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Glenster's Drawer 2

  I.8.b      Motorcycles and scooters vehicle comparisons

  After Niko gets on a motorcycle or scooter, you can pause for Niko to put on
a helmet.  It reduces how much Health he'll lose if he gets into a wreck.  It's
easy to have Niko dismounted from a 'cycle due to a wreck.

  As in previous GTAs, press lean forward repeatedly to make a 'cycle go fast-
er.  As with a bicycle in SA, you can have the lead character do a wheelie then
push forward repeatedly to go a lot faster.  A new difference is that you can
make a sharper turn by adding Lean Forward instead of Lean Back.

  As in SA, you can have the lead character rescue a "drowned" vehicle.  A mo-
torcycle is easy to rescue because it floats.

  Faggio  It resembles a cross between a 2000-present Piaggio Zip and 2007 Peu-
geot V Clic and shares minor styling elements with the Kymco Agility 50 compact
scooter.  The name is a goof on "Piaggio Vespa."

  It has a new engine sound, does not have a single transmission number, and
the handling has been changed.

  It's the vehicle that makes doing a wheelie the easiest.

  (The version seen in previous GTA's is used for "The Ballad of Gay Tony."  In
TBoGT it's also easy to do a wheelie with a police motorcycle.)

  Freeway  The Western Motorcycle Company & Liberty City Cycles Freeway resem-
bles a 2007 Harley-Davidson Fatboy.

  It most commonly spawns near the safehouse in South Bohan, elsewhere in Bo-
han, Dukes, and near Middle Park in Algonquin.

  Hellfury  The Western Motorcycle Company Hellfury is based on a West Coast
Choppers El Diablo series bike.  It handles like the Freeway.  It turns very
widely, even at low speeds, but it has a fast top speed and can easily win

  It's usually seen driven by the Angels of Death or parked in BOABO and Beech-
wood City.

  NRG 900  The Shitzu NRG 900 is based on the Suzuki GSX-R series; The F vari-
ant has a similar front end to the early 2000's GSX-R750 models while the RR
variant is based on more recent GSX-R1000 models.  It's the fastest bike in
"IV" (it's outpaced by newer bikes in "The Lost and Damned") but it's hard to
control and it's heavy which reduces the ability to use it for wheelies and

  It's commonly found around Liberty City.  There's an NRG-900 at the north end
of the runways and two by the control tower at Francis International Airport.
There are NRG 900s in Westdyke Autos at Lemhi St. and Sacramento Ave. in West-
dyke, Alderney.  It can also be spawned by dialing 625-555-0100 after "It's
Your Call."

  PCJ-600  The Shitzu PCJ-600 resembles the Honda CB600F Hornet with aspects of
a Ducati Monster S4R on certain models.  It's the second-fastest bike in "IV"
after the NRG 900.  Due to the time it takes an NRG 900 to attain top speed,
the PCJ can outrun the NRG if you repeatedly tap the lean forward key.

  It's found more often in Alderney, esp. Alderney City, may spawn by walking
around Star Junction, Algonquin, and spawns in Easton and Lancet.

  Sanchez  The Maibatsu Sanchez dirtbike is similar to the 2006-2009 Yamaha
YZ450F, 2007 Kawasaki KX450F, and the 2007 Honda CRF450X.

  Sánchez (correct form of the surname with accent mark), meaning "son of San-
cho," is a very common Spanish name with some deformations in America like San-
chez or Sanches.  Sánchez is the 5th most popular surname in Spain, 10th in Ar-
gentina and 52nd in the United States.  But given the GTA penchant for colorful
humor, the name, along with the fact that it's a dirt bike, may refer to "Dirty
Sanchez"--a slang term for a sex act associated with coprophilia.
  It can be spawned by dialing 625-555-0150 after "It's Your Call" and is next to
the player after "Truck Hustle."

  Zombie  The Steel Horse, Liberty Chop Shop & Liberty City Cycles Zombie is a
Harley Davidson Fat Bob Custom with a rigid body frame.  It's prone to over-
steer but has mostly good handling with speed and braking superior to most mo-
torcycles in "IV."

  The badge featured in various places on the bike reads L.C.C. Zombie.  This
might stand for Liberty City Choppers, a spin on the real-life Orange County
Choppers, which is based in New York state.

  It can be found when driving most any motorcycle, found in Middle Park, near
Acter, and when driving a Turismo.


  I.8.c      Helicopters and jets


  Throttle up/down     W/S
  Rotate left/right       NP4/NP6   I remap these to Q/E
  Bank left/right          A/D
  Pitch forward/back  NP8/NP2   I remap these to NP9/NP6
  Rotate camera        Hold RMB and move the mouse
  Shoot                      LMB/NP0

  Niko can't lose a wanted level of 3 or more stars while flying a helicopter.
Have Niko use the subway (or the Airbreak function of the Simple Trainer or the
flying car function of the Control Center) to lose a higher wanted level.

  A helicopter can lose its tail in "GTA IV" yet you can still have Niko fly it
as the video by thejediclone at the next link shows:

  If the tail is broken off keep holding down W to keep it aloft, and keep it
from turning upside down.  You can slowly move it forward when it turns to the
direction you want to use.

  How to hang from a helicopter--see "Fun glitches, gimmicks, etc." (I.12.b)

  Helicopter locations:,96|56,345|274,245|

  Phone #: 359-555-0100 vehicle comparisons

  Annihilator - Pavehawk MH-60L  It attacks Niko at a four star or higher
Wanted Rating--two attack at six stars.

  Weapons that can take out the Annihilator include Rocket Launchers, rifles,
and other Annihilators.  (The Buzzard and the explosive shotgun in "The Ballad
of Gay Tony" can also effectively engage an Annihilator.)  The RPG may destroy
the Annihilator or blast its tail off forcing it to spin out of control.  Anni-
hilators facing their counterparts can do the same or they can shoot off the
rotor causing a crash.  Rifles and sniper rifles have the range and power to
kill pilots and/or attacking passengers.

  You can have Niko shoot the pilot in the cockpit window but the front wind-
shield is much smaller and higher up than on a Maverick so the shot is more
difficult.  You can shoot the Annihilator pilot through the glass at the bottom
of the cockpit but it can take a lot of shots since you're only able to shoot
his feet.

  It can be used for Vigilante Missions by starting the mission in a police
land vehicle then exiting it and entering the Annihilator.  Lower it to street
level to attack the criminals.  It has bullet-proof windows.  The PC version
has faster miniguns and creates a large amount of damage.


  One flies over the East Borough Bridge and the Hickey Bridge.
  One spawns on top of the MeTV building in Algonquin instead of a Maverick af-
ter Niko shoots 200 pigeons.
  One can be spawned by dialing 359-555-0100 after "It's Your Call."  This dis-
ables the Walk Free and One Man Army Achievements but doesn't disable trophies
in the PlayStation 3 version.  (It has explosive missiles in TLAD and TBOGT.)

  Two spawn after completion of the main story missions:

   - One is at the airport between the north end of the north runway and the
          north end of the airport parking garage.  Niko gets a four star wanted
          level for going there.

   - One is on a helipad on the roof of the East Holland police station.  To
          have Niko go there have him go to the lot between San Juan Rd. and Bis-
          marck Ave., go south to go through the grey-red-brown double doors, go
          to the top of the stairs, go outside, and go north to the helipad.  It's
          guarded by LCPD officers with Carbine rifles.  Niko gets a one star
          wanted level for jacking it.

       (Disclaimer: I haven't played multiplayer to double check.)

  One is on the Helitours heliport.
  One is on the Fire Station in Southwest Alderney.
  One is on the police station on the West Side of the Parking Building at
Francis International Airport.
  One is on a building in The Exchange.
  One is on a building in Castle Gardens.
  It patrols around Charge Island.
  It's on the heliport at the airport in IV and TBoGT.
  It's on the police station in Northwood in IV.
  It's on the Liberty City Rampage building in IV.

  Maverick  Its based on the Bell 206 L Longranger but the "IV" rendition fea-
tures four blades on the main rotor similar to the Bell 407 and retains the
body design of previous Mavericks.

  The player can lose up to a four star wanted level with the Maverick by fly-
ing it as high and as fast as it can go then jumping out.  Judge the speed and
use your aim to try to have him land on water so he survives.  If the player
still hasn´t gotten out of the wanted circle he must swim out of it avoiding
police boats.  (In TBoGT the player may use this method to lose up to a five
star wanted level because the player can fly higher.


  It's on a helipad at a mansion that's just south of the "Horn" of "Big Horn
Drive" in Westdyke Alderney on the paper map.
  It's on the Alderney City heliport above the Alderney exit of the Booth Tun-
  Occasional spawn spots:
  It's on the roof of the MeTV skyscraper in Star Junction, Algonquin.  The
roof can be accessed via a window washer lift on the west end next to Kunzite
St. or by flying there in another helicopter.  It's replaced by the Annihilator
after killing all 200 Pigeons.
  It's on a helipad in front of a waterfront tunnel ventilation tower on the
western edge of Purgatory, Algonquin.
  It's on a helipad of the Tudor, Alderney fire station in south-west Alderney.

    (Disclaimer: I haven't played multiplayer to double check.)

  It's on a helipad in a back yard of a mansion on the north side of Owl Creek
Ave. between Cariboo Ave. and Tenmile St.

  Zmoonchild shows how to get a Maverick and save it at the start of the game:

  Have Niko drive a fast boat (Jetmax, Tropic, or Squalo--there should be a
Squalo at the piers west of the south side of the Dukes Bay Bridge--see my boat
map) to the coast by the dock and stairs at the southwest part of the bay in the
middle of the north coast of Aldernay, run up the stairs then south to the heli-
pad south of the "Horn" of "Big Horn Drive" on the paper map, fly the Maverick
low to Firefly Island and land on the beach south of Crockett Ave./Mohawk Ave.,
then run to the Hove Beach save place and save the game.

  Another Maverick in Aldernay is on a helipad southwest of the west end of
Rand Ave.

  Afterward, you can save it at the parking space in the southeast section of
Joliet Ave. in South Bohan.

  Helitours Maverick  It appears at Higgins Helitours on the 90 degree platform
at the southeast coast of Algonquin south of the west end of the Broker Bridge
when Algonquin is legally available.

  It takes off from Firefly Beach and flies over Liberty City.  Niko can pay to
take a tour of Liberty City (hold F to have Niko approach it as when gettng Niko
a taxi ride) or jack it.  If Niko shoots it down with an RPG he gets a four star
wanted level.  Also see the "Sightseer" single player Achievement (I.5.b).

  Police Maverick  The Western Company Police Maverick is based on the Bell
206.  It has two police officers on the sides who use Carbine rifles.  (In TBoGT
the police use M249 SAWs.)

  The helicopters in "GTA IV" have increased armor so are very resistant to
small arms (not RPGs).  Small arms fire at the hull will cause it to smoke but
it takes a long time.  Killing the two officers who shoot from the side doors
will cause the helicopter to retreat or spin out of control.

  This trick only applies to "Vice City," "San Andreas," "Liberty City Stor-
ies," "Vice City Stories," and "IV": you can destroy a helicopter in one shot
with a sniper rifle by shooting at the cockpit window.

  In "IV" (and TBoGT) singleplayer sniping the pilot of a Police Maverick when
the helicopter is low is the only way to obtain it.

     (Disclaimer: I haven't played multiplayer to double check.)

  It's on top of the police dept. at the middle west side of the Francis Inter-
national Airport area.
  It's on top of the police station at San Juan Rd. and Topaz St. in East Hol-
land in northeast Algonquin.
  It's on a fire station helipad near the Plumbers Skyway in southwest Alder-


  The jet in "IV" is mainly based on the 747-400 with cues from its successor,
the 747-8, which is the last 747 variation to be produced.  An example is the
747-8I's hump which extends to the midsection of the frame.  It's solid but
isn't controllable.  Jets in "IV" circle above the town and airport or circle
the runway--they don't land and take off.

  You might use the Airbreak function of the Simple Trainer to have Niko, on a
motorcycle, land on the inner part of the top of a wing of a jet that flies for
a ride.  See "GTA IV - Riding the Airplane" by Melocide.

  "GTA IV How To Get On The Airplane" by Ryonscki Productions is a stunt video
that shows how to have Niko drive from a ramp onto the wing of the jet that
just taxis around on the ground.


  I.8.d      Boats

  At the map at the next link check "Vehicles." vehicle comparisons

  You can hold down Spacebar to make a sharper turn with a boat.

  My boat map

  Dinghy  In "IV" it resembles a military RHIB (Rigid-Hull Inflatable Boat) and
only has one motor.

  Most at docks are around Happiness Island and south and southeast Alderney.

  Jetmax  The Grotti/Shitzu Jetmax is a go-fast boat aka cigarette boat that's
one of the two fastest boats in "IV."

  There are several docked at the coast west-northwest of the intersection of
Union Drive West and Calcium St., Castle Garden City, Algonquin, and one is by
the coast east of the dirt roads of northeast Alderney.  It can be spawned with
a cheat code: 938-555-0100.

  Marquis  The Dinka Marquis is a long single-hull sailboat with a Bermuda rig
and a motor in the back.  It's slow as in earlier GTAs.

  It appears along the West River and one is at the rectangular section of
coast west of the southwest curve of Beaverhead Ave.

  Police Predator  It's a fast speedboat used as a police boat.  In "IV" it
doesn't have built-in machine guns.  It appears with one or two police officers
at the back who shoot at the player with Carbine Rifles--one officer shoots at
three wanted stars and two officers at four or more wanted stars.

  Reefer  It's a slow fishing boat.  In "IV" it has a walk plank with a guard
rail jutting from the bow which is like the one on the front of the Orca in the
1975 movie "Jaws."  The name "reefer" is a play on the words for marine coral
reefs and marijuana joint.

  A couple are at the first two piers, viewed west to east, of the north coast
of Dukes, one is at the coast west-northwest of the intersection of Union Drive
West and Calcium St., Castle Garden City, Algonquin, several are at the south
coast of Alderney, others.

  Rowboat  It's a small wooden boat without a motor.  It's not immovable but
you can't have Niko pilot it.  Its found on the land or water at the coast east
of the east end of Garnet St. (south of Leaker's Bridge), Algonquin, east of
the branching dirt roads of northeast Alderney, and east of the east end of
Percell Rd. in northeast Alderney.

  Squalo  It's the fastest boat in a legally available area at the start of the
game.  It's at a dock west of the south end of the Dukes Bay Bridge and at a
pier west of that on the north coast of Dukes, at the coast of Alderney north
of the Hickey Bridge, and in the middle of the north coast of Alderney.

  Tropic  The Grotti & Shitzu Tropic is a speedboat.  It's the third fastest
boat with about the speed of a Dinghy.

  One is at the pier on the south side of the east coast of Happiness Island
and a couple are in the long narrow inlet of Tudor, Alderney.

  Tug  It's a tugboat which is the largest controllable vehicle in the game and
very slow.

  Have Niko swim to face the front of it and press Enter (F) (this only works
if the engine is turned off)--he makes a big leap to the side of the Tug then
walks to the steering wheel if you don't disturb his movement.  Niko can't run
on a Tug unless you have him aim a gun.

  In multiplayer others can stand on it but it's hard for them to move.  When
it moves they slowly slide and can see the water below till they pass through
it unless they hang onto the side of the boat.

  One is between Colony Island and Algonquin, a second one is at the northeast
coast of Acter Industrial Park, Alderney, and the third one is in the long nar-
row inlet of Tudor, Alderney.


  I.8.e      Skycar and subway

  Skycar  The Liberty City Transport Authority Skycar is a cable car based on
the Roosevelt Island Tramway between Manhattan and Roosevelt Island in New York
City.  The Skycar connects Lancet, Algonquin to Colony Island parallel to the
south side of the Algonquin Bridge.

  Niko can't drive the Skycar.  You can get an interior view by selecting the
camera on Niko's cell phone.

  Subway  The cars are based on the NYCTA R32 cars and the 1966–67 New York
City Subway Class R38 cars.  LTA Rail is based on the New York City Subway.  It
has 26 stops and 8 routes and is about 65% is underground.  Stations in Algon-
quin, except Frankfort High LTA, are underground.  Cases of people wandering
onto the track most often happen at the Emerald subway station.

  Niko can't drive a subway train.  You can get an interior view by selecting
the camera on Niko's cell phone.

  Niko can use a subway ride to escape a one or two star wanted level.  At high-
er levels, the subway isn't available but the underground Algonquin tunnels are
useful for avoiding detection while escaping the wanted zone and Niko can use a
Pay 'n' Spray for that if not seen by law enforcement.  (See more and a map in
section II.1.)  (You could also have Niko excape a wanted level by using the
Airbreak function of the Simple Trainer or the flying car function of the Con-
trol Center.)

  There are several unused stretches of track.  The one in Algonquin used for a
stunt jump is like the High Line freight railway in New York City which ran in
the corresponding areas of Manhattan (Meat District, Greenwich Village, Chel-
sea, and Hell's Kitchen) from the '30s to the '80s and is now a park.


  I.9   A rundown of some of the people who drive them

  Thanks to for this information.

  The Gambetti crime family based in Broker, Dukes, and Algonquin drive the Sen-
tinel XS, Sports PMP 600, Coquette, Washington, and Lokus.

  The Petrovic Crime Syndicate aka Mafiya is part of Russian Organized Crime
operating mainly in Liberty City and drive the Uranus, Ingot, Cognoscenti, Ban-
shee, and Rebla.

  The McReary crime family control Purgatory in Algonquin and most of Broker and
drive the Oracle, Schafter, Comet, Vincent, Willard, and Contender.

  The Triads--Chinese crime syndicate--operate in Chinatown, Algonquin, and
parts of Dukes and drive the Feroci, Intruder, Coquette, Comet, Hellenbach, Ad-
miral, Cognoscenti, and Banshee.

  The Faustin Mafiya, later Rascalov Mafiya, work in Hove Beach and drive the
Schafter, Rebla, Super GT, and Uranus.

  The Pegorino crime family is based in Alderney and drive the Schafter, Intrud-
er, Cognoscenti, PMP 600, Sentinel XS, Oracle, Sultan RS, and Sultan.

  The Yardies aka Jamaicans work in Beechwood City/Schottler, Broker and Willis,
Dukes and drive the rusty Emperor, rusty Vigero, rusty Sabre, Jamaican Voodoo,
and Jamaican Huntley Sport.

  The Spanish Lords are a Puerto Rican gang are found in South Bohan/Fortside,
Bohan, Cerveza Heights, Dukes, East Holland, Algonquin, and Alderney City, Al-
derney and drive the Cavalcade, Primo, Duke, Lycan, and Sanchez.

  The Ancelotti crime family is based in Alderney City and mainly the Little
Italy area of Algonquin and drive the Sentinel XS, Sports PMP 600, Cognoscenti,
Feltzer, Contender, Caddy, and NRG 900, and they fly the Maverick.

  The Albanian Mob (such as Dardan Petrela) are in Hove Beach, Broker and drive
the Hakumai, Futo, Willard, and Schafter.

  The Skinheads aka Dealers are usually in North Holland, Purgatory, and Star
Junction, Algonquin and drive the Marbelle--Marty Boldenow drives the Sabre.

  The Northwood Dominican Drug Dealers are far-ranging and may drive almost any

  The Korean Mob--a North Korean crime syndicate--that operates out of Alderney
City, Alderney and drives the Sultan, Presidente, Uranus, Tampa, and Sabre.

  I.10  Ghost world

  How to get under the map--falling through ghost world

  Roller Coaster glitch to go under the map

  Have Niko drive a car under the corner of the roller coaster till it's stuck,
hold Reverse, and the car may go under the map (or just spasm in the architec-
ture).  But Niko just falls and returns to the regular setting. (Thanks to Pro-
  "GTA IV- Under The Map *Roller Coaster Glitch*" by Corey Champagne

  Likewise, you can have Niko drive to the airport and let the rear wheels of a
jet scrape his vehicle into ghost world--xJediPiMPx got Niko to ghost world by
having him drive an Ambulance into a hospital.

  Exploring ghost world

  Got Glitch? aka TI2ophy (previously Ring_of_Fire), who's provided good glitch
tips for my previous GTA walk-throughs, has a batch of ways to get into the "IV"
ghost world at his site at the next link.  I recommend his site as a good source
of glitches for GTAs and a variety of other games, too.

  One method he demonstrates is to have Niko use his cell phone to spawn a vehi-
cle sideways partly into the front of the Modo clothes store, have him enter the
store to knock the vehicle out, then exit the store to enter the vehicle.
  "GLITCH: Grand Theft Auto IV *Ghostworld* #2" by Got Glitch?

  Got Glitch?/TI2ophy got Niko to ghost world by having him jump from a file
cabinet in the southwest corner of the receptionist area of the entrance room of
the hospital on the north side of Cassidy St. east of Montauk Ave.
  "Grand Theft Auto IV glitch - Hospital Interior *New Method*" by Got Glitch?

  How to get Niko underwater onto the sea floor 1

  You can have Niko push a submerged car to a cliff or wall, get on the hood,
and clip through to walk on the sea floor.

  How to get Niko underwater onto the sea floor 2

  Have Niko drive a pickup truck to Alderney City, go to the southeast side of
the approx. 90 degree curve of Applewhite St. that's south of the west end of
the Hickey Bridge, drive through the fence onto the narrow section of beach,
drive west into the corner of the two walls, get on the hood, jump up to the
ledge, and shimmy north through the wall.
  "GTA 4 - Under Map Glitch - W*E qpr1991" by GamingGuy118

  How to enter normally unavailable interiors

  The easiest way to get Niko into such places is to use the Airbreak function
of the Simple Trainer as a Noclip function.

  Shimmy into ghost world by MrRic013

  Have Niko hang from the ledge of a building and go sideways through a crack
in the collision file where the wall he's hanging in front of meets another
wall.  Have Niko go to Globe Oil at the south end of Alderney, face the office
in front, get on the hood of a car to hang from the right side of the office,
and shimmy right and through a wall into the building.

  He also found you can spawn a Biff, Bus, Ambulance, Enforcer, Securicar, or
Ripley sideways halfway into a building and have Niko shimmy across the back
into the building.

  Got Glitch?/TI2ophy's "Vice City" gimmick that lets the lead character jump
through a wall to go over the handlebars and onto a motorcycle works in "GTA
IV," too.  In VC you could use it to have Tommy enter interiors that load then
exit the building into ghost world but you can use it in "IV" just to have Niko
enter interiors otherwise not available.
  "Vice City glitches - 'Get out of interiors easily'" by Got Glitch?/TI2ophy

  As with codes in previous GTAs you can have Niko use his cell phone to spawn a
vehicle (the FIB Buffalo is a popular choice) halfway into an interior to allow
the lead character to enter the vehicle on the outside and exit on the inside.
Got Glitch?/TI2ophy has Niko enter the China Pottery Shop that way in the video
at the next link.
  "GTAIV *Hidden Interiors* #1 - The China Pottery Shop" by Got Glitch?

  TripKMA likewise spawned a Sanchez or NRG 900 in an interior to face a wall,
door, or window to have Niko use the gimmick to get into otherwise inaccessible
buildings in "GTA IV."  A few of the places with something to see in them are:

  1. The Liberty City Bank on Columbus Ave. between Chinatown and the Algonquin
exchange features people waiting in line, a security guard, and seven ATMs.
  "GTA IV Interiors Getting Inside An Interior (Tutorial)" by dasam88

  2. Comrades bar (see I.1 "Paying tributes and having things in common") across
from your first save place on Mohawk Ave.

  3. Drusilla's Italian restaurant on the south side of Feldspar St. just east
of Denver Ave., Little Italy, Algonquin.
  "GTA IV Drusilla's Interior" by dasam88

  4. Brucie's Executive Lifestyle Autos garage in East Hook on the east side of
Mohanet Ave. east of the first intersection north of Mohanet Ave. and Cisco St.
  "GTA IV Brucie's Place Interior" by dasam88

  5. The State Building on south Uranium St. east of Columbus Ave., East Hol-
land, Algonquin, only has boxes, file cabinets, etc., inside.  The more inter-
esting thing is that it has big glass windows but the law enforcers can't see
Niko or shoot him.

  6. The church on the west side of Liberty Lane north of Emerald St., Suffolk,
Algonquin featured in the Deal and Revenge versions of "Mr. & Mrs. Bellic" only
features a few parts of grey stone rooms and organ music but I had Niko become
invisible while he was inside.

  Places that can be entered that way but don't have anything exciting in them
include Mikhail Faustin's house on the west side of the south end of Shinnecock
Ave. in Beachgate--it's empty.

  The MeTV building on the south side of Kunzite St. west of Denver-Exeter Ave.,

  Have Niko use the window washer platform on the west side of the building to
go to the second highest level of the building.  Alternatively, you could have
Niko take a helicopter to the helipad on the roof then use the ladder on the
west side to go down to the second highest level.  Have Niko use one of the four
ladders in the inner part of the inner section to go through the ceiling.  There
isn't much to see except the tops of big horizontal air conditioning fans.

  Ths doesn't always work.  The collision files may prevent it, they may make
the screen wobble if he manages it, and once (super jump style) they made Niko
appear over Broker.  You might use the Simple Trainer and be ready to turn on
Airbreak to keep him from falling to the ground and dying or to give him god
  "GTA 4 - Inside Skyscraper Glitch - W*E qpr1991" by GamingGuy118 (Thanks to

  Rotterdam Tower

  You can have Niko enter the marker on the east side of Rotterdam Tower--Empire
State Building--on Denver-Exeter Ave. south of Hematite St. and appear on the
observation deck near the top where there are binoculars he can use.  You can
have him use the ladders on the east and west sides to go to a lower landing and
a marker to go back to ground level.  Various changes to the building appear in

  Originally you could have him fly a helicopter into Rotterdam Tower--then down
and over to other interiors--but it's since been patched.  In case you're using
an earlier version on PC or the Xbox 360 version:

  Fly a helicopter into the Empire State Building and into a church

  In an early PC version or the Xbox 360 version you can get Niko under the map
by having him fly a helicopter just beneath the blue light at the top of the
Rotterdam Tower--the Empire State Building--in Algonquin then fly down through
the building and through grey hell.  The video at the next link shows that The
Elite Crew used that method in multiplayer to get their characters up into a
  "GTA IV Elite Crew go INSIDE the church w/ heli for a standof" by LGPi Media

  You can do basically the same thing with the Airbreak function of the Simple
Trainer and PC patch

  How to get into the apartment used in "Lure"

  Have Niko get on top of a vehicle in front of the apartment building on the
east side of Denver Ave. just north of Vauxite St.  Have him climb onto the
"Leon Lightning SELF SERVICE" marquee, climb the fire escape three flights, jump
over to the fire escape beside it, go down half a flight, spawn a FIB Buffalo
halfway into the apartment, then have Niko jump back over to the first fire es-
cape, climb onto the car, and he'll glitch into the apartment.  (Thanks to jako-
harvey111, irishelite360, and IREDEANO92)

  Enter the Majestic Hotel used in "Late Checkout."

  Niko can enter the Majestic Hotel on Nickel St. east of Denver-Exeter Ave.,
Algonquin, through the rooftop penthouse.  You can use the Simple Trainer to get
him through the double doors into an area of halls and stairs seen in "Late
Checkout." (Thanks to gtasdw4 for the location shown at the next link.)

  Navigate into the Platypus seen in the intro and "A Dish Served Cold"

  Have Niko drive a Squalo north between the east side of the Platypus and the
dock so the Squalo keels to the left/west into the Platypus as far as it can go
and press F.  Niko will be inside a ghost Platypus.  Send him south through the
visible doorway and the rest of the interior loads.

  According to punknoodle: "You can get into the passageway back
leads to a locked door/hatch...or backtrack and you are in the hold 'like nor-
mal.'  No matter cos there is NO EXIT!  Gotta check out the other ships!  Course
I hope this is new news to most of ya'll out there!"
  "GTA IV - The Platypus Glitch" by blackheron59

  You could also enter such places by using the Simple Trainer Airbreak function
as a Noclip function.  In this case you might use the Squalo method to enter the
Platypus then use the Simple Trainer to get through a couple of closed doors to
exit the ship.

  Another interior you might have Niko enter with the Simple Trainer is the in-
terior of the place Roman uses for a card game in "It's Your Call"--the Discount
Hardware store on the south side of Dillon St. east of Tuscanora Ave.  The door
of it is unlocked till after the loan sharks of the mission go through it then
it's kept closed.  After that you could use the Airbreak function of the Simple
Trainer as a Noclip function to have Niko enter the room.
  "GTA IV - It's Your Call (All Possibilities)" by whatever57010

  Kate the ghost

  An actual ghost for ghost world: if Niko lets Kate die near the end of the
game, she may still call call him as "unknown caller" for a date.  She was re-
ligious, but I'm not sure what religious view covers dying and going to New
York.  She still won't let him have sex with her.

  I.11  Odds and Ends

  Some GTA clones/forerunners you might try

  I'm trying out a few newer games since I got a new computer in 2014.  Some
GTA-like open world games:

  I like the fact that "Saints Row: The Third" 2011, and "Saints Row IV," 2013,
let you choose Laura Bailey as Female Voice 1 in a GTA-like game.  If you liked
her in BloodRayne you might utilize the Nyte Blade pack for "The Third."

  Another open world game you might like is "Just Cause 2," 2010.

  "Carmageddon: Reincarnation," 2014, is made by Stainless Games--the creators
of the 1997 game "Carmageddon" which I've played and which was a forerunner of
GTA.  "Carmageddon: Reincarnation" includes Carmageddon 1, 1997, and 2, 1998.

  Game updates

  They're not GTA clones but other games I briefly covered on my "Free PC pin-
ball, mods for lots of games, etc." page are being given updates or may be up-

  Some examples:

  "Sam & Max Hit the Road," 1993, has been updated to run on current operating
systems and is available at

  The 1997 game "Pro Pinball: Timeshock!" is being given a substantial update as
"Pro Pinball: Timeshock! The ULTRA Edition" thanks to a Kickstarter campaign by
Adrian Barritt and Richard Horrocks--makers of the Pro Pinball series.  The goal
is to update all the Pro Pinball games.  The originals and "BloodRayne" were
among the games I played around the time I first played "Vice City"--the first
game I played all the way through.

  Grim Fandango Remastered: "Double Fine demonstrated an in-progress version of
the remastered" 1998 "game at the 2014 IndieCade event in October 2014; new fea-
tures included higher-resolution background textures, improved resolution for
the character models as well as having real-time lighting models, and the abili-
ty to switch back and forth between this presentation and the original graphics
at the touch of a control."

  "Though at the time of the IndieCade event, the game remained in the 4:3 as-
pect ratio, Double Fine plans to support widescreen aspect ratios by release.
The game includes an updated easier control scheme based that was developed with
the help of a player that provided these controls through a mod for the original
game. The game's soundtrack will be fully orchestrated through performances of
the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (who has also done the soundtrack for Double
Fine's Broken Age), and will also feature developer commentary."

  "Psychonauts 2" is underway, too.

  "Dreamfall Chapters: The Longest Journey" provides a new chapter to the
series started in 1999.

  Planescape: Torment," 1999, can now be found at (without paying a pre-
mium to buy it on Ebay).
  Spiritual successor: "Torment: Tides of Numenera"

  "Giants: Citizen Kabuto," 2000, successor?:
  "On May 22, 2014, creator, story developer, and founder of Planet Moon Stu-
dios Nick Bruty, who has since started his own independent studio; Rogue Rocket
Games, announced that his company is in the process of creating a new indepen-
dent crowd-funded game said to be 'the spiritual successor of Giants: Citizen
Kabuto' named 1st Wonder. Based on the ideas of MDK & Giants: Citizen Kabuto,
Bruty says he plans for 1st Wonder to appear on kickstarters soon."

  There is discussion of re-release of the several games of the "No One Lives
Forever" series started in 2000.

  I.12  Glitches


  I.12.a  Problem glitches

  I've gotten a glitch that causes the stats not to record that I've had Niko
give money to tramps (a Simple Trainer glitch?).

  I've also had vehicles spawn under the street with the horns on and had peds
spawn standing through their tables at the Perestroika cabaret club.

  The Taxi bug

  The glitch is that using a vehicle mod can cause a lot of taxis to spawn.
It's not the fault of your computer.  If the size of mods creates a vehicles.img
size increase it causes the game to handle more than it's designed to so it
spawns common vehicles--taxis (sometimes police cars).

  There are solutions like [IV] RIL.Budgeted, TrafficLoad, Traffic Flow, and
Real Traffic.  GTA Forum posts indicate the best (as of 2014) is [IV]

  It also works with EfLC to prevent the Taxi Bug.

  "[IV] RIL.Budgeted" by NTAuthority
  Population budget adjuster/taxi bug fix

  It comes with two files:

  Set the vehicle count in RIL.Budgeted.ini to the size in bytes of your vehi-
cles.img if you have sufficient VRAM--over 1.5 GB of system RAM.  If not, the
amount gets divided by 3.

  To determine the size of vehicles.img go to the main game folder > pc > models
> cdimages > vehicles.img.  Right click it, click Properties, and take down the
size in bytes.

  For example, my vehicles.img is 99,382 KB.
  I right click vehicles.img, click Properties, and get
  Size: 97.0 MB (101,767,168 bytes)
  Size on disk: 97.0 MB (101,769,216 bytes)

  So I'd use 101,767,168 and remove the commas to get 101767168
  In the RIL.Budgeted.ini file I'd replace

  Copy and Paste both mod files...
  ...into your main game folder.

  Dwayne not available for a Friend Activity

  Reader DukeLeto7 suggest a way to clear up a glitch that may occur after Niko
kills Playboy X.  It prevents Niko from having friendship meetings with Dwayne.
To help Niko get an Email from Dwayne to initiate friendship meetings clear
needless Emails from Niko's inbox before "The Holland Play."  Niko's inbox has a
limit of 40 Emails (and a pre-inbox batch).  Get all the lovemeet rejections and
Brucie vehicle requests out of Niko's inbox.

  I.12.b  Fun glitches, gimmicks, etc.

  "GTA IV Theater Topic" includes a lot of videos of glitches

  "GTA 4 compilation of glitches" (French) by ModernJP

  "Fun tricks you may not have heard of..."

  "Cool Things You Didn't Know About: IV Edition"

  ATM machine infinite money gimmick

  Have Niko barricade the roads to cause traffic jams so no Ambulances can get
to the ATM machine, make sure no police are near, and kill (using a Knife is
less likely to draw police attention) the peds at the ATM machine, which
creates a lot of money pickups.  Have him run about half a block away and re-
turn--the money respawns each time he returns.

  There's an ATM machine on the east side of Saratoga Ave. south of Howard St.
in Dukes.  There are two ATM machines on Exeter Ave. north of Vauxite St. in

  Missions in which Niko is less liable to create a wanted rating

  Robert Rusk found a few missions that Niko can leave in mid-mission and, ex-
cept for certain circumstances, be less likely to create a wanted rating.

  "Ivan the Not So Terrible" (V.13): have Niko leave Ivan hanging and Niko can
take advantage of the exploit then return to decide Ivan's fate.

  He can still get a four star wanted rating by going onto the airport tarmac
or get a six star wanted rating for going beyond the legal boundary before Al-
gonquin is legally available.

  "A Revenger's Tragedy" (IX.45 Deal) and "Out of Commission" (IX.48 Revenge):
once Niko gets to the Casino he can take advantage of the exploit then return.

  He can still get a one star wanted rating for not paying at the toll booths
(aside from the ways Niko can get past them without paying--see IV.6) or get a
four star wanted rating by going onto the airport tarmac or the grounds of Lib-
erty City HQ in Algonquin.

  Shooting the yellow marker for activisation

  Thanks to for the tip from TheFighterdoken (see the section on "Hung Out to
Dry" at V.11) that you can have Niko shoot a yellow marker to activate the next
section of the game.  Besides that mission I haven't tested it yet but I ima-
gine it could be useful for Liberty City Minute tips or speed runs for various
missions or races.

  How to increase Assault/Carbine rifle ammo faster

  Have Niko alternate between Assault and Carbine rifle pickups found in the
scenery (not buy from a Gun Store or from Jacob) and make one of the pickups
Assault rifle 2 of "IV.7  Fixed spawn spots of First Aid Kits, Body Armor, and
weapons part one"--it's at the big factory in southeast Industrial, Bohan.  Af-
ter using the latter pickup twice this way his rounds increase by 80 instead of
the usual 30.

  How to make the Pistol, Pump shotgun, and Sniper rifle automatic

  Switch to the gun you want Niko to fire rapidly and hold Target.  Hold Attack
and rapidly tap Crouch.  (Thanks to Cobra)
  "GTA 4 Weapon Glitch" by Anfroney y

  How to have a Pump action shotgun/sniper rifle shoot as fast as an SMG

  In multiplayer, have your protagonist equip the SMG and use cover (Q) at a
wall.  Turn the "camera" so your protagonist is pointing the gun away from the
wall.  While having your protagonist fire switch right away to the Pump action
shotgun or sniper rifle.  (Thanks to RobJohnB95)

  How to throw a smoking Grenade

  Have Niko fire the Rocket launcher upward at a place that's above a ledge on
the side of a building then throw a Grenade.  This doesn't always work.  (Thanks
to Ben Buja)
  "Ben Buja's Trick Bag - A GTA 4 tutorial (Machinima)" by Machinima

  How to make any vehicle Everything Proof

  Have Niko get any girlfriend in his vehicle for a date and shoot a gun or
throw a Grenade from the vehicle to scare her off.  Jesusaur has a video about
it at the next link.

  Johnny H. H. the 4th (Lancet Jades) in his "Grand Theft Auto 4 Special Vehi-
cle FAQ" offers some exceptions to it:

  There may be times when this trick won’t work with certain types of vehicles.
It may be a case of glitch or the armoring can’t simply be bestowed on those

  You can have Niko scare a girfriend away by either bumping her moderately
with his vehicle or, in the case of the Annihilator, by shooting at her before
she gets onboard but without killing her.  Hitting her with a few rounds will
scare her too, freeze your movement, and allow her to get onboard your vehicle.
After the cutscene your vehicle will be CPed.

  If you attempt to do Police side-missions with a CP'd vehicle it will remove
its proofings.  You can re-apply them afterwards but you can't use them during
the mission.

  These vehicles seem prone to vanishing from parking spots while saving them.
Be aware you may need to attempt it multiple times to acquire all properties
or to successfully save the properties of the vehicle.

  Increasing the speed of a sports car by popping the tires

  Popping all the tires of a sports car can decrease acceleration but increase
top speed.  I tried this with the Simple Trainer speedometer, one of the
straight stretches of runway at the airport, and the Banshee and Turismo.  It
made the Banshee around 10 mph faster and the Turismo around 15 mph faster by
the end of the runway.  Driving on the rims is slipperier, though.

  How to clone land vehicles

  This gimmick can help people who want copies of an uncommon land vehicle such
as an Infernus.  It can't be a vehicle that isn't normally parked somewhere (En-
forcer, FIB Buffalo).

  Have Niko take a land vehicle east from the north Algonquin Pay 'n' Spray,
across the Northwood Heights Bridge to Fortside, Bohan, go right/south onto San
Quentin Ave., and park.  Some of the vehicles parked there will be the same
kind.  (Thanks to BrokeproductionsNOW)
  "Cloning Cars In GTA 4 NO CHEATS!" by BrokeproductionsNOW

  GTM92 noticed that one of the stores there is called "COPY SHOP."

  How to chrome your GTA IV world [no mods]

  To use Bender Bending Rodriguez' method to make things shinier/more reflec-
tive, use the Simple Native Trainer:

  1. Change the time to 22:00/10:00 pm.

  2. Change the weather to Extra Sunny 2.

  How to get more money from Brucie's Exotic Exports vehicles

  A video by GTA Series videos reports a glitch whereby a damaged vehicle which
can still be driven may bring a 35% bonus of up to $350 more instead of less.
The game still tells you to fix the vehicle before delivering it so many play-
ers don't notice the glitch.  The video says it holds true for all versions of
the game as far as they know.
  "GTA 4 - Exotic Exports [Order Fulfilled Achievement / Trophy] (1080p)" by GTA
Series Videos

  The swing glitch

  Back the back end of a four wheel vehicle up to or onto the middle support bar
of the north swing set in Firefly Projects, south of the east end of Mohegan
Ave., or of the swingset in Tudor near the Globe Oil gas station.  It may be
flung far away.

  The site recommends these vehicles: Turismo, Cabby, Declasse/Vap-
id Taxi, Habanero, Stallion, Merit, Minivan, Moonbeam, NOOSE Cruiser, Perennial,
Police Patrol/Cruiser, Esperanto, Rebla, Hakumai, Comet, Presidente, Admiral,
Dukes, PMP 600, Voodoo, and Infernus (and APC in TBoGT).

  In multiplayer, you can use the front or back of the vehicle.  (If you use
a 'cycle, Niko will probably fly off and probably die.)

  If you have Niko hang from the overhead bar of the swing set once you've had
him use a vehicle to make it start clanging, he can get thrown across town if he
isn't killed first.  (Thaks to punknoodle)  The site recommends
having Niko jump over the top bar from a car as a method more likely to let him

  Billboard of Death

  Have Niko go to a billboard that's on a tall post that can be climbed by a
ladder and has an upper and lower catwalk.  One is just east of the Burger Shot
at the east end of Carson St., Beechwood City.  Have him climb to the top cat-
walk, get a one star wanted rating, climb down the small ladder or drop down to
the lower catwalk, and crouch by the billboard at the inner edge of the cat-
walk.  One officer after another will climb to the top catwalk, hold out their
gun, make a command or threat or such, then fall to their death trying to go to
the lower catwalk.  (Be prepared for the occasional officer who manages to get
onto the lower catwalk.)
  "Stupid Fun in GTA IV: Billboard of Death Glitch" by Stupid Funners

  How Niko can fall without damage

  Insetik47 has a helpful video that shows how to have Niko fall without damage.
Find Niko a situation where he can jump from something, hit a ledge or fire es-
cape that causes him to roll, and a flat wall he can walk into as he falls the
rest of the way.  If he doesn't have the flat wall it's only good for about sev-
en stories.
  "GTA 4: Damageless Fall glitch" by Insetik47

  FatherAcid's method of having Niko set himself on fire with a Molotov first
lets Niko survive long falls...sometimes.
  "GTA IV (GTA 4) - 'Surviving Falls' Glitch" by FatherAcid

  Ghost parachute

  If you have Niko walk off the top of the GetaLife skyscraper at Columbus Ave.
and Jade St., Easton, Algonquin, onto one of the four E's so he moves forward
and falls to the ground, he falls in a lying down position, slower than normal,
and isn't damaged.

  How to survive a helicopter jump

  Niko can more likely survive a jump from an airborn helicopter if he lands in
water, hits and object (up to about three? feet from the ground) just before he
lands on the ground,  or hits the diagonal roof of a house before landing.  Hold
Lean Forward to have Niko fly farther.  (Thanks to Ben Buja)

  How to hang from a helicopter

  In multiplayer you can have someone else have a helicopter hover low enough
for your character, who's in the river or ocean, to grab the helicopter around
the back of the door.  Have your character move forward on the helicopter as
needed so they don't slide back and off.
  "Grand theft auto IV glitches-Helicopter hanging **tutorial**" by car kidz

  Street surfing

  Hamish3000 showed how Niko can street surf with a broken piece of...something
(part broken off a desk?) in his video at the next link.
  "Grand Theft Auto IV Physics Glitch" by Hamish Prendergast

  At the next link, Hamish3000 shows how Niko can run into the corner of the
bottom part of a box to surf even more successfully.
  "Grand Theft Auto IV Physics Glitch Part 2" by Hamish Prendergast

  Thanks to whatever57010 for showing Niko can surf by walking/running on an
overturned little table taken from near the road barriers by the double doors on
the north end of the west side of the warehouse found in the northeast segment
of Colony Island under the Algonquin Bridge.  It's the warehouse used in the
mission "Waste Not Want Knots" (VII.28).  See 6:52 in whatever57010's video at
the next link.
  "Fan Facts #13" by whatever57010

  How to win Brucie's races uncontested

  Jesusaur made a video tutorial, shown at the next link, for this gimmick.
Have Niko set up the race then drive to, but not into, the yellow marker.  In
the phone book select "QUIT RACE" and hang up.  After the opponents' cars leave
the scene Niko can drive through the race uncontested.  The opponents' cars
start the race from wherever they've driven off to.  They may reappear if you
have Niko dawdle.
  "GTA 4 How to cheaply win Brucie's street races" by Jesusaur

  How to have a passenger knock Niko from his vehicle

  According to SiskoBlue in the Secrets FAQ by The Duff Man: "When you have a
passenger that can't get out because you've parked too close to something and
blocked their door, they will b*tch-slap Niko out of the driver's seat before
getting out.  It has to be a friend, girlfriend or hooker."  (It won't work with
the person Niko may find in the passenger seat of a vehicle he jacked.)

  How to have a player stick to or above another player's vehicle

  In multiplayer, have one player drive to the north end of the lot on Big Horn
Ave. east of Casslar Ave, at the north end of Alderney, and slowly drive into a
section of the fence repeatedly till it floats horizontally.  Drive the front of
the vehicle under the floating section of the fence and have another player
stand on the section of fence.  On your screen, they'll appear to be on or next
to your vehicle--if they get off the fence, on your screen they'll appear to
teleport away.

  Try to drive carefully and go slow going down slopes.  If you don't, the other
player will still be stuck to the vehicle except high in the air.  (Thanks to
Clan Demented)

  How to create a whirlpool

  In multiplayer, drive into a shopping cart to knock it into the water then
stand on the cart.  On other player's screens, the first player will bounce or
have a whirlpool around them.  (Thanks to Clan Demented)

  Box in Packie's head
  If you have Niko stand in front of Packie, facing the same direction, you can
get the "camera" to clip into Packie's head and see a black box with white
skulls on the sides. 
  "GTA IV Skull Inside Packie's Head" by xegrox

  Box in stripper and zombie

  There are similar glitches with a certain stripper's or zombie's pelvis.
  Video by ZDOG2U

  How to let Niko go through a strip club without being propositioned

  You can have Niko walk through a strip club with having dancers proposition
him by having him keep his phone raised.
  If you have Niko stay at the back corner of the area beside the bottom of the
stairs of his first save place during a wanted rating the police won't see him.
  Some land vehicles have ABS--the wheels don't lock when you stop the vehicle.
  "Fan Facts #23 (GTA IV)" by whatever57010

  Sprunk/Lax billboard

  The western billboard of two on walls on the south side of Hardin St. , Hove
Beach, Broker, has a Sprunk ad seen from one angle and a Lax to the Max ad seen
from another angle.

  Shoot a propane tank at close range with a shotgun yet not get harmed

  There are propane tanks at burger stands, and hot dog stands that have green
and yellow umbrellas, which can ignite and explode.  You can have Niko go to a
burger stand and shoot a propane tank point blank with a shotgun and not get
harmed as would happen with other weapons.  (Thanks to punknoodle)  There are
also propane tanks on the back of Forklifts.

  Shoot the gadgets on top of gas tanks to fly across town

  Have Niko stand on the roof of a vehicle that's parked near a set of the large
gas tanks.  (Don't bump the tanks with the vehicle or they'll explode before you
can set up the stunt.)  If he shoots one of the gadgets on top, the tanks will
explode and cause Niko to fly a good distance away.  He can shoot the tank it-
self to make it explode, but it takes longer.  You can also have Niko make them
explode with a Grenade or one of Packie's car bombs.
  "Propane Tank Launch Tutorial in GTA lV" by GrandTheftGlitcher


  - in a lot west of the southern airport area block that has a revolving radar
  - on the roof of a gas station northwest of the intersection of Silicon St.
and Albany Ave., Lancaster, Algonquin
  - in a lot south-southeast of the south end of Fulcrum St., Tudor, Alderney
  - in a lot southeast of the southeast curve of Big John Ave., Alderney
  - in a lot northwest of the intersection of Big Horn Dr. and Casslar Ave.,
Westdyke, Alderney.  (Thanks to Ben Buja)
  "Ben Buja's Trick Bag - A GTA 4 tutorial (Machinima)" by machinima

  Ghost riding

  This gimmick by Alakazoo 360 and werewolf145 can be used in multiplayer.  It
lets you have the protagonist drive a vehicle that stays on fire (which is why
it's not in the ghost world section).
  "GTA IV Ghost Rider" by s0lidusthefrenchman

  -1st: Get a bike and Molotov cocktails
  -2nd: Get a buddy to ride the bike
  -3rd: (rider) get the bike a good distance away from the molotov holder (the
best distance seems to be so you can't see any flames at all when your budy
throws the molotov)
  -4th: Throw the molotov in front of you.
  -5th: (Rider) roll into the invisible flames under directions of your buddy
who sees the flames.

  Your wheels are on fire, but they will never pop!

  Tip: If you the rider can roll where he sees smoke that is the general area of
the flame patch.

-the flames are only visible to the molotov thrower, and anyomne who was near
him at the time he threw the molotov.

  If you want to impress your friends you can put yourself on fire and not die!
Walk into any sort of fire, you'll catch fire, just press start, flames will
remain but you won't die, just wait for the fire to stop and unpause. Sadly you
can't ride a bike when you're on fire, it'll blow it up and put the driver in
flames too.

  Spawn a vehicle in midair

  Have Niko get on something above ground level, like the edge of a roof, and
spawn a vehicle.  It wil hover till he shoots at it.

  Have Niko make a semi-dramatic entrance

  PatrickFaustin's method is to have Niko run up to the door of his safehouse in
Middle Park East and quickly take cover at it.  When Niko teleports to the other
side, the "camera" will do a quick swoop down to him, sometimes starting from
outside of the building.  (This may work with the yellow entrance marker in
front of other doors.)

  I.13  Radio

  Beat 102.7
  The home of the hip hop in the home of the hip hop: Liberty City.

  DJ: DJ Mister Cee and The Evil Genius DJ Green Lantern

  Styles P - "What's The Problem"
  Uncle Murda - "Anybody Can Get It"
  Qadir - "Nickname"
  Busta Rhymes - "Where's My Money"
  Maino - "Getaway Driver"
  Red Cafe - "Stick'm"
  Tru Life - "Wet 'Em Up"
  Johnny Polygon - "Price on Your Head"
  Swizz Beatz - "Top Down"
  Nas - "War is Necessary"
  Kanye West featuring: Dwele - "Flashing Lights"
  Joell Ortiz featuring: Jadakiss & Saigon - "Hip Hop (Remix)"
  Fat Joe featuring: Lil Wayne - "The Crackhouse"
  Mobb Deep - "Dirty New Yorker"
  Ghostface Killah featuring: Kid Capri - "We Celebrate"
  Styles P featuring: Sheek Louch & Jadakiss - "Blow Ya Mind (Remix)"
  Papoose - "Stylin'"
  Clipse - "9mm"

  The Classics 104.1
  Classic old school hip hop joins - the raw way.

  DJ: Mixed by DJ Premier

  Group Home - "Supa Star"
  Brand Nubian - "All for one"
  Special Ed - "I Got It Made"
  Jeru the Damaja - "D. Original"
  Marley Marl feat. Craig G - "Droppin' Science"
  MC Lyte - "Cha Cha Cha"
  Audio 2 - "Top Billin'"
  Stetsasonic - "Go Stetsa"
  T. La Rock & Jazzy Jay - "It's Yours"
  Gang Starr - "Who's Gonna Take the Weight"
  Main Source - "Live at the Barbecue"

  Fusion FM
  Funk jazz type

  DJ: Roy Ayers

  David McCallum - "The Edge"
  Roy Ayers - "Funk in the Hole"
  Gong - "Heavy Tune"
  David Axelrod - "Holy Thursday"

  Grover Washington, Jr. - "Knucklehead"

  Aleksander Maliszewski - "Pokusa"
  Ryo Kawasaki - "Raisins"
  Marc Moulin - "Stomp"

  Billy Cobham - "Stratus"
  Tom Scott & The L.A. Express - "Sneakin' in The Back"

  The Vibe 98.8
  Pure R&B

  DJ: Vaughn Harper

  Ne-Yo - "Because of You"
  R. Kelly - "Bump N' Grind"
  Mtume - "C.O.D. (I'll Deliver)"
  Alexander O'Neal - "Criticize"
  RAMP - "Daylight"
  Isley Brothers - "Footsteps in the Dark"
  Jodeci - "Freek'n You"
  Lloyd - "Get It Shawty"
  Jill Scott - "Golden"
  Loose Ends - "Hangin' On A String"
  Freddie Jackson - "Have You Ever Loved Somebody"
  Dru Hill - "In My Bed (So So Def remix)"

  Marvin Gaye - "Inner City Blues (Make Me Wanna Holler)"

  Minnie Riperton - "Inside My Love"
  Barry White - "It's Only Love Doing It's Thing"
  C.J. - "I Want You"
  The SOS Band - "Just Be Good To Me"
  Ginuwine - "Pony"
  Raheem DeVaughn - "You"

  Massive B Soundsystem 96.9
  Dancehall beat

  DJ: Bobby Konders

  Buju Banton - "Badder Den Dem"
  Choppa Chop - "Set It Off"
  Mavado - "Real Mckoy"
  Jabba - "Raise It Up"
  Bunji Garlin - "Brrrt"
  Richie Spice - "Youth Dem Cold"
  Chuck Fenda - "All About Da Weed"
  Chezidek - "Call Pon Dem"
  Mavado - "Last Night"
  Spragga Benz - "Da Order"
  Bounty Killer - "Bullet Proof Skin"
  Shaggy - "Church Heathen"
  Munga - "No Fraid A"
  Buju Banton - "Driver"

  San Juan Sounds
  Latin and Reggae

  DJ: Daddy Yankee

  Calle 13 - "Atrévete-te-te"
  Daddy Yankee - "Impacto"
  Hector El Father - "Maldades"
  Voltio feat. Jowell & Randy - "Pónmela"
  Don Omar - "Salio El Sol"
  Wisin & Yandel - "Sexy Movimiento"
  Tito el Bambino - "Siente El Boom (Remix)"
  Angel y Khriz - "Ven Bailalo"

  Tuff Gong
  Who doesn't love grooving to Marley

  DJ: Carl Bradshaw

  Stephen Marley - "Chase Dem"
  Bob Marley and the Wailers - "Concrete Jungle (The Unreleased Original
Jamaican Version)"
  Bob Marley and the Wailers - "Pimper's Paradise"
  Bob Marley and the Wailers - "Rat Race"
  Bob Marley and the Wailers - "Rebel Music (3 O'Clock Roadblock)"
  Bob Marley and the Wailers - "Satisfy My Soul"
  Bob Marley and the Wailers - "So Much Trouble in the World"
  Bob Marley and the Wailers and Damian Marley - "Stand Up Jamrock"
  Bob Marley and the Wailers - "Wake Up & Live (Parts 1 & 2)"

  The Journey
  Ambient Sounds

  Global Communication - "8:07"
  Terry Riley - "A Rainbow in Curved Air"
  Steve Roach - "Arrival"
  Michael Shrieve - "Communique 'Approach Spiral'"
  Jean Michel Jarre - "Oxygène, Pt 4"
  Philip Glass - "Pruit Igoe"
  Tangerine Dream - "Remote Viewing"
  Aphex Twin - "#16"
  Ray Lynch - "The Oh of Pleasure"

  Liberty Rock Radio
  Liberty Rock Radio is the Rock radio station in GTA IV.

  DJ: Iggy Pop

  The Smashing Pumpkins — 1979
  Steve Marriott — Cocaine
  Godley & Creme — Cry
  The Sisters of Mercy — Dominion/Mother Russia
  Stevie Nicks — Edge of Seventeen
  Electric Light Orchestra — Evil Woman
  David Bowie — Fascination
  Q Lazzarus — Goodbye Horses
  Black Sabbath — Heaven and Hell
  Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band — Her Strut
  The Stooges — I Wanna Be Your Dog
  Thin Lizzy — Jailbreak
  Genesis — Mama
  Hello — New York Groove
  Queen — One Vision
  The Black Crowes — Remedy

  Joe Walsh — Rocky Mountain Way

  The Who — The Seeker

  Elton John — Street Kids
  Heart — Straight On

  ZZ Top — Thug

  R.E.M. — Turn You Inside Out

  International funk music

  DJ: Femi Kuti

  Lonnie Liston Smith - "A Chance for Peace"
  War - "Galaxy"
  The O'Jays - "Give The People What They Want"
  Gil Scott-Heron - "Home is Where The Hatred Is"
  The Meters - "Just Kissed My Baby"
  Mandrill - "Livin' It Up"
  Manu Dibango - "New Bell"
  Fela Kuti - "Sorrow, Tears & Blood"
  Femi Kuti - "Truth Don Die"
  Creative Source - "Who Is He And What Is He To You"
  Hummingbird - "You Can't Hide Love"
  Fela Kuti - "Zombie"

  Vladivostok FM
  Post-communist community radio to rock the Eastern Bloc

  DJ: Ruslana

  Gruppa Kino - "Gruppa Krovi"
  Marakesh (band) - "Zhdat"
  Zvery - "Kvartira"
  Seryoga - "King Ring"
  Seryoga - "Liberty City: The Invasion"
  Splin - "Liniya Zhizni"
  Basta - "Mama"
  Leningrad - "Nikogo ne Zhalko"
  Ranetki - "O Tebe"
  Dolphin - "RAP"
  Glukoza - "Schweine"
  Ruslana - "Wild Dances (Ukranian FM Version)"
  Oleg Kvasha - "Zelenoglazoe Taksi (Club Remix)"

  K109 The Studio
  Disco Never Dies

  DJ: Karl Lagerfeld

  Peter Brown - "Burning Love Breakdown"
  Tamiko Jones - "Can't Live Without Your Love"
  Gino Soccio - "Dancer"
  Suzy Q - "Get On Up and Do It Again"
  Electrik Funk - "On a Journey"
  Don Ray - "Standing in the Rain"
  Cerrone - "Supernature"
  Rainbow Brown - "Till You Surrender"
  Harry Thumann - "Under Water"
  Skatt Brothers - "Walk the Night"

  WKTT Talk Radio
  We Know The Truth! The Nation's Most Patriotic Talk Radio

  Just or Unjust - A mock of television court shows with an outrageous Judge.
  Richard Bastion Show - A right-wing call-in talk show
  Fizz! - Celebrity gossip

  Electro Choc
  Cutting-edge sounds for the dance floor.

  DJ: François K

  Padded Cell - "Signal Failure"
  Black Devil Disco Club - "The Devil in Us (Dub)"
  One + One - "No Pressure (Deadmau5 Remix)"
  Alex Gopher - "Brain Leech (Bugged mind remix)"
  K.I.M. - "B.T.T.T.T.R.Y. (Bag Raiders Remix)"
  Simian Mobile Disco - "Tits and Acid"
  Nitzer Ebb - "Let Your Body Learn"
  Kavinsky - "Testarossa (SebastiAn Remix)"
  Chris Lake vs. Deadmau5 - "I Thought Inside Out (Original Mix)"
  Boys Noize - "& Down"
  Justice - "Waters of Nazareth"
  Killing Joke - "Turn to Red"
  Playgroup - "Make it Happen"
  Liquid Liquid – "Optimo"

  Liberty City Hardcore
  Hardcore lives on in the city where it all began.

  DJ: Jimmy Gestapo

  Murphy's Law - "A Day in the Life"
  Maximum Penalty - "All Your Boyz"
  Underdog - "Back to Back"
  Leeway - "Enforcer"
  Sick of it All - "Injustice System"
  Cro-Mags - "It's The Limit"
  Sheer Terror - "Just Can't Hate Enough"
  Bad Brains - "Right Brigade"
  Killing Time - "Tell Tale"
  Agnostic Front - "Victim in Pain"

  Radio Broker
  Modern Rock

  DJ: Juliette Lewis

  The Boggs - "Arm in Arm (Shy Child Mix)"
  Cheeseburger - "Cocaine"
  Get Shakes - "Disneyland, Pt 1"
  LCD Soundsystem - "Get Innocuous!"
  The Prairie Cartel - "Homicide"
  Juliette and the Licks - "Inside the Cage (David Gilmour Girls remix)"
  Unkle featuring: The Duke Spirit - "Mayday"
  The Rapture - "No Sex For Ben"
  Tom Vek - "One Horse Race"
  Teenager - "Pony"
  Les Savy Fav - "Rage in the Plague Age"
  White Light Parade - "Riot in the City"
  Deluka - "Sleep is Impossible"
  The Black Keys - "Strange Times"
  The Pistolas - "Take it With a Kiss"
  Ralph Myerz - "The Teacher"
  Greenskeepers - "Vagabond"
  Whitey - "Wrap it Up"
  !!! - "Yadnus (Still Going to the Roadhouse mix)"

  Public Liberty Radio
  A mock of liberal radio shows specifically NPR.

  There are several programs that are played on PLR

  The Séance - A psychic speaks with a variety of callers telling them about
the future in exchange for "spirit dollars."
  Pacemaker - Health care show.
  Intelligent Agenda - A left-wing call-in talk show,

  [edit] Jazz Nation Radio 108.5
  The only Jazz station in Liberty City.

  DJ: Roy Haynes

  Count Basie - "April in Paris"
  John Coltrane - "Giant Steps"
  Chet Baker - "Let's Get Lost"
  Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers - "Moanin'"
  Miles Davis - "Move"
  Charlie Parker - "Night and Day"
  Roy Haynes - "Snap Crackle"
  Sonny Rollins - "St. Thomas"
  Duke Ellington - "Take the 'A' Train"
  Dizzy Gillespie - "Whisper Not (Big Band)"

  Independence FM

  You can put .MP3s or .wav files, or shortcuts for them, in My Documents\
Rockstar Games\GTA IV\User Music and listen to them on this radio station in
the game.

  "Bang a Gong (Get It On)"  (Marc Bolan) T. Rex 1971

  "West Side Story"  Overture  (Leonard Bernstein) 1961

  "I Got You Babe" (Sonny Bono) Sonny and Cher 1965 (reflecting Sonny's work
with Phil Spector)

  "Try a Little Tenderness" ("Irving King"--James Campbell and Reginald Connel-
ly--Harry M. Woods) "I Can't Turn You Loose" (Redding)  Otis Redding 1966?

  "Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)" with Johnny Winter and "Thank You
for Talkin' to Me Africa" (Sylvester Stewart)  Sly and the Family Stone

  Michael Winslow as Jimi Hendrix (year?)

  "Villanova Junction" (Jimi Hendrix)  Jimi Hendrix Woodstock 1969

  "Folsom Prison Blues" "San Quentin" (Cash)  Johnny Cash "At San Quentin" 1969

  "Honky Tonk Women" (Jagger/Richards)  The Rolling Stones 1969

  "Joy to the World" (Hoyt Axton) Three Dog Night 1971

  "Had Me a Real Good Time" (Ron Wood, Rod Stewart & Ronnie Lane) 1971 and
"Sweet Little Rock and Roller" (Chuck Berry)
  Faces, the 2nd with Keith Richards

  "All the Way from Memphis" (Ian Hunter)  Mott the Hoople 1973

  "Whammer Jammer" (Juke Joint Jimmy), 1972, "Pack Fair and Square" (Big Walter
Price), "Southside Shuffle" (Justman, Wolf), 1973  J. Geils Band featuring Mag-
ic Dick

  "Tush" (Billy Gibbons, Dusty Hill, Frank Beard)  ZZ Top 1974

  "Cucumber Slumber" (Johnson, Zawinul) Weather Report's Alphonso Johnson 1974
bass cover by 432hertz

  "Runaway" (Del Shannon/Max Crook)  Bonnie Raitt w/Norton Buffalo 1974

  "Burning Down the House," "And She Was," "Wild, Wild Life" (David Byrne)
Talking Heads 1983, 1985, 1986

  Hitler "The Jeffersons" theme song 1975 (spoof year?)

  "Walk This Way" (Steven Tyler and Joe Perry) 1975 (concert year?) Aerosmith

  "Chain Lightning" (Donald Fagen and Walter Becker)  Steely Dan 1975

  "Groovin" (Felix Cavaliere and Eddie Brigati)  Kenny Rankin 1976

  "Casa Forte" (Airto Moreira)  Flora Purim 1976

  "Katmandu," "Sunspot Baby" (Bob Seeger)  Bob Seeger 1975, 1976

  "What's So Funny 'Bout (Peace Love and Understanding)?" (Nick Lowe), 1979,
Elvis Costello And The Attractions

  "All of Me" (Gerald Marks and Seymour Simons)  Joe Williams w/Steve Martin
and Lily Tomlin  1984

  "When Love Comes to Town" (U2) U2 1988

  "Orinoco Flow" (Sail Away) Enya  1988

  "It's Not Unusual," (Les Reed and Gordon Mills), 1965, "Kiss" (Prince), 1988
Tom Jones

  "The Friendly Giant" ("Early One Morning" is a folk song dating back to the
time of Henry VIII) opening and closing

  Alan King  "Survived by his wife"

  I.14  TV

  "A History of Liberty City"

  A documentary about Liberty City from the colonial age through the Civil War.

  "I'm Rich"

  "I'm Rich" is a TV show on CNT that focuses on the socialites and "cokehead
debutante's" of Liberty City.  They often talk about the outrageous spending of
these people--Tony McTony's collection of the same Infernus sports car with the
Tony McTony logo and Cloe Parker's real estate (includes a mega mansion in
Westdyke, Alderney that her father bought for her on the day of her first peri-
od) and her ruby filled breast implants.  "I'm Rich" also features Jill von
Crastenburg, Samantha Muldoon, and Alfonso Vasquez and his ex-wife and his
daughter January Natasha Vasquez.

  Locations of Liberty City and San Andreas are shown: Tony McTony's high rise
glass condo on the West River side of Alderney, Cloe Parker's mansion on the
north side of Alderney and the von Crastenburg mansion (same street), Tony Mc-
Tony's mansion in Los Santos (GTA:San Andreas), and Cloe Parker's penthouse in
Middle Park East, Algonquin.

  It's a knockoff of MTV Cribs.  It exploits the richest people of Liberty City
who have accomplished very little.

  "Republican Space Rangers"

  It's the first cartoon show in the GTA series.  The plot consists of three
European-American homosexual redneck men who travel the universe in a phallic
shaped spaceship eliminating (false) threats to America.  It's a parody of con-
servative American foreign policy.  Their suits look like Master Chief's from
the Halo series.

  The CastCommander: he's the leader and always has a cigar in his mouth.
  Dick: he seems to be second in command.  He has a moustache, wears a head-
band, and sees the Commander as a hero.
  Butch: Butch is a tall obese pilot who carries two guns.  He has a hillbilly-
type voice and is the dumbest of the three.

  "The Serrated Edge"

  It's a parody of shopping shows.  This one sells knives and swords.

  "Split Sides"

  The Split Sides Comedy Club is at Frankfort & Jade St. in the Star Junction
district of Algonquin, Liberty City.  It's like The Laugh Factory and features
Ricky Gervais and Katt Williams.  Niko can also watch a couple of routine from
it on TV in his safehouses.

  "The Men's Room"

  Bas Rutten: former UFC champion Sebastion "Bas" Rutten portrays a parody of
himself as the muscular, over-aggressive, bald host.  Rutten also did motion
capture for main character Niko Bellic's fighting moves.
  Jeremy St. Ives: he's the effeminate host with dyed blonde hair and is usual-
ly cut off or disrespected by Bas.

  They answer calls from Liberty City's viewers who ask outlandish questions
seeking advise from Bas and Jeremy.'s_Room

  "Venturas Poker Challenge"

  Overly excited announcers call the action from the latest Poker game from Las
Venturas.  The show ends before a winner is declared but it's implied that
"Cocksure" Chris Cummings is the winner.

  I.15  Internet

  Websites Niko can see on a computer  The blogs of some of the people of Liberty City.  The
blogs update as the game goes along. (Thanks to the GTA IV FAQ/Walkthrough by
ElectroSpecter)   Dating website--after "Out of the Closet" (V.38), Niko can
get in touch with Alex there  At, Niko can recieve and send re-
sponses to e-mails     A parody of apple computers  Niko can click on "Database" to get Police infor-
mation on many characters of the game: Lola Del Rio--the hooker featured on the
box art, Eddie Low, the No-Name Killer, and himself.  (Thanks to spencerleo in
"The Secrets FAQ" by The Duff Man)  Liberty City news, including some of the latest
things done by Niko  This site is used by the police to catch
pedophiles (you don't see any pedophilia).  Having Niko click on it creates a
four star wanted level before Algonquin is legally available and five stars af-
terward.  Dating website--after "Out of the Closet" (VI.6), Niko can
get in touch with Carmen and Kiki there  This is a section of the Rockstar "GTA IV" web site.*  Niko can buy ringtones and themes (animated wall-
papers for the screen of his phone) for his phone for $100 each.  After Niko
gets a camera phone by doing the Playboy X mission "Photo Shoot" (VII.10), he
can buy all the ringtones and themes for $100. (Thanks to markiij)

  The "pager" ringtone is the one used for the pager in "GTA III."  Weazel news  Maps of Flying Rats, weapons, First Aid
Kits, Random Character locations, Body Armor, vehicles to steal for Stevie's
vehicle collection, places to hang out with Friends, and Unique Stunt Jumps

  I.16  Phone numbers/codes


  Beatrix Fontaine's real life automated fortune telling line  212-360-2367 

  Bean Machine Coffee  555-0110
  Bryce Dawkins' bugged Infernus available after "Knowing Me, Knowing You"--it
doesn't always work  123-555-0160
  Emergency Services  911

  You can have Niko dial 911 to have one of three emergency vehicles--Police
car, Ambulance, or Fire Truck--drive to him.

  Niko can dial 911 to have paramedics give him Health for a payment.  (Niko can
also get a little Health the first time he enters an individual spawn of an Am-
bulance.)  Having Niko call an Ambulance to help an injured person or a Fire
Truck to put out a fire probably won't work.

  Niko can call the police to help if he's attacked but the police usually
aren't much help.  You may need to have Niko get the attacker between himself
and the officers first.  (He can get five Shotgun shells by entering an individ-
ual spawn of a Police car for the first time.)

  911 will revive a stalled car but you can dial anything and revive it--you
might as well use the first contact in the phonebook.  (Thanks to Blackadder.)

  He can use 911 while parked at the gate of a toll booth at Charge Island to
avoid the $5 fee.  When the emergengy vehicle approaches the gate opens and Niko
can drive through without paying.

  Express Car Service (Roman Bellic Enterprises) 555-2222 555-3333
  Fire Proof Doors  555-5700
  LCPD Recruitment  555-RECRUIT
  Liberty Construction  555-1274
  No Problemo Bail Bonds  555-945-733-92
  The Serrated Edge (CNT Show)  1-800-555-5555
  Storage  555-221-3877
  Superb Deli  555-4674
  Used Auto Parts  555-7300
  Vinewood Laundromat  555-5123
  ZiT* Song Identifier  948-555-0100  Niko can save a song which you can buy
from Amazon.  It can also be used to identify songs on his car radio or in

  Mission specific numbers

  Number used in "Call and Collect"  843-555-0124
  Number used in "Lure"  545-555-0122
  Number used for Gracie Ancelotti for the mission "I'll Take Her..."
  Number to call Roman Bellic for a optional taxi ride in "Roman's Holiday"

  Phone codes

  - Full Health and Armor, repair vehicle          DOC-555-0100  362-555-0100

  This also restores the Health of any vehicle Niko's in.  It prevents Niko
from getting the "Cleaned The Mean Streets" and "Finish Him" Achievements.

  Niko can get the Finish Him Achievement near the start of the game--see "Sin-
gle player Achievements" (I.5.b).

  Niko can get the "Cleaned The Mean Streets" Achievement early in the game--
after the 20 Vigilante--Current Crimes missions (V.19).

  - Full Health, Armor, ammo, repair vehicle, advanced weapons
    GTA-555-0100  482-555-0100

  This repairs Niko's vehicle Niko if he's in it.  It blocks the Achievement
"Cleaned the Mean Streets."

  Niko can get the "Cleaned The Mean Streets" Achievement early in the game--
after the 20 Vigilante--Current Crimes missions (V.19).

  Another way to fill Niko's Health with a phone numbrer is to have him drive a
Mr. Tasty ice cream truck and press the Horn key to cycle through the music till
the "Grand Theft Auto IV" theme song plays.  Have Niko use his cellphone to call
ZiT at 948-555-0100.  When he opens the text message it sends back his Health
and Armor are filled.

  - Weapons (advanced)             GUN-555-0150  486-555-0150
  Baseball Bat, Combat pistol, Combat shotgun, SMG, Carbine rifle, Combat snip-
er, Rocket launcher, and Grenades

  It blocks the Achievement "Cleaned The Mean Streets."  If you want the
Achievement, don't use the code till after the 20 Vigilante--Current Crimes
missions (V.19).

  - Weapons (poor)                     GUN-555-0100  486-555-0100
  Knife, Pistol, Pump shotgun, Micro SMG, Assault rifle, Sniper rifle, Rocket
launcher, and Molotovs

  It blocks the Achievement "Cleaned The Mean Streets."  If you want the
Achievement, don't use the code till after the 20 Vigilante--Current Crimes
missions (V.19).

  - Wanted level removed           COP-555-0100  267-555-0100

  It blocks the Achievements Walked Free and One Man Army.  Niko can get the
Walked Free Achievement near the start of the game--see "Single player Achieve-
ments" (I.5.b).

  - Wanted level up one star       COP-555-0150  267-555-0150

  - Change weather                    HOT-555-0100  468-555-0100
  Eight kinds of weather

  Vehicle spawn codes

  Have Niko go outside to spawn the vehicles listed below or the phone just
saves the number.

  Spawn Annihilator           FLY-555-0100  359-555-0100

  It blocks the Achievements "Walked Free" and "One Man Army."  Niko can get
both Achievements near the start of the game--see "Single player Achievements"

  Spawn Cognoscenti        CAR-555-0142  227-555-0142
  Spawn Comet                 CAR-555-0175  227-555-0175
  Spawn FIB Buffalo          CAR-555-0100  227-555-0100
  Spawn Jetmax                WET-555-0100  938-555-0100
  Spawn NRG-900             MBK-555-0100  625-555-0100
  Spawn Sanchez              MBK-555-0150  625-555-0150
  Spawn SuperGT             CAR-555-0168  227-555-0168
  Spawn Turismo               CAR-555-0147  227-555-0147

  Spawned vehicles, except for the FIB Buffalo, Jetmax, and Annihilator, can be
sold to Stevie.

  Having Niko use a spawned Jetmax to escape the police won't provide the Walk
Free Achievement unless you then have him Wasted on the same game save file.
(I'd get the Achievement without getting him Wasted.)

  If you spawn a vehicle, except for the Jetmax, while Niko is above ground
level, like on the edge of the roof of a building, the vehicle will hover in
the air and falls if Niko shoots it.

  I.17  Video walk-throughs/entire games "Done Quick"

  "GTA 4 - Intro & Mission #1 - The Cousins Bellic (1080p)" by GTA Series Videos

  "Grand Theft Auto IV - Intro & First Mission - The Cousins Bellic" by Willzyyy

  "GTA IV Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - Intro (Let's Play)" by GameRiot

  "GTA 4 All Missions HD 60fps" by ThirstyHyena

  "Grand Theft Auto IV Classic% Speedrun WR: 07:02:32" by Dispersor

  "Grand Theft Auto 4 Speedrun (4:40:02) Part 1" by MSuraev

  The Lost and Damned

  The Ballad Of Gay Tony

  I.18  How to get as much done as possible before starting the main missions
               Starter Save achieving 11.95% by zmoonchild

  Zmoonchild, helpful in my "San Andreas" walk-through, has videos that show:

  Starter Save - Part 1 - GTA IV PC - complete walkthrough (all details) -
achieving 11.95% Game Progress before doing the story missions

  How to get sniper rifles and save a Maverick at the 1st safe house at the
start of the game

  How Niko can get a Sultan RS from the start of the game

  How to get a Rocket Launcher at the start of the game

  How to do Most Wanted - at the beginning of the game (before any story mis-
sions are done)


  II     Wanted ratings, weapons, Health, and Armor

  II.1   Wanted Ratings
               The Wanted Circle
               Getting rid of a wanted rating
               What happens at each wanted level

  Thanks to for much of this information.

  The Wanted Circle

  It's also been referred to as the Wanted Zone or the Police Search Radius.

  If Niko is wanted, a wanted circle--a round area that alternately flashes red
and blue--appears on the radar and map.  For one wanted star, it's about two
blocks across, but the more wanted stars he has, the bigger the circle is.  At
six stars, it's about as wide as 1/3rd of the map--about as big as from around
Memory Lanes, Firefly Island, to the north coast of Dukes.

  It surrounds the area in which Niko was detected by law enforcement which can
change if he's detected by them elsewhere or disappear if he stops their effort
to detect him.

  The wanted rating system is also displayed as six stars in the upper right
corner of the screen.  They're dark grey unless white if he's wanted and medium
grey if he's wanted but undetected by law enforcement.

  While Niko is wanted law enforcers on foot are represented by blips on the ra-
dar/in-game map, their land vehicles and boats are indicated by blips that al-
ternately flash red and blue with revolving semi-circles around them, and their
helicopter blips have revolving "X"es (propellers) around them.  The blips move
toward Niko while he's wanted and detected and move randomly (preferably away
from Niko) if he's wanted and undetected.

  A ped may use their cell phone to report a crime.

  If Niko is wanted he can't buy weapons from a Gun Store or Jacob (who flees
from law enforcers) but he can buy a bomb from Packie, get backup from Dwayne,
and get a heli ride from Brucie.  He has to lose his wanted rating to pick up a
date.  He can't bowl but he can play pool or darts if you get him to an opponent
before they're scared off by law enforcers.  He can't see a show at a comedy
club but he can see cabaret and use a hooker at a strip club if you get him to
one before she's scared away by law enforcers.  He can't buy clothes, use a car
wash, or watch TV but he can use a computer or rob a cash register.  He can't
buy food from a fast food place or diner but he can buy it from a vending ma-
chine or street vendor if you can get him to one before he flees from law en-
forcers.  He can't use a taxi as a passenger but he can use Roman's Car Service.

  He can't use a subway train if his wanted rating is three wanted stars or

  To use a Pay 'n' Spray, Niko has to be unseen by law enforcement.

  Move Niko away from a nearby officer as soon as the animation of him standing
with his hands up is over, and don't let a law enforcement officer pull open the
door of Niko's vehicle, or he'll be busted.  You may have Niko drive to shake
off a law enforcer that's grabbed his door handle.

  At two or more stars law enforcement is more liable to try to kill than ar-
rest.  They try to kill in safe places.  Officers with longer range weapons tend
to stay farther from Niko.  Officers in vehicles ram Niko's vehicle and try to
box it in.  They may commandeer a pedestrian vehicle if a law enforcement vehi-
cle isn't available.

  While Niko is wanted but unseen (medium grey stars), you may have him switch
to a different vehicle to remain unseen by law enforcers while trying to get him
out of the wanted circle.  A vehicle left by Niko other than the one he became
wanted in, or other than one he was seen entering by law enforcement, or jacked
by Niko unseen by law enforcement, is preferred over a locked vehicle since law
enforcement will detect Niko as in a vehicle with a smashed window.  (Good luck
having Niko jack a vehicle from a motorist before a police officer gets close
enough to see Niko do it.)

  Once Niko is out of the circle, have him stay still unless you need to move
him to a place where law enforcers are unlikely to appear or to move him away
from an approaching law enforcer.  If he stays out of the sight of law enforce-
ment while out of the circle, the wanted rating will go away.  If a law enforcer
sees Niko, the wanted circle will surround him again with him at the center of
it at first.

  If Niko leaves the wanted circle and is unseen by law enforcement there's a
probation period of a few seconds during which the wanted stars alternate be-
tween medium and dark grey.  If Niko is caught at another crime or seen by law
enforcement during this period, the wanted rating will be reinstated, and if he
isn't, the probation period ends.  The end of a wanted rating causes the wanted
circle to disappear and all the stars to become dark grey.

  What happens at each wanted level

  One star

  Among the things Niko can do to cause a one star wanted rating are:

  - steal a car
  - hit a pedestrian or police officer
  - hit peds with a Fire Truck water cannon
  - climb on top of a Police Patrol car or bump it with his vehicle (releasing
acceleration before hitting a Police Patrol car may diminish the chance of
causing a wanted rating)
  - discharge a weapon without hitting anyone or have a law enforcement officer
hear Niko use a weapon (a Knife is the quietest)
  - jack a car, drive it with the vehicle alarm on, or drive while drunk (you
might have Niko get a Taxi ride while he's drunk to avoid that)
  - steal money from a cash register
  - go through a toll booth without paying except as explained at IV.6 Avoiding
the $5 fee and wanted rating at the toll booths.
  - park in the Grotti or AutoEroticar car dealership then get back in his vehi-

  Police officers will chase Niko on foot or in Police Patrol cars.  They pro-
bably won't shoot unless threatened and don't drive very fast.  They try to ar-
rest Niko.  The wanted circle is about 2 blocks wide.

  Two stars

  Among the things Niko can do to cause a two star wanted rating are:

  - persist in doing the things that cause one wanted star
  - discharge a weapon near a police officer
  - run away from, or fire a weapon toward, a policeman who's about to try to
arrest him
  - destroy a Gruppe Six Securicar
  - destroy a gas pump

  More policemen join the chase and are more aggressive.  Police Patrol cars
drive faster and try the PIT maneuver on Niko's vehicle, and officers shoot at
him.  Police Patrol cars create roadblocks.

  Three stars

  Among the things Niko can do to cause a three star wanted rating are:

  - persist in doing the things that cause lower wanted ratings
  - shoot a police officer

  Police become even more aggressive and NOOSE ("N.O.O.S.E." stands for "Na-
tional Organization of Security Enforcement"--they're SWAT agents) Cruisers set
up roadblocks.  NOOSE Patriots (like Hummers), NOOSE agents in Enforcers, NOOSE
Cruisers (appear more often on highways for high speed chases), a Police Maver-
ick (a helicopter), and, if Niko is in or near water travelled by boats, a
Predator (boat) join the chase.  NOOSE agents fire Carbine Rifles at Niko.

  "New GTA 4 N.O.O.S.E. Cruiser Video" by Delta0003

  Niko can't ride the subway train.

  The Police Maverick shines a spotlight at Niko at night and has two NOOSE
agents who fire Carbine Rifles at Niko.  The agents rappel from the helicopter
to shoot at Niko if he stays in one location long enough.  Thanks to Robert
Rusk for the tip that the Police Maverick is different in this GTA in that Niko
can shoot the driver and gunmen.

  The Predator has a Police officer that shoots a Carbine Rifle at Niko.

  (Johnny Klebitz and Luis Fernando Lopez get a three star wanted level if they
enter the Alderney State Correctional Facility.)

  Four stars

  Among the things Niko can do to cause a four star wanted rating are:

  - persist in doing the things that cause lower wanted ratings
  - go onto the tarmac at Francis International Airport except in a helicopter
  - enter the grounds of the Liberty City Civilization Committee in Hatton Gar-
dens, Algonquin after Algonquin is legally available
  - go onto the site '' at the [email protected] internet cafe
before Algonquin is legally available (after that, it creates five stars).

  Niko's wanted rating can't go higher until Algonquin is legally available un-
less he crosses the barricades or otherwise tries to go beyond the outer bound-
ary of the initially legal eastern territory.

  FIB (Federal Investigation Bureau) Buffalos, with four agents who carry Car-
bine Rifles, join the chase.  The Police Annihilator (helicopter) joins the Po-
lice Maverick in the chase.  Like the Police Maverick, the Annihilator has a
driver, whom Niko can shoot, and two gunmen, whom Niko can shoot, who fire Car-
bide Rifles at Niko.

  The Predator has two Police officers that shoot Carbine Rifles at Niko.

  Niko gets some Body Armor the first time he enters an individual spawn of an

  Niko can get the "Walk Free" Achievement by getting rid of a four star wanted

  Five stars

  Among the things Niko can do to cause a five star wanted rating are:

  - persist in doing the things that cause lower wanted ratings.
  - go onto the site '' at the [email protected] internet cafe
once Algonquin is legally available (before that, it creates four stars).

  Niko's wanted rating can't go higher until Alderney is legally available un-
less he crosses the barricades or otherwise tries to go beyond the outer bound-
ary of the territory made legal for Niko to enter when Algonquin became legally

  The FIB (like the FBI) Buffalo joins the land vehicles and officers shoot
from them at Niko.  The Police Maverick is joined by the NOOSE Annihilator.

  Six stars

  Among the things Niko can do to cause a six star wanted rating are:

  - persist in doing the things that cause lower wanted ratings
  - go into a territory before it's legally available.  Otherwise, Niko can get
this wanted rating once Alderney is legally available.

  The LCPD is supplanted more by the other law enforcers.  Two NOOSE Annihila-
tor helicopters, not Police Mavericks, pursue the player.  The wanted circle is
about 1/3rd as wide as the land on the map.

  Niko can get the "One Man Army" Achievement by surviving a six star wanted
rating for five minutes.

  Getting rid of a wanted rating

  There are no Bribes in "GTA IV."

  Have Niko get out of his his Wanted Zone and remain undetected by law enforc-

  At a low wanted level of one or two wanted stars you might have Niko use a
fast car, preferably without a smashed window, to speed out of the wanted cir-
cle.  You may have a relatively easy time of having Niko use alleys, etc., to
become undetected and switch vehicles.  You may have Niko use a fast boat (see
my map in section I.8.d for boat locations) or helicopter (see section I.8.c for
helicopter locations).

  You could have Niko use his cell phone to get Brucie's Chopper ride and skip
the trip (Enter) for one or two stars.  At three or more stars the wanted circle
just moves to the new location (I guess it's meant as due to police helicop-

  You could have Niko use his cell phone to get Roman's Car Service for one or
two stars.  Press Spacebar to have Mohammed drive faster and press Enter to skip
the trip to keep him from getting shot.

  At three or more wanted stars you can have Niko become unseen by law enforce-
ment--grey wanted stars--then switch vehicles (preferably to one without a
smashed window) to remain undetected while escaping a wanted circle.  Vehicles
driven by peds to jack without breaking a window may be scarce then, though, and
law enforcement helicopters and Police Predators make it hard to keep Niko un-
detected.  If Niko's in a fast boat at three wanted stars you may have him use a
Rocket launcher to shoot down a police helicopter and speed out of the wanted

  Have him use the Algonquin underground subway system (see the mapa at the next
links) to avoid detection while driving out of a wanted circle.

  Have Niko access the save game system at a save place.  You only have to go to
the save screen and back, which, like saving the game, advances time six hours.
(Thanks to Robert Rusk)

  Starting or completing certain missions removes a wanted level.

  Have Niko use a Pay 'n' Spray--he can only use one while undetected by law en-
forcers.  Pay 'n' Sprays are available after "Easy Fare" (V.9).  Using a Pay 'n'
Spray advances game time three hours.

  Have Niko get Wasted.  Niko loses 10% of his money up to $10,000.  I'd reload
the game.

  Have Niko get Busted.  If Niko's busted, he also loses all his weapons and Ar-
mor, fails any mission he's on, game time is advanced ten to thirteen hours on
the same day (for example, if he's Busted Sat. night he appears at a police sta-
tion Sat. morning), and Niko appears at the nearest police station.  I'd reload
the game.

  You can have Niko call Francis McReary to call off a wanted rating of any size
if Niko kills Derrick McReary instead of Francis during "Blood Brothers"
(IX.19).  It won't work if you have Niko call too soon after a previous use of
it and the ability is gone after the story missions are completed because the
phone listing for Francis will be removed.

  If Niko has a high enough Like stat with Kiki (V.43), you can have Niko call
her to get rid of a wanted rating up to and including three stars.  It won't
work if you have Niko call too soon after a previous use of it and the ability
is gone after the story missions are completed because the phone listing for
Kiki will be removed.

  Neither phone call method will work for certain missions with scripted wanted

  Thanks to Shooter Junior for the tip that you can have Niko get into a Turismo
at the Grotti dealership at the southeast corner of Pyrite St. and Bismarck
Ave., Middle Park East, Algonquin, and make a wanted level drop to two or three
stars.  (If Niko has no wanted level, it counts as stealing a car and may create
a one star wanted level.)

  Likewise, having Niko get on the airport tarmac on foot or in a land vehicle
reduces a five or six star wanted level to four stars.

  II.2  Weapons

  (RIP Keith "The Guru" Elam, July 17, 1961-April 19, 2010.  He was the voice of
8 Ball in "III" and "Liberty City Stories."  He and DJ Premier--host of The
Classics 104.1-- formed the hip-hop duo Gang Starr.)

  When Niko has a 75% Like stat with Packie, Niko can call Packie, select
"Bomb," and Packie will put a phone bomb nearby.  Niko can put the bomb on a car
and detonate the bomb with his phone.

  Some of the weapons and ammo become available from a Gun "Store" or "Shop"
(it's called both in the game) and Jacob after certain missions.

  Underground Gun Stores are available after "Do You Have Protection?" (V.20).
Thanks to Rob Rusk for the locations:

  - an alley between Munsee Ave. and Montauk Ave. in Downtown Broker

  - south of the southeast corner of Emerald St. and Bismarck Ave. in China-
town, Algonquin

  - south of the southeast corner of Odhner Ave. and Traeger Rd. in Port Tudor,
  Weapon            Cost   Ammo

  Baseball Bat                $5          -
  Molotov Cocktail      $500          - 
  Body Armor              $500          -
  Grenades              $1,000          -
  Pistol                        $600      $35
  Combat Pistol       $1,500    $100
  Pump Shotgun      $1,200    $100
  Combat Shotgun   $2,500    $200
  Micro-SMG           $1,200     $100
  SMG                     $2,500     $150
  Assault Rifle         $3,500       $80
  Carbine Rifle        $5,000     $100
  Sniper Rifle          $6,000     $800
  Combat Sniper     $8,500     $500
  RPG                   $15,000  $5,000

  The peds outside the door are guards armed with SMGs and Combat shotguns.  If
you have Niko attack the Gun Store owner, who's armed with a Combat pistol (Des-
ert Eagle), three of his guards may come inside to attack or wait outside to at-
tack.  If you have Niko kill the owner the new owner shoots at Niko with his
Combat pistol.

  When Niko has a 75% Like stat with Jacob (V.25), Niko can call Little Jacob
to come by in a car with Armor, and some of the guns and ammo of a Gun Store,
that's sold 30% cheaper than at a Gun Store.  Jacob sells the Knife, too, which
isn't available at a Gun Store.

  Weapon                          Cost    Ammo                                     % of Gun Shop price
                                                                                                     weapon  ammo
  Knife                               $100
     (Glock 17)                   $420 + $25 for each added magazine    70%    71.42857143%
  Combat shotgun
     (Remington 11-87)  $1,500 + $100 for 10 shells                        60%    50%
  Micro SMG
     (Micro Uzi)                  $840 + $20 for each added magazine    70%    20%
     (S&W MP10)           $1,750 + $20 for each added magazine     70%    13.333334%
  Assault Rifle
     (AK-47)                    $2,450 + $55 for each added magazine    70%    68.75%
  Carbine Rifle
     (M4A1)                     $3,500 + $70 for each added magazine    70%    70%
  Combat Sniper
     (PSG-1)                    $5,000 + $500 for each added magazine  58.82352941176471%
  Molotov cocktails            $350 apiece                                            70%
  Grenades                        $700 apiece                                           70%

  A new GTA feature in "IV" is that additional ammo is sold separately.  It's
better to give Niko more than enough ammo for a weapon so he doesn't run out of
ammo and need to either buy the weapon from a Gun Store or Little Jacob.  Other-
wise, it can be taken for free from a fixed spawn location (see the several pre-
liminary sections in this walk-through) or a dead ped.

  Thanks to for the real-life counterpart names of the weapons.

  Thanks to Rob Rusk for the information about interchangeable ammo.

  How to make the Pistol. Pump Shotgun, and Sniper Rifle automatic--"Fun
glitches, gimmicks, etc." (I.12.b)

  How to increase Assault/Carbine rifle ammo faster--"Fun glitches, gimmicks,
etc. (I.12.b)

  If you want to have Niko use a gun to make a car or truck blow up the fastest
way is to have him shoot the wheel wells to get them on fire.

  You can lessen scope movement by having Niko crouch.



  A Knife is available for free during "Bleed Out" (V.4), then from Jacob, if
Niko has a 75% Like stat with Jacob (V.25), for $100.  It can provide Niko a
better chance to get away with a quick inconspicuous kill if Niko sneaks up on
the unsuspecting target from behind.  It can be used for a one hit kill that
doesn't create a wanted level when used as a combat move preceded by a dodge.


  A Bat is available for $5 from a Gun Store after "Do You Have Protection?"


  Pistol (Glock 17)

  A Pistol is available during "Jamaican Heat" (V.14), from a Gun Store for
$600, $35 a 17 bullet clip, after "Do You Have Protection?" (V.20), and for
$420, $25 a 17 bullet clip, after a 75% like stat with Jacob (V.25).  It can
contain a maximum of 1,200 bullets.

  The Pistol is usually preferred to the Combat pistol for drive-bys since the
Pistol can hold more ammo and fire faster.

  Combat pistol (Desert Eagle Mark XIX)

  The Combat pistol is available from a Gun Store for $1,500, $100 a 9 bullet
clip, after "Museum Piece" (IX.9).  It can contain a maximum of 1,200 bullets.

  The Combat pistol is more powerful than the Pistol but has less ammo per
clip.  The Combat pistol can be used for drive-bys but the Pistol can hold more
ammo and fire faster.

  The Desert Eagle in GTA IV, while not referred to as a "Desert Eagle" in-
game, does feature a "Deagle 47" etching on its barrel.

  You can get it free without cheating at the beginning of "GTA IV."  Have Niko
go to a Gun Store and shoot the dealer's leg.  He'll draw his Combat pistol.
Have Niko kill him and pick up his gun.  But by that method his armed guards at-
tack inside or just outside the store.  It's easier to have Niko buy or bring a
Baseball bat, lock on to the dealer, and hit him repeatedly.  The dealer usually
falls down from the first hit--when you see the gun in his hand have Niko beat
him till he's dead.  Since no shots were fired his guards won't approach and
Niko get the gun without being harmed.

  (At the start of "The Ballad of Gay Tony" Luis has a Desert Eagle with 50
rounds of ammunition.)

  Ammo between the two pistols is interchangeable.  Either handgun can be used
for drive-bys.


  Pump shotgun (Ithaca Model 37 Stakeout except with an eight instead of four
shell magazine)

  The Pump shotgun is available from a Gun Store for $1,200, $100 for 8 shots,
after "Do You Have Protection?" (V.20).  It can contain a maximum of 80 shots
of ammo.

  As in recent GTAs, the lead character gets a shotgun with five shells (if he
already has a shotgun, he gets five shells) the first time he enters a Police
car--in "GTA IV," it's called a Police Patrol.

  Combat shotgun (Beretta 1201FP Automatic)

  The Combat shotgun is available from a Gun Store for $2,500, $200 per 10 bul-
let clip, and Jacob, if Niko has a 75% Like stat with him, for $1,500, $100 per
10 bullet clip, after "Blow Your Cover" (V.46).  It can contain a maximum of 80
shots of ammo.

  The Combat shotgun shoots and reloads faster and is more powerful.

  Ammo between the two shotguns is interchangeable.  A shotgun is mainly an op-
tion for one or a few nearby targets since shotgun fire has more spread so other
guns have a longer range.


  Micro-SMG (Micro-Uzi)

  The Micro-SMG is available from a Gun Store for $1,200, $100 a 50 bullet clip
after "Do You Have Protection?" (V.20).  It can then also be available from Ja-
cob, if Niko has a 75% Like stat with him (V.25), for $840, $20 a 50 bullet
clip.  It can contain a maximum of 1,200 bullets.

  Use the Micro-SMG or SMG in short bursts since the spread of the ammo in-
creases while firing (thanks to ElectroSpecter).  The spreading of the reticle
indicates that the shots are spreading inaccurately due to recoil.

  SMG (SW MP-10)

  The SMG is available from a Gun Store for $2,500, $150 a 30 bullet clip, and
from Jacob, if Niko has a 75% Like stat with him (V.25), for $1,750, $20 a 30
bullet clip, after "Luck of the Irish" (V.45).  It can contain a maximum of
1,200 bullets.

  The SMG is more powerful and a bit more accurate than the Micro-SMG but holds
less ammo.

  Ammo between the two submachine guns is interchangeable.  Either submachine
gun can be used for drive-bys.


  Assault rifle (AK-47M)

  The Assault rifle is available from a Gun Store for $3,500, $80 a 30 bullet
clip, and Little Jacob, if Niko has a 75% Like stat with him (V.25), for $2,450,
$55 a 30 bullet clip, after "Deconstruction for Beginners" (VII.9).  It can con-
tain a maximum of 600 rounds.

  The Assault rifle has a bit greater power but the Carbine rifle is faster and
has greater accuracy.

  Carbine rifle (Colt M4A1)

  The Carbine rifle is available from a Gun Store for $5,000, $100 a 30 bullet
clip, and Jacob, if Niko has a 75% Like stat with him (V.25), for $3,500, $70 a
30 bullet clip, after "Three Leaf Clover" (VII.30).  It can contain a maximum
of 600 rounds.  It's the weapon used by the police from Police Maverick helicop-
ters and Predator boats and used by NOOSE agents from three wanted stars and up
and FIB agents from four wanted stars and up.

  It's not as powerful as the Assault rifle but is faster and more accurate.
Accuracy is even higher and is fully automatic when Niko is crouched.  It has
the longest range short of that of a sniper rifle.

  In "GTA IV" Police in Predator boats and Police Maverick helicopters and
NOOSE officers will use Carbine Rifles to attack if the player has a wanted
level of three stars or higher and by FIB Agents with four stars and higher.
The Carbine Rifle is given during "Three Leaf Clover" and is available to pur-
chase afterward.

  The name "Carbine rifle" contradicts itself as a carbine and a rifle are sep-
arate types of firearms and are mutually exclusive.  A Carbine is a firearm
with a shorter barrel than a musket or rifle in order to be lighter and easier
to handle.

  Ammo between the two assault rifles is interchangeable.


  Sniper rifle (Remington R700P)

  The Sniper rifle is available from a Gun Store for $6,000, $800 per 5 bullet
clip, and Jacob, if Niko has a 75% Like stat with him (V.25), for $5,000, $500
per 10 bullet clip, after "Luck of the Irish" (V.45).  It can contain a maximum
of 50 bullets.
  Sniper rifles usually provide one-hit kills even if not headshots.

  There are a couple of Sniper rifles available in the first legally available
areas of the game after "Luck of the Irish" (see the map and location descrip-
tions in section IV.7).  If you want one earlier than that you'll need to have
Niko go to Northwood in Algonquin which creates a six star wanted level.  It's
atop a crude oil refining tower at the intersection of Exeter Ave and Grummer
Rd. near the coast.

  Zmoonchild shows how to get the Sniper rifle from the north side of Algonquin
at the start of the game:

  Have Niko drive west across a sidewalk of the Algonquin Bridge, north to Grum-
mer Rd. just east of Exeter Ave., run north to quickly climb up the ladder of
the crude oil refining tower, get the Sniper rifle, come down quickly, drive to
where Albany Ave. meets the west end of the Algonquin Bridge, go east to the
subway entrance, enter it then turn east to go up the stairs, go east across the
middle of the Algonquin Bridge, and park beyond the wanted circle under the east
side of the bridge till the wanted rating goes away or go to the Hove Beach save
place and use the save screen to get rid of his wanted rating.

  Combat sniper rifle (HK PSG-1)

  The Combat sniper rifle is available from a Gun Store for $8,500, $500 per 10
bullet clip, after "Luck of the Irish" (V.46).  It can contain a maximum of 50

  It's less powerful than the Sniper Rifle.  It provides a one-headshot kill un-
less the target is armored and it generally kills with approx. 3 shots to the
body.  But it's faster--Niko can fire the ten shots of a clip without reloading.
It takes time but it's possible have Niko use it to take out helicopter pilots.

  There are several locations for the Combat Sniper in Algonquin and Alderney
but none in the area legally available at the start of the game (see the map
and location descriptions in section IV.7)

  Zmoonchild shows how to get the Combat Sniper Rifle at the start of the game.

  Have Niko drive a fast boat (Jetmax, Tropic, or Squalo--there's a Squalo at
the piers by the south side of the Dukes Bay Bridge) to the coast by the dock
and stairs at the southwest part of the bay in the middle of the north coast of
Aldernay, have him run up the stairs then south to the helipad south of the
"Horn" of "Big Horn Drive" on the paper map, and fly the Maverick low to the
roof of the apartment building southwest of the west end of Lee Rd. to get the
Combat Sniper.

  You can have him fly to Firefly Island and land south of Crockett Ave./Mohawk
Ave., run to his Hove Beach save place, and access the save game screen to get
rid of his wanted rating.  Afterward, you can have him save the Maverick at the
parking space in the southeast section of Joliet Ave. in South Bohan.

  There is a glitch in "GTA IV" whereby having Niko crouch and shoot at the same
time causes a sniper rifle to fire as an automatic.

  When you use the Poor Weapons cheat in "IV" you get the Combat sniper instead
of the Sniper rifle.

  Shooting the moon with a sniper rifle doesn't make it cycle through sizes as
in previous GTAs.  You can't shoot flying birds in "IV" as in "Vice City" be-
cause there aren't any.

  Ammo between the two sniper rifles is interchangeable.


  RPG (RPG-7V using 40mm PG-7VM HEAT--High-Explosive Anti-Tank--missiles)

  An RPG is available from a Gun Store for $15,000, $5,000 a missile, after
"Babysitting" (IX.17).  It can contain a maximum of nine missiles.

  The RPG provides one-hit destruction of vehicles.

  Zmoonchild shows how to get the Rocket launcher from an offshore rock north
of the north side of Algonquin at the start of the game:

  Have Niko take a fast boat (Jetmax or Squalo--there's a Squalo at the piers by
the south side of the Dukes Bay Bridge) to the offshore rock north-northeast of
the Algonquin, Northwood, crude oil refining tower Sniper rifle spawn spot de-
scribed above, get the Rocket launcher (and kill law enforcers as needed), drive
the fast boat east to the north side of Bohan, go clockwise around Bohan to the
southwest end of the Dukes Bay Bridge, go south (killing law enforcers as
needed) to jack one of the Enforcers blocking the entrance to the bridge, drive
south to the Hove Beach save place, and access the save screen to get rid of his
wanted rating.

  In "IV" the protagonist can run with a Rocket launcher and use it from cover.


  Grenades (M26A1 Fragmentation)

  Grenades are available for $1,000 from a Gun Store, and from Jacob, if Niko
has a 75% Like stat with him (V.25), for $700 after "Deconstruction for Begin-
ners" (VII.9).  Niko can have a maximum of 25 Grenades at a time.

  As is the case with Molotovs, when Niko's on foot, use the RMB to bring up
the aiming reticle then use the LMB to have him throw the Grenade.  The longer
you hold the LMB the farther Niko throws.  A new Grenade feature in "IV" is that
after having Niko hold a Grenade a bit it beeps which indicates it's "cooked"--
it will blow up at a shorter distance.  This is useful in using it to explode by
nearby targets.


  Molotovs are available from a Gun Store for $500, and from Jacob, if Niko has
a 75% Like stat with him (V.25), for $350 after "The Master and the Molotov"
(V.30).  Niko can have a maximum of 25 Molotovs at a time.

  As in earlier GTAs, the flame from a Molotov extends through solids.  This is
useful in getting a target that's near the other side of a wall.  Molotovs can
also be used to take out a crowd and blow up a car.

  When Niko's on foot, using the LMB and not the RMB for a Molotov or Grenade
will cause Niko to drop it nearby.  Molotovs and Grenades can be used for
drive-bys but you can only have Niko drop them--you can't have Niko aim and
throw them.  To have Niko throw one, you need to have him on foot and use the
RMB to target--the longer you hold the LMB before having Niko throw, the far-
ther he throws.

  In a tutorial mission early on you learn to pick things up and throw them
(see section I.7.b).  Niko can also throw bricks, bottles, cigarettes, dropped
mobile phones, hot dogs, etc., at nearby targets.

  In "IV" Molotovs are made from Cherenkov Vodka bottles which refers to Cheren-
kov radiation.

  II.3   Health

  Health is displayed as by green around the outer left half of the radar.

  Niko's Health can be restored by:

  - sleeping on the bed at a save house

  - for location of First Aid kits, which glow green, see IV.7, VI.5, and

  - calling 911 and dialing 2--Paramedics will arrive in an Ambulance to heal
Niko for a fee.  Niko is also healed a little the first time he enters any one
spawn of an Ambulance.

  - food from restaurants and food stands and soda from machines and news

  - paying a hooker for sex

  - giving money to a saxophone player in the park (thanks to Rob Rusk)

  If Niko gets blood on his clothes, having him get more Health removes the

  If Niko loses all his Health he's Wasted and fails any mission he was doing.
He appears at the nearest hospital, without his Armor but with his weapons, nine
to thirteen in-game hours later on the same day (for example, if he's Wasted on
Sat. night he'll appear at the hospital Sat. morning).  The hospital takes ten
percent of his money up to $10,000.


  To have Niko see a hooker, have him honk his vehicle horn to get her atten-
tion, let her get into his vehicle, take her to a secluded place, and pay her.
The pay is different ($20, $50, $70) for each type of sex (handjob, blowjob,
full intercourse).  It won't work with an emergency vehicle, small vehicle, or

  If Niko gets out of his vehicle as she's getting into it but before she gets
in she stays in ther vehicle as a passenger unless you have Niko jack her out
through the passenger door, or have Niko park the driver side next to a solid
object and get out causing the prostitute to exit the car first, or have Niko
kill her.

  If Niko hits the hooker as she walks to enter the vehicle, she'll stay in the
vehicle without doing anything even if Niko gets a wanted rating or Niko leaves
the vehicle. (Thanks to KungZoo)

  You can get the same effect after Niko delivers all of Stevie's vehicle col-
lection (IX.16) by having Niko drive near the marker for Stevie, honk to have a
hooker approach, then drive into the marker for Stevie as she gets to the vehi-
cle but hasn't asked anything.  She enters during the cutscene.  If Niko drives
into the spot too soon, the gate closes before she can enter the vehicle, but
it has a similar effect on her. (Thanks to Slave Boy)

  When Niko is paying a hooker for her service you can press Acceleration "and
the animation will reset to her just sitting in the car but she wont get out.
Usually, you can keep getting serviced for as long as you want repeating the
same thing after every service.  Sometimes she gets paid, sometimes it'll be
free!" (Thanks to Twistedspoon)

  II.4  Armor

  Body armor is displayed by a blue bar around the outer right half of the ra-

  When Niko's shot the blue of the Body Armor bar will lessen.  Other types of
injuries (falling, fire, getting hit by a car, etc.) will lessen the blue of the
bar.  Repeated or extreme examples will deplete it.

  In "IV" it doesn't protect from falls, collisions with vehicles when Niko's on
foot, or fist/melee attacks.

  For fixed locations of Body Armor pickups, whch glow red, see IV.7, VI.5, and

  Body Armor can be purchased from Gun Stores for $500 after the mission "No
Love Lost" (V.22) and from Little Jacob for $300 after developing a 75% Like
stat with him (V.25) .

  As in recent GTAs, the lead character gets Armor when he enters any one spawn
of an Enforcer for the first time, but Niko only gets one third of the full


  When Armor, Health, and weapon pickups, and fast food vendor
             booth markers, reappear

  Weapons respawn in six minutes and five seconds if Niko is far enough from
the spawn spot that the glow would be about gone.

  Health and Armor pickups respawn in 45 seconds if Niko is far enough from the
spawn spot that the glow would be about gone.