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Glen T. Winstein

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Glenster's Drive 1


  Oriented for the single player PC version
    for the mouse and keyboard

     by Glen T. Winstein (glenster1 at IGN, and glenster at Gamefaqs, Super
Cheats, StuckGamer, neoseeker, 1UP, My Cheats, GamersHell, GamerHelp, Game Rev-
olution, and GameBorder)

     glenster (who's at)

     This walk-through, with active links for the web addresses I use, is at:

     Click "Back" to return from any of the links there--if you "X" it out,
you'll exit the web page.  To compare pictures of vehicles, you might bring a
page up twice and click a link from each.

     While you're there, you might want see if you find any useful information
in "Glenster's Guide to GTJ Brooklyn," which is also at the next link:

     Icey, whose parser enabled my "San Andreas" walk-through to have active
links not only for the Internet sites that open in separate windows but the
chapter designations, makes navigating this daunting thing a lot easier, too
(thanks again to Icey!).  It's at the webs site.


  When looking for something in this guide, click "Edit" at the top left of the
screen then click "Find," or press "Ctrl+F," and a menu appears.  Type in all
or part of the name of the mission you're looking for, or some distinctive word
from that section, then keep clicking "Find Next" till you're taken there.

  "Real GTA" by CorridorDigital


  I      Introduction

  I.1    Paying tributes, having things in common, and
               things you may not have noticed

  I.2    PC Health

  I.2.a  Clean your disk, disk player, and PC
  I.2.b  Get your hard disk drive (HDD) and/or solid state drive (SSD)
               clean and in order
  I.2.c  Use the latest updates
  I.2.d  Turn off unnecessary applications before running the game
  I.2.e  Take-Two Games web site and support
  I.2.f   Tweak guides
  I.2.g  Volume
  I.2.h  System requirements

  I.2.i  PC hardware and software on a budget

  I.3    How to save games/quick save
  I.3.a     The convenience of copies of your GTA V User File
  I.3.b     Glenster's GTA V Starter Package
  I.3.c     Some advice about saving the game
  I.3.d     An application that offers teleporting to stunt sites, collectibles,
                  the Health, Armor, and Weapon pickups, etc.
  I.3.e  100% completion guide

  I.4     Settings

  I.5.a  Stats
  I.5.b  Single player Achievements

  I.5.c  Multiplayer
  I.5.d  Multiplayer Achievements

  I.6.a  Some distinctions between the console and PC versions
  I.6.b  Adapters for PS2 and Xbox controllers
  I.6.c  Gamepad controls


  I.7    Controls

  A couple of instant replays that should have been (and other odd moments)
  WTF screenshots


  I.7.a  General controls
           Recording controls

  I.7.b  Movement controls
           Swimming controls

  I.7.c  Combat controls
               Having your protagonist punch his neighbors to get to know them

  I.7.d  Weapon select


  I.7.e  Vehicle controls
           General controls

  I.7.f  Cars/Bikes/Boats controls
              The things you can find in the back of trucks

  I.7.g  Stunt information
               The Two Wheeler gimmick

  I.7.h  Aircraft controls
  I.7.i   Submersibles controls
  I.7.j   Parachute controls

  I.7.k  Cellphone controls

  I.7.l   GTA Online


  I.8   A rundown of some of the vehicles and some of their real names
  I.8.a        Four wheel vehicles
  I.8.b        Motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles
  I.8.c        Blimps, Helicopters, jets, planes, and jetpack
  I.8.d        Boats
  I.8.e        Submersibles

  I.9   A rundown of some of the people who drive them
         Using the three protagonists

  I.10  Ghost world
               How to get under the map--falling through ghost world
               Exploring ghost world
               How to enter normally unavailable interiors

  I.11  Odds and Ends
              Some GTA clones/forerunners you might try
              Game updates

  I.12    Glitches
  I.12.a    Problem glitches
  I.12.b    Fun glitches, gimmicks, etc.

  I.13  Radio
  I.14  TV
  I.15  Movies
               GTW notes:
               Where "ET" came from
               Where "Borat" came from
  I.16  Codes

  I.17  Video walk-through/people who help with missions/entire games "Done

  I.18  How to get as much done as possible before starting the main missions


  II     Wanted ratings, weapons, Health, and Armor

  II.1   Wanted Ratings
               Getting rid of a wanted rating
               What happens at each wanted level
               Wanted rating exploits
               The impound lot
  II.2   Weapons
               Weapon selection wheel
               Weapon noise
               Weapon descriptions
  II.3   Health
               Health system
  II.4   Armor
               Armor system
  II.5   Special skill/lung capacity
  II.6   Money--the stock market


 III  The missions

  "GTA V" mission tree and storyline choices

  Maps and GPS

  Part one

  III.1  Prologue  (cutscene intro)

  III.2  Franklin and Lamar


  IV  Preliminaries for Franklin Clinton

  IV.1  Skills
  IV.2  The Cell Phone--phone numbers, Emails, the Internet, quick saving
               Using the Snapmatic to save locations
  IV.3  Safehouses and garages
               Los Santos Customs/Beeker's Garage
  IV.4  Dangerous and restricted areas
               Shark, cougar aka mountain lion, dog
  IV.5  Weapon locations
  IV.6  Health locations
  IV.7  Body Armor locations
              When weapon, Health, and Armor pickups reappear
  IV.8  Parachute and vehicle locations
  IV.9  Hidden Packages and underwater weapons
  IV.10  Achievements (part one of three)
  IV.11  Stunt Jumps
  IV.12  Shooting Range
  IV.13  More 100% requirements--
                 have private dance/sex with a stripper, sex with a prostitute, rob a
                 store, and watch a movie
  IV.14  Other interactive sites

  IV.15  Make a copy of your save game


  V  The Main Story Missions cont.

  Simeon Yetarian missions

  V.1  Repossession

  V.2  Strangers and Freaks
  V.3  50 Letter Scraps
  V.4  A Starlet in Vinewood  Strangers and Freaks--Peter (Franklin)
  V.5  Pulling Favors  Strangers and Freaks--Tonya (Franklin)

  V.6  Random Events (part one of five)
  V.6.a   ATM robberies
  V.6.b   Security vans
  V.6.c   Encounters

  Franklin Clinton

  V.7  Chop
  V.8  Have Franklin play with Chop
  V.9  Monkey Mosaics

  V.10  Shift Work  Strangers and Freaks--Hao (Franklin)

  V.11  Street Races

  V.12.a  Paparazzo  Stranger and Freaks--Beverly (Franklin)
  V.12.b  Wildlife Photography Challenge (those returning from PS3 or Xbox 360?)
  V.13  Pulling Another Favor  Stranger and Freaks--Tonya (Franklin)
  V.14  Pulling Favors Again  Stranger and Freaks--Tonya (Franklin)
  V.15  Still Pulling Favors  Stranger and Freaks--Tonya (Franklin)
  V.16  The Sex Tape  Stranger and Freaks--Beverly (Franklin)
  V.17  Pulling One Last Favor  Stranger and Freaks--Tonya (Franklin)

  Simeon Yetarian missions cont.

  V.18  Complications

  Golf and Tennis are unlocked and the Random Events start to show on the map.

  Michael De Santa

  VI.1  Building up Michael

  VI.2  Exercising Demons - Michael (Mary Ann)
  VI.3  Grass Roots - Michael (Barry)

  VI.4  Sports
  VI.5  Random Events (part two of five)

  Michael or Franklin

  VI.6  Father/Son

  VI.7  Properties
  VI.8  Even more 100% completion tasks


  VI.9  The Long Stretch


  VI.10  Marriage Counseling

  Isiah Friedlander "Chaos"

  VI.11  Daddy's Little Girl

  VI.12  The Epsilon Program
  VI.12.a   Seeking the Truth
  VI.12.b   Accepting the Truth
  VI.12.c   Assuming the Truth
  VI.12.d   Chasing the Truth
  VI.12.e   Bearing the Truth
  VI.12.f    Delivering the Truth
  VI.12.g   Exercising the Truth
  VI.12.h   Unknowing the Truth

  VI.12.i  Epsilon Tracts

  VI.13  Triathlons

  Lester Crest missions


  VII.1  Friend Request

  Clothes stores open

  VII.2  Random Events (part three of five)
  VII.3  Achievements (part two of three)


  VII.4  The Good Husband

  VII.5  Setting up heists
  VII.6  Casing the Jewel Store
  VII.6.a  Bugstars Equipment (smart approach)
  VII.6.b  BZ Gas Grenades (smart approach)
  VII.6.c  Carbine Rifles (loud approach)
  VII.7  The Jewel Store Job (both approaches)

  VII.8  Mr. Philips

  Trevor Philips

  VIII.1  Nervous Ron
  VIII.2  Building up Trevor
  VIII.3  Off-Road Races

  VIII.4  Random Events (part four of five)
  VIII.4.a  The Altruist Cult

  VIII.5  Special Bonds (Maude)
  VIII.6  Target Practice (Cletus)

  VIII.7  Trevor Philips Industries

  VIII.8  Fair Game/Hunting (Cletus)

  VIII.9  Rampages (part one of two)
  VIII.10  Crystal Maze
  VIII.11  Friends Reunited

  VIII.12  Flight School
  VIII.13  Under the Bridge
                   A. Blaine County
                   B. Los Santos County
                   C. Los Santos
  VIII.14  Knife Flights

  VIII.15  Random Events (part five of five)

  VIII.16  Rampages (part two of two)

  VIII.17  Nigel and Mrs. Thornhill
  VIII.17.a  Vinewood Souvenirs - Willie
  VIII.17.b  Vinewood Souvenirs - Tyler
  VIII.17.c  Vinewood Souvenirs - Kerry
  VIII.17.d  Vinewood Souvenirs - Mark
  VIII.17.e  Vinewood Souvenirs - Al Di Napoli
  VIII.17.f  Vinewood Souvenirs - The Last Act


  VIII.18  Fame or Shame

  VIII.19  Friend Activities
  VIII.19.a  Darts
  VIII.19.b  Movie
  VIII.19.c  Strip club
  VIII.19.d  Bar


  VIII.20.a  Far Out (Omega)
                     and the Spaceship Parts
                 A. Blaine County
                 B. Los Santos County
                 C. Los Santos
  VIII.20.b  The Final Frontier
                     and the Space Docker

  Federal Investigation Bureau missions


  IX.0  Dead Man Walking
  IX.1  Three's Company
  IX.2  By the Book


  IX.3  Did Somebody Say Yoga?


  IX.4  The Partnership (Beverly)
  IX.4.a  The Meltdown - Poppy
  IX.4.b  The Highness - Princess Georgina

  IX.5  Grass Roots (Barry)
  IX.5.a  The Pickup
  IX.5.b  The Drag

  IX.6  Reality Check (Beverly)

  Franklin or Trevor

  IX.7  Hood Safari

  IX.8  Achievements (part three of three)

  IX.9  Sea Races


  IX.10  The Smoke-In (Barry)


  IX.11  Grass Roots (Barry)

  IX.12  Scouting the Port
  IX.12.a  Minisub (both approaches)
  IX.12.b  Cargobob (the off-shore approach only)
  IX.13.a  The Merryweather Heist (the freighter approach)
  IX.13.b  The Merryweather Heist (the off-shore approach)

  IX.14  Businesses (part one of two)
  IX.14.a  Sonar Collections Dock
  IX.14.b  30 barrels of Nuclear Waste

  IX.15  The Assassination missions and investment advice
  IX.16  The Hotel Assassination

  Federal Investigation Bureau missions cont.

  IX.17  Blitz Play preparation
  IX.17.a  Getaway Vehicle
  IX.17.b  Tow Truck
  IX.17.c  Trash Truck
  IX.17.d  Boiler Suits
  IX.17.e  Masks
  IX.18  Blitz Play

  Dr. Friedlander "Evil"


  IX.19  Strangers and Freaks--Abigail (Michael)
           Death at Sea
           30 Submarine pieces
           What Lies Beneath

  Devin Weston missions


  X.1  I Fought the Law...

  Trevor or Franklin

  X.2  Eye in the Sky

  Solomon Richards missions


  X.3  Mr. Richards

  Isiah Friedlander "Negativity"

  Martin Madrazo missions

  X.4  Caida Libre

  Devin Weston missions cont.


  X.5  Deep Inside


  X.6  Minor Turbulence


  X.7  Strangers and Freaks--The Civil Border Patrol


  X.8  Strangers and Freaks--Risk Assessment (Dom)

  X.9  Parachuting


  X.11  Strangers and Freaks--Liquidity Risk (Dom)
  X.12  Strangers and Freaks--Targeted Risk (Dom)
  X.13  Strangers and Freaks--Uncalculated Risk (Dom)


  X.14  Strangers and Freaks--An American Welcome (Civil Border Patrol)
  X.15  Strangers and Freaks--Minute Man Blues (Civil Border Patrol)

  Federal Investigation Bureau missions cont.

  X.16  Paleto Score Setup
  X.17  Predator
  X.18  Military Hardware
  X.19  The Paleto Score


  X.20  Strangers and Freaks--Exercising Demons (Mary Ann)


  X.21  Derailed

  Isiah Friedlander "Fucked Up"

  Federal Investigation Bureau missions cont.

  X.22  Monkey Business


  X.23  Hang Ten

  X.24  Strangers and Freaks--Extra Commission (Josh)
  X.25  Strangers and Freaks--Closing the Deal (Josh)
  X.26  Strangers and Freaks--Surreal Estate (Josh)
  X.27  Strangers and Freaks--Breach of Contract (Josh)

  X.28  Surveying the Score

  Trevor or Michael

  X.29  Bury the Hatchet

  Devin Weston missions cont.


  X.30  Pack Man


  XI.1  Fresh Meat

  Solomon Richards missions cont.


  XI.2  The Ballad of Rocco

  Lester Crest missions cont.

  XI.3  Cleaning Out the Bureau


  XI.4  Reuniting the Family


  XI.5  Architect's Plans


  XI.6  Doting Dad

  XI.7  Getaway Vehicle (the Fire Crew approach)
  XI.8  Fire Truck (the Fire Crew approach)
  XI.9  The Bureau Raid (the Fire Crew approach)
  XI.10  The Bureau Raid (the Roof approach)
  XI.11  The Wrap Up


  XI.12  Strangers and Freaks--Exercising Demons (Mary Ann)

  Solomon's missions cont.


  XI.13  Legal Trouble


  XI.14  Lamar Down

  Solomon missions cont.


  XI.15  Meltdown
  XI.16  Parenting 101
  XI.17  The Order of Things (part two)

  Lester Crane missions cont.


  XI.18  The Multi Target Assassination
  XI.18.a  The Vice Assassination
  XI.18.b  The Bus Assassination
  XI.18.c  The Construction Assassination

  XI.19  Businesses (part two of two)
  XI.19.a  McKenzie Field
  XI.19.b  Franklin's Businesses

  XI.20  Planning the Big Score (the Subtle Approach)
  XI.21  Stingers (the Subtle Approach)
  XI.22  Gauntlet (1, 2, 3) (the Subtle Approach)
  XI.23  The Big Score (the Subtle Approach)

  XI.24  Planning the Big Score (the Obvious Approach)
  XI.25  Getaway (the Obvious Approach)
  XI.26  Driller (the Obvious Approach
  XI.27  Sidetracked (the Obvious Approach)
  XI.28  The Big Score (the Obvious Approach)

  Isiah Friedlander "Abandonment Issues"


  XI.29  Finale
  XI.29.a  Something Sensible
  XI.29.b  The Time's Come
  XI.29.c  The Third Way

  XI.30.a  100% completion
  XI.30.b  The rest of the businesses and garages

  Dr. Friedlander's "Psychiatric Evaluation"


  XI.31  Mrs. Philips/Damaged Goods

  XI.32  27 Peyote Plants


  XI.33  The Last One

  XI.34  The 28th Peyote button--play as Bigfoot

  XI.35  Make a copy of your save game


  XII    Basic skins, modding (use at your own risk),
          music, and screen shot tutorial

       Modding section

  XII.1  Compressed File Utility

  XII.2  Web sites for skins and mods

  XII.3  Modding information and forums
  XII.4  Un-check the read only dot 1st
  XII.5  Make backups (and where to find other backup files)

  XII.6  Tools

  "[REL|V] Handling editor" by Sleepy93HUN
  "ASI loader" by Alexander Blade
  "OpenIV" by GooD-NTS
  "Script Hook V" by Alexander Blade

  XII.7  Installing most car, bike, or pedestrian mods

  XII.8  Skin viewing and editing

  XII.9  Peds

  How to change the scenarios performed by peds

  XII.10  Cars and bikes (TGIOPC)

  XII.10.a    How to change their mass,
                      ability to stay upright and hug the driving surface,
                      ability to survive in water,
                      cornering and braking, top speed, acceleration,
                      suspension, durability, and miscellaneous jazz
  XII.10.b    Game play advantages
  XII.10.c         Making vehicles weaker or stronger
  XII.10.d         How to create your own "Alloy Wheels of Steel" Freeway
  XII.10.e    How to change their colors
  XII.10.f     How to change their on-screen names
  XII.10.g    How to change the chase cam of a vehicle

  XII.10.h    1957 Chevrolet Bel Air

  XII.11  Weapons and Attackers
                 How to lessen or beef up the severity of attacks

  XII.12    Miscellaneous mods, etc.

  XII.12.a  "Simple Trainer for GTAV" by sjaak327



          Graphics enhancement

  "iCEnhancer 2.1" by Hayssam Keilany aka iCE La GlacE
  "ENBSeries graphic modification" by BorisVorontsov

          Total conversion

  "Vice City" mod for "GTA V"
  "Vice City Converted To GTA V" by taltigolt

  XII.13    Mod requests

  XII.14  Music
                    MP3s and wav files
                    How to save drive space with shortcuts

  XII.15  Screen shots and videos
                    Fraps and Virtual Dub
                    How I make videos
                    GTA V replays
                    Video Editor


  I      Introduction

  A day of in-game time goes by in 48 real-time minutes.

  A Schedule Planner in Bobcat Security offices in North Yankton indicates the
Prologue takes place in 2003--not 2004.  The same planner is in Lester's garment
factory in La Mesa.  The Prologue takes place in Nov./Dec. 2003 and "V" takes
place in Sept./Oct. 2013 so there's nine years (almost 10) between them.  Mi-
chael and Trevor likewise mention "almost 10 years" during one of their argu-

  The PC version can be run at 4K.  It's more detailed than "IV," there's more
to see underwater than in SA, lightning bolts appear in a thunderstorm, and it
doesn't have the beige/orange tint of "IV"--me like.  But it's not as surreal as
for VC--it's gone from something I'd never seen before to something higher res
but that you see anywhere you look.

  It's too console/gamepad oriented--you have to flop the mouse several times to
get a protagonist to turn around compared to one mouse sweep in VC.  Would it be
so bad for the developers to at least give the easier version as an option?  You
have to have a protagonist turn around quickly a lot in a GTA.

  Lazlow and Fernando are back.

  Land vehicles don't seem like boats in a sea of molasses anymore.  It's more
arcade-like.  Driving a Sanchez over the north hills reminds me of "Motocross
Madness 2."  Land vehicles that are tipped over can be tipped upright pretty
easily with A or D.  (I still think VC mouse and keyboard controls should be an
option to free up the right hand for lean back and lean forward keys for

  Special Skill has taken the place of Adenaline.  Director Mode replaces the
stilllikedressingup code.

  Animals in the game now include not just birds but rabbits, deer, cows, coug-
ars, wild boars, pigs, rats, dogs, cats, stingrays, humpback whales, butter-
flies, and fish.  Your protagonist can be attacked by a dog (if he attacks it or
someone near it), cougar, or shark.  You might have your protagonist drive into
or shoot one of the first two, but have him keep some distance from a shark to
shoot it--Knifing it is difficult and one bite kills.  Franklin gets a pet dog
named Chop he can play with.

  Random encounters have been replaced by 57 random encounters--you need to com-
plete 14 for 100%.  Some encounters are like having Tommy hit a criminal for a
good citizen award in VC.

  Dating/Friends has been pared down to optional Friends.  But the SA skill
system is back.  Lets's hope someone comes up with another mod to get past it
quickly.  Your abilities are handicapped and you can live with it much of the
game or do boring repetitive clerical things to overcome it.  Who thought that
would be fun?

  The Pacific Ocean is called the Pacific Ocean because the copyright ran out.

  There are beach balls (such as on the beach by the pool by the tennis court
by the coast of Pacific Bluffs) but you can't play Keepie Uppie with them.
The El Gordo lighthouse light works at night.

  Buy Scotch tape: paper maps are still made of something that rips apart into
strips before you finish the game.  (Rockstar: please make them of something
more durable.)

  Leslie Benzies, producer of GTAs since "III," is no longer president of Rock-
star North.  He formed a group of game developers in 2016.  Their first game is

  Thanks to Robert Rusk for much of the information below common to consoles and
the PC.  I always look to him first for overall and individual strategies and
have enjoyed his work since my first walk-through.

  Thanks to the GTA Series Videos site for showing how to get Gold requirements
for missions.

  Thanks to the web site for the thorough analysis of various as-
pects of "GTA V."

  Thanks to whatever57010 for his entertaining and informative videos of "all
possibilities" for "GTA V" missions.

  Thanks to web site for tips from fans in all areas of "GTA V"
and mods.

  Thanks to the web site for the vast selection of all kinds of

  Thanks to the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDb) site for much of the informa-
tion about the voice actors we're going to spend so much time with.

  Thanks to Merriam-Webster Online and Wikipedia for being my Internet diction-
ary and encyclopedia.

  Thanks to the Urban Dictionary site for translations of some of the slang.

  Thanks to the ASCII art generator web page for the title art.

  Personal info:

  I was born on March 3.

  One thing common to my web page walk-throughs and articles is that my efforts
are inclusive, not exclusive.  Walk-throughs aren't about "Look at me--I'm a
hotshot gamer" but rather to bring as many people as possible in on the game.
The ones on belief in God or not are an overview of both with an eye toward not
wanting needless harm.

  Bill Winstein won the Golden Quill Award for newspaper excellence in 1971,
and his art and cartoons were in the Baseball, Football, and Basketball Halls
of Fame, and a number of local bars and barbershops, like Evangelista's.  My Dad
was born in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, in 1914, and my Mom, Margaret Ann True, was
born in Council Bluffs, Iowa, in 1923.  Their childhoods lived on in them, and
live on in me.  And that's bigger than anything in all these PC-choking walk-
throughs of mine combined.

  I'm named after my Mom's brother Russell Glen True who was a boxer and died in
the Battle of the Bulge in WWII.  Her nickname was Pat--I guess that could use
some explanation.  Her Dad liked to tell Pat and Mike jokes and nicknamed Margar-
et "Pat" and Mary "Mike."  I guess Mary didn't like "Mike" so changed "True" to
"Trudy" and became my aunt Trudy, and Mom was called Pat.

  "Glenster's Drive by GTA V" copyright 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019 Glen T.

  This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed pub-
licly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

  Rockstar Games, Inc. Rockstar Games, Rockstar North, the R* logo, Grand Theft
Auto and the Grand Theft Auto logo and A Take-Two Company logo are trademarks
and/or registered trademarks of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.

  And everything else is by people who have copyrights for that stuff.


  I.1    Paying tributes, having things in common, and
              things you may not have noticed
  "GTA 5 vs Real Life - 35 Real Life Locations Compared!" by CVG

  Secrets and mysteries--GTA Forums members hosted by EramVerdes

  Easter eggs--GTA Forums members hosted by AnEvilVet

  "Secrets and Easter Eggs in GTA V"

  "GTA 5 Easter Eggs and Secrets" by GTA Series Videos

  "Mysterious Cave Now Open! - GTA 5 Mystery" by Trippy Commentaries\
  "GTA 5 - Easter Eggs And Secrets (HD)" by Video Series GTA

  Easter eggs, etc. at

  "Characters and Voice Actors - Grand Theft Auto V" by TeddyKGaming

  "GTA 5: Michael, Franklin, and Trevor in the Flesh" by IGN

  Soapboxers are found when random events become available.  Soapboxers are at
pale blue dots on the radar.  To have a protagonist talk to one have him go near
the person and press E.  The message may be a bit different for each of the
three protagonists (Jesse's message about his father, for example).

  One soapboxer is Jesse (voice provided by Nikola Wincenc), the Jesus wannabe,
who makes Woodstock-type analogies with New Testament ideas in the northeast
section of Del Perro Pier.
  "GTA V - Jesus Talks Partying, Second Coming & More!! (Funny Easter Egg)" by
  (A more traditional rendering of Jesus is on a wall on the north side of Fudge
Lane, El Burro Heights.)

  Jerome (voice provided by Chike Johnson) looks like a member of the Nation of
Islam and preaches a painful death to whoever doesn't want to join him in Para-
dise.  He's on the northwest side of Dutch London St. west of Carson Ave., Ran-
cho.  He says his brother Jerome preached in Liberty City which probably refers
to the Jerome that preached across the street from the "IV" save place in South
Bohan and in the prison (when the European-American preacher didn't appear in
those places).

  Jesco White, tap dancing (and faintly heard singing) to "If You Wanna Get To
Heaven" by the Ozark Mountain Daredevils, is a soapboxer near the dead end of
the dirt road south of North Calafia Way at the southmost dip of the north shore
of the Alamo Sea.  He's also the disk jockey of Rebel Radio.
  "Dancing Outlaw Jesco White in GTA V"  The Tykjen
  "GTA 5 - Tap Dancing Hillbilly Easter Egg!" by BeatUpTheGame

  Graham, the Vinewood Zombie (voice provided by Patrick Duggan) who appears on
southwest Vinewood Blvd./northeast Atta St., Downtown Vinewood, wishes he'd
stayed in college but now promotes a zombie movie while letting his disappoint-
ment about it show through.  His character's need for "brains" indicates a
spoof of the 1985 zombie comedy/horror movie "Return of the Living Dead."
  "more brains a return to the living dead full doc" by thomas van baal

  Impotent Rage (voice provided by Graham Rowat) appears in full costume to pro-
mote his cartoon by the Hardcore Comic Store, south Eclipse Blvd. west of N. Ar-
cher Ave., West Vinewood.  His character seems to be frustrated in promoting a
confused version of a USA liberal social agenda instead of better acting jobs.

  Pamela Drake (voice provided by Leigh Rose) is an elder ex-actress (a bit like
Norma Desmond of "Sunset Boulevard") on northeast Vinewood Blvd. east of Power

  Clinton (voice provided by Craig Anthony Grant) is an anguished USA war vet at
the corner of south Marina Dr./west Armadillo Ave., Sandy Shores.

  Mani (voice provided by Julian Alvarez) is a Mexican American actor in a som-
brero who appears in a courtyard near north Elgin Ave. south of Hawick Ave.,
Alta, to criticize the bad regard and treatment of Mexicans in the USA--see sub-
titles for English translations.

  Jane (voice provided by Lindsay Perry) is by the fountain at the Rockford
Hills City Hall near the corner of north Carcer Way and west Abe Milton Parkway,
Rockford Hills, recruiting for the Children Of The Mountain.

  Andy Moon (voice provided by Erik Frandsen)is an older muscular longhaired
guy who appears on the east side of Magellan Ave. south of Cortes St., Vespuc-
ci, and elsewhere to warns of impending doom in his version of Book of Revela-
tion symbolism.

  Baygor (voice provided by Chris McLinden) appears at Portola Dr./Eastbourne
Way, Rockford Hills, to advocate membership in the Epsilon Program.

  Bill Binder (voice provided by Bill Buell) is by Willie's Supermarket on the
northwest side of Paleto Blvd. east of Cascabel Ave., Paleto Bay, ranting his
financial advice.

  A mime artist in full French costume and makeup portrayed by Gregg Goldston
appears on the Prosperity Street Promenade north of San Andreas Ave. in Del Per-
ro.  He'll speak to curse a protagonist who disturbs him.

  Andy Whitford appears after 11:00 am as a mime who performs as a living statue
on Del Perro Pier northwest of the southern end of the roller coaster (if you
have your protagonist approach after looking away about a block away).  He
doesn't speak but his name is given in a Lifeinvader post on the message wall of
Ink Inc.: "I got that mermaid tattoo on my forearm to look tough but everyone
thinks I'm gay!" (see the 2nd link below).  If you have your protagonist
approach him and press E he starts a fight.

  Griff (voice provided by Matthew Lawler) is at Larry's RV Sales on the north
side of Route 68 west of Senora Rd., Harmony, advocating USA nationalism, Euro-
pean-American racism, and rejection of immigrants into the USA.

  "GTA 5 - All Friends / Random Encounters" by GTA Series Videos
  The 14 friends like Jesse and Jesco mentioned in the introduction.

  Thanks to whatever57010 and his fans for the next batch:

  (at 7:33)  Dial 1-999-367-3767 to cause an overhead explosion, make the phone
bigger, and change the phone color theme to grey.
  (at 9:05)  Some rooftop AC units explode when hit by fire such as from Molotovs
or Rocket launcher missiles.
  (at 10:07)  After "Minor Turbulance" you can have Michael call Tracey seven
times and Jimmy four times.
 "Fan Facts #10 (GTA V)" by whatever57010

  (at :16)  There's a little statue of French Tom from "Out of the Closet" in
"IV' on a shelf in Lester's house.
  (at 6:23)  If you have your protagonist use a police car to approach Packie
for his Random Event he'll flee.
  (at 9:52)  Use Franklin or Michael to save the game at Trevor's house then
load the save and Trevor will be seated while using the toilet.
  (at 11:06)  To have a single player protagonist drive another one get two in
one place, have one get into then out of a car, have them change to the other
character who will then get in the car.  Just before they get in the car have
the other get in the passenger seat and he'll be driven around.
  (at 12:14)  Have a protagonist call 273-555-0185 to hear Brucie Kibbutz.
  "Fan Facts #11 (GTA V)" by whatever57010

  Thanks to whatever57010 and his fans for the next batch, too:

  There's a big snowman in a room of a big La Mesa warehouse that has "FRIDGIT"
and "STAY FROSTY!" on the roof.  Have your protagonist look between two large
blue doors and shoot the boxes from it to see it better. (Thanks to DatCatTho

  In "Franklin and Lamar" there's a security can to Franklin's left in the
Union Depository.  You can have him destroy it to cause lots of money pickups to
appear. (Thanks to memygamerside)

  A jet occasionally crashes near Michael's house. (Thanks to Old School)

  If Patricia appears outside Trevor's trailer you can have your protagonist set
fire to her and she'll be unharmed because she's fireproof at that time and
place. (Thanks to CHRISPLAYER 95)

  The Los Santos La Mesa drainage ditch at night sometimes features a race be-
tween two cars in an Easter Egg of the race (at Los Angeles River) in the movie
"Grease," 1978. (Thanks to Arbiter)

  A few game hours after "I Fought the Law..." the Cheetah and Entity XF appear
with covers at Hayes Auto on Little Bighorn Ave. in Strawberry, Los Santos, the
Z-Type appears there that way after "Eye in the Sky," and the JB 700 after "Deep
Inside." (Thanks to genjuro3185)

  If you turn the lowrider dollar sign hubcaps sideways you can see they also
appear as "69." (Thanks to Xalataf)

  Cafe Redemption features a picture of a boar on a plate which is a reference
to the 2010 Rockstar San Diego game "Red Dead Redemption." (Thanks to JDeSanta-
  (GTW note: there are three Cafe Redemption stores:
  (Peaceful St., Pillbox Hill, Downtown
  (Little Portola and Portola Dr., Rockford Hills
  (Morningwood Boulevard and West Eclipse Blvd., Morningwood)
  "Fan Facts #19 (GTA V)" by whatever57010

  The Paleto Bay church has organ music from 6:30 am to 7:00 am and 18:30 pm to
about 18:49 pm.  (Similarly, the church/temple at the south end of the east is-
land in VC has organ music from 11 am to noon.)  The bell of the Paleto Bay
church uses a 12-hour clock that keeps proper time.
  8:30 "Fan Facts #20 (GTA V)" by whatever57010

  A 60+ foot sculpture of steel I-beams resembling the "Declaration" sculpture
by Mark di Suvero on Windward Ave. on the Boardwalk in Venice Beach was in GTA
"V" on Vespucci Beach.  It was replaced (credit and/or royalty money reasons?)
by a similarly big angular sculpture but of rusty metal plates.  I couldn't find
something resembling it with the Google search engine.  To me the new sculpture
looks basically like an Easter Island Moai head sculpture--one was an Easter Egg
in GTA "San Andreas."  What looked like a Moai sculpture on top of an Arco del
Oeste rock formation from far to the east was seen to be a tall shack when C.J.
got close to it.

  At around 10:15 to 11 am a little terrier dog walks north on a path to sit by
a headstone that says "In Loving Memory" and is by a clutch of flowers south of
the cemetery pool in Vinewood Cemetery by Hill Valley Church in Pacific Bluffs.
It's as though the dog misses a previous owner.
  "GTA 5: Dog Visits Owner's Grave Easter Egg! (GTA 5 Easter Eggs)" by WhizL

  It refers to (6 min. into the video at the next link) Greyfriars Bobby, an
Edinburgh black terrier, which visited its owners grave for 14 years.  It died
in 1872.

  At the same graveyard, on the middle bench of three in the clearing at the top
of some steps northwest of the pool, is a sign that says "In Memory of Chris
Edwards" (7 min.).  He was one of the workers on various Rockstar games includ-
ing "V" who died at 44 years old before the game was released.

  The alleged goof of the front of the Tate mansion (of the Manson family mur-
ders), 10050 Cielo Dr., which has been removed and replaced by a different                                                                       house, is at the southeast end of Lake Vinewood on Kimble Hill Dr., Vinewood
Hills.  It's supposedly pointed to by a bloody "1807" on a wall at the east end
of the street.  There are some partiers in the back yard.  (It's an imaginable
connection but it's not very clear.  Maybe a loose connection was intended since
it's too disturbing to be worth bringing up the specifics.)
  "GTA 5 Charles Manson Easter Egg!" by TheYuck MouthFamily

  An actual goof of the Playboy Mansion is the Richman mansion on the north side
of Americano Way west of the Los Santos Golf Club.
  "GTA 5 - Playboy Mansion Easter Egg (Grand Theft Auto V Secret Easter Eggs)"
by RSPproductionz

  The Galileo Observatory north of "VINEWOOD HILLS" on your paper map is based
on Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, CA.  (It was also the basis for the Los
Santos Observatory in Verdant Bluffs in GTA "San Andreas.")

  The El Gordo Lighthouse in Cape Catfish, Blaine County, is like the Point Fer-
min Lighthouse found in San Pedro, Los Angeles.

  The Gentry Manor Hotel (on the north side of Gentry Lane which is nameless on
your paper map of LS--it's found on the north side of Eclipse Blvd. west of Las
Lagunas Blvd.) is based on the Chateau Marmont Hotel at 8221 Sunset Boulevard in
Los Angeles.

  Procopio was the name of one of the best-known California bandits in the

  Prosperity Steet Promenade, Del Perro, is based on Third Street Promenade, Los

  Stab City probably refers to Slab City.

  Sandy Shores may be named after Mitzi Shore's daughter Sandy.

  Legion Square on the south side of San Andreas Ave. and west side of Straw-
berry Ave. is based on Pershing Square, Los Angeles.

  The tall scuptures north of the most southern curve of Dutch London St., Ran-
cho are based on Simon Rodia's Watts Towers (the Simon Rodia State Historical
Park) of Los Angeles.  (Simon is the 2nd person from the right of the top row of
people on the cover of the album "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band," 1967.)
The sculptures were also represented by "Sculpture Park" in GTA "San Andreas."

  Grove Street is probably based on "Spruce Street in Compton because of the
cul-de-sac, the tree related name, and the fact that the Ballas (who are based
on the Bloods Gang) occupy the area.  In real-life, the Tree Top Piru set of the
Bloods occupy the street."

  The store name Miss T refers to Misty of GTA "III."  Miss T is across the
street to the west of the Oriental Theater, Vinewood Blvd., Downtown Vinewood,
Los Santos, which is based on the TCL Chinese Theatre formerly Grauman's Chinese
Theater, 6925 Hollywood Blvd., Hollywood, CA.

  Pogo the Monkey, the star of an arcade game of GTA "III" and VC, is depicted
on the front of Flickers Comics--a comic book store that's east of the barber
shop that's on the south side of Hawick Ave. east of Las Lagunas Blvd., Hawick,
Los Santos.  The latest incarnation of the Pogo the Monkey is Go Go Space Mon-
key--see The Monkey Mosaics mission.

  A continuation of various things like the WK Chariot Hotel lights that outline
a penis between 11 pm and 12 am in "Vice City" is the pair of tires on the roof
of TIRE NUTS at the north side of Innocence Blvd. and the east side of Power St.
Viewed at the right angle a skyscraper behind them looks like a symbol of a c**k
and the tires are symbols of a pair of b**ls.  A similar impression is made on
your minimap by by the ferris wheel and roller coaster.

  Christopher "Chris" Bellard aka Young Maylay, who provided the voice of C.J.
in "San Andreas," is the cousin of Shawn Fonteno, the voice actor for Franklin
  CJs TOOTHPASTE is found in various locations in "V."
  In "Hood Safari" three bicyclists in green go northwest from the Grove St.
cul-de-sac which refers to the start of GTA "San Andreas."
  There's an Achievement for "Derailed" called "Better than CJ."  It refers to
"Wrong Side of the Tracks" in which you have C.J. use a Sanchez to drive Big
Smoke by a train of Vagos so Big Smoke can shoot them.
  In Lester's house is a book called "Surveillance" by Emily Cross with C.J.'s
picture on the cover.

  There's an OG Loc record in Franklin's house.
  "Fan Facts #1 (GTA V)" by whatever57010

  There are Madd Dogg and OG Loc CD covers in Jimmy's room.

  The name of the Palmer Taylor Power Station refers to the band The Power Sta-
tion which included Robert Palmer and John and Andy Taylor.

  Thelma and Louise Easter Egg: have your protagonist go to the south end of the
road shown in brown that extends south from the road shown in white that extends
south from the "Wil" of "Chiliad Mountain State Wilderness" on your paper map
around 7 to 8 pm (1900 to 2000) to see an Easter Egg of the 1991 movie "Thelma
and Louise."

  Behind a convertible with two women are several police cars and a helicopter.
When an officer goes toward the convertible it starts up and drives off the
cliff.  This Easter Egg can be seen from a helicopter or have your protagonist
use a Sniper rifle scope to look southwest from the porch of a nearby cabin at
the dirt road atop a ridge.  (You could also use the Airbreak function of the
Simple Trainer.)

  There are several references to the 1980 movie "The Shining."

  The Overlooked Red Blouson at Binco/Discount Store aka Checkout! is like the
one worn by Jack Torrance (Jack Nicholson) in "The Shining."

  After "Blitz Play" an axe will appear embedded in Floyd's bedroom door as a
show of Trevor's violent craziness and a reference to Jack Torrence becoming
violently crazy and going through a door with an axe in "The Shining."

  The hedge maze south of the "e" of "Kortz Center" in Pacific Bluffs on your
paper map of LS & BC refers to the hedge maze in "The Shining."

  Floyd's apartment is based on Melanie's apartment in the 1997 movie "Jackie
Brown" by Quentin Tarantin starring Pam Grier.  Pam Grier is the DJ of The Low-
down 91.1 in "V."'s_Apartment

  Bishop's WTF?! on south Vinewood Blvd./east Las Lagunas Blvd., Downtown Vine-
wood is a reference to the android Bishop in the 1986 movie "Aliens" and is
based on "Ripley's Believe It Or Not!" which it turn refers to the main charac-
ter of the movie named Ellen Ripley.'s_WTF%3F!!

  The flying saucer imbedded in the Bishop's WTF?! building is like the one in
the front of Fry's Electonics, 2311 N. Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA.
  "TheDailyWoo - 940 (1/27/15) Alien Attack ! Fry's Electronics" by TheDailyWoo

  There's a hatch with a rectangular lit window on the sea floor east of the
northeast center swirl of Davis Quartz on your paper map of LS & BC and a bit
more east than the east side of the island that's east of "fish" of "Cape Cat-
fish" on the same map.  What sounds like bass or low tom drums can be heard to
beat out Morse Code when a protagonist goes near the hatch.  According to a
poster at gtaforums the code translation is "Hey.  You never call.  How do you
fancy we go bowling?"  This refers to Roman Bellic in GTA "IV."  An Internet
meme was based on Roman persistently calling Niko to ask him to go bowling.
  "Fan Facts #7 (GTA V)" by whatever57010

  To avoid having your protagonist die from going near the hatch you can use
the Simple Trainer and give them god mode.  (whatever57010 used the Airbreak--
noclip--function of it to determine there's nothing behind the hatch.)

  The mound painted in bright colors as an homage to aliens (the north end of the
dead end road northwest of the Parachute icon in Senera National Park)--:25 in
the video by AnotherClutch2 at the next link-- is based on Salvation Mountain by
Leonard Knight near Slab City ("Stab City" in "V") in the Colorado Desert.

  There are four UFOs in the game scenery--three only appear after 100% comple-

  "GTA 5 - Easter Egg #6 - Flying UFO (100% Completion, Fort Zancudo & Sandy
Shore)" by GTA Series Videos

  The safest way to see them is to use the Airbreak (noclip) function and god
mode of the Simple Trainer.

  1.  Underwater  An underwater wreck of a UFO is east of the north end of the
biggest island at the north end of the map and north of the little dock that's
north-northwest of the most northern instance of "Great Ocean Highway" on your
paper map of LS & BC.

  Some think it's the spaceship Omega says exploded and scattered Spaceship
Parts around the area.

  2.  Over Fort Zancudo  It's not far under the height limit north of the "Z"
of "Fort Zancudo" and west of the loop of dirt road by the northeast end of the
fort on your paper map of LS & BC.  One way to see it is to have your protagon-
ist parachute from a Shamal.  It becomes visible when the protagonist is near

  It appears after completing the game to 100%.  At 3:00 am on a small elevator
bunker roof below the UFO is a rotating green light in the shape of a circle
with eight evenly spaced bars extended from the edge of it.  A bright light
comes from above (not up from as high as the spaceship) as if for Michael's ab-
duction in "Did Somebody Say Yoga?"
  "GTA 5: UFO Abduction Beam/Light Gameplay!!" by WhizL

  If you use the Airbrake function of the Simple Trainer to see inside the
cockpit you see two dark figures seated amid the lights of the controls.
  "Fan Facts #9 (GTA V)" by whatever57010

  This UFO has eight pairs of rectangular plates on the outer edge.  "Segregate
and Rearrange" is written on the roof of the cockpit.  One way to rearrange the
letters in "segregate" is to spell "Easter egg."

  It's thought that this is a prototype for an advanced stealth plane based
upon technology recovered from the crashed UFO.  One mission tells about a sub-
mariner hired to collect something from the bottom of the sea only to die in a
freak "accident."

  If you have a protagonist fly an aircraft near the UFO it emits an EMP (elec-
tromagnetic pulse) which powers down the aircraft.  If you have a protagonist
parachute near the UFO it flings him in the opposite direction and causes him
to lose nearly half his Health.

  3. Over Senora National Park  It's high overhead of the "Beam Me Up" sculp-
ture at the dirt road north of the "N" of "Senora National Park" and west of
the top of the Parachuting icon which is on the east side of the Grand Senora
Desert on your paper map of LS & BC.

  It appears after completing the game 100%.  It's the same model used for the
crashed UFO, the Mount Chiliad UFO, and in a cutscene for "Did Somebody Say
Yoga?"  If you have a protagonist parachute nearby it pushes him away.

  This UFO has two revolving roofs--the upper one has a windows that reveal
that the lower one has instances of "FIB" written on top.  The Fort Zancudo
UFO, when opened in a model viewer, has humanoid pilots.  The combined impres-
sion is the science fiction of a government/alien "men in black" effort.

  4. Over Mount Chiliad   It's south of the viewing stand at the top of Mt.
Chiliad starting at 3:00 am during thunderstorms once you've completed the game
100%.  It's thought to be a government hologram since it also has "FIB" written
on top, doesn't react to bullets or explosions, and disappears if you send a
protagonist near it.  It reappears if you send the protagonist back to the
viewing stand area but not if you send them far away and back.

  There's a UFO-shaped glyph under the mountaintop wooden viewing platform and
writing on the side of it says "RETURN WHEN YOUR STORY IS COMPLETE."

  You can enter the code MAKEITRAIN seven times or use the Simple Trainer to
cause a thunderstorm.

  "Murder Mystery" is a side mission in the enhanced version of "V."  The mis-
sion is available after completing "Repossession," exclusive to players who've
played the PS3 or Xbox 360 versions of "V," and your protagonist must be Mi-
chael.  Still, some of the physical clues can be found any time in the PC ver-
sion.  The easiest way to see them is to use the Simple Trainer > Teleporting >
Other Teleports > Murder Mystery.

  The first clue involves finding four messages.  (If you were to initiate the
mission you'd have Michael find the first message.  The sound of a camera re-
winding film indicates the game recognizes Michael as finding the message.)

  One: to the west of the Gentry Manor Hotel in West Vinewood are five smaller
buildings shown as five grey shapes--basically rectangles--on the in-game map.
An inscription on the east side of the southwest building reads "OLD FRED ACTS
NICE, BUT IT AIN'T SO!"  (Nearby, on the north side of the southeast building,
between 8 and 9 am, the sun causes shadows on a wall to depict the word "HELP"
in several places.)
  "GTA5 SUN REVEALS "HELP" between 8-9am!!" by MusicVidiot

  Two: the inscription on the south wall of the lower observation deck of Gali-
leo Observatory, Vinewood Hills--"DAVID RICHARDS KNOWS."

  Three: the inscription on the west end of the south side of the City Hall

  Four: the inscription on the west side of the indented area in the front of
the Chinese Theater, Downtown Vinewood--"AIN'T NO MYSTERY.  THEY DROWNED HER

  The remaining examples are some of those from the batch at
(I helped with a few details.)

  When you have Trevor's vehicle hit a pedestrian Trevor may shout "Ten points!"
as though using the scoring system of "Grand Theft Auto" (1997).

  In "The Paleto Score" Michael says his first score was a 1988 heist on the
outskirts of Carcer City.  This refers to the 2003 Rockstar game "Manhunt."

  On the east side of the Del Perro Pier some red graffiti reads "NOTHING TO SEE
HERE!  GROOVE ALONG" by a cartoon of the eyes and mouth of a smiley face.  The
words are like those of the sign atop the San Fierro Bridge in "San Andreas"
(2004).  The cartoon is like a simplified version of the cartoon smiley face on
the Bedford Point alleyway sign in the PSP version of "Liberty City Stories"

  Two roads in Sandy Shores refer to towns in the Rockstar San Diego game "Red
Dead Redemption" (2010)--Cholla Springs Avenue and Armadillo Avenue.  Algonquin
Boulevard, a nod to the Algonquin borough of Liberty City of "III," cuts through

  On a bookshelf in Franklin's Vinewood Hills house is a DVD titled "The Liberty
King" with the face of Donald Love from GTA "III" (2001) cover art.  The walls
feature posters about Madd Dogg and OG Loc from "San Andreas"--there's also a
gold record for OG Loc.  On a book case in the same house is a book called "Red
Dead" by J. Marston.  This may refer Jack, the son of "Red Dead Redemption" pro-
tagonist John, who regularly reads books and said he might write a book one day.

  During "Daddy's Little Girl" the man working at the Vespucci Beach bike rental
shop wears a John Marston t-shirt.

  The surname "De Santa" that the FIB gave to Michael Townley and his family is
a reference to Vincente De Santa, a major antagonist of "Red Dead Redemption."

  During "Hood Safari," on the last turn before arriving at Grove Street, you
can see three people riding BMX bicycles down Grove Street away from the cul-de-
sac.  They look like C.J., Sweet, and Big Smoke from the "San Andreas" mission
"Sweet & Kendl."

  If you have Michael enter his house he may call out "Daddy's back, bitches!"
This is similar to the line by Dave Bosoy (voice actor Martin Herring) from the
start of GTA "IV" (2008): "Daddy's back, you bitches."

  Before casing the jewel store for the first heist Lester tells Michael an
Eastern-European man who'd done jobs in Liberty City went quiet.  This alludes
to Niko Bellic--the protagonist of "IV"--suggesting he either gave up his life
of crime or was killed.  But his LifeInvader page can be seen on Jimmy's laptop,
and a wanted poster of Niko is on the table on the front porch of a wooden house
in the Grand Sonora Desert (on the in-game map it's represented by the most
western grey rectangle of the Grand Sonora Desert), so Niko is likely still
alive after GTA "IV."

  During a private fare for Downtown Cab Co. Franklin has to take a passenger to
the docks to deal with The Lost MC bikers.  The bikers stand near two Albany Em-
perors with license plates that say "NIKOB" and "ROMANB" which refer to the GTA
"IV" Bellic cousins and Roman's cab company which used Albany cars (Esperanto
and Cavalcade).

  There's an LCC Hexer in the same location with a plate that says "LUISLOPZ"
which refers to Luis Fernando Lopez--the protagonist of "The Ballad of Gay Tony"

  In the "Getaway Driver" Random Event you can have one of the protagonists help
two people get away from a robbery or kill them and take their money.  If you
have the protagonist help them one robber says the Liberty City robbery was bet-
ter organized.  He identifies himself as Packie from "IV" as he leaves.  After-
ward he becomes a possible crew member for a heist.  If you pick Packie for the
Paleto Score heist he guesses that Niko Bellic is probably dead.

  During "Derailed" a Gold Medal Objective is named "Better than CJ"--you get it
if you have Trevor land on the train with the 1st jump.   This refers to the
"San Andreas" mission "Wrong Side Of The Tracks" in which you have C.J. follow a

  A TV commercial for Up-n-Atom Burger shows their restaurants as they were in
1950.  It reuses images from "L.A. Noire" (2011).

  B.J. Smith (a parody of O.J. Simpson and a reference to blowjobs) of "Vice
City" is referenced a couple of times: BJ Smith Recreational Center and Park,
Chamberlain Hills, and BJ's Market & CONVENIENCE STORE, East Vinewood.

  The Elysian Fields Freeway (East Los Santos) is a reference to the Elysian
Fields Development company in "L.A. Noire."  It may also refer to Elysian Park
near Downtown Los Angeles.

  Some power stations have an orange sticker that says 1.21 GW (gigawatt)--a
reference to the movie "Back to the Future" (1985).

  Two churches--one in Pacific Bluffs and the other in Great Chaparral--are
called Hill Valley Church.  This refers to the fictitious Californian town of
Hill Valley in the "Back to the Future" movies (1985, 1989, and 1990).

  In "Deep Inside" there's a customized JB 700 with machine guns, tire spikes,
and a passenger ejector seat.  This refers to James Bond's modified Aston Martin
DB5 in the 1964 movie "Goldfinger."  "700" is the reverse of James Bond's code
name "007."

  The ads for "J's Bonds" refer to James Bond.

  The Discount Store and Binco sell a red jacket called an "Overlooked Red
Blouson" which is the jacket worn by Jack Torrance in the 1980 movie "The Shin-
ing."  The hotel where the Torrance family stays is called The Overlook Hotel.

  The mission "Predator" refers to the 1987 movie "Predator" in which the preda-
tor uses thermal vision to hunt humans.

  The Los Santos museum called Bishop's WTF?! is a parody of the Ripley's Be-
lieve It Or Not! museums.  Ripley and Bishop are also the names of characters in
the 1986 film "Aliens."

  At Paleto Cove is a Bait Tackle shop with a notice board with ads.  One says
"Norman Baits 'For the Mother of all Catches'"  This refers to Norman Bates and
his mother in Alfred Hitchcock's movie Psycho (1960).

  The name of the Valkyrie helicopter refers to the beach attack sequence from
"Apocalypse Now" (1979) in which the US Air Cavalry attacks a Vietcong village
in a fleet of helicopters while listening to Richard Wagner's "Ride of the Val-
kyries."  (The helicopters in the scene are mostly Bell UH-1 helicopters--the
Bell UH-1 is the predecessor of the helicopter on which the Valkyrie is based.)

  The Digiscanner seen in "Chasing the Truth" and "Far Out" resembles the P.K.E.
Meter of the movie "Ghostbusters" (1984).

  "Capolavoro" references and parodies 1960s European cinema.  The cinemato-
graphy is like Federico Fellini's "8½" (1963).  It's similar to Ingmar Begman's
"Persona" (1966) notably in the use of a seemingly disjointed dream sequence as
an introduction and reflections on the nature of cinema.  The two women might
refer to Elisabet and Alma in that movie.  The use of horses as symbolism is a
nod to Tarkovsky's "Andrei Rublev" (1966).

  The Intimacy trilogy written by Terry Bolan is a parody of the E.L. James Fif-
ty Shades trilogy of novels (2011, 2012).

  The title of the book "Twelve Hungry Women" in Franklin's Vinewood Hills house
refers to the 1957 movie "Twelve Angry Men."

  In "Marriage Counseling" Michael quotes the Bible verse "It's a foolish man
who builds his house in sand" which Franklin recognizes as from the gospel of
Matthew ("his boy Matthew wasn't thinking about trucks when he wrote that

  The Leviathan roller coaster is named after the sea monster from the Old Test-

  Near the end of "Scope Out"--the first heist setup for the "Fleeca Job"--
Lester asks Paige Harris "What?  They're gonna charge us with thought crime?"
The phrase "thought crime" comes from George Orwell's 1949 novel "Nineteen

  A mural on Sinner St., Textile City, seems basically based on "Calle de la
Eternidad" (Eternity Street), Johanna Poethig, 1993.  The mural was located at
353 South Broadway, Los Angeles, and symbolized dislocation and adaptation of
the Los Angeles Latino community.  The "V" version has a slightly altered ver-
sion of the Grantland Rice poem "Alumnus Football" written around it.

  The name of the Online mission "War and Pieces" is a reference to the title of
the 1869 Leo Tolstoy novel "War and Peace."

  Another Online mission, "Method in the Madness," is named after the quote
"Though this be madness, yet there's method in it" from "Hamlet" (1599 to 1602?)
by Shakespeare.

  Sometimes when you switch to Trevor while not on a mission he and a man in
front of him will be riding Faggios and Trevor will say, "We are scooter broth-
ers!  Scooooter brothers!" etc.  This refers to the scooter brothers video by
4PP (4PlayerPodcast).

  Just outside of Sandy Shores is a small hill painted and engraved with words
and pictures relating to aliens and UFOs.  One of the engravings is "6EQUJ5."
This refers to the Wow! signal--a radio signal from space detected in 1977 that
some believe came from an alien radio transmission.

  According to bail jumper Curtis Weaver there was a sit-in demonstration out-
side The Exchange in Algonquin, Liberty City.  This refers to the Occupy Wall
Street protest movement that started in New York City in 2011.

  The Richman Mansion, just west of the golf club, looks like two real life man-
sions: the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills and the Playboy Mansion in Holmby
Hills. The front contains the entryway, porte cochere, and fountain area of the
Greystone.  The building architecture, window locations, etc. are all near-
matches.  Behind the house is the Playboy Mansion's famous grotto and each night
the grounds host a party.

  I.2    PC Health

  I.2.a  Clean your disk, disk player, and PC

  Clean your Play disk and use a CD laser lens cleaner disk in your player.

  Turn off your PC and use a can of compressed air and clean out your PC box,
CD/DVD player compartment, and keyboard.  If you spill something into your key-
board, disconnect it, flush it thoroughly with water, and let it dry for a few

  (I've seen disk cleaners, laser disk cleaners, and cans of compressed air on
sale at department and drug stores.)

  I.2.b  Get your hard disk drive (HDD) and/or solid state drive (SSD)
           clean and in order

  As is apparent by the fact that I'm writing this walk-through, I've finally
built a new computer with an SSD (Samsung Evo 500 GB) for the OS drive.  But I
still use HDDs (for sampling and saving audio projects for a DAW and for stor-
age) so I still keep up with the advice for them.

  At least once a month--even a week--run the Disk Defragmenter for an HDD used
for an OS and after any big use of one used for storage.  Run it after crashes
and after you make any big changes to your HDD used for an OS, too, like after
installing or removing new graphics card drivers or a big game demo or such.
For Windows XP Home Edition, go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, System
Tools, and Disk Defragmenter.

  Even better is Diskeeper, which is what the Windows defragmenter is a scaled
down version of.  I recommend the Professional version--it lets you do a boot
time defragmentation which defragments the Pagefile and Master File Table.
Your other files run in co-ordination with those, but you can't defragment
those with the Windows defragmenter.

  For either type of drive used for your OS:

  After using the Internet go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, System
Tools, and use the Disk Cleanup--remove the Temporary Files, Temporary Internet
Files, and Recycle Bin.  The Temporary Internet Files can help you surf the web
faster, but I search it fast enough without them and they can build up into a
huge batch of bytes in no time.

  You can get free software versions of Ad-aware and Spybot.  You might go to
the Downloads section of the Microsoft web site and try their AntiSpyware.
Keep them updated and run them regularly.



  Buy an anti-virus program, keep it updated, and run it regularly.  A current-
ly recommended example via paid subscription is BitDefender.  (It lets you use
Game Mode so it doesn't run when you play games.)  A recommended free program
is avast!  If you use an antivirus program, only use one and don't use software
like the two examples I mentioned above this paragraph--it can cause compati-
bility problems.

  I.2.c  Use the latest updates

  On your browser, click Tools and run Windows Update about once a week.  The site reports Microsoft updates.

  Make sure you have the latest updates for your sound (Creative Labs, ASUS,
etc.) and graphics card (ATI, NVIDEA, possibly Intel, etc.) drivers, mother-
board drivers, DirectX (the Microsoft web site Downloads section), mouse and
keyboard drivers, firmware, and whatever else you use for your PC you can get
updates for.

  Go to Run, type in "msinfo32," and click OK if you're not sure what your com-
puter specifics are, and see how they compare with the requirements for comput-
ers given on the bottom flap of the box of the game.  You might want to upgrade

  You could try the same thing except type in "dxdiag," too.

  You can get more extensive results with SiSoftware Sandra Lite, mentioned be-
low in the tweakguides part of this section, by running the various modules it
contains.  You can not only learn what your various PC components are but get
helpful recommendations about changing settings and making upgrades to improve
the performance of your PC.  (I'd talk the recommendations over with an expert

  I.2.d  Turn off unnecessary applications before running the game

  Run a free utility called End-It-All 2 and use the "Close all" button to shut
down other applications before running the game.

  I.2.e  Take-Two Games web site and support

  For technical support for "V" check the support section for the PC "GTA V" at
the Take-Two Games web site.  Go to Take2 Games, Support, Grand Theft Auto: V"
(PC).  They have a page that lets you send an Email to some nice people who of-
fer personal support.  Help them isolate the source of your problem by doing
the other things recommended in this section 1st.

  Try to avoid things that make your game freeze so you have no ability to get
out of the game with the keyboard.  Turning your PC off at the main power but-
ton is bad for your computer, so use the reset button instead at such times.

  You may have to remove a mod because you made an installation mistake or it's
corrupted due to a faulty download, etc.  My PC has had bad reactions to cer-
tain mods, too, for some reason.  Try getting advice from the creator of the
mod, from GTA Forums web site, etc.  If worse comes to worse, for whatever
reason you may never learn--some unfortunate combination of the mod with some
component or setting of your PC--you may need to just remove it.  Keep backups
of the original files before replacing them with a mod.

  For support please visit:

  If you prefer to contact tech support via email or phone please use the fol-

  Phone: 1-866-405-5464
  Email: [email protected]

  Phone: 1-800-269-5721
  Email: [email protected]

  Phone: 08701 200060
  Email: [email protected]

  They also have phone numbers and e-mail addresses for Australia, New Zealand,
Spain, Germany, France, and Italy.

  I.2.f  Tweak guides

  The web site has various helpful informative guides by Ko-
roush Ghazi:

  If you're like me, and have had a glitch or freeze or stuttering frame rate
now and then and couldn't afford to pay dozens of dollars every time you had a
question, it's good to know you're at least using preventative medicine to give
your computer every chance to work as efficiently as it can.  You'll get the
best performance out of it for games and maximize the mileage you'll get out of
that expensive computer hardware.  And if you do need to hire someone, you'll
be more well-informed when you talk to them.

  A couple of such tips I picked up from "The TweakGuides Tweaking Companion"

  By using SiSoft Sandra Lite (free software, or freeware), you can not only
find out a lot of information about the components of your computer, but get
useful tips on what might work better with a different setting or upgrade.
Sometimes glitches and freezes are due, at least partly, to poor PC perform-
ance--overheating alone can cause such things.

  If you want to learn more about your components and how they compare to oth-
ers at running games, you could go to the Futuremark web site and download a
free version of 3DMark.  It's a popular benchmarking tool that has been used at
various web sites to get test results of new components.

  I especially recommend you make backups and carefully use the advice given

  TweakGuides Tweaking Companion
  ATI Catalyst
  Nvidia Forceware
  VIA Hyperion FAQ
  Gamer's Graphics & Display Settings

  It especially focuses on getting good performance out of your PC, and a good
frames per second (fps) rate, etc., for games.  It has special sections for
"Half Life 2 and Source Engine," "Morrowind," "Oblivion," "Bioshock," "Crysis,"
Unreal Tournament 2004," "Far Cry," "F.E.A.R.," "Need for Speed: Most Wanted,"
several "Battlefield" games, and some others.

  To read the "TweakGuides Tweaking Companion," a PDF file, you need a .PDF
file reader.

  Use System Restore (Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System
Restore, or Start, Control Panel, Performance and Maintenance, System, System
Restore) if you screw up and aren't sure how you did it and need to revert to
your old configuration.  You can use System and Security > Free up disk space >
Disk Cleanup to remove all but your previous System Restore point.

  I.2.g  Volume

   You can adjust the volume of the game in the sound section of your Control
Panel.  Keep your sound card driver updated.

  I like to keep a volume control icon in the taskbar in the lower right corner
of my screen as well.  Go to Start, Control Panel, Sounds, Speech, and Audio
Devices, then use any of these three choices--Adjust the system volume or
Change the speaker settings or Sounds and Audio Devices--to bring up the Sounds
and Audio Devices menu.  Check the box by "Place volume icon in the taskbar."
You can adjust your system volume from there, too.

  I.2.h  System requirements

  Minimum specifications:
  OS: Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1,
Windows Vista 64 Bit Service Pack 2* (*NVIDIA video card recommended if running
Vista OS)
  Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs) / AMD Phenom 9850
Quad-Core Processor (4 CPUs) @ 2.5GHz
  Memory: 4GB
  Video Card: NVIDIA 9800 GT 1GB / AMD HD 4870 1GB (DX 10, 10.1, 11)
  Sound Card: 100% DirectX 10 compatible
  HDD Space: 65GB
  DVD Drive

  Recommended specifications:
  OS: Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1
  Processor: Intel Core i5 3470 @ 3.2GHZ (4 CPUs) / AMD X8 FX-8350 @ 4GHZ (8
  Memory: 8GB
  Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB / AMD HD7870 2GB
  Sound Card: 100% DirectX 10 compatible
  HDD Space: 65GB
  DVD Drive

  Thanks to billhitman for recommending a web site that makes an online check
of your computer to see if it can run any of dozens of games:

  I.2.i  PC hardware and software on a budget

  For new computer gear, comparison shop for the best quality at the lowest
price by reading reviews.  Check the dates on them because it's a fast-changing
field.  Putting the name of a graphics card or such and "review" in the Google
search engine makes a lot of reviews turn up.  Some of the review sites in-

  Check the percentage of purchasers who like the product at newegg.

  Then use price comparison sites such as Google Shopping, with prices sorted
from low to high, or Amazon.

  Some other U.S. sites to check for the lowest price include:

  If you don't find the PC bargains you want at newegg, provantage, zipzoomfly,
or tigerdirect...

  ...and you want something that's cheaper still, use eBay:

  I recommend eBay in my walk-throughs as a place I've gotten some of my games
for a real bargain.  Make sure to check the dealer's ads for what's included and
the dealer's reputation of reliability.  Be VERY careful about that if you go
for computer gear that way.

  There are sometimes sales on games you can download at the Steam and
sites.  Some older games are updated on those sites to run on a recent OS.

  If the feet of your mouse wear off, an alternative to buying a new mouse is to
buy new feet for them:

  I.3    How to save games/quick save

  Besides saving the game at the protagonist's bed (E) you can have them bring
up their phone (Up arrow) and enter the selection Quick Save.

  I.3.a    The convenience of copies of your GTA IV User File

  Your save game files are kept at:
  C:\Users\username\My Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\Profiles\26071CB7\

  "GTA V - Save N Play" started by Samutz

  I.3.b    Glenster's GTA V Starter Package

  I may make one if I get permission to distribute the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air
coupe I found for "V."  See XII.10.h    1957 Chevrolet Bel Air.

  It seems to have been ported to "V" from the Oct. 2012 DLC for the Xbox 360 game
"Forza Horizon," 2012.
  "Forza Horizon - 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air - October Car Pack - Gameplay &
Review" by Maka91Productions

  I.3.c    Some advice about saving the game

  I.3.d    An application that offers teleporting to stunt sites, collectibles,
             the Health, Armor, and Weapon pickups, etc.

  See the entry on the Simple Trainer in the mod section.

  I.3.e 100% completion guide

  100% Completion in GTA V

  "100% Checklist" by Spuds725

  "GTA 5 100% completion guide" by gamesradar

  Your degree of achieving 100% is shown in the stats of the game.

  Complete 79 main story missions

  "Prologue" to "Something Sensible," "The Time's Come," or "The Third Way"
  This includes all of Lester's Assassination missions which can be done after
the last story mission.

  Complete 42 activities under Hobbies and Pastimes

  Shooting Range
  Get at least a Bronze on all eighteen Challenges.  Each weapon category
counts as one for a total of six.
  Shooting Range: Handguns (bronze medal or better)
  Shooting Range: Submachine Guns (bronze medal or better)
  Shooting Range: Assault Rifles (bronze medal or better)
  Shooting Range: Shotguns (bronze medal of better)
  Shooting Range: Light Machine Guns (bronze medal or better)
  Shooting Range: Heavy (bronze medal or better)

  Play 9 holes of Golf and finish even or below par (the player does not need
to win the match)
  Win at Tennis (one game is enough--it doesn't need to be a full set or match)
  Win at Darts

  Complete all three Triathlons (third place or better)
  Complete all five Street Races (third place or better)
  Complete all six Off-road Races (third place or better)
  Complete all four Sea Races (third place or better)

  Complete all twelve Flight School lessons (bronze medal or better)
    Do thirteen Parachute (Base and Heli) jumps (counts for two)
  Complete all six Base Jumps
  Complete all seven Heli Jumps

  Get a private dance at the Strip Club

      One round of Golf (even par or above)
      One game of Tennis
      All three Triathlon Races

  Complete Franklin's 20 Strangers and Freaks encounters

      Tonya (five encounters)
      Beverly (five encounters)
      Barry (only the last encounter, "The Smoke-In")
      Mary Ann
      Dom (four encounters)

  Complete 14 of 57 Random Events

      ATM Robbery
      Security Van

  Complete 16 Miscellaneous activities

      25 (of 50) Stunt Jumps
      25 (of 50) Under the Bridge stunts
      8 (of 15) Knife Flights
      Collect all 50 Spaceship Parts
      Collect all 50 Letter Scraps
      Have Franklin play with Chop
      Rob at least one store
      Watch at least one movie at a movie theater
      Use the services of a prostitute
      Perform a Booty Call
      Purchase a car through the Internet
      Purchase five money making properties
        Friend activities:
      Strip club
      Movie theater

  (It looks like Darts counts as both a Hobby and Pastime or a miscellaneous

  As in TBoGT, you can replay missions to try to get 100% score for time, ac-
curacy, headshots, unmarked (health and armor), etc.  Your high score in one
category will hold while you try for higher in another.  100% in those regards
isn't required for you to get 100% for the game.  The lowest award is a bronze
medal, then silver, then, for 100% in all catgories, gold.  You can replay a
mission at any time via Replay Mission or Replay Strangers and Freaks.  Give
your protagonist full Health and Armor (you might refill them during the re-
play, too, to end with them full).  You might wait till later in the game to do
the replay to give him stronger weapons.  He won't be given much money by the

  Thanks to Robert Rusk for recommending assisted aiming to improve Accuracy
for people playing with a gamepad.  (I use keyboard and mouse so I haven't
double checked anything about that.)

  He also recommends the Assault rifle for close targets to improve scores for
Time, Accuracy, and Headshots.  For farther targets he recommends the Carbine
rifle, Advanced rifle, or Combat MG.

  I.4    Settings

  Press Esc.

  "Grand Theft Auto V Graphics & Performance Guide" by

  "Pretty much every GTA 5 PC setting tested" by Leon Hurley of

  I.5.a  Stats

  100% checklist

  I.5.b  Single player Achievements

  Achievement hunter map

  Achievements and Trophies

  Achievement/Trophy name  Gamerscore  Trophy grade  Requirement

  Career Criminal            100                 Gold          100% Game Completion

  Solid Gold, Baby!            50                Gold          Earn 70 Gold Medals on
                                                                               Missions and Strangers and

  San Andreas Sightseer    30               Silver        Explore all of Los Santos
                                                                               and Blaine County

  All's Fare in Love
    and War                          10              Bronze        Purchase Downtown Cab Co.
                                                                                 and complete a private fare

  TP Industries Arms Race  10              Bronze        Purchase McKenzie Field
                                                                                 Hangar and win the arms

  Multi-Disciplined                30 or 20?   Silver/Bronze?  Attain a gold medal in
                                                                                       all applicable hobbies and

  From Beyond the Stars     15              Bronze        Collect and return all
                                                                                 spaceship parts

  A Mystery, Solved             15              Bronze        Solve the mystery of Leon-
                                                                                 ora Johnson

  Waste Management         15               Bronze        Purchase the Old Dock and
                                                                                  collect all nuclear waste

  Red Mist                           20               Bronze        Complete all Rampages

  Show Off                          30               Bronze        Complete all Stunt Jumps

  Kifflom!                             30               Silver          Complete your path to en-
                                                                                 lightenment... or not

  Three Man Army              20               Bronze        Survive 3 minutes on at
                                                                                 least a 3 star Wanted Level
                                                                                 with all three characters
                                                                                 together off mission

  Out of Your Depth              5               Bronze        You're gonna need a bigger

  Altruist Acolyte                   5               Bronze        Deliver an unsuspecting
                                                                                 victim to the Altruist Cult

  A Lot of Cheddar              20               Bronze        Spend a total of $200 mil-
                                                                                  lion across all three char-

  Trading Pure Alpha          10               Bronze        Make a profit over your to-
                                                                                  tal investments in the
                                                                                  stock market

  Pimp My Sidearm             10               Bronze        Fully mod a weapon

  Wanted: Alive Or Alive     10               Bronze        Deliver a bail bond target

  Los Santos Customs       10                Bronze        Fully mod a vehicle

  Close Shave                    20                Bronze        Complete all Under the
                                                                                  Bridge and Knife Flight

  Off the Plane                      5               Bronze        GTA Online: Complete the

  Three-Bit Gangster           10              Bronze        GTA Online: Reach Rank 25

  Making Moves                  30               Silver          GTA Online: Reach Rank 50

  Above the Law                 80                Gold           GTA Online: Reach Rank 100

  Numero Uno                    20             Bronze           GTA Online: Obtain first
                                                                                  place in all competitive
                                                                                  game types

  The Midnight Club           20              Bronze          GTA Online: Use custom ve-
                                                                                  hicles to win 5 races

  Unnatural Selection         20              Bronze          GTA Online: Complete all 10
                                                                                  waves of a Survival

  Backseat Driver               10              Bronze          GTA Online: Direct a driver
                                                                                  to 1st place as co-driver
                                                                                  in Rally Mode

  Run Like The Wind        20                 Bronze         GTA Online: Survive for a
                                                                                  day with a Bounty on your

  Clean Sweep                 10                  Bronze        GTA Online: Finish a Gang
                                                                                  Attack without dying and
                                                                                  kill at least 10 enemies

  Decorated                      50                   Bronze        GTA Online: Earn 30 Plati-
                                                                                   num Rewards

  Stick Up Kid                   10                   Bronze        GTA Online: Hold up all 20

  Enjoy Your Stay             20                  Bronze        GTA Online: Participate in
                                                                                  everything Los Santos has
                                                                                  to offer

  Crew Cut                          5                  Bronze        GTA Online: Complete a job
                                                                                   as a member of a Crew

  Full Refund                     10                 Bronze        GTA Online: Kill the thief
                                                                                  that mugged you

  Dialling Digits                   5                  Bronze        GTA Online: Call for gang
                                                                                  backup for the first time

  American Dream           10                   Bronze        GTA Online: Own an Apart-
                                                                                  ment, Garage and Insured

  Secret Achievements and Hidden Trophies

  Achievement/Trophy name  Gamerscore  Trophy grade  Requirement

  Welcome To Los Santos    10              Bronze        You repo'd a car and raced
                                                                                   it through the heart of a
                                                                                   sun-soaked metropolis

  A Friendship Resur-
  rected                                  10              Bronze        With friends like this who
                                                                                   needs enemies?

  A Fair Day's Pay                 10              Bronze        It's time for a little get-

  The Moment of Truth          10              Bronze        You have uncovered the
                                                                                   truth about Brad

  To Live or Die in Los
  Santos                                40/30?        Silver          Completed the final mission

  Diamond Hard                    20               Bronze        You cleaned out Vangelico
                                                                                    to pay back Martin Madrazo

  Subversive                         20               Bronze        You stole an experimental
                                                                                   super weapon from Merry-
                                                                                   weather... and gave it back

  Blitzed                                20               Bronze        You performed a classic
                                                                                    blitz play

  Small Town                        20               Bronze        You made a big impression
                                                                                   at the Paleto Bay Chicken

  The Government Gimps     20              Bronze        You recovered sensitive in-
                                                                                   formation from a highly de-
                                                                                   fended federal building

  The Big One!                      20              Bronze        This ain't no dream no more

  A New Perspective
 (PS4 and XB1)                    20              Bronze        You played GTA V in first
                                                                                   person mode for 15 hours

  Heists Update

  Achievement/Trophy name  Gamerscore  Trophy grade  Requirement

  Shot Caller                         10              Bronze        GTA Online: Invest your
                                                                                  hard earned cash to set up
                                                                                  a Heist

  Four Way                           10              Bronze        GTA Online: As Heist Leader
                                                                                  set the Finale cut as 25%
                                                                                  across all players

  Live a Little                         50             Silver          GTA Online: Spend a total
                                                                                 of $8,000,000 purchasing
                                                                                 vehicles included as part
                                                                                 of The Heists Update

  Can't Touch This                30             Bronze        GTA Online: Complete a
                                                                                 Heist Finale without taking
                                                                                 any damage

  Mastermind                        50              Silver         GTA Online: Earn 25 plati-
                                                                                 num medals across Heist
                                                                                 Setups and Finales

  Heists Update Secret Achievements/Trophies

  Achievement/Trophy name  Gamerscore  Trophy grade  Requirement

  Be Prepared                       10             Bronze        GTA Online: Complete a
                                                                                 Heist Setup mission

  In the Name of Science      30             Bronze        GTA Online: Complete The
                                                                                 Humane Labs Raid and Series
                                                                                 A Funding as Heist Leader
                                                                                 or Crew

  Dead Presidents                 30            Bronze        GTA Online: Complete The
                                                                                 Fleeca Job and The Pacific
                                                                                 Standard Job as Heist Lead-
                                                                                 er or Crew

  Parole Day                          30             Bronze        GTA Online: Complete The
                                                                                  Prison Break as Heist Lead-
                                                                                  er or Crew

  The achievement "Solid Gold, Baby!" refers to Brucie Kibbutz from GTA "IV" who
used that phrase.
  The achievement "The Midnight Club" is a reference to the "Midnight Club" rac-
ing game series also made by Rockstar Games.
  The achievement "Pimp my Sidearm" is a reference to the television show "Pimp
my Ride."
  The achievement "To Live or Die in Los Santos" refers to the 1985 movie "To
Live and Die in L.A."
  The achievement "Diamond Hard" refers to the 1988 action movie "Die Hard."
  The achievement "Wanted: Alive or Alive" refers to the phrase "wanted: dead or
alive" commonly used about bounty hunting in the Wild West.
  The icon of the achievement "Altruist Acolyte" resembles the Apple logo.
  The description of the achievement/trophy "Out of Your Depth"--"You're gonna
need a bigger boat"--is the famous quote made by Police Chief Martin Brody (an
ad lib by Roy Scheider) in the 1975 film "Jaws."  It's appropriate as the trophy
requires the player to be eaten by a shark (though in the movie Brody isn't
killed by a shark--Quint is.)
  The achievement "Unnatural Selection" shares its name with an achievement in
"Red Dead Redemption."
  The achievement "Can't Touch This" is a reference to to MC Hammer's 1990 hit
"U Can't Touch This."  It also shares its name with Gold Medal objectives in
Complications and Mr. Richards.
  The achievement "Dead Presidents" is a reference to the 1995 crime movie of
the same name written by Michael Henry Brown.
  The Achievement "Live a Little" does include combined purchases made with both
of a player's Online characters.  It only counts the purchase prices of vehicles
and not the cost of modifications (if any).

  Some achievements are reference or similar to GTA "IV":
  The achievement "Three Man Army" is a reference to the achievement "One Man
Army" in "IV."
  The "Show Off" achievement icon is similar to the "IV" "Rolled Over" achieve-
ment icon only in reverse image.
  The name "Under the Bridge" is similar to the "IV" achievement name "Under the

  I.5.c  Multiplayer

  See GTA "Online."  I've never played a multiplayer game so I haven't double
checked any of it.

  I.5.d  Multiplayer Achievements

  See GTA Online achieements in I.5.b.  I've never played a multiplayer game so
I haven't double checked any of it.

  I.6.a  Some distinctions between the console and PC versions

  PC features not found in the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 versions:
  There's further draw distance and support for 4K resolution.
  There are two exclusive radio stations: The Lab FM and Self Radio.
  The PC version includes the Rockstar video editor.

  I.6.b  Adapters for PS2 and Xbox controllers

  You don't need an adapter for a PS4 or Xbox controller.  I've tried a Logitech
Rumblepad 2 but I just use keyboard and mouse. picks Oct., 2015 for controllers:

  Microsoft Xbox One controller
  Microsoft Xbox 360 controller (wired)
  Microsoft Xbox 360 controller (wireless + receiver

  I.6.c  Gamepad controls

  Xbox 360

  PS4 controls


  I.7    Controls

  A couple of instant replays that should have been (and other odd moments)
  WTF screenshots


  I.7.a  General controls
           Recording controls

  Thanks to for the list of controls (except for Director mode and my
notes on my remapped preferences, etc.)

  P  Pause
  Z  Radar zoom
  V  Cycle "camera" (includes three distances of the view from behind and one
                                    first person view; when recording in first person view you
                                    can't change the "camera" views while using the video edi-

  Caps Lock  Toggle special ability
  L Alt  Character selector

  F5  Switch to Michael
  F6  Switch to Franklin
  F7  Switch to Trevor
  F8  Switch to GTA Online
  M   Interaction menu
  L Ctrl  Animal sound during peyote hallucination

  F1  Start/stop recording
  F2  Start/stop action replay recording
  F3  Cancel recording
  E    Context action (such as talk to a nearby ped, whistle for a taxi, etc.,
                       and certain actions indicated by screen prompts like
                       enter a movie theater to watch a movie, change clothes
                       at a wardrobe, etc.)

  Director mode

  This can be chosen from the Rockstar Editor menu and lets you select a single
actor to control in a customised free mode map.  Some actors from Story Mode are
unlocked during the game--you receive a HUD message after a corresponding mis-
sion when that happens (for example Amanda is unlocked after "Marriage Counsel-
ling," etc.)

  Actors with access to weapons have all weapons unlocked with unlimited ammuni-
tion.  Ammu-Nation isn't accessible and weapons aren't found in the scenery but
weapons can be taken from dead peds.  Vehicles are those that are spawned natur-
ally and in storage garages (not at save places) of the protagonists (not spec-
ial vehicle menu content).  Los Santos Customs isn't accessible--vehicles from
storage garages can be repaired by respawning them.

  If the invincibility code isn't used getting "Wasted" or "Busted" ends the
Director Mode session and returns the player to the casting trailer.

  M  Director mode menu
  L Ctrl  Speech
  Caps lock  Action

  Switch between Timeline & Menu - ESC / Right Mouse
  Control Playhead - Mouse wheel
  Navigate Timeline - WSAD / Cursor Keys
  Pick Up a Clip - L Ctrl + X / Drag Left Mouse
  Place a Clip - L Ctrl + V / Enter / Left Mouse
  Duplicate a Clip - L Ctrl + C
  Edit a Clip - Enter / Left Mouse
  Delete a Clip - DEL
  Trim Audio or Text Start - Hold Q
  Trim Audio or Text End - Hold E
  Trim Clip Manually - [ / ]
  Snap Trim Audio Clip - Cursor Left / Cursor Right
  Preview Audio Clip - Space
  Stop Audio Clip Preview - Space

  Clip edit mode
  Play Clip - Space
  Pause Clip - Space
  Cycle Markers - [ / ]
  Add Marker - M
  Select Marker - Enter / Left Mouse
  Delete Marker - DEL
  Move Marker - Drag Left Mouse
  Scrub - Mouse Wheel
  Scrub Fine - Cursor Left / Right
  Hide HUD - H
  Save - F5

  Edit free camera
  Move - WSAD
  Rotate - Hold Left Mouse
  Height - Q / E / Mouse Wheel
  Zoom - Z / C
  Roll - Cursor Left / Right
  Reset Camera - L Ctrl
  Save - F5

  Edit free camera
  Orbit Target - WSAD
  Offset Target - Hold Left Mouse
  Move In / Out - Cursor Up / Down
  Height - Q / E / Mouse Wheel
  Zoom - Z / C
  Roll - Cursor Left / Right
  Reset Camera - L Ctrl

  Edit preset camera
  Move In / Out - Cursor Up / Down
  Zoom - Z / C

  (Reset Camera - L Ctrl

  I.7.b  Movement controls

  W  Forward
  S  Backward
  A  Left
  D  Right
  F  Enter vehicle
  C  Look Behind (on foot)
  Spacebar  Jump
  L Shift  Add to movement control with a tap to sprint/climb fast/swim at water
                   surface  Hold to have your protagonist do it faster
  L Ctrl   Stealth mode

  Swimming controls

  On the surface of the water

  W  Forward
  S  Backward
  A  Left
  D  Right
  Add Shift to make him swim faster
  Mouse aim

  V  First person view
  Propels himself
  Mouse aim
  To dive use 3rd person view and Spacebar


  Shift  Forward
  S  Up
  W  Down
  A  Left
  D  Right
  Mouse aim

  V  First person view
  Propels himself
  W  Up
  Mouse aim

  You can have your protagonist use a melee attack (LMB), notably a Knife, in
the water and go underwater to lose his wanted rating.

  I.7.c  Combat controls

  LMB  Fire weapon/punch/counter while dodging
  RMB  Aim weapon/Lock-on
  T  Take cover (I remap it to NP* so I don't press it accidentally)
  G  Grenade/Sticky bomb
  R  Light melee attack/counter while dodging
  Q  Heavy melee attack
  Spacebar  Melee dodge
  R  Reload
  E  Toggle weapon accessory
  Scroll wheel forward  ]  Sniper/"camera" zoom in  
  Scroll wheel back      [  Sniper/"camera" zoom out

  GTA Traditional  It locks onto the chest of a target.
  Assisted aiming  You can move the reticle from the chest to other parts of the
target.  This is the type that makes it easiest to improve your score for Accur-
acy, Headshots, etc.  (This is for gamepad users.)
  Free aim  Aiming is left up to you.  (I use this with the mouse and keyboard.)

  You can have your protagonist perform a drive-by from a four wheel vehicle
with a Pistol, Micro SMG, or most thrown weapons.  On a motorcycle he can also
use a Sawed-off shotgun.  When unarmed he can give the finger and make rude re-
marks.  His weapon choices may be limited depending on what vehicle you give

  Having your protagonist punch his neighbors to get to know them

  As Rusk points out you might try this with a Baseball bat, Crowbar, and even
by pistolwhipping.  But be careful when trying this in certain areas.  Fights
can anger nearby peds to attack your protagonist who may face gun fire in Grove
St. or by security guards in construction sites.

  I.7.d  Weapon select

  Tab  Weapon wheel
  Scroll wheel forward     Next Weapon
  Scroll wheel backward  Previous weapon
  1  Select unarmed
  2  Select melee
  3  Select shotgun
  4  Select heavy weapon
  5  Select special weapon
  6  Select pistol
  7  Select SMG
  8  Select assault rifle
  9  Select sniper rifle

  Tab--weapon wheel
  Scroll wheel--scroll through the weapons of one category
  Mouse aim--go through categories of weapons
  Release Tab or just stop scrolling--the protagonist is armed with the weapon
       last highlighted


  I.7.e  Vehicle general controls

  F  Exit Vehicle
  C  Look behind (in vehicle) (I remap it to NP0)
  X  Duck
  Scroll wheel forward/Tab   Next vehicle weapon
  [                                          Last vehicle weapon

  R  Cinematic camera (I remap it to C)
  L  Cinematic Slowmo
  Scroll wheel forward/Page up          Stunt Jump Slow Motion Speed Up
  Scroll wheel backward/Page down  Stunt Jump Slow Motion Speed Down

  Q  Radio wheel (I remap it to NP+)
  Scroll wheel backward/. (period)  Next radio station
  , (comma)                                     Last radio station
  =  Next custom radio track
  -  Previous custom radio track

  I.7.f  Cars/Bikes/Boats controls

  Cars in "V" have the anti-lock braking system (ABS).  Only some cars in "IV"
have them--Monster trucks in "V" don't.
  "Fan Facts #14 (GTA V)" by whatever57010

  W  Accelerate
  S  Brake
  A  Steer Left
  D  Steer Right
  Spacebar  Handbrake/hold for a sharper turn on a boat/hold and release for the
                        bunny hop for the BMX
  L Shift/NP8  Lean or Tilt forward/raise Tow Truck hook or Dozer shovel or
                          Forklift fork (I remap L Shift to R Shift)
  L Ctrl/NP5   Lean or Tilt backward/lower Tow Truck hook or Dozer shovel or
                          Forklift fork (I remap L Ctrl to R Ctrl)
  LMB  Fire drive-by weapon
  RMB  Aim drive-by weapon
  H  Headlights/unhitch vehicle from tow truck hook (this can also be used to
            release a boat towed by a land vehicle into the sea)/hold to raise or
            lower a convertible roof
  E  Horn (I remap it to L Shift)
  Caps lock  Bicycle sprint
  Q  Bicycle front Brake
  LMB (hold)  Toggle driving mouse control
  H  Convertible raise/lower roof when stopped

  E  Hail taxi if your protagonist has no wanted rating
  F  Press to enter taxi as passenger/Hold to jack taxi/Enter or exit the train

           The things you can find in the back of trucks

  "GTA V Cargo Truck Guide: How To Open Back Doors, Usage and More" By Veritoss-

  When it's open the back door of the Benson booze truck is a ramp.  Have your
protagonist stomp on the roof (LMB) to open it.  The door may open at medium
speed or higher.  Two wheel vehicles will stay inside but four wheel vehicles
may slide out.  Back the truck to a wall to manually close the door.  You can
also use a big rig truck if it tows a long ramp.

  I.7.g  Stunt information

  GTA Stunting

  GTA V tutorals

  See this section of my previous GTA for tutorials on these stunts:

            The Two Wheeler gimmick

  Toggle faster speed on a bicycle with Caps Lock.  Add to speed by leaning for-
ward with NP8 (not tapping as in VC and SA).

  Increase speed on a motorcycle by leaning forward by holding NP8--not tapping
as in VC and SA--and even more with a wheelie which is maintained by holding
NP5.  The Shitzu is good for holding a wheelie to increase speed even greater
than by leaning forward.

  Shitzu makes the Hakuchou and PCJ-600 motorcycles in "V."  The Hakuchou is
notable for a high top speed which can be increased with a wheelie.

  Having a motorcycle gain height with a bump--flying up by leaning back to have
the front wheel hit a ledge--is easier in "V."

  Adding Armor slows a vehicle down and adding a spoiler gives it better trac-

  The Simple Trainer features vehicle spawning and LSC upgrades.

  F1  Save the last 30 seconds in a .clip replay.  The Replay system must be on.
If the Replay system is off it records a .clip real-time.
  F2  Enable the Replay system
  F3  Disable the Replay system

  Click F1 and a file and picture are created in the default folder:
  C:\Users\--\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V\videos\clips.
  The .clip file is a custom file only read by "V" and the picture is a thumb-
nail associated with it.

  To view replays be in single-player mode and open the pause screen (ESC).  Go
to the far right to open the Rockstar Editor.  Click the Clip Management tab to
find a list of your saved replays.  (You can't rename the replays there but you
can take down the name of a .clip then change it in the folder named above.)

  To share or submit a clip you have to send it in a .rar or .zip file.  You
don't need to send the the thumbnail picture with it but it might be helpful in
managing clips with the editor.  You can give it a very specific name as a lot
of the name is seen on the Rockstar Editor list (Ex: Pendji_doublebump_hotel).

  "GTA 5: How To Grind - Grind On Bikes - How To Stunt Ep. 4" by Fantastical-

  "GTA 5 - How To AirGrab - Flip Off Your Bike - How To Stunt Ep. 7 (GTA 5
Stunts)" by FantasticalGamer

  "GTA 5 - How To Wall Ride - Ride Up Walls - How To Stunt Ep. 8 (GTA 5 Stunts)"
by FantasticalGamer

  "GTA 5 - How To Soar - Advanced Glide Tutorial - How To Stunt Ep. 9 (GTA 5
Stunts)" by FantasticalGamer
  While airborne on a motorcycle pump lean back, NP5, about every quarter second
and lean back so far you're leading with the rear wheel.  To do it in a car use
single platyer and Franklin's Special ability (Caps Lock) and stop it from spin-
ning (NP8 and NP5).

  "IMPOSSIBLE GTA 5 STUNTS - Nomad Union Crew Montage" by Machinima

  "GTA V Stunt Montage" by Machinima

  "HDee | GTA V | BMX Montage 4 (" by oHighDeFF

  "Evolve Stunting Teamtage: Reloaded - A GTA V Stunt Montage" by EvolveStunting

  "GTA 5 Stunt Montage: SUPERNUVA (Nomad Union & Versa Alliance)" by RedKeyMon

  "GTA V - Stunt Montage" by rechyyy

  I.7.h  Aircraft controls

  W  Aircraft throttle up--propellors accelerate
  S  Aircraft throttle down--propellors decelerate
  A  Aircraft yaw (pivot) left
  D  Aircraft yaw (pivot) right
  NP4  Aircraft roll (bank) left (I remap it to Q)
  NP6  Aircraft roll (bank) right (I remap it to E)
  NP8  Aircraft pitch forward
  NP5  Aircraft pitch backward
  Spacebar  Aircraft fire
  NP7  Aircraft target left
  NP9  Aircraft target right
  G  Toggle landing gear
  E  Aircraft grappling hook/VTOL mode (I remap it to NP6)
  Insert          Toggle aircraft weapon camera
  LMB (hold)  Toggle Aircraft Mouse Control

  I.7.i  Submersibles controls

  W  Sub throttle up
  S  Sub throttle down
  A  Sub hard turn left
  D  Sub hard turn right
  NP4  Sub turn left (I remap it to Q)
  NP6  Sub turn right (I remap it to E)
  NP8  Sub pitch forward
  NP5  Sub pitch backward
  L Shift  Sub ascend
  L Ctrl    Sub descend
  LMB (Hold)  Toggle submersible mouse control

  I.7.j  Parachute controls

  W  Pitch forward
  S   Pitch back
  A  Turn left
  D  Turn right

  LMB/F  Deploy
  F          Detach
  Q  Break left
  E  Break right
  L Shift  Precision control
  X  Smoke

  I.7.k  Cellphone controls

  Up arrow/MMB (middle mouse button)  Use phone
  Up arrow      Phone up
  Down arrow  Phone down
  Left arrow     Phone left
  Right arrow  Phone right
  Enter/LMB           Phone select
  Backspace/RMB  Phone cancel
  Del                       Phone option
  Spacebar/MMB   Phone special option
  Scroll wheel backward   Phone scroll forward
  Scroll wheel forward      Phone scroll backward
  E/MMB  Change mode (camera)
  X           Change expression (camera)
  G   Toggle grid (camera)
  F    Adjust depth of field (camera)

  I.7.l  GTA Online

  GTA Online

  T  Text chat everyone
  Y  Text chat team
  N  Push to talk
  B  Point at
  F9    Drop weapon
  F10  Drop ammunition


  I.8   A rundown of some of the vehicles and some of their real names

  As Rusk explains the land vehicles of "V" are more durable than in "IV" to
better endure the increased police attacks of "V."  In "V" the tires can become
misaligned or the engine may leak.  A bullet can light the leak on fire and blow
up the vehicle or the fluid can drain entirely causing the vehicle to stall.
Aircraft are vulnerable to such leaks from a few rounds or scraping a building.

  Rating of speed, braking, acceleration, and handling of each land vehicle by

  "Introduction & Information - Best Fully Upgraded Cars In GTA Online" by

  Real names
  "GTA V Vehicle Database" started by Azazel

  Adding Armor to your vehicle slows it down so use less armor for racing.
Thanks to WildBrick142 for this information:
  According to carcols.meta
  20% Armor =   +0 weight value
  40% Armor = +10 weight value
  60% Armor = +20 weight value
  80% Armor = +30 weight value
  100% Armor = +40 weight value

  Stock vehicles that are purchased may be armored or not.  Armor doesn't change
the speed of them.
  "Armored Car Review and Logic (GTA V)" by whatever57010

  As of July, 2015, a recent patch causes a rear spoiler to add traction so I'd
add one.

  You can spawn any of these vehicles with the Simple Trainer.

  There are so many vehicles this time I only covered some of the ones I thought
were better for their category or were interesting to me.  I give some of the
non-land vehicle locations here but give the land vehicle locations, and repeat
some of the others, below in the section on "Parachute and vehicle locations."

  Thanks to "Vehicles in GTA V" at for most of the information be-
low about vehicles in "V."

  [CE]  Only available in Collector's Edition (PS3, Xbox 360) & Enhanced Version
              (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  [EV]  Only available in Enhanced Version (PC, PS4, Xbox One)
  [RP]  Available to all players who have completed the "Prologue" mission on
              PS3 or Xbox 360 and upgraded to the Enhanced Version (PC, PS4, Xbox
  [R*]  Unlocked by creating a Rockstar Social Club account
  [DLC]  Available from a DLC (Downloadable Content) update
  [SP]  Only available in Story Mode
  [ON]  Only available in Grand Theft Auto Online
  [RET]  Car has a controllable retractable/convertible roof

  I.8.a      Four wheel vehicles


  Grotti Brioso R/A [DLC]
  Issi [RET]

  Panto [DLC]  It and the Issi can be driven through Michael's house.
  "Fan Facts #16 (GTA V)" by whatever57010

  Rhapsody [DLC)


  Cognoscenti Cabrio [RET]

  Exemplar  It's a four door version of the Rapid GT.  It looks like an Aston
Martin Rapide with the front end of a Ferrari California.  It's considered a
Coupé though it has four doors.  Many call it the best racing coupe and it's a
top choice, if expensive, for a getaway vehicle.


  Felon GT [RET]  It's a convertible Felon which is mostly like the 2010-present
Maserati GranCabrio with some Jaguar XF parts like the front and rear fascia and
greenhouse area.

  Like the Felon it has good acceleration, top speed, handling, and durability.
It's a fast getawsy vehicle for one or two people.

  Jackal  It looks like a Maserati Quattroporte, Renault Samsung SM7 (second
generation), or a 2014 Volvo S60--esp. the front fascia.  It's similar to a more
compact 2011 Jaguar XFR.  It has some of the looks of a Tesla Model S.  The rear
looks like the Opel Insignia (aka. Buick Regal) and second generation Saab 9-5.

  It's an excellent getaway vehicle with good cornering, acceleration, and brak-
ing though when pressed the front brakes may lock up.  It can take a lot of hits
before being disabled.  Top speed is acceptable if not special.

  Sentinel [RET]
  Sentinel XS
  Windsor [DLC]
  Zion Cabrio [RET)


  Glendale [DLC]
  Romero Hearse
  Schafter LWB
  Schafter LWB (Armored)
  Schafter V12

  Schafter V12 (Armored)  In his review of "Armored Cars Review and Logic (GTA
V)" whatever57010 picked this as his favorite stock armored car.  I tried it--
it's quick, handles well, and I like the motor sound.

  Stafford  Enus makes this vintage sedan mainly based on the 1959 Rolls-Royce
Silver Cloud--the Stafford from "San Andreas."  The performance is bad.  The "Oh
Enus!" livery is based on John Lennon?s Rolls Royce Phantom V.  [DLC]

  Super Diamond
  Warrener [DLC]


  9F Cabrio [RET]  The roadster version of the 9F.

  The 9F looks like the Audi R8 Coupé for the coupé form and Audi R8 Spyder for
the roadster form.  It has very high performance, top speed and acceleration,
and a soft suspension.  It has good traction and stability and responsive han-
dling and braking.
  It may be found in Rockford Hills, Vinewood Hills, on Hawick Ave., and the
parking lot at Vespucci Beach.
  It's $120,000 at
  It can be spawned by the Simple Trainer.

  Alpha [DLC]

  Autarch  Overflod manufactures this hypercar based on the Scuderia Cameron
Glickenhaus SCG 003 with a back end like the McLaren Senna.  It's not as fast as
supercars like the Vagner, RE-7B, and XA-21 but has exceptional traction.  [ON]

  Blista Compact [EV]
  Buffalo S

  Carbonizzare [RET] It looks like the Aston Martin V12 Zagato and Ferrari F12--
the convertible feature is based on that of the Ferrari California.  It has ex-
cellent acceleration, speed, and durability though is prone to oversteer or spin
out when turned at high speeds.


  Comet Safari  Pfister makes this off-road variation on the Comet Retro Custom
that looks like a custom 1978-1989 Porsche 911.  It's not especially fast but
the suspension makes it good off-road.  [ON]

  Drift Tampa [DLC]

  Elegy RH8 [R*]  The car's greenhouse, front quarter, rear bumper area, rear
wing, and wheels are like those of the Nissan GT-R (R35) SpecV.  The headlights
resemble those of the Infiniti G37 Coupe which is related to the Nissan Skyline/
Nissan GT-R.  The taillights resemble those of the Toyota FT-86 Concept.  It's
one of the best handling cars in the Sports class.  It has four wheel drive with
good cornering and top speed though braking is poor.

  Elegy Retro Custom [DLC]  It's a bit slower but is good at cornering.

  Feltzer  It resembles a cross between the R230 SL-Class facelift and the new
R172 SLK-Class with influences from both the SL 65 AMG Black Series and SLK 55
AMG Grand Edition variants.  The "GT Wing" modification gives the car a spoiler
identical to that of a Mercedes-Benz CLK DTM.  It accelerates quickly with a
higher top speed than the "IV" version which makes it dangerous in that the pro-
tagonist is more likely to be ejected from the windshield.  Compared to the
other sports cars of "V" it has a lower top speed, average accleration, poorer
braking, but higher traction.  It's often regarded as one of the best drifting
cars in the game due to it being back heavy, having a responsive suspension, and
being easier to control.  But the back-heavy distribution makes it slide out of
control when cornering.

  Furore GT [DLC]

  GB200  Vapid makes this sports car based on the Ford RS200.  It has excellent
traction on and off road, very good braking, agile handling, and very good ac-
celeration.  But the rear of the car loses traction when you release accelera-
tion during cornering and it has a low top speed compared to other sports cars.

  Go Go Monkey Blista [EV] [RP]

  Hotring Sabre  Declasse makes this racer based on a 1990s-era Chevrolet Lumina
NASCAR stock car.  It has a high top speed and is stable but can spin out when
bumped and has poor acceleration for a sports car.  [ON]

  Itali GTO  Grotti makes this car which looks like a Ferrari 812 Superfast.  It
has very good acceleration, good top speed, and braking, but turning hard will
cause it to oversteer and lose control, and it's very sensitive to curbs and
bumps. [DLC]

  Jester [DLC]

  Jester (Racecar) [DLC]
  The Jester resembles the 2015 Honda/Acura NSX with curvy features and dis-
tinct Japanese styling.  The headlights and the hood are derived from the BMW
  It has good top speed and acceleration but the handling is excellent.  The
steering and agility are extremely sensitive and responsive.  It has exceptional
handling even over slippery or wet surfaces making it a useful getaway vehicle
even in poor conditions.

  Jester Classic  Dinka makes this tuner sports car based on the Toyota Supra
JZA80 (Mk IV) similar to the Jester of "San Andreas."  [DLC]

  Khamelion [ON]
  Kuruma [DLC] [ON]
  Kuruma (Armored) [DLC] [ON]
  Lynx [DLC]
  Massacro [DLC]
  Massacro (Racecar) [DLC]  It accelerates better than the standard Massacro and
handles better than the Jester racecar.

  Neon  Pfister makes this four-door electric sports car that looks like the
Porsche Mission E.  It has impressive traction and acceleration but not top
speed.  [ON]

  Pariah  Ocelot makes this sports car based on the Ferrari 812 Superfast.  It's
one of the several best sports cars and even rivals some super cars.  [ON]


  Raiden  Coil makes this electric four door sports sedan based on the Tesla
Model S.  It has good handling, great top speed, and fast acceleration.  [ON]

  Rapid GT
  The grille and exhaust are like the 2011 Ferrari California and the lights
are like Aston Martin designs.  The wheel arches are like the Nissan 370Z and
the rear and main body resembles the Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster.
  It has very good acceleration and the PC version has a high top speed.  It
may oversteer and crash deformation is poor.
  Poppy Mitchell owns one.
  It spawns outside Solomon Richards' studio before and during "Legal Trouble"
with a Carbonizzare and a Surano.
  It often spawns in Rockford Hills and Vinewood Hills and sometimes Paleto
  It rarely spawns outside the Burton Los Santos Customs.
  It can be spawned with the cheat code rapidgt or the Simple Trainer.

  Revolter  Übermacht makes this four door sports sedan based on the Cadillac
Escala Concept and BMW 7 Series Concept.  It has decent speed and acceleration
but the handling is not the best in its class.  [ON]

  Schwartzer  The styling is similar to the C207 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Coupé in
the front, the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Coupé in the side windows and compact
wheelbase, and the flagship C216 CL-Class in the headlights and grille.  It's
the coupé of the four-door Schafter but has overall better performance.  It's
more agile and much quicker.  It can found parked by the La Spada restaurant on
Aguja St. and Goma St., La Puerta.

  Sentinel Classic  Übermacht makes this classic sports car based on the BMW M3
(E30) with headlights from a Volkswagen Jetta Mk1.  Acceleration is quick,
brakes are strong (if losing their effectiveness at speed), but it has a light
back end that makes it prone to oversteer.  [ON]

  Specter [DLC]  It's based on the Aston Martin DB10.
  Specter Custom [DLC]

  Streiter  Benefactor makes this suburban station wagon derived from the Mer-
cedes-Benz E-Class All Terrain 4x4² with headlights like a Mercedes-Benz CL-
Class C216.  [ON]

  Surano [RET]
  Tropos Rallye [DLC]

  Apocalypse ZR380
  Future Shock ZR380
  Nightmare ZR380
  Annis makes all three custom sports cars which are based on the 2008 Nissan
350z as well as the custom Nissan GT-R from the 2013 movie "Elysium." [DLC]

  Sports Classics

  190z  Karin makes this combination of the Datsun 240Z/Nissan Fairlady Z/Nissan S30
and the Toyota 2000GT.  The acceleration and top speed are below average for its
class but it has great handling.  [ON]

  Ardent  Ocelot makes this weaponized car based on the Lotus Esprit.  It has
good speed and handling but the biggest specialty it has is having twin machine
guns merged with the front bumper.   The website description refers to the vehi-
cle driving into the sea which is a reference to the 1977 James Bond film "The
Spy Who Loved Me" which featured a submersible Lotus Esprit.  [ON]

  Casco [DLC] [ON]

  Cheetah Classic  Grotti makes this classic variant of the Cheetah based on
the Ferrari Testarossa.  It's one of the best of its class and on par with the
Turismo Classic.  Choose between the two for a race.  [ON]

  Coquette Classic [DLC]

  Deluxo  Imponte makes this sports car inspired by the DeLorean DMC-12 from the
"Back To The Future" movies.  It returns from "Vice City Stories."  In hover
mode the wheels become sideways and it hovers a bit over the ground or water. If
you have your protagonist bail the car will drift to the ground where it can be
retreived.  [ON]

  Controls (spawned with the Simple Trainer):
  X (pressed not held)  Toggle hover mode (wheels become horizontal)
  NP5 (held)  Toggle the extension of the wings
  W  Forward
  S  Reverse
  NP5 or R Ctrl  Upward
  NP8 or R Shift  Downward
  A  Left
  D  Right
  RMB  Target
  LMB   Fire

  "Taking a look at the Deluxo (GTA V)" by whatever57010

  It can be modified in a Weaponized Vehicle Workshop with machine guns with un-
limited ammo and rocket launchers with a capacity of 30 rockets (not indicated
on UI) similar to the Ruiner 2000 and the Vigilante.

  Fagaloa  Vulcar makes this classic wagon based on the Volvo Amazon with a back
end based on a 1957 Pontiac Safari Wagon or 1959 ?koda Octavia Combi.  It has
average acceleration and average top speed.  Upgrade the suspension to eliminate
oversteer.  [ON]

  Fränken Stange  The Albany Fränken Stange is a hot rod Roosevelt (1928 Cadil-
lac 341A Town Sedan).  "Stange" is German for "rod."  It's sluggish on turns but
has good acceleration, speed, and durability.

  GT500  Grotti makes this classic sports car that looks like the Ferrari 250
GT SWB.  It has nimble handling, soft suspension, and a very high top speed.

  JB 700  It's inspired by the Aston Martin DB5 driven by secret agent James
Bond in several movies notably "Goldfinger," 1964, and "Skyfall," 2012.  The
name refers to the initials of James Bond and 700 is a rearrangement of his

  It has excellent top speed, decent acceleration, is durable, and is one of the
best cars for drifting.

  Pigalle [DLC]

  Rapid GT Classic  Dewbauchee makes this classic sports coupe based on the
Aston Martin V8.  It has decent handling, good cornering ability, but poor
braking ability.  [ON]

  Retinue  Vapid makes this two door coupe based on the European Ford Escort
mk1.  It has impressive speed and handling and is one of the most versatile
RWD vehicles for races and weaving through traffic.  [ON]

  Roosevelt [DLC]  It's basically like the custom armored 1928 Cadillac 341A
Town Sedan owned by gangster Al Capone with elements from the Cadillac 341B.  An
urban myth has it that when President Franklin D. Roosevelt was driven to de-
clare USA involvement in WWII on Dec.8, 1941, he was driven in the car of debil-
itated Capone because it was bullet proof  It's not true.

  It drives smoothly but handles like a boat since it's heavy due to thick ar-
mor.  It attains high speed but with poor acceleration.  Spinning out is likely
at higher speeds and oversteer may be an issue--lowering the suspension may help
prevent it by reducing body roll. It's very durable and capable for off-roading.

  Savestra  Annis makes this classic compact Japanese sports car based on the
Mazda RX3/Savannah.  It has good acceleration and top speed but has especially
good traction.  [ON]

  Stinger GT [ON]
  Stirling GT [DLC]  It's the best in class for racing (except the Z-Type is
better for tracks with long stretches without corners).

  Stromberg  Ocelot makes this combination submarine/sports car which is like
the Lotus Esprit-based Wet Nellie in the 1977 James Bond movie "The Spy Who
Loved Me."  It has fair ability in car mode and has machine guns and missiles.
It's a bit fast as a submarine if slower than a boat.  It has torpedoes that can
even hit land targets or low flying aircraft.  [ON]

  When spawned with the Simple Trainer it can be converted into a submersible
by holding H.
  W  Forward
  S    Reverse
  A   Left
  D   Right
  NP5   Upward
  NP8   Downward
  RMB  Fire

  Swinger  Ocelot makes this classic sports car based on the Jaguar XJ13 with
tail lights from the Lucra LC470 that's one of the fastest Sports Classics cars
in the game if a bit tough on bumpy courses or corners.  Add a spoiler.  [DLC]

  Torero  Pegassi makes this classic sports car based on the Lamborghini Count-
ach (probably the 25th anniversary edition).  It performs like the Cheetah
Classic.   It requires intermediate driving since the back is heavy and tends to
fishtail during sharp high speed turns.  [ON]

  Tornado  Declasse Tornado  1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham/1957-58 Chevrolet
Bel Air/1958 Plymouth Belvedere

  In GTA V, The Tornado still resembles a 1958 Chevrolet Bel Air in its front
end and overall shape, but the years of the ends have been swapped; the front
end now has the '58 Bel Air design and the rear now has the 1957 Bel Air de-
sign.  New features include a bumper similar to a 1957 Cadillac Eldorado, dual
headlights (with black surrounds like the '57) and 1957 Bel Air style rear
wings and trunk.  Other than the dual headlights, and '57 Chevy bel Air rear,
it resembles its predecessor. It also has some design cues taken from a 1958
Plymouth Belvedere.

  To make it look more like a 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air take it to LSC and use:
  Wheels > Wheel Type >
    Lowrider > Super Fin or Classic Rod
    Muscle > Classic Rod or Old School or El Jefe
    Offroad > Mil Spec Steelie
  Hood > Classic Hood
  Fenders > Fender Ornaments > Fender Ornaments
  Hold H to make a convertible roof go up or down.

  Tornado Custom [DLC]  It has a little better handling and speed than the regu-
lar Tornado.
  Tornado Rat Rod [DLC]  It's like a Franken Strange Tornado.

  Viseris  Lampadati makes this classic sports car based on the De Tomaso Pan-
tera and Maserati Merak.  Top speed is beyond other non-rocket land vehicles but
traction is average.  [ON]

  Z-Type   It's based on the 1937 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic and the 1937 Tal-
bot-Lago Type 150 CS.  It has high top speed and can weave through traffic but
is prone to spinout and oversteer.

  In "Grand Theft Auto 2," 1999, it was driven by members of the Zaibatsu Cor-
poration gang.


  Adder  It has the general shape, greenhouse area, rear bumper area, and side
windows of the Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport.  The wheels, headlamps, and
front fascia are like those of a Saab Aero-X.  The front fascia, and partly the
headlights, resemble those of some recent Jaguar models.  The taillights are
based on the flattened c-shape of those on Aston Martins.  It has the highest
top speed in "V" but the handling is below average and the acceleration isn't as
good as the best super cars without upgrades.  Deformation is slow but the
wheels may lock up.

  Banshee 900R [DLC]  It's fast for straight stretches.

  Cheetah  It's based on the Ferrari Enzo with the front of the Enzo, Ferrari
FXX, the Pagani Zonda, and the SSC Tuatara.  It has a body of a Ferrari Enzo or
FXX, the rear of a GTA Spano, and the rear hood is inspired by the Mercedes CLK
GTR as both have big engines and rear hoods.  The Carbon Fibre stripe on the
bonnet resembles that of the Pagani Zonda Tricolore.
  The Cheetah is one of the best performing cars in "V" being able to compete
with the Adder, the Entity XF, the Turismo R, and the Zentorno.  Having great
speed and acceleration makes it useful for most situations, like robberies and
police chases, and like its previous 3D universe rendition it also has extremely
responsive handling and braking making it very agile.

  Cyclone  Coil makes this electric sports car based on the Rimac Concept One.
It's the fastest accelerating electric vehicle in the game almost like the
Rocket Voltic but has the worst traction in the super class.  [ON]

  ETR1  It's one of the few best supercars and few best for racing.

  Entity XF  It looks like a Koenigsegg CC8S with the rear hood of the Porsche
Carrera GT.  It has better acceleration than all other supercars except the Zen-
torno.  It has very high traction due to an all wheel drive system and excellent
weight distribution.  Top speed is just below that of an Adder (240 vs. 250

  Entity XXR   Överflöd makes this supercar based on Koenigsegg One:1.  It has
good cornering ability but the power and acceleration is worse than the Entity
XF so it shouldn't be used for racing.  [ON]

  Osiris [DLC]

  Ocelot Penetrator [DLC]  It's based on a Jaguar XJ220.  It's the fastest car
(Jan., 2017) so a good choice for a race.

  RE-7B  [DLC]  The Annis RE-7B looks like various race cars like the Nissan
R390 GT1, Mazda 787B, Aquila CR-1, and the Memo Rojas BMW.

  It's one of the few best supercars and few best for racing.

  SC1  Ubermacht makes this super car based on the BMW M1 Concept in front and
the BMW i8 in back.  It performs like the Reaper.  [ON]

  Scramjet  Declasse makes this weaponized car based on the Mach Five car of the
1960's anime series "Speed Racer."  [DLC]
  E          Jump
  NP8     Lean forward
  NP5     Lean back
  X         Rocket boost
  MMB  Use the scroll wheel to choose from weapons built into the grill
                  (machine guns, missiles--homing or non-homing),
                  from the regular weapons used by hand, or no weapon
  RMB   Fire

  Sultan RS [DLC]
  T20 [DLC]

  Taipan  Cheval makes this supercar based on the Hennessey Venom F5.  It has
average acceleration, handling, and braking.  It's top speed is among the lowest
of the super cars so it's not recommended for racing.  [ON]

  Tempesta [DLC]  The body is like the Lamborghini Huracán and Lamborghini Cen-
tenario and the front is like the Lotus Elan Concept.  It's an excellent and
fast all-rounder.

  Turismo R [DLC]  The front lip of the car is inspired by the Lamborghini Se-
to Elemento (or the Aventador) and it lightly resembles the Arash AF8 with head-
lights derived from the GTA Spano.  The rear is somewhat based on the LaFerrari
(with a similar glass engine cover formation) though the two taillights are sim-
ilar to those on the McLaren F1 and shares a slight resemblance to the Faralli &
Mazzanti Evantra.  The rear references the Marussia B2, McLaren P1, and Corvette
C7 accents.
  (Before the Cunning Stunts DLC it was my favorite race car.)

  This guide rates the Turismo R as having the best brakes and being the best of
the super cars:

  I recommend a Turismo R with upgrades and a spoiler for racing.  Several oth-
ers have exceptional speed and acceleration but I'd want that balanced with
special traction and braking for control so my car doesn't spin out.  If you
don't find a Turismo R in traffic spawn one with the Simple Trainer--it's real

  Tyrus  It's one of the few best supercars and few best for racing.


  Vagner  Dewbauchee makes this super car based on the Aston Martin Valkyrie.
It's one of the fastest cars in the game with great top speed and a very good
handling.  The Tempesta and Zentorno are better at taking slower turns due to
the downforce statistic of the Vager.  [ON]

  Vigilante  Grotti makes this weaponized vehicle based on the Batmobile from
the 1992 movie "Batman Returns."  It combines the abilities of the Rocket
Voltic and Ruiner 2000.  It has a machine gun and optionally 30 missiles.  The
top speed with the boost applied exceeds 150 mph/241.4 km/h making it the
fastest land transport in the game.  [ON]

  Visione  Grotti makes this super car based on the Ferrari Xezri with ele-
ments from the McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari.   Top speed is like that of
the Nero though at that speed be careful to avoid fishtailing.  [ON]

  Voltic  It's an electric sports car.  A variation is called a Rocket Voltic.
It can be used with a rocket boost for a second every nine seconds or so and has
a roll bar.

  XA-21  Ocelot makes this super car based on the Jaguar C-X75.  It has the best
traction and cornering capability of the supercars but only average top speed
(similar to the Tempesta).  If the rear of the XA-21 is damaged enough the
spoiler can break so not raise up giving the car slight understeer and weakened
braking (as can happen with the T20 and Nero).  [ON]

  Zentorno [DLC]  It's based on the Lamborghini Sesto Elemento.
  The front fascia, greenhouse area, rear diffuser, side vents and grille resem-
ble those of the Lamborghini Veneno as well as some elements from the Lykan Hy-
perSport.  The headlights are based on the 2015 Acura NSX Concept.  The A-pillar
of the car may be based on the Lamborghini Huracán.  The rear fascia is based on
the Sesto Elemento with elements from the Veneno.  The sides and the taillights
are derived from the Lamborghini Aventador.
  It has a higher top speed than most supercars and has quick acceleration,
good handling, and corners very well.  There's no rear window so the protagonist
can't be shot from behind.


  Blade [DLC]  It's based on the 1964 Ford Falcon.  The double front fascia and
grille is influeced by the 1962 Pontiac Tempest and 1964 Mercury Comet.  The
taillights are like those of the 1971-1972 Dodge Dart Demon.  It has the lowest
top speed of the muscle cars and may oversteer but the acceleration and braking
is very good, it has great traction thanks to the wide tires, and has excellent

  Buccaneer Custom [DLC] [ON] [NG]
  Burger Shot Stallion [EV] [RP]
  Chino [DLC]
  Chino Custom [DLC] [ON] [NG]

  Clique Vapid makes this car based on the custom 1951 Ford Coupe owned by Bruce
Leven.  It has remarkable speed and handling around corners.  The handbrake can
be used to make tight turns--give it the full suspension upgrades for the tight-
est turns. [DLC]

  Coquette BlackFin [DLC]
  Custom Donk [DLC]

  Dominator  It's based on a fifth generation Ford Mustang with some other Mus-
tang influences.  It has fast acceleration and above average top speed but may
fishtail if gas is applied when cornering and acceleration doesn't quickly boost
the car to a high speed.

  Apocalypse Dominator
  Future Shock Dominator
  Nightmare Dominator
  Vapid makes all three custom weaponized variants of the Dominator.  They're
based on Frankenstein's Mustang from the 2008 movie "Death Race." [DLC]

  Duke O'Death [EV] [RP] [SP]  The Imponte Duke O'Death is an armored two door
Dukes.  It has better top speed, acceleration, and durability than a Dukes.  The
durability is that of a truck but the default braking is weak.  The name refers
to the book "Duke of Death" in the 1992 movie "Unforgiven."

  After "Duel" (a Random Event at the cafe west of the Rt.68 Los Santos Customs)
it appears
  - in an open-ended warehouse in the southwest segment of Murrieta Oil Field,
El Burro Heights
  - by the oil derricks between the dirt roads north of the east side of the "Y"
of "HARMONY" on your paper map of LS & BC
  "GTA 5 - How to unlock the Duke O' Death [PS4 & Xbox One]" by GTA Series

  It's $279,000 at Warstock Cache & Carry.
  It can be spawned by calling 1-999-3328-4227 (1-999-deathcar).
  It can be spawned by the Simple Trainer.'Death

  Dukes [EV]

  Gauntlet  It mainly looks like a 2008-2013 Dodge Challenger with the grill of
a fifth generation Chevrolet Camaro.  It has above average top speed and out-
standing acceleration with a moderate tendency to spin out.  The name "Gauntlet"
seems to come from the phrase "throw down the gauntlet" meaning "to challenge"
which is indicated by the name of the car it was based on--the "Challenger."

  Hermes  Albany makes this car based on the Mercury Eight.  It's been made into
a lowrider with a chopped top as before but now it shows some influence from the
third generation Buick Super.  It's stable but avoid flipping when cornering.
  Festive Surprise 2017 December 25, 2017

  Hotknife [CE]  It resembles a 1930's Ford Model B with hotrod modifications
and custom paint.  It handles well on- and off-road, has great acceleration,
and corners better at fast speeds with the handbrake.  It has poor endurance for
crashes but the suspension is so good it rarely tips over.

  Hustler  Vapid makes this 1933 Hudson Coupe (a Ford is similar but the Ford
grill curves outward at the bottom) made into a hot rod.  It returns from "San
Andreas."  It has decent acceleration, excellent top speed, handles very well
(if not on dirt roads), but has poor braking.  [ON]

  Impaler  Declasse makes this car based on the fourth generation Chevrolet Im-
pala.  It has good speed and average handling but spins out if it turns a corner
sharply. [DLC]

  Apocalypse Impaler
  Future Shock Impaler
  Nightmare Impaler
  Declasse makes all three custom drag variants of the Impaler.  They're based
on Pachenko's Buick from the 2008 movie "Death Race." [DLC]

  Apocalypse Imperator
  Future Shock Imperator
  Nightmare Imperator
  Vapid makes all three two door muscle cars based on the XB GT Ford Falcon seen
as the Pursuit Special in the "Mad Max" franchise. [DLC]

  Faction [DLC] [ON] [NG]
  Faction Custom [DLC] [ON] [NG]

  Lurcher [DLC] [ON]  The Albany Lurcher is a four door Buccaneer hearse.
"Lurcher" is derived from "Lurch"--the butler of the Addams Family.  The corpse
of the top of a man looks like he tried to escape the coffin and get out the
rear window.  It's slow in acceleration, good for top speed, but the extra
weight in back makes it prone to spin out in fast turns.

  Moonbeam [DLC] [ON] [NG]
  Moonbeam Custom [DLC] [ON] [NG]
  Pisswasser Dominator [EV] [RP]
  Rat-Truck [DLC]
  Redwood Gauntlet [EV] [RP]  See Gauntlet

  Ruiner 2000 [DLC]  It's based on the 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am called a
Knight Industries Two Thousand--KITT--in the 1982-1986 TV series "Knight Rider."
It has a machine gun or a rocket launcher (RMB), can jump over obstacles (Left
Shift--you can change jumps with NP8 and NP5), and may sprout a parafoil.

  Sabre Turbo
  Sabre Turbo Custom [DLC]
  Slamvan [DLC]
  Slamvan Custom [DLC]

  Apocalypse Slamvan
  Future Shock Slamvan
  Nightmare Slamvan
  Vapid makes all three custom variants of the Slamvan.  They're based on the
"Stubby Bob" truck from the Internet show "Roadkill." [DLC]

  Sprunk Buffalo S [EV] [RP]
  Stallion [EV]
  Tampa [DLC]
  Virgo Classic [DLC]
  Virgo Classic Custom [DLC]
  Voodoo Custom [DLC] [ON] [NG]

  Weaponized Tampa  Declasse makes this weaponized armored variant of the Tampa
based on the Roadkill from the "Twisted Metal" video games.  It's one of the
fastest weaponized vehicles performing slightly better than its normal counter-
part.  With armor the occupants are still exposed to gunfire and the car can
still explode with a single explosive.  The driver can use a forward-facing
Minigun, an option is a missile launcher upgrade which adds two missile launch-
ers mounted in the grille and two in the lower bumper which behave like those of
the Ruiner 2000, a mortar upgrade which adds two short-ranged mortar guns
mounted on the trunk (the longer the player holds the button the farther the
projectiles travel upon release), or Proximity Mines.  [ON]

  Yosemite   Declasse makes this two door pickup truck based on the Chevrolet
C10.  It returns from "San Andreas."  It has good speed similar to the Picador
and the Slamvan.  [ON]


  Bifta [DLC]   It looks like a big Meyers Manx--a dune buggy made from a Volks-
wagen Beetle.  It has a fast top speed and acceleration and performs well on or
off road.  It's prone to spinout and the open top makes those in it vulnerable
to gun fire.  Otherwise, the Bifta (and Bodhi and Sanchez) is among the best for
off road use such as racing.

  Blazer Aqua [DLC]  It's an amphibious quad with machine guns.
  Blazer Lifeguard

  Bodhi  It loos like a Kaiser Jeep M715 with a front like a Land Rover Defend-
er and wheel arches like those on a Land Rover Wolf.  It's lower to the road and
wider than a Defender.  You occasionally hear it recieve CB radio chatter if the
radio is off.

  "Bodhi" means "wisdom"--the understanding of the nature of things possessed by
a Buddha--in Buddhism.  "Bodhi" is also the name of the tree which Siddharta
Gaotama meditated under for the first time to become a Buddha.

  It's named after Bodhi Ogg--the son of Steven Ogg who was the voice and motion
capture actor for Trevor.  The name also refers to the main antagonist, a bank
robber named Bodhi, of the 1991 movie "Point Break."  Bodhi ssociates with a
group of surfers who are mistaken for his crew.  The surfers own a Kaiser M715
nearly identical to Trevor's aside from the color and is featured a lot in the
first act of the movie.

  If you upgrade the acceleration it becomes a good sturdy vehicle on or off
road except that the open top makes Trevor vulnerable to bullets. 

  Trevor's Bodhi has a Teddy bear stuck behind the front bumper.  The Gang Bur-
rito might appear with a Teddy Bear over the windshield in "Vice City."

  The CB radio of Trevor's Bodhi features a trucker with the same name as serial
killer Eddie Lowe (GTA "IV").
  "Fan Facts #15 (GTA V)" by whatever57010

  Brawler [DLC]

  Apocalypse Bruiser
  Future Shock Bruiser
  Nightmare Bruiser
  Benefactor makes all three four door six wheel limousine monster truck vari-
ants of the Glendale and they're inspired by the People Eater's limo from the
2015 movie "Mad Max: Fury Road." [DLC]

  Apocalypse Brutus
  Future Shock Brutus
  Nightmare Brutus
  Declasse males all three custom off-road vans based on the custom 1988 Chevro-
let K-2500 Silverado from the 1989 movie "Tango & Cash." [DLC]

  Desert Raid [DLC]  It's good off road but the Trophy Truck has better acceler-

  Dubsta 6x6 [DLC]

  Dune Buggy  It's a sand rail.  (The Space Docker is a variation of it.)

  It's light and has good acceleration, top speed, and traction.  It's easily
deformed and the open top makes someone in it vulnerable to gun fire.  The tires
should be upgraded to bulletproof tires.

  Dune FAV   BF makes this Fast Attack Vehicle variant of the Dune Buggy based
on the Desert Patrol Vehicle.  You can use the mounted MG or about 20 Grenades
for a Grenade Launcher, a Minigun, or Proximity Mines.  It has better top speed
and acceleration than its basic counterpart.  It's best used for fighting peds
off road or chasing unarmed vehicles.  [ON]

  Hot Rod Blazer

  Injection  It was previously called the BF Injection.  It's based on a 1963 VW
Fusca Buggy with a back window modified like a Baha Bug.  It generally performs
well and is notable for doing so off road so it's decent for off road use.

  Insurgent [DLC] [ON]
  Insurgent Pick-Up [DLC] [ON]

  Insurgent Pick-Up Custom  HVY makes this variant of the Insurgent Pick-Up with
customizations and a tow hook.  It's like the Terradyne Armored Vehicles line of
tactical armored vehicles--particularly the RPV.  It has a powerful Browning
M2HB .50 caliber machine gun.  An option is a mounted GAU-19 three-barreled .50
caliber Minigun which has a fast rate of fire.  Another option is to install
Proximity Mines.  Medium or heavy armor offers protection.  [ON]

  Apocalypse Issi
  Future Shock Issi
  Nightmare Issi
  Weeny makes all three custom off-road variants of the Issi Classic and they're
based on the custom 1964 Mini Cooper S aka "The Mini." [DLC]

  Kalahari [DLC]

  Kamacho  Canis makes this off-road utility truck based on the Jeep Crew Chief
715 concept.  It has heavy steering but good durability.  [ON]

  Marshall [EV] [RP]

  Nightshark  HVY makes this armored SUV based on the Dartz Combat and T-98 Kom-
bat armored SUVs.  It can tow small trailers--notably the Anti-Aircraft Trailer.
It has four machine guns on the outermost holes of the front bumper.  It has
great acceleration, good top speed, and great handling.  It can push over other
vehicles easily without a big loss of speed.  Like the Cognoscenti and Revolter
the Nightshark has soundproof windows.  [ON]

  RC Bandito  It's an RC car.  It can be given a "Jump" mod activated by the
horn key.
  It can be used with Sticky Bombs as a remote explosive.
  It can be used two ways with Proximity Mines.
    - The Kinetic option (orange flashing light) creates a small impulse several
    meters around the area sending players and vehicles into the air.  The im-
    pulse deals a little damage to both players and vehicles.
    - The EMP option (light blue flashing light) disables the electronics of the
    vehicle when passing over it.  The accelerator, brakes and steering, as well
    as the radio and other features, are disabled for about five seconds before
    reactivating.  It deals a small amount of damage to players.  The player
    will be notified by whom their vehicle was disabled by in a small notifica-
    tion above the radar. [DLC]

  Ramp Buggy [DLC]  It can be driven under land vehicles to flip them.
  Rancher XL

  Riata  Vapid makes this heavy duty off road pickup truck based on the Ford
Bronco Concept.  It's durable and has high ground clearance but is prone to
fishtailing.  [ON]

  Sandking SWB  "SWB" means "short wheel base"--it has a shorter cab.  The Sand-
king is now a pickup truck and both versions are based on a third-generation
Ford Super Duty with split headlights like various Chevrolet Silverado pickups.
It has good torque, power, ground clearance, and 4WD so it's good for off road
use.  The handling isn't the best on road but suspension upgrades make an im-
provement.  The big tires should be made bullet-proof.  This, the short wheel-
base version, has slightly better acceleration and handling making it more de-

  Sandking XL  "XL" means "extra long"--it has a longer cab.  It's like the SWB
with slightly worse acceleration and handling.  It's likewise good for off road

  Apocalypse Sasquatch
  Future Shock Sasquatch
  Nightmare Sasquatch
  Bravado makes all three Monster trucks which are based on the Dodge Pick-up
seen as "Bigfoot" in the 2015 movie "Mad Max: Fury Road." [DLC]

  Space Docker [SP]
  Technical [DLC] [ON]
  Technical Aqua [DLC]  It's an amphibious pickup truck with machine guns.

  Technical Custom  Karin makes this variant of the Technical--a two door armed
pickup truck similar to that of a fourth generation Toyota Hilux with customiza-
tion and a tow hook.  It's one of the best off-road vehicles.  It has a very
powerful machine gun.  An option is a mounted 7.62mm Minigun.  Another option is
to install Proximity Mines.  It can tow an Anti-Aircraft Trailer.  Bulletproof
windows provide no protection (the same as with the Weaponized Tampa, Night-
shark, and Insurgent Pick-Up Custom).  [ON]

  Trophy Truck [DLC]  It's good off road.
  The Liberator [DLC]


  BeeJay XL
  Contender [DLC]
  FQ 2

  Granger  It looks like an 11th generation Chevrolet Suburban with some GMC
Yukon XL Denali styling and a front fascia like a Sierra pickup.  (For a much
better version see "FIB Granger.")

  Huntley S [DLC]

  Patriot Stretch  Mammoth makes this SUV limo version of the Patriot--a Hummer
H2.  It has lower acceleration and sluggish handling.  [DLC]


  Toros Pegassi makes this SUV based on the Lamborghini Urus with tail lights
influenced by the Lamborghini Aventador.  It has good acceleration and a very
high top speed but poor traction, braking, and suspension. [DLC]


      Armored Boxville [DLC]  It's an armored truck with a machine gun on the roof
and a wedge in front to knock land vehicles out of the way.

  Gang Burrito  It performs much better in "V."  Handling is much improved as is
acceleration and top speed.  The civilian version can be customized at Los San-
tos Customs where it greatly benefits from the performance boosts.  The steering
isn't among the best but it's the fastest van in "V" and a good vehicle all
around.  It can seat four who can shoot from the ack doors making it deadly for
others to follow a Gang Burrito that has passengers in the rear.  The civilian
version performs significantly better than the Lost MC variant.

  Minivan Custom [DLC]
  Paradise [DLC]

  Speedo Custom  Vapid makes this custom version of the Speedo with a slightly
higher top speed and better handling.  It can be made into an armored panel van
with roof mounted turrets.  [DLC]

  Taco Van


  Cutter [SP]
  Dock Handler
  Dozer  Use NP8 and NP5 to raise and lower the shovel.

  Freight train  It's loosely based on the EMD GP40.  Unlike the "V" subway it
won't stop if obstructed.

  Unlike in "IV" it can't be driven by the protagonist.  He can easily ride on a
flatbed car or use a train tunnel to get rid of a wanted rating.

  Guardian [DLC] [ON]  It's a pickup truck mostly based on the 2004-present Ford
F-650 with headlights and hood like the GMC Kodiak.    It has excellent speed
and handling for a heavy vehicle though it may fishtail at moderately fast
speed and has good durability.  It can be used in Off-road races.

  Like the Sandking it can hold a Nagasaki Blazer in the bed.

  Like the Benefactor Dubsta 6x6, Bravado Bison, and the Canis Bodhi it can hold
players in the bed.




  Apocalypse Cerberus
  Future Shock Cerberus
  Nightmare Cerberus
  MTL makes all three custom weaponized eight wheeled trucks based on the Peter-
bilt 281 and they're inspired by the War Rig from the 2015 movie "Mad Max: Fury
Road." [DLC]


  Hauler Custom  Jobuilt makes this armored semi-truck--customized variation of
the Hauler.  It's based on the Goliath from the 1982 TV series "Knight Rider"
with detailings reminiscent of the UniSol truck used in the 1992 film "Universal
Soldier."  It's quicker than most vehicles in the Commercial class but the back
wheels lack traction.  It's incredibly durable and has temporarily bulletproof
glass.  [ON]


  Mule Custom  Maibatsu makes this customized Mule that adds a side platform and
handle on either side so two more players can hang onto the sides as with the
Pounder Custom and RCV.  Its slow but good for ramming vehicles out of the way.
You can add a front scoop and Mounted Miniguns.  [DLC]


  Phantom Custom  Jobuilt makes this armored semi-truck--a customized variation
of the Phantom based on the 1984 GMC General with an Aerodynamic Sleeper Cab.
Like the Hauler Custom it can tow the Mobile Operations Center.  It performs
like the Hauler Custom and is likewise very durable.  [ON]

  Phantom Wedge [DLC] It's good for ramming land vehicles to disable them but
can disabled by wear from so doing.


  Pounder Custom  MTL makes this armored custom version of the Pounder box
truck.  It's slow but good at ramming vehicles and can be given a front wedge,
Mounted Miniguns, and a Remote Missile Battery.  [DLC]


  Terrorbyte  Benefactor makes this armored expedition truck--a big military
truck based on the Mercedes-Benz Zetros 6x6.  It has a Player Scanner on the
roof that can read players' general statistics and number of private dances and
sex acts purchased.  You can install a Turret station to access the multi-lock
missile battery that can lock on five different targets at once--it can attack
simultaneously in the order specified by the lock-on sequence.  It takes five
seconds to reload.  In multiplayer it serves as an operation hub for all 8 busi-
ness types.  The optional Drone station features a stun gun and the drone can
explode so serves as a remote explosive.  The Specialized Workshop of the truck
is the only place where the Oppressor Mk II can be upgraded.  [DLC]



  Caddy  Nagasaki makes this redesigned version of the Caddy.  As of the Gunrun-
ning update players may choose a third variation of the Caddy for their Bunkers
in the "Transportation" option dubbed "Caddy 2."  The bunker variant can spawn
near the main loading bay area of a Bunker assuming the player chooses the
"Caddy 2" option when purchasing accessories for their bunker (enhanced version
only). It costs $120,000.  [ON]

  Forklift  Use NP8 and NP5 to raise and lower the fork.
  Lawn Mower
  Scrap Truck

  Slamtruck  It's a single seater based on the Suzy Stuchel's custom 1956 Ford COE
600 Hauler.  $1,310,000  Top speed is 98.80 mph (Broughy).

  Towtruck [SP]  Use NP8 and NP5 to raise and lower the hook.
  Towtruck (small) [SP]

  Trailer (trailers4)  It's a container trailer which can be recolored.  It's
called trailers4.  All variants, with the exception of the Fame or Shame model,
can appear in traffic towed by Phantoms, Haulers, and Packers.  [ON]

  Utility Truck
  Utility Truck (small)


  Anti-Aircraft Trailer  Vom Feuer makes this towable anti-aircraft trailer
likely based on the M17/M51 Trailer Mount.  It has a quad machine gun turret
with a sighting frame.  It offers good firepower and great coverage against
enemies and vehicles.  With the SAM option the turret has six AA missile launch-
ers with 30 missiles able to take out any vehicle.  With the Flak option the
turret has two autocannons that provide devastating firepower and accuracy
thanks to its front sight.  ON]

  APC  HVY makes this weaponized Armored Personal Carrier based on the Soviet
BRDM-2 scout car.  It returns from "The Ballad of Gay Tony."  But it now
features a rear tow hitch able to tow the Anti-Aircraft Trailer.  And it now
features nimble handling and more suspension dampening.  The armor can be up-
graded to withstand up to 6 Sticky Bombs before exploding.  It can be fully sub-
merged without damage and will return to and float on the surface.  It can be
driven on the water and remains fully functional.  The front passenger (not the
driver) can operate the main turret--one shot from it can destroy most vehicles.
The passengers in the back can use a unique machine gun (but the windows aren't
bulletproof).  The missile modification gives the vehicle a 60 missile battery
with six launchers which has much more firepower and good range.  Another option
are Proximity Mines.  [ON]

  Avenger  Mammoth makes this tiltrotor aircraft based on the V-22 Osprey.

  Avenger2  It's an unobtainable variant of the Avenger with folded wing used in
the cutscene of the Avenger parked in the facility.

  Barracks Semi

  Barrage  HVY makes this weaponized ATV based on the HDT Storm SRTV (Search &
Rescue Tactical Vehicle).  It's a fast off road vehicle that seats four.  The
front turret is a machine gun that can be replaced by a Minigun.  The back
turret is a machine gun that can be replaced by a Minigun or a grenade launcher.

  Chernobog  HVY makes this a ballistic missile launcher truck mainly based on
the MAZ-543M.  It replaces the BM-30 Smerch with a boxy 15-tube launch pod.
Most vehicles it hits explode.  It's sluggish but can fire five missiles before
reloading and can lock onto a distant target including aircraft.  [ON]


  Half-track  Bravado makes this half-track variant of the Duneloader based on
the M3 Half-track.  The armored cab version is like the Sd.Kfz. 7.  It has great
acceleration, good mobility, and can climb steep hills.  It can be submerged
until the snorkel on the left side of the cab is underwater.  The armor is
nearly as good as on the APC.  The two stock guns feature excellent fire rate
and range.  The Autocannon option behaves like four fast firing machine guns.
With a heavy armor plating upgrade the front windshield becomes indestructible.

  Menacer  HVY makes this armored SUV.  It's based on the Boss Hunting Truck--a
custom Hummer based on the H1 K10 Series.  The mounted turret on the roof can be
used by a second player.  It can carry three more passengers for a total of
five.  It can be given a top mounted minigun and front facing machine guns.
$1,775,000 at Warstock Cache & Carry  [DLC]

  Mobile Operations Center  It's a new trailer which can be pulled by a Phantom
Custom, Hauler Custom, or any other semitrailer.  Each bay offers room for the
crew and, if a Command Center is installed, they can sit in front of the turret
controls and can use slow-firing cannons.  There's a single seat for the front
turret and two paired seats for the rear ones (if available).
  The MOC is added to the player's Interaction Menu and called to be near
wherever the player is and dispatched back to bunker storage on demand.  The
player can't immediately relocate an existing MOC using the menu--they must re-
turn it to the bunker then recall it to their current location.  [ON]

  Rhino Tank  It resembles the Leopard 2A4.  The turret is more accurate and can
aim at helicopters.  It can hit vehicles without making them explode.  It can be
destroyed by being near too many explosions, taking too many hits from another
tank, or by an RPG or Grenade launcher.  It can take about 3-4 direct tank
shells, 7-8 direct grenade launcher shots, and 5-6 direct RPG hits before being
destroyed.  Attacking the back can cause the fuel tank to leak.

  Apocalypse Scarab
  Future Shock Scarab
  Nightmare Scarab
  HVY makes all three low profile light tanks based on the Howe & Howe Ripsaw
EV2. [DLC]

  Technical Aqua  It's an amphibious pickup truck with machine guns.  [DLC]

  TM-02 Khanjali  It's a futuristic light stealth tank based on the Polish light
tank PL-01.  It can hold four people and crush vehicles beneath it without ex-
ploding.  With upgrades it can withstand twice the explosions that a Rhino can.
The cannon can be upgraded to a Rail cannon.  The front passenger can use the
automatic Browning M2HB .50 caliber machine gun on the top.  It can be modified
to feature two remote grenade launchers which can be operated by either back
seat passenger.  [ON]

  Wastelander [DLC]  MTL makes this vehicle that's good at multi-terrain travel
and can carry six armed passengers.


  Air Ambulance [1]  There's an Air Ambulance (Police Maverick) on the Central
Los Santos Medical Center at the southeast side of Crusade Rd. southwest of Cap-
ital Blvd. from the start of the game.

  Ambulance  As in "IV" it has high top speed, good aceleration, smooth han-
dling, good cornering, and is one of the best large vehicles to drive.

  FIB Buffalo [2]  It's based on the 2006-2010 Dodge Charger Police Package. 
It has high top speed (185 mph--fastest of law enforcement vehicles), potent
performance, smooth suspension, and superb durability.

  FIB aka FIB Granger  It looks like an 11th generation Chevrolet Suburban with
some GMC Yukon XL Denali styling and a front fascia like a Sierra pickup.

  The FIB Granger is black and, with the Sheriff SUV and Park Ranger, is the
best performing SUV.  It improves on the civilian version in every way with good
acceleration (like the Interceptor), stiff suspension which prevents roll over
in fast turns, a high top speed, great off road performance, and decent brakes.
It's hard to obtain, though.

  Fire Truck

  Interceptor [3]  The Interceptor is a good car except crashes to the front can
impair the front wheels.  "Interceptor" refers to the Ford Taurus Interceptors
used by the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department in 2012.   An Interceptor is at the
Mission Row Police Station.

  Lifeguard [SP]

  Park Ranger

  Police Bike  It's based on the Harley-Davidson Road King FLHP.  It's similar
to the Electra Glide but closer to the Road King.  It's heavy but high in power
and torque so while the top speed and acceleration are average for motorcycles
they're higher than for most cars.  The handling is excellent for such a heavy
bike, it has powerful brakes, amd it can withstand more damage than any other
bike in the game taking virtually no damage when shot in the saddle bags.  The
Police Bike may be on the side of freeways.  The first time your protagonist
takes a spawn of one he gets a Pistol with twelve rounds.
  The civilian version is the Sovereign.

  Police Buffalo [4] [SP]
  Police Cruiser
  Police Maverick
  Police Rancher [SP]

  Police Riot  It's mainly based on the Lenco Bear and a bit on the 1989-2001
International 4700 Series.  It's the successor to the Enforcer.  Performance is
bad with acceptable braking, average top speed for a truck (around the 105 mph),
but very good acceleration and durability.  It can withstand most gunfire for
sustained periods and a Sticky bomb won't destroy it unless it's in contact or
directly underneath it.  Molotovs and gasoline are ineffective against it--only
multiple grenades can deal any damage and RPG shots and tank shells can instant-
ly destroy it.
  It appears at a wanted rating of four stars or higher.  Your protagonist gets
some Armor the first time they enter a spawn of it.  (There's a glitch causing
this to happen after it's saved, too, also true for some other vehicles like the
Ambulance.)  It's bullet-proof except for the tires and the driver's side window
is open but he can use any drive-by weapon from it.

  Police Roadcruiser [SP]

  Police Transporter  It's like a second generation Burrito except with a higher
suspension making it better off road.  It appears at a wanted rating of three
stars or higher typically in the middle of the road near spike strips.  The
front and rear windows are 90% bullet-proof and the side windows are mostly cov-
ered in metal but your protagonist can't use thrown weapons from it.

  Police Prison Bus

  RCV  The RCV (Riot Control Vehicle) is a six wheeled armored law enforcement
truck that looks like the INKAS Armored Riot Control Vehicle.  It's quicker in
acceleration and more maneuverable than most armored trucks of the game.  It has
a plow that can be used to push away vehicles and a water cannon.  [ON]

  Sheriff Cruiser

  Sheriff SUV

  Unmarked Cruiser [SP)


  Airport Bus

  Festival Bus  It's a custom version of the Prison Bus with neon lights, large
speakers on the side and the stage roof, and a large neon skull sculpture.  The
horn activates the neon lights and the DJ turntable on top.  Collision removes
the sculpture and speakers.  The additions make it slower than the Prison bus.

  Rental Shuttle Bus

  Subway  The Arrow system trains are based on Siemens P2000 cars.  The network
starts and ends with loops at Davis and Los Santos International Airport.  An
extension to Vinewood is under construction.  A full loop of the Arrow system
takes about 52 minutes in real time/26 hours in-game time.  The LST is based on
the Los Angeles County Metro Rail--the underground segment resembles the Red
Line and the above ground segments are based on the light rail lines of Los An-

  As in "III" and "IV" it can't be driven by the protagonist.

  Taxi  Downtown Cab Company taxis are yellow and blue and are like those of the
Checkered Cab Company, Los Angeles.  Like the Police Cruiser acceleration is
good, engine durability is very good, top speed is above average, and braking is
  It can be used to deliver taxi fares (not required) or for a ride as a passen-
ger.  Press E to have your protagonist whistle for a cab then F to have them
take a ride.  If passing a random encounter involving a hitchhiker you can have
your protagonist tell the cab driver to stop to let the hitchhiker enter.


  I.8.b      Motorcycles, scooters, and bicycles

  Motorcycles ('cycles) and scooters

  Akuma  It's mainly based on the Buell XB12S but with a tubular frame like that
of a Ducati Streetfighter or Triumph Speed Trip.  "Akuma" is Japanese for "Sa-
tan" or "devil."  It's also the name of a character in the "Street Fighter"
  It's the fastest accelerating vehicle in "V"--it maxes out the acceleration
stat before upgrades.  The top speed is fast without leaning forward (NP8) but
can't be used for a wheelie (NP5) at top speed so on long straights motorcycles
which can wheelie can speed ahead of it.  It's also among the best at cornering
with one of the tightest cornering radii among vehicles and can accelerate
through corners making it effective on races with more corners.  In a non-com-
petitive scene it's arguably the best motorcycle for racing but for competitive
environments, where the skill among others is higher, the Akuma is only dominant
in tighter more technical tracks.

  Avarus [DLC]
  BF400 [DLC]

  Bati 801  It's based on the Ducati 848 or the Ducati 1098 wih a tail unit more
like that on the Ducati Desmosedici RR minus the top-exit exhausts.  The name
"Bati" may be derived from "Batty" which is a derogatory slang for a gay or ef-
feminate man and slang for the buttocks.  This idea is reinforced by the name
on the side--"Bati 801" which can be read as "Batty Boy."

  Bati 801RR  It's a sportier version of the Bati 801.  It's one the fastest
bikes in "V" with excellent acceleration and good handling.  It's a very stable
and nimble bike.  Be careful on bumpy terrain since the light body can result in
the protagonist being launched or even wasted on bumpy terrain.

  Carbon RS [CE]
  Chimera [DLC]
  Cliffhanger [DLC]
  Defiler [DLC]
  Diabolus [DLC]  It's a chopper.
  Diabolus Custom [DLC]  It's a streetfighter sport bike.
  Double T
  Enduro [DLC]
  Faggio Mod [DLC]
  Faggio Sport [DLC]
  Gargoyle [DLC]

  Western Apocalypse Deathbike
  Western Future Shock Deathbike
  Vapid Apocalypse Dominator
  All three are custom weaponized variants of the Gargoyle.  The Apocalypse
and Nightmare variants are based on Daryl's bike from "The Walking Dead" and the
Future Shock variant is based on the 2018 Indian Scout Bobber. [DLC]

  Hakuchou [DLC]
  It's based on a base-line 2008?present Suzuki Hayabusa.
  It can keep up with the Akuma and outrun the Bati 801 in the corners but the
long wheelbase make it weaker at cornering.
  It's notable in having high top speed which is increased by holding a wheelie.
To hold a wheelie hold NP8--don't tap it as in VC or SA.
  It's in the protagonists' garage after downloading the The Last Team Standing
  It's in traffic and may spawn at Vespucci Beach near Floyd's apartment.'s_Apartment

  Hakuchou Drag [DLC]  Among the fastest but the Shotago is fast with better

  Innovation [DLC]
  Lectro [DLC] [ON]
  Manchez [DLC]
  Nightblade [DLC]

  Oppressor [ON]  It's like a Yamaha MX 175 with wings in the back that can be
extended to let it glide a bit.  A rocket in the back can be used for a bit for
a speed boost.  It has two machine guns on either side of the fairing next to
the headlight.  With the missile option it has four rocket launchers with about
20 missiles which can easily destroy unarmored vehicles.
  The special controls for it I know so far are:
  X  toggle wings
  E (used for horn with other vehicles)  rocket boost
  RMB  machine gun

  Oppressor Mk II  Pegassi makes this hoverbike version of the Oppressor.  It
has wings that extend when in flight and prop stands when landed.  To reload the
boost slow it to below 20 mph for about two seconds.  You can add Stock Machine
Guns, an Explosive MG, or Homing Missiles.  [DLC]

  For general driving, without wheelies or boosts, this is the fastest motorcy-
cle.  (The Rat Bike with a wheelie has the highest top speed at 157 km/h normal;
239 km/h with wheelie.  The Oppressor MK-II is 183 km/h normal, 191 km/h with
wheeie, 238 km/h with boost.)
  "GTA V Online Which is fastest Bike | It's not Oppressor | Top speed" by

  PCJ 600
  Rat Bike [DLC]

  Sanchez   It's a dirt bike which may be based on the Yamaha YZ450.  It can
climb up to 70 degrees but the more vertical it goes the slower it goes.  It's
the best off road vehicle.

  Sovereign [DLC]
  Street Blazer [DLC]
  Thrust [DLC]

  Vindicator [DLC]  Like the Lectro it has a KERS boost ability--excess energy
lost by braking can be regained by using the horn.

  Wolfsbane [DLC]
  Zombie Bobber [DLC]
  Zombie Chopper [DLC]

  Cycles (bicycles)

  Hold then release Spacebar for a little bunny hop.

  BMX  It's a BMX bike.  It's not as fast as the Race Bikes and the Scorcher but
faster than the Cruiser but is very maneuverable due to the light weight and
short wheelbase.

  Endurex Race Bike

  Scorcher  It's a high performance hardtail mountain bike that resembles the
Saracen Zen but with a head-angle of about 65° and a slightly beefier head tube
junction.  The forks are similar to the Rockshox Domain 180mm with its nickel-
plated steel stanchions although with a squared-off bridge similar to that of
the Marzocchi 66 and the Fox 36 Float 180.  It's sold by the
site for $1,000.

  Tri-Cycles Race Bike  It's a light high performance race bike available in the
Triathlons and sold on the site for $2,500.

  Whippet Race Bike

  I.8.c      Blimps, Helicopters, jets, planes, and jetpack


  The Atomic Blimp is given to players who preordered the game.  The player can
call for the Blimp to be dropped off at a nearby point then fly the Blimp.  It
only spawns at the Vinewood Racetrack and Los Santos International Airport.

  Xero Blimp   It shares the same design with the Atomic Blimp--based on the
Goodyear Aerospace GZ-20 blimp--the only difference being the Xero livery in-
stead of Atomic.  There seems to only be minor performance differences with the
main change in handling and gaining altitude as top speed doesn't seem to have
changed.  The Xero Blimp, like the Atomic Blimp, is prone to exploding from the
slightest of crashes but the Xero Blimp is much more nimble, maneuverable, de-
sirable, and even durable than the Atomic Blimp.
  It can be ordered from a phone contact and be delivered to the closest spawn
point: Vinewood Racetrack or Los Santos International Airport.

  If you get your protagonist onto the top of the Atomic Blimp (via the Airbreak
function of the Simple Trainer) you can have him go to the front, press F, he'll
teleport inside, and you can have him pilot the blimp.
  "Fan Facts #5 (GTA V)" by whatever57010


  Air Ambulance [1]  There's an Air Ambulance (Police Maverick) on the Central
Los Santos Medical Center at the southeast side of Crusade Rd. southwest of Cap-
ital Blvd. from the start of the game.

  Akula  It's an attack helicopter based on the Boeing?Sikorsky RAH-66 Comanche
with side windows like the Kamov Ka-50 "Black Shark."  It's made by Buckingham.
It's fast and seats four.  When it's not in stealth mode you can use the Minigun
or missiles.  [ON]

  Annihilator [ON]

  Buzzard  It's based on the Hughes OH-6 Cayuse.  It's the fastest helicopter in

  Buzzard Attack Chopper  It's an attack version of the Buzzard.
  It fires rockets and machine guns but is hard to aim.  Thanks to Robert Rusk
for the tip that it only locks onto police vehicles.
  It can be bought from Warstock Cache & Carry for $2,500,000.
  It appears at Fort Zancudo.
  It may be on top of NOOSE Headquarters on the north end of Sustancia Rd.,
Palomino Highlands.
  The civilian version may appear in South Los Santos, Rancho, Davis Ave., or on
the LSPD building on Innocence Blvd.
  It may be on the LSPD Station at the corner of the east side of Sinner St. and
the south side of Atlee St., Mission Row, Downtown Los Santos.  Once on the roof
the protagonist gets a three star wanted level (unarmed).
  It may be found on the LSPD Station on Innocence Blvd. in Rancho (unarmed)
though sometimes a Police Maverick spawns there instead.

  Cargobob  It's based on the Sikorsky MH-53 Pave Low and Sikorsky CH-53 Sea
Stallion with the tail boom and rotor like the Boeing Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight.
The Cargobob floats if you lower it slowly to water and an be driven like a
boat.  It sinks if landed quickly or abandoned.
  Press E to have it release a grappling hook which automatically attaches to a
nearby vehicle.  It can carry all land vehicles, watercraft, containers, port-a-
potties, rocks, etc., but not aircraft or railway vehicles.
  "GTA 5: 3 Secret Tricks You Probably Won't Know in GTA V" by NoughtPointFour-
  It appears on a helipad near the Fort Zancudo Barracks spawn point.  The heli-
copter is usually ready to take off so the player must shoot at the pilot to
scare him away first.
  It can be bought for $2,200,000 from Warstock Cache & Carry.
  A Trevor Philips Industries Cargobob can be gotten after the Cargobob mission.
It's locked at the Sandy Shores Airfield.  Bring up the cell phone, use Snapmat-
ic to take a picture of it, wait a few seconds to exit, and the Cargobob is un-

  FH-1 Hunter  It's an Apache/Comanche-based helicopter which returns from
"Vice City Stories."  It performs nimbly like the Buzzard Attack Chopper or
Savage.  The machine gun is like that of the front gun of the Savage and the
rocket launchers are the same as most aircraft rocket launchers.
  A co-pilot (who can use a camera view) can use a machine gun or an an explo-
sive cannon.
  There are two racks on either stub wing with four homing missiles.
  The Barrage Missile pods allow it to fire up to seven missiles independently
or under two seconds in a quick succession.
  It can be customized to hold up to 50 bombs.  [ON]

  Frogger   It's based on the Eurocopter EC130 wih a passenger section based on
the larger Eurocopter EC135.  Like the Buzzard it's a small helicopter you may
find eassier than some to use for the "under the bridge" challenge to raise fly-
ing skill.
  Trevor owns a black one that spawns at the helipad at the Sandy Shores Air-
field after "Three's Company."

  Frogger is also the name of a 1981 onward arcade game.

  Havok  Nagasaki makes this ultralight single-seat helicopter based on a
Heli-Sport CH-7.  It can have a GAU-19 three-barreled .50 caliber Minigun put
beneath the cabin.  [ON]


  Police Maverick  It's based on the French Eurocopter AS350B.  It may be on po-
lice stations and the hospital by the impound lot and appears during a three
star wanted rating when one or two police officers use customized Carbine Rifles
to shoot from it at your protagonist.  When entering a spawn of it for the first
time your protagonist gets a Sniper Rifle with 10 rounds.

  Savage [DLC] [ON]
  Skylift [SP]
  Swift [DLC]
  Swift Deluxe [DLC]

  Valkyrie [DLC] [ON]  Valkyrie  The Buckingham Valkyrie is a helicopter with a
minigun on either side.  If you use the Simple Trainer to spawn a Valkyrie for a
friends activity the friend(s) will use the miniguns to shoot at police/police
  "Fan Facts #15 (GTA V)" by whatever57010

  Jets and planes

  Alpha-Z1  Buckingham makes this light aerobatic fixed wing stunt plane based
on the Reberry 3M1C1R.  [ON]

  B-11 Strikeforce  It's an attack airplane based on the Fairchild Republic A-10
Thunderbolt II 'Warthog' with the tail design of the Northrop YA-9 prototype
and a Gatling-type autocannon beneath.  The handling is tighter than the Hydra.
It's limited to 30 homing missiles but barrage missiles are unlimited.  [DLC]

  Besra [DLC]  It's like the Northrop F-5 Freedom Fighter light fighter aircraft
and the Casa C-101 single engine jet-powered advanced trainer and light attack
aircraft with wings and empennage similar to those on the Aero L-39 Albatross
and Hongdu JL-8 jet trainers.  The single engine suggests that it's based on the
F-20 Tigershark.
  It's the second fastest vehicle in the series with higher acceleration that's
the highest in the game.  It has incredibly responsive handling so is able to
execute many aerobatic stunts with ease.
  It's available in the protagonists' hangars upon downloading the DLC.
  It's seen flying in formation around Fort Zancudo and through Lago Zancudo.
  It's at Fort Zancudo next to the hangars.
  It's $658,000 at

  Blimp  It's a new version of the Atomic Blimp with identical performance but
more livery options.  [DLC]

  Cargo Plane [SP]
  Cuban 800

  Dodo [EV] [RP]   It's now a seaplane based on a de Havilland Canada DHC-2
Beaver.  It has a short take-off distance, shorter than the Titan and the Cuban
800, which, combined with good acceleration, makes it very versatile.  It can be
driven on some roads (mostly in Sandy Shores) due to the landing gears and rela-
tive height.
  It spawns at the following locations after the Sea Plane Random Event:
  It's docked at a lake in Vinewood Hills close to Franklin's house.
  It's docked at Galilee in the Alamo Sea.
  It can be purchased for $500,000 in Elitás Travel after the Sea Plane Random
  It can be spawned with the code "EXTINCT" after the Sea Plane Random Event.


  Howard NX-25  Buckingham makes this stunt plane based on the Hughes H-1
Racer.  It performs like the Alpha-Z1 if a bit slower.  If upgraded be careful
not to roll it.  Take off speed becomes faster but it's harder to stop.  The
name refers to Howard Hughes, the main user of the Hughes H-1 Racer, while
NX-25 is a reference to the plane's registration number.  [ON]

  Hydra [DLC] [ON]
  Jet [SP]

  LF-22 Starling  It's a small rocket engine fighter plane with a body design
inspired by the Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet.  It's equipped with two built-in
machine guns positioned like those on a Mitsubishi J8M.  It performs like a
fighter jet.  The rocket acceleration boost surpasses that of the Hydra,
Besra, or P-996 LAZER.  It has two built-in machine guns but you can customize
it with three missiles per wing and has a bomb bay you can customize with up
to 50 bombs.  [ON]

  Luxor   It combines features of the Cessna Citation 560/650, Sovereign, and
the Learjet 45.  It has seats for 10 people and has the same design as the Sha-
mal.  It's the fourth fastest aircraft in "V" outperformed by the Hydra, P-996
Lazer, Besra, and Vestra.
  It can be purchased on for $1,500,000.
  It can be found at Los Santos International Airport parked next to a Shamal in
the southeast corner not far from the hangar where Jets landing in the airport
  One can be found taxiing near Michael's hangar and will park in front of it.
Sometimes a Shamal appears there instead.
  One may spawn taxiing in the northwest area east of the northward runway.  It
parks near two Jets.

  Mallard  It may be inspired by the Zivko Edge 540 or Extra 300S.  It's rela-
tively slow yet very agile.
  It's available from the start of the game at the Stunt Plane Time Trials site
at Sandy Shores Airfield and later appears (but can't be kwept) in some Flight
School challenges.
  It can be bought for $250,000 from
  It can be spawned with the code "Barnstorm."

  Miljet [DLC]

  Mogul  Mammoth makes this light attack bomber based on the Beechcraft 18.
It performs like the Cuban 800 or the Tula with average speed and handling.
It has a machine gun and can be customized to have two.  It also has a nose
mounted machine gun and can be customized to have two.   [ON]

  P-45 Nokota  It's a WWII-era fighter plane based on the North American P-51
Mustang reminiscent of the Rustler from "San Andreas."  It's agile like the
Mallard and fast.  It has six machine guns and can be customized to have two
M8 High Velocity Aircraft Rocket tubes which can be fired continuously in
either homing or non-homing mode.  It may be easier to handle with the wheels
lowered which makes it slower.  [ON]

  P-996 Lazer   It's a fighter jet mainly based on the F-16C Fighting Falcon
with air intake split in two like a Eurofighter Typhoon and a forward swinging
canopy (with zig zag canopy detonation cord), twin vertical stabilizers, and
horizontal stabilizers like the F-35 Lightning II.  It has the highest top speed
of any vehicle in "V" with the second highest acceleration (the Besra has the
  It spawns at Fort Zancudo and fires cannons and missiles but goes too fast for
that to be useful to the protagonist.
  A small group may be seen seen flying on patrol runs around Mount Chilliad.

  Pyro  Buckingham makes this twin-boom World War II-era fighter jet based on
the De Havilland Vampire.  It's a bit slower than most fighter jets but han-
dles a bit better.  It has two machine guns and can be customized to have four
missiles per wing.  [ON]

  RM-10 Bombushka  It's a large weaponized cargo bomber plane that looks like
the Antonov An-12 and the North American B-25 Mitchell.  it's slow due to its
size and weight.  The nose and tail turret can hold either .50 caliber machine
guns or 30mm explosive autocannons.  The roof-mounted cannon is always an ex-
plosive autocannon turret.  It can be customized to deploy up to 50 bombs.

  Rogue  Western Company makes this two seat trainer plane based on the Beech-
craft T-6 Texan II and the Embraer EMB 312 Tucano.  It's one of the easiest
aircraft to fly and fairly durable.  You can add dual minigun pods or dual ex-
plosive cannon pods.  Optionally you can add two rocket pods with seven units
each which can be fired in homing or non-homing mode.  Another option is the
addition of up to 50 bombs which can be dropped by a co-pilot.  [ON]

  Seabreeze  Western Company makes this seaplane based on the Seawind 300c.
It has great speed and good handling--even able to match other fast propeller
aircraft like the Mallard or the Howard NX-25.  It can land on land or water
and even be fully submerged.  It has two built in machine guns and can be cus-
tomized to carry up to 50 bombs.  [ON]


  Tula  Mammoth makes this medium-sized plane resembling a Kaman K-16 (a
modified VTOL Grumman G-21 Goose) with the wings, four-engine layout, and VTOL
tiltwing feature of the LTV XC-142.  It has a VTOL mode and can land on water.
It can have eight small JATO thrusters which can be activated on ground and
let it take off quicker.  It has two nose mounted machine guns.  A rear gunner
can use single or dual Browning M2HB .50 caliber machine guns or a GAU-17/A
six-barreled 7.62mm Minigun.  It can be customized to drop up to 50 bombs.

  V-65 Molotok  It's a Korean War-era fighter jet primarily based on the Miko-
yan-Gurevich MiG-15/MiG-17 with the stabilizer setup as with the North Ameri-
can F-86 Sabre.  It's agile and can take off in small areas (take care if drop
tanks are installed).  It has two machine guns in the front and can be custom-
ized to have two missile launchers on either wing with 15 units each.  [ON]

  Ultralight   Nagasaki makes this piston powered ultralight trike.  It's a
powered hang glider based on the Air Creation Racer.  Touch down at or a bit
below ground level.  Quick handling on the ground, short take off, and short
landing distance make it usable most anywhere around the map.  If the Muffled
Carbon Propeller is added it can go off the radar while gliding, cruising, or
under gentle acceleration to avoid detection by hostile players.  It can fea-
ture a forward mounted Gimbal Turret.  [ON]


  Vestra [DLC]  It's based on the Cirrus Vision SF50 while the nose, engines,
and windows seem influenced by the Eclipse 500.
  It's extremely fast and a lightweight maneuverable aircraft comparable to the
Mallard and can take up to three Buzzard missiles.

  Volatol  It's a V-bomber based on the Avro Vulcan.  It can carry four.  It
performs like the RM-10 Bombushka.  It has two 50 caliber machine guns and can
be customized to drop up to 100 bombs.  [ON]

  Personal Transport

  Thruster  Mammoth makes this jet pack that looks like a simplified variation
of a Martin Jetpack P12.  You can equip it with two Miniguns or two missile
launchers.  A different Jetpack was seen in "San Andreas."  This one can explode
on impact and kill your protagonist.

  I.8.d      Boats

  Dinghy  It's like a Rigid-Hull Inflatable Boat.  It's one of the better per-
forming boats and your protagonist gets a Scuba Suit when he exits it for the
  One is at the middle of the southwest coast of Elysian Island.
  Another three are at the Elysian Island coast east of that with one at the
coast south of the "Pl" of "Place" "Plaice Place" and two more east of that.
  It's at the Sonar Collections Dock in Paleto Cove after Michael buys the dock,
you complete "Blitz Play" or "Monkey Business," and Abigail Mathers gives Mi-
chael the task of finding 30 pieces of submarine wreckage.

  Jetmax  It's a cigarette boat and one of the fastest boats.  It's near two
Seasharks in a cave north of Palmer-Taylor Power Station.  It's $299,000 at the
DockTease website.


  Police Predator  It appears with Coast Guard officers firing Micro-SMGs at a
wanted rating of two stars or higher.  Your protagonist gets a Micro SMG with
sixteen rounds the first time he enters a spawn of it.  It patrols around Fort
Zancudo and Los Santos International Airport.


  Speeder [DLC]  It's based on the 1962-1996 Riva Aquarama.  It has very good
top speed and acceleration so can compete with other boats in the same class
like the Jetmax and Dinghy and can outrun Police Predators with ease.
  It's free if your protagonist bought the Marina property (XB360/PS3).
  It's at the purchasable boat docks near Vespucci Beach (XB1/PS4).
  It's $325,000 at (XB1/PS4).

  Toro [DLC]

  I.8.e      Submersibles

  Kraken  It's based on the Triton line of miniature submersibles.  A Kraken is
a mythical giant sea monster said to dwell off the coasts of Norway and Green-
  The Kraken feels faster and more maneuverable than the Submersible but it has
a similar depth limit of 500 ft. before being crushed by the water pressure and
killing the occupant.
  After the Wildlife Photography Challenge the Kraken appears docked at
Cape Catfish pier in San Chianski Mountain Range.  It can be bought from Dock-
Tease after completing the Wildlife Photography Challenge then appears at the
purchaser's dock.

  Submersible  It's a small two seat (only one usable) underwater vehicle.  It's
based on the PC-12 Perry and the Clelia.
  The maximum depth is around 492 ft.  Diving deeper causes a warning about the
pressure being too high.  Diving beyond 550 ft. causes a second warning to dis-
play saying the pressure is at a dangerously high level--it implodes shortly af-
terward.  It runs out of oxygen after approximately 24 in-game hours but exiting
it and allowing it to climb to the surface allows it to be reused.
  The protagonist get a diving suit when he enters the Submersible.
  After buying the Sonar Collections Dock a Submersible spawns at the dock.
  After completing "The Merryweather Heist" (Offshore Option) a Submersible
spawns in a back lot at the Sandy Shores Airfield.
  The player can pick up the Submersible with a Cargobob then drop it offshore.

  I.9   A rundown of some of the people who drive them

  There are five gang cars:
  Convertible Declasse Tornado
  Hard-Top Declasse Tornado
  Vapid Peyote
  Albany Buccaneer
  Albany Manana

  There are four gangs:
  Grove Street Families (green/black cars)
  Ballas (purple/tan cars)
  Vagos (yellow/black cars)
  "Unaffiliated gang" (color depends on model)

  There are other gang-color vehicles, but no mods on them.
  Canis Seminole is most common in Families-green.

  Also see:
  "NPC Modified & Rare Vehicle(& Bicycle) Mega Thread" by SeaWallTx

  I.10  Ghost world

  I started referring to Ghost World when writing my first walk-ghrough--for
"Vice City."  It most generally is an area not intended for the protagonist by
the default game where you may see partial graphics.  It may also be whatever
else your humor may interpret as ghost-like: something the developers forgot
to give a visual file, a glitch causing a vehicle to operate without a driver,

  Blue (or whatever color) hell was already being referred to by players of GTA
"III" as another area not intended for you to send a protagonist in the default
game--typically a dark area below the bottom of the intended area.

  The easiest way to have a protagonist explore Ghost World in the PC version is
to use the Airbreak function of the Simple Trainer.  The Airbreak function can
be used as a noclip function.

  Many of the wall breach and under-the-map holes of the original version have
been patched in the enhanced version and players can no longer gain access to
blue hell through them.

  Original version
  You may have your protagonist enter Blue Hell by falling from a great height
and landing in the Los Santos River--even in the shallow parts.  Be wary of him
landing nearby and being damaged.  Since the game considers him as underwater he
can swim back into the regular game world.  This was tested on PS3 using game
version 1.01.
  Jumping onto a Train's car then accidentally falling between two cars while
the train is moving may cause the protagonist to pop into Blue Hell for a few
  It's possible to have a protagonist fall into Blue Hell by putting him on
Bell's End on Mount Chiliad (confirmed on PS3 with Trevor) then switch to any
other character then back to whoever was standing on Mount Chiliad.
  If the player finds a way to bypass the ocean's depth limit (either by a
glitch, mod, or trainer) and the protagonist swims to the deepest part of the
ocean he enters a large black abyss.  Having him continue to swim down results
in him falling through Blue Hell then respawning somewhere in San Andreas.
  In GTA Online, if there are connection problems or the server is overloaded,
the player may get popped into Blue Hell unexpectedly then reappear on land a
few seconds later.

  Physical wall breaches (glitch locations)
  After you have a protagonist enter the multi-story car park on Little Seoul
you can find that a portion of the left ramp left side on the ground floor isn't
solid.  You can have him walk through the wall and fall into blue hell.
  At the sheriff station in Paleto Bay you can have the protatgonist walk
through the windows to the right/left of the main entrance doors and fall into
Blue Hell.
  If you hae the protagonist glitch into the IAA Building you can find invisible
walls that, when walked through, will make him fall into the Blue Hell.  He may
die by hitting an invisible solid surface.
  In the alley next to the Bob Mulét, there is a small area with a door.  If you
point the protagonist over the door and press Spacebar he'll climb the wall and
can walk into Blue Hell or jump onto a section of solid floor to the right.
  Next to the bridge near an Ammu-Nation, a Los Santos Customs, and the freeway,
there's a dumpster.  If you have a protagonist use a vehicle to push the dump-
ster closer to the wall and climb it in the right place he'll be in a blue hell
that's a good shootout location--he won't fall through.
  In Little Seoul is a strip mall across from a movie theater.  One of the shops
has a blue and green sign.  If you use the Super Jump cheat you can have a pro-
tagonist enter a completely unsolid building by jumping up and into the wall.

          How to get under the map--falling through ghost world
          Exploring ghost world

  Ghost train

  A train rarely spawns in Davis or Rancho without an engine car.  It goes very
slowly--slower than the protagonist walks.  It isn't recognized by peds or other
trains--cars will bump into it it as if it wasn't there, other trains go right
through it, and the barriers don't come down to ward off car drivers.  It goes
more and more slowly till it stops.  It may be the result of a spawn glitch and
can be seen in "V" and "Online."

  This video is of a couple solid box cars travelling without an engine--they
spawned near Davis Quartz.
  "GTA V: Ghost Train ("Santos Spirit"?)" by MacsrPooGaming


  From 11 pm to midnight (23:00 to 0:00) a motionless female ghost appears on
the east peak of Mount Gordo.  She fades away if the protagonist gets close to
her and reappears if he moves away.  During this time the word "JOCK" appears in
blood on the rocks under her.  Online information in the game reveals that she's
the late wife of Jock Cranley.  (Her location is one of the teleport locations
of the Simple Trainer.)

  How to enter normally unavailable interiors

  How to get under the map to get into the interior used on the Weazel TV show
Jack Howitzer with a hand puppet (like Mel Gibson's character Walter Black in
the 2011 movie "The Beaver") and jars of urine.
  "GTA 5 NEW Secret Location! - SECRET Deranged War Veteran Hotel Room! (GTA V)"
by ZacCoxTV

  I.11  Odds and Ends

          Some GTA clones/forerunners you might try

  I recently played "Saints Row: The Third" which lets you pick Laura Bailey as
Female Voice 1.

  GTA clones

          Game updates

  See my "Free PC Pinball, mods for lots of games, etc." page (better use Edit >
Find--it's long) for updates/remastered versions, versions updated to
play on a modern OS, etc., of a lot of my favorite old games including Grim Fan-
dango, Pro Pinball, also the Black Mesa mod, new entries on old series like Car-
mageddon: Reincarnation, etc.

  I.12    Glitches


  I.12.a  Problem glitches

  Grand Theft Auto V Technical Support

  Help & Support

  "PC Issues & Troubleshooting" started by uNi

  I.12.b  Fun glitches, gimmicks, etc.

  "GTA V Glitches and Tricks" started by ninja05

  "Interactive GTA V Glitch map"
  Click on a blip to see a descriptive video

  "Cool Things You Didn't Know About: V Edition" started by Liquid_Snake_Los-

  During the Prologue you can find an alien frozen in the creek under the rail-
road bridge before the right turn to avoid the blockade though you'll fail the
mission for going off course.  But you can use the Simple Trainer to see the
alien without a time limit.  Go to Teleporting > Other Teleports > Teleport to
North Yankton to send your protagonist to the exterior of the Bobcat Security
building used for the robbery and go from there.  The in-game map indicates
it's somewhere southeast of the default map (probably just when you send a pro-
tagonist there).  In several regards it reminds me of Ghost World in GTA "III.")

  Thanks to whatever57010 and his fans for the following:
  You can have your protagonist shoot a cable car to have it fall to the ground.
  You can have your protagonist shoot the gas tank of a vehicle, gas will leak,
and you can have the protagonist shoot the gas to ignite it.
  Your protagonist can hide in a shrub from the police.
  If your protagonist revs their engine by a sports car at a red light the
sports car may speed off as if challenged to a race.
  After playing "Friends Reunited" as Trevor you can switch to Franklin, go to
Trevor's last location, and shoot Trevor who will shoot back.  You can also play
as Trevor and try to kill Franklin.
  "Fan Facts #1 (GTA V)" by whatever57010

  "GTA 5 Car Glitch: How To Duplicate Any Car! (Grand Theft Auto 5 Glitches)" by
RSPproductionz - GTA 5 & Call of Duty Advanced Warfare...

  Wanted rating exploit

  Once Cletus leads Trevor into the forest in the second mission for Cletus
"Fair Game" (VIII.8) you can have Trevor abandon Cletus for a wanted rating ex-
ploit.  Thanks to Robert Rusk for the tip and the warning to not have Trevor
blow up something or run over people or you fail the mission.  Have Trevor take
a vehicle because there's little traffic, too.

  1. Replay The Construction Assassination mission given to you by Lester.
  2. Get past the first checkpoint and go up the construction site lift but do
not chase after the target.
  3. Parachute off the building or lift which is much simpler and land safely on
the ground.  Repeat step 3 if killed.

  1. Replay the mission where you have to steal an army barracks truck.
  2. Once you have it, you're free to drive around as either Michael or Trevor
causing havoc never becoming wanted.  However the catch is you have to stay
within proximity of the military truck--if you wander off too far from it you'll
fail the mission.  Good thing is you can get a good distance away before it
tells you that you're about to leave behind the truck.

  GTW: an easy way to have no police attention for your protagonists in "V" is
to use the no wanted level option of the Simple Trainer.

  "GTA V Legendary Glitches - BEST LAUNCH GLITCHES! (Episode 3)" by machinimare-

  There are several orange juice stands topped by big orange balls, like huge
basketballs, which you can have your protagonist knock off and roll away.  One
is at the north end of the dead end dirt road north of West Galileo Ave., Vine-
wood Hills.  A second is at the northwest corner of East Joshua Rd. and Route
13 (Senora Freeway), Grapeseed.
  "GTA 5 - Easter Egg #4 - The Big Orange" by GTA Series Videos

  Your protagonist can car surf on the roof of a Duneloader (an old pickup
truck), the bed of a Scrap Truck (an old pickup truck with most of the siding
attached to the bed), in the dumper of a Biff, Rubble, or Tipper (dump trucks),
or on a trailer being pulled.  A boat pulled by a vehicle is especially good
for vehicle surfing--the protagonist is contained by the sides of the boat and
it's too low for the protagonist to be knocked out of the boat by passing under
a bridge.


  Main wrecks map

  The wreck of a large container ship is underwater east of the coast near the
N.O.O.S.E. headquarters and the Palomino Highlands.  The ship has been cut
roughly in half--the bow is resting upright and the large stern section is on
its side a few yards away.  Shipping containers are among the wreckage.  It's a
large debris field.  The phrase "Safety First" is in large letters on the main

  There's the wreck of a Tug off the southwest coast of Fort Zancudo.  The name
"Olifantus" is on the side of the hull.  Two other Tug boat wrecks are by the
northeast (close to the Duster wreck) and southeast coast (somewhat close to the
Underwater Hatch).

  There is a decomposing side wheel paddle steamer in a natural harbor near the
Palomino Highlands.  Heavy Armour and a Health pack are there, too.

  The wreck of a Submersible is off the west coast of Pacific Bluffs.

  A nuclear submarine wreck is off the northeast coast of Mount Gordo.  The sub
engine compartment is in two pieces.  Some of the hull pieces have split off re-
vealing the steel skeleton.  There are several missile pods at the back.

  A large wrecked tanker ship can be found south of Elysian Island, in the Port
of Los Santos, and a large container bed can be found underwater in a canal
north of that area, near a bridge. 

  The wreck of a 3D universe Reefer is on Vespucci Beach.  It's badly rusted,
covered in graffiti, and missing the cab.

  Various kinds of marine debris and machinery are strewn about the sea floor
around the Port of Los Santos.

  Other Wrecks

  A lot of vehicles and other debris is underwater east of the Humane Labs and
Research.  Many of the vehicles are military-related such as a Barracks flatbed
truck and a Rhino tank.  The nearness of the vehicles to each other may imply
that they were scuttled or dumped there as unwanted military surplus or simply
broken-down vehicles from the Humane Labs.  Crates and metal scraps are there as

  The Sunken Submersible is located off the southwestern coast of Pacific

  There's a Jet underwater off the coast of Paleto Bay just north of the penin-
sula.  The main body and fuselage are broken apart, the wings aren't attached,
and there's a large debris field.  The Jet has the FlyUS livery and doesn't have
much coral or seaweed around it suggesting that it crashed very recently.  Some
collectible submarine parts are amon the wreckage.

  Another sunken Jet airplane can be found east of the Port of Los Santos and
south of the Murrieta Oil Field. Unlike the other crashed airplane, this one
bears no livery on its body. The Jet's fuselage is torn and broken apart in sev-
eral places. The remains of the airplane have accumulated modest amounts of sea-
weed and coral, suggesting that the airplane wreckage has been laying there for
a long time.

  After "Minor Turbulence" the wreck of the Cargo Plane ditched by Trevor is at
the bottom of the Alamo Sea.  Various weapons and Armor may spawn here periodi-

  Another wrecked Cargo Plane is underwater off the coast west of the Zancudo
Air Force base.  The wreckage seems to be aligned with the air base runway im-
plying that the plane crashed after takeoff or before landing.  The main fuse-
lage is at the edge of a large underwater ridge and the frontal fuselage is torn
off and at the bottom of the ridge.

  The wreck of a Duster is underwater east of Heart Attacks Beach near Mount
Gordo.  The wreck is hard to identify because it looks like a rock formation.
The wreck is very rusty and corroded and almost vertical in the seabed.

  The sunken UFO wreck is just north of Procopio Beach and a few yards east of
the large peninsula.

  Three other UFOs can be seen after you get 100% completion for the game.

  There's a white line drawing of a chicken made of a co** and ba**s near the
top of the south side of Mt. Chiliad.  (Enhanced PC version)
  Similar symbolism is created by looking at a skyscraper with the two tires on
the roof of Tire Nutz in front of the bottom of it.  Tire Nutz is at the corner
of Innocence Blvd. and Power St., Strawberry.
  There's a small nose/mouth mask on a table on Trevor's front porch.  You can
have Trevor put it on his face, inale, and he passes out and wakes up somewhere
else.  You an have Trevor do that when he has to get a truck of drugs for his
(imaginary) Mom and he'll wake up by the truck.
  "Fan Facts #4 (GTA V)" by whatever57010

  I.13  Radio

  West Coast Talk Radio  This is heard in Los Santos.  If you send your protag-
onist north into Blaine County the station changes to Soulwax FM.

  Lazlow Jones: Jeffrey Crawford "Lazlow" Jones hosted the Lazlow Show on Sirius
Satellite Radio Channel 197 and XM 103 till 2010 then it was streamed live on
the Internet.  Co-host "Big" Wayne passed away in 2014.  Lazlow has been active
in helping to write and perform on GTAs, notably the radio segments, since
  "An Inside Look on 'Grand Theft Auto 5' From Lazlow on Sway in the Morning" in

  Michelle Minx: Rachel Feinstein is an actress and standup comedian who was a
finalist on the TV series "Last Comic Standing," 2010, appears as herself in the
2015 film "Her Composition," etc.

  Brother Adrian: John Keating  John played Ernie Moran in five 2010-2011 epi-
sodes of the TV series "Boardwalk Empire," Timothy Pickering in the 2008 TV
miniseries "John Adams," a Neighbor in a 2014 episode of the TV series "High
Maintenance," etc.

  Dr. Ray De Angelo Harris: J.B. Smoove  Jerry Angelo Brooks played Leon Black
in 16 2007-2011 episodes of the HBO TV series "Curb Your Enthusiasm," plays a
fictional version of himself on the 2013-2015 BET improv-comedy reality televi-
sion parody "Real Husbands of Hollywood," and Ray in 34 2013-2015 episodes of
the CBS TV sitcom "The Millers," etc.

  Cheryl Fawkes: Annie Lederman produced four 2013 episodes of the TV series
"Impractical Jokers," played herself in a 2013 episode of the TV series "Gotham
Comedy Live," played herself in a 2014 and 2015 episode of the TV series "@mid-
night," etc.

  Fernando Martinez: Frank Chavez Frank returns as Fernando Martinez who's a
goof on a Latino lover.

  Jo: Ann Scobie  Ann was in a 1997 episode of the TV series "Ghost Stories,"
provided the voices for Lady Amelia/Doctor/Kyra Silver for the 2003 game "Max
Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne," played Merril in thre 2009 TV movie "God Loves
ME Best!," etc.

  Sue Murry: ?

  Chattersphere is a talk show hosted by Lazlow Jones and Michelle Minx.  Lazlow
says Michaelle is too much of a feminist and she says he's too much of a dumb
partier who strangely moves up as his celebrity lessens.  Celebrity guests indi-
cate celebrity is superficial and dumb.  One guest is Children of the Mountain
Los Santos cult preacher Brother Adrian who prefers that his group be considered
a fellowship that improves you for a price.

  Chakra Attack is a talk show hosted by Dr. Ray De Angelo Harris and producer
Nurse Cheryl Fawkes.  He's the one that loudly rants pseudo-spiritual/sexual
stuff and shouts "Om" a lot and she goes along with it.

  The Fernando Show is a talk show hosted by Fernando Martinez--a goof on a La-
tino lover in every PC GTA since "III"--and producer Jo who reminds Fernando not
to be sexist.  It's mainly an interview with politician Sue Murry.  Between Fer-
nando and Sue a liberal stance seems misunderstood.

  Blaine County Talk Radio  This is heard in Blaine County.  If you send your
protagonist south into Los Santos the station changes to Blue Ark FM.

  Bobby June: Trish Suhr  Trish played the Yard Sale Diva in 14 2007-2010 epi-
sodes of the TV series "Clean House," Tallahassee in a 2012 episode of the TV
series "The Office," etc.

  Jock Cranley: Alex Anthony  Alex is best known as the Public Address announcer
for the New York Mets of Major League Baseball but also for other teams.  For
example, he was the announcer for the US Open Tennis Championship in 2002 and
2003, a PA voice during the 2006 National League Championship Series, the 2013
All-Star Game, and the 2015 World Series.  He's also supplied a voice for GTAs
since "III."

  Samantha Muldoon: Melissa van der Schyff  Melissa is a Canadian award-winning
actress, singer, comedienne, and songwriter best known for her work on Broadway.
She was nominated for a 2012 Drama Desk Award and Outer Critics Circle Award for
"Outstanding Featured Actress in A Musical" for originating the role of Blanche
Barrow in the Broadway Musical Bonnie and Clyde which opened at the Gerald
Schoenfeld Theatre in New York on December 1, 2011.

  Ron Jakowski: David Mogentale  David played Coach Goodwin in two 2001 episodes
of the TV series "The Sopranos," Richie Cunningham in a 2001 episode of the TV
series "Ed," Bull in eleven 2010 episodes of the TV soap opera "One Life to
Live," Charles Augustus Milverton in a 2013 epsode of the TV series "Elementa-
ry," etc.

  Duane Earl: ?

  Bless Your Heart is a talk show hosted by Bobby June which is a goof on trail-
er trash or hillbillies.  One of the things spoofed is the use of road kill for
food.  See the article at the next link.

  The show doesn't have callers but has a live audience.  Former actor Jock
Cranley is running for governor of San Andreas and wants to create a big mili-
tary to invade France and Great Britain.  Samantha Muldoon sings "I Like Things
Just the Way They Are."  She says she adopted 13 African children and Bobby as-
sumes they'd steal.  Samantha says she taught them to not take handouts.

  Blaine County Radio Community Hour is a talk show hosted by Ron Jakowski in
which he gives vent to the sort of conspiracy theories Ron indicates he has in
his role as one of Trevor's sidekicks.

  Beyond Insemination is a talk show which is supposed to be about farming but
host Duane Earl mainly seems concerned to persuade listeners to agree that arti-
ficial insemination is unnatural and to share his sex abuse outooks.

  Radio Los Santos

  Radio Los Santos is hosted by Big Boy and plays Modern Rap
  YG - I'm A Real 1 (2013)
  100s - Life of a Mack (2013)
  Ab-Soul feat. Kendrick Lamar - Illuminate (2012)
  A$AP Rocky feat. Aston Matthews & Joey Fatts - R-Cali (2013)
  Marion Band$ feat. Nipsey Hussle - Hold Up (2013)
  BJ the Chicago Kid feat. Freddie Gibbs & Problem - Smokin' and Ridin' (2013)
  Kendrick Lamar - A.D.H.D (2011)
  Jay Rock feat. Kendrick Lamar - Hood Gone Love It (2011)
  The Game feat. 2 Chainz & Rick Ross - Ali Bomaye (2012)
  Freddie Gibbs - Still Livin' (2012)
  DJ Esco feat. Future - How It Was (2013)
  Problem feat. Glasses Malone - Say That Then (2013)
  Clyde Carson feat. The Team - Slow Down (2012)
  Gucci Mane feat. Ciara - Too Hood (2011)
  Gangrene - Bassheads (2013)

  Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One & PC versions
  Danny Brown & Action Bronson - Bad News (2014)
  G-Side feat. G-Mane - Relaxin' (2011)
  A$AP Ferg - Work (2013)
  Trouble feat. Gucci Mane - Everday (2014)
  Kendrick Lamar - Swimming Pools (Drank) (2012)
  Travi$ Scott feat. 2 Chainz & T.I. - Upper Echelon (2013)
  Danny Brown feat. A$AP Rocky & Zelooperz - Kush Coma (2013)
  Ace Hood feat. Future & Rick Ross - Bugatti (2013)
  Schoolboy Q feat. Kendrick Lamar - Collard Greens (2013)
  Chuck Inglish feat. Ab-Soul & Mac Miller - Came Thru/Easily (2013)
  Young Scooter feat. Gucci Mane - Work (2013)
  Problem & IamSu feat. Bad Lucc & Sage The Gemini - Do It Big (2013)
  Skeme - Millions (2013)
  Ab-Soul feat. Schoolboy Q - Hunnid Stax (2014)
  Freddie Gibbs & Mike Dean - Sellin' Dope (2014)
  Young Scooter feat. Trinidad James - I Can't Wait (2013)

  Space 103.2

  Space 103.2 is hosted by Bootsy Collins and plays Funk Music
  Bootsy's Rubber Band - I'd Rather Be With You (1976)
  D-Train - You're the One for Me (1981)
  Eddie Murphy - Party All the Time (1985)
  Evelyn "Champagne" King - I'm in Love (12" Version) (1981)
  Kano - Can't Hold Back (Your Loving) (1981)
  Kleeer - Tonight (1984)
  Bernard Wright ? Haboglabotribin? (1981)
  One Way - Cutie Pie (1982)
  Rick James - Give It to Me Baby (1981)
  Sho Nuff - Funkasize You (1978)
  Stevie Wonder - Skeletons (1987)
  Taana Gardner ? Heartbeat (Club Version) (1981)
  Zapp - Heartbreaker, Pts. 1-2 (1983)

  Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One & PC versions
  Dazz Band - Joystick (1983)
  Roger - Do It Roger (1981)
  Imagination - Flashback (1981)
  Parliament - Mothership Connection (Star Child) (1975)
  The Fatback Band - Gotta Get My Hands On Some (Money) (1979)
  Billy Ocean - Nights (Feel Like Gettin' Down) (1981)
  Parliament - Flash Light (1977)
  Cameo - Back and Forth (1986)
  Central Line - Walking Into Sunshine (1981)

  West Coast Classics

  West Coast Classics is hosted by DJ Pooh and plays 80's/90's West Coast Rap
  2Pac - Ambitionz Az a Ridah (1996)
  Compton's Most Wanted - Late Night Hype (1990)
  DJ Quik - Dollaz + Sense (1995)
  Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg - Still D.R.E (1999)
  King Tee - Played Like a Piano (1990)
  Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg, Kurupt & Nate Dogg - The Next Episode (1999)
  Ice Cube - You Know How We Do It (1994)
  Kausion feat. Ice Cube - What You Wanna Do? (1995)
  Kurupt - C-Walk (1998)
  Mack 10 & Tha Dogg Pound - Nothin' But the Cavi Hit (1996)
  MC Eiht - Streiht Up Menace (1993)
  N.W.A - Appetite for Destruction (1991)
  N.W.A - Gangsta Gangsta (1988)
  Tha Dogg Pound - What Would U Do? (1995)
  Snoop Dogg - Gin and Juice (1993)
  Geto Boys - Mind Playing Tricks on Me (1991)
  Too $hort - So You Want to Be a Gangster (1992)

  Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One, & PC versions
  Jayo Felony - Sherm Stick (1995)
  Warren G - This D.J. (1994)
  CPO feat. MC Ren - Ballad Of A Menace (1990)
  E-40 feat. The Click - Captain Save a Hoe (1994)
  The Conscious Daughters - We Roll Deep (1993)
  Eazy-E feat. Ice Cube - No More ?'s (1988)
  South Central Cartel - Servin' 'Em Heat (1993)
  The Lady of Rage feat. Snoop Dogg - Afro Puffs (1994)
  Westside Connection - Bow Down (1996)
  Spice 1 feat. MC Eiht - The Murda Show (1993)
  Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - 1st of Tha Month (1995)
  Luniz feat. Michael Marshall - I Got 5 On It (1995)

  Rebel Radio

  Rebel Radio is hosted by Jesco White and plays Country Music
  Charlie Feathers - Can't Hardly Stand It (1956)
  Hank Thompson - It Don't Hurt Anymore (1957)
  Hasil Adkins - Get Outta My Car (1966)
  Jerry Reed - You Took All the Ramblin' Out of Me (1972)
  Johnny Cash - The General Lee (1981)
  Johnny Paycheck - (It Won't Be Long) And I'll Be Hating You (1968)
  Ozark Mountain Daredevils - If You Wanna Get to Heaven (1973)
  Waylon Jennings - Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way (1975)
  Waylon Jennings - I Ain't Living Long Like This (1979)
  Willie Nelson - Whiskey River (1973)
  C.W. McCall - Convoy (1975)

  Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One & PC versions
  Homer & Jethro - She Made Toothpicks Of The Timber Of My Heart (1963)
  The Highwaymen - Highwayman (1985)
  Tammy Wynette - D-I-V-O-R-C-E (1968)
  Ray Price - Crazy Arms (1956)
  Marvin Jackson - Dippin' Snuff (1957)
  Charlie Feathers - Get With It (1956)

  Los Santos Rock Radio

  Los Santos Rock Radio is hosted by Kenny Loggins and plays Classic Rock.
  Billy Squier - Lonely Is the Night (1981)
  Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Hollywood Nights (1978)
  Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band - Night Moves (1976)
  Chicago  - If You Leave Me Now (1976)
  Def Leppard - Photograph (1983)
  Don Johnson - Heartbeat (1986)
  Elton John - Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting (1973)
  Foreigner - Dirty White Boy (1979)
  Gerry Rafferty - Baker Street (1978)
  The Greg Kihn Band - The Breakup Song (They Don't Write 'Em) (1981)
  Julian Lennon - Too Late for Goodbyes (1984)
  Kenny Loggins - I'm Free (Heaven Helps the Man) (1984)
  Phil Collins - I Don't Care Anymore (1982)
  Queen - Radio Ga Ga (1984)
  Robert Plant - Big Log (1983)
  Simple Minds - All the Things She Said (1985)
  The Small Faces - Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake (1968)
  Steve Winwood - Higher Love (1986)
  Stevie Nicks - I Can't Wait (1985)
  The Alan Parsons Project - I Wouldn't Want To Be Like You (1977)
  The Doobie Brothers - What a Fool Believes (1979)
  The Cult - Rain (1985)
  Steve Miller Band - Rock'n Me (1976)

  Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One & PC versions
  Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son (1969)
  Starship - We Built This City (1985)
  Mountain - Mississippi Queen (1970)
  Kenny Loggins - Danger Zone (1986)
  Alannah Myles - Black Velvet (1989)
  Pat Benatar - Shadows of the Night (1982)
  Belinda Carlisle - Circle in the Sand (1987)
  Kansas - Carry On Wayward Son (1976)
  Boston - Peace Of Mind (1976)
  Harry Chapin - Cat's In the Cradle (1974)
  Survivor - Burning Heart (1986)
  Humble Pie - 30 Days In the Hole (1972)
  ZZ Top - Gimme All Your Lovin' (1983)
  Yes - Roundabout (1972)
  Broken English - Comin' On Strong (1987)

  The Lowdown 91.1

  The Lowdown 91.1 is hosted by Mama G (Pam Grier) and plays Soul Music
  Aaron Neville - Hercules (1973)
  B.T. Express - Do It ('Til You're Satisfied) (1974)
  El Chicano - Viva Tirado (1970)
  George McCrae - I Get Lifted (1974)
  Marlena Shaw - California Soul (1969)
  Smokey Robinson - Cruisin' (1979)
  The Delfonics - Ready or Not Here I Come (Can't Hide from Love) (1968)
  The Five Stairsteps - O-O-H Child (1970)
  The Soul Searchers - Ashley's Roachclip (1974)
  The Trammps - Rubber Band (1972)
  The Undisputed Truth - Smiling Faces Sometimes (1971)
  War - The Cisco Kid (1973)

  Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One & PC versions
  Pleasure - Bouncy Lady (1975)
  The Delfonics - Funny Feeling (1970)
  Ohio Players - Climax (1974)
  The Chakachas - Stories (1972)
  Eric Burdon & War - Magic Mountain (1976)
  Johnny "Guitar" Watson - Superman Lover (1976)
  The Jackson Sisters - I Believe In Miracles (1973)
  Brass Construction - Changin' (1975)

  Blue Ark

  Blue Ark is hosted by Lee "Scratch" Perry and plays Reggae/Dub/Dancehall
  Chronixx - Odd Ras (2012)
  Dennis Brown - Money In My Pocket (1972)
  Gregory Isaacs - Night Nurse (1982)
  Half Pint - Crazy Girl (1997)
  Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Chapter Three (1978)
  Junior Delgado - Sons Of Slaves (1977)
  Konshens - Gun Shot A Fire (2012)
  Lee "Scratch" Perry & The Upsetters - I Am A Madman (1986)
  Lee "Scratch" Perry & The Full Experience - Disco Devil (1977)
  The Upsetters - Grumblin' Dub (1997)
  Tommy Lee Sparta - Psycho (2012)
  Vybz Kartel feat. Popcaan - We Never Fear Dem (2011)
  Yellowman - Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt (1984)
  Protoje - Kingston Be Wise (2012)

  Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One, & PC versions
  Demarco - Loyal (Royals Remix) (2014)
  Busy Signal feat. Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley - Kingston Town (Remix) (2012)
  I-Octane - Topic of the Day (2011)
  Vybz Kartel - Addi Truth (2014)
  Lee "Scratch" Perry - Money Come and Money Go (2010)
  Lee "Scratch" Perry - Roast Fish & Cornbread (1978)
  Danny Hensworth - Mr. Money Man (1978)

  Non-Stop-Pop FM

  Non-Stop-Pop FM is hosted by Cara Delevingne and plays Pop Music
  All Saints - Pure Shores (1999)
  Britney Spears - Gimme More (2007)
  Corona - The Rhythm of the Night (Rapino Bros. 7" Single) (1993)
  Fergie feat. Ludacris - Glamorous (2006)
  Hall & Oates - Adult Education (1983)
  Jane Child - Don't Wanna Fall In Love (1990)
  Kelly Rowland - Work (Freemasons Remix) (2007)
  Mis-Teeq - Scandalous (2003)
  Modjo - Lady (Hear Me Tonight) (2000)
  N-Joi - Anthem (1990)
  Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls (1985)
  Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World) (2010)
  Robyn feat. Kleerup - With Every Heartbeat (2007)
  Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (1998)
  Wham! - Everything She Wants (1984)
  Amerie - 1 Thing (2005)

  Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One, & PC versions
  Robert Howard & Kym Mazelle - Wait (1989)
  Sly Fox - Let's Go All the Way (1985)
  Taylor Dayne - Tell It to My Heart (1987)
  Living In A Box - Living In A Box (1987)
  INXS - New Sensation (1988)
  Bobby Brown - On Our Own (1989)
  Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy (1984)
  Naked Eyes - Promises, Promises (1983)
  Simply Red - Something Got Me Started (Hurley's House Mix) (1991)
  Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground (1996)
  Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way (1999)
  Jamiroquai - Alright (1996)
  Morcheeba - Tape Loop (Shortcheeba Mix) (1996)
  Moloko - The Time Is Now (2000)
  Gorillaz feat. De La Soul - Feel Good Inc. (2005)
  Robbie Williams & Kylie Minogue - Kids (2000)
  Dirty Vegas - Days Go By (2001)
  Cassie - Me & U (2006)
  Maroon 5 feat. Christina Aguilera - Moves Like Jagger (2011)
  M.I.A. - Bad Girls (2012)
  M83 - Midnight City (2011)
  Lady Gaga - Applause (2013)
  Mike Posner - Cooler Than Me (2010)
  Lorde - Tennis Court (2013)
  The Black Eyed Peas - Meet Me Halfway (2009)
  Real Life - Send Me An Angel '89 (1983)

  East Los FM

  East Los FM is hosted by Don Cheto and Camilo Lara and plays Mexican Electron-
ica/Traditional Songs/Hip Hop/Rock/Ska
  Hechizeros Band - El Sonidito (2009)
  Los Buitres de Culiacan - El Cocaino (2012)
  Mexican Institute of Sound - Es-Toy (2012)
  Niña Dioz - Criminal Sound (El Hijo De La Cumbia Remix) (2010)
  La Vida Bohème - Radio Capital (2011)
  Fandango - Autos, Moda y Rock and Roll (1987)
  Don Cheto - El Tatuado (2007)
  La Sonora Dinamita - Se Me Perdió La Cadenita (1978)
  Fiebre de Jack - She's A Tease (2010)
  Maldita Vecindad - Pachuco (1991)
  Jessy Bulbo - Maldito (2007)
  Milkman - Fresco (2012)
  La Liga ft. Alika - Tengo El Don (2012)
  Los Tigres Del Norte - La Granja (2009)
  Los Ángeles Negros - El Rey Y Yo (1970)

  WorldWide FM

  WorldWide FM is hosted by Gilles Peterson and plays Chillwave/Jazz-Funk/World
  Cashmere Cat - Mirror Maru (2012)
  The Hics - Cold Air (2013)
  inc. - The Place (2013)
  Trickski - Beginning (2011)
  Mala - Ghost (2012)
  Swindle - Forest Funk (2012)
  Tom Browne - Throw Down (1979)
  Donald Byrd - You And The Music (1975)
  Candido - Thousand Finger Man (1970)
  Toro Y Moi - Harm in Change (2013)
  Kyodai - Breaking (2012)
  Django Django - Waveforms (2011)
  The Gaslamp Killer - Nissim (2012)
  Owiny Sigoma Band - Harpoon Land (2013)
  Guts - Brand New Revolution (2011)
  Yuna - Live Your Life (MELO-X MOTHERLAND GOD MIX) (2012)
  Tucillo & Kiko Navarro feat. Amor - Lovery (Slow Cuban Vibe Mix) (2012)
  Richard Spaven - 1759 (Outro) (2010)
  Hackman - Forgotten Notes (2012)

  Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One, & PC versions
  Sinkane feat. Salvatore Principato - Shark Week (2014)
  William Onyeabor - Body & Soul (1980)
  Four Tet - Kool FM (2013)
  Mount Kimbie - Made To Stray (2013)
  Anushka - World in a Room (2014)
  Smokey Robinson - Why You Wanna See My Bad Side? (1978)
  Randy Crawford - Street Life (1979)
  Flume - What You Need (2012)
  Earl Sweatshirt feat. Vince Staples & Casey Veggies - Hive (2013)
  Portishead - Numb (1994)
  Jon Wayne - Black Magic (2013)
  Roman GianArthur - I-69 (2013)
  Lion Babe - Treat Me Like Fire (2013)
  Dam-Funk - Killdat (2009)
  Jamie Lidell - Runaway (2014)
  CHVRCHES - Recover (Cid Rim Remix) (2013)
  Jimmy Edgar - Let Yrself Be (2012)
  Clap! Clap! - Viajero (2014)
  Maga Bo feat. Rosangela Macedo and Marcelo Yuka - No Balanço da Canoa (2012)

  Channel X

  Channel X is hosted by Keith Morris and plays Punk Rock
  Agent Orange - Bored of You (1980)
  Black Flag - My War (1984)
  Circle Jerks - Rock House (1985)
  Fear - The Mouth Don't Stop (The Trouble With Women Is) (1985)
  OFF! - What's Next (2013)
  Adolescents - Amoeba (1981)
  Descendents - Pervert (1985)
  The Germs - Lexicon Devil (1978)
  The Weirdos - Life of Crime (1977)
  T.S.O.L. - Abolish Government/Silent Majority (1981)
  Youth Brigade - Blown Away (1983)
  Suicidal Tendencies - Subliminal (1983)

  Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One, & PC versions
  D.O.A. - The Enemy (1980)
  MDC - John Wayne Was a Nazi (1980)
  The Zeros - Don't Push Me Around (1980)
  X - Los Angeles (1980)
  D.R.I. - I Don't Need Society (1985)
  Redd Kross - Linda Blair (1982)

  Radio Mirror Park

  Radio Mirror Park is hosted by Twin Shadow and plays Indietronica Music
  Battle Tapes - Feel the Same (2012)
  Dan Croll - From Nowhere (Baardsen Remix) (2012)
  DJ Mehdi - Lucky Boy (Outlines Remix) (2006)
  Feathers - Dark Matter (2013)
  Jai Paul - Jasmine (Demo Version) (2012)
  Living Days - Little White Lie (2010)
  Miami Horror - Sometimes (2009)
  Tony Castles - Heart In The Pipes (KAUF Remix) (2011)
  Toro Y Moi - So Many Details (2012)
  Twin Shadow - Shooting Holes (2010)
  Twin Shadow - Old Love / New Love (2013)
  Y.A.C.H.T. - Psychic City (Classixx Remix) (2009)
  Black Strobe - Boogie in Zero Gravity (2012)
  Age of Consent - Colours (2013)
  Favored Nations - The Set Up (2013)
  Neon Indian - Change Of Coast (2013)
  Nite Jewel - Nowhere To Go (2013)
  Yeasayer - Don't Come Close (2013)
  The Chain Gang of 1974 - Sleepwalking (2013)
  Poolside - Do You Believe? (2010)
  The C90s - Shine A Light (Flight Facilities Remix) (2010)
  HEALTH - High Pressure Dave (2013)

  Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One, & PC versions
  The Ruby Suns - In Real Life (2013)
  Neon Indian - Polish Girl (2011)
  Mitzi - Truly Alive (2013)
  KAUF - When You're Out (2013)
  Panama - Always (2014)
  Twin Shadow - Forget (2010)
  !!! - One Girl/One Boy (2013)
  SBTRKT feat. Roses Gabor - Pharaohs (2011)
  Yeasayer - O.N.E. (2010)
  Toro Y Moi - New Beat (2011)
  Niki and the Dove - The Drummer (2011)
  Little Dragon - Crystalfilm (2011)
  Hot Chip - Flutes (2012)
  Dom - Living In America (2010)
  Holy Ghost! - Hold On (2011)
  Scenic - Mesmerised (2013)
  Cut Copy - Strangers in the Wind (2008)
  Age of Consent - Heartbreak (2012)

  Vinewood Boulevard Radio

  Vinewood Boulevard Radio is hosted by Nate Williams and Stephen Pope and plays
Modern Rock
  Wavves - Nine Is God (2013)
  FIDLAR - Cocaine (2013)
  Bass Drum of Death - Crawling After You (2013)
  Hot Snakes - This Mystic Decade (2004)
  Moon Duo - Sleepwalker (2012)
  Sam Flax - Fire Doesn't Burn Itself (2012)
  Shark? - California Grrls (2013)
  The Black Angels - Black Grease (2005)
  METZ - Wet Blanket (2012)
  Ceremony - Hysteria (2012)
  Ty Segall Band - Diddy Wah Diddy (2012)
  Thee Oh Sees - The Dream (2011)

  Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One & PC versions
  The Men - Turn It Around (2012)
  Bleached - Next Stop (2013)
  JEFF the Brotherhood - Sixpack (2012)
  Coliseum - Used Blood (2013)
  The Soft Pack - Answer to Yourself (2009)
  The Orwells - Who Needs You (2013)
  Nobunny - Gone For Good (2010)
  Mind Spiders - Fall in Line (2012)

  Soulwax FM

  Soulwax FM is hosted by Soulwax and plays Techno/Electro House/Acid House/Acid
  Palmbomen - Stock (Soulwax Remix) (2013)
  Fatal Error - Fatal Error (1988)
  Supersempfft - Let's Beam Him Up (1979)
  Mim Suleiman - Mingi (2010)
  FKClub - The Strange Art (Inflagranti Remix) (2013)
  Matias Aguayo - El Sucu Tucu (2013)
  Daniel Avery - Naive Response (2013)
  Joe Goddard feat. Valentina - Gabriel (Soulwax Remix) (2012)
  Daniel Maloso - Body Music (Original Mix) (2012)
  Green Velvet & Harvard Bass - Lazer Beams (2012)
  Zombie Nation - Tryouts (2012)
  Tom Rowlands - Nothing But Pleasure (2013)
  Jackson and His Computerband - Arp #1 (2013)
  Goose - Synrise (Soulwax Remix) (2013)
  Transistorcake - Mr. Croissant Taker (2013)
  Tiga - Plush (Jacques Lu Cont Remix) (2012)
  The Hacker - Shockwave (Gesaffelstein Remix) (2012)
  Pulp - After You (Soulwax Remix) (2013)

  FlyLo FM

  FlyLo FM is hosted by Flying Lotus and plays IDM/Experimental Electronic/Deep
  Flying Lotus feat. Niki Randa - Getting There (2012)
  Clams Casino - Crystals (2013)
  Flying Lotus - Crosswerved (2013)
  Flying Lotus - Be Spin (2013)
  Flying Lotus feat. Erykah Badu - See Thru To U (2013)
  Flying Lotus - The Diddler (2013)
  Flying Lotus - Computer Face Rmx (2011)
  Hudson Mohawke - 100hm (2013)
  Flying Lotus feat. Niki Randa - The Kill (2013)
  Tyler, the Creator - Garbage (2013)
  Outkast - Elevators (Me & You) (1996)
  Captain Murphy - Evil Grin (2013)
  Flying Lotus - Catapult Man (2013)
  Dabrye - Encoded Flow (2006)
  Machinedrum - She Died There (2011)
  DJ Rashad ? It's Wack (2013)
  Thundercat - Oh Sheit It's X (2013)
  Flying Lotus - Stonecutters (2013)
  Shadow Child - 23 (2012)
  Kingdom - Stalker Ha (2011)
  Aphex Twin - Windowlicker (1999)

  Exclusive for PS4, Xbox One, and PC versions
  Curtis Mayfield - Eddie You Should Know Better (1972)
  Doris - You Never Come Closer (1970)
  Flying Lotus feat. Krayzie Bone - Medication Medication (2014)
  XXYYXX - Work Title: What We Want (2014)
  Lapalux - Make Money (2014)
  The Gaslamp Killer - Shred You To Bits (2014)
  Mono/Poly & Thundercat - B Adams (2014)
  Flying Lotus - Osaka Trade (2013)
  DOOM - Masquatch (2014)
  Flying Lotus - Early Mountain (2014)
  Dimlite - Into Vogon Skulls (2012)
  KNOWER - Fuck the Makeup, Skip the Shower (2010)
  Kaskade - 4 AM (Araabmuzik Remix) (2006)

  The Lab

  The Lab is hosted by The Alchemist and Oh No, and plays hip-hop, rock, and
electronic music.
  Gangrene feat. Samuel T. Herring & Earl Sweatshirt - Play It Cool (2015)
  Ab-Soul feat. Aloe Blacc ? Trouble (2015)
  Tunde Adebimpe feat. Sal P & Sinkane ? Speedline Miracle Masterpiece (2015)
  MC Eiht & Freddie Gibbs feat. Kokane ? Welcome to Los Santos (2015)
  Phantogram ? K.Y.S.A (2015)
  Vybz Kartel ? Fast Life (2015)
  King Avriel feat. A$AP Ferg ? 20's 50's 100's (2015)
  MNDR feat. Killer Mike - Lock & Load (2015)
  Popcaan feat. Freddie Gibbs ? Born Bad (2015)
  E-40 feat. Dam-Funk & Ariel Pink ? California (2015)
  Wavves - Leave (2015)
  Curren$y & Freddie Gibbs ? Fetti (2015)
  Little Dragon – Wanderer (2015)

  Kult FM 99.1

  It's hosted by Julian Casablancas of The Strokes and The Voidz,
  features appearances from Mac DeMarco, David Cross, and Tony Mac,
  the playlist spans from Joy Division, New Order and A Certain Ratio to Danzig,
  the Velvet Underground and Iggy Pop, and includes the premiere of a new track
  from The Voidz called "Alien Crime Lord."

  Still Slipping Los Santos
  UK DJ Joy Orbison has set up shop out of Mirror Park.

  Music Locker Radio

  It's hosted by The Music Locker
  and features Keinemusik, Palms Trax and Moodymann, house, disco, and techno.

  Self Radio

  Self Radio is hosted by Cliff Lane and Andee.  It's a custom radio station
featured in the PC version of "Grand Theft Auto V."  Put at least three music
files, or shortcuts for them, in Documents > Rockstar Games > GTA V > User Mu-

  Other songs

  Some songs are heard during missions but not on radio stations.
  Danny Elfman - Clown Dream (Grass Roots - Trevor)
  Visitors - V-I-S-I-T-O-R-S (Grass Roots - Michael)
  Wavves - Dog (The Third Way)

  A rare glitch occurs when switching radio stations.  If you switch to a
station a song that should be playing on another radio station may take over
the radio station you chose.  If you wait till the song is over the glitch
should be gone.
  This glitch may persist across multiple stations when it occurs (i.e. Los San-
tos Rock Radio has been known to play songs from Radio Los Santos and Channel X
in the same session).
  In GTA Online, when two players are in a car listening to the radio, the two
may not hear the same song playing or the one song isn't in sync between the
  Custom songs on Self Radio may suffer from inconsistent volume so may be very
quiet compared to other radio stations.  The game may stutter when the station
is selected.  It's yet to be fixed though workarounds exist.

  The beta files refer to an alternative rock radio station called P.M.R.  It's
believed it was replaced by Vinewood Boulevard Radio.
  The Enhanced version features 162 new songs (404 songs in total) on all the
radio stations except East Los FM and Soulwax FM.  The PC version and the Ill
Gotten Gains Part 2 update adds a new radio station, The Lab, to the game bring-
ing the total number of songs to 417.
  Of all the updated radio stations in the Enhanced version only West Coast
Classics, Rebel Radio, The Lowdown 91.1, Blue Ark, Non-Stop-Pop FM, Channel X,
Radio Mirror Park, and Vinewood Boulevard Radio got some of their cut songs
  Some of the new songs in the Enhanced version were released in 2014, or in The
Lab's case 2015, whereas the game takes place in 2013.

  I.14  TV

  Weazel is a parody of Fox Broadcasting Company.

  - Fame or Shame with Lazlow.  A new episode is available after "Reuniting the

  Lazlow: himself (See I.13  Radio)

  Hugh Harrison: Fred Armisen  Fred has been a cast member of the TV series
"Saturday Night Live" from 2002 to 2015, supplied the voices for Pervert/Hotdog
Vendor/Internet Nerd - Integrity 2.0 for the 2008 game "Grand Theft Auto IV,"
supplied a voice for the Local Population for the 2010 game "Red Dead Redemp-
tion," supplied a Voice Over Cast voice for a 2015 episode of the TV series
"Last Week Tonight with John Oliver," etc.

  Anita Mendoza: Joy Suprano  Joy played Ilana Garvey in a 2011 episode of the
TV series "Law & Order: Criminal Intent," Michelle in "Lonely Boy," 2013, Caro-
line Koch in a 2015 episode of the TV series "Royal Pains," etc.

  Imran Shinowa: Bhavesh Patel  Bhavesh played a CSI Tech for a 2012 episode of
the TV series "Person of Interest," Gilbert for a 2013 episode of the TV series
"White Collar," Anthony Wright Edelman for six 2013-2014 episodes of the TV ser-
ies "The Good Wife," etc.

  - Republican Space Rangers

  Commander: Bill Lobley  Bill supplied the voices for Ernest Keigel/The Time
Ranger for the 2006 game "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories," Commander/Alien
for the 2008 game "Grand Theft Auto IV," a Radio Voice for the 2011 game "L.A.
Noire," Jeremiah Fink for the 2013 game "BioShock Infinite," etc.

  Dick: Lloyd Floyd  Lloyd supplied the voices for DJ Hans Oberlander/Pedestrian
for the 2004 game "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas," Larry Joe/Gordon Moorehead/
Pablo for the 2006 game "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories," Juri for the 2006
game "Bully," Dick for the 2008 game "Grand Theft Auto IV," The Hitchhiker/Tor
Anderson/Walter Snyder/etc. for the 2010 game "Alan Wake," Radio Voices for the
2011 game "Saints Row: The Third," The Local Population for the 2012 game "Max
Payne 3," etc.

  Butch: Jim Conroy  Jim supplied the voices for Lindsay Lohan/Coldplay for a
2005 episode of the TV seies "Saturday Night Live," Butch for the 2008 game
"Grand Theft Auto IV" (and the 2008 episodes released in 2010 as "Episodes from
Liberty City"),  Andrew McAllister for the 2010 game "Red Dead Redemption," Mr.
Magoo for the 2010 animated movie "Kung Fu Magoo," etc.

  Vanessa: Jen Cohn  Jen supplied the voices for Trixie Lane/Mademoiselle/Molly
Malmstein for the 2006 game "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories," Ursa for
three 2006/2008 episodes of the TV series "Avatar: The Last Airbender," Pedes-
trian/Background Character for the 2010 game "Red Dead Redemption," Abigail
Grayson for the 2009 game "Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony," Lord
Zash/Additional Voices for tyhe 2011 game "Star Wars: The Old Republic - Shadow
of Revan," etc.

  Luke: Adam Sietz  Adam played Walter in a 2004 episode of the TV series "The
Sopranos," supplied the voice of a Pedestrian for the 200 game "Grand Theft
Auto: San Andreas," the voice of Crackerjack for the 2005 game "The Warriors,"
Zack Owens for the 2006 game "Bully," Jack Ryan/Breadwinner Splicers for the
2007 game "BioShock," Businessman/Jewish Man/Wing It Commercial Announcer for
the 2008 game "Grand Theft Auto IV," etc.

  - Kung Fu Rainbow Lazerforce

  Mr. Hitzman: Bill Lobley  Bill also supplies the voice of the Commander of the
Republican Space Rangers (see above).

  Dirk: Lloyd Floyd  Lloyd also supplies the voice of Dick for the Republican
Space Rangers (see above).

  Quota: Chike Chukwuma  Chike played Kory in "The Discreet Charm of the Hipster
Class," 2009, appeared as himself for a 2010 episode of the TV series "National
Geographic Explorer," etc.

  Sebastian Kayden: Bill Lobley  Bill also supplied the voice of the Commander
of the Republican Space Rangers (see above).

  Talullah: Jill Apple  Jill has narrated a number of audio books such as "The
Final Warning" and "Max (Maximum Ride 5)" by James Patterson, etc.

  Zoey: Nadia Gan  Nadia played Lillian in the 2006 short "Mirror, Mirror," the
Florist in 2014 episode ofthe TV series "Taxi Brooklyn," Elizabeth in three epi-
sodes of the TV series "Mr. Robot," etc.

  - Jack Howitzer

  Jack Howitzer: Randy Pearlstein  Randy's Jack Howitzer returns from the games
"Grand Theft Auto: Vice City," 2002, "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas," 2004, and
"Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories," 2006.  He also appeared in eight 2003 to
2006 episodes of the TV series "Chappelle's Show," etc.

  Rufus Bellows: Joe DeRosa  Joe is a writer/directer/producer who played Evan
in a 2010 episode of the TV series "Louie," a Veterinarian in two 2015 episodes
of the TV series "Better Call Saul," was a staff writer for eight 2015 episodes
of the TV series "Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp," etc.

  CNT is a parody of CNN or TNT or CN

  - Gordon Moorehead Rides Again

  Gordon Moorehead: Lloyd Floyd  Lloyd also supplies the voice of Dick for the
Republican Space Rangers (see above).

  Molly Malmstein: Jen Cohn  Jen also supplies the voice of Vanessa for the
"Republican Space Rangers" (see above).

  Pablo: Lloyd Floyd  Lloyd also supplies the voice of Dick for the Republican
Space Rangers (see above).

  Chief: Jeff Steitzer  Jeff supplied the voice of Baron Archibald Dumas
for the 2000 game "The Operative: No One Lives Forever," Dr. Otto Schenker/Super
Computer/Robots for the 2002 game "No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s
Way," voices for every Halo game from "Halo," 2001, to "Halo 5: Guardians,"
2015, The Chief/Pete Banbury - The Fisherman for the 2006 game "Grand Theft
Auto: Vice City Stories," etc.

  Pete Banbury: ?
  Lily Banbury: ?
  - Impotent Rage

  Impotent Rage: Frank Simms  Frank is a singer (David Bowie's Serious Moonlight
Tour, many others), actor, and voice-over artist.  As Frank Sims he supplied the
voices of a Mobster/Russian/Businessman for the 2003 game "Max Payne 2: The Fall
of Max Payne," a Pedestrian for the 2004 game "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas,"

  - Underbelly of Paradise

  Steve Haines: Robert Bogue  Robert played Jason Cramer on five 1999-2000 epi-
sodes of the TV series "Oz," Ed Restuccia on a 2001 episode of the TV series
"The Sopranos," supplied the voice of Troy for the 2009 video game "Grand Theft
Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony," supplied the voice of Red Harlow for the 2010
game "Red Dead Redemption," etc.

  - Princess Robot Bubblegum

  Princess Robot Bubblegum: Ayana Osada  Ayana has supplied voices for every GTA
game since "San Andreas," 2004--also the Rockstar games "Bully," 2006, and "Max
Payne 3," 2012.  Her role as Princess Robot Bubblegum began with GTA "IV," 2008.

  Master Hentai: Lloyd Floyd  Lloyd also supplied the voice of Dick for the Re-
publican Space Rangers (see above).

  Saki: Gail Bennington  Gail provided the voice of Saki for the 2009 game
"Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned," Saki and The New Crowd of Liberty
City/Personal Assistant for the 2009 game "Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of
Gay Tony," Paperboy for the 2010 game "Red Dead Redemption."  She also helps her
father Ron host a radio talk show called Bennington on Sirius XM.

  Sword Boy: Lloyd Floyd  Lloyd also supplied the voice of Dick for the Republi-
can Space Rangers (see above).

  Humpy, Muffy, Grindy, Smoker, Poopie: ?

  Shiny Wasabi Kitty: Tina Chen  Tina played Mari-chan in "Alice's Restaurant,"
1969, Nyuk Tsin in "The Hawaiians," 1970 (Golden Globe nomination), Janice Chong
in "Three Days of the Condor," 1975, etc.  She received a Drama Desk Award nom-
ination as part of the producing team for "The Rink" by Terrence McNally (star-
ring Chita Rivera and Liza Minnelli) among other awards and nominations.

  I.15  Movies

  There are three movie theaters.
  Tivoli Theater, Morningwood Blvd. and Cougar Ave., Morningwood, Los Santos
(It's based on the Fox Bruin Theater in Westwood, Los Angeles, CA)
  The Ten Cent Theater, Sinner St. and Integrity Way, Textile City, Downtown Los
Santos  (It's based on the Million Dollar Theater, 307 S. Broadway, Downtown Los
Angeles, CA)
  Oriental Theater, Vinewood Blvd., Downtown Vinewood, Los Santos  (It's based
on the TCL Chinese Theatre formerly Grauman's Chinese Theater, 6925 Hollywood
Blvd., Hollywood, CA.)

  A ticket is $20.  Times are 10 am to noon, 1 pm to 5 pm, and 6 pm to 10 pm.

  It's an incomprehensibly symbolic 1963 or 4 black & white arthouse drama,
spoken simultaneously in French and Spanish, which uses footage from GTA "IV"
and "Red Dead Redemption."

  "The Loneliest Robot in Great Britain"
  It's a 10 minute cartoon set in a dystopian futuristic Great Britain of humans
and androids.  The "Loneliest Robot" is intent on fulfillment but disrespected
till he lashes back, is hunted down for attacking a human, and finally builds a
faulty but loyal robot mate of his own.  It includes easter eggs and references
to past GTA's like Freddy--the British lover of spanking of "III" and VC.


  Milton McIlroy as Dylan: Quincy Dunn-Baker  Quincy played Jimmy Trent in a
2007 episode of the TV series "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," Mark Wallace
in a 2014 episode of the TV series "Blue Bloods," Agent Royce in a 2015 episode
of the TV series "The Following," etc.

  It's shown at theaters after the mission "Meltdown" (XI.15).
  It's a parody of the Wall Street films, esp. the first one, about two budding
business investors in Liberty City.  Towards the end it's revealed that their
former mentor of greed is trying to destroy every business in The Exchange--
cause a meltdown.  The two businessmen and their monkey pursue him in a satiri-
cal car chase to save capitalism from greedy excess.  The dialogue openly ref-
erences and spoofs clichés in Hollywood filmmaking.
  Milton McIlroy as Dylan: Quincy Dunn-Baker


  GTW notes:

  Where "ET" came from
  Meba "Supersonic Saucer" (1956)
  A group of kids take care of Meba--an alien child--and protect him from bad
  Meba doesn't have a mouth so can't eat a "humbug": a hard peppermint candy.
  25:30 to 29:40  The antagonist Number Thirteen absconds with Meba using the
back basket of a bicycle-like tricycle that has a basket on the handlebars.

  Where "Borat" came from
  Uncle Tonoose "Make Room for Daddy"/"The Danny Thomas Show" 1953 to 1957 and
1957 to 1964


  I.16  Codes

  Press the tilde key (`) to make the code box appear, type in the code, then
press Enter.
  Flaming bullets  INCENDIARY
  Explosive melee attack  HOTHANDS
  Slow motion aiming  DEADEYE  Enter 3 times for full effect
  Slow down gameplay  SLOWMO
  Invincibility  PAINKILLER
  Max Health & Armor  TURTLE
  Recharge Ability  POWERUP
  Raise wanted level  FUGITIVE

  Moon gravity  FLOATER
  Protagonist in drunk mode  LIQUOR
  Slow motion  SLOWMO  Enter three times for full effect
  Fast run  CATCHME
  Super jump  HOPTOIT

  Spawn Comet  COMET
  Spawn PCJ-600 motorcycle  ROCKET
  Spawn Sanchez dirt bike  OFFROAD
  Spawn Rapid GT  RAPIDGT
  Spawn Stretch (four door)  VINEWOOD
  Spawn Trashmaster  TRASHED
  Spawn Buzzard attack helicopter  BUZZOFF
  Spawn Stunt Plane  BARNSTORM

  Change weather  MAKEITRAIN
  Protagonist has a slippery car  SNOWDAY

  Give Parachute  SKYDIVE
  Protagonist falls from the sky  SKYFALL

  I.17  Video walk-through/people who help with missions/entire games "Done

  I.18  How to get as much done as possible before starting the main missions

  "GTA V PC - How to get the Minigun at the beginning of the game, and lose the
Wanted Level." by zmoonchild