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Glen T. Winstein

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Glenster's Glimpse into San Andreas

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  IX  Return to Los Santos for the final Los Santos missions

      The Mansion missions

  IX.1  "A Home in the Hills"  The Four Dragons Casino

  C.J., Kendl, and Wu Zi hold auditions for entertainment at The Four Dragons
Casino.  (Thanks to Steve Harvey for the tip he sent me in an E-mail--he's cer-
tain we can figure the audition the segment starts with is a kidding reference
to Bushwick Bill of the Geto Boys.)

  Madd Dogg comes by, but some things are nagging at him that keep him from
feeling ready to show his old form.  Notably, he says Big Poppa, a drug dealer,
seized Madd Dogg's mansion while he was financing Big Poppa's organized crime
big time by having crack parties there.  C.J. doesn't belt him in the head hard-
er than he belted Zero (I don't always follow these things).  He leads a group
of Triads to the mansion while the others go to San Fierro until C.J. clears the
place out.

  Have C.J. parachute with four Triads to the helipad of the mansion.  (Steve
Harvey also figures that the Triad calling out that he feels he's "invincible"
refers to what the Kurt Russell character says he feels like after drinking from
a magic potion with some Chinese gunmen before they fight some bad guys in the
1986 movie "Big Trouble in Little China.")

  When C.J. jumps out of the jet, have him deploy the Parachute right away.  One
way to time his landing is to pull his knees up then let his knees drop as he's
about to pass the "VINEWOOD" sign on his left--as he's about to go over a tree.

  Have him shoot Vagos (the BradyGames Guide says about 30 of them), who keep
coming over the two far corners and far center of the roof, until they stop ap-
pearing--near the end of that battle, three more Triads arrive by parachute.
Again, I  had C.J. use the Minigun, but some prefer the M4.  Rusk recommends
having C.J. use an air conditioner vent on the right side for cover.  Have C.J.
get the nearby Armor, if needed, and lead a few Triads down the ramp, over a
walk, and into the mansion.  (Check at the end of each straight path to see that
they followed.  They're not a huge help, but there's a lot of shooting ahead.)

  After a cut scene in which a Triad gets his head shot off, have C.J. shoot the
Vagos ahead and two in the planter on the left.  In the hall, C.J. is told to
keep the hall (front and back) clear of Vagos while the Triads kill two Vagos
per room--if you have C.J. help them do it, you can have him get the Armor
from one of the rooms at the end of the hall.  If you get your pair of Triads
past this part, they go no further than the balcony in the big room beyond the

  The sadly neglected art of Molotov stealth might help at times for the rest of
the shoot out.  Have C.J. kill several Vagos from the top of the stairs, and go
down to kill the Vago in the hall beyond the room.  If you have C.J. kill some
or all of the Vagos in the rooms adjoining the big room--two in the room across
from the hall, and another in the kitchen--there's a Health pickup in the kitch-

  Big Poppa (who looks like another Vago with a yellow head band) yells, "You
chose the wrong house to rob, fool," and runs.  Have C.J. chase him.  Don't
bother having C.J. try to shoot him in the few glances of him you'll get during
the chase on foot--Spaceeinstein confirms that C.J. can't kill Big Poppa that
way, and it would just mean C.J. would stand around getting shot at by all the
other Vagos more.  Have C.J. shoot those other Vagos, though, as the chase goes
through a room of guests, a room with a pool, and halls, to the front door with
an inverted cone of yellow light.

  A cutscene shows Big Poppa speed off in a Phoenix.  Have C.J. get the pink
Windsor, not my favorite car in the game, and chase Big Poppa carefully over the
initial hills and curves.  (If the Windsor falls into one nearby valley of
grass, you might as well reload the game, because that thing will be trapped
like a bug in a sundew plant.  It doesn't have the best traction in the world.
If it's supposed to be like a 1966 Alfa Duetto--later models, a bit different,
were called Alfa Romeo spider--you wouldn't think people would like one except
as a toboggan.)  Just manage to get the thing onto the Freeway, where Big Poppa
doesn't drive so fast and C.J. can drive-by him.

  (If you're looking for a Phoenix to save, it only shows up in this mission and
the "San Fierro Hills" Street Race.  The easiest way would be to fail an effort
at the race.)

  C.J. gets Respect.

  Ken calls: C.J. tells him he wants him to be the accountant and Kent to be the
manager for Madd Dogg.  Ken is snorting coke and gets confused--he thinks C.J.
wants him to be the manager--but he's excited.

  Thermal Goggles are in the bar room, Night Vision Goggles are by the kitchen,
Body Armor is in a bedroom, and a Health pickup--the only one in the game that
will always be available--is in the kitchen, of Madd Dogg's crib; Madd Dogg's
crib is available.  It has all four videogames, a basketball court, and a gym.

  Don't save the game at Madd Dogg's Vinewood mansion since doing so may corrupt
your save game and cause the basketball to not appear at courts.  Orion_SR found
that this is due to saving too close to a basketball court, so a mod that moved
the save floppy disk farther away from the basketball court would prevent the
problem.  Thanks to Orion_SR for the code that does just that and more for
"Glenster's Go On, San Andreas v1 Mission Select Save Games" (I.3.b).

  If you want to save in the area otherwise, you might either save at the man-
sion nearby to the NE or save at Madd Dogg's place and use the download that
fixes the basketball glitch (I.12  Glitches).

  Thermal Goggles won't appear in a location if C.J. takes them from one and you
save the game.

  IX.2  "Vertical Bird"         Carl Johnson

  Paul calls Maccer a "manky mongrel" at a Madd Dogg recording session.  Colin
Attle told me "manky" means "disgusting, gross."

  Mike Toreno calls C.J. through the recording equipment.  He wants C.J. to meet
him outside to go for a drive.  As he drives C.J. to the coast of the Panopti-
con, he tells him that if he wants to see Sweet within a week, he needs to steal
a military jet from an amphibious assault ship and use the jet to destroy a flo-
tilla of spy ships.

  Toreno supplies C.J. with a Speedboat, a Knife, a Silenced 9mm, and some ini-
tial instructions via an earpiece.  Have C.J. sail to near the end of the side
of the aircraft carrier, then swim to the end, where he can dive underwater to
swim over the flap hanging down from the back of the ship.

  The BradyGames Guide recommends stealthing (I'm allowed to make up a word now
and then) past everybody that's possible with, and others recommend shooting the
place up.  Go for the blend you're partial to.  If you like stealth, just have
C.J. kill whenever necessary as you send him over the crates on the right,
through a door, up a flight of stairs, left through a door, down a hall, through
the door on the left, right through the cargo hold, and into the red shaft of
light of a dark little room.  A cut scene shows C.J. deactivating the SAM (sur-
face-to-air missile) sites of the ship.

  The two SAM launchers are like the ones in Area 69--C.J. can destroy one with
a Remote Explosive or Grenade.  If he destroys them, he still has to go to the
shaft of light and disable them.  Then you see a cut scene of where one used to

  Send C.J. to the other end of the cargo hold, snipe a couple of soldiers and
anyone else around, blow up a couple of Hydras, then get into the 3rd.  A 4th
one flies away while C.J. is on the ship.

  The Hydra flies like a helicopter at 1st; press NP8 to make it fly like a jet,
and NP2 to make it fly like a helicopter again.  See I.7.i  Hydra Controls.,_Asian_Aerospace_2006.JPG

  When C.J. flies it, the Hydra that flew away will be sent to attack it (three
would have been sent if you didn't have C.J. destroy a couple of them).

  The 1st time I did this, I had C.J. fly over the water at the N edge of the
map, fly high, drop chaff (LMB) to throw off the attacker so C.J. could turn and
get some distance from them, then turn down at the attacker, target them (hold
Spacebar), and fire (NP0) repeatedly.  I had C.J. fly around a lot while I tried
to get a handle on how to destroy three Hydras, and none of them hit his jet
with a missile.

  The last time I did this, I just had C.J. get some distance from the one at-
tacking Hydra, turn, target, and fire repeatedly.

  Once the Hydra is/three Hydras are destroyed, have C.J. use his Hydra to de-
stroy the five spy ships, Tropicanas, in the water N of the Sherman Dam.  They
don't fire back, and you can switch to helicopter mode (NP2) to make it easier.

  Toreno doesn't want anything to do with the Hydra, so have C.J. land it any-
where on the landing strip at Verdant Meadows, then put it in the red shaft of
light in a hanger.

  C.J. gets $50,000.

  The Hydra will always be available in the hanger used at the end of the mis-
sion, in the NE area of Area 69, where there will be two of them, and on the E
end of the Easter Basin aircraft carrier.

  The Minigun, Rocket Launcher, Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher, and Flame Thrower
are available in Mike Toreno's (Tierra Robada) ranch.

  If you collect Minigun ammo, note that this Minigun pickup has a 500 count
whereas the others have 200.  Up to this point, to have C.J. make a sweep of
Minigun pickups, you had to have him fly with the Jetpack to the SW pillar of
the Kincaid RR bridge, by the elevator door on the lower floor of the parking
garage on the E side of the block of "CA" and '"ANTE" of "ROCA ESCALANTE" in NE
Las Venturas, and to the next-to-the-top level of the scaffolding at the "OC" of
"ROCKSHORE EAST" in SE Las Venturas.  Now, to save time, you can just have C.J.
go through the Minigun pickup at Toreno's ranch, save the game there, repeat,
etc.  Every five times or so, have him get food in Fort Carson at a vending
machine or the Cluckin' Bell.

  I'd also stock up on Molotovs at the Johnson house before some of the upcoming
missions make it impossible for C.J. to enter the house without going through a
red shaft of light and triggering a mission.  The Molotovs are handy for the
territory battles coming up.

  IX.3  "Home Coming"           Carl Johnson

  Toreno visits C.J.'s recording studio with a surprise for him: a call from
Sweet, who says he's been released from jail and he's in the (Pershing) square
outside of the Commerce precinct (building).  Toreno has one last mission for
C.J.: "I just want you to go pick up your brother.  Get out of here."

  Send C.J. to pick up Sweet.  In a cut scene, Sweet talks C.J. into going back
to their neighborhood to fix it up.  Have C.J. drive Sweet to the Johnson house.
In a cut scene, a basehead tries to sell them a blender he stole from their
Mom's house.

  C.J. has to kill about five drug dealers (also shown as blips on the radar) in
the neighborhood.  A bar on the screen shows Sweet's health, so I'd try to have
C.J. out ahead of him using the Minigun, which has a very long range, to keep
Sweet out of danger.

  Then C.J. and Sweet need to kill three waves of Ballas (like C.J. did in "Do-
berman").  Try to keep Sweet near his house (have C.J. go there and press G)--
as Rusk says, the Ballas then always show up beyond the W side of the circle of
road.  The range of the Minigun fire will keep them away from Sweet.

  C.J. gets Respect.

  Catalina "accidentally" calls to say she's full of love and lust.

  C.J. can now take over territories.  You might as well wait till after the
next few missions for that, since they have C.J. take over territories.

  IX.4  "Cut Throat Business"   Carl Johnson

  Madd Dogg is mad because OG Loc is on TV with a rap act that's based on Madd
Dogg's rhyme book (also using his "ho's," although I think there's probably less
of a claim he could make about the exclusive rights to ho's that would stand up
in court).  (Actually, I don't think you could claim exclusive rights to rhymes,
either, considering the age and variety of published rhyme books on sale.  I
don't always follow these things.)

  Madd Dogg and C.J. agree to go see OG Loc.  (I don't think they expect to have
to get tough since OG is kind of the whacked out, insecure Ken Rosenberg of rap
posturers and an old friend of C.J.'s.)

  Zmoonchild shows you can leave Madd Dogg under the Flint Intersection and send
C.J. alone to see OG Loc and the lady reporter.  They don't react substantially
to C.J. and have god mode.

  C.J. and Madd Dogg confront OG Loc by RS Haul where OG is on the set of a
video with a reporter.  Madd Dogg howls.  OG displays his credentials by enact-
ing the role of the gangster who's getting the hell out of there--on a Vortex
hovercraft, yet--and C.J. and Madd Dogg each take a Vortex to keep a vigilant
watch on this authentic retreat from responsibility.  Have C.J. chase him.

  They confront him by RS Haul where OG is on the set of a video with a report-
er.  Madd Dogg howls.  OG displays his credentials by enacting the role of the
gangster who's getting the hell out of there--on a Vortex hovercraft, yet--and
C.J. and Madd Dogg each take a Vortex to keep a vigilant watch on this authentic
retreat from responsibility.  Have C.J. chase him.

  OG then shows them his versatility with a genuine act of cowardice by perform-
ing the act of being on the lam on a Kart.  Madd Dogg and C.J. go after him on
Karts.  Have C.J. chase him.

  When they catch up with him, OG Loc provides a look at the standard criminal
vocabulary of lying, but Madd Dogg clears the air with him, a producer wants to
sign Madd Dogg with C.J. as the producer, and C.J. has OG get them lunch.

  C.J. gets Respect.

  The Vortex is available on the strip of beach NE of "BAYSIDE MARINA," and on
the W end of the Easter Basin aircraft carrier.

  The Kart is available at the SW corner of the big square block of El Quebra-
dos, N of the Redsands West save house, and E of "THE STARFISH CASINO," across
the street from the SW side of the S block of downtown Angel Pine, at the NW
area of the block of "TS" of "OCEAN FLATS" and the W side of the block E of
that, in an alley W of "DOHERTY," in an alley by the China Town save place, and
at the top of the windy street W of "FINANCIAL."

    The Grove Street Missions

  IX.5  "Beat Down on B-Dup"      Sweet Johnson

  Sweet is with a woman who's emaciated-looking (from crack addiction).  She al-
most talks Sweet into smoking crack when C.J. breaks it up.  The normally reso-
lute Sweet uncharacteristically says he might as well ruin himself like the
neighborhood's been ruined.  The woman tells C.J. he'll have to deal with B Dup
before C.J. throws her out.  Have C.J. take Sweet to see B Dup the pusher (see

  When they get to his house, a Grove Street Family gang member who's become a
base head tells them B Dup moved to Glen Park.  Have C.J. take Sweet to the area
indicated by the icon of a person in green clothes.  Have C.J. lead an attack on
three waves of Ballas while keeping Sweet safe, then attack about eight guards
in front of B Dup's house nearby.

  In a cut scene, B Dup says he was forced to sell crack by Big Smoke, who's
gone crazy and egotistical, but only Big Smoke's lieutenants know where he is.
When B Dup tells little Big Bear to kill C.J. and Sweet, Big Bear clobbers him
and tells C.J. he wants back on the team.  Sweet happily takes him somewhere to
get the old Big Bear back again.

  C.J. gets Respect.

  IX.6.a  "Grove 4 Life"            Sweet Johnson

  In a cut scene, Sweet tells four of the Grove Street Gang members to love
their neighborhood like they love their friends.  C.J. wants to take a break to
take care of some other things, but Sweet persuades him not to do a half-a**ed
job--to stick to the job at hand till it's done.  C.J. is there for him.

  C.J. can round up as many as seven gang members if his Respect is high enough,
and take them and Sweet to take over two out of four Ballas territories in Idle-
wood.  Have C.J. lead the way and keep Sweet safe.

  To make this easier you can have C.J. leave Sweet behind (you won't fail the
mission for having C.J. temporarily abandon him).  Give C.J. a lot of Minigun

  C.J. gets Respect and half of the money Sweet took from one of the Ballas:



  IX.6.b  Territory takeover

  Some basics:

  Turf wars are fought with the Ballas (purple) and Vagos (yellow).

  The BradyGames Guide says there are 54 territories and all are in Los Santos:
E of Downtown and N of Ocean Docks, Temple, Santa Maria and Verona Beaches, and
the two blocks N of Conference.

  You need to have C.J. take over at least 35% of the territories to do "End of
the Line."

  It's easier if C.J. takes over the territories before "Riot."  After "Riot,"
most of the people in the territories C.J. needs to take over will be rioting,
which includes making unpredictable attacks, including ones on C.J., and the
traffic will be wilder than usual.

  Once C.J. has taken over 100% of the territories, he won't be attacked by ri-
val gang members again.

  Rusk notes that a few more troublesome areas you might want to have C.J. deal
with 1st are the Jefferson Motel parking lot and a bit of road E of it, the
sidewalk in front of the E Mulholland 24/7 (near the VINEWOOD sign), and a lit=
tle square that has a S side over the road over the N end of the flood control
channel NE of the Johnson house.

  The PS2 gimmick Rusk reports of stopping a gang takeover of one of C.J.'s ar-
eas, normally indicated as green on the radar and in-game map but flashing red
during a takeover attempt, by having C.J. get in a Sub-mission vehicle, like a
Taxi or Cabbie, start a Sub-mission and stop it, works for PC.  The battle dis-
appears and the area returns to being indicated as C.J.'s with green.


  There are also some weirdnesses associated with this venture:

  During a turf battle, the 2nd wave can include a gang vehicle (represented by
one big dot of the same color as the Ballas or Vagos, shown by little dots).  In
my PC version, it tends to drive by without any concern to approach the battle--
C.J. is lucky if it crosses an intersection close enough to get the vehicle with
the long range of the Minigun.

  You're supposed to have 54 (I've also read 53) territories to take over.  But
flying to the edge of the map (as with the territories glitch that can create a
hundred-something territories) for the "St. Mark's Bistro" mission can create a
couple of territories in the SE section of Bayside Marina, approx. E of a border
drawn S from the S end of the bit of beach there.  You can also get territories
in NW San Fierro in an area of the two blocks of "PARIDISO," the four blocks S
of those two, and in a rectangle extending N from them to the area just S of
where the Gant Bridge crosses the N highway.

  Thanks to an article by koomodeee at GTA Forums:

  It can also create territories I haven't even found yet, as on one save game
of mine.  You might fly a jet to the edge of the map accidentally by just goof-
ing around, too, and create such territories.  But as long as C.J. isn't getting
attacked anywhere, it's not a big thing to worry about.

  You might like it to be so simple as just "purple: take it over; flashing red:
battle; and green: turf taken," in big, easy to see areas.  In fact, I'm pretty
sure it should be.  In fact, I'd really rather not know that it's any more com-

  Most of the "L"-shaped block of the E Los Santos Cluckin' Bell had no coloring
over it on my map when I sent a screenshot of it to Rusk, and he told me to have
C.J. take it.  I don't know why it wasn't purple.  For a couple of disputed
areas--I can't remember which ones--the Balla or Vago ran off and got stuck
somewhere.  In such situations, the game gives C.J. so much time to leave the
battle area to go after the gangster and get back.  If C.J. doesn't get back in
time, it says he "ran off--bad show," or something like that.  I've read that
such an area can be claimed by both the Grove Street Family and the Ballas or
Vagos till C.J. takes full control of it, and such an area is light green, pale
gray-green, or purple-green (which makes gray?), depending on who you ask.  Fur-
ther confusing things is that some areas are pale green and others are mid-green
when C.J. has full control of them.  Anyway, the area in the screenshot didn't
have any green, purple, or gray till C.J. took full control of it, and then it
was mid-green.

  A couple of vertical rectangular blocks that are E of the road that goes S
from the pretzel-looking intersection of Commerce are now green on my map after
some turf battles.

  My oldest save file, with all the missions done except "End of the Line" (so I
can try different things with it), had these Stats:

  Territories taken over: 64
  Territory under control: 98.21%
  Territories held: 55
  Highest number of territories held: 59

  Thanks to Orion_SR for checking my save game file and finding the stray gang
territory I'd wondered about the location of for a couple of years--a Balla ter-
ritory in the tunnel E of the Avispa Country Club in San Fierro.  The territory
had a very low percentage of Ballas, so it took a while for C.J. to start a gang
war, but he finally started one and took control of the area.

  Before C.J. took over the couple of blocks SE of the pretzel-looking intersec-
tion in Commerce, I had 98.21% of the territories under control, too--shouldn't
the percentage have gotten bigger afterward?  Maybe it's just counting the per-
centage of "official"--not glitch-created--territories.  But I couldn't find any
Ballas or Vagos in those little sliver territories or anywhere else.  Neverthe-
less, the in-game map has more green areas than the map of a save file I have
that has 100% of the territories conquered.

  I'm guessing that the reason Rockstar only requires you to get 35% of the ter-
ritories to get 100% completion of the game is that it leaves a margin of safety
between that and the glitchy top end of the scale.

  So if you get near 100% and can't find any more Ballas or Vagos, don't worry
about things you don't have to worry about.



    The Riots missions

  IX.7  "Riot"                 Carl Johnson

  C.J., Sweet, Kendl, Cesar, Madd Dogg, Kent, Maccer, and The Truth watch the TV
news at Madd Dogg's mansion.  Some of Tenpenny's charges are brought up but are
dropped due to lack of proper evidence, retracted witness statements, and the
disappearance of Pulaski (some of which Tenpenny coerced C.J. to cause).  Ten-
penny's lawyer says the charges have been dropped.

  The local neighborhoods erupt with rioting.  Have C.J. drive Sweet home.

  In a cut scene, Sweet says he's going to get the neighborhood in order and
C.J. says he's going to check out the city.

  If you have C.J. look around Los Santos, you'll see people getting into
fights, firing guns, carrying stolen TVs, smoke coming from buildings, traffic
lights flashing yellow, lights flashing instead of shining steadily, etc.

  C.J. gets Respect.

  IX.8  "Los Desperados"       Carl Johnson

  Have a four-door car by Sweet's house before starting this mission.

  Cesar wants C.J.'s help in rousting the drug sellers and bringing his neigh-
borhood under control, too, and Sweet persuades C.J. to see that C.J.'s indebted
to Cesar, so C.J. goes to see what he can do about it.

  Have C.J. recruit a couple of Grove Street Family gang members and drive them
and Cesar to Unity RR station.  On the way, Cesar tells C.J. to talk Sweet into
accepting that Cesar wants to marry Kendl.

  Have C.J. lead the effort to shoot all the Vagos around the apartment build-
ings, then the alley (looking for attackers to appear at either end of it), then
about ten Vagos around Cesar's house--get the one on the roof with a Rocket
Launcher 1st, then the one on the ground with a Flame Thrower.

  C.J. gets Respect.

  Sweet calls: they have to hit the Ballas and Vagos hard so the Grove Street
Families reputation is greater than Big Smoke's if they're going to get someone
to tell them where he is.

  Sweet calls again: the Grove Street Families hit the Ballas and the Vagos said
you could find Big Smoke in Los Flores or East Los Santos.  C.J. agrees they
should look for him there.

  IX.9  "End of the Line"        Sweet Johnson

  Have lots of Molotovs and ammo for the Minigun and M4.  C.J. can't crouch
while using Molotovs or the Minigun.  

  Molotovs are good for C.J. to use to precede him around corners and pillars,
and can get targets on the other side of the pairs of doors that swing open when
C.J. pushes against them then close of their own accord.  C.J. can then go
through them just for a moment to draw more of the attackers toward them, then
throw another Molotov at them, then do it again to throw one through them.
(Using Molotovs can create some disturbing results, with gangsters running or
shuddering into walls while wailing for a while.)

  When the angle of a stairway C.J. is climbing won't allow a Molotov to reach a
target at the other end, you could have him use the stairs as a shield, and
climb in a crouch until the top of the gangster comes into view and can be shot.
I usually had C.J. go about halfway up the stairs and make a strong throw with a
Molotov.  A roomful of gangsters can be made more manageable by having C.J.
shoot an M4 through the doors from outside, too.  The shots knock the doors open
as much as you want them to, serving as a shield, otherwise, and it gives C.J.
some extra distance from his attackers bullets.

  In my walk-through of the mission, I use the word "gangster" to cover a varie-
ty of kinds of gang members in Big Smoke's place.  They include, at least, Bal-
las, Vagos, drug lab gangsters with hospital masks, Varrio Los Aztecas with tur-
quoise headbands, and guys in black clothes (Mafia?).


  Saving a BP/FP S.W.A.T. (If C.J. enters it, it's called a "S.W.A.T."  In "The
End of the Line," it's called a "SWAT Tank."  In data\handling.cfg, it's called
a "SWATVAN."  Take your pick--just don't call it an Enforcer.)

  One way to save a S.W.A.T. vehicle is to drive it down a gentle slope into wa-
ter.  (I've used the pond at the W side of the airport, but you can also use the
pond in Glen Park.  Rusk gave the van a dunk with the Easter Bay crane.)  Drive
it into the pond just far enough that the game says it's destroyed--how are you
going to enter Big Smoke's place now? or such.  The mission is failed, so you
can use save places/garages again.  Then have C.J. run or swim against it to
slowly push it out of the water enough for the game to let him enter and drive
it, and save it in a garage.

  C.J. can use it for a Vigilante mission, but I'd want to increase C.J.'s Armor
long before the end of the game.  It has a working water cannon on top, but you
can't use it for the Fire truck mission.  I'd just have C.J. drive around and
squirt people with it now and then, which is some fun.


  Reader Anurag Sinha told me that if you fail the mission between Tenpenny
blowing up the machines with his Shotgun and C.J. escaping the building and you
start the mission again without saving or exiting the game, the mission resumes
with C.J.'s talk with the dying Big Smoke.

  As Rusk notes, if you fail the mission during the vehicle chase after Tenpenny
and try it again without saving or exiting the game, you start from the begin-
ning of the chase after Tenpenny.


  imut_knight's way to create one or two copies of C.J.

  This gimmick doesn't always work, so you might use a save game with "End of
the Line" as the next main mission so you can get right to another effort at the
method till it works.

  After the initial cutscene, have C.J. drive Big Smoke to the area of the rus-
ty-looking RECYCLING CENTER that's N of the Cluckin' Bell that's about a couple
blocks NNW of C.J.'s house.  One or two C.J. copies of C.J. may appear in the
area.  As with the "Management Issues" method, the copy/copies will have the
same clothes, haircut, etc., as C.J.  With all the rioting going on, the copy
might run away or shoot at C.J.

  Zmoonchild's video of the mission shows how to create the glitch, too.


  Sweet knows where Big Smoke's crack house is.  C.J. says it's time to take
down Big Smoke.

  Have C.J. drive Sweet to Big Smoke's Crack Fortress.  (If you want to see it
after the mission, it's at the N end of the W side of the block that's W of the
block with "F" of "LOS FLORAS.")

  C.J. persuades Sweet not to go in.  C.J. neglected their neighborhood before
and their brother Brian and their Mom died, and he wants to make up for it.

  The only way through the entrance, reinforced due to the riots, is to smash
through it.  Have C.J. take the nearby BMX bike and go a couple of blocks over
to the Ballas/S.W.A.T. agents shoot-out and get the S.W.A.T. vehicle, then break
through the entrance.

  C.J. can drive around and run over the two gangsters at the entrance and any
inside it.  Don't bother with the drug users S of that: two Los Santos hookers
and a guy on the floor.  Have C.J. go to the yellow upside-down cone of light by
the door--the yellow blip on the radar.

  (When you have C.J. drive the S.W.A.T. through the door of the crack palace
it refers to the LAPD for several years, and the 2006-2007 A&E TV show "De-
troit SWAT," having a battering ram attached to a Cadillac Gage V-100 Comman-
do.  It may still be used to enter a residence or building.)


  - Floor 1  Security area

  Big Smoke is on the 4th floor in his penthouse suite.  C.J. has to fight past
three floors to get to him.  The game doesn't count the floor C.J. broke into
with the S.W.A.T. vehicle--the 1st one he climbs up to is considered the 1st

  A gangster is at the top of the stairs, and another is by him in the hall. 
Whenever C.J. climbs stairs in this, except when he goes up the last set of
stairs to Big Smoke's penthouse, I had him make a strong Molotov throw from
about halfway up the stairs.  When C.J. gets to the top of the stairs and turns
right, another couple of gangsters are at the end of the hall.  After getting
rid of them, have C.J. get the Armor from where one of them stood.

  Have C.J. go through the pair of doors for a moment then use Molotovs to get a
few gangsters that try to come through the doors.  In the big room past the
doors, there are, at least, three gangsters on the far balconies, and one behind
each pillar--three on the left and three on the right.  After the fight gets
going, a S.W.A.T. vehicle breaks through the far end of the left wall and a cou-
ple of S.W.A.T. agents fire at C.J., too.

  In some cases this big room and the one on floor three, you may need to get a
gangster to move from the back of a pillar for C.J.'s attack to have an effect
on them.

  One way to do this is to have C.J. shoot the M4 from outside, the shots knock-
ing the doors open.  The last time I did it that way, he didn't have to go into
the room to get the targets except for two on the far end of the room.

  I'm not saying you should do all of this with Molotovs, but if C.J. didn't get
the guys on the balconies with the Minigun or M4, he can get them with Molotovs
by hitting the walls below them.

  When C.J. gets about 2/3rds toward the wall at the far side of the room, a
door on it slides up.  Before C.J. goes to the opening, he can get a couple
gangsters that are on the other side of that wall.  There's one gangster just to
the left of that opening, and three behind boxes to the left of him.  So C.J.
can throw Molotovs against the wall everywhere to the left of the opening to get
at least a couple of them, then just shoot one or two after going through the

  Once C.J. gets through that room, send him around the bend to the right and up
the stairs.  At the landing at the top of the stairs, a room to the right has a
Combat Shotgun and a Health pickup.


  - Floor 2  Drug lab.  Make your way to Floor 3.

  Have C.J. crouch and go up the stairs to shoot the gangster standing at the
top of them as soon as his head comes into view, or make a strong throw with a
Molotov about halfway up.  Have him get the Armor from where the gangster stood.
Then have him throw Molotovs at the doors on the left, killing the gangster in
the little room behind them.  Then send him through that room and to another
pair of doors.

  Behind those doors, in a big room, there are eight or ten gangsters wearing
hospital masks behind the eight pillars, four pillars per side, or behind boxes.
There's a gangster or two shooting from an upper floor window at the far end,
one at the top of the stairs to the upper balcony at the far right corner, and
one on the balcony on the right.  There are a couple of pale red explosive bar-
rels you can shoot to help take out some in the middle of the floor.  Use one of
the doors then a nearby pile of boxes as shields, and crouch and roll and shoot
if any gangsters get too close.

  One approach for that section is to have C.J. shoot as many as he can from
outside, shots going through and opening the pair of doors, with an M4.  When I
tried it, C.J. quickly took care of a couple that tried to come through the door
toward him, too.  Then he had to go inside, get behind the cardboard boxes, and
do some crouching side rolls to see to shoot a few others.  You could throw a
Molotov at each pillar to get a gangster that could be behind it.

  Afterward, as C.J. goes around the room on the balcony, two more gangsters
with M4's come through the doors below.  I had C.J. throw Molotovs at the floor
of the balcony and they went through it to them.

  Have C.J. go over the balcony toward the pair of doors, but wait for two gang-
sters to come though the doors and get close to the exploding barrel, then have
C.J. shoot the barrel.  If they don't show up, have C.J. throw a Molotov at the
pair of doors to kill the two gangsters behind it.

  Have C.J. go through the pair of doors.  There's a Health pickup in a little
lab room.


  - Floor 3  Ballas lounge.  Make your way to Floor 4.

  Have C.J. crouch, go up the stairs, and shoot the head of the gangster stand-
ing at the top of the stairs as it comes into view.  C.J. can take the Armor
from where the gangster stood.  Have C.J. open the pair of doors for a moment to
throw a Molotov through them and kill a couple of gangsters behind them--the
gangsters stand where there's a print of handcuffs on the carpet of a little

  Have C.J. go into the little room and throw Molotovs at the pair of doors on
the far side of it, killing a gangster.

  (Another approach is to have C.J. shoot the M4 at the pair of doors to the
little room with the handcuffs printed on the carpet; the blasts can kill the
two gangsters and go across the little room to knock open the next pair of
doors, too, and C.J. can get an added target or two.)

  In the little room with the print of handcuffs on the carpet, have C.J. go to
the next pair of doors for just a moment to throw a Molotov close by--there's a
gangster just past the left side of the pair of doors (and get the one beyond
them in the middle of the room, if he's still there).

  Have C.J. go through the doors and get behind the bar to take care of the two
gangsters beyond the open doorway on the right.

  (Several times now I've found a Vago there that couldn't be hurt by a Gre-
nade.  I think there are at least one or two others like that in this mission,

  Send C.J. through the open doorway.  Have him throw a Molotov at the pair of
doors, quickly run through them and back to draw gangsters to it, then throw an-
other Molotov at it.  Send him through the doorway to throw a Molotov at or
shoot a gangster standing by a big statue of Big Smoke splattered with bird
cr*p.  As soon as C.J. gets past the corner, have him make a strong Molotov
throw for the far end of the hall on the right to get the gangsters at the end
of, or around the far bend of, the hall.  Then have him make a light toss of a
Molotov to get the Mafia guys that come out of the doors in the middle of the

  In the hall, there's a gangster, a stripper, and Armor past the pair of doors
on the left, and a gangster, a stripper, and a Health pickup past the pair of
doors on the right.

  Have C.J. go to the end of the hall and a bit to the left to go through the
pair of doors, up the stairs, and toward the pair of doors by the "Not welcome--
Rockstar North" door mat.


  - Floor 4  Big Smoke's penthouse

  In a cutscene, Big Smoke, in blue Armor, sits playing a videogame ("They
Crawled from Uranus").  He says he doesn't give a sh** that C.J. came to see
him.  C.J. says he came to take care of Big Smoke then his friends at the police
department.  Big Smoke says he doesn't give a f**k--he's a success and can't be
touched.  He says, "I guess we better do this then," and goes for his AK-47.

  Have C.J. attack Big Smoke.  Big Smoke runs away around the room, and there's
always an assistant of his that attacks C.J. no matter how many assistants C.J.
shoots, so concentrate on having C.J. get Big Smoke.  The game tells you Big
Smoke is more vulnerable where he doesn't have Armor; a Minigun to the head
takes care of him quickly.  (You can watch the Big Smoke comet tear around the
room if you have C.J. use a Molotov.)

  You can have C.J. turn around and get behind the counter by the kitchen cabi-
nets with red doors for a good vantage spot (thanks to Kevin Walter's guide at

  If the fight goes on long enough, Big Smoke switches off the light.  C.J. can
use the Thermal Goggles that are by a lower window (although I didn't have him
use them), and continue as before.

  (When I really dragged this out, Big Smoke sometimes disappeared then showed
up somewhere else in the room.)

  In a cut scene, C.J. wants to know why Big Smoke flipped out--they were like
family.  Big Smoke says he got caught up in the money: "They'll remember my
name...Big Smoke" (probably not his given name).  Big Smoke dies with a handful
of money.  C.J. says, "What a waste."

  Tenpenny appears with a Combat Shotgun and has C.J. drop his gun.  (I once had
a boss who said, "My man" like Tenpenny; I wasn't partial to him, either.)  He
needs C.J. to do him a favor.  He knows C.J. killed Pulaski and now Big Smoke,
and asks, "Where's your brother?"  He's going to continue as before, and has two
rookies he's training already.  He has C.J. fill a suitcase with Big Smoke's
money, then prepares to shoot him.  C.J. bluffs: "Hey, Sweet!"  When Tenpenny
looks back, C.J. dives for his gun, and Tenpenny's shots at C.J. miss.

  Tenpenny shoots some machinery as he leaves, which sets the place on fire and
knocks out the lights.


  When you regain control of C.J., there's an AK-47 (Big Smoke's) and an Armor
pickup in front of him.  There are two Health pickups in the bathroom on the up-
per level of the penthouse.

  If C.J. has the fireproof feature, the fire doesn't matter.  The lights go out
and you can have C.J. use the Night Vision Goggles supplied, but I didn't have
C.J. use them.  The main things that will make it hard to see will be the smoke
and fire on the 2nd floor and below it, and the game even recommends you take
the goggles off to help you see when that's a problem.

  C.J. has seven minutes to fight his way back down to the opening he made with
the S.W.A.T. vehicle.  There are less attackers this time, but one or two at
most every turn.  C.J. can fire or throw Molotovs down at them in some places;
just use a tap to get the Molotovs to the bottom of stairways.

  A good gimmick to start using on the balconies of the 2nd floor, since the
fire and smoke becomes so dense it's hard to see and a lot of gangsters shoot at
C.J. for the rest of his run through the building, is to have C.J. crouch and
wave the M4 around while you press the RMB to look for each green light that in-
dicates a head is below it.  At least that lets you see below the smoke.  The
last time I tried it, C.J. got four targets below through the screened window
in the 1st room, then two more as soon as he went out on the balcony.

  At the floor of the room, C.J. has to go across it (and whatever gangsters are
left) to the doors to the right on the far end, through the doors and left
across a little hall, through the doors and right down the stairs,

  through the doors and right across a landing with two gangsters, down the
stairs with a gangster at the bottom,

  turn 180 degrees to the left and get through a room with gangsters by boxes,
go right through the doors and a big room with gangsters at the three pillars
on either side and on the balcony to the doors at the far end, through the doors
and go left through a hall with several gangsters, turn left to go through a
hall then a room, and go left down the stairs to a door with a yellow entrance

  then go through a room with four gangsters.

  As C.J. gets across the room from the hole he made with the S.W.A.T. vehicle,
a cut scene shows him dive through the opening as explosions rock the building.


  Tenpenny pulls away in a Firetruck.  (It's the kind with a ladder but no water
nozzle--the kind that's on the block S of the one the Xoomer garage is on in Do-
herty, San Fierro.  This version is also like the San Fierro trolley--it knocks
anything out of the way.  C.J. may need to watch out for falling vehicles.)
Sweet grabs the end of the ladder but does nothing else as the Firetruck speeds
up.  C.J. gets into a white Feltzer convertible.

  Have C.J. chase the Firetruck.  The Feltzer in this has decent road grip, so
just release acceleration before turns and you'll only need to use S for them a

  One thing generally true about things C.J. chases (Vigilante targets, the
train in "Wrong Side of the Tracks," etc.) applies here: the Firetruck doesn't
go as fast if you have C.J. hang back about half a block from it.  It's not hard
to keep on the tail of, but you might be surprised how little you need to tap
acceleration if C.J. hangs back while he follows it.  (I guess it's one of the
things meant by R* about the game adjusting to the skill level of the player.)

  During the run N on the highway along the E coast, stay in the right lanes.
The Firetruck goes into the left lanes for a bit but comes back to the right
lanes.  When one of Tenpenny's rookies stomps on Sweet's fingers, a bar on-
screen shows the time left for Sweet's failing grip.  Have C.J. drive up behind
the Firetruck so Sweet can drop to the hood of C.J.'s car and climb into a front

  C.J. has Sweet take control of the wheel: "It's payback time."  Have C.J. fire
at the two rookies on the Firetruck, pursuing police cars, and gangsters who
chase and attack from motorcycles and Tornados (1958 Chevrolet Impalas with
grills like '57 Chevy Bel Airs).

  (During the chase after Tenpenny's Firetruck the oncoming train stops.  You
can have CJ drive it.  It goes through oncoming trains.)

  In a cut scene, the Firetruck goes out of control, breaks through the middle
of the E wall of the bridge W of the Johnson house, and crashes to the street
below.  As Tenpenny crawls dying from the truck, he calls out for help.  But
he's half-talking to himself for "a**holes" to come help the "officer down" who
could have turned this town around if there were more like him.  (It might be a
better case if he wasn't just a criminal in a cop uniform himself.)

  Sweet stops C.J. from shooting Tenpenny, who's a few breaths from death, any-
way.  Sweet says people will just figure Tenpenny "killed himself in traffic."
Kendl, Cesar, and the Truth join C.J. and Sweet.  The Truth says C.J. "Beat the
system," but Kendl says she's just glad it's over.  The Johnsons all agree Big
Smoke was selfish.  C.J. nudges Tenpenny with his foot to make sure he's dead:
"See you around...officer" (he leaves off Tenpenny's "like a donut" part).

   Inside, the Johnsons and Cesar talk about how the neighborhood has to be kept
in good condition now that the worst is over.  Kent, Ken, Maccer, and Madd Dogg
join them so Madd Dogg can give them the good news about "our 1st gold record."
While everybody is excited about their plans of things to come, and Madd Dogg
wants to tour and Kendl would like to roll dice with Wu Zi in Las Venturas, C.J.
says he's "Fittin' to hit the block, see what's happening."

  About 4 min. 15 sec. into the end credits, once you're into the scene of fuse-
lages at Verdant Meadows, you can press L Shift, Enter, or Spacebar to skip the
last part of the credits.

  C.J. gets Respect and $250,000.

  100% completion

  The Hydra appears on Sweet's house (E of the Johnson house) and the Rhino ap-
pears under the overpass W of the Johnson house.  C.J. has infinite ammo for all
of his weapons, any Stats not maximized are maximized, his cars can take twice
the previous amount of damage, and he gets $1,000,000.

  C.J. has the dual Micro-SMGs he used in the chase after Tenpenny.  The riots
are over.

  Catalina calls to put on an act that Claude is slaying her in bed.  C.J. says
she's sick and needs help.  She insists that he's jealous.

  Big Smoke's place will stay open if you want to have C.J. look around inside.
I think that big blue platform in his penthouse is meant to be a performing

Create a Myspace LED Scroller

  You can break the wall of the bridge the Firetruck fell from, or break the
hole in the billboard that gets broken near the end of "Reuniting the Families,"
before they get broken during missions:

  - The bridge goes over the street the Johnson house is on and is W of the
Johnson house.  The breakable part of the bridge wall is over the sidewalk and
house on the N side of the street, and lets you make a shortcut from the bridge
to the street.

  - The billboard is high above the N side of the big E-W highway at the last
"S" of the big "LOS SANTOS" letters on your paper map.  There's a N-S road and
alley on the N side of the breakable part of the sign, but a low wall prevents
it from being a useful detour (so how did they drive through it when...never

  IX.10   Make a copy of your save game


  X  Basic skins, modding (use at your own risk),
          music, and screen shot tutorial

       Modding section


  Special note about "San Andreas" v.2:

  Version 2 has "SECOND EDITION" printed along the bottom of the front of the

  In either the original or second edition of the PC version, you can use or
make certain kinds of mods for the game, including:
  - ones that change various attributes of vehicles to customize their speed,
suspension, durability, etc., which can make certain missions, stunts, and
knocking other vehicles around a lot easier (data\handling.cfg; see X.10.b),

   - ones that change the size of vehicle wheels (data\vehicles.ide; see

   - ones that give any vehicle the set of colors you like beyond what mod shops
in the game offer (data\carcols.dat; see X.10.f),

  - ones that let you maximize weapon, vehicle, Muscle, etc., Stats of all kinds
in one sitting (data\ar_stats.dat; see III.5),

  - ones that give any weapon the range, damage strength, accuracy, etc., you
like, and ones that determine the aggressiveness of types of pedestrians (data\
weapon.dat and data\pedstats.dat; see X.11), and

  - ones that let you increase the draw distance, which not only increase the
distance with which the graphics appear but can give them richer hues (data\
timecyc.dat; see X.13.f).

  Thanks to Ben "Cerbera" Millard for explaining to me how you can modify the
second version of the game in the ways given above.

  You can also use v.1 or v.2 with:

  Demarest's code tools (they also work with your existing save games):

  Spaceeinstein's SA "All In One Mod":

  In v.1, you can also mod:

  - main.scm and .img mods.  See X.13 for a sampling of the veritable cornucopia
of mods possible.  (And see X.9.a for how to activate the Barbie and Ken-type
Hot Coffee niblets that some fear have the ability to make our 17 year olds hate
God and government and make us lose all the wars.  I'm wondering when they'll
get around to that freakin' Betsy Wetsy doll to stop it from turning all our
good youth into preverts.)

  - You can also use a teleporter with v.1 to make C.J.'s travel across the big
San Andreas map to Tags, Oysters, Snapshots, Horseshoes, Liberty City, etc., as
fast as the press of a key, and project C.J. and his vehicle to the spots that
let him get gold in schools, etc.  The GTA SA Control Center also lets you make
C.J. or any vehicle he's in bullet, etc., proof, spawn any vehicle (including
the Andromada--which it mistakenly lists as "Andromeda," FBI Truck, or RC Cam),
stop mission timers that count up, etc. See X.13.a-c (TGIOPC).

  If you want to be able to mod v.2 like v.1:

  Jarjar, at the next link, gives a way to mod v.2 like v.1 by changing the
gta3.img and gta.dat files.  (He doesn't have you change the .exe file source
code or play without a CD.)

  I've gotten some good bargains on games at eBay.  You might find v.1 there:

  I'm glad I own the original version.


  Rockstar support for modding

  Ben "Cerbera" Millard

  Modding support in GTA1 and 2:

  For GTA1, DMA Design (R* didn't exist back then) released the "Cityscape Doc-
umentation" covering the "*.cmp", "*.gry" formats and "*.g24" formats.  They
also released a "Mission Template 22" documentation which lists the objects and
commands available in the "mission.ini" format--equivalent to the "main.scm" in
the more recent editions.

  For GTA2, R* Games (which formed near the end of the game's development) re-
leased several tools.  For starters, there was the Map Editor which actually
runs well in Windows 98, the platform GTA2 was intended for in 1999:

  Additionally, they released their compiler for the mission scripts.  They in-
cluded the full mission source script for one city (I forget which) as a "*.mis"
file. This may be what started the tradition for including the partial source of
"main.scm" in the later games.

  More remarkably, the whole architecture of the GTA2 engine was based around
extensibility and modding!  It used a simple text files to determine which lev-
el-specific files should be loaded into the game.  The multiplayer system has
~100 slots to be used by multiplayer levels.  The game only comes with 3 levels,
each having modes for 2-6 players.  This takes up just 15 slots.  Combined with
the level maker and mission script compiler, this fostered a never-ending flood
of multiplayer levels created by the community (even I made one).


  GTW note:

  About four pages back from the end of the PC booklets for "III" through SA,
there's a section of thanks to favorite web sites, which include ones that show-
case GTA mods.


  Ben "Cerbera" Millard

  Rockstar support of modding  "GTA III" onward:

  There's more obvious things, too.

  R* could have chosen to make all the files as highly optimised binary formats
and include no comments or documentation anywhere in the game at all--something
like they have done on the PSP.  This way of doing things provides shorter load-
ing times as the data doesn't have to be parsed, compared and compiled from hun-
dreds text files.  These files are full of whitespace to make them readable for
us in Notepad.

  With each edition in the 3D GTA series, more and more game functionality has
been moved from the engine's core (hardcoded) to text files (moddable).  For ex-
ample, in GTAIII there was no way to alter the special way floating and flying
vehicles behaved on those surfaces.  In GTAVC, new sections were added to the
"handling.cfg" file so that we could have full control over everything from how
high they rebounded after hitting waves to far over they leaned when turning.

  In GTASA, yet another section was added which controls the timing and behav-
iour of animations.  Although not many people have used this yet, the move to
this easily edited text format is clearly for our benefit.

  The "handling.cfg" file contains exhaustive commenting and those comments have
grown with each edition.  This is another clear indication that R* have paid at-
tention to the modding community, noticed a very popular part of it involves
cars and handling, then responded by providing us with more information.  It's
one step short of an SDK for that format, although this certainly isn't true for
all of the formats.

  However, it is also not unique.  In GTASA, very many of the text data files in
the "data" folder are highly commented with each column in each section ex-
plained, or at least named.  These comments would be unnecessary for the devel-
opers since they'd use in-house tools.

  In GTAIII, GTAVC and possibly GTASA an uncompiled portion of the "main.scm"
was included, IIRC.  That made it easier for pioneers like Barton Waterduck to
reverse engineer the format and create tools like Mission Builder.

  (Thanks to Ben for the recommendation to check with Icey, too.)


  [email protected]
  [email protected]

  Icey made MultiEdit for "III."

  MultiEdit leaves a "generated by" note at the top of pages it generates, and
the VC carcols.dat file, at the top of the page, has:

 # Generated By MultiEdit V1.3 On 14/09/2002 22:46:02 []

  Thanks to Ben "Cerbera" Millard and Icey for telling me about it.


  "Vice City" came out on PS2 before PC, and Icey used the PC version, so he
learned of it from a letter from Spooky:


  Segment of letter from Spooky to Icey

  'ello Icey,

  It seems R* north have been using your proggy for GTA:VC!  This is taken from
the top of the GTA:VC 'carcols.dat' file...

  "# Generated By MultiEdit V1.3 On 14/09/2002 22:46:02 [http://icey.gouranga.

  ...well done man, they must have been impressed :).


  Spooky  (link inactive)



  A lot of other people e-mailed me about this over the next few weeks.  People
thought it was great that Rockstar had used a tool created by the community.
The news was posted on several GTA modding sites, including by

  On 9/22/04. I received a message from IllSpirit.  I'll just include the rele-
vant part:


  Segment of letter from Illspirit to Icey

  I was chatting with one of the tech directors over at R* about user tools a
while back, and he had this to say about MultiEdit, et al:

  "Although we check out the mods that are around we don?t usually end up using
them.  The header that appeared in carcols.dat is there because an artist
checked out MultiEdit.  I believe we haven?t actually used it to edit the
colours, though.

  "A lot of the mods are pretty impressive pieces of software.  Especially since
the authors have to figure out the formats of data files etc.  However, it?s a
lot easier for us to write tools ourselves since we know exactly what?s going
on.  We also have to be able to change the tools when the data format changes
(which happens a lot between games).

  "Because of these reasons we tend to use our own tools.  As far as I know we
don?t use any mod tools at the moment."

  Later on in some random discussion he mentioned that most user tools are a lot
easier to use than the official editors.  Not really a particularly useful bit
of info, I just thought you might be curious.


  GTW note:

  So maybe someone used MultiEdit but is unwilling to say so for legal reasons--
the warranty at the end of the booklet indicates Rockstar doesn't officially
support mods, probably so as not to have to take responsibility for problems
that could come up with badly made or installed mods.

  Using MultiEdit creates a "generated by" note at the top of files it creates.
Maybe someone didn't use MultiEdit, but how would just checking it out leave a
message, or lead someone to want to leave a note to themself about it, that
said, "generated by," at the start of the file?
  The response from someone at Rockstar isn't clear and certain.  The legalese
that shrouds the thing is more likely to create uncertainty than that it should
have been hard to check and make sure about otherwise.  But it seems more likely
to me that someone used it, then were legally prevented from speaking support-
ively about a mod, than that it wasn't used but someone left a "generated by"
note on the file.


  Hot Coffee

  IGN: "The point being the distinct change in language, that there is no need
for "disassembling and then combining, recompiling and altering the game's
source code" to create that mod.  That's misleading.  Some would call it a lie.
Why not come forward immediately and say the content was originally in there
right from the start?"

  Rockstar: "There is still a need for 'disassembling and then combining, recom-
piling and altering the game's source code' to create the mod.  The recent
statement does not contradict this.  We don't believe that our position has
changed and we stand by all of our statements which state consistently that this
content could not be accessed without significant and technical alterations to
the retail version of the game."

  PatrickW wouldn't need to have used the source code to find that if you change
a bit, an 8th of a byte, in a main.scm file, you unlock the HC content.  Patrick
explains how he figured it out below in section X.9.a.  Although, between the
Warranty meant to disassociate Rockstar from dealing with trouble caused by
faulty mods or mod installation, and the favorite web sites section including
sites with mods, in the game booklets of the 3D GTAs, how you were supposed to
know there was a bad file to fiddle with is beyond me.

  But even if he had used the .exe file to mod another file (which he didn't),
I'm told that would still be okay unless he distributed an altered gta_sa.exe
file.  (You could use a source code .exe file to create a way to play the game
without a CD.  That's okay as a way for an individual to avoid getting scratches
on their Play CD for a game, but a distributed source code .exe file could lead
to a diminished number of sales of the game CDs.  It also leads sometimes to
questions on the message boards that I don't have a clue how to answer.)  All
Rockstar expected to stop was someone who tried to distribute a source code
.exe file, not stop anyone from fiddling with one they own at home.

  I saw a lot of hate directed at PatrickW (and me if I just told someone where
his mod was--yish) on the message boards because R* misdirected aggression away
from themselves for putting the content in, and made out PatrickW to be an unex-
pected criminal who was solely responsible.  A lot of people, mainly non-mod-
ders, bought that (they must figure you can pack a helluva bunch into a bit of
computer code).  It took an ESRB investigation to bring the truth out past Rock-
star PR concerns: the ESRB board didn't decide that people won't fiddle with
files on their computers, but that Rockstar had the first responsibility for not
telling the board what content they put in a Rockstar game.

  If politicians and parents just make sure cashiers are told they'll be fired
unless they make sure customers are old enough, R* (and HL2, etc.) and modding
should be able to go on like before.  The only care to be taken to prevent the
controversy from happening again is that Rockstar doesn't put content in unless
they show the board that wants to see it 1st.

  If that's not made clear, Rockstar may instead make PC games that you can't
mod as well, like SA v.2, if they're able to be modded at all, as if to ration-
alize how they've gotten a crowd of people to misdirect blame at modders.  If
so, it's going to be a lame reason to screw up a good thing.  GTA's are my fa-
vorite games, and I want to be able to put my Dad's car in there.

  X.1  Compressed File Utility

  If you need a compressed file utility to make downloads with, you can pick
from a variety of free or shareware versions, or buy one, at the PC World web
site.  As of this writing, these utilities can be found at:

  May, 2011: I've changed from Power Archiver to PeaZip, which is free.

  After you download a compressed file of a mod into a new folder you've made
for it, you extract the contents of the compressed file into the folder.

  Click Edit then Select All, or hold down Ctrl while you select all the files,
which makes the file names turn blue.  (Once they're all selected, you can hold
down Ctrl to deselect certain files, too.)  Then extract them to the same fold-

  Then delete the compressed file.

  X.2  Web sites for skins and mods

  I can see why Spaceeinstein recommends this "Great website:
  "All GTA modding knowledge in one place.  The most reliable site you will ever

  Some of the best web sites for mods are:  now

  While mods for "III" are becoming less common, a couple of the better sites I
found for "III" mods, including Odie's Miss Liberty (the Statue of Liberty), are
the GTA Place and gta-downloads:

  X.3  Mods

  X.4  Un-check the green dot 1st

  As always, when you change a file in the C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand
Theft Auto: San Andreas folder, you need to make it writable and not "read only"

  Go to:

  My Computer\C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto San Andreas

  For the Steam version on Windows 10 64 bit that's

  This PC\C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto San An-

  Right-click it, click "Properties," and click the little green dot so it dis-
appears.  It's green for Windows XP Home and blue for Vista Home Premium.

  Click "Apply" and a little menu will ask if you want that to apply to all
files and subfolders--click "OK" and it will disappear, then click "OK" on the
1st one and it will disappear.

  You don't need to do this if you change which files you have in your User
Tracks, or save game files you have, in My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files.


  X.5  Make backups (and where to find other SA backup files)

  Make backup copies of the original files you plan to change.  Save them in a
folder in My Documents in case something goes wrong or you change your mind lat-
er.  That way, if you need to change the file to what it was originally, you
won't have to reinstall the game.  You can use My Documents as a place to keep
a copy of the original file and, for those you can read with Notepad, a .txt
file version, too.

  You can find other SA backup files at:


  X.6  Tools:

  Note: check to see if the tool is compatible with v1.01 of the game if you use
the patch for it.


  The IMG Tool v.2

  You can use the IMG Tool v.2 by Spooky to replace the .dff and .txd files of
the models\gta3.img file of "III," "Vice City," and "San Andreas" with those of

  The TXD Workshop

  Delphi created the TXD Workshop, which you can use with the IMG Tool to view
and change the .txd files of the models\gta3.img file of "III," "Vice City," or
"San Andreas."


  Arushan, aka aru, has an IMG tool that lets you view the .txd files:

  Note that it requires you to have Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 installed.  If
you don't, I would consider it too much of a system hog--and it's a big hog--to
install just to see GTA .txd files (or use ATI Catalyst Control Center instead
of Control Panel, for that matter).  Just use Spark if you're some kind of PC
program developer (or whoever in the world actually uses .NET Framework other-

  If you use .NET Framework, you might want to look at the advice given by Ko-
roush Ghazi at the tweakguides web site in the middle of the page at the next
link on how to trim the resources .NET Framework uses.

  CFG Studio 2

  You might try Ben "Cerbera" Millard's CFG Studio 2, which organizes the data\
handling.cfg file in a way that makes it a lot easier to work with.

  It also does the work of a previous tool of his, the Flag Studio: it makes it
easy for anyone to calculate how to change the flags of the vehicles in the
data\handling.cfg file of "III," "Vice City," and "San Andreas."  (See X.10.b
under "miscellaneous jazz.")

  The functions Cerbera's Rescaler--to calculate how to adjust the suspension of
vehicles in the data\handling.cfg file of "III," "Vice City," and "San Andre-
as"--are now handled by his CFG Studio 2.

  The GTA: San Andreas GXT Editor

  You can use the GTA: San Andreas GXT Editor by Hammer83 to change the vehicle
name that appears in the lower right corner of the screen when C.J. enters a ve-
hicle in "San Andreas."  This usually comes up if you put in a vehicle mod.

  See "How to change their on-screen names," X.10.g, for the easy instructions
for it.

  The San Andreas Ultimate Editor

  Brad Brooks has an editor that lets you edit various things about the weapons,
pedestrians, etc.  My special interest in it is that it lets you edit the flags
of data\weapon.dat (see X.11).  This lets you decide if a weapon is one C.J. can
dual-wield, crouch or run with, or use targeting for, etc.

  X.7   Installing most car, bike, or pedestrian mods

  This can be done if you have the original version of the game.  If you have
the second edition, you need to use the gta_sa.exe of the original version to
do this.

  Un-check the green dot (X.4).

  Most car, bike, and pedestrian mods are .dff and .txd files.  You don't need
to start a new game after you replace them as you do after changing the
main.scm file.  I'll use the example of changing the .dff and .txd files of a
car to serve for whatever .dff and .txd file replacement.

  - Download the mod to a folder on your Desktop, then extract it to the same

  - Open the IMG Tool, click "File," "Open," and find "gta3.img" via:

  My Computer\Local Disk (C:)\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto San

  - Select "gta3.img," click "Open," and the window fills with all the file
names in "gta3.img."

  - Scroll through the names to "(name of car you want to replace).dff," click
on it to select it, and click "Commands" then "Extract."  Extract it to a place
where you can save a backup copy if you change your mind, or anything should go
wrong, and you want to put it back.  I'd put it in a folder called "GTA SA orig-
inal (car name)" I'd make for it in My Documents or on the Desktop.

  - Then click "Commands," "Delete," and delete the selected "(car you want to
replace).dff" file.

  - Make sure the file you use to replace it is given the same name.  Rename it
if you have to.

  - Then click "Command," "Add," and find the "(new car).dff" file you want from
the Desktop folder you made for it.

  - Click "Open" and the file is added.

  - Do the same with the .txd file.  Each time you replace a pair of .dff and
.txd files, replace the .dff file 1st since your PC reads it 1st and it helps
your PC read the files faster.  And always replace .txd files with ones of the
same resolution (128x256, 256x256, etc.).

  - Whenever you're through doing this stuff with however many files, click
"Commands," "Rebuild Archive," wait for the archive to be rebuilt, close the IMG
Tool by "x"ing it out, and you're done.

  (If the vehicle mod comes with wheels, you don't need to use DMagic1's Wheel
Mod" for "San Andreas" wheels because Rockstar changed the DFF files for it.
Thanks to Ben "Cerbera" Millard.)

  If you like the mod, you might move the folder for it from the Desktop to My
Documents.  I put the ones I save in a folder on a 2nd hard disk I use for stor-

  X.8  Skin viewing and editing and editing textures other than skins

  deNULL has authored a "Game Archive Viewer" that lets you view "Vice City" and
"San Andreas" .dff, .txd, binary .ipl and .col files without extracting them
from the archive:

  You can also use The TXD Workshop described a few paragraphs above.

  Skin editing

  Chris82's article on how to edit textures other than skins


  Another way is to view the peds.ide characters of the game use the Pedstats
Editor by Scream2k4:

  X.9  Women

  If you want to customize your romantic fantasies in "San Andreas," these are
some of the women you might want to modify.  To modify them, you can use either
the original version of the game or the second edition.  To modify the second
edition, use jarjar's method--see X under "If you want to be able to mod v.2
like v.1."

  In models\gta3.img:

  The girlfriends are  Barbara   COPGRL3
                                 Denise     GANGRL3
                                 Helena     GUNGRL3
                                 Katie        NURGRL3
                                 Michelle   MECGRL3
                                 Millie        CROGRL3

  The Los Santos whores are BFYPRO, HFYPRO, and SFYPRO, and WFYPRO.
  The San Fierro whores are SBFYPRO, SHFYPRO, and SWFOPRO.
  The Los Venturas whores are VBFYPRO, and VHFYPRO, and VWFYPRO.

  BFYPRO  black woman, short hair, pink bikini top, black leather short pants
and high boots.

  HFYPRO  Hispanic woman, brown hair tied in back to a ponytail, gray-blue top
tied in front, red-violet short skirt, knee-high brown boots.

  WFYPRO  white woman, blonde hair tied in pigtails, long sleeve black shirt
tied in front, red plaid short skirt, white thigh-high stockings, black calf-
high boots.

  SBFYPRO  black woman, flat top haircut, one piece red short dress and knee-
high boots, thigh-high gray stockings.

  SHFYPRO  white woman, short brown hair pulled back, leopard skin shirt tied in
front, gray plaid short skirt, thigh-high gray stockings, calf-high black boots.

  SWFOPRO  white woman, dirty blonde hair, cigarette in mouth, violet-red top of
bands that come down over her breasts and matching short skirt, ankle-high brown

  VBFYPRO  chunky black woman, white top with armbands, gray-red skirt and

  VHFYPRO  chunky Hispanic woman, short brown hair pulled back, green midriff-
baring top, black short skirt and mid-calf-high boots.

  VWFYPRO  white woman, dirty brown hair short on sides, gold earrings, brown
thigh-length fur jacket, thigh-high gray stockings, black shoes strapped at the



  SBFYSTR  busty black woman, dirty brown hair in pigtails, white sleeveless
blouse tied in front, short plaid skirt, knee-high white stockings, low top
black shoes.

  SWFYSTR  white woman, brown hair with Shirley Temple curls, black bodice laced
in front with a little show of areola at the top, black thong bikini bottom,
thigh-high black nylons, black high top shoes.

  VBFYST2  black woman, long brown hair, earrings, pearl necklace and a white
band around her neck, white bra and panties, white stockings on arms and thigh-
high on legs, low top gray shoes.

  VHFYST3  white woman, long red-brown hair, low cut black bodice laced in front
with a tiny bit of areola showing at the inside edges, black police cap and
belt, black thong bikini bottom, thigh-high black nylons, knee-high black boots,
leopard stockings on forearms and hands but not the fingers.

  VWFYST1  white woman, black hair, black bikini top and bottom, flame tattoo
at crotch, leg-length black nylons, black shoes strapped at the ankle.


  X.9.a  The Hot Coffee mod

  Author: PatrickW, aka Patrick Wildenborg
  [email protected]

  Craig Kostelecky   "Opened up" mod
  Hammer83            the sacensor tool

  Barton Waterduck discovered the animations in the PS2 version

  illspirit discovered the fully nude models


  It's still available at several web sites:



  It's one of the optional features of the "San Andreas" version of Spaceein-
stein's "All In One" mod:

  PS2 gamers can go to the web site for the GTA:SA Censor Re-

  PS2 owners that want the Action Replay Max codes can find them at:

  The GTA Place has a version for Xbox.


  To use this mod, you need either the original version of the game or the sec-
ond edition with the gta_sa.exe of the original version.


  "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" was released for PC on June 7, 2005.

  Patrick released the Hot Coffee mod at GTA Forums and GTA Garage on June 9,

  It enables an interactive sex game (R-rated cartoon, in movie terms) that uses
the models and the voices of Young MayLay and the voice actresses who play the
girlfriends found in the rest of the game.  In one version the girlfriends are
dressed, and another uses Rockstar-created naked ones (with a Barbie doll geni-
talia area).  It takes place when a girlfriend invites C.J. inside for coffee.
It's sort of like the dance game, except you can choose a version which the wom-
an is naked for.  As in the rest of the regular game, the least C.J. can be made
to wear are his shorts in all the versions, so there's nothing to launder or
wipe up afterward.  He's sexy, but very neat.


  These are the pertinent rating methods and a few of the web pages about the
ESRB ratings for games and the Production Code used in movies:


  M: 17 and older.  Titles in this category may contain intense violence, blood
and gore, sexual content, and/or strong language.

  AO: 18 years and older.  Titles in this category may include prolonged scenes
of intense violence and/or graphic sexual content and nudity.


  R: under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.

  NC-17: no one 17 and under admitted.  (X became NC-17 in 1990.)


  Wikipedia has an article about some of the groups and people that are the
major players in videogame controversies:


  Rockstar designed but disabled it, and modders soon re-enabled it to make it
available again and have some fun with.  I guess Rockstar figured the M rating
would hold since the mod would be an option offered by modders beyond the Rock-
star release.

  The modders found it and went, "Ha!  Look at that!"  And it was a funny little
moment.  And that should have been it--end of story.


  Soon after that, Democratic California State Assemblyman Leland Yee, "one of
the growing ranks of politicians sponsoring bills to outlaw the sale of Mature-
rated games to minors," saw the mod and said: "It's outrageous.  It tells you
how to copulate a woman.  That should not be in the hands of children."  Yee
tried to get the ESRB to change the rating for "San Andreas" from Mature to
Adults Only.

  "Sex, Lies & Video Games" by David Kushner, "Rolling Stone" magazine, Aug. 11,
2005, pp.41-42.

  On July 7, 2005, Leland Yee issued a press release which included:

      "Once again, ESRB has failed our parents," commented Yee. "This particular
      game has been known to include extremely heinous acts of violence, and now
      it has been uncovered that the game also includes explicit sexual scenes
      that are inappropriate for our children. I have urged the ESRB on numerous
      occasions to rate this game AO based on its blatantly graphic nature."

  (I think "explicit" and "graphic" are strong words for R rated cartoon sex
featuring a guy with his pants on and a woman without genitals.  The word "kids"
is too broad to refer to the 17 years old and up audience the game was made for.
And he doesn't contain his criticism to store clerks who don't check I.D. cards.
You'll see these traits come up regularly with some of the politicians when they
make their big deal public statements about the controversy.  No wonder too many
people don't vote.)

  The M rating became contested and the controversy began.  The worst thing
about it is people making any bigger a case about it, and each other, than that.
Well, that and that you could think it makes the dating in the game take too
long (possibly partly why Rockstar disabled it), but it's an option you can eas-
ily turn on or off whenever you feel like it.

  It makes a bigger difference in terms of sales outlets.  Wal-Mart, Best Buy,
and Circuit City don't sell games rated AO though they sell movies rated R,
which include ones more graphic and sexier than the coffee mod and more realis-
tically violent than a GTA.  That's where I tend to get confused.



  Rockstar claimed it isn't responsible for the "Hot Coffee" mod. Instead, the
company statement said (as Cerbera mentions later) it was the result of:

      "the work of a determined group of hackers who have gone to significant
      trouble to alter scenes in the official version of the game.

      "In violation of the software user agreement, hackers created the 'hot
      coffee' modification by disassembling and then combining, recompiling and
      altering the game's source code.  Since the 'hot coffee' scenes cannot be
      created without intentional and significant technical modifications and
      reverse engineering of the game's source code, we are currently investi-
      gating ways that we can increase the security protection of the source
      code and prevent the game from being altered by the 'hot coffee' modifica-

      "We are continuing work diligently to assist the Entertainment Software
      Ratings Board (ESRB) as it investigates the circumstances surrounding the
      recently discovered "hot coffee" modification. ... We remain confident
      that the ESRB assigned Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas the correct rating, M
      (Mature 17+)."
      Posted July 13, 2005.

  When first asked if those hackers could be employees in Rockstar's Manhattan
lofts or Scotland development studio, spokesman Rodney Walker snapped, "They're
not within our company."
  "Sex, Lies & Video Games" by David Kushner, "Rolling Stone" magazine, Aug. 11,
2005, pp.41-42.

  Free Kevin!  (Sorry.)

  I'm no legal expert, but I think I know dialogue scripted by a lawyer when I
hear it.  You just flip the censor and "hello."  It's there, intact, in files
Rockstar knows have been commonly scoured, with common software to do the scour-
ing, for years now.  If you use a different version gta_sa.exe (source code),
the mod (and any other .scm or .img mod) won't work.  If someone wanted to hide
it, an ordinary modder could have completely deleted it, like Rockstar deleted
the Darkel missions from "III," in one sitting before it was burned to disk.  Is
that lawyer a crackhead, too?  Rockstar, tell that lawyer to shut up and let's
get on with the good stuff.

  The ESRB of the U.S.A. and Canada didn't go for what I assume Rockstar's idea
was: an idea of the hidden content being shown separately from the regular game
so the hidden content not needing to be covered by the M rating, probably not
thinking the content deserved an AO rating, and possibly just being in such a
hurry they didn't consider how future events could get out of hand.

  On July 20, 2005, the ESRB changed the rating from M (Mature: 17 or over) to
AO (Adults Only: 18 or over), assuming Rockstar released the game knowing that
modders would unlock the sex scenes for a mod.

  I think the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) just needed to lend
whatever hand toward ensuring the "San Andreas" M rating was enforced in stores,
even in consideration of the controversial mod.  The ESRB seems to have had a
motive of trying to compensate for the currently partly ineffectual enforce-
ment of the M rating with a harsher rating, since they don't have a case that
the cartoon has NC-17 instead of R-rated content.  If the age of 17 is going to
be a common deciding factor in this, why don't they just bring the law to bear
on store clerks who don't check I.D. cards?

  In "Rockstar Responds to GTA: SA's AO Rating," a July 20, 2005 article by
Douglass C. Perry at IGN, a Rockstar representative (who asked not to be men-
tioned by name) said:

  "We are obviously aware of the mod community, but the skill, expertise and
knowledge of Grand Theft Auto code required to create this mod surprised all of
us.  These elements were never meant to be found."

  In a section of quotes representing Take-Two by Paul Eibeler, Take-Two's Pres-
ident and Chief Executive Officer, the following two paragraphs are given with-
out quotes.  They may be paraphrases of statements of his (?):

  The scenes depicted in the "hot coffee" modification are not playable in the
retail version of the game unless the user downloads and/or installs unautho-
rized software that alters the content of the original retail version of the
title, representing a violation of Take-Two and Rockstar's end user license
agreement (EULA) and intellectual property rights.

  Take-Two is exploring its legal options as it relates to companies that pro-
fited from creating and distributing tools for altering the content of Grand
Theft Auto: San Andreas.

  IGN: "The point being the distinct change in language, that there is no need
for "disassembling and then combining, recompiling and altering the game's
source code" to create that mod.  That's misleading.  Some would call it a lie.
Why not come forward immediately and say the content was originally in there
right from the start?"

  Rockstar: "There is still a need for 'disassembling and then combining, recom-
piling and altering the game's source code' to create the mod.  The recent
statement does not contradict this.  We don't believe that our position has
changed and we stand by all of our statements which state consistently that this
content could not be accessed without significant and technical alterations to
the retail version of the game."

  He said they were going to offer retailers the option of re-labeling their
stock as AO or replacing it with an edited version of the game that keeps the M


   "It's much like real bad sex-?unerotic, partially clothed and apt to create
lousy feelings in the morning.  Feeling the worst these days is Rockstar Games,
the brash young maker of GTA, which after weeks of waffling has copped to hiding
the scene in its megaselling game franchise.  The game was slapped with an
adults-only rating and yanked from most stores.  After years of dodging gunfire
over game violence, the rebel Rockstar guys got burned for the oldest mistake in
the book: covering up a fu**."
  "Sex, Lies & Video Games" by David Kushner, "Rolling Stone" magazine, Aug. 11,
2005, pp.41-42.


  For a more knowing understanding of the programming than I have, I defer to
Ben "Cerbera" Millard:

  He tells me what Patrick did changes a bit--1/8th of a byte--in the main.scm
file to make the sex mini-game available.  It alters the main.scm (not the
source code of the game) so the bit change enables the Rockstar content when
loading and saving games.  This mini-game uses non-nude characters.

  However, there are nude versions of some of the girlfriends in the character
archives (.IMG file--again, not game source code).  By altering item definitions
(.IDE files--again, not game source code), the nude models can walk around on
the streets, be used by missions, etc.  And by making a change to the Hot Coffee
mission script (again, not game source code), these nude models are used in the
sex games instead of the non-nude models.


  PatrickW has said that the mod didn't require significant effort: he only had
to change a single bit in the main.scm file to enable that part of the game for
his part in the thing.  No new content (models, voice acting, etc.) was needed
for it--the content comes from edited main.scm and script.img files.

  I'm jumping ahead in the story here to when I wrote to him and asked him to
explain the process (notably, did it involve "disassembling and then combining,
recompiling and altering the game's source code"?).  On Nov.19, 2006, he wrote:

      "There wasn't really much of a process.  Barton found the animations
    and had seen some references in the SCM code to them, but he didn't un-
    derstand the code involved.  I did some research and studied the code,
    and had to find the meaning of several yet unknown opcodes (especially
    the  bit-field opcodes).  After a couple of weeks I had a reasonable
    understanding of the code, and had an idea of what it could be doing.
    And I figured out that all that was needed to unlock it, was toggling a
    single bit.  But I had to wait until the game was released in the U.S.A..
    At that time, a friend sent me his main.scm file, I manipulated it, and
    sent it back.  A short while later, I had an avi in my mailbox, with the
    notorious hot-coffee scenes..."


  The word "hacker" (person who illegally intrudes on your computer) came from
Rockstar once they decided to say the mod was a violation of the EULA (end user
license agreement; see the tiny Warranty print nobody reads at the end of the
game manual) once Rockstar got in trouble with the ESRB for Rockstar content the
modders came up with a way to uncover.

  In contrast, there have been thousands of mods of user-created content made
otherwise, in years of nobody reading the EULA, in which there was friendly co-
operation from Rockstar about it, that led up to the trouble.  It carried a mu-
tual understanding that Rockstar not only wouldn't enforce the EULA and discour-
age user-created content, which was in violation of the EULA, but would provide
some instructions in the files for how to do it (as Cerbera describes below).
And why not?  It hasn't done the customer relations of the Half Life, Battle-
field, Neverwinter Nights, Elderscrolls, DOOM, Unreal, Halo, The Sims, etc.,
companies any harm--it helps prolong interest in their products.

  Since the booklets that come with GTA's "III" through "San Andreas" come with
"thank you" sections on favorite web sites, which include sites that distribute
mods, the modders that read the Warranty correctly interpreted it as showing
Rockstar didn't want the responsibility of problems arising from badly-made or
installed mods, not as meaning that making and using mods carried any disfavor.
So who could have predicted that certain lawyer-coached representatives of Rock-
star would about-face on them when the over-blown HC scandal was something they
didn't want responsibility for, either?

  I'd liken it to an episode of "The Andy Griffith Show."  An old lady jaywalks,
and Barney, eager to establish his authority, gives her a hard time: "Alright,
lady, you're in violation of code 50866759...."  And Andy says, "Barney, she's
an old lady, the intersection is way down there, and there isn't any traffic
out.  Let's leave her alone and look for the real criminals."  The controversial
mod is the old lady and Rockstar's quote--whoever made it--is Barney.  Not Keith
Moon.  Barney.  And the modders then got to be like Andy: "Barney--you're a

  That the mod/old lady was technically breaking a law is questionable in this
way: the controversial mod didn't create user-created content inasmuch as it
used content that was already there, and a police officer probably wouldn't con-
sider jaywalking an offense if no one seemed to have a chance of being endan-
gered.  If there's any doubt, it pretty well seals the deal that it was preceded
by years of Rockstar listing favorite web sites that distributed thousands of
mods that were examples of what is undeniably user-created content.

  And the Skimmer weenies could have bit parts for one episode of some kind of
characters that make trouble the heroes have to solve by the end of the episode.
They would think that Barney was onto something real important, because that's
the kind of mind these people have (weird).  (To fly the Skimmer, I usually say,
"It's like driving a motorcycle, except when you do a wheelie, you take off."
I just realized--Skimmer weenies aren't 'cycle people.  I KNEW it!)

  If it were really an ethically important thing that was always true, believed
in, and committed to, that the modders violated, and not just "money talks," es-
pecially big Sony/Wal-Mart-related money, then why did Rockstar change their
horse in mid-stream?

  And, preceding the controversy, lead level designer Craig Filshie, in "Tips
and Tricks" magazine, May, 2005, told the public there were secrets yet unfound,
indicating the fun of looking for them would be rewarded by finding things.

  Unless another big secret comes along, this is probably it.  (Maybe there is:
see X.9.b.)   Unfortunately, you tend to find a lot of people who are waiting
for another BIG secret where you find a lot of Skimmer weenies.

  Then again again, it's in the favor of whatever credibility there is to Rock-
star's claim--that they didn't want modders to discover it--that it doesn't look
as finished as I know Rockstar could have made it.  The movements in the sex
scenes are like one of those novelty birds with a top hat that keeps dipping the
bill into a drinking glass (except you never see the bill).  But I think they
expected modders to find the mostly finished side game and didn't expect there
would be so much trouble made over it.


  Some reactions got stirred up about various GTA things:

  Take-Two won't have any work to do looking for who profited from a mod you can
download for free like any other of hundreds of mods for the PC versions of GTA
games I'm familiar with, at least.  You don't need to buy a Hot Coffee-specific
device to see it on PC.

  I think they considered legal action against Action Replay and GameShark,
which proved the content was already there on the PS2 version to unlock.

  And I know PatrickW didn't make any claims about what he did beyond what are
fair to make.  It's still available at various web sites, but if you try to
download it from the gta garage web site now, you see:

  "As a sign of support towards RockStar, The Hot Coffee Mod is no longer avail-
able.  I've removed this download out of free will."


  Spaceeinstein has a "San Andreas" version of his "All In One Mod" that has the
"Hot Coffee" mod as an option you can enable or disable as part of the Mod Shop

  Paultjuh has a Savegame editor at gta garage that has the "Hot Coffee" mod as
an option.  You don't have to know C++ to enable it, you just click a box in the
menu screen.

  A Game Revolution web site article, updated Oct. 19, 2005, "The Truth About
Violent Youth and Video Games," gives charts by the U.S. Department of Justice
Bureau of Statistics which show that violence by young people in the U.S. has
decreased in the years of the last several GTA games.

  It also says the 2004 FBI crime report shows that the murder rate in 2004 was
the lowest it's been in 40 years, the same year the most popular game was "Grand
Theft Auto: San Andreas."

  A good article about the controversies over the alleged possible effects of
video game violence is at the next link.

  Hillary Clinton appeared:

  A July 14, 2005 article by BBC News quotes a letter she wrote to the FTC.  She
managed to figure the M rating wasn't harsh enough to protect kids from the
soft-core cartoon because a study showed that about half of seven to fourteen
year old kids could buy M-rated games.  But besides suggesting that store clerks
could do better to restrict the sales of M-rated games, she wondered if the game
should be given an AO rating (and cause the sales of the game to plummet).  (She
also doesn't seem concerned that the ESRB ratings need to be consistent with
movie ratings--she doesn't offer a plan to try to ruin the sales of any movie
wilder than "Herbie, the Love Boat" or whatever it was called, for example.
And, like the ESRB, she doesn't restrict her concern to proposing that the law
be brought to bear on store clerks that don't check I.D. cards.)

  The House of Representatives wanted a look at those niblets:

   That July 26, 2005 article by BBC News gives this quote by Congressman Fred
Upton of Michigan:

      "The release of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was widely anticipated, but
      an adults-only rating would have severely limited its sales in retail out-
      lets.  It appears that the publisher has blatantly circumvented the rules
      in order to peddle sexually explicit material to our youth, and they
      should be held accountable.  A company cannot be allowed to profit from

  (GTW note: I think "sexually explicit" may be too strong to fairly character-
ize the R-rated cartoon scene since the nude women don't have genitalia and C.J.
keeps his trousers on.  And that may be the "big secret"--what's the deal with
that?  I don't know.  Again, the charges are by a politician that doesn't re-
strict his idea to requiring store clerks to check I.D. cards.)

  Jack Thompson comes up a lot.

  In a Feb. 25, 2005 article by William Vitka of the CBS News web site, Jack
Thompson gives his opinions about video game violence, etc.:

  "Of course" (there a correlation between playing violent video games and act-
ing in a violent manner).  And "...GTA weds sex and violence in the same game.
We are training a generation of teens to combine sex with violence...."

  (GTW note: if you have C.J. hit a girlfriend, a message appears that he broke
one of the first rules of dating and he fails the date.  If C.J. kills a prosti-
tute, there's money left behind to take, but that happens if practically any
pedestrian in the game gets killed.  If C.J. completes the "San Andreas" pimping
mission, the prostitute pays him.  And if a policeman catches the lead character
of a GTA killing anyone, the lead character gets a wanted rating.)

  A GTA Forums message board arose about the mod "Defamation of Character: A
Jack Thompson Murder Simulator."  It was made by the Fighting Hellfish in reac-
tion to Jack Thompson's attacks on GTA (not Mr. Thompson's "Modest Video Game
Proposal," which came out a week later than this mod):

  In "The Embattled ESRB," a July 22, 2005 article by Jane Pinckard on the web site, Jason Della Rocca, the executive director of the International
Game Developer's Association, spoke about EULAs, that game makers must disclose
all the content on their disks to the ESRB, and the unworkability of policing
the modding that goes on beyond the content on the game disks:


  In the letters of spaceeinstein, who wondered how this meant he owned an AO
game (while "Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude" and "Playboy: The Mansion" are
rated M): "WTF?"

  GTA Garage had the same reaction; a July 26, 2005 article shows letters about
it they sent to Hillary Clinton, Jack Thompson, and the ESRB:

  I would correct the line that the ESRB rated "Singles--Flirt up your Life" M;
it rated it AO.  Then again, sex is the main thing that game is concerned with,
and the duration of such things factors into ESRB ratings.  The same nature of
sexual or violent content over a longer period of time can create a more strong-
ly restrictive rating.  But the coffee mod only lasts for about a minute.

  It also points out that even the M-rated "Playboy: The Mansion" is more graph-
ic than the coffee mod.  (And I'd add "far less popular and less liable to get
politicians looking for 50 Snapshots.")

  This GTA Forums post by Ben "Cerbera" Millard, Oct. 30, 2005, speaks for a lot
of modders reactions:

      "DMA/R* used to give amazing support to modders--they gave us their mis-
      sion, map and texture format documentation with GTA1.  They did the same
      with GTA2 and gave away their mission script compiler and map editor, too.
      These are professional, in-house tools and they gave them to us modders.

      "In GTA3/VC/SA, nearly all of the text files contain comments explaining
      what stuff does what.  Files like handling.cfg have copious notes about
      legal ranges for values, the maximum length of the to VehicleIdentifier.
      In GTAVC and GTASA, they include a set of old handling lines to show how
      the format has changed.  It even says which way round the hexadecimal
      bytes for the flag data are stored!

      "In GTASA, loads of hardcoded features are now in easily edited text
      files, which have huge amounts of notes to make modding easy.  In the
      GTASA manual, there's a huge section about R* giving their full permission
      for people to create mods and distribute them as long as they don't re-
      verse engineer, alter or distribute the EXE.  R* clearly support modders.

      "Well, they used to. Then modders uncovered content which R* hadn't both-
      ered to remove from the game before packaging it up--the Hot Coffee
      scenes. What did R* do?  Did they own up to their mistake?  Did they stand
      by the modders who have made every PC edition of GTA a multi-million dol-
      lar success?  No. They called us a load of 'determined hackers' and tried
      to deny everything. I'm not sure if I can ever forgive them for that be-

  An 11/6/2005 GTA Forums message board post by teh roxxers:

      "The fellow who assembled the Hot Coffee mod took a couple of programs
      written by other folks and put them together into a single package.  He
      wasn't spilling the beans, because the secret was already out.  It just
      so happened that his mod made unlocking the mini-games easy and more en-
      joyable.  For this, his mod got more attention than previous attempts.
      This attention created the misunderstanding that he had, all by himself,
      discovered the mini-games.

      "Rockstar and Take Two tried to spin the story as an attack by hackers
      who added the mini-games to their product, when the truth was that they
      were already there.  Many fanboys and hangers-on directed an enormous
      amount of hate toward the author of Hot Coffee, accusing him of trying to
      ruin the game, the franchise, the developer, and publisher.  But, in real-
      ity, Rockstar did it to themselves: they designed the sex mini-games, they
      left them in the finished product, and they deigned not to inform the
      ESRB.  The author eventually withdrew support for the mod; however, the
      damage was already done--to the tune of over $75 million.

      "Moral of the story: Don't leave sex games in your products and fail to
      inform the ESRB."


  The Entertainment Software Rating Board, the ESRB, makes up the ratings for PC
and videogames in the United States and Canada.  It was founded in 1994 by the
Entertainment Software Association in reaction to pressure from U.S. politicians
over the controversies about sexual and violent content in those games.

  There's a good article about the ESRB at:

  Patricia Vance of the ESRB addresses some of the concerns in an August 22,
2005 CNET article by Daniel Terdiman:

  According to Patricia Vance:

  Games aren't just for kids; the average gamer is 30.


  ...the ESRB strictly enforces different standards to apply in rating games
than used by other genres of entertainment--stricter in making sure nothing in-
appropriate is marketed to kids.

  About half, 54%, of the parents never let their kids play M-rated games--the
other about half, 46%, sometimes or always does, which shows an overwhelming
majority of parents limit what their kids play:

  (By adding the smidgen more than half who are in constant accordance to the M
rating to Vance's interpretation of 29% whose ideas of limiting viewing only
sometimes overlap with the ESRB ideas, we get a total of...)

  ...83% of parents go along with the ratings.  Only 5% think the ESRB is too

  (Since 46% of parents feel free to disagree with the ESRB and purchase games
to do what they want with, this means only 5% complain that it gets in the way
of their ability to do that, or is just wrong, enough to complain about.)

  (Note that "kids" involves a broader age range than "17 year olds," too, and
creates a bigger percentage of parents who limit viewing for them.  I would
think it's enough to replace the word "kids" with the phrase "17 year olds" to
reduce 54% to a minority view.)

  (Regarding videogame violence, which is part of how the ratings are estab-
lished and factors into ratings of GTA games):

  There is no causal relationship between videogame violence and actual vio-
lence--in fact, playing games has increased while actual violence has decreased.

  A game publisher has to disclose the playable and unplayable, if pertinent in
deciding a rating, content...

  ( Hot Coffee stuff...)

  ...of their game to the ESRB.  Hackers...

  (...people who illegally trespass on your PC or PC software...)

  ...will find the unplayable stuff, but didn't cause the ESRB rating change;
what was made available by modification...

 (...modding, which is usually not hacking, or at least nobody bothers to call
it that since it's a mutually good relationship and no one expects charges to be

  ...was content that caused the rating change.


  European countries left the rating for "San Andreas" alone.  However, Austra-
lia re-rated it from MA15+ (note the 15 instead of 17) to RC: "Refused Classi-
fication" (a forced choice by the other standards), so it was banned from stores
there till Rockstar put out a second edition.

  I remember something about the "Vice City" hooker trick, where Tommy and the
hooker sat across from each other with their clothes on and the car rocked, not
being employed in the Australian "Vice City," so I guess no one was real sur-
prised about that.

  A Wikipedia article about Australian censorship is at:

  One thing I noticed about it is that Australian TV seems at least as relaxed
about matters of sex and language as in the U.S., and their movie rating system
reserves an RC rating for the most controversial types of NC-17-rated movies.
The Office of Film and Literature Classification, the OFLC, just doesn't seem to
have gotten around to finishing their work on creating enough rating categories
for Australian PC and video games yet.


  Rockstar put out a v1.01 patch for the game to censor the uncensor for the
censor and fix a few bugs in Aug. (9?), 2005.  (It was meant to change the
gta_sa.exe so you couldn't mod the .scm or .img files the HC content, and the
nude girlfriend content, the HC mod uses.  But see the beginning of the modding
section for jarjar's method of modding the second edition--see X.)

  See I.2.e for information on the patch that censors the game--and some related
problems the patch caused me in running the game.  If you use the patch, press
"N" for "No" when the girlfriend asks if C.J. wants some coffee or you may need
to press your computer's reset button.

  In a glitch I haven't heard anyone else report, when I had C.J. date Michelle
in the patched version, she gave him a pantomime BJ, anyway (suggested; again,
it doesn't show his private portions) on the sidewalk.  (Wasn't Pantomime BJ
good?  I think Red Skelton was influenced by him a lot--no, no, no.  Sorry.)

  You could get the problem the patch caused me of it taking a number of efforts
to get the game to load up, which Take-Two told me to solve by reinstalling the
game without the patch.  (One possible cause of that is having a DVD burner/
player made by a company like NEC that's been bought by another so no longer of-
fers upgrades.)

  Rockstar can't put out a game or one of these things much better than Mark
Twain could make investments (although a lot more profitably).  And that's why
we love 'em--it makes them more human.  I think part of the fun of GTA's is fig-
uring out ways to go to ghost world and all--what monkey wrenches they threw
into the works to make planes wreck nearby, etc.  Anyone with unrealistic ex-
pectations should not lay hands on our dear li'l Dodo.

  Rockstar released the Second Edition of the game, rated M, without the Hot
Coffee content.

  It was originally thought you couldn't mod v.2 in certain ways--in that re-
gard, anyway, it wasn't the "complete Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas experience"
the Rockstar web site claimed.  There's another reason to not like how some peo-
ple stirred up too much trouble over something which a 17 year old boy, if he
saw it on Google Image search, would probably click right past and wonder where
the good stuff was.  But see the start of section X not only for an explanation
of the ways you can mod each, but for a way to be able to mod v.2 like v.1.

  I have the original version of "San Andreas," and I'm glad both Brendan62 and
Escandero made "San Andreas" conversions of Klarnetist's "Vice City" conversion
of Viewpoint DataLabs' 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air hardtop.  I liked it a lot for
"Vice City" (it looks like the car my Dad had when I was a kid).  I'm glad I got
the game early.  (The .txd and .dff files you change for car mods and such are
models > gta3.img files.)
  [email protected]

  The Special Edition on PS2 comes with the Introduction and a documentary di-
rected by Carol Strong, "Sunday Driver," about the Compton/Watts branch of the
Majestics--people who mod cars into lowriders.  At the site given below, click

  If you need the original, check eBay.  I've gotten some good bargains on games



  The R-rating-type AO rating

  This gets confusing.  Fistfights will be held outside afterward with some
lovely refreshments.

  If you use the option of nude girl friend models, they aren't real realistic
and don't jiggle like they could.  Like soft core porn, the actors go through
the moves without showing their stuff between their legs, and it lasts about a
minute or so.  It adds to the fun and variety of pretending you're making a
movie, and it's done with some humor, but it's hard to imagine it turning some-
one on.  Unless someone mods the models, it could make an underage kid that sees
it not want to have sex (or certain they could do it better; it sure is over
with fast, for one thing).

  All this fuss over some sex scenes with a guy with his pants on--poor C.J..
You can use a Rockstar version of the girlfriend models that lets you see the
little pixel niblets, but you still don't see between their legs.  Doesn't that
make it R-rated in movie terms?  I saw the "Monster's Ball," 2001, DVD, rated R,
with Halle Berry nude (and sexier) doing much the same things as the women in
these sex scenes and for a little longer, at a public library recently.  You'd
think AT and T was selling snuff films for the House of Representatives to both-
er about it.  All this over an R-rating?  I don't follow politics nearly as
closely as some, but apparently some people who do would be a little lost about
what the special fuss about is, too.

  In an article on the makers of "Vice City" in the Nov.28, 2002 Rolling Stone
magazine, pp.61-62, Sam Houser said: "At the end of the day, you can't fu** with
Keith Richards.  You can't argue with Keith Moon riding down the street in a
Rolls Royce with a blowup doll hanging out the window.  That guy is the original
punk rock.  And if we can bring a fraction of a percent of that to games, then
we're doing something."

  I like "Vice City," etc., more than some of the things I've liked by Lenny
Bruce (I've been bothered by criminals, and he financed organized crime, too
much for me to share the uncompromised hero worship of him some have had).  But
this doesn't remind me so much of the troubles he went through sticking to his
word about the censorship of words (which George Carlin has elaborated on) so
much as some modern variation of "Leave it to Beaver," with Hillary, etc., as
Mrs. Cleaver and Rockstar as the Beav:  "What are these pictures I found under
your pillow?"  "Larry was here yesterday and tried to show them to me, but I
wouldn't look, I scared him away.  He was in such a hurry to leave, I guess he
forget he put some under my pillow.  That must be how they got there--honest."
The more serious a big deal pronouncement is made over it--and I mean one way or
the other--the more dumb it sounds.

  Whoever of Rockstar made the original "hackers"/"source code" quote, some
Keith Moon they are.  Then again, he died.  You don't want to have "He gave his
life for funny anecdotes" on the tombstone.  At 32, your Mom's still giving you
a hard time for getting grass stains on your knees from playing softball, for
heaven's sakes.  You kids, don't you try that out there.  That's not a health
regimen for an ornery.

  It also seems significant to me that out of all the coverage I have for this
article, the Rockstar person who made the original "hackers"/"source code" quote
is the one person of an important statement and in an important position on the
issue that didn't make their name known publicly.

  I think you can still see part of a niblet of a stripper dressed in black, and
a Balla seems to get a BJ in a cut scene of "Cleaning the Hood," and the cartoon
violence is the same, so the second edition is still R-rated.  Why is it being
handled by some as though the mod were the equivalent of an NC-17-rated movie,
the kind made unavailable in Australia at that, and not R?  I don't think NC-17-
rated movies would be very competitive with guys that don't take their pants off
and women without genitalia (inflatable?).  What are we supposed to be figuring
is too much about that for 17 year olds, about half of whom are probably out
there banging the real thing, talking about it in study hall, with the guys old
enough for military service, even, at 18?  There are some 17 year olds out there
that could probably tell me some things I don't want to know....

  I don't think people are worried about 17 year olds in general seeing the car-
toon--I think people are taking those Skimmer weenies too seriously again.  Peo-
ple are worried that if they can't fly the Skimmer, they couldn't handle this;
they'll get frustrated and be unable to form healthy relationships.  They could
see C.J. move his shoulders instead of his hips, get the wrong idea, and where
would little baby Skimmer weenies come from?  (Then again, maybe that's not the
worst idea I've had all day....)  Everything about this is getting bent out of
shape all around the Skimmer weenies, much like the overall game itself--it's a
microcosm of the whole thing.

  I think this may be a several year old scientific study that tries to deter-
mine the percentage of the population that's made up of Skimmer weenies:

  Rockstar is worried their fans, meant to be adults, would see an R-rated mov-
ie--notably this thing?

  (Store managers, do your jobs--manage your cashiers.)

  I'm not.


  The PC mod and gameplay

  It comes with two versions.

  Make backup copies of your My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files, and of the
others you plan to change, which depends on which version you use.

  One lets you send C.J. to all the normally off-limit areas right away without
getting a wanted rating for it due to Craig Kostelecky's "Opened Up" mod, a
main.scm change he made.  You can send C.J. on dates right away to check out the
Rockstar hidden content--the indoor sex scenes which are suggested in the regu-
lar game when C.J. goes inside to have his girlfriend's coffee, and you have the
option of using Rockstar's nude girlfriends in the bedroom.  (And you see why
C.J. left his pants on--there's nothing to get into down there.)

  For that version, uncheck the green "read only" dot (see X.4) and make the
data/script/main.scm and data/script/script.img replacements.  Due to the data/
script/main.scm file change, you need to start a new  game afterward--the old
save games won't work with the new main.scm.

  The other lets you change a game that's already in progress.  You Al Tab out
of the save game you want to change, run the sacensor.exe, press "Y" that you
want to make the change, which switches the "censored"-flag, press "Enter" to
keep the change, then press "Enter" to leave the sacensor.exe.   Click the "San
Andreas" taskbar thingie to go back into the game and save the game.  (You can
load another save game and go through the same process if you want this with an-
other save game, too, if, like me, you wanted to see it with more than one girl-
friend right away.)  If you want the girlfriends to be nude, too, you then exit
the game, uncheck the green "read only" dot (see X.4), make a backup copy of
your data/script/script.img file if you haven't already, and use the data/
script/script.img replacement the other version uses.

  The sessions all start with a pantomime BJ seen from behind the girlfriend's
head.  (I have to visit the city by the bay one of these days.)  Then you try to
fill the Excitement bar.

  Again, I have Left Shift and Spacebar remapped to do each other's roles--I use
Spacebar for Jump and Left Shift for Sprint (see I.7.A).

  Press W or Up as C.J.'s head and shoulders go up, and S or Down as they go
down.  (That's the most movement in any position they take in the scene; you
don't see anything go in and out.)  Keep in synch with the rhythm--it gets a
little faster as the Excitement bar fills up.  To change position to one the
girlfriend might like better, press the Spacebar.  Press the LMB to change the
"camera" angle.  Changing the position and "camera" angle every beat or so fills
the Excitement bar faster.  Press F or Enter to quit.

  An exception is if C.J. wears the Gimp suit to date Millie: they have a spank-
ing session.

  Remember, I have Left Shift and Spacebar remapped to do each other's roles--I
use Spacebar for Jump and Left Shift for Sprint (see I.7.A).

  Press Left Shift, to spank, for just the instant that the Power bar is full.
The rhythm gets faster as the Excitement bar fills up.  Press the Spacebar to
have them change position, and press the LMB to change the "camera" view, too,
on the alternate beats to fill the Excitement bar faster.  It's done with some
humor: he knows a good psychiatrist she could see, and she spanks him if it
doesn't get her excited.  If C.J. doesn't wear the Gimp suit, they have a sex
session like C.J. usually has with a girlfriend.

  This isn't one of those complicated Frank Zappa experimental jazz or classical
rhythms, but if you have trouble with it, you can go through the sacensor.exe
process again and change it back, get 100% with Millie, then change it again.

  It doesn't have any bugs, other than that the female models don't look like
they were polished for a final release.  One has holes where the armpits should
be.  And it doesn't make you unable to get 100% completion of the game.


  The highly mysterious sexual niblets

  The people who made a big stink the mod want the game changed like the patch
changes it--which can mean to play the game without the mod or the patch--or
like the second edition changes it.  It keeps the girlfriends little niblets all
bundled up and makes sure any 17 year olds that get their hands on the game
won't imagine (it's still not thoroughly graphic) they're making love to a woman
in the privacy of her room--they'll play the role of a stalker that hangs out
outside when other people are having sex.  (A little walk-through advice for any
pure seventeen year olds who try that--do some loud mouth breathing and let a
little dribble fall on your shirt.)

  With the patched game running smoothly, you get to play C.J. as someone who
always says he's tired or busy whenever he's asked to have sex.  No wonder some
of the people over-reacting about the mod were so cranky.

  To look at the events of the controversy, you'd think that out of all the sex
and violence concerns people have fussed over regarding GTA games, the sole most
potently corrupting factor they contain for our pure youth are a woman's nib-
lets, and maybe a Barbie doll bum.  I had no idea the niblets were that power-
ful.  Or that our pure youth was so boring.  There's such a thing as too pure:
"Mom, all I need in my Christmas stocking is some fruit and a bag of walnuts."
I like some purity, but there's such a thing as too pure.  If you get sick, do
you want one of them working on you?  I don't.  "If there's blood, it could be
icky--maybe you ought to do it."  We can't have our youth being that pure at 17.

  Lord knows how they get by in countries where the women go around with their
niblets hanging about, or European countries where they're on TV.  They must be
countries of some kind of deviants.  Well, I think it's shocking.

  A special message for our pure youth

  I'm going to paraphrase (I can't remember the exact words) a part of a record
of Lily Tomlin did as Edith Ann--the part where she's asked where babies come

  "Don't you know?  A man puts his pe*is in a woman's vagi*a and plants a seed.
And a little baby grows, and it's very pink and tender.  Try to tell as many
people as you can in town."

  You can have a cigarette now--that part's over.

  How often have you heard of niblets the House of Representatives met over?
But these niblets are highly, y'know.  I don't know.  I'd take a look.  I'd want
to see these niblets--what the he** do they do?  I hope they use the nude models
option.  I hate to think of our tax dollars being wasted by a bunch of old
sleepy-heads sitting around watching a couple of people with their clothes on
dry humping.  (I think it's dry humping.  She's built like she's inflatable and
he just moves his shoulders--he could be reaching for the bicycle tire repair

  The lies a couple of big money Rockstar people told still creates a lot of
misdirected hate for a few little money people (slander and libel suits are for
the wealthy), and those Rockstar people it served haven't publicly corrected
their statements.  I generally like Rockstar GTA games and creators, but I don't
like that kind of thing--unnecessary hurting or unfair regard or treatment of
another--especially unnecessary in this case since the jig is up.

  I hope Rockstar didn't ultimately lose a lot of money over this thing; I like
them a lot, GTA's are my favorite games, and the credits indicate they have a
lot of people they pay for their work.  I hope the new versions will let modding
continue and make a mint so the well-meaning, do-gooder troublemakers (Skimmer
weenie parents, I'll bet), and a liar or two at Rockstar, don't cause them a set

  P.S.: I'd like to take a few modest steps in the direction of videogame his-
tory and reveal the few stills that remain of the scene Rockstar edited out as
too hot for Hot Coffee.  It's a prelude that explains why C.J. had to turn down
the coffee the 1st time Denise asked him in for some.  Notice that in the 2nd
scene it causes a general panic:

  According to a Jan.27, 2006 report by David Adams at the IGN web site, LA City
Attorney Rocky Delgadillo brought suit against Rockstar Games and Take-Two for
not truthfully disclosing the content of the "pornographic" mini-game.  (Again,
"pornographic" tends to refer to more graphic presentations.)  "The suit seeks
civil penalties, as well as ensuring Take Two and Rockstar fully disclose game
content to consumers."

  On the same day, an article by Jane Pinkard at the 1up web site added:  "The
suit also charges Rockstar with having blamed hackers for code that was subse-
quently found to be programmed by the developers. On behalf of consumers, Del-
gadillo is demanding that Take-Two pay fines and return $10 million of profit."

  According to a June 8, 2006 report by David Adams at the IGN web site, "the
Federal Trade Commission announced a proposed settlement with Take-Two Interac-
tive and Rockstar Games.

      "The FTC originally charged that the companies violated the FTC Act
    by representing San Andreas as a 'Mature'-rated game, failing to dis-
    close the hidden sexual content."

      "The FTC settlement requires that Take-Two and Rockstar 'clearly
    and prominently disclose on product packaging and in any promotion or
    advertisement for electronic games, content relevant to the rating,
    unless that content had been disclosed sufficiently in prior submis-
    sions to the rating authority.'  The companies cannot misrepresent
    content for rating descriptors, and must develop a system to ensure
    that all game content is 'considered and reviewed' when submitted to
    a ratings authority."  Take-Two and Rockstar could be fined "up to
    $11,000 in civil penalties if the settlement is violated.  The com-
    panies must also meet compliance reporting requirements."

  According to Wikipedia: "In 2006 attorneys brought several class actions al-
leging Take-Two committed consumer fraud.

      "In December 2007, a settlement of the litigation was reached.  In
    2008, Ted Frank filed an objection to the settlement on the grounds
    that the settlement sought $1 million for attorneys' fees but only
    paid class members less than $27,000.  A court hearing is scheduled
    June 25, 2008. Frank previously told GamePolitics that the lawsuits
    were meritless and extortionate.

      "As part of the settlement, Take-Two will pay a $870,000 cy pres
    award to the National Parent-Teacher Association and the ESRB.

      "As of June 25, 2008, less than 2,700 claimants responded to the
    settlement, for which the plaintiff's attorneys expressed disappoint-
    ment.  Frank expressed that this was further proof that the case had
    no merit."

  According to Alexander Sliwinski on June 25, 2008 at, "2,676
claims were filed.  GTA: San Andreas had sold approximately 12 million copies
according to Take-Two when the scandal broke in mid-2005, meaning that 0.022% of
consumers were actually 'offended and upset.'"


  X.9.b  Other hidden San Andreas pedestrians

  There are other pedestrians in "San Andreas" that can be unlocked to give the
place even more variety.  DeeZire has found drunken tramps stagger, drink, p**,
and might throw up on your car (both with the yellow smoke-like stuff that
doesn't collect on the floor, seen in the regular game when C.J. is given eleven
meals in a row and throws up, and in "Don Peyote").  He's also found code in
the game files to have someone direct traffic, someone to wash windows, more
Grove Street gang members, a journalist, etc.  A little of it might be what
would be R-rated in a movie, but, again, I think it should be available the same
way.  DeeZire is working on a mod that includes putting a variety of things in
the game files back into the game.

  I wonder if the tramp's behavior is an idea, later discarded, that led to
there being megabytes of bathrooms in "San Andreas"--in a lot of save houses and
fast food places--without them having been used for any funny graffiti or such.
The last time I remember one being used in the series was for an offbeat place
to meet Ray Machowski in "III," so the bathrooms are possibly the remnant of the
idea the discarded code was for.  If it was in the melee weapons slot and you
fired it with the LMB, I'm not sure what the weapon icon for that would have
been, or if some guys would give it more mass and better durability in the
handling.cfg file--no, no, no.

  DeeZire's "Things To Do in San Andreas 'Till You're Dead (Volume 1)" mod

  GTANet Annual Forum Award > winner of "GTA Modding Awards - Best Mission Mod"

  DeeZire has put a lot of edited missions, dialogue, and phone calls back into
the game, has the trolley take passengers, etc., etc.  The dialogue in most mis-
sions has been randomized to be different each time you play them.  The Dodo has
correct lighting, too!  See the big list of changes at the next link.  (TGIPC.)

  Trailer, etc.


  SilentPL's 1.2 patch  The patch was released on June 9, 2012.  The mod works
the same on XP, Vista and 7, "End of the Line" bug fixed, etc.

  Blacksteel's unique challenges map

  Deezire recommends that you: "have a full, clean install of GTA: SA before
launching the installer and DO NOT interrupt it.   It has to patch some files
that are almost 1GB in size so it will look like it's hung but don't worry, if
there is any problem it will abort itself.  On Vista, you may have to run the
game in compatibility mode for Win XP (SP2) and run as administrator.  Stability
also improves if you disable DEP for the gta_sa executable (but this should not
be necessary for most users)."

  "I think you'll be surprised at how subtly different yet consistent the story-
line is when everything that was removed or changed gets re-inserted.  One last
thing - I'd just like to express my sincere thanks and gratitude to those who
helped along the way, especially the guys who have been patiently coming back
here - aftburner, melolo, Chesser, barrygateaux and the rest of you - your sup-
port, encouragement and patience has been much appreciated and makes me think
the work is worthwhile."

  X.9.c  The Nude Girlfriends mod

  Psy's mod doesn't require a bunch of .dff and .txd file changes, it just
changes which ones the peds.ide file has the game use.  You just need to change
the peds.ide file, and Psy considerately supplies a backup copy of the original,

  X.9.d  How to change the way they walk

   Uncheck the green dot for the "GTA San Andreas" folder.  Copy and paste a
copy of the data\peds.ide file in My Documents, and open peds.ide with Notepad
and save a text copy in My Documents, too, as backups.

  The description "sexywoman" gives the ped the sexy woman walk.

  X.10  Cars and bikes

  X.10.a   How to change their wheels

  You don't need to use DMagic1's Wheel Mod if you install a vehicle mod that
comes with wheels to make the new wheels appear, as for "Vice City."  As Ben
Millard told me, Rockstar changed the DFF format so it isn't necessary.  You
can still change the style and size of the wheels in data\vehicles.ide.

  A post by DexX, in a section helped by offroader23, at GTA Forums under GTA
Modding > Editing Discussion > Vehicles > Pinned: San Andreas Vehicle Tech Doc
(PC only!), describes how to change "San Andreas" wheel sizes.

  I've paraphrased it a little since my readers won't see multiple colored text:

  1. Open data\vehicles.ide.  The data for the Landstalker, for example, looks
like this:

400, landstal,  landstal,  car,  LANDSTAL,  LANDSTK,  null, normal,  10, 0, 0,
-1, 1.0, 1.0,  -1

  2. If your using a car that was converted from "Vice City," or the wheels look
drastically too big, change the number in the position of the 1st negative one
in the example from -1 to 0.  When this value is set to 0, it tells the game to
scale the wheel model with the next set of values.  When this value is -1, it
derives the size of the wheel model directly from the mesh, and the wheel scale
values will only affect the wheel collision.

  3. The pair of numbers after the 1st negative one in the example--1,0 and
1.0--control the size of the front and rear wheels.  Adjust them as needed to
get the size you want.  (Note: "Vice City" used one number and "San Andreas"
uses two.)

  X.10.b   How to change their mass,
                     ability to stay upright and hug the driving surface,
                     ability to survive in water,
                     cornering and braking, top speed, acceleration,
                     suspension, durability, and miscellaneous jazz

  Uncheck the green dot for the "GTA San Andreas" folder.  Copy and paste a
copy of the data\handling.cfg file in My Documents, and open handling.cfg with
Notepad and save a text copy in My Documents, too, as backups.

    B  fMass                                                       The weight
    D  fDragMult                                                 Surface/air resistance to move-
                                                                              ment--lowering D increases ac-
    H  CentreOfMass.z                                      The vertical center of gravity
    I  nPercentSubmerged                                 Percent that sinks in water
                                                                              while it floats
    J  fTractionMultiplier                                    Cornering traction (multiplied 
                                                                              times surface.dat)
    K  fTractionLoss                                           Braking/accelerating traction
                                                                              (multiplied times surface.dat)
    N  TransmissionData.fMaxVelocity              Top speed limit
    O  TransmissionData.fEngineAcceleration   Rate of acceleration
    P  TransmissionData.fEngineInertia             The resistance of the engine to
                                                                              acceleration--a higher figure
                                                                              makes acceleration more gradual

    a  fSuspensionForceLevel                            Use these four with Ben "Cerbera"
    b  fSuspensionDampingLevel                           Millard's CFG Studio 2 to change
    d  suspension upper limit                                  the suspension
    e  suspension lower limit

   ab  fCollisionDamageMultiplier                      A lower number makes the engine
                                                                             take less damage from collision.

   ac  nMonetaryValue                                      Used for the "cost of property
                                                                             damaged" Stat

   af   modelFlags                                             Use these two with Ben "Cerbera"
   ag  handlingFlags                                             Millard's CFG Studio 2 to change
                                                                            various aspects--see "Miscellan-
                                                                            eous jazz" below

   ah  front lights                                              Types of head lights
   ai   rear lights                                               Types of tail lights

  Note: since "Vice City," column E has been dropped.  Remember to count a blank
column for E as you think "A,B,C...." across the columns for "San Andreas."

  The columns after V have been renamed since "Vice City."  For example, column
Y, the fCollisionDamageMultiplier in "Vice city," is called column ab in "San


   To change the mass

  Making a vehicle as heavy as a truck in column B will help your vehicle bang
things out of the way (increase ab, durability, too, if you're going to slam it
into things with more force) and give it the ability to coast longer.  Increas-
ing Mass will also reduce acceleration, so you might compensate for that by in-
creasing Engine Acceleration, O.


  Ability to stay upright and hug the driving surface

  Make H a negative number--a taller, bigger vehicle can take a bigger negative
number, but not as big as the same size vehicle could take in "Vice City" or the
vehicle will flip around like a fish out of water.  Try a negative one or two
for a sedan and season to taste.


  Ability to survive in water

  The lead character in a GTA can swim now, but you can still lose a vehicle to
the water.  To have a vehicle that C.J.'s using spawn on land instead, give col-
umn I a -1.


  Cornering and braking

  Traction for cornering and braking is created by the game multiplying the num-
ber of J or K with the numbers of data\surface.dat.

  J is cornering traction.

  K is braking traction.

  Thanks again to Ben "Cerbera" Millard for telling me the difference in how to
make sharper turns in "San Andreas." : "Hard acceleration whilst turning in a
front-drive car in GTA3 and GTAVC games would significantly reduce the turning
circle, IIRC."  In "San Andreas," accelerating pushes the trajectory into a
wider arc, so you get sharper turns by releasing acceleration.


  Maximum velocity and acceleration

  Acceleration can be increased by increasing Engine Acceleration, O, or by re-
ducing Mass, B, Drag, D, or Inertia, P.  Increasing Drag will also lower Max
Velocity, but increasing Inertia won't affect Max Velocity.

  The Max Velocity can be increased by raising Max Velocity, N, or Acceleration,
O.  It can be reduced by increasing Drag, D.

  In "San Andreas," unlike the case in "Vice City," an increase in Mass doesn't
increase Max Velocity.

  Ben Millard gives an acceleration value of about 15 for a normal car, about 25
for a sports car, and about 30 for a super car.

  Acceleration of 35 is high for "San Andreas"--50 is well beyond that of a pur-

  A top speed of 350 is high for "San Andreas"--500 is ridiculous.



  You can use Ben "Cerbera" Millard's CFG Studio 2 (to do the work done previ-
ously by his Rescaler) to calculate how to adjust the suspension of vehicles in
the data\handling.cfg file of "III," "Vice City," and "San Andreas."

  In CFG Tool 2, open handling.cfg, highlight the vehicle you want to change,
then click Tools > Suspension.  Change the number for "Springs" under "Suspen-
sion Data" to change the value for "Springs" under "Effect in GTA."  Do the same
wth "Dampers" under the two headings.  There's a guide that lists the suspension
effects you can create, from "truck, old car, off road vehicle" to "exotic rac-
ing car," on the bottom of the screen.

  Under "Effect in GTA," make the number for "Damper" bigger than the one for
"Springs."  (Notice that the original numbers do that.)

  I copy the numbers under "Suspension Data" I need to change for Springs (col-
umn a fSuspensionForceLevel) and Dampers (column b fSuspensionDampingLevel),
exit CFG Studio 2, then change handling.cfg manually.



  Ben also assures me that 0.00 is safe to use for ab for strong durability.


  Miscellaneous jazz

  You can use Ben "Cerbera" Millard's CFG Studio 2 to calculate how to change
the flags of the vehicles in the data\handling.cfg file of "III," "Vice City,"
and "San Andreas."

  Open the data\handling.cfg file with CFG Studio 2.

  The data\handling.cfg file of "San Andreas" has two columns of numbers for
flags: af, ModelFlags, and ag, HandlingFlags.  Use the LMB and click to high-
light one of the two boxes of these numbers for a vehicle.  Use the RMB to click
it to make a menu appear--left click "Edit Cell...  F2" on it to make a larger
menu appear.

  This larger menu has a collection of phrases that describe each of all the
possible functions for this column of flags on it.  Each phrase is preceded by a
check box.  If you left click a box to add or remove a check, the numbers in the
highlighted box change to the numbers--the flag--for the checked boxes.

  You can then use Notepad to copy that number in the corresponding column of

  You might make sure NPC_NEUTRAL_HANDL and NPC_ANTI_ROLL aren't checked for a
law enforcement, criminal, or gang vehicle you want to weaken.  If used, they
make a vehicle less likely to spin out or roll over, respectively, when driven
by someone other than C.J..


  X.10.c    Game play advantages

  X.10.d    Making vehicles weaker or stronger

  If you want to make law enforcement vehicles weaker, they include:

  POLICE_LA, POLICE_SF, POLICE_VG, HPV1000, POLRANGER (used in country areas),

  X.10.e    How to create your own "Alloy Wheels of Steel" Freeway

  To make a Freeway handle like a "Vice City" "Wheels of Steel" Angel, you only
need to change two numbers.

  Uncheck the green dot, etc., and make backups.  Lower H from 0.0 to -0.3 and
raise J from 1.2 to 3.0 in data\handling.cfg.

  X.10.f  How to change their colors

   Uncheck the green dot for the "GTA San Andreas" folder.  Copy and paste a
copy of the data\carcols.dat file in My Documents, and open carcols.dat with
Notepad and save a text copy in My Documents, too, as backups.

  The numbers in data\carcols.dat come in pairs.  The 1st of each pair is the
color of the exterior, and the 2nd is the trim.

  A chart of the colors is at GTA Gaming.

  A Pay 'n' Spray is a good place to see your results.

  It looks like, beyond the 1st ten colors, the colors are different than they
were for "Vice City."

  You get a lot of choices for exterior colors at one of the car modding shops
in the game, and you can also use saracoglu's GTA SA Control Center for the
patched or unpatched version of the game--see X.13.c.

  X.10.g  How to change their on-screen names

  The GTA: San Andreas GXT Editor

  You can use the GTA: San Andreas GXT Editor 1.3 by Hammer83 to change the ve-
hicle name that appears in the lower right corner of the screen when C.J. enters
a vehicle in "San Andreas."

  Click "File" and "Open" Rockstar\GTA San Andreas\text\american.gxt.  "MAIN" is
selected in the "Table Name" box.

  Click "Search," "Find Value... Ctrl+F," and a "Find" menu appears.  Put the
name of the vehicle you want to change the name of in the "Find what" box, and
click "Find Next."

  The name of the vehicle is selected in the "Value" column and appears at the
upper left corner of the big screen on the right.  Change the name that's on the
big screen.

  Click "File," "Save as," and a "Save As" menu appears which should have ameri-
can.gxt in the "File name" box.  Click "Save."

  X.10.h  How to change the traction of surfaces

  Uncheck the green dot for the "GTA San Andreas" folder.  Copy and paste a copy
of the data\surface.dat file in My Documents, and open surface.dat with Notepad
and save a text copy in My Documents, too, as backups.

  To increase traction for all vehicles that drive on a surface, give that sur-
face a 6 (even 12, as in Dicanio's "Surf's Up Billboard Jump" mod for "Vice
City").  I generally leave it alone for the variety and make my traction changes
in columns J and K in data\handling.cfg.

  X.11  Weapons and Attackers

  How to lessen or beef up the severity of attacks

  Uncheck the green dot for the "GTA San Andreas" folder.  Copy and paste a copy
of the data\weapon.dat and pedstats.dat files in My Documents, and open them
with Notepad and save text copies in My Documents, too, as backups.

  How to make a gang or type of pedestrian less aggressive

  This segment of the opening of data\pedstats.dat gives you a guide:

# D: Fear                       (0-100) 100=Scared of everything
# E: Temper                  (0- 10)  100=Bad Tempered
# F: Lawfulness            (0-100) 100=Boy Scout
# G: Sexiness               (0-100)
# H: Attack strength      (float multiplier to attack damages)
# I:  Defend weakness  (float multiplier to received damages)

  To make a gang more peaceful, make D higher, E lower, F higher, H lower, and I
higher for it in pedstats.dat.  The gangs are only numbered in pedstats.dat, but
the names to associate with those numbers is given in pedgrp.dat: gang one is
the Ballas, two is the Grove Street Families, three is the Los Santos Vagos,
four is the San Fierro Rifa, five is the Da Nang Boys, six is the Italian Mafia,
seven is the Triads, and eight is the Varrio Los Aztecas.

  (Note: BUSKER" is back in pedstats.dat with a Sexiness rating of 90, and I
still don't know why.)

  How to make a weapon weaker or stronger

  You might want to make these weapons weaker:

   Most policemen, gang members,
        drug dealers, and some hookers      Pistols
   SWAT and some Ballas                         Micro SMGs
   FBI                                                         SMGs
   Army                                                      M4s
   Some policemen at three wanted
        stars or higher, and some army
        soldiers                                             Shotguns

  You might want to make your favorite weapon for C.J. stronger.  You might try
the Tec9 for that since it can be dual-wielded, used for drive-bys, is used by
Big Smoke for "Wrong Side of the Tracks," can be used with the Jetpack--and it
fires faster than a Pistol and isn't used by law enforcement.

  If you want to edit the strength of a weapon--Big Smoke's Tec9 in "Wrong Side
of the Tracks" comes to mind--use data\weapon.dat.

  Example: making the Tec9 as strong as a Minigun

A:string           B:string eFireType    C,D:float targetRange,     E,F:int modelId1,
weaponType                                                   weaponRange              modelId2
$ TEC9            INSTANT_HIT              25.0 30.0                    372
$ TEC9            INSTANT_HIT              30.0 35.0                    372
$ TEC9            INSTANT_HIT              35.0 35.0                    372

G,H:int reloadSampleTime1,    I:int weaponslot     J:AssocGroupId    K:int ammoClip
        -1                                          4                        colt45                       50
        -1                                          4                        colt45                       50
        -1                                          4                        colt45pro                100


L:int damage    M,N,O:float    fireOffset x, y, z      P:int skillLevel
                                                                             0:POOR 1:STD 2:PRO
20                    0.45 -0.05            0.11                     0
20                    0.45 -0.05            0.11                     1
20                    0.45 -0.05            0.11                     2


Q:req stat level to get     R, S:float accuracy (0.5 - 2.0f),
this weapon skill level               move speed (0.5 - 1.5)
    0                                     0.75   1.0
  50                                     1.05   1.0
999                                     1.1     1.0

T,U,V: int animLoop     W,X,Y:int animLoop2     Z: int breakoutTime
   start, end, fire                  start, end, fire         
   11 15 12                          6 11  7                          99
   11 15 12                          6 11  7                          99
   11 15 12                          6 11  7                          99

  Descriptions for some of the categories:

  A  Weapon type     The name of the weapon (it may be different in the game)
  C  Target range      How far you can target with the weapon
  D  Weapon range   How far the weapon is effective
   I   Weapon slot      The weapon slot the weapon is used in
  J   Associated
        group ID           The weapon group the weapon is classified as being in
  K   Ammo clip         How many bullets are fired before the weapon must reload
  L   Damage             Damage created by the weapon
  P  Skill level            Poor, standard (Gangster), pro (Hitman)
  Q  Stat level 
        required for
        Skill level          The Stat required to attain the Skill levels shown in P
  R  Accuracy            Likelihood of hitting a target   

  I left out the meanings of the numbers of the flags.  You might want to change
the flag to change the spread or radius of the effectiveness of the weapon,
whether or not it can be dual-wielded ("twin pistol"), whether or not you can
crouch with it ("crouch fire"), etc.  I haven't tried it, but you might try the
San Andreas Ultimate Editor for those things.

  Write down the original numbers for the Tec9 before you make any of the
changes suggested below, so you can change the numbers back if you want to.  And
un-check the green "read only" dot 1st (see X.4).

  You might increase the numbers for column C to increase the distance targeting
is effective for the Tec9, and increase D to increase the range of the Tec9.  A
Minigun has 65.0 for target range and 75.0 for weapon range.

  I didn't change I, the weapon slot.

  I just give J to make it easier to find K and L in the jumbled presentation
of numbers.  For the Tec9, J is "colt45" and "colt45pro," and for the  Minigun,
it's "flame."

  You might increase K for the Tec9 to 500, the amount of ammo the Minigun uses
before it needs to be reloaded.

  You might give the three figures under column L, damage, bigger numbers, like
for a Minigun, to make the Tec9 stronger.  Which of the three numbers is used
depends on which of the three levels of skill (pre-Gangster, Gangster, Hit-man)
C.J. has with the weapon.  I don't know which number corresponds to the Tec9 Big
Smoke uses, so I'd change all three for column L.   A Minigun has 140 for dam-

  You need to increase the three numbers for R to give the modded Tec9 more ac-
curacy.  If you make the other changes but not this one, the reticle expands too
much, and the radius of the shots becomes too wide, for the shots to be effec-
tive on distant targets.  The original Tec9 numbers for R are 0.75, 1.05, and
1.1.  A special thanks to Spaceeinstein--I asked him to help me with that, and
he told me that changing each of them to 11.0 fixes the problem.

  Q shows the three Stat levels needed to attain poor, standard, and pro skill
level--the three levels shown in P.  The last two levels are called Gangster and
Hitman in the game.  I haven't tried it yet, but you might change Q to 0, 1, and
2, and make the kind of changes I recommended for the Tec9 (see X.11), so C.J.
(Big Smoke?) can attain the Hitman level faster.  Changing the ar_stats.dat file
as recommended in "Maximum Stats of all kinds in one sitting" (III.5) might be
enough for that without changing the weapon file.

  I tried "Wrong Side of the Tracks" with the numbers changed this way, and Big
Smoke got all the Vagos before they could get to the train tunnel every time.
C.J., an HPV1000, and a Tec9 modded this way make for a much easier Vigilante
mission, too.

  C.J.'s enemies who use a Tec9:

  "Drive Thru" (two in the car)
  "Drive By" (one in each of the four groups; C.J.'s gang has better aim,
though, so just keep some distance from the enemies)
  "Sweet's Girl" (a couple by the curb, you might have C.J. get them with Molo-
tovs from the S side of the house)
  "House Party"
  "Pier 69"
  "The Da Nang Thang" (some use Tec9s)
  "Los Desperados" (all except the two with a Flamethrower and a Rocket Launch-

  You might add the modded file to your folder with "Orig" or "Mod" added to the
name of the one you're not using at the time.

  X.12  Helicopters
                       How to make a helicopter easier to fly

  To make a helicopter easier to fly, all I have so far is to un-check the green
dot (see X.4), etc., and give it some figures similar to one that's easier to
fly, like the Maverick or Sea Sparrow, in data\handling.cfg.

  I haven't had a hard enough time flying anything to make me want to fiddle
with it, but I could make a few suggestions from looking at the handling file.

  You might want to give the Hunter, used in Pilot school and useful for Vigi-
lante missions, some values closer to those of the Maverick, which is easier to
handle.  It would be easier if you could just change the Maverick to have the
weaponry of the Hunter, but you can't change that with data\handling.cfg.

  You could go to the Project Cerbera web site and see Ben "Cerbera" Millard's
tutorial about GTA San Andreas handling.cfg.  I've often used the Notepad fea-
ture of Windows Home XP or Vista to make changes to handling.cfg.  But you might
also use Cerbera's CFG Studio 2, which neatly organizes the handling.cfg file,
bigger than the one for "Vice City," lets you make changes to it, and lets you
choose whether or not you want to save the changes.

  He tells me it would basically work to give the one helicopter the figures for
the other.  Leave the flags alone since you probably want the Maverick to have
the special Hunter features.

  B, Mass, is bigger for the Hunter than for the Maverick, but since mass fac-
tors into acceleration--more mass makes for faster acceleration, and you want
the Hunter to be fast, you wouldn't reduce B.  You might increase N, Top Speed,
and O, Acceleration, for the Hunter--once you like how it handles--and see if
you like the increase in speed.  But you could instead use the basic idea of the
tip sent to me by Carl Johnson for "Freefall"--he reduced drag, column D, by
1/4th for the Dodo, which made it accelerate faster.

  You might want to give the Hunter some values closer to those of the Maverick
for C, Turn Mass, which Cerbera defines as being "used to calculate motion ef-
fects" (but which he needs to do experiments with) and see if that helps (?).
You could also give the Hunter a 0.00 for column ab, fCollisionDamageMultiplier,
so it won't matter so much if you bang it into things while experimenting with

  The 1st group of handling definitions for flying vehicles are listed in han-
dling.cfg after the cars and bikes in a section called "planes."  Further, about
3/4ths, down the page is a 2nd section of data, columns A through V, just for
the flying vehicles.  It's used if you use the IS_HELI or IS_PLANE flag.  It has
things like Pitch, which Cerbera defines as "nose up/down force," PitchStab,
which he defines as the "stabilizing effect when moving nose up/down," and Turn-
Res.x, which he defines as "resistance against plane pitching up/down?."

  I'd use Cerbera's handling definitions guide, where those definitions are
given as "Flying Data" about 3/4ths down his web page, and the data used for the
Maverick in the 2nd batch of figures for flying vehicles in the handling.cfg
file, to make it easier and guide me in changing that 2nd batch of figures for
the Hunter.

  For example, you might try changing these figures for the Hunter to be like
those for the Maverick to see if it makes the Hunter fly forward for longer dis-
tances at a steady angle like the Maverick can.

  X.13    Miscellaneous mods, etc.

  X.13.a  The San Andreas Place Manager

  Jacob and Racer_S have a device that's easy to use for finding all the Tags,
Oysters, Snapshots, Horseshoes, and going to Liberty City in "San Andreas."  You
Have it running while "San Andreas" is running, Alt Tab out of the game, scroll
to and select the destination you want--Tag 4, etc--then click "Teleport!"
Click the San Andreas window thing in the task bar to go back to the game.

  The GTA Forums posts about it are at:

  Check to make sure it's compatible with v1.01 of the game if you use the

  X.13.b  The Map Teleporter/Vehicle Spawn

  Blehbeb has a teleporter that lets you get to the same coordinates as used by
the Place Manager without having to Alt Tab out of the game and back--it uses
hot keys.

  Check to make sure it's compatible with v1.01 of the game if you use the

  X.13.c  The GTA SA Control Center

  Alper Saracoglu, the author of the GTA Vice City Administrative Console, has
an updated version of the Administrative Console called the GTA SA Control Cen-
ter that works with either the patched or unpatched version of "San Andreas."
It's available at his web site and has a message board at GTA Forums:

  Thanks to Mark Stinson for telling me to remind you to use the drop down box
in the lower right corner of the Control Center to show which version of the
game you have.

  A few notes from the ReadMe file for the Control Center:

  You can start the Control Center then start the game, but wait for your save
game to load fully before using the shortcut keys.  If you want to start it
while the game is running, press Esc to go to the menu screen, choose "Resume,"
Alt-Tab out of the game, then start the GTA SA Control Center.

  It features the ability to freeze mission timers that count up (like school
missions use), teleportation to coordinates (Tags, Liberty City, Unique Jumps,
etc.), the ability to make C.J. or any vehicle he's in "Everything-Proof," make
C.J.'s bullets cause one hit kills, assign vehicles to garages, use hotkeys,
edit Stats (Fat, dating percentage for a girlfriend once C.J. initiates dating
with her, etc.)  It has Jacob's vehicle spawner and can spawn the Phoenix, An-
dromada, any of the three Hotring Racers, S.W.A.T. van, F.B.I. truck, etc.

  To freeze the mission timer, go to the "Player Data" page and click "Freeze
Timers" during the mission you want to do that for.  Currently, the Control Cen-
ter stops mission timers that count up but we'll have to wait for a future ver-
sion for one that stops mission timers from counting down.  Saracoglu has made
the source code available for someone to develop it further.  (And many of us
hope that everything turns out well regarding the health reason he had to drop
work on it.)

  One way to get the coordinates of a location is to put C.J. in the location,
press Esc and choose "Resume," Alt-Tab out of the game, click the "Locations"
tab on the Control Center (notice that C.J.'s location is marked on the map),
and click the "Read from GTASA" button.  The numbers appear in the boxes for X,
Y, Z, and Angle.

  I give a few sets of coordinates, such as for the red shaft of light in
"Wheelie Weave," in this walk-through.

  I haven't tried it, but I imagine you could use the same method to get the
coordinates for the spot before each of the 1st two or three red shafts of light
in a street race you're having problems with to let C.J. get a big early lead in
later efforts.  You could use it to get the coordinates of an area before the
finish line of a stadium race you're having trouble with, too, and teleport
C.J.'s car there to drive over the finish line a few times to get a big early
lead with one of those.

  As noted in section I.10, a GTA Forums message posted by Fireman gave a list
of the coordinates for the PC version of the hidden interiors:

  One way you might transport C.J. (and the vehicle he's using, if any) is to
click the "Locations" tab.  Put the numbers you want to use in the boxes for the
X, Y, and Z coordinates and "Angle."

  Then, to assign teleportation to a pair of hotkeys, click the "Keyboard Short-
cuts" tab.  Select "Teleport" on the left.  Use the "Control Center Commands"
drop down box to select "Take me to Markup Location."   Check the box for Ctrl
or Alt to combine with whatever key you select from the drop-down box.  Click
the "Apply Changes" button.

  During the game, press that pair of keys to teleport C.J., and any vehicle he
may be using, to the location you picked.

  Unfortunately, if you try that for C.J. and his truck and trailer in the 8th
RS Haul mission, the trailer doesn't teleport.

  I used the Control Center to send C.J. to all 100 Tag locations and was done
in one sitting.  If you do that, click the "Keyboard Shortcuts" tab.  Choose a
Tag, like Tag 007, from the list of 100 of them in the "Teleport Locations" drop
down box.  Click the "Apply Changes" button.  On the left side of the page,
click the "+" by "Teleport" to open the tree and see the keyboard shortcuts used
to teleport.  In the game, I used Alt + N to teleport C.J. to the next location
and Ctrl + N to send him to the previous location.

  Send C.J. outside before you have him teleport.  If you do it while he's in an
interior that loads graphics, like the Johnson house, it sends him to ghost

  You can add a series of coordinates, such as for a run of Minigun ammo pick-
ups.  On the Locations tab, Click "New Group"--a new folder appears among the
folders of coordinates below.  Right click the new folder and click "Edit Label"
to name it.  Add a set of coordinates (or have the Control Center read them from
the game by clicking the "Read from GTASA" button) to the corresponding boxes,
then click the "Insert as new" button--a new item to Edit and name appears below
the folder.  (If you screw up and add something wrong to the list, click it to
highlight it then click the "Delete Selected" button.)  When you're through,
click the "Save to Config" button.

  For an ammo run that causes C.J. to enter a territory illegally, click the
Player Data tab and click the "Never Wanted" button.  Click the Locations tab,
click the 1st of your series of coordinates, and click the "Teleport" button.
On the Keyboard Shortcuts page, open the Teleport segment of the tree on the
left, click "ALT+N Teleport to next Location," which causes the hotkeys for it,
Alt and N, to appear in the corresponding boxes on the right--it also lets you
use Ctrl and N for your previous location.

  Ammo pickups reappear in six game hours--a little over six minutes.  To speed
up how fast they reappear, you can type SPEEDITUP twice--to return to regular
speed, type SLOWITDOWN twice.  Click the Vehicle and Game Data tab and click the
"Clear Cheat 'Status' and 'Count'" button before saving the game.

  I once used someone else's save file to help them with a mission. They must
have used a code because the game kept telling me I'd used a code when I hadn't.
The GTA SA Control Center has a "Clear Cheated 'Status' and 'Count'" function on
the right side of the "Vehicle and Game Data" page--it will reset your cheat
count to zero.

  Two bugs Alper reported:

  "When showing the in-game feedback text, if a gta-sa message has just been
shown indicating that one of your stats/skills have been changed, the same mes-
sage appears again (the skills/stats remain the same).  I think this is because
the gta-sa message has priority?  The stats themselves do not change!!  It is
only the text that reappears.

  "If you have already a weapon at hand, and clear all weapons, the player gets
stuck with the weapon carrying animation.  Workaround: please select the fists
(ie. no weapons) in game, and then use 'clear all weapons' command."

  Just to be safe, I do that to clear all weapons before using the Control Cen-
ter to make any change to C.J.'s weapons.

  Thanks to Viscera for a post that warns not to use extra weight for your vehi-
cle for "Robbing Uncle Sam" or the Forklift might not pick up crates, and not to
turn on Engine Health for "Just Business" or "The End of the Line" or C.J.'s car
will blow up, for some reason, when another enters it.

  Thanks to Bryan Lowe for writing to me that if you leave the vehicle protec-
tion on for the train mission, the train won't be able to go over 12 mph.

  You might like to try Alper Saracoglu's GTA Vice City Administrative Con-

  ...and his GTA3 Admin Console, too.

  X.13.d  The Skateboard mod

  Chris82 of GTAProjects has a mod to re-insert the Skateboard melee weapon
Rockstar designed for the game but didn't activate for the release of the game.
It re-enables the original animations for the melee weapon use of the skate-
board, too.

  X.13.e  The No Rust and Dirt mod

  GTAtor offers the Clean Cars mod and OffRoader23 offers the No Rust and Dirt
mod to keep vehicles looking clean.
  At go to Downloads > Grand Theft Auto - San An-
dreas > Patches  (now

  The original PC "San Andreas" doesn't feature PS2-type Pay 'n' Spray/save ga-
rage/rain car washes for vehicles that get dirty--they just stay dirty all the
time unless you use the v1.01 patch or one of these mods.  There's something to
be said for the realism of the little bit of dirt along the bottom sides of the
cars, but you can use one of these mods if you'd rather have clean vehicles
without creating the modding incompatibilities created by using the patch--you

  X.13.f  2x, 4x, and 10x Draw Distance mods

  The message board for this is at GTA Forums:

  Make a copy of your data\timecycle.dat file to keep for reference or to make
a copy from if you want to revert to the original version.

  Edison Carter provides the original file, too, if you forget to make a copy.

  And before you change anything, un-check the green dot 1st, etc. (X.4).

  These mods increase FarClp, the 28th number in each line of timecyc.dat.  The
bigger the number for it, the farther away things can be before they disappear.

  In the 1st group of eight rows, for EXTRASUNNY_LA, the original FarClp has
400.00, 800.00, or 600.00.

  For the group of eight rows for CLOUDY_SF, the original Farclp has 1150.00 for
each row.

  The 29th number in each row, FogSt, determines how far away the fog is--the
bigger the number, the farther away it is.  It's basically lower as the numbers
for FarClp get bigger.  I guess the reason for that is to make about the same
demands on the game engine: the more fog there is, the farther away things can
appear, and the less fog there is, the smaller the range things can appear in.

  It's not directly proportionate; for example, one pair of FarClp and FogSt
numbers is 400.00 and 100.00, another pair is 800.00 and 100.00, and another
pair is 800.00 and 10.00.

  For EXTRASUNNY_LA, the original eight numbers for FogSt are 100.00 or 10.00.

  For CLOUDY_SF, they're all -22.00.

  In a "4x" version, "4x" seems to refer to multiplying the 1st number given for
Farclp by four, then making all the others for FarClp the same.

  Sunrie came up with a 4x version I'm using right now.  It makes all the num-
bers for FarClp 1600.00 and makes all the numbers for FogSt 100.00.

  (It also changes GTA San Andreas\stream.ini for vehicles from 12 to 1200, but
I leave stream.ini alone.  I don't think it increases how far away cars can be
before they disappear, just how many appear in the viewing range.)

  Increasing the viewing distance not only lets you see things that are farther
away, but seems to make things in the mid-distance show up with richer hues more
assuredly (the result of increasing FarClp in the rows at the bottom of the

  The 10x version isn't too much for my newly-updated computer, but, as some
point out at the message board, it's glitchy due to the limitations of the game
engine, like when looking down from a high Parachute jump, with the best of PCs.
A message by [KFC]Nutz says that setting FarClp over 2,000 can make his game
crash if he gets too much of the territory in his view.  You might want to use a
number just beneath that as the highest you try.

   Pick the draw distance multiple you can run without problems on your comput-
er, using the draw distance bar in the options to adjust it.  Most can run a
multiple of two (no FarClp less than 800) or four times the 1st FarClp number.

  From greater to lesser demands on your system, you might try:

  - FarClp just under 2000 with FogSt below 100 changed to 100, 50, or un-

  - FarClp 1600 (the 1st FarClp multiplied by four) with FogSt below 100 changed
to 100, 50, or unchanged,

  - FarClp no less than 800 (the 1st FarClp multiplied by two) with FogSt below
100 changed to 100, 50, or unchanged.

  The typical modification makes an entire row the same number whereas the orig-
inal has more variety.  You might give your mod the sort of variety of the orig-

  If you want to get more pleasure out of the graphics of the game, and have a
PC that's at least moderately powerful for games, I recommend that you see which
version your system can handle.

  X.13.g  John Lennon's glasses

  Fragger has a mod that adds John Lennon's round National Health glasses to
C.J.'s choices of glasses:

  X.13.h  The Horseshoe Help mod
  JVT came up with The Horseshoe Help mod, which makes a big arrow, like ones
you've seen in GTA's, point down at each Horseshoe.

  X.13.i  The Driver mod

  Pavel gives us The Driver mod, which lets you have C.J. ride in a passenger in
a car or helicopter and do a drive-by from it.  Other features include having
C.J. transported in a private jet and a limo, a winch and magnet for the Levia-
than, Ammu-Nations that are fully stocked from the beginning of the game and
also carry both kinds of Rocket Launcher and the Minigun, and Armor, Health,
Bribe, and weapon pickups at all save places.  It's a main.scm file change, so
you can't use an old save game with it.

  X.13.j  The Roberto Clemente shirt

  NewYorkMantle has a skin to give C.J. the Roberto Clemente 1955-1972 Pitts-
burgh Pirate jersey with number 21.  It replaces the Pro-Laps Bandits top.

  To use it, use the IMG Tool to open models\player.img and replace bandits.txd.

  Roberto was the National League Batting Champion four times, was awarded
twelve Gold Gloves, selected National League MVP in 1966, and was chosen as the
MVP in the 1971 World Series.

  He died in a plane crash off the coast of Carolina on December 31, 1972 while
en route to deliver aid to earthquake victims in Nicaragua.

  Pittsburgh announcer Bob Prince used to say that a pitcher would be stupid to
try to hit Roberto Clemente with a pitch--it just made Roberto mad and he'd
knock the next one out of the park: pa-hoom.

  My Dad could draw a real good Roberto.

  X.13.k  The Tommy Vercetti shirt and Tommy's Shirt

  Loman has a skin that lets you give C.J. the default shirt (the one I usually
used) worn by Tommy Vercetti in "Vice City," except his shirt is open at the

  It has you use IMGtool 2.0 and TXD Workshop v3.4b or later (see X.6), and use
the .bmp file supplied to alter the .txd file of a shirt from model\ player.img.
If you extract hawaiiwht.txd to the .bmp folder, then open the .txd with the TXD
Workshop, like I did, the readme should note that you type "hawaiiwht.txd" in
the box along the bottom so you can click Import.

  Blues the Squirrel has another one, Tommy's Shirt, which just requires you to
replace the .txd file for hawaiired.txd.  With this one, the shirt is closed in
the front like Tommy's.

  Either shirt becomes available at the Victim clothes store.  They go good with
blue jeans from Bincos and either white sneakers from Pro-Laps or white low tops
from Sub Urban.

  X.13.l  Pizzadox's Plus 27 Trainer

  Pizzadox has a trainer that offers the ability to make C.J.'s bullets cause
one hit kills, etc.  The feature I especially like it for is the ability to stop
mission timers that count down found in missions like "Kick Start" or the Sub-
missions (Vigilante, etc.).  To stop those timers, press Esc to pause the mis-
sion once the timer is going, Alt-Tab out of the game, start the trainer, then
go back into the game.  This trainer is compatible with the unpatched version of
the original game.

  X.13.m  Heli Magnet

  Demarest (who helped me with a code change for "RC Bandit" in "Vice City" that
made it suitable for human life, and founded the Liberty City mod effort) has a
mod to let you use a towing magnet from any helicopter (as with the Leviathan in
"Up, Up, and Away!"). (link inactive)

  For some reason, Dem's uniquely helpful site isn't up.  His work can be found
at the next link:

  You might also want to look at his mods for "Vice City," including "Ancestral
Recall," which tells you which missions you have to do, and "Uniquecall," which
shows you, onscreen, where to start and end the Unique Jumps, which ones you
have left to do, etc.  They're about halfway down the page at the next link.

  X.13.n  Darkpact SA

  Demarest also has a mod that lets you make a main.scm change, if it's a script
change (like "Heli Magnet"--"one that can be displayed in simple text and is
meant to be added to whatever SCM") and not a code mod (one that "requires you
to replace your entire SCM"), without having to start a new game.  His instruc-
tions were included in the 3rd of the web pages given below.  On the 1st of
those web pages, Demarest offered versions for "III" and "Vice City," too.

  For some reason, Dem's site isn't up.  His work can be found at the next link:

  X.13.o  Speedometer

  Spookie, aka Spooky, has a speedometer--the kind with the needle in a circle--
that gives the speed of any vehicle C.J. rides in.  You enable it by putting a
little file in your main SA folder.  You can set it to measure speed by miles or
kilometers.  You can put it in any of the four corners of the screen, but you'll
probably put it in the lower right corner most or all of the time.

  Besides being interesting for comparing the top speeds of vehicles, it may
even help you with some missions.  It can help you better regulate how fast a
certain car can go without spinning out, etc., just as a speedometer can in real
life.  Besides races, it could help CJ. drive steadily at the speed a girlfriend

   Spookie tells me a small percentage--about 5%--of users have issues trying to
run it: "My guess is that it's being caused by the Securom copy protection,
since anyone that uses the NoDVD patch doesn't seem to have a problem.  Most
people not using the patch seem to get away with it working, but the odd few say
it doesn't show in-game at all."

  I was through trying the patch, as the list of mods to try grows, some time
ago, and I recommend it as the fine speedometer it always was.

  I used the identical-looking one he had for VC.  It looks nice, too.

  X.13.p  Gradius and Gyruss games mod

  Gta1player has a mod to let you play "Go Go Space Monkey" as Gradius and "They
Crawled from Uranus" as Gyruss, letting you see each one as the game it seems to
be based on.

  You use the IMG Tool (X.6) to replace a couple of .txd files to see Gradius
and replace one .txd file to see Gyruss.

  X.13.q  San An Studios

  If you stillfeellikedressingup, you could try San An Studios by ceedj of Paw-
fect Films with thanks to op9080 and Spooky.  It lets you change characters and
more to help you make videos with "San Andreas."  See the GTA Forums message
board for instructions and information about glitches.

  Try to not let C.J.'s  weight change or your model can go "wonky" or your game
can freeze.  Have the lead character change back into to C.J. to have them
change clothes or before C.J. has to use special clothes for a mission.

  You could also use Spaceeinstein's "All In One Mod" (X.13.ii) to spawn the
various peds or even have C.J. become one.  According to Spaceeinstein, "It's
with the MultiMod.  It includes every natural ped in the game and most deleted
and special peds.  It should also spawn peds that you added into the game if the
ped's ID corresponds with the MultiMod's ped's ID."

  As an alternative to that which is compatible with the rest of the game and
other mods, you might use one of the methods of Skin viewing and editing given
above (see X.8) to pick a character from the game you'd like as the lead charac-
ter, and use the IMG Tool (see X.6) to replace player.dff and player.txd, which
is C.J., with it in models\gta3.img.  I think you'd also need to use the method
given at "Maximum Stats of all kinds in one sitting" (see III.5) to change the
Muscle Stats so they don't increase above zero.

  X.13.r  MP5 ReSkin and more...

  cyber90 has a mod that provides a more realistic look for the knife and all
the guns and rocket launchers.  (Fred Willard-type Ammu-Nation voice: "...and
'boom!'--you've blown a hole in something!")

  Replace the .txd file in models\gta3.img with the .txd file in the mod for
each weapon you want to give more definition.  (Some people in the accompanying
message board have had problems with the clothes supplied with the mod--I
haven't tried those.)

  X.13.s  rc vehicles (drivable)

  Lancingluke has a mod that lets C.J. drive and fly the RC vehicles in "San An-
dreas."  NOW we're talkin,' buddy.

  Each vehicle requires a .dff, .txd, and handling file change, then you need a
car spawner (not supplied) to make it appear.

  As an alternative, I think you might try to do it the way Dicanio did for the
RC vehicles in "Vice City," described in the Miscellaneous mods section,
I.100.D.f, of "Glenster's Guide to Some of Vice City."  I haven't tried this,
but I think it would work: change the Class of each RC vehicle you want to
change in vehicles.ide from "ignore" to "moped," then change the handling.cfg
line for each the way I showed that Dicanio did for the "Vice City" RC vehicles
(remembering, as noted at X.10.b, that line E, the 4th number after the name of
the vehicle in "Vice City," isn't used in "San Andreas").

  X.13.t  Spurtster

  Rollies77 gives new life to the scooter-driving animations with a mod that re-
places the chassis of a scooter with the chassis of a lassy.  (Remember the Pole
Position bike mod for "Vice City"?  Crank 'er up and try for some stunt statis-
tics.  HOO-ha!)

  For this mod, you replace the .dff and .txd files of the Faggio.  There's al-
ways a Faggio at the Las Venturas Burger Shot Courier mission site: SW of the

  X.13.u  Heavens on Earth

  jarjar has a mod that puts those yellow inverted cones used to enter buildings
around Los Santos to make it more convenient to have C.J. enter 53 of the hidden
interiors of the ghost heavens I went on about in "Ghost hell, ghost world,
ghost heaven, and Liberty City" (see I.10).  You can't do missions with it, and
I'd like it better if it was integrated with the rest of the normal game, but
it's easy to replace a couple of folders and a file temporarily to have a look

  The normal Los Santos interiors, including save places, don't load, just hid-
den interior ones--sometimes.  At some entrances, C.J. just falls through gray
hell to his death, the car mod shops just make the game cut out, and sometimes
C.J. learns the hard way there's no collision file on a floor or door and falls,
etc.  It could help if the readme file directed you to the ones that work the
right way.

  You might just use Spaceeinstein's All In One Mod, X.13.ii, to see the inter-
iors and still be able to play the game.


  X.13.v  The Homie Mod

  9ine has a mod that adds three gang members to the three regular GSF gang mem-
bers: two from cutscenes and one who was in the original screenshots Rockstar
made for SA but who wasn't included in the game.  This is good for those of you
who thought C.J. went through a he** of a lot of work to end up with only three
people in his gang.

  Read the GTA Forums message board to find out how it's possible to add more to
the gang.

  X.13.w  CJ Skin Tweak 512 and 1024/512 Hi Res Skin Tweak

  Navetsea's first skinset gives C.J. better facial texture in 512 res (alter-
native lower res is available), less visible seams, better defined muscles, new
hair, and facial hair.  You might also try some of his skins for peds in the
second package.

  X.13.x  2 Player Mod

  jarjar, the jar so nice they named it twice, has a mod to let you play the PS2
two-player missions on PC.  You need a couple of USB controllers.  For those
special GTA moments you want to share with that special someone.  So if you know
some strange old girl or boy that likes to blow up taxicabs and stuff, you might
want to call them up for this.  Strange but fun--that's the important thing.
And that's how we like 'em.

  X.13.y  Easter Bay Aircraft Carrier Beta 2

  [DRuG]NikT has a mod that lets you rule the high seas.  As of May, 2006, it's
been updated with some assistance from brixster and Ben "Cerbera" Millard.  The
collision file, stretched over a big area, covers the key areas.

  This is one big boat.

  You use the IMG Tool (see X.6) to replace the .dff and .txd files of the Trop-
ic, then change the handling.cfg line for it as described in the carrierbeta-
readme file.  You can use steve-m's "Collision File Editor II" to replace the
.col file.

  X.13.z  Jarra Mono Arsenal v1.3

  Commando Funebrero had come up with snazzy replacements--some say the best--
for all the weapons in the game.

  The GTA Forums message board, led by Commando Funebrero, is informative and
has screenshots.

  X.13.aa  Detailed Radar mod

  BaygoN has exchanged the map used for the in-game map and radar with Ian Al-
bert's map, which I highly recommended (see III.1) and which looks like a satel-
lite picture of San Andreas. 

  See the GTA Forums link for a message board and screen shots.  Holla Back Girl

  justa_newbie didn't do the newbie thing and create a skin to make C.J. look
like a zombie or such--justa just created an original working pedestrian model--
a lady with an hourglass figure and her own dff file.  There will be more work
on the texturing of the hands and feet, but you can get a good idea of it now

  If you use it to replace a girlfriend, it comes in outdoor and indoor ver-

  A "holla back girl," like a member of a cheerleading squad that repeats what
the leader calls out, is a woman that does what she's told; she's willing to be
treated like a doormat or booty call.  1963 Chevrolet Corvette

  Bonsaijodelfisch has a 1963 Chevy Corvette, converted for "San Andreas" by
FUBAR, I like that I found out about from Cerbera, who came up with the handling
figures for it.  It replaces the Hotring Racer.  You can see the message board
and screenshots for it at the GTA Forums web site given below.


  X.13.dd  Half-Life 2 Buggy

  AlexSergeev has created a mod to turn the Bandito into the similar Valve "Half
Life 2," 2005, buggy Gordan Freeman uses:  SCM Hook

  op9080 has authored a mod that lets you remove the height limit for the Jet
Pack (so you can explore the entrance lights in the San Andreas heavens, St.
Mark's Bistro, etc.) and other flying vehicles, remove the speed limit for the
Hydra, run the game in windowed mode, etc.  (Thanks to Cerbera's web site for
the tip.)

  The message board and a link for the mod are at:

  X.13.ff PLPynton's mission mods

  PLPynton (the fellow who came up with a way to mod the game so it would recog-
nize quadruple insane stunts) has several mission mods you might like.  If you
try one, you have to start a new game--your old save games won't work with a
changed main.scm.

    Super C.J.: C.J. can fly like Superman and throw things with super strength
or telekinesis or something.

    Vehicle guns: you can make a couple of working Miniguns appear on the hood
of almost all of the vehicles.

    Blow me away: it's M-rated, not graphic; you might try it if you'd think it
was funny.  It basically lets you have C.J. fool around more liberally with that
aspect of the Hot Coffee mod, you ridiculous fffilth.  Pillager

  Demarest has come up with another uniquely helpful code tool.  This one helps
you find all the Tags, Oysters, Snapshots, and Horseshoes without having to
leave the game to consult a map.  All those of the category you pick will appear
on your radar.  When you hunt for Snapshot targets, the ones left to find also
have a green marker above them in the game to make them easier to find.  While
you hunt, you're considered to be on a mission, so you can't do things, like en-
ter gyms, that you can't do while on a mission.

  Just rename your main.scm, to save a copy of it, and put this one in.  It's
compatible with previous saves and v.1 or 2 of SA.  I knew when he helped me
with a way to change the file for RC Bandit in VC, this man was destined for
great things.

  For some reason, Dem's site isn't up.  His work can be found at the next

  X.13.hh  Audio Toolkit

  Pdescobar's Audio Toolkit might be used to give the SA Minigun the VC sound,
which I liked better for it.  You and your friends might give some of the pedes-
trians some custom vocals, too. (inactive link)

  A mod with customized weapon sounds for VC, Realistic Weapon Sounds by dDe-
finder, is another option as an audio source for SA weapons:

  X.13.ii  The All In One Mod

  Spaceeinstein's All In Oneth Returneth with a lot of the VC options, like
Eclipse_nl's SuperNOS, made to be like Barton Waterduck's, for any vehicle,
Barton Waterduck's Wall Climbing, Brokenfish and Demarest's Invincibility for
C.J., Brokenfish's Indestructible Vehicle and Fast Helicopter Take-off, Demar-
est's Steed (C.J. stays on his cycle), TbM2k's Car Unflip, spaceeinstein's Mis-
sion Skipper, and a lot of new options, including:

  - PLPynton's Super C.J. (see X.13.ff),

  - spaceeinstein's Hidden Interiors/Teleporter, Parked Cars (extra parked vehi-
cles like the Andromada and FBI Truck), and the GTA2 missions "Pizza Cake" and

  - MrTi's Give and Take, which can be used to give one of C.J.'s gang members
any weapon that can aim and make the gang members indestructible,

  - PatrickW's Hot Coffee (people afraid of parent's teaching their kids about
the birds and bees with Barbie and Ken dolls can leave it disabled),

  - DeeZire and spaceeinstein's Home Brains (you learn why the hobo in Ganton
says nobody can tell him when to use the john; again, the House of Representa-
tives met over the whole Barbie and Ken thing, but when are they going to do
something about the whole Betsy Wetsy doll deal?--that's what I want to know),

  - Barton Waterduck's MultiMod and Mod Shop, which include the options of a
Timer Control (increase or decrease the amount of time on any timer), the abil-
ity to set traffic density (good for doing stunts or making screenshots without
disturbance), use the Ped Spawner to not only spawn a ped but have C.J. change
to their appearance, and the ability to Choose Mission, and

  - Pavel's Ammu-Nation Upgrade, which opens all Ammu-Nations from the start of
the game and increases their stock to include heavy weapons, etc. (TGIPC).

  XX.13.jj  1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

  Klarnetist's detailed conversion of Viewpoint DataLabs' 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air
hardtop, which I liked so much for "Vice City" and looks like the car my Dad had
when I was a kid, has been converted to "San Andreas" a couple of times in sep-
arate efforts by Brendan62 and Escandero (TGIPC).

  Mad_Driver converted the "1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Coupe for GTA San
Andreas" to replace the Tornado.  The original authors are Atari, EA Games,
THQ, Turn 10, and Mad_Driver.  It was added to by Maxim_Balach.

  The Tornado doesn't have a spawn spot.  It mainly spawns in Vagos turfs in
Las Colinas, Los Flores, East Los Santos, and East Beach.  After C.J. takes
their turfs, it becomes rare.  It spawns more if you use the poor person car
traffic code EVERYONEISPOOR.

  X.13.kk  Transfender Fix

  You can use the Transfender for a batch of vehicles beyond the ones permitted
by the unmodified game with the Transfender Fix by OffRoader23.  It's just a
data > carmods.dat change, so I think it would be fine for any version of "San
Andreas."  One of the things it provides is the ability to use a Transfender to
get the original colors back for the Truth's Mothership if it turns white in one
of your save garages.  (Thanks to Orion_SR for recommending it to me.  He cau-
tions that it doesn't work for bikes, which end up spawning between the ceiling
and the roof).

  X.13.ll  Chain game save games

  OrionSR, with some help from pdescobar, GTA_Phreak, JAJ, ryan92, rubregg,
zmoonchild, and jaj's brother, has a special kind of mod--modified save games
that provide a wealth of changes.  There are new locations for vehicles and
weapons, some Pay 'n' Sprays have been modified so that flying vehicles can be
repaired on the roof, some save garages have been modified so that flying vehi-
cles can be saved on the roof, a Boat Yard has been added near Toreno's ranch,
some jump locations have been changed and boat jumps added, some gang wars can
be triggered in SF and LV, there are teleport locations for quick travel across
the map, etc.  (And some nice person is named on the license plate of the
Prickle Pine garage Turismo.)

  The 1st link below is for the chain game in which people can take turns doing
missions with these files.  About 1/4 down the page are initial save games for
independant play for vv.1 and 2, and the 2nd link lets people with the PS2 ver-
sion use it.  Unmodded weapons remake

  Illicitpimping saw to it that his weapon changes won't slow down your comput-
er.  They're just skin changes--they're the same file size as the originals but
have more detail and illicitpimping claims they have more authentic colors.

  X.13.nn  Parkour mod

  Matthias43 has a mod that lets C.J. roll after jumping and do backflips.  Make
a copy of Anim/Ped.ifp as a backup and replace it with the modded version.

   X.13.oo  "GInput" by Silent  It lets you play the original PC version with a
PlayStation or XBOX pad.

  X.13.pp  FPS Limit Adjuster

  VCOReGeX' mod lets you change the frame rate limit, which is normally 25 fps.

  X.13.qq  '01 Mobil 1 Honda NSX JGTC

  Mark aka GTAuron won the GTA Modding Awards 2007 in the Best Vehicle category
with ths replacement for the Hotring--a very nicely detailed 2001 Mobil 1 Honda
NSX JGTC (see the YouTube video at the next link).

  X.13.rr  Weapons Pack

  [SAK*]KING_OF_SA won the GTA Series Awards 2009 in the Best Weapon category
with these weapon replacements.  Brembo Cheetah 2k9

  ParoXum won the GTA Forums Vehicle Modelling Competition in 2009 with this
nicely detailed Cheetah.  Solid Liberty City

  Skazi15's mod lets C.J. explore LC.

  X.13.uu  Flying Carpet

  Chong McBong's flying carpet replaces the Dodo.

  X.13.vv  Alien City

  GTA Anderius (Alien City) by Deniska & co is a major modification for SA v.1
with missions for a futuristic setting.  It's in Russian--English subtitles are
available below.

  GTA: Alien City - ENGLISH SUBS by Moryachok provides English subtitles.

  Save game by joe101

  X.13.ww  SilentPatch

  Silent's patch makes wet road reflections show correctly, moving propellers
blur properly, allows dirty cars to be cleaned, causes moon phases to appear
correctly, travelling far from the map no longer triggers the extra gang terri-
tories glitch and doesn't corrupt the Taxi Driver submission, the Gym glitch
("You have worked out enough... " showing infinitely) has been fixed (can be
toggled on/off; ENABLED by default), saving in Madd Dogg's mansion no longer
triggers the missing basketball glitch (can be toggled on/off; ENABLED by de-
fault), impound garages function correctly, the streamed entity list has been
expanded a bit so the game world shouldn't flash when looking down with high
Draw Distance settings, the "Cars drive on water" cheat is now toggleable--its
string is SEAROADER, and dozens more.  Recommended  Versions available for III,
VC, and SA

  X.13.xx  Liberty City Stories PC Edition

  A team led by catzilla has converted most of "Liberty City Stories" to PC.

  X.13.yy  Vice City Stories PC Edition

  Luten and team have converted most of "Vice City Stories" to PC.

  X.13.zz  GTA2:3D

  Bobesz only converted the Downtown map of "GTA 2" to SA but "GTA 2" fans may
have fun looking around in it as in SA--without having to use the "GTA 2" top
down view.  "Silent's ASI Loader" by Silent

  X.14  CLEO mods

  The CLEO project was first developed by Seemann.  Starting with CLEO 4, it's
been led by Alien.  The vorbisFile.dll and vorbishooked.dll files were made by
Stanislav Golovin aka listener--the main purpose of those is to find and load
.asi files.

  Installing CLEO 4

  CLEO works with SA v1.0 and v1.01.   For v2.00 and higher, use a downgrade
patch to have a v1.0 .exe.

  Go to the main game folder.  Copy vorbisFile.dll and save it somewhere so it's
available if you want to remove CLEO 4.

  Download CLEO 4

  Install CLEO 4 in the main game folder.  When asked to check one to three
boxes, I just checked the first one, which is for "Base CLEO 4 files."

  Several files--CLEO.asi, CLEO4.chm, vorbisFile.dll, vorbisHooked.dll--and a
CLEO folder appear in the main game folder.

  If the installation didn't include Bass.dll, download BASS from the site at
the next link.  Copy the Bass.dll file and Paste it into the main game folder.

  I recommend saving the several files and the CLEO folder in a folder kept on a
storage drive where you save copies of your favorite mods, too.

  If the game doesn't start or it crashes

  For some reason, CLEO 4 caused my game, v1, to not run--"gta_sa.exe has
stopped working"--until I Deleted CLEO.asi.  (Don't delete vorbisFile.dll be-
cause the game requires it to run.)

  Two things that got CLEO 4 to work for me:

  1. Download ASILoader from the site at the next link.

  Use the vorbisFile.dll and vorbisHooked.dll files from to replace the same-
name files in the main game folder.

  2. Download gta_sa_compact.exe from the site at the next link.  It comes in a
.rar file.  To unzip it, use this password: CVehicle

  Install gta_sa_compact.exe in the main game folder.  (Leave the original
gta_sa.exe there, too, in case you want to revert to using it.)  Start the game
by clicking on gta_sa_compact.exe.

  I recommend saving those files in the same folder where you store your CLEO 4

  CLEO 4 questions and bug reports

  CLEO 3 Library (installer)

  CLEO 3 Library issues and solutions

  Installing a CLEO 4 mod:

  Put a CLEO script, a .cs file, or plugin in the CLEO folder.  Use the mod
author's instructions for where to put any other files.

  Save games appear in the CLEO > CLEO_SAVES folder.  If you install an update,
Delete the files from the CLEO > CLEO_SAVES folder.

  X.14.a  Buy Back Your Weapons by ThirteenAG

  X.14.b  Player Changer by Dutchy3010

  X.14.c  Gravity by gtafanfreakx

  X.14.d  Real Tram by Doomed_Space_Marine

  X.14.e  Speedometer by FunGt

  X.14.f  GPS by SilentPL

  X.14.g  Teleport to marker by ZAZ

  X.14.h  Pimp My Car by ZAZ

  X.14.i  Bass Guitar And K-On Mod by ++++

  X.14.j  Ga-Rei Yomi And Ninja Action Mod by ++++
  Put yomi.ifp in gta3.img

  X.14.k  Usama Bin Laden At Chiliad Cabin by stoienelu

  X.14.l  Rusty Brown's Ring Donuts by -ATP-
  X.14.m  Car Spawner by jimbo93

  X.14.n  N-Races by ZAZ
  Play the San Andreas races with your current car, customize the opponent cars,
(models, tuning, number), set the traffic density, etc.

  X.14.o  SF Airport Ladder-Teleporter by MrShadowThing
  C.J. teleports from the base to the top of ladders around San Fierro Airport.

  X.14.p  Digital Speedometer by oksa8

  X.14.q  Weapons Menu Mod by xmark96
  Select weapon, fighting sty8le, gift, armor, and health.

  X.14.r  GTA San Andreas .LOD Mod by -BLITZ-
  This mod changes the structure of the draw distance view and has an installer.

  X.14.s  Airbreak by IncaWarrior

   X.14.t  The "Design Your Own Mission" mod

  The "Design Your Own Mission" mod by Dutchy3010 and PatrickW lets you design
your own missions without having any coding ability.  Copy the MPACK folder to
your San Andreas User Files in My Documents.  Install CLEO3.  To add downloaded
missions, copy the DYOMx.dat files into San Andreas User Files.

  And congratulations for winning the 2009 GTA Forums GTA Modding Award for
first place for the Best Mission Mod of 2008, Best Mission Mod on GTANet Annual
Awards for 2008, and the Best Project of 2008 on Awards!

  Dutchy3010 and PatrickW: here's to you with the 2008 'steiner Stein award and
everything in it!

  X.14.u  Infinite Mission Time

  This CLEO mod by gtafanfreakx lets you stop the mission timer.

  X.14.aa  CLEO mod web sites

  The Mod Cave of spaceeinstein

  ZAZ' SA CLEO mods

  Ryosuke's SA CLEO mods

  Translation sites--you can translate Ryosuke's Japanese to English for his
hotmist page.

  GTA Garage SA CLEO mods

  X.15  Mod requests  No, no, no....

  - for "San Andreas":

  A steam locomotive, etc., that would have been used in Pennsylvania in the
1930's (my Dad was a brakeman before he became an artist),
  a horn or whistle for the train,
  a mod to shine more light on the lead character and any vehicle they're in
(SA has them in shadow too much),
  "Vice City"-type instant replays,
  revolving lights for the lighthouses,
  revolving red radar screens for the airports,
  working escalators,
  invincibility for GSF gang members,
  ability to drive the submarine,
  "Vice City" helicopter-type propeller animation,
  more things to see underwater (a coral bay could be pretty and wouldn't have
to be animated; maybe a man-eating something to clean up the drowned people)
  a li'l Dodo--in bright VC red and white--to pull a sign around in the sky,
  "Vice City"-type cumulus clouds to fly through,
  and "Mafia"/"Vice City"-type ability for the "camera" to stay behind the lead
character or their vehicle.

  P.S.: and niblets the President stops government for a week over.  I mean, the
House of Representatives is something, but how many of those people can you


  - for "Mafia," released as a PC game in 2002:

  GTA-type ability for the lead character to jump over the guard rail and ex-
plore the scenery in "Free Ride," "Vice City"-type additions of a PCJ-600, more
jump ramps, instant replays, a helicopter, and a Dodo (except the lead character
can fly it), and more dialogue for the pedestrians than, when pressed, brief
things like, "I don't have time for this s**t."

  In "Mafia," Paulie looks like Joe Pesci/Tommy DeVito, and Don Salieri looks
like Paul Sorvino/Paul Cicero, of the movie "Goodfellas," 1990.  Someone could
make models for the lead character Thomas "Tommy" Angelo and Sam that look like
Ray Liotta/Henry Hill and Robert De Niro/Jimmy Conway.


  X.16  Music
                     MP3s and wav files
                     How to save hard disk space with shortcuts

  In the PC version, you can put WAV or OGG (Ogg Vorbis) files (with the cor-
rect CODECs installed, also MP3, WMA, M4A, etc., files)--to save space, put
shortcut icons--in My Documents/GTA San Andreas User Files/User Tracks for your
own radio station.

  In the Play Mode section, you can choose "Radio" to have the game play them
with the commercials, etc., provided to make it seem like another of the sta-
tions of the game.  Otherwise, "Sequential" plays them in alphabetical order and
"Random" plays them in a random order.

  To have them play on the radio station, run "Scan User Tracks" 1st in "Audio

  Automatic Media Scan will make the radio start with the 1st track after the
game loads.

  You can skip User Tracks during the game with F5.


  X.17  Screen shots and videos

  To make a screen shot, press Prt Scr during the game.  If you don't want to
exit the game, go to the pause screen, highlight "RESUME," and Alt/Tab out of
the game.  Open "Paint," click "Edit," then "Paste."

  If you like it, click "File," "Save as," choose "My Pictures" in the "Save
in:" bar along the top, and use the drop down menu along the bottom to save it
as a JPEG and not a Bitmap, aka a .bmp, file.  JPEG files take up a lot less MBs
on your hard disk and, though it's a kind of compression that irreversibly sim-
plifies data, looks just as good to me for screenshots.  Give it a name, and
click "Save."  Click the "GTA: San Andreas" thing in the Task bar to go back in-
to the game.  Fortunately, "San Andreas" isn't fussy like "Vice City" about
letting you Alt/Tab out of the game.

  You could also have C.J. take a picture with a Camera.  Hold the RMB to bring
up the viewfinder and press the LMB.  The pictures are stored in My Documents\
GTA San Andreas User Files\Gallery.

  Fraps, the Easy Graphic Converter, and Virtual Dub

  You can use Fraps to make screenshots and videos of your games.

  Fraps lets you use hotkeys.  You can take any number of screen shots at a
time, but the free version doesn't let you make make .jpg files, only .bmp
files which are a lot bigger.  To copy them as .jpg files, you can use the free
Easy Graphic Converter, then delete the .bmp files.

  The free version of Fraps restricts videos to 30 sec. clips.  Whether you use
the free version or not, the videos take up a lot of MBs which you can compress
to take up less hard disk space (and make them easier for your computer to use
with your editor later).  The free processing tool I use is VirtualDub.  I click
Video > Compression > XviD MPEG-4 codec and save them as .avi files.

  How I make videos

  The stunt videos I've made are meant to encourage more people to play with the

  I use the GTA Instant Replay feature for a variety of "camera" angles, which
include one that's adjustable with the Mouse.  As described above, I capture the
scenes on my PC with Fraps.  I use VirtualDub, which is free, to compress the
video clips to .avi files.

  Other free software I've used includes the AoA Audio extractor (to extract
the audio from a clip or convert MP3s to .wav files, which Windows Movie Maker
prefers), Super (to convert most any file type to another), and Wavepad (an au-
dio editor I haven't used much).  I've also used the ZAMZAR web page to save
YouTube videos.

  If you use certain features of Wavepad it becomes a time limited demo.  To
change it back to the free version, go to Control Panel > Uninstall a program.
You get four choices--choose "Downgrade to the free version (fewer features but

  I edit the clips with Windows Movie Maker, which comes with Windows Home XP
and Vista Home Premium.  It can be downloaded for Windows 10.  I use Windows
Movie Maker to publish each video to my computer,  which lets you compress the
video to the size you want.  See the Windows Movie Maker forum for more includ-
ing many free user-made effects.

  If you're going to buy an editor, check the latest reviews.  Sony Vegas and
Adobe Premier Pro usually get good reviews.  Avidemux is free, but I just use
Windows Movie Maker.

  I upload my videos to You Tube and filefront.  A list of other web sites that
let you store your videos is at the last link.



  XI.   And there's always more (from "International Feel"; thank you to Todd

  This section is just for some of the things not need for 100% completion of
the game that take a little longer to explain.


  XI.a  Unique Jumps  70

  This list use the BradyGames guide numbers (which is why the order of the lo-
cations sometimes goes back and forth on the map).

  A PCJ-600 or NRG-500 are good motorcycles for jumps, unless otherwise noted.

  Briefly, remember that you can speed the motorcycle up by quickly and repeat-
edly pressing Up but not letting C.J. stand up.  You can do a bit of a wheelie
before many of these jumps, the kind with the sort of slope the concrete ramps
have, for extra distance, too.  Use Up and Down to level the wheels for landing.

  You might want to see "GTA San Andreas Plane Crash" for a quick look at some-
thing you don't want to see during a stunt.

  The GTA SA Control Center (see X.13.c) has the coordinates to teleport C.J. to
the jump sites.

  Good maps of the locations of all the jumps are at:

  Los Santos and Red County

    1. El Corona  The jump ramp is between the "A" in "EL CORONA" and the RR
track.  Go W to E and land on the RR platform.  (The BradyGames guide recommends
that you use a PCJ-600.)

    2. Idlewood  The jump ramp is the bridge arch on the W side of the road on
the E side of the block that's W of "WIL" of "WILLOW FIELD."  Go N to S between
the RR track and trees and veer left onto the bridge arch.

    3. Verona Beach  Go N to S through the Conference Center to the steps of the
pale green-blue building and land on the next building.

    4. Jefferson  Go S to N up the stairs (to the pedestrian bridge over the RR
tracks) near the S end of the thick N-S section that represents a section of the
RR track that has a street on either side of it.  This can be done with a car or

    5. Ocean Docks  E of "EL CORONA" is a block that looks like a stubby "Y."
The jump is in the block SE of the base of the "Y."  Go NW to SE through the
dirt lot at the NE side of the block to a pile of dirt in the S corner of the
lot.  Land before hitting the freeway wall.

    6.  East Beach  Use an NRG-500.  Go E to W to the steps (for the pedestrian
bridge over the highway).

    7.  Ocean Docks  The jump ramp is a gray wooden version of a "Vice City"
concrete jump ramp at the E side of the big rectangle on the W part of the is-
land part of Ocean Docks.  Go N to S over the ramp and land on the roof that's
on gray concrete columns.

    8.  Los Santos International  The ramp is the mobile boarding ramp just over
over the fence.

    9.  Los Santos International  The ramp is the W triangular yellow and black
marker of the pair at the NW corner of the gray square under the "AIR" of "AIR-
PORT."  Go E to W and go over the  red and white "OGL-2" sign.

    10.  Ocean Docks  The ramp is the set of metal steps about 1/3rd W from the
E side of the block that's two blocks S of the block with "ELD" of "WILLOW
FIELD."  Go E to W and land on the building.

    11.  East Los Santos  If you go W on the street along the top of "LOS" of
"LOS FLORAS" to the T intersection, you'll find the ramp as the set of steps
across the street.  Jump over the narrow block to the RR tracks.

    12.  Market  E of the S area of the block with "WOOD" of "VINEWOOD" is a
block with an E-W alley.  Go E to W through that alley, up the stairs, over the
roof, and land on the road.

    13.  East Beach  Go W to E on the street one block above the "LOS" of "LOS
FLORES," over the patio, through space where a part of the wall is missing, and
down to the street--not the ocean.

    14.  Ocean Docks  Go to the SW corner of the road that makes a loop through
the mainland and island parts of Ocean Docks.  From the inside of the corner,
on the lower area, go S to N, up the stairs on the N end, and land on the

    15.  Ocean Docks  Go N to S through the same lower area, up the stairs on
the S end, and land without falling into the ocean.

    16.  East Los Santos  On the E side of the block, two blocks S of the "N" in
"JEFFERSON," is a set of steps just N of some basketball courts.  Go E to W, up
the steps, and land beyond them.

    17.  Mulholland Intersection  From the S end of the central N-S stretch of
the intersection,  go S to N on the left walk, past the oncoming traffic of the
onramp on your left, and continue N to go over the concrete ramp.

    18.  Mulholland Intersection  Same deal only N to S on the left walk from
the N end of the intersection.

    19.  Mulholland Intersection  On the W side of the N-S stretch used for jump
18 is a road that curves under it.  Go S down that road, over the light brown
concrete ramp to the right of it, and land below in the parking lot.

    20.  Rodeo  Just W of the N end of the road that goes S to the Santa Maria
pier is a mound in the grass at a white picket fence.  Go N to S through Rodeo,
over the mound, and land on the pier.

    21.  Vinewood  Go E to W on the road above "WOOD" of "VINEWOOD, through the
dark asphalt lot, off the end of it, and over the next roof to the street below.

    22.  Commerce  Go S to N through the concrete flood control ditch of the
block W of the one with "COM" of "COMMERCE," go up the light gray concrete ramp
on the left side, and jump out of the ditch.

    23.  Montgomery Intersection  Go E to W to the Montgomery Intersection and
over the dirt ramp in the middle.

    24.  Los Santos International  Go clockwise around the SE curve of the high-
way that goes around most of the airport, and go up the concrete ramp in the
middle of the highway.

    25.  Santa Maria Beach  N of "MARIA" is a W-E road; where it curves 90 de-
grees N, go E across the asphalt walk, up the stairs, and onto the wooden walk
by the shops.

    26.  Red County  Go E over the broken bridge at the W side of Palomino
Creek.  (Jump 28 uses the same bridge.)

    27.  Dillimore  Go N to S into Dillimore, continue straight through an
alley, go over the curved gray plank, and land as far S as the gas station or
sheriff's office.

    28.  Palomino Creek  Go W from Palomino and over the dirt road and broken
wooden bridge.  (Jump 26 uses the same bridge.  This is also the bridge you can
fail to jump, during the middle of the "Small Town Bank" mission for Catalina,
to try the glitch that lets you explore the banned areas early.)


  The Badlands and Red County

    1.  Mount Chiliad  The Cobra Run wooden jump ramp.  It's E and below the tip
of the semi-loop of road that's E of the summit.

    2.  Angel Pine  The ramp is the three pieces of corrugated metal in the
trailer park SE of the SE block of Angel Pine.  Drive SE to NW, jump, and land
on the roof with orange shingles.

    3.  Whetstone  Go W to E over the sand dune that's SE of the S end of the
road S from Angel Pine.

    4.  Blueberry  W of the S block of downtown Blueberry, go NW to SE through
the FleischBerg lot, up the ramp of wooden pallets, and over the truck trailers.
(Number 9 is the same but in the opposite direction.)

    5.  Blueberry  Go W to E through an alley of the S of the two W blocks of
Blueberry--the alley is N of the building with a Sprunk billboard.  Go up the
metal stairs and clear the building.

    6.  Blueberry Acres  South of the "S" of "ACRES," go roughly S to N over the
light gray plank that's leaned against bales of hay and jump over the barn.

    7.  Blueberry Acres  Go roughly S to N through the barn just E of the one
jumped over for the last jump.

    8.  The Panopticon  E of "THE PANOPTICON," the roughly N-S dirt path curves
W a bit to avoid a ravine.  Go S to N and jump the ravine.

    9.  Blueberry  Jump the same trailers as for jump 4 but go SE to NW.


  San Fierro and The Panopticon

    1.  The Panopticon   Go E to W past the T intersection SW of "THE PANOPTI-
CON," go  a bit to the N over the little hill at the side of the road, and land
on the San Fierro airport tarmac.

    2.  Santa Flora  About 2/3rds E from "PALISADES" to the next street, go N to
S over the asphalt walk between houses, off the cliff, and beyond the houses be-

    3.  Go S to N on the street to where the "LL" of "JUNIPER HOLLOW" is, con-
tinue through the walk between houses, cross the street, and jump off the ledge
of the grass.

    4.  Downtown  Go S to N to the right of the 2nd "N" of the "DOWNTOWN" of N
San Fierro, cross the street, and go up the steps beside Michelle's place to
land on the rooftop beyond.

    5.  Battery Point  on the E side of the S end of the Gant Bridge is a scaf-
fold.  Use a disposable motorcycle to drive up the levels of it, on it beside
the bridge, and off the end into the water.

    6.  Esplanade East  Go W to E on the street S of "TOWN" of the "DOWNTOWN" of
N San Fierro, cross the street, go up the steps, and land on or beyond the lower

    7.  Doherty  on the NW area of the block S of "O" of "DOHERTY," go S to N
through the wrecked building, up a big green fallen roof segment, and out to the

    8.  Juniper Hollow  Go S to N on the street to about the "HO" of "HOLLOW,"
cross the street, go over the dirty white concrete "Vice City"-like ramp, and
land on the street below.

    10.  Calton Heights  Go E to W over the road N of "TON," cross the street,
go over the "Vice City"-like ramp, and land on the street.  Use an NRG-500.

    11.  Financial  Go W to E on the road S of "HTS" of "CALTON HEIGHTS," cross
the street, and go over the wooden stairs.

    12,  Easter Basin  The ramp is the curved old sheet of metal at the E end of
the W-E road at the middle of the E side of the brown block of the Doherty save
place.  Go W to E over the W-E road, over the ramp, and land on the highway.

    13,  Airport  Go Se to NW to the "Vice City"- like concrete ramp, which is
S of the S end of the long SW to NE runway.  Land on the docks.

    14.  Airport  S of the previous ramp is another one like it.  Go E to W,
over the ramp, and land beyond the water.

    15.  Foster Valley  Corvin Stadium is the rectangle with curved sides SW of
the pretzel-looking intersection W of the airport.  Go W to E across the lot
that's S of the stadium, over the "Vice City"-like concrete ramp, and land on
the highway.

    16.  Doherty  Go N to S on the W street of the big "J"-looking block E of
Avispa Country Club, go up the steps (of the pedestrian walk that goes over the
highway), and you'll probably get credit even if you wreck on the far side of
the highway instead of clearing it.


  The Desert

    1.  Las Payasdas  The ramp is a couple of planks by a pile of blue-green
stuff in the middle of the E side of the W block of downtown Las Payasdas.  Go
W to E over the ramp and the real big chicken (it may count if you land on the

    2.  Las Payasdas  Go N to S over the W side of the two E blocks of Las
Payasdas, cross the street, go up the E steps of the overhanging patio, and land
below.  (I got this in a Taxi, so it doesn't have to be that great.)

    3.  Verdant Meadows  Go NE up the wing of the SW pile of jet parts (the
plane symbol N of "R" of "VERDANT") and over the next pile (although the game
may allow it if you hit the fuselage of it).

    4.  Arco Del Oeste  Go W over the wooden track at the top of the rock for-
mation and land beyond the water.

    5.  Valle Ocultado  Go S from the main road "OCULTADO" is on, where the "T"
is, over the ramp leaning against the garage, and it's okay if you land on the
water and not the pier.  You can start a run to the NE of the main road and be-
yond a gap in the fence N of the teepees.


  Las Venturas

    1.  The Emerald Isle  Go N to S over the asphalt slope at the S edge of the
top floor of the Emerald Isle parking garage.  (Enter the garage on the N side.)
(The game may count it if you land on the street and not the roof of the Souve-
nirs, etc., shop.)

    2.  The Emerald Isle  Drive a motorcycle to the top floor of the garage
(enter the garage on the N side) and up the stairs, on the N side, to the roof.
Drive W to E onto a lower roof, of the S side of the casino, and off the gray
ramp at the other end of it.  (This is similar to jump 12, which uses the ramp
on the N side.)

    3.  The Camel's Toe  Go W to E at the N side of the pyramid and up the
stairs; try for the Pawn Shop roof.

    4.  The Camel's Toe  Go S to N at the E side of the pyramid and up the
stairs; try for the roof beyond them.

    5.  Creek  Go E to W through the middle of the NE curve of road of the
rounded diamond-shaped intersection W of "CREEK," go through the pale tan arches
with a blue-purple roof, and over the "Vice City"-like gray wooden plank ramp.

    6.  Redsands West  Drive S to N on the main road S of the middle of the
block S of "ND," cross the street, go through the pale tan arches with a blue-
purple tile roof, over the "Vice City"-like gray wooden plank ramp, and land on
the roof of the "Home of the Bandits" place.

    7.  Julius Thru Way North  From the 2nd "P" in "PRICKLE PINE," go S, then E
to the end of the dead end road, and enter the lot of the duplexes.  Go E to W
across the lot and over the gray wooden "Vice City"-like ramp.  Try to go over
the highway.

    8.  Redsands West  A block N of the "ST" of "WEST," go N into the lot, go N
across it, go over the gray wooden "Vice City"-like ramp and land on the high-

    9.  The Emerald Isle  On level six of the Emerald Isle parking garage, go W
to E and over the ramp.

    10.  Randolph Industrial Estate  Go S to N to the ramp, a curved slat of
metal, at the NE corner of the lot.  (Enter the lot on the W side.)

    11.  The Emerald Isle  Go E to W on the N side of the block of "OL" of "OLD
VENTURA STRIP," over the curved metal ramp, and over the street.

    12.  The Emerald Isle  Drive a motorcycle to the top floor of the Emerald
Isle parking garage (enter the garage on the N side), drive up the stairs (on
the N side) to the roof, then go W to E onto a lower roof, of the N side of the
casino, and over the gray ramp at the other end of it.  (This is similar to jump
2 except this one is done on the N side of the casino.)


  XI.b  Girlfriends

  Have C.J. be sexy.  The easiest way to do that is to have C.J. get all 50 Oy-
sters and a sexy car.

  Having C.J. collect all 50 Oysters seems to cancel any objections girlfriends
might have about C.J.'s Muscle or Fat level (and cause pedestrians to say only
flattering things about his appearance).  Denise and Millie are the two excep-
tions--they aren't concerned with his appearance.

  (I'm not sure, but not collecting the Oysters may be one of the things that
increase the chances of seeing a jealous girlfriend appear on some of C.J.'s
dates with another--see below.  Along with letting C.J. get out of shape, having
him use a vehicle with low sex Appeal, etc., it can be a way of hearing alter-
nate dialogue, too.)

  The sexy cars are:

  Alpha, BF Injection, Banshee, Blade, Buffalo, Bullet, Caddy (awwr!), Cheetah,
Comet, Elegy, Euros, Flash, Feltzer, Flash, Hermes, Hotknife, Huntley, Infernus,
Jester, Merit, Premier, Remington, Sentinel, Slamvan, Stratum, Stretch, Sultan,
Super-GT, Tahoma, Uranus, Washington, Windsor, or ZR-350.

  The Launch, Reefer, Speeder, and Squallo III are the sexy boats.  (Does Hilla-
ry know about this--a young man so sexy he effects the fish?)  ("Soon to take
the place of the mudshark in your mythology"--Frank Zappa.  Sorry.)

  Modding doesn't affect the sexiness of a car, but damaging the car decreases

  The bad thing about Los Santos, at the start of the game, is that there aren't
spawn locations there for cars that are both sexy and handle real good at fast
speeds.  The Voodoo handles better, but doesn't have the Sex Appeal of a Blade.
The good thing about it is Denise doesn't care, so get a Voodoo if you need a
lowrider.  She'll never notice, so drive what you like.  The Sentinel at the
film studio at the "WOOD" of "VINEWOOD" has a decent combination of the two
qualities--maybe the Buffalo at the dot NE of the "O" of "RED COUNTY," or the
Flash below the SE quadrant of the Mulholland Intersection--and you can have
C.J. save a sexy sports car he jacks from the street of one of the fancier

  It helps a bit to have C.J. get the best clothes, haircuts, tattoos, and give

  C.J. can miss a date, but he'd have to miss a lot of them to be dumped.  You
can press Left Shift to skip the dining scene of a date if you're in a hurry.

  Abuse hurts more--don't have him hit her or such.

  If a blue inverted cone points down at her head, press action to begin dating.
  Give positive responses (Y for Yes, N for No) unless she's being insulting.
  If she likes C.J., a heart icon appears.
  Find the heart icon--have C.J. go during the time she's available.
  She may call off-hours--have C.J. go to her then.

  If she's home, you see a red marker and her vehicle.  Have C.J. drive or step
into the marker.  (Step into the marker in Michelle's case if driving into it
causes the glitch where she drives off alone.)

  The Stat to maximize starts at about 15% (see Stats > Achievements in the

  Press Tab to have C.J. give a gift (not with the LMB--he'll hit her with it,
ya bum) then press it again so they kiss.  Canes can't be given as gifts.

  She'll want one of several kinds of dates:

  Dinner   See the in-game map at the time  The music indicates how it's going
  Dance    See the in-game map at the time  Do the dancing mini-game
  Driving  Fill the fun meter by driving where she likes the way she likes.

  When it gets a little confusing trying to follow a girlfriend's complaints and
use a driving speed to please her, ignore what she says and tap W at a speed
that makes the Fun bar fill up, which is a lot easier.

  If you have C.J. take her dining or dancing, have him get her there and back
without making any side tracks so she doesn't get bored.

  If the Stat for the girlfriend is high enough (40 or 50 percent, depending on
the girlfriend), when C.J. gets her back home after a date she liked, she'll ask
him inside for coffee.  If you press "Y" for C.J. to say "Yes" to the offer, you
get a scene of the outside of the girlfriend's house with the muffled sounds of
things they say to each other during sex coming from it and the "camera" aiming
this way and that.

  Thanks to a Gamefaqs message by Nelo_Portgas for pointing out that the sex on
a date increases C.J.'s Health the same (about 10%?) as the sex with a prosti-
tute does. 
  See X.9.a if you want to see how C.J. likes his coffee with The Hot Coffee

  Easy progress with a girlfriend

  According to Riding the Rider, right after Helena agrees to be C.J.'s girl-
friend, have him "walk away from her then walk right next to her" and his girl-
friend progress with her will keep increasing.  GTA Phreak believes you have to
let Helena shoot C.J. before having him stand by her, and DiscoverProject said
it works for Katie, Barbara, and Michelle, too.

  See I.12.b  Fun glitches, gimmicks, etc. > Girlfriend glitch 2

  Here's a strategy recommended by Zmoonchild and TheJizzy to speed up the dat-
ing progress.  (Don't have C.J. shoot a gun around a girl friend because the
game will consider it like shooting te girlfriend.)  Have C.J. take the girl-
friend who wants to eat to a bar--for example, have him take Denise to the Ten
Green Bottles bar.  Then have C.J. take her to the gym, give her a present or
kiss (press Tab) (if you don't have him give her a present or kiss the progress
will be reduced), then have him go into the gym.  As long as it's within the
dating time limit you can then send C.J. to her house for another date, etc.  If
she wants to go to a club to dance have C.J. take her right to the gym, etc.


  Name                          Times                   Meeting place and house (heart icon)

  Denise Robinson         0-6  16-0              Find her in "Burning Desire" (IV.23) at a
                                                                   house on the N end of the block that's E
                                                                   of the N end of the thick section on the
                                                                   map of N-S RR track with a street on ei-
                                                                   ther side of it that's NE of "JEFFERSON";
                                                                       her house is by the 1st "N" of "GANTON"

  Helena Wankstein        0-2 8-12 14-0       Find her on the rooftop shooting range of
                                                                    the Blueberry Ammu-Nation, which is N of
                                                                    the "B" of "BLUEBERRY";
                                                                       her house is by the curve in the path W
                                                                    of "FLINT INTERSECTION";
                                                                       she appears after "The Green Sabre"

  Katie Zhan                   12-0                      Find her practicing t'ai chi at Avispa
                                                                    Golf Course, SE of the local Burger Shot;
                                                                       her house is by the "H" of "JUNIPER HOL-
                                                                       she appears at the start of the game
                                                                    (thanks to reader Carl Johnson for the

  Michelle Cannes           0-12                     Find her by the water cooler at San Fierro
                                                                    driving school, have C.J. enter on the N
                                                                    side of the block that looks like a big
                                                                    "J" S of "DOHERTY";
                                                                       her house is N of the "N" of the "DOWN-
                                                                    TOWN" of N San Fierro

                                                                       she appears at the start of the game
                                                                    (thanks to zmoonchild for the tip)

  Barbara Schternvart     0-6 16-0               Find her in the parking lot of the El Que-
                                                                    brados sheriff's office (shown in section
                                                                    A2 of the paper map), which is also where
                                                                    C.J. meets her for dates;
                                                                        she appears at the start of the game
                                                                    (thanks to zmoonchild for the tip)

  Millie Perkins               12-22                    Find her in "Key to Her Heart" (VIII.35)--
                                                                   she's the Caligula's Palace croupier that
                                                                   C.J. follows home (the Gimp suit C.J. gets
                                                                   during the mission makes it easier for him
                                                                   to date her; sorry C.J., Young MayLay,
                                                                   Millie, Orfeh, and everybody else)
                                                                       her house is on the NE side of the block
                                                                   that's NW of "JULIUS" of "JULIUS THRU WAY

  Thanks to Spaceeinstein for correcting what I'd gotten from the BradyGames
Guide for the last names for Helena and Katie ("Goodpoke" and "Nookie" are prob-
ably pre-release versions).


  Name      Likes

  Denise    Body type and Sex Appeal don't matter; likes fast food or a bar,
dancing, and being driven fast around her house (I sent the car up and down her
street)--she may want a drive-by date, so it's fun to try different vehicles,
like a Monster truck, for that

  Helena    Less than 50% Muscle and no Fat, Rodeo food, Los Santos dancing, and
being driven moderately around her farm

  Katie     A high Muscle Stat, the diner indicated by a pink drink icon N of
her place, and dancing.  One place where she likes to be driven slowly/moderate-
ly is back and forth on the Gant Bridge--thanks to the Girlfriend FAQ by twotwo-
twotwo at Gamefaqs for the tip:

  She also like to be driven back and forth in the tunnel that's E of her house.

  Michelle  Fat, a martini glass icon place (like Misty's) for food, dancing,
and being driven fast anywhere; she takes the steering wheel for a few minutes
on some dates, too

  Barbara   A high Fat Stat but C.J. in good shape, a nearby diner, a San Fierro
dance club, and being driven moderately around El Quebrados

  Millie    Body type and Sex Appeal don't matter; likes a restaurant or bar, a
SW Las Venturas place to dance, being driven moderately near her home, and the
Gimp suit for immediate coffee

  Note: a gimp, more generally, is a limp, or someone who walks with a limp.
It's also the submissive role of S and M sex; the "sex slave or submissive, usu-
ally male, as popularized by the movie 'Pulp Fiction.'" "aroused by bondage."
A G.I.M.P. is a passive and subservient sex toy "wearing a mask and a zip up

  And yes, I had to look that up.

  When a girlfriend wants to be taken on a drive, her verbal leads on how fast
to go can be confusing.  Ignore what she says and tap W at the pace that fills
the Fun bar.


  Name and occupation                           Rewards

  Denise, gangster                             Coffee 40%   Hustler 50%                 Pimp suit 100%

  Helena, lawyer/weapon expert        Coffee 70%   Bandito                        Rural outfit 100%
  Immediate access to a Chainsaw, Flame Thrower, Molotovs, and a 9mm

  Katie, nurse                                     Coffee 50%   Romero 50%                Medic uniform 100%
  C.J. keeps his money and weapons if wasted

  Michelle, mechanic                           Coffee 40%  Monster B truck 50%
  C.J. can use her garage as a free Pay 'n' Spray                                        Racing suit 100%

  Barbara, cop                                     Coffee 60%   Ranger 50%                Cop Outfit 100%
  C.J. keeps his money and weapons if busted

  Millie, croupier                                   Coffee 40%  Club 50%                     Gimp outfit during
            at Caligula's                                                                                     "Key to Her Heart

  (C.J.'s rewards for dating Katie, Michelle, and Barbara are probably related
to the fact that C.J. will get four wanted stars for going where they appear be-
fore the game lets C.J. go there legally--they appear at the start of the game.)

  Percentage of success with girlfriends is given in Stats--Achievements.

  Thanks to Orion_SR for the tip that the game bumps the percentage up to 45% if
it reaches zero before getting the last Oyster.  If it gets near zero before
then, you might let it drop all the way there.

  Thanks to the BradyGames guide for much of the information in this section, to
pwnr for the correct time of the appearance of the Bandito, and to Spaceeinstein
for reminding me that C.J. doesn't have to pay to use Michelle's garage as a Pay
'n' Spray.


  License plates:
  Denise: HOMEGIRL; Katie: TRAUMA; Michelle: NOS; Barbara: CUFFS; Millie: SPANK.

  Thanks to Mxyzptlk and the GTA Forums Secrets list (see I.1).

  Thanks to Spaceeinstein for telling me that Helena's Bandito is meant to have
a license plate that says "FULLAUTO."


   Jealous girlfriends

  Thanks to pdescobar and OrionSR for explaining their experiences in having
C.J. deal with jealous girlfriends.

  I posted a message at GTA Forums asking if anyone had seen C.J. run into a
jealous girlfriend and what could trigger her appearance.  According to an in-
formative and helpful response from pdescobar (who appears elsewhere in this
guide), this should work:

  Have C.J. make two girlfriends, but not date the 1st one or collect any Oys--
ters.  Load the same save game for each date with the 2nd one without saving
the game afterward, and "C.J. will probably run into the jealous girlfriend in
five to ten dates with her."

  Here's his account of some things to look for when it happens:

      "Imagine my surprise when I walk out of a restaurant in SF with Katie and
      a cutscene shows me Denise in her Hustler and tells me I've been spotted
      and have to lose her.  It happened two or three more times in my testing
      with other girls as well.  The jealous girl's car has a red arrow marker
      over top of it, and you have to drive quickly away and put enough distance
      between the two cars for the game to tell you it's clear.  If she catches
      up to you, there's a confrontation where both girls make wisecracks, and,
      after the jealous one leaves, the girl you were on a date with gets out of
      your car and the date becomes a failure."

  A couple of early choices are Katie, available at the start of the game, if in
an area that's off-limits until after "The Green Sabre," and Denise, available
after "Burning Desire."

  I'll add that part of the risk in having C.J. get a girlfriend in an off limit
area, as reader Carl Johnson did, is that the girlfriend can be killed quickly
by the storm of bullets sent in C.J.'s direction, so I'd wait till later to have
C.J. take her out on dates.  You might have C.J. get her as a girlfriend to see
if she shows up on a date with another girlfriend, though.

  This is the formula I used that worked for me pretty quickly:

  I had C.J. get Denise for a girlfriend after "Burning Desire" but not date
her.  After "The Green Sabre," I had him get Katie (practicing t'ai chi on the
lawn of Avispa Golf Course) as a girlfriend.

  (At this point, if you try my plan, you might want to wait till the SF save
houses can be bought and have C.J. buy one near Katie's house in NW SF.  I was
in a hurry to test this and had C.J. do the Taxi mission, etc., in SF between
dates.  I didn't have C.J. get any Oysters and had him fail dates with Denise
just in case those things make a difference, but according to OrionSR they

  When I tried this, Katie always wanted a dinner date for her 1st several
dates, and C.J. took her to the diner N of her house.  After the 1st one, they
got in his car, and after the message "She wants you to drive her home!  This
could be it...," there was a picture of Denise's Hustler and the message:
"You've been spotted by another girlfriend.  Quick--shake her off your tail!"
You're supposed to have C.J. drive his date away without letting the jealous
girlfriend's car get near his.

  The jealous girlfriend's car is shown as a blip on the radar, but it wasn't
hard to know where Denise was.  Her car came from the street above the E side
of the lot of the diner (where the vehicle exit is), right over the ledge, and
stopped beside C.J.'s car before he could turn it around.  There was a brief
scene in which Denise insulted C.J. to Katie, and Katie insulted Denise: "Look--
a talking pig."  Then both girlfriends disappeared.  A message appeared: "You've
been discovered two-timing.  Your date is over.

  In the few times I tested this, Denise showed up after the 1st date or after
the 1st couple of dates.

  To let C.J. succeed at this, I had him park by the diner with the car facing W
near the stairs on the W side of the diner parking lot.  After C.J. took Katie
inside the diner, he drove her up the stairs to the street and her house.

  After a success, you get the message: "You've managed to lose the jealous
girlfriend.  Well done."

  OrionSR's "One-Time Two-Time Theory" and method for getting the jealous girl-
friends' BP/FP/DP/EP cars (thanks to OrionSR for telling me the results of his
check of the coding and trial and error).

  "If Two-Timing dates are not disabled and CJ has more than 1 girlfriend then
there is a 50% chance that any other active girlfriend will appear as a jealous
girlfriend 7 seconds after leaving or failing to reach the destination, or com-
pleting or failing the goal. Gimp Suit dates and She Drives dates do not trigger
jealous girlfriends."

  "Two-Timing dates will be permanently disabled when CJ goes on a date that is
not a Gimp Suit or She Drives date and leaves or fails to reach the destination
(Food or Dancing), or completes or fails the goal (Driving, Drive-By):

    * if only one girlfriend is active
    * if a jealous girlfriend does not appear
    * if the jealous girlfriend is evaded

  Girlfriend progress and oysters collected don't seem to make a difference.

  The jealous girlfriends' vehicles are the Hustler, Monster B, Bandito, Police
Rancher, Romero, and Millie has a Pink Feltzer instead of her Club.

  "Drive a Tow Truck, or leave a Tow Truck near the girlfriend's home during the
date. Trigger a Two-Timing date. When the jealous girlfriend appears, lead her
to the home of the girlfriend being dated. Wait for the jealous girlfriend to
come close before entering the mission sphere and then wait until the jealous
girlfriend speaks and proofing to be applied before turning down or accepting an
invitation for coffee. If CJ will not be invited for coffee then wait until the
jealous girlfriend is very close before entering the home sphere of the girl be-
ing dated.

  "Chase down the jealous girlfriend. Avoid shooting or she'll drive off in a
hurry. Back into the car with the Tow Truck and bump the car to coax the girl-
friend out of the vehicle (sometimes works) and then take the car and save it in
a garage. The doors are not locked after they exit. If she doesn't exit the car
then hopefully she will try to ram CJ's vehicle instead of racing out of sight
and disappearing. Hook up the car to the towing vehicle and tow the car to a
save garage. Keep her pinned in the garage and allow the door to shut; the girl-
friend will disappear and the car can be saved.

  Samotbrandon adds that an easy way to do it is to use a save game made after
the "Riot" mission.  After the girlfriends argue, the jealous girlfriend will
exit her car and try to fight C.J.--have him ignore her and jack her vehicle.

  OrionSR also found some surprises in the bitmask settings: "For example, Mil-
lie likes bar food, and Denise, Michelle, and Millie like kissing but not the
other girls."  Also, Katie's comments about C.J.'s driving make sense if she's
set for fast driving, which is after 8 pm, she likes car crashes, and Denise and
Michelle like stunt jumps.


  Denise is voice acted by the always lovely Heather Alicia Simms, who played
Tish in Chris Rock's "Head of State," 2003, and Officer Jones in "Shock Act,"
2004.  She played Janice Quinn in the 2009 short "Stream."  On TV, she played
Althea Sands in "Law and Order," Paulette Leger "Law & Order: Criminal Intent,"
and Nurse Jacobs in As the World Turns," all in 2005-2006.  She's made some Ran-
dom House Audible recordings of books such as "True Believer" by Virginia Euwer
Wolff--the 2001 National Book Award winner.  In 2009, she acted in "The Brother/
Sister Plays" by Tarell Alvin McCraney off Broadway at the Public Theater.  And
she supplied the voices for Bad Bessie, Cheryl Lynn, and Dancing Girls #1 for
the videogame "Red Dead Revolver," 2004.

  Heather as Bad Bessie in "Red Dead Revolver," 2004

  Helena is voice acted by young renowned mesmerizing beauty Bijou Lilly Phil-
lips.  She's the daughter of the late John Phillips, the leader of The Mamas and
the Papas ("California Dreamin,'" etc.) and actress Geneviève Waïte, and the
half sister of both Chynna Phillips (of the music group Wilson Phillips, "Cali-
fornia," 2004, etc.) and Mackenzie Phillips (Julie in the TV show "One Day at a
Time," 1975-1983, etc.).  She played Estrella Starr in "Almost Famous," 2000,
Alice in "Door on the Floor," 2004, and starred as Emily in "Havoc," 2005.
She played Lucy in seven 2010-2013 episodes of the TV series "Raising Hope."
She made an album called "I'd Rather Eat Glass" in 1999.

  "When I Hated Him" from "I'd Rather Eat Glass," 1999, by Bijou Phillips

  Katie is voice acted by the ultra attractive holder of a B.A. in psychology,
China Chow.  She's the daughter of late model/designer Tina Chow and interna-
tional restaurateur Michael Chow.  (Fans of Talking Heads tunes might also note
that David Byrne is her uncle.)   She was one of one of Harper's Bazaar's "It
Girls" in 1996.  She played Jennifer Foster in the TV movie "Blessings," 2003,
which starred Mary Tyler Moore.  She played Lucy Chen in a couple episodes of
the TV show "Burn Notice," 2007.  She's appeared as herself--host and judge--in
18 2010-2011 episodes of the TV series "Work of Art: The Next Great Artist."

  "Work of Art: The Next Great Artist," 2010, featuring host China Chow

  Michelle is voice acted by eminently bedazzling actress of stage and screen
Vanessa Aspillaga.  Among many things, she provided a "theater-filling joy" as
Marela in the Pulitzer Prize-winning N.Y.C. play "Anna In The Tropics," which
premiered in 2003 at the Royale Theatre.  She was in four episodes of the TV
series "Law and Order" from 1996 to 2008 and played Monica in six 2015 episodes
of the TV series "Flesh and Bone."  In movies, she played Celia in ""Petty
Crimes," 2002, Anna in "Morning Glory," 2010, and Karina in "Gun Hill Road,"

  Vanessa Aspillaga interviewed for TheBochinche.Com, 2010

  Barbara is voice acted by drop down gorgeous Danielle Lee Greaves, who played
Danielle in eleven episodes of the TV show "Whoopie," 2003-2004, played Singing
Nurse #2 in two 2009 episodes of "Rescue Me," and Verna Earl in two 2015 epi-
sodes of the TV mini-series "Show Me a Hero."  She's also starred on Broadway as
Lorraine in "Hairspray," Joanne in "Rent," Leatherine/Psychiatrist in "Sunset
Boulevard," and Ethel in "ShowBoat" (see the ibdb link).  In 2009, she became
one of the stars of the all-woman rock musical "Chix 6."

  "Meet the Residents of Catfish Row: Danielle Lee Greaves | 'The Gershwins'
Porgy and Bess' Tour" by Porgy Bess

  Millie is voice acted by the beautiful blonde actress/singer/composer Orfeh,
who also provided the voice of the Dispatcher/Doctor/Female Officer in the
videogame "Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne," 2003.  Her Mom named her after
her favorite opera, "Black Orfeus."  Orfeh wrote and, with Or-N-More, performed
the top 40 tune "Everyotherday," 1991.  She was nominated for a Tony as "Out-
standing Featured Actress in a Musical" for her Broadway portrayal of Paulette
Bonafonté in "Legally Blonde: The Musical," 2007-2008, and played the same role
for the 2007 TV-movie of it.  She appeared as herself in four 2013-2014 episodes
of the TV series "The Show."  She released her first solo album,
"What Do You Want from Me," in 2008.  (I have absolutely no evidence that she
likes Gimp suits.)

  "Bend and Snap" - Orfeh (Legally Blonde Live on Broadway)" by DivaCanSang

  XI.c  Basketball

  In the PC version, basketball becomes available after "Tagging Up Turf"

  F or Enter           Play/Quit
  W,S,A, and D     Move C.J.
  Left Shift             Press to have C.J. prepare to throw,
                                 release it near the top of his jump to have him throw--
                                 the game will point him at the hoop.
  LMB, Num 0,
    or Left Ctrl        Spin the ball on his fingertip
  Spacebar            Roll the ball across his shoulders to his other hand

  MMB                   Start challenge

  While C.J. plays basketball, sending him to the ball will cause him to pick it
up and bounce it.

  A close shot is worth one point and a long shot is worth two points, but these
points aren't given in the Stats.  The longest distance of C.J.'s successful
shots is recorded in Stats > Achievements > Furthest Hoop.  You can have C.J.
take a shot from a little beyond the boundary of the court, get a warning that
he has to re-enter it to continue playing, but remain in the game and make a
successful shot with a greater distance.

  If you have C.J. go for the challenge, found at full-size courts, he gets one
minute on the timer to start with and fifteen seconds added for each successful
shot.  Each shot is made from within a red shaft of light, which relocates after
each successful effort.  His highest number of successful shots is recorded in
Stats > Mission > Highest basketball score.

  Places where basketball is available

  Small courts:

  - in the lot beside the garage of Sweet's house, which is two houses counter-
clockwise from the Johnson house,

  - NW of the W end of the bar room in Madd Dogg's Crib, and

  - the basketball appears at random on one or two of the courts of the follow-
ing batch: the 2nd house on the W side of the road S of the Prickle Pine Yellow
Bell RR station, the 2nd house E of the station and four other houses nearby and
to the E on the same street, and at the 1st "E" of "PRICKLE PINE" on the S side
of the street.

  Full-size courts:

  - on the SE corner of the block to the E of the last "S" of "LOS SANTOS" (on
the SE corner of the block that's S of the block with the artwork similar to
Watts Towers),

  - by the "S" of "PLAYA DEL SEVILLE,"

  - on the middle block E of the Camel's Toe pyramid, and

  - on the N side of the VROCK Hotel--just E of the train track that's E of the
Roca Escalante police station.

  Thanks to scissorunner for noticing that the basketball appears randomly in
the N LV batch and for finding the court N of the VROCK Hotel.

  XI.d  Videogames

  Your high scores for videogames aren't recorded in your Stats, but you can
have them recorded with your initials as a part of each game.  Efforts with vid-
eogames are among the things, referred to in section I.5.p, that add to your
mission attempts but not missions passed, so you shouldn't worry about those


  The rocket is stationary, except it can rotate, in the middle of the screen.
Everything else moves to show the relative motion of it.  Try to slow the move-
ment for better aim.

  The red bar shows the Health of the rocket.  The green bar shows the power it
has; it diminishes with acceleration, and slowly fills up otherwise.

  Try to shoot big black globes for ten points, hitting a big white one costs
ten points.  Try to pass through little white globes for five points; going
through little black ones costs five points.  The big white ones repel your
rocket.  Each shot costs one point.

  You have the option of playing it the same way except the roles of black and
white are reversed.

  A           Counter-clockwise
  D           Clockwise
  L Shift    Forward
  LMB       Fire


    They Crawled from Uranus

  Targets swirl out and back from the center of the screen and your rocket can
rotate around them, clockwise or counter-clockwise, in a fixed circular track.
Try to shoot them and not be shot by the red dots they send out.  The PS2 gim-
mick of keeping the rocket from getting hit by red dots by sending it in a con-
stant rotation works for PC.

  It's like Gyruss, an arcade game which appeared in 1983 then on various ports.
One of the planets you tried to get the rocket to reach with it, by succeeding
at levels, was Uranus.  (The BradyGames guide sees some similarities with a game
called Tempest, released in 1980.)

  A         Clockwise
  D         Counter-clockwise
  LMB     Fire

  See X.13.p if you're feeling nostalgic about trying the Gradius and Gyruss
games mod.


    Go Go Space Monkey

  The scenery and targets move right to left.  You can send your ship up or
down, left or right, to avoid their attacks and shoot them.

  It's like Defender, which was released in 1980 to become, with Pac Man, one of
the biggest money-making arcade games of all time.  It's also like Gradius,
which 1st appeared as an arcade game in 1985, then appeared on various ports.

  W         Up
  S          Down
  A          Left
  D          Right
  L Shift   Fire

  See X.13.p if you'd like to see it as Gradius with the Gradius and Gyruss
games mod.


    Let's Get Ready to Bumble

  You can move the bee side to side, up or down, and the scenery moves in reac-
tion to show motion, which you can slow or stop by moving the bee in the oppo-
site direction.  The scenery includes leaves with flowers--you send the bee
through the flowers for points.  It also includes thorny vines, which destroy
the bee on contact.

  L Shift        Up
  Spacebar   Down
  A                Left
  D                Right

  According to Mogyle, at the GTA Forums web site, the title comes from the
phrase called out in the arcade-type game "Ready 2 Rumble": "Let's get ready to
rumble."  (GTW note: the game features it being called out by the boxing an-
nouncer who's become famous for it: Michael Buffer.)


  XI.e  Gambling

  Inside Track Betting--ITB

  Available on the E-W road that goes across the S tip of the Mulholland Inter-
section, Los Santos, and at the S end of the E side of the biggest block of
Montgomery, Red County.

  All the horses of this video horse race have an equal chance of winning (ex-
cept in regard to the gimmick mentioned below), so C.J. can make a lot of money
by betting on the horse with the biggest odds/multiple return of the money wa-
gered--the one at the bottom of the list--if you reload the game after every at-
tempt and just save the game when he wins.  There's no limit on the amount C.J.
can wager.

  As mentioned in "Inside Track Betting" (see III.12) under "The Horse Races
gimmick", you can have C.J. bet a small amount and note the name and color of
the horse that wins.  Have him keep activate and deactivate the betting machine
over and over till the same name and color appears again--preferably on the bot-
tom of the list, which is the horse that pays off the biggest if it wins.  Have
C.J. bet the bundle on that one because it will win.

  Update: I recently tried this method again several times early in the game,
and a horse reappeared quickly with the same color and name, but the gimmick
didn't work.  Then I tried with a save file for "End of the Line, it took a long
time for a horse with the same color and name to reappear, and the gimmick
worked.  I still need to find out what the circumstances are that allow the gim-
mick to work.



  Pool (eight ball pocket billiards) is available:

  - at the Ten Green Bottles bar W of the Johnson house, on the same street, in
Los Santos,

  - at Misty's bar at the N end of the W side of the block at the bottom of the
martini glass icon that's S of "GARCIA" in San Fierro,

  - at the Lil' Probe Inn in Bone County, and

  - in the middle of the S side of the block under the block with "VENTURAS" of
"OLD VENTURAS STRIP" in Las Venturas.

  Use the cue--white--ball to pocket either a striped or solid color ball, then
all the others of the same type, then the eight ball.  If a player misses, it's
the other player's turn.

  If a player pockets the cue ball or the wrong color, it's the other player's
turn and they can place the cue ball anywhere on the table.  The computer player
always puts it in the middle of about 2/3rds of the length of the table, but you
can use W,S,A, or D, or the directional arrows, to have C.J. put it anywhere
that's to his advantage for a shot.

  If one of the players pockets the eight ball before they've pocketed all of
the balls of their type, the other player wins.

  Push the mouse forward for C.J. to draw the pool cue back, and pull the mouse
back for C.J. to push the pool cue forward (I have Invert Mouse Vertically
turned off).  You can press Left Shift to skip some of the screens and cut

  Depending on the table, C.J. can bet from $1,000 to $100,000.


  Lowrider Challenge

  See IV.10.


  Video Poker

  Available at The Four Dragons, Caligula's Palace, and the Casino on the mid-N
side of the block N of "WEST" of "REDSANDS WEST"

  Hold the cards or discard them to try to get (from top to bottom, they are the
least likely/highest paying to most likely/lowest paying):

  Royal Flush        Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 of the same suit
  Straight Flush     Five cards of the same suit and in sequence
  Four of a kind     Four cards of equal rank
  Full house          Three of a kind (equal rank) plus a pair (equal rank)
  Flush                  Five cards of the same suit but not in sequence
  Straight               Five cards in sequence but not the same suit
  Three of a kind   Three cards of equal rank
  Two pairs            Two pairs of cards, each pair having the same rank
  Jacks or better    A pair of Jacks, Queens, Kings, or Aces.

  Hold the cards for a winning combination you see or one you want to try to
get.  If the cards don't suggest one, you can discard them all or take a chance
with one or two, remembering that the combinations at the bottom of the list are
more likely to appear and salvage your hand.  Any you discard will be replaced,
and your ability to win is based on the next set of results.

  The coin value is the value of one wagering chip, and the value of the wager
is based on the number of chips.  You can bet from one to five chips.

  The value of one chip depends on the machine.  It can be worth $1, $5, $10,
$25, $50, $500, $1,000, $5,000, or $10,000.

  The reward for a winning hand is expressed in the number of chips it's worth
and shown below.  The 1st vertical row represents the reward for betting one
chip, the 2nd for two chips, etc.  Notice that the exception to the math used
for the rest of the chart is the reward for betting five chips and getting a
Royal Flush.

  Royal Flush         250      500     750   1,000  4,000   
  Straight Flush        50      100     150      200     250
  Four of a kind        25        50       75      100     125
  Full house                9       18        27       36       45
  Flush                        6       12       18        24       36
  Straight                    4         8        12       16       24
  Three of a kind         3         6         9       12       15
  Two pairs                 2         4          6        8        10
  Jacks or better         1          2         3        4          5

  The picture cards have pictures of at least these earlier GTA characters: Can-
dy Suxxx, Ricardo Diaz, Steve Scott, Lance Vance, stripa?--the VC lady with a
martini, Salvatore Leone, Asuka Kasen, Toni Cipriani, 8 Ball, Luigi Goterellio,
Donald Love, and Misty.


  Slot machines
  Available at The Four Dragons and Caligula's

  Each of the three windows can show either cherries, grapes, "69," a gold bell,
a gold bar, or a pair of gold bars.  Try to get three of a kind.  It's like ITB
except the only way to play it has a lot smaller a likelihood of winning than
the easiest ways to win at anything else listed here.

  A slot machine charges the same amount for each try.  The amount can be $1,
$5, $10, $20, or $50.

  Thanks to a post at Gamefaqs by anOILERSfan for showing that a set of three
of each type--cherries, bells, etc.--always pays out in the same multiple of the
cost per try.  So three cherries would pay out $25 on a one dollar machine, $125
on a $5 machine, etc.

  Thanks to spaceeinstein for telling me the payout for three gold bars and that
the Luck Stat has no influence on the odds of winning with slot machines.

  Three cherries:                    25 times the cost per try
  Three grapes:                    100 times the cost per try
  Three "69"s:                       250 times the cost per try
  Three bells:                        500 times the cost per try
  Three gold bars:              1,000 times the cost per try
  Three pairs of gold bars: 5,000 times the cost per try

  In the time I tried it, the 1st four combinations seemed about equally likely
to appear.  The only combination that showed up only once was three gold bars;
three pairs of gold bars didn't show up.


  Gambling Stat and Luck Stat related Las Venturas gambling

  Blackjack, Roulette, and Wheel of Fortune--three table-dependent ways to gam-
ble--are available at The Four Dragons and Caligula's Palace, and Blackjack is
also available at the Casino on the mid-N side of the block N of "WEST" of "RED-
SANDS WEST."  The more C.J. bets on these games, the higher his Gambling Stat
till it's maximized, and the more money he can bet on these games or borrow from
the casino to play them--up to $1,000,000.  Once he gambles a total of $1,000,
he can bet or borrow $1,000 at a time, etc.

  I've also had C.J.'s Gambling Stat goes up by having him use slot machines, so
I'm guessing Video Poker would work, too.

  According to the BradyGames guide, these are the levels of C.J.'s Gambling
Stat and how much he can wager or borrow at each one for Blackjack, Roulette, or
Wheel of Fortune:

     1%    Gambler Level       $1,000
     5%    Professional        $10,000
   10%    Hi-roller             $100,000
 100%    Whale             $1,000,000

  Whatever the highest amount allowed per bet at a table is, there are always
tables that have a smaller top amount allowed, like $100, whatever C.J.s Gam-
bling Stat is.  The top amount C.J. can bet on Blackjack and Roulette at the
Redsands West Casino is always $100; the minimum is $1.

  To increase C.J.'s Luck Stat to 1,000, have him collect all 50 Horseshoes.
The last I heard (see spaceeinstein's reference in the slot machine segment and
GTA_Phreak's in the Blackjack segment), getting all the Horseshoes just creates
a Stat and goes toward 100% completion of the game--it doesn't affect the odds
of winning anything.

  If C.J. goes into debt--a negative, red number for his cash--he can continue
to bet with the credit his gambling skill created, then he can't bet anymore.

  Thanks to spaceeinstein for telling me that "C.J. will be hunted down if he is
$500 or more in debt."  "The guys that attack CJ carry" approximately "$10,000
each, so you could just kill them to pay off your debt.  The more deeply C.J. is
in debt, the tougher the attackers will be."

  If C.J. goes $500 or more in debt and goes outside, he gets a call from the
owner: "Just a  friendly reminder that you owe me money.  Don't be a stranger."
If C.J. doesn't come up with the money in a few minutes, the owner calls again:
"Carl Johnson.  Little bird told me you're in town.  You should have listened to
me and paid your debts" or such.  If he's in the neighborhood of the casino, the
gangsters of a dark gray Vincent sedan shoot at C.J. with Micro-SMGs and AK-47s.

  To pay it off, C.J. has to make enough money (doing the Vigilante mission with
the Hunter, etc.) to get back up to a green, positive number for his cash.

  The gimmick of getting C.J. out of debt by having him do a Unique Jump he
doesn't have credit for yet doesn't work for PC.

  The best strategy for LV casino gambling is to have C.J. play Blackjack using
the strategy sheet shown near the bottom of this page along with the strategy
GTA Phreak offers to get the advantage on the dealer.  Only the gimmick of hav-
ing C.J. bet on the long shot at Inside Track, and exiting and reloading the
game till he wins, may be faster.


  If you ever get lost looking for the exit for Caligula's:
  Owing to some programming mistake, the door to Caligula's Palace, seen from
the outside, is on the W side, but seen from the inside, it's on the N side.

  (The entrance/exit for The Four Dragons is on the E side of it.)


  Wheel of Fortune

  C.J. bets at a table that the wheel will stop on (in order from most likely/
lowest pay to least likely/highest pay): $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, or $40/star sym-
bol.  He can bet on any number of those choices at a time.  If he bets on more
than one choice at a time, the amount he bet on any one number is independent of
the amount he bet on any others.

  It's the Money Wheel version of the Big Six wheel.

  If the wheel stops on the dollar amount C.J. picks, he wins the dollar amount
times the cost per try: $1 at $100 cost per try pays $100, $5 at $100 cost per
try pays $500, $20 at $100 cost per try pays $2,000, etc.

  If the wheel doesn't stop at the amount C.J. picks, he loses the amount he
paid to try.

  Betting on the smaller, more common numbers provides the best chance to win,
and the odds are still bad that you'll win by any strategy.  (Using the guide
given below, the odds are better for winning with Blackjack.)

  A table can let C.J. bet up to $100, $1,000, or $1,000,000 per try.



  Move the yellow circle over the table to pick the number/numbers that the rou-
lette wheel ball will stop on or among.

  Single number--if the ball lands on zero, the bet must be on zero to win; the
reward is 36 times the amount bet

  Two numbers; the reward is 18 times the amount bet

  Row of three numbers (put the circle on the right edge of the row); the reward
is 12 times the amount bet

  Four numbers (a square; put the circle where the boxes of the four intersect);
the reward is nine times the amount bet

  Two rows  (make the circle overlap the right edge of two rows); the reward is
six times the amount bet

  3 to 1 (1-34/2-35/3-36) (1st 12/2nd 12/3rd 12); the reward is three times the
amount bet

  1-18/19-36/red/black/even/odd; the reward is twice the amount bet

  If C.J. loses, he loses the amount he bet.

  A table can let C.J. bet up to $100, $1,000, or $1,000,000 per try.



  You're dealt two cards face up, and the dealer gets two cards--one face up and
one face down.

  Try to get cards that come closer to a value of 21, without going over it,
than the dealer's cards.  Aces are worth one or eleven, 10's through Kings are
worth 10.

  If you "Stick" (Left Shift) with cards, you keep them and it's the dealer's
turn.  If you ask to be "Hit" (LMB), you're given another card face up--you can
have up to five.  If you go over 21, you lose and it's called a "Bust."

  If you "Double" your cards (Spacebar; I remap Jump to be Spacebar), you double
your bet and you get another card.

  When it's the dealer's turn, the dealer turns up their face down card.  If the
dealer's pair of cards are 17 or higher, they Stick with them; if they're lower
than 17, they Hit--add another card to their hand.

  If it's a tie it's called a "Push"--no winner or loser.

  A "Blackjack" is an Ace and a 10 or an Ace and a picture card.

  If you get two cards of equal value, you can "Split" (Mouse Wheel Down).  Your
two cards are placed vertically, a card is added to the top one, and a yellow
arrow points at the top hand.  The amount you wagered is doubled.

  When you've created as high an amount with the top hand as you want, press
Left Shift (I remap Run to Left Shift) to Stick with it and go to your lower
hand.  If the top hand goes over 21, the top hand is a Bust and you go to the
lower hand.  The yellow arrow now points at the lower hand.

  When you've created as high an amount with the lower hand as you want, Stick
to give the dealer their turn and play both of your hands against the dealer's

  If your top hand didn't go over 21 and either of your hands beats the dealer's
cards, you win.

  If your top hand went over 21 but your bottom hand beats the dealer's cards,
it's a Push.

  Thanks to reader Carl Johnson for sending me the tip that C.J.'s reward is
what he bet.

  If C.J. loses, he loses the amount he bet.

  Thanks to GTA_Phreak for recommending the gambling chart at the Blackackinfo
web site.

  He also recommends this strategy once C.J. gambles a million dollars at a ca-
sino and gets the Whale status:

  The game uses a six deck sequence and it isn't reshuffled as long as C.J.
stays at the table.  That means each Blackjack table has 312 (6 x 52) cards
playing in a loop distinctive to that table as long as C.J. doesn't leave the
table.  So have him go to a Blackjack table that allows bets of a million dol-
lars and play through the loop of 312 cards at minimum wagers while you write
down the sequence.  The dealer always hits when the total of his cards is under
17 and holds at 17 or over.  So the next time the loop comes around you know the
sequence and can go for big money bets and win on most hands, and on the few you
can't win you can just bet the minimum.

  V          Hard totals
         2    3    4     5     6    7   8   9  10  A  < Dealer upcard
   7    H   H   H    H    H   H  H  H  H   H
   8    H   H   H    H    H   H  H  H  H   H 
   9    H   D   D    D    D   H  H  H  H   H
  10   D   D   D    D    D   D  D  D  H   H
  11   D   D   D    D    D   D  D  D  D   D 
  12   H   H   S     S     S   H  H  H  H   H
  13   S    S   S     S     S   H  H  H  H   H
  14   S    S   S     S     S   H  H  H  H   H
  15   S    S   S     S     S   H  H  H  H   H
  16   S    S   S     S     S   H  H  H  H   H 
  17   S    S   S     S     S   S   S   S  S    S
  18 to 20 are the same as for 17

             Soft totals
  A,2 H   H   H    D    D    H  H  H  H   H
  A,3 H   H   H    D    D    H  H  H  H   H
  A,4 H   H   D    D    D    H  H  H  H   H
  A,5 H   H   D    D    D    H  H  H  H   H
  A,6 H   D   D    D    D    H  H  H  H   H
  A,7 S  DS  DS DS  DS   S   S  H  H   H
  A,8 S   S    S     S     S     S   S  S   S   S 
  A,9 S   S    S     S     S     S   S  S   S   S

              Pair splitting
  2,2  P   P    P     P     P     P  H  H  H   H
  3,3  P   P    P     P     P     P  H  H  H   H
  4,4  H  H    H    P     P     H H  H  H   H
  5,5  D   D   D    D    D    D  D  D  H   H
  6,6  P    P    P    P     P    H  H  H  H   H
  7,7  P    P    P    P     P     P  H  H  H   H
  8,8  P    P    P    P     P     P  P   P  P    P
  9,9  P    P    P    P     P     S  P   P  S    S
  T,T  S   S    S    S     S     S  S   S  S    S
  A,A P   P    P    P     P     P  P   P  P    P 
         2    3    4    5      6     7  8   9  10  A  < Dealer upcard

  H   Hit  
  S   Stand (Hold)
  P   Split
  D   Double (Hit if not allowed, but you can Double in this version)
  DS Double (Stand if not allowed, but you can Double in this version)



    All done!