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Glenster's Glimpse 3

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  I.12  Glitches

  I.12.a  Problem glitches

  Cures for the gym and basketball glitches

  Artem Khassanov has a web site that offers fixes for the PC version of the
gym and basketball glitches.  (Thanks to silentexistence for the tip about Ar-
tem's new web site.)

  According to System error, at the GTA Forums web site, you shouldn't save
your game at Madd Dogg's mansion or the game may not produce any basketballs.

  Orion_SR has confirmed, by modding the location of the save cassette, that the
glitch is due to saving near a basketball court.

  And abhishekprabhu, at the Gamefaqs web site, adds (that you should remember,
before you decide that you have the glitch) that the basketball doesn't always
appear at all of the courts, and the glitch that causes it not to appear at all
may come and go, anyway.  The fix for it resets the counters in the save files.

  (GTW note: on PC, the basketballs don't appear till after "Tagging Up Turf.")

  According to SuGGaK at the GTA Forums web site, Take-Two suggests that you
have C.J. eat a couple of meals at least once every two days, preferably once a
day, to prevent the glitch of C.J. being unable to work out at the gyms.

  (If you get the gym glitch, it often appears late in the game and causes C.J.
to be unable to use the exercise equipment in the gyms.  Instead, he gets the
message telling him he's worked out enough for today--come back tomorrow.)

  Ring_of_Fire's cure for the gym glitch is to exit the game completely and
start it again, or save the game six times in a row.


   Pdescobar's cure for the Taxi mission glitch

  Rusk has reported to me that there's a glitch for this in the original ver-
sion on Xbox and was told it's true for the original PC version, too: it seemed
that if C.J. got his Pilot's License, 20%, for his Flying Skill Stat before com-
pleting the Taxi mission or "Mike Toreno," fares didn't appear for the Taxi and
C.J. couldn't find the location of Toreno in "Mike Toreno."

  Thanks to scorpion_great for recommending this cure:

  Pdescobar isolated the problem as commonly caused by corruption of zone infor-
mation.  One thing that causes that cause is to send C.J. to the edge of the
map, so try to avoid sending him to the border of the map (which could happen
while you have C.J. fly to get a Pilot's license).  The map zone information for
the save game becomes corrupted that way--when the Taxi mission needs a pedes-
trian to be the customer, the game doesn't know what to do.  If you save the
game, the glitch appears on new games you start, too.  He used a hex editor to
make the map zone information what it should be.

  Orion_SR adds that he's gotten the glitch after doing the Firefighter and
Paramedic missions without flying or going to the edge of the map, but not if he
did the Taxi mission 1st.

  I'd play it safe and avoid whatever all may cause the map zone information
corruption by having C.J. do the Taxi mission early.  But if you got the glitch
and want to cure it, drag and drop pdescobar's file, found at the link below,
over the gta_sa.exe file found in the main folder of the game:  (inactive link)

  "SilentPatch" by Silent cures this glitch and others


  The extra gang territory glitch

  Mxyzptlk explained the extra gang territory glitch at the GTA Forums web site:

  To cover all of San Andreas, including the country areas, with gang turf, have
C.J. fly or sail to a corner of the map in a constant direction for at least 30
minutes.  The longer you do, the more gang turf there is, with San Andreas com-
pletely covered with it in two to three hours.

  On PS2, you then hold X, pull out the controller, and reinsert it to get con-
trol back.  Have C.J. jump out of the plane, land in the sea, and drown.  Be-
sides creating a lot of gang territory, it causes drug dealers to appear in San
Fierro and Las Venturas, and each turf war is only one wave.  It's not really
worth it because the more turf C.J. wins over, the less percentage he attains
for it in the Stats.

  (Planet grand theft auto also discourages it by adding that winning that turf
causes Grove Street Family gang members to appear everywhere, and their cars
aren't fun to drive at all.)


  Hmvartak's Online Glitch Repair Tool

  hmvartak created an Online Glitch Repair Tool to fix the Pedestrians Riot code
(AJLOJYQY can't normally be removed once the game is saved), basketball (no
basketballs), Taxi (no fares), Pool (no pool player), and barriers (bridge bar-
riers not removed in save games modded from v.1 to v.2 or vice versa) glitches.
The tool, for unmodded v.1 and v.2 saves and ones with the barrier glitch, is at
the next link.  (Thanks to Orion_SR)  (inactive link)

  According to the information at the next link you could also try using the
"GTA:SA Save Game Editor."

  "GTA:SA Save Game Editor"


  System error's advice at GTA Forums regarding various other glitches

  Don't store any other vehicles in a garage where you save a vehicle with a
special look, like the Mothership, or the special paint job may disappear.

  Give a modded car it's own garage so the garage door doesn't take a long time
to open.

  If a girlfriend isn't home for a week from the day of a missed date, save the
game repeatedly till a day in game time passes to get her to show up.

  Date Michelle before C.J. finishes Driving School or she'll show up a lot less

  Get a permanent haircut then get tattoos, or remove all tattoos before getting
a haircut, or a haircut makes the Sex Appeal points gotten from getting tattoos

  A two-player game makes the Brass Knuckles in C.J.'s weapon inventory disap-
pear.  (GTW note: two player games aren't used in the PC version.)

  Don't save your game right after "End of the Line"--complete another mission
1st or your save game may become corrupted.

  The Longest 2 Wheels Distance Stat may become very big while the Longest 2
Wheels Time Stat remains normal.  (GTW note: this happens in the PC version,

  There's a glitch that causes C.J. to retain his money and weapons after being
busted or wasted even though he hasn't successfully dated Katie or Barbara.
(GTW note: since I never save the game after C.J. gets busted or wasted--I press
Esc before the game can show the cut scene about it--I might never know the dif-


  The Fire Extinguisher glitch

  According to tommy vercetti guy at the GTA Forums web site:

  Starting a new game from the start menu after playing another game can make
all the fire extinguishers disappear.  (GTW Note: I haven't run into this prob-
lem with the PC version.)


  The Xoomer garage and Flips glitches

  The San Fierro Xoomer garage has a reputation for eating cars, so don't put
anything hard to replace in it.

  In the Stats, under Achievements, Maximum Insane Jump Flips are mistakenly
given in degrees.  In one save file I have one degree for that, and in another
save file I have five degrees for it.


  I.12.b  Fun glitches, gimmicks, etc.

  Thanks to GTA Forums, mainly:
  the Glitch Index compiled and contributed to by Fireman, and

  the Glitch list compiled and contributed to by Cubanjetmax,

  for the glitches in this section.

  I recommend the GTA SA Control Center (X.13.c), which lets you use hotkeys for
codes, to do some of these gimmicks for which time is of the essence.  You can
use the Control Center to erase the cheat count, too.

  I've divided it into sections for missions, people, vehicles, weapons, and
other things.

  Pdescobar's way to explore areas that create a wanted rating without creating
a wanted rating

  "No wanted level" mission exploits by pdescobar unless otherwise noted.  His
explanations are at the GTA Forums message board at this link:

  Loop removal mission  The wanted level occasionally flashes and disappears.
Police appear but ignore C.J..  Police vehicles appear, and Rangers, Enforcers,
and FBI Ranchers appear on the dirt road around Area 69.

  Ignored by police mission  C.J. can get a wanted level but police ignore him.
The two exceptions are that Hydras will shoot at him if he has four or more
wanted stars and he's flying, and that if C.J. enters an interior with a wanted
level, a few police will appear and attack.  But if C.J. evades or shoots the
police, there won't be more.

  Los Santos Missions

  "Drive By"  Send C.J. anywhere but into Sweet's Greenwood.

  "Just Business" by srg  Send C.J. away when he and Big Smoke leave the Atrium.
To best avoid the ways this can fail, srg recommends having C.J. kill the three
Russians closest to Big Smoke then having C.J. jump off the Atrium in the oppo-
site direction (toward the airport).

  "Los Sepulcros" by srg  Ignored by police mission  After C.J. jumps the wall
and talks to Sweet, don't have C.J. attack the Ballas.  Have him tell his gang
to stay put and he can go exploring.

  "Reuniting the Families" contributed to Rusk's walk-through by "The Chadness"
C.J. can safely explore either after he gets into the red marker at the motel,
or after he shoots down the helicopter on the roof if you don't have him follow

  Badlands Missions

  "Are You Going to San Fierro?" by Mxyzptlk/Aggrosk8er  Loop removal mission
C.J. can safely explore after shooting down the helicopter and getting into the

  San Fierro Missions

  "Mountain Cloud Boys" by srg  Ignored by police mission  The police will ig-
nore C.J. once he goes through the alley to the open gate and triggers the cut-
scene.  Have C.J. kill all but the last guy, and try but fail to enter the
locked Sentinel.  Wu Zi will be able to open it and will get in--have C.J. leave
him there and explore, getting rid of any wanted rating before returning to kill
the last guy and continue.

  "Lure" by srg  Loop removal mission  The wanted level is kept to zero once the
Rancher goes into the marker at Angel Pine, but C.J. must stay in the Rancher.
(Pdescobar says the Rancher is explosion/damage/fire-proof, and you might want
to dunk it to fail the mission and store the Rancher.)

  "Amphibious Assault"  The wanted level is frozen when C.J. enters the marker
at the pier.  Have him swim through the rocks then explore.  Have C.J. Use
stealth to reach the pier steps or have him blow up the boats, or snipe the men
on them, 1st.

  The Da Nang Thang" contributed by David Sears and Dr. Simon Chan to Rusk's
walk-through/srg  Loop removal mission  C.J. can safely explore once he's in the

  "Mike Toreno" by srg  Ignored by police mission  When it's time to destroy the
van, don't have C.J. do it.  Instead, he can drive away in the Premier he ar-
rived in.

  "Outrider"  Send C.J. to the gas station, watch the cutscene, have him drive
to the marker, and possibly get the weapons, but don't have him get on the bike.

  "Pier 69" by srg  Loop removal mission  As soon as you have control of C.J.,
he can explore.  Don't send him onto the roof.

  Desert Missions

  "Learning to Fly"  C.J. can fly over Area 69

  "Parachute onto Target"  You can have C.J. land on water then go anywhere
without a wanted rating.  He'll return to the test once you have him try to
enter a vehicle or use a vending machine. (Thanks Zmoonchild)

  "N.O.E." by srg  Flying over military bases won't create a wanted level but
SAM sites still operate.

  "Black Project" by srg  After C.J. gets the Jetpack he can safely explore.

  Las Venturas Missions

  "You've Had Your Chips"  C.J. can safely explore after going near the factory
and being told the gates are guarded.  This is the 1st time C.J. can get a Rhino
without any trouble.

  "A Home in the Hills"  Have C.J. lead the 2nd set of Triads from the roof to
the door, but don't send him inside.  Have him hop the wall and explore.

  Finale Missions

  "Vertical Bird"  C.J. can roam the naval base (and get the two nearby Oysters
or the Patriot) without a wanted rating.

  "Los Desperados" by srg  Loop removal mission  Send C.J. somewhere other than
the train station.  It's easy for him to jack an FBI Rancher from the dirt road
near where the vehicles are parked at Area 69.

  "End of the Line"  Either don't have C.J. get in Sweet's Greenwood, or take
Sweet to Big Smoke's place 1st so the car becomes indestructible.

  Pdescobar adds that some of the missions that drop the setting for "sensitiv-
ity to crime" (opcode 03C7) from 1.0 to to 0.0 (making it harder to raise a
wanted level) for at least part of the mission are "Stowaway," "Burning Desire,"
"Catalyst," "Just Business," "Madd Dogg's Rhymes," and "Deconstruction."  "555
We Tip" uses a setting of -1.0 for part of the mission.

  Infinite spray from spray can during "Tagging Up Turf" by InFeRnUs92

  When Sweet leaves C.J. in Ballas turf to spray a few Tags, have C.J. do all
100.  (Until C.J. sprays those several Tags , you can find Sweet in his car by
C.J.'s house.  The car is locked, but you can have C.J. kill him, which causes
Sweet to fall out the door.  C.J. can use the damage-proof Greenwood.)


  Invincible C.J. 1 by tommy vercetti guy

  C.J. can make a standing jump from touching the N fence on top of the tallest
building in San Fierro and won't get hurt.

  Invincible C.J. 2 by ?

  C.J. can fall from any height onto the flat surface of a vehicle and won't get
hurt.  (An exception to the above is if C.J. jumps out of the Andromada of
"Stowaway" too early, which causes him to land on the top of an Admiral.)

  Invincible C.J. 3 by most anyone who's observant,
    which, at times, includes me

  C.J. can fall from any height in a vehicle and won't get hurt.  An exception
is if he's in one that blows up, so try to get him to bail to avoid the fast
crash of a flying vehicle.  Leveling the wheels of a two wheel vehicle usually
makes for a safe landing.

  C.J. can fall from any height into water, and, if it's deep enough, he won't
get hurt.  If he has full Health and Armor and isn't equipped with a Parachute
when he lands, he can fall from any height onto ground and survive with a lit-
tle Health, but if he falls even a fraction as far with an unopen Parachute, he
dies.  (I forget where I 1st read about those two examples.  If you use the Con-
trol Center and have C.J.'s Health set at 176, he won't die from the unopen
Parachute fall.)  He won't get hurt if he falls without opening the Parachute
provided near the end of "Breaking the Bank at Caligula's."

  Invincible ped by GTAFAN4LIFE

  Leave a vehicle in a Pay n' Spray, have C.J. punch a ped and run to the vehi-
cle so the ped is in the Pay 'n' Spray as the door closes, and the ped is invin-

  Invincible gang member by gtamike123 and digimetal

  Gtamike123's method is to skip the opening cutscene of "Saint Mark's Bistro"
(VIII.29) to see C.J. talking to Maccer by a car Ken is in.  Type in the "blow
up all vehicles" code, ALLCARSGOBOOM or CPKTNWT.  Use one of the "recruit any-
one" codes, SJMAHPE (recruits get a 9mm) or ROCKETMAYHEM (recruits get a rocket
launcher), and have C.J. recruit Maccer.

  Digimetal's plan is about the same except he has C.J. take the Jetpack to The
Truth near the end of "Black Project" (VIII.15), puts in the "peds hate you"
code, BAGOWPG, and after The Truth gets out of the Mothership, digimetal uses a
"recruit anyone" code and enters the "peds hate you" code again to disable it.
(Don't save the game with a "peds hate you" cheat enabled.)

  Basically, the more general idea to take from both plans above is to fail a
mission and have C.J. recruit Cesar, Sweet, etc., before they walk away.

  The next three examples could go in the Ghost World category, too.

  Invisible gang member 1 by xspudx

  Have C.J. recruit a gang member to follow him, and have him get them to take
his picture with the Camera (press Tab when prompted).  Have C.J. aim a gun at
the "camera" (at you) and fire.  This kills the gang member and there's blood on
the ground but no homie.  If an Ambulance comes, the paramedic brings the invis-
ible homie back to life.  You can put put Satchel Charges on the gang member to
see where he is.

  Invisible gang member 2 by gtamike123 and Drizz

  Enter a "recruit anyone" code, SJMAHPE (recruits get a 9mm) or ROCKETMAYHEM
(recruits get a rocket launcher) before the chase of the Firetruck Sweet hangs
from in "End of the Line."  When the Firetruck goes left over a bridge, have
C.J. get out of his car, get a safe distance from it, then enter the "blow up
all vehicles" code, ALLCARSGOBOOM or CPKTNWT.  Have C.J. rush to recruit him--
target the back of the ladder where Sweet was hanging.  You could use a code to
spawn a vehicle to rush C.J. to Sweet quicker.  (VROCKPOKEY spawns Hotring Racer

  Drizz adds that the same gimmick can be used at the end of "Home Invasion."
After the last cutscene, Ryder fades from view as he walks away.  Quickly get
C.J. to recruit Ryder before he's gone.

  I'll add that using the Control Center (X.13.c), which lets you use hotkeys
for codes, can make it easier to do this gimmick.

  Invisible Vagos

  If C.J. gets too far ahead of the train in "Wrong Side of the Tracks" (IV.17),
you fail the mission but Vago ghosts, with only their SMGs visible, will go by
on the train.  (I had C.J. jump on the train to get them, anyway.)

  Girlfriend glitch 1

  Girlfriends are immune to explosions (by Satchel charges, cars, etc.).

  Girlfriend glitch 2

  Here's a strategy recommended by Zmoonchild and TheJizzy that speeds up the
dating progress.  (I already consider it cumbersome, let alone how it can be
dragged out by attacking gangsters and the wanted rating system, so I welcome
anything that gets it over with more quickly.)  (Don't have C.J. shoot a gun at
gangsters around Denise because the game will consider it like shooting Denise.)
Have C.J. take the girlfriend who wants to eat to a bar--for example, have him
take Denise to the Ten Green Bottles bar.  Then have C.J. take her to the gym,
give her a present or kiss (press Tab) (if you don't have him give her a present
or kiss the progress will be reduced), then have him go into the gym.  As long
as it's within the dating time limit you can then send C.J. to her house for
another date, etc.  If she wants to go to a club to dance have C.J. take her
right to the gym, etc.

  How to make the Flint trailer park photographers appear

  By the W coast of Los Santos inlet, S of the S-most bridge across it, is a
trailer park.  One of various pedestrians may appear as a photographer at the
coast S of the entrance.  They thoughtfully survey the scenery for subjects for
photos, take one or a few photos, then they walk into the water and drown.  (Ap-
parently, they're more upset by a few aspects of the graphics than me.)

  If you send C.J. into the park enough to change the location name shown at the
bottom right corner of the screen, then send him toward the entrance enough to
change it back, a different pedestrian appears as the photographer.

  Lemmings gimmick 1

  On the W side of the Cluckin' Bell, N of the Johnson house in Los Santos, is
a telephone pole pedestrians appear from.  Have C.J. stand where it says "RE-
and look S at the pole.

  Another spot to watch from is by the little brick pile E of the Tag that's
above the porch roof of the shopping center S of the Cluckin' Bell parking lot.

  The pedestrians appear about 15' up, slide down part of the way, fall the
rest, and keep walking.  You can turn C.J. away and back to help them spawn.

  Lemmings gimmick 2

  Similar to the DMA (later Rockstar North) game "Lemmings," 1990, pedestrians,
seen from an alley in Las Venturas, will appear on the 3rd floor ledge of a
building and walk off.

  To see them, have C.J. go to the alley on the W side of Welding and Weddings,
which is on the SE section of the block that's W of "ISLE" of "THE EMERALD
ISLE," and go N in that alley to where it intersects an alley that goes W from
it.  Look NE at the near corner of the 3rd story gray ledge of the Emerald Isle
skyscraper (by day, the upper W part of the building looks gray-blue with dark
gray-blue horizontal stripes).

  If you have C.J. stand in the right several foot-wide spot, the pedestrians
appear on that corner of the ledge and walk off, falling out of view behind a
beige--light gray lit by daylight--wall.  I've also seen some pedestrians appear
a bit below the ledge and fly up to it 1st, then walk off, which is strange.  I
think it helps spawn them to have C.J. go a bit S to change the name of the lo-
cation, shown in the lower right corner of the screen, and change it back again.

  You might hear a scream as they fall, and maybe a crunching sound, possibly
followed by the sound of other pedestrians screaming and running away in a pan-

  You can have C.J. zoom in on them with a Sniper Rifle scope or Camera, but you
get the best idea of what's happening there by having C.J. go up a bit with the
Jet Pack.

  It just looks like someone may have made a typo in programming the ped path
for the sidewalk below along a corner of the building.

  It might even have been left in deliberately, like the flying vehicle wrecks.
Most of the ones that fall get up and walk away.  I've even seen some disappear
into the side of the building before they hit the ground.

  Lemmings gimmick 3

  Thanks to Freeform mixer for reporting to GTA Forums what I think is the most
dramatic variety of the Lemmings glitch, and thanks to Orion_SR for confirming
that it works on PS2 but not PC.  It may cause 2-80 peds a minute to rain from
the sky, so -/TNT\- named it "Pedrain" (a variation of the name of the title
character of the game "Bloodrayne," 2002).  At the start of "Breaking the Bank
at Caligula's," send C.J. to the front of Caligula's to trigger the warning
message to "Avoid attracting attention in the casino...." but don't send him in-
side.  Have him Jetpack ("ROCKETMAN") to the S roof of Caligula's--a T-shaped
section, remove the Jetpack, and stand still.  In a minute or two the peds start
falling from the sky and landing near C.J..

  Holy Grenade Frenzy recommends having C.J. stand on the apex, which runs E-W,
of the tall middle section, or a bit more S on the apex of the base of the T,
facing S.  It's okay to move the "camera" while C.J. is still, but moving him
stops the rain for a minute or so.  Once the rain starts, have C.J. get on the
apex of the roof if he isn't already and wait for the rain again for big num-
bers.  It adds to the STATS in CRIMES for PEOPLE WASTED BY OTHERS, too.

  Lemmings gimmick 4

  Zmoonchild has C.J. fly a Maverick over Area 69 to create a five star wanted
rating then fly over Las Venturas to show Police Cars spawn on roofs then drive
from them.  (Likewise a Police car drives from the roof of the Viceport Pay 'n'
Spray in "Vice City" when having Tommy drive south past the west side of it
during a two star or higher wanted level.)
  "Police Cars flying off the rooftops - GTA San Andreas" by ZMOONCHILD


  How to make the Jetpack appear at a save place beyond the airstrip

  Thanks to zmoonchild and others for noticing this, and pdescobar for the ex-

  "When you take the jetpack off, you might notice it doesn't immediately disap-
pear--instead it becomes a special one-time-only pickup that expires after a
certain amount of time kinda like dropped money and guns.  If you save while one
of these dropped jetpacks is still around, it stays in the save and doesn't go
away until very shortly after you reload.  By dropping the jetpack in the exact
position you reappear on save (or the exact position you appear when leaving a
savehouse), CJ is able to equip it before the part of the game that recycles old
pickups has a chance to remove it."

  Invincible Police Mavericks by spaceeinstein and GTA_Phreak

  If you have C.J. shoot Police Mavericks down into water and it's deep enough,
they accumulate on the ocean or river bed without looking blown up.  You might
try this about 500 meters S of Los Santos Airport.  If you can use Satchel
Charges or such to push one to the shore, it may fly away.  If so, it won't reg-
ister with targeting as a live target and you can't shoot it down.

  (I'll add that Police Mavericks do something similar in the pool by Pirates in
Men's Pants, probably any shallow water, except they keep exploding.)

  GTA Phreak adds that if you have C.J. push a "destroyed" AI helicopter to one
of the spots used for the gimmick of having C.J. walk underwater (I.7.c), "it
will take off and keep continously exploding while flying off trailing black
smoke.  No need to be gentle while undrowning it so just move it with the mini-

  How to enter the Verdant Meadows "Stowaway" Andromada by El Petone

  Send C.J. into the red marker to begin "Stowaway."  Toreno says, "I'm too hip,
I've got to go; I'm outta here, okay?" and, a few moments later, that scene
ends.  Then begin entering the "destroy all vehicles" code, "ALLCARSGOBOOM" or
"CPKTNWT" as men in black load crates into the back of an Andromada and the
screen turns black.  Finish typing it as C.J. is on his way to the motorcycle--
don't let him get close to it or he'll be hurt by the explosion.  Have him kill
the government agents or they'll kill C.J..

  Send C.J. below the door of the Andromada and press F or Enter.  C.J. can en-
ter it but can't exit, and it doesn't move.  The back hatch can be made to go up
and down with NP8 and NP2.  (link inactive)

  "Stowaway" earthquake glitch by Mike_Toreno

  Just when the cutscene starts and the Andromada is about to land on C.J.'s
airstrip, enter the "destroy all vehicles" code, "CPKTNWT" or "ALLCARSGOBOOM."
(Press the LMB to end the pause that creates.)  The screen goes black then C.J.
appears on the motorcycle.  Have him kill all the men in black, go away for a
bit, such as into the desert, then come back.  If the Andromada wasn't gone al-
ready, it will be gone.  Send C.J. to the W end of the runway, and you may get
the glitch in which the whole scene shakes the way it does when C.J. is in the
Andromada in the mission--it's like an earthquake.  (When I had C.J. stay there
for a minute, the effect lasted while C.J. went anywhere else in the game.)  You
can have C.J. fly a normal plane to get the impression of the turbulence that
can happen during plane flight.

  How to fly a car on the wing of a Beagle by Zmoonchild

  Zmoonchild shows that you can have C.J. park an LV airport Beagle so the wing
is in alignment with one of the Stunt Jump-looking ramps of the tarmac (3:48),
drive a car over the ramp to park it on the middle of the wing (5:30), and fly
the Beagle away to transport the car (5:40).
  "Using a plane to fly a car from Las Venturas to Los Santos - GTA San Andreas"

  How to climb a wall by exiting a Sweeper using the driver's door

  Having C.J. get out of a Sweeper with the driver's door by a wall will send
him to the top of the wall.  Have him park so as to leave a little room between
the driver's door and the wall so he doesn't get out using the passenger door.
As Zmoonchild shows it's one way to get the Mulholland Sniper Rifle.
  "Sweeper bug" by t3hj0ny
  "What happens when CJ uses a Sweeper to get to the top of a building? GTA San
Andreas" by ZMOONCHILD

  The Vortex submarine gimmick by FYREWOLF88, Orion_SR, and GTA Phreak

  Orion_SR and GTA Phreak came up with some more good finds--ways to get the PS2
gimmick of having C.J. drive a Vortex like a submarine to work on PC.

  GTA Phreak wrote that the game regards the Vortex as a plane and a car, so you
can have C.J. do Unique Jumps with it, get the unique "camera" view for them
though not get the game to count the jumps as accomplished, and having C.J.
drive it adds to his driving experience yet Hydras fire missiles at C.J.'s Vor-
tex during a high wanted rating.

  "Vortex Submarine" by GTA Phreak:

  GTA Phreak showed that you can have C.J. use the Vortex as submarine on PC by
having him use the Vortex for some, not all, of the Unique Jumps that allow C.J.
to land in water, such as from the concrete ramp at the west edge of Easter Bay
Airport, at the jump over a garage and small house toward water or a narrow dock
at Valle Ocultado (the jump is at the E end of the bridge that's at the N end of
the water N of the dam), and the ledge of the coast west of the T intersection
in the southwest section of the Panopticon, and have him land in water.  (I'll
add that you might want to use the GTA SA Control Center, X.13.c, to spawn Vor-
texes since you might only get the jump to work a small percent of the time.)

  Being careful not to let the Vortex hit anything, using the radar to drive if
necessary, have C.J. drive it into the distance while maintaining acceleration
and leaning forward (holding down the Up key).  The Vortex will submerge, and
you regain the normal "camera" view for driving once it hits the ground underwa-

  While having C.J. drive it underwater, maintain speed or the Vortex will rise
to the surface.  Try not to have it hit anything, which sometimes causes C.J.
and the Vortex to return to normal operation.  Have C.J. slow down and keep the
Vortex level to rise to the surface.

  If C.J. exits the Vortex (such as to get an Oyster), C.J. and the Vortex re-
turn to normal.

  Orion_SR got the gimmick to work sending C.J. west to east over the broken
bridge northwest of Palomino Creek, too.

  How to jack a police helicopter by GTA Phreak

  GTA Phreak made a video to show one way that "Jacking a Police Helicopter" can
be done.  Have C.J. run up and down a steep hillside or such to draw the heli-
copter to the top of it, then have him run up and jack it.

  How to get C.J.'s gang members to drive or fly on PC by GTA_Phreak

  "Recruit some homies and get them in your vehicle of choice--filling all seats
works best.

  Drive/fly it into a girlfriend marker to trigger a date (Barbara works well
with airplanes).  Triggering a date dissolves the gang but the homies don't get
out before the gf gets in (which she can't if all seats are taken).  Take off
leaving the gf behind (the date will fail).
  "When CJ next leaves the vehicle one of the homies will take over control."
Have them try to sly from a high spot with a lot of room around it, like the top
of Mount Chiliad, because "They can't really fly on their own (they'll try to
drive the aircraft away on the ground), so they need a little help to get in the
air."  "Helicopters can be parked near the edge of the roof on a tall building
and pushed off the building.  The Emerald Isle building works well--after send-
ing them off, parachute to the helipad below and give chase with the Maverick
found there."
  "GTA:SA Homie Flying Lesson" by GTAPhreak

  "What happens when a Homie flies a helicopter? GTA San Andreas" by ZMOONCHILD

  How to get a ped to try to drive from Valet Parking by Kendog37
  Kendog37 at GTA Forums showed that "if you start the Valet Parking mission
with something drivable or non drivable-but-towable/destructable parked within
certain area, an NPC spawns inside the 'vehicle' sometimes (which may or may not
be player drivable) and tries to drive away, ignoring all the red signals."
(Thanks to Zmoonchild's YouTube channel)

  Make any vehicle explosion and bullet-proof by gtamike123

  Enter the code that gives C.J.'s vehicle the ability to blow up vehicles it
bumps, JCNRUAD, enter a vehicle, and enter the code again to disable it, to make
the vehicle explosion and bullet-proof but not blow up other vehicles.  It re-
tains the durability if you save it in a garage.

  How to cause a Packer toss by Redtier999666 and Webdude06

  Redtier999666, on a PS2 message board, explained how to do the Packer gimmick
that was mentioned in an earlier post by Webdude06.  Have C.J. raise the ramp of
the Packer and back it up to a pedestrian.  If they walk under the ramp, the
Packer may be tossed in the air.  (I'll add that you might get the same result
by having C.J. recruit a gang member to follow him under the ramp of the Pack-

  Rhino glitch by Jérémie Blanc

  Enter the codes for: faster game play, "SPEEDITUP," twice, never wanted,
"AEZAKMI," better driving skills (I'm not sure if he means "NATURALTALENT,"
which gives C.J. maximum vehicle skill, or "STICKLIKEGLUE," which gives C.J.'s
four wheel vehicles non-slip traction), the code that gives C.J.'s vehicle the
ability to blow up vehicles it bumps, "JCNRUAD," and the code to spawn a Rhino,
"AIWPRTON."  Do this in a big open area like the W area of Verdant Meadows.
Have C.J. accelerate, look behind, or at least sideways, which causes the cannon
to aim that way, and keep shooting the cannon rapidly.  Turn hard--add Brake,
which for the Rhino (or Monster truck) lets it make sharper turns, and try to
flip it upside down--when it is, keep firing.  The Rhino spins, bounces off
things, and flies high into the air at tremendous speed, even warping to other

  Boat flinging by Haro

  Haro came up with a good find--a way to make a boat do something similar to
the Rhino glitch.  While C.J. drives a boat forward, use the code that spawns a
Rhino: AIWPRTON.  Don't have C.J. drive too fast because you want the Rhino to
fall on the bow of the boat, not the middle.  When it works, the boat spins
away, and might even fly across the map!

  Rhino "camera" front for cannon boost by Diego Mendez
  Rhino sub by GTA Phreak

  Shooting the Rhino cannon backward for a speed boost is harder to do in SA be-
cause the aim of the "camera" and turret are locked together unless you use Die-
go's gimmick.  Hold Q and E, and when the turret turns 180 degrees and stops,
press V to change to 1st person view, release Q and E, and the turret will be
locked pointing backward.  Press V to return to the normal "camera" to unlock
the turret.

  GTA Phreak says it works with cinematic view, too, and can boost the speed
from 94 to 160 kph.  He adds that the cannon works even when the motor is
drowned.  To restart the motor when it stops in water, boost the Rhino onto land
then have C.J. exit and enter.  And the boost allows the Rhino to be used as a
submarine, to which you can add the driving underwater gimmick (I.7.c).  (I'll
add that the code for infinite air is CVWKXAM.)  Driving below 100m causes a
warp which adds to the stunt stats.

  5th Quarry mission Double Insane stat by FlannelMenace

  The 5th Quarry mission, delivering explosives to Verdant Meadows, may count
the whole mission as one big Insane Stunt and give you a stat for it.

  Crane gimmicks

  In San Fierro at Easter Basin, at the N end of the dead end road on the pro-
jection of land N of Easter Bay Airport, you can attach the magnet of the big
yellow crane to a car, take the slack out of the cable, then drive the car to
make a swing out of it.  It can also help you get an Insane Stunt or Two Wheeler
score.  There's another crane like that in Hunter's Quarry.

  The crane in the lot by the Xoomer garage save place in Doherty has a wreck-
ing ball.  The ball doesn't reach beyond the lot, but having C.J. get a wanted
rating before he enters it will draw some of the corrupt law enforcers and their
vehicles to it.  The wrecking ball doesn't have much effect if you have C.J.
brush it against them.  But since the corrupt law enforcers tend to run against
the base of the crane with their vehicles parked nearby, you can have C.J. get
some results by sending the wrecking ball out as far as it will go then drawing
it back in, dropping it as it gets near them.

  The crane that's E of the Clown's Pocket, which is along the Strip in Las Ven-
turas, can't lift vehicles.  But if you use it to lift the nearby boxes and re-
lease them above the ground, they hover in place.


  Kill a crowd by killing one of the people in it by spaceeinstein

  Have C.J. throw Tear Gas into a crowd and kill one of the people in it from
behind with a Knife using auto-aim and the others will all die in synchroniza-

  Have peds fall from the sky to die on Caligula's by asimb0mb

  If you send C.J. into Caligula's, have him kill one or two of the employees,
go west to the yellow marker in front of an elevator door to go upstairs, go
south in the hall and upstairs to a yellow marker to go outside, and go south
over the roof, two to four peds fall onto the roof and die.  (Thanks to
asimb0mb, Zmoonchild, and

  Auto-aim the Minigun by Mr Killer

  C.J. should have a Tec9 or Micro SMG (one of the machine pistols) for this
gimmick.  Have C.J. equip the Minigun.  Have C.J. equip the Jetpack (type the
Jetpack code, ROCKETMAN, if necessary) and C.J. will hold the machine pistol.
Have C.J. go to someone you want him to auto-aim at and press F/Enter.  C.J. can
auto-aim with the Minigun.

  Destroying an Artificial Intelligence-guided helicopter with one
    shot from a Sniper Rifle, one Hand Granade, or several Molotovs
    by voodoochild19, TheTank, and GTA_Phreak

  Thanks to voodoochild19 for the tip, reaffirmed by TheTank and GTA Phreak,
that C.J. can shoot down a helicopter with one shot from a Sniper Rifle.  Ac-
cording to GTA Phreak, "It only works with helicopters in flight like news and
police choppers.  And you need to shoot it from the front on the cowling just
below the rotor."

  GTA_Phreak adds that so far he hasn't had the method work on helicopters used
for missions (like during "Mike Toreno").

  But he has had a variation of the gimmick work with Grenades and Molotovs.
The Grenade "needs to drop right behind the windshield, then it will somehow get
stuck inside the helicopter until it blows."  "Molotov's work as well, but it
takes 2-3 hits to take one out."

  Infinite ammo by 2Shores

  Have C.J. walk into the red marker for the shooting contest at Ammu-Nation,
cancel the mission immediately, and the ammo doubles (or increases to some de-
gree) for the Silenced Pistol, Desert Eagle, Tec9, SMG, Sawnoff Shotgun, Combat
Shotgun, and M4.  You can repeat this and have unlimited ammo.  (I think it's
just a large number beyond the count shown on the screen.  It makes the regular
Shotgun disappear, though.)  A similar gimmick works for VC, too.

  Fiery ballistic pool balls

  If you start a game of pool then exit the game, the balls stay on the table
and you can have C.J. shoot them with the Sniper Rifle.  (The balls can go a lot
faster and create sparks.  Occasionally, one creates sparks from within the
table or ends up on the floor, where C.J. may be able to move it around by just
approaching it.)


  Burglary ski mask outside of the Burglary mission by The Demon

  Don't have C.J. wear any Special outfits (Valet, etc.) or anything worn on the
head (glasses, hats, etc.).  Have him wear whatever clothes otherwise you'd like
him to wear while he wears the Burglary mask, because changing clothes makes it
disappear.  (This also means you can't have him change clothes to get rid of a
wanted rating while you want him to wear the Burglary mask.)

  (It's the top of the Gimp outfit, I think.  It's probably Rockstar's sense of
humor again: "You look like you're ready to rob someone's house.")

  Start the Burglary mission outside of a safe house with a wardrobe closet
around 5:00 so you don't have to wait a long time.  Send C.J. inside to the
closet.  Select Remove Items and highlight Special (don't press Run/Left Shift
for it yet).  When the timer for Daylight runs down to 00:00, press Left Shift.
The screen freezes for a couple of seconds.  C.J. will come out looking normal.
Press F/Enter and he goes back into the closet and comes out wearing the Bur-
glary mask.  Press F/Enter to get him out of the clothes closet screens.

  It has a Respect and Sex Appeal value of 2.  C.J. hunches forward when he
walks.  He walks through doors sometimes--otherwise, you can see him do it by
adding Left Alt to W.

  Burglarizing Freddy's house by lord fido

  In "OG Loc," after the cutscene of OG Loc arguing with Freddy, C.J. and OG
Loc are put on a motorcycle.  If you have C.J. get off, OG will, too.  If you
have C.J. kill OG Loc, a yellow entrance marker appears at Freddy's front door.
If C.J. goes inside, he gets a scene like one from the Burglary mission, com-
plete with somebody--not Freddy--sleeping in Freddy's bed, except without a
noise meter or wanted rating for waking the person up.  C.J. can take some-
thing (when I tried it, there was a Desert Eagle in the living room), but once
he leaves, the yellow entrance marker doesn't reappear.

  The various glitches of zooming the Camera to look through mirrors of clothes
stores and tattoo parlors to see other interior heaven things, like the inside
of Ammu-Nation, don't work on PC.

  Basketballs aplenty by gamefarter

  Enter the Never Wanted code, AEZAKMI, and start "Nines and AKs."  When Big
Smoke gets in the car, have C.J. damage it so it's about to blow up.  Before it
blows up, send C.J. to Sweets's basketball lot.  When the car blows up, a bas-
ketball appears by the usual one.  If C.J. stays in the immediate area, starts
the mission again, and repeats this enough times, it's possible to make at least
24 basketballs appear.


  Also see:

  I.7.c     Walking, driving, and flying underwater
  I.7.ff     The BMX Stoppie glitch and The Two Wheeler gimmick
  I.16      How to open the fast food places before doing the main missions
  II.13.a  Storing a Sea Sparrow on top of the N. Mulholland garage
  III.12    The Horse Races gimmick
  III.18    The wardrobe glitch
  III.22    GTA Phreak's Pimping and Vigilante vehicle health boost gimmick
  III.24    The N San Fierro Cluckin' Bell Vigilante gimmick
  IV.21    The "Management Issues" way to make a copy of C.J.
  IV.26    "Los Sepulcros" bullet-proof/fire-proof/explosion-proof/damage-proof Admiral
  VI.3      "Tanker Commander" BP/FP/EP/DP Sabre
  VI.13    "Big Smoke's Cash" BP/FP/EP Patriot
  VI.16    "Are You Going to San Fierro?" EP Camper--the Mothership
  VI.32    Flying trains
  VIII.15  "Black Project" BP/FP/EP/DP Mothership
  VIII.23  "Misappropriation" BP/FP/EP/DP Maverick
  IX.9      "End of the Line" BP/FP S.W.A.T. and a 2nd way to make a copy of C.J.

  Some of the listings for I.10, "Ghost hell, ghost world, ghost heaven, and
Liberty City" are similar.


  I.13  Radio

  There's a lot of information about the songs and DJs, and about the connec-
tions with earlier GTAs, at:

  Thanks to Joe Dawson for this tip about phone numbers given on the radio in
the game.  The following phone numbers have recorded messages.  At the end of
each, you're told to press your area code and FAX number, then the pound sign,
#, to have something sent to you.

  1-866-FUN-CULT     1-866-386-2858   The Epsilon Tract
  1-866-FACE-FEAR  1-866-3223-3327  Inversion Therapy

  Thanks to Spaceeinstein for the links to copies of what they send you:

  There's a blank slot you can use to turn the radio off.  But sometimes you'll
do a vehicle mission over and over ("Wheelie Weave," etc.), and each effort will
start with a song you don't want to hear.  To save time, you can turn the sound
for the radio off in the Audio options for the duration of the mission.

  Mod shops play your favorite radio station.  (Thanks to CubanJetMaX)

  This list is subjective--there's no right or wrong about that aspect of music.
Some that have grown on me include:

   bounce FM  Funk DJ: the mighty Funktipus--George Clinton.  "Loopzilla,"
George Clinton, "I Can Make You Dance," Zapp, "West Coast Poplock," Ronnie Hud-

   CSR 103:9  Soul (new R&B) DJ: Philip "PM" Michaels--Michael Bivins (of Bell
Biv Devoe).  Wrecks-n-effect do "New Jack Swing."

   K Jah Radio West  Dub/Reggae DJs: Marshall Peters--Lowell "Sly" Dunbar and
Johnny Lawton--Robert "Robbie" Shakespeare.  I'm giving some things I'm not
used to a chance to grow on me with some of the things on the soundtrack, but
so far nothings growing here.

   K-DST  Old Rock DJ: W. Axl Rose as Tommy "Nightmare" Smith.  "Some Kind of
Wonderful" by Grand Funk Railroad, "Green River," Creedence Clearwater Revival,
"Woman to Woman" by Joe Cocker is bouncy.  (I'd have preferred his cover of Ray
Charles' "Unchain my Heart.")  Later PC and Xbox versions have Cream's "White
Room."  (I'd have picked "Crossroads.")  Flying vehicles that don't use the po-
lice radio station have this station selected when C.J. enters them.

  Tommy "Nightmare" Smith says his 1970's rock band was "The Crystal Ship,"
which is the name of the third song on "The Doors," 1967. (Thanks to The Soft

   K Rose  Country DJ: Mary-Beth Maybell--Riette Burdick.  "Hey, Good Lookin'"
by Hank Williams (Sr.), "Amos Moses" by Jerry Reed.  (I remember my Mom doing
the title line of "Make the World Go Away" as a parody of melodrama.)

  Master Sounds 98.3  Old R&B DJ: Johnny The Love Giant" Parkinson--Ricky Har-
ris.  "The Payback" and "Funky President" by James Brown, "Green Onions" by
Booker T. and the MGs, "Low Rider" by War.  Thanks to Mogyle, at the GTA Forums
web site, for noticing that two of the songs of this station are also heard in
both the Las Venturas casinos and on the soundtrack of the movie "Snat*h," 2000,
in which the lead character runs a casino.

   Play Back  Old Hip-Hop DJ: ForthRight MC--the rich and robust (sounds like a
coffee commercial) vocal timbre flavorings of Chuck D.

  My guess for why Chuck D. is good-humored about having Forthright MC go on
about meeting aliens of flying saucers is that Chuck D.'s group Public Enemy
praised Louis Farrakhan, such as on their 1988 album, "It Takes a Nation of Mil-
lions to Hold Us Back," which said Louis "Farrakhan is a prophet."  In an Oct.
24, 1989 press conference, Nation of Islam Supreme Minister Farrakahn claimed to
have had a vision of being taken aboard a flying saucer, which he alleged to
been described in the Book of Ezekiel 1:15-18, to get instructions from the late
Elijah Muhammad.

  I get the idea that Farrakhan, when talking like an old 'centric retro man
about Caucasians, Jewish people, and homosexuals, is about as insincere as Erich
Von Daniken or a Jehovah's Witnesses writer that branched out and hit a differ-
ent marketing group.  (P.S.: the NOI and the JWs leaders have also shared some
of the same false criticisms of the mainstream Christian belief in Jesus, which
I cover in my "GTJ Brooklyn" article.)

  "The Godfather" by Spoonie Gee has a bouncy rhythm track (from "Soul Power" by
James "Godfather of Soul" Brown).

   Radio Los Santos  New Hip-Hop DJ: Julio G as himself.  "Nuthin' But a 'G'
Thang,'" Dr. Dre (partly because my 1st initial is "G").

   Radio: X  Alternative (New Rock) DJ: Sage--Jodie Shawback.  Sometimes you
hear this stuff in stunt videos.  It's a little (little?!) over the top.  "Pre-
tend We're Dead" by L7 is a nice, peppy song about pretending you're dead.  W.
Axl Rose/Tommy "Nightmare" Smith appears with Guns N' Roses for "Welcome to the

   SFUR  House DJ: DJ Hans Oberlander--Lloyd Floyd.  House music is the one
that's drum, etc., machine and sampled music with a repetitive rhythm, and some
words you don't understand, but it's not gangsta Hip-Hop.  The German host
sounds like he's using a bad babelfish.altavista web site translation to speak
English.  So it's, y'know...different.  Thanks to Silent Claude for noticing
that Hans is referred to on the radio in the Medieval Millennium Fair commercial
in GTA "III" as "a mysterious prancing German named Hans."

   WCTR Talk Radio  Lazlow Jones, a little naive, is back in the "Entertaining
America" segment, and Fernando Martinez: Frank Chavez, a little too experienced,
is back in the "Lonely Hearts Show" segment.  It's like a John Ford welcome cast
of regulars.  (Turn the mouse to get a lot of sky in the picture--John liked
that in shots.)  One caller reprises a reference to the lunar landing hoax hoax,
used as a sight gag in the movie studio in "Vice City."

  Also, I recognized Reed Tucker, the "dragon stance," etc., guy from Chatterbox
on "GTA III," as one of the callers (on WCTR?).  Renaud Sebbane, who was the
nudist guy, a motion capture actor, and produced the pedestrian chatter in the
last two GTA's, is in the models section of the credits, so you might look for a
secret naked guy to take over when the Hot Coffee controversy dies down.,50649/

   User Tracks (TGIPC)

  You can put your WAV or OGG (Ogg Vorbis) files (or, if your system has the
right codecs, MP3, WMA, M4A, etc.), or shortcuts for them, in My Documents\GTA
SA User Files\User Tracks, run one of the scan tracks functions (automatic when-
ever you load the game or manual), and have your own radio station.

  My changing list includes/has included: "La Grange," "Tush," and "Sharp
Dressed Man" by ZZ Top, "The Power of Love" by Huey Lewis and the News, "Cali-
fornia" by Joni Mitchell, "Dr. Wu" (for Wuzi) by Steely Dan, "Pack Fair and
Square" by the J. Geils Band ("Full House" live), "Good Times (Let the Good
Times Roll)" by Phoebe snow, "(What's So Funny, 'Bout) Peace, Love, and Under-
standing?" by Elvis Costello, "Escapade" by Janet Jackson, "International Feel"
and "Le Feel Internacionale" by Todd Rundgren, "And She Was" by Talking Heads,
"Montana" by Frank Zappa and the Mothers, "I Touch Myself" by Divinyls (a Fer-
nando favorite), "Cucumber Slumber" by Weather Report, "Ruby Ruby," "Runaround
Sue," and "The Wanderer" by Dion, "Montego Bay" by Bobby Bloom, and "King of the
Road" by Roger Miller.

  "Take the 'A' Train" (Billy Strayhorn) by Clark Terry and Red Mitchell and by
Duke Ellington with Ray Nance
  "Hang Up Your Hangups" (Herbie Hancock/Melvin Ragin/Paul Jackson)
Herbie Hancock

  "Black Market" (Joe Zawinul) and "Teen Town" (Jaco Pastorius) by
Weather Report

  ""Orinoco Flow (Sail Away)" (Enya/Roma Ryan)  Enya

  "Train Kept a Rollin'" (Tiny Bradshaw/Lois Mann a.k.a. Syd Nathan) by

  "Rollo Interior" (Frank Zappa)  Ruth Underwood and Dweezil Zappa

  "Rocky Mountain Way" (Joe Walsh/Joe Vitale/Rocke Grace/Kenny Passarelli) by
Joe Walsh

  "Viva Las Vegas" (Doc Pomus/Mort Shuman) ZZ Top

  "I Can't Turn You Loose" (Otis Redding)  Otis Redding

  "Ultrafox" (Django Reinhardt/Stéphane Grappelli) and "Runnin' Wild"
(Arthur Harrington Gibbs/Joe Grey/Leo Wood) by
Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli

  "San Andreas Theme Song" (Michael_Hunter/rap by Young Maylay))
  Another option is Young MayLay's "The Original Mix Tape," 2005.  Sometimes you
get some funny co-incidences with what's going on in the game in a way I like
with that, too.

  It's not in my User Tracks, but
  Beethoven Sonata Parody--the "Colonel Bogey March" (Kenneth J. Alford) from
"The Bridge on the River Kwai" (1957)   Dudley Moore

  For no particular musical reason: George Carl...

  ...and Monty Python's "Argument Sketch."


  I.14  Codes

  To enter as code, type it in during the game.  Thanks to Swordsman Kenshin for
correcting me with his Gamefaqs post saying that you can't can't enter a code
while the game is paused (Esc) as I was used to doing (usually with "aspirine"
and a PCJ-600) for "Vice City."

  Thanks to the list by edisoncarter and friends at GTA Forums, GTA Series, GTA
San Andreas, Cheats and Tricks, PC Cheats, Page 1.

  I experimented with some codes with a copy of a save file.  If you go to save
a game you used a code for, you get a warning saying one or more cheats have
been used, and a recommendation to not save the game.  If you save a game you
used a code for, you get a Stat showing the number of times you cheated.  Even
if you don't use another code, there's a glitch that makes the warning show up
when you go to save subsequent games, for some weird reason.

  Various posts at GTA Forums indicate that while a code can lower your Criminal
Rating title, it won't lower or hold back your percentage of completion of the
game.  Saving after a "pedestrians riot"-type cheat, though, can make some or
all of the effects of it linger in your game.  One of the missions said to be
ruined by that is "Madd Dogg," because Madd Dogg jumps to his death before C.J.
can get the truck beneath him.

  The GTA SA Control Center (X.13.c) has a "Clear Cheated 'Status' and 'Count'"
function on the right side of the "Vehicle and Game Data" page.  It will reset
your cheat count to zero.

  Lead player codes

  HESOYAM      C.J. has $250,000, full Health, and Armor; any vehicle C.J. is in
                              is repaired (as with the effect of the Health code on the lead
                              player's vehicle in the last two GTA's)
  BAGUVIX        C.J. has sturdier Health: fire and melee attacks don't hurt and
                              the effect of bullets is diminished; C.J. can still be hurt by
                              drowning or the strong physical impact from explosions, getting
                              run over, etc.; it must be subtle, because I haven't seen it
                              add anything to C.J's Health bar or heal a vehicle he's using
  CAINEMVHZC  C.J. has infinite Health but can still be hurt by explosions and

  KVGYZQK                          C.J. is skinny with no Muscle or Fat
  BTCDBCB                          C.J. has maximum Fat
  BUFFMEUP                       C.J. has maximum Muscle
  VKYPQCF                         C.J. has maximum Stamina
  AEDUWNV                        C.J. never gets hungry
  WORSHIPME                    C.J. has maximum Respect
  HELLOLADIES                   C.J. has maximum Sex Appeal
  GOODBYECRUELWORLD  C.J. commits suicide; please send him for help 1st.

  CVWKXAM              C.J. has an infinite ability to stay underwater; to disable,
                                      type it again
  KANGAROO            C.J. can jump real high but loses a little bit of Health when
                                      he lands; C.J. can make some surprising grabs of things he
                                      can climb onto like Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt at the start of
                                      "Mission: Impossible," 1996; to disable, type it again
  ANOSEONGLASS   Slow motion and sound and C.J. has a more powerful punch, simi-
                                      lar to the effect of an Adrenaline pill in "Vice City" except
                                      the punch doesn't send people flying so far; like it, it can
                                      be cancelled by doing a Unique Jump; for a more powerful
                                      punch than that "Vice City" one (but pedestrians have it,
                                      too), use "IAVENJQ"

  AEZAKMI                    C.J.'s wanted level won't increase but it also won't decrease
                                         with bribes or cheats, and he can still be arrested; this
                                         can be disabled by typing it a 2nd time
    or ASNAEB               C.J.'s wanted level is cleared
  TURNUPTHEHEAT    C.J.'s wanted level is increased by two stars
  BRINGITON                C.J. has a six star wanted level


  If you miss the "Vice City" stilllikedressingup code, you might try using the
Pawfect Skin Changer Mod v1.1 (X.13.q) or the similar function of spaceein-
stein's SA "All in One Mod" (X.13.ii).


  Lead player and pedestrian codes

  For the next five codes, pedestrian changes don't effect the emergency vehicle
drivers, fast food workers, gang members, bartenders, etc.  The effect on pedes-
trians and v ehicles is disabled by typing the code again, but C.J. retains the
new outfit or Katana.

  BEKKNQV         prostitution style: a lot of the pedestrians are pimps in brown
                                fur coats and prostitutes; C.J. attracts the prostitutes, who
                                have sex toys; if C.J. is attacked, a prostitute may beat the
                                attacker with her sex toy; C.J. is given the Gimp suit
  CRAZYTOWN    carnival style: a lot of pedestrians are fast food workers and
                                clowns, and many street vehicles are Mr. Whoopees, Pizza Boys,
                                BF Injections, Hotdog vans, Hotknifes, Tugs, Quads, etc.;  C.J.
                                gets red hair and his apparel changes to the (Groucho Marx car-
                                icature) joke mask, white boxer shorts with red hearts, and
                                some kind of gray boots
  LIFESABEACH  beach style: a lot of the pedestrians are ones found at the
                                beach; when I tried it, a lot of the vehicles were BF Injec-
                                tions, Mr. Whoopees, Mesas, and Glendales; the women in swim
                                suits that drive vehicles have the pulled up breasts glitch;
                                beach towels appear on the sidewalks and the beach people may
                                sunbathe on them;  C.J. wears no shirt and has shorts, sun-
                                glasses, and flip flops
  FVTMNBZ          country style: a lot of the pedestrians and vehicles are ones
                                found in the country and include Ranchers, big trucks like
                                Tankers, and bikers on Freeways; C.J. gets bib overalls, a
                                plaid shirt, and a "Born 2 Truck" baseball-type cap
  NINJATOWN      ninja style: a lot of pedestrians are Asian Ninja men--Wu Zi's
                               gang--with Katanas; vehicles are black and include more motor-
                               cycles; C.J. get a Katana

  or IAVENJQ      C.J. and pedestrians have a very powerful punch; to disable, type
                               it again (thanks to Spaceeinstein for the STINGLIKEABEE tip).
                               Before heavyweight boxer Muhammad Ali fought Sonny Liston, Mu-
                               hammad claimed he would "float like a butterfly and sting like
                               a bee."


  To disable either of the next two codes, type it again

  SJMAHPE               C.J. can recruit anyone except someone that's attacking him; if
                                      the recruit doesn't have a weapon, they get a 9mm Pistol (so
                                      FBI, Army, etc., recruits have stronger weapons) and may at-
                                      tack those C.J. shoots at (especially if they fire back), law
                                      enforcers, sometimes anyone outside the gang that fires a gun,
                                      and others (criminals, I think).
  ROCKETMAYHEM  C.J. can recruit anyone except someone that's attacking him; if
                                      the recruit doesn't have a weapon, they get a Rocket Launcher
                                      and may attack those C.J. shoots at (especially if they fire
                                      back), law enforcers, sometimes anyone outside the gang that
                                      fires a gun, and others (criminals, I think).  This can very
                                      easily get the recruit and C.J. wasted.

  If C.J. recruits a prostitute, his regular gang members may try to jack her
from a vehicle and kill her.  When I tried having C.J. recruit policemen, C.J.
would get a wanted star whenever he got them into a Police car, and the police-
men would get out--presumably to bust him, so I had him drive away.

  Pedestrian codes

  BLUESUEDESHOES         a lot of pedestrians, except, at least, policemen, gang
                                                 members, fast food workers, etc., are Elvis Presley wan-
                                                 nabes in black, white, or blue outfits like Elvis wore
                                                 onstage in Vegas in the 1970's
  ONLYHOMIESALLOWED  gangs appear in any area including ones which are normally
                                                  territories of other gangs; a combination of members of
                                                  different gangs can appear in a vehicle; the gang members
                                                  fight the members of other gangs; no other pedestrians
                                                  appear except the police, fast food workers, etc.
  BIFBUZZ                             gangs fight; no other pedestrians appear except police,
                                                  fast food workers, etc.; the traffic only appears in gang

  Thanks to OrionSR for testing to determine "the only built in codes that ap-
pear to alter data that is saved":

  - PC  Peds Attack Each Other AJLOJYQY

  - PS2  Pedestrian Riot, Down, Left, Up, Left, X, R2, R1, L2, L1

  "I tested all the other codes that had anything to do with peds and did not
find any problems. A quick check can be performed for this glitch; load the
save, visit a Vending Booth (Chili Dogs, Cherry Poppers, Noodle Stand), and if
the vendor attacks C.J. or other peds then the glitch is active."

  For PC, "hmvartak has written on online glitch repair tool that can fix this
problem, and many other common and rare glitches found in San Andreas":

  To disable one of the next five codes, type it again.  Don't save the game
after using "AJLOJYQY."

  BAGOWPG    pedestrians attack C.J. with their usual weapons--Fists, if no oth-
  FOOOXFT      pedestrians have, at least,  Rocket Launchers, M4s, Shotguns, Pis-
                              tols, and Bats, and will fire back if attacked
  AJLOJYQY     pedestrians armed with, at least, Rocket Launchers, M4s, Shotguns,
                              Pistols, and Bats attack each other and may attack C.J. if he at-
                              tacks one of them
  BGLUAWML   pedestrians have, at least, Pistols, Rocket Launchers, etc., and at-
                              tack C.J.; the pedestrians include Army men, country guys in cow-
                              boy hats, and construction workers; there are a lot of abandoned
                              vehicles on the road

  STATEOFEMERGENCY   pedestrians riot, loot TVs (which disappear as soon as the
                                                 pedestrian does anything else, like fight or run in
                                                 fright), attack each other and C.J., and smoke appears
                                                 in many places (it's like the situation during "End of
                                                 the Line" except all over San Andreas)

  Time and weather codes

  YSOHNUL          the clock and weather are very fast, but motion and sound are nor-
                                 mal; to disable it, type it again
  SPEEDITUP       fast clock, weather, and motion; sound is normal; disable with
  SLOWITDOWN  slow clock, weather, motion, and sound; disable with SPEEDITUP

  TOODAMNHOT            very sunny
  CFVFGMJ                     fog
  ALNSFMZO                  overcast
  SCOTTISHSUMMER    thunderstorm (AUIFRVQS does this, too)
  OFVIAC                         it's always 21:00; to disable it, type it again
  NIGHTPROWLER         it's always midnight--00:00; to disable it, type OFVIAC twice
  CWJXUOC                    sandstorm

  Vehicle codes      All but NATURALTALENT and VKYPQCF disabled by typing again

  NATURALTALENT      C.J. has maximum vehicle skill Stats
  RIPAZHA                     C.J.'s cars fly and can be controlled like planes; you can
                                          also get some incredible Insane Stunt Stats with this
  JCNRUAD                   C.J.'s vehicle makes other vehicles blow up when it bumps
                                      Bad`Boys#17 passed along this gimmick: type in the code
                                       while C.J. is in or on a vehicle, have C.J. shoot the vehi-
                                       cle till it's on fire, then have C.J. get back in or on it
                                       and type the code again to disable it, and C.J.'s vehicle
                                       will stay on fire and be BP, even under water; lastikboy95
                                       added that it's EP unless you start a Sub-mission like the
                                       Vigilante mission, which makes it explode.
  CJPHONEHOME         C.J. can do a VERY high bunny hop on a bike; use Q or E for
                                           a side view, and try the multi-view with V; if the bike
                                           nicks something and spins, C.J. can get some pretty good
                                           Insane Stunt statistics--using A or D helps; he can also
                                           do some skyscraper jumping; level the wheels for a safe
                                           landing and C.J. won't lose any Health; to disable it,
                                           type it again

  FLYINGFISH           C.J.'s boats can fly; I give one of the several fast speed
                                       boats a side view with Q or E, then make the front end
                                       tip a little above and below horizontal with Up and Down;
                                       once the boat gets some altitude, you can fly it without
                                       doing that and fly pretty high (like with the flying
                                       Rhino gimmick of the last two GTA's); you could also use
                                       this with the BUBBLECARS code, have C.J. bump one boat
                                       with another, then jetpack to the flying boat.
  BUBBLECARS         C.J.'s vehicle makes other vehicles float in the air when
                                       it hits them; then they continue to float, possibly
                                       bouncing off things, till they float away; by shooting at
                                       them, C.J. can change their direction and scare passen-
                                       gers out of them; C.J. and pedestrians can make extra
                                       high jumps to get into a floating vehicle; C.J. can bump
                                       one vehicle with another that's by the garage door in one
                                       of his garages, then get in the floating one for some-
                                       thing like a balloon ride.
  STICKLIKEGLUE      C.J.'s four-wheel vehicles have strong road grip and the
                                        taxi boost jump ("PGGOMOY" does this, too)

  Traffic codes     All but CPKTNWT disabled by typing again

  SPEEDFREAK                all four wheel land vehicles that C.J. drives, and some
                                              driven by peds, have nitro.  The ped vehicles also have
                                              nitro if C.J. touches them.  The RC Cam has nitro.  The
                                              flames appear on the engine hood of the Baggage and you
                                              can't see them on the Rhino.  The flame appears on the
                                              Vortex, and Terminator-UK noticed that a nitro flame ap-
                                              pears on the front left side of the Rustler, but it
                                              doesn't make those two go faster. 
  ZEIIVG                            traffic lights are always green
  YLTEICZ                         aggressive drivers
  IOWDLAC                       black vehicles except, at least, the Hunter, Shamal, Hydra,
                                               Barracks, FBI Truck, SWAT van, Rhino, Baggage, Bandito,
                                               Combine Harvester, Hotknife, Kart, Monster trucks, Patri-
                                               ot, and RC Cam
  LLQPFBN                        pink vehicles (same exceptions as above)
  GHOSTTOWN                 few pedestrians and little traffic; parked vehicles appear;
                                               instant replays are longer (thanks to Buzzsaw at GTA
                                               Stunting for the replays tip)
  EVERYONEISPOOR       cheap cars (data\cargrp.dat calls them "s**t cars")
  EVERYONEISRICH         fast cars
  WHEELSONLYPLEASE  only the wheels of four-wheel vehicles are visible
  CPKTNWT                        blow up all four wheel vehicles, motorcycles, flying vehi-
                                               cles, boats, and RC vehicles

  Vehicle spawning codes

  You can spawn a vehicle, like a Hotring Racer, so it appears with one side im-
bedded in a door or wall, and have C.J. enter it on the near side and get out on
the far side.  This can be useful as a way to let him get past the big locked
door, locked beyond the "Black Project" mission, of the interior of Area 69, or
get into the only skyscraper of Los Santos with a 3D interior, etc.  Don't ask
me why he goes out the other door for the gimmick, all I know is it works.  The
Trashmaster and Hotring Racer are popular choices for that.

  ROCKETMAN    Jetpack
  AIYPWZQP        Parachute

  OLDSPEEDDEMON        Bloodring Banger
  RZHSUEW                       Caddy
  ITSALLBULL                    Dozer
  OHDUDE                         Hunter
  JUMPJET                         Hydra
  MONSTERMASH             Monster          the one available after beating "8 Track"
  FOURWHEELFUN           Quadbike
  VROCKPOKEY                Hotring Racer A  "Panoramic" and "hinterland" on the engine
  VPJTQWV                        Hotring Racer B  "Bobo" on the engine hood
  JQNTDMH                        Rancher
  AIWPRTON                      Rhino
  FLYINGTOSTUNT           Stuntplane
  AMOMHRER                    Tanker truck
  TRUEGRIME                    Trashmaster
  KGGGDKP                       Vortex hovercraft

  Weapon codes

  PROFESSIONALKILLER  C.J. has Hitman level in all weapon Stats
  OUIQDMW                        C.J., using the positions his recruits use when they do a
                                                drive-by, shoots forward with an SMG with the "camera"
                                                aimed ahead of him whatever position his vehicle is in;
                                                you can aim his fire otherwise if you press the RMB and
                                                aim with the mouse, though it's hard to aim that way
                                                when the vehicle is moving because the "camera" quickly
                                                turns the view back to forward--it's easier do it if you
                                                1st stop and aim C.J.'s weapon and the "camera" with
                                                NP2, NP4, NP6, or NP8, but it's more of a novelty than
                                                convenient.  The best thing about it is it makes it easy
                                                for C.J. to do airgrabs on a motorcycle and makes it
                                                less likely for him, or a passenger he takes, to fall
                                                off of it--it's the "San Andreas" variation on "Vice
                                                City" morphing; C.J. can also hold a Stoppie on a BMX
                                                for a long time even after his BMX has stopped

  FULLCLIP                      C.J.'s weapons have infinite ammo and no reload time; the
                                             rifles and rocket launchers can be fired as fast as you
                                             can fire them; to disable, type it again

  LXGIWYL                       C.J. has Brass Knuckles, a Bat, 9mm, Shotgun, Micro SMG,
                                             AK-47, Rifle, Rocket Launcher, Molotovs, and a Spray Can.
  PROFESSIONALSKIT   C.J. has a Knife, Desert Eagle, Sawnoff Shotgun, Tec9, M4,
                                             Sniper Rifle, Flame Thrower, Grenades, and a Fire
  UZUMYMW                    C.J. has a Chainsaw, Silenced 9mm, Combat Shotgun, SMG, M4,
                                             Sniper Rifle, Heat Seeking Rocket Launcher, and Remote

  I.15  Video walk-through/people who help with missions/entire games "Done

  You might find it helpful to see videos of the missions.

  For some of the videos that show an entire game ("San Andreas" and dozens of
others like "Half Life 2," etc.) done quick, see the Speed Demos Archive at:


  "#GTAM2014 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (Any%) by Omega" by Yuuki DeName

  "Part 1: GTA: San Andreas - World Record in 6:12:14 by Joshimuz Live European
Speedster Assembly 2013" by European Speedrunner Assembly

  They can be admirable and sometimes funny.  (I never get tired of the joke of
the gamer having Gordon Freeman, etc., respond to questions by nodding the "cam-
era" up and down, I guess because I do that sometimes in games.  No matter how
serious a science fiction drama or shoot-'em-up it is, my lead player tends to
be a big goofy kid, for some reason.  I think that's part of the reason I gravi-
tate to GTA's.)

  You might try the "Save N Play" message board at GTA Forums to look for some-
one who can take your save game file and pass a mission you're stuck on:

  I.16  How to get as much done as possible before starting the main missions

  Four star survival guides (and cycle jumps)
      by Orion_SR and rubregg

  Orion_SR's "GTA San Andreas--4 Star Survival Guide" has advice and instructive
videos that can help you get everything done that's available at the start of
the game aside from the main missions.

  Rubregg's "Early Side-Missions In Locked-Off Areas" guide can help you like-
wise.  You can learn how to have C.J. survive a four star wanted rating and
create a save game with the earliest available side missions done.

  As a cycle stunt fan, I'll make a special note of rubregg's easy way to make a
cycle jump to Las Venturas: go NNE from due N of the "O" of "MONTGOMERY."

  Thanks to rubrick for telling me to check out his GTA Forums message board for
more findings on the subject.

  Zmoonchild's videos include ways to survive a six star wanted level.

  Orion_SR's cycle can get past the roadblocks and out of Los Santos by using
the lip at the N edge of the bridge to the S side of the Flint Intersection.
The coast on the far side is steep and it's easy to lose your cycle there, so it
would't hurt to use an NRG-500 and tap Up repeatedly to give it a lot of speed.
It can make it back the other way, too.

  "In Like Flint" by Orion_SR.

  Another cycle jump he may use is N to S from the Panopticon (S of the "CO") to
Fallen Tree, another one with a steep landing area.  The runway is hilly, so
"wait until you've got good traction before gunning it."  The video below shows
the jump and GTA Phreak's way to cross the Panopticon Bridge on the outside
ledge.  (Going N from Easter Bay chemicals, he crosses onto the bridge from the
E side and goes N, and, before he get to the barriers, he gets onto the ledge on
the outer W side and continues N.)

  "Panopticon Playground" by Orion_SR

  Orion_SR also jumps a cycle from the road that goes S from Blueberry to a
grassy hill near the train tracks.  And if you take Katie on a date on a cycle
then go stunting with it, she "will remain on the back of the bike for 6 minutes
before she bails and runs off."  "Katie's passenger comments can be fun in slow
motion" (during Unique Jumps).

  Airborne bribes

  These bribes have the added usefulness of being ones C.J. can use while air-
borne in a helicopter or while using the hover mode of the Hydra.

  - over the N arch of the bridge that's N of the "OC" of "OCEAN DOCKS,"

  - at the end of a narrow space in a lot NW of the previous bribe,

  - over the steep incline of the northmost E to W road in NE Las Colinas,

  - in the back yard of the house that's N of the W end of the bridge W of Madd
Dogg's mansion,

  - in a narrow space under the base of the S loop of the Montgomery Intersec-
tion (approach from the W),

  - over the bend in the dirt path of SE Blueberry Acres,

  - over the rock ledge at the N side of the bend in the river N of Dillimore
and E of Blueberry--just SW of the "C" in "COUNTY" on the paper map,

  - over the NW dirt crossing of the two of the inlet of Shady Creek,

  - by the W end of the skinny loop of road on Missionary Hill,

  - over the train track between two train tunnels by the coast in Easter Basin,

  - on the E side of the road that's E of the N end of Area 69,

  - on a ridge of the coast that's NE of the Abandoned AC tower,

  - beyond the ramp of the Unique Jump that's in a lot SE of the Emerald Isle,

  - a bit W of the Unique Jump ramp of the pirate ship in front of Pirates in
Men's Pants,

  - over the S end of the building that's N across the street from the NE corner
of the block of The Camel's Toe pyramid,

  - in a lot that's across the street SW from the SW corner of The Four Dragons
Casino, and

  - over the concrete highway divider where the "A" is of "JULIUS THRU WAY
SOUTH" (by the intersection of it and the S end of the Strip).

  GTA Phreak's video "Bribe Skimming" shows a useful way to collect four of
those bribes with the Skimmer:

  GTA Phreak adds that Hydra missiles " work underwater!  They just move
ridiculously slow, like walking pace."

  How to open the fast food places before doing the main missions

  zmoonchild showed us that the fast food places can be opened (though the icons
for them don't appear) before "Big Smoke" by having C.J. initiate a date (let
it fail due to the wanted rating) with one of the three girlfriends available
from the start of the game: Katie, Michelle, or Barbara.

  (I'll add that, unless you have C.J. collect all the Oysters first, those
three are fussier than Denise about C.J.'s muscle and/or fat.  Katie likes mus-
cle, Michelle likes fat, and Barbara likes C.J. fat but in good shape.  You can
have C.J. use the gym at Verona Beach to build muscle, have him go to the out-
door fast food stands to get fat, and have him stand by a car with greater sex
appeal--see section XI.b--when he meets one of them.)

  The tattoo parlors in Las Ventures and San Fierro (not Los Santos) are open
from the start of the game.

  Flying vehicles available early and how to keep them from blowing up

  Flying vehicles available from the start of the game (thanks again to

  - the Dodo and Shamal (at all three airports but only open at Los Santos In-
ternational and Las Venturas Airports),

  - the AT-400 (in the big hanger in the SW section of Las Venturas Airport),

  - the Skimmer (by the coast across the Sherman Reservoir N of the dam),

  - the Maverick (in the SE section of Easter Bay Airport),

  - the Seasparrow (at a dock SE of the dam and at the coast by the valley N of
Verdant Meadows), and

  - the CargoBob (Area 69).

  GTA Phreak adds that both Cropdusters are available from the start of the
game.  (One is on the hilltop at the end of the dirt road W of The Farm, and one
is NW of the bend in the road that's NW of Greenglass College.)

  Orion_SR says that a good tactic to use to have C.J.'s flying vehicle evade
the missiles from Hydras that attack during a high wanted rating, besides his
advice given in the section about wanted ratings, I.9--to have C.J. fly low, is
to fly close to cliffs and buildings when possible, and to constantly alternate
your view with the "look-behind" view then "cut hard to one side to avoid almost
all the missiles."  He found that it's usually a new Hydra that spawns behind
C.J. when you look there--the old one usually disappears unless C.J. doesn't

  (I'll add that for those who want to try one of these things, notably have
C.J. date the girlfriends, without the wanted rating, you could use the GTA SA
Control Center--X.13.c.  Click the tab for "Player Data" then click the buttons
for "Auto-Clear Status after inserting cheats" and "Never Wanted.")


  II    The beginning

  II.1  "The Introduction"

  A prelude to the sequel (to "Vice City") prequel (to "III"):

  A synopsis of the bonus DVD that you get with either the two CD's of music
from "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas" or the Special Edition of the game.

  In Los Santos, Officers Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski discuss how they've
threatened someone to do things their way, and will need to do the same to the
officer assigned to work with them, Hernandez, if he doesn't play along.  Ten-
penny is more concerned about Pendlebury (probably the one Tenpenny talks to on
the phone a bit later).

  The Ballas gang is dealing drugs and wants to hold power over Grove Street.

  Big Smoke, in Ryder's house, seems to want Ryder to help him take Grove Street
back from the Ballas by competing in the drug trade.

  In a lot in San Fierro, Mike Toreno, aided by violent thug T-Bone Mendez,
gives the orders and makes the deals of a vicious big time drug dealer.

  At a game of craps in Los Santos, Jeffrey says he wants to be considered a
gangster named OG Loc; the others tell him to forget it, and Sweet tells him
to go to college.  Big Smoke seems to want Sweet Johnson to think of the big
money they could make by competing in the drug trade.  Sweet doesn't go for the
idea.  He says his brother Brian has been dead five years and his brother Carl,
who can rot in hell, is running around on the east coast.

  C.J. steals a car for someone in Liberty City.

  Johnny Sindacco meets with Godfather Salvatore Leone at Salvatore's mansion.
Though the Sindacco's and Leone's have been rival gangs, Johnny wants Salvatore
to invest five million dollars into a Sindacco gambling casino.  Salvatore will
go along with it if Johnny can get rid of the guy currently controlling the
books and replace him with someone Salvatore and Johnny can control.

  Lawyer Ken Rosenberg, by the Fort Carson Medical Center in Las Venturas, has
been disbarred and is struggling stay off of cocaine.

  Tenpenny, on a phone in Los Santos, threatens to kill someone (Pendlebury?)
he's paid to commit a murder if they don't carry out the hit.

  Ken can't get Tommy Vercetti on the phone.

  Kent Paul, in a recording studio in Salford, England, becomes the manager of
the Gurning Chimps, led by drug addict Maccer.

  C.J. gets a man to hand him his wallet by aiming a pistol at him, then C.J.
hits him on the head with it.

  A couple of men in the desert in San Andreas bury the body of the man who used
to control the books for the Sindacco casino.

  Johnny agrees with Salvatore's proposal that they get Ken to take their orders
about controlling the books for the casino.

  Tenpenny and Pulaski begin coercing young officer Hernandez, who's just joined
them and is new to C.R.A.S.H. (Community Resources Against Street Hoodlums, run
by Officer Tenpenny), to do things their way--a lot tougher a way than he ex-

  In the Caligula's Palace casino office in Las Venturas, Salvatore pulls a gun
on Ken Rosenberg and orders him to get his investment back.

  Pulaski beats another officer nearly to death, and Tenpenny orders Hernandez
to kill the downed officer.  Hernandez objects at 1st, but Tenpenny threatens to
kill Hernandez if he doesn't kill the officer with the gun Tenpenny hands him.
Hernandez shoots the officer.  (Early in the game, Tenpenny and Pulaski will
threaten C.J. that they'll blame him for the murder if he doesn't do as they or-
der him.)

  A couple of Ballas do a drive-by past Sweet's house and kill his mother.
Sweet runs into the house, sees what happened to his mother, then prevents his
sister Kendl from going inside.  Later, as she sits on the porch, Sweet calls
C.J..  He tells him the bad news and that he better come home.

  C.J. bows his head in grief.


  II.2  "San Andreas Theme Song"

  Lyrics by Young (and famous) MayLay

  from "San Andreas: 'The Original Mixtape.'

  This is kind of a big deal, for me, anyway; I never got a letter from a big
celebrity before.  I sent a letter to Young MayLay, through the Contact part of
his web site, explaining that I couldn't get some of the lyrics he wrote for the
"San Andreas Theme Song."  I got an e-mail from him today (Mon., July 25, 2005)
with the lyrics attached (I hope he doesn't mind--I broke it down into qua-



  Here are a copy of the lyrics for the San Andreas Theme Song..Be careful with
them..Hope this solved the problem..


                         Young MayLay..GLEN WINSTEIN



  Verse 1)

    Welcome to San Andreas I?m CJ from Grove St.
  Land of the heinous gang bangers and cold heat.
  In Los Santos neighbors get no sleep
  beefing with anybody competing even police.

  Four deep in a green rag wit gold feet
  blast with the flag on the strap that?s OG.
  Stay in shape hit the gym lift the weights
  get super cut or big and buff nice and straight.

  You got stats respect, weapon skill
  stamina muscle fat and sex appeal.
  You get clothes from Bincos and Prolaps
  Suburban Zip Victom and D Sach.

  Watch your back when you in rival hoods
  they?ll test just to guess if your survivals good.
  Ducking shells at the Cluck?n Bell
  jump out busting gunning till they tuck they tail.

  It seem like I?m on impossible missions
  twisted predicaments hostile positions.
  Tennpenny and Polaski harass me
  cop cars been on our ass the last past week.

  Because the Dreas for the gangsters homeboy
  hands is the language for the bangers homeboy.
  And its dangerous homeboy
  get your brains blew for how you do your fingers homeboy.

  Heat cocked we popping them
  hot one?s dump them out bend the block shaken before the cops come
  listen for sirens but they don?t got none
  back another lap catch a straggler with a shotgun.

  Hittin them up what that Grove St. like
  in a dirty sling shot and old Levi?s.


  Boy oh boy, huh?  That's something.  Now that's straight from C.J. himself.  I
think that was very nice of him to do that.  I'll have to save that.



  1. Someone who has been around, old school gangster
  2. Original gangster.  Being, or being related to, the stereotypical 1970's
gangster's lifestyle.  OG Loc, Keepin it Gangsta!
  3. An Original Gangsta or Original Gangster.  Yo, What up OG?  What's good in
tha hood?

  More generally today in America, it's a word of ebonics (I think you need to
at least have a semester of Calculus to take that; don't you kids try it at
home--you call a professional) that refers to a friend with street smarts.


   II.3  Los Santos 1st main missions

   Written by Dan Houser, James Worrall, and DJ Pooh.

   DJ Pooh is a record producer, rapper, screenwriter, and film director.  Dan
Houser (Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine, November, 2004) said, "He?s amazing
for what we wanted.  We thought we were looking for someone to help us with
writing.  But you look at the films he?s made ("Friday," "Next Friday"), and you
see he?s so multi-skilled, plus he has ridiculous hip-hop credibility."

  "Whoop Whoop," 1997, by DJ Pooh

  II.4  "In The Beginning"    Carl Johnson

  Carl Johnson, aka C.J.: Young MayLay

  Young Maylay, aka Chris Bellard, born 1979, is a West Coast rapper who was
suggested for the part of C.J. by film and hip hop producer DJ Pooh, but Dan
Houser seems to have gone for Young Maylay as soon as he overheard a phone call
between him and DJ.  Young Maylay was featured on compilations and underground
mix tapes like Killa Tay's "Thug Thizzle," 2000, and Rodney O & Joe Cooley's
"Summer Heat," 2002.  He wrote most of the tracks on King T's album "Ruthless
Chronicles," 2004, and DJ Warrior's "Coast Control," 2004.  He played Mario in
the TV series "The Brodies," 2014.

  "San Andreas: The Original Mixtape," 2005
  "Knock the Box" by Young Maylay

  "What Will It Be," 2006, by Deeyah featuring Young Maylay

  "Ain't Nuttin' Changed (Queensbridge to California Remix)," 2009, by Blaq Poet
featuring MC Eiht (Lance "Ryder" Wilson in SA) and Young Maylay

  You can visit his web site, hear some of his music videos, and contact him at:

  He also kindly helped me out by sending me a copy of his lyrics to "San An-
dreas Theme Song" (see II.2) and has the job I particularly envy as the star of
the latest GTA.

  Sean "Sweet" Johnson: Faizon Love, who played Big Worm in "Friday," 1992,
(which was co-written by DJ Pooh, who played Red), the voice of the late comedi-
an Robin Harris in "Bebe's Kids," 1992,  one of the Jam Boys in "Fear of a Black
Hat," 1994 (sort of a rap "Spinal Tap"), Gimbel's manager in "Elf," 2003, Coach
in a 2007 episode of the TV series "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia," Shane in
"Couples Retreat," 2009, etc.

  "Faizon Love Interview at The Breakfast Club [power 105.1]" by BreakfastClub

  Frank Tenpenny: that famous Samuel L. Jackson, of too many movies to list in
their entirety, who starred as Stacks Edwards in "Goodfellas," 1990, Gator Puri-
fy in "Jungle Fever," 1992, Tat Lawson (with MC Eiht as A-Wax) in "Menace II So-
ciety," 1993, Big Don in "True Romance," 1993, Jules Winnfield in "Pulp Fic-
tion," 1993, Zeus Carver in "Die Hard With a Vengeance," 1995, Doyle Gipson in
"Changing Lanes," 2002, Rufus in "Kill Bill Vol.2," 2003, the voice of Lucius
Best/Frozone in "The Incredibles," 2004, Ken Carter in "Coach Carter," 2005, the
narrator of "Inglourious Basterds," 2009, etc., and probably has a handful being
prepared for release as we speak.  Now this guy has a resume.  And he's starring
in a Grand Theft Auto, even if it is as a bad guy.

  "Pulp Fiction Scene - 'Hamburgers'" by osall1291

  Eddie Pulaski: Chris Penn (son of Leo the TV Director), who starred as B.J.
Jackson in "Rumble Fish," 1983, Willard Hewitt in "Footloose," 1984, Nice Guy
Eddie Cabot in "Reservoir Dogs," 1992, and Nicky Dimes in "True Romance," 1993.
(Update: Chris Penn was found dead by his housekeeper on Jan.25, 2006.  He was
only 40 years old, which is way too young for that.  The coroner's report said
that he was 300 lbs. and had a history of drug abuse.  May his friends and fam-
ily find sympathy and heal in time.)

  "Reservoir Dogs Mexican Standoff" by BadWolf

  Officer Hernandez: Armando Riesco, who voice acted as the Supplier (Pierre La
Ponce/Vic Vance) in "Vice City," 2002, Hector in "Midnight Club II," 2003, and
played Phelan in Spike Lee's "25th Hour," 2002, Jesse in "Garden State," 2004,
supplied the voice of a Parking Attendant for the game GTA "IV," 2009, played
Julian Varone in "The Tested," 2009 (which also starred Frank Vincent--Salvatore
Leone in GTAs), etc.

  "Tia Lora- Matrimonio" by Armando Riesco

  "San Andreas" takes place in 1992, some time between "Vice City" (1986) and
"III" (2001?).  In "Wear Flowers in your Hair," The Truth refers to the mob
(Tommy Vercetti) having bought the Boatyard from Duane and Jethro.  Claude Speed
and Catalina have gotten together in "Farewell, My Love," and Maria begins being
Salvatore Leone's mistress in "Freefall," so it would be about another nine
years before Claude is shot by Catalina, Maria leaves Salvatore for Claude, and
Catalina and Salvatore are killed by Claude, in "III."  Claude's silence shrouds
unfathomable, if not infinite, patience.

  C.J., at Francis International Airport, Liberty City, remembers his brother
Sweet telling him that their Mom died.

  When C.J.'s Taxi gets about a block S of the Johnson house, C.J. is ordered
out of it by Officer Tenpenny, who's accompanied by Pulaski and Hernandez.  They
hit and harass C.J., then take him for a ride in their police car to make sure
C.J. knows they think the worst of him and need him to do things their way.

  Tenpenny frames C..J. for the murder of a dead policeman.  Why he bothers
holding this over C.J.'s head when he could just follow C.J. around for ten min-
utes with a camcorder is never explained.

  They throw C.J. in an alley (of the block overlapped by the E side of the save
place icon that's N of "JEFFERSON").  C.J. knows it's hostile Balla gang terri-
tory; Ballas are the guys in purple who'll attack C.J. if you don't keep him
away from them.  Reminiscent of the booklet that came with "III" calling Liberty
City "the worst place in America," C.J. says he's in the "worst place in the
world.  Rollin Heights Balla country."

  (Later, while having C.J. spray Tags, you'll see Tags that represent the Ball-
as' neighborhoods: Rollin Heights Ballas, Kilo Tray Ballas, Front Yard Ballas,
and Temple Drive Ballas.)

  (In the 1993 movie "Menace II Society" Caine/Tyrin Turner and Sharif/Vonte
Sweet are left in rival gang territory by the police similar to how Carl Johnson
is left in Ballas gang territory by policemen Frank Tenpenny, Eddie Pulaski, and
Jimmy Hernandez.)

   Have C.J. get on the BMX bike in front of him.  Be careful just up ahead--
there's always moving traffic just beyond the alley at 1st.  Have C.J. ride to
the Johnson house, "C.J." on the radar, a few blocks SE.  Now and then, press W
quickly and repeatedly to make C.J. stand up and pump the pedals hard, and have
him stay off to the side of the train tracks if you have him use the railroad

  C.J. starts out with $350.  He can't recruit gang members yet.  He can get a
four star wanted level.

  The Grove Street gang voices are: Solo, A da Business, Vincent Lomax, Gregory
Johnson, and Ricky Harris.

  The Ballas gang voices are: Donnie Anderson, Michael Ralph, Ricky Harris, Dar-
rock Burns, and Derrick Edmond.

  The Johnson garage, at the house icon in Ganton on the paper map that comes
with the game, is free and immediately available.

  C.J. can explore but can't get into the Johnson house for you to save the game
till he walks into the red shaft of light in front of the front porch and does
the next couple of missions:

  II.5  "Big Smoke"        Carl Johnson

  C.J.'s Mom Beverly: ?

  Kendl Johnson: Yo Yo (Yolanda) Whittaker has helped spread the word about fe-
male empowerment with hip hop in "Make Way for the Motherlode," 1991, and, more
recently, "Ebony," 1998.  She had a top 40 hit in 1991 with "You Can't Play with
My Yo-Yo."  She played Yo-Yo in "Boyz n the Hood," 1991, a Girl at Party (with
Samuel L. Jackson, Clifton Powell, MC Eiht, and Clifton Collins, Jr.) in "Menace
II Society," 1993, appeared as herself in two 2014/2015 episodes of the TV docu-
mentary series "Unsung," etc.

  "Black Pearl," 1992, by Yo-Yo

  Kendl has to try to be level-headed and bring her brothers and boyfriend to
work with one another.

  Melvin "Big Smoke" Harris: Clifton Powell, star of movies and TV, who played
Chauncy in "Menace II Society," 1993, Martin Luther King, Jr., in the TV movie
"Selma, Lord, Selma," 1999, Pinky in "Friday After Next," 2002 (co-written by DJ
Pooh), an FBI Agent (with Ray Liotta) in the short film "The Hire: Ticker,"
2002, Jeff Brown in "Ray," 2004, the voice of the first prisoner in the 2010
episode "A Date with the Booty Warrior" of the 2005-? animated TV series "The
Boondocks," Richard Jacobson in "The Lick Movie," 2013, Rex Fisher in five 2016
episodes of the TV series "Saints & Sinners," etc.

  "Clifton Powell interview with Deonna Young" by TheQ&A

  "Katt Williams Taking Pimp Lessons From Clifton Powell"

  While C.J. looks around the Johnson house in mourning, he remembers his Mom
and sister talking with him years ago, and takes a picture of his Mom to hold
and look at as he sits at the living room table.  Big Smoke, the chubby fellow
with glasses, a goatee, and a derby-like fedora, comes from the kitchen with a
baseball bat, thinking C.J. is a burglar.  He recognizes him and they hug.

  (Like C.J., I don't know what book Big Smoke is talking about, either--Eccle-
siastes, the OT book Pete Seeger used for lyrics in "Turn, Turn, Turn": "A time
of love, a time of hate..."?  I don't know--that one doesn't mean to have each
pair at the same time.)

  Big Smoke has C.J. drive them in Big Smoke's Perennial station wagon to the

  II.6  "Sweet and Kendl"  Carl Johnson

  Sean "Sweet" Johnson
  Lance "Ryder" Wilson: MC Eiht (Aaron Tyler) is a lead rapper of Compton's Most
Wanted, a solo rapper with a loyal following, and played A-Wax in the movie
"Menace II Society," 1993, which featured his recording "Streiht up Menace."  He
starred as T Bone (with Clifton Powell) in "Who Made the Potatoe Salad?," 2005.
"Hood Took Me Under" by Compton's Most Wanted, with MC Eiht, is on Radio Los
Santos.  He also contributes a bit of his voice acting to "Grand Theft Auto V,"

  "Straight Up Menace," 1993, by MC Eiht

  At the cemetery, C.J. meets his sister Kendl, their brother Sweet (he has a
cap and a beard), and his friend Ryder (he has a cap, mustache, and a blunt--a
cigar filled with marijuana).  Sweet, Ryder, and Big Smoke all wear green, the
Grove Street Families gang color.  Sweet is PO'ed: he doesn't like that C.J. ran
off for five years so he gives him a hard time.  Kendl walks off to see Cesar,
and Sweet gives her a hard time about that and berates Cesar as unprincipled.
He points to several nearby graves of people they knew, like their brother
Brian, and tells C.J. the local fighting put them there.

  As the four guys go to Big Smoke's station wagon, some Ballas do a drive-by on
it and blow it up.

  Have C.J. get on a bicycle and follow Sweet then Ryder.  The one to follow has
a blue cone pointed down at his head and is represented by a blue dot on the ra-

  C.J. will probably run into less trouble from the pursuing red Voodoo, from
which a Balla tries to shoot him, if he rides at a regular pace, ready to brake,
on the left side of the road, leading the Voodoo into telephone poles, etc., on
the left.  Once Sweet splits off from them, the Voodoo won't be following C.J.
till after he goes through the bicycle park and makes the jump down to the high-
way.  (If C.J. makes the jump before Ryder and Big Smoke, you can have him pause
and look backward, Q and E, to see they have a remarkable acrobatic ability to
do flips and rolls when they land and keep going.)

  You can have C.J. stop to kill the Ballas who chase him or have him use a car
instead of a bike.
  "GTA SA - All Possibilities #1" by whatever57010

  Ryder wants C.J. to dress in green (which C.J. can do a few main missions lat-

  C.J. can enter the Johnson house to save the game at a floppy disk from now
on, and there's a Camera in the bedroom.

  Sweet Johnson calls to warn C.J. that their old gang has split up into warring

  II.7  "Ryder"           Carl Johnson

  A rider is someone who'll buddy with you and might join your gang or clique:
"I won't deny it, I'm a straight ridah" (2Pac "Ambitionz Az A Ridah").
  (The next link didn't work the last time I tried it.)

  Basically, a rider is a person who's committed to being your friend, no matter
what (which is ironic given how Ryder turns out).

  Ryder has C.J. agree to help him get even with the owner of a pizza place that
keeps covering up their "hit up" (a tag--graffiti that symbolizes a gang).  He
has C.J. drive to get a haircut at a barber shop, then chides him he looks
"jacked up" (not quite right).

  Reader Timo Hakala wrote to me that Ryder takes back his words about the bar-
ber being bad at his job if C.J. gets a "cool" haircut like a Cornrow (or Afro,
Afro & 'stash, Afro & Goatee, Afro & Beard, or Jheri Curl).

  Then Ryder has C.J. get food at the pizza place.  Ryder holds a handgun on the
owner/clerk of the pizza place, who recognizes Ryder, telling him no one else is
so small and he feels sorry for his Dad.  (This is similar to what the Korean
Grocery Store Man/Toshi Toda says to O-Dog/Larenz Tate--that he feels sorry for
his mother--near the start of the 1993 movie "Menace II Society.")

  When they get outside, the owner comes out to fire a Shotgun at them.  Ryder
runs for the car; have C.J. drive him home if you're not prepared to have C.J.
shoot down the owner.

  If C.J. doesn't have enough money for the cheapest haircut ($50) or pizza
store meal ($2)--such as by losing all his money at Inside Track--the game
"magically" gives it to him during "Ryder."  Zmoonchild shows that if you even
have C.J. go into debt in LV then persist in requesting a haircut from the
barber, leaving the barber shop then returning, in "Ryder" the game eventually
gives him the money for a cheap haircut then the cheapest pizza store meal.
  "What happens if CJ has no money (in debt) during the mission Ryder? In the
Beginning mission 3" by ZMOONCHILD

  Zmoonchild shows that you can have C.J. exit Ryder's Picador before entering
the red marker in Ryder's driveway and have C.J. look west on the nearby road to
see the pizza cashier come east still trying to shoot C.J. with his Shotgun.

  Ryder tells C.J. to see Sweet about Tags.

  The restaurants, barber shops, and tattoo parlors are open and shown on the
radar and in-game map.

  The barber shop used in this mission, Reece's, has an icon that's obscured on
the radar and in-game map by the icon for the tattoo shop it's beside.  Reece's
is on the E side of the block that's the 2nd block S of the one with "OD" of

  Some PS2 gamers have reported that getting C.J. a haircut makes his tattoo Sex
Appeal points go away.  You might play it safe and get him a haircut before get-
ting him a tattoo.  If you already had him get a tattoo before getting him a
haircut, the tattoo parlor can have it removed for $400.

  Having C.J. get a haircut can get rid of any wanted rating, so I wouldn't wor-
ry about the Sex Appeal points of tattoos.

  Send C.J. to Gay Gordo's for a Groove Cut: $500 (or a blonde cornrow, if you
like: $550), or to Old Reece's for a Cornrow: $500.  All are 30 points each for
both Sex Appeal and Respect Stats.  I got him a Groove Cut.

  Send C.J. to a tattoo parlor for one of the tattoos that are 3 points each for
both Sex Appeal and Respect, which are any of them for the back and lower back.
I got him an Angel for $450.


  III  Preliminaries for Los Santos

  I waited till this point to do these preliminaries when I started writing
this walk-through, but you can do these things as soon as you get control of

  You need to have C.J. eat or drink, or save the game, for his Health bar.  And
if he doesn't eat to keep something in his Fat bar, which starts at about 1/6th
and diminishes slowly, the Muscle then Health bars will diminish quickly.

  Though the fast food places open up and appear on the radar and in-game map
after "Ryder," snack and soda pop machines only charge $1 and are available from
the start of the game, including the ones inside convenience stores and the
Alambra club, which are open from the start of the game.  Have C.J. stuff his
face with about 80 to 100 snacks from a snack vending machine to raise his Fat
to about 20%.

  It won't make C.J. throw up as it does it feed him eleven fast food restaurant
meals in a row.  You can have him repeatedly use the vending machines faster
than repeatedly use the fast food booths with a live vendor (also $1 per
snack)--it takes 30 sec. for the red marker for those to reappear.  The Los San-
tos/Red County Hotdog vans don't appear on PC.

  Armor, vending machines, and vendors map:

  One easy to remember 24/7 convenience store location is on the big E to W road
that extends W from the Mulholland Intersection.  It's on that road just W of
the intersection.

  Thanks to Rusk's walk-through and the Stats Faq by bamspeedy1298 at Gamefaqs
for the following Los Santos snack machine locations:

  Willowfield--at the 6th Street Plaza, an outdoor shopping center, which is
along the N side of the block that's S of the block with "OW" of "WILLOW FIELD."

  Idlewood-- inside the Alahamabra Club, which is on the W side of the block of

  Idlewood--inside the 24/7, which is on the same side of the street one block S
of the Alambra club.

  Jefferson--at the outdoor shopping center that's on the E side of the block
that's E of the block of "EN" of "GLEN PARK" and W of the block with the Jeffer-
son Motel.

  Las Colinas--on the SW side of the T intersection at the top of a sloped
road--the bottom of that road is across the street to the N of the Jefferson

  Commerce--inside the 24/7 that's on the N side of the block that's W of the
block of "CITY" of "CITY HALL."

  Dillimore--at the Gasso station that's on the N side of the SW block of Dilli-

  Palomino Creek--at the library that's on the S side of the SW block of Palomi-
no Creek.

  There are three outdoor fast food booths in Los Santos.  You can't build up
C.J.'s Fat as fast using them, but they do provide more Fat per visit.  They're

  Downtown Los Santos--by the 1st "N" of "DOWNTOWN LOS SANTOS" and nearly under
the S branch of the Mulholland Intersection.

  Verona Beach--at the E end of the beach.

  Santa Maria Beach--on the S end of the pier the Ferris wheel is on.

  I usually keep C.J.'s Fat between 1/5th and 1/3rd.  It puts a good margin of
safety on the work it takes to get his Muscle maximized at the outdoor gym at
Verona Beach.

  Whether you do those things or wait till the restaurants open to start on the
preliminaries, feed C.J. every day or two.  Take-Two Games has said that feeding
him every day can prevent the glitch of C.J. being unable to use the gyms, a
glitch that may appear near the end of the game.

  Having C.J. use the weights at Verona Beach is the fastest way to have him
build Muscle.  Thanks to reader Timo Hakala for telling me C.J. can use the Ver-
ona Beach gym from the start of the game.  (I think the second fastest way may
be to have C.J. swim.)

  If you manage to make C.J. too Fat, having him use a gym treadmill or station-
ary bike is the fastest way to have him lose only the extra Fat.  Feeding him 11
times at once at a fast food restaurant to make him vomit makes him lose about
all of his Fat, but it's better if he has some.  The outdoor gym at Verona Beach
has a stationary bike.

  Keeping C.J. busy doing the things given below seems to be enough otherwise to
raise the Stats he needs to improve his strength, weapon, and vehicle abilities.
Then I'd make a copy of my save game of my GTA San Andreas User Files in My Doc-
uments.  Doing them all at once takes a looooooong time, but look at it this
way: once you copy the save file, you'll never have to do them again--at least
not all at once.

  See "Maximum Stats of all kinds in one sitting" (III.5) for a much faster way
to build Stats in the PC version of the game.

  As Rusk says, if you have C.J. swim, or fly and parachute, to the blocked-off
areas, he'll get a four star wanted rating that the law enforcers won't let go
of, even if you use a code, till C.J. can get back to the allowable areas to get
rid of it.  Later in the game, when C.J. can get five wanted stars, sending him
over the Easter Bay aircraft carrier or onto the grounds of Area 69 gives him a
five star wanted level while he's there, but right now it just gives him four

  You can get more done early on that way, but it takes a lot of time and effort
that doesn't always pay off if you're like me and don't save the game if C.J.
gets busted or wasted.

  (I don't save the game if C.J. gets wasted, but I think reader Carl Johnson is
right about girlfriend Katie showing up at Avispa golf course in San Fierro at
the start of the game as a help for people who want to have C.J. risk the high
wanted level attack of going to the areas that are off-limits.  A benefit of
having C.J. date her is that he keeps his money and weapons if he gets wasted.
I'll add that having C.J. initiate dating with Barbara, also available at the
start of the game, lets C.J. keep his money and weapons if he's busted.)

  If you want to save time on certain vehicle missions you're not crazy about
that are available in the unwelcome areas, it takes less time to do them when
those areas 1st open then make a copy of your save game.  So hazarding the un-
welcome areas isn't convenient or easier, but you might enjoy the different ex-
perience and the challenge.

  (You might like the two bribes and Pay 'n' Spray in Blueberry, the Santa Maria
Beach Pay 'n' Spray, or the wardrobe closet of a nearby save house, for C.J.
when he gets back.)

  Rusk also explains that you can send C.J. to them to complete the Oyster col-
lection and get some weapons, like a Minigun or Combat Shotgun (which then has
whatever Shotgun or Sawnoff Shotgun ammo added to it), with no harassment a lit-
tle into the 1st missions--see "Reuniting the Families" (and other missions that
feature the ability for C.J. to enter otherwise off-limit areas without a wanted

  The easiest way to get to those things in the PC version is to start the game
then click "Never Wanted" in the GTA SA Control Center (X.13.c).

  In the meantime, I'll just explain how to have C.J. primed to make the most of
it when he goes to them.

  III.1   Maps, map markers, teleportation, all items (Tags, etc.) shown on your
              radar, and a trainer:
              how to control space and time

  The in-game map

  Move the cursor over the in-game map to see the names of the neighborhoods in
the lower right corner.  Use the Mouse Scroller to make the in-game map zoom in
and out.  When zooming in on a part of the in-game map, you can orient your view
of it with the side scroller and by pressing the LMB to have the "camera" move
to where you click the cursor.

  Map markers

  If you right click a spot on the in-game map, it creates a marker (a black
circle with a red cross in it that has a black circle in the middle of it).  Un-
like icons for fast food places, etc., it will appear at the border of your ra-
dar to indicate relative direction even if C.J. is far from it.  Right click it
again to make it disappear.  Since it can help you stay on course during travel,
it's used with some methods to get to the hidden interiors, etc.

  My directions mainly refer to your paper map; once you see the spot I des-
cribe, I recommend clicking the spot on your in-game map with the RMB to make a
marker so the marker on the radar can guide you right there.

  Thanks to gui for reminding me that not everyone has a copy of the paper map.
A map just like it, except some of the words are in Italian, is at the next


  Other maps

  The BradyGames Official Strategy Guide for Xbox and PC has helpful maps, pic-
tures, information, and strategies which can be used while playing the game.
But for Tags, etc., use the combination of descriptions, maps, and screenshots
because the descriptions may be vague, the dots on the map may be off-target in
various directions (or even just wrong: the description correctly gives Oyster
10 as S of the Los Santos lighthouse, but the map puts the dot for it S of the
Ferris wheel; I made corrections on the maps with ink) and numbered in a haphaz-
ard manner, and the screenshots are tiny--and the radar on them is even tinier.  (previously

  Some amazingly good maps are by Ian Albert at:

  They range from less than a MB to over seven MBs, so you might want to save
them in My Pictures if you have a dial-up connection.

  There are some accurate maps at:

  Some other good maps can be found at the Gamefaqs and GTA Forums web sites.
At Gamefaqs, go to PC, G, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, FAQs, and find some by
GamerLady and dark52.  At GTA Forums, go to GTA Series--GTA San Andreas--Game
play, Maps of San Andrea, page 7, and find some by Smithers and others.

  You can click some of the interactive maps, such as for Tags, at
for screenshots of the locations.  The screenshots for Unique Jump and Oyster
locations come with directions.

  I'd save some maps in "My Pictures" and print them if you can spare the ink.


  An interactive map called SAM (San Andreas Map) is at:

  To find all the locations for a vehicle, for example:

  Click the "Vehicle" box, and all the vehicle locations appear.

  Click the "Set Filter" button, then type the name of the vehicle in the "Enter
filter string" box, and click the "Done" button.  Just the vehicle locations
you're looking for are left on the map.

  Left click the icon used to show the location to have some information about
the vehicle appear.

  You can use the LMB cursor arrow to draw a yellow box around a location to
make that area fill the screen, then make it larger or smaller with the + and -
buttons, and move around the map with the side and bottom scrollers.

  Pdescobar has a number of corrections for it for the PC version.  I found one,
too--if you click the box for Vehicles, click the Set Filter button, put "Sea
Sparrow" in the "Enter filter string" box, and click the "Done" button, it mis-
takenly locates one on top of the Zombotch building--it's actually a Sparrow.


  All items (Tags, etc.) shown on your radar

  The fastest way to find the Tags, Oysters, Snapshots, and Horseshoes, and look
at Liberty City and the hidden interiors, etc., is by using The San Andreas
Place Manager (X.13.a), which you Alt Tab out of the game with, The Map Tele-
porter/Vehicle Spawn (X.13.b), which lets you use hot keys, or The GTA SA Con-
trol Center (X.13.c), which works for either the patched or unpatched version of
the original game and lets you use hot keys.

  You might combine that with Demarest's Pillager (, which puts markers
of all the Tags, Oysters, Snapshots, and Horseshoes left to find in the category
you've chosen on your radar.  While you look for Snapshots, it puts a green
marker by the ones you haven't taken pictures of yet to make them easier to
find.  It works with v.1 or 2 and previous saves.



  To freeze the mission timer that counts up, with either the patched or un-
patched version of the original game, get The GTA SA Control Center (X.13.c).
(If it's ever updated, it may stop mission timers that count down.)  A trainer
that stops mission timers that count down, that works with the unpatched version
of the original game, is Pizzadox's Plus 27 Trainer (X.13.l).

  Falkman has a trainer for v3, the version of SA you can download from Steam.
He's adding features as I write this (March, 2008), but it's already available
to use.

  I'd like to recommend a philosophy about using trainers or such and codes.
They let people get over mission difficulties, sometimes found with a mission of
one port of a game and not another.  Due to the fact that some people aren't as
able as others in certain ways, ways that are matters of strengths but not char-
acter determinants, these aids can broaden the range of people that can enjoy
the game.  (And some things, like the CJPHONEHOME code, you might just like to
screw around with.)  If we all agree on that, consider this choice:

  One, we get the regular game and people can use those aids if certain things
are difficult for them.

  Two, the programmers look at the message boards and make planes you push a
button to have fly for you, and great big maps bad for stunts but good for zom-

  The last time I looked, you could push a button for a ride at the airport,
there was a huge map where driving felt like guiding pieces of tissue paper and
the stretched-out graphics could make something look like it's in the shade when
it's in the sunshine, and there was a Zombotech building.  Keep in mind that
GTA's often give you a glimpse of things to come.

  The Little Dodo, bright red and white and cheerful in the face of adversity,
could look gray and sad on an otherwise bright, sunny day.  And that's a barome-
ter of the whole thing.

  So the next time someone asks for a trainer or such, please remember that
choice and tell them how to get one in the spirit of helpfulness--don't give
them a hard time.  Then we can have the regular game, and helpful people provid-
ing aids for those having trouble with missions, the way the good Lord intended.

  III.2  Spraying Tags

  The easiest way to find them all (and easier for me than describing all the
locations) is to use a teleportation device (see X.13.a and the two sections af-
ter it).

  You could also use Demarest's Pillager (, which marks all the Tags
left to find on your radar.

  A good map of all the Tag locations is at:

  After poppin' all 100 Tags, C.J. will earn some Respect and the Tec9. AK-47,
Sawnoff Shotgun, and Molotov Cocktails will be available in the kitchen of the
Johnson house.  This is one of the ways to increase Respect for C.J., and that
allows his gang members to get better weapons--an SMG appears for every several
9mms.  The six Tags C.J. needs to spray for "Tagging Up Turf" will appear un-
sprayed during that mission so C.J. can spray them again.

  Have C.J. go behind the Johnson house and jump on the E end of the wall (so he
doesn't keep trying to go to the other side of it), then on the roof, then onto
the roof of the Pawn Shop to get a can of spray about eight or ten times to
build up a good supply of paint, remembering to feed him every day or two.  (You
could make it a habit for C.J. to get more paint each time you start the game.)

  (If you're avoiding the Johnson house at first while making a starter save you
can get a spray can a few blocks north of the Pig Pen.  The can is behind a
little one story house that's around the area where an "eye" would be on the
block that looks like a duck flying east on the east side of the north side of
Los Santos.  See the Weapon Location Map by GamerLady.)

  A very grateful thanks to Garrett Daniels for offering the following advice
(I've condensed) on the Gamefaqs message boards when I was worried about which
Tag was the one I'd missed:

  A second after the message saying you sprayed the Tag appears, the new graph-
ics appear and the "blink" sound is made indicating the game counted it in your
Stats.  It's possible to run out of paint during that second with the graphics
partly completed.  Before you get confused about which Tags you did and worry
that you won't get 100% for the game because of a non-existent Tag glitch, get
more paint and spray it again.  You won't get the message, just the completed
graphics, "blink," and credit in your Stats.

  III.3   Weapons
           8 Ball's Bomb Shop

  A good map of the weapon and item locations is at:

  Note: if I give the name of a place in capital letters and quotes, I'm refer-
ring to the name as printed on the paper map that comes with the game.

  The attackers in SA seem a little more responsive to what part of their bodies
the lead character shoots, but he can still kill them by shooting any part of
them.  As before, a head shot does the job the fastest.

  If you use the Mouse and Keys Configuration and you've gotten C.J. within fir-
ing distance of a target, especially if there's just one or a few targets and
C.J. doesn't have to move around so much, you can pause the game (Esc), switch
to Joypad Configuration, and return to the game to use the auto-aim feature for
the duration of the fight.  I've played through this game a number of times
without doing this, but it might help someone or at least provide a little vari-
ety.  It's easier to use the mouse to aim weapons that bring up a scope, and
auto-aim doesn't always pick the target you want, though.


  Fist  You forgot to get Brass Knuckles.

  Brass Knuckles

  Better than a bare fist.  They're found:

  - under the S side of the bridge over the lot W of C.J.'s house,

  - and in alley by the Commerce 24/7 (on the N side of the block at the S end
of Commerce).

  Melee weapons:

  Baseball Bat

  - some pedestrians get out of a vehicle to fight with one.


  - in the security booth at the entrance to the movie studio at the E side of
the block with "WOOD" of "VINEWOOD," and a policeman may have one.


  C.J. can't jump with the Chainsaw as Tommy could for the "Vice City" fast
Chainsaw attack.  But you can have C.J. run with Fist/Brass Knuckles to a tar-
get, have him trot and add Fire to get the Chainsaw revved up and pointing for-
ward, then aim it in whatever direction with the mouse.  You can find a Chain-

  - beside the W log shelter (in the brown rectangle W of the big brown square
on the paper map) in the Panopticon,

  - in Ocean Docks on a pier at the W side of the island,

  - between a bin of junk and some piles of tires in a Willow Field scrap yard
that's at the W side of the place where the road that loops through the Ocean
Docks island curves N on the mainland,

  - and by a little house at the W side of the S end of the brown dirt road that
goes S from the paved road, where the paper map says "HAMPTON BARNS," to a T in-

  Golf Club

  - beside the big broadcasting tower by the VINEWOOD sign in Mulholland, and
some pedestrians get out of a vehicle to fight with one.


  - behind the corner of the wooden fence E of the 24/7 that's on the block
where the "O" of "LITTLE MEXICO" is printed on the paper map.


  - in front of the E "LOADING BAY" garage door behind the corner of little
stores on the SW corner of the block that has "MARKET" printed on it on the pa-
per map, a GSF gang member occasionally has one, and some pedestrians get out of
a vehicle to fight with one.

  You can also have C.J. teleport there with the GTA SA Control Center (X.13.c):
  X 1124.0, Y -1331.0, Z 13.2, Angle 184.0

  Pool Cue

  - in front of the restaurant at the S end of the W side of the SE block of

  - and from a game of pool at some of the bars in San Andreas, such as the Ten
Green Bottles bar W of the Johnson house.


  - available behind Ryder's house--the one with holes in the yard to the W of
the Johnson house (I don't know how you get shovelfuls of dirt to come out so
neatly, and bigger than the holes they're from, like that; I think Ryder is
bringing home buckets of sand from the beach for the chipmunks to play with),

  - under the S porch of an old shack a bit W of middle of the brown square of
the Panopticon,

  - over three unmarked fresh graves by an old house at the light gray dot
(a bright white dot on the radar) just NE of the "O" in "RED COUNTY," and some
pedestrians get out of a vehicle to fight with one.


  9mm ("Pistol" in data\weapon.dat)

  Some gang members and policemen carry them..  As Rusk notes, it and Machine
Pistols can be used with the Jetpack.  C.J. has to remove the Jetpack to switch
from a 9mm to a Machine Pistol and vica versa.  You can find one:

  - in a back yard NE of the Johnson house,

  - at the S end of the empty lot on the N side of the narrow block S of the 1st

  - at the S side of a life guard hut W of Santa Maria pier,

  - at any Ammu-Nation after "Doberman," and some policemen, gangsters, drug
dealers, and hookers carry one; Ammu-Nation clerks dual wield them.

  Silenced 9mm ("Pistol Silenced" in data\weapon.dat)

  - on the S porch of the E block of the Conference Center in Conference,

  - and at any Ammu-nation after "Doberman."

  Desert Eagle

  Desert Eagle: a semi-automatic, gas-operated pistol made by IMI (Israeli Mili-
tary Industries) for Magnum Research, Inc.  Their guns include the Desert Eagle,
Baby Eagle, and others.  The Desert Eagle is also called a "Deagle" or "50."
"Deagle" is a term to hide/shorten the name of the gun, and "50" is a reference
to a 50 cal. Desert Eagle.  It's available as a .357, .50, or .44 caliber gun,
but converting it from one caliber to another is easy.

  The strongest handgun in the game.  You can find one:

  - by a billboard S of the SE bend in the main road through Playa Del Seville.

  If you want to have C.J. collect ammo by teleporting into the areas that nor-
mally give him a wanted rating, you could do it during one of the missions, like
"Drive-By," with a glitch that lets C.J. explore without a wanted rating.  An-
other option is to use the GTA SA Control Center (X.13.c), go to the "Player
Data" page, and click the "Auto-Clear Status after inserting cheats" and "Never
Wanted" buttons.  You could also finish the weapon gathering by teleporting
C.J. to the Johnson house, where he can change clothes to get rid of any wanted
  X 2495.142, Y -1687.714, Z 13.5155, Angle 183.28

  Ocean Docks (on beach at N end of N-S border at S end of SE strip of beach)
  X 2770.0, Y -2184.0, Z 11.1, Angle 50.0

  Angel Pines scrapyard (in the dimly-lit corner of a big shed)
  X -1868.0, Y -1622.9, Z 22.0, Angle 138.0

  Hashbury (below the "A" of "GARCIA")
  X -2214.0, Y 109.0, Z 35.0, Angle 271.0

  Bayside (inside corner of low light brown brick wall W of N end of wooden
fence on the E shore)
  X -2354.0, Y 2456.0, Z 6.0, Angle 271.0

  Lil' Probe Inn trailer park (under the middle solar panel of three)
  X 33.0, Y 1372.0, Z 9.0, Angle 271.0


  All three types use the same ammo, so the ammo for one is added when C.J. gets
another.  (Thanks to Rusk for the info.)

  If C.J. doesn't have any type of Shotgun and enters any Police car or a Rang-
er, he gets a Shotgun with five shells.  If he has any type of Shotgun, doing
that adds five shells to the ammo for it.


  Gangster at 20%.  You can find one:

  - on the top floor of the Los Santos and Dillimore Police Departments,

  - at an Ammu-Nation after "Doberman," it's occasionally used by the police
(who usually use 9mms) at four wanted stars or higher, and it's used by the Army
(with M4s) after C.J. buys Verdant Meadows (a Desert mission).

  Sawnoff Shotgun

  Can be dual wielded for one hit kills (use the Sniper Rifle for longer dis-
tance one hit kills).  Gangster at 20%.  You can find one:

  - in Ocean Docks in a train car in the blue building shown on the paper map as
a dark rectangle on the E side of the block that's at the NE corner of Los San-
tos International Airport (have C.J. run across a platform at the door to get
inside the box car; if you have him jump, he'll keep trying to grab the upper
ledge of the car and hang from it; there's Armor in the car with a wooden plank
used for a ramp to the door of it),

  - S of the A Stage building in the movie lot in Vinewood (on the block that
says "WOOD" on the paper map),

  - on the back porch of the 2nd house from the S end of the E block of the two
big rectangular blocks in Palomino Creek,

  - in East Los Santos on the roof of the Pig Pen, which is on the SE corner of
the nearly square block N of the martini glass symbol, shown on the paper map,
in N East Los Santos (look at the N side of the building for a section C.J. can
jump up to, then onto a higher roof),

  - and at Ammu-Nations after "Doberman."

  Combat Shotgun ("SPAS12" in data\weapon.dat)

  A S.P.A.S. 12 semi-automatic shotgun.  Gangster at 20%.  You can find one at
an Ammu-Nation after "Don Peyote" (a Las Venturas mission).

  C.J. can get one sooner in Las Venturas.  You can have him use it to upgrade
his skill for it to Hitman pretty quickly by changing the stat file for it (see

  You can use one of the glitches that lets C.J. explore San Andreas without a
wanted rating, such as the one near the start of "Drive-By" (IV.7).  You can
also click "Auto-Clear Status after inserting cheats" and "Never Wanted" buttons
on the GTA SA Control Center (X.13.c).  If you use it to teleport C.J. when it
give him a wanted rating,  you can then teleport him to a place where he can get
rid of his wanted rating.

  As Rusk notes, all three Shotguns use the same ammo, so you can stock up on
ammo with any of them and that ammo is added to the round that comes with which-
ever Shotgun you get next.

  For the Combat Shotgun, go to the SW corner of Las Venturas--to the block W of
where "LVA FREIGHT DEPOT" is printed on the paper map.  Go S into the N entrance
of the compound, past the garage with a lot of doors on your left, to the rect-
angular divider with plants and trees growing in it.  The Combat Shotgun is in
the shrub in the middle of it.

  You can also teleport C.J. to it:
  X 1409.989, Y 1096.943, Z 10.82031, Angle 70.913

  If he has a wanted rating, you can teleport him to the Johnson house to change
clothes to get rid of any wanted rating:
  X 2495.142, Y -1687.714, Z 13.5155, Angle 183.28

  Submachine guns:

  Submachine guns are needed to do drive-bys.

  The 1st two are in the Machine Pistol category.  Those two and the 9mm Pistol
can be used with the Jetpack.  C.J has to remove the Jetpack to switch from a
Machine Pistol to a 9mm and vica versa.

  All three use the same ammo, so the ammo for one is added when C.J. gets
another.  (Thanks to Rusk for the info.)


  The weakest SMG.  Gangster at 10%.  It can be dual wielded, used for drive-
bys, used with the Jetpack, is used by Big Smoke in "Wrong Side of the Tracks,"
and law enforcers, Ballas, and Vagos don't use it, making it a good choice for a
weapon to strengthen as described at "Weapons and Attackers" (X.11).  You can
find one:

  - at the Johnson house after spraying 100 Tags,

  - under the E end of the S highway ramp of the two that end in loops W of the
terminal building that looks like the LA Airport Theme Building (also seen in

  - at the N side of a little warehouse at the SE corner of the intersection of
N Blueberry,

  - behind the big white house with lots of brown trim on the hill surrounded
by a loop of road in Mulholland,

  - by a chain link fence in a lot S of "NAS" in "LAS COLINAS,"

  - and at an Ammu-Nation after "Doberman."

  Micro SMG ("Micro Uzi" in data\weapon.dat)

  Gangster at 10%.  It can be dual-wielded and used with the Jetpack.  You can
find one:

  - on a lower ledge in the big drainage ditch E of the Johnson house,

  - on the top floor of the spiral multi-floor parking garage that's on the S
side of the "L"-shaped block two blocks N of the E side of Los Santos Forum,

  - at an Ammu-Nation after "Doberman," and it's used by Ballas (with 9mms),
Varrio Los Aztecas (with 9mms), and S.W.A.T. agents.

  SMG ("MP5" in data\weapon.dat)

  An MP--the strongest SMG available.  Gangster at 30%.  You can find one:

  - at Unity Train Station, which is N of the two prongs of track that extend
from the main RR track before the RR tunnel in El Corona,

  - in the walled-in area at the W side of the building (with a fire-blackened
SE corner) on the NE side of the N block of downtown Montgomery,

  - on the roof of the Jefferson Motel, which is on the block W of the N end of
the thick area shown on the radar and in-game map for where the train track has
a street on either side of it in Jefferson (the motel stairs are on the S side),

  - on an upstairs outdoor patio at the E side of an off-white stucco house with
a red-orange roof--it's along the N-most road in Las Colinas and W of the gray
N-S line indicating a RR tunnel on the paper map,

  - at Ammu-Nations after "Doberman," it's used by GSF gang members (less often
than a 9mm but more often than a Knife) after C.J. can recruit three or four,
and it's used by FBI agents after "Farewell, My Love" (a Badlands mission).

  You can also use the GTA SA Control Center (X.13.c) to have C.J. teleport to
these coordinates:

  El Corona (SW corner of walled small lot at SE side of Unity station)
  X 1766.0, Y -1930.0, Z 14.0, Angle 90.0

  Jefferson (roof of Jefferson Motel)
  X 2199.0, Y -1170.0, Z 33.5, Angle 90.0

  Las Colinas (patio at top of stairs where gray line of underground RR goes N
from the road W of "LAS COLINAS")
  X 2268.0, Y -1028.0, Z 59.0, Angle 90.0

  Montgomery (S end of walled lot at W side of burned bldg. at N side of N E-W
street of downtown Montgomery)
  X 1297.0, Y 395.0, Z 19.5, Angle 160.0

  The SMG pickup on the roof of the Jefferson Motel has the most ammo of any SMG
pickup in the game (the Four Dragons Casino pickup for it is second).  Thanks to
the Stats FAQ by bamspeedy1298 at Gamefaqs.

  Assault Rifles:

  Both use the same ammo, so the ammo for one is added when C.J. gets another.
(Thanks to Rusk for the info.)


  Note: data\american.gxt refers to this as both "AK47" and "AK-47," so take
your pick.

  Gangster at 30%.  A good general purpose weapon.  You can find one:

  - at the Johnson house after spraying 100 Tags,

  - in the SW area of a big warehouse with a band of red around the top of the
outside walls in the W section of the block in Ocean Docks that's at the NE cor-
ner of Los Santos International Airport,

  - in the NW corner of the movie studio on the block with "WOOD" of "VINEWOOD";
enter on the E side of the block,

  - and behind Roboi's Food Mart--24/7--about a block W of the W tip of the Mul-
holland Intersection.


  Gangster at 20%.  A better general purpose weapon.  There's one:

  - between two of a trio of ramps at the SW end of the airport tarmac (have
C.J. jump on a vehicle then jump up and climb over the fence by the front gate
if he hasn't gotten his pilot's license to have it opened for him),

  - they're at Ammu-Nations after "Yay Ka-Boom-Boom" (a San Fierro mission), and
it's used by the Army (with Shotguns) after C.J. buys Verdant Meadows (a Desert

  If you're having C.J. teleport, you could do it during one of the missions,
like "Drive-By," with a glitch that lets C.J. explore without a wanted rating.
Another option is to use the GTA SA Control Center (X.13.c), go to the "Player
Data" page, and click the "Auto-Clear Status after inserting cheats" and "Never
Wanted" buttons.  You could also teleport him to the Johnson house, where he can
change clothes to get rid of any wanted rating:
  X 2495.142, Y -1687.714, Z 13.5155, Angle 183.28

  Los Santos Airport (between two concrete ramps at the W end of the tarmac)
  X 1382.0, Y -2547.75, Z 14.0, Angle 83.0.

  Palisades (W of 3rd white line from the S in N-S series of lines in NW SF)
  -2905, Y 784.0, Z 35.0, Angle 261.0

  Area 69 (under the steps of the SW guard tower)
  X 109.9, Y 1808.0, Z 17.65.0, Angle 261.0

  Pilgrim (E of bldg. at "M" of "PILGRIM')
  2577.0, Y 1562.0, Z 16.0, Angle 96.0


  Hold the RMB to bring up the scope, zoom with X and Z or the mouse wheel, and
fire with the LMB.

  Rifle ("Country Rifle" in data\weapon.dat)

  Good for long distance two hit kills.  There's one:

  - by the pool in the back yard of a house in the NE area of the block that's
N of the block that says, "MULH" of "MULHOLLAND" on the paper map.

  Sniper Rifle

  Good for longer distance one hit kills.

  You can find a Sniper Rifle:

  - in Vinewood at the top of the ramps on the outside of Stage 25 at Interglob-
al Television (on the block N of the "M" in "Marina" on the paper map),

  - in Mulholland on a high balcony of the S branch of a big light beige house
with a dirty pink surrounding wall at the SW end of the block that's N of the
Pay 'n' Spray

  To get it, have full Health for C.J.; have him go NW from the house with the
Sniper Rifle to the house on stilts on a cliff; have him climb onto a four wheel
vehicle at the N side of that house, then climb onto the roof of the house.

  Have him make a fast run and jump from the SE corner of that roof to the NW
corner of the 2nd balcony below the roof of the house with the Sniper Rifle;
jump down to the balcony lower than that on the S side of the house, get the
Sniper Rifle, jump to the next lower balcony, then jump to the ground.

  He should still have most of his Health, but I'd get him something to eat.

  Zmoonchild shows how to make a NW to SE motorcycle jump to a balcony above the
balcony with a sniper rifle at 5:35 of "How to get all the Sniper Rifles at the
very beginning of the game."

  - and the roof of the Jefferson hospital (on a 25' by 25' or so area of the
tallest section of the beige hospital, just SW of the hospital tower of satel-
lite dishes, which is a couple bocks S of the E end of the pond in Glen Park;
you need to have C.J. bail, preferably with a parachute, or Jetpack to get

  You can also use the GTA SA Control Center (X.13.c) to have C.J. teleport to
these coordinates:

  Jefferson (on top of tallest part of County General Hospital)
  X 2044.0, Y -1402.5, Z 68.4, Angle 215.0

  Vinewood (on outside walkway of Studio 25 at Interglobal Television)
  X 736.0, -1356.0, Z 23.0, Angle 100.0)

  Mulholland (S balcony of beige house W of 24/7 W of "MULHOLLAND")
  X 936.0, Y -930.0, Z 58.0, Angle 3.0)

  Heavy weapons:

  Rocket Launcher

  While restrained to Los Santos, you can get one at the start of the game.
Have C.J. get a Parachute (see below).  Then have C.J. jump on a vehicle and
climb over the fence by the front gates of the airport, and fly the Dodo to the
roof of the building that's on the E side of the 2nd block W of the S tip of
Mulholland Intersection.  Release acceleration during your approach and use re-
verse as you land (crash it into the antenna there if you need to).  Then C.J.
can fly or Parachute from the roof.

  (If you don't have C.J. get the Parachute and wreck the plane, or have C.J.
use the Parachute to fly to the Rocket Launcher, he'll have to jump to the
ground afterward, and, if he had full Health, will have his Health reduced to a
tiny amount.)

  It's good for taking down helicopters.  Hold the RMB to bring up the scope and
fire with the LMB.

  If you use the GTA SA Control Center (X.13.c) to have C.J. teleport to gather
his weapons, you might as well have him go for the Heat-Seeking Rocket Launcher:

  Easter Bay Airport
  X -1129.0, Y -150.0, Z 14.0, Angle 230.0.

  Afterward, you could teleport C.J. to the Johnson house if he needs to go in-
side and change clothes to get rid of any wanted rating:
  X 2495.142, Y -1687.714, Z 13.5155, Angle 183.28


  As Demarest (X.13.m) (X.13.n) said, it's the "Vice City" version of the "GTA
III" M-16.  (It still is in "San Andreas.")

  It's good for quickly taking out anything except Rhinos, and you don't have to
upgrade the skill for it.  C.J. can get a wanted rating easier with it than with
most weapons if he's shooting rival gang members, but it makes it easy to do
certain missions that clear the wanted level when you complete them.  You can
generally use this slot for a Rocket Launcher otherwise, since a Rocket Launcher
is more commonly available early on.

  To make up for that, you can modify a file to make a Tec9 as powerful as a
Minigun (see X.11).

  Besides the Minigun not being as accessible as in "Vice City," my main com-
plaint about it is that the sound effect for it has been changed to a whir.  It
may be more realistic, I don't know, but now it sounds like a blender.  Thanks
to Andrew Snowie for the tip that Miniguns sound muffled as in "San Andreas"
when they're used from within an aircraft they're installed on.  But C.J.'s
Minigun sounds muffled that way though he's using it on foot.

  How to send C.J. to all three available Minigun locations while meant to be
restricted to Los Santos and Red County

  You can use one of the glitches that lets C.J. explore San Andreas without a
wanted rating, such as the one near the start of "Drive-By" (IV.7).  You could
also use the GTA SA Control Center (X.13.c) and click the "Auto-Clear Status af-
ter inserting cheats" and "Never Wanted" buttons.  The "Auto-Clear...." button
also helps if you use the "ROCKETMAN" code to use Ghost World/Blue Hell to get
him into and out of Area 69.

  If you teleport C.J. to get weapons when it gives him a wanted rating, you
could then teleport him to the Johnson house, where he can change clothes to get
rid of any wanted rating:
  X 2495.142, Y -1687.714, Z 13.5155, Angle 183.28

  If you have C.J. use the Jetpack and Ghost World/Blue Hell to get into and out
of Area 69 when it gives him a wanted rating, you could have him go beneath the
front of the Johnson house (or any other place where he can change clothes or
get a haircut), descend into Ghost World till he appears above ground, then go
inside to get rid of his wanted rating.

  Roca Escalante parking garage Minigun

  To have C.J. get the Minigun in NE Las Venturas, you can have him enter the
alley on the E side of "CA" and "LANTE" of "ROCA ESCALANTE," turn right into the
garage, go to the N side, down the ramp, and go N to the Minigun by the elevator
doors.  You can also have him teleport there:
  X 2493.516, Y 2398.752, Z 4.210938, Angle 100.0

  Rockshore East scaffolding Minigun

  Another Los Venturas Minigun is on the next-to-the-top level of the scaffold-
ing at the "OC" of "ROCKSHORE EAST."  Thanks to pez2k_ for the tip that C.J. can
climb it to the Minigun--have him do a jump across a bit of an inner 90 degree
corner to grab the next level up and repeat as needed.  You can also have C.J.
reach it with the Jetpack, a Parachute, landing the San Fierro Airport Maverick
across the rails by it and dropping down near it (C.J. can jump higher than
you'd think to get back up into the Maverick), or by teleporting there:
  X 2682.145, Y 835.74, Z 21.766, Angle 85.88

  How to get the Area 69 Minigun while meant to be restricted to Los Santos and
Red County

  Other than in the ways to avoid it described above, C.J. gets a four star
wanted level for entering the part of Area 69 shown on this map:

  If C.J. does that once the Badlands and San Fierro are freely available, he
gets five stars that go down to four once C.J. leaves that part of Area 69.

  As explained at "Ghost 69" in the section on Ghost World (I.10), you could
have C.J. use The Duff Man's gimmick of using a Jetpack to up through the porch
ceiling of Alexander's Toys and Vulgari, next door to the S of the Los Santos
Pro-Laps, then use Mxyzptlk's gimmick to get into the interior of Area 69
through the non-solid ceiling over the W shallow trench to get the Area 69 Mini-
gun.  (GTW note: you could also have C.J. drift down from Area 69 till he ap-
pears inside it.)

  TD092854 has a video that shows Mxyzptlk's way to enter Area 69 through the
non-solid ceiling: (link inactive)

  The non-solid spot is demonstrated at :48 in the next video:
  "2 Ways Of Getting Out From Area 69 Gta San Andreas" by Itachi Uchiha

  I made a map of the interior of Area 69 that shows the W shallow trench and
Minigun locations:

  Then have C.J. leave through the same ceiling.

  Have C.J. go beneath the front of one of his save places with a clothes clos-
et, or beneath the front of a barber shop, and descend into Ghost World until he
appears above the ground.  He can go inside to change clothes or get a haircut
to get rid of his four star wanted rating.

  As also explained at "Ghost 69" in the section on Ghost World (I.10), you
could use hdsgf and zmoonchild's method: have C.J. park the Freeway along the N
side of the ventilator shaft and Exit to appear underground at the Minigun pick-
up.  To have C.J. leave, have him go up to the north edge of the same shaft and
press Enter.  The video by zmoonchild is at the next link.

  You could also teleport C.J. to the Area 69 Minigun:
  X 241.3609, Y 1859.69, Z 14.08401, Angle 274.0

  If he has a wanted rating, you could teleport him to the Johnson house to
change his clothes.
  X 2495.142, Y -1687.714, Z 13.5155, Angle 183.28

  "Mini mini mini mini, mini
  Some people got to have it
  Some people really need it
  Listen to me y'all, do things, do things, do bad things with it
  You wanna do things, do things, do things, good things with it...."
  (variation on lyrics of "Apprentice Theme Song -- For the Love of Money" by
The O'Jays)



  - behind a pizza stand on the Santa Maria pier,

  - in East Beach in the NE corner of the 3rd floor of the parking garage on the
S side of the big "L"-shaped block two blocks N of Los Santos Forum,

  - in Las Colinas behind the brown wooden fence and shed at the E side of a
house over the head of the cartoon duck swimming E-shaped block N of the thick
N-S line, indicating a section of the RR track with a street on either side of
it, on the paper map,

  - and at Ammu-Nations after "Doberman."

  Tear Gas

  Good for detaining police officers when C.J. gets a one or two star wanted
level while fighting rival gangsters.  It's good for getting out of various such
tight spots. Jheath recommends that you temper that understanding with the fact
that it can raise C.J.'s wanted level like a Molotov, so you might reserve Tear
Gas for a more difficult situation created by a four star or higher wanted lev-

  - in Ocean Docks in a train car in the blue building shown on the paper map as
a dark rectangle on the E side of the block that's at the NE corner of Los San-
tos International Airport (the same big blue warehouse that has a Sawnoff Shot-
gun in a railroad car),

  - and at the top of the steps of the Opera house (a big granite block building
with red-orange and yellow-orange vertical banners hanging in front of it) S of
the W branches of the Mulholland Intersection.

  Molotov Cocktails

  Good for taking out the attackers that emerge when you hit a vehicle--like a
Rhino, FBI Rancher, or rival gang car--with one.  The spread that helped them
attack around corners in "Vice City" is even greater now.  They can also get
through some walls and floors, as in "End of the Line."  You get a Stat for
fires started.  You can find Molotovs:

  - in the Johnson house after spraying 100 Tags,

  - in an alley on the N side of Rodriguez Iron Works, which is at the SE corner
of the block N of the T intersection N of the East Los Santos Cluckin' Bell N of
the Johnson house,

  - on the Library roof at the S end of the SW block of Palomino Creek,

  - and in Mulholland N of the main E-W road next to Hobo's old fashioned light
brown wood and gray diner with a RR crossing-type sign out front.

  Remote Explosives ("Satchel Charge" and "Detonator" in data\weapon.dat)

  Have C.J. throw one or a number of them, which stick to the surface they hit
(a vehicle, a Balla's butt, etc.), then switch to the detonator to explode them.
A batch of them are good for taking out Rhinos when no attackers are on foot
nearby.  C.J. can get a wanted rating just for throwing one.

  Anurag Sinha wrote to me that C.J. can only throw 32 Satchel Charges at a
time.  After that, he just goes through the throwing animation empty-handed and
the count for them doesn't go down.  Although he says it's been disputed by
some, it holds as true on my original PC version.  He also told me Satchel
Charges pass through mirrors.  Thank you, Anurag, for helping me again.

  You can find one:

  - in an alley on the N side of the Inside Track which is on the E side of the
biggest block in Montgomery.

  Handheld Items:

  Spray Can

  Used to spray the 100 Tags in Los Santos.  He can also immobilize or even kill
people with the spray.

  - on a Pawn Shop roof: have C.J. go to the back of the Johnson house, jump on
the E end of the wall (so he won't keep trying to get to the other side of it),
jump on the roof, then run onto the Pawn Shop roof for a Spray Can,

  - and in Las Colinas behind a little one story light gray house with a stone
enclosed porch about where the "C" in "COLINAS" is on your paper map that comes
with the game.


  See  Taking Photographs.

  - in C.J.'s bedroom at the Johnson house.

  Fire Extinguisher

  It can put out fires, and immobilize or even kill people by not letting them

  - in most fast food places, which open up after "Ryder."

  Gifts for girlfriends:

  Gifts can also be used as melee weapons, so C.J. can knock someone to the
ground with some posies, which is different.


  We're not sure which one uses this--probably C.J. on Millie (the one that
likes the Gimp outfit).  But I haven't heard of anyone being able to give it to
a girlfriend in the game, so it's figured to be a melee weapon in the wrong
weapon slot.  There's a cane:

  - at the W side of a lot in the middle of the houses on the block E of the
block with the bottom of "PLE" of "TEMPLE,"

  - in front of Didier Sachs clothes store catacorner SE from the "O" of "RO-

  - and behind the "N" of the VINEWOOD sign.


  The gift that's also the unlikeliest melee weapon C.J. has.  Thanks to reader
Hameyadea (which means "the information bringer") for correcting me: flowers do
reappear at a site after they're taken from it and the game is saved.  Maybe
it's just a glitch that sometimes causes them not to--I don't know.  There are

  at the S side of the flower bed that's at the E side of the pond in Glen Park,
  at the E end of Verona Beach,
  in the garden S of the front door of Verdant Bluffs Observatory,
  in the cemetery in the block N of the block that has "WOOD" of "VINEWOOD"
printed on it on your paper map,
  in Mulholland at the NE side of the loop of road,
  in El Corona in the front yard of the 2nd house from the W on the S side of
the block N of the RR track E of where two short tracks veer from it,
  in Idlewood by the Sprunk machine at the gas station on the NE corner of the
same block,
  and in Las Colinas in front of the off-white stucco house on the N side of the
N-most E-W road W of where a gray line extends N from it to indicate a RR tun-
nel--it's the 2nd house W of the gray line.

  Double-Ended D**do

  C.J. can give it to a girlfriend as a gift or beat somebody over the head with
it.  (It must not be made of those new flexible polymers).  You can find one:

  - in the shower of the Los Santos and Dillimore police stations.  Go in the
front door, don't have C.J. draw a weapon, and he should be okay getting this.

  Apparel Items:


  - on top of the oval building S of "LOS" of "DOWNTOWN LOS SANTOS."  Enter the
building on the NE side.


  This is available at the bottom of the launch bay during and after "Black
Project" and by the Verdant Meadows abandoned AC tower after "Green Goo,"
a couple of Desert missions.  For the way to enter the interior of Area 69
through Ghost World, see I.10.

  It's useful for getting around the regular scenery and Ghost Hell, Ghost
World, Ghost Heaven, and get to Liberty City (I.10), too.  The code for it is
"ROCKETMAN"--I wouldn't save the game after using it, but it could help you
scope out the confusing bunch of locations for weapons, items, etc., of the
game.  Better, you can also use the GTA SA Control enter (X.13.c) to get rid of
your cheat count status automatically or after using the code and save the game
without worries.

  C.J. can use 9mms and either of the two Machine Pistols while flying with it.
He has to remove it to change from one of those weapons to another of them.

  8 Ball's Bomb Shop

  On the S side of the 24/7 that's on the W side the block of "O" of "LITTLE
MEXICO," Los Santos, is 8 Ball's Bomb Shop.  It operates like the ones in Staun-
ton in "GTA III."  You can have C.J. drive a four-wheel (even an emergency) ve-
hicle into it for the vehicle to have a bomb with a timer installed in it.
Press F or Enter while C.J. is in the vehicle to activate the eight second or so
timer, and have C.J. leg it.


  III.4   Armor and Bribes

  Health pckups only appear during certain missions and territory battles except
for the one in Madd Dogg's kitchen after "A Home in the Hills."

  Land vehicles are a kind of armor, too, in that they take the punishment for
a crash, even a jump from the top of Mount Chiliad, without C.J.'s Armor or
Health going down at all--if you land right.

  The real body armor looks like this:

  Some maps for Body Armor and Police Bribes are at:


  Ammu-Nations after "Doberman."

  Ganton: in the big flood control ditch E of C.J's house, on the W side of the
ditch under a bridge a bit N of the Johnson house.

  NE Red County: N, across San Andreas Sound, from the W loop of the two of the
intersection E of Montgomery Intersection.  On the radar and in-game map,
there's a pier on the N bank with two gray segments that extend S.  The Armor is
between the stairs on the W segment.  C.J. won't get a wanted rating for climb-
ing onto the piers.

  Red County: in the N area of the brown area, on the paper map, at the NE side
of Hampton Barns, under the porch of the little blue one story house.

  Montgomery: at the NE corner of the fenced-in dirt lot of trailers E of the S
block of Montgomery.

  Red County: on top of the ramp by the doors at the N side of the big Fleisch-
Berg building, which is on the S side of the road that goes W from lower down-
town Blueberry.

  Palomino Creek: between the light pink one story house and the blue two door
garage of the 2nd house from the W of the houses N of the NE block of Palomino

  East Beach: from the point the "S" of "LOS FLORES" is printed on the paper
map, go N past the 1st right and, just before the bridge, turn right into an al-
ley, make the 90 degree turn of it, and the Armor is in front of you.

  Las Colinas: on the block S of "NAS" of "LAS COLINAS" on the paper map, at the
W end of the part shown as gray on the radar and in-game map.

  Mulholland: on the same high balcony as the Sniper Rifle you probably need to
fly to.

  Pershing Square: a Los Santos police cell.

  Verdant Bluffs: among picnic tables on the patio at the N side of the block
that's S of the one that says "HALL" of "CITY HALL" on the paper map.

  Conference Center: on the porch of the W side of the W block of the Conference
Center building.

  Commerce: on the N end of the block that's N of the "L" in "LITTLE MEXICO" is
the Atrium.  Have C.J. enter on the N or W side; the screen says "Attrium" if
he enters on the W side.  The Armor is inside on the S side.  (In the middle of
the 1st floor is a statue of part of a guy miming masturbation; around the out-
side of the room are statues of guys covering their eyes.)

  Los Santos International:  on the right end of the little horizontal rectangle
of roads is a square of roads: the Armor is by the N side of the lower of the
two N roads (one is over the other).

  Willow Field: behind the gray steps of the 2nd building N of the SE corner of
the block that says "WIL" of "WILLOW" on the paper map.

  Willow Field: on the block E of where it says "EL CORONA" on the paper map.
Going E on the S side of the RR tracks that veer S, it's on the E side of the
2nd big dirty orange container of scrap, and W of the big pile of black scrap.

  Ocean Docks: in the office on the 2nd floor in the W end of the warehouse
with a red band around the top of the out side walls in the W section of the
block in Ocean Docks that's at the NE corner of Los Santos International Air-

  Ocean Docks: in the train car with a plank as a ramp for the door (by the
train car with a Sawnoff Shotgun) in the blue building in the SE section of the
block in Ocean Docks that's at the NE corner of Los Santos International Air-


  (**** could be a useful airborne bribe for a helicopter)

  Ganton: from the Johnson house, go W, turn S, then go W into the alley and
past the foliage in it.

  East Los Santos: at the W edge of the big flood control ditch E of the Johnson
house, N of the bridge overpass to the N, and between a building and the edge of
a fence.

  Ocean Docks: over the N arch of the little bridge that's W of the S end of the
E block of the island.****

  Ocean Docks: next to crates SW across a lot from the end of the dead end road
of the island.

  Glen Park: N of the pond, in the tunnel that goes through the stone bridge
that goes over the pond.

  Market: in a clearing between the beige, green/blue, and purple apartments at
the SE corner of the block N of the block that says "ARKET" of "MARKET" on the
paper map.

  Las Colinas: over a downhill slope in the road E of "LAS COLINAS" on the paper

  Las Colinas: on the block that looks like a cartoon duck swimming E, the bribe
is in a narrow alley, over the RR tunnel, between two houses.

  Mulholland: at the SE corner of the block E of the little loop of road, by the
N side of a garage of a house.

  Rodeo: between two low rectangular planters of Yucca plants about 2/3rds N up
the W side of the street of the W street of the block that says "MARI" of "MARI-

  Verona Beach: in the NW corner of the gray alley shown on the radar and in-
game map, on the block N of the block that says "RENCE" of "CONFERENCE" on the
paper map.

  Montgomery Intersection: on a dirt road under the E end of the S loop.

  Blueberry: in an alley between a fence and a building; it's in the middle of
the rectangular block E of the upside-down "L"-shaped block.

  Blueberry Acres: on a dirt road in SW Blueberry Acres, which is the block W of
downtown Blueberry.

  Red County: on some rocks by the N bank of an E-W river, at a crook in the
river just SW of the "C" in "COUNTY" on the paper map.****

  III.4.a  When Armor, Health, Bribe, and weapon pickups, and fast food vending
             booth markers, reappear

  An Armor pickup will reappear in six hours of game time (a little over six
minutes).  It will also reappear if you save the game.

  The Health pickup in Madd Dogg's Crib after "A Home in the Hills" (IX.1)
doesn't reappear after it's been used, so I don't save the game after using it
(or after using Thermal Goggles, which also don't reappear after they're used).

  A Bribe will reappear in five hours of game time or if you save the game.

  A weapon pickup will reappear in six hours of game time or if you save the

  A pickup won't reappear if C.J. is too close to the spot--within about 20 (?)
feet from it--at the time it would otherwise reappear.

  A fast food vending booth marker will reappear in 30 game minutes (a little
over 30 seconds in real time).  If you don't see the red marker, have the "cam-
era" turn away and aim at a spot in front of the vendor's booth again.


  III.5   Maximum Stats of all kinds in one sitting

  Maybe you really liked "No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way,"
2002, but waiting for Cate Archer to develop Weapon Proficiency and Stamina
wasn't your favorite thing about it.

  This is the fastest way to get the maximum for all vehicle, weapon, and what-
ever you call the rest of them--Stamina, etc.--Stats (TGIPC) for either the
original or second edition of the game.

  Uncheck the green "read only" dot for the "Grand Theft Auto San Andreas" fold-
er (X.5) and make a backup copy (X.6) of the file data\ar_stats.dat.

  Go to data\ar_stats.dat with Notepad.

  An example from lines 0 to 11 and 33 to 45: lines 5 and 38--flying skill.

  At line 5, the STAT_INC_FLYING_SKILL is 50.

  At line 38, the STAT_TIMELIMIT_FLYING_SKILL is 300.

  That means you increase the skill for using the vehicle by 50 points when you
fly it for 300 seconds.  Old School Hustla says he changed them to 500 incre-
ments of skill for every two seconds of flying and maxed out his flight skill in
one very short flight.  So you make the number for the line from 0 to 11 bigger
and the one from lines 33 to 45 smaller.

  I didn't increase the amount added to driving skill, 20 points, just lowered
the time taken to get a skill increase message to 1 second, and maximized driv-
ing skill in a drive around Los Santos with a new message appearing about as
fast as it took for the last one to fade from view.

  An example regarding weapon skill:

  At line 12, the STAT_INC_PISTOL_SKILL is 0.8.

  At line 46, the STAT_TIMELIMIT_PISTOL_SKILL is 50.

  That means you get a 0.8 increase in skill for using the weapon for every 50
accurate shots made with it.  As in the 1st example, make the 1st number bigger
and the 2nd one smaller.  I changed it to 500 points added per 1 accurate shot
and made Hitman for Pistol in a few shots.

  For a weapon you can upgrade the Skill for, you could also pick small numbers,
like 0, 1, and 2, for column Q for the weapon in data\weapon.dat.  Those numbers
represent the Stat number required for each Skill level: poor, standard (Gang-
ster), and pro (Hitman) (see X.11).

  The last time I did this, I changed lines 0 to 22 to have numbers in the hun-
dreds, and changed lines 33 to 41 and 46 to 56 to have numbers from 1 to 3.

  Do the same and save yourself one he** of a whole bunch of time.  Thanks to a
post by Old School Hustla at GTA Forums for this considerably time-saving tip.

  A Stat is maximized at 1,000 points; it continues to grow afterward, but your
Skill doesn't increase.  So if you're really in a hurry, you might try changing
the figures to create 1,000 points in one second (thanks to Ben "Cerbera"

  The one exception to getting them all done while restricted to Los Santos
would be the Combat (S.P.A.S. 12) Shotgun skill, unless you want to either have
C.J. brave the high wanted level he'll get for entering the off-limits areas, or
load up on Shotgun shells and use a glitch that lets C.J. go into the off-limits
areas without a wanted level--the earliest is "Drive-By" (IV.7), and go to SW
Las Venturas for the Combat Shotgun, then maximize the skill for it, too.  If
you do, see III.3 for the location of the Combat Shotgun.

  All shotguns, submachine guns, and assault rifles use the same ammo as any
other in the same category, so the new round for one is added to any previous
such ammo--thanks to Rusk for the tip.

  The Sniper Rifle and Boat skills given in data\ar_stats.dat have been dis-

  The fastest way to raise weapon Stats on PS2

  The PS2 gimmick of having C.J. shoot a tire to raise his weapon skill Stat
doesn't work for PC.  For PC, I'd change the data file as explained above, but
I'm grateful that the 2nd fastest way to do it on PC, and the fastest for PS2,
was sent to me by reader Anurag Sinha.

  Anurag tells me that if C.J. gets off his bike before the chase of "OG Loc,"
IV.15, is allowed to end, Freddie gets off his bike and taunts C.J..  Freddie
can't be killed yet but the shots count extra, like headshots, for raising
C.J.'s weapon Stat.  He tells me it increases the Stat faster than shooting a
tire over and over does on PS2.


  III.6  Cycling Stat (bicycle)

  The skill for this Stat grows quickly.  Have C.J. ride a bike, pumping W to
make him go fast, using the Bunny Hop, NP0, now and then, to build up his Bike
Stat, Muscle, and Stamina.  When it gets strong, C.J. can reverse faster, be
less likely to fall off the bike, and use the Bunny Hop like the Jump Boost for
Cabbies and Taxis in "Vice City" to jump over vehicles and fences and play with
stunt jumps.

  The fastest way to increase the Stat is at "Maximum Stats of all kinds in one
sitting (III.5).


  The gimmick of having C.J. use a Freight train to raise his Cycling Stat works
for PC.  To do it, have C.J. Bunny Hop a bicycle onto one of those low flat cars
pulled by a Freight train, and have it face in the direction the train goes in.
When the train starts moving, press W just enough to get the wheels going, and
the bicycle will stay in place on the car while the wheels turn at the speed of
the train.

  The bike can slide back if the train goes uphill, such as in some places in
Red County; if it does, press W as you need to so the bicycle stays in about the
same place on the car till the train gets up the hill.  It's easy to handle, but
you might have him do this on the front car as a safeguard for that.

  When I tried this, I also had C.J. and his bicycle disappear for a bit after
going through a dark tunnel and reappear when I turned the "camera" for a side
view, which I've read has happened when others tried it.

  A downside to this is that C.J. will get a high wanted rating if he tries this
in the blocked-off areas early in the game.  Still, it's one of those interest-
ing side things I like about GTA's.  Sure, "Half Life 2" has some good graphics,
but can Gordon Freeman ride a bike on a freight car without pedaling?  Can he
fly through the ceiling of a gym and go to a lovely restaurant?  No.


  There's always a BMX bike (that doesn't trigger a mission) at the S end of the
long pier at Verona Beach, and another at the NE section of the block that's the
2nd block S of the W block of the two that the Glen Park pond is on.  A conveni-
ent place to let C.J. practice his biking and swimming is the big concrete
drainage ditch east of his house--the S end slopes into the water.  After C.J.
can ride a bike fast and jump high with it, have him do:

  III.7  The Commerce 24/7 Courier Asset Mission,
               aka the Roboi's Food Mart Asset Mission

  This is a bit like the "Vice City" pizza delivery mission.  It's a set of four
consecutive drive-by delivery missions using a BMX bike.

  Three loops, six packages,      three minutes
  Four loops,   six packages,      five minutes
  Five loops,   seven packages, five minutes
  Six loops,     eight packages,   eight minutes

  Have C.J. pause beside each several foot-wide glowing red loop, press Q or E
then W or S to make sure it's beside C.J., then have him throw the package
(which looks like a "GTA III" hidden package) into the loop, which then disap-
pears, by pressing the LMB.  There are more packages than loops, but each wasted
package takes $100 off C.J.'s pay, so if he misses you can have him drive into
the package to get it back and try again.

  In "San Andreas," the vehicles you can use Mouse Steering for include bicy-
cles.  It can make drive-bies difficult, though, so I'd just use the Mouse to
throw the package with the LMB.  I reach from A and D to Left and Right to steer
when I need the bike to jump or level out afterward, which I need to use Up and
Down for.  And press W quickly and repeatedly to have C.J. stand and pump the
pedals to go very fast.  Check the in-game map a lot for the locations of deliv-

  The Stats record how many deliveries were made whether or not they were made
while doing the four sets of deliveries in a row, but you have to do all four
in a row for 100% completion of the game.  If you have to try it several times,
at least, if you keep him fed, you can soon level up Carl's biking ability and
let him progress to the buff stage.

  C.J. gets $10,000 and the pickup in front of the store generates $2,000 a day,
the maximum value it can have at any one time.

  III.8  BMX Challenge

  You need 20% of the Bike Stat to do this, but use a bike till C.J. has a 100%
Cycling Stat 1st to make this easier.  The BMX bike used for it is by one of the
half-pipes at the skate board park in Glen Park.  It's on the NE side of the
block which is the 2nd block S of the W block of the two that show the pond on
the radar and in-game map.

  There are 19 glowing red loops, and C.J. gets ten seconds added to his allow-
able time for each loop he touches and causes to disappear.

  Several of the glowing red loops you have C.J. cycle through were a little
tricky for me to get: a couple, each positioned high over the middle of the
sloped concrete chasm, and one positioned on a platform at the side of a half

  To get one of the two that are over the chasm, you have to get a good run at
the chasm and have C.J. Bunny Hop (NP0) at the brink of it to fly through the

  For the other loop over the chasm, concrete walls on either side of it prevent
handling it the same way.  I had C.J. park the bike on the shadow under the
loop, do a Bunny Hop, then fire a submachine gun, which sometimes makes him jump
extra high.  (Thanks to the walk-through by Tirdun at Gamefaqs for that tip--I
might never have guessed it!)

  For another way to get the same loop, thanks to the stuckgamer web site, where
I saw how to have C.J. pedal up onto the slope of the ditch and Bunny Hop back
at the loop. (link inactive)

  Dr. Tornado gets my thanks for help by recommending that you put a car under
that loop beforehand.  You can have C.J. do a little Bunny Hop onto the car,
then do a full size one up to the loop.

  And while C.J. can use one of the half pipes the regular way to get the two
disks at either top side of the pipe (I used Left and Right for sharper turns at
the apex of C.J.'s efforts to let him make sharp turns back downward), that
won't work for the loop on the ledge beside the top of one side of the other
half pipe.  I had C.J. get that one by getting a fast run (tapping W quickly and
repeatedly) at the on-ramp and doing a Bunny Hop at the on-ramp toward the loop
on the ledge.

  Another way to get that one is to park a Packer nearby beforehand so the ramp
leads up to it.  (Thanks to a post by Reborn Darxtorm at Gamefaqs.)  You might
find a Packer N of the SW curve of the base of the "Y" of the "Y"-shaped block E

  The tips by zmoonchild are helpful regarding the difficulty in having C.J. get
the red marker that's over the east landing of the western curved ramp:

  I have gotten that marker, if not reliably, by having C.J. drive west up the
west slope then east down that slope and up the east slope to the marker, as
zmoonchild demonstrates in his video at the next link.
  "GTA San Andreas - How to do the BMX Challenge" by zmoonchild

  You might use the gimmick he recommends in his video at the next link.  Before
the mission have C.J. drive an Ambulance east to west and park it at the middle
of the east side of the ramp.  During the mission have him bunny hop (NP0) onto
the roof of thw Ambulance then toward the red marker that's over the east land-
ing of the west ramp.
  "GTA San Andreas - How to do the BMX Challenge - Method #2 - The Ambulance" by

  A glitch lets you have C.J. go to the shadow of the second corona then bunny
hop just as the time runs out to make the timer disappear (see the video at
  "GTA San Andreas BMX Challenge Disappearing Clock Trick/Glitch - Video #1"; by


  III.9  The Taxi Driver mission (a Sub-mission)

  Do the Taxi mission by delivering 50 fares.  You might not wait till his Driv-
ing Stat is high because the 50 don't have to be done in a row.  You'll make
money, increase your driving Stat a bit so improve the handling ability of four-
wheel vehicles (which is awful initially), and get to know the area better.  The
Taxi is the best vehicle to do this with.

  When C.J. is in a Taxi or Cab and you press NP+ or 2 to start a Taxi mission,
it makes the little Taxi light on top light up.  Have C.J. drive to someone
that's hailing a taxi and let them in.  The game tells you their destination,
shows it on the radar and in-game map, and a timer counts down the time left to
deliver them.

  C.J. gets a lot of money, a minor version of the "Vice City" Boost Jump acti-
vated by the Horn key (I remap it from Caps Lock to Left Shift), and the NOS
Boost, NP0, for Taxis and Cabbies as his rewards.  When the NOS Boost runs out,
you can have C.J. exit and enter the vehicle to replenish it.

  Rusk told me some told him about a glitch for this in the original version on
Xbox that some said they had in the original PC version, too: if C.J. got his
Pilot's License, 20%, for his flying skill Stat before completing the Taxi mis-
sion or "Mike Toreno," fares might not appear for the Taxi and C.J. might not
find the location of Toreno in "Mike Toreno."

  See I.12 for Pdescobar's cure for the Taxi mission glitch.  Pdescobar found
that the glitch is brought on by corruption of zone information.  One way to
cause that is to send C.J. to the edge of the map, so try to avoid that.

  If you go along with the order I offer in this walk-through, you'll avoid the
Taxi glitch by having C.J. get the Taxi mission done before going to the edge of
the map for "Freefall" or "St. Mark's Bistro."

  III.10  "Burglary" (a Sub-mission)

  "I never stole anything in my life.  I've purloined a few things."--Jackie
Gleason (possibly paraphrased a bit), after being asked if he'd ever stolen
anything when he was poor, on "The Tomorrow Show" with Tom Snyder sometime in
the 1st few years of the 1980's.

  Burglary isn't needed for 100% completion of the game, but I'd consider it
more important than some such options since it offers the infinite sprint as a

  This can be activated with 2 or NP+ from eight p.m. to six a.m. when C.J. is
in a black Boxville truck.  C.J. has to steal the TV, VCR, game controller,
cash, etc., from houses and/or apartments, put the loot in the truck, and get
the truck to the lockup garage.

  There's a so-called "black" Boxville, with a corresponding lockup garage, in
each of the three main territories of the game.  (Actually, the upper part is
dark gray, and the shading of the bottom part is a bit different and moves up
and down as C.J. drives.)

  To find the Los Santos truck, go W from C.J's late Mom's house, go left at the
1st intersection (the one by the bar--don't be fooled by the bridge overpass on
the map) to a T intersection, then go right to find the truck by the last blue
two-story apartment building on the left side of the road.  The lockup garage
for it is W of the "S" of "PLAYA DEL SEVILLE."

  The San Fierro black Boxville is in a lot S of the "H" of "DOHERTY," and the
lockup garage for it is on the E side of the same block.

  I found some SF places C.J. could burglarize on the E side of the block E of
the block with "OC" of "OCEAN FLATS."

  The Las Venturas black Boxville is in a lot on the N side of the block that's
S of the block with "GRIM" of "PILGRIM," S of the "M," and the lockup garage for
it is a bit E in the same lot.

  I found some LV places C.J. could burglarize on the S side of the block that's
E of the Last Dime Motel, around "WEST" of "ROCKSHORE WEST," on several of the S
blocks of White Wood Estates, and S of the "T" of "REDSANDS WEST."

  (I found a place C.J. could burglarize in Bayside Marina, but that's a long
drive from the SF lockup.)

  Start at eight p.m.--20:00--to give yourself the most time.  Once you find an
area you like, have C.J. drive the truck there ahead of time to activate the

  Residences that can be burglarized each have a yellow inverted cone of light
at the entrance door.  The Gamefaqs message boards have recommended that you
find two such houses beside each other in Playa Del Seville among the apartment
buildings by the lockup.  That way, C.J. can park the black Boxville between
them and put all the loot from one in the truck, then from the other into the
truck, then the 1st one again, etc.

  When you send C.J. into a 2nd house, the items to loot reappear in the 1st
one.  So even if the 2nd house has a tenant awake in the living room, you can
have C.J. go into and right back out of it every time he's finished stealing the
loot from the 1st house to load up the 1st house again.

  The fastest way to do this mission early in the game is to use a pair of
houses in the section of little houses of the block of Playa Del Seville that
has a dead end road at both the E and W sides.  Orion_SR found some small houses
in El Corona, too.  I backed the truck toward two houses at a dead end and had
C.J. steal two things from one house, two from the other house, etc.

  (Beyond that, you might want have C.J. try this in different neighborhoods,
like the street the Johnson house is on, or N Mulholland, for the variety.)

  (A few of the less expensive Los Santos places had a dark alcove.  I don't
think they're the kind pedestrians spawn from like the ones in the Washington
Beach Police Station, the two in the biker gang compound in "Hogtied," or on the
1st deck of the ship used in "Spilling the Beans," in "Vice City."  They're
probably just there so C.J. can become unseen by others when he's in shadow,
which is a new feature for a GTA lead character, not that I found any need for
a dark alcove when testing this.)

  There's someone sitting on the front porch in front of some of the doors.
C.J. can walk right past them.

  The easiest residences to burglarize don't have any occupants standing or sit-
ting in them.  They have one or two occupants in bed.

  There's a bar on the screen that measures C.J.'s noise level indoors.

  - You can have him crouch, C, while he moves, which he can do slower and qui-
eter if you tap W at a certain rhythm.

  - You can also add Alt to W to make C.J. walk--in this mission, he does it a
little hunched over compared to the way he usually walks.  He can walk faster
when equipped with a rifle or automatic rifle.

  - Even faster, Orion_SR noticed that you can even have C.J. sprint at the
loot and hit F just as he gets to it without waking the tenant in small apart-
ments or houses.  It also makes C.J. less liable to dawdle before he picks up
the loot.

  If C.J. fills the noise bar, or the tenant sees him, you may hear the tenant
exclaim something to C.J. and see the message that he's been detected.  When
that happens, C.J. has to get out of the house in ten seconds to prevent a three
star wanted rating.  If he gets the wanted rating, the police will be waiting
outside to attack C.J., and they'll appear inside if C.J. doesn't go out.

  If C.J. doesn't see anyone who's out of bed, send C.J. right to the hi fi, TV,
etc.  Fancier houses might have something in the kitchen.  Hit F to get him to
pick up a valuable (twice if he's crouching to get him to stand up 1st), and
send him right back to the door.

  Thanks to Diego Mustard, previously Diego Mendez and contributor of the SA
Rhino "camera" front for cannon boost gimmick (I.12.b), for writing to me to
warn about a glitch he tested on the PC version: if C.J. holds a burglarized
item in his hands and uses his Camera scope on it the item disappears and his
noise bar gets 3/4ths full.

  If C.J. fills the noise bar but you get him outside in less than ten seconds,
the burglary can continue like the noise detection never happened, even if you
have C.J. return to the same house.  So you can rush him to the door when you
know he can do it quick enough, which is a good reason to pick small apartments
or houses.

  Have C.J. go back outside immediately if he sees anyone there that isn't in
bed.  If there are gangsters inside, they might shoot at C.J..  If he turns and
goes right back out, there won't be a wanted rating.

  Violent burglary

  Some recommend that you have C.J. use a Silenced 9mm on the homeowner's head
if they're turned away or in bed, then not worry about noise.

  The easiest way to do that without getting a wanted rating is to have C.J. use
a Silenced 9mm and move in a Crouch up to the occupant's bed with the occupant
alone in bed and facing away from him.  For some reason, even just targeting the
Silenced 9mm at their face, or targeting the occupant--even from behind--with
any other weapon, will cause them to detect C.J..  C.J. can't use a Knife for a
stealth kill because you can't get the RMB to target the occupant when they're
lying in bed.

  Have him shoot them once in the head, or several times in the body, with the
Silenced 9mm.  If there's nobody else there, the noise bar will disappear.  If
the noise bar remains and the only other occupant is in bed in another room,
C.J. can do the same thing there.  If there are two in the bed, have C.J. crouch
without facing either of them, or stand at the foot of the bed, and have him
shoot one in the head and immediately shoot the other one several times in the
head or body.  (Welcome to the Boris Karloff school of Burglary.)

  If he needs to use two or three bullets, the police may be alerted.  If two
are in bed, shooting one could wake up the other and cause a wanted rating, too.

  In some cases, there's a weapon inside.  I saw a Knife and a 9mm in a couple
of living rooms, and a Shotgun revolve into a living room from a bedroom.  Since
only the Silenced 9mm can be used without getting a wanted rating during some
burglaries, I  didn't have C.J. use them.  If you try a weapon other than a Si-
lenced 9mm, have C.J. get outside fast to keep the wanted rating down to one
star.  If C.J. re-enters the place, the occupant is back in bed or whatever like
nothing happened.  I have gotten lucky and had C.J. crouch and use the Silenced
9mm to do a head shot at the front of an occupant sitting in the living room
without causing a wanted rating, but I wouldn't count on it.

  Other than when testing ideas for this walk-through, I didn't have C.J. use a
weapon on the home owner.  This mission is more of a stealth test, it's easy
enough without having C.J. kill anyone, and I didn't want to risk having C.J.
create a three star wanted rating.  The fastest way is non-violent, anyway--
have C.J. pick a small house or apartment, sprint to the loot, hit F as he gets
to it, and have him rush to the door.

  Send C.J. to the back of the truck with each stolen item and press F to have
him make the stuff disappear there.

  It isn't hard to get the hang of Burglary (glitches like C.J. walking too long
into a piece of furniture without picking the loot up from it, or the stolen
item leaving C.J.'s hands to hover if C.J. hops down from something, notwith-
standing).  I just reload the game if C.J. creates a three star wanted rating,
but it's easy to do the mission without creating one.

  The value of the TV, clock radio, etc., isn't based on what type of item it
is, but increases as the number of things stolen increases.  The formula for
this is M=20 times N squared, with "M" being "Money" and "N" being the "Number"
of things stolen.  Thanks to Quincunx' Burglary Guide:

  Therefore, the 1st item stolen with each attempt at the mission is worth $20,
the 2nd $80, the 3rd $180, the 4th $320, the 5th $500, the 6th $720, the 7th
$980, the 8th $1,280, the 9th $1,620, the 10th $2,000, etc.

  If C.J.'s at work when 6 a.m. comes, the burglary has to end, but the game
lets him have five minutes to take the loot to the lockup.  You can also end the
mission, when C.J. is in the truck, by pressing 2 or NP+ again, but any loot he
hasn't delivered to the lockup won't be counted.

  C.J. has to steal at least $10,000 worth of loot, which can be accumulated
over a number of efforts on a number of nights, to complete the mission.

  If you want to get it all done in one night, you could use the code that makes
the clock stop at 21:00: "OFVIAC."  To disable it, type it again.  When you dis-
able it, the clock rushes to the time it would have if you hadn't used the code,
so disable it after C.J.'s last trip to the garage with the loot.  You can use
the GTA SA Control Center (X.13.c) to erase your cheat count before you save.

  C.J.'s reward is the value of the stolen stuff--$10,000 or more, $3,000, and
the infinite sprint.  C.J.'s sprint can last several blocks near the end of this
mission, but it doesn't become infinite till he completes it.

  Thanks to Mxyzptlk and Craig Kostelecky for the confirmation that the infi-
nite sprint reward is given the same way on PS2 as well.

  Thanks to Orion_SR for finding that if you have C.J. use a small house, you
can have him sprint to the loot and press F as he gets to it without waking the

  (Thanks to reader Timo Hakala for his friendly letters which caused me to test
this mission more and describe it more clearly.)

  III.11  Kill Criminals

  Have C.J. run down or shoot criminals and take their loot.  They're the San
Andreas version of the "Vice City" Downtown parking meters, and they may have a
lot of ill-gotten money on them.  There are sixteen of them listed at "Crimes"
(I.5.k).  Criminals are among those who drive Perennials,Blades, and Clovers

  One ped says they have to find some "chronic."  Chronic is a potent form of

  There are four drug dealers among the criminals, too.  They're among those who
drive Ranchers.  Two commonly seen in Los Santos each have their hands hanging
down and overlapped before them.

  One, possibly in Idlewood, is a young black guy in dark gray pants, a sleeve-
less black jersey, has black sneakers and brimless cap, a silver chain on his
neck and right wrist, and has a light goatee.

  And one, possibly in Jefferson, is a young white guy in blue jeans, a light
gray hooded long sleeve jersey that says "ROCKSTAR," has his hood pulled up over
a black cap with a brim in front, has white sneakers, and is unshaven.

  Another couple of drug dealers less often seen are
  - an Hispanic dealer with dark gray pants, a light grey sleeveless shirt, dark
gray tattoos on his arms, has black sneakers, a light brown headband, dark sun-
glasses, a silver cross around his neck, and has a short goatee.
  - a motorcycle gang-looking dealer with dark grey pants, a sleeveless black
leather vest over a white t-shirt, gray tattoos on his arms, black shoes, a
black band on his left wrist, a black ski cap and a brown ponytail, and has a
short brown beard.
  "GTA San Andreas : All Crack Dealers Found!" by Super Gamer X

  If C.J. gets a verbal reaction (sometimes only written in the subtitles) from
a drug dealer, the only difference I've noticed between pressing Y or N is that
N has them fire a gun into the air when they run away if C.J. approaches them.

  They make one of the worst deliberate and on-going contributions to organized
crime.  Even after you complete the game, and if you have C.J. take over 100% of
the gang territories so Ballas and Vagos don't appear, the drug dealers still
show up, and the pedestrians--even C.J.'s own gang members, will still go to the
drug dealers to make transactions and help finance organized crime.  They're
part of the main problem C.J. wants to fix with his neighborhood in the game.
(I don't know why he doesn't at least fire the gang members--Frank Zappa would.
Even Paulie Cicero in "Goodfellas," 1990, would.)  Clean up the neighborhood and
have C.J. kill the drug dealers and relinquish their funds.  It goes into your
Crimes Stats as Criminals Wasted.

  Take the Commerce 24/7 money, generated regularly, and Taxi, Burglary, and bi-
cycle missions money, etc., and go to:


  III.12  Inside Track Betting

  Inside Track Betting is available on the E-W road that goes across the S tip
of the Mulholland Intersection, Los Santos, and at the S end of the E side of
the biggest block of Montgomery, Red County.

  Use the directional keys and Left Shift to get the most out of the amount you
can bet (for $34,500, click $10,000 three times, $1,000 four times, and $100
five times, etc.), then place the bet.  As Rusk notes, the message boards say
that the odds are about one in five for any of the horses, so bet it all on the
long shot at the bottom of the list to get the biggest multiple for your payoff.

  Save the game if you win, and press Esc to reload the game instead the second
you hear a trumpet with a wah wah mute go "Mwa mwa mwa mwaaaa," then try again.
To be on the safe side, do it till you have a few million dollars--that should
be more than enough.

  The Horse Races gimmick

  Bet a small amount and remember the name and color of the winning horse.  Have
C.J. stay there and keep initiating races and exiting them when the horse does-
n't appear (press F then W then F a lot) till it appears again--preferably on
the bottom of the list, which is the horse that pays off the most if you win.
Bet the farm on it because it will win.  (Thanks to gtahoodlum, aka Wajid.)

  Update: I tried this again with a new game and it didn't work.  But when I
tried it with a file for the last mission, "End of the Line," it worked.

  I'm not sure what related factor or glitch you need for this gimmick to work--
if you have to play so many missions first or have used the Control Center
(X.13.c) during previous gameplay or....?   When it worked recently, it was for
the last mission, I'd used the Control Center previously, and I went through a
lot more lists of horses till the horse I was looking for showed up than when it
didn't work.

  Take the money and buy the available:

  III.13  Save houses

  Buy all the save houses shown by green house icons on your in-game map and ra-
dar.  The coordinates given below are for the paper map that comes with the

  All save houses have closets.  Have C.J. enter the shaft of light at the clos-
et door and follow the directions onscreen to change his clothes.

  Until you've completed "Nines and AKs," you can just have him take off and put
on the Bincos white tank, blue jeans, and black low-tops he started out with,
but even doing that can get rid of any wanted rating.  (Take them off if you
want the novelty of hearing the pedestrians say different things in reaction to
him going around in his shorts.)

  Willow Field             E6                 $10,000
  S of C.J.'s house

  Jefferson                  E6                 $10,000
  NE of the County Hospital in Jefferson

  El Corona                 E5  garage    $10,000
  N of Los Santos International Airport

  Verona Beach          E4                 $10,000
  N of Verona Beach

  Santa Maria Beach   E4  garage    $30,000
  W of the Santa Maria Beach Pier

  Mulholland                D5  garage  $120,000
  N Mulholland

  III.13.a  Storing a Sea Sparrow on top of the N. Mulholland garage

  zmoonchild found that you can store four vehicles at the garage of the N Mul-
holland save place (not Madd Dogg's--the place NE of that)--two inside and two
on top.  A Packer makes it easy to put land vehicles on top, which is an advan-
tage for those who collect special vehicles, and you can also store a Sea Spar-
row or Sparrow on it.  It doesn't work with the other flying vehicles, which are
larger.  The vehicles on top disappear while the garage door is closed (as do
the ones inside the garage).


  III.14  Weapon Stats and Gang Respect

  The fastest way to collect the best weapons is by teleporting (and possibly
using Ghost World) (see III.3).

  The fastest way to raise the Stats for these things is given in "Maximum Stats
of all kinds in one sitting" (III.5).

  If you're going to take the loooong way there, this is one plan you could use
to have C.J. collect the ammo for the weapons that are close to each of several
save places.

  III.14.a  Initial weapon gathering

  At the Johnson house

  I'd save the game at the Johnson house between each of about ten or twelve
sweeps through the weapons close by (9mm Pistol and Micro SMG), feeding C.J. ev-
ery one or two days, then have him use the weapons on the rival gang members E
of the flood control ditch.

  Have C.J. go to the big concrete drainage ditch E of C.J.'s place and get the
Armor under a bridge to the N.  There are Brass Knuckles in the front yard a
couple houses W of his.

  There's a Pistol (9mm) in the back yard of the house four houses counterclock-
wise from his.

  There's a Micro SMG in the ditch on the lower ramp just E of C.J.'s house.

  Again, if you have C.J. spray all 100 Tags, the Tec9, AK-47, Sawnoff Shotgun,
and Molotov Cocktails will be available in the kitchen of the Johnson house.
(And C.J.'s gang members will have SMGs added to their 9mms if they haven't al-

  See X.11 for how to change data\weapon.dat to make the Tec9 more like a Mini-

  There's a police bribe in the alley a block W of his, and another at the upper
W edge of the same drainage ditch about a block to the N of the Armor.  Having
him go to a wardrobe closet and take off and put on his white tank top or blue
jeans can get rid of any wanted rating.

  At the El Corona save house

  I'd save the game between each of about ten or twelve sweeps through the weap-
ons in the S (Desert Eagle or Silenced 9mm, Sawnoff Shotgun, AK-47 or M4, and
SMG), feeding C.J. every one or two days, then send him N to save at the Johnson
house to use the weapons on the gangsters E of the flood control ditch.

  At the S end of a block in Conference, on the porch at the S side of the Con-
ference Center, is a Silenced Pistol.

  There's a Desert Eagle under a billboard S of the SE bend in the main road
through Playa Del Seville.

  There's a Tec9 under the E end of the S highway ramp of the two that end in
loops W of the terminal building that looks like the LA Airport Theme Building
(also seen in "GTA III.").

  The SMG (an MP) is S of Unity (train) station N of the three prongs of track
at the end of the railroad track in El Corona.  There's another on top of the
Jefferson Hotel (have C.J. use the stairs on the S side of the hotel), which is
on the block W of the N end of the thick area shown on the radar and in-game map
for the section of train track with a street on either side of it in Jefferson.

  There's a Sawnoff Shotgun in a freight train car in a big building on the cor-
ner across the street to the N of the dead end road that goes over a bridge in
the Ocean Docks area.  Have C.J. run across a platform at the door to get inside
the box car; if you have him jump, he'll keep trying to grab the upper ledge of
the car and hang from it.  (There's Armor in the car with a wooden plank used
for a ramp to the door of it.)

  The AK-47 is in the SW area of a big warehouse with a band of red around the
top of the walls in the W section of the same block as the 1st Sawnoff Shotgun
given above.

  There's an M4 between two of the concrete ramps (the kind found in sets of
three) at the SW end of Los Santos Airport (have C.J. jump on a vehicle then
jump up and climb over the fence by the front gate).

  You might also have C.J. use the Dodo or Shamal of the airport (or the para-
chute of the top of the tallest building of Downtown Los Santos--the round one
shown as an oval on your radar and in-game map NW of the big intersection that's
S of the Mulholland Intersection; enter on the NE side) to get to the roof of a
tall Downtown building (it's on the W side of the block that's the 2nd block E
of the S tip of Mulholland Intersection) with an antenna on top to get a Rocket

  At the Mulholland save house

  The Remote Explosives in Montgomery are a change of pace.

  There are also Molotovs along the N side of the road that goes W from the Mul-
holland Intersection after the 4th left.  Until C.J. gets the Fireproof feature
by completing the Fire truck mission, it might be more convenient to fill that
weapon slot with Tear Gas, since C.J. isn't damaged by it and it can deter any
policeman that chases him when he hunts Ballas and Vagos.  There's Tear Gas on
the front porch of a building on the N side of the T intersection that's SW of
the middle of the SW side of the Mulholland Intersection.

  At the Verona Beach save house

  There's a Sniper Rifle at the top of the outdoor ramps used for stairs of In-
terglobal TV in Vinewood.  I'd have C.J. collect a lot of ammo for that.

  C.J. can use the handguns, shotguns, submachine guns, and M4 and AK-47 assault
rifles to upgrade his skills for them to the Gangster, then Hitman, level.
Shots that connect upgrade the skill.  The Tec9 and Micro SMG are both Machine
Pistols, so using either one upgrades the Machine Pistol skill for both.

  While in Los Santos, C.J. can upgrade the skills for any of the weapons he can
upgrade the skills for except for the Combat (S.P.A.S. 12) Shotgun, which is
available later in the game.  You can get around that exception if, like Rusk,
you load up on the ammo of either Shotgun available then send C.J. to get the
Combat Shotgun during a glitch that lets C.J. explore the off-limits areas with-
out a wanted level--the earliest opportunity is during "Drive-By" (IV.7), or
just have C.J. brave the high wanted level.

  The Pistol, Silenced Pistol, Shotgun, Sawnoff Shotgun, Tec9, Micro SMG, and
SMG are at any Ammu-Nation after "Doberman," so it's easier to stock up on ammo
for those after that, although that's nearly at the end of the missions for Los

  III.14.b  What weapon upgrading does

  Gangster (percentage of Skill Level required depends on the weapon; see be-

  Lock-on range, accuracy, and rate of fire increase for the 9mm Pistol.  For
all the others, those things increase plus C.J. can move in the aiming stance
and strafe speed increases.

  Gangster level reached:

  9mm: 10%; Silenced 9mm and Desert Eagle: 20%.

  Shotgun, Sawnoff Shotgun, and Combat Shotgun: 20%.

  Tec9 and Micro-SMG (Machine Pistols): 10%; SMG: 30%.

  AK-47: 30%; M4: 20%.

  Hitman (100%):

  C.J. can move while firing, and the lock-on range, accuracy, rate of fire, and
strafe speed improve for the Silenced Pistol, Desert Eagle, Shotgun, Combat
Shotgun, MP5, AK-47, and M4.

  The lock-on range increases and C.J. can dual wield the Pistol, Sawnoff Shot-
gun, Tec9, and Micro SMG.

  III.14.c  Upgrading weapon skills while earning Respect

  It upgrades C.J.'s weapon skills, and is one of the ways to increase Respect
for him from the Grove Street Families gang, to have him to shoot rival gang
members.  I usually start out by sending him to attack the gangster that show up
E of the big concrete drainage ditch just E of his house.  It's a short run from
the Johnson house to a ramp that goes down to the bottom of the ditch, and
there's another ramp across the ditch to the NE that goes up to the street.

  If you do this, send C.J. up to the street to run around shooting gangsters
that aren't in green (Grove Street Family gang members of Ganton and a bit of
East Los Santos).  Have him shoot the ones with yellow bandanas, Vagos, or, to
the W of that part of the ditch, wearing purple, Ballas (except for a young
black lady in black and purple jersey--don't have him shoot her), and try to
avoid having him shoot other pedestrians or do it near the police.


  "Ballas" probably comes from:

  2. (slang) One who lives an extravagant, money-driven lifestyle.  Did you see
that car?  He?s such a baller.

  A thug that has "made it" to the big time.  Originally refered ball players
that made it out of the streets to make millions as a pro ball player, but now
is used to describe any thug that is living large.

  1. A pimp.
  2. Someone skilled at sports (not necessarily basketball).

  "Vago" means "idler" or "loafer" in Spanish.  It's also the name of the bio-
tech corporation in "Puzzle Pieces," the third mission of "Oni," 2001.


  C.J. says, "I'll take those duckets."

  1. Legal tender. Dinero. Cash money.
  2. Derived from Shakesperean English. Slang for money.
  3. (N.) An early 90's synonym used by West Coast rappers, Southern rappers,
and filthy thugs to descibe loose money, usually ranging from one to twenty dol-
lar bills.


  The Vagos bring the word "puta" back from VC and call C.J. one:

  "Puta" is Spanish for female prostitute and "puto" is Spanish for male prosti-


  I think head shots make a weapon skill increase faster.  It can be easier to
do if you have C.J. move while crouching to sneak up on them 1st.  An easy way
to get head shots is to send C.J. in front of vehicles to stop them, run back
along the traffic looking for gangsters, and get a head shot of any gangster
that's a driver or passenger--they usually sit still while C.J. aims.  The Vagos
of N and East Los Santos are in some of the Hermes, Oceanics, and Tornados, and
the Ballas of Glen Park and Idlewood are in some of the Tahomas and Majestics.

  If C.J. gets a one star wanted level, he can run back into the ditch till it
disappears (I think crouching may speed that up), sometimes getting Armor or a
Micro SMG while he waits.  If he gets two stars, you can send him to the bribe
that's about a block N at the upper edge of the W side of the ditch between the
end of a fence and a building, or send him to the car that usually appears in
front of a house by his and have him get the bribe in the alley to the W of the
block his house is on.

  C.J. will probably be shot at if he's on foot when he's wanted.  Sometimes
he's busted instead if he's in a vehicle when the corrupt law enforcers attack

  Having him get a haircut, use a Pay 'n' Spray, or go to a wardrobe closet and
take off and put on his white tank top or blue jeans, can get rid of any wanted

  Get him some food every day or two at one of a couple of nearby Cluckin'
Bells, then have him drive back and run through the ditch to the street again
and shoot more gangsters, etc.


  The unofficial rampage--at a save place with a wardrobe or at a Pay 'n'
Spray--method to increase weapon skills

  A fast way to build weapon skill, if you're not fussy about who C.J. shoots
as long as it isn't members of his own gang, and if you're not going to mod the
data\ar_stats.dat file (III.5):

  Have C.J. shoot everyone who isn't in his gang, including the corrupt police-
men and their vehicles, just outside any save place with a wardrobe, such as the
Johnson house, till he gets a few wanted stars.  Have him go inside and change
out of his shirt and back into it to get rid of his wanted rating, replenish any
Health, Armor or ammo as needed, and repeat.  Save the game regularly to save
your work and replenish his Health.

  Another fast way is to have him load up on the ammo of the weapon you want him
to upgrade, get full Armor and Health, then park a vehicle (not a bicycle or
emergency vehicle) in a Pay 'n' Spray.  It's activated when C.J. gets into or
onto the vehicle, so you can have C.J. go on an unofficial rampage there.

  (I've read that the PS2 C.J. can exit the vehicle before the garage door
closes and rampage from within it undetected by the police, but you can't see
from behind the PC C.J. to aim till he gets out of the garage, and then the po-
lice can detect him.)

  There's a Pay 'n' Spray in S Idlewood by a pizza store.  In the SE to SW range
S of it is a Desert Eagle, a Sawnoff Shotgun, an AK-47, an M4, and an SMG, in
the locations given above.

  (Another PS2/PC difference?: I don't think the PS2 method Rusk describes to
maximize the Stat for each weapon--having C.J. use one to fire at the tire of a
vehicle in some remote place like the big drainage ditch E of his house--works
for the PC version.  One source said to use the backs of the tires--it still
didn't work for me.  The method at III.5 does, though.)


  Having C.J. kill rival gangsters is one way to build up his Respect, which
enables him to recruit Grove Street Family gang members.

  III.15  Recruiting gang members

  Since shooting opposing gang members or corrupt law enforcers, and spraying
Tags, is a fast way to earn Respect points, C.J. will soon have enough Respect
to recruit a couple of gang members.  Have him approach someone in green--a
Grove Street Family gang member--and press the RMB.  When an arrow points down
to their head (green if they're in good health), you can press G to have C.J.
try to recruit them.

  The recruits follow C.J. around, even into or onto a four- or two-wheel vehi-
cle, to help him shoot at opposing gang members, sometimes going off in their
own direction or yanking gang members from vehicles to do it.  They may also
fire at attacking policemen and keep them distracted from C.J..  They also have
a tendency to shoot at opposing gang members who are in cars, which gets the
traffic driving wildly, sometimes running over the recruits.  Press G to draw
them to C.J. or H to have them stop (if they live that long).

  To have C.J.'s gang members attack someone, target the victim with the RMB
then press the LMB.

  Holding down H, or going far away, will disband the group.  You might try to
save a gang member whose health has gone bad by targeting them and holding H.

  As things go on, C.J. can recruit bigger numbers of them into his gang.  At
80% Respect, C.J. can recruit the most gang members--seven.  You may want to use
a Coach or Bus to transport that many of them.

  A Coach may appear by the N end of the W side of the "Tosser--The Welcome
Pump" gas station--the little rectangle on the map--that's W of the Dillimore
Pay 'n' Spray.  You may have to send C.J. by the spot several times to have that
be the vehicle that appears there.

  As mentioned before (I.7.c), C.J.'s gang can swim.  They can also climb onto
and over things.


  III.16  Lung Capacity

  Build this up when you have C.J. swim  by having him dive until the bar indi-
cating his air is mostly gone and then surface.  The easiest way to build this
Stat is at "Maximum Stats of all kinds in one sitting" (III.5).

  A convenient place to let C.J. practice his swimming is the big concrete
drainage ditch east of his house.  It goes S to a section that slopes into the

  There's also a Reefer boat there, and he can jump up (Spacebar) and jack boats
going by.

  III.17  Oysters

  Have C.J. swim to find 39 of the 50 Oysters.  Collecting all 50 will increase
his Sex Appeal, make it easier for C.J. to be accepted for dates, and also in-
crease his Lung Capacity, Muscle, and Stamina, therefore Sex Appeal, if any of
them still need it.

  You might hold off on collecting any Oysters if you want to see what happens
when a jealous girlfriend shows up when C.J. is dating another woman.  I'm not
sure, but not having any Oysters collected might be among the things that makes
that more likely to happen.  For more about that, see "Girlfriends" (XI.b).

  A good map of all the Oyster locations is at:

  "How to collect all 50 Oysters at the very beginning of the game - GTA San An-
dreas Part 1 (of 2)" by zmoonchild mods

  One easy way to find them is to use a teleportation device (see X.13.a and the
next two sections).  If you use the Control Center (X.13.c), which already has
the coordinates of the Oysters, you might want to add the coordinates of the ar-
ea just outside a Los Santos save place with a wardrobe.  That would make it
easy for C.J. to get rid of his wanted rating after getting the ones in areas
that are off-limits--six in San Fierro and five in Las Venturas.

  You might combine that with Demarest's Pillager (, which puts markers
of all the Tags, Oysters, Snapshots, and Horseshoes left to find in the category
you've chosen on your radar.  While you look for Snapshots, it also puts a green
marker above each one you haven't taken a picture of yet to make them easier to
find.  It works for v.1 or 2 of the game.

  If you use the directions of the BradyGames Guide for Xbox and PC like I did
for the 1st 39, remember that the description correctly gives Oyster 10 as S of
the Los Santos lighthouse, but the map puts the dot for it S of the Ferris
wheel.  The BradyGames maps and directions are on pp.127, 132, 133, 136, 137,
and 139.

  The BradyGames guide gives 15 to find in and around Los Santos.  Rusk's PS2
idea to get 39 of the 50 works for PC, too--it includes all but the ones that
are inland in the blocked off and unwelcome areas, the one at the Easter Basin
aircraft carrier, BradyGames number 17, and the one SW of that, 24.  C.J.
doesn't get a four star wanted rating as long as he doesn't touch ground in a
blocked off and unwelcome area.  (C.J. gets a wanted rating if he goes near a
blocked off and unwelcome area in a boat, too, which the game considers as C.J.
being on land.)

  If you do it Rusk's way, have C.J. steer clear of the aircraft carrier going
for 23, and go near the wall of the landing strip going to and from 18.  And
stay on the west side of the Los Santos Inlet around the two bridges at the S
end of it to avoid the shallow section.  Going N from there in that stream, move
the view with the mouse often to check the area below C.J. to make sure he
doesn't touch anything in a shallow section.

  I went for the 39 Oysters obtainable without creating a wanted rating, which
just leaves 11 Oysters to get during a mission with a glitch that lets C.J. en-
ter the off-limits areas without a wanted rating, the earliest such mission be-
ing "Drive-By" (IV.7).

  For some variety, you might use the glitch that lets C.J. explore underwater
without a breath meter (I.7.c) and have C.J. use a Jetpack to collect some of
the Oysters.

  Zmoonchild method: have C.J. fly the Jetpack to the south end of the bridge
east of Easter Basin, the intersection southwest of that, then the coast just
west of that.  Have him stand waist deep in the water, exit the Jetpack facing
the coast so the Jetpack pickup appears underwater, swim underwater (LMB to
dive and Left Shift to swim forward aimed with the mouse) and swim into the
pickup--the Jetpack pickup disappears yet the Jetpack doesn't appear on C.J.
Have C.J. swim down toward the base of the coast.  He falls to the ground then
the Jetpack appears on him.
  "GTA San Andreas - How to fly a Jetpack underwater" by ZMOONCHILD

  To do that in the original PC version, patched or unpatched, I'd use the GTA
SA Control Center (X.13.c) to have C.J. get a Jetpack earlier than "Black Pro-
ject."  Click the "Keyboard Shortcuts" tab, the "+" beside "Misc," then "ALT+J
Have Jetpack."  You can then use Alt and J simultaneously as hotkeys during the
game to make a Jetpack appear.  I haven't tried it, but I'd imagine you might
have C.J. swim through the river of the Badlands instead since some parts of it
are shallow and C.J. will get a wanted rating if he touches the river bed.

  (I use a save game with no Oysters collected to see the jealous girlfriend ap-
pearances.  Having no Oysters collected might contribute to the likelihood of
them happening--sorry I'm not more certain.)

   III.18  Sex Appeal

  The best thing C.J. can do for Sex Appeal for now, besides building his body,
and before the clothes stores open and he gets all the Oysters, is choose what
he drives.  Some say it counts for more than clothes (which the BradyGames guide
gives as counting for 50% of Sex Appeal--I think it meant 5%), at least while
C.J. is in or near the vehicle.  You can press Tab to see a big drop in C.J.'s
Sex Appeal when he gets a certain distance away from one of his cars that have a
lot of Sex Appeal.

  According to the Auto Trader section of the BradyGames guide, the ones with
the most Sex Appeal are certain cars and boats:

  Cars (you might save some of these in your garages):

  Alpha, BF Injection, Banshee, Blade, Buffalo, Bullet, Caddy (awwr!), Cheetah,
Comet, Elegy, Euros, Flash, Feltzer, Flash, Hermes, Hotknife, Huntley, Infernus,
Jester, Merit, Premier, Remington, Sentinel, Slamvan, Stratum, Stretch, Sultan,
Super-GT, Tahoma, Uranus, Washington, Windsor, and ZR-350.

  For a fast car with good handling, durability, and Sex Appeal, I'm partial to
the Cheetah.  You can make one appear with the GTA SA Control Center (X.13.c).

  You can hold down Tab and see C.J.'s Sex Appeal Stat get abruptly bigger or
smaller depending on whether or not he's within a certain distance from his car
if it's sexy car.


  Launch, Reefer, Speeder, and Squalo III.

  (Note: if vehicles mainly help C.J.'s Sex Appeal when he's in or near them,
and he can't take girlfriends for rides in boats, who's this supposed to im-
press--the fish?  They swim livelier or what?)

  The wardrobe glitch by bamspeedy1298

  Thanks to bamspeedy1298's "GTA: San Andreas STATS" FAQ (and thanks to Orion_SR
for the tip about it) for the wardrobe glitch.  If C.J. takes off and puts on
clothes, the wardrobe doesn't subtract Sex Appeal points but keeps adding them.
C.J. can take off and put on the same shirt, etc., to increase his Sex Appeal.
As Orion_SR pointed out, C.J. can maximize his Sex Appeal by doing this with his
t-shirt about 35 times at the start of the game.  It works with tattoos, too,
by adding them without removing them, but they're expensive and it takes a lot


  III.19  Flying Stat

  This one, like the Bike and Driving Stats, takes a long time to maximize nor-
mally.  The fastest way is at "Maximum Stats of all kinds in one sitting"
(III.5).  Otherwise:

  Send C.J. in a four-wheel vehicle to the airport gates at the S end of the
map.  At the NE corner of the airport area is a square block, an almost square
block, and a thin bent rectangle of a block between them.  The airport tarmac
entrance is at the S end of the W side of the thin block.  Have him park along
the fence, climb on top of the vehicle, then climb over the fence (Spacebar).

  Send him to the W end of the tarmac to fly the Shamal, a small private jet,
around the skies over the available areas (so the authorities don't try to blast
him out of the sky with missiles).  (Rusk might also go S off the map then
around all of San Andreas.  I'd stay over Los Santos and Red County to avoid the
possibility of flying so far out to the edge of the map that I'd get the extra
gang territory glitch and ending up with some confusing Stats about what per-
centage of gang territory is taken over.)

  Raise the landing gear with 2 after takeoff so it flies, and maximizes the
Stat, faster.  Lower the landing gear, and press S, Reverse, to slow down the
vehicle for landing, too.


  The dual regard for increasing Flying Skill to 20% for a Pilot's License:

  The game has a dual regard for Flying Skill and getting a Pilot's license--
the regard of efforts for both prior to "Learning to Fly" (Pilot School)
(VIII.6) and the regard of efforts for both during "Learning to Fly."

  Flying Skill can be increased by flying a flying vehicle except the Jet Pack
from the start of the game.  You get 5% increases from flying other than in Fly-
ing School and 6% increases for each Flying School test passed.  Increasing Fly-
ing Skill to 18% gives C.J. a Pilot's License and causes any airport gates to
open for C.J..  Increasing Flying Skill to 40% causes C.J. to get a Parachute
when he bails from a flying vehicle or the Vortex.  Increasing Flying Skill
doesn't make it easier to handle flying vehicles.  (Thanks to rubregg for alert-
ing me to GTA Phreak's research about that.)  GTA Phreak also told me that since
the Parachutes are endlesssly supplied that way, you can get another should you
salvage a Skimmer, Sea Sparrow, or Leviathan from water or have the Vortex sur-
vive a fall to land.

  For some reason, if you've already had C.J. get a Pilot's License, even maxi-
mize his Flying Skill, before Pilot School, having C.J. succeed at the 1st test
of Pilot School causes the game to recognize C.J. as getting a Pilot's License

  You have to get the Pilot's license from doing the "Learning to Fly" mission
to cause all the locked flying vehicles at San Fierro Airport to become unlocked
(except the Maverick, which remains unlocked from the start of the game), and
cause a lot of flying vehicles to appear around the rest of San Andreas (see


  The Taxi and "Mike Toreno" mission glitches:

  Robert Rusk told me some people with the original Xbox or PC versions of the
game may get a Taxi mission glitch that causes fares not to show up, and they
may also get a glitch that causes the player to be unable to find the van with
Mike Toreno in "Mike Toreno."

  Pdescobar found, and Orion_SR reaffirmed, that the glitch is a matter of map
zone corruption, and one of the things that can bring that on is going to the
edge of the map, so try to avoid that.  Get the Taxi mission done before going
to the edge of the map with "Freefall" and "St. Mark's Bistro," and avoid the
edge of the map while having C.J. fly to build his flying skill.

  Fortunately, Pdescobar has a cure for the Taxi mission glitch (see I.12).

  III.20  Bike Stat (motorcycle)

  Note that you have C.J. ride a bike/bicycle to improve his Cycling Stat and
drive a bike/motorcycle to improve his Bike Stat.  Why this wasn't made more
clear and simple, I have no idea.  I think one of our friends at Rockstar North
has been hittin' the hidden packages.

  C.J. can reverse faster and do higher Bunny Hops as his Cycling Stat in-

  To help upgrade C.J.'s motorcycle ability, including the ability to stay on
the motorcycle, you could have him use the NRG-500--there are two in the parking
garage with spiral ramps (like the one for Washington Mall in "Vice City") in
the middle of the S end of the "L"-shaped block that's the 2nd block N of the E
side of Los Santos Forum.

  The fastest way to build up the Cycling and Bike Stats is at "Maximum Stats of
all kinds in one sitting" (III.5).  Otherwise:

  The Bike Stat takes longer to raise than the Cycling Stat.  One way to raise
it faster with a lot of open spaces and some jumps is to speed it around at Los
Santos International Airport after C.J. gets a pilot's license and the front
gates are opened for him.  One of the yellow triangle-shaped markers is a Unique
Jump, so you get a cinematic shot for doing it.  It normally takes about half a
day to get to the maximum for the Stat.

  C.J. gets real good at staying on a motorcycle as the Stat increases.

  III.21  Driving Stat

  Have C.J. drive a four-wheel vehicle to raise this.  The fastest way to build
this Stat is at "Maximum Stats of all kinds in one sitting" (III.5).  Otherwise:

  Like the Bike Stat, this one takes longer to raise.  You might drive around
and look at the stuff in the Odds and Ends section, etc.  You can speed up the
process by taking a sports car around the tarmac at the airport.  It normally
takes about half a day to maximize the Stat.

  Once it's raised enough for you to handle a four-wheel vehicle as good as you
like, it will be easier do the missions given below.


  III.22  Pimping mission (a Sub-mission)

  Do this to level 10 so prostitutes pay C.J. $28 for his services instead of
him paying them for their services.  Use a car called the Broadway to activate
the mission.  There's one parked by a gas station in the NE area of the block of
the Idlewood 24/7, but any Broadway can activate the mission.  It's one of the
gang cars of the Varrio Los Aztecas gang of Little Mexico, who wear blue (tur-
quoise?) headbands.

  It's partly like a Taxi mission for a couple of cheap f**ks (that's "folks,"
if any kids are reading this; "fornicators" is synonymous if any religious
people are).  C.J. has to transport one rentable lady to one of her customers,
then another, then the 1st one again, etc.

  When the screen message alerts you about an abusive customer, he's always the
man represented by a red blip on your radar--not the customer nearby.  Have C.J.
literally beat the f**k out of the abusive customer (that's "flak" if any kids
are reading this, "fornication" is synonymous if you're religious).  If the
abuser tries to run off without paying and you have C.J. chase him and beat him
up to get the money, get C.J. back to the Broadway in time to continue whether
he gets the money or not.

  C.J is paid for each customer served, which starts at $300 and increases as he
serves more customers.

  GTA Phreak's Pimping and Vigilante vehicle health boost gimmick

  Thanks to GTA_Phreak for the tip that starting and cancelling the Pimping mis-
sion gives the Broadway 200% Health.  The extra endurance is gone after the car
is saved in a garage, but it's easy to start and stop the mission anytime.  A
variation of this gimmick works for a Vigilante vehicle, too.

  Thanks to Orion_SR for adding that initiating the Pimping mission (or Vigil-
ante or some other side missions) won't add to your Mission Attempt count if
you've already completed it.

  One possible way to mod the Broadway in data\handling.cfg (see X.10.b) is
H -0.1, J 1.00, K 0.90, n 260.0, O 30.0, and ab 0.00.

  III.23  Fire truck mission (a Sub-mission)

  Do this to level 12 so C.J. gets the fireproof feature, good for letting him
use Molotovs safely.

  Red County is an easier place to do it according to

  Some like the E coast road there for keeping the targets in one area.  I tried
it there once and got to level eight or so, despite the fast, rough traffic, and
only stopped because a couple of people on fire, in their panic, ran to an un-
reachable spot halfway down a coastal cliff.  So I had C.J. do this in the mid-
dle of W Los Santos.

  C.J. has to shoot water from the turret.  I position the truck near the target
and hold down the RMB while I use the mouse to aim the turret, which is easier
to aim, and has a greater range of motion, than the one on the Firetruck in
"Vice City."

  As in "Vice City," C.J. has to put out the fire of a burning vehicle on the
first level, then one vehicle and the passenger on fire who comes out of it on
the second level, then one vehicle with two burning people on the third level,
etc.  The maximum is reached on the last level with three vehicles which each
have three passengers for a total of nine people to save.  When you see white
smoke/steam rise from the target, you know you're spraying the right spot of the
front of the vehicle.  It's easier if you spray the people as they get out of
their vehicles--the water knocks them down so they don't run around like nuts.

  S of Mulholland Intersection is a pretzel-looking intersection.  There's a
Firetruck on the NE section of the block that the E side of the pretzel over-

  Water Turret

  LMB      Shoot water
  RMB      Hold it down and the turret points wherever you aim the "camera" view.

  Num 4   Left
  Num 6   Right
  Up         Up
  Down    Down

  Thanks to GTA_Phreak for the tip that you can increase the Health of the Fire
truck above the normal amount by completing a couple of levels of the mission
and quitting a few times before doing the mission to level twelve.  It works
better if C.J. completes each level inside the vehicle.  The endurance increase
isn't as much as this gimmick creates with a Vigilante vehicle, though.  The ex-
tra endurance is lost once C.J. saves the vehicle in a garage.

  One possible way to mod the Firetruck in data\handling.cfg (see X.10.b) is
H -0.5, J 1.00, K 0.9, N 240, O 30.0, and ab 0.00.

  III.24  Vigilante mission (a Sub-mission)

  Do this to level 12 so C.J.'s maximum Armor rises from 100 to 150, which is
especially handy for all the territory acquisitions he needs to fight for and
bike stunts I like to do.  The number for Armor is shown in the Stats in the
Player section.

  Spaceeinstein told me "About 246 peds can spawn as criminals and it includes
special peds like fast food restaurant workers, girlfriends, and gang members"
and "the criminals can do drive-bys at you, doing a lot more damage to you than
in previous GTAs."

  The easiest setting for this is a country setting like Red County.

  There's a police station on the block of "NG" of "PERSHING SQUARE," and anoth-
er in SW Dillimore, where C.J. can take an unoccupied police vehicle, and he
might find one on most any street due to the frequent traffic jams and fights
that break out.

  If you have C.J. jack one, have him drive it away from the officer a bit then
get out to get rid of the wanted rating or it will last interminably.  It's eas-
ier for me to do a forward drive-by with a motorcycle than do a sideways one
from a car.

  Save your choice in a garage, and have a lot of submachine gun ammo and full
Armor.  You can go back and forth between the El Corona save house and, a bit to
the N, the SMG by the railroad station to build up a lot of ammo.

  One of the easiest ways, if you don't mind changing a few numbers, is to make
the Tec9 like a Minigun as described in X.11.  You could also use the GTA SA
Control Center (X.13.c) and use the One Hit Kill button.  I'd combine the modi-
fied Tec9 with an HPV1000.

  One possible way to mod the HPV1000 police motorcycle in data\handling.cfg
(see X.10.b) is B 800.0, H -0.10, I -1, J 2.5, N 240.0, O 70.0, and ab 0.00.
But the mission is easy enough if you just mod the Tec9, and a modded Tec9 helps
with other missions, too.

  You might change a Police car in data\handling.cfg to have a lot of mass,
acceleration, high speed, and 0.00 durability, and just bat the criminal's cars
to he** and gone like the silver ball in a Pro Pinball game.  See the modding
section for the procedure if you want to do that, and change the vehicle back
when you're through so you don't have super police vehicles chasing C.J. down
now and then.

  Another gimmick that may help--not a huge help, but a help--is to have C.J.
take a gang member with him to do some of the shooting.

  The N San Fierro Cluckin' Bell Vigilante gimmick

  The gimmick of sending C.J.'s Police car or motorcycle to a building he can
enter, such as a Cluckin' Bell, sending him into the building for about ten or
twenty seconds to cause the criminal to be considered dead, then sending him
back to the police vehicle, etc., works.  In the last few levels, you may need
to send him inside two or three times for it to work.  But in Los Santos, too
many criminals appear in places like Red County that let them elude the police,
so it's best to use that gimmick in N San Fierro, such as by the Gant Bridge, if
you don't mind waiting that long for C.J. to get increased armor.  (Thanks to

  Rusk reports that it failed him in later levels of the mission, though.  I
won't hazard an estimate of what percentage of times it works to level twelve.

  If you're really stuck, the Plus 27 Trainer by Pizzadox (X.13.l) works for the
unpatched original version of the game to stop mission timers that count down
and prevent any wanted rating.

  A pizza store gimmick might fail, but Pizzadox won't.

  Without using "OHDUDE" and getting a "times cheated" Stat, you normally have
to wait a lot longer in "San Andreas" than in "Vice City" to get ahold of a
Hunter.  But you can use the GTA SA Control Center (X.13.c) and spawn one any-
time.  The GTA SA Control Center works with the patched and unpatched versions
of the original game.

  The Hunter flies like c**p through molasses, but it still provides an easy way
to do this mission due to the auto-aim the machine gun has for this mission.
Try to make turns with A and D more than with Q and E to keep the "camera" aimed
forward--if it still isn't aimed forward, have it glance back for a moment to
make it aim forward again.  You might try the Hunter with a gamepad in Joypad
Configuration, too, but the main problem is with the "camera" aim and it's the
same problem either way.

  Thanks to GTA_Phreak for the tip that you can increase the Health of the Vig-
ilante vehicle above the normal amount by completing a couple of levels of the
mission and quitting a few times before doing the mission to level twelve.  It
works better if C.J. completes each level inside the vehicle.  Once the mission
is started in the vehicle, the tires can't be popped, too.  The extra endurance
is lost once C.J. saves the vehicle in a garage.

  III.25  Paramedic mission (a Sub-mission)

  Do this to level 12 to give C.J. 150 for Health.  The Ambulance can hold three
patients.  The number of patients to deliver to the hospital is the same as the
number of the level, and the last level is twelve.  Stop the Ambulance with the
patient on the right so they don't cross in front of the Ambulance on their way
to get into it.

  In Los Santos, there are two hospitals which each have an Ambulance: one above
the "T" of "MARKET" and one on the S side of the block of the bottom of the "J"
of "JEFFERSON."  If you have C.J. do this mission in Los Santos, it might be
easiest to start the mission in the middle of W Los Santos, away from the big
intersections in the middle of it, the hilly roads in the N, and the piers to
the S.  A country setting like Red County might make it easier, too-- there's an
Ambulance at the hospital in Montgomery.

  The general agreement is that this is the easiest in Angel Pine, which also
has a hospital and an Ambulance, because the patients all appear right around
town.  (The downside to that is you'll have to wait till the Badlands are open
to get C.J. the maximum for Health.)  (Thanks to

  One possible way to mod the Ambulance (TGIPC) in data\handling.cfg (X.10.b) is
H -0.03, J 1.00, K 0.90, N 255.0, O 30.0, and ab 0.00.

  III.25.a  Firetruck, Vigilante, and Paramedic mission pay

  Thanks to Colin Attle for writing to me that the pay for the 12 levels of the
Paramedic mission and first twelve levels of the Vigilante mission is the same
as in "Vice City": $50 x (the number of the level) x (the number of the level),
which is $50 times the number of the level squared: $50, $200, $450. $800,
$1,250, etc.  Completing level twelve pays $7,200.

  But the pay for the Firetruck mission is different in "San Andreas" than in
"Vice City" in that the pay for the first level is $200--what the pay for the
second level was in "Vice City."  Otherwise, the pay for the "San Andreas" Fire-
truck mission increases similarly: $200, $450, $800, $1,250, etc.

  Colin adds that beyond level 12 of the Vigilante mission, the pay formula is
the amount for the previous level plus (the previous level number times 100)
plus 50.  So for level 13 of the Vigilante mission, the formula is: $7,200 +
(12 x 100) + 50 = $8,450.

  III.26  8-Track

  Send C.J. to Los Santos Forum for a 12 lap race, like Hotring in "Vice City,"
on a figure eight course.  You need 20% of the Driving Stat to enter, but I'd
let it maximize 1st.

  The course is slippery and the car isn't very durable.  Don't go so fast you
hit the walls, which slows you down (and I think they're electromagnetic from
the way they spark and grip the car).  But you can try to nudge the backs of the
competing cars to spin them out.  Once you get the lead, just go quickly but
safely, avoiding wrecks as best you can, like in a careful Taxi mission.

  Press the keys for acceleration and turning alternately because four wheel ve-
hicles have better grip during turns if you don't press acceleration while your
vehicle turns.

  As Rusk recommends, stay on the right as you approach the bridge that goes
overhead, and be careful not to hit a spot where the left wall juts out when you
turn left going onto the bridge.  These are a couple of good spots to use for
passing some of the other cars.

  Kevin Walter, aka saviour, at the stuckgamer web site recommended before,
agrees and advises that you shouldn't use what I call the Brake--Spacebar--and
instead use what I call Reverse--S--to slow down or you'll make the car spin out
too much.

  One possible way to change the Hotring Racer in data\handling.cfg: uncheck the
green dot, etc. (see X.10.b) and make H -0.6, J 1.20, K 0.90, and ab 0.50.  This
lets you have it bang into the other cars a bit more, too.  It's not hard to win
the race without modding the Hotring if you use the advice given above, though.

  After winning in 1st place, C.J. gets $10,000, and the Hotring Racer and the
Monster truck will be available by the NW side of Los Santos Forum.

  III.27  Some non-mission vehicle locations
                 and Orion_SR's explanation of how impound garages work

  You may need to try an area several times to see some of these vehicles.
Thanks to pdescobar for his list of PS2-only spawn spots:

  Trains     Train stops (not the only spawn points): Market Station is at the NW
                     corner of the block S of "WOOD" of "VINEWOOD," and Unity Station
                     is N of the "EL" of "EL CORONA" (see the paper map).

  Dodo       SW of the entrance to the tarmac of LS airport.

  Shamal    where the "IN" of "LOS SANTOS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT" is.

  Baggage trailer/
  mobile stairs    either one can be hitched to a Baggage vehicle, and an exam-
                              ple of each is found on your way from the Dodo to the Sha-
                              mal.  A Baggage cart looks like a child's open-topped wag-
                              on and has one of several amounts, including none, of lug-
                              gage on it.  (I'm not sure if the closed box-type Baggage
                              trailer appears in Los Santos.)  A Baggage trailer may be
                              hitched to another Baggage trailer or to a tall set of mo-
                              bile steps.  You can have C.J. use the stairs to get back
                              aboard the AT-400.  I couldn't get C.J.'s gang to follow
                              him up the stairs, though.

  NRG-500   two are in the garage with spiral ramps at the S end of the "L"-
                       shaped block that's N of the E side of Los Santos Forum: there's
                       one NRG-500 on the second floor and one on the top floor.

  Sanchez   where the SW corner of Palomino Creek meets the beach.

  Freeway    in the SW corner of the big brown square S of "TICON" of "THE PANOP-

  BMX Bike        at the end of the Verona Beach pier,  on the N side of the block
                              that's two blocks E of "EN" of "GLEN PARK"; and at the SE side of
                              the martini glass symbol W of "LOS FLORES."  I've seen one in a
                              yard across from the Johnson house infrequently, too.  (PS2 only:
                              in an open garage on the N side of the N road of the block that's
                              W of the two E- most blocks of Palomino Creek.)

  Mountain Bike   N of the W side of the N road of the block W of the Blueberry
                               pizza place.  (PS2 only: in an open garage at the SE corner
                               of the block that's W of the two E-most blocks of Palomino

  Quadbike          by the "R" of "HILLTOP FARMS."  (PS2 only: E of the "S" of "BLUEBER-
                               RY ACRES.")

  Flash      about in the middle of the SE quadrant of the Mulholland Intersec-

  Sentinel   in the film studio on the block of "WOOD" of "VINEWOOD."

  Admiral    at the SE corner of the block N of "CONF" of "CONFERENCE"--it han-
                     dles okay, and Denise won't care about the lack of Sex Appeal.

  Rancher   at the S end of the oval by "BLUEBERRY ACRES."

  Towtruck  you have to have C.J. jack one.

  Hotdog     (PS2 only: at the N coast of the Panopticon, at a T intersection
                       in Hampton Barns, and at an intersection NW of "DILLIMORE.")

  Sweeper   under the highway where it goes S of the block of "ALL" of "CITY
                       HALL"; N of the Willow Field Save house on the N side of the same
                       block; and on the beach SE of the block of Los Santos Forum.

  Mower     E of the curve in the road E of the 2nd save place N of "MULHOL-
                      LAND," near the N curve of the block W of the same save house; and
                      S of the two E blocks of Palomino Creek.  (PS2 only: in an open
                      garage about where the 1st or 2nd little rectangular dot is N of
                      the Palomino Creek Ammu-Nation symbol; and N of the E block of
                      Dillimore--I think this is the one I've read about that appears
                      imbedded in a tree.)

  Trailer    there are several closed box-shaped trailers in the game to hitch to
                   a truck cab:

                   - two are on the S side of the lower E-W road of the two at the
                   top of the "Y"-shaped block E of "EL CORONA,"

                   - another two are E of the middle of the dead end S segment of the
                   road that, several blocks N, goes through the 2nd "L" of "WILLOW

                   - another is E of where the main highway goes S of the block with
                    "LL" of "CITY HALL," and

                   - several are along the N side of the block N of the entrance to
                    the LS airport tarmac.

                    (The oil tank trailer shown at the 4th link below doesn't spawn in
                    Los Santos, but I used it to show that any of the several big
                    truck cabs can pull any of these kinds of trailer.)

  Plow          It's a tiller to hitch to the back of a Tractor.  The plow revolves
                       as it's pulled and it has a headlight and brake light.

                      (PS2 only: one is SE of the Montgomery Intersection on the E side
                       of the section of the path that's divided into two paths, and
                       another is a bit SE of the brown oval by "BLUEBERRY ACRES.")

                      On PC, if you don't see a farmer using a tractor to pull one, you
                       can make one appear anywhere with the GTA SA Control Center

  Rundown Sadler     (PS2 only: N of the "O" of "HAMPTON BARNS," and another ap-
                                      pears, though I've only seen it once on PC, at the E side
                                      of the TOSSER gas station that's N of the T intersection
                                      that's NE of Montgomery.)

  Rundown Glendale  (PS2 only: in a big open-ended shed on the E end of the S
                                      side of the big brown square of the Panopticon.)


  Hustler                  have C.J. date Denise to 50% success.

  Ranger                  have C.J. date Helena to 50% success.

  Hotring Racer/
  Monster                 NW side of Los Santos Forum after success with "8 Track."

  Combine Harvester  after "Body Harvest" (San Fierro missions): several are E
                                      of the brown oval by "BLUEBERRY ACRES."

  Raindance         with Pilot School success (meaning success at VIII.6 of the
                               Desert missions, not flying till you get 20% of your Flight
                               skill): on the beach by the 1st "A" of "SANTA MARIA BEACH."

  Maverick            with Pilot School (Desert missions) success: on top of the
                               oval building (with a Parachute on the roof) S of "LOS" of
                               "DOWNTOWN LOS SANTOS."  Enter the building on the NE side.

  Police Maverick  with Pilot School (Desert missions) success: on S end of roof
                                of Pershing Sq. police station.

  Sea Sparrow  after "A Home in the Hills" (final Los Santos missions): at the E
                            side of the gray patch the Mulholland save house is on.

  Kart                 after "Cut Throat Business" (final Los Santos missions): at the E
                             side of the gray patch the Mulholland save house is on, and where
                             the road W of Los Santos Forum meets the drainage ditch.

  Vortex             after "Cut Throat Business" (final Los Santos missions): at the
                             "MA" of "MARINA."

  S.W.A.T.    See IX.9  "End of the Line" for a way to get one during the last
                         main story mission of the game.

  Rhino         under the overpass W of the Johnson house with 100% completion.

  Hydra         on Sweet's roof with 100% completion.

  Thanks to the SAM, San Andreas Map, for some of the locations and times of ap-
pearances of the vehicles given above:


  Impounded vehicles

  Have C.J. use a police vehicle to be allowed into a police impound garage
without creating a three star wanted level.  There's an impound garage in each
of the three main areas of the game--in Los Santos, there's one on the block of

  The Las Venturas and San Fierro impound lots are the ones in which a flying
vehicle has more often been found.  Rusk's "Hidden Text FAQ" for SA indicates an
impound lot was used for an idea for a mission that didn't make it into the fi-
nal game.  DeeZire has a mod that puts the mission back in (X.9.b).

  How impound garages work

  Orion_SR researched the way vehicle impounding happens in the unmodded game--
see his article "Care and Feeding of a San Andreas Impound Garage" at the next

  Basically, C.J.'s last two vehicles, if in certain locations when C.J. starts
certain missions (see below), will be saved in an area of the nearest impound

  Pimping - radius 30.0 around the Idlewood Broadway spawn

  Lowrider Game - radius 200.0 around Unity? (untested)

  Export Ship - radius 9.0 imp, 20.0 exp, not the exported vehicle

  Trucking - radius 30.0/50/100 (different subroutines) at the RS Haul Asset

  Driving School - radius 300.0

  Quarry - radius 1000.0 around quarry asset

  Boat School - radius 1000.0 around Boat School

  Bike School - radius 300.0 around school

  Flight School - radius 300/500 (untested)

  Triathlons - radius 1000001.0 around...doesn't matter

  Thanks to rubregg for this one: Beefy Baron - radius 1000.0 around Zero's shop

  Other impounders

  Emerald Isle Car Park (change floors or leave the building)

  You can also have C.J. put a vehicle in the impound save area directly.

  The invisible "garage door" of each impound garage save area opens and closes
when C.J. is at the far end of the room from the save area.  Have C.J. keep
looking at the save area while the invisible "garage door" is open or your one
or two saved vehicles will probably disappear.  Vehicles not likely to disappear
are aircraft, the Vortex, the Ambulance, and the Firetruck used for the Fire-
fighter mission.

  Thanks to GTA Phreak for this information: the San Fierro save area has the
largest invisible "garage door" but is the hardest to keep in view while having
C.J. leave the area.  The Los Santos save area has a small invisible "garage
door" (don't try to save large aircraft there) but is easy to keep in view while
having C.J. leave the area--it also has more guards than the other two impound


  III.28  Make a copy of your save game

  This would be a good time to make a copy of your save game found in My
Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files: GTASAsf*.b, with * being the number of
the save slot, a number you can change to use it for a different save slot.
Keep a copy you use just to make copies from.  You can always start a new game
to see the 1st few missions, and you can replay the Sub-missions or vehicle
challenges any time.