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Glen T. Winstein

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Glenster's Glimpse into San Andreas

  IV  The main story missions of Los Santos continued

    The Sweet missions

  IV.1  "Tagging Up Turf"    Sweet Johnson

  Poppin' tags: here it means to take someone else's tag--graffiti, meant in
this case to stake out a territory--away from them by covering it with a new
tag.  (C.J. can get a lot of new clothes later, though.)

  Sweet leaves a basketball game with Big Smoke to encourage C.J. to help him
spray over some Balla's tags.  (Spray with the LMB.  Sprayed ones become un-
sprayed again for the mission.)  C.J. sprays a couple of Ballas, too, while he's
at it.

  We also learn that C.J. can jump up and grab onto a ledge, then climb up onto
the roof, or climb over a fence, by pressing the climb/Jump key.  (Note: the de-
fault Jump button is Left Shift, but I remap my controls to use Spacebar for
Jump and Left Shift for Run, which is more like the controls I use for "Vice

  As Zmoonchild points out, if C.J. is too fat to jump the second fence to get
to the tag on the second floor of a building you can have him climb onto a car
then onto a roof to get to it.

  Sweet gives C.J. $200 and Respect.  Officer Hernandez calls and tells C.J. not
to leave town.  C.J. curses him for just doing what Tenpenny and Pulaski tell
him to do.  There's a Spray Can in C.J.'s bedroom, and the basketball game is
available (XI.c).

  If you haven't had C.J. do the preliminaries I went on about, he can now re-
cruit two gang members.

  IV.2  "Cleaning the Hood"  Sweet Johnson

  Big Smoke, Sweet, and Ryder, C.J.

  Mark "B-Dup" Wayne: Jayceon Terrell Taylor, aka Game aka The Game, is an
actor and rapper of the mixtape JT The Bigga Figga Presents "Nas and The Game:
Q.B. 2 Compton," 2002, "The Documentary," 2005,  "Doctor's Advocate," 2006, the
album "LAX," 2008, appeared as himself in a 2009 episode of the TV series "Check
It Out! Video," etc.!/thegame

  "Hate It or Love It," 2005, by The Game and 50 Cent--"The Documentary"

   Barry "Big Bear" Thorne: Kurt "Big Boy" Alexander, who played Joe in "The
Player's Club," 1998, appeared, often as himself, on a number of TV shows, pro-
vided some voice acting to GTA "V," but he's probably the most famous for being
a popular host of the Los Angeles Rhythmic contemporary station KPWR--Power 106
FM.  Happily, he's not so big anymore: in response to a bet by Will Smith, he's
lost over 250 pounds since 2003.

  Big Smoke sounds like he's trying to talk Ryder into crack dealing.  C.J.
wants his gang the way they were before and to get old gang members B-Dup and
Big Bear back in the fold.  After C.J. uses the nearby Greenwood to drive Ryder
to B-Dup's place, they see Big Bear has become a subservient crack addict to
B-Dup, who tells C.J. to get lost.

  C.J. gets a Baseball Bat and learns a fight move: while pressing the RMB,
press F or Enter to have him attack or Spacebar to have him block.  Blocking
diminishes the number of attacks on C.J. that can lower his Armor or Health.

  C.J. and Ryder find the crack dealer.  Have C.J. clobber him with a baseball
bat.  C.J. sees he was a member of the Ballas and lived nearby, so he takes
Ryder to the house to kill another drug dealer and other Ballas who put up a
fight about it there (at the start of this segment, a prostitute seems to be
giving a Balla a BJ in a room at the far right).  Then have C.J. drive Ryder

  C.J. earns some more Respect.

  To help C.J. clean the crack dealers out of the neighborhood otherwise, see
I.5.k for their descriptions.  Drug dealers are also among those who drive

  IV.3  "Drive-Thru"          Sweet Johnson

  Make sure C.J. has a lot of SMG ammo.

  Big Smoke talks C.J. into taking him, Sweet, and Ryder to get some chicken.
On the way, Ryder says the ones that killed C.J. and Sweet's Mom were trying to
shoot Sweet, and that some people say they saw a green Sabre drive away from the
drive-by; Big Smoke sounds like he's trying to talk Ryder out of saying so.

  For a second or so at the start of the cutscene at the Cluckin' Bell for
"Drive-Thru" (2:40 etc. in the YouTube video at the next link) Big Smoke, Sweet,
and Ryder stand with arms outstretched "noclipped" into each other at the bottom
left area of the screen.
  "Grand Theft Auto San Andreas - Exploring Hidden Camera Secrets And Easter
Eggs Part 2 | Slippin Out" by Slippy Slides

  While at the Cluckin' Bell, Ryder sees a Voodoo of Ballas, C.J notices they're
driving toward Grove Street, and Sweet calls for a drive-by.

  Have C.J. do a drive-by on the Voodoo (drive beside the target, look to the
side with Q or E, and press the LMB), which the others, except Big Smoke, will
help with, till it starts to burn, then drive away from the explosion.  Once
he's taken care of any Ballas who manage to survive that, have C.J. drive the
others to Sweet's and Big Smoke's places.

  (Thanks to reader Timo Hakala for writing to me that Rockstar designed it so
you can blow up a Voodoo by shooting the license plate in the back because the
gas cap is behind the license plate in the car the Voodoo is based on.  I just
want to correct an easy mistake to make that many people have made: he thought
the Voodoo was based on a 1960 Chevrolet Impala.  It's really a Bel Air, which
has two pairs of brake lights--an Impala would have two sets of three.)

  (I guess we should figure Big Smoke is trying to sound like he's using the Bi-
ble as an authoritative source, but he hasn't read it in a long time and is im-
provising, to put it nicely, about what it says.  Big Smoke, as C.J. kids him,
talk a lot of B.S..)

  Right after the cutscene in which C.J.'s group gets food:

  One strategy is to have C.J. drive against the passenger side of the Ballas'
Voodoo.  After Ryder and Sweet kill the Ballas' passenger side shooter, the
Ballas' driver gets out, and you can have C.J. (or let the traffic) run him

  Improving the strength of the Tec9 as explained at X.11 makes missions go a
lot easier but if C.J.'s enemies have Tec9s you should use careful planning or
the default file.

  Zmoonchild has C.J. turn the Greenwood around and go west to the other side of
the block, get out of the car, and shoot the Ballas' Voodoo with an automatic
rifle so it blows up.
  "GTA San Andreas - Drive-Thru - Sweet mission 3 - Plus, Sweet tells CJ he's
"fat"" by ZMOONCHILD

  C.J. gets more Respect and $200.

  IV.4  Los Santos gym

  Sweet calls and doesn't want C.J. to let his remorse about their Mom cause him
to fall out of shape.  Have C.J. use the equipment at the Ganton Gym.  The
treadmill and stationary bike are quick ways to lose Fat, and the weights are a
good way to build Muscle (alternate between Left Shift and the LMB to have him
use the weights).  If he's past the Buff stage, have C.J. fight and defeat the
boxing trainer.

  I typically use the Mouse and Keyboard configuration.  With that, it's easier
for me to do this if I don't bother with targeting but just have C.J. advance
with W, punch with the LMB, and steer him with the mouse.  If you use a gamepad
in Joypad configuration, you'll see that this GTA allows you to use targeting
for punches, so I'd use targeting if you use a gamepad.

  When C.J. beats the trainer, he's taught some boxing moves:

  - Running attack: while running, lock onto the target with the RMB and press
Enter or F.

  - Ground attack: lock onto a downed opponent with the RMB and press Enter or

  - Combo attack: lock onto the target with the RMB and press Enter or F repeat-

   (To have a longer look at onscreen instructions or dialogue, press Esc and go
to Brief.  You can go back through earlier instructions and dialogue by pressing
Up and go forward through them with Down.)

  All three indoor gyms are open (but the other two are in areas that are off-
limits).  (A 4th indoor gym, the private one in Madd Dogg's mansion, is avail-
able after "A Home in the Hills," IX.1.)

  C.J. uses the last fight moves he was shown after beating a trainer, so you
can send him to an earlier one if you want to change his fighting style.

  IV.5  "Nines and AKs"       Sweet Johnson

  Emmet: Eugene Jeter Jr.  This is the only role I found for him on the Inter-
net, and he only appears once, but if it is his 1st role, a GTA is a pretty good
place to start.

  Ryder doesn't like losing to Big Smoke and ends the game of dominoes they were
having.  C.J. takes Big Smoke in Big Smoke's Glendale to see Emmet, of the Se-
ville Blvd. gang that's become estranged from theirs, to get some weapons, even
if they are old weapons.  Emmet is a little confused at 1st and thinks C.J. is
C.J.'s late brother Brian.  We also learn from Emmet that C.J,'s Mom was called
Beverly.  C.J. and Big Smoke take a couple of 9mm Pistols.

  Following Big Smoke's examples, C.J. learns (and we learn) some shooting

  - Press the RMB to target, then add the LMB to fire.

  - While locked on, you can cycle through targets by rolling the Mouse Scroller
up or down (note: I couldn't get that to do anything for my Keyboard and Mouse

  - Crouch (C) to increase accuracy.

  - Manually aim for, and shoot at, the cap of the gas tank of a car to blow the
car up.

  We also learn that while C.J. is crouching you can hold down the RMB and press
A or D to have him roll to the left or right.

  The OG Loc and Big Smoke missions are available.

  Emmet's gun store is open and a Pistol is available there; it's in the lot
along the N-S alley of the block S of the "OW" of "WILLOW FIELD."

  The Binco, Pro-Laps, and Sub Urban clothes stores are open.  The clothes C.J.
buys will be added to the Bincos clothes he started out with and be available in
the wardrobe closet of any of his save houses.  If he puts on a hat, shades, or
something for torso or legs, it removes any wanted rating.  He can take off and
put on the same ones to do that if you want him to keep the same look.

  Sweet wants C.J. to get some green clothes to show his solidarity with the
Grove Street Families.

  IV.6  Clothes

  Clothes are 4% of C.J.'s Respect level and 50% of his Sex Appeal level, so if
it comes to a choice between the two, favor the article with better Sex Appeal.

  Although the Bradygames guide gave the 50% figure, I didn't see clothes make
nearly as big a difference to Sex Appeal as cars.  Maybe it's a typo and they
meant 5%.

  I'd probably have C.J. get the Oysters then have him dress any way I wanted.
The 1st girlfriend, Denise, isn't very fussy about those things, anyway.

  Having C.J. put on a hat, shades, or something for the torso or legs, even
having him take off and put on the same ones, can get rid of any wanted rating.

  Send C.J. to Binco's to get him green jeans (R:15; SA:5) for $60; track pants
(R:5; SA:5) for $70 (the same R and SA as the various track pants at Pro-Laps
but cheaper); and a green rag back hat (R:3; SA:2) for $25;

  Sub Urban for a Base 5 hood (R:20; SA: 14) for $105 or Rockstar hood (R: 17;
SA: 15) for $120 and a Bobo ape T (R: 17; SA:13) for $115; a silver Cuban chain
(R:2; SA:2) for $200; and a face black watch (R:2; SA:2) for $120;

  and Pro-Laps for sunglasses (R: 2; SA: 1) for $150; mid-top sneakers (R:5;
SA:3) for $115; and red sneakers (R:2 SA:3) for $80 if you want to get him the
things with the highest points for Respect and, especially, Sex Appeal available
for now.

  Fortunately, the green jeans and green rag back let C.J. show the Grove Street
Families' color, too.

  IV.7  "Drive-By"           Sweet Johnson

  Have a lot of SMG ammo.

  Ryder complains to Sweet, then to C.J., that C.J. can't drive good enough for
a drive-by they want to do on the Ballas.


  Thanks to Rusk's walk-through for the tip from pdescobar, srg, and Mxyzptlk,
who found a batch of missions in which you can have C.J. go to the off-limit ar-
eas without a wanted rating.  This is the earliest mission in which you can have
C.J. do that.  Instead of having C.J. get into Sweet's car, you can have him
collect Oysters, etc., in the off-limits areas.

  For a complete list of the missions you can do this with, see Fun Glitches

  During this mission, you can have C.J. explore San Andreas with no police rat-
ing no matter what you have him do or where you have him go.  He can get the re-
maining Oysters, the Combat Shotgun, and the Minigun or Heat-Seeking Rocket

  As Rusk recommends, have C.J. prepare by getting a Camera from the Johnson
bedroom so he can get a Snapshot that's easier to get without the threat of a
wanted rating.  The remaining Oyster locations are shown below.  Since the
shells of any shotgun C.J. gets are added to any shotgun he already has, you
might have C.J. collect Shotgun and Sawnoff Shotgun ammo in Los Santos (III.3)
before this mission, or from anywhere in San Andreas (V.4) (VII.3) during the
exploration glitch of this mission, before having C.J. get the Combat Shotgun.

  If you want to maximize the Stat for the Combat Shotgun fast in a way that
works for either the original or second edition of the game, you can change the
data\ar_stats.dat file for it (see III.5).  It's called the SPAS12 in the file.
One way to change the stat data for all the shotguns is to change it from 0.6
points per 100 shots to 100 points per 10 shots, which will let C.J. reach Hit-
man in a few shots.  If you want to get the Hitman skill level for the Combat
Shotgun but don't change the file, it takes a lot longer, so make sure to get a
dozen or more rounds of ammo for either other shotgun 1st.

  Of the two heavy weapons considered, you can get the most ammo for the Mini-
gun if you use the teleporter of the GTA SA Control Center (see X.13.c).  It
comes with a list of teleport locations that includes the Oyster locations, but
you might rather go sightseeing so early in the game.

  Rusk likes to start by having C.J. fly from LS airport to use the Camera to
shoot the bridge of the aircraft carrier to get a Snapshot.  On PC, press the
RMB to see the Snapshot--violet and blue with a white camera in the middle--then
shoot the picture with the LMB.

  If you got 39 Oysters during the Los Santos preliminaries, you might at least
get the two Oysters by the Easter Bay aircraft carrier while it can be done
without a wanted rating.  But I'd get all 11 remaining ones because it boosts
C.J.'s Sex Appeal so that he doesn't have to wrangle with objections like who
doesn't like him buff and who doesn't like him fat when he starts dating women
that are fussier about that than Denise, which makes dating less complicated.

  There are two Oysters by the Easter Bay aircraft carrier, one is near Avispa
Country Club, three are in the Sherman Reservoir, and five are in pools in Las

  1. under the E end of the aircraft carrier that's N of the "N" of "EASTER

  2. in the middle of the E end of the big gray rectangle "BASIN" is on, in the
middle dock of three.

  While C.J. was in San Fierro, I took Rusk's advice to move the Patriot from
the E end of Easter Bay Naval Base (S of the E end of the ship) to the Xoomer
gas station garage for the Export/Import mission later.  The garage is on the
lower E side of the brown block N of "DOHERTY."

  If you want to fill C.J.'s heavy weapon slot with the Heat-Seeking Rocket
Launcher (instead of the Minigun), it's between two of three container tanks at
Easter Bay Airport NE of the "T" of "AIRPORT."

  A few more Oysters:

  3. in the little pond, S of the big arc of road and the country club building,

  4. between "AN" of "SHERMAN RESERVOIR" and the dam, under the W structure of
the two (shown on the radar and in-game map) that project N from the dam.

  5. under the bridge over the entrance to the gulf on the W side of the reser-

  6. near the coast S of the "OC" of "VALLE OCULTADO," a bit past the end of
the wooden pier.

  You might be sure you have the Hitman level for the Shotgun, then get the Com-
bat Shotgun next.

  The SW Las Venturas Combat Shotgun location: in SW Las Venturas, send C.J. S
into the N side of the compound on the block W of where "LVA FREIGHT DEPOT" is
printed on the paper map.  Send C.J. past the garage with a lot of doors on his
left to the rectangular divider with plants and trees growing in it.  The Combat
Shotgun is in the shrub in the middle of it.

  The remaining Oysters:

  7. in the NW area of the block of "COME" of "COME-A-LOT," in the pond N of the
entrance walk.

  8. in the NE area of the block of "ATES IN" of "PIRATES IN MEN'S PANTS," in
the pond, and by the big skull display.

  9. in the middle of the semi-circle of the "E" of "VISAGE," in a pond, and by
a waterfall in the middle.

  10. just S of the "R" of "PILGRIM," sticking halfway out of a swimming pool.

  11. E across the street and just past the RR track from the middle of the rec-
tangle that's at the NE corner of the block of "CA" of "ROCA ESCALANTE," in the
upper patio pool of the VROCK Hotel.

  You might get the Minigun next.

  As an alternative, or addition, to the Minigun, you could make your favorite
available weapon as strong as you want (X.11).  I recommend the Tec9 for that
since it can be dual-wielded, used for a drive-by or with a Jetpack, is more
commonly available than a Minigun in the early part of the game, and isn't used
by law enforcement.

  The NE Las Venturas Minigun location: send C.J. into the alley on the E side
of "CA" and "LANTE" of "ROCA ESCALANTE," turn right into the garage, go to the N
side, down the ramp, and go N to the Minigun by the elevator doors.

  You can teleport C.J. to it with the GTA SA Control Center (X.13.c).

  Las Venturas parking garage Minigun:

  X 2493.516, Y 2398.752, Z 4.210938, Angle 100.0

  The SE Las Venturas Minigun location: at the left side of the "O" of "ROCK-
SHORE EAST" on scaffolding.  It's on the next to the highest level on the E end
of the N side.  Here are a few ways to get it:

  - pez2k_ supplies some helpful advice with the tip that C.J. can climb each
level of the scaffolding that he needs to by jumping across a bit of the inside
90 degree corners of it to grab the next higher ledge.

  - You can use the Maverick from the SE area of SF airport.  If the gate is
locked, C.J. can climb on the booth nearby then drop into the airport.  He can
rest it across two beams of the scaffolding, drop down to get the Minigun, then
jump up higher than you might think if you press F or Enter to have him get back
into the Maverick.

  - You can use the ROCKETMAN code to give C.J. a Jetpack, then use the GTA SA
Control Center (X.13.c) after getting the Minigun to get rid of the cheat count.

  Las Venturas scaffolding Minigun:

  X 2682.145, Y 835.74, Z 21.766, Angle 85.88

  To have C.J. get the Area 69 Minigun, you could have him use the Jetpack and
one of the entrances to Ghost World/Blue Hell, including the non-solid spot
Mxyzptlk found in the ceiling over the W trench at Area 69 (I.10).

  Area 69 Minigun:

  X 241.3609, Y 1859.69, Z 14.08401, Angle 274.0

  To have C.J. leave Area 69, you could have use the Ghost World route or use
the GTA SA Control Center to teleport him to one of the places listed on the Lo-
cations page under GTA SA Locations, or click the map on that page to leave a
blue dot on the destination you want, click Read from Map, then Teleport.

  You might use this or a later such exploration glitch to have C.J. collect the
Horseshoes or the rest of the Snapshots, or try GTA_Phreak's Blackjack strategy
found near the end of this walk-through.  You might be thoughtful enough to have
him enter a police station, too, and find Denise a lovely gift.

  Then have C.J. return to Sweet's car for our regularly scheduled program al-
ready in progress.


  Have C.J. drive Sweet, Ryder, and Big Smoke past some groups of Ballas to do
drive-bys on them.  Ryder is cynical about C.J's ability to do this and keep
them from getting killed and Sweet's Greenwood from being ruined, so I'd have
C.J. keep the car at least across the street from each group of Ballas and help
with the shooting.  If the car damage bar gets low after a few groups have been
shot, take the car to the Pay 'n' Spray in Idlewood, then get the rest of the

  After they get the last group of Ballas in Glen Park, C.J. has at least a two
star wanted level.  You can send the Greenwood through the bribe in the pedes-
trian tunnel on the N side of the park, the bribe N of the "ST" of "EAST LOS
SANTOS" (at the NW end of a drainage ditch), or the bribe in the E-W alley in
the block that's across the street S of the Ten Green Bottles bar.

  If you send the Greenwood to the Pay 'n' Spray to get rid of the two star
wanted level, as the game suggests, and you've never done it before, remember to
wait till the wanted stars stop flashing.  If another crime is committed during
the suspension period, the full wanted level is reinstated, and just scraping a
lingering police car could do that.

  Then take C.J.'s group back to Sweet's place.

  Ryder is still sarcastic, but Sweet tells C.J. he did a good job and to watch
out for the Ballas now that they know C.J. is back helping the Grove Families.

  Sweet gives C.J. more Respect and $500.

  The Ryder missions are available.

  IV.8  "Sweet's Girl"       Sweet Johnson

  C.J. can't find Sweet or Big Smoke in Sweet's house.  Sweet calls: he's
trapped at a girlfriends house by fire from the Seville Blvd. (Playa Del Se-
ville) families.  (These gang members look the same as the Grove Street gang
members--I guess Sweet sowed his wild oats a little too close to the house.)
Send C.J. to help in a four-door car, like Sweet's Greenwood.  The game suggests
that you get C.J. a Pistol at Emmet's place and have him crouch behind walls
across from the girlfriend's house for cover between shots, but you can do it
any way you want.  I once had him use a Rocket Launcher from about five houses
away to get most of the gangsters, then get into a closer position to snipe the
one left.

  The gangsters don't shoot at C.J. till he shoots at them.  You can have C.J.
put Satchel Charges (available between Inside Track and another building in
Montgomery, Red County) around them all then scroll to the detonator to blow
them all up at once to pass that part of the mission.

  When you have C.J. pick up Sweet and his girlfriend (the same woman who's be-
hind the counter in the lobby in "Architectural Espionage," VIII.31) to take
them to Sweet's house, Sweet says the Seville Blvd. families are trying to start
a war.  Seville gang cars try to ram C.J.s car on the way (in one mission ef-
fort, when they spun it around backwards into the opening to the back yards by
Sweet's house, I had C.J. drive backwards through the yards to get there).
Sweet says this set trippin' (violence in the name of a gang)... killing the families.

  Sweet gives C.J. more Respect.

  IV.9  "Cesar Vialpando"    Sweet Johnson

  Cesar Vialpando: Clifton Craig Collins, Jr. played Vato #2 in "Menace II Soci-
ety" 1993, Tack in "The Stoned Age," 1994, Cutty in "Dead Presidents," 1995,
played another Cesar--César Sánchez--under the name Clifton González González,
with Samuel L. Jackson as Trevor Garfield, in "One Eight Seven," 1997, Martinez
in "The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit," 1998, Francisco Flores in "Traffic," 2000,
was in the comedy "Hip, Edgy, Sexy, Cool," 2002, played Perry Smith in "Capote,"
2005, Winston in "Sunshine Cleaning," 2008, played Thomas in 13 2010-2011
episodes of the TV series "The Event," appeared as himself in a 2015 episode of
the TV series "Midway USA's Gun Stories," etc.  He's building on a notable fami-
ly tradition since his grandfather, Pedro Gonzalez-Gonzalez, co-starred with
John Wayne in nearly a dozen movies.,_Jr.

  "Clifton Collins Jr.- Rockworks Riff"

  C.J. finds Sweet giving their sister Kendl a hard time because she's dating
Cesar, whom Sweet refers to as a "cholo" (an Hispanic gangster, here meant as a
derogatory word for U.S./Mexican half-breed).

  After she leaves, he tells C.J. to go to the lowrider meeting Cesar and Kendl
are going to.

  C.J. meets a mechanic, who tells him Sweet phoned ahead and he owes Sweet big,
so he gives C.J. a lowrider.  The mechanic says it's the kind used to compete
with by "eses" (or "esses"--male gangstas of Hispanic ethnicity).

  When you drive it into the garage to learn about car modding, you can get it
modded if you want to.

  You can choose to gamble up to $1,000 at the competition, which is like the
dance game for lowriders.  A hooker gets into the car.  Press NP2 for down, NP8
for up, NP4 for left, NP6 for right, and whichever two of those are the closest
for diagonal arrows, in rhythm to the music to make the corresponding direction-
al arrows light up as they pass in front of the circle in the middle of the
screen.  I had the best luck the last time I tried by lagging behind the rhythm
a bit sometimes to press the keys when the arrow was in the middle of the cir-

  Cesar's gang is hostile toward C.J. but Cesar has them back off.  He especial-
ly needs C.J. to know that Kendl is his woman for life, and he and C.J. seem to
accept each other.

  The Transfender garage of Temple, Los Santos, is open for modding cars.  The
garage is on the S side of the block that's W of the block of the top of the "T"
of "TEMPLE."

  It can mod the Buffalo, Bullet, Banshee, Cheetah, Comet, Infernus, Phoenix,
Super GT, Turismo, Windsor, ZR-350, Admiral, Alpha, Blista Compact, Bobcat, Bra-
vura, Buccaneer, Cadrona, Cabbie, Clover, Club, Elegant, Emporer, Esperanto,
Euros, Feltzer, Fortune, Glendale, Greenwood, Hermes, Huntley, Hustler, Intrud-
er, Landstalker, Majestic, Manana, Merit, Mesa, Nebula, Oceanic, Perennial, Pic-
ador, Premier, Previon, Primo, Rancher, Regina, Romero, Sabre, Sentinel, Solair,
Stafford, Stallion, Stretch, Sunrise, Tampa, Taxi, Vincent, Virgo, Walton, Wash-
ington, and Willard.

  You can use the Transfender for an additional batch of vehicles with the
Transfender Fix by OffRoader23 (see X.13.kk).

  Loco Low Co, which specializes in customizing the Blade, Broadway, Remington,
Savanna, Slamvan, Tahoma, Tornado, and Voodoo, is open for car modding in Wil-
low Field, Los Santos.

  Both places are indicated on the in-game map and radar by a red wrench.  (In
case you're wondering why I described where each is in detail above, it's for
anyone who tries to find the garages with the paper map, which misplaces the
wrench icons.)

  A good reference guide to which cars can be modded and how at each mod shop is
in the BradyGames guide.  Even more detail is provided by the "In-Depth Car Mod-
ification Guide" by Mastermind73 at the Gamefaqs web site.

  A paint job at a modding shop will take care of any wanted rating.

  The "Lowrider Challenge" mission is available, and Cesar calls to invite C.J.
to a race, which opens the Cesar missions (the CV icon).


  IV.10  "Lowrider Challenge"            Not required for 100%

  Have C.J. enter the red shaft of light by the guy standing just outside the E
wall by Unity Station.  It's the same as the musical game with a bouncing low-
rider of "Cesar Vialpando."  I like a happy lowrider--get that thing bouncing
along, singing a song.

  (I haven't noticed if anyone else has reported this, but I occasionally got a
glitch where one or two arrows appeared just before the center circle instead of
sliding in from the right side of the screen.  Also, it ought to be the same as
the dancing game, which I can do easily, but for some reason, it's not.  I think
it's because the process of pressing the key or keys in a compromise of the beat
of the music and graphics instead of pressing them to a beat that's in sync with
the graphics is not something you want someone to speed up.)

  I've read that a Voodoo is easier to do this with.  (You use one for the next
mission, too.)  The last time I did this, I had the lowrider raised so that it
lowered during key presses, which made it seem easier, too.

  Depending on how much you bet, C.J. can win up to $2,000.

  A lowrider has had the suspension lowered to ride as low as possible; some-
times the roof or body is lowered, too.  1961-1964 Chevrolet Impalas were often
used, and in cholo culture, originally.  If the vehicle has hydraulic suspen-
sion, you can raise the body for bumpy roads.  A "jumpcar" or "hopper" can be
used for bouncing and even jumping: "hitting switches."

  For a good article on the basics of low riders, see:

  There's also a documentary by Carol Strong, "Sunday Driver," about it in the
Special Edition of "San Andreas."


    Cesar mission

  IV.11  "High Stakes, Low-Rider"   Cesar Vialpando

  Get a Voodoo, which has the best handling of the lowriders, and take it to
Loco Low Co. for 10x Nitrous.  (The lowriders that aren't Voodoos handle like
cra*.  Try not to hit anything if you use one of those, because they spin around
easily.  Without Nitrous, the Slamvan has the best acceleration of the lowrid-
ers, but it has poor cornering ability.)

  I've often seen a Voodoo in the driveway of a house three houses E of the El
Corona save house.

  Lowriders handle better when they're low to the ground.  Use the pit maneu-
ver--nudge the back of the side of the car ahead of you to spin it out--whenever
you get the chance.


  It can't be that hard.  I did it with a Blade--some lowrider that's slippery
for racing--got spun out a couple of times, was sure I'd lost at the finish
line, and was surprised to see the mission success message.

  C.J. gets $1,000.

  PS: special cars

  This is a mission that makes Cesar's BP/FP/EP Savannah available.

  To get the BP/FP/EP Savanna Zmoonchild has C.J. stop before the last red mark-
er and let the Savanna get to the finalist section, snipe the passenger of the
passenger seat of the Savanna so he falls out leaving his door open, has C.J.
use that door to jack the Savanna, and store it.
  "The Chain Game mod - How to get the BP/FP/EP Savanna from High Stakes, Low
Rider - Mission Failed" by Zmoonchild

  To have C.J. do that and win have him prepare by saving a Towtruck and a mo-
torcycle in the Santa Maria Beach save garage west of the Santa Monica Pier-
looking ramp.

  Have C.J. wait just north of the final red marker facing north, back through
it as the others approach, try to jack the locked Savanna causing the driver to
get out to fight and kill him, push the Savanna with a vehicle most of the way
up the ramp, pull it down the stairs at the northeast side of it with a Towtruck
taken from the save garage to the west, pull it to the nearby save garage to the
west, use a motorcycle saved in the garage to keep the garage door open, push
the Savanna into the garage, and let the door close which unlocks the Savanna.
  "The Chain Game mod - How to get the BP/FP/EP Savanna from High Stakes, Low
Rider - Mission Passed" by ZMOONCHILDmods,_Low_Rider

  Normally, to get a super car on PC, you can pick your favorite car, soup it up
with the data\handling.cfg changes explained at X.10  Cars and Bikes, notably
X.10.b, then get X.13.c  The GTA SA Control Center, and make it whatever-proof
(C.J. too, if you want).

    The Ryder missions

  IV.12  "Home Invasion"        Ryder

  This mission is available at Ryder's house (next door to the W of the Johnson
house) between noon and 20:00.  It's like the "Burglary" mission at III.10
(which the BradyGames guide says becomes available after this mission but which
is really available from the start of the game).

  ("Home Invasion" is also the name of the 1993 album by Ice T, who plays Madd

  Ryder is looking for water in the holes in his back yard.  Ryder, whose li-
cense plate says "SHERM," has holes in his backyard because that's where he
hides the PCP (he calls his "water") he sprays on his marijuana or dips his
joints of them in.  Marijuana treated that way is called Sherm.

  (I'd wondered if it was something to cook crack with, but Ryder at this time
agrees with C.J. in being against crack dealers.)

  Ryder wants to upgrade their weapons by stealing crates of weapons from Col.
Fuhrberger's house.

  C.J. takes Ryder in the "black" Boxville to the Col.'s house, where C.J. has
eight minutes to steal at least three crates and drop them at (load them into)
the back of the black Boxville.  C.J. has to be quiet in the Col.'s house--if
the Col. wakes  up, C.J. gets two stars, and if the Col. sees him, the Col. uses
a Shotgun.  Every time C.J. enters the Col.'s house, have him Crouch, C, and
press W to have him sneak; you can press W repeatedly at a rhythm that has C.J.
sneak slowly, if you want.  Use F or Enter to have him pick up a crate, then tap
W quickly and repeatedly so C.J. walks forward in wiggles without raising the
noise meter except when he opens a door.  C.J. got all five crates when I tried
it that way.

  One crate is in the far right corner, a 2nd is through the doors opposite the
stairs and on the far left, a 3rd is at the top of the stairs, a 4th is at the
end of the hall at the top of the stairs, and a 5th is in the Col.'s room at the
end of the same hall.

  Thanks again to a GTA Forums message by pdescobar who figured out that normal
police appear if C.J. wakes up the Colonel unless C.J. has stolen three to five
crates, in which case police in a car with the license plate "TH3 P1G5" appear.

  A fast way to do this is to have C.J. sneak with the Sniper Rifle to Fuhrberg-
er and snipe him in the head--Fuhrberger calls out a warning somehow but the
noise meter becomes inactive.  You can then have C.J. move quickly to put the
boxes by the door then take each to the truck.  (See Zmoonchild's video.)
  "The Chain Game Mod - GTA San Andreas - Home Invasion - Ryder mission 1" by

  Then drive Ryder in the truck to the lockup in Playa Del Seville.  I think
he's called "Ryder" partly because he's always testing C.J.'s patience by "rid-
ing" him--chiding and insulting him.

  Drizz, at GTA Forums, reports a glitch that lets C.J. recruit Ryder as a
ghost.  You type a "recruit anyone" code during the mission, and as Ryder starts
to fade after the last cut scene, you have C.J. quickly recruit him before he
fades from view.  It's reported on page 2 of this message board:

  Despite Ryder's attempts to belittle him, C.J. gets more Respect.

  IV.13  "Catalyst"             Ryder

  C.J. can get this mission at Ryder's house between 20:00 and 6:00.

  Ryder is cooking that water now (preparing the PCP to make it more potent?),
unconcerned that C.J. wants him to knock it off.  Tenpenny, Pulaski, and Hernan-
dez come in without asking and accept what Ryder is doing--Tenpenny wants some
of the water for his wife (I'm guessing it's to keep her addle-minded enough to
stay with him).  Tenpenny tells C.J. to check out something that's arriving by

  (In "Vice City," one of the things Lawyer Ken was heard to say, if Tommy got
busted, was: "Get Sgt. Pulaski down here--that fat chump owes me a favor.")

  Have C.J. drive Ryder in Ryder's Picador to the train, kill three Vegas (I
had C.J. use a Sniper Rifle), then kill four Ballas who emerge from a car (I
chose an M4).

  C.J., with the 1st person view, has to throw ten crates of weapons from a flat
car of the train to Ryder, who stands in the bed of the Picador which follows
the train, in a minute and a half.  The longer you hold down the LMB before re-
leasing it, the farther C.J. throws; aim with the Mouse.

  Then have C.J. drive S to the Pay 'n' Spray, to get rid of three wanted stars,
and drive Ryder home.

  Thanks to reader Anurag Sinha (who helped in the "Swimming mania...." section)
who wrote to me that C.J. can continue driving in the direction of the train
and, once the train is in the tunnel W of Unity Station, turn around and take
Ryder home without any police on the street.

  C.J. gets more Respect.

  IV.14  "Robbing Uncle Sam"    Ryder

  C.J. says Ryder has been a drug dealer since he was ten (and likely getting
high on his own supply like he is currently, too).  Ryder thinks a local Nation-
al Guard Depot would make a good place to steal weapons (see what I mean?).
Have C.J. drive Ryder down there in a truck, which is quickly supplied by some-
one Ryder only identifies as "LB."

  Once there, don't open the main gate as prompted.  As Rusk instructs, have
C.J. go clockwise around the big building to the left, shoot (I chose a Sniper
Rifle) the couple of guards by the warehouse and one by the gate, shoot the lock
box of the warehouse door to open it, and shoot the two guards inside.  As the
BradyGames guide instructs, you can use the Forklift (NP8 to raise the fork; NP2
to lower it) to put six boxes to the side of the inside of the warehouse door.
This will let C.J. load the boxes into the truck faster, and with fewer attack-
ing soldiers for him and Ryder to contend with, in the next section.

  Have C.J. shoot the lock off the main gate.  Ryder backs the truck to the
warehouse door, and C.J. can load the boxes onto the truck, stopping to shoot (I
chose an M4) any soldiers that shoot at Ryder (about one per crate).  The sol-
diers spawn from the top of the steps of two little buildings nearby; you might
put something at the base of each of the two sets of steps to block their paths.

  Reader Anurag Sinha gets my thanks again for telling me that the soldiers
eventually push the Mesa out of the way.  He recommends using crates at the base
of each set of steps--Rusk recommends a row of three crates for each--because
the soldiers can't get past them.  I've still had a soldier appear nearby and
shoot.  (Does he manage to get over the crates?  You might put a vehicle in
front of each row.)

  Rob also noticed that C.J. can break open the crates and find weapons and
Health inside.  I haven't seen the Health yet. but I've had C.J. find armor that
way, too.

  Spaceeinstein told me "there are 17 boxes in all. Breaking the boxes randomly
creates a pistol, armor, grenade, health, micro uzi, chrome shotgun, and noth-
ing.  You can break all but six boxes.  Break too much and you fail the mis-

  Zmoonchild has C.J. shoot the two entrance boxes with a Shotgun seven times
each before driving into the red marker, punching at the outside wall toward the
one in the front entrance to open it, snipe the other and guards from there, and
use the Forklift for two crates at a time (two pairs taken from the warehouse
then two taken from the lot to the northwest of the warehouse entrance--then put
one crate at a time into the truck shooting guards as needed).  After the prompt
"Get in the van" he has C.J. get in the Mule momentarily then get out to shoot
the two attackers in each of the two Patriots.
  "The Chain Game Mod - GTA San Andreas - Robbing Uncle Sam - Ryder mission 3"

  If Ryder's Health is shot away, you fail the mission.

  Once six crates are loaded into the back of the truck, have C.J. drive it to
Emmet's lot, which is along the N-S alley S of the "OW" of "WILLOW FIELD."  On
the way, Ryder will toss a crate from the back of the truck, to deter the pursu-
ing Patriots of Guardsmen, every time you honk the horn.

  C.J. gets more Respect.

    The Big Smoke missions

  IV.15  "OG Loc"                      Big Smoke

  Jeffrey "OG Loc" Cross: young Jonathan "Jas" Anderson, who played T Bone in
"Rock the Paint," 2005, Rollo in "They're Just My Friends," 2006, and K Rock in
"Brooklyn's Finest," 2009.  On TV, he was in several 2006 episodes of "Convic-
tion," played Mel Simeon in the "Revolution" episode of "Law & Order: Criminal
Intent," 2009, Blood Leader in a 2013 episode of the TV series "Person of Inter-
est," the DJ in a 2015 episode of the TV series "Mr. Robot," etc.!/thejasanderson

  "Shakyra Interviews Jas Anderson, Actor" by RevengeFashionTV

  According to Wikipedia: "As 50 Cent was originally intended to provide the
voice for Carl Johnson, OG Loc is thought to be modeled after rival rapper Ja
Rule (aka Jeffery Atkins) as a sign of mockery.  It should also be added that
both Ja Rule and OG Loc bear similar first names."

  The article said 50 Cent turned the part of C.J. down because he would only
perform in a game in which he played himself, which he eventually did with "50
Cent: Bulletproof."  (Personally, I'd have grabbed the chance to play C.J. in
a Grand Theft Auto in a minute.)

  Thanks to a post by original gangster at GTA Forums for the tip that 50 Cent's
real name initials are "C.J." (Curtis James Jackson III).

  "Loc" could refer to "love of CRIPs," a "local," or a "loco" person; look at
context to see what applies.

  Freddie: ?

  Big Smoke and Sweet want C.J. to pick up Jeffrey, just released from prison
and now calling himself OG Loc, from a police station.  He wants Freddie killed
for raping him in prison.  At Freddie's home, Big Smoke and Sweet leave C.J.
alone to help OG Loc.

  Freddie makes a getaway on a motorcycle.  C.J., with OG Loc on board, gives
chase on another; have C.J. do a forward drive-by while OG helps.  The game is
forgiving if you make some wrong turns, but you fail the mission if Freddie gets
too far away for too long.  Freddy doesn't go so fast if C.J. generally follows
from about half a block away.  If the chase lasts till the end of the run, Fred-
die stops by three Vagos who open fire.  Have C.J. help OG shoot all four of
them, then take him to Burger Shot.

  Reader Anurag Sinha has more helpful advice, which I thank him for.  This
helps with raising weapon Stats.  If C.J. gets off of his bike, Freddie taunts
him from the corner.  If C.J. shoots him before the game lets the chase end,
Freddie can't be hurt but the shots count extra, like headshots, toward raising
C.J.'s skill Stat for the weapon.  He says it's faster than the PS2 gimmick of
shooting tires, too.  (So if you use a PC, change the Stat data, and if you use
PS2, have C.J. unload a bunch of ammo on Freddie.)  (Rusk warns that C.J. can
get a wanted level doing this.)

  When I tried this, I had C.J. drive OG Loc to the S end of the 1st street
Freddie stopped on, then had C.J. get off the motorcycle.  Don't have C.J. get
closer than about half a block from Freddie or he drives away.

  This mission features the Trip Skip feature.  If Freddie gets away so you fail
the mission, and you start it again without exiting or saving the game, you can
press "Y" when prompted to skip the drive to OG's house.

  The OG Loc missions are available.  C.J. gets Respect.

  IV.16  "Running Dog"                 Big Smoke

  Tenpenny and Pulaski, arrogant again, leave Big Smoke's home.  Big Smoke
wants C.J. to take him to meet his cousin Mary--marijuana--from Mexico.  The
deal goes sour--Big Smoke hits one Vago with a bat and C.J. chases the other.
Have the Burglary mission completed so C.J. has the Infinite Sprint and keep him
from getting too fat to run fast.  Add the fast repeated tapping of Left Shift
to W so C.J. can catch him and kill him.  Your allowed to have C.J. use weapons
like the Sawn-off Shotgun, Tec-9, or Molotovs.

  If allowed to live the Vago runs to a locked Sentinel with another Vago at the
wheel at the west side of the 2nd block, south to north, on the west side of the
thick part of the north-south section of railroad track of Los Santos on the
map.  You can send C.J. there ahead of the running Vago to blow it up with a
shot to the gas tank cap when he enters it.  (See Zmoonchild's video at the link

  If allowed to live beyond that he's driven, after a very long drive, to a
house by Tag 58 on the map at the next link.
  "Where does the Vagos gang member go during the mission Running Dog? Big Smoke
mission2-ChainGame mod" by ZMOONCHILDmods

  C.J. gets Respect.

  IV.17  "Wrong Side of the Tracks"    Big Smoke

  Tenpenny and Pulaski leave Big Smoke's place again.  Big Smoke says Three Deep
gave him a good lead and has C.J. use Big Smoke's Glendale to drive him to Unity
Station.  There, he tells C.J. he's looking for a meeting between some San Fier-
ro Rifa and some Vagos, who are making a deal.  When Big Smoke sees the Vagos,
without the Rifa, standing on a ledge over a train tunnel, he tells C.J. the
Vagos "clocked us": beat them there...

  ...and the Vagos jump on a moving passenger train to make a getaway.

  The game wants you to have C.J. take Big Smoke on a Sanchez to speed along the
locomotive so Big Smoke can shoot them with a Tec9.  The BradyGames guide and
most others say to stay just to the right of the track to the right of the
train, avoiding the car the train hits, the oncoming train, and taking the high
road by the track when Big Smoke says to.  I've had good luck lately by keeping
the bike along the outside rail to the right of each Vago till they fall.  (I
wonder if something about having my computer upgraded recently helps this come
off more smoothly.)

  If Big Smoke doesn't finish them off before the Red County blockade, he com-
plains about C.J.'s driving; I'm not partial to that.

  Rusk has a particularly cool method of having C.J. speed ahead without Big
Smoke to the top of the 24 Hour Motel, jump on the train, and shoot the Vagos
himself with an M4.  I like that.

  Have C.J. armed with lots of ammo and speed off, without Big Smoke, on the
left side of the track, around the left turn, across the street, up the little
concrete ramp and siding on the left, over the bridge siding, and over the con-
crete siding and ramp to the roof of the 24 Hour Motel.

  Have him jump onto the train car behind the Vagos.  (I don't add W for this
jump because it might make C.J. tumble off the far side of the train.  I have
him jump from about one to one and a half feet back from the edge of the roof.)
Have him move right up on them because these Vagos take a lot to take out and
time is limited by the overpass which will knock C.J. from the train; the game
won't let him crouch under it, nevermind the Vagos being able to stand and go
through it.

  (I once succeeded by having C.J. get into the glitchy area between the engine
and the following car, so C.J. managed to pass through the overpass like a Vago.
Unfortunately, he might also react to the glitchy area by going into a strange
suspended jumping routine, during which he can't fire a weapon, till he jumps
off the side of the train.)

  Have C.J. fortify the steel of these Vagos with ammo aplenty, moving right up
on the next one when the preceding one goes down.

  Zmoonchild uses a variation of this method.  He has C.J. stop Big Smoke's
Glendale before the red marker at Unity Station, drive the Remington sedan from
the parking lot to the roof of the 24 Hour Motel, then run back to Big Smoke's
Glendale and drive into the red marker.  After the cutscene he has C.J. drive to
the roof of the 24 Hour Motel, drive the Remington into the first Vago, and stop
on the roof of the train to kill all the Vagos.
  "The Chain Game Mod - GTA San Andreas - Wrong Side of the Tracks - Big Smoke
mission 3" by ZMOONCHILDmods

  If you really want to speed this up for the PC version, you can use the "Tog-
gle One Hit Kill" function of The GTA SA Control Center (X.13.c) with the
patched or unpatched game.  It lets C.J. kill with one bullet per target.  Com-
bine that with an M4, SMG, or a Shotgun.

  See X.11 to see how to change data\weapon.dat to make Big Smoke's weapon, the
Tec9, as powerful as a Minigun, if where Big Smoke handles it you'd like to see
Big fire.

  Orion_SR gets my thanks for recommending a few strategies you might use any-

  - the train goes faster when C.J. is near it (like a Vigilante target's vehi-
cle).  If C.J. lags just a bit behind it, it may help to have him stop for a
second or two, let the train slow down, then speed to the targets.

  - once Big Smoke picks a target, he keeps shooting at it till it's down unless
C.J. drives far enough away from the targets and back that Big Smoke picks an-
other one.

  - don't waste shots on the Vago in the back of the four--he  falls off the
train at the first turn.  Don't waste time on Vagos hanging from the train, ei-
ther, since they don't take damage.

  I also enjoyed and recommend Orion_SR's creative videos: "Very Wrong Side of
the Tracks" (featuring "Folsom Prison Blues" by the Carpet Munchers) with fan-
cier jumps, and "Wrong Foot," which has the jumps you're more likely to try.  He
shows about half a dozen places where he had C.J. drive the Sanchez, with Big
Smoke on it, onto the train to do a forward drive-by on the Vagos.  Besides
driving or using the Minigun from the motel roof mentioned before, he shows you
can have the Sanchez jump from steps onto the train, have C.J. jump from the
roof of the Glendale on the tracks the moment before impact to land on the
train, drop down from the near or far side of the first tunnel (he has to shoot
the Vagos before the overpass knocks him off) or overpass, drive from the dirt
path above either side of the tracks, or drop from either end of the second tun-
nel to land on the train.

  Of those methods, one of the easiest ways you can pass this mission is to have
C.J. get on foot to jump from the far side of the overpass onto the train.

  GTA_Phreak has another easy method--have C.J. take the road to the intersec-
tion where the Glendale appears over the track. (The Glendale doesn't appear
when C.J. 1st gets there by this method, though.  Have C.J. go N from the lot,
take the 1st right E to the curve near a wall, and get on the intersection of
the track and the road that goes E beyond the end of the wall.)  Don't have him
take the track to get there--once C.J. gets close to the train, the game won't
let him get very far from the train without failing the mission.  Have him use
the Sniper Rifle, zoom fully to the S, and snipe the driver of the train to make
it stop, then have C.J. shoot the Vagos.  (I'll just add that C.J. should shoot
without getting close to the train or it will start moving again.  And consider-
ing that having C.J. shoot could draw police attacks, you could give him some
protection by having him shoot from a crouching position on the wall to his

  This was reported soon after the game came out: if you get too far ahead of
the train, you fail the mission but you can see the SMGs, carried by Vago
ghosts, go by on the train.  I had C.J. jump from the far side of the overpass
to get them, anyway.

  When the gangsters are Vago memories of the past (sorry), have C.J. get back
to the Sanchez to pick up Big Smoke and take him home where he can just complain
that he doesn't have enough food.

  C.J. gets Respect.

  IV.18  "Just Business"               Big Smoke

  Big Smoke has C.J. drive him to the Atrium to kill some Russians, one of whom
killed a cousin of his (but remember, he says everyone is his cousin).  The Rus-
sians are dressed in black and fire at them.  Have C.J. help Big Smoke fire at
them and get them before Big Smoke's Health is gone.  I had C.J. move in a
crouch and do side rolls with an M4.  The Russians leave behind SMGs C.J. can
use if you don't want him to use the Micro-SMG provided, and there's Armor near-

  Then C.J. is driven on a BF-400 by Big Smoke.  Have C.J., in the 1st person
view, shoot at the shooting pursuers, who use BF-400's.  (It's like the 2nd half
of "Supply and Demand" in "Vice City.")  Each motorcycle has a driver and a
shooter, so C.J. can either take out the shooter or disable him by taking out
the driver, which makes the bike flip out.  C.J. can't take out the big Packer
(hey, you kids--settle down), but the Russians don't shoot from it so don't
waste time having C.J. shoot at it.

  If you type HESOYAM during C.J.'s ride on Big Smoke's motorcycle the motor-
cycle blows up.  9:50
  "GTA SA - All Possibilities #8" by whatever57010

  There are a couple of blockades nearby when our protagonists stop--one block-
ade of shooters by three parked cars is to the side of the path they took and
one blockade of shooters by one parked car is to the side of their intended
path.  If C.J. can blow up the middle car of the set of three, as by hitting the
gas tank cap, it may take out all three.  Whatever you manage to get C.J. to do
about the blockades, Big Smoke takes the pursuit into a drainage ditch.

  Russians who shoot from pursuing Sultans join the chase.  If C.J. can't take
out the driver, at least have him set the shooter's Sultan on fire so it blows
up.  A few parked cars can be used like explosive barrels to help take out the
pursuers.  When Big Smoke instructs, have C.J. shoot ahead to remove the grate
from the drainage ditch tunnel.  He can shoot the two shooters in front of it
1st since the grate can be shot off in an instant.  Time it so when C.J. fires
back at the explosive barrels, it helps take out the pursuers' remaining motor-

  C.J. gets Respect.  If you used the Micro-SMG provided, it just has 80 rounds.
I'd have C.J. go to Ammu-Nation for a lot of either SMG ammo or ammo for a modi-
fied Tec9.

    The OG Loc missions

  IV.19  "Life's a Beach"      OG Loc

  This mission is available by the Marina Burger Shot, which is by the Verona
Beach save house, from 22:00 to 6:00.  OG Loc wants C.J. to steal a sound system
for him.

  Have C.J. go to the beach party, talk favorably (press "Y" for "Yes") to the
lady at the sound system, which is in the open back of a van, then play the
dance game with her (press one of the directional arrows, or W,S,A, or D, as the
corresponding arrow rolls before the circle in the middle of the screen and in
rhythm to the music).

  To skip the dance segment have C.J. recruit a gang member, have C.J. lead him
to the van (which is locked), have C.J. tug on the driver door handle, the gang
member gets into the passenger side, have C.J. shoot the gang member so he falls
out and leaves the door open (have C.J. shoot with a Silenced pistol so you
don't fail the mission by wrecking the party) and unlocks the van, and have C.J.
jack the van.  (20:15 in the YouTube video at the next link)
  "GTA San Andreas Any% Speedrun [5:15:11]" by Hugo One

  Have C.J. jack the van--the lady gets in but is thrown from it--elude some
shooting by party-goers, and park it in a garage.

  All the Pony vans in the game have the same sound system in the back.

  C.J. gets some Respect.

  The v1.01 patch is supposed to make the dance game easier.  That probably
comes up more as a concern if you want to beat your old time at a dance club as
an option, because it's not hard to pass here.

  The BradyGames guide says this opens the Dancing odd jobs, but the dance game
is always available:

  - in the Alhambra Club at the mid-W side of the block of "IDL" of "IDLEWOOD,"
Los Santos,

  - in a club at the S end of the block that the top of the martini glass icon
overlaps N of "HASHBURY," San Fierro, and

  - in a club at the NE corner of the block with "TOE" of "THE CAMEL'S TOE," Las

  To get a new and more challenging dance, get a dance score over 3,500.  To get
another more challenging dance, get a score over something around 6,000-6,500.
There may be a 3rd score to beat, too.  (Thanks to the Stats FAQ by bamspeedy-
1298 at Gamefaqs.

  IV.20  "Madd Dogg's Rhymes"  OG Loc  Opens C.R.A.S.H. missions


  dog (slang) A man.

  Dog: Dog can mean a range of things, it just depends on the context in which
it?s used.  As an insult? ?I caught him cheating on me, he?s such a dog!?  As a
term of endearment?"I love him, he's my dog."  It can also mean to criticize or
annoy someone??Quit dogging me.?

  Dog: Entry 1.-Manly man. Handsome and virile. Part of the "well endowed"
species.  Natural habitat in the southern US.

  mad dawg
  1. v. (pronounced "mad dog") To stare someone up and down from head to foot as
if to initiate a fight.  "You best not be mad dawging me boy...I'll bust you


  When C.J. recommends a writer for OG Loc (he hadn't lost his mind helping OG
Loc get amplified--he was just helping a friend), OG Loc wants him to steal rap-
meister Madd Dogg's rhyme book (Barnes and Noble and the public library were
closed?).  C.J. goes to Madd Dogg's mansion.

  C.J. has to use stealth on the guards there.  I had him crouch, C, while tap-
ping W to edge him along quietly, had him pause in the shadows, and used the
mouse to have the "camera" look around corners.  His icon on the radar is white
when C.J. is in the light, and is blue when he's in shadow and hard for others
to see.

  The guards are shown as red icons on the radar, and point in the direction the
guards face.

  Have C.J. sneak up behind each guard, armed with the Knife provided, target
them with the RMB, and press the LMB for C.J. to treat their neck like something
unfortunate at Perdue Farms.  Once C.J. has the rhyme book, have him get out the
same way except using the Silenced 9mm Pistol he can take from fallen guards.

  One man, sitting on a sofa playing a video game, says, "This sucks. I mean,
how could Refractions mess up so bad?  Tanner, you suck a**!"  "Vice City" fans
might remember that the "Autocide" assassination mission featured six targets
with names like those of characters in other video games.  One of the names was
Dick Tanner, which referred to the Tanner of "Driv3r," 2004, which was designed
by Reflections Interactive.  Tanner in "Driv3r" is voice acted by Michael Mad-
sen, who provides the voice of Toni Cipriani in GTA's "III," 2001.

  (This can't be too hard.  The 1st time I tried it, C.J. alarmed a guard who
yelled by the pool--fortunately, a forward slash by C.J. had them fall in the
pool; C.J. alerted three guys on the way out, so I hurried up and had him use
the double Sawnoff Shotguns, I think, on them--he still got out with half his
Health.  The 2nd time I tried it, C.J. got all the targets with stealth.)

  To the west of the room with the rhyme book pickup is a room with a pickup for
30 bullets of Silencer pistol ammo over the low round table.
  "GTA SA - All Possibilities #8" by whatever57010

  Have C.J. use the BMX bicycle outside and get the book to OG Loc.

  C.J. gets some Respect.  The game recommends that C.J. use the stealth skills
used in this mission to avoid the police and gang members.  Tenpenny calls and
wants C.J. to meet him at the donut place in Market, where a "C" with a red,
white, and blue stripe in the opening--the C.R.A.S.H. icon--appears.  The
C.R.A.S.H. missions are available.

  IV.21  "Management Issues"   OG Loc

  OG Loc has this mission for C.J. from 12:00 to 17:00.

  OG Loc tells C.J. that Madd Dogg's manager Scipio is trying to drive OG out of
the music industry by telling everybody that OG is whack (nuts or horrible) (as
about anyone with decent perception has noticed about OG).  As C.J. drives off
to take care of it, OG Loc calls: the manager's limo driver is going to pick up
the manager.

  If you have C.J. bump the limo with his vehicle, just give it a little bump.
Thanks to spaceeinstein for telling me the manager's car is an Elegant and that
"It's a whole lot better to just park your car in front of the manager and jack
him.  The car won't be damaged that way."

  Have C.J. kill the driver who gets out of it (the 1st time I did this mission,
the traffic stirred up by a policeman's shot killed the driver for C.J.), jack
the limo, take it to a Pay 'n' Spray if needed--the limo must not be damaged,
and park it between two limos, parked in the same direction they face.  C.J. has
to stay between the two limos as they go to park in front of the music awards
show building.

  The manager--the Will Smith look-a-little-alike, gets into the limo.  Have
C.J. drive fast, shaking his pursuers, S to the Verona Beach pier and bail just
before the end of it.  (Have C.J. destroy the pursuers if they show up; whenever
I've done this mission, I didn't see them.)

  You can pass the mission by having C.J. drive the Elegant into a body of water
deep enough to drown the manager (as Zmoonchild does at the lake in Glen Park in
the video at the youtube link below) but you have to have C.J. kill the body-
guards afterward and, of course, don't get the cutscene of the car falling into
the ocean.
  "The Chain Game Mod - GTA San Andreas - Management Issues - OG Loc mission 3"

  C.J. gets some Respect.


  The "Management Issues" way to make a copy of C.J.

  including his clothes, haircut, etc. (Thanks to GTA Smart Dude at GTA Forums
for a gimmick I like very much):

  Have C.J. follow the black Elegant OG Loc calls him about without bumping it
at all--bumping it makes the usual driver get out.  The usual driver looks like

  This gimmick doesn't always work because the black Elegant may not drive to
the space between the other two Elegants in the time limit, and that way of
failing the mission doesn't let you try the gimmick.  But if the black Elegant
gets between the other two in time yet C.J. doesn't bump it to get the driver
out, C.J. fails the mission the way you want for this to work, and you see this

  Then have C.J. get the driver out of the middle black Elegant.  The driver
looks just like C.J., although my C.J. copy was a little bigger just as the reg-
ular driver is a little bigger.  GTA Smart Dude suggests making a recruit of
him.  I recommend using the "recruit anyone" code that gives the recruit a 9mm
Pistol--SJMAHPE on PC--for that.  When I did it, the C.J. copy ran away very
fast and I didn't think C.J. could catch him--fortunately, the copy slowed to a
walk after a few blocks.

  For another way to make a copy of C.J., see IX.9 "End of the Line."

  IV.22  "House Party"         OG Loc

  OG Loc quits his job at the Burger Shot; it's a parole violation, so he throws
a party to give his rap routine a last chance to be heard before a possible jail
sentence.  C.J. agrees to go there after OG Loc says his microphone is broken.
Send C.J. to the party across the street from the Johnson house from 20:00 to
6:00 (with new clothes and a haircut if C.J. needs the upgrade).  But when he
gets there, the mike's been fixed, so he steps outside to find and Sweet and
Ryder have been driven outside by OG Loc's enthusiastic but untalented act, too.

  Sweet organizes a defense against a Balla attack--a blockade of cars is formed
in the street.  Using the radar to help locate targets, have C.J. help attack
eight Ballas in the street (1st wave), snipe four on the overpass (2nd wave),
then shoot twelve that approach from various directions (3rd wave).

  Zmoonchild builds up a lot of ammo for the Fire Extinguisher (4573-500) then mainly
exploits that the foam from the Fire extinguisher goes through solids.  He has C.J.
shoot it unharmed from the East side of Sweet's Greenwood through to four Ballas then
lets his gang kill a couple others.  He has C.J. run onto the South end of the bridge
and spray four Ballas going North.  He has C.J. take the nearby Majestic, drive south
to the street, and drive East on the north sidewalk to run over three Ballas then get
the drainage ditch Armor.  He has C.J. drive back up to the street, go West, then go
North into the alley and over a couple Ballas, climb over the wall and spray West
through a section at the corner of the wall to kill another, and just run to and spray
a few more.

  C.J. gets Respect.

    The C.R.A.S.H. missions

  IV.23  "Burning Desire"   C.R.A.S.H.

  Have the Fire truck mission done so C.J. has the fireproof feature.

  Have C.J. go to the donut store (the C icon) and meet Tenpenny, Pulaski, and
Hernandez.  Tenpenny wants C.J. to kill a Vago--"a drug-dealing, cop-killing
bi**h--just like you"--who doesn't like the corrupt officers.  It sounds like
C.J. is being ordered to kill someone just like C.J.--someone being manipulated
by Tenpenny the same way.

  The game tells you to have C.J. get some Molotovs, go to the Vago's house, and
throw them through the five windows indicated.  Have C.J. throw them at any
Vagos around, too.  The longer you hold the LMB before releasing it, the farther
C.J. throws.  There are Molotovs nearby if you run out.  This is one act that
will never play Vagos again (sorry).

  A woman cries for help from a 2nd floor window.  Have C.J. go in the front
door, up the stairs in the back, and down the hall to the last door on the left.
She's afraid to leave, so have C.J. go downstairs to the kitchen, get the Fire
Extinguisher, go back to her room, and shoot the Extinguisher at the base of the
flames.  Have C.J. go to her.

  Some of the house caves in and blocks the hall.  Check occasionally to make
sure she follows while C.J. puts out the fires in the room across the hall, goes
out the other end of the room (past the blocked part of the hall) to put out
fires by the stairs, puts them out in the kitchen, etc., and goes out the front
door.  Then have C.J. drive her home.  She tells him to call.

  The game says she's his girlfriend--"Keep her happy and she'll love you."
(It's a good thing he didn't say she was as dumb as a horse in a burning barn
for not hanging from the sill and dropping to the ground.)  She's Denise Robin-
son, and her place is indicated with the Girlfriend icon--a heart (awwr!).  See
XI.b  Girlfriends.

  Having C.J. use Molotovs in the mission can reduce his Molotov supply, so I'd
have him stock up on Molotovs.

  Sweet calls: a Grove Street gang member has been buying crack from the Ballas
and selling it to Grove Street Family gang members.  He's hiding out in Glen
Park, so Sweet wants C.J. to attack the gang there and drive him out.  This
Sweet mission is available at the Downtown Ammu-Nation.

  IV.24  "Gray Imports"     C.R.A.S.H.

  Gray imports are ones made legally but without the agreement of the manufac-

  You recruit a couple of gang members for this (III.15).  They don't help for
the way I do this, though--they just get in the road.

  Tenpenny doesn't want any one gang getting too powerful for him to control.
He heard the Ballas are getting strong weapons from Russian arms dealers, so
sends C.J. to an Ocean Docks warehouse.

  Zmoonchild shows "How to make any vehicle Fireproof & Explosion-proof" in this
mission in his video at the next link.  Drive the vehicle into the red marker
across the street from the warehouse lot.  After the brief cutscene, save it far
enough away from the mission to allow the vehicle to retain the special quali-
ties--the Johnson house garage is far enough away.

  Have C.J. go through the blue warehouse on the left, use the M4 on guards and
the explosive barrels carried by Forklifts, get the Armor by the other warehouse
door if he needs it, and shoot the lock to open the door.  I've used the M4 or
Molotovs for C.J. to get the three men revealed when the door opened and for any
guards encountered on the way through the warehouse.  You can have him shoot a
pallet that's suspended near the ceiling to have it fall on one.  Clear out all
the Russian guards till all that's left to handle are the two Ballas and the
Russian arms dealer in the room at the top of the stairs.

  If C.J. enters the room, the Russian tries to run to a Banshee to make a geta-
way.  Have C.J. shoot the two Ballas from outside the room.  (Thank you, Brady-
Games guide.)

  The 1st time I tried this mission, the Russian, the guy in black, got in the
near right corner.  I'm not sure if C.J.'s bullets had any effect on what might
have been a sliver of the guy I saw from outside the door.  C.J. was out of Mo-
lotovs--the ability of Molotovs to burn through walls might have come in handy.
I had C.J. get a safe distance from the outside wall of the corner and send
rockets through the door then at the wall.  When C.J. went where he could see
through the door again, the Russian had moved (vibrated?) from the corner to
stand in the middle of the room...briefly.

  The 1st time I tried this mission, in a hurry to get through the missions to
get a walk-through out for a big game that had been recently released for PC, I
wondered if someone could figure out a way to take the Russian's car to 8 Ball's
1st and get the guy like Chunky Lee Chong in "III" or such.  That someone, un-
surprisingly, turned out to be Rusk, and his method works for PC.  With that
strategy, after C.J. kills the two Ballas, have him run in and out of the room
to trigger the reaction by the Russian.  Then have C.J. run out through the door
he came in, and the Russian's Banshee will be just beyond it.  Have C.J. drive
it forward to the end of the lot, do a 180 degree turn, and run down the Rus-
sian, who comes running from around the far side of the building.

  Reader Chen Dong has my thanks for coming up with what might be the fastest
reliable way to get the Russian arms dealer, provided C.J. has a Knife.  Have
C.J. chase him and do his fight moves on him, armed with a Knife.  Have C.J.
knock him down and gut him like a pig.  If the Russian gets up, have C.J. do it
again, etc.  (Chen Dong told me his method is good for "Los Sepulcros," too, and
it is.)

  Anurag Sinha sent me a helpful letter with the advice to have C.J. blow up all
the vehicles outside the warehouse before shooting the switch to go inside,
which somehow makes the Banshee of the arms dealer blow up in just one or two
SMG shots.

  I've also done this mission with C.J. able to fire through the door at enough
of the side of the Russian arms dealer to kill him.

    The Sweet missions continued

  IV.25  "Doberman"          Sweet Johnson

  A Doberman is often used for what it was originally bred to be--a guard dog.

  Since I think the name Fort Baxter was chosen for "Vice City" due to the place
of the same name in the 1955-59 TV series "The Phil Silvers Show," known in syn-
dication as "Sergeant Bilko," starring Phil Silvers, it may be related that one
popular character of the show was Pvt. Doberman.  It's enjoyed popularity in the
U.K. like "I Love Lucy" or "The Honeymooners" in the U.S.

  Sweet calls, following up on the previous call, to send C.J., alone, to Ammu-
Nation, then to take over Balla territory and drive out the ex-Grove Street guy
there.  Send C.J. to the "S" icon at the Downtown Ammu-Nation to pick up "Dober-
man"--C.J. learns that Glen Park is the Balla territory to attack.  Stock up on
whatever upgrades C.J.'s arsenal.


  C.J. learns about turf wars.

  Have C.J., on foot, kill some Ballas to provoke a gang war, which is comprised
of three waves of attackers.  If C.J. shoots a policeman, he gets one star.
(I'd avoid that, but there's a bribe in the N tunnel of the two that go through
the stone bridge if it happens.)  The other pedestrians and traffic disappear
and Heart and Armor pickups appear.

  On the radar and in-game map:

  The attackers, Ballas this time, are seen as red blips.

  Another gang's territory is covered in translucent purple.

  A territory under attack has a Families icon--a little person--and the terri-
tory flashes translucent red.

  A Grove Street Families territory is covered in translucent green.

  A territory can be owned by C.J. but jointly with one or more other gangs if
C.J. didn't finish a gang war or ignored a call to go to a gang war.  Such a
territory is pale gray-green until C.J. does a full takeover for it.

  A GSF territory will have GSF gang members that C.J. can recruit.

  C.J. can get the money from a takeover from the gold dollar symbol in front of
the Johnson house.

  A fenced-in yard with a gate, or whatever such situation that provides protec-
tion for C.J. and forces the attackers to enter one at a time, makes the attack-
ers easier for C.J. to handle.  A rooftop can be a good vantage spot, too.  (But
the 1st time I tried it, I just had C.J. use an M4 in the park, and it wasn't
hard to do.)


  C.J., having drawn out the gang member gone bad, has to kill him.  (The game
calls him a "grass," which is someone who alerts the authorities about crime,
which is a good thing, actually, and he calls out "Tenpenny set me up," which
is ironic, so it's a little confusing when you want C.J. to be a hero.  The eas-
iest way is to remember Sweet said the guy is really a crack dealer, and crimi-
nals are liars.  Then again, all these guys are committing crimes, so...let's
skip past this part.)

  C.J. gets Respect and however much money shows up at the dollar symbol in
front of the Johnson house.

  This unlocks the ability to take territories from gangs.  But C.J. will lose
any he gains, if not the Respect made while doing it, in Los Santos in the
events after "The Green Sabre," so it's not an immediate concern.

  But have C.J. defend his territory when it comes under attack.  There's just
one wave to handle when that happens, and a Molotov or two usually does the
trick.  If, like me, you already had C.J. do the Fire truck mission to get the
Fireproof ability, you don't have to worry about him losing Health if he runs
through the flames.

  Ammu-Nations, shown as pistol icons on the radar and in-game map, and two of
the four Ammu-Nation Challenges, found in some Ammu-Nations, are available.  But
since you need to do all four challenges in a row to complete the mission, you
can just practice the 1st two for now.

  Body Armor $200, 9mm Pistol $200, Grenades $300, Silenced 9mm Pistol $600,
Tec9 $300, Shotgun $600, Sawnoff Shotgun $800, Micro SMG $500, and SMG $2,000,
are at Ammu-Nation.

  IV.26  "Los Sepulcros"            Sweet Johnson

  Sweet wants the Ballas to be attacked at a funeral for a Balla called Little
Weasel, whom C.J. and Big Smoke killed.

  C.J. learns about recruiting gang members (and you learn about it again, if
you've followed this walk-through).  Target a prospect with the RMB so an arrow
(green, if they're in good health) points down at them, and press G.  Draw re-
cruits near with G and have them wait in place with H.  Holding G or H, or going
far away, will disband the group.

  After making a couple of recruits, C.J. drives them and Sweet to the funeral
at the graveyard in Los Sepulcros (Spanish for "The Tombs").  Kane is considered
to be Balla "front yard" (a euphemism for hair around a pu**y--Urban Dictionary)
"royalty," and he'll try to make a getaway if there's trouble.  Once there, have
C.J. jump the wall to join the others, then go after Kane, killing the other
Ballas as needed to stay alive to kill Kane before Kane makes it a vehicle
chase.  Kane is wearing Armor, so have C.J. move in with something strong.

  Reader Chen Dong's method returns from "Gray Imports" to work more melee magic
here: have C.J. chase Kane and use his Knife and fight moves on him, knock him
down, and give him a belly ache.

  Have C.J. drive the Grove Street guys back to Sweet's place.

  C.J. gets Respect.

  The "Vice City" BP/FP/EP/DP Admiral returns in "San Andreas."  It's the Admir-
al at the SE corner of the cemetery--not the one seen by the coffin if C.J.
drives Sweet, etc., there.  The special Admiral is locked until Sweet gets in
it, and if C.J. gets in it with Sweet, it becomes a regular Admiral.

  System Error's "Bulletproof Car Walkthrough" has a couple easy methods to save

  The method by imut knight is to let Kane get away in a car, have C.J. wait by
the Admiral Sweet has entered till C.J. fails the mission and Sweet disappears,
then have C.J. drive it to a garage.

  ReaverShadow has C.J. save a Towtruck in the Johnson house garage.  Start the
mission, have C.J. drive the Towtruck alone to the Admiral (the cemetery en-
trance is on the E side of the block that's W of the block of the Temple Pay 'n'
Spray), shoot one of the Ballas to fail the mission, hook up the Admiral, and
take it to a garage.

  A couple alternatives available on PC are to use the data\handling.cfg changes
explained at X.10  Cars and Bikes, notably X.10.b, to make any vehicle damage-
proof or get The GTA SA Control Center, X.13.c, and make your favorite vehicles

    The last of the 1st batch of Los Santos missions

  IV.27  "Reuniting the Families"   Sweet Johnson

  During the mission, there are a couple of opportunities for C.J. to leave the
Jefferson Motel and explore San Andreas without a wanted level.  (Thanks again
to Rusk for the tip.)


The "Reuniting the Families" mission, part 1