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Glen T. Winstein

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Glenster's Glimpse into San Andreas

 I.7  Controls

  F or Enter (or my remapped Sprint: Left Shift) lets you skip a cutscene.

  Esc  Pause the game and go to the menu.  To have a longer look at onscreen in-

structions or dialogue, press Esc and go to Brief.  You can go back through ear-

lier instructions and dialogue by pressing Up and go forward through them with


  Prt Scr  See X.15 for how to use Prt Scr, etc., to make screenshots.

  If you leave the controls alone, the HUD will disappear and the "camera" will

act like a hand held camera operator is getting bored from inactivity and will

zoom in on and back from this and that activity.

  F1   Instant Replay  An instant replay lasts 20 sec. to one min.--the fewer

peds and vehicles, the longer the replay.

  F2   Save replay (press at the end of the replay)

  F3   Play back last saved replay.  Only one replay can be saved at a time un-

less you want to rename the My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\replay.rep

file so it isn't overwritten.  If you want to save videos of the game, you might

want to download FRAPS.

  I'd like it if someone made a mod to give "San Andreas" the "Vice City"-type

instant replay with slow motion for Unique Jumps and a variety of "camera" an-


  Some things are different in GTA instant replays.  In "San Andreas" instant

replays, the red smoke doesn't appear behind the Stuntplane, the thrusters point

down on the Hydra even in replays of scenes in which they were pointed back, a

black thing--a landing wheel?--appears below the back end of, at least, some of

the planes, the Jet Pack doesn't appear, train engines face backward, etc.

  One of the new differences that's the most unusual, and which I haven't read

any explanation for, is that instead of certain action scene co-stars such as

Big Smoke, Kent Paul, or Maccer appearing, another guy does.  It gets more unu-

sual when he replaces both Kent and Maccer at the same time or replaces Catali-

na as he does in the scene at the link below:

  Spaceeinstein sent me this "Explanation: Rockstar became lazy.  The replay

didn't load the special actor models.  That ped in the picture is the default

ped for the special actor model to replace.  Special actor models aren't con-

sidered as peds in the game so it has to replace an existing ped like the one in

the picture."  


  A couple of instant replays that should have been (and other odd moments):

  - I had C.J. get a six star wanted level and land his Jetpack on the Ferris

wheel at Santa Maria Beach.  A Police Maverick landed beside him, and C.J.

jacked it!  Those things take off too slow for him to have gotten away, and

something about the getting busted cinematic screwed up the instant replay so it

didn't register.  (If it ever comes up for you, have him shoot the corrupt offi-

cers 1st.)

  - C.J. was driving a motorcycle through the oil fields toward Las Venturas,

hit something, the bike kept rolling while C.J. ran to get it, and he got back

on and kept riding like something out of a wild west show or a stunt movie air

grab.  I must have hit the wrong button, though, because the instant replay just

showed the last few seconds of him standing somewhere afterwards.

  - I'll add something to those two because this is the closest category to put

it in, other than the one for ghost world.  C.J., in an SUV, was drive-bying the

attackers on motorcycles in the 2nd half of "Lure," and he ran out of ammo.  So

I had him try to run into them, and he knocked a couple off their bike.  One got

back on the back of the seat of the bike, and C.J. ran the other one down.  But

the bike with the person on the back still followed him around.  It would run

into him now and then--plomp--but that's about it.  If C.J. stopped, it stopped.

It was more like a frisky dog than an attacker.

  Hitokri Battusai wrote to me he had a similar experience with what he called

Ghost Cops during a gang fight, too: the police car driver was killed but the

car kept following C.J.'s car.

  - Using Molotovs for "The End of the Line" gave me a couple of glitches.  One

gangster kept running into the corner of an alcove till he went through it, like

Claude in the "III" gimmick to get a Mafia Sentinel.  Another survived the

fire--I guess running into the wall protected him a bit--and said, "You can't do

that to me, man," and resumed firing till he got a moment of another Molotov!

  WTF screenshots

  Once C.J.'s vehicle bumped it, this truck rolled down the road as shown till
it was bumped again:

  Low flying Rustler:

  Flying train:

  Invisible motorcycle policeman:

  After downing the helicopter in "Toreno's Last Flight":

  Really bad gang car (the game wasn't modded--I haven't seen this since)


  I.7.a  Foot Controls


  Note: I remap Spacebar and Left Shift so each does the job of the other--Jump

is Spacebar and Run or Sprint is Left Shift--so it's more like "Vice City."


  W                                 Forward

  S                                  Backwards

  Mouse Steering or A   Left

  Mouse Steering or D   Right

  You can turn the "camera" with the mouse so to face C.J., then press S to keep

him going in the same direction in the scenery yet now towards you and the cam-

era; a similar thing can be done with A and D.

  W,S,A, and D can also be used for the dance game, and A and D can be used to

      go through the food selection at a restaurant.

  Get a rhythm going and tap W,S,,A, or D on the beat, sometimes in the same di-

rection for pairs of beats, to give C.J. a little dance move paradiddle you can

throw in now and then, like when C.J. sings, for some snazz.

  Mouse   Look anywhere, though you need to move C.J. to look directly up or

                     down.  When standing still, C.J. doesn't swivel as you move the

                     mouse as Tommy Vercetti or Claude Speed did.  You get a greater va-

                     riety of views of him that way, but it makes aiming him busier.

                     While he faces in one direction, you can look in another with the

                     Mouse; if you want to face him in the new direction, press W,S,A, or

                     D as needed.  I usually press W, which makes him go in the direction

                     the Mouse is pointed, to turn him.

  F or Enter (Return)     Enter or get on a vehicle, have C.J. buy a soft drink or

                                      snack, end a transaction at a restaurant or barber shop,

                                      etc., end a phone call, spend $100 for, or quit watching,

                                      a lap dance, open the freezer at the Abattoir, detach a

                                      deployed Parachute, and let go of something he's hanging


  The camera swirl after C.J. leaves a vehicle can be disorienting for a moment.

When that happens, you may speed things up by pressing W to turn him in the di-

rection you want him to go, then W again to continue.

  If two choices are equally near when you press F, C.J. goes in the direction

of the vehicle or vending machine he's pointed toward.  Otherwise, he'll turn

and go to the closer one.


  Left Shift   Sprint (I remap it from Spacebar) when added to W.  The sprint 

                         lasts longer as C.J. gets stronger, as does the faster sprint

                         created by pressing it quickly and repeatedly.  Complete the

                         Burglary mission for the infinite sprint.  Left Shift is also

                         used to buy food at a restaurant, preview/buy a haircut, etc.

  Spacebar     Jump, grab something to climb, or climb something (I remap it

                          from Left Shift).


  Left Alt    Walk  Add Left Alt to W,S,A, or D to make C.J. walk.  I mainly use

                        this because I think it looks funny to have C.J. stop scrambling

                        and act normal till he's just past a police officer.  If you add

                        Left Alt while C.J. moves in a crouch, he moves slower, too.

                        If you equip C.J. with a one of the rifles or automatic rifles,

                        he can walk faster, so you might use that when C.J.'s in a big

                        house during the Burglary mission.

  Tab or \    View player Respect, Stamina, Muscle, Fat, and Sex Appeal Stats,

                       what day it is, and the Weapon Skill C.J. has for an upgradable

                       weapon if he's equipped with one, in a menu in the lower left

                       corner of the screen.  You can also use it to have C.J. answer a

                       cell phone, give a gift to or kiss a girlfriend (awwwr!), buy

                       property, and equip the weapon of the pickup C.J. is standing in to

                       replace the weapon currently in that slot.

  C             Crouch  Use W,S,A, and D to have C.J. move while crouching, and

                      tap one of them repeatedly, or add Left Alt, to have C.J. do it

                      slowly.  It can help C.J. sneak up on enemies.  End a crouch

                      with Spacebar, Left Shift, F, Enter, or the LMB.  C.J. can't

                      crouch with a Camera, Fire Extinguisher, Chainsaw, thrown weap-

                      on (Molotov, etc.,), or heavy weapon (Minigun, Flamethrower, or

                      either rocket launcher).

  C and hold the RMB   C.J. crouches and can target someone (see "RMB or Caps

                                          Lock" below).  Crouching can help C.J. fire a gun with

                                          more accuracy and make him harder to hit.  If you press

                                          A or D, he rolls left or right and takes aim again.

  LMB         Fire, punch, hit with a melee weapon, throw, spray paint, deploy a

                       Parachute while C.J. is falling, change the "camera" view of a

                       lap dance, and take a snap shot.  As in "Vice City," you can

                       hold the LMB down to keep a Chainsaw revved up and pointed for-

                       ward, then move with W,S,A, or D to create fast Chainsaw at-

                       tacks.  Unlike Tommy, C.J. can't jump while he's equipped with

                       it, though.

  RMB or Caps Lock      Target someone or bring up the scope of a Sniper Rifle,

                                           Rocket Launcher, or Heat Seeking Rocket Launcher so it can

                                           be aimed and fired.  In the case of a Heat-Seeking Rocket

                                           Launcher, it also makes a green reticle appear over the

                                           target, and the green turns to red as the system locks on-

                                           to the target.

                                         To target someone, aim C.J. or his weapon at them and

                                      press RMB or Caps Lock.  It makes an arrow point down at

                                      their head.  The color of the arrow indicates their

                                      health.  It turns from green to red to black and disap-

                                      pears as they weaken and die.  If C.J. is equipped with a

                                      Knife and you target someone from behind with the RMB,

                                      C.J. prepares for a stealth kill he'll execute if you

                                      press the LMB.  It also creates the potential for C.J. to

                                      see if they can be recruited into his gang (see below).

  RMB or Caps Lock,

    and G or H               Press the RMB to target one of his gang members (see

                                         above) and press G, and if C.J. has enough Respect,

                                         they'll follow him as a gang member (into a vehicle,

                                         swimming, sometimes over walls, etc.) and attack oppos-

                                         ing gang members and criminals--they may also attack law

                                         enforcers who pursue or attack C.J..    With 80% Respect,

                                         C.J. can recruit seven gang members.

                                   Press G to draw them to C.J. if they run away, and press H

                                       to have them wait in place (I remember the keys by

                                       thinking of "G" for "Gang" and "H" for "Hang back").

                                       They may ignore the last command if one of those they

                                       attack comes by, and C.J. doesn't have to go far for

                                       them to ignore a command to stay in place and run toward

                                       him, though.  If you want a recruit to leave the group,

                                       such as when their health gets low, make the arrow ap-

                                       pear over them and press H.  To disband the whole group,

                                       hold H or have C.J. go far away from them.

  RMB and LMB             To have C.J.'s recruits attack someone, target the victim

                                            with the RMB then press the LMB.

  E or Mouse Wheel Down   Next weapon/Target

  Q or Mouse Wheel Up        Previous Weapon/Target

  X or Mouse Wheel Up        Zoom In

  Z or Mouse Wheel Down   Zoom Out

  Y  Conversation "Yes"

  N  Conversation "No"  Besides using these two to have C.J. respond to someone

                                            in a mission or to a hooker or drug dealer, it can let

                                            him respond to some of the things the pedestrians say.

  V              View: you can pick one of several distances for a 3rd person

                       view that mainly follows C.J. from behind.

  NP1 or MMB   Look Behind


  I.7.aa  Climbing trees

  C.J. can walk up sloped trees, too, like Tommy Vercetti could in "Vice City."

One tall one is at the N side of the swamp in Back O Beyond.

  He can jump from the ground into the kind of trees on square boxes on the

sidewalks in Ocean Flats, too, if you have him jump from beyond a corner of the

base at the highest of the bottom limbs.  If he jumps on a vehicle 1st, about a

vehicle hood distance from the next to the lowest limb with his head in or by

the leaves, sometimes he climbs up into the same trees.

  He can jump up and climb the sort of trees with white trunks that you can find

by one with a thick gray trunk on a grass strip behind a white picket fence S of

the lot that's on the S side of the Fleischberg plant that's SW of downtown


  He can climb the kind, with pale marbled beige bark and gray limbs, you find

an example of across the street and NE of the hospital in Fort Carson.

  He can climb onto the trees that look like little squat palm trees, and onto

the cactus (that has the basic shape of Saguaro cactus except with a smooth

skin), in the desert.

  On the W side of the park that has a statue of a baseball player, on the block

of "ANC" of "FINANCIAL" in San Fierro, C.J. can jump from a ledge and get into a

tall tree with white bark.

********  Taking Photographs

  Raise the viewfinder of a Camera with the RMB, Zoom in and out with X and Z or

the Mouse Wheel, and snap the photo with the LMB.

  Press the RMB to aim the Camera viewfinder at a GSF gang member recruited to

follow C.J., or a girlfriend, and they'll pose for a picture.

  With the Camera equipped, press Tab around a GSF gang member recruited to fol-

low C.J. to have them take the Camera.  Pose C.J. with W,S,A,D,C, and/or Space-

bar, then either press Tab again for them to take C.J.'s picture, or F or Enter

to have them return the Camera.

  You can save the pictures taken with it in your GTA San Andreas User Files in

My Documents if you turn the option for Store Gallery Photos on in the menu.


  I.7.b  Initial fight moves Controls

  Hold the RMB and press the LMB          Advances with left and right jabs

  Hold the RMB and press F                      Advances with Right jabs

                                                                        and right kicks

  Hold the RMB and W

       and press the LMB                             Advances at a trot with right jabs


  Note: I remap Left Shift and Spacebar for Foot Controls so each does the job

of the other.


  Hold the RMB, W, and Left Shift,

    and press the LMB                               Runs with right jabs

  Hold the RMB and press Spacebar        Blocks with both arms; this can also

                                                                     be done while C.J. trots or runs

  See the several gym sections for moves C.J. learns later.  He needs to beat

all three trainers and learn their fight moves for 100% completion of the game.

  Thanks to a Gamefaqs post by metalacid123 for pointing out that C.J. uses the

fight moves used by the last instructor he beat, so you could send him to an

earlier trainer if you like their style better, etc.

  The fight moves can be supplemented with a melee weapon.  Reader Chen Dong

shows this to good effect with C.J. armed with a Knife for "Gray Imports" and

"Los Sepulcros."  It's a good combination of C.J. being able to run fast for a

chase, knock the target down, and use a strong weapon on them.  Having C.J. punch his neighbors to get to know them

  A couple of pedestrians you might see in Fort Carson:

  The cowboy in black with an eyepatch: "Green-blooded abomination!" "Can't let

them take me again," "He's one of them!" "For Earth, man!" "You can't steal my

mind," "You're not probin' me again," and "I know things."

  A cowboy with sunglasses, a light beard, and a blue checkered shirt over a

blue jersey: "You won't abduct me--no, you won't."


  I.7.c  Swimming Controls

  No key                Tread water; if underwater, slowly rise to the surface

  W                        Swim forward with a breast stroke

  Mouse Steering   Turn


  Note: I remap Left Shift and Spacebar for Foot Controls so each does the

job of the other.

  Left Shift             Swim forward fast with a crawl;

                                    press it quickly and repeatedly to have C.J. swim faster

  Spacebar              Jump till the water is about knee high; climb out of water


  W then add LMB               Dive underwater

  W then add LMB (dive),

  then hold Left Shift            Swim underwater

  Once he's underwater, you just need Left Shift, with Mouse Steering, to have

him keep swimming there.  Press Left Shift quickly and repeatedly to have C.J.

swim faster.

  Mind the breath meter, and notice that most of the marine life swims away if

C.J. gets close to them--the way they react to people in real life.

  (You might try the Joypad option, which you can't use mouse steering for, to

see what swimming looks like with it.  When C.J. is underwater, hold down Left

Shift and alternate between W and S, and C.J. goes forward by waving up and down

like a fish.  Turning strokes, with A or D, look more active, too.)

  Walking, driving, and flying underwater

  Mxyzptlk, at GTA Forums, gave an exception for the swimming controls--a glitch

that lets C.J. walk, drive, etc., underwater.

  One of the places you can send C.J. to create the glitch is N of the curve in

the highway between Hanky Pank Point and the pretzel-shaped intersection to the

W of it.  Have him dive at the S side of the floor of San Andreas Sound and swim

at the place where the floor meets the cliff.  His breath bar will rise then

disappear, he'll stand on his feet, and C.J. will be able to explore the under-

water area like he can on dry land.

  You can use a code to spawn a vehicle or have C.J. push one into the water
ahead of time.  (If C.J. walks onto non-solid ground, like at the edge of the
map, he'll fall then appear on nearby dry land.)

  Thanks to Spaceeinstein for sending me a link to his video that shows how to
have C.J. drive underwater:

  If you have C.J. push the vehicle to the same spot that lets C.J. walk under-

water, it will show the properties it does on land, too, so C.J. can drive it.

  Thanks to Demarest for explaining it as matter of finding a way to put C.J.

underwater without the game considering him as having crossed through the sur-

face of the water--the game won't treat him as if he's underwater and he can

walk along the bottom.

   Thanks to GTA_Phreak for recommending that you look for the difference in the

lighting (lighter) waviness (none) and sound (no gurgling or whatever that is)

to find the spot, also indicated by the fact that it's the only underwater sur-

face that C.J. can create fires on, and if it's hard to put the vehicle in it,

you can sometimes get the same effect by having C.J. enter the vehicle.

  He adds several more places where you can use the glitch:

  - at the coast S of the 1st "O" of "PANOPTICON," a tiny bit W of due S of the

SW corner of the big brown square,

  - in the middle of a NW to SE section of coast that's S of the W edge of the

"O" of "FLINT COUNTY," and

  - at the SE coast of Flint County W of the "S" of the compass shown on the

ocean on the paper map.  Using the map and radar in the game, going S to N, you

can see the coast has a straight line then a curved one--the spot is most of the

way N along the curve.

  Orion_SR found another spot for the gimmick at the base of a gray corner of

the coast that's N of the T intersection that's N of the 1st "A" of "EASTER BAY


  KingBulleT 8747's method can be used for C.J., if not his vehicle, in loca-

tions where the shore is directly by water which is over C.J.'s head if he

stands in it, such as by the edge of a dock:

  Have C.J. park parallel to the water with enough space between the vehicle and

the water for C.J. to stand in with a few feet to spare.  Have him punch someone

to make them fight then have C.J. get in the vehicle and get jacked.  When C.J.

falls in the water, he can do things underwater as he can on land without a bar

for his air level.

  Swimming mania hits San Andreas

  The general understanding is that C.J. is the only one in the game who can

swim; an exception to that is that Ryder can swim in "Pier 69."

  Shane Wong, a reader, wrote to me that Catalina can swim, too, if C.J. drives

into the water with her while he has his choice of places to rob and she follows

him.  That's the kind of thing that's interesting to me--it shows the depth of

the world Rockstar has created for us to have fun with.  So I asked Shane to let

me know what any other testing about that turned up.  It turns out all kinds of

people can swim in "San Andreas."

  If C.J. leads a GSF gang member into water, they can swim.

  If C.J. drives the car Sweet must use (as in "Los Sepulcros") into the water,

Sweet will get out and drown.  But if C.J. drives a car that's optional for

Sweet (as in "Sweet's Girl") into the water, Sweet (and the girlfriend) will get

out and swim after C.J..

  Reader Anurag Sinha confirms Catalina's swimming ability and adds that Mike

Toreno and T-Bone can swim in the mission "Mike Toreno."

  Any law enforcer I've seen follow C.J. if he gets a wanted rating drowns if

they get into water, but since they are assigned vehicles, I guess they fit the

rest of the idea.

  It sounds to me like anyone that follows C.J., including people codes cause to

follow him, can swim if C.J. leads them into water, including ones who get out

of vehicles that are optional for missions.  They drown if they get out of a ve-

hicle they must use for a mission.

  Thanks to Shane Wong for a real good find!


  I.7.d  Vehicle Controls

  Note: I remap Horn from Caps Lock or H to Left Shift to be like my setup for

"Vice City."

  I.7.e  Four-Wheel vehicle Controls

  Note for all non-flying vehicles:

  turn on STEER WITH MOUSE in the OPTIONS menu.

  W                Accelerate

  S                 Reverse; activates rear lights

  Mouse Steering or A         Left

  Mouse Steering or D         Right

  Don't press the keys for acceleration and turning at the same time if you want

your vehicle to have better grip during turns.

  A and D can also be used to correct the tipping of a vehicle, which can be

      easier if you do it while accelerating.

  Spacebar    Brake; four wheel steering for a Monster truck or Rhino

  In some cases, such as in front of the barber shop in "Ryder," II.7, having

C.J. drive into a red shaft of light during a mission will stop his vehicle,


  Q                  Look or aim left

  E                  Look or aim right

  Q and E

      or MMB   Look behind

  LMB            Fire

  RMB            Look all around using the mouse; auto-aim for Rhino cannon

  F or Enter     Exit a vehicle (if the vehicle is moving slowly, one press stops

                            the vehicle and another press makes C.J. exit)


  Left Shift (I remap it from Caps Lock or H)   Horn; Mr. Whoopee jingle; Taxi or

                     Cabbie Boost Jump after delivering 50 fares; siren and flashing

                     lights for emergency and law enforcement vehicles.



       or 2  Sub-mission

  Y         Trip Skip: in some missions that start with a long driving section,

                  if C.J. fails the mission and you have him go back to the shaft of

                  light to start the mission again, you'll get a prompt asking if

                  you want to use the Trip Skip to skip past the initial section to

                  get to the rest of the mission--if you do, press Y.

                  Some missions that let you skip initial driving section are, at

                  least, "OG Loc," "Badlands," "Lure," and "Interdiction."  ("End of

                  the Line" does something like that automatically for both the

                  timed section of getting out of Big Smoke's place and the Fire-

                  truck chase.)

 V            Change "Camera" View;

                     while using Cinematic View--the variety of views--

                     you can select from among the views it has with NP4

  Up         "Camera" positioned higher (good for seeing ahead near hilltops)

  Down     "Camera" positioned lower (good for reading C.J.'s license plate)

  NP4       The scene revolves clockwise

  NP6       The scene revolves counter-clockwise

  F5                           User Track Skip--skip a song on the User Track radio station

  Mouse Wheel Up

       or 4                   Next Radio Station

  Mouse Wheel Down

       or R                   Previous Radio Station

  Left Ctrl

      or NP0      Nitro Boost--available for certain vehicles at mod shops

                                             and for Taxis and Cabbies after delivering 50 fares

  Tow Truck hook, Fork Lift fork, Dozer scoop, Dumper bed, Tractor hitch, and

Packer ramp:

  NP2    Raise

  NP8    Lower

  The Tractor can pull a Plow behind it.  (I've also used it to tow a sedan.)

  Back a Linerunner, Tanker, or Roadtrain to one of several shapes of box trail-

er, or to an oil tank trailer, or a Baggage to a Baggage trailer or tall mobile

set of steps, to hitch it.  To unhitch it, jackknife the combo (which may throw

the hitched part a distance away, for some reason) or run the front of the back

part into something.  A Baggage trailer may be hitched to another Baggage trail-

er or to a tall set of mobile steps.

  The Tug has a hitch on the back as a Baggage vehicle does, but I've yet to

find anything that hitches to it.

  A Utility Van can also be hitched to a little "STREET CLEAN" trailer (see

"Utility Van" under "Land vehicles"--see I.8.a) the same way, but I'm not

sure if that trailer is in the unmodified game.  So far I've only seen it by

using the GTA SA Control Center (X.13.c) which calls it a "Utility Trailer. 


  The Forklift, Dozer, and Combine Harvester are steered by turning the rear

wheels, which makes the vehicle steer in the opposite direction than the one

you're used to.  It may be easier to get used to steering one if you use the

keyboard and not the mouse.  But if you want to make one steer with the front

wheels, see X.10.b under "...miscellaneous jazz" for how to change column ag in

the data\handling.cfg file with Ben "Cerbera" Millard's CFG Studio 2.


  Left Shift    Raise or lower the body;

                      the body holds this mode after the key is pressed

  NP+            Raise or lower the body;

                      the body holds this mode while the key is pressed

  NP4           Raises the left side while pressed when the body is lowered, and

                         lowers the left side while pressed when the body is raised

  NP6           Raises the right side while pressed when the body is lowered, and

                         lowers the right side while pressed when the body is raised

  NP2           Raises the back end while pressed when the body is lowered, and

                         lowers the back end while pressed when the body is raised

  NP8           Raises the front end while pressed when the body is lowered, and

                         lowers the front end while pressed when the body is raised

  You can combine one front or back number pad key with one right or left side

number pad key to raise or lower a corner of the vehicle.

  If Left Shift is pressed, and so the mode is changed from raised to lowered or

lowered to raised, while one or two number pad keys are pressed, the effect of

the number pad keys pressed changes accordingly: a lowered front in raised mode

changes to a raised front end in lowered mode, etc.

  If NP+ is pressed while one or two number pad keys are pressed, it

  raises the lowered part while pressed when the body is in lowered mode, and

     lowers the raised part while pressed when the body is in raised mode.

  The things you can find in the back of trucks


  - wooden crates stenciled "AMMUNITION" and "DO NOT EAT!"


  - Discount Furniture: two chairs

  - LSD--Los Santos Delivery Co.: a crate with an LSD label and a microwave

  - Uphill Gardner: a potted flower


  - boxes

  Berkley's Van

  - RC toy boxes


  - Shafted Appliances: refrigerators and a microwave

  - Semi: boxes with labels that say "SEMI"

  - Toy Corner: Toy Corner boxes


  - a sound system (not just in a Pony in "Life's a Beach"--every Pony has one)


  - a caged-off section containing a cabinet with security deposit drawers


  - Big Gas: a crate with a Big Gas label

  - RS Haul: a crate with an RS Haul label and a microwave

  The HESOYAM code, besides giving C.J. $250,000 and maximum Armor and Health,

has the effect of the Health code of the last two GTA's and repairs any vehicle

C.J. is in.


  I.7.f  Motorcycle or Bicycle Controls

  W  Accelerate; for a bicycle, press it repeatedly and quickly

             to have C.J. stand and pump the pedals to go faster

  S                           Reverse the front wheel on a bicycle;

                               Reverse the rear wheel on a motorcycle

  Spacebar              Brake rear wheel

  Spacebar and S    Stronger braking by adding a bit of reverse

  In some cases, such as near the end of "Sweet and Kendl," II.6, having C.J.

drive into a red shaft of light during a mission will stop his vehicle, too.

  Mouse steering or A    Left

  Mouse Steering or D   Right

  It's easier for me to do stunts or a forward drive-by if I leave Mouse Steer-

ing alone and use my right hand for the Up, Down, and either Fire button.


  Left Shift      Motorcycle horn or bicycle bell

                             (I remap it from Caps Lock or H)


  F or Enter     Get off a motorcycle or bicycle (if the vehicle is moving

                            slowly, one press stops the vehicle and another press makes

                            C.J. get off)

  NP0 or

       Left Ctrl      C.J. prepares to Bunny Hop on bike; release NP0 for C.J. to

                              Bunny Hop.  The bicycle hops higher as his cycling skill im-

                              proves.  Press the LMB to fire a submachine gun just after

                              releasing NP0, and sometimes C.J. hops a great deal higher.

  2 or NP+      Sub-mission  Vigilante for HPV1000

  Y           Trip Skip: in some missions that start with a long driving section,

                    if C.J. fails the mission and you have him go back to the shaft of

                    light to start the mission again, you'll get a prompt asking if

                    you want to use the Trip Skip to skip past the initial section to

                    get to the rest of the mission--if you do, press Y.

                    Some missions that let you skip initial driving section are, at

                    least, "OG Loc," "Badlands," "Lure," and "Interdiction."  ("End of

                    the Line" does something like that automatically for both the

                    timed section of getting out of Big Smoke's place and the Fire-

                    truck chase.)

  Up         Stand and lean Forward--part of a Stoppie.

                   Pressing it quickly and repeatedly, without letting C.J. stand up,

                   makes a motorcycle go faster.

  Down    Lean back--part of a Wheelie.  It can be used for sharper turns, too.

  Up and Down can level the wheels for safer landings.

  Q               Look, aim submachine gun or package left

  E                Look, aim submachine gun or package right

  Q and E     Look behind

  RMB         Look all around using the mouse

  LMB or Left Alt       Fire SMG (while looking forward, left, or right);

                                       do this just after letting go of NP0 to Bunny Hop and

                                       sometimes C.J. hops real high.

  Mouse Wheel Up

    or 4                           Next Radio Station on a motorcycle

  Mouse Wheel Down

    or R                           Previous Radio Station on a motorcycle

  F5                                User Track Skip--skip a song on the User Track radio station

                                           on a motorcycle

   All motorcycles seat two except the Pizza Boy.  All bicycles seat one.

  If C.J.'s motorcycle is reversing and you think he may fall off the 'cycle,

you can sometimes have him avoid a wreck by having his motorcycle turn instead.

  The HESOYAM code, besides giving C.J. $250,000 and maximum Armor and Health,

has the effect of the Health code of the last two GTA's and repairs any vehicle

C.J. is in.

  The OUIQDMW code, besides giving C.J. the ability to aim in any direction

while using a land vehicle, makes it easy for him to do airgrabs and less likely

to fall off of his motorcycle.


  I.7.ff  Stunt information

  Si J'ai des Sauts pour L'amour (Ending Edited By Act Of Congress)

  A Li'l Dodo film by Glen T. Winstein

  C.J. does stunts for Michelle.  I think this reflects the work I did with

Stroheim.  I also suggested the oat variety for his grain bread, athough I

didn't get credit for it.

  You can download this file (Si J'ai Des Sauts Pour L'amour 80.6 MB) from
filefront: (inactive link/site changed to gamefront);12967940;/fileinfo.html  (inactive/site changed to gamefront)

  You can download a couple of my video files or "Glenster's Go On San Andreas
v.1 Mission Select Save Games" (Glenster's MissionSelect SA v1) from gamefront
at this link:

  The 70 Unique Jumps, not needed for 100% completion of the game, are in sec-

tion  XI.a.

  Also see "Glenster's Guide to Some of Vice City" for some stunt info.

  "Complete Guide to Stunting San Andreas" by DeathCobra

  "Ultimate Stunting Video Tutorial" by Fugitive

  Another place to try is gta-stunt:

  You can find a lot of GTA Stunt videos at:

  "Flight Gear": is a snazzy stunt video by Pep and Kr3mlin.

  "As One Again," a collaboration by the Twisted Metal Stunters with the Xtreme
Stunting Alliance, has good motorcycle and car stunts.

  "Amped 2" is a real good community stunt video of motorcycle, bicycle, and car
stunts from gtastunting directed by daffy.

  "GTA San Andreas Bike Stunts" (Video 4) by AJSTYLESISPHENOMENAL

  "GTA SA stunts" by azoazotube

  "GTA San Andreas Stunts #1" by gelenkigeOma

  "Jacking a Police Maverick by the Marina" by GTA Phreak

  "GTA San Andreas Stunting Tutorials - Wheelie & Stoppie" by Fugitive292

  The video at the next link shows how to do a backward stoppie with a bike and
a ramp.  To do it without a ramp, have C.J. do a bunny hop while turning 180 de-
gress then continue the same way.

  "The Backwards Stoppie San Andreas Stunt Tutorial" by DJDeji69

  "Tutorial for Backwards-Stoppie with a Motobike" by Curadell

  "History of ATS"

  You can have C.J. drive a motorcycle or bicycle into the inverted yellow cone

on the NE side of the oval building S of "LOS" of "DOWNTOWN LOS SANTOS" to have

C.J. and his vehicle appear on the roof (where there's a Parachute).  It makes a

good jump spot, and C.J., and any GSF gang member he takes on the motorcycle,

won't get hurt if you can have him land while staying on the vehicle. 


  All the motorcycles and bicycles, like the "Vice City" Sanchez, make it easy

to hold the wheelie position (hold down the Up key) except:

  - the Wayfarer (the back fender won't let it),

  - the Mountain Bike can do it but you need to pump the Up key and low acceler-

ation a while before you can get the bike to hold the wheelie, and

  - the Sanchez, ironically, is too lousy at it to bother.  If you pump the Up

key and low acceleration, you can get it to do it a bit.


  According to Fugitive at the GTA Place Forums, to do a wallride:

  - wheelie before the wall (unless there's already a slope up to it at the base

of it), and

  - hit the wall and press and hold right (if the wall is to the right) or left

(if the wall is on the left).

  (For SA, he also recommends you hold Lean Forward--NP9.)

  The drainage ditches, including one E of C.J.'s house, can be used for an easy

way to get used to doing wallrides.


  Fugitive has the motorcycle wheelie so the front wheel hits the top of the

ledge 1st.  For small ledges, wheelie just before the ledge; for higher ledges,

wheelie higher from farther back from the ledge and press Lean Forward (NP9)

upon impact.  For a curb bump. wheelie at about 80 degrees so the back of the

motorcycle hits the curb.

  For a double bump, wheelie at least 45 degrees to hit the sidewalk with the

back of the motorcycle at the time of the 1st bump.

  The Wheelie method for a faster bicycle

  According to Fugitive at the GTA Place Forums, if C.J. makes a bicycle wheelie

to about a 45 degree angle as he accelerates, it gives him a higher top speed.

A wheelie closer to 90 degrees can let C.J. go even faster, but if it's too high

it will slow him down

  I'll add that you should release Up once C.J. has a wheelie.


  Fugitive has advice for a few different kinds of airgrabs.

  Ground Grab

  Have C.J.'s motorcycle get airborne (by going over the crest of a hill, doing

a jump, etc.), wheelie/lean back so the back of the motorcycle hits the ground,

at which time you have C.J. bail, and press F/Enter quickly and repeatedly.

  Fall Grab

  Have C.J. push a motorcycle off the edge of a high place like the roof of a

building.  Press F/Enter quickly and repeatedly as it starts to fall.

  Ground Grab to Fall Grab

  Combine the two methods given above.  Have C.J. drive a motorcycle toward the

edge of a roof, wheelie so the back of the motorcycle hits the roof and bail as

it hits, and press F/Enter to have C.J. do the grab as the bike goes off the


  The San Andreas Superjump

  Spuds725, at the message board below, gave a good explanation of how to do the

San Andreas Superjump that 1gamer26 discovered and shared on the Gamefaqs web

site message board.

  You have C.J. drive the motorcycle along the front of the right wing of the

Cropduster or Hydra toward the fuselage and try to drive under the engine or

where the wing meets the body.  He's teleported somewhere else, sometimes with a

lot of rotations.  So far, on PC, I've only managed to make the plane hover in

mid-air in a wheelie position.

  The "Vice City" morphing gimmick, which keeps Tommy on a motorcycle, isn't

used in "San Andreas," and certain PS2 codes that have the effect of keeping

C.J. on his motorcycle don't do that for the PC version.

  Spuds says to use the PS2 "full weapon aiming while driving" code--on PC,

that's "OUIQDMW"--to have C.J. stay on the bike and get big Stats.  I can reaf-

firm that one.

  In a GTA Forums post, gtamike123 says to have C.J. stand by the motorcycle,

put in the code that makes vehicles blow up when C.J.'s vehicle bumps them, have

him get on the motorcycle, and put the code in again to disable it.

  Bryceroni69  reports that Mxyzptlk's idea--to have C.J. get on a motorcycle

then enter the Jetpack code--which works for PS2 to keep C.J. on his motorcycle,

works for some collisions for PC.

  Monster Superjump

  Have C.J. drive a Monster to an intersection where vehicles are stopped and

drive it onto the engine hood of a vehicle that's stopped.  Have C.J. exit to

stop the truck in that position then try to enter the other vehicle.

  Various things can happen.  Before C.J. can enter the other vehicle, it may

become imbedded grill downward in the street--sometimes in a larger, flatter

condition.  It may disappear or spin off somewhere nearby.  When the driver

doesn't try to drive away and stays in the vehicle while C.J. takes it from

them, it may take C.J. spinning for a super jump.  (If so, the vehicle may ex-

plode before landing.)

  Lordjonash made a video of it called "Gta San Andreas - Insane Monster Truck


  The BMX Stoppie glitch

  The BMX can be used for a long stoppie time, although it's more of a glitch

than a long stoppie.  To do it, have C.J. do a stoppie with the BMX and lean so

far forward that the BMX becomes stuck in one spot, which you maintain by hold-

ing Up/Lean Forward.


   Quad front flips by EVOLUTIONGSR8

  When C.J. is going fairly fast on a Quad, have him stand and lean forward, Up,

while holding down Brake, Spacebar, and Reverse, S--in other words, do what you

do to have him do a Stoppie on a motorcycle--and he'll do a front flip.  You can

have him do it down Mount Chiliad for a lot of flips (then fire an SMG like

Samus Aran).


  The Two Wheeler gimmick

  A "Vice City" gimmick I learned from Chris of the GTA Place web site...

  works in "San Andreas," too.  It lets you use a helicopter to get a big Two
Wheeler score.  To do it, get C.J. into a Maverick or such and give W a tap to
get the helicopter off the ground.  Press S and either A or D to press one land-
ing rail to the ground.  When you've got as long a time for it as you want, have
C.J. exit the helicopter and enter a land vehicle.  The Two Wheeler score will
appear on the screen.  (The score has a glitch of giving you a longer time per-
iod than you used for the stunt.)

  Quadruple Insane Jumps

  PLPynton at GTA Forums says that Insane Jumps are based on jumps that are one

to three of these four things:

  -more than 40 meters long

  -more than 4 meters high

  -2 flips or more

  -more than 360 degree of rotation z (around a vertical axis)

  He says you can get the game to recognize Quadruple Insane Jumps by changing

the data\main.scm file.  You find the heading:


  The 2nd line there is:

  0020: $1304 > 4.0 ;; floating-point values

  Change it to:

  0018: $1292 > 4 ;; integer values

  You can use one of Demarest's SA Code Tools (see X.13.n), "Darkpact," to

change the data\main.scm file so you won't have to create a new save game file

for it.


  I.7.g  Note for all the flying vehicles

  You can turn on FLY WITH MOUSE in the OPTIONS menu (I usually don't).

  You might want to remember where the airborne bribes are.

  When C.J. uses one of the planes, jets, helicopters, or the Parachute, an al-

timeter appears to the left of the radar.

  As in "Vice City," the horizontal traffic light posts aren't solid--the verti-

cal ones are.  Candy Suxxx' lifted leg and the big chicken head aren't solid,


  A flying vehicle can take some damage and keep flying, although the flying

ability may be impaired and it may smoke.  A Hydra can get hit by a missile,

show some flames for a bit, then continue that way.

  When C.J. is flying with a wanted rating, have him fly low to avoid attracting

Police Mavericks that fire bullets (three or more stars) and Hydras that fire

heat-seeking missiles (four or more stars).  It can let you practice for

"N.O.E.," too--keep flying low and the Hydras will lose C.J. (and thanks to

spaceeinstein for reminding me).


  Where the three airline entrances are

  - Los Santos International Airport: east of the terminal building that looks

like the Theme Building (similar to the one in "III") is a rectangle of pairs of

roads paired with one over another.  The airline entrance is north of "LOS" by

the north side of the upper street of the pair that are the northern east to

west pair.

  - Easter Bay Airport: it's another case of roads paired with one over another.

The entrance is by the northeast section of the inner part of the upper circular

road south of "ER."

  - Las Venturas Airport: the entrance is just south of the middle of the east

side of the basically "X"-shaped terminal building--just southwest of the west

tip of the "V" of the big "LAS VENTURAS" letters.

  C.J. can pay a Juank airline $500 to get a ride on an AT-400 from one airport

to another.  Each airline office is open from the start of the game but only

makes rides available to territories that are legally available, so rides are

available when C.J. makes at least two territories legally available.  An air-

line ride gets rid of any number of wanted stars, too.  Thanks to Orion_SR for

telling me that when the Badlands become legally available C.J. can get an air-

line ride from Las Venturas, which clears the wanted rating he got from going

there, to Los Santos.


  I.7.h  Plane or Jet Controls

  W        Accelerate

   S         Reverse

  Mouse Steering or A    Bank left (right flap down, left flap up)

  Mouse Steering or D    Bank right (right flap up, left flap down)

  Q                              Rudder--turn left while Q is pressed 

  E                              Rudder--turn right while E is pressed

  While the craft turns, the "camera" view lags behind it in making the turn.

The "camera" aims ahead while the craft moves forward after the turn.

  Down                 Up

  Up                      Down

  F or Enter           Exit the vehicle  (if the vehicle is moving slowly on the

                                  ground, one press stops the vehicle and another press

                                  makes C.J. exit)

  2 or NP+             Raise or lower landing gear--planes and jets go faster

                                  with it raised; start or stop the release of dust from

                                  the Crop Duster and red smoke from the Stuntplane

  Left Ctrl

    or NP0              Fire the machine gun of the Rustler and RC Baron

  Mouse Wheel Up

       or 4                         Next Radio Station

  Mouse Wheel Down

       or R                        Previous Radio Station

  F5                                User Track Skip--skip a song on the User Track radio station

  V           "Camera" view

  RMB      Look all around using the mouse

  NP8       Raise and close the hatch on the back of the Andromada

  NP2       Lower and open the hatch on the back of the Andromada

  NP4       The scene revolves clockwise

  NP6       The scene revolves counter-clockwise

  Controls for the Dodo:

  Controls for the Skimmer:

  Don't turn off the frame limiter when you have C.J. fly the Skimmer or it

won't be able to take off from the water.

  Thanks to the tip by at Gamefaqs by Riamu for the tip that Shamals and

AT-400's have auto-pilot.  (I'll add the Hydra and Andromada to the list--in

other words, all the jets have it.)  Once you give one of those jets enough al-

titude, you can let go of the controls and it will fly, a bit slower and at the

same altitude, in the same direction.

  Banking turns cause a drop in altitude which you can compensate for with ac-

celeration and by turning the vehicle up (the Down key).  Rudder turns don't

cause that problem but don't allow as sharp a turn.

  Thanks to Orion_SR for the tip that the AT-400 doesn't get attacked by Hydras

during a high wanted rating.

  People who aren't used to the PC controls for planes, and complain that the

controls make planes hard to fly, might want to see this stunt video, "Wichita,"

by Ghostchild:

  I have his word that he did it on PC with a keyboard and mouse setup and not a

gamepad or joystick.  (If you saw his motorcycle stunt videos for "Vice City,"

you shouldn't be too surprised.)


  According to Rockstar North lead level designer Craig Filshie, early 2005:

      "Planes, like the rest of San Andreas, are drawn around CJ as he moves

      through the state.  In Los Santos, you'll see high-flying commercial jets

      thousands of feet in the air.  On the beaches of Santa Marina, there might

      be the occasional flyby of a biplane.  Out in the country, smaller private

      aircraft are constantly buzzing around.  When we first implemented the

      feature, we found that every once in a while a plane would spawn with a

      trajectory that led it directly into the side of a mountain or right into

      the ground. And we loved it, so it stayed."

  I'll add that sometimes the planes come trailing smoke down to the ground.
The area near the SW side of the Big Ear is a good spot to see it more often.


  I.7.i  Hydra Controls

   Hover mode (like controls for a helicopter)

  W    Up

  S     Down

  Mouse steering, A, or Left     Bank left

  Mouse steering, D, or Right   Bank right

  Q                               Rudder--Pivot left

  E                               Rudder--Pivot right

  Up        Dip forward

  Down   Raise back

  NP8      Hold until it changes to jet mode--four thruster nozzles pointing back

    Jet mode

  W     Forward

  S      Reverse

  Mouse Steering, A, or Left     Bank left

  Mouse Steering, D, or Right   Bank right

  Q      Turn left

  E      Turn right

  Up        Down

  Down   Up

  NP2     Hold until it changes to hover mode--four thruster nozzles pointing down


    Either mode

  F or Enter        Exit the Hydra (if it's moving slowly on the ground, one

                              press stops the vehicle and another press makes C.J. exit)

  Mouse Wheel Up

        or 4                        Next Radio Station

  Mouse Wheel Down

        or R                       Previous Radio Station

  F5                                User Track Skip--skip a song on the User Track radio station

  V                   "Camera" view

  RMB              Look all around using the mouse

  NP4               The scene revolves clockwise

  NP6               The scene revolves counter-clockwise

  2 or NP+        Raise or lower landing gear;

                         raising it lets the Hydra go faster

  Spacebar       Target; it causes a green reticle to appear over the target,

                             and the green turns to red when the system locks onto the


  NP0 or

       Left Ctrl                          Fire a rocket


        Left Alt, or Right Ctrl    Drop chaff (strips like aluminum foil, or clus-

                                                    ters of fine wire, meant to throw off radar de-

                                                    tection) and a flare (to throw off heat detec-

                                                    tion).  You can use this, and change the path

                                                    of the Hydra, to elude missiles, which are in-

                                                    dicated on the radar and by a sound effect.

  You might like to try flying the Hydra upside-down for a change.

  You can point the thrusters at an angle for a slow forward speed.  The Hydra

jolts for an instant when you go from hover mode to jet mode or back (Thanks to


  The screen shot at the 2nd link below reflects that I remapped Fire from NP0

to hyphen--"-"--to make it easier to fire while taking a screen shot with F10

with FRAPS.


  I.7.j  Helicopter Controls

  W    Up

   S     Down

  Mouse steering, A, or Left      Bank left

  Mouse steering, D, or Right    Bank right

  Q                      Pivot left

  E                      Pivot right

  Up         Dip forward

  Down    Raise back

  F or Enter                     Exit the helicopter

  Mouse Wheel Up

        or 4                         Next Radio Station

  Mouse Wheel Down

        or R                        Previous Radio Station

  F5                                 User Track Skip--skip a song on the User Track radio station

  V                                  "Camera" view

  NP4                             The scene revolves clockwise

  NP6                             The scene revolves counter-clockwise


  Left Shift (remapped from Caps Lock or H)  Stop the horizontal movement; turns

                                                                              the Police Maverick search light

                                                                              on and off from 19:00 to 6:00


  2 or NP+                             Sub-mission: "Brown Thunder" for the Hunter

  Left Ctrl

      or NP0                            Fire the machine gun (Hunter or Sea Sparrow)


        Left Alt, or Right Ctrl  Fire a rocket of the Hunter; activate or deactivate

                                                the magnet of the RC Goblin in "New Model Army"

                                                and of the Leviathan in "Up, Up, and Away!" 

  The lag of the turn of the "camera" behind the turn of a vehicle is the worst

for the helicopters.  Going to a backward view for a moment aims the "camera"

ahead again.

  The Hunter machine gun has auto-aim for the Vigilante mission.

  In "San Andreas," C.J. and others sometimes make superhuman jumps to get into

vehicles, which I noticed playing around with the BUBBLECARS code.  Law enforc-

ers can do this to bust C.J., too, so avoid flying low to the ground during a

wanted rating.

  For something a little different to look at more than it's generally useful, a

helicopter can be tilted to use the big spinning blades as a weapon that flings

targets a good distance.


  I.7.k  Parachute Controls

  Select Parachute in the weapon/gift slot

  Falling before opening the parachute:

  Down/S        slow descent, arms and legs spread

  Up/W           fast forward descent, arms to body and legs together

  A or D          Twirl

  LMB            Deploy a parachute while C.J. is falling

  Parachute deployed:

  S or Down    C.J. pulls his knees up, which slows his descent and moves him


  A or Right     Fly left

  D or Left       Fly right

  F or Enter     Detach the parachute (preferably as C.J. nears the ground)

  V                  "Camera" view

  Sometimes, with full Armor and Health, C.J. can survive a long fall, but will

die if he falls the same distance but lands wearing an unopened Parachute.

  Sometimes it doesn't open if C.J. doesn't fall enough 1st.  To avoid that, try

not to cut it close--give him a high altitude where he can deploy it safely.

  When C.J.'s Parachute is deployed and it looks like he may overshoot his land-

ing spot, you can have him fly in a circle to delay his advance toward it.

  C.J. can jump from a flying vehicle into deep water without harm if the water

is deep enough.  If he has a Parachute, it's a way to let him make such a jump

yet keep his Parachute afterward, too.


  I.7.l  Jetpack Controls

  Left Shift            Up

  Spacebar             Down

  W or Up              Forward (overrides Up)

  S or Down          Backwards

  A or Left             Left

  D or Right           Right

  Mouse Steering  Aim C.J. in any horizontal direction you want him to go

  RMB                   Press to have C.J. immediately go in the direction the mouse

                              is aimed


    or Left Ctrl   Fire weapon if C.J. has a Tec 9 or Micro SMG; if not, he can

                             fire a 9mm Pistol; any of them can be dual-wielded with the


  F or Enter       Remove the Jetpack--it may not remain where C.J. leaves it if

                                     C.J. uses something else, like a Parachute, in that slot,   

                                     or uses a vehicle, and might disappear if C.J. goes into 

                                     a building that loads the graphics for the interior.  It  

                                     often appears in front instead of behind him at removal,

                                     leading to moments more like Maxwell Smart than James

                                     Bond when he's in a hurry. 

  C.J. can't enter a building that loads an interior while wearing the Jetpack.

  C.J. has to remove the Jetpack to switch from one of the several weapons he

can fire while wearing it to another, even if the weapon he's equipped with

while wearing the Jetpack runs out of ammo.

  Within limits, the Jetpack will go higher if operated over a higher surface.

  An interesting feature for the Jetpack in the Joypad Configuration is to let

you have C.J. hover motionless by pressing the buttons or keys for strafe left

and strafe right at the same time.  Combined with the auto-target feature, it

can be handy for having C.J. keep some distance while he shoots human targets.



  I.7.m  Crane Controls

  F or Enter      In the red shaft of light near the crane, Enter the crane;

                        Exit the crane

  W or Up        Move the magnet farther away

  S or Down    Move the magnet closer

  A or Left       Move the magnet left

  D or Right     Move the magnet right


  Left Shift

  (remapped)   Lower the magnet


  Spacebar      Raise the magnet

  Tab  Deactivate or activate the magnetism of the magnet

  V     Close or distant "camera" view of the magnet

  You use the same controls for the crane in Hunter Quarry except you use the

LMB to activate or deactivate the magnet for it, and V doesn't work to change

the view.

  The Dude crane magnet in Easter Basin, San Fierro, and the one in Hunter Quar-

ry, Bone County, work on vehicles.  (You can have C.J. get into an attached ve-

hicle and make a swing of it.  This can also help you get Insane Stunt and Two

Wheeler stats.)

  The Final Build magnet E of the Clown's Pocket, Las Venturas, only works on

the boxes in the area.  Once the boxes are lifted, they hover in space.

   All three have magnets that look a little like they're from "Plan 9 from Out-

er Space" by Ed Wood, 1959.

  The wrecking ball crane, in San Fierro at the N end of the big brown block N

of where it says "DOHERTY" on the paper map, can be used to attack pedestrians

and vehicles.  It doesn't reach beyond the lot, though, so C.J. has to bring one

into the range of the crane.  A wanted rating will bring the corrupt law en-

forcers and their vehicles around.  It can kill a pedestrian in one drop of the

wrecking ball, but it takes a number of drops or swings of it to do much damage

to a vehicle.  Since it's impractical, it's a sort of Rube Goldberg contraption.


  I.7.n  Boat Controls

  W    Accelerate

  S     Reverse

  A     Left

  D     Right

  F or Enter   Enter a boat and man the steering wheel;

                     release the steering wheel

  Q             Look, aim submachine gun left

  E              Look, aim submachine gun right

  Q and E   Look behind

  LMB        Fire

  Mouse Wheel Up

        or 4                      Next Radio Station

  Mouse Wheel Down

        or R                      Previous Radio Station

  F5                              User Track Skip--skip a song on the User Track radio station

  V            "Camera" view

  RMB       Look all around using the mouse

  NP4        The scene revolves clockwise

  NP6        The scene revolves counter-clockwise

  The Predator police boat, just as in "III" and "Vice City," has a built-in

machine gun that fires forward or to either side.

  C.J. can jack a boat.  Have him swim to the front of it and press Spacebar to

have him grab the side, and again to have him climb aboard.  As in "Vice City,"

the pilot jumps off and can't swim.  If it's a Predator, you may have a police-

man stand on the front and fire at C.J., though.

  See "Codes," I.14, to see how to use the FLYINGFISH code to fly one of the

speedboats like a flying Rhino.


  I.8.a  A rundown of some of the vehicles and some of their real names

  There are pictures of the vehicles at:

  I especially thank the gta-series web site for having the screen shots I re-
lied on the most till I came up with my own.

  I'm sorry if some of the screen shots have looked look a little murky.  For

about half a year, I had to use an old GeForce4 MX 440 graphics card to see the

game vehicle proportions to make real vehicle comparisons.  If I put all the

settings low, I could get rid of graphic distortions in C.J.'s immediate area by

switching between a couple of the lowest resolutions.  With a shot lined up, I'd

crank it to 1024x768 and medium detail for the shot.  Otherwise, it would look

like this:

  Going from a graphics card that barely manages to play the game to one that's

moderately good, with a moderately good PC, otherwise, really makes a differ-

ence.  It's like the difference between seeing a sketch of something compared to

seeing it with the color shading and little light effects added.  A good card,

etc., lets you use a draw distance mod, too, so screenshots look a lot better.

If I go on too much with certain vehicles, it's because the new card makes me

go, "Oo-oo, look at that!" at everything--I'll calm down.

  As noted at the start, this walk-through, with active links, is at:

  Click "Back" to return from any of the links there--if you "X" it out, you'll

exit the web page.  To compare screenshots to photographs of vehicles, you might

bring a page up twice and click a link from each.


  The vehicles that return unchanged from "Vice City" are covered in "Glenster's

Guide to Some of Vice City" in sections I.9.B to I.9.E.  A few of the new ones

are also covered in this guide at "Exports and Imports for the Cranberry Crane"


  Sometimes, the years I give for a model aren't the entire range of years the

model looked like that.  The Wikipedia article that accompanies a model may give

the years of the "generation" of a model.  Google Image Search may help me nar-

row the range of years beyond that.  It's not a perfect system, so if anyone has

any helpful ideas, please let me know.  At this writing, I could use the proper

names for, at least, some of the boats, the Sweeper, and the Dozer.

  If a web address I give doesn't work by the time you read this, try using the

beginning of the address and searching the site (or just scouring Google or such

like I did).


  Flying vehicles

  Abandoned AC tower--photos of a short fat plane  the Gee Bee Model R

  The Gee Bee Model R Super Sportster, the "Flying Silo," was made by Granville

Brothers Aircraft of Springfield, Mass.  The R-1 was flown by Jimmy Doolittle to

win the 1932 Thompson Trophy cross-country speed race, and he set a new world

landplane speed record of 476 km/h (296 mph) in the Shell Speed Dash.

  AT-400  Boeing 737--I'm guessing 737-400 to match the "400"; an Airbus A320 is

similar  The AT-400 is in a big hanger at the SE corner of Las Venturas Airport.

C.J. can also get a ride in one as a passenger at each of the three airports.

  If you have C.J. try to go around the surface of it with a Jet Pack, you find

it has some unusual collision files.  There are big invisible parts over the

wings, and a bumpy strip of it over the fuselage.  C.J. can go through the

wheels, the middle of the tail fin, and fly up into part of the belly of the

fuselage, which can leave it in a wheelie position.  I haven't tried the VC su-

perjump, except using an SA AT-400 for the VC Packer, with it, though.

  C.J. can enter an AT-400 on the right or left side, but I'm not sure if the

AT-400 seats one or two.  I haven't yet tried to get the right door near a plat-

form high enough for one of C.J.'s gang members to enter it, if they can.  They

won't go up the steps he can tow to a door.

  Thanks to Mxyzptlk for the Airbus A320 tip

  Andromada  The Lockheed C-5 Galaxy is a good match for the wings and engines
and may be the origin of the name--the name of a galaxy.  The fuselage has the
right bulge along the lower sides and proportion to the wings and engines, but
the nose is too pointed and the Galaxy is entirely too big and moosey to be the

  A newer cargo jet, the Boeing C-17 Globemaster, just manages to get into the

1992 time frame of the game, and the most similar models (without the upturned

tips on the main wings) have the right round nose.  The proportion between fuse-

lage and engines is wrong but it's a good indication of the overall size of the


  An older cargo jet, the Lockheed C-141B or C Starlifter, is similar but it's
too long and thin with too long a fuselage in front of the main wings.

  You might say it's mainly a Galaxy reduced to the size of a Globemaster and

given the nose of the Globemaster.  It's featured in "Stowaway" and "A Home in

the Hills."  On PC, you can also make it appear with the GTA SA Control Center

(X.13.c).  You can open and close the hatch in back (but can't get anything in

it) with NP8 and NP2.  The Andromada seats two.

   Beagle  Britten-Norman Islander  It's high wing, twin prop plane.  If they

made a more stubby-nosed version, it would be perfect.  The 1st Islander, the

G-ATCT c/n 1, shown in the 1st link below, looks the most that way of the ones I

found.  The name may come via a pun with the name of the C-2 Greyhound, which

has a few similar features, and the fact that the black bulb on the nose of new-

er Islanders, combined with the two big front windows, makes it look a little

like a beagle.  The Beagle seats two.

  Cargobob  Sikorsky CH-53 front and attachments, Boeing CH47D Chinook fuselage,

and Eurocopter EC135 tail prop.  This is sort of the Glendale of helicopters

(and about as much fun to drive).  It looks to me like someone took a CH-53 and

smoothed it off and shaped it like a Chinook on the way back to one of those

distinctive Eurocopter tail props.  And thanks to photographer Peter Jong, who I

think is right about the Cargobob looking like it has the fuselage of a Boeing

CH47D Chinook.  It also makes the name funnier:

  The name is, I think, a play on the idea of a shiskebab.  You take a Eurocop-

ter tail prop, including the stem or "stick," and stick a Chinook on it--a cargo

helicopter on it--and you get a Cargobob.  It seats two.

  (The 1st several links below show a CH-53, a Chinook, and two Eurocopters.)

  Cropduster  Grumman G-164 AgCat  Use 2 or NP+ to make the dust start or stop

appearing from the back end.  The Cropduster seats one.

  Dodo  Cessna 150--called a 152 since 1978  The Dodo seats two.

  See?  "San Andreas" graphics make it look gray and sad in the middle of a

sunshiny field.  Someone should make a mod to throw more light on C.J. and his

vehicles.  The Dodo should be lit up more like this (without the fire):

  Easter Bay Airport entrance: the depiction of an airplane over the entrance
looks a bit like a U.K. WWII bomber--the Avro Manchester, predecessor to the
Avro Lancaster.  (Thanks to thedude777 for pointing out the three blade type of

  Flying Saucer  Could be a replica of a flying saucer.  Could be a flying sau-

cer.  Could be a promotion for yoyos sold in the lobby.  Could be to bring yoyos

into the lobby.  I do know this: the real one, at the Little A'Le'Inn (as in

"little alien") in Rachel, Nevada, is on a cable strung through a crane, and

this one is stuck on a stick.

  Hunter: Hughes/McDonnell Douglas AH-64A Apache '84-'92  The Hunter, the
HPV1000 motorcycle, and the Rhino tank are the most popular of the law enforce-
ment vehicles to use for the Vigilante mission (III.24).  The Hunter seats one.


  The wings, back of the cockpit, and shorter nose are like a Harrier II verti-
cal/short takeoff and landing (V/STOL) jet.

  The tailpiece, thinner body, the rest of the cockpit, and the intake on the
bottom (not one on each side as with a Harrier II) are like an F16.

  The word "Hydra" has had many uses.  It began to be associated with something
fierce as the name of a mythical monster with more than one head.  In recent
years, a Hydra-like problem, or Hydra, is one that increases in problems as you
as you try to solve it.

  The Hydra 70 family of WAFAR (Wrap-Around Fin Aerial Rocket) includes the Mk

40, "originally used during the Korean and Vietnam wars," "from about 20 differ-

ent firing platforms, both fixed-wing and armed helicopters, by all US armed

forces.  Today, the AH-64D Apache Longbow carries the Hydra rocket launcher

standard on its weapon pylons."  The relationship of this rocket to the type of

helicopter the Hunter is based on is probably the source of the name of the "San

Andreas" Hydra.

  The Hydra seats one.

  Jet Pack  Jet Pack or Rocket Pack  In text\american.gxt, it's called both a

"jet pack" and a "jetpack."  Sean Connery used one in the James Bond movie

"Thunderball," 1965.  In real life, it's mainly useful in outer space where the

small fuel supply isn't taxed as much.

  Leviathan  Sikorsky H-3 Sea King.  The Leviathan can land on water.  A "Levia-
than" in the Bible is a large sea creature, possibly a crocodile; the word has
come to have a broader meaning and refer to something big, like a big ship.  The
Leviathan seats one.

  Little dot that flies around in the sky  Some say "flying saucer."  Cooler

heads prevail and say "jet flying through the stratosphere."  But on closer in-

spection, it proves to be a little dot that flies around in the sky.  We don't

know about the little dot that flies around in the sky.  We like it, but we

don't know.  And that's how we like it.

  Maverick  Bell 206L-4  The Maverick seats four.

  Nevada  Douglas C-47 (modified DC-3) Skytrain "Dakota."  The Nevada seats one.

  News Chopper  Bell 206 B, B2, or B3 JetRanger except with a smaller body in

the back, and the front side window is bigger than the rear side window instead

of vice versa as with most of the models I found.  The News Chopper seats two.

  Parachute  A parafoil

  Ottae, at GTA Forums, wrote that the Parachutes have a tartan pattern.  (It
has what we in North America call a plaid pattern, and it signifies a Scottish
clan.  It's probably related that Rockstar North is based in Scotland.)

  Police Maverick  Bell 206L-4  Left Shift can activate the search light from

19:00 to 6:00.  The Police Maverick seats four.

  RC Baron  An RC toy biplane version of Manfred von Richthofen's (the Red Bar-
on's) Fokker Dr.I triplane.

  The Pizzadox Plus 27 trainer (X.13.l) lets you stop the timer if you want to

play Beefy Baron longer.

  Raindance  Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk.  It may be related that GTA stars Bill
Fichtner--Ken Rosenberg, and Tom Sizemore--Sonny Forelli, starred in the 2001
movie "Black Hawk Down."  The Raindance seats two.

  Rustler  Curtiss P-40D Warhawk "Kittyhawk"

  Thanks again to GTA Phreak--this time for specifying the D version of the P40.

Like the Rustler, it's stubbier than preceding models, the front end is differ-

ent, and the machine guns were moved from the center to the wings.

  P40B (3rd photo down gives a profile)


  The Rustler seats one.

  Sea Sparrow  Bell 47G (Army: H-13, OH-13D, and OH-13E; Navy/Marines: HTL-4)

helicopter with pontoons  This looks like the kind the Coast Guard might use.

The Sea Sparrow seats two.

  Shamal  Bombardier Learjet 55  "Shamal" is the name of the NW wind in the low-

er valley of the Tigris and Euphrates and the Persian Gulf.  (Thanks to a post

at the GTA Forums message board by pdescobar.)  A "Shamal" is also a type of

Maserati coupe introduced in 1989 and a Pokemon.  The Shamal jet seats one.

  Skimmer  Cessna 150G or later on floats  The Skimmer seats two.  I had to get

it on ground before one of C.J.'s gang members would enter it, so you might try

that in shallow water along a coast to be able to take off afterward.

  Zmoonchild showed that if you have C.J. fly the Skimmer upside down into a
river or ocean it rights itself.  After having C.J. exit and re-enter the
Skimmer it can be flown again.

  Sparrow  Bell 47G (Army: H-13, OH-13D, and OH-13E; Navy/Marines: HTL-4) heli-

copter  A Bell 47D-1, an earlier model, is suspended for viewers as an example

of excellence in design at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.  The Spar-

row seats two.

  Stuntplane  (Curtis Pitt's) Pitt's Special  Use 2 or NP+ to make red smoke

start or stop appearing from the back end.  The Stuntplane seats one.

  Thanks to the AggroSk8er walk-through at Gamefaqs for the names of the AT-400,

Cropduster, Leviathan, Nevada, Raindance, Rustler (with GTA Phreak), and Stunt-





  Coastguard  It's a Boston Whaler, which is the kind of low flats boat that's

good in shallow water.  It's about 20' long with a couple of outboard motors and

a rollover bar-looking thing with several antennae in the back.  It's the same

as the one used in "Vice City."  Whether it is or isn't based on an actual Miami

or San Francisco Coast Guard Response boat, it's a plausible example of how one

could look.  It could also pass for someone's lake and stream fishing boat.

  Dinghy  An inflatable fast rescue, landing, diving, or recreational boat.  It
looks like an inflatable life raft in the front and sides with a steering wheel
stuck in the front and two motors in the back.  It could be used as a dinghy--a
smaller boat used as a utility boat by a larger boat.

  Jetmax  A turbine jet boat.  A jet boat is propelled by sending water out

through nozzles in the back instead of using propellers.  It has a showy inboard

motor with an air scoop and two exhaust pipes.

  Launch  It looks like one of the Police Coast Guard patrol crafts (possibly of
either the New Generation Patrol Craft, PC Class, or Interceptor Craft, PK
Class?) that can have a general purpose machine gun fitted in the back.

  The 'E' class Tiger Marine Fast Response Craft, used by the Maritime and

Coastguard Agency (MCA), the Port of London Authority (PLA), and the Royal Na-

tional Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) on the River Thames, looks like a similar

boat.  It would need a metal hull, if it doesn't have one, to be more of a


  It's more recent than 1992, the time of "San Andreas," but a USN Mark V Spe-
cial Operations Craft (SOC) is a bigger version of a similar boat.  Even more
recent, a CMN Interceptor DV-15 fast patrol boat is a similar kind of boat but
would need to be stretched out to have a longer open deck to be a good match.

  A "launch" is a motorboat with an open or half open deck.  The Launch has a

machine gun fitted on the back but it doesn't work.  It's in the 2nd covered

dock S of the 2nd "S" of "Easter Basin."

  Marquis 69  It looks like the Endeavour 42 sailboat, a sloop, Crockett had in

the TV series "Miami Vice" except smaller--it may be an Endeavor 32, 33, or 35.

A 35' model is shown at the next link.

   Predator  A police boat.  I found a couple of basically comparable fast patrol

boats, shown at the 1st two links below.  It's a little launch with a radar that

doesn't revolve on top.  Like the Predator of "III" and "Vice City," it has a

built-in machine gun that shoots forward or to either side.

  Reefer  A sport fisherman boat.  It's like a little Orca, the fishing boat

Quint, Robert Shaw, hunts sharks with in the Steven Spielberg movie "Jaws,"

1975.  The radar on top revolves.

  Speeder  It's a propeller-driven, original-style "cigarette" speedboat (from

the 1960's when Donald Aronow designed that type of speedboat, probably).

  Squalo III   As in "Vice City," it looks like a "cigarette" speedboat Crockett

had in the TV series "Miami Vice" (except with a rounded windshield, etc.).  In

"San Andreas" it has the railing of the 39' Chris Craft Stinger used in the pi-

lot episode, 1984, and otherwise basically looks like the Wellcraft 38 Scarab KV

used for the 2nd season and on.

  The first link below is for a Chris Craft Stinger, and the next five are Well-

crafts, the last three of which show the one Wellcraft made for Don Johnson

(thanks to posts by DJdude at the forum for those five pictures

of Wellcrafts).

  Tropic  A sedan bridge powerboat, like the 1980 Sea Ray 270 Sedan Bridge shown

by the 1st link below.

  USS Numnutz: the submarine at the coast of Esplanade East, San Fierro, is a
solid version of the non-solid one that's underwater N of North Point Mall in
"Vice city."

  As mentioned in section I.1, I think the name of the submarine at the coast of

Esplanade East, San Fierro, may be a pun on the name of Fleet Admiral Chester

William Nimitz, who helped design and served in submarines during much of his

early naval career, was the United States signatory to the surrender terms

aboard the battleship USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay at the end of WWII, and was ac-

tive in San Francisco community affairs in the last years of his life.

  Thanks to Ben "Cerbera" Millard for the tip that the Nimitz class of aircraft

carriers, named after the same Fleet Admiral, is the biggest--the aircraft car-

rier at Easter Basin is relatively puny.

  Vortex  A hovercraft souped up for racing  See I.12.b, "Fun glitches, gim-

micks, etc.," for the way to use "The Vortex submarine gimmick" in the PC ver-

sion of "San Andreas."  Thanks to GTA Phreak for telling me that if C.J. has 40%

Flying Skill, he gets a Parachute if he bails from a Vortex.  (I used VGGGDKP to

spawn a Vortex on the tallest LS skyscraper and had C.J. drive off--he wouldn't

exit the airborne Vortex when I pressed F, but he ended up with a Parachute.)



  One observation: some people need the Stallion to be a pure Ford Mustang,

which the middle of the Stallion may be a modified version of, but they overlook

the Mustangs of the Hotring Racer, which is a better car, and which they usually

call a Chevrolet Monte Carlo Aero Coupe, which is mostly what Hotring Racer B


  Thanks to QuickFord97 at GTA Forums for the Daytona/Camaro blend idea, CKY-

bassplayer69 at GTA Forums for reaffirming the lead on the Daytona, and canada

rules at Gamefaqs for the "Mustang" lead for the Buffalo.

  Bike  Lowrider--a combination of a 1964-1975 Schwinn Fair Lady and a 1963-1975
Schwinn Sting-Ray.

  Blade  Mid-1960's Chevrolets and a 1967 Oldsmobile Cutlass

  Most of the basic body shape: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro with the front end made

shorter by the changes given below

  Front wheel wells, which are repeated in style for the back ones, front of
the engine hood, grill, and similarly rounded, if not as tall, windshield: 1964
Chevrolet Bel Air

  Grill (similar to the Bel Air) and front bumper: 1966 Chevrolet Caprice

 Brake lights and the similarity of the shape of the body to the metal plate

the Blade has them on: 1963 Chevrolet Biscayne

  Front of the engine hood (similar to the Bel Air) and two pairs of headlights
with a space between each pair where a third is placed on the Blade: 1967 Olds-
mobile Cutlass

  Buffalo  1992 Dodge Daytona

                1985-1992 Chevrolet Camaro IROC-Z

                1987-1993 Ford Mustang GT

  The back is the Daytona with smaller rear side windows (similar to the Mustang

rounded off).

  The middle is the Camaro without the back dividing strip of a rear window.

  In the front, the engine hood has a point in the middle of the front like the
Camaro, and the grill area has the slant of the Mustang.  The headlights are
like none of them.

  Thanks to QuickFord97 at GTA Forums for the Daytona/Camaro blend idea,
CKYbassplayer69 at GTA Forums for reaffirming the lead on the Daytona, and can-
ada rules at Gamefaqs for the lead on the Mustang.

  Comet  Porsches and Jaguars

  It has the uncovered recessed headlights of a series 2 (1969-1971) Jaguar E-

  It has the uncovered convertible cab of a 1967-1973 (and later) Porsche 911

Targa (thanks to sonofkorol at Gamefaqs) featuring a rollover bar (a bit squared

off on the Comet) (the Targa has a removable top and back window)...

  ...except the back of the roll bar is vertical and covered except for a little

horizontal window, smaller than the ones on the back of Jaguar series 2 E-type

convertible roofs (with unfortunately little rear visibility for the driver).

It's different than the back of the cab of the "Vice City" Comet.  It's like a

squared-off version of the back window of the GTA Hustler.  I haven't found a

real good match for it.

  The top of the front of the body of one of those Porsche 911 Targas has been

smoothed flat from side to side and is horizontal over the engine but slants

down from across the back of the headlights to the front bumper.

  The bumpers are like those of those 1967-1973 Porsche 911 Targas except that

the bumpers are thicker and the back bumper goes completely across the back end.

  The back end of the body is like a 1978-1983 Porsche 911 featuring the "whale


  The bumpers are thicker like those on those 911's as well, except the two ver-

tical black segments of the rear bumper are slimmer and repeated on the front

bumper, resembling all-blackened versions of the ones found on some of the bump-

ers of the 1967-1973 models mentioned above.

  And the horizontal bumpers look more like those on a 1985-1990 Jaguar XJ-S.

  Esperanto  1978 Cadillac Eldorado Coupe

                    1980 Lincoln Continental Town Car

                    1972-1979 Lincoln Continental Town Coupe

  It's a stocky version of the "Vice City" Esperanto, which is also mainly a

1978 Cadillac Eldorado Coupe.  But for the "San Andreas" version, different

things are used to change the front and back ends.

   The long oval vertical brake light housings of the Eldorado have been turned

upside-down and the black pads and the housing for them have been removed.

  The horizontal brake lights look like those of a 1980 Lincoln Continental Town
Car with the middle horizontal brake light replaced--it looks like it was
painted with a color that nearly matches the one used for the body.

  The grill and headlights look like those on a 1972-1979 Lincoln Continental
Town Coupe but with a flattened grill.  (From 1973 to 1981, there was an option
to get a Lincoln Town Car, normally a sedan, as a Lincoln Town Coupe.)  A 1978
model is shown at the 1st link below.

  Glendale  1955 Buick Special/Century/Super/Roadmaster/Riviera

                  1961 Dodge Dart Pioneer four-door

                  1961 Dodge Polara

  It has the front end of a 1955 Buick Special/Century/Super/Roadmaster/Riviera

front except revised a bit--flattened to better match the 1961 Dodge and slanted

back from bottom to top.

  It has the middle and back end of a 1961 Dodge Dart Pioneer four-door except
for two things.

  One, once at the back of the trunk, the Glendale strange tail fins slope down
to the rear bumper and the 1961 Dodge Dart strange tail fins (similar to those
of a 1961 Dodge Polara) curl forward in a horizontal line to the middle of the
side of the body.

  And two, the housing of the brake lights is like that of a 1961 Dodge Polara

except smoothed off from front to back.

  The Oceanic uses the front end of the 1961 Dodge Dart Pioneer (see below).

  Hotring Racer    (Los Santos Forum after "8-Track")

                            1983-1986 Ford Mustang LX

                            1987-1988 Ford Mustang GT hatchback

  It has "SUMO" on the engine hood.  1983-1986 Ford Mustang LX (preferably 1986

because it got stronger through that period) with some 1987-1988 Ford Mustang GT

hatchback features.

  You give it the sort of headlights and grill of a 1983-1986 Ford Mustang ex-

cept each pair of headlights are merged into one rectangular headlight as found

on a 1987-1988 Ford Mustang.  You give it the sort of windows of a 1986 LX and

the airfoil found on the back edge of the trunk of some of the 1987-1988 GT

hatchback versions.  Then you improvise a few other NASCAR design changes for

the front and back ends.  The Wikipedia article at a link below has a section on

popular ways the Mustang has been customized.  A couple of 1986 LX models and a

1987 GT hatchback version are shown in the 1st three links below.  The 2nd 1986

model has been customized a bit in the Hotring way.

  Hotring Racer A  1984-1986 Chrysler Laser/Dodge Daytona

                               1973-1975 Vauxhall Firenza

                               1989-1992 Ford Thunderbird

  It has "Panoramic" and "hinterland" on the engine hood.  The front end looks

like a 1984-1986 Chrysler Laser/Dodge Daytona...

  ...or a 1973-1975 Vauxhall Firenza--a "Droopsnoot."

  It looks like the front end of one of those cars listed was grafted onto a
1987 Ford Thunderbird Aero Bird used for NASCAR racing, although with a thicker
divider between the side windows and less body behind the rear side window like
those on a 1989-1992 (more a "San Andreas" time frame though it appeared in
"Vice City" in 1986) Ford Thunderbird (shown at the 2nd link below).

  Hotring Racer B  1986 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Aero Coupe Notchback

                              1984 Hurst/Olds

                              1986 Buick Regal T-Type/Grand National

  It has "BOBO" on the engine hood.  It's a 1986 Chevrolet Monte Carlo Aero

Coupe Notchback.  The Aero Coupe model, introduced in 1986, has a shorter trunk,

which is good for the match, but has a rear window that slopes out more from the

back of the cab, which is bad for it.  A Notchback doesn't have that big rear

window.  Champion Dale Earnhardt is pictured with one below.

  The grill is longer vertically and is made up of vertical bars, which look
like the bars on the front end of a 1984 Hurst/Olds by Oldsmobile except put in
the middle like on the front end of a 1986 Buick Regal T-Type/Grand National.

  The same three Hotring Racers appeared in the Hotring races at Hyman Memorial

Stadium in "Vice City."  (Thanks to Ben "Cerbera" Millard for telling me the 3rd

one appeared there.)

  Oceanic  1961 Dodge Dart Pioneer

                  1955 and 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air

                  1955 Oldsmobile 88

                  1957 Buick Special/Century/Super/Roadmaster/Riviera

  It has the grill and front end of a 1961 Dodge Dart Pioneer...

  It has the wheel wells of a 1955 Chevrolet Bel Air.

  It has a loop of color on the side similar to that on a 1955 Oldsmobile 88.

  It has the back end of a 1957 Buick Special/Century/Super/Roadmaster/Riviera
except revised a bit--flattened to better match the 1961 Dodge and the brake
light section shaped more like that on a 1956 Chevy Bel Air and completely cov-
ered by the red brake light.

  I haven't found a great match for the cab, which is like the cab of the Glen-

dale--sort of like that of a 1961 Dodge Dart.  It's also roughly like a cab for

a four door 1957 Chrysler Windsor with the little window dividers removed, and

with the back window of a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air.

  The Glendale uses the middle and back of the 1961 Dodge Dart Pioneer (see

  Rancher and Ranger  1983-1988 Chevrolet K5 Blazer and S10 Blazer

                                     1984-1992 Jeep Cherokee

  The Ranger is basically a Rancher that's been adapted for police use and is

usually found beyond the main cities.  They're both shaped like the "Vice City"


  A "Vice City" gimmick has broader application in "San Andreas": C.J. gets five

Shotgun shells, for any kind of Shotgun (shells for one add to the ammo of any

other), the 1st time he enters any of the Police cars or a Ranger

  1983-1988 Chevrolet K5 Blazer (the GMC Jimmy is similar) for most of the body

with each pair of headlights simplified into one.

  Thanks to the GTA Forums > GTA San Andreas > General Discussion > Real Car

Names list by nekkidhillbilly for the Chevrolet K5 Blazer tip.

  And thanks to reader Logan King for pointing out that the models of this range

of years make a better match for the grill and headlights. 

  A 1988 model is at the next link.

  The parking lights on the front corners are like those on a Chevrolet S10
Blazer from the same period.  A 1988 model is at the next link.

  The back window and brake lights look like those on a 1984-1992 Jeep Cherokee
XJ but only the lower sections, about the size of those on a Blazer, of the
brake lights light up.  A 1992 model is at the next link.

  Romero  Custom Cadillac, Lincoln, and Mercury Marquis Colony Park hearse  It's

not the same as Romero's Hearse in "Vice City."

  Front bumper, raised section in the middle of the engine hood, and wheel

wells: 1980-89 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham except the two vertical pieces on the

front of the bumper should be removed.  A 1985 model is shown at the link below.

  The front sides of the hood and parking lights are like those on a 1974-1979
Lincoln Continental.  A 1977 model is shown at the link below.

  Brake lights: 1989-1992 Lincoln Mark VII or 1975 Mercury Marquis Colony Park
wagon.  A 1989 Lincoln Mark VII and a 1975 Mercury Marquis Colony Park wagon are
shown at the two links below.

  Back bumper: 1975 Mercury Marquis Colony Park wagon.

  The headlights of any of these examples are replaced with two large square


  The engine hood should come down farther in the front in a straight horizontal

line.  The front end, above the bumper, should be customized to be a bit like

that of a 1971 Chevrolet Impala.

  The 1974 custom Cadillac station wagon shown at the next link has vertical
bars for a grill that's similar to the one on the Romero.

  Sabre  1971-1972 Buick GSX

             1970 Oldsmobile 442

             1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

  1971-1972 Buick GSX for the pairs of round headlights and the sides of the

front bumper.  Of the three cars listed, it also comes the closest to matching

the middle of the grill, although it should be flat and not project to a verti-

cal line in the middle.  The 1970 Buick Gran Sport GSX is remembered as the pow-

erful GSX since GM requirements of the next two years--to use low lead gasoline,

etc.--made the GSX less powerful.  If we choose the Buick, the "Vice City" Sabre

Turbo could be the 1970 GSX and the Sabre could represent the 1971-1972 models.

  Thanks to nekkidhillbilly at GTA Forums for the Buick GSX

  The 1970 Oldsmobile 442 gets the headlights and sides of the front bumper

right but the grill is less of a match.

  Thanks to Pesci at GTA Forums for the 1970 Oldsmobile 442

  Thanks to reader Ruffin Bailey for suggesting that the name "Sabre" may come
from the 442, prior to 1968, being an option to soup up an Oldsmobile Cutlass.

  1970 Chevrolet Chevelle for the body  It matches the arch at the back of the
side window better than the two listed above.  The "Vice City" Sabre Turbo could
be the SS 454 (see the Wikipedia article at the link below).
  Thanks to El_Diablo, reaffirmed by CKYbassplayer69, at GTA Forums

  The back end looks like that of a 1970 Oldsmobile 442 convertible, with the
hard top cab of one of the Chevelle given a window squared off to be a bit
smaller than that of a convertible Chevrolet Chevelle, Buick GS, or Oldsmobile


  Sandking  1984-1992 Jeep XJ Cherokee

                   1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee, aka a Jeep ZJ

  The overall style is that of a 1984-1992 Jeep XJ two door with bigger suspen-

sion and wheels, a hood vent, an air foil on the back of the roof, and the head-

lights made the same vertical length as the grill.

  A 1986 and 1992 model, and three models of unknown years, are shown at the

links below.

  The body looks a little fatter in relation to the windows and upper cab area.
The body, except the front end, has been rounded like a 1993 Jeep ZJ to look
more aerodynamic.

  It's about the same as the "Vice City" Sandking.  It could be used off road,
such as for Baja racing.  (This isn't to be confused with one of the San Andreas
pedestrians calling someone a "baha."  "Baha" is pronounced the same but is a
derogatory term for a hippie that doesn't bath or such.)

  The bigger suspension makes it credible that it could raise so much when it

has hydraulics, which it has about one in ten-fifteen of the times it appears by

the Big Ear.

  Stallion  1978 Oldsmobile 442

                1971-1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1

                1987-1992 Ford Mustang LX

                Early 1970's/1978 Oldsmobile 442

  It has the head lights and grill of a 1978 Oldsmobile 442.

  It has a pair of hood scoops similar to those seen on some 1971-1973, at
least, models of the Ford Mustang Mach 1.  A 1973 model is shown below.

  Seen in profile, the body looks like a 1987-1992 Ford Mustang LX except with
the back rounded off and the wheel wells squared off.  A 1988 and 1989 Ford Mus-
tang LX, and the profiles of the "Vice City" and "San Andreas" Stallions, are
shown below.

  The Ford Mustang LX rear side windows have been covered with vinyl so the

front side edge is above the back of the doors.  The rear side window dividers

are slid forward to make little nearly triangular rectangular front side windows

except the dividers are vertical.  The back windows look like those on the Mus-

tang convertible.  A 1992 Ford Mustang LX is shown below.

  It has a back bumper and brake lights like a simplified version of those on an
early 1970's Oldsmobile 442/"Vice City" Stallion.  It's as though compressing
the "Vice City" Stallion to make the "San Andreas" Stallion made the brake
lights bigger, like those on the back of a later Oldsmobile.  Thanks to Prodi-
gital at GTA Forums for the 1970 Oldsmobile 442 brake lights tip.  A 1972 Olds-
mobile 442, a 1981 Oldsmobile Delta 88, and the backs of the "Vice City" and
"San Andreas" Stallions, are shown at the 1st four links below.

  If I had to simplify all that, I'd say it looks like a Mustang with a modified

cab, rounded back end, and squared off wheel wells, with some Oldsmobile stuff

on the ends.

  Stretch  Cadillac limousine and Lincoln Town Car (another Ladillac or Cadin-

coln) stretch limousine--possibly some Ford Mercury limos thrown in for good

measure  It's not the same as the "Vice City" Stretch.

  Most, not all, limousines are customizations of cars by Cadillac or Lincoln.

Some features are better indications of the customizer than of the original car.

Add the fact that Rockstar sometimes makes a vehicle out of a blend of two or

more, and identifying the original car could get tricky.  I mainly used photo-

graphs of Cadillac and Lincoln Town Car limousines to identify a few things

about the Stretch.

  Front bumper: the 1989 Lincoln Town Car limo front bumper goes straight across
like the one on the Stretch, but the bumpers should wrap around the sides like
the ones on the Ford Mercury limo given a few paragraphs below.  The two verti-
cal pieces that are on the bumper in front of the grill should be removed, too.

  Grill: Lincoln Town Car grill made as big as the grill of a 1993 Cadillac
Fleetwood limo.

  Back end, brake lights, bumper, and rear window: 1986 Cadillac DeVille without

the little horizontal reflector strip (?) just above the bumper.  It's the same

as on the "Vice City" Stretch.

  Wheel wells: 1992 Cadillac Deville (rectangular with rounded corners) and
other Cadillacs.  At the link below, a regular Deville is shown.  I'd like to
see how good a match the limo version is, but I didn't find one the last time I
checked the Internet.

  Another good match for the wheel wells is the Ford Mercury limo (year?) shown
at the link below.  The black line on the sides, and wrap around bumpers, are
similar, too.  Unfortunately, this is the only picture of it I found the last
time I checked the Internet.

  Walton  Chevrolet 1st Series 1955 model 3014 with the cab of a Chevrolet 2nd

Series 3100 "Task Force" pickup '55 and a wooden cargo bed.


  Land vehicles

  The car shown at the link above is a 1960 Austin Healey Sprite.  Isn't it
cute?  Imagine it with hydraulics bouncing along to some tunes.

  Thanks to the GTA Forums > GTA San Andreas > General Discussion > Real Car

Names list by nekkidhillbilly for the ones marked with an asterisk.

  I thank FORDSUCK for the ones marked with two asterisks.  FORDSUCK's "Real
Life Car List" can be found at:

  I thank PRB051 for the ones marked with three asterisks.  PRB051's "Real Car
Names List/FAQ" can be found at:

  Admiral  1976-1985 Mercedes Benz E-Class (W123)

  Alpha  1991-1996 Dodge Stealth*

  Ambulance  1992 Ford E350 type 3 Ambulance (cube style), a newer model of the

kind found in "Vice City."  It's used for the Paramedic mission, III.25.  If

C.J.'s Health isn't at the maximum level, the 1st time C.J. gets into an Ambu-

lance, he gets a little Health.

  BF Injection   A Volkswagen Beetle-based, or similar, fiberglass, street reg-
istered beach buggy.  It's shaped like the VW dune buggy Elvis Presley drives in
the opening credits of the 1968 movie "Live a Little, Love a Little.",_Love_a_Little

  Thanks to pdescobar at GTA Forums for seeing the reference in the name to the

phrase "hot beef injection," which is used as a reference to hot dogs in the TV

cartoon show "The Simpsons," 1989-present, and is also used as a euphemism.

  BF-400  Honda VFR 400  The BF-400 may or may not have a windshield but always
has two separate round headlights.  A "B" may have been added to the "F" of
"VFR" to refer to the same thing as the "BF" in the listing above.

  BMX  Schwinn (?) BMX (BMX stands for Bicycle Moto-cross(X))

  Baggage  1985 Equitech M40 baggage tractor is close.  (As with the same vehi-
cle of "Vice City," an Equitech for another year is possibly the match, but I
couldn't find it.  Some models by other companies are nearly matches, too.)

  Bandito  It's a VW pipe frame dune buggy, sometimes called a sand rail.  Gor-

don Freeman drives one in the game "Half Life 2," 2004, which is also referred

to with the crowbar in Area 69.

  Banshee  1992 Dodge Viper*** with variations mainly to the front and back ends

  I'll add that the brake lights look more like those on the 1995 model shown at

the next link.

  Barracks  M923 U.S. military transport truck.

  Benson  1984-1986 Ford F-Series truck used as a 14' (?) U-Haul moving van.  U-

Haul attaches prefabricated truck boxes to Ford and GMC trucks.

  A 1986 Ford F250 (7th generation) and a 1987-1991 (?) Ford F250 (8th genera-

tion), which is a later model but which is shown in use as a U-Haul truck, are

at the next two links.

  Berkley's RC Van  1971-1974 Honda Life with some minor design changes  The

windows should be a bit smaller, but it's the best match for the body size and

shape I've seen.  The 1986 GMC Vandura and Dodge Ram van or B series van are too

fat, etc., to be matches, but the headlights look like those on one of the Dodge

vans.  Berkley's RC van is little--he only has nine model kit boxes in the back.

  The "San Andreas" Pony, and the "Vice City" Top Fun van and Pony, are the


  A 1972 and 1971-1974 (year?) Honda Life, and a 1985 Dodge 3500, are shown be-


  Bike  See the section above on Hybrids.

  Blade  See the section above on Hybrids.

  Blista  1983-1987 Honda CR-X with a front bumper guard.

  Bloodring Banger  It's a Glendale customized for demolition derby.  The de-
scription of a Glendale is in the Hybrids section above.

  Bobcat  1982-1988 Ford Ranger (the models of the last couple of those years

have a similar horizontal black band on the bumpers) with rounder wheel wells,

like those on a Chevrolet S-10 pickup truck

  A 1988 Ford Ranger is shown at the 1st link below.

  Boxville  1988 (range of years?) Chevrolet Step Van P-30 except the roof

slants down a bit from back to front over the cab (a little bigger than a Mr.

Whoopee van).

  Bravura  1985 Oldsmobile Calais* (with a different slant of the rear window)
  If C.J. stands on the roof, his feet go though it and into the cabin.

  Broadway  1947 Cadillac Series 62 convertible with a shorter top bar on the
grill, some of the features stripped off, and the rear wheels uncovered.

  The back of the back fenders are vertical like they are on a 1941 Cadillac

Series 62, and it has brake lights in a variation of the ones on the back of

some 1939 Cadillacs.  A 1941 Series 62 and a 1939 Cadillac are shown at the 1st

two links below.

  C.J. can use any Broadway for the Pimping mission, III.22.  One Broadway is
parked by a gas station in the NE area of the block of the Idlewood 24/7.
Thanks to GTA_Phreak for the tip that starting and cancelling the Pimping mis-
sion gives the Broadway 200% Health--the extra endurance is gone after the car
is saved in a garage, but it's easy to start and stop the mission anytime.

  The Broadway is also the vehicle represented over Michelle's garage door.

  Brown Streak  Amtrak F40PH made by General Motors Electro-Motive Division

since 1976.    The Brown Streak and the Freight can be used for the Freight Train

mission, VII.12.

  Buccaneer  Chevrolet Monte Carlo** of the 1970-1972 1st generation with the

roof squared off a bit at the back of the top, the back window squared off and a

little smaller, and the rear side window dividers changed to slant forward from

bottom to top.

  The models for 1970, 1971, and 1972 are shown at the links below.


  Buffalo  See the section above on Hybrids.

  Bullet  2005-2007 Ford GT** supercar with a smaller hood vent.  It's based on

the GT40's of the mid and late 1960's.  Of those GT40's, I think it most resem-

bles an MkII with the angles smoothed out and a few design simplifications--a

1966 model is shown at the next link.

  Burrito  1981-1992 Dodge Ram Van except the fenders flare out a bit and the
flare of the front fenders continues around the bottom of the front a bit simi-
lar to Pimp Daddy Snapp's customization of a 1987 model  It looks like the "Vice
City" Burrito.  Three 1983 models, one from 1985, the front of Snapp's 1987 cus-
tomization, and a 1992 model are shown at the links below.

  As Mxyzptlk showed with some funny videos at GTA Forums, get a black version

of this van if you want to give C.J. a Mohawk and beard, etc., and have him pre-

tend to be Mr. T--Lawrence Tero--of the 1983-1987 TV series "The A-Team."  It

comes close to looking like the 1983 GMC G-15 of the show.

  I changed the subtitles for a couple of the screenshots because the walk-
through sites aren't M-rated.

  Bus  Similar to a mid-1980's-1992 Greyhound MC8 or MC9, or a 1992 MC-12, Stan-

dard Coach but with wheel wells that are more squared-off.

  A couple of 1978 MCI MC-8's, a 1981 MCI MC-9, and an early 1990's MCI MC-12

are shown below.

  Colin Attle wrote to me (and thanks again for all his help!) to remind me that
the word "canny" (displayed with a drawing of a Scottish thistle), besides pos-
sibly referring to "cannibis," as many of us thought, also means "shrewd, cau-
tious, or crafty."

  Cabbie  1956-1982 Checker Cab  The Cabbie and the Taxi can be used for the

Taxi Driver mission, III.9.  The 1st time C.J. enters a Taxi or Cabbie he gets

$12 (as Tommy did in "Vice City").

  Caddy: Golf cart/car/buggy.  A Western 400 is similar--a more squared-off ear-
lier version than the recent model at the next link might match.

  Cadrona  1988-1994 Chevrolet Cavalier** with the back side windows of the

Chevy Cavalier Coupe.

  Thanks to FORDSUCK, and KnockOut at GTA Forums, for the Chevy Cavalier scoop.

(I did the Coupe part.)

  Camper  1963-1966 Volkswagen Type 2 T1c 11 window Camper, aka a VW-Bus, Bully,
or Kombi (as in the 1982 Men At Work song "Down Under": "Travelling in a fried-
out Kombi ...").  The Truth's model is custom painted.

  Cement Truck  1986?-1991 Ford L8000 or 9000 Concrete Mixer  The wide rectangu-

lar arc-shaped grill of the Ford is similar but should be widest at the base

instead of the middle, and the Ford headlights should project from the front of

the fenders a bit instead of being recessed into them.  The L of the Ford L

series is more common than the LT or LTS, which look similar.

  The 1st link is for a 1986 (L?) 9000, the 2nd is a 1990 L8000, and the 3rd is

a 1988 LT8000.

  Cheetah 1991-1992 Ferrari 512TR, the 1991 update of the Testarossa.
  ("Ferrari" means "red head.")

  Clover  1969-1972 Oldmobile Cutlass with the rounded wheel wells of the early

part of that period and the brake lights changed to horizontal ones.  (A 1968

Oldsmobile 442 had horizontal brake lights but they were thinner.) Thanks to


   Club  Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk1 or Citi Golf.  (Thanks to FORDSUCK for the
Volkswagen Golf tip.)  The brake lights and rear window of the Club look more
like those on early 1990's Golfs.  The Volkswagen may have two pairs of head-
lights like the Club except the Club has the larger of the two pairs of head-
lights as the inside pair.  The body of the Club is more squared off.  A 1992
Golf GTI is at the next two links.

  Coach  Mid-1980's (range of years?) Greyhound MCI MC9 with a cap built onto

the front of the roof to show destination (see the Motor Coach Industries arti-

cle below), MCI C3 European Style Coach (see the richfieldbus article below--I

think it refers to the 102C3), and some models of MCI 102A3, 102C3, 102D3, or


  Thanks to robin24k at GTA Forums for the tip about adding the 102DL3.

  A 1982 MCI MC9, 1986 MCI 102A3, (year?) MCI 102C3, and a mid-1990's MCI 102D3

are shown below.

  Combine Harvester  A combine with a straw chopper attached to the front.  Some
of the John Deere combines I saw are the most similar to the GTA one in shape.
Many of them have a cab with a yellow roof like the GTA one, too.

  A 1982 John Deere 7720, a 7720 I don't have a model year for, a 1983 John
Deere 8820, and a 1984 8820 are shown at the links below.

  Aside from the cab, the GTA combine is mainly gray-red.  The closest matches

in color I found so far are bright red Massey Ferguson and Case International

combines like the ones shown at the web addresses below.

  All the real ones I saw were different in having thicker front, and usually
thicker back, wheels.

  Comet  See the section above on Hybrids.

  DFT-30  A late 1980's to late 1990's (range of years?) Ford Cargo CF8000  Ford

Cargo is a Ford of Europe truck.  The "FT" may stand for "Ford Truck."  I don't

know how you designate the kind with the 3rd window on each side.  It's a good

match for cab shape, fenders, and side windows.  Thanks to Mxyzptlk at GTA For-

ums for showing that it's a better match if, like similar Mitsubishi cargo

trucks, it's given a horizontal black band below the windshield.  The bottom of

the band should be the height of the bottom of the front side window.

  The DFT30 is a six wheel truck that's missing the middle wheel on the left

side.  The 6x4 Ford Cargo trucks like this I found are 2622, 2626, and 2631.  If

the DFT30 is thought to look like a 4x4 on the left side, it matches a number of

1980's Ford Cargo 4x4s.

  The 1987, 1988, 1990, and 1997 models of the Ford Cargo CF8000 are at the next

four links.

  Dozer  ? Wheel loader

  It's called a Dozer, which has tracks like a tank.  But, like the Rhino, it

has wheels instead, so it's a near match for a number of (late 1980's?) Cater-

pillar, Case, Ford, Komatsu, etc., wheel loaders.  I haven't found a good match

for the fenced platform in front of the cab.  I wonder if that's from another

vehicle and this is another example for the Hybrids section.

  Dumper  (Iveco) Astra Rigid Dump Truck, an articulated dump truck.  An "artic-

ulated" vehicle is built in sections that are hinged or connected in some way to

allow flexibility of movement (thanks to my Webster's unabridged).

  Like the Monster trucks, the Dumper is good for running over other vehicles--

it sends one flying now and then, too.

  Dune  A 1991 Mercedes-Benz AK 4x4 with a flatter front end makes the closest

match of the models I saw.  It's one of the kinds of trucks that might be used

in the Paris-Dakar Rally.  The Mercedes-Benz SK is similar but I didn't find a

version of it as a 4x4.  There are similar trucks by MAN (LE2000, ME2000, TG-A,


  Thanks to k1ngr0b at GTA Forums for the tip that it looked like one of the
trucks used in the Dakar.

  The 1st link shows a 1991 Mercedes-Benz AK 4x4.

  Elegant  1992 Buick Roadmaster*** with the grill upside-down and a vertical

bar in the center of it as on a 1992 Buick Roadmaster wagon

  Elegy  1981--1985 Nissan Skyline DR30***
  A 1982 model is shown at the 1st link below.  Half-a**ed effort with Microsoft
Paint (not my favorite medium) by GTW removed the epithet about Japanese people
from the license plate.

  Emperor  1990-1992 Infiniti Q45

  Thanks to Gman8 at GTA Forums

  Enforcer  It could be in the heavy rescue, armored car, or crowd control cate-
gory.  Except for the front fenders, it looks similar to the 1986 Freightliner
Heavy Rescue truck shown at the 1st link below.  It could be modified to be an
armored law enforcement vehicle like the ones in the 2nd link below.

  The front fenders look similar to those on a 1988 or so Mack Super-Liner.

  C.J. gets full Armor the 1st time he gets into an Enforcer.  If C.J.'s Armor

is knocked down by law enforcement, you might have him jack an Enforcer.

  Esperanto  See the section above on Hybrids.

  Euros  1989-1992 Nissan 300ZX*
  A 1990 model is shown at the 1st link below.

  F.B.I. Rancher  1983-1988 Chevrolet Suburban except each pair of headlights

has been simplified into one and the parking lights have been moved to the front

corners.  Thanks to reader Logan King for pointing out that it's like the Subur-

ban of the handful of years (1983-1988) around the "Vice City" era (1986).

  One picture of a 1985 model and two pictures of 1986 models are at the links


  F.B.I. Truck  1984-1992 Jeep Cherokee   It looks to me like somebody took the

Jeep to a while-you-wait auto-armor place and had it dipped it into blue glop,

then rubbed off a couple of patches on the front windshield with the elbow of

their shirt sleeve to look through.

  This truck is in the game files but not activated for the game.  In the PC

version, you can use a mod, or a vehicle spawner like the GTA SA Control Center

(X.13.c) has, to put it in the game if you like a gloppy Jeep.

  FCR-900  Honda CBR900RR Fireblade  It looks like a PCJ-600/Honda CBR 600 ex-
cept with a bigger engine (900cc).  "RR" stands for "race replica."  The FCR-
900, with a windshield, has two bulbs in the headlight; without the windshield,
it has a single headlight.  The "F" may come from "Fireblade" and the "CR" may
come from "CBR."

  Faggio  1984-1986 Piaggio Vespa PX 200

  Feltzer  1972-1988 Mercedes Benz SL-Class convertible***

  Fire Truck  (on the NE corner of the block due E of "COMMERCE," in the middle

of the S end of the block N of "HARRY GOLD PARKWAY," and used for the Firefight-

er Submission, III.23)

  1992 Crimson (a consolidation of Luverne and Quality Manufacturing) fire truck

by Spartan Motors

  Fire Truck (on the block S of the save place that's on the brown block E of
"GARCIA," and in the "End of the Line" mission)  I think it's one of the cuter
vehicles in San Andreas (and not bad for getting through traffic).  I think it's
a late 1980's Maxim Aerial Ladder fire truck.  A 1983 model is shown at the 1st
link below.

  Flash  1990-1992 Nissan Pulsar GTi-R

  Thanks to pinky at GTA Forums

  Flatbed  1983-1992 M-939 military truck.

  Forklift  The 1996 Hyster E100XL electric forklift shown at the 1st link below

is similar.  The Hyster E100XL (year?) shown at the 2nd link shows that the seat

is on a box that opens up (to access the battery or store tools in, I guess).

  Fortune 1989-1997 Ford Thunderbird***

  Freeway  1990 onward Harley-Davidson Fat Boy  Exhaust pipes are only on the

right side of the Freeway in "San Andreas."  It's a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy

Softail with dual exhaust pipes on the right side and apehanger handle bars.

  Freight  Jan. 1966-July 1972 EMD SD40 6-axle diesel locomotive, or a Jan. 1972

to Feb. 1986 Dash 2 upgrade, the EMD SD40-2, built by General Motors Electro-Mo-

tive Division.  The Freight and the Brown Streak can be used for the Freight

Train mission, VII.12.


  You can put the name of one of the locomotives, and other preferences, in the

search engine at the 1st site given below for photos.

  Glendale  See the section above on Hybrids.

  Greenwood  A 1983-1989 Chrysler Fifth Avenue with the side windows of a 1981-

1989 Dodge Diplomat.

  Thanks to the GTA Forums list by nekkidhillbilly, reaffirmed by CKYbassplayer-

69, for the Dodge Diplomat tip

  A 1985 Chrysler Fifth Avenue and a 1988 Dodge Diplomat are shown below.

  HPV1000  Kawasaki KZ1000P Police aka the KZP  Thanks to Mxyzptlk for explain-

ing that "HPV" could stand for "Highway Patrol/Police Vehicle," and can could

also be thought to refer to a form of genital warts.

  The HPV1000, the Hunter helicopter, and the Rhino tank are the most popular of

the law enforcement vehicles to use for the Vigilante mission, III.24.

  1987 and 1992 Kawasakis are at the next two links below.

  Hermes  1949 Mercury Eight two-door except without two divider bars in the

rear window or the 1950 model except without a parking light at either side of

the grill.  It has uncovered rear wheel wells and is customized to be low to the

ground and have the chopped top of a lead sled, and is further customized to

have the grill of a 1947-1953 GMC pickup truck and two pairs of brake lights in-

stead of one pair.

  A slightly modified 1949 Mercury was driven by James Dean in "Rebel Without a

Cause," 1955, which also starred Dennis Hopper, who does the voice of Steve

Scott for "Vice City," and the movie features Griffith Observatory, which is

what the one in Verdant Bluffs in "San Andreas" is modeled after.

  Hotdog  A Volkswagen Type 2, aka a VW-Bus, Bully, or Kombi, modified to be a

mobile concession stand.

  Hotknife  1933 Hudson Pacemaker 8 two-door, three window (the windshield isn't

counted) Coupe customized as a hotrod with a flatter roof, a blower, no fenders,

and front side exhausts.  The most popular cars from this era to customize as

hotrods are 1932-1934 Fords, and in some ways this looks like a 1932 Ford Three

window coupe customized that way.

  It looks like the original grill was removed and a smaller grid and a couple

of bars partly cover the hole.  But the hole indicates the grill isn't from a

Ford.  The closest comparison I know for it is with a 1933 Hudson Pacemaker 8

Coupe.  (If you use a 1933 Hudson-Essex Terraplane Coupe, which has the same

grill as the Hudson Pacemaker 8 Coupe, you need to eliminate the two little rear

side windows when the hood for the cab is created.)

  A 1933 Hudson Pacemaker 8 Coupe, a 1933 Hudson-Essex Terraplane Coupe, and a

regular and a hotrod 1932 Ford Three Window Coupe are shown at the 1st four

links below.  The 1st Hudson and 1st Ford look about identical except for the

grill--the Ford grill is shown better on the Ford hotrod.

  Hotring Racer  See the section above on Hybrids.

  Huntley  1987 (U.S. debut)-1992 Land Rover Range Rover, except the headlights

look more like the ones on a 1990-1992 GMC Sierra and the grill looks like the

one on a 1989-1992 Ford Bronco.  The 1st two links below show a 1989 and 1990

Land Rover Range Rover, the next shows a 1991 GMC Sierra, and the next shows a

1989 Ford Bronco.  A link below that shows a LRRR used by a main character in

the movie "Sna*ch," which is mentioned in section on "San Andreas" radio station

Master Sounds 98.3 at I.13.

  Hustler  1933-1935 or so five window (the windshield isn't counted) coupe with

some hot rod customization: the roof is lower than on the typical coupe of the

time.  A lot of cars of this period have similar features as one another, and

the roof and windows of a lot of them, even pickup trucks, from this period have

gotten the same sort of hot rod treatment, the most popular choices for it being

1932-1934 Fords.  This isn't a Ford, though.

  The grill isn't very wide, doesn't flare forward at the bottom as some grills

from this period do, and the sides of it are parallel instead of getting closer

together from top to bottom.  The closest comparison for the grill I've found so

far is a 1935-1936 Willys (pronounced "willis").

  For comparison, it looks like a 1935 Chevrolet three window coupe that's had
the back of the doors and cab moved back a bit and has been made into a five
window coupe.

  Either due to body customization or the model it is, the back of the back
fenders curl down more than most of the cars of the time, and the trunk curls
down father back than the fenders.  The fenders of most cars of the period
flare back beside the flare of the trunk, all at the same 135 degree or so an-

  Infernus  1991-2001 Honda Acura NSX

  Thanks to the Real Car Name List by PRB051

  Intruder  1989-1994 Subaru Legacy (with the headlights and grill squared off)
  Thanks to Gman8, reaffirmed by kpeters, at GTA Forums

  Models from 1989, 1992, and 1994 are shown at the next three links.

  Jester  1986-1992 Toyota Supra Mk 3 with the headlights of a 1993-2002 Mk 4.*

  Journey  Winnebago with a GMC grill and headlights.  It's a recreational vehi-
cle used as a motor home.

  The next link shows a comparable 25' 1978 Class C Winnebago with a GM engine.

It would be a better match if it had two pairs of headlights.

  Kart  Kart.  A go cart--in particular, the kind of kart that's a racing kart.
For more on the races with the kind of go carts called karts, see the next web


  I see some similarity between the Kart and some Tony Kart karts shown at the

1st two links below.

  Landstalker  1991-1994 Ford Explorer

  I'd say 1991-1994 Ford Explorer, but since it didn't come out till 1991 and

was used in "Vice City," which takes place in 1986, and if you need it to be

something from the right time period, I'd say 1986 Chevrolet Suburban but with

the windows, grill, and wheel wells of a Ford Explorer.  Personally, I'd just

say the model is based on a 1991 to 1994 Ford Explorer.  (See below; brawling

will be restricted to the rules according to Hoyle.)

  Linerunner 1986-1992 (later models look about the same) Peterbilt 379 has the

right level engine hood and narrow cab but the headlights aren't built into the

front fenders.

  DazzaJay (thanks!) has a good match with a 1994 Freightliner Classic XL for
the way the headlights are built into the fenders; it otherwise looks similar to
the Peterbilt but the engine hood is slanted.

  Majestic  1982-1987 Buick Regal***

  Manana  1987-1992 Dodge Shadow/Plymouth Sundance  (Prior to "San Andreas" it

was a 1981-1984 Dodge Aries coupe.)

  Thanks to Tornado_2 for the tip about the Manana being a slightly modified

1987-1992 Dodge Shadow/Plymouth Sundance.  1991 and 1987 models are shown below.

  Merit  1990-1998 Mazda 929 (Mark 4, aka the Efini MS-9)
  The 1992 and 1993 (a year after the time of the game, but the style is the
same) models are shown at the links below.

  The headlights, grill, and brake lights are more like the boxier ones on the

1986-1992 Mazda 929 (Mark 3).  (The years of the Mark 3 and 4 overlap).  The

Merit has a few variations of those--for example, the inner edges of the brake

lights are slanted parallel to the slant of the light divider in the middle of

them.  And the outside edges of the parking lights are slanted a little differ-


  A 1987 and 1990 model are shown at the links below.

  Thanks to Gman8 at GTA Forums for the Mazda 929 tip

  Mesa  1987-1996 Jeep Wrangler

  (It's the "Mesa Grande" of "Vice City.")

  The next three are monster truck modifications--pickup trucks given large

wheels and suspension.

  Jamolos Negrit?a> at GTA Forums gets my thanks for explaining a Monster truck

glitch: if you drive a front wheel of a Monster truck up to, or a bit over,

another vehicle, then use acceleration and brake at the same time, you can send

the other vehicle flying.  (Just run over other vehicles enough with the Dumper

and you'll see it happen, too.)

  Monster A (Los Santos Forum after "8-Track")

  1984-1986 Ford F-series truck with sharply angled wheel wells and horizontally

narrower headlights and parking lights

  (A 1985 model and a 1986 monster truck version are shown at the 1st two links


  Monster B (Michelle's) 1980-1986 Datsun 720 (Later the Nissan hardbody) pickup
truck  A 1982 Datsun 720 is shown at the next link.

  Monster ("Monster" and "Exports and Imports" missions; Flint Intersection

trailer park)  1994 Chevrolet S-10 with an extended cab and the grill of a 1983-

1992 Ford Ranger  (Other vehicles made after the 1992 time period of the game

are the matches for the Slamvan and Bullet.  The vehicle match for the Trashmas-

ter and Yankee was made in 1992 though they appear in "Vice City," which takes

place in 1986.  See "Yankee.")

  Moonbeam  1985 to 1992 Chevrolet Astro Van*

  Mountain Bike  Schwinn Mesa Mountain Hardtail?

  Mower  John Deere 455 Garden Tractor, aka a diesel Compact Tractor  The model
of another year than whatever the one I show is might have the right headlights.

  Mr. Whoopee  1986-1992 (wide range of years) GMC Grumman Step van and Chevro-

let Step Van P-10 (a little smaller than a Boxville)   It's a multi-stop truck

modified to be a mobile concession stand.

  Mule  1983-1991 Ford E-350 cube/box truck except the windows have sharp cor-
ners  The box is similar to ones used by U Haul, which makes their moving trucks
by putting their various-sized, pre-fabricated boxes on GMC and Ford trucks.
The roof of this box slants down a bit from back to front over the cab.  ("Vice
City" Mule and Spand Ex trucks have the same basic shape except the roof of the
box is flatter.)
  A 1984 Ford E-350 and a couple of 1990 models are shown at the 1st two links

  NRG-500  2001 Honda NSR500  A 1992 model is similar enough and suits the time

frame of the game.  The Honda NSR500 was used in the 500cc class of motorcycle

Grand Prix racing by Valentino Rossi to come in 2nd in 2000 and be the world

champion in 2001.  The NRG-500 often has the only number he uses: 46, the racing

number of his father.  "NRG" sounds like "energy" and it's also the name of a

model of scooter by Piaggio.

  To make a copy of C.J. as shown in the next batch of links, see IV.21 "Manage-

ment Issues"--"The 'Management Issues' way to make a copy of C.J."

  Nebula  1982-1988 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera
  The back end of the coupe and sedan were changed, and the roof of the sedan
was changed, in 1989; the last year for it was 1996.
  Thanks to Captain Holland at GTA Forums
  A 1987 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera is shown at the 1st link below.

  Newsvan  1986-1991 Ford Econoline cargo van with the front end of a 1986-1992

Dodge Ram or B series van except the little section below the headlights and

main front corner backup lights of the Dodge should be removed.  It has an an-

tenna on the roof like the TV Van of "GTA 2" (the antenna doesn't point at your

save place, though).

  A 1989 Ford E350 cargo van and a 1990 Dodge Ram van are shown below.

  Oceanic  See the section above on Hybrids.

  PCJ-600  1992 Honda CBR600F2  The headlight has a smaller, less demented-look-

ing smile than it did in "Vice City," but it still has, along with the Wayfarer,

one of the biggest smiles of any motorcycle headlight in the game, and earns its

keep the most of the two.  The engine has an exhaust pipe on either side.  The

only guess I have for the initials is that "PC" may come from the favored format

for clear motorcycle stunt videos since the PCJ 600 was introduced to GTA's with

"Vice City."

  Packer  It's like the Linerunner--a 1967-1985 Peterbilt 359/1986 onward 379

but with pairs of round headlights built into the fenders like those on a 1994

Freightliner Classic XL or Western Star 4800 (thanks DazzaJay), or 1976-1981

(range of years?) Kenworth W900, except the Packer fenders are angled in the

back more like those of a Ford LT9000 or Mack Super-Liner.

  The 1st link shows a Peterbilt 379 with a car hauler ramp.  The picture at the

2nd link doesn't have a matching truck but shows a ramp similar to the one a

Packer has.  The 3rd link shows a 1990 Peterbilt (model?) car hauler.

  The 1976-1981 (range of years?) Kenworth W900 is basically similar to the
Packer, and has pairs of round headlights fitted into the fronts of the fenders,
but, like the Peterbilt, the fenders and wheel wells are too round, and the Ken-
worth windshield is about the right size but should be flatter:

  The next two links show a 1987 Ford LT9000 and a Mack Superliner to show the
fenders that are closer, not identical, to those on a Packer,

  Whichever it is, it's attached to a four or five vehicle transport trailer--a

car hauler--with a straight rigid upper ramp.  It's the same as the Packer in

"Vice City," but the back of the upper ramp can now be raised and lowered (NP8

and NP2) so it can haul vehicles as well as serve as a jump ramp.

  Redtier999666, of the Gamefaqs PS2 message board, wrote a post that explained

how to do something that was mentioned in an earlier post by Webdude06--how to

get an Insane Stunt bonus with a Packer.  Have C.J. raise the ramp of the Packer

and back it up to a pedestrian--if they walk under the ramp, the Packer may fly.

  Patriot  1985-? AM General M998 Military HMMWV aka a Humvee (not the civilian


  Perennial  1962-1965 Chevrolet Nova (or "Nova II") station wagon

  Phoenix  1979-1981 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am

  The separating strip was removed from between each pair of headlights, and the

optional engine hood vent was enlarged.  The dividing strip between the side

windows was narrowed and made vertical, and the side windows were made more nar-

row horizontally--seen in profile, the "San Andreas" version looks like the ends

of the "Vice City" version were pushed to make the car shorter and fatter.  It

has the two pairs of round brake lights of a 1961-1992, at least, Chevrolet Cor-


  (C.J. can get one by failing the "San Fierro Hills" Street Race or by taking

Big Poppa's in "A Home In The Hills."  You can also make one appear with the GTA

SA Control Center, X.13.c.)

  A 1979 and 1980 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am and a 1980 Chevrolet Corvette are

shown at the 1st three links below.

  Picador  1971 Chevrolet El Camino/GMC Sprint

  The El Camino/Sprint body would need to be shorter from front to back--more
like a 1964-1967 El Camino.  A 1965 Chevrolet El Camino is shown below.

  Like the 1973-1975 El Caminos, there shouldn't be lights on the front corners.
Thanks to nekkidhillbilly at GTA Forums for the 1973-1975 El Camino tip.  A 1974
model is shown below.

  The upper back of the cab should be squared off a bit, too.

  Pizza Boy  1984-1986 Piaggio Vespa PX 200 customized

  Police (Los Santos and San Fierro)  See Taxi.  (Though these three are based

on the same car, the data\handling.cfg file is a little different for each.)

  A "Vice City" gimmick has broader application in "San Andreas": C.J. gets five
Shotgun shells, for any kind of Shotgun (shells for one add to the ammo of any
other), the 1st time he enters any of the Police cars or a Ranger (a police ve-
hicle seen more often in the country or desert).

  Police (Las Venturas)  Mid-1980's-1990 Chevrolet Caprice without the little
divider strip on the back side windows.  Thanks to Tornado_2 for the tip.  A
1990 model is shown below.

  Pony  See Berkley's RC Van

  Premier  1991-1994 Chevrolet Caprice* with the top of the cab squared off a
bit and a horizontal bar put in the middle of the grill

  Previon  1982-1990 Honda Prelude

  Thanks to Gman8 at GTA Forums

  Primo  1986-1991 Toyota Camry*

  Quadbike  1987-1992 Honda TRX250x is a similar ATV (All Terrain Vehicle)  The
GTA version has a running board on either side for C.J. to rest his feet on.
The data\american.gxt file refers to it as both "Quad" and "Quadbike," so take
your pick.  (I once gave a Quad hydraulics, but I forget how I did it.  It may
have just been a glitch.)  The Quadbike seats two.

  RC Cam  Light orange-brown terra cotta flower pot without a bottom.  It trav-

els silently like a futuristic hovercraft with the handling of an inflatable

punching toy that's weighted at the bottom and rights itself after it's hit.

It has the appearance of being mostly filled with dirt, but only if viewed from

above, and C.J. passes through it and parts of the pot to sit in it.  It's round

but leaves a square shadow.  C.J. opens an invisible door before he sits in it,

and steers with an invisible steering wheel.  It has headlights and brake lights

and passes through other vehicles.

  The name may come from the idea of surveillance gadgets hidden in concealment
devices like flowerpots (or the trophies of deer heads with red glowing eyes
that shazard pointed out are above the exit door at Palomino Creek and Blueberry
Ammu-Nations; there's another in Toreno's ranch but the eyes don't glow).

  The name may also be due to it letting C.J., in the 1st person view, pass
though other vehicles to see the people inside them.

  It also seats two and can be used with the speedfreak, wheelsonlyplease,

ripazha, and bubblecars codes.

  You can use something with a vehicle spawner, like the GTA SA Control Center,
X.13.c, to make the RC Cam appear.

  Rancher  See "Rancher and Ranger" in the Hybrids section above.

  Ranger  See "Rancher and Ranger" in the Hybrids section above.

  Regina   1985-1992 Volvo 740 wagon except for some changes including some to

the front and that the bottoms of the rear windows are a little higher.  A 1988,

1987, and 1988 model are shown at the links below.

  The front of the engine hood is higher and curves down to the grill in a look
some Cadillacs have.  It has a small version of the grill and front bumper of a
1983-1986 Pontiac Parisienne Safari with the middle of the grill pointed forward
to give it a Cadillac look.  The "Vice City" Regina is the same.
  Thanks to Gman8 at GTA Forums for the Pontiac Parisienne Safari tip.
  A 1985 Pontiac Safari and a 1974 Cadillac Fleetwood are shown at the links be-


  The closest I found for a definition for "Regina" in Urban Dictionary are a

couple of phrases it's part of that use the word to mean a woman who thinks

they're better than they are--I cleaned that up a little.  This could be symbol-

ized in the Regina with the customized Cadillac front though the rest isn't a

custom Cadillac.  The name could also be due to the fact that "Volvo" sounds a

little like "vulva."

  Remington  Mid-1970's Lincoln Town Coupe with custom fenders
  One example I found, which doesn't feature the same curve on the back of the
fenders, is Rick Romero's (slamn78's) 1978 Lincoln Town Coupe lowrider:

  Unless a better match comes along, I'm going to figure the fenders may be

meant as a sight gag to rib the 1958-1962-era Cadillac fenders.  A good web site

to look around in to see what I mean is Hubcap Cafe at the 1st link below:

  Rhino  An M1 Abrams tank  The Rhino, the HPV1000 motorcycle, and the Hunter
helicopter are the most popular of the law enforcement vehicles to use for the
Vigilante mission, III.24.

  Roadtrain  1977-1993 Mack Super-Liner (still made as a light version of the

Australian Titan) except the fenders/headlights are different in the front (more

similar during a segment of that period?).  Thanks to DazzaJay for the tip on

the Mack and the photos at the 1st link below.

  The grill covering and fenders look more like the kind on caertain heavy duty
International trucks, like the (year?) S-F2500 or the 1980 1900 shown at the
next two links.  Several such trucks, such as some models of Ford LTL 9000, have
similar headlights.


  Romero  See the section above on Hybrids.

  Rumpo  1981-1986 Dodge Ram Van Conversion, aka Hi-Top.  A Dodge Camper Van, if

the same size, looks similar.  The owners gave these vans special religious

hats.  Don't curse them out in traffic--you'll die.  If God doesn't get you, the

owner--no, no, no...

 I added a later model to show one with the same Hi-Top shape.

  S.W.A.T. van  Cadillac Gage V-100 Commando  It's also like an OT-65 Otter
(FUG) Scout Car.
  You can activate a vigilante mission with it, but it's better at just having
good handling for a moderate speed vehicle, and for having a working water can-
non on top to squirt people with now and then, which is some fun.

  Sabre  See the section above on Hybrids.

  Sadler  1976-1977 Ford F-Series pickup truck.

  Sanchez  1989-1992 Yamaha DT200 dirt bike
  The 1989 and 1992 models are shown at the links below.

  Sandking  See the section above on Hybrids.

  San Fierro trolley  California Street line San Francisco cable car.  A cable

car is pulled by a cable in a conduit underneath a slot between the rails.  San

Francisco has the only permanently operational manually-operated cable car sys-


  I used the Camera on a two car San Fierro trolley that wasn't moving and read
the triangular sign that's inside it--it says "Powell & Mason Sts."

  Thanks to imut_knight at GTA Forums for telling me it's a reference to real
life and is referred to on this toy trolley:

  According to the next link, the Powell and Mason Streets line is one of the
oldest cable car lines still operating in San Francisco:

  Normally, nothing stops the San Fierro trolley, so some people at the "San An-
dreas" message boards have dubbed it "the trolley of doom."  At one link given
below, a screenshot shows a car stuck sideways in the back car of a two car
trolley.  A better example of that is near the end of the "San Andreas" stunt
video by Gotups and Buzzsaw called "Synergy": they somehow got a Packer stuck
sideways in there to wreak havoc down the street.

  Savannah  1964 Chevrolet Biscayne or Bel Air (an Impala would have two sets of

three brake lights).  As with the Blade, all I have for the shape of the plate

around the brake lights is that it's a bit like the shape on the back end of a

1963 Chevrolet Biscayne or Bel Air (a 1963 Biscayne is shown at the 5th link be-


  Securicar  The International Navistar 4900 Truck has a similar front end.

I'll guess it's a Navistar armored car (modified like the SWAT Truck "Bulldog"

II sold by Alpineco) or even a Navistar Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP)

armored fighting vehicle since Navistar is the biggest supplier of MRAP armored

vehicles for the US military.

  Sentinel  1984-1987 BMW E28 M5 four door sedan without the little rear side

window divider, with the grill and headlights made rectangular...

  ...and with the rounder cab, and parking and brake lights, of a 1983-1989 BMW
M635CSi, aka M6, coupe  The mix of the two is a little different than is used in
"Vice City."  Two 1988 models are shown at the 1st two links below.

  Slamvan  1994-present Dodge Ram body and cab modified to be a lowrider and a

bit squared off with rounded wheel wells.  I know the time frame is off for a

1992 GTA setting, but I think this is it.

  Solair  1986-1991 Ford Taurus station wagon***

  Stafford  1971-1981 Rolls Royce Corniche
  Thanks to the Real Car Name List by PRB051 for the "Rolls Royce" lead

  Stallion  See the section above on Hybrids.

  Stratum  1991-1992 Honda Accord station wagon***  (out of sync)

  Stretch  See the section above on Hybrids.

  Sultan  1990-1994 Subaru Legacy

  Sunrise  1989-1991 Nissan Maxima
  Thanks to DazzaJay who saw this as a better match than the 1990-1991 Honda Ac-

  Super GT  1991-1992 Mitsubishi 3000 GT***

  Sweeper  I haven't found a real good match for it.  It's really more of an en-
closed compact ride on litter vacuum sweeper made to handle a small neighbor-
hood, beach, or park.  The sloped front reminds me a little of the front of an
Elgin Pelican, a big street sweeper I'm more familiar with.

  A Madvac 231D, Scarab Minor, Schmidt Classic, Johnston 5000 compact, and Elgin

Crosswind, just given as basic examples of a compact sweeper truck, are shown at

the 1st five links below.  An Elgin Pelican is shown at the sixth link.

  It looks like a little electric vehicle, an EV, possibly an electric truck,
converted into a street sweeper or floor scrubber or such.  A few examples of
electric trucks are shown at the next three links.

  Tahoma  1990 (range of years?) Chevrolet Caprice Brougham with a flattened

1981-1982 Chevrolet Monte Carlo back end.  The Monte Carlo is also better for

the front end in the pictures I found for not having parking lights on the front

corners  (Just a related note: Hotring Racer B is mostly a 1986 Monte Carlo Aero

Coupe Notchback.)

  The 1st six links below show two pictures of a 1981 Monte Carlo, two of a 1990
Chevrolet Caprice (to show a couple of angles I didn't find for the Brougham),
and five of a 1990 Chevrolet Caprice Brougham.

  Tampa  1965-1969 Chevrolet Corvair body styling that's been made longer and

flatter--the size of the body below the cab roof seems more like that of a 1965

Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu.

  It's also been given a flatter front end with a six-sided grill.  The grill

looks like the inside edges of the Corvair headlight plates have been reversed

for the outside edges of the Tampa grill, and it's a little smaller than the

grill of a 1965-1966 Ford Mustang.  It might be a clue to a longer, flatter car

the Corvair is a blend with, and it just be there to throw people off when they

try to guess the real car comparison for it--I haven't seen a match for it yet.

  Thanks to nekkidhillbilly, reaffirmed by Gman8, at GTA Forums for the Chevro-

let Corvair tip.

  A 1965 Chevrolet Corvair, a 1965 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu, and a 1965 Ford

Mustang are shown at the links below.

  Tanker  1980-1989 (range of years?) Mack R or DM 10-wheeler truck

  Taxi  A 1990's Chevrolet Caprice.* with the cab of a 1984-1986 Holden VK Com-

modore.  (The "Vice City" Taxi was a Ford LTD--not Crown Victoria--1983 to, at

least, 1985.)  The Taxi and the Cabbie can be used for the Taxi Driver mission,


  The 1st time C.J. enters a Taxi or Cabbie he gets $12 (as Tommy did in "Vice


  Thanks to the Real Life Car List by Hamish Duncan, aka FORDSUCK, for the 1989

Holden VR Commodore tip.

  Tornado  1958 Chevrolet Bel Air  Thanks again to FORDSUCK for noticing the

grill, with a couple of projections, is like the one on a 1957 Chevy Bel Air

(shown at the 3rd link).  The front of the front bumper is shaped more like the

one on a 1957 Plymouth Savoy, Belvedere, or Fury (a Savoy is shown at the 4th


  Towtruck  1982-1986 Ford F550 (F450?) tow truck, aka a wrecker, without the

horizontal bars on the grill  The F550 has a thicker engine area than the hand-

ful with lower numbers in the F series, so the back of the engine hood and bot-

tom of the windshield is higher, so they're higher than the bottoms of the side

windows.  At the third link below, the Holmes unit on the back of the F350 looks

similar except for the back of the top of it.  (For the "holmes wrecker" that

wants to wreck it with a truck, I guess.)  It has bumpers that began appearing

in the later 1980's.

  I had a hard time finding an F550 for the time period, let alone one that's a

wrecker, on the Internet, so you'll have to imagine it pieced together from what

I could find.

 The 1st three links below show a 1985 (F550?) truck, then a 1999 F550 (too re-

cent, styled differently, but you can see it's moosier), then a 1988 Ford F450

wrecker (too recent, so the style is a bit wrong; it looks like it has a Holmes

wrecker), then a (year?) Ford F350 with a Holmes wrecker.

  Tractor  1965-1971 (?) Ford 2000, 3000, 4000, or 5000 (?) tractor  This Ford

tractor was part of a product line that extend by 1000's from 2000 to 9000 and

ran from 1965-1975 (see the history of it at the 3rd link below).  In the range

of it I 1st listed, some matched the headlights (built into the front instead of

on either side of it), the body over the front sides of the motor, and fenders,

but I didn't find all of that with as slim a body covering along the top of the


  A couple of Ford 2000's, the 1st from 1970 and the 2nd from an unidentified

year, are shown at the 1st two links below.

  Trashmaster  1992 Ford F800 ten-wheeler used as a rear loader garbage truck

It's the same truck as the Yankee, and both are the same as the same-name trucks

in "Vice City."  For more about this model, a 9th generation (1992-1996) F

series truck, appearing in the time period of that game, 1986, see "Yankee."

  A 1995 Ford F800 and a 1992 International DT360, just shown to show the big

trash box on the back, are shown at the 1st two links below.  A 1997 Ford F800--

10th generation, but it looks the same to me--with a similar trash box is shown

at the 3rd link.

  Tug  Baggage tractor.  As with the Baggage, there are a lot of similar-looking

models but I couldn't find an exact match.  A Harlan Baggage Tow Tractor Model

HTAG-30/40 basically looks like a Tug.  Although the Tug has a hitch on the back

as a Baggage vehicle does, I've yet to find anything that can be hitched to it.

  Turismo  1987-1988 Ferrari F40**

  Uranus  1990-1994 Mitsubishi Eclipse, Eagle Talon, and Plymouth Laser*

  Utility Van  mid--1970's to 1992 Chevrolet (C20?*) Utility truck with a grill
more like that on a model in the later part of that series (or on an Ford F-
  A (year?) Chevrolet Utility truck and a 1989 Ford F250 utility truck are shown
at the 1st two links below.

  A Utility Van can also be hitched to a little "STREET CLEAN" trailer, but I'm
not sure if it's in the unmodified game.  So far I've only seen it by using the
GTA SA Control Center (X.13.c) which calls it a "Utility Trailer."

  Vincent  an early-mid 1980's (elongated) Audi 100/200/5000 (without a strip

to divide off the little rear side windows and a squared off cab) with BMW 5

Series (round) headlights

  Thanks to NSX of the GTA Forums site

  Virgo  1977-1979 Mercury Cougar XR7 with the vertical brake lights of a 1977-
1979 Lincoln Continental Mark V.  It's like the "Vice City" Virgo except it
doesn't have the horizontal brake lights of the Lincoln.

  Thanks to Grand Theft Grampa at GTA Forums for the Mercury Cougar XR7 tip.
  A 1978 Mercury Cougar XR7 and a 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V are shown at
the links below.

    Voodoo  1960 Chevrolet Bel Air coupe low-rider  The 1960 Chevrolet Biscayne

Fleetmaster, Biscayne, and Bel Air models had two brake lights per side--the Im-

pala had three per side.  The Biscayne Fleetmaster was the least expensive, with

some parts painted instead of being chrome-plated.  The regular Biscayne had

less "brightwork," as the Wikipedia site describes it, than the Bel Air.

  Some of the small number of Biscaynes and Bel Airs I found with the Google

search engine have been fixed up and painted, and I can't be sure which, if any,

of the Biscaynes I saw are Biscayne Fleetmasters.

  The Voodoo has a chrome plate across the back that the brake lights are set

in.  The Bel Air had that chrome plate or a chrome ring around the same area.

Unless all the Biscaynes I saw were Fleetmasters, it looks like the Biscayne

didn't have the chrome plate or ring.

  The Voodoo doesn't have chrome-plating on the edges of the tail fins.  All the

Biscaynes I found had that chrome plating on them, so the lack of it could be a

detail of a Biscayne Fleetmaster or just a detail that was left off.

  The chrome stripe on each side of the Voodoo looks wider than the one on the

Bel Air and I didn't see one on a Biscayne, so it either suggests the Bel Air or

a customization.

  The "Vice City" Voodoo is similar.

  Thanks to reader Timo Hakala for writing to me that Rockstar designed it so
you can blow it up by shooting the license plate in the back because the gas cap
is behind the license plate on an Impala.  (So I guess it's the same for a Bis-
cayne or Bel Air.)

  Walton  See the section above on Hybrids.

  Washington  1984(?)-1987 Lincoln Continental  The body looks like a model from

the latter part of the 1982-1987 generation--more rounded.  It doesn't have the

round raised section, where the spare tire goes, on the trunk.  The outside

edges of the parking lights have been made vertical and the top of the grill is

a bit lower.  In addition to the vertical brake lights, it has the horizontal

brake lights of a Lincoln Town Car except the middle section is replaced by a

license plate.  (The "Vice City" Washington and FBI Washington have a body and

grill more like a Lincoln Continental from the 1982-1983 part of the time


  A 1986 Lincoln Continental is shown at the 1st three links below, and a 1987

Lincoln Town Car is at the fourth link.

  Wayfarer  1988-1992 Honda Gold Wing GL1500 suits the time period, but the back
end, seen in profile, looks more like a 2001-2004 model.

  Willard  1988-1989 Dodge Dynasty* or Chrysler New Yorker.

  Windsor  1966 Alfa Duetto (later models, a bit different, are called Alfa
Romeo Spider)  It was made popular as the car Dustin Hoffman's character, Ben-
jamin Braddock, drove in the movie "The Graduate," 1967.  Thanks to a post at
the Gamefaqs message boards by sonofkorol who nailed this one.

  This is the glitch that happens if C.J. lets the lady in the screenshots for

the Launch, Reefer, Maverick, and S.W.A.T. van drive:

  Yankee  1992 Ford F800 used as a box truck

  It's the same truck as the one used as a Trashmaster.  The earliest matching

picture I found was from 1994, so it's probably from the F-Series 9th generation

(1992-1996) described in the Wikipedia article below.  If so, since it appeared

in "Vice City" in a 1986 setting, it's like the Slamvan in having a real life

counterpart that appeared after the time frame of the game.  (The Yankee 1st ap-

peared, and looked about like it does in "San Andreas," in "GTA III," which has

a 2001 or so time frame.)

  I try to pick vehicles that appeared within the time frame of the game when I

can, but to adhere to that too strictly is impossible.  Many of the vehicles,

like the Glendale, are mixtures that never appeared in that combination in any

period in real life at all.  I only have a hard and fast rule that if a vehicle

has a real life counterpart, it has to appear before the game was created--af-

terward is right out...unless someone mods a Mercury to look like the Cuban

Hermes after "Vice City" comes out or such.

  A couple of 1995 Ford F800s, one with a 16' box and one with an 18' box, are

shown at the 1st two links below.

  Yosemite  1980-1986 Datsun 720 (later the Nissan hardbody) pickup truck  It's
like the Monster B except the wheel wells are squared off.  Thanks again to
reader Logan King for tip about the 1988-1990 GMC GMT400 trucks, which have a
similar body and make a better match for the wheel wells, and about the Monster
B/Yosemite similarity.
  A 1982 Datsun 720 and a 1988 GMC GMT-400 are at the next two links.

  ZR 350  1989-1991 (1992?) Mazda RX-7*** with an air foil on the trunk  The

ZR 350 headlights open or close depending on how bright the surroundings are.


  Some performance notes so far:

  Fast motorcycles with good handling:

  NRG-500, FCR-900, and PCJ-600.

  Fast cars with good handling and/or Sex Appeal (SA) and/or resistance to dam-


  Hotring Racer and Cheetah (SA), followed by Bullet (SA), Super GT (SA), and

  Banshee (SA).

  Fast cars with Sex appeal but frail:

  Infernus, Turismo, and Comet.

  Fast bicycle:

  Mountain bike (I like the CJPHONEHOME code for it, too).

  Moderate speed with good handling:

  Uranus (SA), Bandito (good ability to flip upright for one of the bouncier ve-

  hicles), Tow Truck, Berkley's RC Van, Hotknife (if going fast, use Brake and

  Reverse before turns), S.W.A.T.(durable), Taxi, Hustler, and Dune.


  Sandking (fast and durable), FBI Rancher, and Rancher.

  Little, light, fast cars:

  Comet (SA but not real durable), Blista, and Flash (SA).

  Burly bruisers:

  Rhino, San Fierro trolley, Trains, Roadtrain, the little San Fierro Fire truck

  with a ladder, and Dumper.

  Fast boats with Sex Appeal:

  Squalo III (SA) and Speeder (SA).

  Roll over--

  things: Dumper, Monster truck, and various vehicles when given hydraulics;

  people: Combine Harvester

  Roll around with a--

  hostage: Hotdog van or some jacked vehicles;

  gang member or prostitute: car, truck, motorcycle except the Pizzaboy, Andro-

  mada, Beagle, Dodo, possibly a Skimmer, and a helicopter except the Hunter or



  I'll see if I can find out more later; in the meantime:

  I.8.b  A rundown of some of the people who drive them

  The criminals, gangs, and hookers of "San Andreas" have their own automotive

preferences.  According to data\cargrp.dat:

  The criminals listed in "Crimes" (I.5.k) are among those who drive Perennials,

Blades, and Clovers.

  Drug dealers are among those who drive Ranchers.

  The hookers are among those who drive Perennials.

  These gangs are among those who drive the vehicles following their names:

  The Ballas                          Majestics and Tahomas

  The Grove Street Family   Greenwoods, Savannahs, and Voodoos

  The Los Santos Vagos       Oceanics, Tornados, and Hermes

  The San Fierro Rifa           Sabres, Stallions, and Blades

  The De Nang Boys            Buccaneers, Mananas, and Tampas.

  The Italian Mafia               Sentinels, Admirals, and Feltzers

  The Triads                          Sultans, Stratums, and Elegys

  The Varrio Los Aztecas     Hermes, Broadways, and Glendales


  I.9  Wanted Ratings

  - One star causes a policeman or two to chase on foot or in one or two Police

Cars, Rangers, or HPV1000s, and attack with 9mms or Nightsticks; if C.J. is in a

boat or in the water, or flying low enough over water, travelled by boats, po-

lice may attack with a Predator or two, firing 9mm guns and the machine gun of

the Predator,

  - two, the police chase and attack more aggressively,

  - three, the police chase and attack with 9mm pistols and sometimes Shotguns,

roadblocks of destructible sawhorses and Police cars with police men who attack

with 9mm pistols, and occasionally Shotguns, are put up, and a Police Maverick

firing a machine gun joins to chase and attack.

  The police on the ground are mostly replaced for the three higher wanted rat-

ings, and the replacement for each of the three is unique to that wanted rating.

Otherwise, Predators of police still fire 9mm pistols or the machine gun of the

Predator if C.J. is in a boat or in the water, or flying low enough over water,

travelled by boats, and a Police Maverick still fires a machine gun in each

case.  In addition, a Hydra that fires missiles may appear if C.J. is flying

high enough in each case.

  - four, roadblocks of destructible sawhorses and Enforcers with S.W.A.T.

agents who attack with Mini-SMGs are put up, and S.W.A.T. agents chase in En-

forcers, rappel from another helicopter, and attack with Mini-SMGs,

  - five,  roadblocks of destructible sawhorses and FBI Ranchers with FBI agents

who attack with SMGs are put up, four FBI agents per FBI Rancher chase and at-

tack with SMGs, and a News Chopper, and a second Police Maverick that attacks

with a machine gun, may appear near the Police Maverick that attacks with a ma-

chine gun, and

  - six, roadblocks of destructible sawhorses and Barracks with Army soldiers

who attack with M4s and Shotguns are put up, the Army soldiers chase in Barracks

and Rhinos and attack with M4s and Shotguns, and a News Chopper, and a second

Police Maverick that attacks with a machine gun, may appear near the Police Mav-

erick that attacks with a machine gun.

  C.J. can get five wanted stars after "Farewell, My Love" (VI.15).

  C.J. can get six wanted stars after shooting down the five Mavericks in "In-

terdiction" (VIII.3) (thanks to rubregg for the tip).

  In San Fierro, social worker policemen, who tell C.J. they offer counseling

and understanding as an alternative but attack just like the other policemen,

appear among the policemen.

  Thanks to Orion_SR for the extra information about what triggers the game to

create law enforcement, etc.  During a one star wanted level, only one police

man on foot will chase C.J. at a time--the one that's closest to C.J..  If a

second one joins in shooting at him, the one farther away stops when they're

through with their current round of shots.  They get confused someetimes,

though, as when Orion_SR had C.J. get behind a police man who didn't take up the

attack on C.J. and a second police man kept shooting the first one.

  And the map has hundreds of spawn points for the appearance of law enforce-

ment, so you can remember some of them and plan C.J.'s crime spree routes ac-



  One wanted star and bribes

  For one star, I think having C.J. get away from a pedestrian area, get on

foot, and crouch helps end it.  Otherwise, you can just have C.J. keep driving,

flying, or sailing, fast enough that the police can't bust him till the star

goes away.

  Unlike "Vice City," where only one star might go away in time, I've had higher

numbers of stars do that in "San Andreas."  Rusk says up to four might do that

depending on what C.J. did to get them.

  A bribe gets rid of one wanted star.

  Once a bribe is used, another appears in the same location in five hours of

game time (a little over five minutes) if C.J. is at least 20 feet (?) from the

spot it usually appears in at the time it can reappear.

  Some airborne bribes, or ones near the ground with enough clearance around

them, can help if C.J. is flying.  For the locations of the airborne bribes, see

"How to get as much done as possible before starting the main missions" (I.16).


  Some basics for handling a wanted rating

  Orion_SR gets my thanks for the tips he picked up in having C.J. make bold ex-

plorations into the off-limit areas with a four star wanted level--tips that

have good general application in having C.J. survive a high wanted level (I.16):

  For a higher wanted rating, the firing at C.J. increases, and knocks down his

Armor and Health if he's on foot, so try to keep him driving.  Have C.J. drive

fast enough to keep the Police from being able to bust him, but drive slow

enough to be able to brake to avoid Police cars that drive in front of him.

Have him try to drive off-road, even away from where pedestrians appear, and

cross the street in the middle of blocks instead of at intersections, as much as

possible to cause the Police to lose track of him.

 If he's flying, have him fly low to the ground to try to avoid some of the

shots fired from Police Maverick helicopters.  Flying low can also cause any Hy-

dras, which fire heat-seeking missiles at him, to lose track of him (as in


  C.J. gets full Armor the 1st time he gets into an Enforcer.  If C.J.'s Armor

is knocked down by law enforcement, you might have him jack an Enforcer.

  C.J. will probably be shot at if he's on foot or swimming when he's wanted.

Sometimes he's busted instead if he's in a vehicle that's on the ground, or a

flying vehicle hovering near the ground, when the corrupt law enforcers attack

him.  Law enforcers like to ram his vehicle with their land vehicles, so it's

frequently a good evasive maneuver to have C.J. brake instead of accelerate when

that's about to happen.


  Things that remove any number of wanted stars

  Having C.J. get a vehicle a new coat of paint at a Pay 'n' Spray, Michelle's

garage, or a mod shop, having him put on a hat, shades, or clothes for torso or

legs, get a haircut, get a ride on an airline from one of the three airports to

one of the other ones, and sometimes end a mission, can get rid of any number of

wanted stars.

  Having C.J. take off and put on the same torso, etc., clothes works, too, so

you can have him do that at the very start of the game when he only has one out-

fit, or later if you don't want to change his look.

  According to MisterKrawk at the Gamefaqs message board, you can also cancel a

wanted level by having C.J. use the monitor at any school then just exit the

screen--it also creates good weather.

  Each of the three airport airline offices (I.7.g) is available for rides when

its territory is legally available--C.J. has to make at least two territories

legally available to use the airlines for rides.  Thanks to Orion_SR for telling

me that when the Badlands become legally available C.J. can get an airline ride

from Las Venturas, which clears the wanted rating he got from going there, to

Los Santos, too.

  (Having C.J. get wasted or busted clears a wanted rating, too, but I don't

save the game after that.  Saving the game can do it, but I don't save the game

while C.J. has wanted stars, either.)

  (At the other extreme, having C.J. drive a law enforcement vehicle can make a

wanted rating last at least as long as he drives it.)


  The Stat for how long C.J. can make a five star wanted rating last

  One place to try could be the Pay 'n' Spray across from the Cluckin' Bell in S

Idlewood, Los Santos.  Leave a vehicle in it so C.J. can get rid of the rating

before getting killed.  A save place with a wardrobe closet that has clothes in

it will work just as well, especially one with an awning, like the Clown's Pock-

et, that also lets C.J. run for cover from helicopter fire.

  Another good place is the mid-N side of Corvin Stadium in San Fierro.  The low

ground between the stadium and the road the law enforcers show up on makes a

kind of moat.  There's a chili dog vendor and a soft drink machine on the porch

if C.J.'s Health gets low.


  Fun with wanted ratings

  As with the last couple of GTAs, it can be fun to lead the law enforcer's ve-

hicles over Unique Jumps.

  Another gimmick is to cause their vehicles to fall down slopes, such as the

side of Mount Chiliad.

  Another spot like that is Fisher's Lagoon, mostly S on the beach under the

"L," in Red County.  When I tried it, the law enforcement vehicles kept coming

over the guard rail of the road to the W.  They couldn't handle the slope from

it very well, and they usually either tried to get back up the slope, ignoring

C.J., or slid right past the beach into the water.  At that stage, I didn't see

any helicopters, for some reason.  Before helicopters showed up, C.J. had little

to shoot--the biggest worry is he would die of starvation from how long he could

stand around and watch this.  Then I flew him to a vehicle left in a Pay 'n'


  A similar spot you might like for C.J. if he gets a wanted rating during a

rain is an area of Chinatown with steep streets on three sides.  The law en-

forcement vehicles slide back down those streets when they try to drive up to


  In one test I did, a police car would fly down from a roof onto the E part of

the E to W street of the N side of the "wine glass" shape of the Emerald Isle

area while C.J. drove E to W on it.  It's sort of a Lemmingsmobile.  Orion_SR

wrote to me that the proper place for the Police car to come from is through the

gate of the LVPD garage to the E, but there's no Z axis figure (vertical place-

ment) for the car, so it may come from the roof.  (He also said pictures by GTA

Phreak and zmoonchild of the falling car are what prompted Orion_SR and pdesco-

bar to try to figure out trigger zones.)

  He said a similar Police Lemmingsmobile may fly from the roof of the LV Court

House garage instead of through the gate for the same reason.  The gate is N of

the NE corner of the block with "CA ANTE" of "ROCA ESCALANTE."  If you have C.J.

drive E then S around that corner, you might see the Police car crash on the

road farther S (in the area of the garage with a Minigun).

  voodoochild19's post at Gamefaqs reaffirms that if C.J. is going to use a

weapon weaker than a Rocket Launcher or Minigun to shoot down a helicopter, it's

easier if he shoots at the front of the propeller motor box on the roof.

  A Hydra dogfight, dropping chaff to throw the attacking Hydras off and shoot-

ing them down with missiles, can be exciting.  One gimmick which might help you

target (Spacebar) and shoot attacking Hydras is to put the thrusters of C.J.'s

Hydra in a halfway position (NP2 and NP8) so it maneuvers like a jet but goes



  The off-limits area of Area 69

  From the start of the game till "Farewell my Love" (VI.15), having C.J. go

over the off-limits section of Area 69 causes a four star wanted level.  After

that mission, it causes a five star wanted level till C.J. leaves the area, when

it drops down to four.

  The fenced-in sections of Area 69 give the best reference for the off-limits

areas of it--it's a smaller area within the one surrounded by the dirt path

shown on the map and radar in the game.

  The boundaries of the off limits areas are:

  - W: about four feet outside the W fence, and extending straight south to a 90

degree angle with the S boundary.

  - N: in the NW, straight E from the middle of the SAM missile launcher and

along the inside of the W half or so of the N fence, and a couple feet outside

the E half or so of the N fence.

  - E: a couple of feet outside the E-most E fence, and extending straight S to

a 90 degree angle with the S boundary.

  - S: a couple of feet outside the S-most S fence, and extending E to a 90 de-

gree angle with the E boundary, and extending W to a 90 degree angle with the W


  For more about the blind spots of the SAM sites in Area 69, see the end of

"Black Project," VIII.15.

  The four SAM sites at Area 69 are active throughout the game.


  The off-limits area of Easter Basin Naval Base

  From the start of the game till "Farewell my Love" (VI.15), going over the

off-limits area of the Easter Basin Naval Base causes a four star wanted level. 

After that mission, it causes a five star wanted level till C.J. leaves the ar-

ea, when it drops down to four.

  Below the SW corner is a set of steps, not indicated on the map, that lead up

E from a low pier, which is shown as a small square.  The N-S border line I drew

is N of the base of the steps.

  The off-limit area extends about two feet N of the entrance--from there, E to

the shore and W to about halfway along a little section of fence.

  The SAM sites on the ship are only active during "Vertical Bird" (IX.2).


  I.10  Ghost hell, ghost world, ghost heaven, and Liberty City

  To explore the interior world of "San Andreas," go to the GTA Forums web site,

GTA Series, GTA San Andreas, Cheats and Tricks, Hidden Interiors via the Ganton

Gym!  Go to page one, etc., and the various links offered:

  For PC transportation devices, see:

  The San Andreas Place Manager (X.13.a)

  Map Teleporter/Vehicle Spawn (X.13.b)

  The GTA SA Control Center (X.13.c)


  Make sure it works with v1.01 if you use the patch for the game.  The GTA SA

Control Center works with the unpatched or patched version of the original game.


  Interior heaven

  Most of the hidden interiors are rendered separately from the exterior SA

world and are grouped in "heavens," high above the usual height limit of the

game, which include commonly available  places on the ground, like Cluckin'

Bell.  Entering a commonly available one gives you access to the others of the

group.  See "Hidden Interiors via the Ganton Gym!" at GTA Forums and the article

on Hidden Interiors at

  If you want to teleport C.J. to a Hidden Interior, make sure you send him
somewhere he can get there from 1st--an interior of the same interior heaven
group.  For example, from the inside of the Prickle Pine save house, C.J. can
teleport to the Andromeda interior used in "Stowaway."  If you don't do that,
you may just watch C.J. fall a long way to invisible ground.

  The places in each heaven:

  You might otherwise want to use the Parachute code, AIYPWZQP, to give C.J. a
safe landing if he falls.  The Jetpack code is ROCKETMAN.  I've had C.J. fall
and it didn't give him a Jetpack till he hit the ground, which wasn't much use,
yet the Parachute appeared in time for the same fall.

  A GTA Forums message posted by Fireman gave Edison Carter's list of the coor-
dinates for the PC version of the hidden interiors:

  A number of the interiors are listed in the data\maps\Audiozon.ipl file.

  Have C.J. enter a place that loads the graphics for the interior, then tele-

port him to an interior of the same group.

  Spaceeinstein's SA version of his "All In One Mod" (X.13.ii) makes it easy to

have C.J. go to the hidden interiors, too.

  The Atrium, Doherty garage, Area 69, and Sindacco plastics factory interiors

appear inside their exteriors, but only the last two interiors appear at the

same time as the outside world.  The Verdant Meadows safehouse, Welcome Pump

truck stop, and Lil' Probe Inn interiors are all below ground in basically the

same area as their exteriors.

  The Atrium and the Doherty garage are distinctive hidden interiors in that

their interiors appear with some exterior elements added.  You can compare ex-

terior things seen from outside and inside to see the difference.  The Jetpack

works in the Atrium so you can use it to look through the upper windows.

  Opius says that the reason most interiors are created separately from their

exteriors is that many are larger than the exteriors and, since some use a lot

of polygons, it saves the game from having to render a batch of them unnecessar-



  Liberty City

  I'll give you a multiple choice of ways to see Marco's Bistro, from the easi-

est to the hardest.

  - Install the Liberty City mod for "Vice City," which uses the interior and

back lot and yard of Marco's Bistro from "San Andreas" except for the snow, and

send Claude there to look at it.  He can use a helicopter to look at the rest of

Liberty City, too.

  - Teleport.

  According to Fireman:

  Send C.J. into any interior that has a yellow entrance cone (C.J's house, a

fast food place, etc.), then use these coordinates to send C.J. to the inside of

a warehouse:

  x 1416.725

  y 2.203633

  z 1000.926

  Then have C.J. teleport from the warehouse to Liberty City:

  My coordinates for the street in front of Marco's Bistro:

  X -737.7181

  Y 492.2733

  Z 1371.977

  Fireman's coordinates for the back lot of Marco's Bistro:

  x  -819.465

  y   504.4395

  z 1362.436

  From there, C.J. can use the back door to see the interior.

  You can have C.J. shoot a gun and see what causes a ricochet to see what's


  Downhill from the front of Marco's, the street and sidewalks are solid until

beyond the first intersection.  N from Marco's at the top of the hill, the

street and sidewalks are solid up until past the first gray door on the left.

In front of Marco's, the building N of Marco's isn't solid, and the darks walls

of the S part of Marco's aren't solid.

  The Jetpack won't help C.J. fly in Liberty City, but you can use the "kanga-

roo" code so he can jump over a wall from the highest patio in front to the back


  The back lot, yard, and walls that enclose them are solid.  You can have C.J.

do a "kangaroo" jump to the N over a couple of walls and walk on a couple of al-


  If you use the SCM Hook (, you can remove the height limit for the

Jetpack and let C.J. fly to get a better look at the scenery.  More of Portland

can be seen than you might have expected, although the graphics are mostly pret-

ty plain.

  According to edisoncarter, "You can teleport straight to LC if you go into

SubUrban or Caligula's Casino, although the sky color probably won't be right."

  If you have C.J. teleport to the warehouse, you can have him use the Jetpack

to fly to the Doherty garage since approaching it this way causes the N garage

door to be open.  The "camera" views used while C.J.'s inside the garage aren't

the best for exploring, but you can have C.J. use his Camera to get a close look

at everything.

  - Ben Fleming at GTA Forums explains how you can send C.J. to Liberty City on

PS2 and Xbox, also a long method that works for all versions of "San Andreas,"

at the next link.


  Entrance markers in the sky

  A yellow inverted cone of light, the kind used by C.J. to enter and exit

buildings, for the interior of the Cluckin' Bell hovers high above the ground

level exterior of the Cluckin' Bell in Fort Carson, Bone County.  It's on the E

side of the stem of the "Y" formed by two roads E of the main residential sec-

tion of blocks.  (To get to the cone of light, you might use the "SCM Hook" mod,, to remove the height limit for the PC Jetpack, or you might try the

method rwesterh used for the next example.)

  rwesterh found a yellow entrance marker for a 24-7 high above the middle of

the E side of the brown oval of Blueberry Acres.  He used the GTA SA Control

Center, X.13.c, to teleport C.J. up to it.  The coordinates he used to get C.J.

up there in a flying Dinghy are:

  X:    1.277

  Y: -31.309

  Z: 990.962

  Fireman says there are a lot of them high above Catalina's place, too.


  How to enter the Bone County "Stowaway" Andromada

       by MOrt(at)nius and me

  [email protected] writes that the coordinates for the interior of the Andromada used

in "Stowaway" are X: 319.0025, Y: 1024.137, Z: 1949.88.

  I'll add that you could have C.J. enter the Prickle Pine save house in NW Las

Venturas or a Cluckin' Bell, then use the GTA SA Control Center (X.13.c) to

teleport C.J. to this Andromada interior.

  The exterior of the jet, with a red windshield, isn't solid, so you can't have

C.J. teleport up about 10 feet more and walk around on it.  You could use the

SCM Hook ( to allow the Jetpack to travel higher than the usual height

limit, use the "ROCKETMAN" code to give C.J. a Jetpack, then have C.J. fly out

the end (the end C.J. jumps from in "Stowaway") to let C.J. fly around to have

a look at it.


  Fireman's, edisoncarter's, and pdescobar's coordinates

  Thanks to Fireman for these coordinates (I found the return trip ones):

  Sweet's house, seen in "Reuniting the Families"--send C.J. into Sub Urban or

Caligula's, then teleport him to:

  X 2524.27, Y -1679.94, Z 1015.497

  (Send him back to Sub Urban: X 203.778, Y -48.4924, Z 1001.805.)

  Fireman says if C.J. isn't equipped with a weapon, the light in Sweet's living

room is off, but if he's equipped with a weapon, the light is on.

  Ryder's place--send C.J. into The Pig Pen, then teleport him to:

  X 2464.109863, Y -1698.659912, Z 1013.509949

  (Send him back to The Pig Pen: X 1205.476, Y -8.671263, Z 1000.922.)

  Thanks to edisoncarter for these coordinates (I found the return trip ones):

  Airport--send C.J. to the Johnson house clothes closet (Wardrobe), then tele-

port him to:

  X -1863.149902, Y -19.6598, Z 1061.149902

  (Send him back to the Johnson house clothes closet: X 255.137, Y -41.5322,

Z 1002.023, Angle 270.)


  Brothel (Fanny Batter's whore house)--send C.J. into Zero's RC Shop, San Fier-

ro gym, or the Las Venturas Sex Shop, then teleport him to:

  X 744.54, Y 1437.6, Z 1102.7.

  (Send him back to Zero's RC Shop: X -2238.686, Y 130.9023, Z 1035.414.)

  Brothel 2--send C.J. into the Johnson house, Pro-Laps, Inside Track Betting,

Big Spread Ranch, Las venturas Sex Shop, or Las Venturas Tattoo Parlor, then

teleport him to:

  X 964.106995, Y -53.205498, Z 1001.179993.

  (Send him back to the Johnson house: X 2495.9, Y -1707.45, Z 1014.742.)

  The lights of Brothel 2 turn on if C.J. is equipped with a gun and turn off if

he isn't, as Fireman noticed about Sweet's house.

  Rusty Brown's Donuts--send C.J. into the San Fierro Tattoo Parlor or Sherman

Dam, then teleport him to:

  X 377.098999, Y -192.439987, Z 1000.643982.

  (Send him back to the Tattoo Parlor: X -202.3096, Y -8.056161, Z 1002.273.)

  Thanks to pdescobar for these coordinates (I found the return trip ones):

  The RC Battleground--send C.J. into the Four Dragon's casino or any Burger-

shot, then teleport him to:

  X -1042, Y 1060, Z 1345.9.

  (Send him back to either the Four Dragon's casino: X 1994.244, Y 1018.036,

Z 994.8906, or Burgershot: X 369.9607, Y -72.40347, Z 1001.508.)

  Wuzi's Betting Shop--send C.J. into any interior, then teleport him to:

  X-2159, Y 643.1, Z 1052.4.

  (Send him back to any interior accessible from the exterior world except those

only accessible during missions.)


  Going through the Jefferson Motel skylight by me

  One of the rooms of the Jefferson Motel in Los Santos has a skylight, and a

floppy disk, like the ones you save games with, hovers in it.  (Between the Mul-

holland Intersection and the E coast, the radar and in-game map show a thick N-S

section for the railroad where it's between two streets.  The Jefferson Motel

faces it on the W side of the N end.  In a waiting room on the 3rd floor,

there's a pitch black rectangle where a skylight would be.  Stand C.J. on the N

end of the room and look S up into it to see a revolving floppy disk just past

the S edge.)

  About anything I read had C.J. do that Kangaroo jumping jazz.  Nuh-uh.  Send

C.J. to the lobby at the end of the hall on the 2nd floor of the Jefferson Mo-

tel.  There's a rectangular skylight in the ceiling, and above and beyond the S

edge of it is a save game cassette revolving in a black sky.  You could teleport

C.J. from within the motel onto the ledge by the marker with the GTA SA Control

Center (X.13.c).  One possible set of coordinates: X: 2244.554; Y: -1185.505;

Z: 1040.797; Angle: 75.9.

  Once he's up there, you can see there are five save game cassettes revolving,

each above and beyond one side or another of the surface C.J. can walk on.  If

C.J. drops off the side of of the motel, he falls through Black Hell, I guess

it's called, and ends up near the rest of the motel in scenery that has most of

the graphics missing.  You may want to use the SCM Hook ( with this gim-

mick if you plan to enter the Jetpack code, ROCKETMAN, to have C.J. fly around

the game save cassettes above an interior that's higher than the usual height

limit of the game.  You might otherwise want to use the Parachute code,

AIYPWZQP, to give C.J. a safe landing if he falls.


  Hole in a ceiling of the Prickle Pine safehouse

  On PC. you can enter the high jump code, KANGAROO, send C.J. into the house,

have him turn right, and have him jump through the ceiling onto the solid plate

above the ceiling of the next room.  (It's part of the same interior heaven as

the inside of the safehouse.)  (The PS2 glitch of having C.J. jump from outside

into a window to enter blue hell doesn't work on PC.)


  Ghost World and Blue hell entrances

  What I called "Ghost World" in my "Vice City" walk-through is more commonly

known as "Blue Hell."   (For example, one way there in VC is to fly a helicopter

up into the porch roof of the WK Chariot hotel.  You could see parts of it in

many places with the Rocket Launcher gimmick, which doesn't work in SA.)  (Never

mind it isn't always blue and doesn't seem to have anything Hellish about it).

  The easy thing about leaving the big underground type of Blue Hell is the same

as it's been since "GTA III."  You don't have to find a missing collision file

to leave.  Pick a spot of the regular game world you'd like C.J. to appear in,

then let C.J. sink so far down below that spot that the game puts him above the

ground there.

  If C.J. wears the Jet Pack, he can fly around the ghost world under San An-

dreas and get a view similar to the one you could get of Vice City with the gim-

mick of sending the Sea Sparrow up through the porch roof of the WK Chariot

hotel.  There's an additional concern in the San Andreas version: solid river

and sea beds, which you may need to do some maneuvering to get around.  When you

think C.J. has seen enough of it, send him low enough and he'll appear on the

land above.

  The main game use for Ghost World is to use it to get into Area 69.  Since

some things are there from the start of the game, and especially since some

things are only there from "Black Project" on or afterward, I think Rockstar ex-

pected us to find a way to get inside it using Ghost World.

  Several ways to do that are given below.  Mxyzptlk's spot I call "Ghost wall"

is conveniently close to Area 69, and Alexander's Toys and Vulgari gives C.J. a

way to get to the interior of Area 69 while meant to be restricted to Los San-


  The gimmick of spawning a vehicle halfway into the blast doors of Area 69 is

an easy, fast way to enter it, too, if requiring a cheat code and more dangerous

other than during a glitch that lets C.J. explore without a wanted level, as he

can use during "Drive-By."  Other than by using the GTA SA Control Center to

teleport C.J. to Area 69 and back, Ghost World/Blue Hell is the only way to have

C.J. go to the interior of Area 69 without using a cheat code.  Otherwise, it's

still something to play with if you think it's fun to explore and like the

change of scenery.


  The Pro-Laps, Alexander's Toys and Vulgari,

       and Mulholland house entrances

  Thanks to The Duff Man's "Secrets FAQ" at Gamefaqs for a couple of ways to get

to Ghost World from Los Santos.

  Mangymonki found a way to send C.J. to Ghost World at the Los Santos Pro-Laps.

Have C.J. Jetpack up into the ceiling of the little porch-like ledge that ex-

tends over the front door/yellow entrance marker, then have him go forward.  As

The Duff Man says, "The whole block is pretty messed up, as you can also get in-

to blue hell through Alexander's Toys and Vulgari."

  Alexander's Toys and Vulgari is next door to Pro-Laps to the S, has a bigger

front porch to fly up into, and it doesn't have some invisible solids inside to

get C.J. past as Pro-Laps does.


  ArturP found that C.J. can see a little of Ghost World at the site of a Sniper

Rifle in Mulholland.  It's the big light beige house with a dirty pink surround-

ing wall at the SW end of the block that's N of the Pay 'n' Spray.  Have C.J.

Jetpack against the middle of the lower, more enclosed balcony, and he can walk

inside the balcony.  (If you send him further back in and down through the

house, more of the house becomes invisible, but you may have a hard time finding

the way out through the invisible barriers.)


  The Las Colinas and Santa Maria Beach entrances

  Punknoodle found several other Los Santos entrances: the 2nd building on the

right side of the road that goes N from the Jefferson Motel has an enclosed

porch, with four open windows with round tops, on the top floor.  The porch

ceiling isn't solid.

  Punknoodle also found a couple entrances in Santa Maria Beach: one at the con-

crete northern part of the ceiling of the southern overpass of the two with the

big "SPORT FISHING BOATING" signs, and the other about a block east of that at

the northern part of the ceiling of the walk beneath the boardwalk west of the

base of the Unique Jump that goes up the steps through the boardwalk.


  Ghost mountain

       The_Raven's Mount Chiliad entrance to Blue Hell

  On the in-game map, there are three small green splotches NW of the brown spot

that represents the peak of Mount Chiliad.  The blue hell entrance is a strip of

ground at the base of the cliff on the S side of the path S of the W end of the

E green splotch.  On the paper map, it's on  the S side of the 2nd crossing of

the path N of the "C" of "CHILIAD."

  In the screenshot at the next link, the entrance is indicated by the white

blob at the base of the cliff beyond C.J.'s head.

  If you have C.J. enter it with his Jetpack and have a hard time finding the

way out for him, just let him drop far enough and he'll appear above land but

without the Jetpack.


  Ghost garage entrance

  A Gamefaqs post by Foxracing500r, Nov.4, 2005, gave a way to ghost world.

Have C.J. go to the San Fierro Airport, go right instead of going through the

gate, go around to the parking garage, enter it on the right lane, and go ahead

to the "NO ENTRY KEEP CLEAR" sign that hangs from the ceiling.  C.J. can go

through the 3rd pillar ahead, fall through ghost world, and land on the ship

used for the Export/Import mission.


  Ghost cliff entrance

  A Secret posted at Gamefaqs by drewpot2001 gives a different entrance to that

kind of ghost world.  Have C.J. Jetpack against the cliffs, a little higher than

the water level, E of Sobell Rail Yard in Las Venturas.  The Duff Man, in his

Secrets FAQ at the Gamefaqs web site, recommends going N from the Jetmax to

where that section of cliff ends in a ledge, then turning left into the ledge to

send C.J. through the cliff.  C.J. can then make his way N through a little

channel of invisible stuff, and go on a surreal exploration.


  Mxyzptlk's entrance to Blue Hell

       W of the LV Turning Tricks Driving School

  This entrance to Blue Hell is conveniently close to Area 69.  Beside the Las

Venturas Turning Tricks Driving School (for motorcycles) to the W (and S of

Blackfield Stadium) is an opening to a big lot.  The opening is made of two

curved walls.  The Blue Hell entrance is the inside of the straight length of

wall beside the E curved part.  Have C.J., equipped with the Jetpack, go forward

into it then go down.


  Great Saiyaman's Blackfield entrance

  Great Saiyaman found a non-solid part of a wall just a bit N of the previous

one.  It's on the N side of the dark gray horizontal E-W bar S of the "C" of

"BLACKFIELD."  The non-solid part, NE of the 5th bench from the W, is on the W

side of the wall that extends N-S into the lower lot.


   Ghost 69

        How to enter the interior of Area 69 from the start of the game

  Mxyzptlk's method

  Mxyzptlk also showed a way to enter or leave the interior of Area 69 using

Blue Hell: the ceiling isn't solid above the grate against the wall by the en-

trance to the shallow W trench.  I made a map of the interior of Area 69 that

shows the W shallow trench and Minigun locations:

  I can't currently find Mxyzptlk's video.

  You could also let C.J. drift down from beneath Area 69 till he's teleported

into it.  Likewise, after C.J. leaves Area 69, you can get C.J.above land by

having him descend until he appears above the ground.

  Another way to have C.J. get out of Blue Hell at Hunter Quarry is to send him

up under the crane till you get the prompt to press F or Enter to have him use

the crane.  Press it twice to have him enter and exit the crane and be in the

regular world.

  You can send C.J. to the Ghost World entrance of the interior of Area 69 from

the start of the game with the Ghost World entrance in the porch ceiling of

Alexander's Toys and Vulgari, which is beside the Los Santos Pro-Laps and men-

tioned above, or via the Las Colinas and Santa Maria Beach entrances mentioned

above, with the ROCKETMAN code, and get a Minigun earlier than usual.  Before-

hand, you might use the Never Wanted button of the GTA SA Control Center,

X.13.c.  The Control Center lets you use either the "Auto-Clear Status after in-

serting cheats" button before you use any codes or the "Clear Cheated 'Status'

and 'Count'" button before you save the game.

  hdsgf and zmoonchild's method

  zmoonchild has a video showing another method of getting into and out of the

interior of Area 69.  It uses Ring_of_Fire's method of having Tommy transport

through things while getting onto a motorcycle in VC, except it only works in

this case in SA with a Freeway.

  hdsgf used it to enter Area 69.  Have C.J. park the Freeway along the N side

of the ventilator shaft and Exit to appear underground at the Minigun pickup.

zmoonchild added the way for C.J. to get out.  To have C.J. leave, have him go

up to the north edge of the same shaft and press Enter.  The video by zmoonchild

is at the next link.

  jedisociety's method

  In jedisociety's video, C.J. uses a Cleo 3 gravity gun to take the doors off.

His link is inactive so here's CompletelyIdiotic386's version of the same thing.


  This pair of examples lets C.J. enter and leave Area 69 from the exterior



  The inside of the air vent entrance: X 245.6275, Y 1862.581, Z 18.73007.

  Over the grate of the air vent entrance: X 245.367, Y 1862.359, Z 21.97531.

  You can use the GTA SA Control Center (X.13.c) to send C.J. there from any-

where in the exterior SA world.  Press the Locations tab, the "Read from GTASA"

button, and write down the coordinates.

  Then put in a set of coordinates for the inside of the air vent entrance and

press Teleport.  After getting the Minigun or such, put in the coordinates you

wrote down and press Teleport.

  C.J. gets a four star wanted level for entering the part of Area 69 shown on

the map of it I made (I.9) (VIII.15).  Once the Badlands and San Fierro are

freely available, C.J. gets five stars that goes down to four once C.J. leaves

that part of Area 69.


  Ring_of_Fire's way to open the door to Ghost World

  Ring_of_Fire, whose glitch finds include ways of using the PCJ600 and Skimmer

to send Tommy to Ghost World in "Vice City," found a way to use a BMX or motor-

cycle to send C.J. to Ghost World in "San Andreas."

  In certain circumstances, you can equip C.J. with a Jetpack and have him push

a bicycle or motorcycle to hold open the doors with entrance markers of safe-

houses and stores, not those for gyms, and go through the entrance box of some

into Ghost World.

  According to Ring_of_Fire, it works:

  - at the Johnson house (and some others) after the screen prompts you to "Go

get the SWAT Tank" in "End of the Line."

  - during "Customs Fast Track."

  - during a mission if it has a mission vehicle (like the Black Boxville of the

Burglary mission or the BMX of a Courier mission) which C.J. can put nearby.

  - during a mission with a lead character that has a blue cone pointing down at

them whom you can put nearby.


  Fireman's method to make extra interiors available

     at the start of the game

  Another way to see interiors of the game is described in this message board,

started by Fireman, at GTA Forums:

  To see the interiors, start a new game.  After the scene in which C.J.'s head

is bumped while he's being put into a Police car, the screen goes black for a

moment.  During the scene in which C.J. is being driven N, you enter the code to

spawn a Jetpack: "ROCKETMAN."  The "Cheat activated" message lingers till the

end of the scene.  C.J. gets "Wasted" and appears by the hospital but without

the text that usually appears when that happens.  Type "ROCKETMAN" again so C.J.

can fly somewhere else, the text appears, then the yellow entrance cones appear

for many of the interiors that you normally only see during missions.

  The interiors include:

  - the Vagos Gang house ("Burning Desire") is on the N side of the block that's

E of the thick N-S line on the map, indicating a RR track with a road on either

side of it, by "JEFFERSON,"

  - Jizzy's Pleasure Domes front and roof entrances ("Jizzy") are under the S

end of the Gant Bridge, 

  - the Sindacco Abattoir ("The Meat Business") is at the NE corner of the block

of the bottom of the "EST" of "WHITEWOOD ESTATES," and 

  - the City Planning Department ("Architectural Espionage") is N of the "L" of


  Zero's RC Shop (at the "C" of "GARCIA"), the fast food places, Ammu-Nations,

and clothes stores open, too.

  A special thanks to Fireman for contributing one of the reasons that I like

exploring in GTA's more than in other games.


  Note--places that load interior graphics and that are already open without the


  - Colonel Fuhrberger's house ("Home Invasion"), which is at the top of the 2nd

block N of the "B" of "EAST BEACH" and on the same road as the "B,"

  - the Atrium ("Just Business"), which has two doors and is on the block W of

the martini glass icon that's N of "LITTLE MEXICO,"

  - the Jefferson Motel ("Reuniting the Families"), which is on the 3rd block N

of "SON" of "JEFFERSON,"

  - "Generator Hall," which has an entrance on the N side of the E tower of the

Sherman Dam by the road that goes over the dam (it's a different entrance than

the one used in "Dam and Blast"),

  - Caligula's Palace, which has two roof doors and a Penthouse door below them

inside ("Breaking the Bank at Caligula's"), and

  - the Sex Shop ("Key to her Heart"), which is on the W side of The Strip E of

"Redsands East.

  On PC, you can't knock open Big Smoke's crack den before "End of the Line."

  C.J. can also enter these places for which the interior graphics are a part of

the outside world:


  - the liquor store that's across the street to the E of the N block of down-

town Blueberry, 

  - an abandoned diner on the E side of the biggest block of Palomino Creek,

  - until you've done the mission that uses it--"Small Town Bank" with Catalina,

a bank at the S end of the W side of the block that the Palomino Creek Cluckin'

Bell is on (you can't break down the door later on PC),

  - a shack, with a red glow inside at night, on the NE shore of Fisher's La-


  - the "Truck Terminal" truck shop on the S block of Blueberry,

  - a shack in Shady Creeks where the path from Angel Pine bends N,

  - Wang Cars, NE across the street from the Xoomer garage save place, on the

border of Doherty and Downtown in San Fierro,

  - Otto's Autos, at the "E" of "EAST" of "ESPLANADE EAST," in Downtown San Fi-


  - and various barns in Red County and Flint County.


  Rough draft/Go through everything world

       by sum GTA Guy and gamefarter

  Have C.J. get on the ledge above the skylight of the Jefferson Motel (see the

entry above).  Use the in-game Map and put a marker at the Bayside Boat School.

Enter the Jetpack code, ROCKETMAN, and have C.J. Jetpack there.

  (There's a long drop through Black Hell 1st.  The radar shows what direction

the marker is in but nothing else.  Use the in-game map to check your progress.)

  Have C.J. get into the red marker for the school mission.  (You may need to

have him run against the school awhile to find the door on the E side of the

little building.  Look at it in the regular game to see that the door is partly

surrounded by a couple of little low walls that make an opening on the S end.)

  Start any mission and fail it with the "blow up all vehicles" code: ALLCARSGO-

BOOM or CPKTNWT.  C.J. is dropped into the water--have him swim to shore and

give him a Jetpack with which he can explore this world of non-solid partial

graphics.  The graphics are often the blurry kind used for things when seen from

a distance.

  To exit this world without exiting the game, have C.J. fly to the Atrium in

Los Santos--there's a solid section by a door on the side with escalators.  The

Atrium is E of the building that looks like four vertical blue glassy cylinders.

When he exits, he'll be in the regular world.;-sa-roughdraft-glitch/


  Driving a blown-up boat by Ring_of_Fire

  Have C.J. get off a boat, and press F/Enter when he touches the water--C.J.

walks underwater to get back on the boat.  Type "allcarsgoboom" to teleport C.J.

onto the boat (not when C.J. is very close to the boat or C.J. won't teleport--

he'll just be hurt by the explosion).  Type "hesoyam" before the boat explodes

again and C.J. can drive a blown-up boat.  It can be destroyed again with weap-


  I'll add that it makes a Predator look like the Ghost Missing boat in "GTA



  Ghost land vehicles for travelling into buildings

  You can spawn a vehicle halfway into the Sindacco plastics (counterfeit chip)

factory, S of the "TES" of "WHITEWOOD ESTATES," or the blast doors of Area 69,

to enter it.  Their interiors are rendered with the outside world.

  The only skyscraper in Los Santos with a 3D interior (at the N end of the

block that's E of the one with "NTOS" of "DOWNTOWN LOS SANTOS"),

  the Gasso station with Max pane glass with bullet holes (on the SW block of

Dillimore; the S wall worked for me; the floor is solid except for the hall be-

hind the counter),

  and Big Smoke's crack den (on the NE corner of the block that's W of the one

with "F" of "LOS FLORES"; I couldn't break the wall of Big Smoke's crack den be-

fore "End of the Line" on PC),

  are easy to enter that way, too.


  Ghost Beagle and Mower

  xox_vanzant_xox saw that an airplane called a Beagle may appear with the left

side embedded in, or laying on, a house in Fort Carson (on the N side of the SE

block).  (In the PS2 version of the game, the Mower appears in a tree trunk in

Dillimore.  Thanks to Cube623.)


  "Ghost" Glendales, etc.

  On PS2, a scratched-up, discarded Glendale appears and coasts downhill near

the NW side of the S of two horse shoe-shaped hills in Back O' Beyond.  (On PC,

the couple of Glendales I see there are just sitting there.)  It's been nick-

named the Ghost Car, and it's useful in providing a ride out of the wilderness.

(I have a ghost Vortex at the beach NE of downtown Bayside Marina, though, and

I've never seen anyone inside the trolley.)

  (The dented Glendale also appears elsewhere in the game, as does a scratched

and dented Sadler pickup truck.)


  Ghost upside-down chili vendor

  If C.J. uses a Rocket Launcher to shoot the chili dogs stand at the end of the

Santa Maria pier, it appears upside-down in the water under the pier.  If he

swims into the red shaft of light by it to buy a chili dog, he'll eat it if you

have him climb onto the stand.  The vendor stays nearby in the drowned position

as long as C.J. stays there.  (That was known when somebody posted it, but I

can't remember where I read it originally.)


  Ghost house

  A GTA Forums post by imut_knight showed an unorthodox way to enter a house

that's N and across the street from the 2nd "O" of "IDLEWOOD."  Have C.J. jump

at the garage door on the S side of the house, and he can hang on to the top

edge and climb in.  When he's inside, the ceiling is invisible.  He can climb

out where he climbed in.


  Ghost 3D office building

  The one skyscraper in Los Santos with a 3D interior is at the N end of the

block that's E of the one with "NTOS" of "DOWNTOWN LOS SANTOS."  As Fireman ex-

plained at GTA Forums, you can point C.J. at the building (from the sidewalk

edge that's nearest to the lot of the building), type "VROCKPOKEY" to have Hot-

ring Racer A appear with one side imbedded in the building, and have C.J. enter

the car and go out the other side to enter the building.

  Once he's in there, you could type "ROCKETMAN" so C.J. gets a Jet Pack and can

look around--the things inside it aren't solid.  You might also use the GTA SA

Control Center, X.13.c, and use coordinates to transport him into and out of it.

  A possible pair of sets of coordinates I came up with are:


  X:     1819.59300

  Y:   -1287.79900

  Z:         13.600860

  Angle:  92.935470


  X:      1839.620000

  Y:    -1280.601000

  Z:          13.545330

  Angle: 128.297200

  (It's not the only 3D building in Los Santos.  For one example, the shopping

center S of the E block of Glen Park has 3D windows, too.)


  Ghost woman in a pawn shop wall

  I found this one:

  If you have C.J. stand NW of the Cluckin' Bell that's S of the Johnson house

and look SW at the yellow pawn shop, you can see a woman, shown from about waist

up, with brown hair and a red dress.  She's in the rectangle-shaped indentation

on the near yellow wall of the shop.  C.J. can get closer to see her if you turn

the draw distance down.

  If you have C.J. go closer to her,she's covered over with a lighter or darker
color (depending on the time of day) than the wall.

  The Rocket Launcher gimmick that let you see through walls in the last two

GTA's doesn't work in "San Andreas," so I don't know how to get a closer look.

  The same yellow building except with a barber shop appears on the SW corner of

the block of "S" of "PLAYA DEL SEVILLE."  You can see the ghost woman on the W

side of the S wall if C.J. is far enough away.  I couldn't get the woman to ap-

pear on the wall of the yellow pawn shop behind the Johnson house.


  A very minor ghost world find

  I'm on a roll here for your ghost excitement--I found this, too.

  Go S from the little loop of road in Mulholland to the T intersection, go S

from the end of the double yellow line in the middle of the street and across

the intersection to the tan stucco house with a dirty white picket fence.  C.J.

can walk into the non-solid grass in the lawn at the SE side of the house till

the grass is over his head.  He gets the best view of Ghost World from the spot

by looking N.

  At the top of the driveway, you may find a couple of garbage pails that have

"Vice City" maps inside them (as found across from the Angel Pine Cluckin'



  Ghost Garver Bridge

  Zmoonchild showed a way to get into the underside of the Garver Bridge, which

was also found earlier by pdescobar and others.

  At the SW end of the Garver Bridge, just past the N end of the length of

earthquake damaged highway, have C.J. go up the gray embankment.  If you send

him out along the edge of the bridge while pushing to his right, he'll find the

entrance to the underside of it.  He can go to the other end of the bridge,

where there's a gray wall.


  Ghost walls

  Benjimino234's invisible wall behind the Willowfield Cluckin' Bell

  Benjimino234 found an invisible block--as punknoodle described, it's "beside

the orderbox...looks to be about a 1 foot wide by 3 foot long wall at a diagonal

to the back wall"--behind the Cluckin' Bell that's S of C.J.'s Mom's house.

  bagga rabbit's invisible wall on the porch of Cranberry Station

  bagga rabbit found an invisible wall on the front of the porch of the street

entrance to the Cranberry train station.

  More names on the mantle of explorers of ghost world--good finds!


  Ghost fence

  Masterkraft found a section of fence without a collision file.  It's the SW to

NE section of fence along the coast W of the S end of the Gant Bridge.

  punknoodle found that the W end of it isn't solid, either.


  The Vinewood cemetery

  C.J.'s Mom's grave is at the NE corner of the graves in the Vinewood cemetery,

which is on the N side of the block N of the block with "WOOD" of "VINEWOOD."

The top couple of feet of dirt is missing from the grave, which is covered with

a solid invisible plate with a few tufts of grass on it.  It's given rise to

rumors of her having left the grave to haunt C.J.'s house.  Besides it and a

similar grave (except covered with a dark plate that's easier to see through at

night) a few plots W creating a couple of places for the "camera" during "Sweet

and Kendl," it just looks like the top couple of feet of the hole of each were

filled in with polyurethane topped with a few tufts of artificial grass, so it

doesn't suggest anything to me if I had to think of a real life or movie refer-

ence explanation (ghost dirt?).

  Likewise, some rumors of the place being haunted have arisen from gang graffi-

ti appearing on the cemetery walls from 20:00 to 6:00.  Since Sweet tells C.J.

several gang members are buried there, you might imagine C.J. remembering the

late spirits of gang members killed in gang wars for that.


  I.11  Odds and Ends

  At the start of the game, before all the railroad tracks are free to travel,

you might see the Brown Streak diesel locomotive, which has two cars hitched to

it, or a Freight train with several flat cars.  When one stops at a train sta-

tion, C.J. can jack it and go back and forth over the length of the track in the

legally allowed Los Santos and Red County areas.  The view while driving a train

is the cinematic view, in which you can pick a view with NP4.  There are barri-

ers at either end of the allowed section, and, with the train travelling at a

moderate speed, the game makes the train come to a stop before either of them.

  But if the train goes fast enough, it can go through the barriers and travel

the whole circuit around San Andreas.  When I did this, I had the train go from

the NE Red County end at full acceleration, only releasing acceleration a bit in

SE Los Santos when I could see the train shake a bit (if you floor it long

enough, you can derail the train).  The train went through the barriers in Rich-

man.  C.J. got a four star wanted rating but the law enforcers can't stop the

train.  (You can do it without the wanted rating if you use the "Reuniting the

Families" glitch).  The game made the train stop on the Frederick Bridge before

going through the NE Red County barriers again, though--I don't know if the

train would have gone through them if I'd floored it again.

  (My Dad was a brakeman on the railroad in the 1930's before he became an art-

ist/cartoonist at the Pittsburgh Press for the rest of his life, so that goes

1st.  There aren't any 30's steam engines in "Mafia," so I'll take what I can


  You can drive into the full size trees that rest on square flat boxes, such as

along the sidewalks of the couple of blocks N of Avispa Country Club in SF, and

knock them over.  C.J. can climb them, and several other kinds of trees, too.

(For more examples, see I.7.aa.)

  C.J., like Tommy Vercetti, can walk up a tree that slopes from the ground--

there's one, a tall pine tree, leaning over the N end of the big pond of Back O'


  You might have already seen this in stunt videos--you can drive a motorcycle

up the cables of the Garver Bridge.  Going down the cable on the other side is

trickier, especially twice.

  The Alhambra is a dance club.  It has flaming torches in front, and is tan by

day but is lit up red and blue at night, along the middle of the W side of the

block with "IDL" of "IDLEWOOD" in Los Santos.  The locations of the other dance

clubs are given at "Life's a Beach" (IV.19).  If you have C.J. go inside one and

walk into the shaft of light, he dances with a lady while you press W,S,A, and

D for up, down, etc., in time with the music at the time each arrow rolls into

a stationary circle in the middle of the screen.  He dances better if you get

it right.  You get a Stat for your highest score.

  The Pig Pen strip club is on the W side of the block that's N of the one with

a martini glass symbol that's W of "LOS FLORES."  C.J. can throw money down by

the strippers for them to do one of those Jane Fonda aerobics moves they do.  He

can also pay $100 when in a shaft of light to go into a room to be seated while

one of several strippers does a private dance for him.  You can use the LMB to

pick from several views to watch it.

  The other strip clubs can be found between the W side of Las Venturas and the

E side of the No Fly Zone, at the NE corner of the block S of the one with "VEN-

TURAS" of "OLD VENTURAS STRIP," and at the SE corner of the block that's E of

the block with "OT" of "COME-A-LOT."


  Thanks to a post by Mxyzptlk at the GTA Forums web site--his overseeing of the

other posters in expansion of Shaft21's "San Andreas" secrets--for the next

couple of tips.

  In the original versions of "San Andreas":

  The Pay 'n' Spray behind Come-a-lot, S Las Venturas, isn't on the in-game map.

On PS2, you can see the inside of it as your vehicle is sprayed and the floor

has a non-solid spot.  On PC, it's non-functional.  To get there, go N from the

S end of the road that divides by the Emerald Isle, take the 3rd right, the 2nd

left, then turn right and look for it on your left.

  There's also an unmarked barber shop in El Quebrados (Spanish for "The Frac-

tion"), in the N area of Tierra Robada, that isn't on the map.


  Apropos of nothing more than that they're GTA-related concerns, and I wanted a

place for the Internet to have them:

  Rebirth: a suggestion for how to make music in a future GTA

  If anyone from Rockstar North reads this, I have a suggestion for an extra

feature for the next GTA.  The lead player could go into a music store and play

with something like ReBirth 2.0.1 by Propellerhead.  It was sold for about $160,

was discontinued and ecame freeware, and now it's used as an app.  The game

player doesn't need to know how to play an instrument to have fun with it, and

Rockstar North could give the lead player and the pedestrians some moves to do

to the rhythm.  It's easier to play with, and more fun, than the dance game, and

it was only a little over 4 MBs.

  A good article about it is here:

  The article shows a picture of the interface--you can click the picture to see

an enlargement of it.  The article mentions a CD you need to play the full free

version, but you don't need the CD to play the demo version I gave a "freefun-

files" link for above that.

  If you try it, there are two bass synthesizers and two drum machines.  Each of

them has four sets--A to D--of eight buttons each on the left side of the dis-

play.  Any one combination--C6, A4, etc.--represents a one measure pattern of

music.  You don't need good timing--the combo you pick will start playing at the

start of the next four beat measure; if you don't make a selection, the pattern

keeps repeating.  You can change the notes, bend them, adjust the tones, of the

bass lines with the keyboard, etc., displays.  You can pick the percussion in-

struments and adjust their tones on the two bottom displays.  You can choose

from two overall sets--Pattern or Song mode--at the top of the screen.


  Where to get the 1st two GTA's and "Wild Metal Country" free

  You can still download "GTA," "GTA2," and "Wild Metal Country" (a futuristic

shooter between futuristic Rhinos) for free at:
  Unavailable as of Feb, 2016

  How to see the coordinates on the PC "GTA2"

  "GTA2" doesn't have a radar or in-game map.  The walk-throughs for it give the

location of weapons, mission concerns, etc., with coordinates, and the PS2 "wug-

gles" code doesn't make the coordinates appear on PC.  To see the coordinates on

PC, go to the Gouranga web site, GTA2, Tips and Cheats, and get the "GTA2 Power

Manager" by Harry Denholm, aka Ishani.

  Click the "Debug" tab at the top and check the box for "Do Bebug Keys."  Dur-

ing the game, press C to see the coordinates.


  How to get Darkel into "III"

  Darkel is a tramp created for "III" then edited out of the game before it was

released.  His name and voice actor--Bill Fiore--are listed in the credits,

though, and his .dff and .txd files and some others are still in the game.

  It was widely rumored that he led a group of bums, now found among the other

pedestrians and around a Hidden Package in the tunnel behind 8-Ball's Portland

bomb shop, and he sent Claude Speed to do missions that later became the Ram-

pages and the "I Scream, You Scream" mission for El Burro.  Some think Claude

was to meet Darkel in the tunnel.

  Here's an excerpt from an article about the then-upcoming "GTA III" at the

Gouranga! web site (thanks to a Gamefaqs post by quest78 for reminding me about

the article):

      Another mission source is a street urchin named Darkel (according to Game

    Informer, he will be replacing the Kill Frenzies that were in GTA and GTA2).

    Darkel is a rather odd addition who asks you to commit various random acts

    of violence.  One such act mentioned in the IGN preview is to steal an ice

    cream truck, load it with dynamite, and then set off the bomb after attract-

    ing a large enough crowd.  Sounds pretty dark but I'd imagine that its just

    the tip of the iceberg.

  Some rumors have it that he was edited out of the game because he had Claude

create destruction that was somehow similar to the Sept.11, 2001 tragedy which

happened not long before the game was released.  (One rumor has it Darkel had

Claude fly a plane into the tallest skyscraper, the one Donald Love lives in,

and that the fast deletion of Darkel caused the disappearance of Donald Love to

be abrupt and unexplained.)

  This Wikipedia article has some more about it, such as that there weren't any

plane missions to remove:

  According to Rockstar, Jan., 2012, the post-9/11 game is "About 1% different.

We removed only one mission that referenced terrorists and changed a few other

cosmetic details-–car details, a couple of ped comments, lines of radio dialogue

etc--the game came out a very short time later.  The biggest change was the US

packaging which remixed the previous packaging into what became our signature

style--because the previous packaging [which was released as the cover of the

game in Europe] was, we felt, too raw after 9/11.  All of the more extreme ru-

mours are amusing but impossible to have been achieved in such a short period of


  "Because we were making a driving and shooting game--even that, as a combina-

tion of core gameplay elements, was very, very radical at the time.  The Dodo

was never meant to be flown very much at all, and it certainly wasn’t grounded

as a result of 9/11--it was just a fun thing that people then went crazy with

when they figured out various bugs that let them fly it!

  "Darkel was just a crazy bum who gave you some crazy missions.  They were re-

moved a few months before the game was done and long before 9/11 because they

just weren’t as good as the rest of the game, and tonally they were a little

odd.  He started with 5 missions and they were slowly all cut.  When only one or

2 were left, they were all removed as the character just didn’t work alongside

the other characters.

  "None of these missions involved blowing up buses of school children although

that is a funny rumor!"

  You can put Darkel into "III" with Notepad.  Un-check the green dot 1st (X.4).

Then click > Edit > Replace, and replace "scum_man" with "darkel" in data\de-

fault.ide and data\pedgrp.dat.

  (Don't try it by renaming their .txd and .dff files with each other's names or

you end up with a white Darkel ghost.  This just changes which .dff and .txd

files the game calls for.)

  You might try using him as your lead character a bit with the "ifeellikedress-

ingup" code.

  How to find Odie's Statue of Liberty mod, the Wichita-Airport Bridge, the Nakt

patch, etc.

  Mods for "III" are getting harder to find.  But I just saw a lot of mods for

"III," including Odie's Miss Liberty (the Statue of Liberty), at the GTA Place

and gta-downloads web sites:

  "SilentPatch" by Silent  Wet road reflections and headlight coronas shown

again, Purple Nines glitch fixed, etc.

  "III Aircraft" by Silent  Vehicles fly as in VC: Maverick, LCPD Maverick, LC
News Maverick, Hunter (with functional weapons), Armadillo, Dodo (full winged),
Skimmer, and Biplane.

  "The Wichita-Airport Bridge" by MrMilti connects Wichita Gardens to Francis
International Airport, and makes Sub-missions around there a lot easier:

  The "Naktpatch" by Sveni didn't cause such a scandal back when GTA prostitute
mods just dared show half of each niblet:

  OnePiece's "High Quality/HD GTA Cars" for "GTA III":

  "High Poly/HD Cheetah" "Infernus" "Banshee" "Stinger" and "Yazuka Stinger" by


  "High Poly/HD Wheels" by onepiece

  "Weapon Stat Editor 1.0" by Spooky

  "GTAIII XBOX Version" by rmws

  Alper Saracoglu's GTA "III" "Administrative Console"

  "Glenster's 'GTA III" Starter Package"

  How to let Claude leave Portland early

  To let Claude Speed leave Portland the fastest, easiest way, un-check the

green dot (X.4), go into data\handling.cfg--where you might go, anyway, to soup

up the Submission vehicles or the Rumpo (to make "Big N' Veiny" easier)--and

give a vehicle a -1 in column I: percent submerged.  Then, when Claude drives it

off one end of the destroyed Callahan bridge and it falls into the water, it

will appear on the other end of the bridge.  This works to get across the lift

bridge before it's working, too, to get to Shoreside Vale.

  Besides the popular choice--typing "chittychittybb" and having Claude fly a

Police car (esp. a souped up one) over the Callahan Bridge--a couple of methods

I learned from Rusk's PS2 testing work on PC, too:

  If you send Claude W along the N side of the destroyed Callahan Bridge, down

to about 5' (?) from the end of the 2nd straight length of a bent red girder

that projects beyond the end of Claude's side of the bridge, Claude can jump

over to the thick silver-gray pipe of the other side of the bridge.  He can en-

ter the subway at the S end of Staunton and use it to get to Shoreside Vale.

  Another way is to have Claude back the back wheels of the Easy Autos Banshee

out over the water from the concrete tunnel roof in NW Portland, backing out to

about where the middle of the road below is and until the Banshee teeters on the

verge of falling.  Have Claude exit and he lands on the tunnel roof.  Send him W

while aiming the view with the mouse to see the tunnel roof below the blue

stuff.  He has to jump over an obstruction then can go over the middle of the

tunnel roof to Staunton, where some invisible solid stuff won't let him continue

to Shoreside Vale unless he uses the ledge at the side of the roof.  When you

want Claude to appear in either town, have him jump from below the town into the

blue stuff and he'll appear on the land above.

  Thanks to variable veracity verifier Orion_SR for some creative gameplay that

leads him to add that you can send Claude from Staunton to Shoreside by having

him drive a Yankee into the subway in S Staunton, onto the far side of the same

upper platform, and having Claude jump from the Yankee roof through the subway

ceiling onto the roof over the tracks.  Unlike the case in "Liberty City Stor-

ies," the roof nearby is invisible, though, so it isn't easy to navigate even if

you have Claude shoot it to see where the ricochets appear.  Claude can also

make the trip by bailing from a Fire truck he tips into the water over the tun-

nel by NW Staunton (W of the stadium).  The radar doesn't show the tunnel there

in "III," so send him into the tunnel 1st to see where it is on the radar.


  How to add working VC-style flying vehicles to "III"

  SilentPL's "III Aircraft" is a CLEO mod that gives "III" a full winged Dodo

and working aircraft from "Vice City" and "Vice City Stories.  As of 2013 (and

not counting the "Liberty City Mod" for VC), SilentPL is the first to supply the

flying ability of later GTA's for "III."  It was partly done by improving on

some buggy flying code that was left in the .exe.  Here's a review by Craig Kos-

telecky: "Damn Silent, you NAILED it."

  How to use Robert De Niro as Travis Bickle for the lead player of "III"

  gtadude1 has come up with a mod that looks so much like Robert De Niro as

Travis Bickle in "Taxi Driver," 1976, it looks like he used a photo and worked

it out from there.  If you ever wondered what it would be like to have De Niro

as a lead player, you won't get a better chance than this.  gtadude1 wrote that

he'd work on it more if there was support for it, so I encourage you to show him


  (The 1st screen shot also shows the one electric sign I've found so far in
"III" that tells the correct time.)


  Where to get the "Liberty City" mod for "Vice City"

  Also apropos of nothing more than it's a GTA concern: the Liberty City mod,

used with a copy of "Vice City," and which I describe in "Glenster's Guide to

Some of Vice City," can be found at the GTA Forums web site:

  It has an automatic installer now that worked smoothly for me.  The "Vice

City" modding, trainer, etc., concerns apply because it's built on the VC engine

(and has the VC PCJ-600, helicopters, etc., too.)

  To use a trainer with it, un-check the green dot (X.4), go to the Liberty City

folder, open gta-lc.ini with Notepad, and change "ChangeTaskBar=1" to

"ChangeTaskBar=0" then Save and exit.


  How you can pick which version of "Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven" you run

  The solution for the problem of being unable to use mods or trainers that are

only compatible with certain versions of "Mafia"

  Even more tenuously apropos than the sections above: you can get the Mafia

Swap program at:

  The instructions have you change a file of the game, then you run the program
at the start of the game.  It asks you to enter a number to indicate which mod
you want to use--I enter the number that means I don't have a mod installed.
Then it lets you pick which version of Mafia you want to run.

  My copy of "Mafia" was v.1.2 when I bought it, but it can be run as v1, which
lets you use the +19 trainer, the detour gimmick for the race, and give some of
the mods a try.

  "Mafia Version Changer" I haven't tried it yet, but you might try it if "Ma-
fia Swap 101" hasn't reappeared at mafiascene yet.

  I put up a walk-through for "Mafia: the City of Lost Heaven" with information
on mods, etc., at the next link.  (outdated/site can't be edited)'s%20Guid%20Haven%20for%20Mafia_php.htm

  You might also try Mafia II:


  Some GTA clones you might try

  Here's an article about GTA clones that might help you decide on a GTA-type

game to try:



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