty bottles, GASH bags, etc., as the game goes on.

  The chair/desk/monitors arrangement in the office, and the emphasis of red in
the main entrance room, are some more of the things modeled after things in
"Scarface," 1983.  Go to the door of the main office, face the stairway, equip
the rocket launcher, and give it a "Say hello to my little friend"--pa-HOOM!--
for me.

  For a little variety, you might type the code "chickswithguns" to have the
Vercetti gang, who will appear at your asset-making properties once you own
them, become women in bikinis with guns.  You may need to go around and in and
out of the mansion a bit before they appear.

  You can now get a six star wanted rating.

  The .357, MP, and M4 are available to buy from the Downtown Ammu-Nation.

  They're each the best for their category.  The MP is the best submachine gun
for drive-by shootings, so I'd stock up on ammo for it.

  A broken hidden package, with several piles of white powder around it, shows
up on the counter of Tommy's Ocean View apartment.  It reveals the cocaine-smug-
gling purpose of the hidden packages in Vice City.

  You get a cell phone call from Kent Paul at the Malibu.  The Love Fist mis-
sions are available (I.56).

  Please remember: I strongly recommend you see the alternative order of mis-
sions I suggest in the mission list near the start of this guide if you want to
use the Angel with special handling abilities for "The Driver" and the Sunshine
Auto races.  If you want to do that, which I recommend, just use the order of
missions I'll be using in this walk-through.  You could also just make your own
Angel with those special handling abilities as explained in I.100.D.e Cars and
bikes, Gameplay advantages: How to create your own "Alloy Wheels of Steel" An-

  Sonny calls--he's heard Tommy has been taking over Vice City and he hasn't
forgotten about him (especially that he owes Sonny money).

  You can do three of the four Chopper Checkpoint missions (I.55).

  Stock up on Minigun ammo, save the game, and take the Sea Sparrow S to Pier 2
to do:

  I.54  "All Hands On Deck!"  Col. Cortez

  Have five or six rounds of Minigun ammo so you'll have some when this is done.
Cortez and his four sailors have Krugers.  The attackers have, I think, Uzis.

  Cortez wants Tommy to protect him as he tries to sail from Vice City on his
yacht.  As it pulls away, two FBI Washingtons with eight armed French agents
drive onto Pier 1 and board boats.  (The PS2 gimmick of blocking the entrance
beforehand with a Coach won't work on PC--the Coach disappears if you try it.)

  (A couple times when I had Tommy use the Minigun to shoot all the agents
before they could board boats--I had Tommy shoot at the boats but forget if he
blew one up--Tommy got a ride north on Cortez' yacht.  One time it stopped south
of the mansion, the scene faded out, then the blockade scene faded in, but an-
other time the ride went all the way north to the blockade.

  (To see the whole route taken by Cortez' yacht, I had Tommy refrain from shooting
except to shoot the two sailors on the port side of the yacht.  I had Tommy stand at
the stern area of the port side to draw enemy fire away from Cortez.  If Cortez'
gunmen don't stop the Marquis/single hull sail boat on the starboard side of the
yacht, it gets stopped by one of the low walkways of the Leaf Links Bridge.  Cortez
exchanges fire with one gunman apiece on the Speeder/speedboat and Rio/catamaran on
the port side.
  (While passing the N section of Leaf Links you see a shot of Prawn Island then of
the boat blockade that's by the E section of the North Bridge.  Then Cortez' yacht
goes NE to the eastern Prawn Island Bridge, etc., while the screen prompt is to have
Tommy get up front and clear the route for the Colonel's yacht.  Why not just go to
the western bridge?  Dunno.  You can have Tommy destroy the Tropic that's at the shore
E of Prawn Island.
  (You may need to mod the Kruger in data\weapon.dat to be less effective to do it, or
just replay the mission till it works.)

  It's just after 6:30 am.  Cortez and his four men have Krugers and a Kruger
pickup is supplied for Tommy on the boat.  He can always get more ammo for it
if he runs out.  The attacking men from other boats have U-zis or Pistols.

  The game gives Tommy a Katana--sword--to use in joining Cortez and his hench-
men in defending against the attackers.  Nuh-uh.  Scroll to Minigun and send
Tommy to the SE side of the yacht.  Those boats are gonna blow before anyone
sets foot on that yacht to sishkebab.

  For the 2nd part, send Tommy to the N end of the boat.  The French agents have
formed a blockade of boats and Dinghies.  Have Tommy blow them up real good.
(You need to have Tommy at least destroy the Marquis in the middle of the block-
ade of boats that remain stationary to get past it.  Thanks to the speed run by
ADAM_AK.)  Have him get another boat that pulls up on the E side.

  The Minigun makes such short work of everything you apply it to, the game
doesn't seem to be prepared for someone to handle things so quickly.  After
blowing up the French agent's boats with it, so no agents got anywhere near
close enough to board Cortez' yacht, the game showed a cut scene of Cortez kill-
ing a French agent that got aboard, anyway. (I was looking around: "Where the
hell did he come from?")  Throughout the mission otherwise, Cortez and his men
generally just stood around with nothing to do.  No agents could get aboard for
them to fight.  If you hear fighting on board, you can let them handle it and
ignore it or have Tommy shoot the French agents, but tend to these other things

  Send Tommy to the E side of the boat to shoot down two Mavericks.  The men
from them attack with Pistols if they get on Cortez' yacht.  Then have Tommy get
the Hunter that comes from the SW.  I let it go overhead 1st ever since Tommy's
Minigun made such short work of it once that it landed on the yacht to blow up.

  (If the fight is prolonged, one of the crew says, "This is for Piaf and
Gainsbourg and your stupid French bread!")

  You get $5,000.

  You get a speed boat, a Speeder, from the Colonel.

  You can try out the boat ramp jumps: there's one at the S end of the N island
of Leaf Links, there are a few by piers 1 and 2, one at the S end of the east
island, and one S of the wooden shack without a roof in the S central waters.

  In a Gamefaqs message board post, someone wondered if you could have Tommy
push the boat to a garage (you might have him hop in and type "aspirine" if you
need to) and save it; spaceeinstein wrote you could.  But it would be so much
trouble, and you can just pirate one from the high seas, or, sometimes, from
Pier 2.  And you're going to get a couple of speed boats, including the Squalo
II--the fastest in the game, when you buy the Boatyard.

  After "All Hands on Deck!," I have Tommy beach the Speeder on the N end of
the E beach and get Armor if needed on the porch of the building there.

  Kent Paul calls--someone (probably Sonny or one of his henchmen) is offended
that Tommy is taking over and is out to take a crack at Tommy.

  I.55  Checkpoint Chopper missions 1 to 3 (the 4th is available at I.88, after

  Have Tommy enter a Sparrow (a Sea Sparrow with rails instead of pontoons and
no machine gun) to initiate a timed test to fly through glowing disks (as usual,
they're pink-violet except the last one is red).  As he passes through one and
it disappears, the next one glows brightly.  You only need to complete a course
to succeed with it, and you can also try to beat your previous time.

  Vice Point.  Go E on the road that extends E from the E end of the little
bridge from Leaf Links club house and make the 1st left.  Go right off the road
onto a little blacktop lane that goes under an arch, then go left into an open-
ing in the wooden fence.  The helicopter is in the yard.  17 disks.

  Ocean Beach.  The helicopter is on the roof of the building you jump to from
the stairs of the "stilt" building (J32) then jump from (J33).  17 disks.

  Little Haiti.  It's on the landing roof of J5.  Jump with the PCJ 600 or take
a helicopter there.  22 disks.

  You get $100 for each success.

  I.56  "Love Juice"  Love Fist  The skull icon on your in-game map and radar.

  Jezz Torrent is voice acted by Kevin McKidd, who stars as Tommy in the 1996
movie "Trainspotting" (which, like "Vice City," features the Blondie song "Atom-

  Thanks again to "A Dictionary of Slang" for some U.K. slang definitions.

  While Kent Paul introduces Tommy to Love Fist, he says, "Willy's in the kaze"
(also "khazi" and "karzy": lavatory).  He wants Tommy to get them the ingredi-
ents for Love Juice because Love Fist "...ain't too connected here--they don't
have the old, 'How's your father?'" (sexual intercourse).  Love Juice is two
parts boomshine (fictionalized name for moonshine whiskey), one part trumpet
(the closest I found was "trump": fart, "crumpet": sexually desirable person,
and "Bugle": cocaine), five fizz bombs, and a liter of petrol.

  Thanks to Colin Attle, a friendly UK reader who's offered several useful tips
found elsewhere in this guide, for the tip that "Fizz Bombs" (I thought they
might be drinks with seltzer) are little fruit flavored balls of candy with a
sour coating in the UK:

  "Willy" and "Percy" are U.K. pet names for penis.  "Jezz" sounds like "jizz,"
which is a variation of "jism," and "torrent" means a great outpouring or strong
stream.  The 4th member of the band is Dick on either side of the Atlantic.

  Either: use whatever fast car you handle the best and a Minigun,

  or: use a PCJ 600, and an MP from the Downtown Ammu-Nation, for a forward
drive-by shooting, which is easy.

  Park in the shaft of light, facing the street, and honk the horn.  There's a
cutscene of a dealer in a Gilligan sailor hat who takes Tommy's money and
speeds off on a PCJ 600.

  Have Tommy ram him off the bike with the car, then shoot him, or do a forward
drive-by shooting with the PCJ 600.

  Then Kent calls: Lovefist wants some company, and Tommy knows just the right

  Tommy has to pick up Mercedes at her house, then has 90 seconds to get her to
the studio at VROCK.

  The fastest way is to go N on the road beside the E side of her house to a T
intersection, go right then quickly left onto the road that takes you to the
North Bridge from the east island to Prawn Island, cross the bridge, cross Prawn
Island, cross the next bridge, than go straight to the T intersection: VROCK is
across the street to the left.

  You get $2,000.

  Kent calls.  He wants Tommy to get Mitch Baker's biker gang for security at
the next Love Fist concert.  His icon is the playing card-type spade at the
Greasy Chopper on your in-game map and radar.

  There's a shaft of light in front of the VROCK building (Love Fist) and anoth-
er in front of the Greasy Chopper (Mitch Baker).


  Mitch Baker's 1st mission is "Alloy Wheels of Steel."  Again, please consider
the alternative order of missions that follows in this guide if you want to use
the "Alloy Wheels of Steel" Angel with special handling abilities for "The Driv-
er" and the Sunshine Auto races.  Once a garage door falls in front of that An-
gel, it's just another hog.

  Alternatively, you could make your own "Alloy Wheels of Steel" Angel as de-
scribed in I.100.D.e  Cars and bikes under Gameplay advantages: How to create
your own "Alloy Wheels of Steel" Angel.


  I.57  "Psycho Killer"  Love Fist

  Kent tells Tommy a stalker has been violating the privacy of the group, and
now he wants to kill them.  (Sounds like some of the neighbors I've had in some
of the places I've lived.)  Kent thinks he may try something at the upcoming au-
tograph signing appearance by Lovefist.

  Again, thanks to Rusk for the Coach idea.  (If he's reading, I hope I get an

  Save a PCJ 600, Coach, Firetruck, Flatbed, Linerunner, Rhino, or Packer at a
Hyman Condo garage beforehand.

  Have a Minigun and an MP with lots of ammo (good general advice, too).

  The psycho is armed with an U-zi.

  1. PCJ 600:

  Have Tommy drive to the VROCK building on a PCJ 600.  Have him enter the
shaft of light.

  There's a cutscene (described above) of Tommy with Kent and Love Fist.

  Have Tommy drive the PCJ 600 S to the corner of the sidewalk that's just E of
the shaft of light in the street and park with the motorcycle pointing SE.
There are cheering fans in front of the Rock City record store.  You can't miss
the psycho--he's the cross dresser with five o'clock shadow--but you fail the
mission if you have Tommy attack him now.

  Then have Tommy run back up to get the limo and drive it down into the light.
There's a cutscene of the psycho blaming Love Fist for making him such a head
case, then he gets into his Sentinel and speeds off to the E.

  Immediately have Tommy get out of the limo and onto the PCJ 600 to do a for-
ward drive-by shooting on the psycho's Sentinel.  It won't be on the radar, so
try to keep it in view enough that you don't lose it and fail the mission.
He'll drive E then turn N to the T intersection by Ammu-Nation.  Beware of the
Trashmaster that pulls all the way out and straight across the street from the
right when Tommy is most of the way N toward Ammu-Nation.  Slow down, let it
cross, and pass it on the left; the disoriented psycho dawdles up at the T in-
tersection for a bit to compensate.


  2. Coach, Bus, Firetruck, Flatbed, Linerunner, Rhino, or Packer:

  After the cutscene in the recording studio, have Tommy drive the Love Fist
limo S, stop short of the shaft of light in the street by the crowd at the music
store, and get out.

  Have him run back to the condo garages and get...

  ...a Coach (commercial passenger bus).  Take it to the alley on the E side of
the record store and line up the right side of the Coach with the E wall.
Reverse with the right side of the Coach in alignment with the wall.  Use Q to
see that you stop with the vertical seam in the middle of the Coach over the
yellow line in the road.  Rusk's method is very handy here if you don't want
to chase the psycho.  You need something to keep him in the area, and the
Coach is just the thing.

  I tried taking the Coach to 8 Ball's Bomb Shop at the S of the west island
1st for a little variety.  The detonator won't work if you take the Coach there
before the mission, so take it there during the mission if you try this.  And
have Tommy exit the limo and detonate the bomb immediately when it's time to
kill the psycho, or the psycho may back away from the Coach and get away before
you can get Tommy back into the limo to catch him.

  Or, after Tommy parks the limo short of the shaft of light, you can send him
back to the condo for...

  ...a Firetruck, Rhino, Linerunner, Flatbed, or Bus.  It's the same deal as
with the Coach, but a Coach isn't always handy.  There's always a Firetruck at
the fire department lot on the E side of the block that's across the street from
the music store, so you might just get it from the fire department lot.  You can
always find the Rhino at Fort Baxter and often find the other three vehicles in

  Block at least the S lane with whatever that's not long enough to reach across
the street.

  After putting the Coach, or whatever, in place, have Tommy drive the limo into
the light.  There's a cutscene of the mixed-up kid blaming Love Fist for ruining
his life, then he gets in a Sentinel and drives into the side of the vehicle you
left to block him.  Have Tommy get out and end this mini-drama with his Minigun.


  3. Packer:

  As a variation of 2, you can put a Packer in the path of the psycho to try to
get the psycho to shoot over the ramp and into--you pick.  When I tried it, he
drove over the ramp and his car flipped over and started to burn.  Then he and
it disappeared and the screen said the mission was failed--I let him get away.
What a rip.

  As Rusk notes, if the psycho tries to reverse, you might be fast enough to
have Tommy jack the psycho's Sentinel and do a left--Q--drive-by on him before
he leaves the side of the car.  If not, have Tommy get out and shoot him.

  With the PC Lovefist limo, you might want to do what I like to do with the
Police car in "GTA III" for the Vigilante mission: give the Lovefist limo a lot
of weight, durability, speed, etc. (see I.100.D.e), and use it to bang the he**
out of the target.

  You get $4,000.

  You have to do the Mitch Baker missions before you can do any more for Love
Fist.  But following my plan to make the eight races coming up as easy as possi-
ble, I'm scheduling the Vercetti missions next.

  There are a couple of overlapping V's at the mansion on the radar.

  I.58  "Shakedown"  Vercetti

  In the mansion, Lance tells Tommy that local businesses know Diaz is dead and
refuse to pay protection money (extortion).  Tommy sets out to scare them into
paying him, and says he'll be back in five minutes.

  Get lots of ammo for your Minigun then scroll to Fist/Brass Knuckles so Tommy
can start out running.

  Tommy has to get to North Point Mall fast.  Besides the usual Infernus, a
Stinger and an Uz-I are provided on the driveway.  You can also have a Sea Spar-
row parked there beforehand to get to the mall faster still.

  Note: in the several protection money missions for Vercetti, any vehicles that
are normally white or silver are tinted with gold during the mission and revert
to their normal colors when it's completed.  (I guess this symbolizes how ambi-
tious Tommy is--his eyes are "seeing gold.")

  Have Tommy get to North Point Mall quickly.

  The radar shows the targets on your floor as red squares, and gives higher or
lower ones as triangles pointed either up or down.  Get them in order of proxim-
ity on one floor then the other.  Tommy gets a five star wanted level which goes
away when all the windows are destroyed.

  Here's my rough diagram of the layout.

  The fastest way to do it would be to have Tommy go N on the main S-N road,
enter the doors on the E side of the S end of the mall, get the 1st floor Tar-
brush Cafe and GASH with the Minigun, go up the escalator in GASH to get the
2nd floor GASH, get the clothes pickup outside to get rid of a two star wanted
rating, scroll to Fist/Brass Knuckles to run N, get Vinyl Countdown with the
Minigun, scroll to Fist/Brass Knuckles to run N and jump the banister, and use
the Minigun to get the Book and Jewelry stores.

   If you take too long and fail "Shakedown," the screen says, "This was supposed
to be a hit and run, not a 'hit and have coffee.'"

  You get $2,000.

  You can now buy property that makes money.  The pink disks in front of them
now have house pickups that are green instead of blue.

  Avery calls to tell Tommy to watch for business opportunities.

  The .308 sniper rifle is available at the Downtown Ammu-Nation, and your
paintings are messed up at the mansion.

  Tommy gets a call for Mr. Teal go to the pay phone at the airport terminal.

  There's a pink shaft of light at the entrance to the mansion TV room and
another by a pay phone in the airport terminal.

   I.59  "Check Out At The Check in"  Phone: Assassination Mission 4

  Have Tommy take a good getaway vehicle (I recommend the Sentinel using
the handling.cfg line recommended for it in my starter save package),
park in the tarmac N of the airport terminal (so it's far enough from the
upcoming shooting to not disappear afterward), go S into the airport ter-
minal (the metal detector takes Tommny's weapons--his weapon pickups
appear outside), and get into the pink marker at the pay phone.

  The caller says there's a Sniper Rifle to Tommy's right (by a planter to
the W) (L Shift to skip call).  The caller says a lady on the balcony over
the checkout counters (who will come down a nearby elevator) will ask some-
one the time (a white haired businessman who's in a dark blue suit to the
E).  Tommy is to kill the man (who has a bodyguard armed with an U-zi)
talked to by the woman (not kill her), get his briefcase pickup, and take
the briefcase to the location taped under the phone (the Downtown Ammu-

  Have Tommy get the sniper rifle.  Cutscene (L Shift to skip cutscene
which basically repeats the instructions).  Send Tommy E to stand near the
Cut N' Shut stand where Tommy's distance bar is mostly full and the male
target is in view.  As described, a lady with a pink arrow over her takes
the escalator down from the balcony and talks briefly to the businessman.
Have Tommy, keeping his distance, shoot the businessman, and the pink arrow
now appears over the briefcase pickup.  Have Tommy shoot the guard, Tommy
gets a two star wanted rating, have him get the briefcase, and run outside
to retreive his weapons and go to his getaway car despite shooting from the

  Have him drive N, go E of the wall and over the overpass, use the Pay N'
Spray, then go N to the Downtown Ammu-Nation.  Buy Armor if needed and lots
of .308 Sniper ammo.

  You could have Tommy use a vehicle to jump the rail by the metal detector to
get him in with his weapons, but it's not worth it.  The businessman and his
bodyguard go down with one shot each using the Sniper Rifle provided.  Besides,
sneaking in weapons makes the security guards attack.  Going through the metal
detector will cause the weapon pickups to hover outside till Tommy returns for
them, even through saved games.

  Other getaway vehicle choices include the Sea Sparrow and EP Admiral.  Anoth-
er option is the Trashmaster in the Junkyard.

  If you use the Sea Sparrow you can use the airborne bribes and take out the
Admirals with the machine gun.

  The EP Admiral is good for weathering the ramming and shooting from the
guards who stand through the sun roofs of the two black Admirals that chase
Tommy if you send him E of the airport terminal during his escape.  One of the
two black cars shows up at the Vice City Transport building you jumped onto for
J9, and the other shows up at the top of the dead end road that goes S through
the bottom center of the west island.  They both go N on the main N and S road.

  And be sure to save that "EP" Admiral in one of your garages (but not the big
one at the condo--let it eat an old Rhino).  If you lose it, reload the game be-
cause it's too important to lose for any one mission.

  You get $8,000.

  There's a pink shaft of light at the entrance to the TV room of the mansion.

  I.60  "Bar Brawl"  Vercetti

  The music during the cutscene is "Ritmo De La Noche" by Al Di Meola.

  Lance, drinking at the bar in the TV room of the mansion, tells Tommy a local
bar won't pay protection money because they're protected by local thugs.  Tommy
reprimands Lance for drinking when there's work to be done and takes a couple
other henchmen to handle it.  He's getting madder--he doesn't want to just smash
windows this time.

  You can use the Sea Sparrow and a lot of Molotovs (from Tacopalypse, E of the
condo alley)

  or a PCJ 600 and a lot of Minigun ammo, MP ammo (from the Downtown Ammu-Na-
tion), and Molotovs.

  Either way, take a henchman if you want, not that the henchman is a lot of
help.  Tommy seems to know this: "Get in the car, useless."

  A Sentinel is provided on the driveway.

  In this mission Tommy fights security guards who are armed with U-zis.

  The Front Page Bar is at the N side of the Ocean View apartment building.
Shoot or run over the two security guards on the sidewalk in front of it.  You
could land on the roof of the bar and have Tommy toss Molotovs down at them,

  If in the air, you can fly until the one star rating goes away.  If on land,
the rating may last very briefly; you can use the bribe to the SW in the sunken
shopping center one block over.

  Send Tommy to the shaft of light looking shaky on the floor of the outdoor

  The bar owner says the idiots he's been using for protection work out of DPB

  After the scene, you have five minutes to complete the mission.

  DPB Security is on the NW corner of the 2nd block N.  The security guards will
be in a lot on the N side of DPB Security.

  If in the air, I like Rusk's idea to land on the roof of the building across
the street from that to the N, avoiding any fire that could come up from the lot
as much as possible, and throw Molotovs (Rusk likes Grenades) at the lot.  If
you have Tommy shoot, focus the shots before the entrance to the lot so they
can't run toward the building Tommy is on and out of view below.  A cutscene,
described below, precedes the next section.  Rusk explains that, on PS2, Tommy
is placed on the ground after the cutscene, and that building has stairs you can
use to get back to the helicopter.  In the PC version, the game may put Tommy on
the ground, but it usually lets him continue from up on the roof.

  If you have Tommy begin this battle on the ground, you can have him use Molo-
tovs or shoot the guards in the lot.  If you have him shoot, the Minigun is the
quickest.  There's a car in the lot he can blow up to take one or two of them

  There's a cutscene of an explosion on the lot and two of the thugs speeding to
the E-most road then going S on it.

  Destroying the Securicar that comes from the S on that road during this last
part gives you a $1,000 bonus.

  Have Tommy shoot the Securicar with the Sea Sparrow machine gun or with the MP
from the PCJ 600; the Minigun makes short work of it, as usual, if it's handy to
have him get off the bike for a few moments.  The security guards on bikes will
remain in the light house area if they reach it while he does.

  Shoot the bikers with the Sea Sparrow or do a forward drive-by shooting with
the PCJ 600.  Once at the light house area, the bikers tend to stay there or
just try to get away on foot, so I'd have Tommy get off the PCJ 600 and give him
a Minigun to shoot with once he's there.

  One drawback of using the Sea Sparrow: the Securicar can have a tendency to be
lured to drive in circles directly beneath the Sea Sparrow where you can't see

  Rusk likes the "EP" Admiral for this mission, too--run over the 1st two and
drive-by the rest.  For a sideways drive-by of the cyclists, he suggests passing
them and shooting while you let them slowly try to pass you.  (Ramming them off
their bikes works if you don't get them that way.)

  Using the Sentinel to go S on the N and S road along the E coast, I saw the
Securicar whiz past going N.  When I turned the car around, it was going S.  I
had Tommy blow it up with the Minigun.

  This is timed but don't have Tommy chase the two guards on motorcycles so fast
you make mistakes.  Take your time in having Tommy knock one off his motorcycle
and run him over.  The other will get off his bike and stand on the S area of the
E beach.

  Once the cyclists are shot, the mission is completed.

  You get $4,000.

  The S.P.A.S 12 shotgun is available at the Downtown Ammu-Nation.

  Lance calls.  He's upset, feeling that Tommy is belittling him unfairly.  Tom-
my tries to reassure him he isn't and that this is no time for this, but Lance
doesn't seem reconciled.  Tommy tells him to take a few days off.

  There's a pink shaft of light at home on the E end of the front porch of the

  I.61  "Cop Land"  Vercetti

  Lance bawls out Mike for botching a job to wire a store to blow up at the
(North Point) mall, leaving evidence behind that could incriminate them.  Mike
says the timer must have screwed up, but someone tipped off the police.  Lance
says they have to remove the evidence.  Tommy says the police will be all over
the place, so they have to go there disguised as police men with a squad car.
Lance says they should use a brusque gesture to lure the police to a lock-up
where they can confine them and jump them.

  The hardest part about this mission is the last part--transporting Lance from
the North Point Mall to the mansion porch through a five star wanted rating.
The easiest way is with the Sea Sparrow, the "EP" Admiral, or the Rhino.

  The Sea Sparrow has the advantage of getting to the three airborne bribes,
then the Hyman Condo roof for a brief run downstairs to use the alley bribe,
then can fly the last star off.

  The "EP" Admiral has the advantage over the Rhino of being able to be used in
the Pay 'n' Spray.  If it gets rammed upside-down and destroyed, reload the

  The Rhino can be used after leaving another vehicle in the Pay 'n' Spray 1st,
or driven to various bribes, but it can take a number of efforts to get Lance
to follow Tommy from the condo alley bribe to the roof to use the Maverick for
airborne bribes.

  If you don't care if your Wanted Stars Attained gets bigger than Evaded, pick
whatever of them you like.  The immediate wanted rating disappears when you have
Tommy get into the shaft of light on the mansion porch.

  A black Sentinel is provided on the mansion driveway.  It might not survive
the run back to the mansion.  When I tried it, I managed to transfer Lance into
one of the attacking Enforcers for a hectic ride to the mansion.

  Get Lance into the vehicle you chose and drive to the lockup, an open garage
with a police car parked nearby.  Park in the lawn across the street and down
the road a bit from it.  Have Tommy shoot at locals and their vehicles till he
gets a two star wanted level.  Lance, armed with a Stubby Shotgun, follows Tommy
around, so, as usual, don't shoot Lance or lead him near fire.  Have Tommy wait
across the street or somewhere away from the garage for the arrival of the po-
lice car.  If it parks in front of the garage and you lure two police men and
Lance into the back of it, you'll get a message that the game can't proceed be-
cause the garage door is blocked.  Have Tommy make a running shove at the front
or back of it, or drive it away a bit, if that happens.

  Once you get the two police men and Lance in the garage, the door closes and
there's a cutscene.  Tommy and Lance come out in police uniforms.

  Have Tommy take Lance to the alcove between two entrances at the S end of the
North Point Mall.  You'll see police men everywhere, and may see a couple of po-
lice cars blocking the road, on the way ("Cop Land").  If you hit something, you
may hear Lance say, "Easy, brother--no cop drives this bad."

  Lead Lance into the S entrance to the E.  Go into the shaft of light in the
Tarbrush Cafe to your right.  A cutscene shows Tommy fixing the bomb.  Have him
ready to run to the S exit to the W, leading Lance in long straight segments,
because, after the cutscene, Lance says the bomb is set to go off in five sec-
onds, and Tommy gets a five star wanted level.

  Have Tommy lead Lance outside and into his vehicle.  Get rid of his wanted
level the best way for it, and get Tommy into the shaft of light on the porch of
the mansion.


  GTA_Loc's "Cop Land" Never Wanted gimmick: no wanted stars; no soldiers appear
at Fort Baxter.

  After Tommy and Lance get their police uniforms, the Never Wanted staus be-
gins.  You can have Tommy take Lance along in a vehicle to rob all 15 stores,
letting the money max out over four payments to $1,000 at each.  Have Tommy put
Lance somewhere safe if you want to have Tommy create destruction for his CRim-
inal Rating (I.7), etc.  Don't let Lance or the two soldiers by the door of the
Tarbrush Cafe die.  (Another mission you can do this with, except with a Felony
Allowed status--the wanted stars flicker and disappear, is "Rub Out"--see I.53.)


  You get $10,000.  The mansion will make $5,000 a day in protection money. 

  Lance calls.  He's upset and even more convinced that Tommy belittles him.  He
won't let Tommy respond.

  The police uniform outfit is available in a room to the left of the entrance
room of the Washington Beach police station.

  Dressed in it, Tommy can explore the police station and Fort Baxter, and get
the Rhino, the Hunter, and the M60, without getting shot at.

  Again, the "V" will appear at the mansion on the radar and map whether there's
a mission there or not.  There are two more missions for Vercetti after "Hit The
Courier" (I.96), the last Print Works asset.

   I.62.A  Buy Sunshine Autos (car showroom asset)

  for $50,000.  Go S from the W end of the South Bridge, make two right turns,
and it's on the right side of the road.

  You'll get a sunshine icon on your map and radar and your own Pay 'n' Spray
called a "spray 'n' go."

  It's good to keep a fast car in a garage across from the spray 'n' go.  If
Tommy gets a high wanted rating, you can have him land a helicopter, or park the
Rhino, near the garage door, then drive the fast car into the spray 'n' go.

  B.J. Smith is voice acted by the Most Valuable Player in the NFL in 1986, the
year "Vice City" takes place in: Lawrence Taylor.

  He's also a guest on KCHAT talk radio, and does radio commercials on VCPR, Fe-
ver 105, and KCHAT radio for his fitness program and hot--as in "stolen"--used
car dealership.

  As he explains in his interview on KCHAT, he wants to come out of retirement
and play football for the Vice City Mambas again.

  I don't know if it's meant to explain his initials, but I've had Tommy jack an
Infernus from a businessman who said, "I just got a BJ in this puppy."  (There
are also a couple of Uncle BJ's Deli and Groceries stores in Belleville Park in
Staunton in "GTA III.")

  B.J. bears a resemblance to Lance's brother Victor Vance, who's the star of
the upcoming game "Vice City Stories" and is seen in the opening scenes of the

  In a cutscene, he explains to Tommy that he wants to sell the car dealership
to him and return to football with the Mambas.  He admits the business was wind-
ing down, but Tommy thinks it's perfect, and they have a deal.


  I.62.B  Sunshine Autos Vehicle Collection (car showroom asset) (to have it
make money for you, get bonus vehicles, and to carry on the traditions of B.J.
Smith and "GTA III").

  If you have Tommy go down the S sloping driveway to the back of Sunshine Au-
tos then turn to the wall at his immediate right, there's a list of vehicles on
the wall by a garage door.  The task is to have him steal those vehicles, which
are crossed off the list as he puts them into the garage.  There are six vehi-
cles per list and four lists.  With the completion of the 1st list, Sunshine Au-
tos makes money daily, and it makes more per day each time you complete a list.
Each completion also adds a vehicle you won't find on the streets otherwise to
the showroom.

  It can help to know that driving a vehicle causes the game to spawn not only
others of the same model but of the same basic class.  For example, if you're
looking for Banshee you'll probably have an easier time searching in a Cheetah
or such.  This might help you when you look for vehicles that don't have a spot
you always find them in.

  It's also kind of funny, in the absurdist world GTA creates, that you no soon-
er pull out in a vehicle than it looks like a whole bunch of other people de-
cided it would be fun to drive one of those, too.

  If you find one out front that's good for a later list, store it in one of the
four two vehicle garages below.

  I usually have Tommy find a bunch of the vehicles of the 1st few lists just
running back and forth in the area and just use the locations given below if it
takes a while for one to show up.

  1st vehicle list

  Esperanto  Cadillac Eldorado '80-'85.  It's a long two-door car.  It has a
boxy grille of vertical bars in the center of the front end, diamond-shaped hood
and trunk ornaments, and long thin vertical back up lights.  It's a prestige car
that doesn't perform that great in any category--practically an "all show--no go
showboat."  It's okay if you minimize how often it goes out of control in that
side to side way the police cars have.  Rusk quotes a source that says it can be
found near the Ocean View hospital, but I hung around it a long time to find
one.  It might help to search for it in a similar land roving boat from this or
the next list.

  Rancher  See I.9.B.  It's a big SUV.  It might help make it appear to look for
it in the Landstalker--see below.

  Idaho  Buick Riviera '74.  It has a horizontal grille and two horizontal back
up lights with a silver diamond logo between them.  It's a two-door boat with a
dirty white hood with two small rear side windows that manages to distinguish
itself--it handles worse than the Esperanto.

  Stallion  A hybrid of a variety of cars--see the description under "Others" in
the run down of all four-wheel vehicles at I.9.B.  It's a muscle car you won't
need the muscle of because it doesn't handle that great.  It may have the top up
or down and has a small vent hood.  You can have Tommy take the one used for
"Cone Crazy" after doing the mission for it, take it right away and not care
that you'll fail the mission for it, or look around the area for another one to
spawn by it.

  Landstalker  Ford Explorer '91-'94.  It's an SUV that carries on the "GTA III"
tradition of SUVs you don't want to drive.  Go W from the W end of Starfish Is-
land and take the 1st left--it's on the driveway and behind a big shrub of the
2nd house on the left--a dirty pink-beige house.

  Blista Compact  Honda CR-X '83-'87.  A compact car with good handling (as long
as you don't plan on driving near traffic).  How did it get on this list?


  Sunshine Autos makes $1,500 a day.

  The Deluxo (DeLorean DMC-12 '81 to '83) is in Sunshine Autos.  It can be driv-
en out through the window.  It's a high performance car with good speed, but it
has a high center of gravity and spins out easily on turns.  I think the idea of
it as a reward is to make you feel better about the Blista.  Put on some Huey
Lewis tunes, though, use the "seaways" code, and drive it out over water to re-
create the ending of "Back to the Future," 1985, Marty.  "Where we're going, we
don't use...roads.")

  2nd vehicle list

  Virgo  Mercury Cougar XR7 '77-'79.  It's a long two-door with small rear side
windows.  It has a chrome bar that runs side to side across the roof and contin-
ues down in back of the front windows, and a horizontal chrome bar low on each
side.  It has vertical and horizontal back up lights and a horizontal diamond
ornament on the back of the trunk.  It has four headlights and a vertical dia-
mond engine hood ornament.  It's one of the least durable vehicles in the game,
so I'd normally recommend you respectfully allow it to remain a Virgo.

  Sentinel  BMW E28 M5 '84-'86 four door sedan without the little rear side win-
dow dividers, and with the grill and headlights made rectangular.  It has the
rounder cab, and parking and brake lights, of a BMW M635CSi, aka M6, coupe '83-
'89.  It has noticeably less speed than the Sentinel XS, but it's sturdier.
It's a four-door midsize car with horizontal back up lights, two dual exhausts,
black bumpers, and a vertical diamond trunk ornament.  Just when you thought a
car couldn't seem more ordinary, you have to get a:

  Washington  Basically, it looks like a Lincoln Continental '84-'87--see the
listing for "FBI Washington" in the "Good/distinctive four-door cars" section
above.  Compared to an FBI Washington, it has a higher center of gravity,doesn't
handle as good, isn't as fast or able to accelerate as fast, and is less dura-
ble; it does weigh more, though.  I'd put the Washington in this garage and the
FBI Washington in my garage.  There's always an FBI Washington parked in an al-
cove of the S stretch of alley that goes around a building S of the Downtown
Well Stacked Pizza, if you want to see the black FBI version of what you're
looking for.  You can't use the FBI version for the list, though.  A Washington
is a bland-looking four-door with a horizontal diamond-shaped ornament on the
back of the trunk.

  Stretch  Cadillac DeVille limousine '86.  It's a long limo with a sunroof and
a wing-shaped antenna on the trunk.  Get the Admiral for the list, then the
Stretch that takes the place of it, from the W side of the stairs to the man-

  Sabre  Chevrolet Chevelle '70 with the headlights and sides of the bumper of a
Buick GSX '70 and the back end of an Oldsmobile 442 '70.  The back window of the
hard top cab is about the size of the back window of a convertible Chevelle,
442, or Buick GS.  It doesn't have the speed of the Sabre Turbo.  (In the terms
of the Buick GSX, you could think of the Sabre Turbo as a '70 model and the Sa-
bre as a '71-'72 model.)  It has a wide horizontal grille, four headlights, ver-
tical back up lights, a slope-backed roof, a horizontal chrome bar low on each
side, and horizontal diamond-shaped door handles.

  Admiral  Mercedes Benz E Class (W123) '76-'85.  One of the better four-door
sedans somehow got on this list.  Look at your "EP" Admiral to see what one
looks like.  it's a midsize car with two horizontal chrome bars on each side--
one high and one low, thin black bumpers, and two big headlights.  It's often at
the W side of the stairs to the mansion.  If so, get it for the list, then get
the Stretch that replaces it there.


  Sunshine Autos makes $4,000 a day.

  There's a Sabre Turbo in Sunshine Autos.  It can be driven out through the
window, which isn't the worst thing you could do to it.  It's faster than the
Sabre, but it's definitely not among the best at handling.  Unlike the Sabre,
which comes in various colors, the Sabre Turbo is always orange-copper with an
off-white stripe in the middle from back to front.  The Sabre Turbo is the car
you see on the Links Bridge then making a jump from the "stilt" building at the
start of the game.

  3rd vehicle list

  Comet  A Porsche 911 Targa '78-'83 with the roof removed and the roll bar made
vertical, the back of the cab covered like a Porsche 911 Turbo except without
side windows, the top of the front of the body flattened and slanted from behind
the headlights down to the front bumper, with the uncovered recessed headlights
of a Jaguar E-type '69-'71, and bumpers like those on a Jaguar XJ-S '85-'90.
It's less liable to get banged and spun around than a Deluxo.  From the E side
of Starfish Island, make the 1st right.  It's in a garage of the 2nd house on
your right.

  Banshee  Chevrolet Corvette '83 to '86 except with low set round headlights.
A high performance/muscle car.  It's at the house with a pool shaped like the
Rockstar logo in the W section of the two sections encircled by road on Star-
fish Island.  There's also a Banshee in the "stilt" building, where a PCJ 600
can be found, on the N side of the block two blocks S of Washington Mall.

  Stinger  Ferrari Daytona Spyder '71-'73.  A high performance sports car con-
vertible with the top down.  If you could put the roof up for hookers, it would
be perfect.  It's at the Starfish Island house E of the one given above.

  Phoenix  Pontiac Firebird Trans Am '79-'81 with the rear lights of a 1980
Chevrolet Corvette.  It has a wide body stripe that runs from the center of the
front of the engine hood, over the roof, and to the bottom of the trunk.  To
find one, go into the alley found just E of the apex of the big curved road on
Starfish Island.  At the end of the alley, turn right and go through the gate--
inside the garage on your right is a Phoenix.  Look at it from the front, Q and
E, and press acceleration to see the three red round do-frappies in the hood
vent flip up.

  Cheetah  Ferrari Testarossa '86.  A high performance car with a rectangular
indented area over the trunk and six round back up lights.  I think it's the
best all-rounder of the high performance cars, especially since it's great for
jumps.  Either go W from the E end of Starfish Island, make the 1st right, and
find it by the 1st house on your right (the house with a beach ball in an empty
pool), or find one just S of Pier 2 on the SW edge of the east island.

  Infernus  Lamborghini Countach QV '78-'86.  It's a high performance car with
an air foil over the back of the trunk and four back up lights.  It's the high
performance car with poor durability that most makes you back off from its top
speed.  Get the feel of it, though, and you're flying.  It's always parked at
the E side of the stairs to the mansion.

  Sunshine Autos car showroom now makes $6,500 a day.

  The Sandking (see I.9.B), an SUV with good handling (where was this in "GTA
III"?), is in Sunshine Autos.  It can be driven through the 2nd story window in
front of it.

  4th vehicle list

  Caddy  A golf cart/car/buggy '86.  Go W on the path from the light house into
the 1st shrub on your left and press F.  The secret Caddy is in there.  Use the
radar to drive out so you don't land in the water.  You might find one at Leaf
Links, too.

  Voodoo  A maroon Chevrolet Bel Air '60 Lowrider.  It has tail fins.  There's
always one of these good performers parked across from Auntie Poulet's shack.
Go W from the W end of the Leaf Links bridge; at the W side of the semi-circle
the road makes, the Voodoo is to the W.  It's the Haitian gang car, so you're
liable to see one in Little Haiti.  Use left shift (remapped to be Run) for a
higher or lower ride, and bounce it around with NP4, NP5, NP9, and NP6.

  Pizza Boy  A Piaggio Vespa '86 modified to advertise the Well Stacked Pizza
Co. on the box over the rear wheels, and with the store logo on the body over
the rear wheels.  It's found by any of the three Well Stacked Pizza stores.
From the E and W street N of the one the Voodoo is parked on, go W and follow
the road as it curves S--a Well Stacked Pizza place is on your left.

  Cuban Hermes  Mercury Eight two-door '49 (except without two divider bars in
the rear window) or '50 (except without a parking light at either side of the
grill) with uncovered rear wheel wells and customized to be low to the ground
and have the chopped top of a lead sled, and further customized to have two
pairs of brake lights instead of one pair, a paint job of flames in the front,
and to have flame throwers in the exhaust pipes.  I don't know a lot about cars,
but I don't think that's a good sign--no, no, no.  It's the Cuban gang car, so
you can regularly see one in Little Havana.  It doesn't handle that great, but
it's fast, and it makes a lot of good fire effects during instant replays, so it
can snazz up your replays of jumps.

  Baggage Handler  ? airport baggage tug (an Equitech M40 '85 is close).  It's
at four  places on the S tarmac of the airport: one is at the NW corner of the
terminal by a fence, one is by some luggage S of the SW side of the terminal,
one is between the 3rd and 4th hangers from the S along the W side of the tar-
mac, and one is just S of the heliport by a McAdams Airways hanger.

  Mr. Whoopee  GMC Grumman Step van or Chevrolet Step Van P-10 '86 with Chloe
Vevrier laying on her back on the roof.  An ice cream truck topped by a facsim-
ile of two big scoops of ice cream with a cherry on top of each.  It's at Cherry
Poppers after you buy it.  Bring it to the garage after you do "Distribution,"
the next mission.  After you do and complete the vehicle list, the 2nd portion
of the Sunshine Autos missions is at I.83.

  Buy Cherry Poppers for $20,000.  Looking W from the W end of the Starfish Is-
land bridge, it's across the street to your left.

  You have an icon of a pair of cherries on the map and radar.

  I.63  "Distribution"  Cherry Poppers (ice cream factory asset)

  Maude the ice cream lady is voice acted like a bad-tempered Margaret Hamilton
with strep throat by "Max Payne" voice actress Jane Gennaro.  She also provided
the voice of Nicole Horne/Computer for "Max Payne," 2001, Nicole Horne again for
"Max Payne 3," 2012, played Ann in "A Bread Factory, Part Two," 2018, etc.

  Tommy buys the Cherry Popper ice cream factory to sell ice cream, but finds
out it's a front for selling drugs run by an old woman who hates kids.

  You need to make at least 50 sales in one run to complete this mission.

  Have Tommy enter the ice cream truck to start the mission and exit to end it.
Press Left Shift, horn, several times to start the jingle, and park to attract

  Sometimes, when the people nearby stop buying, you can give a little press to
W or S to activate them again.  You know one, or the one beside them, may be
about to come by if they start shaking and turning back and forth like a robot
with a short circuit.  It's not a good determinant when the screen says there
aren't any customers, "try another area"--use your own judgement.

  You can also attract both the police and angry gang members.  Use Q, E, and Q
and E to keep a look-out, and press Left Shift to stop the jingle.  One star
usually lasts briefly if you drive around a bit.  Use a Pay 'n' Spray for two

  You can get an interesting close-up look at the other citizens of Vice City
by pressing V to get the 1st person view from the truck then looking side to
side with Q and E.  It's not the best way to watch for the police, so pick a
safe spot and take off if a wanted star lights up.

  Here are several safe sales spots:

  The Moist Palms Hotel.  It's in the S Downtown area along the main N and S
road of the west island.  Drive into the back and back out E to the curb on the
S side of the lane.  Stop a couple car lengths before the lane widens and
divides to make pedestrians spawn there.

  Say, "Forget it," back up, and drive out to the spot again if you see a
policeman.  Watch ahead and to the left, Q, particularly, for police men (they
won't spawn behind the ice cream truck there).  Often, with one wanted star,
you'll see no police action, or a police car that just circles in the road
ahead till the star disappears.  If a policeman approaches so you go S to the
Pay 'n' Spray on the same road, one star will disappear before you can get
there, so you might as well just make a loop on a stretch of the road ahead of

  No gang members will attack Tommy.

  I've gotten 20, then 90, in a row there before I got two stars and went to
the Pay 'n' Spray each time.  I ended up with over 100 sales after I used the
Pay 'n' Spray the 2nd time and quit.

  As Rusk notes, Viceport, the SE section of the west island, is an easy sales
spot.  The police are just on foot, a Pay 'n' Spray is close by, and there
aren't any gang members to attack Tommy.

  The beach on the E side of the E island is good; you can face W from the edge
of the N-S pedestrian spawn line and the police can't appear behind you, and
there aren't any gangs there.  It's not that close to a Pay 'n' Spray, so if
you get one star, go back E into the no-ped strip along the shore till it

  Each of those places makes $10 a sale.  The lowest priced sales are in Little
Haiti and Little Havana--$8 a sale, and the highest priced ones are in Starfish
Island--$18 a sale, and Prawn Island--$14 a sale.  All of them have gangs that
attack Tommy, but you might make a few sales in each for the variety.

  When you're done, turn off the jingle by pressing Left Shift few times and
have Tommy get out of the vehicle to end the mission.

  Cherry Poppers makes $3,000 a day.

  Take it to the vehicle collection garage at Sunshine Autos to complete that
mission.  (One minor inconvenience: if you take a vehicle near that garage door
after collecting all the vehicles, the screen will still say, "We're not
ested in that model.")

  Sunshine Autos makes $9,000 a day.

  The Hotring Racer (the one Tommy drives in Hotring at the Hyman Memorial Sta-
dium) is in Sunshine Autos.  It can be driven out the 2nd story window.  It's
very fast with quick acceleration.  (To get Hotring Racer A you have to use the
"getthereveryfastindeed" code and to get Hotring Racer B you have to use the
"getthereamazinglyfast" code.)

  For my plan to use an Angel with special handling from "Wheels of Steel" to
make the eight races coming up easier, I've scheduled the Sunshine Auto street
races at I.71.  Again, see I.100.D.e if you'd rather make your own "Wheels of
Steel" Angel.

  Buy the Malibu Club for $120,000.  It's in the middle of the longest N and S
road of the east island.

  You'll get a palm tree icon on your in-game map and radar and your own room

  There's a pink shaft of light at the left side of the bar in the Malibu Club.

  (Apparently, enlightened outlooks have led to the rarity of black lawn
jockeys and cigar store wooden "Indians," but there isn't a problem with having
a mummy woman outside of places where people go to get liquored up.  Maybe
they mummified them with where she came from.)

  I.64  "No Escape?"  the Malibu Club (bank heist asset)

  Cam Jones is voice acted by fatherly Greg Sims.  He also provided the voice of
an Innocent in "Manhunt," 2003, John Mirra/Policeman/Kaufman/Cleaner in "Max
Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne," 2003, a voice in "Company of Heroes," 2006,
Young Seb in the 2nd episode--"Up, Down and Everything in Between"--of the 2nd
season of the TV series "Kidding," 2020, etc.

  Tommy needs a safe cracker.  Lawyer Ken Rosenberg tells him a great one is in
a police cell awaiting transfer.  Tommy goes to break him out of jail.

  Take a fast and durable car like the "EP" Admiral (or the Sentinel as modified
in my starter package)--OK, as a last resort maybe a fast one you can type
"aspirine" for--to the Washington Beach police station: the one S of the Malibu.
Park the car on the walk W of the entrance.  Have Tommy go into the station and
into the shaft of light in the 1st room on the left to get the Police Outfit.

  Don't send Tommy into the police station with a wanted rating or armed with a
weapon or he'll be attacked by the police and the markers which cause Tommy to
get the Police Outfit and release Cam won't appear.  They won't stop attacking
till Tommy is dead unless you send Tommy SW of the locker room without the Police
Outfit, which also normally causes Tommy to be attacked by the police, and have
him run through the shooting to go upstairs and get the pickup for the keycard
which causes the marker to appear by Cam's cell.  Then send Tommy to that marker
(if he lives) to release Cam from his cell.

  As Rusk notes, this mission prompts you to have Tommy change into a Police
Outfit, so if he already had one from the last mission, it changes him into his
street clothes so you can have him put the Police Outfit on again.

  GTW note: I sent an e-mail to Mr. Rusk asking him what that weird sound is in
the locker room.  He sent this reply:

  Dear Glen:

  The sound you hear is the sound of a snoring cop. The cops here are lazy and
bored and one of them has fallen asleep near the counter and dreaming of glazed
doughnuts :)

--Robert Allen Rusk.

  I think I saw that in the Nutcracker Suite.  I like the early '50's Ormandy
version the best.

  After you get Tommy the police uniform, he can walk around the station freely.

  If you send him straight back from the front door, you'll see a blackened door
he can disappear into but be unable to move around in much.  This causes a bit
of Ghost World sky to appear over it.  It's where policemen will spawn from to
replace the ones you have Tommy shoot later.  (It's like the similar blackened
alcove where replacements to cars that are destroyed in "Hotring" spawn from,
the ones bikers come from in the biker compound in "Hog Tied," and the one on
the Chartered Libertine Lines ship for "Spilling the Beans.")

  Send Tommy upstairs, across the room, and into an office to get the key card.
The twirling card pickup has "Chuff Security" and "Officer P Rowe" written on
it, with a picture of a guy with a big grin who has dirty blonde bowl cut bangs
that look like they were scratched onto the photo.  He doesn't look at all like

  Send Tommy back downstairs and continue down to the cell where Cam is kept.
Have Tommy equip the Minigun and step into the light.

  A cutscene shows Tommy using the card to open Cam's cell.

  Tommy has a four star wanted rating.  Careful to lead Cam upstairs and not
kill him or let him get killed, have Tommy shoot the policemen: there's one at
a desk in the next room, a few to clear beyond the exit to the hall, go right
through the main entrance room, and shoot any you see that are beyond the front

  Have Tommy lead Cam outside if you can, but don't make that your top priority.
Cam can show a damnable tendency to go off in the wrong direction and do the
bent-over-heaving-puke-with-his-head-in-the-wall animation.  Cam can also get
diverted trying to use an Uz-I to shoot the police.  Meanwhile, Tommy loses a
lot of armor and health and Cam possibly loses his life--mission failed, trying
to get Cam to follow him outside and into a vehicle.

  As Rusk says, the police are gunning and car-ramming to get Tommy, so the
quickest and safest thing to do with Cam is leave him there, even if he doesn't
go outside, and get Tommy into his car.  Once Tommy takes care of the wanted
rating, it's easy to get Cam into a vehicle.

  If it's a regular high performance car, go N to the Pay 'n' Spray N of your
Links View place, because, as Rusk contributor Bragon points out, the police are
geared for an attack of a trip to the Pay 'n' Spray S of the "stilt" building.
On the way, I'd try for the bribe on the corner N of the place N of the Malibu,
then take the 2nd left N of that for the bribe in the alley, if you're not
banged off course too much.

  If it's the "EP" Admiral, do the same thing, or go the S Pay 'n' Spray for
more demolition derby fun.  Again, while you're there, you can pick out a color
for it you like.  I still prefer the dark cranberry red--it covers up the gray
shading tones and makes it look sharp.

  Then go back and pick up Cam.  A Sentinel is provided for the getaway.  Drive
him home.

  If you want to get Cam outside right away, have Tommy leave an escape car
(preferably a Sentinel with the modded handling.cfg line recommended in my
starter package) a bit W of the station entrance steps.  For Tommy, with the
Minigun, to lead Cam out, have Tommy go in straight lines, shoot the cop at
his desk, go to the top of the stairs, shoot a couple cops there, go straight
outside (ignoring the bullets) with Cam, shoot the cops by the escape car, and
lead Cam into it.

  You get $1,000.


  There's another pink shaft of light spending too much time at the bar in the
Malibu Club.


  I.65  "The Shootist"  the Malibu Club (bank heist asset)

  Phil Cassidy is voice acted by "The Buddy Holly Story," 1978, star Gary Busey.
He reprised the role of Phil Cassidy for GTA "Vice City Stories," 2006, appeared
as himself in three 2004 to 2007 episodes of the TV series "Entourage," played
John Anderson in a 2012 episode of the TV series "Mr. Box Office," etc.

  Tommy needs a stick-up man to go with his safecracker.  Cam tells him the best
shooter, who can also supply guns and delusions of military grandeur, is Cassi-
dy, who's at the shooting range.

  Turn down the sensitivity of your mouse for the fast and accurate shooting re-
quired for this mission and the next one.

  Have Tommy drive up to the Downtown Ammu-Nation, a good place for that, go
through the front room, and into the shaft of light.

  A cutscene shows Tommy meeting Phil Cassidy at a shooting range in a back
room, and telling him he's looking for someone who's good with a gun.  He kids
Phil a bit, and Phil challenges Tommy to a shooting contest.

  Neither one wears earplugs because they have much more manly eardrums than us
regular people.  You, use both hands to steady your mouse.  And go easy on your
LMB "trigger" because anything more than a light press of it will cause the gun
to make multiple shots, wasting bullets and lowering your percentage.  You can
always raise your percentage later with "Rifle Range," so try to rack up the
points for this one.

  A cutscene introduces each of the three parts of the contest, and you get a
different shaft of light in a different area for each.  You're supplied with a
Pistol and a 1st person shooter perspective.  You need at least 60 points total
from the three events.

  If you reload the game to do this over and over to try for your best score,
you may want to skip the intro by pressing Left Shift.

  1.  This prepares you in the event of an attack from a clever ambush at the
dry cleaners.  There are three rectangular metal frames, and each contains a
yellow five piece representation of a male head and torso--one for head, four
for torso--that probably looks good to people who make signs for Asian men's
room doors (I hope I'm not in trouble).  Each is repeatedly mechanically slid
from a slot in the right wall, across the room to a slot in the left wall, and
back.  If you shoot all five pieces from the nearest frame, it's worth one
point, from the 2nd, two points, and from the 3rd, three points (despite the
fact that, from your perspective, the nearest one is moving faster and harder
to hit).  If you shoot out all five pieces, the frame goes back into the slot
for it on the right.

  From this we can deduce that we want to keep knocking out the yellow pieces of
the far frame as fast as we can send it back into the slot on the right to bring
out five more.  Shoot out the body pieces of the front two as they get in the
way of that, then let those two frames go back and forth with the heads so
they're not in the road.

  The 1st shoot is over when two minutes are up or you run out of ammunition.

  Don't shoot recklessly between the two front frames at the back one--your bul-
lets can ricochet off them.  Try to only shoot between them when you know you've
got a clear shot at the back one.  Moreover, the collision programming can be
weird: you'll get a shot just past the edge of a frame here, and have a bullet
ricochet off nothing when you get a clear shot through one (or even when there's
no frame in front of it--who programmed this thing?) there.  Try to have targets
move into the aim of the mouse more than have it chase after targets, too.  If
you go for a target that just emerged from the right wall, wait a couple moments
for it to come from behind some invisible collision file jazz.  Again, try for a
high score more than worry about percentage for now.

  2. This prepares you in the event that you need to deploy firearms against a
clever attempt at misdirection at Stephen Bliss' house (he did the cover art for
"III" and "Vice City").  In this hypothetical combat case, Stephen is trying to
lure your shots with the countless cardboard representations of his "GTA III"
cartoons of Luigi Goterellio,  Misty, Asuka Kasen, and Toni Cipriani he keeps
around the house.

  The cartoons slide from and back into doors, and slide up and down or side to
side across windows from behind them.

  As Rusk instructs, for this and the next round, shoot at the windows of one
section.  If you try chasing the targets all over the screen, your score will be
low.  You might try to shoot at the four windows on the left side of the far-
thest section.

  The last time I tried this, I found an easy way to get a lot of points.  I
just shot at the cartoon of Misty in the top middle window of the six at the far
middle section and got 34 points.  The next time I tried this mission, I kept my
aim at the right side of that window--where the cartoon of Misty emerges--and
got 40 points.

  3. This prepares you in the event you need to deploy firearms against the ef-
forts of one of Stephen's neighbors, who also has a huge supply of Stephen's
cartoons and has stolen Steven's misdirection idea since it worked so well.

  It's basically the same as the last one, but you've moved in closer.  They
can't believe you're still falling for this.  I prefer going side to side be-
tween the lower middle section and Misty off to the right side of that, with
special attention to that little Luigi in the middle since he's harder to hit.

  If you score 60 points or more, Phil joins Tommy's team.

  You get $2,000.

  A  "SHOOTER OF THE MONTH" trophy, with a sculpture of a human head with a bul-
let hole in the forehead, will appear on the TV in the Ocean View apartment.

  While you're there, or any time later, you can do I.66, an important "side"
mission needed for 100% completion.


  I.66  "Rifle Range"

  Send Tommy to the shaft of light by the counter in the shooting range room be-
yond the sales room of the Downtown Ammu-Nation.

  For "Rifle Range," do the same as in the 1st shoot for "The Shootist."  The
test is over after two minutes or Tommy runs out of ammo (which you'd have to
shoot like a berserk nut to do).  He can leave the room and reenter the shaft of
light over and over to try again.  The game will even let Tommy come back to the
Downtown Ammu-Nation any time after this mission to see if he can improve his

  You can skip the intro by pressing Left Shift.

  You only need to get 30 points or more to earn $500.

  But you need to score 45 points or more for 100% completion of the game.  If
you score 45 points or more, you also get the Fast Load feature for your weap-
ons, so there will be no waiting between shots or clips.  This makes the most
drastic improvement for the Rocket Launcher and Sniper Rifle.

  If you beat your previous percentage for "The Shootist" or for "Rifle Range"
while scoring 45 points or more, your new best percentage will be shown in your
Stats as "Best Percentage of hits for Shooter.

  Getting enough points for the last mission and this one is easy.  Going for a
higher percentage at 45 points can be maddening with the collision files or
whatever.  It's like the game is programmed to have ricochets no matter what you
do.  Once you're in the high 90's, those ricochets are not very user-friendly.

  If he didn't get it after "The Shootist," Tommy gets a call for the 5th and
final Assassination Mission.

  There's a pink shaft of light by the Malibu bar again, but I'm going to the
one on the other side of the block that Cherry Poppers is on.


  I.67  "Loose Ends"  Phone: Assassination Mission 5

  Send Tommy to the shaft of light by the pay phone on the back of the block
that Cherry Popper is on.

  Tommy has to take a briefcase from between two big roof vents on the roof of
the Bakery and Cafeteria, which is just N of the Cherry Popper building, to the
heliport at the airport.  Armed thugs by the briefcase, on surrounding roofs and
stairs and a billboard to the S and SW, and in the lot behind it, will shoot at
him with MPs if he tries.  Tommy is told to kill all of them, and that the en-
trance to the back of the factory is to his left.

  Have Tommy use a Minigun and/or .308 Sniper with lots of ammo, and a couple
handfuls of Molotovs.  (You might use the machine gun of the Sea Sparrow.)

  Have the Firetruck mission completed so Tommy has the fireproof feature so you
can have him use Molotov Cocktails nearby without getting hurt.

  If you want to have Tommy slug it out, have him take a Minigun/.308 Sniper
with lots of ammo and a lot of Molotovs and you won't have to have him grab the
weapons dropped by the agents he shot because he ran out of ammo.

  Proceed carefully with what Hitman gamers call "stealth."  Have Tommy walk up
to edges of things they could be behind and use the long ranges of the Minigun
and .308 Sniper to give Tommy a lot of distance from his attackers.  Sometimes
he's not even close enough to the attacker to trigger their response and can
shoot them easily.  I have my resolution cranked up to 1280 x 1024 on a 19"
screen so I can see guys so far in the distance the game won't let my Minigun
register as being able to shoot that far.

  If you just hit part of an agent with a bullet he goes down.  The bullet tra-
jectories and muzzle flashes of attackers may help you locate them.  You can
exploit the fact that VC Molotovs go through solids.

  This is one possible strategy.  An attacker may change position but most at-
tackers will be in the positions described if you have Tommy act as recommended.
I tried to get the attackers' initial positions by viewing them with a Noclip
mod.  Though they moved if I sent Tommy too close to them I noticed that two
were on the billboard catwalk and there was one behind each of three lone boxes.
When I sent Tommy S enough to snipe the attacker under the stairs an attacker
ran at him from the E--maybe it was one of the two I saw on the billboard cat-
walk or one I saw during the mission shoot from the SE rooftop vent (?).

  An attacker runs E to the entrance gate.  Have Tommy snipe him, go E just past
the entrance getting the M4 pickup that's just inside the entrance, then snipe
the two that are farther E.  Have Tommy move E to quickly shoot/snipe/Molotov
the guy who charges Tommy from behind the E end of a wall.

  Have Tommy go E to snipe the attacker that's up on a catwalk to the SE.  Have
Tommy move E toward the end of the entrance lane and turn SE to snipe an attack-
er who shoots from behind a box, an attacker on a loading dock, and a guy above
him who's on a rooftop by the back of a billboard.  (If he's too hard to get you
may have Tommy get him later from the S end of the catwalk you send Tommy onto.)

  Have Tommy move into the yard and turn S.  Have him go E enough that a guy is
seen through the van windows standing past the two guys in the front seat.  Have
Tommy snipe an attacker who's beside a rooftop vent, an attacker beside boxes
(you may have Tommy shoot an exploding red barrel to get him), the two attackers
in the front seat of the black Pony van then the guy standing S of them, and the
two attackers who come from the back of the van (three if a guy from the front
seat joins them).  If the two attackers don't emerge from the back doors have
Tommy shoot a bullet into the van and they'll emerge.  (You could instead have
Tommy snipe the nearby exploding red barrel to take out anyone in or near the
black van.)

  Have Tommy go E and up a few steps onto the first landing.  (Have him aim S to
snipe an attacker if you missed one of the last batch and he shoots/charges at
Tommy from a box.)  Have Tommy aim SSW to snipe the five that are by the steps
and stairs: one to the right of a set of light grey steps, three who are on var-
ious locations of a couple sets of stairs, and one who's by a rooftop vent.
Have Tommy snipe the one that's E of that by a rooftop heating vent.

  Have Tommy get up on the catwalk and go just a bit south.  Have him snipe the
guy whose head can be seen by the SW rooftop vent, a guy standing in the open by
some boxes, and the guy whose head appears from behind a big batch of boxes when
he shoots.

  Have Tommy go to the south end of the catwalk, get the Shotgun pickup, and
shoot the two gangsters who are by the rooftop replicas of scoops of ice cream.

  (If Tommy has the Fireproof feature from completing the Firetruck mission
--I.23--send him near the S end of the catwalk to throw a Molotov at the wall
in the direction of the shooter who's around the corner.  The spread of the
fire will get him.)

  Have Tommy go back to the ground and go S to snipe up E at an attacker that's
on the landing of a set of rooftop stairs, go a bit further S to quickly shoot
the attacker who charges W at him (I think he comes down to the ground from by
the SE rooftop vent), snipe a guy that's under a stairway, then get on the E
grey landing to throw a Molotov at or snipe the attacker who shoots from behind
a batch of boxes to the S of that.

  Have Tommy get the Armor pickup that at the SE corner of the lot, go NW across
the lot, go S up the light grey steps and big landing and up the steps onto a
roof, go E across the roofs, then N across the roof and up the stairs.  To the N
is a briefcase pickup between two rooftop vents.  There are five attackers on
the N side of the vents.

  Have him throw some Molotovs to create a spread of flames around the far side
of both big vents then carefully move around them to snipe/shoot any survivors.
Have Tommy use the briefcase pickup.

  There's a Maverick on the NE corner of the roof.  There should be no more in-
terferences on the trip with the briefcase to the shaft of light on the heli-

  If you're in a hurry, and don't care about the instruction to kill everyone
involved there, use the Rusk version of the Brady Advanced method for a veloce
Vercetti ("volace" is Italian for "fast"): use the Sea Sparrow machine gun to
clear out the guys on a roof or two, starting with the guys by the two big vents
on the N end of the Bakery and Cafeteria just N of Cherry Poppers.  Land by the
two big vents, have Tommy get the briefcase that's between them, then avoid
shots from the others by flying E till he's over the water, S to the South
Bridge, then W to the shaft of light on the heliport.

  A variation I like to use: you can land a helicopter on the taller of the
roofs of the WestHaven Community Healthcare Centre, which is just N of the Bak-
ery and Cafeteria--the one with the briefcase by two big vents--and have Tommy
shoot the Minigun from there.  He can clear off the roof the briefcase is on and
a lot of the surrounding yard, too.  Then give Tommy a full N to S runway on the
lower roof and he can make a running jump to the roof with the two big vents.
Have him get the briefcase and fly straight to the heliport.

  You get $16,000.

  The black gate at the W side of the lot will remain open now.

  There's a shaft of light by the bar at the Malibu.