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Glen T. Winstein

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Glenster's GTA IV Starter Package

  "Glenster's GTA IV Starter Package"
  "Control Center" by Alper Saracoglu
  "1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Hardtop [Final]" by Vlad_
    also Turn 10 FM4 and Kamaz43118

  Thanks again to Alper Saracoglu for permission to distribute his Administra-
tive Consoles and Control Centers.

  Help request: I don't know anyone who speaks Russian so haven't been able to
contact Turn 10 FM4, Vlad_, and Kamaz43118 for permission to distribute their
"1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Hardtop [Final]."  If anyone could contact them for me
please ask them if I could have their permission to distribute it.

  Further confusing things it seems to be a straight adaptation for "IV" from
the 2011 game "Driver: San Francisco." I've further modified it (I gave it a
handling line to make it a better getaway vehicle, gave it the original '57
Chevy Bel Air colors inside and out, gave it the original cloud pattern car seat
inserts, etc.) and hope anyone who worked on it previously sees I've given
proper credit and handled it respectfully.

  I have a special fondness for the '57 Chevy Bel Air two door hardtop since it
was my Dad's car when I was little.

  The save game was made while using patch and the "Simple Trainer" by
sjaak327.  The "Simple Trainer" can be downloaded from the sites at the next

  Save game file SGTA400:

  Bowling: 300
  Darts: won
  Pool: won
  QU3ED: I beat the high score

  Since the '57 Chevy Bel Air mod I supplied is meant to replace the Voodoo I
parked a Voodoo at the Mohawk Ave., Hove Beach, Broker parking space.  You can
also spawn a Voodoo with the Simple Trainer.

  Niko hasn't been wasted or busted.

  I used the Simple Trainer to give Niko weapons 1, full Health and Armor,
$99,990, and used it to kill 200 Flying Rats, park a NOOSE Cruiser in the Mohawk
Ave., Hove Beach, Broker parking space, and park a Maverick in the Joliet St.,
South Bohan parking space.

  "Glenster's Drawer of GTA IV"

  GTA Forums


  Since making the 1957 colors for the Chevy I've decided I like Matador Red
better if it's less saturated (a bit greyer/less red).  If you agree change the
RGB line for it in carcols.dat to this:

  154,17,10,-,red                   # 134 Matador Red         red  orange tint


  I apologize for leaving "pc" out of the instructions given in the earliest re-
lease of the car mod.  It should read:

  Install and open OpenIV.  Use it to open Grand Theft Auto IV\pc\models\
cdimages\vehicles.img.  Use Edit > Extract to extract copies of the two original voodoo
files--voodoo.wft and voodoo.wtd--to your OriginalFiles folder.  Use Edit > De-
lete to delete the two original voodoo files from the game.  Use Edit > Add to
add the two modded versions.  Click File > Rebuild.


  If you should get the Taxi bug (taken from section I.12.a of "Glenster's
Drawer of GTA IV"):

  The glitch is that using a vehicle mod can cause a lot of taxis to spawn.
It's not the fault of your computer.  If the size of mods creates a vehicles.img
size increase it causes the game to handle more than it's designed to so it
spawns common vehicles--taxis (sometimes police cars).

  There are solutions like [IV] RIL.Budgeted, TrafficLoad, Traffic Flow, and
Real Traffic.  GTA Forum posts indicate the best (as of 2014) is [IV]

  "[IV] RIL.Budgeted" by NTAuthority
  Population budget adjuster/taxi bug fix

  It also works with EfLC to prevent the Taxi Bug.

  It comes with two files:

  Set the vehicle count in RIL.Budgeted.ini to the size in bytes of your vehi-
cles.img if you have sufficient VRAM--over 1.5 GB of system RAM.  If not, the
amount gets divided by 3.

  To determine the size of vehicles.img go to the main game folder > pc > models
> cdimages > vehicles.img.  Right click it, click Properties, and take down the
size in bytes.

  For example, my vehicles.img is 99,382 KB.
  I right click vehicles.img, click Properties, and get
  Size: 97.0 MB (101,767,168 bytes)
  Size on disk: 97.0 MB (101,769,216 bytes)

  So I'd use 101,767,168 and remove the commas to get 101767168
  In the RIL.Budgeted.ini file I'd replace

  Copy and Paste both mod files...
  ...into your main game folder.


  Mod help request

  I could use help from someone that uses Zmodeler to improve a few details of
the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air hardtop I've modified for "Glenster's GTA IV Starter

  - The multicolor Chevy bow tie insignia on the front and rear sides is an ap-
proximation (the replacement picture I used is clear--see the picture at the
link below--but somehow the game distorts it)

  - the "Chevrolet" insignia on the front and back, and "Bel Air" insignias on
the rear sides, and the three backward "D" indentations on the front sides
should be gold (and without the body color in the center of each backward "D")

  - the spear-like things on the front bumper should be nearly black

  - Niko's hands should hold the steering wheel

  - there should be a license plate on the front and back

  - the color of the steering wheel, steering wheel column, interior, and dash
should be determined as the same color now used for the seats (the fourth number
of each set of four) in carcols

  - and the chrome should be shinier.,_AM-93-38_p1.jpg

  (For the '57 Chevy replacement I use for the Voodoo the first color is the
body, the second is the roof, the third is reflection, and the fourth is the
color of the seats.)

  I could use similar help with Klarnetist's 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air I modified
for "Glenster's Some of Vice City Starter Saves."  See the page at the next link
for details.

  [email protected]