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Glen T. Winstein

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Glenster's Drive 4

  Devin Weston missions


  X.1  I Fought the Law...

  Molly Schultz: Elizabeth Mason  Elizabeth also played Kate in the 2011 short
"Mr. Whiskers."

  The title is from the song by Sonny Curtis of the Crickets and made popular
by the Bobby Fuller Four which had a top ten hit with it in 1966.

  Have Franklin go to a construction site on the west side of Power St. south
of Occupation Ave., Burton, to meet Devin Weston and Molly Schultz.  Michael
and Trevor appear.  Weston wants them to steal a couple cars from two trust
fund kids to sell in Asia.  Michael and Trevor are to dress as police officers.

  Have Franklin get in the F620 and go to the Ron gas station on the Senora
Freeway north of the Ammu-Nation in the Tataviam Mountains.  On the way Michael
calls to tell Franklin to get the two drivers going through Grapeseed at full
speed--he and Trevor will get them there.

  At the station Franklin challenges the two rich guys, who have a Cheetah and
an Entitry XF, to a race and they accept.  Have Franklin follow the two super
cars into Grapeseed.  Have Franklin drive quickly and not hit anything (you can
use Franklin's Special skill for a Gold requirement).

  As Franklin approaches Grapeseed he calls Michael to announce it.  Michael
and Trevor are dressed as highway patrol motorcycle officers (CHPs in CA).
They drop their donuts to the street to prepare to chase the two super cars on
Police Bikes as in the similar scene in "Reuniting The Families" in SA.  Your
protagonist switches to Michael--have him join Trevor in chasing the super

  The chase continues north on the Great Ocean Highway.  For Gold requirements
have Michael drive between a couple of buses, a couple of trucks, and follow
Trevor onto the oncoming lane and through a tunnel at the Braddock Pass. 

  The two super cars stop on the bridge over Cassidy Creek in North Chumash.
Michael and Trevor get the super car drivers out of their cars on the pretext
that they were speeding then confiscate their cars.

  Your protagonist switches to Franklin.  Have him join the other two and con-
tinue on the highway.  He calls Molly, Senior Vice President and General Coun-
cil for Devin Weston Industries, to ask her to tell Devin the got the cars.
She tells Franklin to have the cars driven to Hayes Autos on Little Bighorn

  Franklin calls Michael and gives him the destination and says they should race
there but not mess up the cars.

  At the garage Weston says he wants five cars before he pays a reward.  Molly
says the next car they want is a Z-Type from record producer Chad Mulligan
who's going through a divorce and keeps the car in a lockup in Hawick.  Trevor
is to fly an LSPD helicopter which can identify a pedestrian from a chip in
their driver's license and Franklin is to stsy on the ground to steal the car.
Weston tells Michael he'll be in touch about (movie producer) Solomon.  (In my
version a chauffeur drives Devin and Molly out through the partly closed garage

  Tight Squeeze  Race between the two trucks

  Bus Passed  Race between the two buses

  Follow the Leader  Follow Trevor through the tunnel

  Time  Complete within 12:00  Skip cutscenes

  Split Seconds  Use Franklin's Special ability (Caps Lock) during the race
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #41 - I Fought the Law... [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p
60fps]" by GTA Series Videos

  During the race back to Los Santos you can have Trevor take his Cheetah or
Michael take his Entity XF to Los Santos Customs and modify it then continue
with the mission.  After that the vehicle appears at the impound lot for the
chosen protagonist for $250 (much less than at (

  The event is reported in Lifeinvader and Bleeter posts.

  The Nightstick is at Ammu-Nation and Los Santos Customs is fully stocked.

  If you're between "I Fought the Law..." and "Pack Man" and switch your pro-
tagonist to Franklin and he appears in Hayes Autos you can have him explore in
it and find a checklist written in light blue glowing letters of the vehicles
required in this series of missions.

  Trevor or Franklin

  X.2  Eye in the Sky

  Have Trevor go to the Mission Row police station at the corner of the east
side of Sinner St. and the south side of Atlee St., Mission Row, Downtown Los
Santos, for the longer intro.  Have him enter, he tells the desk sergeant Devin
sent him, and the sergeant sends Trevor to the roof.  Have Trevor go to the roof
and enter the Police Maverick as a passenger.  Trevor instructs the pilot to
fly in the direction Trevor points the camera.  The pilot flies to the Murrieta
Oil Field.

  On the way you can get accustomed to using the special camera of the chopper.
Use the mouse to push the reticle--parts of a rectangle with an X in the mid-
dle--in the direction of one of the blue arrows.  Each blue arrow points to a
suspect.  Once at a suspect zoom in with the Scroll wheel and press the LMB for
an ID reading--their name and criminal record.

  The first suspect is Franklin who protests he meant no public indecency--he
just has a high ass.  (If you use Franklin to start the mission it starts with
Franklin in the park.)  He says the guy they're looking for is in Hawick.
Franklin tells Trevor to fly there and he'll follow in his car.

  Trevor tells Franklin he's over Hawick and Franklin says the target's name is
Chad Mulligen.

  When you zoom in for an ID reading you can press the RMB to listen in on the
target's conversation.

  Trevor needs to find Chad Mulligan to get his car for Devin.  None of the
first four suspects are Chad.

  Chad appears in Hawick by Karina Pearl--a woman who accuses him of seeing
another woman and is charged with disorderly conduct.  He walks away from her.
The reticle turns red when used for Chad.

  If you see a red exclamation point Chad has gone out of view.  Try to antici-
pate his movement and get him back into the reticle.

  Chad goes south to a garage in an alley on the east side of Power St. north
of Hawick Ave.  Franklin approaches him.  Chad runs to his Z-Type car in the
garage and flees before Franklin can apprehend him.

  The helicopter view, similar to a videogame top-down view, and Z-Type car
refer to the 1999 game GTA "2."

  Chad drives southwest to Hawick Ave. and goes northwest on Hawick Ave.,
southwest on Atta St., northwest in an alley (Trevor's street names are wrong),
northeast on Las Lagunas Blvd., northwest on Hawick Ave., south on San Vitus
Blvd., northwest in an alley, southwest on Eastbourne Way, northwest on Portola
Dr., southwest on Boulevard Del Perro, south on Dorset Dr., southwest on S.
Boulevard Del Perro, north to Boulevard Del Perro, southwest to alley, north-
west to enter the five story PARKERS parking garage.

  Franklin drives in after Chad and Trevor tell the pilot to close in on the
garage.  Aim his reticle at the garage.  The pilot suggests that thermal vision
would help him find who he's looking for.  Press E for thermal vision and yel-
low figures of people appear.  Have Trevor first identify Franklin's thermal
signature in the middle--Franklin waves and calls out.  You can have Trevor
point out other thermal images which Franklin investigates but for the "I See
You" Gold requirement go directly to Chad--the seated figure at the far left.

  Your protagonist switches to Franklin who's standing near the Z-Type and Mul-
ligan.  You can choose to have Franklin spare Mulligan or kill him.  If Chad
lives he reports the Z-Type as stolen and Franklin gets a two star wanted lev-
el.  If you have Franklin kill Chad Frnklin calls Molly who tells him to drive
to Devin's hanger at Los Santos International Airport to meet Devin and Molly.
Have Franklin drive to the Property to Buy icon there on your paper map of LS.
On the way Franklin calls Trevor who wants Franklin to be a go-between for
Trevor's hit on Molly but Franklin wants no part of it.

  Weston says only ten of those cars were made.  Franklin wants paid but Weston
tells him to wait and gives him a kind of motivational speech.  Weston and
Schultz go to a Shamal.  At the door Molly tells Franklin to take either of the
two nearby cars--Tailgaters--and go.  Have Franklin drive to the yellow marker.

  Not a Scratch  Deliver the Z-Type with no damage

  Eavesdropper  Listen to three conversations (RMB)

  I See You  Find Chad's hiding place on the first attempt.  Once the yellow
thermal figures are shown and Franklin identifies himself go to the seated fig-
ure on the far left.
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #44 - Eye in the Sky [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p 60fps]" by
GTA Series Videos

  The event is reported by Weazel News (different if you have Chad spared or
killed), the Stars Talk newspaper (different if you have Chad spared or killed),
and posts in Bleeter (different if you have Chad spared or killed) and Lifein-
vader.  Weazel News mentions Ashley Butler's death.
  "GTA V - Eye in the Sky (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010

  If you switch to Trevor right after the mission you can save the Police Mav-
erick at the Sandy Shores airfield.

  The Z-Type is 10 million dollars at

  Michael texts Franklin--meet him and Trevor for a job at Martin Madrazo's
Senora Rd. ranch.

  Solomon Richards missions


  X.3  Mr. Richards

  Solomon Richards: Joel Rooks  Joel played Scott Freiden and Meyer in a couple
2002 episodes of the TV series "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," Rabbi Shmulowitz
in a 2002 episode of the TV series "Ed," Grandfather and Judge Rothman in 1999/
2003 episodes of the TV series "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," Ghost Doctor
in a 2015 episode of the TV series "Deadbeat," etc.

  Milton McIlroy: Quincy Dunn-Baker  Quincy played Jimmy Trent in a 2007 epi-
sode of the TV series "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,"  Mark Wallace in a
2014 episode of the TV series "Blue Bloods," Agent Royce in a 2015 episode of
the TV series "Following," Randy Brenner in a 2016 episode of the TV series
"The Blacklist," etc.

  Anton Beaudelaire: Oberon K.A. Adjepong  Oberon played  Torture Victim #3/2007
and Nwankwo/2014 in two episodes of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," ? in a
2014 episode of the TV series "The Knick," the Leader in a 2014 episode of "The
Blacklist," a Driver in a 2015 episode of "Louie," etc.

  Rocco Pelosi: Greg Siff  Besides reprising Rocco from TBoGT Greg played Romeo
in a 1997 episode of the TV series "Late Night with Conan O'Brien," Tony on a
2001 episode of the TV series "The Andy Dick Show," Eric's Fan in a 2002 epi-
sode of the TV series "Saturday Night Live," Holden Hills in a 2004 episode of
the TV series "Girlfriends," etc.  He also produced the 2010 short "Sequential
Paint," etc.

  Gianni: Lenny Platt  Lenny played Travis Holmes in a 2013 episode of the TV
series "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," Griffin O'Reilly in five 2014-2015
episodes of the TV series "How to Get Away with Murder," Luke Garrett in two
2015 episodes of the TV series "Gotham," etc.  He also wrote and directed the
2012 short "Antisocial."

  Have Michael go to the yellow marker at the blue "S" icon on the stairs on
the west side of Solomon Richards' building south of the second "s" of "Indus-
try Passage" at Backlot City/Richards Majestic Productions in northwest Los
Santos on your paper map of LS.  (I had Michael go to the west end of Industry
Passage and the guard lifted the orange and white road barrier.)

  The two hit it off right away.  Solomon needs Michael's help so he can finish
his last movie--"Meltdown."  Milton McIlroy, the second lead, has a new agent,
Rocco Pelosi, that has him renegotiating and holding up shooting.  As a result
Anton Beaudelaireno, the director, doesn't want to shoot.  Micheal agrees to
try to resolve it.

  Solomon is a phone contact.

  Send Michael to the yellow marker at the north side of Innocence Blvd. north
of the north end of Orchardville Ave., Cypress Flats.  On the way Solomon
calls--don't kill Rocco but teach him a lesson and bring Milton and Anton back
in a more cooperative mood.  Rocco Pelosi has Solomon's actors--get them back
in one piece.  Rocco has them at his club and wants to take them to his lawyer
to sign another contract--they'll flee if they hear someone from the studio is
coming so go in quietly.

  Rocco has his aide Gianni put the two actors in the back of a Frogger heli-

  There's a ladder with two guards nearby on the east side of the building be-
low the helicopter.  Have Michael climb over the gate, use stealth (L Ctrl) to
go to the ladder and climb onto the roof, use stealth to go west to the guard
at the air duct and knock him out, continue west and up a ladder onto a roof,
use stealth and his Special ability (Caps Lock) to run to the guard who comes
out of a door and knock him out, climb up the air conditioner units to the
roof, use stealth and his Special skill to run to the guard who comes out of a
door and knock him out, and go up the stairs and toward the Frogger.

 The video about this mission by whatever57010 shows other routes you might
have Michael use.  You could have Michael use a melee weapon, Molotovs, or a gun
with a silencer to kill the guards instead of knocking them out.
  GTA V - Mr Richards (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010

  Cutscene: Michael says the two actors are going back to the film set.

  Have Michael beat up Rocco then get in the Frogger.

  Michael tells the two disbelieving actors he can bully them to do what he
wants.  Have him fly the Frogger erratically--near buildings and under bridges.
He scares them into agreeing to go back to the film and Milton into agreeing to
apologize humbly to Solomon.

  Have Michael land in the yellow marker in the empty swimming pool/parking lot
west of Solomon's office then go toward Solomon's building.  Milton apologizes
humbly to Solomon and leaves.  Solomon tells Michael he's very happy with his
work and makes him an associate producer.


  Mission Time  Complete within 10:00  Skip cutscenes

  Silent Assassin  Have Michael kill three enemies using stealth (L Ctrl) at-
tacks.  After you have Michael knock each guard out have him hit the guard a
couple more times.

  Can't Touch This 2.0  Have Michael take no damage during the fight with Roc-

  Perfect Touchdown  Have Michael land the Frogger without damaging it.
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #40 - Mr. Richards [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p 60fps]" by
GTA Series Videos

  Michael can keep the Frogger.

  Michael is free to explore the movie set area without a wanted rating right
after this mission.  The area has some funny peds, several scenarios, odd
sounds from sound stages, and there's a set with buildings in the southwest

  Martin calls--come and bring Franklin.  Michael says he wants Trevor instead.
Martin says he'll have his people contact Trevor.

  You can have Michael call Solomon who's in a partying mood about "Meltdown."
  "Forgotten Possibilities #12 (GTA V)" by whatever57010

  Ammu-Nation has the Marksman pistol.

  Isiah Friedlander "Negativity"

  Friedlander texts asking Michael to have a phone session.  Have Michael call
him.  Michael says he's a movie producer.  "Doc" Friedlander wants to know if
there have been any violent outbursts.  Decide if you agree with Doc's state-
ment that Michael is deranged.

  The event is reported in Weazel News, the Los Santos Meteor newspaper, and
posts at Bleeter.

  Martin Madrazo missions

  X.4  Caida Libre

  Patricia Madrazo: Olivia Negron  Olivia played Mrs. Perez/Anna in a couple
1997/2004 episodes of the TV series "Law & Order," Mrs. Morales in a 2005 epi-
sode of the TV series "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," a Grandmother in a
2005 episode of the TV series "Without a Trace," Aunt Renata in a 2014 episode
of the TV series "Devious Maids," etc.

  Send Michael to the blue "Mz" at Martin Madrazo's house--La Fuente Blanca--on
the east side of Senora Rd.  (Martin is the one Michael destroyed the house
of.)  Trevor joins him and they're let inside by Mrs. Madrazo.  Martin, whom
Michael calls a dangerous psychopath, says his cousin Javier plans to testify
against him.  Martin wants them to shoot down his jet and retrieve the files
Javier stole from him.  A gun is stashed in the hills.

  Send Michael to the yellow marker northeast of Galileo Observatory.  On the
way Trevor calls indicating he thought they were casing Martin's place for a
burglary.  Michael assures Trevor they're working for him.

  Have Michael get in the black van.  The game makes it daylight if it isn't.
Michael is equipped with the gun with the point of view of the scope.  Zoom in
(Scroll wheel) and aim to the left of the tall skyscrapers.  Have him shoot in-
to the red square that proceeds the jet to make the right jet engine catch on
fire.  If you shoot three times fast you can get it in one try.  The right jet
engine catches on fire.

  Your protagonist switches to Trevor who's aboard a Sanchez.  Have him drive
after the smoking jet--basically northeast on Arthur's Pass Trails, take the
upper dirt path of two, go past the big rocks at a bend and down a steep slope,
east on Rt.68, across the Sandy Shores airfield, make the jump over the train,
east over Zancudo Ave. (he makes a comment about his assistant Ron), northeast
on East Joshua Rd., north-northeast past the Great Ocean Highway, and stop in a
field about a block south of Grapeseed Ave.

  Have Trevor shoot the man standing just beyond the front of the jet then go
to the door of the jet.  Trevor gets a briefcase from the jet.

  Your protagonist switches to Michael.  Have him drive the van from the area
then destroy it.  Trevor calls and says to meet him at Martin's house.  When
Michael gets there Trevor calls to say there's been a change in plans--meet him
at Stoner's Cement Works (at the next batch of dirt roads to the north on the
east side of the same road).  Have Michael drive into the yellow marker there.
The game indicates change of time of day.

  Trevor arrives with Martin's SUV.  To Michael's dismay Trevor kidnapped Mar-
tin's wife Patricia so suggests they lay low.


  Floor It  Reach top speed on the Sanchez

  Doing this the usual way you get 98%.  Thanks to mr_Tii for this tip: to get
100% go to the left of the big rocks at the top of the downhill part to go down
a steeper slope--even make long drops.

  That method is shown at 3:35 onward in badfella511's video at the next link:
  "GTA Mission: Caida Libre- Floor It EASIEST WAY!!!!!!!" by badfella511

  Glued to the Seat  Don't fall off the Sanchez during the chase  (The Simple
Trainer has a selt beat for motorcycle function.)

  One Two Three  Shoot down the plane with 3 shots only

  Mission Time  Complete the mission in 9:45  Skip cutscenes
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #45 - Caida Libre [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p 60fps]" by
GTA Series Videos

  The event is reported in Weazel News, the Daily Rag Newspaper, and in posts
at Bleeter.

  You get the A Fair Day's Pay Achievement.

  Thanks to for this information:

  Michael and Trevor are temporarily exiled from Los Santos.  Michael's man-
sion and Floyd's apartment are locked.  Their garages are available to them but
going to one attracts Martin Madrazo's attackers.  Any side missions they have
in Los Santos must be postponed.

  They can use Trevor's trailer as a save place and use the vehicle in the ga-
rage there.  Michael's clothes are limited to a dirty gray suit, a white
sleeveless shirt, and the DLC extra clothes, but he can buy clothes and they
appear in Trevor's wardrobe.

  If the two spawn near each other their interactions are unfriendly and the
AI-controlled character soon leaves.

  If the AI-controlled character gets into the driver seat of a vehicle the
player-controlled character can enter the passenger seat before the AI-con-
trolled character drives off.  You can switch protagonist to the driver and
drive away and watch them argue.  If the vehicle stops the one in the passenger
seat exits and walks away.

  Trevor or Michael can get each other's default vehicles.  Have one leave
their default vehicle parked in front of Trevor's trailer, leave the area,
steal another vehicle, and return to the trailer where their vehicle should
still be.  Have him park, exit the new vehicle, and then switch to the second
protagonist.  If the second one is in or near the trailer he interacts with the
first protagonist as described above only the first protagonist will drive away
in the vehicle he stole leaving his default vehicle parked and available for
the second protagonist to take.

  If Michael or Trevor try to enter the city the game displays a warning mes-
sage, then they get a warning call from Martin, then endless waves of Madrazo
Cartel gang members appear and attack until the protagonist goes back to to
Blaine County. If Michael or Trevor are killed in Los Santos they respawn at
the hospital in Sandy Shores.  Michael and Trevor can enter the city safely
with a submersible but they may be shot at if they sail a boat too close to the

  If the protagonist gets a two star or higher wanted level Madrazo's men are
replaced by the LSPD.  When the wanted level is gone Madrazo's men return.

  The closest major location to Los Santos that Michael or Trevor can access
without triggering the warning is the Galileo Observatory.  One of the random
locations Trevor appears in if you switch to him is near there.

  The next mission, "Minor Turbulence," doesn't appear right away--you may need
to have Franklin wander around Los Santos to make it appear.  "Deep Inside" is
available right away.

  The three protagonists can't phone each other or ask each other to hang out.
Until "Minor Turbulence" is completed the ability to switch characters is dis-

  Devin Weston missions cont.


  X.5  Deep Inside

  Have Franklin go to the green "D" icon at the black gate of the wall on the
east side of the NW-SE road north of the second "s" of Industry Passage," Back-
lot City.  He calls Molly Schultz who tells him to climb over the wall and find
the car on the lot.  Only the principal actors and stunt people are authorized
to go near it so get in wardrobe and play the part or try something else.  Once
out of there and clear of security call back.

  Have Franklin climb over the gate, go south to Industry Passage, and, once he
can hear the leading man complain, use stealth (L Ctrl) to go southwest on it
and knock out the actor wearing a white tuxedo--a James Bond costume (red blip).
(This is also possible without stealth.)  Franklin drags him into a trailer and
puts on his clothes.

  You don't need to have Franklin use stealth anymore.  There's a green screen
area Franklin can disturb and a guy upset about someone making him wait by a
porta potty. (10:37)
  "Forgotten Possibilities #12 (GTA V)" by whatever57010

  Have him continue southwest on Industry Passage then northwest through an
alley to the JB 700 silver sports car--it's like the car James Bond used in
"Goldfinger," 1964, etc. (light blue blip).

  Use Caps Lock to have Franklin use slow motion to drive out of the studio
knocking people out of his way.  For example, have him run into the actor he
took the clothes from who's now in his underwear.

  An actress in the passenger seat complains and occasionally grabs the steering
wheel.  Pressing Caps Lock at such moments may help a bit.  Security cars give
chase and, given the chance, run into the JB 700.  Once Franklin mentions the
spikes press L Ctrl as needed to cause the JB 700 to drop tire spikes to stop
them.  When Franklin says he wonders what the red button does press L Shift to
use the ejector seat which is expelled with her.  (If you've reconfigured those
controls use the prompts that are shown.)  (The JB 700 a protagonist can buy
doesn't have an ejector seat.)

  Franklin calls Molly.  She tells him to go to Hayes Autos--at the yellow
marker on the west side of Little Bighorn Ave. south of Crusade Rd. in south
Los Santos--to meet Devin.  Franklin says the spike strips and ejector seat
need to be replaced.  She says to watch out for a suspicious character seen
outside the garage.

  Devin is happy.  Lamar arrives and Devin is quick to employ him--he wants
both to help when the stolen cars are moved out of town.  (Neither care for
Devin's touchy-feely advances.)


  Not a Scratch  Deliver the JB 700 with minimal damage

  Fastest Speed  Reach top speed in the JB 700  You can use Franklin's Special
slow motion driving skill (Caps Lock) to drive through traffic quickly for this.

  Stealthy Recasting  Have Franklin knock out the actor with a stealth attack

  Premature Ejector  Use the ejector seat within 10 seconds

  Second Strike  Have Franklin run over the actor while escaping in the JB 700
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #46 - Deep Inside [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p 60fps]" by
GTA Series Videos

  The event is reported in Weazel News, the Daily Globe newspaper, and in posts
at Lifeinvader and Bleeter.

  The JB 700 (as in James Bond 007) is available at
(Again, it doesn't feature an ejector seat.)

  Trevor and Michael are lying low so switch to Franklin.


  X.6  Minor Turbulence

  Have Franklin go to the green "M" icon at Michael's empty house.  Franklin
calls Michael.

  In a cutscene Michael says he and Trevor did a job for the Mexican they met
(Martin Madrazo) and Trevor kidnapped his wife (Patricia).  They're in the de-
sert by the Alamo Sea.

  Trevor wakes up and introduces Ron to Michael and Patricia.  He takes the
duct tape from her mouth.  Trevor tells her he hopes he doesn't have to kill
her and flush her down the drain and she says he's a good man--"I can see
that."  Michael says she needs her eyes examined.  Ron says Merryweather has a
big cache of weapons coming in Trevor might want to requisition.  Trevor tells
Michael to watch Patricia and leaves with Ron.

  Your protagonist for the rest of the mission is Trevor.  Have Trevor use his
Bodhi to drive Ron to the Duster (crop duster biplane) at McKenzie Field Hanger
at the Property for Sale icon in Grapeseed on your paper map of LS & BC.

  On the way Trevor says they'll have to meet these Merryweather men in the

  Have Trevor get in the Duster and fly low toward the cargo plane (blue
blip)--a big jet--and follow it.  Ron over the radio warns Trevor to fly low
because air traffic is being monitored from the military base.  Have Trevor fly
basically west-southwest over the dirt road north of the Zancudo River.  Ron
later warns not to fly over Fort Zancudo (see the paper map).  Have Trevor fly
clockwise around it and north up the coast, over Paleto Bay, and east over the
Great Ocean Highway.  As you have him fly southeast over Braddock Pass Ron says
he's clear to gain altitude.

  Have Trevor fly close to the rear of the cargo plane.  A call from the cargo
plane warns Trevor to change course or he'll be shot down.  The rear hatch of
the cargo plane is open--have Trevor fly to it (!) (usually over Davis Quartz).
In a cutscene the Duster flies into the cargo plane which knocks off the wings
of the Duster.

  Have Trevor use cargo as cover to have a shootout with four Merryweather men
(red blips) and move toward the front of the cargo plane avoiding the cargo
that slides out of the plane.  Have him go to the yellow marker, climb a lad-
der, and shoot the armed man (red blip) at the top.  Have Trevor go to the con-
trols (light blue blip) and press F.

  Have Trevor fly the cargo plane toward McKenzie Field (yellow blip).  Trevor
gets Ron on the radio.  A couple of fighter jets (red blips) approach--one uses
the radio to warn Trevor to let them escort him to the base or they'll attack.
Trevor responds with disbelief.  They fly near the wings of the cargo jet.

  They shoot a jet engine as the cargo plane approaches the Alamo Sea.  Ron
tells Trevor to jump.  When the scene changes to inside the hold of the cargo
plane have Trevor get inside the Mesa SUV and drive out the open end of the
cargo plane.  Let it fall away from the cargo plane then have Trevor freefall
then deploy a Parachute (LMB).


  Accuracy  Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 80%.   Have Trevor use
a shotgun and use his Special Rage skill.

  Four Wheel Flier  Have Trevor exit the cargo plane in the Mesa SUV.
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #47 - Minor Turbulence [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p 60fps]"
by GTA Series Videos

  The event is reported in Weazel News, the Public Liberty Online newspaper,
and in posts in Lifeinvader and Bleeter.
  "GTA V - Minor Turbulence (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010

  Ron calls to say he's glad Trevor is okay and that the weaponry went into the
Alamo Sea so could be retrieved with scuba gear.  Trevor says tell Oscar he
ain't getting these guns.  Ron asks if Trevor works for the government--Agent
Sanchez said Michael and Trevor had to meet his supervisors at the garage--the
cook site.  Trevor says he's just using them.

  Trevor gets a text from Franklin warning him that he's seen people (the
O'Neil Brothers) asking about him.

  Cletus texts.  He left a pie at the trailer and is glad to see Trevor settled
with a lovely woman.

  Martin calls.  He's angry and says he'll find Trevor.  Trevor says he'll put
coffee on.

  Patricia is on the porch of the trailer or in the yard gardening.  She cleans
and straightens out the trailer.  If you send Trevor near her and press E he
says affectionate things to her.

  Amanda De Santa calls Franklin to ask about Michael.  Michael gets an Email
from his daughter asking how he's doing, asking him not to divorce Amanda, and
saying she's changing her name to Traci.

  If Michael hasn't consented to Dr. Friedlander's request for a phone session
before and Michael calls him after this mission they talk about Michael's exile
to Sandy Shores and the kidnap of Patricia.

  The Homing launcher, Parachute, and smoke canisters for the Parachute are at

  After this mission you can have a protagonist dive in the Alamo Sea to get
the weaponry.  The site is nearly directly northeast of the Stab City trailer
park and has an RPG, a Grenade launcher, a Combat MG, a Sniper rifle, Armour,
Sticky bombs, and a Rail gun.


  X.7  Strangers and Freaks--The Civil Border Patrol

  Joe: Jay Potter  Jay played Man on the Outside in a 1957 episode of the TV
series "Studio 57," was a writer for the 1992 documentary "Beyond Belief!!,"
played Roger Mills in seven 2004 episodes of the TV series "Rescue Me," Bieber-
boomer in the 2011 TV movie "Time Trumpet," etc.

  Josef: Sergey Nagorny  Sergey also played the Rezidentura Officer in a 2014
episode of the TV series "The Americans," Abe Froman/Miklos Petrov in a 2015
episode of the TV series "Limitless," etc.

  Have Trevor go to the orange "?" icon on the inside of the northwest curve of
Joshua Rd., Sandy Shores.

  Trevor meets Joe and Josef (who just speaks Russian) who've decided to be an
amateur Border Patrol.  They don't seem to realize Trevor's compliment is sar-
castic and have him drive them in Joe's Park Ranger (a good SUV) to what Joe's
patriot meter (probably as reliable as the space parts meter seen earlier) in-
dicates are a couple "suspects" at the Yellow Jack Inn (where Trevor is a regu-
lar) at the Darts icon on your paper map of LS & BC.

  Have Trevor run through the Inn--he says it's pointless since everyone in
there has done something illegal--and back outside.  Turn on Trevor's Special
Rage skill (Caps Lock) and have Trevor shoot out the left side tires of the
beat up Tornado that's starting to leave with two occupants.  Joe says the
"illegals" are in that car.  Use the Stun Gun on the two mariachi (Mexican folk
music performers) that emerge from it then jack their Tornado.  You can have
Trevor listen to them while Joe and Josef take the two performers away at gun-
point and drive them away in Joe's Park Ranger.

  The beat up Tornado is unique in having a couple of hats and acoustic guitars
in the back seat.  This version is rarely found east of Grapeseed and Sandy


  Mariachi My Ride  Have Trevor steal the two Mexicans' Tornado after stunning

  Stop the Music  Have Trevor stop the band within 40 seconds  Use Trevor's
Special Rage skill (Caps Lock) and have him start shooting the Tornado tires
the moment you get him out of the inn.  It can cause the two mariachi to leave
their Tornado before it becomes a chase.
  "GTA 5 PC - Minute Men (Civil Border Patrol) [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]"
by GTA Series Videos

  Trevor gets $500.

  The event is reported by Weazel News.

  Joe and Joseph are contacts.


  X.8  Strangers and Freaks--Risk Assessment (Dom)

  Strangers and Freaks--Dom (Franklin)

  Dom Beasley: Tony von Halle  Tony played Elgin in a 2013 episode of the TV
series "Futurestates," Mark McDaniels in two 2013 episodes of the TV series
"Body of Proof," Sergeant Lanson in a 2015 episode of the TV series "Web Atlas,"

  Jeff Chartier: Jim Cummings  Jim supplied voices for many popular games:
Minsc/Lord Jierdan Firkraag/RedDragon/others for "Forgotten Realms: Baldur's
Gate II - Shadows of Amn," 2000, Winnie The Pooh/Tigger for "Kingdom Hearts,"
2002, Patriarch/Urdnot Wreav/others for "Mass Effect 2," 2010, Bendt/Denegir of
Stuhn/Donnel/others for "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim," etc.  He's also provided
voices for many animated shows such as the voices of Tigger and Winnie the Pooh
for the 2008 video "My Friends Tigger & Pooh," etc.

  Have Franklin go to the green "?" icon at the intersection of a paved and a
dirt road northeast of Galileo Observatory.

  Franklin meets the Ghost Dog--a Labrador Retriever killed in a car accident.
It's similar to the Strange Man in the 2010 game "Red Dead Redemption."  Both
are only seen by the protagonist, both tell the protagonist that another is in
danger, and there's a picture of each somewhere in their respective game world.
  "Enigmatic Entity - Red Dead Redemption "The Strange Man" by SideWaysThinker

  On on the in-game Internet there's a picture of a
family--two children, a father, a mother, and the dog.  Their Regina station
wagen crashed into a tree and all were killed.

  Understanding a dog as wanting someone to go to someone in peril in verbal
detail beyond anything normal is a spoof of the adventures of the rough collie
Lassie of movies and TV.  (That in turn romanticized the rescue ability of an
actual collie.)

  Franklin somehow understands the Lab as wanting him to help a man though he's
kind of a d***.  Have Franklin follow the dog to find Dom whose parachute has
left him hanging from the branch of a tree.  Franklin extracts him and, unde-
terred, he talks Franklin into a parachute challenge.
  Franklin is reluctant and says, "I respect gravity."  This refers to protag-
onist Carl Johnson of GTA "San Andreas" who sometimes called out "I hate gravi-
ty!" when he fell from something high.

  Dom's friend Jeff lands a Maverick nearby.  Have Franklin board it with Dom.
Dom gives Franklin a headset to keep in touch with him.  He gives his nickname
as "The Dominator."  The Maverick climbs high over Mt. Chiliad.  When prompted
have Franklin jump.  Let him fall most of the way, deploy his Parachute, and
try to land in the middle of the bullseye on the mountaintop.

  Have Franklin board a Scorcher bicycle (blue blip) and follow Dom's bicycle
for most of a bike race to be sure of the course.  Have Franklin take a short
cut to the wooden bridge near the end to get across the bridge to the last
marker to win.

  Dom is a sore loser but tells Franklin to meet him by the airport.


  Free Faller  Have Franklin fall for seven seconds before opening his Para-

  Big Air  Have Franklin get two seconds of air during the bicycle race.  After
Dom says "Razor sharp right" and you have Franklin make a sharp right turn look
for a boulder at the right side of the end of a straight stretch to jump from.
See the video by GTA Series Videos below at 9:25.

  Downhill King  Have Franklin win the bicycle race against Dom
  "GTA 5 PC - Dom [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]" by GTA Series Videos

  Dom Beasley is a contact.  He texts Franklin to meet him at the airport.

  Thirteen Parachute jumps are available to all three protagonists at Parachut-
ing icons.

  X.9  Parachuting

  The thirteen Parachute jumps, available at Parachuting icons, must be done
for 100% completion.  There are seven Helicopter jumps and six Base jumps.
Complete each of the two categories to have two activities added to the Hobbies
and Pastimes category of your 100% completion list.

  Map by

  Any of the three protagonists can perform a jump.  Each protagonist is given
a Parachute for a jump.  Have him land on the target to pass the jump.  The
closer to the center he lands the higher the accuracy rating and more money he

  There are three types of jumps:

  - Checkpoint  Your protagonist is to fly through checkpoints going down to
the last target.  He gets a bonus for going through all of the checkpoints.

  - Target  Your protagonist is to land on a stationary target.

  - Vehicle  Your protagonist is to land on a moving vehicle.

  Spacebar  Jump


  WSAD  Direct the freefall
  LMB  Deploy Parachute
  Spacebar  Retry jump


  AD  Change direction
  QE  Sharp turns
  Caps Lock  Precision landing
  R  Press/hold for cinematic camera
  Spacebar  Retry jump

  "GTA 5 PC - All Parachute Jumps [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]" by GTA Series

  1. Pacific Tour  It's at the nameless street west of Tackle St., Little

  Have your protagonist enter a Maverick (F) that lifts him southwest to the
mouth of the inlet that's south of Vespucci Beach.  Have him jump (Spacebar)
from the chopper and land in a Squalo that's going up the inlet.  It then goes
to the shore to let him off.
  2. Photo Finish  It's by the pond in the northern section of Vinewood Race-
track, East Vinewood.

  Have your protagonist board the Maverick that carries him over East Vinewood.
Have him parachute from the chopper through three checkpoints to the target in
the middle of the racetrack.

  3. The Decline  It's on a wooden dock by Procopio Promenade, Paleto Bay.

  Have your protagonist board the Maverick that carries him to a spot high on a
cliff on the northwest face of Mount Chiliad.  Have him jump from the cliff and
go through four checkpoints to a target at his starting point.
  4. Turbine Terror  It's in the southeast section of RON Alternates Wind Farm.

  Have your protagonist enter a Maverick that lifts him high over the wind
farm.  Have him parachute through four checkpoints to a target in the midwest
section of the wind farm avoiding the turbine blades. 
  5. Bank Bailout  It's in the upper plaza by the stairs at the base of the
Maze Bank Tower on the north side of Vespucci Blvd. east of Alta St.

  Have your protagonist take the Parachute.  A Skylift leaves him on a Bati 800
on a helipad on the top of the tower.  Have him drive off the tower, jump from
the motorcycle, then parachute over Alta St. to the target in a park west of
Alta St. north of the Del Perro Freeway, Burton.
  6. What Goes Up...  It's in the Mile High Club construction site on the south
side of Vespucci Blvd. east of Alta St.

  Have your protagonist climb (about five min.) to the top of the yellow crane
where one of the Leonora Johnson Letter Scraps was.  (I'd use the Airbreak
function of the Simple Trainer.)  Have him take the Parachute, jump, and land
on the flatbed trailer of a Hauler which goes north on Alta St. from San An-
dreas Ave.
  7. Falling Mouse  It's by the "an" of "Raton Canyon" on your paper map of LS
& BC.

  Have your protagonist climb or fly (or use Airbreak) to the top of the rocky
steep outcropping.  Press E to have him take the Parachute.  Have him go
through two checkpoints and land on the target at the bottom of the canyon.
This jump is very steep and short.  (There may be a Bati 801 on top the out-
cropping but he doesn't need to use it for the jump.)
  8. Runaway Train  It's at the Parachuting icon east of the one for 7 on your
paper map of LS & BC.  (This jump is unavailable between "Derailed" and "Hang
Ten" because of the train wreck.)

  Have your protagonist go to a canyon cliff to enter the Maverick which flies
him to a spot above the railroad tracks.  Have him parachute northwest onto the
car of a train running northwest.  (You can have him ride the train afterward.
Note that Trevor and Michael are still in exile.  You can usually have your
protagonist jump off safely.  I'd use the Simple Trainer to give a protagonist
god mode to ride it anytime.)
  9. Aim for the Fairway  It's at the base of Eclipse Towers on the inside of
the curve at the south end of South Mo Milton Drive, West Vinewood.

  Have your protagonist go to the Parachute and press E.  He takes the Para-
chute and goes to the top of Eclipse Towers.  Have him jump southwest to a tar-
get on the golf course of the Los Santos Country Club.  The wanted level for
entering without paying doesn't happen if you have him leave right away.

  10. Carving the Mountain  It's south of the "o" of "Raton Canyon" on your pa-
per map of LS & BC.

  Have your protagonist enter the Maverick which lifts him over the canyon.
Have him jump east-northeast through seven checkpoints to a target by the Para-
chuting icon to the east on Cassidy Trail on your paper map of LS & BC.
  11. The Fall of the Alamo  It's in northeast Grapeseed west of U.S. highway

  Have your protagonist enter the Maverick which lifts him over the Alamo Sea.
Have him parachute northeast through nine checkpoints to a target in the field
west of the "G" of "Grapeseed Avenue" on your paper map of LS & BC.
  12. Dammed If You Don't  Its south of the Vinewood Racetrack and northeast of
the T-intersection of Glory Way and Mirror Park Blvd., East Vinewood.

  Have your protagonist enter the Maverick to be lifted over the Tataviam Moun-
tains west of the Land Act Reservoir.  Have him parachute through ten check-
points around the Land Act Reservoir and Land Act Dam and land where there's a
branch in the creek east of the Vinewood Racetrack.
  13. Razor Rock Dive  It's at the Parachuting icon south of the one for 8 and
Cassidy Trail and north of the dead end of a dirt road on your paper map of LS
& BC.

  Have your protagonist use the Parachute on a rocky outcropping (this one is
available by car).  Have him deploy the Parachute just before going through the
one checkpoint then turn west to the target at the bottom of the canyon.

  The helicopters that spawn for some jumps can be jacked.


  X.11  Strangers and Freaks--Liquidity Risk (Dom)

  Strangers and Freaks--Dom (Franklin)

  Have Franklin go to the green "D?" icon just northwest of the Property for
Sale icon at Los Santos International Airport on your paper map of LS & BC.

  Have Franklin use his Blazer (quad bike) to follow Dom's Blazer into the back
of a cargo plane (blue blip).  It lifts them high over the west side of the
Alamo Sea.

  Have Franklin drive out the back hatch, do at least eight flips (NP8), land in
the water still on the Blazer, and go to Dom (blue blip) east of Stab City.  Dom
tells Franklin to meet him on the Maze Bank Tower and leaves on a Seashark.
Franklin is keeping up with Dom but clearly thinks he's a rich crazy adrenaline
junkie and a sore loser.


  Dive Bomber  Have Franklin survive a water landing without opening the Para-
chute.  Use Franklin's Special skill just before landing to reduce his damage
when he's on a ground vehicle.  (Having him land on the landing target isn't

  Sky Blazer  Have Franklin perform eight flips on the Blazer.
  "GTA 5 PC - Dom [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]" by GTA Series Videos

  The event is reported in Lifeinvader posts.

  Dom texts Franklin--meet him on the Maze Bank Tower.

  X.12  Strangers and Freaks--Targeted Risk (Dom)

  Have Franklin fly (or use the Airbreak function of the Simple Trainer) to the
green "D?" icon at the top of the Maze Bank Tower south of San Andreas Ave. and
east of Alta St. to meet Dom.

  Have Franklin jump (Spacebar) and land standing up on the bed of the Flatbed
truck going northwest on San Andreas Ave. I had Franklin dive northeast to the
road, deploy the chute about the time Dom says "...accelerating, duh...."  I
turned Franklin to line him up with the truck, and, after many efforts with W
and S and luck, got Franklin on the truck.

  An easier gimmick is to get the Simple Trainer ready to use > Mission help >
Add waypoint to mission marker, have Franklin jump (Spacebar), press Enter to
create a waypoint at the blue blip on the truck, deploy the chute (LMB) after
eight seconds after the jump, and press Delete to have Franklin teleport to the
waypoint--onto the bed of the truck.

  Dom's truck driver Jeff leaves Franklin at Auto Erotica on the east side of
Elgin Ave. east of the east end of Spanish Ave.  Dom, intent on outdoing Frank-
lin, tells Franklin to meet him at the Land Act Reservoir.


  Dare Devil  Have Franklin free fall for eight seconds.  Press S to have
Franklin fall slower.

  Bullseye  Have Franklin land standing on the Flatbed.
  "GTA 5 PC - Dom [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]" by GTA Series Videos

  X.13  Strangers and Freaks--Uncalculated Risk (Dom)

  This is available if you've done all thirteen Parachute jumps.

  Have Franklin go to the green "D?" icon at the coast north of the "nd" of
"Land...." on your paper map of LS.  The Ghost Dog appears again.  Franklin
somehow interprets it to say that the a**hole (Dom) is going to kill himself
and indicates the direction.  (The game doesn't explain how Franklin interprets
the barks.)  Send Franklin to the dam.

  Dom is hanging onto the fence behind him preparing to jump off the dam to the
shallow water below.  (I'm surprised Franklin doesn't try to talk Dom out of it
as suicidal.)  Franklin doesn't have much time to say more than that "I ain't
too sure about this one."  Dom says, "It's your call" (meaning to join him in
this stunt or not) when jumps to his death.  Have Franklin leave (a Sanchez is
nearby) or go to the stairway landing a bit south of Dom and Parachute down to
the shallow creek.


  Leap of Faith  Have Franklin Parachute from the Land Act Dam.
  "GTA 5 PC - Dom [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]" by GTA Series Videos

  "Leap of Faith" in this case likely refers to the "Assassin's Creed" series
of games where the Leap of Faith is performed to survive otherwise fatal jumps.

  Dom's death is reported unsympathetically in the Daily Globe Newspaper.


  X.14  Strangers and Freaks--An American Welcome (Civil Border Patrol)

  Manuel: Jay Santiago  Jay was a guest dancer on a 1972 episode of the TV ser-
ies "El show de Iris Chacon," was a guest on a 2008 episode of the TV series
"Million Dollar Password," played Victor Cabrera on a 2011 episode of the TV
series "Criminal Minds," a Bodega Owner in a 2012 episode of the TV series
"Blue Bloods," etc.

  Have Trevor go to the orange "M?" icon just north of the curve before the
long straight section of road north of North Calafia Way northwest of the Alamo

  Send Trevor to the Park Ranger SUV at the side of the road.  Joe and Josef
appear and Joe has Trevor drive them in the SUV to chase "illegals" (red blip)
going east on North Calafia Way on a Blazer (quad bike).  Have Trevor go clock-
wise around the bend then cut south to bypass the intersection and have the
passenger side window (Joe's window) facing the lane of the Blazer.  Joe dis-
ables the Blazer driver with a Stun gun.  Joe and Josef get out to lead the
alleged "illegal" into the Park Ranger.

  Joe has Trevor drive them to the yellow marker at the cement factory (Stoners
Cement Works) on the east side of Joshua Rd. west of the "H" of "HARMONY" on
your paper map of LS & BC.  On the way Joe says he has the patrol car because
he's a park ranger.  Once there have Trevor go to the lot south of the build-
ings then go east after the two "illegals" (red blips) who flee on two Sanchez
motorcycles.  Have Joe or Trevor use a Stun gun to shoot them.  Have Trevor
park by each to have Joe usher each of them into the Park Ranger.  Let Joe
drive it away. 


  Downed  Have Trevor stop the first immigrant within 30 seconds.  Have Trevor
take the shortcut described above.  The Park Ranger often topples so this takes
some trial and error.

  There's an easier gimmick if you have the Simple Trainer but it must be done
fairly quickly.  Press Esc to open the map, set a waypoint (hold the LMB, move
the mouse, and press Enter) west of the immigrant, press Esc to go back to the
game, and press Delete to have the Park Ranger teleport to the waypoint.

  Double Downed  Have Trevor stop the pair of immigrants on dirt motorcycles
within 55 seconds.  You might try having him drive to the back of the cement
factory to intercept them.

  Shock and Awe  Have Trevor use the Stun gun to stop all the immigrants.  It
counts to have Trevor drive Joe into position to use a Stun gun.
  "GTA 5 PC - Minute Men (Civil Border Patrol) [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]"
by GTA Series Videos

  X.15  Strangers and Freaks--Minute Man Blues (Civil Border Patrol)

  Have Trevor go to the orange "M?" icon at the corner of southwest Duluoz Ave.
and southeast Paleto Blvd., Paleto Bay.

  Trevor meets Manuel again.  Manuel says his family has lived in this country
for 200 years and criticizes Trevor for helping the Civil Border Patrol despite
Trevor threatening Manuel with a Pistol.  He wants Trevor to stop the two Bor-
der Patrol guys who are harassing immigrant workers at a nearby farm.

  Have Trevor go to the yellow marker at the Donkey Punch Family Farm on the
south side of the Great Ocean Highway southeast of the Paleto Bay Los Santos
Customs garage.  Josef (red blip) is threatening workers with a Sawn-off shot-
gun.  Have Trevor use a drive-by to quickly stun then kill him.  Joe (red blip)
uses a Fieldmaster (tractor) to try to flee.  Have Trevor use a drive-by to
shoot out the tires and he continues to flee on foot.  Have Trevor stun him
then kill him.

  Trevor calls Manuel to tell him the two illegitimate border patrol men are


  What Goes Around...  Have Trevor use the Stun gun on Josef and Joe before
killing them.  Have him stun Josef, who's armed with a shotgun, as he approach-
es then kill him.  As Joe flees have Trevor use a drive-by to shoot out the
tires of his tractor, stun him, then then kill him.

  No Migration  Have Trevor kill Joe and Josef before they leave the farm.
  "GTA 5 PC - Minute Men (Civil Border Patrol) [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]"
by GTA Series Videos

  Martin Madrazo calls Michael about his kidnapped wife.  Michael says he'll
find a way to make things right.  Martin says that will take some doing. 

  Federal Investigation Bureau missions cont.


  X.16  Paleto Score Setup

  Have Michael go to the blue "B" icon on the second floor of Trevor's meth lab
at ACE Liquor store on the north side of Algonquin Blvd. east of Meringue Lane,
Sandy Shores.

  Trevor is peeing in the corner.  He argues with Michael about who is more
honest and ethical and offended again.  Steve Haines and Dave Norton enter.
Dave says they want them to investigate a research lab regarding nerve gas used
for terrorism.  They'll need a boat, truck, weapons, and a tandem rotor heavy
lift helicopter which costs a couple million dollars.  Steve and Dave leave.
Mike says he'll call Lester who knew about something (to steal money).  Trevor
tells him to tell Lester "we're driving towards Paleto Bay."

  Have Michael drive Trevor to northwest Paleto Blvd. east of Cascabel Ave. to
look at the bank  On the way, Michael calls Lester to say they need a score at
a bank.  Lester says he'll get a bus to Paleto Bay.  Later, Michael defines
Trevor as a proto-hipster which infuriates Trevor.

  They wait for Lester at a bus stop bench on the north side of Paleto Blvd.
west of Duluoz Ave., Paleto Bay.  Lester gets off a bus.

  Lester tells Michael to drive them to a bank--the Blaine County Savings Bank
on the northeast side of Cascabel Ave. north of Paleto Blvd., Paleto Bay.
Press C to focus on the entrance.  Lester says to go around to the back of it.
Lester suggests they test the alarm to evaluate the response.  Press C to focus
on the outdoor alarm.  Have Michael shoot the alarm bell and it goes off.  Les-
ter says he brought his police scanner--go to the gas station across from the
bank and they'll listen to police chatter.

  Have Michael drive to the yellow marker at the XERO gas station on southwest
Paleto Blvd. southwest of the southwest end of Cascabel Ave.  They notice the
police response is too big--four cars in 67 seconds and more on the way with
check points and searches.  Trevor says it's because the police keep their dir-
ty money there and he's not going to get caught and goes to a nearby Ruffian
motorcycle.  Michael says we're still fast enough to beat you.

  Have Michael race Trevor back to Liquor ACE.  On the way, Michael explains to
Lester that Steve Haines needs them to get two million to finance a raid on a
lab on the coast the IAA has making poison gas to release on US soil to in-
crease their own funding.   Lester says the bank stickup would have to be mes-
sy--taking the police head on.

  Trevor microwaves leftovers.  Lester makes a planning board for robbing the
bank.  Lester suggests they steal military hardware from a convey passing
through.  Of several choices for gunman the notable choices are Gus Mota (the
best but expensive), Norm Richards, Daryl Johns, Packie McReary, and Chef.  (I
picked Packie.)  Lester tells Michael to call Franklin and they leave Trevor
alone to eat his leftovers.  Trevor throws up.


  Leisurely Drive  Have Michael drive to the bank within 3:30.

  Winner  Have Michael win the race back to the meth lab.
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #49 - Paleto Score Setup [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p
60fps]" by GTA Series Videos

  The event is referred to in a post at Lifeinvader.

  Lester is a contact.

  Trevor gets a call from Franklin who says he's been following guys who have
been interested in Trevor.  Trevor says it must be the O'Neil brothers.  Trevor
says he'll call Michael and they'll go to Franklin.

  If you switch to Franklin it starts "Predator."

  X.17  Predator

  The title refers to the 1987 movie "Predator" in which the Predator alien
uses thermal vision to hunt the main protagonists in a forest like Michael
hunts the O'Neil brothers with the thermal scope of his sniper rifle.

  Any of the three protagonists can start this mission.

  Trevor and Michael are in Trevor's trailer in Sandy Shores.  Trevor said
Franklin is coming to help and discounts Michael's loyalty to other than him-
self while leaving to see Franklin.  Michael joins him.  Have Michael use Trev-
or's Bodhi to drive Trevor toward the Sandy Shores air field (he's supposed to
drive toward Franklin at the yellow marker on the southwest section of the
Great Ocean Highway but he won't make it more than a little in that direction).

  A cutscene shows the O'Neil brothers--Walton, Wynn, and Elwood--are in a
Dubsta (boxy SUV) and know they're being followed by Franklin's Baller (SUV)
which also contains Chop.

 Your protagonist switches to Franklin.  Have him chase the Dubsta (red blip)
of the O'Neil brothers north on the Great Ocean Highway from around Fort Zan-
cudo to Raton Canyon.  Franklin calls Trevor.  Trevor says he'll come by in a
helicopter to get the O'Neil brothers.

  The O'Neils' driver turns left onto the nameless road at the "y" of "Great
Ocean Highway" south of "NORTH CHUMASH" on your paper map of LS & BC.  He
wrecks swerving to avoid a doe and they flee into the woods on foot.  Franklin
and Chop (blue blip) get out of his Baller and he tells Chop to find them.
Have him run down the hill to the yellow blip at the wreck of the O'Neils'
Dubsta.  Franklin calls Trevor to say the O'Neils ran into the woods--"I need
air support."

  Your protagonist switches to Trevor.  Have him drive Michael to the east end
of the Sandy Shores air field and use Trevor's Frogger helicopter to fly Mi-
chael to the airborne circular yellow marker over the north side of Cassidy
Creek by the first "C" of the first instance, west to east, on your paper map
of LS & BC.

  Your protagonist switches to Michael.  While Trevor has the Frogger hover he
says Michael's sniper rifle is fitted with a thermal scope and tells him to
look for the heat signatures of the O'Neils.  Press E to activate the thermal
scope.  Most are deer and one is Bigfoot who disappears after being focused on
for a second.  Have Michael shoot shoot two O'Neil brothers, Walton and Wynn
(have Michael use his Special slow motion shooting skill--Caps Lock--to go for
headshots for a Gold requirement).  One is walking through the woods to the
northwest and the other is swimming to the west.  When you zoom in on one a red
blip for him appears on your minimap.

  The third, Elwood, shoots a Rocket launcher missile at the Frogger.  Michael
says he can't shoot him because he's behind a rock.

  Your protagonist switches to Franklin who sends Chop to find the third O'Neil
brother.  Have him follow Chop and kill the last O'Neil brother going clockwise
on the curve in the path represented in white southwest of the "R" of "Raton
Canyon" on your paper map of LS & BC.  (Have Franklin go for a headshot for a
Gold requirement.)

  Your protagonist switches to Trevor.  Have him land by the yellow marker at a
nameless white road northwest of "Raton Canyon" on your paper map of LS & BC.
Franklin and Chop get in the Frogger.  Have Trevor fly everyone to the east end
of the Sandy Shores air field.  On the way Trevor finally fully explains to Mi-
chael that he killed a bunch of O'Neils and blew up their farm so maybe they
were on a revenge mission...but still insists he was the wronged party

  Franklin drives Chop and Michael away in a Calvalcade SUV.


  Accuracy  Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%.  Have Michael use
his Special ability.

  Time  Complete within 9:00  Skip cutscenes and start the mission with Frank-

  Headshots  Kill three enemies with a headshot.  Have Michael use his Special
ability and make sure Franklin doesn't miss.

  Thin the Herd  Don't have anyone kill any animals.  Have Michael use his Spe-
cial ability.
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #50 - Predator [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p 60fps]" by GTA
Series Videos

  The event is reported in posts at Lifeinvader and Bleeter.

  Lester calls Trevor to tell him to meet Lester at the lab--we may be ready to
move (on the bank robbery).

  X.18  Military Hardware

  Have any of the three protagonists intercept and steal the military hardware
at the "Hs" icon on the dirt road west of the "J" of the instance of "Joshua
Road" by "HARMONY" on your paper map of LS & BC.  (Trevor is a good choice
since you can have him use his Special Rage skill.)

  If you have him start near the spot where the convoy usually spawns it takes a
different route that starts at the northwest side of the Alamo Sea.
  "GTA V - Military Hardware (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010

  He needs the Barracks (military truck) of a convoy of one proceeded by one
Crusader and followed by one Crusader (military Mesa SUV).  Have him get it be-
fore it gets to Fort Zancudo.

  Have him put Sticky bombs on the road and detonate them (G) to blow up the
lead car--a Crusader.  Have him kill five soldiers, jack the Barracks, and
drive it to the yellow marker behind the car wash beside ACE Liquor.  He calls
Lester to tell him the truck is parked behind Trevor's "office."


  Head Hunter  Have your protagonist kill five soldiers with headshots.  Use Mi-
chael's special ability.

  Sticky Strategist  Have your protagonist stop the convoy with Sticky bombs.
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #51 - Military Hardware [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p 60fps]"
by GTA Series Videos

  A text message says the new Combat Personal Defense Weapon (Combat PDW subma-
chine gun ) is at Ammu-Nation.

  X.19  The Paleto Score

  This is similar to the Feb.28, 1997 North Hollywood bank robbery except the
robbers succeed.

  Have Trevor go to the orange "H" on the second floor of Liquor ACE.

  Trevor and Michael are arguing again.  Michael is angry that Trevor kidnaped
Patricia.  Lester sits near whoever you picked for a gunman.  Franklin appears.
Lester says Franklin will be the getaway driver.

  Have Michael use the Burrito van to drive the robbers to the yellow marker at
the north curve of Procopio Dr., Paleto Bay.  On the way, Trevor wants to hear
the others' stories of their first store/bank holdup.  Mike says he took a
small franchise in Carcer City (a city with a high crime rate first mentioned
in "III" and the site of the game "Manhunt") 25 years ago.  Michael says Trevor
robbed someone he knew and did time which Michael ribs Trevor about.  Franklin
says a dye pack went off on his stolen money making it useless which Trevor
ribs him about.  (If you picked Packie he says his biggest heist was of the
Bank of Liberty City with his now dead brothers and Niko who may be dead.)
Franklin is dropped off on Procopio Dr.

  Your protagonist switches to Michael.  Have him drive Trevor and the gunman
to the main bank entrance at the east side of Cascabel Ave., Paleto Bay.   Have
him join the other two robbers, all wearing black ski masks, in entering the

  Trevor keeps the crowd under control at gunpoint.  Have Michael follow the
gunman to the gate to the vault.  The gunman uses a blow torch to unlock the
gate.  Have Michael go toward the gate.  He kicks it open.

  The police respond to the alarm and arrive out front.  Trevor aims a gun at
the police and yells at them to stay back. 

  Your protagonist switches to Trevor.  Have him go to the vault to help grab
the money--$8,016,020.  The police gather outside and the Deputy Sheriff uses a
bullhorn to ask the robbers to surrender.  The robbers wearing heavy armor and
armed--Trevor with a Minigun and the other two with submachine guns--go out the
front door.  Have Trevor use his Minigun to blow up several police cars, the
gas station to the south, kill officers, and shoot and bring down the Police
Maverick which crashes into a nearby apartment building.  (The ruined building
can be seen after the mission.)

  Have Trevor join the other robbers (light blue blips) in going west through
the bank and lot, blow up several police cars, kill officers, and join the oth-
ers who go west through a fence.  Have him go south to blow up a poilice car
and couple Stockades and kill the NOOSE who arrive in two Police Riots.

  The military appears with a few Rhino tanks and soldiers.  A Cargobob (cargo
helicopter) flies a Rhino past them.  Have Trevor blow up the vehicles (I ig-
nore the tank) and kill officers and join the others in going south.

  Cutscene.  Have Trevor join the others in going west through an alley.

  A cargobob flies a tank in.  Have Trevor kill police.  Michael calls Franklin
who jacks a Dozer.  Have Franklin drive it southwest on Paleto Blvd. knocking
over some Crusaders of soldiers and turn southeast into a lot west of Pyrite
Ave.  Cutscene.  Trevor and Michael get into the bucket of the Dozer.  Have
Franklin drive to the yellow marker at the Clucking Bell Farms factory on the
southeast side of the Great Ocean Highway southeast of the southeast end of Py-
rite Ave.  A tank pulls up outside.

  Your protagonist switches to Michael.  Trevor switches to his shotgun in
Clucking Bell Farms.  Have him join the others in going southeast, west, and
south through the factory to kill attacking soldiers (red blips) and go toward
the yellow blip where there's a dock by a train track.  Have Michael help the
others in killing attacking soldiers there.  When Michael says, "This is it--
let's go," have him run to the moving train at the yellow dot and the three
jump into a moving boxcar.

  At night when the train is stopped Agent Sanchez approaches the robbers and
takes the majority of the take (78%--$6.23 million) after divvying up the small
remainder ($1.75 million) between the three protagonists ($425,000 to $463,000
per protagonist).  They lost money in the shootout with law enforcement when-
ever the bags on their backs were shot.

  Michael says to split up because the authorities will be looking for a group
of three.  Franklin drives Trevor off in a Utility Truck leaving Michael by
himself.  A Blazer is nearby.


  Let it Rain  Fire over 4,000 bullets  Have Trevor use his Minigun a lot.

  Accuracy  Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 50%.  Have Michael use
his Special ability and mainly use body shots.

  Time  Complete within 16:00  Skip cutscenes and keep your protagonist moving

  Collateral Damage  Cause $1,000,000 damage in Paleto Bay.  Have Trevor de-
stroy the gas station pumps on the left when he first leaves the bank and use
his Special rage skill while wreaking havok with his Minigun.
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #52 - The Paleto Score [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p 60fps]"
by GTA Series Videos

  The event is reported in Weazel News radio, The Senora Beacon Newspaper, and
posts at Bleeter.

  The MG and Minigun are available at Ammu-Nation.

  "GTA V - The Paleto Score (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010
  This video by whatever57010 gives the different things the various gunman say,
etc.  Daryl or Norm get hit by a police car and die whereas the other gunman are
left behind to fight the law enforcers.  The Maverick that wrecks in the swim-
ming pool of the South Seas Apartments in the mission is still there afterward.

  Switch to Franklin to save the game.  Adrian texts him--find fulfillment at


  X.20  Strangers and Freaks--Exercising Demons (Mary Ann)

  The title is a pun on the phrase "exorcising demons."

  Have Franklin go to the green "F?" icon on the long peninsula at Paleto Bay
between 7:00 and 20:00.

  Mary Ann is an exercise fanatic and misandrist.  Franklin takes her up on a
challenge to a triathlon race.

  Have Franklin race through the markers for swimming, bicycling on a Scorcher,
then a foot race.  Toggle full speed on a bicycle with Caps Lock and increase
speed by leaning forward with NP8.  To go over the Stunt Jump break in the
boardwalk you could add a little bunny hop by holding and releasing Spacebar.

  Contender  Have Franklin go through all the checkpoints and not use short-

  You should have 100% completion for your Stranger and Freaks category.  There
are three missions by this name--one each for Franklin, Trevor, and Michael--
and this should complete them.

  Rickie Lukens calls to remind Michael he's available for work.


  X.21  Derailed

  Send Michael to the blue "T" icon at Trevor's trailer.

  When Trevor and Patricia enter the trailer Michael says "Stockholm Syndrome
is very nice this time of year."  Stockholm Syndrome "is a psychological phe-
nomenon in which hostages express empathy and sympathy and have positive feel-
ings toward their captors, sometimes to the point of defending and identifying
with the captors. These feelings are generally considered irrational in light
of the danger or risk endured by the victims, who essentially mistake a lack of
abuse from their captors for an act of kindness."

  Trevor wants Michael to help him steal the Merryweather cargo from a train.

  Have Trevor use the Sanchez to go to the yellow marker and use a slope of the
hillside to get on top of the cars of the train.  If he misses you might have
him get it on one of the next couple of slopes.  Once you've succeeded there's
a cutscene of Trevor driving the Sanchez on the cars of the train.

  Have Trevor drive along the long line of tops of the cars toward the engine.
It's not easy to keep up Trevor's speed so he doesn't fall between cars and not
turn and fall off a roof.  Once you get Trevor to the engine he knocks out the
driver.  Have him drive (W ans S).  (This is the only mission in "V" that lets
you have a protagonist drive a train.)

  Your protagonist is switched to Michael.  Have him drive the Dinghy east on
Cassidy Creek toward the train bridge.  Trevor sets off an explosion and many
cars of the train fall into the creek.

  Have Michael drive toward the orange cargo crate and stop at a safe throwing
distance from the doors of the crate considering you're going to have him use a
Sticky bomb to blow open (G) the doors.  Have him blow open the doors.

  Your protagonist switches to Trevor.  While Michael looks through the crate
for the valuable he wants to steal have Trevor shoot two men each on three Din-
ghys and bring down two helicopters.  Have Trevor use thermal vision (E) to
snipe five shooters on the tressel, a helicopter pilot, and two parachutists.

  Have Trevor sit (F) in the Dinghy Michael pilots starting on Cassidy Creek
below the railroad tressel.  Trevor switches to a Combat MG.  It's a rail
shooter west to the mouth of Cassidy Creek.  Have Trevor shoot three Dinghys, a
car on the south bank, and a helicopter.

  Your protagonist switches to Michael.  Have him land the Dinghy on the coast
south of the "OR" of "NORTH CHUMASH" on your paper map of LS & BC.  Send him
toward the BF Injection (Volkswagen Beetle dune buggy) and Sadler pickup truck.


  Time  Complete within 11:30  Skip cutscenes

  Fastest Speed  Have Trevor reach top speed on the Sanchez

  Better than CJ  Have Trevor land on the train using the first jump  The name
refers to the SA mission "Wrong Side of the Tracks" in which you have C.J. use
a Sanchez to drive Big Smoke along a moving train.  It's easier if you have
C.J. jump on the train (see my walk-through and starter package for SA).
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #53 - Derailed [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p 60fps]" by GTA
Series Videos

  The event is reported in the Weazel News newspaper and radio and in posts at
Lifeinvader and Bleeter.

  Jimmy may text Michael that he returned Michael's car and Hispanic guys are
hanging around his house.

  Parachute jump 8 is unavailable until "Hang Ten."

  The final cutscene has a bug that changes Trevor's hairstyle into a unique
short crew cut style.  It can't be obtained anywhere else in "V" and can be
kept for the rest of the game unless Trevor visits a barber shop.

  Trevor gets a conference call from Steve Haines and Michael to tell him to go
to Cape Catfish for the next mission.  Michael asks for a week to put things in
order but the agent refuses.

  Isiah Friedlander "Fucked Up"

  Dr. Friedlander texts Michael that they should have another session.  Have
Michael call him.
  Michael says he wants his family back but still gets violent.  Friedlander
says he's sick.  You can choose to have Michael accept or reject the advice.
  Michael gives him $1,500.

  Federal Investigation Bureau missions cont.

  X.22  Monkey Business

  Send any protagonist to the "B" icon at Cape Catfish.

  Dave Norton wants the protagonists to steal a chemical weapon from the IAA
research facility Humane Labs and Research.  Trevor and Franklin will take care
of transportation and Michael will join Steve Haines and Dave in infiltrating
the lab.

  Have Michael pilot Steve and Dave in a Dinghy south to the yellow marker by
Humane Labs and Resarch.  Have Michael join the other two in diving (F) down to
a grate covering a duct.  Have Michael use the oxy-hydro cutter to cut off the
grate.  Aim with the mouse, press the LMB to use the flame, aim at each green
spot for a second till you hear a thud.  Michael pushes the grate off.

  Have him swim after the other two (L Shift and aim with the mouse) then up to
his left to climb a ladder.  Have him walk to the yellow blip.

  You may use Michael's Special slow motion skill (Caps Lock) for any shots.

  Have Michael go through the corridors with the other two toward the lab work-
ers (red blips) and use the Stun gun on at least the first eight antagonists.
At the first pair of "lab rats" just stun them and leave their room.  When told
security is coming two guards pass by.  You can have Michael stun the guard in
back to get both.  After having Michael get the nerve agent you may have him
stun a couple more people then switch to whichever gun you prefer that he use
for headshots because the rest will be shooting at him.

  Have Michael use his Special slow motion shooting skill (Caps Lock) for head-

  The title partly refers to the monkeys, used for tests, in cages seen in this

  Have Michael take the nerve agent to the shipping crate outside.  Steve
shoots his own leg to pretend he's a double agent.

  Your protagonist switches to Trevor.  Have him pilot the Cargobob to pick up
the shipping crate, fly it to the air field at Sandy Shores, and drop it (NP6)
on the trailer of a big rig truck then land near the yellow marker.  Dave takes
the nerve agent.  Michael gets the message that Lester settled with Martin and
Trevor should return Martin's wife and Michael will be glad to work for the
movie producer.

  Your protagonist switches to Trevor who's weepy and self-centered about re-
turning Patricia.  Have him drive her to La Fuenta Blanco, Seneca Rd., where we
see Martin's ear was cut off by Trevor.  Martin says they should be such good
friends they don't see each other again.  Trevor drives away.


  Stunner  Stun 8 enemies with the Stun Gun

  Headshots  Kill 15 enemies with a headshot

  Accuracy  Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%

  Time - Complete within 13:30
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #54 - Monkey Business [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p 60fps]"
by GTA Series Videos

  The event is reported in the Weazel News radio, newspaper, and the women of
Michael's family make posts for him at Lifeinvader.

  There are several references to the Metal Gear Solid series of games:

  - Michael infiltrates the research facility by entering the exhaust shaft
underwater.  This is a reference to how Solid Snake entered Shadow Moses island
in "Metal Gear Solid" and how Raiden entered the Big Shell via underwater in
"Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty."

  - Michael cuts the grate in order to enter the labs.  This refers to Solid
Snake cutting a hole in the Big Shell's oil fence in "Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons
Of Liberty."

  - Michael uses a Stun Gun for non lethal incapacitation--Dave Norton says
"Put the humanitarians to sleep, Michael."  The MGS franchise protagonist uses
tranquilizer guns to put enemies to sleep.

  - This mission requires an access card from a scientist to open a certain
door.  This refers to how Solid Snake and Raiden used access cards to open cer-
tain doors in "Metal Gear Solid" and "Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty."

  Michael and Trevor can travel through southern areas and use their save
places there without restriction again.  Having Trevor enter Floyd's apartment
activates "Hang Ten."


  X.23  Hang Ten

  Send Trevor to the orange "T" icon at Floyd's apartment.

  This mission mainly continues Trevor's habit of wreaking havok like a monster
in an old horror movie while asking victims to feel sorry for him.

  Trevor invades Floyd's apartment despite being told to leave.  Debra aims a
gun at Trevor and Floyd brandishes a knife.  Trevor murders Floyd and/or Debra
(probably both) offscreen.

  Have Trevor drive Wade to the Vanilla Unicorn.  On the way Trevor says Debra
won't join them, Floyd will meet them at the strip club, and the red stuff on
him is due to having an accident with strawberry syrup.  Trevor tells a couple
strippers to take care of Wade then enters the management room to murder Leon
offscreen and takes control of the Vanilla Unicorn.

  Your protagonist switches to Michael.  He gets a phone call from Lester who
says Trevor has taken ownership of the Vanilla Unicorn.  Michael agrees to meet
the other protagonists and Lester there to plan the big heist of the Union De-
pository.  Michael tells Lester to message Franklin.


  Time  Complete within 04:00
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #55 - Hang Ten [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p 60fps]" by GTA
Series Videos

  The murders at Floyd's apartment are reported in posts at Bleeter.

  Trevor can use the Vanilla Unicorn as a save place.  Floyd's apartment is no
longer available.

  Trevor can get free lap dances and drinks at the Vanilla Unicorn.  Michael
and Franklin have to pay for theirs but won't be thrown out for touching the
strippers during lap dances any more.  Wade is first found in a booth at the
Vanilla Unicorn from now on.

  The teddy bear Mr. Raspberry Jam is attached to Trevor's Bodhi if you have
him use the stock bumper (similar to the teddy bear that may appear on the
front bumper or roof lights of the Gang Burrito in VC).

  Parachute jump eight is available again--the train wreck has been removed.


  X.24  Strangers and Freaks--Extra Commission (Josh)

  Josh Bernstein: Joseph Adams  Joseph played Larry in a 2007 episode of the TV
series "The Sopranos," David Langdon/Capt. Charles Galloway in two 2005 epi-
sodes and one 2010 episode of the TV series "Law & Order: Criminal Intent,"
Robert Young in a 2013 episode of the TV series "Blue Bloods," a Medical Exam-
iner in a 2014 episode of the TV series "The Blacklist," etc.

  Send Trevor to the orange "?" icon on the north side of W Eclipse Blvd. west
of Mad Wayne Thunder Dr., Rockford Hills, to meet Josh who comes from behind
the ornamental black wrought iron rail gate of a driveway.

  Josh tells Trevor he's a realtor who had his license taken away.  He says he
knows the most beautiful woman and asks if Trevor wants to "bouncy bouncy" for
a favor.  Lenny Avory took all his clients so Josh wants Trevor to take down
all his "for sale" signs.  (Josh also says, "love ya" a lot.)

  Josh is a contact.  The signs are located around the northern part of the
city.  Josh texts Trevor that has a list of Lenny's
properties.  Have Trevor use his cell phone to go to Lenny's site and click the
Find Properties map.  Click on a home icon then Get Directions for a GPS route
to the property on your in-game map.

 Have Trevor go to each place and shoot the "For Sale" sign off the post it's
attached to.

  Patricia Madrazo calls Trevor who says he misses her.  She's now a phone con-
tact for Trevor.

  "GTA 5 PC - Josh [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]" by GTA Series Videos

  Josh texts Trevor to meet him at the Bilingsgate Motel.

  X.25  Strangers and Freaks--Closing the Deal (Josh)

  Lenny Avery: Joe Curnutte  Joe played Dr. Thomas in a 2009 episode of the TV
series "All My Children," Brad in a 2010 episode of the TV series "Gay's Ana-
tomy," a Cab Guy in a 2012 episode of the TV series "I Just Want My Pants Back,"
a Samaritan Operative in a 2015 episode of the TV series "Person of Interest,"

  Have Trevor take a fast car to the orange "J" icon at the Bilingsgate Motel
(based on the Hyde Park Motel in South Los Angeles) on the west side of Little
Bighorn Ave. south of Innocence Blvd.

  Josh tells Trevor to go to room nine for some bouncy bouncy.  Have Trevor go
to room nine.

  After that Josh tells Trevor to give Lenny a wakeup call--scare him--at the
west curve of Caeser Pl., Rockford Hills.  As you have Trevor drive there Josh
calls to say Lenny drives a green Comet and Josh told Lenny Trevor's name.  If
Trevor accomplishes the task he'll get more bouncy bouncy.

  When Trevor arrives in Rockford Hills you may have him talk with a woman
that's walking her dog in the street.  Have Trevor go to her, he asks where
Lenny is, and she tells him.

  Have Trevor drive southwest through Lenny's driveway to the next street to
get right behind the Comet Lenny flees in.  Lenny goes north on Mad Wayne Thun-
der Dr.  You might have Trevor drive-by Lenny's tires to stop him.  Have Trevor
hit Lenny Avery with a melee weapon but not kill him.  Lenny promises to leave
Josh' business alone.


  Pulverizer  Use a melee weapon to beat up Avery

  Seized  Stop Avery's car within 40 seconds  You could use the Simple Trainer
to spawn a Turismo and use the trainer to give it the best performance up-

  X.26  Strangers and Freaks--Surreal Estate (Josh)

  Have Trevor go to the orange "J?" icon at the Bilingsgate Motel again.
Again, Josh tells him to go to room nine for bouncy bouncy.  Have Trevor go to
room nine.  When Trevor comes out Josh tells him the woman is his wife.  (He
calls Trevor "Tony.")

  Josh says the place where he met Trevor is his old house which is in foreclo-
sure.  If something happened to it--gas was spilled--Josh would still get the
full value on the insurance.  Josh wants Trevor to take a Jerry can to Josh old
house.  If Trevor doesn't have a Jerry can Josh will tell him to get one from
his Felon GT.

  Have Trevor go to the yellow blip at Josh' old house.  On the way Josh
calls--he says to use the barbecue grill in back to light the place up for him
and you'll see how grateful Mrs. Bernstein can be.

  Have Trevor pour a gasoline trail on the yellow dotted line from the grill to
the driveway then shoot the gas to ignite it.  The grll explodes and the house
catches on fire.  Have Trevor drive from the area and lose a two star wanted


  Out of the Frying Pan  Complete this mission without alerting the police.

  Pyromaniac  Have Trevor pour the gasoline trail correctly in one effort.

  X.27  Strangers and Freaks--Breach of Contract (Josh)

  Send Trevor to the orange "J?" icon at Josh's house on the north side of W.
Eclipse Blvd. west of Mad Wayne Thunder Dr., Rockford Hills.

  Two police officers are questioning Josh septically about the fire at his
house and Josh is accusing Trevor of being a nut who destroyed his house (a
betrayal--not that it isn't true).  Though Trevor says "He asked me" Trevor
gets a two star wanted level.

  You can pass the mission by just having Trevor get rid of his two star wanted
level but for the Gold requirements have him kill Josh (I recommend having
Trevor use his Special rage skill), jack the Police Interceptor, and get rid of
his two star wanted level.  (The Interceptor is a good car except crashes to
the front can impair the rotation of the front wheels.)


  Dirty Rat  Have Trevor kill Josh.

  Hot Pursuit  Have Trevor escape the police in the Police Interceptor.

  X.28  Surveying the Score

  Send Trevor to the orange "T" icon in a back room of the Vanila Unicorn.

  Trevor gets a beer from a refrigerator that has a man's body (probably previ-
ous owner Leon) in it.  Michael, Franklin, and Lester arrive.  Trevor says he
just wants to get a few things done, such as finish things with the FIB, bust
Brad out of prison, then just run the strip club.  Lester arrives saying they
need to plan "The big one"--their next heist: 200 million in gold bricks from
the Union Depository.

  Have Michael drive Franklin to the Union Depository entrance at the north
side of San Andreas Ave. west of Elgin Ave.  Press C for a closeup of the en-
trance.  Have Michael drive to the Arcadius Business Center on west Atta St.
north of San Andreas Ave. to see the Union Depository garage entrance which is
then shown in a cut scene.  Michael and Franklin observe the security which is

  Your protagonist switches to Trevor who's taking a pee by the Senora Freeway
west of RON Alternate Wind Farm.  Have him use his Bodhi to drive Lester to
Trevor's Frogger at the east end of the Sandy Shores air field.  On the way
Lester explains that they need to distract security so will attack once to dis-
tract security, probably using Michael to lead that attack, and a second time
to get the robbery done.

  Have Trevor fly the Frogger to the two Stockades--green and white armored
security vans--which are on Innocence Blvd. by the freeway in Murrieta Heights.
(Avoid having Trevor go over Bolingbroke Penitentiary or Lester warns not to do
it but the Frogger isn't attacked if you have Trevor fly over it quickly.)
Lester needs to map their route. 

  Once Lester gets close to the security vans there's a close up of them.  They
start going west, etc.  Have Trevor follow them without getting so close as to
be warned it's too close.  They go west on Innocence Blvd., north on Popular
St., west on Capital Blvd., north on Little Bighorn Ave. (for a Gold require-
ment have Trevor fly the Frogger under the Olympic Freeway bridge that's over
the canal), west on Adam's Apple Blvd., north on Sinner St., west on Swiss St.,
across Strawberry Ave. to go northwest through the Integrity Way tunnel through
the Integrity apartment building that has the other tunnel entrance at Power
St. (for a Gold requirement have Trevor fly the Frogger through the tunnel),
continue west on Swiss St., southwest on Atta St., and into the garage entrance
of the red and white Union Depository.

  Cutscene: the vans go through the garage door at the UD.

  Have Trevor fly west then south to the west side of the red and white Union
Depository building to hover over the "big a** hole" for the Los Santos Transit
metro tunnel west of Power St. and south of Swiss St.  (You might put a way-
point there before the cutscene to get there quickly for the Gold requirement.)
Lester takes a while to get the information he needs there.

  Switch to Michael and have him drive Franklin to the yellow blip at his Vine-
wood Hills home (Michael wants to talk about Brad later) then switch to Trevor
and have Trevor fly to the yellow blip at the east end of the Sandy Shores air


  Perfect Distance  Follow the vans without being warned on distance.

  Cavity Search  Find the construction site within 20 seconds.

  Under the Bridge  Fly under the bridge whilst following the security vans.
Have Trevor fly the Frogger under the Olympic Freeway bridge that's over the
canal east of the security vans.

  Tunnel Flight  Fly through the tunnel whilst following the security vans.
Take it easy to avoid collisions.

  Time  Complete within 11:00  Skip the cutscenes.  Trevor's Bodhi is an off-
road vehicle so have him drive it cross country instead of the GPS route.
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #56 - Surveying the Score [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p
60fps]" by GTA Series Videos

  Later the hole over the subway construction area tunnel is sealed.

  Trevor or Michael

  X.29  Bury the Hatchet

  Wei Cheng: George Cheung  George played the Owner in a 1997 episode of the TV
series "Seinfeld," the Rinou Tea House Owner in the English version of a 1998
episode of the TV series "Cowboy Bebop," Mr. Lam in the 2002 game "Soldier of
Fortune II: Double Helix," the Asian Manin a 2005 episode of the TV series "Ar-
rested Development," supplied the voice of Pao in two 2006 episodes of the ani-
mated TV series "Avatar: The Last Airbender," played Frank Hong in the 2008 doc-
umentary "Man of a Thousand Faces," etc.

  The title refers to an old saying about disregarding disagreements to affirm
friendship but in this case refers to uncovering differences that ignite anta-

  Send Trevor or Michael to the "M" icon at Michael's house.

  Michael wants to dissolve the partnership after one more big heist then help
make movies.  Trevor wants to continue the life of crime and distrusts Mi-
chael's claim to care about him.  Trevor has an angry suspicion that Michael
lied to him about who was buried in Michael's grave.  Trevor yells that Michael
is dead and runs out to check the grave.

  You play the next section as Trevor or Michal--whoever you started the mis-
sion with.

  In a cutscene Trevor leaves in Michael's Tailgater--have him use it to go to
the east end of Sandy Shores air field.  On the way, Michael calls but can't
persuade Trevor to come back--that the grave contains a coffin with sandbags
that isn't worth making the trip for.  The game switches back and forth between
Trevor and Michael whom you have drive to Los Santos International Airport.
Michael calls Dave Norton and says Trevor knows--they don't know what to do.
Cheng's men are following Michael and their report about him on the phone indi-
cates they think Michael is Trevor's boyfriend.

  Ron calls--there's a plane ready for Trevor.

  Have Trevor use the Cuban 800 plane (G to raise landing gear) to fly to the
yellow marker over the ocean west of the Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness.  On
the way Ron texts--some Chinese people, he thinks Cheng's people, are looking
for Trevor but he wouldn't tell them where Trevor is.  The plane runs into a
storm.  Try to keep the plane level and aimed at the yellow blip.

  Once Trevor's at the marker we see Michael's jet leave--both are headed for
North Yankton.  The screen darkens.

  (In the replay I just had Trevor as the protagonist in that section.)

  Ludendorff, North Yankton

  Trevor shovels open Michael's grave at Ludendorff Cemetery.  Have Michael
drive there during which time he remembers how he explained the arrangement he
made with Dave to be the one who lives in North Yankton, etc., to Amanda.  Have
Michael go to the grave.

  Michael arrives at the grave.  Trevor shovels open the coffin and sees it
contains Brad.  Trevor and Michael pull guns on each other but neither can
shoot.  Trevor throws his gun at Michael and runs off as Cheng's armed men ap-
pear.  The leader of Cheng's men orders them to "get the boyfriend" (which is
what Cheng thinks Michael is to Trevor).

  Have Michael use his Special slow motion shooting skill to go through a
shootout through Cheng's attackers (red blips) to get to his Asea (blue blip)
at the southwest corner of the cemetery.  The game seems to provide enough
shooters for a Rampage to allow you to have Michael go for the Gold requirement
of 20 headshots but that doesn't have to be how you play the mission to pass
it.  Have Michael enter his car.  Three men surround it and he surrenders.

  Your protagonist switches to Trevor who's flying the Cuban 800 where he left
off over the ocean except going back east.  Have him fly back to the east end
of the air field at Sandy Shores.  On the way Cheng calls--his son Tao failed
to help Cheng overcome Trevor's temperment in establishing business in Blaine
County.  Cheng tells Trevor to surrender the area for Cheng's business or Trev-
or's "lover" (Michael) will die.  Trevor mocks him and hangs up.  Cheng Sr. is
a contact.

  Lamar texts--meet him at his crib.  Me and Franklin gonna roll on that last
car for the rich dude (the JB 700)--you in?  There's an orange D at the north
curve of Forum Dr.

  Patricia calls--she and Trevor miss each other.


  Time  Complete within 11:00  Skip cutscenes.  Have Trevor drive cross country
to the air field.  Use G to raise landing gear on the Cuban 800 so it flies

  Headshots  Kill 20 enemies with a headshot  Use Michael's Special slow motion
shooting skill.

  Accuracy  Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 80%  Have Michael use
his Special slow motion shooting skill and go for body shots and his car.

  The event is reported in Weazel News (radio), the Ludendorff Weekly news-
paper, and in posts at Bleeter.

  You can't use Michael as a protagonist till "Fresh Meat."  His outfit from
this mission will then be available and called "Ludendorff."

  If you use the Simple Trainer to have a protagonist teleport to North Yankton
and go to the cemetery the grave for Mike Townley, 1965-2004, is non-solid, the
only rectangle without snow, and the grave is dug up to expose the coffin but
it hasn't been broken to expose Brad's face.

  Devin Weston missions cont.


  X.30  Pack Man

  The title refers to the arcade game Pac-Man and the fact that a Packer is
featured in the mission.

  Have Trevor go to Franklin's first save place at the orange "D" on the north
side of Forum Dr.

  Lamar calls Trevor.  Lamar stole Westin's car and will meet Franklin.  They
need Trevor to go to the Packer and take them to Palito Bay.

  Your protagonist switches to Franklin at the south stretch of Palomino Ave.
Have him drive to Glass Heroes Auto Repairs at the blue blip on the north side
of Power St. east of Atta St. and use the Monroe sports car to drive Lamar to
the west side of Little Bighorn Ave. south of Crusade St. and onto the car
transport trailer on the back of a Packer.  On the way, Lamar says the "boost"
went smoothly which Franklin doubts.

  The Packer is transporting six cars so should satisfy Westin who wanted five.

  Your protagonist switches to Trevor.  Have Trevor drive Lamar and Franklin in
the Packer toward the Procopio Truck Stop near the north end of your paper map
of LS & BC via the west stretch of the Great Ocean Highway.  On the way, Trevor
and Lamar have one of the longer conversations in the game.  Among other
things, Trevor says Michael is probably dead which Lamar thinks Trevor is being
immature about.  Trevor says he wants Devin to be "someone who understands that
all the money in the world can't save him from a nasty guy who thinks he's an

  Trevor gets a two star wanted level near the Property for Sale icon south of
the mouth of Cassidy Creek for transporting stolen cars.  Have Trevor drive the
Packer safely while Franklin climbs back to the JB 700 and gets in.

  Your protagonist switches to Franklin.  In a cutscene Franklin backs off the
trailer and onto the road.  The front of the JB 700 has forward aimed machine
guns you can use (LMB) for a drive-by and can drop road spikes (L Ctrl which
I've remapped to R Ctrl) from the back.  Have him stop the three police cars
chasing the Packer (for the Gold requirement have Franklin use spike strips to
do it).

  Have Franklin follow the Packer (blue blip) to the Procopio Truck Stop.  On
the way, Franklin calls Molly who say to meet her at the Procopio Truck Stop.
Have him meet her there.  To Franklin's amazement she says Westin doesn't want
to see Franklin for a while and is investing Franklin's pay.


  Time  Complete within 12:00

  Not a Scratch  Complete with minimal damage to the JB 700

  Shredder  Take out 3 cop cars using the spikes
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #58 - Pack Man [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p 60fps]" by GTA
Series Videos

  Franklin calls Lester.  They don't know where Michael is.  Lester will have
Trevor, who may know, visit Franklin.  Franklin asks to be sent to his aunt's
house where a green "F" icon appears.

  The event is reported in posts at Lifeinvader.


  XI.1  Fresh Meat

  Have Franklin possess an AP pistol.  (If Franklin owns one he gives one to
Michael in the mission.)

  Send Franklin to the green "F" at Franklin's first save place on the north
side of Forum Dr.

  Franklin's aunt and two of her lady friends leave the house power walking and
chanting one of their women empowerment walking songs.  Trevor appears and
tells them to shut up.  Trevor blows up at Franklin for laughing when Trevor
falls trying to hop over the fence.  Franklin apologizes then Trevor anguishes
about having had a difficult childhood.  Trevor says Michael may not have sur-
vived a shootout with Cheng's henchmen in North Yankton.  Trevor walks away
rather than help Franklin find Michael.

  Franklin calls Lester who sends Franklin the Trackify app for his phone to
determine Michael's location.  In a cutscene we see that Michael is held upside
down at the Raven Slaughterhouse.  (The door is by the dead end of a railroad
track south of El Rancho Blvd. on the east side of Orchardville Ave., Cypress
Flats.)  He can't get Cheng, Sr., to believe that he's not Trevor's lover and
Cheng turns on the overhead conveyer Michael hangs from which causes him to be
sent toward slaughter.  A timer appears on the bottom right corner of your
screen.  Have Franklin go toward Michael who's represented by a red dot on
Franklin's Trackifier app.

  Switch your protagonist to Franklin and have him drive toward Michael who's
represented by a red dot on Franklin's Trackifier app.

  Once Franklin is there you can have him go in through the front door at the
address given above.  (I read you may also have him use a hole in the roof to
kill the attacking Triads but I didn't see it.)  There's practically a Rampage
worth of Triads to have him kill: approx. three outside the front door, five
past that, three around the corner, about five in the next room, five in the
next room, and the last one who falls onto a conveyer belt to be slaughtered.

  Once you've had Franklin kill all the Triads around Michael (blue blip),
who's hanging upside down, press E to have Franklin throw Michael a gun (a Com-
bat pistol).  Have Michael use his Special shooting ability to shoot about five
Triads at the far end of the room and two that appear in a nearby section.

  Your protagonist switches to Franklin.  Have him clear a couple Triads from
the far end of the room.  Another jumps Franklin and holds a Knife to him.
Your protagonist switches to Michael--quickly have him shoot the Triad.  Mi-
chael shoots the line holding him up and he falls to the ground.

  Have them escape with about five Triads to shoot in the next room.  In a cor-
ridor by the exit the last two attacking Triads are one that uses a hanging
slab of beef as a shield and one behind him that uses a palette of boxes as a
shield.  Have them go out the exit door (yellow blip).

  Once Franklin and Michael are outside I recommend having them shoot out the
tires on the Coquette (a Chevy Corvette-type sports car to the north) and flee
in the Feltzer (an orange Mercedes Benz-type sports car to the south).  Other-
wise a few Triads give chase or create a shootout by the exit.  You might also
switch back to Franklin for his Special driving ability.  Send both to Mi-
chael's driveway (yellow blip).  Michael tells Franklin he'll explain about
North Yankton later and to "watch your back" but Franklin says Michael is more
the one who has to do that regarding Franklin.


  Switch Limiter  Don't switch more than 3 times  Control Franklin till he
meets Michael, switch to Michael for his Special shooting skill for the shoot-
out, and switch back to Franklin when fleeing in the car for his Special driv-
ing ability.

  Accuracy  Finish with a shooting accuaracy of at least 70%  Hae Franklin use
a shotgun and have Michael use his Special shooting ability.  That ability
helps for the headshot requirement, too.

  Headshots  Kill 10 enemies with headshots  Have Michael use his Special
shooting skill which helps for the accuracy requirement, too.

  Swift Race  Rescue Michael within 3:30   Have Franklin use a shotgun for the
first shootout to save time.

  Sense of Direction  Don't use a map waypoint.  Have Franklin use his Trackify
app or your own knowledge of the map to have Franklin get to the slaughter-
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #59 - Fresh Meat [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p 60fps]" by GTA
Series Videos

  For some reason you get the Mission Passed screen then still watch Michael
wash up and appear in a change of clothes for a while before the screen fades
out again and the mission is over (?).

  Lester texts--the FIB guys want a meeting with Lester and the three protagon-
ists.  Lester told them we'd meet at the garment factory.

  The event is reported by Lester at Lifeinvader.

  You can have Trevor call Cheng, Sr.  He says Michael was rescued which annoys

  You can use Michael as a protagonist again.

  Michael and Trevor can't Hang Out together again unless you choose "The Third
Way" at the end of the game.  If Michael and Trevor cross paths they exchange
cross words.

  Solomon Richards missions cont.


  XI.2  The Ballad of Rocco

  Have Michael go to the blue "S" icon in the alley south of and roughly paral-
lel to Industry Passage.

  Rocco Pelosi and Giannio attack Solomon.  Rocco accuses Solomon of going back
on a deal.  Rocco and Gianni flee west in in Rocco's red Fugitive.  Solomon
asks Michael to get them.

  Have Michael use his Special shooting skill (Caps Lock) and quickly snipe
them.  Another option is to use the Rail gun--make sure he hits the Fugitive
with the first shot since it has a long reload time.  If you want an even easi-
er way to do it use the Simple Trainer > Mission help > Kill Enemy Ped attached
to Valid Destination Marker.

  Rocco calls Michael and asks him to visit.  If you take that option, Solomon
shows Michael the credits of his new movie which include credit to Michael as
associate producer (under his phoney name De Santa and without knowing anything
about making a movie directly).  Michael calls Amanda to eagerly say he's fi-
nally accomplishing something in life--making a movie.  He asks her to call.


  Time  Complete within 03:00  Skip cutscenes.
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #60 - The Ballad of Rocco [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p
60fps]" by GTA Series Videos

  The event is reported in the Los Santos Meteor Newspaper.

  Lester Crest missions cont.


  XI.3  Cleaning Out the Bureau

  Harvey Molina: Stewart J. Zully  Stewart played Alan Ginsberg in a 2002 and a
2004 episode of the TV series "The Sopranos," a Detective in a 2005 episode of
the TV series "One Tree Hill," Vic Branzino in a 2006 episode of the TV series
"Law & Order: Criminal Intent," a Hoodlum in the Sept.26, 2007 episode of the TV
talk show "Late Show with David Letterman," etc.

  Send Michael to the blue "L" icon at Darnell Bros. garment factory on the
north side of Vespucci Blvd. west of Popular St., La Mesa.

  Michael meets Lester and FIB agents Dave Norton and Steve Haines appear.
Steve wants them to destroy evidence in an FIB office of Steve's illegal ac-
tions.  If they do, Steve will delete Michael's files.  Michael says if he does
it's the last job he'll do for Steve, which Steve agrees to.

  Have Michael use the Fusilade to drive Lester to the entance of the parking
garage of the FIB building in the middle of the east side of Power St. north of
San Andreas Blvd.  On the way, Lester tells Michael to take the identity of
janitor Harvey Molina.  While waiting, Lester says the FIB will either kill Mi-
chael after this or keep him doing stupid jobs till someone else kills him so
Michael should try to delete his own files.  When Lester has determined the ve-
hicle with the right license plate (press C to focus on a license plate) has
left the garage he says, "There she is."

  Have Michael follow Harvey (blue blip) at about half a block.  Harvey goes
from the parking garage to his apartment at 924 Las Lagunas Blvd. on the west
side of Las Lagunas Blvd. north of Hawick Ave., West Vinewood.  Have Michael
park at the yellow marker a bit down the block from Harvey's address.  Have Mi-
chael follow him at a discreet distance to his second floor door.  Send Michael
inside to ask Harvey to sell his work clothes and ID and he agrees to do it.

  Have Michael drive Lester back to the garment factory.  On the way, Lester
says that while Michael was in Harvey's apartment Lester called Franklin to
tell him to meet them at the garment factory.  Lester wants the blueprint for
the FIB building office.  Architect Chip Peterson has that and Lester wants
Franklin to get a copy.

  Have Michael go to Lester's garment factory office.  Lester says Chip has an
office in Backlot City and Michael tells Franklin to tail him there to get a
copy of the architectural plans for the office.


  Eagle Eye  Check all license plates  Press C.

  He Missed a Spot  Have Michael follow the janitor without being spotted.

  Time  Complete within 09:00  Skip cutscenes.
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #61 - Cleaning out the Bureau [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p
60fps]" by GTA Series Videos

  Michael's family makes posts at Lifeinvader.

  There's a marker outside Michael's front door so if you want to save the game
without starting another mission have Michael go in his back door and save the
game at his bed.


  XI.4  Reuniting the Family

  Have Michael go to the blue M" icon outside his front door.

  Michael falls asleep watching something made with "L.A. Noire" on TV.  Jimmy
wakes him up to give his self-centered two-faced accounts of what's wrong with
Michael yet both admit they miss each other and Jimmy indicates Amanda misses
Michael, too.

  Have Michael drive Jimmy to the Bean Machine on the south side of W. Eclipse
Blvd. just east of Strangeways Dr.  Fabien insults Amanda who asks Michael to
attack him.  Michael uses a patron's FruitBook laptop to hit Fabien in the
face.  Amanda's angry but says she misses Michael.  They agree to see Dr.
Friedlander together and Amanda drives Fabien away.

  Micheal takes Jimmy to Blazing Tattoo at the Tattoo icon on the north side of
Vinewood Blvd. east of Atta St. and they find Tracey begging Lazlow to reappear
in Fame or Shame which he agrees to if she'll give him a blow job.  This is
like Michael's version of Trevor's torture session.  Have Michael pierce Laz-
low's brow (LMB), nose (RMB), and ear (Spacebar)--then you choose if a tattoo
of a penis goes on Lazlow's chest (LMB) or back (RMB).  Move the mouse in the
direction shown while the tattoo is made.  Press the LMB to have Michael cut
off Lazlow's ponytail.  Michael forces Lazlow to agree to let Tracey back on
the show without a blowjob.  Tracey (a sicko into violence?) agrees to go with
Michael and Jimmy.

  Have Michael take them to see Amanda at the front of Dr. Friedlander's house.
(It's a couple doors north of a nameless building with a yellow spiral stair-
case in back by Del Perro Beach on the southwest side of the Great Ocean High-
way approx. south of the "In" of "Bay City Incline" on your paper map of LS.)
Michael and Amanda get angry and yell at each other.  Friedlander tells Michael
the bill for four is squared.  Once outside Amanda agrees to try the marriage

  Have Michael drive them home while Amanda threatens to leave if Trevor is


  Time  Complete within 10:30
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #62 - Reuniting the Family [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p
60fps]" by GTA Series Videos

  After the mission your protagonist is switched to Trevor who awakes drunk in
his underwear, shoes, and socks on the beach in the middle of the east side of
of the big island by the Palpomino Highlands bay with four dead bodies of the
Lost MC nearby on the beach.  Patricia calls.  They miss each other.

  The event is reported by StarTalk Newspaper and in posts at Lifeinvader and

  Franklin texts Michael that he's found the architect.  If you switch your
protagonist to Franklin it starts "Architect's Plans."


  XI.5  Architect's Plans

  Chip Peterson: Will Cart  Will played Martin Sharpe in a 2011 episode of the
TV series "Boardwalk Empire," White's Clerk in "Muhammad Ali's Greatest Fight,"
2013, etc.

  The mission is started by either Michael getting a call from Franklin and
your protagonist being switched to Franklin or by just switching your protagon-
ist to Franklin.

  Franklin is following architect Chip Peterson (blue blip) through the site of
the Mile High Club building under construction on the east side of Power St.
north of Adam's Apple Blvd., Pillbox Hill, Downtown Los Santos.  The company
building it is STD Contractors.  The contractor is Enzo Bonelli and the archi-
tect is Chip Peterson.

  Have Franklin follow him.  At the start of it he's thrown a yellow hard hat.
Have Franklin get the briefcase pickup and and parachute away or just shoot
Chip and take his briefcase.  If you choose the latter you could have Franklin
wait behind the building across the street to the south and wait for the three
star wanted level to go away.  Have him go to the garment factory to meet Les-
ter and Michael.  Lester checks the architectural plans for the FIB building
and offers two plans for breaking into it: the covert/fire crew approach, which
entails doing the Firetruck and Getaway Vehicle missons, and the roof entry ap-

  Fire crew

  Two gunmen
  Gustavo Mota  He doesn't die
  Packie McReary  He doesn't die
  Norm Richards  He dies unless accompanied by Hugh Welsh or Daryl Johns then
may or may not.
  Hugh Welsh  He dies unless accompanied by Norm Richards or Daryl Johns then
may or may not
  Daryl Johns  He dies unless accompanied by Norm Richards or Daryl Johns then
may or may not


  Paige Harris  She knows how to hack the computer and deactivate the sprink-
  Christian Feltz  He knows how to hack the computer but not deactivate the
  Rickie Lukens  Knows neither 

  Gustavo Mota  Supplies a good weapon and help
  Packie McReary  Supplies a good weapon and help
  Norm Richards  Neither
  Hugh Welsh  Neither
  Daryl Johns  Neither

  Eddie Toh  He gets to the building at the right time and uses an Ambulance to
disguise the crew.
  Taliana Martinez  He gets to the building at the right time and uses an Amb-
ulance to disguise the crew.
  Karim Denz  If chosen before he gets to the building at the right time and
uses an Ambulance to disguise the crew.  If not chosen before he supplies a
Burrito van for escape and it shows up late with a four star wanted rating.

  Franklin is the only protagonist paid.


  Quick Getaway  Have Franklin leave the construction site within 45 seconds.
Either have him parachute from the roof after killing the architect or have
Franklin kill the architect as soon as Franklin enters the site.
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #63 - Architect's Plans [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p 60fps]"
by GTA Series Videos's_Plans


  XI.6  Doting Dad

  This mission is not required for 100% completion.

  Before you complete "Legal Trouble" invest in AirEmu, sell it after "Legal
Trouble," then invest in the share FlyUS because it will fall a lot.  After
"Meltdown," a few missions later, the share price returns to what it was pre-
"Legal Trouble."

  An example: before "Legal Trouble" the share price for AirEmu was about $200
and FlyUS was around $250.  After "Legal Trouble" AirEmu went up to about $275
and FlyUS dropped to $120.  Once "Meltdown" was complete FlyUS went back to
around $240 which doubled the investment.

  Tracey calls--there's a guy following her and she feels threatened.  Press
Enter to have Michael help her.

  She's on the north side of Spanish Ave. west of Power St.  Have Michael use
her Issi to look for the guy at Hawaiian Snow on the east side of Power St. and
north side of Hawick Ave., a motel on the north side of Occupation Ave. and
east side of Atta St., Cluckin' Bell at Rockford Plaza on the west side of Las
Lagunas Blvd. just south of Occupation Ave., and on the north side of Hawick
Ave. west of Las Lagunas Blvd.  The stalker (red blip) appears there in a pur-
ple Tornado.

  Have Michael drive-by the stalker, or get on foot and use his Special slow
motion shooting skill with the Stun gun to stun the stalker who flees apologet-
ically, then take Tracey home.

  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #64 - Doting Dad (Optional Mission) [Gold Medal Guide -
1080p 60fps]" by GTA Series Videos

  Lester texts--hide a getaway vehicle then call him to tell him where it is.

  XI.7  Getaway Vehicle (the Fire Crew approach)

  Pick a fast durable four door vehicle for a getaway vehicle.  (I also used the
Simple Trainer to choose a Roosevelt sports classic because it has a cool '30's
Mafia look and I gave it the performance upgrades.)

  Try calling Michael or Lester when you find a spot to hide the getaway vehi-
cle.  If the game accepts the spot (a place may be considered too close to the
FIB building or too near a road, etc.) you can place the call and select Mark
Getaway Location.  I put the vehicle to the east in the Los Santos River drain-
age ditch.  Another choice is the south side of the Vapid bldg. on the south
side of Adam's Apple Blvd. west of Power St.

  XI.8  Fire Truck (the Fire Crew approach)

  Have Michael dial Emergency Services > Fire dept., jack the Firetruck, get
rid of a one star wanted level, ands drive it to the garage by the garment fac-
tory.  Michael texts Lester to say it's been delivered.

  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #65 - Fire Truck [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p 60fps]" by GTA
Series Videos

  To get the Gold requirement go to the phone > Contacts.  Press the Middle
Mouse button or Spacebar to bring up the number pad then call 911.  Jack the
Firetruck that arrives.

  XI.9  The Bureau Raid (the Fire Crew approach)

  This version of the raid is based on the CIA HQ heist featured in the 1996
movie "Mission: Impossible" in which Ethan Hunt and his team pose as firefight-
ers, set off the fire alarm to enter the building, steal the N.O.C. list, and

  Send Michael to the blue "H" icon on the second floor of the garment factory.
Michael helps Lester pour gasoline to create arson there.  Michael gets into a
purple maintenance outfit.  Send him to the FIB building at east Power St./
north San Andreas Ave., Pillbox Hill.  Franklin calls.  Michael tells him to
hook up with the two gunmen--I'm going to the FIB building.  Have Michael enter
it, go through the turnstiles, go up in the elevator, go ahead to the closet to
pick up the bucket and mop (green blip), go to the office floor (yellow blip),
and mop the two dirty spots.

  Press E to have him set down or pick up the bucket, then aim him with the
mouse--consider the reach of the mop--and press the LMB to have him clean a
dirty spot.  Aim him at the bucket and press the RMB to have him rinse the mop
in the bucket between each dirty spot.

  Have him walk to the yellow blip at the locker to plant a bomb.

  Have him pick up the bucket, go left before the man at a vending machine to
go to another hall (yellow blip), set the bucket down by two dirty spots, clean
the spots, move the bucket to the last two spots and mop them, and plant a bomb
on a toilet in the men's room. 

  Have him take the bucket and mop back to the closet, go down in the elevator,
and leave the building.  Michael calls Franklin to say he's out of the build-

  Your protagonist switches to Franklin.  Have him use the Firetruck to drive
the two gunmen west a block or two and pick up Michael.  Have Frankln use his
phone and Enter Detonate to detonate the C4 explosive and the top of the FIB
building explodes.  Have him drive to the east side of Power St. north of San
Andreas Ave. (use the upward ramp to go there) and join the other three, all
dressed as firemen, in running into the building, up the elevator, and in tak-
ing the stairwell from the 48th floor to the 53rd.

  Have him go to the server room (a room devoted to computer servers), use a
Sticky bomb (G) to blow open the door, and go to the green blip to take the
containment (military strategy to stop the expansion of an enemy) drive.  A
counter in the lower right corner shows his supply of oxygen.

  Have Franklin join the others (blue blips) going back down the stairs.  Some
stairs collapse so have him follow the others through floor 52.  Have him stand
back while Michael blows open a door then go to the team member who fell--
Franklin helps the person up.  Have Franklin join the others running through
the fiery building.  Franklin is knocked out and the others aren't nearby when
he wakes up.

  Have him go through the building killing seven agents (red blips) who know
he's not a real fireman.  Having him go toward the red blips helps you find the
way to the rest of his crew.  After having him kill the last two agents in a
retangle of halls have him go past the northeast corner to get back to his
crew.  Have him join the others down a flight of stairs, follow them as they
climb over the rubble, drop through a hole, and run through the fiery building
to the elevator.

  Have Franklin rapple down the elevator shaft (S and hold Spacebar to go fast-

  Have Franklin join the others getting out of the building and geting into the
Firetruck.  (The skill points of my two gunmen went up 25%.)  Have Franklin
drive them to he getaway car (yellow blip).  (In replays the getaway car is a
Jackal which is south of Labor Place east of the railroad tracks, El Burro
Heights.)  Have Franklin destroy the Firetruck with a Sticky bomb and use the
getaway car to drive them to Lester's house--the second house, west to east, on
the north side of Amarillo Vista, El Burro Heights.

  Franklin, Lester, and Michael use Lester's moonshine to celebrate.  Michael
leaves to see Dave and end the relationship of him and his cohorts with Dave
and Steve of the FIB.

  Your protagonist switches to Michael.  Michael calls Dave who tells Michael
to meet him at the Kortz Center.  The attacks on Merryweather have people
sniffing around.


  Time  Complete within 18:00

  Out of Breath  Escape with 40% oxygen remaining  Have Franklin leave the ele-
vator shaft after rappling down it with 40% or more oxygen.

  You Missed a Spot  Have Michael complete the mopping section within 03:00.

  Abseiler  Abseil down the elevator shaft within 30 seconds
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #67 - The Bureau Raid (Fire Crew) [Gold Medal Guide -
1080p 60fps]" by GTA Series Videos

  The event is reported by Weazel News radio, WNKA International, and posts at

  The garment factory is boarded up and can't be entered.

  If Hugh Welsh is chosen for the crew after Michael hacks into the system and
the FIB agents start coming he'll say, "This escalated quickly" in reference to
the 2004 movie "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy."

  XI.10  The Bureau Raid (the Roof approach)

  Send Michael to the blue "H" icon on the second floor of the garment factory.
Michael helps Lester pour gasoline to create arson there.  Franklin appears and
leaves with Michael.

  (I picked Paige, Packie, and Taliana for the Roof aproach.)

  Your protagonist is Michael.  Have him use the Tailgater to drive Franklin to
the north side of the NOOSE building.  (Time fast forwards to a certain time at
night.)  Have Mike use the Maverick to fly everyone--all three parachutists
dressed in black ninja-like clothes and Steve's chopper pilot dressed other-
wise--to the circular yellow marker which is the drop off point over Nikola
Ave., Mirror Park.  On the way Michael says everyone is getting paid except
him.  Have Michael join Franklin and a hacker (blue blips) in jumping (Space-
bar) to parachute down to the roof of the FIB building.

  One cuts through a skylight window in the middle of the roof and they drop to
the 53rd floor.  Have Michael go to the server room (yellow blip) at the south-
east corner of the room and detonate (G) a Sticky bomb to blow open the door
which trips the alarm.  Have Michael hack the server terminel (green blip) of
the computer with the assistance of whoever you had him pick as a hacker.

  Access My Computer and select External Device (J:).
  Click the LMB on HackConnect.exe.
  The red combination of four pairs of numbers (as in, etc.) is the
correct combination--the IP address.  You can use the mouse or arrow keys to
highlight a section of many numbers on the number page then press the LMB in
one minute.  If you fail you're told to do the same with another set of four
pairs in one minute, etc.
  Click the LMB on BruteForce.exe.
  Use the mouse to select columns left to right one by one.  At each column
click the LMB to stop on a red letter of the series rotating top to bottom just
as it appears in the middle.  The word it spells in red letters (different
words are used in your first effort and replays) is the password.
  Click the LMB on Down&Out.exe and you see Copying file
  "N:\Townley M\PaletoBayBankJob.docu."

  Press R to see the progress of the two minute download.

  Your initial protagonist is Michael--he and the other two have Assault ri-
fles.  You can switch between him and Franklin, both behind cover, but it's
easier to have Michael use his Special slow motion shooting skill.  Have them
conduct a shootout for a couple minutes (during the download) with FIB agents
(red blips) that enter from doors at the two far corners and the skylight at
the far side of the room.  An FIB Maverick shoots down the getaway chopper
which crashes into a lower floor.  Michael announces that the getaway plan will
be to rappel down the side of the building.

  The hacker says the download is done so Michael grabs it.  Have Michael join
the two others in going to the far door (yellow blip) and Franklin kicks it
open.  Have Michael help the others kill FIB attackers (red blips) on the way
to another door (yellow blip) Franklin shoots then kicks open, down the stairs
one flight, through a door (yellow blip) the hacker opens, through a door (yel-
low blip) to a fiery ruined section (have Michael turn on the flashlight of his
Assault rifle), and to the intended getaway helicopter (yellow blip).

  In a cutscene the chopper falls to the ground and they assume thr pilot is
dead.  The three robbers drop to the next floor down which is also fiery.

  Have Michael join them in continuing to shoot attacking FIB agents (red
blips) across the floor to a door (yellow blip) to a stairwell.  Have him join
them in going down to the next fiery floor, go across it killing attacking FIB
agents (red blips) to the edge of a roof (yellow blip).

  They establish rappeling lines.  Have Michael join them in rappeling down.

  S to rappel
  S + LMB to jump
  Spacebar to rappel faster
  Just hold down S and Spacebar. 

  They reach a landing.  Have Michael quickly shoot down an attacking helicop-
ter by using his Special slow motion shooting skill to snipe the pilot or to
use the Minigun on the pilot or rear rotor.  Have him go to another section of
the landing (yellow blip).

  They start rappeling down.  Use the controls described above to have Michael
rappel to the ground.  To have him go faster down the last several feet hold
down the LMB.

  Have him continue the shootout to the Ambulance (yellow blip) provided by the
getaway driver at the east side of Power St. north of San Andreas Ave.  (My
crew members' skills went up 25%.)  Have him drive them to Franklin's house on
Whispymound Dr., Vinewood Hills, without shooting.  Michael has the getaway
driver dispose of the Ambulance and drive the hacker home.

  At Franklin's house Lester provides liquor for them to use to celebrate.  Mi-
chael says he has to go end things with Dave and Steve then settle things with
Trevor sometime later.


  Time  Complete within 19:00  Skip cutscenes.

  No Innocents  Don't have Michael kill any innocent civilians.

  Headshots  Have Michael kill 20 enemies with headshots.  Have him use his
Special slow motion shooting skill.

  Accuracy  Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%

  Perfect Drop  Land perfectly on the main section of the roof

  Hacker  Hack the system within 45 seconds
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #68 - The Bureau Raid (Roof Entry) [Gold Medal Guide -
1080p 60fps]" by GTA Series Videos

  Michael calls Dave who explains that their relationship isn't over because of
the dumb unauthorized activity of Michael's group against Merryweather.  Dave
tells Michael to meet him at the Kortz Center.

  The event is reported by Weazel News radio, WNKA International, and posts at

  XI.11  The Wrap Up

  Have Michael meet Dave at the southeast end of the second floor of the Kortz

  Dave is joined by Steve and Sanchez.  Mike and Dave hold guns on Steve and
Sanchez who hold guns on Mike and Dave.  Three agents of the IAA, led by the
U.L. Paper Contact (of GTA "IV"), hold guns on the four of them.  Four rogue
FIB agents appear and Sanchez reveals he's a double agent in charge of them--
Steve and Sachez point their guns at each other.  Someone in a Merryweather
helicopter tells them all to put their guns down.  An FIB agent shoots Steve in
the leg and Steve shoots Sanchez in the head.

  (The standoff is similar to the one written by Tarantino for the 1993 film
"True Romance.")

  A shootout begins.  Michael and Dave (blue blip) have to shoot attackers (red
blips--initially about nine).

  Basically have Michael advance in the shootout if Dave advances and on how
many enemies (red blips) are around.

  After killing the inital batch have Michael go northwest to the courtyard
killing a couple attacking agents on the way.  A helicopter (bigger red blip)
attacks with a machine gun.

  Your protagonist switches to Trevor on a higher floor.  Have him use his Spe-
cial Rage skill (Caps Lock) and snipe the pilot.  Trevor tells Michael, "If
anyone's going to kill you, old friend, it's gonna be me."  Have Trevor snipe
at least six to ten FIB agents and another helicopter pilot.

  Switch protagonist to Michael and have him shoot attackers on his way to the
courtyard (yellow blip) on the ground level.  There, Dave joins him at the
south end of a rectangular pool.  Have Michael use cover to shoot attackers and
switch to Trevor to have him snipe attackers and another helicopter pilot.

  Switch protagonist to Michael.  Have him shoot attackers and, when it's
clear, have him join Dave in going to the parking lot (yellow blip).  As Dave
does have Michael get into a car (a Carbonizzare sports car is nearby) and
flee.  Trevor tells Michael to meet him behind the pawn shop in Morningwood.
Have Michael quickly get out of the car just outside the parking lot to shoot
down the attacking helicopter (big red blip) with a Sniper rifle or a Minigun.

  Have Michael go to the alley beside the pawn shop (yellow blip) on the east
side of Prosperity St. just north of the Boulevard Del Perro.

  Michael meets Trevor in the alley and calls Lester and tells him that Trevor
wants to join them in the last heist (Union Depository).  Lester says he'll
call when he's prepared for it.  Trevor still sounds like he holds a grudge and
is suspicious of Mike, though.


  Time  Complete within 07:00  Skip cutscenes

  Headshots  Have Michael and Trevor kill 18 enemies with headshots.

  Buzz Off!  Have Michael shoot down the pursuing helicopter.
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #69 - The Wrap Up [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p 60fps]" by
GTA Series Videos

  Dave calls to say Sanchez has been made the scapegoat of problems but Steve
won't believe Trevor, the main cause of problems with Merryweather and the Tri-
ads, is under control.

  The event is reported in Weazel News (radio) and the Los Santos Meteor News-
paper.  Both report it as an attack by terrorists.

  The Tailgater, Michael's family car, can't be used by Michael to see prosti-


  XI.12  Strangers and Freaks--Exercising Demons (Mary Ann)

  Have Trevor go to the orange "F?" icon on Mount Haan Dr. at the Vinewood
sign.  (I had to have him go to and from the area for the icon to appear.)

  Trevor professes his love for Mary-Ann whom he feels is as crazy as himself.
He accepts Mary-Ann's challenge to prove it with a bicycle race.  Have him use
the Scorcher to speed through checkpoints.

  Caps Lock  Toggle fast speed
  Increase fast speed by holding down NP8.

  The last marker is at the dirt road northeast of the east end of Lake Vine-
wood.  She feels he's too crazy and speeds away.


  Good Cyclist  Don't have Trevor anger Mary Ann by cycling into her.

  Quick Win  Have Trevor win the race within 01:42.
  "GTA 5 - Mary-Ann [100% Gold Medal Walkthrough]" by GTA Series Videos

  Mary-Ann posts about it on Lifeinvader.

  Solomon's missions cont.


  XI.13  Legal Trouble

  Have Michael go to the blue "S" icon at Solomon's office south of the east
segment of Industry Passage, Rockford Hills.  The pariking lot has a Surano,
Carbonizzare, and Rapid GT.

  Michael meets Devin and Molly at Solomon's office.  Devin explains that he
and Solomon's son, the two shareholders in Richards Majestic Enterprises, are
going to stop Solomon's latest film for the insurance payoff and so Devin can
build condos there tax free.  Molly flees with the film to destroy it somewhere

  Have Michael chase her to Los Santos International Airport (yellow  blip).
On the way Devin calls to say Molly will be protected by Devin's airport secur-
ity but Michael won't be deterred.  As you get Michael near her--on Dutch Lon-
don St. south of the Maze Bank Arena--the yellow blip disappears and the blue
blip representing Molly's red Cognoscenti Cabrio appears.  Police cars are red
blips.  Press C to get the news helicopter view.

  Have Michael chase her through the airport past an exploding truck and police
cars destroyed by the exhaust of jet engines, etc.  The police order her to
stop which she finally does at Devin's hanger (the grey spot east of the "RT"
of "LOS SANTOS INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT" on your paper map of LS) and flees in-
side.  Have Michael chase after her through a few doors (I think the game helps
you turn Michael in the correct direction in a few places).  In her panic she
gets killed by being sucked into a jet engine.

  Have Michael get the film canister (green blip) and lose a three star wanted


  Time  Complete within 05:30  Skip the cutscenes and don't use the news chop-
per view.

  Floor It  Reach top speed in any car  This should be easy.  I don't know if
it's some kind of glitch but I had a problem similar to the one involved in the
last use of this requirement.  I used the Simple Trainer to give a car god
mode, used Airbreak to raise it real high, then turned off Airbreak to let it
drop before Michael got near the airport.

  Clean Escape  Lose the wanted level within 02:00  Thanks to Robert Rusk for
the tip to have Michael use a private jet and fly high going east to avoid law
enforcement helicopters.

  News Hound  View the Weazel News camera for 15 seconds  Press C to use the
news chopper view in four or five second segments.
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #66 - Legal Trouble [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p 60fps]" by
GTA Series Videos

  Solomon calls Michael to say he already had multiple copies of the movie
(who's the greedy one now?) called "Meltdown" and will invite Michael and his
family to the premiere of it after a few things are done.  (Every now and then
the main characters ask you to consider them regarding comparitive ethics and I
don't think they come off as good as they may think.)

  The event is reported on Weazel News radio and newspaper and in posts at
Lifeinvader and Bleeter.

  Thanks to Robert Rusk for this investment advice:

  Have your protagonist check the LCN Exchange.  According to Jozzborne the
stock for FlyUS will immediately crash to half of the value it had at the start
of the mission.  After it crashes have your protagonists invest all of their
money into it.  You can't have them sleep to pass the time till it recovers--
you must progress through a couple missions of the main story.  Have Franklin
leave at least $50 in his account to give to Lamar in "Lamar Down."  After
"Meltdown" have each character sell their shares.

  XI.14  Lamar Down

  Have Franklin go to the green "F" icon at his house on 3671 Whispymound Dr.,
Vinewood Hills.

  This mission is similar to "Death Row" in VC or "Hostile Negotiation" in
  Tanisha tells her ex Franklin that Stretch has the Ballas holding Lamar hos-
tage at the Paleto Forest Sawmill.  She insists Franklin help him for old times
sake which Franklin doesn't think is so great a reason since Lamar just keeps
dragging Franklin into stupid crime troubles he'd rather not keep getting into.

  Have Franklin go to the Paleto Forest Sawmill south of the western Mt. Chili-
ad cable car station at the three way intersection west of the "Yard" of "Lum-
ber Yard" on your paper map of LS & BC.  On the way, Franklin calls Lester.
Lester uses his computer to determine that there's a marijuana operation there.
Franklin asks him to get Michael and Trevor to help him rescue Lamar.

  In a cutscene the three protagonists meet and Trevor starts ranting about Mi-
chael again. 

  The three protagonists take positions to kill Ballas.  You can choose the
position for Franklin and Trevor--one at the heavily guarded road fork, one to
the north by a Dozer, and one by the railroad tracks.

  Put Trevor at the road fork and your protagonist switches to Franklin--put
him by the Dozer.

  (The usual starting position for Franklin is by the Dozer but Rusk recommends
starting him at the back entrance.)

  Have whoever is in a strategically better position to kill Ballas shoot.  Al-
lies are blue blips, Lamar has a larger blue blip, and enemies are red blips.

  Switch to Trevor and have him use his Special Rage kill going south then east
shooting the Ballas.  Switch to Michael and have him specialize in shooting
snipers and those on rooftops.  Have Franklin rescue Lamar killing Ballas on
the way to the main entrance (yellow blip).  Lamar's blue blip reduces to the
size of the others.  Lamar helps shoot the Ballas.

  (Have Franklin or Trevor find Lamar and take him to the sawmill exit.  Have
any of the three protagonists protect Lamar.)

  Michael says his position has been compromised.  Switch your protagonist to
him and have him shoot Ballas.

  Your protagonist switches to Franklin.  Have Franklin take Lamar back to his
house on Forum Dr.  On the way, Lamar makes a case that the shootout was fun
like they had in the old days.  At Franklin's house Lamar asks for money.
Franklin tells Lamar to get a real job and gives him $50.  Lamar complains that
it's a small amount and they argue a bit then Lamar leaves.

  Dave and Steve arrive.  They order Franklin to kill Trevor.  Franklin tells
them to have Michael do it but they say they can't because Trevor won't go near
Michael.  Lamar reappears to ask who they were but Franklin doesn't explain.

  Robert Rusk's faster route
    Have Franklin go to this mission in his Buffalo upgraded with Armor.  Have
  him take the dirt path shortcut from Baytree Canyon Rd. to Senora Rd.  Going
  to the sawmill it goes northeast from the "O" of "SANTOS" of "LOS SANTOS
  COUNTY" to the northern instance of "Senora Road" on your paper map of LS &
  BC.  Where Sonora Rd. intersects with the railroad track take the RR track to
  the southeast part of the sawmill yard.
    Trevor and Michael will assume positions and get in a shootout with the
  Ballas.  Have Franklin use his Micro SMG from his car to shoot a couple of
  Ballas before the snipers show up.  Have Michael snipe them before switching
  to Franklin or Trevor.  Have either rescue Lamar and kill the remaining Ball-
  as.  Have Franklin lead Lamar to his Buffalo, get back on the train tracks,
  and go back south over the path he took.


  Headshots  Have the protagonists kill 18 enemies with headshots.

  Accuracy  Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%

  Three Way  Kill an enemy with each of the three protagonists

  Time  Complete within 13:30  Use Robert Rusk's faster route or even the tele-
port to waypoint function of the Simple Trainer.
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #70 - Lamar Down [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p 60fps]" by GTA
Series Videos

  The event is reported in posts at Lifeinvader.

  If you have Franklin call Stretch Franklin accuses Stretch of setting up the
meeting with the Ballas to kill Lamar which Stretch denies.

  If you have Trevor call Lamar Lamar thanks Trevor for helping to save his
life and Trevor tells Lamar to thank Franklin, too.

  Jimmy texts Franklin about his father's movie premiere.  The mission "Melt-
down" is available.

  Solomon missions cont.


  XI.15  Meltdown

  Have Michael go to the blue "M" icon at Ponsonbys on the east side of Portula
Dr. north of Eastbourne Way.

  Have him buy a tuxedo, get in the limo with Jimmy, and be diven to the Orien-
tal Theater on the north side of Vinewood Blvd. east of Atta St.  On the way,
Jimmy stands up drinking champagne and boasting through the sunroof combining
the dialogue of a GTA satire writer and your desire as a GTA player to kill one
of the characters.  Devin calls Michael indicating he still holds a grudge
about the way Molly died though Michael apologizes and says he wants them to
get along like friends.  Press C to use the limo cam (multi-view of the limo).

  At the theater have Michael exit the limo and walk toward the middle of the
red carpet (yellow blip).  Solomon boasts (probably without justification) and
shows a bit of homophobia, Lazlow schmoozes, etc.  Devin goes to Michael and
says Michael's wife is stuck at home.  Michael senses a threat and tells Jimmy
they have to get to their house.

  Have Michael get in his car.  A counter at the lower right corner of the
screen counts down from two minutes.  Have Michael drive Jimmy to their home
driveway (yellow blip) quickly, run inside, and shoot the mercenary holding
Amanda on the stairs.  Have him run up into Tracey's room and shoot the mercen=
ary holding her by her bed.  Try to have him kill those two with a headshot
each and be careful not to let him shoot the women.

  Have Michael go back out for a shootout with more Merryweather mercenaries:
one on the stairs, two that throw a bomb in through the front door (have Mi-
chael shoot from the landing to avoid the explosion), one in the living room,
five in the kitchen, two outside in back, two in the covered carport at the
side, those that arrive in an SUV, and two or three at the front of the house.

  Have Michael go inside and back upstairs toward his family (blue blip).

  Cutscene: a mercenary knocks him to the ground of the upstairs hallway and
the lights go out.  Jimmy comes from his room in armor and night vision goggles
and knocks out the last mercenary but accidentally makes his victory dance by
squatting on his father's face.  Amanda turns the lights back on and Jimmy
apologizes saying he thought he was "teabagging" the mercenary's face.  (It's
debatable that Jimmy is uncharacteristically selflessly helping or just defend-
ing his bong and TV.)


  Time  Complete within 6:30  Skip cutscenes

  Pedal to the Metal  Reach top speed in any vehicle  As with the examples of
"Floor it" I don't know if it's some kind of glitch but I had a problem reach-
ing top speed.  I used the Simple Trainer to give a car god mode, used Airbreak
to raise it real high, then turned off Airbreak to let it drop.

  Tier One Operator  Have Michael kill 12 enemies with headshots.

  Headshot Rescue  Have Michael rescue Amanda and Tracey with a headshot for
each mercenary holding them.
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #71 - Meltdown [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p 60fps]" by GTA
Series Videos

  At the amusement park Michael calls Lester.  Michael says he had his family
move out for a few days since Merryweather attackers invaded his house.  Lester
sees it as adding to the reasons Merryweather and Devin have to kill Michael.
Michael still wants a heist of the Union Depository so Lester wants him to come
to a meeting at the Vanilla Unicorn strip club.  Lester says he'll call Frank-
lin and Trevor.

  Amanda and Tracey call worried about the intruders and Michael says he's tak-
ing care of it.

  After "Meltdown the stock for FlyUS bounces goes up to a pre-"Legal Trouble"
level.  Have each protagonist that invested in FlyUS after "Legal Trouble" sell
their shares to double their money.

  "Meltdown" is one of the movies shown in theaters.

  XI.16  Parenting 101

  You don't need to do this for 100% completion.

  Michael gets a call in which he overhears Jimmy telling his kidnappers he
didn't mean what one of them characterizes as "trolling" him on the Internet.
Press Enter to have Michael accept this mission--Michael tells Jimmy to stall.
Jimmy asks if they're taking him up Banham Canyon in a charcoal color Land-
stalker to punish him and says he wishes someone would save him.

  Have Michael drive to the Landstalker containing Jimmy (blue blip).  Jimmy
has Michael overhear that anyone saving him should not kill them and a comedy
writer respond that Jimmy's an Internet troll who kept creating new accounts on
Bleeter when old ones were blocked to harass him.

  Have Michal drive to the Landstalker on Banham Canyon Dr.  Once near the SUV
the blue blip turns red.  Michael yells, "You have my son in that car."  Have
him shoot the SUV to cause it to stop and the three captors to flee from it.
Don't have Michael even use his Stun gun on them let alone kill them because it
will cause you to fail the mission.

  Michael uses the Landstaker to drive Jimmy to the Richman Hotel on the south
side of West Eclipse Blvd. east of the Great Ocean Highway, Richman.  Michael,
who isn't Internet savvy, tells the overly indulgent Jimmy not to get people so
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #72 - Parenting 101 (Optional Mission) [Gold Medal Guide -
1080p 60fps]" by GTA Series Videos

  Jimmy posts about his penchance for flame wars on Lifeinvader.

  XI.17  The Order of Things (part two)

  In the rest of the game do missions/stock activities to have the three pro-
tagonists combined spend $200 million for the "A Lot of Cheddar" Achievement.
Buy businesses after the main missions so their activities don't interrupt

  Lester Crest missions cont.

  Have your protagonists put all their money into Debonaire (LCN).


  XI.18  The Multi Target Assassination

  This is like the VC mission "Autocide."  Similar to the VC assassination mis-
sions Franklin gets each assassination mission of this segment through a pay

  Have Franklin take a Sniper rifle and a fast vehicle to the green "L" icon at
the pay phone at the Limited Service gas station, Little Seoul.

   Lester tells Franklin Redwood Cigarettes has rigged a jury so the company
won't have to financially help those who developed emphysema fron using their
cigarettes.  Lester wants the crooked jury members to die and adds that it will
help the Debonaire cigarette company (and Lester).

  The amount of time Franklin has, initially nine minutes, is shown at the bot-
tom right corner of your screen.

  Have Franklin go to Muscle Sands Gym, an outdoor workout station, by the
board- walk along Vespucci Beach south of the west end of Goma St. and snipe
the bodybuilder who's at the northwest end.

  Lester sends a message--the second juror is to the north on a Marquis sail-
boat.  Have Franklin drive to the coast west of the Pipeline Inn which is at
the Great Ocean Highway west of West Eclipse Blvd. and snipe him.

  Send Franklin to snipe the third juror who's going up on a window washer
platform at the Eclipse Medical Tower on the north side of West Eclipse Blvd.
at South Mo Milton Dr., Vinewood Hills.

  Have Franklin use his car to run down or drive-by the fourth juror who's
driving a Bati 801 motorcycle (red blip) northwest on Marlowe Dr., Vinewood
Hills, then north on Tongva Dr., etc.

  Franklin calls Lester to tell him he's done.


  Speedy Killer Bonus  Have Frankin kill all the targets as quickly as possi-
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #34 - The Multi Target Assassination [Gold Medal Guide -
1080p 60fps]" by GTA Series Videos

  Franklin gets $7,000.

  Wait about a day for Debonaire stock to get to about 80%, sell all of it,
then put it all in Redwood stock which is $30 to $45.  Sell it in a few days
when it goes up about 300%.

  If you have internet access go to BAWSAQ and put all your protagonists' money
in Fruit stock.  If you don't have internet access skip this part.

  The event is reported in Weazel News radio and the Public Liberty Online news-
paper.  Frankin is asked about the house he got from Lester in posts at Lifein-

  XI.18.a  The Vice Assassination

  Have all three protagonists invest in Fruit Computers stock (Bawsaq).

  Have Franklin go to a pay phone in Legion Square (based on Pershing Sq., Los
Angeles) on the south side of San Andreas Ave. west of Strawberry Ave.  Lester
tells Franklin to assassinate Jackson Skinner who's the head of product devel-
opment for Facade.  Lester says Skinner has supported cyberterrorism by sellng
customer information to the highest bidder.

  Lester says Skinner likes a La Puerta prostitute.  Send Franklin to Mutiny
Rd. (west of the Maze Bank Arena) to prepare to shoot Skinner when he ap-
proaches her (blue blip) on the north side of the road.  If you send Franklin
too close to her you blow his cover so send him onto the hill on the south side
of the road.

  She rejects a couple guys who approach her from cars.  She gets into the Tor-
nado convertible of a European-American who has brown hair, a light shirt, and a
dark vest.  Have Franklin kill the driver--a sniper rifle with a suppressor is
less likely to cause a wanted rating.  Have Franklin leave the area and get rid
of any wanted level.  Franklin calls Lester to say the job is done.

  The video of this mission by whatever57010 shows what can happen if you let
the target live till after he has sex.  He's rich but overindulgent and abusive
and knocks the woman out.  You can have Franklin kill him when he gets out of
the Tornado and walks around.
  "GTA V - The Vice Assassination (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010


  Time taken

  Clean Escape Bonus  Complete without alerting the police  Have Franklin use a
suppressor on a sniper rifle.

  Money Earned  Franklin gets $5,000 for a job well done.
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #42 - The Vice Assassination [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p
60fps]" by GTA Series Videos

  The event is reported by Weazel News and the Liberty Tree Newspaper.

  Wait two in-game hours after this mission to have all three protagonists sell
the stocks so they can reach a high value then have them invest all their money
into Facade stocks.  Wait two in-game days so the stocks can reach their maxi-
mum value (Trevor sleeps for 12 hours at a time.) then have all three protagon-
ists sell all their stocks.

  XI.18.b  The Bus Assassination

  Have Franklin go to a pay phone on the north side of Hawick Ave. east of Las
Lagunas Blvd., Burton.  Lester tells Franklin to kill Isaac Penny.  He'll be
buying a controlling interest in Vapid Motor Company and sell thousands of
workers down the river.  He'll be catching a Bus.

  Have Franklin steal a Bus (blue blip) from Dashound north of Swiss St. east
of Sinner St.  Have him drive it to bus stops (blue blips).  Have him drive
carefully to avoid getting a wanted level which would make the mission harder.
Isaac suspects something is wrong when Franklin addresses him by name and flees
on a bicycle instead of boarding the bus.  Have Franklin kill him.  (For the
Gold requirement have Franklin kill him with the Bus.)

  The video of the mission by whatever57010 shows the various things Penny says
if you have Franklin tail him with the Bus to Mt. Zonah medical center then
follow him on foot (6:03).
  "GTA V - The Bus Assassination (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010

  Another method (not for Gold) is to have Franklin put sticky bombs by the
wastebasket Penny will stand by then trigger it after the third bus stop.  Yet
another method (not Gold) is to have Franklin transfer to a nearby car a block
from Penny then run him over with it.

  Penny's pickup location, the 4th stop, is indicated in advance on the radar as
a yellow blip with a yellow GPS route.


  Hit and Run  Have Franklin kill the target using the Bus.

  Money Earned  $7,000 for a job well done.

  The event is reported by Weazel News and in the Weazel Newspaper.
  "GTA V - The Bus Assassination (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010

  Have the three protagonists invest their money in Vapid stocks in the Bawsaq
site.  Wait for two in game days so the stocks can reach their maximum value.
(Trevor sleeps for 12 hours.)  Have the three protagonists sell all their

  XI.18.c  The Construction Assassination

  Have all three protagonists invest all their money in Gold Coast stocks

  Have Franklin take a helicopter (a Buzzard Attack helicopter makes this easi-
er) to the green "L" icon at a pay phone in Legion Square (based on Pershing
Sq., Los Angeles) on the south side of San Andreas Ave. west of Strawberry Ave.
Lester tells Franklin to kill Enzo Bonelli who's an ex-Mafia guy now real es-
tate developer who's bullied his way into half the contracts in the city--ex-
tortion, murder, labor racketeering, etc.  Construction worker wages are low
and Gold Coast Development is about to go under (and Lester has a "personal
interest" in Gold Coast).  Bonelli is at the construction site but guarded
because he's expecting a hit.

  Have Franklin fly to the yellow marker on the north side of Vespucci Blvd.
west of Power St.

  Cutscene: Bonelli says he's going up to the roof to the helicopter then goes
up on an elevator.

  Have Franklin fly up to the helipad of the building on that same block and
shoot down Bonelli's helicopter.  There's a Parachute nearby in case Franklin
took the elevator.

  The fastest way without a helicopter is demonstrated by whatever57010.  Have
Franklin go to the construction site without a wanted level.  Cutscene.  Have
him go just northwest of the yellow radar blip/elevator, shoot the guard, climb
onto a slab of concrete then over the fence, and press E to take the elevator
up.  Have him shoot up to a handful of guards on his way to the second yellow
blip/elevator and take it up to the roof.  Have him eliminate several guards
and Enzo/Enzo's pilot or use a Rocket Launcher/Railgun/Minigun to destroy the
helicopter Enzo tries to use to escape.  You can have Franklin leave in the
elevator which now goes all the way down to the ground level or use a Parafoil.
(If you're fast enough you may even have Franklin leave in the Maverick Enzo
intended to use to escape.)
  "GTA V - The Construction Assassination (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010

  Franklin calls Lester to say the job has been done.  Lester says they should
lie low--good work.


  Time taken

  No Fly Zone Bonus  Shoot down the target's helicopter

  Money earned
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #48 - The Construction Assassination [Gold Medal Guide -
1080p 60fps]" by GTA Series Videos

  Wait a couple of in-game hours then have all three protagonists sell all
their stocks.

  The event is reported by Weazel News radio and the WNKA International Newspa-

  XI.19  Businesses (part two of two)

  There are four businesses to buy to polish off your miscellaneous category
for 100% completion and for two Achievements.
  Have Trevor buy McKenzie Field in Grapeseed.
  Have Franklin buy Los Santos Customs, the Towing Impound, and the Downtown
Cab Co.

  Properties in GTA V

  XI.19.a  McKenzie Field

  Have Trevor buy McKenzie Field in Grapeseed for $150,000.

  The Arms Shipment missions--five for plane, five for dune buggy--are avail-
able.  They aren't required for 100% completion but you earn the TP Industries
Arms Race Achievement.

  Have Trevor use the Cuban 800 plane to make the drop then taxi the plane into
the hangar.  He earns $7,000 plus bonuses for time and accuracy with a set num-
ber of packages to drop.

  1.  Have Trevor make a couple of weapons drops as in "Nevous Ron."  The drop
area is a yellow blip till Trevor is near it then it gets bigger.  The spot is
shown by a yellow flare.  Make a drop by pressing Spacebar.

  2.  Have Trevor make three weapon drops and fly low to avoid detection by ra-

  3.  Have Trevor drop bombs on four enemy rivals (red blips) with a set number
of bombs.  (One possible help might be to use the Simple Trainer for Weapons >
Weapon Damage Multiplier.)  The drop spot is also shown by a red flare.

  4.  Have Trevor drop bombs on the Salvadoran's group of several boats and a
moving train.  Have him destroy the train first so it doesn't get away.  One
nearby bomb should destroy the train and one should take care of the group of

  5.  Have Trevor destroy the vehicles of rivals that have taken over the Sandy
Shores airfield.  Have Trevor line the plane up with each of three lines of ve-
hicles and drop three sets of carpet bombs (hold Spacebar while several bombs
are dropped).  Again, there's a set number of bombs.

  The other vehicle for Arms Shipment missions is the Dune Buggy (sand rail).
The missions are for Oscar Guzman ("Nervous Ron").  Have Trevor drive offroad
and quickly to get the Arms Package back to the airfield before his rivals or
the police (red blips) can stop him.  Trevor gets $5,000 for each completed
mission (no bonuses).

  1.  Have Trevor get one arms package drop before the competition gets it and
drive it back to the hanger.  The drop spot is a yellow blip and the drop pick-
up made there is a light green blip.  Weapon collected: Pistol.

  2.  Have Trevor go directly to the package and drive it to the airfield be-
fore the Salvadorans or police can stop him.  Weapon collected: Micro SMG.

  3.  Have Trevor get the arms package and he's chased by Aztecans back to the
airfield.  Have him get out of the sand rail, kill them, and continnue back to
the airfield.  Weapon collected: Grenades.

  4.  This is like 2 except the Maribunta rivals probably get to the package
first.  Have Trevor kill them, get the package, and drive back to the airfield.
Weapon collected: Pump shotgun.

  5.  Have Trevor evade the olice by driving directly to the package in the
Grand Senora Desert National Park.  Several local runners create an ambush--
have Trevor lose them and shoot down an enemy helicopter if need be before re-
turning to the airfield.  Weapon collected: Assault rifle.

  If you have Trevor do more missions the cycle just repeats except it's harder
because there are more drops, more targets, and rivals will get weapon packages
before Trevor.

  XI.19.b  Franklin's Businesses

  Have Franklin buy three more businesses to qualify for 100% completion.

  Los Santos Customs on Route 68 east of Senora Rd.

  Franklin can buy it for $349,000 after "Nervous Ron."

  No related missions.  Franklin gets vehicle upgrades at this one LSC for

  Towing Impound at the corner of Innocence and Roy Lowenstein Blvd.s next to
the Davis Police Station.

  Franklin can buy it for $150,000 after the Strangers and Freaks missions for
Tonya Wiggins.

  It provides towing tasks as Franklin did earlier but they aren't required.
Franklin can make approx. $500 for each towed car with a penalty for damage.

  Downtown Cab Co. at Tangerine St./Mirror Park Blvd., East Vinewood.

  Franklin can buy it for $200,000 after "Friends Reunited."  It then makes him
$2,000 a week and he gets free cab rides.  He can then also do Private Taxi
Fare missions--he gets calls from manager Raul asking if he can deliver a pas-

  There are nine fares and they cycle.  The fare depends on the route.  You get
the All's Fare in Love and War Achievement after his first fare.  Some time af-
ter Franklin buys the cab company he gets a call to pick up a fare.  Franklin
is only called every week or two so this may be the only fare to have him tend
to till after the finale.

  XI.20  Planning the Big Score (the Subtle Approach)

  Have any of the three protagonists go to the "H" icon at the Vanilla Unicorn.

  Lester tries to keep Trevor from making arguments with Michael and explains
the plans.

  Subtle plan: we hijack the armored cars, take their crews hostage, and raid
the depository.  We send in modded cars, load up, and get out.  A hacker hacks
the intersection lights to aid the escape.  We need police stingers (spike
strips).  (The place Lester mentions as an overpass where they'll use smoke and
mirrors to get rid of the police is under the Olympic Fwy. east of Elgin Ave.)

  Obvvious plan: we cause a distraction out front while other guys enter the
hole where there's work on the metro network and drill a big hole in the bank
with a tunnel bore machine and take what they can.

  We need a helicopter and a fast modded car for the getaway.  We'll steal a
train to put the four tons of gold on and take it to a warehouse.

  The Subtle approach  (two gunmen, two drivers, and a hacker)

  The Obvious approach (two gunmen and two drivers)

  Drivers: Eddie Toh, Taliana Martinez, Karim Denz
  Gunmen: Packie McReary, Chef, Gustova Mota, Karl Abolaji, Hugh Welsh, Daryl
Johns, Norm Richards
  Hacker: Paige Harris, Christian Feltz, Rickie Lukens

  Take the better driver first to make it easier to drive onto trucks (subtle
  Take the better gunmen.
  The better hacker changes traffic lights faster for the team (obvious ap-

  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #73 - Planning the Big Score (Subtle) \ Stingers [Gold
Medal Guide - 1080p 60fps]" by GTA Series Videos

  For the obvious approach go to XI.24  Planning the Big Score (the Obvious Ap-

  XI.21  Stingers (the Subtle Approach)

  Your protagonist switches to Michael.

  Lester texts that there's an LSPD van with spike strips at the rear parkng
lot of the south LS police station.

  Have Michael go from the Vanilla Unicorn to the blue "Hs" icon at the south-
west side of Innocence Blvd. northwest of Roy Lowenstein  Blvd.  Have him get
on a vehicle to climb over the wall of Innocence Blvd. northeast of the van
(blue blip), use stealth (L Ctrl) to knock out the policeman (red blip) on the
phone, jack the Police Transporter van (blue blip), and drive it to the lot
(yellow blip) by the Vanilla Unicorn.


  Escapee  Have Michael steal the Police Transporter and escape within 02:00.

  Not a Scratch  Have Michael deliver the Police Transporter with no damage.
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #73 - Planning the Big Score (Subtle) \ Stingers [Gold
Medal Guide - 1080p 60fps]" by GTA Series Videos

  XI.22  Gauntlet (1, 2, 3) (the Subtle Approach)

  Lester texts to jack a modded Gauntlet (two door muscle car).  Each is at a
"?" icon and a map with a blip is provided for each.

  One Gauntlet is on the top of the multistory parking lot on the east side of
Peaceful St., Pillbox Hill.

  A second Gauntlet is behind the Vangelico store and near the Caca store on
the east side of Portabula Dr. south of Eastbourne Way, Rockford Hills.

  A third Gauntlet is in front of the Templar Hotel on the east side of Fantas-
tic Place south of Vespucci Dr., Mission Row.

  Have your protagonist take each Gauntlet to Los Santos Customs (it doesn't
have to be the one by the airport chosen by the GPS) to buy all the upgrades
instructed on screen--at least Gold preparation > Heist prep.

  Have him deliver the car to the garage on the south side of the Autopia Park-
way that's south of the "tc" of "Dutch London St" that's south of the Maze Bank
Arena on your paper map of LS.  The garage is marked by a grey spot on your
maps.  Your protagonist calls Lester to say the delivery has been made after
each delivery.

  Gold (for each of the three Gauntlets)

  Mapped  Have your protagonist deliver the Gauntlet pictured in the Email.

  Not a Scratch  Have your protagonist deliver the Gauntlet with no damage.

  Pimped Out  Have your protagonist spend $17,000 modifying the Gauntlet.
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #74 - Gauntlet (1-3) [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p 60fps]" by
GTA Series Videos

  Your protagonist calls Lester to tell him the delivery has been made for each
Gauntlet.  After the third delivery Lester says he'll call the others to join
them for a meeting at the strip club.

  XI.23  The Big Score (the Subtle Approach)

  Have any protagonist go to the "H" icon at the back office of the Vanilla

  Lester meets the three protagonists.  They're all dressed in SWAT battle

  Your protagonist is Michael.  Have him join Trevor and your gunman in a Dub-
sta and drive them to the tunnel entrance at the northwest side of Swiss St.
east of Elgin Ave.  Wait for two armored Securicars (Stockades--armored vans
except green and white) to appear and when prompted press H to release the
stingers.  The tires of the two armored vans are popped.  Have him join the
others getting out of the Dubstas and Casey, held ay gunpoint, from one of the
vans as the vans are modded.  Michael tells Casey to get in a van.  Have Mi-
chael drive one van and lead the other (blue blip) to the Union Depository
(yellow blip) at the east side of Atta St. north of San Andreas Ave.

  The two vans are let in, park, and Michael, Trevor, and Casey are led by the
manager (blue blip).

  Your protagonist is Michael.  Have him follow the others into an elevator
(blue blip) that takes them up to the vault door (blue blip).  Casey put in the
lock combination and another man opens the vault door.  Have Michael join the
manager and the other two and go to a cell with dollys of bars of gold.  The
manager leads Casey and Trevor who have dollys of gold.  Have Michael join them
and go to the elevator and through the halls and back down to the armored vans.
Trevor and Casey load the gold onto the vans.

  Have Michael get in a van (blue blip) and drive following Trevor's van (blue
blip).  Once on San Andreas Ave. Franklin says Merryweather is on to them.

  Switch protagonist to Franklin.  He helps the hacker by turning traffic
lights in front of the armored vans green on a board that's symbolic of the
streets and traffic symbols.

  As the two vans (blue arrows) chased by Merryweather vehicles (red arrows)
approach a yellow box with two red spots on facing sides and two green spots on
facing sides press L Shift to activate the hacking procedure.  Use the LMB to
click a yellow box to have the spots exchange sides to permit the two vans es-
cape.  Hold the RMB for a closer look at the intersection.

  The vans park under the Olympic Fwy. east of Elgin Ave. while others load up
the three Gautlets Michael watches angry Trevor hold Casey at gunpoint.  Mi-
chael gives Casey a bar of gold and tells him to flee which makes Trevor angry.

  A rampage worth of Merryweather gunmen appear.  Switch to whichever of the
three protagonists as needed to kill them.  The easiest is to use the Simple
Trainer > Mission Help > Kill Enemy ped attached to Valid Destination Marker.)

  As whatever57010 demonstrates you shouldn't send a protagonist beyond the
starting area of the last batch of antagonists, the snipers, or you may fail by
"abandoning" the other protagonists.
  "GTA V - The Big Score using only melee weapons [CHALLENGE]" by whatever57010

  Have Michael Gauntlet follow the other two through streets.  At the tunnel
from the Del Perro Freeway to the Great Ocean Highway have him drive up the
ramp hanging from the open back of the right truck.  The police helicopters are
late in sealing up the tunnel.

  Have Franklin use the Calvalcade SUV to drive the other two protagonists from
a lot on the west side of Joshua Rd. on the way north of Rt.68 southwest of the
Stoners Cement Works to Michael's house.  Trevor is alarmed that the plan is to
leave the gold.

  Lester tells Trevor the gold is in lockdown till it's melted and sold.


  Headshots (20)

  Signal Man  Perform less than ten traffic light changes.

  Accuracy (60%)
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #75 - The Big Score (Subtle Approach) [Gold Medal Guide -
1080p 60fps]" by GTA Series Videos

  The subtle approach has several references to both the 1969 and the 2003 re-
make of the movie "The Italian Job."  In the films traffic lights are manipu-
lated to slow down the pursuers.  Both films feature car chases involving Mini
Coopers being driven into coaches.

  The Advanced rifle is at Ammu-Nation.

  Your protagonist switches to Franklin.  There's a green "F" icon at his
house.  Go to XI.28  Finale.

  XI.24  Planning the Big Score (the Obvious Approach)

  This is basically the same as XI.20--Lester explains the two plans--except
you pick the Obvious approach.  There will be a tunnel ambush then the crew
drives four cars into two trucks.  Just pick two gunmen and two drivers.

  Drivers: Eddie Toh, Taliana Martinez, Karim Denz
  Gunmen: Packie McReary, Chef, Gustova Mota, Karl Abolaji, Hugh Welsh, Daryl
Johns, Norm Richards
   "GTA 5 PC - Mission #76 - Planning the Big Score (Obvious) [Gold Medal Guide
- 1080p 60fps]" by GTA Series Videos

  XI.25  Getaway (the Obvious Approach)

  Lester texts Michael to get a getaway car, park it, and call with the loca-

  Have Michael get a four door car good for getting through a five star wanted
level.  Some popular choices for four door getaway car are the Exemplar (excel-
 lent but expensive), Schafter, and Felon.  (Even with Armor the Exemplar is
fast.)  The site suggests the sturdy but quick Park Granger (best
SUV), Baller, Cavalcade, or Huntley S (good on road if not great offroad).

  (The cheapest method is to use the Simple Trainer.  Example: Vehicle Spawner >
Coupes > Exemplar.)

  Have him give it at least the upgrades suggsted by screen prompts: the Gold
preparations > Heist prep.  You don't have to use the LSC suggested by the GPS
route, the one by the airport, so I used one that's closer.

  Have him save it at the yellow marker in the underground parking lot which
can be entered on the east side of Las Lagunas Blvd. or west side of Atta St.--
in either case north of San Andreas Ave.  He calls Lester and tells him it's

  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #79 - Getaway Vehicle (The Big Score - Obvious)" by

  XI.26  Driller (the Obvious Approach)

  Lester sends Michael a text: there's a tunnel bore machine at a depot in East
LS where there are workers and guards 24/7.  Avoid attention.

  Have Michael go to the blue "Hs" icon south of Capital Blvd. east of Forced
Labor Place, La Mesa.

  Have him jack the Packer with the Cutter (tunnel boring vehicle) and lose his
wanted level.

  Michael calls Lester who tells Michael to take it to a guard at the bank at
the east side of Power St. south of Swiss St.

  Michael calls Lester to tell him he got it.  Lester says all they need now is
the train.


  Sneak Thief  Have your protagonist steal the Cutter without being detected.
Have him use Stealth (L Ctrl) to knock out at least one of the guards.

  Time (5:00)  Skip cutscenes
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #77 - Driller [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p 60fps]" by GTA
Series Videos

  XI.27  Sidetracked (the Obvious Approach)

  Lester sends Michael a text: divert the train at Davis Quartz then call one
of the others to pick it up with a sky crane (Skylift helicopter).  Deal with
station workers however you see fit.

  Send Michael to the blue "Hs" icon at the northwest side of Davis Quartz.

  On the way he calls Treor who says Lester provided a helicopter at the air
strip.  When he gets it he'll call.

  Have Michael use his Special skill (Caps Lock) to snipe the two workers (red
blips).  He calls Trevor.  Send Michael up to the signal box.  Press E to
change the track to divert the train.  Wait or a train (blue blip) to stop in
the sidewing.  Michel says the train is stopping.  Trevor says he's taking off.

  Switch your protagonist to Trevor.  Have him fly the Skylift low over the en-
gine, align it over the engine, and press NP6 to have the Skylift pick it up.
Have Trevor fly it to the yellow marker at the east end of the Sandy Shores air
field and repeat the process in reverse to drop it onto the bed of the truck.

  Repeat the process with a flat bed car of the train.


  Mission Time (4:30)  Thanks to Robert Rusk for the tip to work on this during
a replay since you start on the track platform not far from the workers so save

  Undetected  Have your protagonist steal the train without being detected.

  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #78 - Sidetracked [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p 60fps]" by
GTA Series Videos

  XI.28  The Big Score (the Obvious Approach)

  Send any protagonist to the blue "H" at the back room office of the Vanilla

  The three protagonists get dressed in suits and go outside.  Have Michael get
in the Oracle (blue blip) and drive to the bank (yellow blip) on the south side
of San Andreas Ave. west of Power St.  On the way, Michael calls Trevor and
tells him Lester is in the helicopter with Trevor to manage the linkup with the

  Franklin says he's in the tunnel so tell him when you start fillng bags with
bills.  (At the bank, if your picked Chef for a gunman he gets in Michael's car
saying he works for Trevor so is ready to do something stupid.)

  Your protagonist switches to Franklin on the Cutter.  Have him drive at the
wall (yellow blip) with the blades turned on (H).  After he tunnels into the
vault have him back it up out of the hole and out of the way (yellow blip).
Have him walk to the two cages of gold bars and toss a Sticky bomb onto the
door of each then detonate the bombs (G). 

  While to get the dollys of gold bars help one of your gunmen kill the guards
(red blips) from one side then the other.  The gold is attacked to lines which
hang from the helicopter.  Have Franklin kill more guards, kill guards that
rappel into the area, etc.

  Switch your protagonist to Trevor.  Have him fly the Skycrane carrying gold
eastwards after the other one.

  Switch to Michael who's behind cover at a shootout.  Have him kill more
guards and follow his group toward more red blips of guards to kill  and go
down into the garage where three SUVs of attackers appear.

  Have him get into the getaway car to lose a five or six star wanted level--
use the tunnel on the south side of the Del Perro Freeway beneath Atta St.

  Switch your protagonist to Trevor.  Have him follow three Merryweather heli-
copters so Lester can shoot them with his RPG.

  Have Trevor fly low to a train flatbed car and drop (NP6) the gold onto it.
The crew members skill is increased 25%.  Have Trevor land int the Sandy Shores
air field.  Lester and the crew celebrate.  Trevor flies Lester and Michael in
one chopper and Frnklin flies the crew in another.


  Headshots (20)

  Time (16:00)

  Cha-Ching  Have your protagonist put the Gold on the train in 30 seconds.

  Accuracy (60%)
  "GTA 5 PC - Mission #79 - The Big Score (Obvious) [Gold Medal Guide - 1080p
60fps]" by GTA Series Videos

  The event is reported by Weazel News newspaper and radio and in posts at
Bleeter and Lifeinvader.

  The Obvious approach refers to the 1995 film "Die Hard With a Vengeance" in
which the main antagonist, Simon Gruber, robs gold bullion from the Federal Re-
serve Bank of New York by drilling from a subway station into the vault room
with a vehicle a lot like the Cutter.

  Isiah Friedlander "Abandonment Issues"

  There's another cartoon speech balloon icon at the psychiatrist's office.
This isn't required for 100% completion.  You can send Michael there for anoth-
er meeting with Dr. Isiah Friedlander.

  Michael says he wants his family but the other stuff, too.  The family is
back together so things are better.  The doctor says Michael's anger, etc.,
means he's still ill.  You can have Michael accept or reject the advice.

  The doctor suddenly changes from his usual greedy detachment and enthusias-
tically says Michael needs a new therapist because he's leaving--he's getting a
TV show (and "tail," etc.) which will use Michael's case but no real names.
Isiah runs outside, Michael chases after him, and Isiah flees in his red Comet
calling out for Michael to not "act out."  You can have Michael spare him or
kill him.  (Considering Michael is a GTA protagonist yet hasn't killed his an-
noying family you might have Michael let Isiah live.)

  If you have Michael kill Isiah $2,023 is left behind and Weazel News radio
and the Los Santos Meteor report the murder.  Isiah still posts on Bleeter.

  Isiah, if you have Michael spare him, sends Michael an Email saying he's sor-
ry about how he treated Michael but he's glad to be able to help more people
and they both should move on.  If you have Michael reply he says he'll kill
Isiah if he sees him again.


  XI.29  Finale

  Have Franklin go to the green "F" icon at his house.

  Devin Westin appears and tells Frankln to kill Michael.  Franklin says the
feds want him to kill Trevor.

  You choose:

  A: Have Franklin kill Trevor--go to XI.28.a
  B: Have Franklin kill Michael--go to XI.28.b
  C: Deathwish--go to XI.28.c.  (This is the popular choice because it lets you
       use Michael and Trevor as protagonists afterward.

  XI.29.a  Something Sensible

  Franklin calls Trevor for a talk.  Trevor suggests they use an empty lot off
El Burro on the east side of Los Santos.  Franklin calls Michael and says the
FIB wants Trevor gone and Devin wants Trevor and Michael gone.  Franklin tells
Michael where he's meeting Trevor and Michael says he may help.

  Have Franklin use a fast car to go to the green "T" icon at the next to the
last southwest dirt road curve of Murrieta Oil Field.  Time changes to the ear-
ly evening.

  Trevor arrives in his Bodhi saying he assumes Franklin intends to make peace
between Michael and Trevor but Trevor isn't hearing of it yet.  Franklin pulls
a gun on Trevor saying Trevor is going to get them all killed.  Trevor calls
Franklin a Judas and speeds off (red blip).

  Have Franklin chase Trevor who goes north on the Palomino Freeway/Interstate
4/Route 15 then southeast then southwest on Sustancia Rd. back to the oil

  Michael calls Franklin saying he's nearby--try to stop Trevor.  Michael
drives his Premier into Trevor's Bodhi causing it to wreck into a gas tank and
cover Trevor with gasoline.  Trevor curses Franklin and Michael saying he's
surrounded by Judases and tells them to kill him.

  When prompted have Franklin shoot the gas to ignite it.  (If you have Frank-
lin spare Trevor Michael shoots the gas.)  Trevor screams as he burns till the
gas tank explodes.

  Franklin seems to question the killing.  Michael says Trevor was the worst of
them--insane with no boundaries.  He ate human stew.  Survival is winning and
everything else is bulls**t.


  Judas!  Have Franklin kill Trevor.
  "GTA 5 PC - Ending A / Final Mission #1 - Something Sensible (Kill Trevor)"
by GTA Series Videos

  Michael and Franklin and Michael and Jimmy can't Hang Out.
  Frankin can only Hang Out with Lamar at night.
  Half of Trevor's share of the heist goes to Franklin and Michael.

  Phone calls:
  Jimmy calls Franklin saying Trevor was like an uncle.  (Somehow this doesn't
surprise me.)
  Jimmy calls Michael who says Trevor was dangerous and wanted to kill all of
them and won't bother them anymore.  Jimmy decides that Michael had something
to do with Trevor's death.
  Steve calls Franklin to compliment his work, say that he'll deal with Devin
Weston (since Franklin didn't kill Michael as Devin wanted), to announce that
Merryweather has lost the licence to operate in the state, that Dave Norton is
close to a resignation with no pension, and he tells Franklin to never contact
him again.
  Lamar Davis  Lamar calls Franklin to say he was right about Stretch.  Lamar
says he needs to lay low to stay alive.
  Tanisha Jackson  Tanisha calls Franklin to announce that she's getting mar-
ried the next day.  Franklin doesn't want her advice but wishes her well.

  E-mails and Text Messages:
  Lester Crest  Lester texts Michael and Franklin that Trevor disappeared so
he's splitting Trevor's cut between both of them.
  Lester Crest  Lester sends Franklin the message that he knows Franklin killed
Trevor.  Lester says he's not happy about it but it's done--move on and never
mention it again.
  Michael De Santa  Michael sends Franklin an Email saying they did what they
had to do with no other choice.  He says if Franklin wants to hang out with him
he just has to call.
  Lamar Davis  Lamar sends Franklin an Email asking Franklin had anything to do
with Trevor's death and Franklin claims Trevor was killed by government agents.
  Ron Jakowski  Ron sends Michael an Email cursing him for killing Trevor--his
best friend and business man.  Michael treats Ron's Email as spam and tells him
to never contact him again.
  "GTA 5 PC  Phone Calls & Emails after Final Missions" by GTA Series Videos

  XI.29.b  The Time's Come

  Franklin calls Michael to talk.  Michael suggests they talk off Rt.68 by the
satellite dishes (a developer mistake--see below).  Franklin calls Trevor for
help but it makes Trevor mad--"You deserve each other."  Have Franklin go to
the green "M" icon at the northeast area of the trailer park that's at the
north end of Ron Alternate's Wind Farm.

  Michael appears.  Tracey calls him to say she's going to college.  He tells
Franklin Amanda wants him to come to dinner.  When he realizes Franklin came to
clip him he speeds off.

  Have Franklin chase Michael (red blip) south on the train track.  Michael
climbs up the catwalks of the Palmer-Taylor Power Station.

  Have Franklin climb toward the red blip representing Michael then toward the
yellow blip representing his last known location.  Michael shoots a handgun at
Franklin.  Have Franklin climb toward the red blip representing Michael, the
yellow blip representing his last known location, then his red blip.

  Cutscene: Michael points a handgun at Franklin from a circular catwalk around
a red and white smoke stack.  Franklin runs around the smoke stack and knocks
the gun from Michael's hand.  Franklin knocks Michael over the railing and has
Michael hanging from his hand.  Michael says he treated Franklin like family--
"Fuck you."

  Press the LMB to have Franklin let him go.

  Press Spacebar to have Franklin save Michael.  But if you choose that Michael
uses a head butt to fall to his death.

  Franklin calls Lamar and leaves a message to Hang Out.


  Surpassed the Mentor   Have Franklin kill Michael.
  "GTA 5 PC - Ending B / Final Mission #2 - The Time's Come (Kill Michael)" by
GTA Series Videos

  This is probably the least popular choice of the three.  In terms of playing
a GTA you probably want all three protagonists/their save places/their garages
so choose C.  In terms of real world ethics you'd choose to have Franklin kill
Trevor--A.  Why would you have Franklin kill Michael--B?  Michael worked toward
family life and was a friend to Franklin who wanted to use his heists with Mi-
chael to help him get out of the crime life, too.  It would be self-defeating
for Franklin to resort to riskier desperate low end crime with Lamar and Trev-
or--the riskier cohorts.

  Come on--three things to have a protagonist kill to pick from and none of
tbem are Michael's family?  Nothing in the game is so frequently annoying that
you can't save cars with.  Someone had to deliberately overlook the feel-good
ending.  What's the consistency of Jimmy berating his father's criminality yet
stealng a boat and liking Trevor?  You could have Trevor kill Jimmy for hating
overindulged rich kids.   Could someone at least mod this so you can have Trev-
or kill Jimmy?

  After the mission
  You can't use Michael as a protagonist.  You lose his properties including
vehicle garages and vehicles.  Michael's Tailgater is unavailable since Frank-
lin spawns in another place after the credits.
  Franklin can't Hang Out with Jimmy or Trevor since they're angry at him for
killing Michael.  If Trevor meets Franklin Trevor calls him a "traitor," tells
him Michael was "too good" for him, and tells Franklin to stay away from him.
  Franklin can only hang out with Lamar at night since he's laying low to avoid
Stretch.  Trevor can't Hang Out with Jimmy or Lamar.
  Trevor and Franklin receive their shares from the Union Depository heist but
Lester tells them that he's sent Michael's share to his family.
  Michael's mansion is empty with a "For Sale" sign outside.

  Phone Calls
  Devin Weston  Franklin calls Devin to say he killed Michael.  Franklin tell
Devin to speak with the FIB about Franklin not killing Trevor and Devin says he
already talked with Steve Haines.  Franklin asks if Devin has any more jobs for
him and Devin tells Franklin he's not useful to him anymore and to never con-
tact him again.
  Lamar Davis  Lamar calls Franklin to say he was right about Stretch but has
to lay low for a while (due to how Franklin and Lamar got away from Strech'
  Jimmy De Santa  Jimmy calls Franklin twice.  The first time he asks where his
father is because he hasn't see Michael for a while.  The second time he says
he knows about his father's death and asks Franklin what he knows about it.
Franklin says he doesn't know anything but Jimmy deduces that Franklin had
something to do it and tells him "Fuck you, man."
  Jimmy De Santa  Jimmy calls Trevor to tell him about his father's death.
Trevor tries to comfort Jimmy but it makes things worse.
  Tanisha Jackson  Tanisha calls Franklin to tell him that she is getting mar-
ried the next day.  Franklin doesn't want her advice but wishes her well.

  E-mails and Text Messages
  Lester Crest  Lester sends a text message to Franklin and Trevor saying he
learned about Michael's death and hopes neither of them had anything to do with
it.  He says he'll transfer Michael's cut to Michael's family.
  Lester Crest  Lester sends Franklin a message saying he knows Franklin killed
Michael.  He says he understands why it needed to be done.  He tells him to
move on and never mention it again.
  Trevor Philips  Trevor sends Franklin an Email asking if he really killed Mi-
chael and Franklin says it wasn't but Trevor doesn't believe him.  Franklin
begs for trust but Trevor sends him an Email saying he's dead to him.
  Amanda De Santa  Amanda sends Franklin an Email saying she knows he had some-
thing to do with Michael's death.  She tells him to stay away from her family
and that she hopes he rots in hell.
  Lamar Davis  Lamar sends Franklin an Email saying he just found out about Mi-
chael's death and asks if Franklin knows something about it--Franklin claims he
  Dave Norton  Dave sends Trevor an Email admitting he was the one responding
to Trevor's letters to Brad.  He tells Trevor to behave himself and never con-
tact him again.
  Ron Jakowski  Ron sends a text message to Trevor saying he left a surprise
for Trevor at his trailer.'s_Come
  "GTA 5 PC - Phone Calls & Emails after Final Missions" by GTA Series Videos

  XI.29.c  The Third Way

   Franklin calls Lester for advice.  Have him go to Lester's house on the north
side of Amarillo Vista.  Lester at first tells Franklin to kill the two others
but Franklin doesn't like the idea and Lester comes up with an alternative.  He
tells Franklin to go to the foundry.  Lester will tell Steve and Devin it's
where the gold is being melted and call Michael and Trevor to meet Franklin
there to kill Steve and Devin.

  Franklin calls Lamar to say he's picking him up.  Have Franklin go to the
north side of Forum Dr. to pick up Lamar.  Have Franklin drive him to the
foundry east of the railroad tracks south of Labor Place.  Franklin tells Lamar
to stay outside and keep watch while Franklin goes inside to meet Michael and

  Switch to Michael.  Have him kill about eight guards, go to Trevor (blue
blip), kill another eight or so, then follow Trevor to the exit at the west
side of the top floor (or out the north side to Franklin). Send Michael onto
the catwalk outside to kill another dozen or so and shoot down a helicopter--
mainly by the railroad tracks.  Have him and Trevor kill another eight or so
guards then meet at the yellow blip.

  Send Franklin outside to Lamar (blue blip) to kill another eight or so guards
around the north corner of the building.

  Have Michael kill a batch, go to Trevor, and kill another eight or so then
follow Trevor to the exit at the west side of the top floor.  Send him onto the
catwalk outside to kill another dozen or so and shoot down a helicopter.  Have
him and Trevor kill another eight or so guards then meet at the yellow blip.

  They agree to silence Steve Haines, Wei Cheng, and Stretch, then Weston.
Franklin calls Lester to ask where their targets are.  Trevor goes to get
Haines on the Del Perro Pier.  Michael goes to get Stretch at the B. J. Smith
Recreation Center.  Franklin goes to get Cheng at Pacific Bluffs.  Lester will
send the coordinates for Weston later.

  Send Franklin to get Cheng at the northeast side of the Pacific Bluffs Coun-
try Club beach house represented by the biggest spot at the south end of the
insert for CHUMASH on your paper map of LS.  The GPS route is red.  Have Frank-
lin kill the four guys in each of the black Washington (the black four door
sedan containing Cheng) and the two black Cavalcades (two black SUVs).  (For
the Gold requirement have Franklin kill Cheng with a Sticky bomb.  You can use
Franklin's Special skill--Caps Lock.)

  Switch your protagonist to Michael.  Have him go to the recreation lot west
of Carson Ave. north of Forum Dr. to kill Stretch (Harold Joseph) who has a
couple gang members at his side and several others nearby.  A fast way to have
Michael kill Stretch is to have Michael run over Stretch.  (Have Michael use a
melee method for a Gold requirement.)  Have Michael use his Special skill (Caps
Lock).  When you have Michael leave the area a Felon of attackers may follow to
attack him.  Have Michael drive-by them.

  Switch to Trevor.  Have him use his Bodhi to drive to the end of the GPS
route, get on the roof of the Sea Word building, and snipe Steve Haines who's
in the southern area of the pier on a ferris wheel cart accompanied by a guy
who has a camcorder on his shoulder.  Steve is on Trevor's left.  (For a Gold
requirement have Trevor snipe him with a headshot.)  Have Trevor get rid of his
wanted rating.

  Trevor calls Lester for Devin's location.

  Send Trevor to Devin's mansion south of the "N" of "TONGVA HILLS" on your pa-
per map of LS & BC.  Have Trevor shoot about ten Merryweather guards on his way
to the lower back yard patio and go to the grey trunk Weston (blue blip) is
hiding in.  Trevor knocks him out and puts him in the trunk of a Tornado.  Have
Trevor drive it to the cliff over the Sonar Collections Dock.  On the eway, he
calls the others and tells them to meet him there.

  Time passes quickly.  Franklin and Michael appear.  The trunk is opened for a
bit during which time Michael accuses Devin of outsourcing and offshoring.
(It's comparitive ethics and, again, it doesn't really make any sense even that
way given their greed and lack of empathy about murder.)  Press W to have Mi-
chael help the others push the Tornado over the cliff.

  They agree to be poorly matched friends.


  Time  Complete within 21:30

  Headshots  Have your protagonists kill 20 enemies with headshots.

  Accuracy  Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 70%.

  Stick, Tick... Boom!  Have Franklin kill Cheng with a Sticky bomb.

  Lead Lobotomy  Have Trevor kill Steve Haines with a headshot.

  Stretched Out  Have Michael kill Stretch with a melee attack.
  "GTA 5 PC - Ending C / Final Mission #3 - The Third Way (Deathwish)" by GTA
Series Videos

  The event is reported by Weazel News radio, the Weazel News/Liberty Tree/Los
Santos Meteor/Daily Rag newspapers, and posts at Bleeter.

  Phone Calls
  Dave Norton  Dave calls Michael to ask if he's behaving himself and asks
about his family.  Michael responds positively and asks Dave about work.  Dave
says his work is good and he's had some lucky breaks.  Both wish each other
well and part on good terms.
  Patricia Madrazo  Patricia calls Trevor to say she misses him and tell him
he's a sweet lover.  They say their last goodbyes to each other.
  Tanisha Jackson  Tanisha calls Franklin to announce that she's getting mar-
ried the next day.  Franklin doesn't want her advice but wishes her well.

  Emails and Text Messages
  Dave Norton  Dave sends Trevor an Email admitting that he was the one who re-
sponded to his letters to Brad.  He tells Trevor his secrets are safe with him
but warns him to behave himself and never contact him again.
  Dave Norton  Dave sends Michael an Email telling him to stay out of trouble.
He tells Michael that he's been named the new host of The Underbelly Of Para-
dise and that he'll really miss Steve and his "horrible outfits."  He hopes
that he and Michael never meet again.  Michael wishes Dave luck and promises to
be good.
  Lamar Davis  Lamar sends Franklin an Email saying he's almost ready to start
acting like a man and he's finally learned something.
  Michael De Santa  Michael sends Franklin an Email saying they "did it" and
how it nearly drove Michael insane.  He hopes Franklin learned something from
hanging out with him and "the maniac" even if it was just "how not to grow old"
and that he's his "friend for life."  Franklin thanks Michael for looking out
for him.
  Don Percival  Don sends Michael and Trevor an Email saying they've never met
before but they saved him a fortune.  Don got to buy Devin's Merryweather stake
at a reduced cost and he thanks them for making him a lot of money.  But he
warns them to stay away from him and not interfere with his business again.
  Ron Jakowski  Ron texts Trevor that he left a surprise for him by his trail-
  "GTA 5 PC - Phone Calls & Emails after Final Missions" by GTA Series Videos

  After completing XI.29 a,b, or c, the (very long) credits are shown.  "Homer
and Jethro" ("She Made Toothpicks Of The Timber of My Heart" on Rebel Radio) is
misspelled as "Home and Jethro."
  "Take the "A" Train - Homer and Jethro" by TheMusicYouListenTo

  Once the screen goes dark the first time you can press a key to skip the rest
of the credits.

  The Bank of Liberty sends you a text.

  XI.30.a  100% completion

  You get the Career Criminal Achievement.

  Dr. Friedlander's "Psychiatric Evaluation" appears.  It's a goof about you
supposedly based on how you played "V."

  An orange t-shirt with "100%" on it appears in the t-shirts section of Frank-
lin's wardrobe.  Most of the outfits worn by protagonists appear in their ward-
robes.  If you had Trevor live he can buy dresses at Binco/Discount stores and
a Blazer ATV (the surprise left by Ron) appears by his trailer in Sandy Shores.

  Tracey appears on Fame or Shame and Lazlow pleads with the judges to vote for
  "Fan Facts #15 (GTA V)" by whatever57010

  UFOs appear above the top of Mount Chiliad, above Fort Zancudo, and above the
"Beam me up" site at Senora National Park.  See section I.1  Paying tributes,
having things in common, and things you may not have noticed.  It may take a
while for the UFOs to appear.

  "The Last One"--Strangers and Freaks--is available for Franklin.  Message
board posts indicate it may take 1 1/2 to 2 in-game weeks for "The Last One" to
become available with a green "?" icon in Raton Canyon.  (I had Trevor save 14
times and it was there.)

  You can use replays to play the other two endings and try for Gold require-
ments without going back to Devin's meeting with Franklin.  (I made a separate
save game for each official ending with 27 Peyote buttons collected, too.)

  XI.30.b  The rest of the businesses and garages

  You can have the protagonists buy the rest of the businesses.  Any side mis-
sions they provide won't interrupt the main ones.
  "With America's real estate market in the toilet, there's never been a better
time to invest in property." ? GTA V Manual
  Properties are available to purchase in Grand Theft Auto V to either generate
income, or to provide storage for vehicles.

  A minimum of five properties must be purchased by the protagonists to achieve
100% completion.  Each of the businesses up for sale in Los Santos and Blaine
County generate a weekly profit to be paid into the owner's bank account every
seven days.  Available property is marked on the map and can be purchased on
site by having the protagonist approach the For Sale sign outside.  The owner
may be occasionally contacted by the management for help running the business.
Failure to help may result in reduced weekly profits from that business.

  Most properties will be available to be purchased after completing "Nervous
Ron" except for Tequi-la-la--available after "Vinewood Souvenirs - Willy--and
the LSPD Auto Impound--available after all of Tonya Wiggins' side missions.
Tonya texts Franklin about the current status of the impound and suggesting
that Franklin should buy it.


  LSPD Auto Impound  Davis, Los Santos  $150,000  $500 per towed car  300 towed
cars  Franklin

  Downtown Cab Co.  East Vinewood, Los Santos  $200,000  $2,000  100 weeks

  McKenzie Field Hangar  Grapeseed, Blaine County  $150,000  $7,000 per air
mission, $5,000 per ground mission 30 ground missions or 22 air missions  Trev-

  Sonar Collections Dock  Paleto Cove, Blaine County  $250,000  $23,000 per nu-
clear waste collected, plus $250,000 for collecting all the waste  11 nuclear
wastes  Any

  Los Santos Customs  Grand Senora Desert, Blaine County  $349,000  $1,600  219
weeks  Franklin

  Cinema Doppler  Downtown Vinewood, Los Santos  $10,000,000  $132,200  76
weeks  Michael

  Ten Cent Theater  Textile City, Los Santos  $20,000,000  $264,000  76 weeks

  Tivoli Cinema  Morningwood, Los Santos  $30,000,000  $142,300  211 weeks  Mi-

  Los Santos Golf Club  GWC and Golfing Society, Los Santos  $150,000,000
$264,500  568 weeks  Any

  Car Scrapyard  El Burro Heights, Los Santos  $275,000  $150 per destroyed car
1834 destroyed cars  Any

  Smoke on the Water  La Puerta, Los Santos  $204,000  $9,300  22 weeks  Frank-

  Tequi-la-la  West Vinewood, Los Santos  $2,000,000  $16,500  122 weeks  Any

  Pitchers  Downtown Vinewood, Los Santos  $750,000  $7,100  106 weeks  Any

  The Hen House  Paleto Bay, Blaine County  $80,000  $920  87 weeks  Any

  Hookies  North Chumash, Los Santos  $600,000  $4,700  128 weeks  Franklin or

  Vanilla Unicorn  Strawberry, Los Santos  Complete Hang Ten  $5,000  None


  Puerto Del Sol Marina  Puerto Del Sol, Los Santos  $75,000 Note 1  All  Al-
lows boats to be stored

  Vespucci Helipad  Puerto Del Sol, Los Santos  $419,850 Note 1  Franklin and
Michael  Allows helicopters to be stored

  Los Santos International Hangar  Los Santos International Airport, Los Santos
$1,378,600 Note 1  Franklin and Michael  Allows airplanes to be stored. Vehi-
cles from Warstock Cache & Carry will be stored here.  Also grants clearance to
get on the airport's tarmac but only for the character who purchases the hang-

  Sandy Shores Airfield  Sandy Shores, Blaine County  Complete Nervous Ron
Trevor  Allows airplanes and helicopters to be stored

  Grove Street Garage  Davis, Los Santos  $30,000 Note 2  Franklin  Allows
storage of up to four cars plus an unlimited "Special Vehicles menu."

  Pillbox Hill Garage  Pillbox Hill, Los Santos  $30,000 Note 2  Trevor  Allows
storage of up to four cars plus an unlimited "Special Vehicles menu."

  Vinewood Garage  East Vinewood, Los Santos  $30,000 Note 2  Michael  Allows
storage of up to four cars plus an unlimited "Special Vehicles menu."

  1. Free after patch 1.16 in the original (PS3/Xbox360) version only
  2. Free if the player purchased the Collectors Edition or has a Social Club
account in the original (PS3/Xbox360) version only.  It's unlocked for purchase
after "Father/Son" (Enhanced version) and remains free to returning Collectors
Edition owners after "Nervous Ron."

  Benefits from owning properties

  Downtown Cab Co. allows Franklin to use taxi services for free.

  McKenzie Field Hangar provides Trevor with ground and air arms trafficking
missions and a Cuban 800 and Dune Buggy to use only for them.

  Sonar Collections Dock allows Michael to play his Strangers and Freaks mis-
sion "Death at Sea" and unlocks the Nuclear Waste collection.

  Los Santos Customs on Rt. 68 lets Franklin make free car customizations

  Los Santos Golf Club lets the protagonists play golf there for free.

  The Vanilla Unicorn allows all the protagonists to touch the strippers while
having a private dance without getting bounced.  Trevor can have private dances
and drinks for free.  This is the only business property a protagonist can buy
that doubles as a save place (for Trevor).  It's the only business property
that has an accessible interior.  If you have Trevor killed for Steve Haines
it's interior is still be accessible but it's no longer available as a save
place.  The movie theaters are accessible in a more limited way but only two of
the three would remain accessible for watching movies.

  The LSPD Auto Impound lets Franklin use the a Tow Truck.

  The Airport Hangars ownership lets Michael and Franklin enter the airport
tarmac without a wanted level.  Each protagonist must own a hangar to get in
safely.  The hangers are free after patch 1.16 in the original PS3/XBOX 360
versions only.

  Each of the three protagonists can simultaneously own a dock at Puerto Del
Sol Marina.

  All of the DLC vehicles will be placed in each of the three main protagon-
ist's garages special vehicles menu (PS3/XBOX 360 only).

  Properties will be financially managed by Minotaur Finance and weekly income
will be automatically deposited in the appropriate protagonists' bank account.


  XI.31  Mrs. Philips/Damaged Goods

  Strangers and Freaks--Mrs. Philips (Trevor)

  Trevor Phillip's mother: Geraldine Moffat--the mother of Sam and Dan Houser.
Before her role in "V" she was active as an actress from 1963 to 1980.  She
played Magda Kallai in the 1966 episode "Someone Is Liable to Get Hurt" of the
TV show "Secret Agent," Angie in the 1969 episode "The Little Black Bag" of the
TV show "Out of the Unknown," Tessa O'Neill in the 1969 episode "Report 0846:
Lonely Hearts - Who Killed Dan Cupid?" of the TV show "Strange Report," etc.
  "GTA 5 Mystery Exposed: Trevor's Mother (Mrs Phillips) Huge Secret Revealed!
Dan Houser, Who? 69" by Hunte?

  Have Trevor go to the orange "?" icon at his trailer.

  Trevor has a sad daydream about his late mother.  The mother is abusive yet
Trevor cries for her forgiveness.  The mother demands that Trevor get her a
truckload of 1,000 mg. pills of Deludamol (hinting at Trevor experiencing a de-
  Have Trevor enter a Rumpo van with the Deludamol logo.  There's one by the
Pill Pharm near the Suburban clothes store on the north side of Rt.68 north of
the Redwood Lights Track.  (The Pill Pharm lot is one of the places Trevor
could appear after taking a huff of the rolled up sock or whatever it is on the
porch of his trailer.)  This initiates the second part: "Damaged Goods."

  Have him drive it to his trailer.  (She won't open the door till he does.)
The hallucination of his mom is over and Trevor falls to the floor crying.
Your protagonist switches to another.
  "GTA 5 PC - Mrs Philips [Strangers and Freaks]" by GTA Series Videos

  This mission isn't replayable.  I leave it and XI.33 to be played on a spare
save.  I guess it makes a case that a serial killer was probably abused as a
child.  The mother Trevor hallucinates is an abusive, callous, demanding, self-
centered woman.  Trevor is still torn up over it.

  XI.32  27 Peyote Plants

  This isn't required for 100% completion of the game.

  If you press E to have the protagonist eat a peyote button the screen goes 3D
without the 3D glasses, white, then 3D without the 3D glasses again then re-
turns to normal as the protagonist appears as one of 27 random animals.  Their
human voice provides commentary.  He moves, flies, or swims as the animal.  He
can't collect pickups and the minimap is gone.

  If your animal protagonist goes near enemy gangsters they talk to him then
shoot at him.  If your protagonist is a bird that flies over a restricted area,
or your animal kills a person, the animal creates a wanted level.  When the
hallucination is over any wanted rating goes away.

   All birds (except the chicken) defecate if you press the LMB.  The fecal
matter can have the effect of other dropped things--it can activate a car alarm
or have an impact when dropped on water.

  Some animals like dogs knock a person down with their front feet and kill
them if you have him do that a couple of times.  A mountain lion kills people
by biting them.  Some animals like bunnies scratch an ear when you press the
LMB and it scares nearby people away somehow.

  It doesn't take much to cause the death of the animal.  You could cause it by
having a flying bird bump something, have the land animal try to swim, have the
marine animal surface, etc.

  Most animals make a vocal noise (bark, etc.).  A fish (not Dolphins or Orcas
because they're mammals?) only makes the sound of the protagonist gurgling/
drowning.  (Where's all the air come from for the bubbles from the shark?)

  The hallucinogenic effect of peyote was referred to in GTA "San Andreas" when
The Truth said he took the members of The Gurning Chimps (a music group Maccer
was a part of) on a "peyote safari."

  E  Eat the plant
  Hold E to end the hallucination  It also ends if the animal dies.
  WSAD  Move
  Add L Shift to sprint
  LMB  Attack  Some animals, like bunnies, scratch an ear which still somehow
scares people away.
  L Ctrl  Vocal noise

  E  Eat the plant
  Hold E to end the hallucination  It also ends if the animal dies.
  Press L Shift to take off/flap wings
  W down S up (similar to parachuting)
  Press Spacebar when flying near the ground to land
  Press the LMB for an aerial attack (sh*t) (except chicken)
  L Ctrl  Vocal noise

  Marine animal
  E  Eat the plant
  WSAD  Swim slowly
  Caps Lock  Swim fast--can be added to WSAD
  W  Down
  S  Up
  LMB  Wiggle (supposedly attack)
  L Ctrl  Vocal noise

  Hold E to end the hallucination.  It also ends if the animal dies.

  You can choose views with V (distance of chase cam) or C (use mouse to re-
volve the cam around the animal).

  Playing as an animal adds it to Director Mode.

  Animals (plants 1 to 27) you may play as:

  Dogs: border collie, husky, Labrador retriever, poodle, pug, rottweiler, West
Island terrier
  Birds: chicken, chicken hawk, cormorant, crow, pigeon, seagull
  Marine life: dolphin, fish, killer whale, hammerhead shark, tiger shark,
  Land animals: boar, cat, cow, coyote, deer, mountain lion, pig, rabbit

  "GTA 5 - Franklin's Peyote Hallucinations (All Dialogues)" by GTA Series Vid-

  "GTA 5 - Michael's Peyote Hallucinations (All Dialogues)" by GTA Series Vid-

  "GTA 5 - Trevor's Peyote Hallucinations (All Dialogues)" by GTA Series Videos 


  An aspect of peyote buttons that helps you find it is it makes the noise of
the animal a protagonist turns into if they eat it.  They're collectibles and
don't respawn.  If you want to replay the activity with one use an earlier game

  It's easier to locate peyote buttons with the Airbreak function, and even
easier with the teleport function, of the Simple Trainer.  You can also use the
teleport to waypoint function to make it easier to get the animal around people
and see what happens if it attacks them.

  "GTA 5 - Peyote Plants Location Guide (Play as an Animal)" by GTA Series Vid-

  1. It's just northwest of the park bench on the tall mound in the middle of
the Trim Track at North Point, Paleto Bay.  It's southwest of the eastern of
the two dead end paths that point to each other.

  2. It's underwater in Paleto Bay on the sea floor at the southwest side of
what looks like grey-purple mushroom fungus that's just west of a natural arch-
way.  Have your protagonist wear a scuba suit.  It's west of the Paleto Bay
Parachute icon and north of the "S" of "Paleto Bay State Beach" on your paper
map of LS & BC.

  3. It's at the Mt. Chiliad summit south-southeast of the Bells End sign.
It's on the ground by several rocks which have a couple posts with red tape
wound around the top of each.  It's south of the Telescope/Lookout Points icon
and east of the approx. west-east section of nearby dirt path on your paper map
of LS & BC.  (It's peyote pickup 21 on the Simple Trainer.)

  4. It's on the ground by a non-flowering Yucca shrub on the northeastern face
of Mt Chiliad.  It's south of a point a smidgen more east than the east edge of
the loop of road by the Procopio Truck Stop and west of the bottom of the Mt.
Gordo Yoga icon on your paper map of LS & BC.

  5. It's on Mount Gordo on the ground by a tree on the east side of the small
lake west of the curve of dirt road northwest (not north-northwest) of the top
of the "M" of "Mount Gordos" on your paper map of LS & BC.

  6. It's underwater at the northwest corner of the Alamo Sea.  At the north-
west corner of the Alamo Sea is a roundish little peninsula.  It has three lit-
tle projections and a fourth is at the shore east of that.  The Peyote button
is south of the east side of the latter projuection and east of a point between
the two projections on the east side of the little peninsula.

  7. It's in Raton Canyon just southwest of the East Alamo View wood lookout
deck.  It's south of the "l" of "Cassidy Trail" where there's a dirt path on
your paper map of LS & BC.  On your in-game map it's easier to see that there
are three dirt roads south of the nearby Parachute icon.  The lookout deck is
south of the dead end of the eastern dirt road.

  8. It's in Raton Canyon high on an outcrop on the north side of Cassidy
Creek.  Northeast of the last "n" of "Raton Canyon" on paper map of LS & BC is
a curve in the road.  Imagine a point to the southeast where it stops going
southeast.  The button is about 1/3rd south from that point toward the creek.

  9. It's on the ravine caused by rain on a hill just north of Fort Zancudo in
a valley of Mount Josiah.  It's east of the northwest curve of road by the
coast west of the fort and north of the "d" of "Fort Zancudo" on your paper map
of LS & BC.

  10. It's just south of a sunken rowboat on several large rocks in the Pacific
Ocean directly west of the middle of the mouth of the Lago Zancudo river and
south of the spot on the beach that may be imagined to be the spot of the nos-
tril of Abe Lincoln's "nose".

  11. It's near Two Hoots Falls (a reference to the 1990-1991 TV series "Twin
Peaks").  It's on the top of the rock coast on the south side of the pool
northeast of the waterfall which is southwest of the dead end loop of road
around the owl totem with the name of the falls southwest of Zancuda Rd./Zan-
cuda Barranca, Tongva Hills.

  12. It's in the Grand Senora Desert a bit south of the dirt road intersection
that's north of the "O" of "HARMONY" on your paper map of LS & BC.  There are
several branched cactus there.  The button is about 25' (?) south of the north-
ern cactus.

  13. It's deep underwater in the Pacific Ocean east-southeast of Humane Labs
and Research amongst the wreckage of military hardware.  It's southeast of the
skeleton of a covered Barracks OL and near the end of a bar of metal.  Have
your protagonist wear a scuba suit.  It's south of the east side of the big is-
land that's east of Cape Catfish and east of "Senora National Park" on your pa-
per map of LS & BC.

  14. It's by a rusty water tower southeast of the trailer covered in PEACE and
LOVE graffiti in a trailer park at the north end of RON Alternates Wind Farm.
A pair of dead end roads there face each other.  The button is about halfway
between the south dead end and the north road.

  15. It's southeast of the Redwood Lights Track and downhill southwest of the
"WELCOME (alien face)" banner by a farmhouse in the Grand Senora Desert.
It's east of the most southern dark grey dead end road of the RLT area and a
smidgen west of north of the four way crossroads southwest of that.  (It's pey-
ote 26 on the Simple Trainer.)
  If you imagine the nearby dirt road as forming a caricature of the face of a
young Jay Leno facing east it's west of his upper lip and north of where his
neck meets his body.

  16. It's in Galileo Park just east of the Galileo Observatory Tunnel near the
hikers rest area.  Between a bridge and E. Galileo Ave is an intersection of
roads.  Southeast of that is a hikers rest area.  Southeast of the back wall of
it you can see a tall tree beside a short one.  On the east side of the short
tree is a shrub and the button is on the east side of the shrub.
  It's west of the first "l" of "E Galileo Ave" and north of the "V" of "Lake
Vinewood Estates" on your paper map of LS & BC.

  17. It's next to a storm drain inlet which is north of the houses that are on
the north side of Hillcrest Ave./North Sheldon Ave., West Vinewood Hills.  That
intersection is the one south of the most northern curve of Marlowe Dr.

  18. It's in Vinewood Hills on the hillside east of the Beaver Bush Ranger
Station.  In front of the station is a sign that reads "Beaver Bush STATION
VINEWOOD National Forest."  East of that on a hill are a group of four rocks.
East of that is a group of two rocks.  The button is just east of the bigger of
those two rocks.
  To the east of Baytree Canyon Ave./Marlowe Dr. is an intersection of dirt
roads.  The button is a bit north of east of the intersection and a bit west of
south of the intersection of Marlowe Dr. and the eastern dirt road.

  19. It's in a clay pot on the southwest corner of the top balcony of the Gen-
try Manor Hotel (based on the Chateau Marmont Hotel at 8221 Sunset Boulevard in
Los Angeles).  The hotel is on the north side of Gentry Lane which is nameless
on your paper map of LS--it's found on the north side of Eclipse Blvd. west of
Las Lagunas Blvd.  In the default game have your protagonist get to the button
with a helicopter or Parachute.  You could have them use the Airbreak or (my
favorite) the teleport function of the Simple Trainer.

  20. It's in a clay pot on the back porch of the second house, west to east,
on the south side of the dead end section of Nikolai Place, Mirror Park.

  21. It's by a trio of evergreen trees on the most eastern little island east
of the dead end road north of "National Office of Security Enforcement" on your
paper map of LS.  Have your protagonist get there by a boat and be careful
about sharks.

  22. It's on the south side of the road south of the most western gap in the
south white fence of the parking lot overlooking the south coast.  It's south
of a point a bit east of the north curve that's west of the southern instance
of "El Burro Blvd" and about as far south as where the different color of green
starts on your paper map of LS, El Burro Heights.
  23. It's behind the batting cage of the baseball field at the B.J. Smith Re-
creational Center, Chamberlain Hills.  North of the southern instance of "Atta
St" the street is crossed by a grey line on your paper map of LS.  The button
is a bit east of that crossing.

  24. It's in a clay pot on a little rectangular planter of grass by several
steps between two orange brick patios on the roof of The Venetian hotel, Ves-
pucci Beach.  Have your protagonist get there by helicopter or by using the
Airbreak or teleport functions of the Simple Trainer.  It's west of Magellan
Ave. and north of Conquistador St.

  25. It's underwater about 2/3rds south, northwest to southeast, on the south-
west side of the end of the Del Perro Pier.  Have a protagonist jump from south
of the second bench southeast to northwest.

  26. It's next to the ruins of a bus on the northwest side of the Los Santos
Customs garage near Los Santos Internastional Airport.

  27. It's underwater east of LSIA between the airport warehouses and the Port
of Los Santos.  It's east of the first "a" of "Exceptionalists Way" and south
of the space between the two grey round spots south of the "y" of "La Puerta
Fwy" on your paper map of LS.  It's by the north side of a big rock that has a
piece of A-frame at the east side of it.

  28. Bonus  See  XI.33  The 28th Peyote button--play as Bigfoot.


  XI.33  The Last One

  Strangers and Freaks--Sasquatch Hunter

  Have 100% completion of the game.  The green "?" icon appears about 1 1/2 to
2 in-game weeks after that.  Trevor sleeps 12 hrs. per save so I had him do
"Damaged Goods" then used him to save 14 times and the icon appeared.

  (Some have reported it may take as long as an in-game month for the green
question mark to appear.  Another method to make it appear sooner is by playing
GTA Online for a few minutes then playing single-player as Franklin.)

  Have Franklin go to the green "?" icon at the road west of the Parachuting
icon that's north of the second "a" of "Raton Canyon" on your paper map of LS &

  Franklin meets a hunter across the dirt path from a Dune Buggy (sand rail).
The hunter seems like a poor one who says he's seen Bigfoot a hundred times and
intends on shooting it.  He recommends that Franklin go toward the "scat"
(feces) site.  Have Franklin run toward the large yellow blip that's west-
northwest (press Esc and check your map) and it's replaced by a red blip.  The
red blip moves and disappears and reappears--sometimes another red blip, repre-
senting another animal, appears by it.  Have Franklin keep looking toward Big-
foot while you have Franklin follow Bigfoot's blip so you don't send Franklin in
the wrong direction.

  Eventually Bigfoot stops just west of the top of the "R" of "Raton Canyon" on
your paper map of LS & BC.  You have to have Franklin shoot him or the cutscene
won't start so I had Franklin shoot him in the foot.  It turns out to be a man
in a costume.  He's defensive yet asks to be shot.

  The man in the costume may seem crazy but didn't seem dangerous (except to
himself) so I had Franklin just leave without killing him.


  Wounded  Have Franklin shoot the man in the Sasquatch costume three times be-
fore catching him.  A burst of Micro-SMG fire fulfills this requirement.

  Hunter  Have Franklin kill four animals whilst chasing the Sasquatch.  They
don't need to be different kinds of animals.  You can have Franklin kill four
mountain lions, deer, etc.

  Mr Green  Go to the scat site on foot

  The plea to be shot made by the man in a bigfoot costume when he's shot by
Franklin is like the request of the sasquatch to John Marston during "Birth of
the Conservation Movement" in the Rockstar game "Red Dead Redemption: Undead
Nightmare," 2010, which was a downloadable expansion pack for "Red Dead Redemp-
tion," 2010.
  "The Birth of the Conservation Movement - Survivor Mission - Red Dead Redemp-
tion: Undead Nightmare" by GTA Series Videos

  The hunter is similar to the sasquatch hunter in it--the grey hat (probably
an animal hide), blindness in his left eye, and a bushy beard.  In the new ver-
sion the hunter's clothing is newer but has the same coloring.

  The man in the bigfoot costume resembles Jimmy Hopkins--the protagonist of
the Rockstar game "Bully," 2006.

  XI.34  The 28th Peyote button--play as Bigfoot

  Complete the game 100% (XI.29  100% completion), collect all 27 Peyote Plants
(XI.31  27 Peyote Plants), and complete the Strangers and Freaks mission "The
Last One" (XI.32).  (One source says to let the Sasquatch imposter in that mis-
sion live, which I did.)  The Golden Peyote appears in Chiliad State Wilderness
on Tues., 5:30 to 8:00 am, with the weather set to snow (cheat) or foggy (train-

  The button appears south of the "R" of "Raton Canyon" and west of the bottom
of the canopy of the Parachuting icon that's south of the "o" of "Raton" on
your paper map of LS & BC.  It's also a teleport location of the Simple Train-

  "GTA V - Golden Peyote Location" by 2H2K

  "GTA 5 - Play as Bigfoot (Golden Peyote) [PS4, Xbox One & PC]" by GTA Series

  It's also under the ANIMALS category as Wild Animal choice in Director Mode.
(Thanks to rkRusty from Reddit.)

  There's a Maverick on the top of the ridge to the southeast of the Bigfoot
spawn spot.  You can have the Bigfoot fly it, use other vehicles, and use weapon

  LMB  Punch
  L Ctrl  Growl

  When you switch back to your human protagonist they throw up.  The button is

  XI.35  Make a copy of your save game



  XII    Basic skins, modding (use at your own risk),
           music, and screen shot tutorial

         Modding section

  XII.1  Compressed File Utility


  XII.2  Web sites for skins and mods

  XII.3  Modding information and forums

  GTA Forums--GTA V modding

  XII.4  Un-check the read only dot 1st

  Before altering the files of a folder in Windows 10 right click it and un-
check the read only box.

  To turn off read only mode and have the save game and configuration settings
files appear in the proper place (not the Users\User_name\AppData\Local\Virtual-
Store\MyApp folder) in Vista or 7, the microsoft article at the next link in-
structs you to change the security settings on the folder for the application:

   1. Log on as a user who has administrative credentials then go to the game
   2. Right-click the folder then click Properties.
   3. On the Security tab, click Edit.

  If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type
your password, or click Continue.

   4. Under Group or user names, click your user account.
   5. Under Permissions for Users, click Allow for the following permissions:
          * Modify
          * Read & Execute
          * List Folder Contents
          * Read
          * Write
   6. Click OK

  XII.5  Make backups (and where to find other backup files)

  GTA 5 PC Original Handling.meta (Backup)

  XII.6  Tools

  "[REL|V] Handling editor" by Sleepy93HUN

  "ASI loader" by Alexander Blade

  "OpenIV" by GooD-NTS

   "Script Hook V" by Alexander Blade

  XII.7  Installing most car, bike, or pedestrian mods

  The latest version of OpenIV and OpenIV.ASI provide support for a "mods" fold-
er that can be very useful in the following cases:

  You have the DVD or Rockstar Games Warehouse version of GTA V and after you
edit files the Launcher downloads and instlls the original files;
  You want the original GTA V files unmodified;
  You want a fast way to switch between the original and modified files.

  Required software:

  OpenIV (2.6.3 or newer)
  OpenIV.ASI (1.1 or newer)

  GTA V ASI LOADER (build "May 2 2015" or newer)

  1  Download and install OpenIV.  Configure it to work with your copy of GTAV.
  2  Navigate to the ASI Manager using menu "Tools" > "ASI Manager" or "ASI Man-
ager" button on tool bar.  You can install, update, or remove ASI Loader and
OpenIV ASI plugins through the ASI Manager.
  3  Install ASI Loader and OpenIV.ASI.
  4  Open your GTA V folder in File Explorer.  You can do it fast in OpenIV.
  5  In the root of your GTA V folder create a new folder and name if "mods"
(lower case).
  6  Now you have to copy the RPF archives into the "mods" folder.  For example,
if you want to modify "Grand Theft Auto V\update\update.rpf" you need to copy it
like "Grand Theft Auto V\mods\update\update.rpf."

  The following table explains how to copy archives to mods folder.  The path to
RPF archive in "mods" folder must be the same as in real GTA Vfolder.  Here are
some examples:

  Original archive path                        Path in ?mods? folder

  GTAV\update\update.rpf                  GTAV\mods\update\update.rpf
  GTAV\common.rpf                           GTAV\mods\common.rpf
  GTAV\x64\audio\sfx\SCRIPT.rpf     GTAV\mods\x64\audio\sfx\SCRIPT.rpf
    mpheist\dlc.rpf                               GTAV\mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\mpheist\dlc.rpf
  GTAV\x64e.rpf                                 GTAV\mods\x64e.rpf

  7  From this point if you want to install a mod or edit a file you need to do
it in the archive of the ?mods? folder.

  Now all your mods will be in a separate folder and your original files will
remain unmodified.
 If you want to switch back to your original files just go to ASI Manager and
remove OpenIV.ASI.  In addition, you can remove the ASI Loader to disable all
ASI plugins that you've installed.
  You can use the ASI Manager any time to switch between mods and the original
game.  You don't need to remove your ?mods? folder every time.

  To install the mod

  "Installing GTA 5 PC Mods With OpenIV 2.6.4 [Tutorial and Download] by Doctor

  XII.8  Skin viewing and editing

  "OpenIV" by GooD-NTS

  XII.9  Peds

  How to change the scenarios performed by peds

  Use Notepad to edit these files:
  See others at the next link.

  XII.10  Cars and bikes (TGIOPC)

  Install OpenIV, select your game folder, and click Edit Mode.
  Extract handling.meta (update\update.rpf\common\data).  Save an unaltered copy
and edit the other one.
  Replace the file with the altered one using Edit > Add.

  "GTA V PC Moddding - Vehicle Handling edit with new OpenIV 2.6" by GTA X

  Handling file.  This doesn't show handling changed by updates.

  GTA 5 PC Original Handling.meta (Backup)

  Project Cerbera (no tutorial for "V" yet)
  [email protected]

  KolinSasa's YouTube site of dozens of vehicle mods

  XII.10.a    How to change their mass,
                       ability to stay upright and hug the driving surface,
                       ability to survive in water,
                       cornering and braking, top speed, acceleration,
                       suspension, durability, and miscellaneous jazz

  Aside from modding a vehicle in the game (a few lesser known examples are that
a spoiler adds traction, off road tires make it easier to go over bumps, and im-
proving suspension makes a vehicle a bit less wobbly) you can edit the attri-
butes of a vehicle with handling.meta.

  The handling.meta file is in \common\data and can be edited with any text
editor.  Thanks to the article at the next link for the information I give here.
See that article for more information.

  fMass is the weight of the vehicle in kilograms.  It's only used when the ve-
hicle collides with another vehicle or non-static object.  Value: 0.0 - 10000.0
and above.

  fPercentSubmerged is a percentage of vehicle height in the water before the
vehicle "floats."  So as the vehicle falls into the water, at 85% vehicle height
(seemingly the default for road vehicles) it will stop sinking to float for a
moment before it sinks (boats excluded).  Value: any percentage expressed as a
decimal (eg., 85% = 0.85).  An invalid number will cause the vehicle to sink
without the driver drowning eventually teleporting the vehicle to the surface.

  vecCentreOfMassOffset is a value that shifts the center of gravity in meters
from -10.0 to > 10.0.  0.0 is the center.   Changing this value to great nega-
tive quantities (-10 or greater) will cause the vehicle to behave erratically
moving many feet per frame.
  x is from side to side (when in vehicle looking forward)
  y is from front to back
  z is up to down  A lower value may improve traction.

  fInitialDriveMaxFlatVel is the theoretical top speed of the vehicle in kilo-
meters per hour (km/H).  Setting this value does not guarantee the vehicle will
reach this speed.  Value: 0.00 - 500.0 and above.

  fBrakeForce multiplies the game's calculation of deceleration.  Brake Force
formula TBD  Value: 0.01 - 2.0 and above.  1.0 uses brake force calculation un-

  fHandBrakeForce is thw braking power for handbrake.

  fTractionCurveMax (formerly fTractionMult) is the cornering grip of the vehi-
cle as a multiplier of the tire surface friction.

  fTractionCurveMin (formerly fTractionLoss) is the accelerating/braking grip of
the vehicle as a multiplier of the tire surface friction.

  fCamberStiffnesss modifies the grip of the car when you're drifting and you
release the gas.  In general, it makes your car slide more sideways.  More than
0 makes the car slide on the same angle you're drifting and less than 0 makes
your car oversteer (not recommend to use more than 0.1 / -0.1 if you don't know
what you're doing).  This value depends on the others and is better to modify
when your handling is finished (or quasi finished).  It's not recommended ou
modify it for grip.

  fTractionLossMult is how much traction is affected by materials different from
1.0--asphalt--how much grip is changed when driving on sand or mud (the higher
the more grip you lose making the car less responsive and prone to sliding).

  (Ben Millard--Cerbera--doesn't have a mod to change suspension for "V.")

  fCollisionDamageMult multiplies the game calculation of damage to the vehicle
by collision.  Value: 0.0 - 10.0. 0.0 = no damage through collision.  10.0 = ten
times as much damage by collision.

  fWeaponDamageMult multiplies the game calculation of damage to the vehicle
through weapon damage.  Value: 0.0 - 10.0. 0.0 = no damage through weapons.
10.0 = ten times as much damage by weapons.

  fDeformationDamageMult multiplies the game calculation of damage that causes
deformation.  Value: 0.0 - 10.0. 0.0 = no deformation through damage is possi-
ble.  10.0 = damage causes ten times as much deformation.

  fEngineDamageMult multiplies the game's calculation of damage to the engine
causing explosion or engine failure.  Value: 0.0 - 10.0. 0.0 = no damage to the
engine.  10.0 = ten times damage to the engine.

  fPetrolTankVolume is the amount of petrol that will leak after shooting the
vehicle's gas tank.

  fOilVolume may be thwe black smoke time before the engine dies.

  nMonetaryValue is the worth of the vehicle.

  The flags are in HEX (read right to left).

  XII.10.b    Game play advantages

  You not only can make certain vehicles stronger for your protagonists but
weaken the vehicle of law enforcers and enemies of the protagonists.

  XII.10.c       Making vehicles weaker or stronger

  Remember that by changing the strength of a vehicle you change it for whatever
protagonist or antagonist has that vehicle.

  XII.10.d       How to create your own "Alloy Wheels of Steel" Freeway

  To give a motorcycle that extra grip reduce the number for center of gravity
and increase the number for turning traction.

  XII.10.e    How to change their colors

  Use carcols.ymt to control vehicle colors(?), mod kits, and lights.  This file
doesn't assign those to particular vehicles--for that see carvaria-tions.ymt.

  Use carvariations.ymt to assign colors, kits, lights, etc., to vehicles.  To
modify these settings see carcols.ymt.

  XII.10.f    How to change their on-screen names

  I don't know of a GXT editor for "V."

  XII.10.g    How to change the chase cam of a vehicle

  "Camera Lock V (For Screenshots)" by XMOD

  XII.10.h    1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

  The 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air two door hardtop is credited to Mr.Poher and seems to
have been ported from the 2014 game "Forza Horizon 2" by ahmeda1999.  (Thanks
to ???? ????????--Notepad doesn't translate his name; see it at the YouTube
clip at the link below) for the tip about the clean/non-rusty version of the
Chevy.)  It's pretty accurate but could use the black spears in the front.
(I'd add them but I don't know how to use Zmodeler).

  To use the Chevy to replace Tornado 1 open OpenIV as administrator (I have
Windows 10 64 bit) and go to Program Files > Rockstar Games > Grand Theft Auto
V > update > x64 > dlcpacks > patchday3ng > dlc.rpf > x64 > levels > gta5 > ve-
  (Click to do so if it asks you to copy to a Mods folder.)
  Edit > Replace tornado.yft, tornado.ytd, and tornado_hi.yft.
  File > Exit

  Disclaimer: you may fare better at this than me since I'm new to these new
modding rules.  When I tried this it corrupted my game so I had to reinstall it.

  Download the BMW E34 1991 M5 / BMW M3 E36 Touring v3.0 by babaOrum/SGdesign

  Copy the folder baba0rum2 to Grand Theft Auto 5\update\x64\dlcpacks.

  Download the "1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Coupe [Tuning]" by baba0rum (from
the game "Forza Motorsport 4").

  Run OpenIV as Administrator and go to Grand Theft Auto 5\update\update.rpf\
common\data.  Use File > Edit mode.
  (The dinput8.dll file of Scripthook, which should be used when using the
Simple Trainer, allows you to run the game with an edit.)

  Go to update\x64\dlcpacks\baba0rum2\dlc.rpf.

  From there go to common/data and Edit > Add the modded files for carcols.meta,
carvariations.meta, and handling.meta (found in your mod package common\data
folder) there.
  Also go to common/data/levels/gta5 and Edit > Add the modded file for
vehicles.meta (found in your mod package common\data levels\gta5 folder)there.

  Also from dlc.rpf go to x64/levels/gta5/vehicles/baba0rum2vehicles.rpf and
Edit > Add the modded two yft files and ytd file there from the mod package x64/
levels/gta5/vehicles/baba0rum2vehicles.rpf folder..

  Go to
  and Edit > Add the belair_mods.rpf file there from the mod package LSC folder.
  Edit > Add the mod package content.xml file to update\x64\dlcpacks\baba0rum2\

  In OpenIV click file > Rebuild.

  To spawn this car use a trainer and spawn by name: belair

  The belair_roof and belar_body files are templates for skins.  Replace the
ones from the ytd to show the skins.

  "GTA 5 Chevrolet Bel Air Sport Coupe 1957 v1.5" by KolinSasa
  (This Chevy is from a Russian website for the same mod.)

  XII.11  Weapons and Attackers

                 How to lessen or beef up the severity of attacks

  You can use a text editor like Notepad to edit the weapons.meta file to change
the properties of weapons.  The file is in \common\data\ai.

  You can likewise edit the loadouts.meta file to control what weapons groups of
pedestrians have.  It also controls the weapons your protagonist gets when you
use a weapon cheat.  This file is in \common\data\ai.

  GTA V Weapon Editor

  XII.12    Miscellaneous mods, etc.


  XII.12.a  "Simple Trainer for GTAIV" by Sjaak327 (based on ScripthookV by
                                                      Alexander Blade)

  Sjaak327 provides a version of his Simple Trainer for GTA "V."  It provides a
wealth of functions as did the version for "IV": god mode and car god mode,
-Airbreak (basically noclip), teleporting including teleport to waypoint, vehi-
cle and weapon spawning, add Armor/Health/money, change time, unlimited abili-
ty, speedometer, etc.

  To install it copy trainerv.asi and trainerv.ini to your main game folder.

  Obtain the latest scripthookv.dll (the scripthook) and dinput8.dll (the asi
loader) from the next link...
  ...and copy them to your main game folder, too.

  F3 Display Menu
  Backspace Cancel Menu
  Num 4 Scroll Menu Down
  Num 6 Scroll Menu Up
  Num 2 Scroll Menu Options Down
  Num 8 Scroll Menu Options Up
  Num 5 Enter Option
  Num 0 Back to Main Menu
  F4 Hide/Unhide Menu

  G+6 Enable/Disable Airbreak
  W Up
  S Down
  Num 8 Forward
  Num 2 Back
  Num 6 Rotate clock wise
  Num 4 Rotate counter clock wise
  Right Arrow Tilt Right
  Left Arrow Tilt Left

  LAlt+A TurismoR
  LAlt+C Infernus
  LAlt+D F620
  LAlt+E Feltzer
  LALT+G Elegy
  LAlt+M Bati 801
  LAlt+N Sanchez
  LAlt+T Annihilator
  LAlt+U Maverick
  LAlt+X Jetmax

  R Ctrl+F5 Always God Mode On/Off
  Insert Clear wanted level
  Delete Teleport to waypoint
  RCtrl+Num 1 Fix Car
  RCtrl+Num 2 Flip Car
  RCtrl+Num 3 Clean Car
  =+ Teleport to Marker
  Ralt + Num 5 Ahead one Hour
  Ralt + Num 6 Back one Hour
  Ralt + Num 7 Give All Weapons
  Ralt + Num 8 Add Armor
  Ralt + Num 9 Max Health

  In Mission Help you can set a waypoint at a missiom marker, kill targets at
mission markers in fights, teleport to mission markers in races, etc.

  "?GTA V PC Native Trainer" + Scripthook by Alexander Blade

  Scripthook disables custom scripts when the player uses multiplayer.
  The latest Simple Trainer requires the latest Scripthook.

  1. Copy ScriptHookV.dll to the game's main folder, i.e. where GTA5.exe is lo-
  2. In order to load asi plugins you need to have asi loader installed, you can
download it separately or use the latest version that comes with this distrib
(dinput8.dll). You must delete previous asi loader (dsound.dll) before using new
  3. This distrib also includes a sample asi plugin - native trainer, if you
need the trainer then copy NativeTrainer.asi as well.


  "The GTA V Control Center" by saracaglu
  (Saracoglu may not create a Control Center for "V."



  "4K Satellite View Map" by Designerappz

          Graphics enhancement


  I haven't tried these:

  "Best GTA V Graphic Mods + Download Links" by Sear Dex

          Total conversion


  "Vice City" Rage map for "GTA V"

  Thanks to NTAuthority for the amazing tool that allows us to do this.

  OpenIV team: GooD-Nts, listener, Chipsman, Alexander Blade
  Rage team: RussianCJ, Deaglos, -Quantum-, Legiz, Den89
  T777, Gazanfar

  "Vice City Converted To GTA V" by taltigolt

  XII.13    Mod requests

  I'd like a stock 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air two door hardtop with a V8 engine and
black, not whitewall, tires, an Inca Silver body with an Imperial White roof,
and a Matador Red and black interior.  (See XII.10.h for a coupe.)

  XII.14  Music
                  MP3s and wav files
                  How to save drive space with shortcuts

  Right click the music file and click Create shortcut.  Use the shortcut file
in your music folder(s).

  XII.15  Screen shots and videos

              Fraps and Virtual Dub

  You can use Fraps to make screenshots and videos of your games.

  Fraps lets you use hotkeys.  You can take any number of screen shots at a
time, but the free version doesn't let you make .jpg files, only .bmp files
which are a lot bigger.  To copy them as .jpg files, you can use the free Easy
Graphic Converter, then delete the .bmp files.

  The free version of Fraps restricts videos to 30 sec. clips.  Whether you use
the free version or not, the videos take up a lot of MBs which you can compress
to take up less hard disk space (and make them easier for your computer to use
with your editor later).  The free processing tool I use is Virtual Dub.  I
click Video > Compression > XviD MPEG-4 codec and save them as .avi files.


              How I make videos

  The stunt videos I've made are meant to encourage more people to play with
the basics.

  As described above, you can capture scenes on your PC with Fraps.  I use
VirtualDub, which is free, to compress the video clips to .avi files.

  Other free software I've used includes the AoA Audio extractor (to extract
the audio from a clip or convert MP3s to .wav files, which Windows Movie Maker
prefers), Super (to convert most any file type to another), and Wavepad (an au-
dio editor).  I've also used the Keepvid web page to save YouTube videos.

  On Vista I edited the clips with Windows Movie Maker, which comes with Win-
dows Home XP and Vista Home Premium and can be downloaded from the Microsoft
site for Windows 10.  I use Windows Movie Maker to publish each video to my com-
puter,  which lets you compress the video to the size you want.  See the Windows
Movie Maker forum for more, including many free user-made effects.

  For Windows 7 and higher you can download the new Windows Movie Maker 12 for
free.  I used it with my new (2014) computer and Win 7 64 bit so I could add my
own .mp3s to my "IV" videos.

  If you're going to buy an editor, check the latest reviews.  Sony Vegas and
Adobe Premier Pro usually get good reviews.  You can make videos brighter for
YouTube with Avidemux, which is free, but I just use Windows Movie Maker.

  Save YouTube videos
  Save the audio of a Youtube file

  I upload my videos to YouTube and filefront (now "gamefront").  A list of
other web sites that let you store your videos is at the last link.

              GTA V replays

  Replays as of "V" are matters of using the Rockstar Editor to view clips.

              Video Editor

  Hold L Alt to choose which way to save clips--manual (F1) or action replay

  F1  Manual recording  It records action from the time you press F1 Save Re-
cording to the time you press it again.  Press F3 to Cancel Recording.

  F2 Turn on Action Replay.  It records action after the fact.  Similar to
earlier Instant Replays, clips are 30 to 90 sec. long--the more in the clip,
the shorter it is.  Press F1 to save clip.  Press F3 to turn Action Replay

  Pause the game (Esc) and go to the Rockstar Editor tab to use the editor.
You can choose the amount of drive space used for the Rockstar Editor by going
to Pause Menu > Settings > Rockstar Editor.

  See the Controls section for the Rockstar Editor controls.

  Thanks to the "GTA 5 PC guide: how to use the Rockstar Editor & Director
Mode" for the information in this section.


  Choose "Create New Project."  Use "Add Clip" to select the clips you want to
use.  Recordings will be placed in a timeline and you can move each clip
around using L CTRL and X or by usng your cursor to click and drag them.  De-
lete a clip using DEL, duplicate a clip with L CTRL and C, and use the mouse
wheel to scroll through the timeline.

  Double click on a clip or press ENTER to begin editing it.


  Markers can be placed anywhere on your clips and can be used to change cam-
era angles, effects, speed, etc.  You can scrub through the clip using your
left and right arrow keys or your mouse scroll wheel.  Press M on the timeline
where you want to begin editing and you?ll sde the following options menu:

  Standard Marker  Standard Markers let you to define every editing variable.
They're grey when placed and white when being edited.

  Anchor Marker  Anchor Markers let you to mark specific points in a clip
where you may later add text and/or audio to that position on the Timeline.
They're dark yellow when placed and pale yellow when being edited.  The only
variable of an Anchor Marker you can edit is the position of it.

  Combined Marker  Combined Markers let you to define every editing variable,
and serve as Anchor Markers as well, to reference specific points for posi-
tioning things on the Timeline.  Just like Standard Markers they're grey when
placed and white when being edited.


  You can't change camera angles for clips created in first person mode.  If
there are any other camera restrictions you?ll see a notification on screen.
Otherwise you?re generally free to choose from three camera settings.

  Game Camera  This is the default third person camera view from behind the
main character.

  Pre-set Camera angles  These are pres-set camera angles that lock the view
at the front, back, side, or above the main character.  You can zoom in or out
from each.

  Free Camera  Free Camera lets you place the "camera" freely, within a cer-
tain area, around your main character.  You can lock the camera in a position
or create a transition from one to another to create a panning effect.


  As with Snapmatic photos you can apply various effects to your clips--satur-
ation, etc.  You can also experiment with depth of field and set the focus on
a particular character.  You have to be running Direct X 11 and have Post FX
set at "Very High" or "Ultra" settings to manipulate depth of field.


  You can change the volume of the soundtrack, dialogue, and sound effects.
You can tweak the score to change the volume and intensity of it during dram-
atic moments.


  Speed up or slow down the clip for dramatic or comedic effect.


  You can capture a particular thumbnail image to help identify a certain clip
which is very useful when editing multiple clips.

  When you?ve added all of your Markers you can save changes with F5 and press
ESC to go back to your Timeline.  You can now switch between your Timeline and
the Project Main Menu using ESC.  Now that you?ve ordered and edited your
clips together it?s time to add music and audio options.


  You can add music to your edit.  From the Project Main Menu select Add Radio
Track or Add Score Track for your choice of music.  Score Tracks have differ-
ent volume levels that you can experiment with.

  Place the audio clip on the Timeline using CURSOR to move the play head and
the LMB or L CTRL and V to place thr clip.  You can synch the music using the
Skip the Beat function and shorten it if it?s too long.  You can use multiple
musical tracks here but each must be at least 30 seconds long.


  You can try various microphnone settings that can make significant differ-
ences--default microphone, cinematic microphone, microphone positioned at the
camera, or microphone positioned at the target.


  At the Project Main Menu you can add text to your edit and tweak the size,
position, font, colour, opacity, and duration of it.


  From the Project Main Menu go to Full Screen Preview and check out your work
so far.  Double check to see if you're happy with your project before you ex-
port it.


  From the Project Main Menu click Save Project to change the name of the mov-
ie and/or save different versions of it.  As you work through your movie press
F5 or use Save to save your work as you go.

  If you uninstall the game you also delete all rendered videos in the Rock-
star Editor.  Clips and project data will be safe, so you still have the basic
data, but you?ll have to start again with them.


  Now export your video using the Export option on the Project Main Menu.
Here you can set frame rate and bit rate.  The exporting process is not repre-
sentative of your final video so don?t worry that there?s no audio and it
takes longer than the length of your movie--this is part of the process.  The
video then appears in the Video Gallery in the Rockstar Editor main menu.
Then you can view it and upload it to YouTube or the Rockstar Games Social


  Director Mode is more creative.  You can chose from a cast of GTA 5 charac-
ters and animals and manipulate them and their surroundings.  You can choose
moods, actions, dialogue, the weather, time, and locations.


  When your protagonist is in Story Mode, on foot, and without a wanted level
you can press M and select Director Mode.


  Choose the stars of your show.  In the Actors menu you can choose from char-
acters made available during Story Mode.  Some have access to the vehicles and
weapons you've unlocked in Story Mode but some have restrictions which are
noted.  Some may not be able to use certain items, etc.  You spawn characters
at the last location your protagonist was in before you entered Director Mode.
Press ENTER to select your character.

  You can randomise your choice of character by using the Appearance option on
the character/animal and pressing SPACE.  This changes their colour, hair
style, accessories, facial hair, etc.


  You can store ten characters in a list on the Director Mode menu for easy
access without cycling through the Casting Trailer options again.

  Again, remember that your casting choices in Director Mode are the charac-
ters made available during Story Mode.


  Here you can manipulate the time of day, weather, wanted status, and vehicle
and pedestrian density.


  You can upload your video to YouTube from the Video Gallery.  If your set-
tings are either Public or Unlisted it will also be uploaded to the Rockstar
Games Social Club.  You can set these options in the Rockstar Editor tab on
the Settings menu.

  Have your video linked to your Rockstar Social Club ID and meet all the reg-
ular YouTube requirements: YouTube accounts must be verified if your video is
longer than 15 minutes, the video can't be a renamed version of someone else?s
work, etc.

  "GTA V for PC - Getting Started in Editor - Now Playing Highlights" by Game-


  Thanks to for this information:

  These features were added by the Freemode Events Update for Xbox One, PS4,
and PC.
  Ambient Audio and Sound Effects Library: add ambient and atmospheric sound
design from a library of audio tracks or add sound effects from a collection
of Foley and other SFX.
  Snapmatic Integration: export any still frame at a marker point straight to
  Director Mode updates: use an enlarged minimap with location blips to high-
light locations, freeze time of day settings, and spawn air and water vehi-
  Copy and Paste marker properties: Copy and Paste your audio settings from
any marker to another marker in the clip.
  New Fonts: you have more style options for your titles and credits tripling
the number of fonts available.

  Director Mode

  While your protagonist is in Story Mode on foot without a wanted level press
M to be offered the ability to click Director Mode.  It gives you more choices
to use in creating clips.

  Director Mode lets you play as any of 276 character models in a Free Mode
map for which you can customize the settings.  These models vary in their cap-
abilities--some can't enter vehicles or use weapons.

  First person mode is only available when the actor selected is a GTA Online
character or a single player protagonist.

  Some actors are only available after being unlocked during Story Mode game-
play.  At that time you get a screen message that a character has been un-
locked for Director Mode.

  You can choose variables for various settings (weather, wanted level, etc.).

  Shortlist actors: you can manage a list of up to ten shortlist actors.  You
can access them from a Director Mode session without returning to the Casting
Trailer.  Trying to add an 11th actor to the shortlist causes the game to warn
you that it will remove the first actor from the list.

  You're given the option of using the invincibility cheat and no wanted lev-
el.  If the actor dies or is busted it ends the Director Mode session and re-
turns the actor to the casting trailer.

  There are no clothing stores, barber shops, Random Events, or minigames avail-
able in Director's Mode.  In it the interaction menu doesn't function and the
cell phone only functions as a Snapmatic camera.  Actors that have access to
weapons have all weapons with unlimited ammunition.  When selecting the actor
you can choose from various outfits for most characters.  Some non-player char-
acters (NPCs) can be changed in this menu, too.  If the actor wears a mask or
other face-obscuring accessories they can't be removed once in the session.

  Vehicle access is limited to whatever is spawned naturally.  All actors can
use whatever vehicles stored in the storage garages (not safehouse garages) of
the Story Mode protagonists (not including special vehicle menu content).  Los
Santos Customs and Beeker's aren't accessible.  Only vehicles from storage ga-
rages can be repaired by respawning them.  A lead actor can take taxi rides to
marked waypoints for free.


  When you're through making your video you may upload it to the Rockstar So-
cial Club and YouTube.


  Please feel very welcome to send me any corrections, tips, etc.
  [email protected]

  All done!