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Glen T. Winstein

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Glenster's Drawer 1


                                                    Version GTW1

  Glenster's Brief Foray through IV
  Glenster's Fractaled FAQ for IV
  Glenster's Guide to More for your IV
  True IV life
  Grand Theft Lazlo 4
  Glenster's IV galore with Esprit de Corps
  Glenster's Floor of your Haberdashery IV
  Glenster's Haute Couto' f' IV F'sho
  Take IV and Soar

  Oriented for the PC version
    with the Mouse and Keyboard Configuration

     by Glen T. Winstein (glenster1 at IGN, and glenster at Gamefaqs, Super
Cheats, StuckGamer, neoseeker, 1UP, My Cheats, GamersHell, GamerHelp, Game Rev-
olution, and GameBorder)

     glenster (who's at)

     This walk-through, with active links for the web addresses I use, is at:

     Click "Back" to return from any of the links there--if you "X" it out,
you'll exit the web page.  To compare pictures of vehicles, you might bring a
page up twice and click a link from each.

     While you're there, you might want see if you find any useful information
in "Glenster's Guide to GTJ Brooklyn," which is also at the next link:

     Icey, whose parser enabled my "San Andreas" walk-through to have active
links not only for the Internet sites that open in separate windows but the
chapter designations, makes navigating this daunting thing a lot easier, too
(thanks again to Icey!).  It's at the webs site.

  "GTA IV: Funny Stuff - Part 1" by 88galaga

  "GTA IV - GTA 1 Converted to RAGE (VIDEO 2) HD" by Blaster_nl and Flitskikker


  When looking for something in this guide, click "Edit" at the top left of the
screen then click "Find," or press "Ctrl+F," and a menu appears.  Type in all
or part of the name of the mission you're looking for, or some distinctive word
from that section, then keep clicking "Find Next" till you're taken there.


  Credit to Vlad_ for the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air two door hard top.  (The Read-
Me file says distribution exclusive to until Dec.30, 2012.  I guess
that means it's okay for me to distribute it.  I don't speak Russian and
couldn't find him--if you can, please let me know: [email protected])  I
gave it the original '57 Chevy colors, cloud pattern seat inserts, etc.

  "Niko Bellic's Bel Airs" by glenster
  No plot, no competitive stunts--this is just a display of what Niko's 1957
Chevy Bel Air two door hard top mod looks like in GTA "IV."

  "Niko Bellic's Bel Airs" by glenster
  I redid this video to have Niko show off more of the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air
colors.  No plot, no competitive stunts--this is just a display of what Niko's
1957 Chevy Bel Air two door hard top mod looks like in GTA "IV."
  "The Japanese Sandman" (Richard A. Whiting/Raymond B. Egan) performed by
  - Artie Shaw & His Orchestra  06/11/1936
  - Dicky Wells w/Django Reinhardt, Bill Coleman, etc.  07/07/1937
  '57 Chevy from "Driver: San Francisco," adapted for "IV" by Vlad_, and han-
dling line, and original '57 colors and cloud pattern seat inserts, by glenster



  I      Introduction
            New tech, new features, thanks, personal info

  I.1    Paying tributes, having things in common, and
               things you may not have noticed

  I.2    PC Health

  I.2.a  Clean your disk, disk player, and PC
  I.2.b  Get your hard disk drive (HDD) and/or solid state drive (SSD)
                clean and in order
  I.2.c  Use the latest updates
  I.2.d  Turn off unnecessary applications before running the game
               and use only one processor core
  I.2.e  Take-Two Games web site and support
  I.2.f   Tweak guides
  I.2.g  Volume
  I.2.h  System requirements

  I.2.i  PC hardware and software on a budget

  I.3    How to save games
  I.3.a     The convenience of copies of your GTA IV save game files
  I.3.b     Glenster's GTA IV Starter Package
  I.3.c     Some advice about saving the game
  I.3.d  An application that shows the Flying Rats and Jumps you need to get
              and a trainer that shows the Flying Rats you need to get
              and where the Health, Armor, and Weapon pickups are
  I.3.e  A mod that shows you the locations of items left to find on your radar
  I.3.f  100% completion guide
              Mission help

  I.4    Settings

  I.5.a  Stats
  I.5.b  Single player Achievements

  I.5.c  Multiplayer
  I.5.d  Multiplayer Achievements

  I.6.a  Some distinctions between the console and PC versions
  I.6.b  Adapters for PS2 and Xbox controllers
  I.6.c  Gamepad controls


  I.7    Controls

  A couple of instant replays that should have been (and other odd moments)
  WTF screenshots


  I.7.a  Foot Controls

  I.7.b  Firing/Fight move Controls
              How to have a standard third person shooter "camera" with free aim
              Having Niko punch his neighbors to get to know them


  I.7.c  Vehicle Controls

  I.7.d  Land vehicle Controls
               The things you can find in the back of trucks

  I.7.e  Stunt information
              The Two Wheeler gimmick

  I.7.f   Helicopter Controls


  I.8   A rundown of some of the vehicles and some of their real names
  I.8.a      Four wheel vehicles
  I.8.b      Motorcycles and scooters
  I.8.c      Helicopters and jets
  I.8.d      Boats
  I.8.e      Skycar and subway

  I.9   A rundown of some of the people who drive them

  I.10  Ghost world
               How to get under the map--falling through ghost world
               Exploring ghost world
               How to get Niko underwater onto the sea floor
               How to enter normally unavailable interiors

  I.11  Odds and Ends
               Some GTA clones/forerunners you might try
               Game updates

  I.12     Glitches
  I.12.a  Problem glitches
                 The Taxi bug
                 Dwayne not available for a Friend Activity
  I.12.b  Fun glitches, gimmicks, etc.
                  ATM machine infinite money gimmick
                  Missions in which Niko is less liable to create a wanted rating
                  Shooting the yellow marker for activisation
                  How to increase Assault/Carbine rifle ammo faster
                  How to make the Pistol, Pump shotgun, and Sniper rifle automatic
                  How to have a Pump action shotgun/sniper rifle shoot as fast as an
                  How to throw a smoking Grenade
                  How to make any vehicle Everything Proof
                  Increasing the speed of a sports car by popping the tires
                  How to clone land vehicles
                  How to chrome your GTA IV world [no mods]
                  How to get more money from Brucie's Exotic Exports vehicles
                  The swing glitch
                  Billboard of Death
                  How Niko can fall without damage
                  Ghost parachute
                  How to survive a helicopter jump
                  How to hang from a helicopter
                  Street surfing
                  How to win Brucie's races uncontested
                  How to have a passenger knock Niko from his vehicle
                  How to have a player stick to or above another player's vehicle
                  How to create a whirlpool
                  Box in Packie's head
                  Box in stripper and zombie
                  How to let Niko go through a strip club without being propositioned
                  Shoot a propane tank at close range with a shotgun yet not get
                  Shoot the gadgets on top of gas tanks to fly across town
                  Ghost riding
                  Spawn a vehicle in midair
                  Have Niko make a semi-dramatic entrance

  I.13  Radio
  I.14  TV
  I.15  Internet
  I.16  Phone numbers/codes

  I.17  Video walk-throughs/entire games "Done Quick"

  I.18  How to get as much done as possible before starting the main missions
               Starter Save achieving 11.95% by zmoonchild


  II     Wanted ratings, weapons, Health, and Armor

  II.1   Wanted Ratings
               The Wanted Circle
               Getting rid of a wanted rating
               What happens at each wanted level
  II.2   Weapons
  II.3   Health
  II.4   Armor


  III  The missions

  "GTA IV" mission tree and storyline choices

  Part one

  III.1  In The Beginning....  (cutscene intro)

  Roman Bellic's missions

  III.2  The Cousins Bellic


  IV  Preliminaries for the rest of part one

  IV.1  Save places and parking spaces part one
  IV.2  Maps
  IV.3  GPS

  IV.4  Money

  IV.5  Internet Cafe--items shown on a computer

  IV.6  Some clothes, vehicle, car wash, skate park, and strip club locations
part one
    and a sex shop

  Avoiding the $5 fee and wanted rating at the toll booths
  IV.7  Fixed spawn spots of First Aid Kits, Body Armor, and weapons part one

  IV.8  Flying Rats part one
  IV.9  Stunt Jumps part one

  IV.10  QUB3D videogame
  IV.11  Bowling
  IV.12  Darts
  IV.13  Pool

  IV.14  Achievements
  IV.15  Most Wanted part one

  IV.15.a  Maxwell Caughlin
  IV.15.b  Scott Guzowski
  IV.15.c  Antoinio Rivette
  IV.15.d  Rodrigo Stavnes
  IV.15.e  Fernando Tisdel
  IV.15.f  Tyler Pickrel
  IV.15.g  Preston Pecinovsky
  IV.15.h  Alonso Goralski
  IV.15.i   Bert Reker
  IV.15.j   Freddy Paparo

  IV.16  Make a copy of your save game


  V  The missions for part one cont.

  Roman Bellic's missions cont.

  V.1  It's Your Call                       Niko gets a cell phone
  V.1.a  Cell phone

  V.2  Random Characters--Brian

  V.2.a  First encounter
  V.2.b  Second encounter
  V.2.c  Third encounter

  Roman Bellic's missions cont.

  V.3  Three's a Crowd

  V.4  Bleed Out

  V.5  First Date                            Have Niko date Michelle

  V.6  Friends
         Male friends
         Initial opinion of each Activity
         Activities and locations

  V.7  Friends--Michelle Stone
  V.8  Friends--Roman Bellic     

  Roman Bellic's missions cont.

  V.9  Easy Fare                            The Pay 'n' Sprays are available

  Vladimir Glebov's missions

  V.10  Bull in a China Shop          Taking a taxi ride
  V.11  Hung Out to Dry                 Shooting the yellow marker for activisation
  V.12  Clean Getaway
  V.13  Ivan the Not So Terrible

  Roman Bellic's missions cont.

  V.14  Jamaican Heat
  V.15  Taxi cab missions

  Little Jacob's missions

  V.16  Concrete Jungle

  Roman Bellic's missions cont.

  V.17  Uncle Vlad
  V.18  Crime and Punishment

  V.19  Vigilante--Current Crimes   20 Vigilante missions

  Mikhail Faustin's missions

  V.20  Do You Have Protection?
  V.21  Final Destination
  V.22  No Love Lost                      Armor is available at Gun Stores for $500

  Roman Bellic's missions cont.

  V.23  Logging On                        Use a computer

  Little Jacob's missions cont.

  V.24  Shadow

  V.25  Friends--Little Jacob

  V.26  Delivery missions

  V.26.a  Cerveza Heights Carstack
  V.26.b  Meadow Hills
  V.26.c  Meadow Park
  V.26.d  Willis
  V.26.e  Meadow Park Festival Towers
  V.26.f   East Island City Tunnel
  V.26.g  Schottler
  V.26.h  Beechwood City
  V.26.i   Outlook Park
  V.26.j   Steinway

  V.27  Random Characters--Badman

  V.28  Brucie's Exotic Exports car theft missions

  Mikhail Faustin's missions cont.

  V.29  Rigged to Blow

  Dimitri Rascalov's missions

  V.30  The Master and the Molotov
  V.31  Russian Revolution

  Roman Bellic's missions cont.

  V.32  Roman's Sorrow

  Manny Escuela's missions

  V.33  Escuela of the Streets

  V.34  Random Characters--Mel

  Manny Escuela's missions cont.

  V.35  Street Sweeper

  Brucie Kibbutz' missions

  V.36  Search and Delete
  V.37  Easy as Can Be
  V.38  Out of the Closet              Dates can be set up online through
  V.39  No. 1

  V.40  Races                               How to win Brucie's races uncontested

  V.40.a  Airport Run
  V.40.b  Dukes Boulevard
  V.40.c  South Broker

  V.41  Friends--Brucie Kibbutz

  V.42  Friends--Carmen Ortiz ("SoBoHoe")
  V.43  Friends--Kiki Jenkins ("LawChick")
  V.44  Friends--Alex Chilton ("Liberated Woman")

  Elizabeta Torres' missions

  V.45  Luck of the Irish
  V.46  Blow Your Cover


  Part two

  Algonquin is open

  VI  Preliminaries for part two

  VI.1  Save places and parking spaces part two

  VI.2  Internet Cafe

  VI.3  Some clothes, vehicle, car wash, skate park, and strip club locations
               part two
               and the locations of a comedy club and a helicopter tour agency

  VI.4  Algonquin Pay 'n' Sprays

  VI.5  Fixed spawn spots of First Aid Kits, Body Armor, and weapons part two

  VI.6  Flying Rats part two
  VI.7  Stunt Jumps part two

  VI.8  Achievements
  VI.9  Most Wanted part two

  VI.9.a  Shon Kikuchi
  VI.9.b  Jimmy Kand
  VI.9.c  Simon Nashly
  VI.9.d  Tommy Francovic
  VI.9.e  Barry Lamora
  VI.9.f   Lino Friddell
  VI.9.g  Juan Haimo
  VI.9.h  Darren Covey
  VI.9.i   Leo Brodell
  VI.9.j   Christov Mahonvic

  VI.10  Make a copy of your save game


  VII  Missions for part two

  Brucie Kibbutz' missions cont.

  VII.1  Races

  VII.1.a  Star Junction
  VII.1.b  Road to Bohan
  VII.1.c  South Algonquin

  Manny Escuela's missions cont.

  VII.2  The Puerto Rican Connection

  VII.3  Random Characters--Ileyna Faustin
  VII.4  Random Characters--Hossan Ramzy
  VII.5  Random Characters--Sara
  VII.6  Random Characters--Pathos

  Elizabeta Torres' missions cont.

  VII.7  The Snow Storm
  VII.8  Have a Heart

  Playboy X' missions

  VII.9  Deconstruction for Beginners
  VII.10  Photo Shoot

  VII.11  Random Characters--Jeff

  Dwayne Forge's missions

  VII.12  Ruff Rider
  VII.13  Undress to Kill

  Playboy X' missions cont.

  VII.14  The Holland Play

  VII.15  Random Characters--Cherise Glover

  VII.16  Friends--Dwayne Forge

  Roman Bellic's missions cont.

  VII.17  Hostile Negotiation

  U.L. Paper missions

  VII.18  Wrong is Right
  VII.19  Portrait of a Killer
  VII.20  Dust Off
  VII.21  Paper Trail

  Francis McReary's missions

  VII.22  Call and Collect
  VII.23  Final Interview
  VII.24  Holland Nights

  VII.25  Random Characters--Clarence Little

  Francis McReary's missions cont.

  VII.26  Lure

  Patrick McReary's missions

  VII.27  Harboring a Grudge
  VII.28  Waste Not Want Knots

  VII.29  Friends--Kate McReary

  Patrick McReary's missions cont.

  VII.30  Three Leaf Clover


  Part three

  Alderney is available

  VIII  Preliminaries for part three

  VIII.1  Save places and parking spaces part three

  VIII.2  Internet Cafe

  VIII.3  Some clothes, vehicle, car wash, skate park, and strip club locations
                 part three

  VIII.4  Alderney Pay 'n' Sprays

  VIII.5  Fixed spawn spots of First Aid Kits, Body Armor, and weapons part

  VIII.6  Flying Rats part three
  VIII.7  Stunt Jumps part three

  VIII.8  Achievements
  VIII.9  Most Wanted part three

  VIII.9.a  Marty Boldenow
  VIII.9.b  Noel Katsuda
  VIII.9.c  Rodney McEniry
  VIII.9.d  Glenn Lushbaugh
  VIII.9.e  Phil Bacerra
  VIII.9.f   Sergi Szerbin
  VIII.9.g  Danny Hatmaker
  VIII.9.h  Mervin Eskuchen
  VIII.9.i   Frederick Harrison
  VIII.9.j   Keenan Burdett

  VIII.10  Make a copy of your save game


  IX  Missions for part three

  Brucie Kibbutz' missions cont.

  IX.1  Races

  IX.1.a  North Alderney
  IX.1.b  Elevated (Mid-Alderney)
  IX.1.c  South Alderney

  IX.2  Random Characters--Marnie Allen
  IX.3  Random Characters--Ivan Bytchkov
  IX.4  Random Characters--Eddie Low

  IX.5  Friends--Packie McReary

  Ray Boccino's missions

  IX.6  A Long Way to Fall
  IX.7  Taking in the Trash
  IX.8  Meltdown
  IX.9  Museum Piece
  IX.10  No Way on the Subway
  IX.11  Late Checkout
  IX.12  Weekend at Florian's

  Gerald McReary's missions

  IX.13  Actions Speak Louder than Words
  IX.14  I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle

  Derrick McReary's missions

  IX.15  Smackdown

  IX.16  Stevie's vehicle Collection

  Derrick McReary's missions cont.

  IX.17  Babysitting
  IX.18  Tunnel of Death

  Francis McReary's missions cont.

  IX.19  Blood Brothers

  Patrick McReary's missions cont.

  IX.20  Undertaker

  Bernie Crane's missions

  IX.21  Hating the Haters
  IX.22  Union Drive
  IX.23  Buoys Ahoy

  Gerald McReary's missions cont.

  IX.24  I'll Take Her
  IX.25  Ransom
  IX.26  She's A Keeper
  IX.27  Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend

  IX.28  Random Characters--Gracie Ancelotti

  Phil Bell's missions

  IX.29  Truck Hustle

  IX.30  Assassination missions

  IX.30.a  Bailing Out for Good
  IX.30.b  Dead End
  IX.30.c  Derelict Target
  IX.30.d  Hook, Line and Sinker
  IX.30.e  Industrial Action
  IX.30.f   Migration Control
  IX.30.g  R.U.B. Down
  IX.30.h  Taken Out
  IX.30.i   Water Hazard

  Jimmy Pegorino's missions
  IX.31  Pegorino's Pride
  IX.32  Payback

  Phil Bell's missions cont.

  IX.33  Catch the Wave
  IX.34  Trespass
  IX.35  To Live and Die in Alderney

  Jimmy Pegorino's missions cont.

  IX.36  Flatline
  IX.37  Pest Control

  Jon Gravelli's missions

  IX.38  Entourage
  IX.39  Dining Out
  IX.40  Liquidize the Assets

  Niko Bellic's missions

  IX.41  That Special Someone

  Jimmy Pegorino's missions cont.

  IX.42  One Last Thing

  You can choose between two endings--Deal or Revenge.



  Phil Bell missions cont.

  IX.43 Deal  If The Price is Right

  Roman Bellic's missions cont.

  IX.44 Deal  Mr. & Mrs. Bellic

  Little Jacob's missions cont.

  IX.45 Deal  A Revenger's Tragedy



  Niko Bellic's missions cont.

  IX.46 Revenge  A Dish Served Cold

  Roman Bellic's missions cont.

  IX.47 Revenge  Mr. & Mrs. Bellic

  Little Jacob's missions cont.

  IX.48 Revenge  Out of Commission


  IX.49  100% completion

  IX.50  Make a copy of your save game



  X    Basic skins, modding (use at your own risk),
             music, and screen shot tutorial

       Modding section

  X.1  Compressed File Utility

  X.2  Web sites for skins and mods

  X.3  Mods
  X.4  Un-check the read only dot 1st
  X.5  Make backups (and where to find other backup files)

  X.6  Tools:

               "GTA IV HANDLING EDITOR V1.0" by One
               "ASI loader" by Alexander Blade
               "OpenIV" by GooD-NTS
               "Scripthook" by HazardX
               "Alice" by Alexander Blade
               "X GXT Editor" by xmen

  X.7  Installing most car, bike, or pedestrian mods:

  X.8  Skin viewing and editing

               "OpenIV" by GooD-NTS

  X.9  Peds

  How to change the scenarios performed by peds
  How to have access to the MP clothing at the start of the game

  X.9.a  GTA Garage player/ped mods
  X.9.b  "Dr Goldfoot's Bikini Machine" by chamber
  X.9.c  "GTA IV Ped Personality Editor" by CoMPMStR
  X.9.d  Player Selector
  X.9.e  Ragdoll/Drunk animations
  X.9.f  "Real Parkour Animations" by boblester122
  X.9.g  "HULK script"  Script by JulioNIB and model by ac.amir
  X.9.h  "Claude And Tommy Player Mod" by bammargera
  X.9.i   "CJ Tommy Claude pack" by Nobeus

  X.10  Cars and bikes (TGIOPC)

  X.10.a    How to mod a vehicle to not have dirt by rextex128
  X.10.b    How to change their mass,
                     ability to stay upright and hug the driving surface,
                     ability to survive in water,
                     cornering and braking, top speed, acceleration,
                     suspension, durability, and miscellaneous jazz
  X.10.c    Game play advantages
  X.10.d         Making vehicles weaker or stronger
  X.10.e         How to create your own "Alloy Wheels of Steel" Freeway
  X.10.f     How to change their colors
  X.10.g    How to change their on-screen names
  X.10.h    How to change the chase cam of a vehicle

  X.11  Weapons and Attackers
                 How to lessen or beef up the severity of attacks

  X.11.a  "Buy Back Your Weapons" by ThirteenAG
  X.11.b  "Dubstep Gun" (of "Saints Row IV") script by JulioNIB, anims by
                     Yeardley Diamond, gun model by Quechus13
  X.11.c  "GTA IV Weapon Editor" by CoMPMStR
  X.11.d  "Sniper Bullet Time" by Nevitro
  X.11.e  "Minigun Mod" by mahmutil aka mahmutil87
  X.11.f   "Powerful Weapons Mod" by Dragi92

  X.12    Miscellaneous mods, etc.

  X.12.a  "Fireworks Mod" by ZAZ
  X.12.b  "GTA IV Snow Mod" by jumbo0
  X.12.c  "Taxi Missions Mod" by Hergonan and ObsessedWithGTA4

               '57 Chevy Bel Air

  X.12.d      "1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Hardtop [Final]" by Turn 10 FM4, Vlad_, and
  X.12.dd    "GTA 4/EFLC Chevrolet Bel Air 1957 rusty" by Ubisoft and Mr.Poher
  X.12.ddd  "Chevrolet Bel Air Hardtop Light Tun 1957 for GTA 4" by by Turn 10
                        FM4, Vlad_, and Kamaz43118


  X.12.e  "Simple Trainer for GTAIV" by sjaak327
  X.12.f   "The GTA IV Control Center" by saracaglu


  X.12.g  "GTA IV Google Map Radar" by Sonik-hedgehog
  X.12.h  "Google Map Radar Item Locations" by dataschmuck

               Graphics enhancement

  X.12.i    "iCEnhancer 2.1" by Hayssam Keilany aka iCE La GlacE
  X.12.j    "ENBSeries graphic modification" by BorisVorontsov
  X.12.k   "VisualIV" by City_Poke912
  X.12.l    "Amazing graphics for medium/Low pc's" by T-ru
  X.12.m  "GTA IV Graphics Mod 2013 Edition" by Ownallday
  X.12.n   "GTA IV Ultimate Textures" by RealizmIV Team and seba84PL
  X.12.o   "Ultimate Graphic Tweak" by bartekxyz

                Total conversion

  X.12.p  "GTA III Rage" by StunterDan
  X.12.q  "Vice City RAGE" by the RAGE Team
  X.12.r  "Gostown Paradise" by terreur69

                Hidden maps

  X.12.s  "Opening Of Hidden Maps" mod by RussianCJ

  X.13    Mod requests

  X.14  Music
                MP3s and wav files
                How to save hard disk space with shortcuts

  X.15  Screen shots and videos
                Fraps, the Easy Graphic Converter, and Virtual Dub
                How I make videos
                GTA IV replays
                Video Editor


  I      Introduction
            New tech, new features, thanks, personal info

  I finally had a new computer built:

  Case: NZXT Phantom 530
  MOBO: Asus Sabertooth Z87
  CPU:  Intel Core i7-4770k
  CPU cooler: Noctua NH-U12S with an extra Noctua NF-F12 PWM fan
  PSU: Seasonic Platinum-860
  Memory: Mushkin Enhanced Redline Ridgeback 2,133mhz
  SSD (OS): Samsung 840 EVO 500GB
  OS: Windows 7 64 bit
  HDDs (storage): Western Digital Black 3 TB WD3003FZEX and 2 TB WD2003FZEX
  Optical drive: LG WH14NS40 Internal Blu-ray Writer

  GPU: ASUS STRIX GeForce GTX 970 (April 2015)

  Issues with GTA IV showing video cards with over 2GB as under spec

  Create a text file named ?commandline.txt? in the main GTAIV folder and put
the following statement inside it:

  -availablevidmem 2.0

  If that doesn't work, try increasing the number to one of the following:

  -availablevidmem 3.0
  -availablevidmem 4.0
  -availablevidmem 5.0
  -availablevidmem 6.0

  Note that these command lines can be added immediately after the last quota-
tion mark in the target parameter of the program shortcut on your desktop.
Right click the file and select Properties.  Under the shortcut tab go to Target
--the location of the file within quotation marks.  Modify the Target adding the
command line variables after the last quotation mark.

  Press Apply and start your game via the shortcut.

  If you are using Steam, please try Properties of game > Launch Options > Add:
-nomemrestrict -norestrictions

  The 3 TB WD HDD will initialize as a nearly 2 TB HDD with an unusable parti-
tion.  To make full use of the 3 TB WD HDD strictly as a storage disk (you
haven't installed Windows on it):

  Click Start, right click My Computer or Computer, click Manage, go to Storage
and Disk Management.  Go to your 3 HDD, right click on the usable section (it
has a blue line on the top of the usable section; the unusable partitioned part
has a black line over it) and click Delete Volume--click Yes.  The blue bar be-
comes black as well.  Right click the number/name of the HDD at the very left
side of the menu--to the left of the black bar--and click Convert to GPT Disk.
The black bars are now a solid black bar.  Right click the area with a black
bar over it and click New Simple Volume and a New Simple Volume Wizard appears.
Click through the pages then click Finish.  When it's done formatting your com-
puter will recognize the drive and let you make the most use of it.
  (Thanks to Cammern--see her video at the next link.)

  To have more graphics resources when using the 4600 GPU of the Intel Core i7-
4770k CPU (no separate GPU):

  Press Del about twice a second during boot to go to the BIOS.  Go to Advanced
> Advanced > System Agent Configuration > Graphics Configuration > iGPU Memory.
Write down the number in case you want to revert to it if you add a separate
GPU and let it handle memory for graphics.  Use the drop down box to select
1024 MB.  Save and Exit.

  Dial back anti-aliasing in favor of post-processing FXAA or such--downgrade
texture filtering to 4X anisotropic.

  In the game turn off V Sync.

  The food and exercise system, and Muscle/Fat/Stamina/Lung Capacity/weapon/ve-
hicle stat building, of SA are gone and won't interrupt stunts anymore.  Food
is fortunately back to being an optional way to increase Health.  The "still-
likedressingup" code still isn't back, but clothes changes are still a supple-
ment to dating.

  The "San Andreas" dating system is back as a system of male and female
Friends.  Beyond building up a Like stat with them you can let them interrupt
to suggest Bowling, Darts, etc., then call back to cancel the plan without a
penalty or put Niko's phone on Sleep mode and watch their Like stat go down.
Fortunately, it was so unpopular it became optional in "V."

  The graphics continue the SA concern for realism over graphics that are fun
to look at, but do it up better regarding detail and the shading of things in
relationship to each other, etc., probably because "IV" doesn't stretch what
the graphics engine can do for the size of the map like SA did.  Night scenes
should still probably be avoided for You Tube videos, but they aren't as murky
on You Tube as those for SA.  It's still pretty brown and grey compared to
"Vice City."  I guess the higher res pleases people that their new video cards
are working but it's gone from something I've never seen the like of before to
something you see most anywhere you look.  The VC way was more fun to explore
for me.,2049.html

  I've read that the tint covering the scenery is more VC-like for "The Ballad
of Gay Tony."  (I hope it's nicer for the colors I used for the '57 Chevy mod
offered in "Glenster's GTA IV Starter Package.")

  Sound effects, like those for using pickups, continue the SA trend of sound-
ing mechanical.

  Character motions are more lifelike with the Euphoria game engine.

  The lead character can not only use cover but you can press a key to have him
shoot from behind cover.  (I'd remap to key to move it away from W so I didn't
accidentally press it all the time.)  The protagonist can not only shoot a sub-
machine gun but a handgun and use thrown weapons from vehicles.

  The "camera" used when the lead character uses vehicles is the same as it was
in "San Andreas."  It may initially point at the ground or to the side until
the vehicle is driven a while or until after you have the "camera" glance to
the side or backward.  I'd still prefer the "Vice City" method of having it
point forward when you press acceleration and just add the "San Andreas" method
of holding down the RMB to aim it elsewhere.

  I'd rather not have to keep using the mouse to aim the "camera" forward.  I'd
like my right hand free to press lean forward and lean back keys for 'cycle
stunts.  It should at least be an option.

  At the airport, the jets aren't usable vehicles but the red radar dishes
twirl again, and propellers in motion look good again.  The little dots of
light in the sky are still there and they've been joined by little dots of light
on the roads.  Markers look like upside-down insignias for a U.S.A. Army PV2
Private or Corporal.

  The lead character can't snipe seagulls like he can in "Vice City," but he
has to kill 200 Flying Rats (pigeons).  Ammu-Nations have been replaced with Gun
Stores and the trunk of Little Jacob's car.

  The Skimmer weenies are back putting out videos of wrecks and calling them
stunt movies.  Loop de loops with a motorcycle are about as easy to do as
wheelies with a VC Sanchez, so they do a lot of those, too.  The buildings in
"IV" have more ledges and fire escapes to land a stunt on, anyway.

  They're also bothering people about the controls for flying vehicles (basic-
ally the same as for motorcycles): "Is there something I can buy for $150 so I
can fly better?"   What difference could it make to use something else for Up,
Down, Left, Right, Lean forward, and Lean backward?  "Is there somthing with
just Up and Left?  I could fly in wider and wider circles and bail."  No.  Go

  A car might drive under a truck like a spongy Nerf vehicle, so it looks like
some things about SA handling have been carried over to "IV"--probably for
Skimmer weenies that wreck into things more often.  It feels like driving
around in molasses in "IV" probably for the same reason.

  Niko can ride window washer lifts to roofs and climb ladders.

  Un-check the box for "Missions" > "Start" and, at "Points of Interest," check
"Sight," "Building with Interior," and "Interactive Area," one at a time so the
map isn't so crowded, at the next link to have the map display icons.  Click an
icon to see information about the location.

  Also see "Secrets" > "Funny Signs" for the same map.

  Bribes and Firetruck and Ambulance missions are gone.  Pay 'n' Sprays are
back although you need to have Niko be out of the sight of law enforcers to use
one to get rid of a wanted rating.  If a vehicle is upside down and not on fire,
it won't explode.  Car washes can clean Niko's vehicle from the start of the
game (see the three preliminary sections for locations).

  Online multiplayer is now provided by Rockstar.  The PC version uses Games
for Windows Live.  (Disclaimer: I provide information about multiplayer but
haven't used it.)

  24 in-game hours takes longer now--48 real time minutes instead of 26.  An
hour in the game is two minutes in real time.

  Thanks to the redoubtable Robert Rusk for figuring about everything out about
the game before I got to play it on PC.

  Thanks to the ASCII art generator web page for the title art.

  Thanks to TheGoldenState (Gianni Van Heusden) for giving me permission to re-
color his maps to make them print out clearly in black and white.

  Thanks to web site for tips from fans in all areas of "GTA IV"
and mods.

  Thanks to the web site for the vast selection of all kinds of

  Thanks to the web site for the thorough analysis of various as-
pects of "GTA IV."

  Thanks to whatever57010 for his entertaining and informative videos of "all
possibilities" for "GTA IV" missions.

  Thanks to Dispersor and MSuraev for their speed runs of "GTA IV."

  Thanks to these web sites for a lot of the pictures of vehicles:

  Thanks to imageshack for letting me make copies of the pictures.

  Thanks to the Internet Movie Data Base (IMDb) site for much of the informa-
tion about the voice actors we're going to spend so much time with.

  thanks to Merriam-Webster Online and Wikipedia for being my Internet diction-
ary and encyclopedia.

  Thanks to the Urban Dictionary site for translations of some of the slang.

  Thanks to the babelfish and bing translator sites for the translations.

  Personal info:

  I was born about a month after "Roll Over, Beethoven" came out.

  I live in an apartment in Pittsburgh, PA, and was raised in a lower middle-
class house in Bridgeville (which I liked better), PA, about eight miles SSW of
Pittsburgh, where I lived till I was about 35.

  Bill Winstein won the Golden Quill Award for newspaper excellence in 1971,
and his art and cartoons were in the Baseball, Football, and Basketball Halls
of Fame, and a number of local bars and barbershops, like Evangelista's.  It
was cool to watch him draw, and he knew a lot more of the cooler comedians and
movie stars than the other kids parents (you have to imagine an eight year old
going around thinking, "Well, they're just kids, they don't know....")  And my
Mom, who was a volunteer at the local library and hospital, had such and inven-
tive sense of gentle silliness and sing-song voice delivery I can't imagine any-
one imitating it.

  Something about them was passed over by the world it didn't mesh with, and
was passed on to me.

  My Dad was born in 1914, and my Mom was born in 1923.  Their childhoods lived
on in them, and live on in me.  And that's bigger than anything in these two PC-
choking walk-throughs of mine combined.

  "Glenster's Drawer of GTA IV" copyright 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019
Glen T. Winstein

  This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed pub-
licly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

  "Grand Theft Auto IV" copyright 2008
  "Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City" copyright 2010
  Rockstar Games, Inc. Rockstar Games, Rockstar North, the R* logo, Grand Theft
Auto and the Grand Theft Auto logo and A Take-Two Company logo are trademarks
and/or registered trademarks of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.

  And everything else is by people who have copyrights for that stuff.


  I.1    Paying tributes, having things in common, and
               things you may not have noticed

  The sax-playing busker has the voice of Walter Houser, father of Sam and Dan
Houser, in "IV" and Kene Holliday in TLaD and TBoGT. (Thanks to 123iamking)  The
message boards say it's easier to find him playing sax and accepting donations
in "IV," harder to find in TLaD, and hardest (impossible?) to find in TBoGT.  He
may be found at the boardwalk in Firefly Island, Broker, one of the two Super-
star Cafés in Algonquin, in the subway at Wardite St. and Frankfort Ave, Algon-
quin, the park at the south end of Algonquin, Middle Park, Algonquin, etc.

  Before there was GTA, there was Roadside America

  2008 Golden Joystick awards--"GTA IV" won the BBC 1Xtra Soundtrack of the
Year award, the Arvato Digital Services Xbox Game of the Year, and Rockstar
North won the UK Developer of the Year  award.  The GTA series has
won a Golden Joystick award for seven years in a row.

  A collection of exceptionally good reviews for "GTA IV" are at the next

  An article in the Internet site "Liberty Tree" dispels Urban myths which some
make spam about as being in GTAs.  (Thanks to JtotheROC)

  "GTA IV" Easter eggs are at the next link.

  One batch of stars forms the outline of a thumbs up.

  Real places the game locations are based on are at the next three links.

  According to

  Liberty City is four of the five boroughs of New York: Algonquin (Manhattan),
Bohan (the Bronx), Broker (Brooklyn), and Dukes (Queens).  Alderney is a part
of New Jersey.  Each borough has its own island except Broker and Dukes, which
share one.

  Real life places shown in IV (photos and screenshots)

  List of buildings and locations

  Alderney (New Jersey)
  Algonquin (Manhattan)
  Algonquin Bridge (Manhattan Bridge)
  BOABO: Beneath the Offramp of the Algonquin Bridge Overpass (DUMBO: Down Un-
der the Manhattan Bridge Overpass)
  Bohan (the Bronx)
  Broker (Brooklyn)
  Broker Bridge (Brooklyn Bridge)
  China Town (China Town)
  Zirconium Building (Chrysler Building)
  BAWSAQ (Conde Nast Building)
  Banner Hotel & Spa (Doubletree Guest Suites)
  Dukes (Queens)
  Rotterdam Tower (Empire State Building)
  Triangle Building (Flatiron Building)
  GetaLife Building (MetLife Building)
  nameless (Hearst Tower)
  nameless (Helmsley Building)
  Liberty City Plaza (New York Plaza)
  Liberty Ferry terminal (Staten Island Ferry terminal)
  Middle Park (Central Park)
  nameless (Morgan Stanley Building)
  Colony Island Skycar (Roosevelt Island Tramway)
  The Statue of Happiness (the Statue of Liberty)
  Columbus Cathedral (St. Patricks Cathedral)
  Star Junction (Times Square)
  [email protected] (an Internet cafe)  (link inactive)

  The bell of Columbus Cathedral rings one to twelve times in accordance to game
  "Fan Facts #25 (GTA IV)" by whatever57010

  Broker Bridge  (Brooklyn Bridge)
  Algonquin Bridge  (Manhattan Bridge)
  East Borough Bridge  (Triborough Bridge)
  Dukes Bay Bridge  (Throgs Neck Bridge)
  Northwood Heights Bridge  (Alexander Hamilton Bridge)
  Hickey Bridge  (George Washington Bridge)
  Leaper's Bridge  (Roosevelt Island Bridge)

  New York City Landmark   Liberty City Equivalent

  1 Police Plaza  LCPD Headquarters
  2 Times Square  The Libertine Hotel
  5 Pointz  nameless equivalent
  5 Times Square  The Daily Globe Building
  241 Canal St  Dragon Heart Plaza
  1500 Broadway/Times Square Studios  nameless equivalent
  The Beresford  nameless equivalent
  Bertelsmann Building  The Spian Theaters
  Brooklyn Borough Hall  Broker City Hall
  Brooklyn Bridge  Broker Bridge
  Brooklyn Public Library  Broker Public Library
  Battery Park  Castle Gardens
  Battery Park City  Castle Garden City
  Central Park  Middle Park
  Chrysler Building  Zirconium Building
  Columbia University  Vespucci University
  Condé Nast Building  BAWSAQ
  Coney Island  Firefly Island
  Co-op City  Northern Gardens
  Crowne Plaza Hotel  The Star Plaza Hotel
  The Dakota  nameless equivalent
  Dime Savings Bank of Brooklyn  Bank of Liberty in South Slopes
  Doubletree Guest Suites  Banner Hotel & Spa
  Empire State Building  Rotterdam Tower
  Erie Lackawanna Terminal  Alderney Ferry Terminal
  Exchange Place Centre  Exchange Place Center
  Ferrari Showroom  Grotti Showroom
  Flatiron Building  Triangle Building
  Flushing Meadows  Meadows Park
  Gantry Plaza State Park  Gantry Park
  Grand Central Terminal  Grand Easton Terminal
  Grand Hyatt New York  The Von Crastenburg Center
  Grant's Tomb  nameless equivalent
  Harborside Plaza 10  Harborside Plaza 10
  Hearst Tower  nameless equivalent
  Helmsley Building  nameless equivalent
  High Line  nameless equivalent
  HSBC Bank Chinatown Branch  Bank of Liberty
  James Farley Post Office  Liberty State Delivery Building
  Juilliard School  nameless equivalent
  Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts  Randolf Art Center
  Lincoln Tunnel  Booth Tunnel
  Macy's Department Store  Spender's
  Manhattan Bridge  Algonquin Bridge
  Manhattan Municipal Building  Algonquin Municipal Building
  Marriott Marquis Hotel  Hotel ÜberBrücker
  MetLife Building  GetaLife Building
  Morgan Stanley Building  nameless equivalent
  Metropolitan Museum of Art  The Libertonian
  Museum of Natural History  Liberty State Natural History Museum
  New York City Hall  Civic Citadel
  New York Stock Exchange  Liberty City Stock Exchange
  One Astor Plaza  MeTV Building
  One Court Square (Citicorp Building)  LC24 Tower
  One Financial Square  nameless equivalent
  One New York Plaza  nameless equivalent
  One Times Square  nameless equivalent
  Paramount Building  nameless equivalent
  Plaza Hotel  The Emissary (Liberty City)
  Prospect Park  Outlook Park
  Radio City Music Hall  Live Central Music Venue
  Ritz-Carlton  The Majestic
  Rockefeller Center  Columbus Center
  Roosevelt Island Tramway  Colony Island Skycar
  Seagram Building  nameless equivalent
  Soldiers' and Sailors' Arch  Soldiers Plaza
  St. Patrick's Cathedral  Columbus Cathedral
  Standard Oil Building  nameless equivalent
  Staten Island Ferry  Liberty Ferry
  Smallpox Hospital  Old Hospital
  Statue of Liberty  Statue of Happiness
  Theresa Towers  Hotel Hamilton
  Thomson Reuters Building  nameless equivalent
  Time Warner Center  nameless equivalent
  Times Square  Star Junction
  Times Square Tower  nameless equivalent
  Trinity Church  Suffolk Church
  Trump International Hotel and Tower  Mammon Heights
  Trump Tower  Cleethorpes Tower
  Triborough Bridge  East Borough Bridge
  TWA Flight Center + LaGuardia Runway  Francis International Airport
  Two New York Plaza  nameless equivalent
  Unisphere  The Monoglobe
  UN Complex  Civilization Committee
  USS Maine National Monument
  Waldorf Astoria Hotel  The Nicoise Hotel
  Washington Square Arch  nameless equivalent
  Woolworth Building  Woodworld Building
  World Financial Center (minus Towers 1 & 4)  WTF Center
  "Liberty City in HD Universe/New York Landmarks"

  A good collection is at the next link.  Some examples:
  Outlook Park (Prospect Park)
  Twitchin's Sugar plant (Domino Foods plant)
  Soldier's Plaza (Grand Army Plaza)
  Broker Public Library (Brooklyn Public Library's Central Library)
  Francis International Airport (TWA Flight Center + LaGuardia Runway)
  Liberty State Pavilion Towers (New York State Pavilion)
  The Monoglobe (Unisphere)
  Gantry Park (Gantry Plaza State Park)
  Star Junction (Times Square)
  Middle Park (Central Park)
  Zirconium Building (Chrysler Building)
  BAWSAQ (Condé Nast Building)
  Randolf Art Center (Metropolitan Opera)
  MeTV Building (One Astor Plaza)
  Live Central Music Venue (Radio City Music Hall)
  Columbus Cathedral (St. Patrick's Cathedral)
  Civic Citadel (Woolworth Building)
  WTF Center (World Financial Center)
  Civic Citadel (Manhattan Municipal Building)
  Liberteen (New Victory Theater)
  Broker Bridge (Brooklyn Bridge)
  Algonquin Bridge (Manhattan Bridge)
  Colony Island Skycar (Roosevelt Island Tramway)
  East Borough Bridge (Triborough Bridge)

  The Spian Theaters--the entrance is used by Pathos (Bertelsmann Building)
  Northern Gardens (Co-op City)
  Doubletree Guest Suites (Banner Hotel & Spa)
  Alderney Ferry Terminal (Erie Lackawanna Terminal)
  Exchange Place Center (Exchange Place Centre)
  nameless bldg. (Hearst Tower)
  nameless bldg. (Helmsley Building)
  Hotel ÜberBrücker (Marriott Marquis Hotel)
  nameless bldg. (Morgan Stanley Building)
  New York Public Library
  nameless bldg. (One New York Plaza)
  nameless bldg. (Paramount Building)
  nameless bldg. on Rand Ave. (Harborside Plaza 10)
  Columbus Center (Rockefeller Center)
  old hospital (Smallpox Hospital on Roosevelt Island)
  Liberty Ferry (Staten Island Ferry)
  nameless bldg. (Times Square Tower)
  The arch over the west end of the Middle Park segment of Quartz St. (Washing-
ton Square Arch)

  :58  Satriale's pork store, except without the name "Satriale," from the 1999-
2007 TV series "The Sopranos," is on Moog St. and on Odhner Ave. in Acter, Al-
derney.  In the show it's in Kearny, New Jersey, but is actually based on
Sacco's Meat Market at 806 3rd Ave., Elizabeth, New Jersey.
  "Fan Facts #30 (GTA IV)" by whatever57010

  Grant's Tomb is southwest of the west end of Pyrite St., Middle Park West, Al-

  The Trump International Hotel and Tower (with globe) is on the west side of
Frankfort Ave. and the north side of Nickel St., Middle Park West, Algonquin.

  1500 Broadway/Times Square Studios is represented on the north side of Jade
St. and east side of Burlesque, the Triangle, Algonquin, by a nameless building
with a curved FlyUS LCD display, an LED sign/ticker display, and a Cluckin'

  The skyscraper top of it reminds me more of the Seagram Building.  A couple
others in the area are similar but the top of this one is the most like it.

  The Paramount Theater is represented in Star Junction, Algonquin, on the west
side of Denver-Exeter Ave. and north side of Iron St. by the Canyon Entertain-
ment building which features a Superstar Café, an ad for Love Fist, and a work-
ing clock on the roof.

  The Morgan Stanley Building, 1585 Broadway, is represented in the game on the
north side of Lorimar St./west side of Burlesque, Star Junction, Algonquin, by a
skyscraper with a corner sign that says "(Cooper?) Jackson" and with several
moving LED tickertape signs.

  One Times Square aka 1475 Broadway, the New York Times Building, the New York
Times Tower, or simply the Times Tower (the place where they hold the New Years
Eve ball drop), is represented at the south side of Iron St., east side of Den-
ver-Exeter Ave., and west side of Burlesque, Star Junction, Algonquin.

  The Thomson Reuters Building, 3 Times Square, is represented on the south side
of Kunzite St. and east side of Burlesque, Star Junction, Algonquin.

  Times Square Tower, 7 Times Square, is represented on the west side of Colum-
bus Ave. and south side of Iron St. by a skyscraper with orange lit up letters
for THE DAILY GLOBE on the sides and the Vinewood Bar & Grill at the base in The
Triangle, Algonquin.

  The Libertonian museum in southeast Middle Park, Algonquin, is like the Metro-
politan Museum of Art except there aren't dinosaur fossils at the Metropolitan.
The Libertonian can be entered any time on the south side.

  The Washington Square Arch is represented by the arch over the west end of the
Middle Park segment of Quartz St.

  The eastern side of The Beresford is shown in simplified form north of Ruby
St. on Frankfort Ave. across from the west side of Middle Park, Algonquin.  To
the south of Ruby St./Frankfort Ave. is a twin towered apartment building which
represents various similar apartment buildings near The Beresford.

  The Hearst Tower, which looks like Bucky Fuller's accordion museum, is repre-
sented at the south side of Jade St. and east side of Frankfort Ave., The Trian-
gle, Algonquin.

  Time Warner Center, a twin-tower building bridged by an atrium containing
shops, is represented by one tower on the south side of Nickel St. and west side
of Frankfort Ave., Purgatory, Algonquin.

  The Chrysler Building is represented by the Zirconium Building on the north
side of Jade St. and east side of Columbus Ave., Lancet, Algonquin.

  The Helmsley Building is represented (near the MetLife/GetaLife Building) by
the skyscraper on the south side of Jade St. east of Columbus Ave., Easton, Al-
gonquin.  The base of the GTA 4 version has a big statue of the upper part of
Poseidon/Neptune facing Jade St.

  One Financial Square aka 32 Old Slip is represented in the game by a skyscrap-
er with a rooftop helipad on the west side of Privateer Rd. north of the west
end of the Broker Bridge, Fishmarket South, Algonquin.  (The site
calls it "Fife Palace.")

  Part of the World Financial Center aka Brookfield Place--Two World Financial
Center (round dome roof), Three World Financial Center (pyramid roof), the New
York Mercantile Exchange, and the Winter Garden Atrium--are represented by WTF
Center between the Calcium St. to Emerald St. section of Union Drive West and
the coast, Castle Garden City, Algonquin.

  The Standard Oil Building of NYC aka 26 Broadway is represented in a simpli-
fied smaller form at the north side of Barium St. and east side of Denver Ave.,
City Hall, Algonquin.

  1 New York Plaza is represented in the game by a single tower tall skyscraper
with a waffle iron design (like the dash of a '57 Chevy Bel Air) on the north
side of South Parkway east of Albany Ave., The Exchange, south Algonquin.

  Harborside Plaza 10 of Jersey City, New Jersey, is represented by the sky-
scraper that has flaps that extend beyond the roof on the east side of the
north end of the southwest-northeast segment of Rand Ave. and southeast of the
east end of Mahesh Ave., Alderney City, at the east coast of Alderney.

  The High Line, pre-renovation, is represented by the abandoned overhead rail
track in Westminster and The Meat Quarter, Algonquin.

  "Juilliard School's Alice Tully Hall (pre-2009 renovation)" is represented "at
the intersection of Manganese Street and West Way, behind the Time Warner Center
lookalike. Like the Alice Tully Hall, the GTA IV rendition is linked to a large
art gallery, known as the Randolf Art Center (in turn a replication of the Lin-
coln Center for the Performing Arts), in neighboring Middle Park West. Both
buildings are connected via an elevated walkway over Nickel Street."

  The abandoned casino indicated on the radar/maps by the dead end road north of
Beaverhead Ave., Westdyke, Alderney, is like the Carousel House and Casino, 1150
Boardwalk (Asbury Ave. & Ocean), Asbury Park, New Jersey.

  The tunnel that represents the Lincoln Tunnel in NY is called the "Booth Tun-
nel" in Liberty City and connects Algonquin and Alderney.  John Wilkes Booth was
the assassin of Abraham Lincoln.  (Thanks to NZskep)

  Most Bohan streets are named after prisons: Alcatraz Ave., Rykers Ave., Sing
Sing Ave., San Quentin Ave., Guantanamo Ave., Wallkill Ave.,  Leavenworth Ave.,
Altona Ave., Lompoc Ave., Greene Ave., and Beaumont Ave.,_Leavenworth,_Lompoc,_Beaumont

  Some Bohan streets are named after dance moves: Worm St., Caterpillar St.,
Spin St., Valdez Ave., Turtle St., Elbow St., Windmill St., Downrock Loop, and
Applejack St. (Applejack is a Lindy Hop move).

  South Bohan is described in the game as the birthplace of hip-hop.

  Darkhammer St.: "Darkhammer is the mini-boss fought in the Snowpeak Ruins, the
fifth dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess."

  "Coxsack" (Ave.) may be a goof on "Cossack."

  Meadows Park is based on Flushing Meadows Park, Queens, New York.  The Mono-
globe represents the Unisphere and the Pavillion Towers represent the New York
State Pavilion.  The building north of the Monoglobe represents a smaller Queens
Museum and the statues between the building and the Monoglobe are reworkings of
Donald De Lue's Rocket Thrower.
  Some of the streets in Broker are named after the Iroquois Confederacy--a na-
tive American coalition made up of 6 different tribes: Mohawk, Cayuga, Seneca,
Oneida, Onondaga and Tuscarora.  Their democratic government may have influenced
the drafters of the US constitution though how is debated.  There's an Iroquois
Ave. in the same area.  (Thanks to Dillinger8: "Pretty much the coolest thing to
me since I grew up on the Onondaga reservation.")

  Many streets in Broker are named after things related to the American frontier
aka Old West or Wild West.,_South_Dakota

  A few in Alderney are areas related to the Old West, too--Big Horn, Owl Creek,
and Beaverhead.

  Several of the Broker street names related to the American frontier are also
Beatles references: Ringo, Starr, and James (Paul McCartney).  In Dukes at the
East Borough Bridge there's a (George) Harrison St.  It's a bit tenuous but in
John Lennon's book "In His Own Write" is a story called "Treasure Ivan" featur-
ing Large John Saliver, a goof on Long John Silver, and in Alderney there's a
Long John Ave.  The Dakota, where John lived in his last years, is represented
at the west side of Frankfort Ave. and the south side of Pyrite St., Middle Park
West, Algonquin.  In Paul McCartney's "Penny Lane" there is a fireman with an
hourglass and in "IV" there are firemen.  I dunno.

  Many east-west streets in Algonquin are named after minerals--some of them
gemstones: Amethyst, Barium, Calcium, Diamond, Emerald, Feldspar, Garnet, Hema-
tite, Iron, Jade, Kunzite, Lorimar, Manganese, Nickel, Obsidian, Pyrite, Quartz,
Ruby, Silicon, Topaz, Uranium, Vauxite, Wardite, and Xenotime.

  Many north-south streets in Algonquin are named after American cities: Albany,
Bismarck, Columbus, Denver, Exeter, Frankfort, and Galveston.

  Eight streets are named after prisons: Leavenworth Ave., Alcatraz Ave., Sing
Sing Ave., Guantanamo Ave., Attica Ave., San Quentin Ave., Folsom Way, Rykers
Ave. (from Rykers Island prison in Marvel Comics), and Joliet Ave. (Thanks to
Superjay, and thanks to designmafia for adding that "Rykers" refers to a real

  Several streets in mid-Alderney are named after cult leaders: Koresh (for Da-
vid Koresh), Hubbard (for L. Ron Hubbard), Jonestown (for Jim Jones), Mahesh
(for Maharishi Mahesh Yogi), Rael (for Claude Vorilhon aka Rael), Myung (for Sun
Myung Moon), Lyndon (for Lyndon LaRouche), and Asahara (for Shoko Asahara).

  A couple of the stained glass windows on the Leftwood Church on the north side
of Bridger St./west side of Sacramento Ave. have an image of an exploding vol-
cano in a reference to Scientology. (Thanks to JPhinfan86)

  It's one of the places where you might find one of the two soapboxers who are
a parody of the more cult-like fundamentalist literalist religious street corner
proselytizers ("Biology doesn't exist!" "You're nothing but a probability wave--
in space!").  One is an African-American (dressed like a member of the Nation of
Islam) and the other is a European-American.

  GTJ IV: the Clocktower Bldg., on the east-west shore south of the Algonquin
Dukes Expressway in BOABO, has a Clocktower sign with a digital clock above it
just like the Jehovah's Witnesses leaders' Watchtower sign at their Bethel head-
quarters near DUMBO in Brooklyn. (Thanks to Kabong)

  If Niko's on top of it you can see that the tiny lights around the letter "L"
are out--the only letters lit are "COCKTOWER." (Thanks to gtamad8)

  There's also a "Clock Tower" series of videogames.

  A borough on the West coast of Algonquin is called Purgatory.  (Thanks to

  There's a Pay 'n' Spray nearby called "Auto Limbo."  (Thanks to Joe40oz)

  Some street names in south Alderney refer to operations which were tests of
atom bombs: Operation Plumbbob, Operation Hardtack I and II, Operation Redwing,
Operation Niblick, Operation Ivy, Operation Nougat, Operation Argus, Operation
Ranger, Operation Latchkey, Operation Mandrel, Operation Fulcrum, Operation
Storax, Operation Emery, Operation Praetorian, Operation Anvil,  Operation Tog-
gle, Operation Phalanx, Operation Grenadier, Operation Charioteer (Chariot St.),
and Operation Julin.

  Likewise, one street there is names "Trinity": "Trinity was the code name of
the first detonation of a nuclear weapon, conducted by the United States Army on
July 16, 1945, as part of the Manhattan Project."

  Central Alderney streets are named after inventors: Babbage Dr., Farnsworth
Rd., Edison Ave., Moog St., Aspdin Dr., Sinclair Ave., Vitullo Ave., Cockerell
Ave., Berners Rd., Lee Rd., Kemeny St., Schneider Ave., Odhner Ave., Drebbel
St., Traeger Rd., and Fleming St.

  The big green Sprunk logo at the west coast of Dukes south of the East Borough
Bridge resembles the Pepsi-Cola logo by the river in New York.  (Thanks to Ben-
zoboy)  The Pepsi sign was moved from the Queens waterfront to a spot near Gan-
try Plaza State Park.

  Rotterdam Tower is the tallest building in the game (and the series so far).
It's based on the Empire State Building of NYC.  The entrance is on Denver-Exe-
ter Ave. north of Garnet St.  The name comes from "New Rotterdam"--the name of
Liberty City during the 1700s.  That's a reference to "New Amsterdam"--the name
of New York during the same period.

  The slogan below "Rotterdam Tower," "Top of the World," probably refers to the
use of it in the Jimmy Cagney movie "White Heat," 1949.  (Big spherical gas
tanks like those seen in the climax of the movie are seen in "San Andreas,"

  The LC24 Tower on the east side of Bunker Hill Ave. north of Harrison St.,
Dukes, is based on the One Court Square office tower in Long Island City, Queens
across the East River from Manhattan in NYC.  It also appears in Portland in
"III" and LCS but is unnamed.

  In "Meltdown" the enemies run into a statue then come to a stop by one that
resembles one that's part of the Bethesda Terrace and Fountain that overlooks
The Ramble and The Lake in Central Park in New York City.

  The Statue of Happiness is a spoof of the Statue of Liberty.

  You can see a mod of the real statue, complete with an island, etc., in a GTA
game by using Odie's "Miss Liberty" mod for "GTA III."

  To see the heart which is hanging from chains in the statue, have Niko bail
from a helicopter to land on the section of the base with doors one level down
from the feet of the statue.  Have him go to the side with two signs that say
"No Hidden Content In Here," go through the door between the plaques, and climb
the ladder to a platform.

  At the bottom of the interior by one of the doors is a pickup for a jersey
Niko can wear.  The jersey says "happiness is..." on the front and "land" on
the back.

  The upraised hand of the statue holds a coffee cup from which steam rises is a
reference to the "San Andreas" "Hot Coffee" mod.  Doctor Emmett L. Brown noticed
that if Niko takes Michelle on a date he asks her "Are you going to invite me in
for coffee?"

  In a parody of the end of the Emma Lazarus poem "The New Colossus," which is
engraved on a plaque in the pedestal of the Statue of Liberty, the other hand
of the Statue of Happiness holds a tablet which says, "Send us your sharpest,
your most intelligent; Yearn- ing to breathe free and submit to our authority;
Watch us trick them into wiping rich people's asses; While we convince them
it's a land of opportunity."

  A sign in the likeness of an orange oak leaf at the west side of Stllwater
Ave. north of Tudor St. at an entrance to Meadows Park, Dukes, gives the names
of Rockstar employees as members of the Meadows Park city government. (Thanks to
Question Your Truths)

  Various objects from earlier GTAs are found in the Mini Golf Course in Broker
near the Memory Lanes bowling alley on Firefly Island.

  Near the miniature golf course is a fairground ride with a backdrop made up
of three scenes from "San Andreas": the Vinewood Sign, a Hydra in front of the
Los Santos skyline, and a Shamal flying over the countryside.  The similarity
of this mural and the end of the first "V" trailer (where a private jet flies
over the Vinewood Sign towards Los Santos) has led some to believe the mural
hints at the location of "V"--that Rockstar North planned the production of "V"
before releasing "IV."

  Previous GTA characters are referred to in graffiti on the wall just inside
the door of Niko's first save house and Dwayne's room.

  A large yellow building on the north corner of Dukes Blvd./Stone St. has
graffiti depicting characters from the game art of earlier GTAs (El Burro,
Misty, etc.).  The pink letters of "VICE" of "VICE SQUAD" remind me of "Vice
City."  It's based on 5 Pointz: "The Institute of Higher Burnin' or 5Pointz
Aerosol Art Center, Inc., mainly referred to as simply 5 Pointz or 5Pointz, was
an American mural space at 45?46 Davis Street in Long Island City, Queens, New
York City, whose murals were exhibited mainly on the exterior walls of the
building, drawn by artists from the world over. As of August 2014, 5 Pointz was
in the process of being torn down and by November 2014 the building had been
fully demolished, to be replaced by a condominium complex."

  If you have Niko kill Playboy X Niko gets Playboy X's apartment on the south
side of Xenotime St. east of Galveston Ave., Northwood, Algonquin, which is the
only save place with a wardrobe that has clothes that look like Claude's clothes
in GTA "III."

  The "GTA III" [email protected] Internet cafe appears in various locations the "GTA IV" Lib-
erty City.

  Other visual references to "GTA III" include Wong's Laundromat on the corner
of Dillon St./Tuscarora Ave., Schottler, Broker...

  ...and the logo of Belly-Up fish, a company owned by the Triads in "GTA III,"
appears on crates in "IV." (Thanks to gamesguru)  In "IV" the crates appear on
the porch of a warehouse across the street to the west of Brucie's Executive
Lifestyle Autos garage, Mohanet Dr., East Hook, Broker. (Thanks to

  This is just a near match but--there are lips like the logo of the "GTA III"
radio station Lips FM, if not with herpes, at the Candy Box store on the west
side of Burlesque south of Manganese St., Algonquin, and the Fan Dang bar on the
north side of Mahesh Ave. west of Rand Ave., Alderney.

  Donald Love is on the front page of some newspapers seen in vending machines
and carried by pedestrians.  (Thanks to MisterBates666)  A picture of Love with
the headline "Love's Hate Relationship With Taxes" can be seen on Liberty Tree
newspapers. (Thanks to

  It's found in newspaper vending machines on Mohawk Ave., Hove Beach, Broker,
just north of Niko's first save place, on the east and west sides of Rael Ave.
south of Hubbard Ave., Alderney City, Alderney, etc.  The yellow vending ma-
chines let the most light through to the newspaper.  If you need better lighting
to be able to read the newspaper go to the Time section of the Simple Trainer
and change the time of day.

  The headline of a sports magazine seen at news stands is "CAN THE MIGHTY COCKS
PENETRATE THE BEAVERS?" (thanks to rdk2085) which refers to the Liberty City
home town football team and a rival team mentioned on the radio in "GTA III."
The name of the home town team is also shown in "III" in Liberty Memorial Coli-
seum in Aspatria, Staunton.

  A few of the "IV" news stand locations: there are a couple in Gantry Park in
the west section of the north area of Steinway, Dukes, one by the south side of
the base of the Statue of Happiness, etc.  (You can have Niko buy a soda at a
news stand for Health.)

  There's a clothes shop on the east side of Columbus Ave. north of Nickel St.,
Middle Park East, Algonquin called "Miss T" (as in "Misty" from "GTA III").
(Thanks to MajorMinor81).  It's advertised at the in-game
site in the Hip Hop section.

  There are Rockstar logos in the pavement of the park over the Castle Tunnel in
Castle Gardens in south Algonquin.

  One pedestrian when angered yells "I will grind you into dog food!" which is a
reference to Marty Chonks' plans to do that to his enemies in "III."  (Thanks
to Mr. Someguy)

  "GTA III" and "Vice City" Securicars have "Gruppe Sechs" on the side--"GTA
IV" Securicars have "Gruppe 6" instead.  (Thanks to Gandrin)

  Continuing the trend of the students notepad in Staunton in "III," the lights
of the WK Chariot Hotel in "Vice City," and the rock formation west of the Ver-
dant Meadows runway in "San Andreas": the Knobelisk at the south end of the
middle of Middle Park is a tall statue with two stones beside it. (Thanks to
Doctor Emmett L. Brown)

  The "pager" ringtone is the one used for the pager in "GTA III."  (It's also
heard in the "Vice City" intro during the C64-type login.  Thanks to mdniterder)

  There's an ad on the radio for a puppet show at Maginot Theatre.  This refers
to Claude Maginot who's given on "Vice City" radio as having puppet shows in the

  The Maginot Theater (based on the New Amsterdam Theater) is on the south side
of Iron St. west of Denver-Exeter Ave., Star Junction, Algonquin.

  There's a restaurant called a "Haitian Kitchen."  Little Haiti in VC has a
billboard that reads "Welcome to Hell" so the reference combines that and Hell's
Kitchen, a neighborhood of Manhattan, NYC. (Thanks to DeuCe)  The Haitian Kitch-
en is on the south side of Iron St. east of Frankfort Ave.  You might use the
Time section of the Simple Trainer to change the lighting of the setting to read
the sign easier.,_Manhattan

  The main type of ice cream advertised on ice cream trucks is "The Cherry Pop-
per," which refers to the Cherry Popper ice cream company in VC.  (Thanks to
Tuff Gang)

  A parasol of a hotdog vendor near heli tours says "You Can't Beat Our Meat,"
a slogan seen on some trucks in VC.  (Thanks to Tuff Gong)

  The name of a store in Downtown Vice City is "fud" and the name of a store by
Zero's store in "San Andreas" is "Fudd."  FUD washing powder is depicted on the
wall on the left entrance of all the hospitals in "GTA IV."  "Fud" is a Scot-
tish slang term for "vagina."

  If you spawn a motorcycle so it faces the near wall or window of a place,
Niko can go through the wall or window onto the motorcycle (see the ghost world
section, I.10, for more).  If you do that to get Niko into Comrades Bar--on the
east side of Mohawk Ave. across from Niko's first save place--you can see a
couple of "Vice City" posters and an OG Loc record in the jukebox. (Thanks to

  On the west side of the nameless street south of Crockett Ave. east of Mohawk
Ave., south Broker, is a building called Johnson's on which is an ad of five
people all thinking about a hotdog (shown in a cartoon balloon) and the caption
"We're all dreaming of taking a bite of a nice big Johnson!"  One of them, an
African American guy with a hearing aid (and who's disproportionately small
given that he's standing in front of the others), may represent an older version
--older relative?--of the SA protagonist Carl Johnson. (Thanks to TheTruePiMs)

  East of the north end of the 60 Diner (Albany Ave./Nickel St., east Algon-
quin), between Albany Ave. and Union Drive East, on a billboard on a tall post,
is an ad for fruntalot featuring a picture of what looks like C.J. from "San
Andreas" seated wearing sunglasses and a hat and holding a drink. (Thanks to
derek3056 and kev the man)

  Inside Comrades bar--on the east side of Mohawk Ave. across from Niko's first
save place--you see Bettina from a "San Andreas" loading screen and "Ice Cold
Killa" on a $69 bill. (Thanks to SeraphimSoldier)

  It's on the wall behind the middle of the bar (use the Simple Trainer Air-
break function as a Noclip function to get Niko behind the bar then use use a
sniper scope zoom).  There's also game art from "Vice City," such as of the
skater lady, on the wall behind the east side of the bar.

  When the narrator of the TV show "I'm Rich" says "Your life is like a soda
commercial where everything is extremely...." you can see C.J. from "San Andre-
as" freefall then come by on a parachute.  (Thanks to Ash Campbell at

  A poster in the [email protected] Internet cafe in North Algonquin says "Free James Pedeas-
ton!"  Pedeaston was the pedophile host of the radio show "Wild Traveller" in
"San Andreas."  (Thanks to Pandazoot)

  Having the protagonist use a computer and go to http://www.littlelacysurprise/-, a LCPD sting site to catch pedophiles, causes a four star wanted
rating before Algonquin is legally available--after Algonquin is legally avail-
able it causes a five star wanted rating.

  If you have the protagonist access the site from a [email protected] internet cafe, exit
the browser immediately while the police scanner goes off, and commit a one star
wanted level crime (rob the cash register, discharge a firearm, etc.), he only
receives a one star wanted level.

  Darius Fontaine, the inventor of the dubious motivational therapy Inversion
Therapy on San Andreas radio, may have a relative in "GTA IV": the dubiously
psychic host of The Seance on PLR is Beatrix Fontaine.  (Thanks to Aimee)

  The only letters that light up on the abandoned Burger Shot on the south side
of Huntington St./east side of Camden Ave., Cerveza Heights, Dukes are "Bu g S"
on one side and "r Sh t" on the other which might imply what gets into the burg-
ers. (Thanks to Mogyle)

  News stands feature Redwood cigarettes and ZebraBar candy bars which were ad-
vertised on the radio in SA.  (Thanks to Shiggety)

  There's a box for the game "San Andreas" on the TV stand in Michelle's apart-
ment.  In "IV" on PC you can have Niko teleport there with the Simple Trainer.
(Thanks to whatever57010)
  "Your Request #15 - Cutscene Interiors Explored" by whatever57010

  The amusement park in Broker has purple hippo statues that were in one of the
levels of the 2003 Rockstar North game "Manhunt."  (Thanks to CryptReaperDor-
ian)  (GTW note: also SA)

  The executions and some other killings of the game seem like the "Manhunt"
aspect of it. Thanks to Stilefty for the video at the next link.

  A helmet used in the multiplayer refers to the movie "Full Metal Jacket."
There's a shirt of the Carcer City Unicorns--the city of Manhunt. (Thanks to
Question Your Truths)

  A TV commercial advertising a western uses scenes from the 2004 Rockstar San
Diego game "Red Dead Revolver."  (Thanks to Hobdal)
  In "Holland Nights" for Francis McReary Niko says, "How much?"  Franky says,
"2 g's."  Niko replies, "No, make it 5 g's...."  It's like protagonist Jimmy
Hopkins escorting Algernon to his locker only after getting him to raise his
payment from $2 to $5 in the 2006 Rockstar Vancouver game "Bully."  (Thanks to

  Bullworth Academy from "Bully" appears in a "GTA IV" TV commercial.

  Carmen Ortiz, one of the women Niko can date in "IV," also dated Luis Lopez,
Armando Torres, and Henrique Bardas in TBoGT.  The callous businessman who makes
a cameo talking on a cell phone in "Wrong is Right" is the one who kills Michael
and is killed in the bank heist of "IV" and TBoGT.  The homeless guy seen in
"Clean Getaway" ("IV") is the one that finds the diamonds in TBoGT.  One of the
keys on cash registers says "Ask CJ"--a reference to the protagonist of "San An-
dreas."  The cash register at Comrades bar features keys with odd options
("GTA," "Whisky," etc.).  Marcus at Perseus criticizes Niko if Niko wears his
default clothes.  (Thanks to the extensive testing and fans of whatever57010
whom I also thank for tips for various missions in this walkthrough)

  One of the peds Niko might bump into in mid-Algonquin says, "I'm walking here"
like the Dustin Hoffman character Ratso Rizzo in the 1969 John Schlesinger movie
"Midnight Cowboy" according to II J0SePh X II.  (I know Vlad says it to a taxi
driver in the mission "Clean Getaway.")

  The title and train chase of "The Puerto Rican Connection" refer to those of
the 1971 William Friedkin movie "The French Connection."  (Thanks to plowking)

  Niko saying it's "nothing personal" before killing someone refers to Michael
Corleone (Al Pacino) saying "It's not personal, Sonny--it's strictly business,"
and others using a similar phrase, in the Francis Ford Coppola movie "The God-
father," 1972.

  One variation of the Biff truck is a dump truck like the one hauling manure
that Biff drives into in the Robert Zemeckis movie "Back to the Future," 1985,
produced by Steven Spielberg.  (Thanks to Doctor Emmett L. Brown whose nickname
is taken from a character in the movie)

  The 3D shark ad (where a Flying Rat can be found) for Shark credit cards on
the east side of Burlesque and south side of Iron St., Star Junction, Algonquin,
is a reference to the hologram of a shark advertising "Jaws 19" in the 1989 mo-
vie "Back to the Future Part II."

  The wall of the Star Junction Cluckin' Bell features a display of a 3D Cluck
Norris doll--a reference to action movie star Chuck Norris.  See 20:38 in the
video at the next link.
  "Fan Facts #13" by whatever57010

  One of the peds wearing an olive green shirt, a brown backpack, and a Mohawk
haircut looks a bit like Travis Bickle played by Robert De Niro in the 1976
Martin Scorsese movie "Taxi Driver."  One of the peds lines is something like,
"Hey, you lost your cab?"

  A building near Brucie's place in BOABO, Broker, called "Woodfellas" is a
reference to the 1990 Martin Scorsese movie "Goodfellas."  (Thanks to BlOoD-

  In "Three Leaf Clover," Packie and Niko rob a bank in suits with ski masks,
carry the money in blue duffle bags on their backs, and face a big police
shoot-out similar to the scenes in which Neil McCauley (Robert De Niro) and his
men rob a bank in the 1995 Michael Mann movie "Heat."  (Thanks to thw)

  In Niko and Roman's safehouse in South Bohan is a book titled "Madness &
Blasphemy: The Do's and Dont's," which refers to the lines "This is blasphemy!
This is madness!" of the "This is Sparta!" scene of the 2007 Zack Snyder movie
"300."  (Thanks to DomFeargrieve at
  Random conversations at bowling alleys include someone ordering a White Rus-
sian.  In the 1998 Coen brothers movie "The Big Lebowski" the favorite drink of
bowler The Dude (Jeff Bridges) is a White Russian.  (Thanks to josh_sunny)

  The TV channel "Weazel" is a parody of the TV show "24," which began airing
in 2001, and the name "Weazel" is a parody of the name of the TV network of the
show--"FOX."  (Thanks to Xt0rtI0N)

  The "Science of Crime" commercial is based on all the CSI crime shows.  CSI =
Las Venturas and CSI: Miami would be Vice City. (Thanks to Luis F. Lopez)

  The Corpse Ride on the west side of the south end of the dead end road south
of Crockett Ave. east of Mohawk Ave. in Funland is a reference to the 2005 movie
"Tim Burton's Corpse Bride."  (Thanks to Xt0rtI0N)

  Funland is based on Astroland which was an amusement park in Coney Island,
Brooklyn, New York City, from 1962 to 2008.

  On the website it says that some teenagers pay you a few
dollars to fight other bums, film it, and sell dvds on the internet for money.
This is a reference to Bumfights, an online video series from Indecline Films.
They closed in April 2006 because of lawsuits. (Thanks to kid23455)

  The imdb web site also gives some other "GTA IV" movie references.

  For example, when you reach 72 hours playing time your addiction level says
'Ready for the Old Ultra-Violence' which is a line used by Alex DeLarge (Malcolm
McDowell) in the 1971 Stanley Kubrick movie "A Clockwork Orange."

  The strip club Honkers, at Argus St. and Tinderbox Ave. in Tudor, Alderney,
looks like The Bada Bing strip club in the TV show "The Sopranos," which has a
New Jersey setting just like Honkers is located in a New Jersey-type part of
Liberty City.

  One example of graffiti resembles that of the British graffiti artist Banksy
(thanks to domthecondom)--it looks like a stencil of a guy lighting a cigarette
with a blowtorch.  One location of it is on the door by the little wooden pier
southeast of Faustin's house, which is on the west side of the south end of
Shinnecock Ave., Beachgate, Broker.

  The red graffiti to the left of that graffiti is by Cope2.  Another example
of his graffiti that appears in many locations is "COPE" with "KING" written on
the "C."  One location of that is on a wall of the National Union of Contempor-
ary Arts (NUCA) building north of the west end of Hancock St., East Island City,

  The TV show "Republican Space Rangers!" spoofs the space suits and large hab-
itable ring-shaped structures of the game "Halo."  (Thanks to RGC Church)

  Fred Armisen of "Saturday Night Live" provides the voice of a hot dog vender
(and a "Pervert" and an "Internet nerd").

  "Blitzkrieg Mop" on a billboard on the north side of Thornton St. east of
Inchon Ave., Beechwood City, Dukes, is a reference to "Blitzkrieg Bop"--a tune
by the Ramones.  (Thanks to Nollaig)

  On the east side of San Jacinto Ave. north of Hancock St., in Meadows Park
Cemetery, is a monument that says
  "for those about to build......we salute you"
  As Designmafia noticed it seems to be a surreal tribute to game developers
with a reference to the 1981 AC/DC album/song "For Those About To Rock We Salute
  "GTA IV - Top 10 Easter Eggs" by HS Top

  A beer called Dusche Gold refers to a beer called Dutch Gold.  (Thanks to

  The beer called Dusche Gold also refers to gold showers ("dusche" is German
for "shower")--Urolagnia.  Subway posters advertise White Widow, which is a
strain of marijuana.  (Thanks to ICE COLD KILLA)

  The "e-cola" drink refers to "e coli" (escherichia coli) bacteria, some
strains of which can cause serious food poisoning.  The e-cola motto is "it's
deliciously infectious."  (Thanks to DeuCe)

  A printer in the Internet cafe has the message "error  Unleash Ninja Guru

  The "NURB RENDA" graffiti refers to "Non-uniform rational B-spline (NURBS)--a
mathematical model commonly used in computer graphics for generating and repre-
senting curves and surfaces."  (Thanks to saturnneo and Wikipedia)

  When the protagonist is in Brucie's Maverick as a passenger use the first per-
son view and turn the "camera" to the right to see a sign: "This helicopter
might crash, but we really don't care.  If it does refer to flight manual for

  If you get Packie McReary near something so you can adjust the game "camera"
to use clipping to see inside his head, you can see a box--each side has a pic-
ture of a skull.

  Pip boy found a guy with a light beard who has a box in his head in a [email protected]
The Grove thinks the box might be a txt template Rockstar used while creating
the model.

  The unexplained abandoned baby buggy may make you wonder where the children
went. (Thanks to Meowholland)  Children don't appear in GTA's just as they
don't in most games that contain violence.

  Another baby buggy is near the basketball court at the park where Niko finds
Derrick Mcreary on a park bench in "Smackdown" (IX.15). (Thanks to attybrian) 

  Another two strollers are behind the projects by the Plumbers Skyway onramp
in South Alderney.  (Thanks to TinCan)

  There's an Ice Skating Museum with tennis courts (it can't be entered) in
Meadows Park north of Middleton Lane. (Thanks to zoo3891)

  There's a Korean pottery shop at Huntington St. and Camden Ave., Cerveza
Heights.  You can have the protagonist enter it by breaking a window and jumping
(this can take a bit) or by using the Airbreak function of the Simple Trainer as
a NoClip function.  Niko can rob the cash register.  The clock keeps game time.
To have the protagonist exit it have him walk on the back part of the floor--
it isn't solid so he falls through grey hell and appears nearby.

  The Correctional Facility in southeast Alderney is accessible by helicoptor
but no buildings can be entered. (Thanks to Brock Elvis)

  You can have the lead player walk or ride a motorcycle to the top of the Al-
gonquin Bridge.  (Thanks to Yolo Swaggins)

  Three corrupt policeman stand around a person on the floor in the stairway of
the police station at Topaz St. and San Juan Rd. in Algonquin.  (Thanks to Simp-

  Have Niko break off the rotor/helicopter blades of an Annihilator then blow it
up with a Grenade or RPG to turn it into dark rubble. For so long as it's not
upside down you can see an image of what looks like an angry cyborg or an icon
from a Mayan clock.  (Thanks to NemonicLee)

  You can have Niko go beneath some of the smoke stacks that have fires on top
and shoot the pipes to have flames appear from the bullet holes.  (Thanks to
SupermassiveBigAl for the video)  Have Niko shoot up at certain spots on the
pipes from the next to the top floor of plants with such stacks in northeast and
northwest Actor Industrial Park, Alderney.
  "GTA IV- Secret Gas Pipe" by ROCK ON!!!"

  A man practices martial arts behind a house that's between Owl Creek Ave. and
Cariboo Ave. in Northern Alderney.  (Thanks to ezyryder44)  A man practices Ka-
rate on a large rock on the northeast coast of Alderney--he's east and slightly
north of Percell Rd.  (Thanks to bluxdragon)

  There's statue of a man climbing a ladder near the intersection of Columbus
Ave. and Uranium St.  DR. JEREMIAH JAMES is written on the base of the statue.
(Thanks to Uncleconker and Marsmillo)  The game tells us nothing else about the
doctor other than the statue seems to symbolize his quest to find something bet-
ter for people.

  In a post at GTA Forums jamieleng suggested Jeremiah James is a member of the
band Teatro who are signed to Sony BMG where Dan and Sam Houser used to work.

  I.2    PC Health

  I.2.a  Clean your disk, disk player, and PC

  Clean your Play disk and use a CD laser lens cleaner disk in your player.

  Turn off your PC and use a can of compressed air and clean out your PC box,
CD/DVD player compartment, and keyboard.  If you spill something into your key-
board, disconnect it, flush it thoroughly with water, and let it dry for a few

  (I've seen disk cleaners, laser disk cleaners, and cans of compressed air on
sale at department and drug stores.)

  I.2.b  Get your hard disk drive (HDD) and/or solid state drive (SSD)
                clean and in order

  As is apparent by the fact that I'm writing this walk-through, I've finally
built a new computer with an SSD (Samsung Evo 500 GB) for the OS drive.  But I
still use HDDs (for sampling and saving audio projects for a DAW and for stor-
age) so I still keep up with the advice for them.

  At least once a month--even a week--run the Disk Defragmenter for an HDD used
for an OS and after any big use of one used for storage.  Run it after crashes
and after you make any big changes to your HDD used for an OS, too, like after
installing or removing new graphics card drivers or a big game demo or such.
For Windows XP Home Edition, go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, System
Tools, and Disk Defragmenter.

  Even better is Diskeeper, which is what the Windows defragmenter is a scaled
down version of.  I recommend the Professional version--it lets you do a boot
time defragmentation which defragments the Pagefile and Master File Table.  Your
other files run in co-ordination with those, but you can't defragment those with
the Windows defragmenter.

  For either type of drive used for your OS:

  After using the Internet go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, System
Tools, and use the Disk Cleanup--remove the Temporary Files, Temporary Internet
Files, and Recycle Bin.  The Temporary Internet Files can help you surf the web
faster, but I search it fast enough without them and they can build up into a
huge batch of bytes in no time.

  You can get free software versions of Ad-aware and Spybot.  You might go to
the Downloads section of the Microsoft web site and try their AntiSpyware.
Keep them updated and run them regularly.



  Buy an anti-virus program, keep it updated, and run it regularly.  A currently
recommended example via paid subscription is BitDefender.  (It lets you use Game
Mode so it doesn't run when you play games.)  A recommended free program is
avast!  If you use an antivirus program, only use one and don't use software
like the two examples I mentioned above this paragraph--it can cause compatibil-
ity problems.

  I.2.c  Use the latest updates

  "GTA IV" patch (English)/ (Russian)/ (Japanese)

  "Episodes from Liberty City" patch

  On your browser, click Tools and run Windows Update about once a week.  The site reports Microsoft updates.

  Make sure you have the latest updates for your sound (Creative Labs, ASUS,
etc.) and graphics card (ATI, NVIDEA, possibly Intel, etc.) drivers, motherboard
drivers, DirectX (the Microsoft web site Downloads section), mouse and keyboard
drivers, firmware, and whatever else you use for your PC you can get updates

  Go to Run, type in "msinfo32," and click OK if you're not sure what your com-
puter specifics are, and see how they compare with the requirements for comput-
ers given on the bottom flap of the box of the game.  You might want to upgrade

  You could try the same thing except type in "dxdiag," too.

  You can get more extensive results with SiSoftware Sandra Lite, mentioned be-
low in the tweakguides part of this section, by running the various modules it
contains.  You can not only learn what your various PC components are but get
helpful recommendations about changing settings and making upgrades to improve
the performance of your PC.  (I'd talk the recommendations over with an expert

  I.2.d  Turn off unnecessary applications before running the game

  Run a free utility called End-It-All 2 and use the "Close all" button to shut
down other applications before running the game.

  I.2.e  Take-Two Games web site and support

  For technical support for "IV" check the support section for the PC "GTA IV"
at the Take-Two Games web site.  Go to Take2 Games, Support, Grand Theft Auto:
IV" (PC).  They have a page that lets you send an Email to some nice people who
offer personal support.  Help them isolate the source of your problem by doing
the other things recommended in this section 1st.

  Try to avoid things that make your game freeze so you have no ability to get
out of the game with the keyboard.  Turning your PC off at the main power but-
ton is bad for your computer, so use the reset button (just below the main pow-
er button on my PC) instead at such times.

  You may have to remove a mod because you made an installation mistake or it's
corrupted due to a faulty download, etc.  My PC has had bad reactions to certain
mods , too, for some reason.  Try getting advice from the creator of the mod,
from GTA Forums web site, etc.  If worse comes to worse, for whatever reason
you may never learn--some unfortunate combination of the mod with some component
or setting of your PC--you may need to just remove it.  Keep backups of the
original files before replacing them with a mod.

  For support please visit:

  If you prefer to contact tech support via email or phone please use the fol-

  Phone: 1-866-405-5464
  Email: [email protected]

  Phone: 1-800-269-5721
  Email: [email protected]

  Phone: 08701 200060
  Email: [email protected]

  They also have phone numbers and e-mail addresses for Australia, New Zealand,
Spain, Germany, France, and Italy.

  I.2.f  Tweak guides

  The web site has various helpful informative guides by Ko-
roush Ghazi:

  If you're like me, and have had a glitch or freeze or stuttering frame rate
now and then and couldn't afford to pay dozens of dollars every time you had a
question, it's good to know you're at least using preventative medicine to give
your computer every chance to work as efficiently as it can.  You'll get the
best performance out of it for games and maximize the mileage you'll get out of
that expensive computer hardware.  And if you do need to hire someone, you'll
be more well-informed when you talk to them.

  A couple of such tips I picked up from "The TweakGuides Tweaking Companion"

  By using SiSoft Sandra Lite (free software, or freeware), you can not only
find out a lot of information about the components of your computer, but get
useful tips on what might work better with a different setting or upgrade.
Sometimes glitches and freezes are due, at least partly, to poor PC perform-
ance--overheating alone can cause such things.

  At the SiSoftware site, click on the icon for the latest version of SiSoft-
ware Sandra, then click to download the shareware (Lite) version, then, below
the column labeled "Lite," click "Download."

  If you want to learn more about your components and how they compare to oth-
ers at running games, you could go to the Futuremark web site and download a
free version of 3DMark.  It's a popular benchmarking tool that has been used at
various web sites to get test results of new components.

  I especially recommend you make backups and carefully use the advice given

  TweakGuides Tweaking Companion
  ATI Catalyst
  Nvidia Forceware
  VIA Hyperion FAQ
  Gamer's Graphics & Display Settings

  It especially focuses on getting good performance out of your PC, and a good
frames per second (fps) rate, etc., for games.  It has special sections for
"Half Life 2 and Source Engine," "Morrowind," "Oblivion," "Bioshock," "Crysis,"
Unreal Tournament 2004," "Far Cry," "F.E.A.R.," "Need for Speed: Most Wanted,"
several "Battlefield" games, and some others.

  To read the "TweakGuides Tweaking Companion," a PDF file, you need a .PDF
file reader

  Use System Restore (Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System
Restore, or Start, Control Panel, Performance and Maintenance, System, System
Restore) if you screw up and aren't sure how you did it and need to revert to
your old configuration.  You can use System and Security > Free up disk space >
Disk Cleanup to remove all but your previous System Restore point.

  I.2.g  Volume

  You can adjust the volume of the game in the sound section of your Control
Panel.  Keep your sound card driver updated.

  I like to keep a volume control icon in the taskbar in the lower right corner
of my screen as well.  Go to Start, Control Panel, Sounds, Speech, and Audio
Devices, then use any of these three choices--Adjust the system volume or
Change the speaker settings or Sounds and Audio Devices--to bring up the Sounds
and Audio Devices menu.  Check the box by "Place volume icon in the taskbar."
You can adjust your system volume from there, too.

  I.2.h  System requirements

  Supported Operating Systems

  Windows Vista (plus Service Pack 1)
  Windows XP (plus Service Pack 3)
       plus DirectX 9
       plus Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5


  Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8Ghz, AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4Ghz
  Memory: 1.5GB
  Free Hard Drive Space: 16GB
  Video Card: 256MB NVidia 7900 / 256MB ATI X1900
  DirectX 9 compatible Stereo Sound Card


  Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4Ghz, AMD Phenom X3 2.1Ghz
  Memory: 2GB (Windows XP) 2.5GB (Windows Vista)
  Free Hard Drive Space: 18GB
  Video Card: 512MB NVIDIA 8600 / 512MB ATI 3870
  DirectX 9 compatible Surround Sound Card


  Initial activation requires internet connection; Online play requires log-in
to Games for Windows - LIVE and Rockstar Games Social Club (13+ to register);
requires disc in drive to play (unlimited installations); software installa-
tions required including Sony DADC SecuROM, Adobe Flash, DirectX, and Micro-
soft's .NET Framework, Games for Windows - LIVE, and Internet Explorer.

  Thanks to billhitman for recommending a web site that makes an online check
of your computer to see if it can run any of dozens of games:

  I.2.i  PC hardware and software on a budget

  For new computer gear, comparison shop for the best quality at the lowest
price by reading reviews.  Check the dates on them because it's a fast-changing
field.  Putting the name of a graphics card or such and "review" in the Google
search engine makes a lot of reviews turn up.  Some of the review sites in-

  Check the percentage of purchasers who like the product at newegg.

  Then use price comparison sites such as Google Shopping, with prices sorted
from low to high, or Amazon.

  Some other U.S. sites to check for the lowest price include:

  If you don't find the PC bargains you want at newegg, provantage, zipzoomfly,
or tigerdirect...

  ...and you want something that's cheaper still, use eBay:

  I recommend eBay in my walk-throughs as a place I've gotten some of my games
for a real bargain.  Make sure to check the dealer's ads for what's included and
the dealer's reputation of reliability.  Be VERY careful about that if you go
for computer gear that way.

  There are sometimes sales on games you can download at the Steam and
sites.  Some older games are updated on those sites to run on a recent OS.

  If the feet of your mouse wear off, an alternative to buying a new mouse is to
buy new feet for them:

  I.3    How to save games

  How to use save games by Fabio206, Skiaffo, Neon25, Nikozz, and Lokrath

  The file name for a save game for save slot 1 ends in a 1, for 2 ends in a 2,

  To view your savegames you may need to "view hidden files and folders."

  How to unhide folders

  Your savegame folders are in these locations:

  Windows XP:
  "C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR NAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\XLive"
  "C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR NAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Rockstar Games"

  Windows Vista and Windows 7:
  "C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Xlive"
  "C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Local\Rockstar Games\GTA IV"

  If you use Wrapper or Xliveless, you can't play in an official multiplayer
game.  You must use an offline Games for Windows Live account to play down-
loaded savegames.

  Method 1: XLive Wrapper

  Download xLive Wrapper and put xlive.dll into GTA IV main folder.

  Download a savegame file.  Put the savegame file into:


  Windows XP:
  C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR NAME\Local Settings\Application Data\Rockstar
Games\GTA IV\savegames

  Windows Vista or Windows 7:
  C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Local\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames

  In case of crashes, copy CopyXLiveResources.exe into the GTA IV main folder.
Launch it, replace files if asked, and try to launch the game.

  If you have problems, ask at GTA Forums.

  Method 2: XLiveLess

  Download xLiveLess.

  If you have an Asi Loader, remove it.  Xliveless is an asi loader, too.

  Copy xlive.dll and Paste it in the main folder of GTA IV.

  If you have problems, ask at GTA Forums.

  If you don't use Wrapper or Xliveless:

  Download a savegame file.  Put the savegame file into:


  Windows XP:
  YOUR NAME\Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames\

  Windows Vista or Windows 7:
  YOUR NAME\My Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA IV\savegames\

  The Lost and Damned:

  Windows XP:
  YOUR NAME\Documents\Rockstar Games\TLAD\savegames\

  Windows Vista or Windows 7:
  YOUR NAME\My Documents\Rockstar Games\Rockstar Games\TLAD\savegames

  The Ballad of Gay Tony:

  Windows XP:
  YOUR NAME\Documents\Rockstar Games\TBoGT\savegames\

  Windows Vista or Windows 7:
  YOUR NAME\My Documents\Rockstar Games\Rockstar Games\TBoGT\savegames

  Launch the game with Run as Administrator from LaunchGTAIV.exe.

  To debug, Copy the xlive_d.dll file, Paste it into the main folder of GTA IV,
and Rename it xlive.dll.

  To uninstall, remove xlive.dll and restore your original savegame files in
the original documents folder.

  If you have problems, ask at GTA Forums.

  I.3.a    The convenience of copies of your GTA IV save game files

  You can make your own starter saves with certain preliminaries done you felt
were hard to do or you'd rather not repeat.  You can make a set of mission se-
lect saves so you can try out new ways to do missions.  One possible starter
save is included with:

  I.3.b    Glenster's GTA IV Starter Package

  "Glenster's GTA IV Starter Package"
  "Control Center" by Alper Saracoglu
  "1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Hardtop [Final]" by Vlad_
    also Turn 10 FM4 and Kamaz43118

  Thanks again to Alper Saracoglu for permission to distribute his Administra-
tive Consoles and Control Centers.

  Help request: I don't know anyone who speaks Russian so haven't been able to
contact Turn 10 FM4, Vlad_, and Kamaz43118 for permission to distribute their
"1957 Chevrolet Bel Air Hardtop [Final]."  If anyone could contact them for me
please ask them if I could have their permission to distribute it.

  Further confusing things it seems to be a straight adaptation for "IV" from
the 2011 game "Driver: San Francisco." I've further modified it (I gave it a
handling line to make it a better getaway vehicle, gave it the original '57
Chevy Bel Air colors inside and out, gave it the original cloud pattern car seat
inserts, etc.) and hope anyone who worked on it previously sees I've given
proper credit and handled it respectfully.

  I have a special fondness for the '57 Chevy Bel Air two door hardtop since it
was my Dad's car when I was little.

  The save game was made while using patch and the "Simple Trainer" by
sjaak327.  The "Simple Trainer" can be downloaded from the sites at the next

  Save game file SGTA400:

  Bowling: 300
  Darts: won
  Pool: won
  QU3ED: I beat the high score

  Since the '57 Chevy Bel Air mod I supplied is meant to replace the Voodoo I
parked a Voodoo at the Mohawk Ave., Hove Beach, Broker parking space.  You can
also spawn a Voodoo with the Simple Trainer.

  Niko hasn't been wasted or busted.

  I used the Simple Trainer to give Niko weapons 1, full Health and Armor,
$99,990, and used it to kill 200 Flying Rats, park a NOOSE Cruiser in the Mohawk
Ave., Hove Beach, Broker parking space, and park a Maverick in the Joliet Ave.,
South Bohan parking space.

  "Glenster's Drawer of GTA IV"

  GTA Forums

  I.3.c    Some advice about saving the game

  I recommend keeping folders of save games, walk-throughs, and mods for games
on an external drive or two since such things can disappear from the Internet
after the initial popularity of a game has gone by.

  I.3.d  An application that shows the Flying Rats and Jumps you need to get
               and a trainer that shows the Flying Rats you need to get
               and where the Health, Armor, and Weapon pickups are

  Pigeons Detector Plus (for GTA IV by koolk

  The Simple Trainer

  I.3.e  A mod that shows you the locations of items left to find on your radar

  "Google Map Radar Item Locations" by dataschmuck

  This adds item locations (brown = weapon, blue = Armor, green = Health, red
cross = hospital, and gold star = police station) to the "GTA IV Google Map Ra-
dar" by Sonik-hedgehog.

  I.3.f  100% completion guide
              Mission help

  100% completion list

  See zmoonchid's YouTube videos for what you can get done without mods or a
trainer (although in some cases it means hazarding a high wanted rating) at the
start of the game.

  Mission help--save game files.

  I.4    Settings

  Thanks to the 2008 article "Grand Theft Auto IV Gameplay Performance and IQ"
by Mark Warner at the site for most of the information in this sec-

  Controls  You can turn Autoaim on or off.  (GTW note: I use keyboard and
mouse so I leave it off except on a rare occasion for the variety--possibly a
screen shot angle.  Thanks to Robert Rusk for adding that it only aims Niko's
weapon at the nearest human target, too.)

  Display  You can turn the GPS (II.5) on or off.

  The most important image quality options are Texture Quality and the two vis-
ibility options: View Distance and Detail Distance.

  Video Mode The first graphics option is Video Mode which lets you pick from a
list of resolutions and refresh rates supported by your video card and monitor.
The second option, Aspect Ratio, lets you pick an aspect ratio in case auto-de-
tection fails.  Options include "Auto", 16:9, 16:10, 4:3, and 5:4. (The "Auto"
option typically works.)

  Texture Quality and Render Quality  Texture Quality lets you pick higher or
lower resolution textures.  Render Quality lets you pick "Low" "Medium" "High"
or "Highest" quality of shader-based options like water, HDR lighting, and re-
flection mapping.

  View Distance and Detail Distance  The View Distance slider--1 to 100--lets
you pick the distance at which large objects like cars, buildings, and bridges
are drawn.  The Detail Distance slider--1 to 100--lets you pick the distance at
which details such as stairwell rails, window sills, and fire escapes are

  The most GPU dependent is View Distance--it seems to be related to shader

  Vehicle Density  This slider--1 to 100--lets you pick how much traffic is
shown.  A lower setting puts less traffic to contend with on the streets but
also provides fewer getaway vehicles.  If you're CPU-limited lowering this may
improve your frame rates.

  Shadow Density  This slider--0 to 16--lets you pick the number of things that
cast shadows.

  Auto Configure  This tries to configure your settings based on your CPU and
video card.

  Benchmark   This loads a benchmarking tool--a short scene of a motorcyclist
having a gunfight.  (Check your in-game frame rate, fluidity of mouse movement,
etc., afterward anyway since the settings it recommends may still give you

  Resource Usage  This shows you roughly how much video memory you may use with
a given set of graphics settings.  The main problem with that is it won't let
you exceed your available resources without some tweaking.  The number it of-
fers is affected by the Video Mode, Texture Quality, and View Distance set-
tings.  If you want to run the game at 1920x1200 with High Texture Quality and
a fairly high View Distance setting, you first have to lower the texture reso-
lution to Medium, set the resolution and View Distance, and then select the
Texture Quality option back to High.  Doing it any other way results in the
game limiting the options you can select.

  The patch

  Performance was improved for some of the more expensive cards, like the Rade-
on HD 4870 X2 and the GeForce GTX 280, but mostly at higher resolutions like
2560x1600 and, in some cases, 1920x1200.  The results for 1680x1050 were prac-
tically unchanged.  At 2560x1600, the patch only gave the GeForce GTX 280 and
Radeon HD 4870 X2 an advantage. At 1920x1200 the GTX 280, new GTX 260, Radeon
HD 4870 X2, and 1GB Radeon HD 4870 saw slight improvement--enough to increase a
few settings a bit.

  (GTW note: I used the latest patch as of early 2014-- this walk-

  Audio  You can choose the type of cars that use audio for the GPS system:
  - Selected Cars: middle class and better cars
  - On: all cars
  - Off: no cars

  Game  You can turn Autosave on or off.  If on, the game is automatically
saved in a separate slot just for autosaves when you complete a mission.  If
you load that save, Niko will be at the save place closest to where he was when
the game was autosaved.  If you want to do that to get him from the end of a
mission to his save place faster, make sure he isn't using a vehicle you want
to save at the end of that mission.

  I.5.a  Stats

  These are all the categories in the Stats section of the pause screen.


  Game progress  Progress towards 100% completion
  Missions passed
  Missions failed
  Missions attempted
  Replays used
  Current money
  Times busted
  Times died
  People killed  People killed in cutscenes (including cutscenes of Executions)
aren't counted.
  Saves made
  Playing time
  Addiction Level
  Longest non-stop game
  Favorite Radio Station
  Least favorite station
  Times cheated
  Days passed
  Roman like  The percentage of how much Roman likes Niko
  Roman respect
  Roman mission progress  Missions provided by Roman Bellic completed
  Jacob like
  Jacob respect
  Jacob mission progress
  Faustin mission progress
  Manny mission progress
  Elizabeta mission progress
  Dwayne like
  Dwayne respect
  Dwayne mission progress
  Brucie like
  Brucie respect
  Brucie mission progress
  Playboy mission progress
  Francis mission progress
  U.L.P.C. mission progress
  Packie like
  Packie respect
  Packie mission progress
  Ray mission progress
  Gerry mission progress
  Derrick mission progress
  Bernie mission progress
  Bell mission progress
  Gambetti mission progress
  Jimmy mission progress


  Cars stolen  Stolen vehicles spawned in missions aren't counted
  Bikes stolen
  Boats stolen
  Helicopters stolen
  Time wanted on 6 stars
  Stars attained
  Stars evaded
  Longest cop chase
  Last cop chase
  People run down  People damaged by Niko's vehicle
  Kills since last save  See "People killed" above
  Fires started
  Criminals killed


  Favorite transport
  Favorite car
  Favorite bike
  Favorite boat
  Favorite helicopter
  Miles on foot
  Miles by car
  Miles swam
  Miles by bike
  Miles by helicopter
  Miles by boat
  Miles by train
  Miles as taxi passenger
  Miles travelled
  Player image  It's a nickname based on Niko's vehicles and criminality.
  Favorite car color
  Bike/Car Average speed
  Longest 2wheel stunt
  Longest bike stoppie
  Longest bike wheelie
  Farthest jump distance
  Highest jump reached
  Flips done in a vehicle
  Most vehicle air spins
  Air launches
  Helicopter tours taken
  Taxis hailed
  Stunt jumps found  (total 50)
  Stunt jumps completed
  Pay 'n' Spray visits


  Spent buying clothes
  Spent on Pay 'n' Spray
  Made from missions
  Spent in bars & clubs
  Spent on prostitutes
  Spent in strip clubs
  Spent on food
  Spent on taxis
  Made from street races  ($500/win)
  Spent on health care
  Given to tramps
  Spent on vendors
  Spent on binoculars
  Spent in gun shop
  Spent on dates
  Most spent on a date
  Picked up on street


  Time spent in the water
  Michelle fondness
  Carmen Ortiz fondness
  Alex Chilton fondness
  Kiki Jenkins fondness
  Kate fondness
  Time spent shopping
  Favorite shop
  Times got drunk
  Number of Taxi Fares completed  Fares competed for Roman - maximum 10
  Number of bridges flown under  Maximum 14 which earns the trophy/achievement
"under the radar"
  Longest free fall
  First aid collected  health pickups


  Bullets fired
  Kills by headshots
  Melee kills
  Armed kills
  Time spent in cover
  Successful counters
  Player died by melee
  Player shot to death
  Player was blown up
  Player was roadkill
  Vehicles blown up  This includes vehicles not blown up by Niko
  Cars exploded
  Bikes exploded
  Boats exploded
  Helicopters exploded
  Shooting accuracy
  Kills % in free aim
  Kills with Baseball bat
  Kills with Knife
  Kills with Pistol
  Kills with Combat Pistol
  Kills with Micro-SMG
  Kills with SMG
  Kills with Assault Rifle
  Kills with Carbine Rifle
  Kills with Pump Shotgun
  Kills with Combat Shotgun
  Kills with Grenade
  Kills with Molotov
  Kills with RPG
  Kills with Combat Sniper
  Kills with Sniper Rifle
  Tires popped by gunshot
  Weapons picked up


  Pool wins
  Pool defeats
  Pool played time
  Pool clearances from break  Tip: pocket the 8-ball on the break
  Darts wins
  Darts defeats
  Darts 180's hit
  Darts bullseye
  Darts time played
  Darts shortest checkout  Minimum 6
  Bowling high score
  Bowling wins
  Bowling draws
  Bowling defeats
  Bowling spares
  Bowling perfects
  Bowling strikes
  Bowling time played
  Number of Races Lost
  Number of Races won
  Total race time
  South Broker wins
  South Broker race
  South Broker record
  Airport Run wins
  Airport Run races
  Airport Run record
  Dukes Boulevard wins
  Dukes Boulevard races
  Dukes Boulevard record
  South Algonquin wins
  South Algonquin races
  South Algonquin record
  Star Junction wins
  Star Junction races
  Star Junction record
  Road to Bohan wins
  Road to Bohan races
  Road to Bohan record
  North Alderney wins
  North Alderney races
  North Alderney record
  Elevated wins
  Elevated races
  Elevated record
  South Alderney wins
  South Alderney races
  South Alderney record
  QUB3D high score
  Boating destinations  Number of Brucie's powerboat activities used by Niko
  Boating time
  Heli ride destinations  Number of Brucie's helicopter rides used by Niko
  Heli ride time
  Activities with Roman
  Activities with Jacob  
  Activities with Brucie
  Activities with Packie
  Activities with Dwayne
  Favorite activity
  Niko and Roman hangout
  Niko and Jacob hangout
  Niko and Brucie hangout
  Niko and Dwayne hangout
  Niko and Packie hangout
  Island unlocked  max. 3
  Vigilante levels done
  Most wanted completed
  Pigeons exterminated
  Drug packages delivered
  Number of Exotic Exports done
  Cars sold to Stevie
  Random Characters met   10 are required for 100% and four--Jeff, Ivan Bytchkov,
       Cherise Glover, and Clarence Little--are not.


  Time spent on internet
  Emails received
  Emails sent
  Calls made from phone
  Calls received on phone
  Time spent calling
  Texts received
  Photo taken
  Total dates
  Successful dates
  Bad dates
  Scored with girl
  Girls dumped
  Prostitute visits
  Tramps given money to
  Meals eaten
  Hotdogs eaten
  Burgers eaten
  Nuts eaten
  Binoculars watched
  Cutscenes watched
  Soda drunk

  I.5.b  Single player Achievements

  Your record of Achievements is stored in your Games for Windows Live account.

  The Xbox 360 version uses the same Achievements.

  1. Off The Boat: complete "The Cousins Bellic (III.2)." 5 points for your
Gamerscore (G).

  2. One Hundred And Eighty: score 180 with three darts (IV.12). 10 points

  3. Pool Shark: beat a friend--Roman, Little Jacob, or Packie--at pool
(IV.13). 10 points

  Winning at pool, bowling, and darts contributes 5% toward 100% completion of
the game.

  4. King of QUB3D: beat the High Score, 10,950, in QUB3D (IV.10). 15 points

  Thanks to Rob Rusk for the tip that beating the high score is also required
to get 100% completion.

  5. Finish Him: complete 10 melee counters (dodge and hits) in 4 minutes. 15

  Lock on to a pedestrian (RMB), have Niko hit them (LMB), have him dodge their
punch (tap Space) then have him hit them with a combo (LMB or R).  As is shown
by the video by 007craft at the next link, you can give Niko an advantage by
picking targets who are waiting in line on the other side of a hand railing at
Helitours in southeast Algonquin.  There's a hot dog stand on the other side of
a nearby building if Niko needs Health.

  "GTA 4 Finish Him Achievement Walkthrough" by 007craft

  6. Genetically Superior: come first in 20 singleplayer street races. 25

  Have Niko win in first place 20 times in Brucie's nine races (V.40).

  7. Wheelie Rider: do a wheelie lasting at least 500 feet on a motorbike. 30

  While having Niko drive a 'cycle forward use the Lean Back key to have him
hold a wheelie for 500 feet.

  This is easiest with a Faggio.  There's a Faggio in the little rectangular
area just east of the round area on the radar/maps for the southern area of
Happiness Island but Niko would currently get a six star wanted level getting
it.  You could spawn a Faggio with the Simple Trainer.  You could have him try
the NRG 900 that's at the north end of the airport runways.  Have him avoid the
tarmac to avoid a four star wanted rating unless you want him to try to get rid
of it to get the Walk Free Achievement.

  If you'd rather avoid the high wanted rating you might use Rusk's recommenda-
tion to have Niko use the Algonquin-Dukes Expressway.

  Once Niko has his 'cycle you might also go to the pause menu (Esc) > Graphics
> Vehicle Density and turn down the slider to spawn fewer vehicles.

  8. Gobble Gobble: score three strikes in a row, a turkey, in bowling (IV.11).
10 points

  Have Niko use the left lane, take two steps to the left, then roll the ball
straight--not too fast or slow.

  9. Driving Mr. Bellic: unlock Niko's ability to call Roman for free taxi
rides. 10 points

  Have Niko get Roman Bellic's (V.8) Like stat over 60% for Niko to be able to
call Roman for taxi rides.  It ceases to be available if the Like stat drops
below 15%.

  10. Rolled Over: have Niko make a vehicle get five car rolls. 30 points

  Despite instructions otherwise you don't have to have Niko get all five rolls
from one wreck.

  Have him use a fast vehicle and a side of one of the little slanted signs on
the grass between a pair of runways, a side of the stunt jump ramp at the east
side of the Algonquin Bridge, a side of the slanted edge of the center divider
of a highway, etc.  Have the car flip in the air or roll on the ground.

  On PC, hold accelerate (W) till at the end of however many wrecks you've got-
ten five rolls.  Don't use reverse (S) just the brake (Space).

  Hitting the railing at the side of a jump ramp on the Plumbers Skyway, or
spawning a car on a skyscraper and having it turn as it falls, can afford a lot
of air time but you may prefer to use some sloped thing you can use repeatedly
without letting go of acceleration.

  Having Niko use a land vehicle on the tarmac causes a four star wanted rating.
so you might have him use that area then get rid of the wanted rating for the
Walk Free Achievement.

  A fun way to try for it is to use the Swing glitch--see "Fun glitches, gim-
micks, etc." (I.12.b) but it may be hard to get rolls from a crash.

  See the video by GTA Series Videos:

  "GTA IV PC - Rolled Over Achievement - with a delayed glitch" by zmoonchild

  11. Courier Service: have Niko complete Little Jacob's ten Delivery missions
(V.26). 10 points

  12. Retail Therapy: unlock the special ability of buying guns from a friend.
10 points

  Have Niko make friends with Little Jacob (V.25) get the like stat over 75%.

  13. Chain Reaction: have Niko blow up 10 vehicles in 10 seconds. 20 points

  Have Niko block the traffic with a Bus or big truck.

  The area in front of the airport terminal is a good place to gather a lot of
vehicles but the west section of the Broker Bridge near the top of the onramps
will do and is closer to your initial save place.  You just have to access the
save menu to lose the wanted rating.

  Have him block the traffic at a busy intersection with a Bus or whatever.
Thanks to Robert Rusk for giving a fixed spawn location for a Bus: at the bus
station on the west side of the Algonquin-Dukes Expressway just north of the
intersection of Munsee Ave. and Montauk Ave.  You can get many Taxi drivers to
abandon their Taxi to fight by having Niko hit it with a Baseball Bat.  You can
just have Niko aim a gun at some drivers to get them to abandon their vehicles
and run.  Gather more vehicles than you need to be safe.

  You might also go to the pause menu (Esc) > Graphics > Vehicle Density and
turn up the slider to spawn more vehicles.

  Have Niko get ten vehicles to explode with Grenades (and a Rocket Launcher if
available).  Shooting the rear wheel well of a vehicle can speed things up.

  007craft's video, shown at the next link, shows a safe way Niko can do it in
Algonquin with a Rocket Launcher with eight missiles.  Have Niko get a helicop-
ter from Heli Tours, fly to a building ledge at an intersection in Star Junc-
tion, wait for the traffic to build up, and shoot first at the vehicles at the
front of each group then in between vehicles to get two or more per shot when

  "GTA IV PC - Chain Reaction Achievement" by zmoonchild

  14. Walk Free  Lose a 4 star wanted rating by outrunning the cops. 50 points

  Niko can get this by doing "Three Leaf Clover" (VII.30).  Thanks to Robert
Rusk for pointing out that it won't work with a wanted rating of five or six
wanted stars.

  The easiest way would be to get Niko's wanted rating up then save your game.
(If you use the Airbreak function of the Simple Trainer, you could raise Niko
high over the city and speed him out of the wanted zone.)

  See the next section for an easy way to do this and "One Man Army."

  15. One Man Army  Have Niko survive a total of 5 minutes of a 6 star wanted
level. 40 points

  Thanks to Robert Rusk for pointing out that this doesn't have to be done all
in one effort.

  The "Wanted level removed" code and the code to spawn an Annihilator block
the "Walked Free" and "One Man Army" Achievements.  To get those Achievements
after using those codes you have to start a new game--see "Phone number codes"
(I.16).  (You can get the effect of those codes and others without a cheat
count using the Simple Trainer.)

  "Outrunning cops who try to stop the player skipping islands when Niko is in
a spawned Jetmax will NOT give the Walk Free achievement but can be obtained
later on in the same save file after being wasted."

  Robert Rusk has an easy way to do "Walk Free" and "One Man Army" one right
after the other.  Have Niko get a lot of SMG and rifle ammo and an NRG 900 and
go to the Northern Expressway at the north end of Leavenworth Ave.  Under the
tracks by the southeast corner of the intersection is the parking lot of the
Northern Gardens Police Station.  From the southwest corner of the intersection
have him go south under and past the tracks, west to go up a hill of grass to
the tracks, and go through a small gap between the chain link fence and the
railing on the south side of the El-Train tracks.

  Have him go west between the tracks into the train tunnel and get off the
'cycle about halfway down the slope of the tracks (approx. south of the east
end of the nearby pond represented on the radar/maps).

  Have him get out of the tunnel and onto the tracks above Leavenworth Ave.,
get against the south railing, and get a three star wanted rating by using his
SMG to shoot a couple of the police officers who are at the police station.
Have him get just in front of the tunnel to lure a batch of police officers to
it, go back in the tunnel entrance just enough to be protected from helicopter
shots, and use a rifle to shoot the police officers (with headshots as much as
possible).  When the wanted rating goes to four stars, stop having him attack
and send him to his motorcycle to drive farther into the tunnel and out of the
Wanted Zone.  When the wanting zone disappears you'll have the Walk Free

  Have Niko drive further west then southwest through the tunnel toward Algon-
quin to get a six star wanted rating, continue till past the Wanted Zone (he'll
be approx. southwest of and below Topaz St./Frankfort Ave.), then turn around
and wait for the Wanted Zone to disappear then reappear to shift it westward
and away from the tunnel entrance.  Have him drive north then northeast then
wait inside the Wanted Zone, near the edge of it, for five minutes in real time
(in game time that's two hours and 30 min.) to get the "One Man Army" Achieve-
ment.  Have him drive out of the Wanted Zone and the tunnel--the wanted rating
will be gone.

  "GTA IV PC - How to get the Rocket Launcher at the beginning of the game -
Part 2 (of 2) One Man Army" by zmoonchild
  07:13 One Man Army Achievement obtained

  An easy method by forest08ash's is to have Niko get a Helitours Maverick be-
fore Alderney is legally available, fly over Alderney to get a six star wanted
level, fly around for five minutes, then save the game or go into a marker to
start his next mission which removes his wanted level.

  If Algonquin is legally available you might use Shooter Junior's tip that
Niko can get into a car at the Grotti Turismo dealership in Algonquin (next to
the eastern Perseus and the eastern save house) and make a wanted level drop to
two or three stars.  (If Niko has no wanted level, it counts as stealing a car
and may create a one star wanted level.)

  16. Lowest Point: complete the mission "Roman's Sorrow" (V.32). 5 points

  17. Order Fulfilled: have Niko do all ten of Brucie's Exotic Exports car
theft Missions (V.28). 10 points

  18. Manhunt: complete the most wanted side missions from the police computer.
15 points

  Have Niko do all the Vigilante--Most Wanted missions (IV.15, VI.9, and

  19. Cleaned The Mean Streets: capture 20 criminals through the police comput-
er. 20 points

  Have Niko complete the 20 Vigilante--Current Crimes missions (V.19).

  The name refers to the 1973 Martin Scorsese movie "Mean Streets" and that
Travis Bickle in the 1976 Scorcese movie "Taxi Driver" wants something to wash
the scum off the streets.

  20. Fed The Fish: complete "Uncle Vlad" (V.17). 5 points

  21. It'll Cost Ya: complete a taxi ride without skipping from one island to
another. 5 points

  This can be done once Algonquin is available.  Thanks to Rob Rusk for clear-
ing up the meaning of "skipping" as referring to not skipping past the ride to
get to the destination faster.  If you want to save money, just have Niko take
a ride over a bridge to another island.

  22. Sightseer: fly on all helicopter tours of Liberty City. 5 points

  Have Niko take all five tours at Higgins Helitours at the platform shown as a
90 degree projection at the coast of southeast Algonquin south of the Broker
Bridge.  Once Algonquin is legally available all five can be obtained by having
Niko board each of the helicopters consecutively.  Having him call Brucie for a
helicopter ride doesn't count for the Achievement.

  Once a tour is underway, you can skip through it if you're in a hurry but
you'll miss some amusing dialogue.  (Thanks to Robert Rusk for recommending
that you load a previous game save after getting the Achievement to get the
$150 per tour back.)

  "Higgins" refers to Magnum's right hand man in the 1980-1988 TV show "Magnum
P.I."--the company was originally to be named "Magnum Helitours.",_P.I.

  23. Warm Coffee: Have Niko get a girlfriend to invite him into her house. 5

  Niko might try this with any girlfriend but Kate--Niko can't get her to in-
vite him into her place.  The easiest to get this achievement with is Michelle

  24. That's How We Roll!: unlock the special ability of helicopter. 10 points

  Have Niko befriend Brucie Kibbutz (V.41) and get the Like stat over 75% to
be able to call Brucie from 7 am to 1 am for helicopter rides.  The privilege
ceases if the Like stat drops below 40%.

  25. Half Million: have Niko get $500,000. 55 points

  For a fast way to have Niko make money without mods or codes, see I.12.b  Fun
glitches, gimmicks, etc.--"ATM machine infinite money gimmick."

  26. Impossible Trinity: complete "Museum Piece" (IX.9). 10 points

  27. Full Exploration: make all the islands legally available. 20 points

  28. You Got The Message: have Niko deliver all 30 cars for Stevie's vehicle
collection (IX.16). 20 points

  29. Dare Devil: do the 50 unique stunt jumps. 30 points

  I like to use an NRG 900, but you can use a fast car.  See the section on
Stunt Jumps in the preliminary section for each of the three main areas.

  30. Assassin's Greed: complete all nine Assassination missions (IX.30). 20

  31. Endangered Species: kill all 200 Flying Rats. 50 points

  Have Niko shoot 200 Flying Rats.  See the section on Flying Rats in the pre-
liminary section for each of the three main areas.

  32. Under The Radar: Have Niko fly a helicopter under all the bridges that go
over water. 40 points

  Trophy icons indicate which ones have been flown under.  A map of all the
bridges is at the next link.

  "GTA 4 - Under The Radar Achievement / Trophy (1080p)" by GTA Series Videos

  33. Dial B For Bomb: Have Nike befriend Packie Mcreary (IX.5) and get the
Like stat up to 75% to get the special ability of being able to phone Packie
from 3 pm to 6 am for a bomb that can be attached to a car and detonated with a
phone call.  The privilege ceases if the Like stat drops below 40%. 10 points

  34. Gracefully Taken: complete "I'll Take Her" (IX.24). 10 points

  35. Liberty City (5): after Niko meets all the friends (V.6) five of the
friends left alive have a Like stat over 90%: Roman, Little Jacob, Packie,
Brucie, and Dwayne. 20 points

  36. No More Strangers: Have Niko complete the first encounter with all Random
Characters and let Ivan, Cherise, and Clarence live in their main story mis-
sions so they can become Random Characters. 5 points

  (For 100% completion of the game, Niko only has to have the first encounter
with each Random Character except for Jeff, Cherise, Ivan, and Clarence.)

  37. That Special Someone: complete "That Special Someone" (IX.41). 10 points

  38. You Won!: complete the last main story mission (your choice of last mis-
sions at the end of section IX). 60 points

  39. Liberty City Minute: complete the main story missions in less than 30
real time hours (900 in-game hours) 30 points

  The name comes from the expression "in a New York City minute" meaning
"fast."  The easiest way to do this is to just have Niko do what he has to in
order to complete the story--not everything needed for 100% let alone anything

  That would skip way too much for me if I'd never played it before, so you
might wait to try it all out before doing that.

  Don't have Niko date Michelle or see friends (a like stat of 75% with Little
Jacob can help with weaponry, though), make deliveries for Little Jacob, Stev-
ie's vehicle collection, or do the Vigilante or Assassination missions, etc.

  And don't do missions for people whose missions aren't needed to complete the
main storyline.  I mention at the start of someone's missions if their missions
aren't needed for that.  The ones who give those missions are: Brucie Kibbutz,
Francis McReary, Gerald McReary, Patrick McReary, and Bernie Crane.

  You can skip cut scenes and phone calls if you already know what they are,
reload the game without saving failed missions, and have Niko take Taxi rides
and jump up stairs, to minimize how long it takes you.

  From the start of the game, Niko can take Taxi rides by hailing a Taxi, being
refused, then getting in anyway (either throwing out the passengers or causing
them to exit).  You can bring up a map and set a waypoint for the destination,
including in missions that don't require him to use a certain vehicle.  He can
fire a weapon before the ride ends to scare off the driver, not pay the fare,
and have more money for buying weapons, which is faster than having Niko scout
the scenery for them.

  Taxi rides are properly made available at the start of "Bull in a China
Shop" (V.10).  Hold F/Enter to have Niko enter a Taxi he's near as a passenger.
Once Niko has a 60% like stat in his friendship with Roman Bellic (V.8), Niko
can ride for free until "Roman's Sorrow" (V.32).  After that, you can have Niko
fire a weapon near the end of a ride to scare off the driver and not pay the

  In missions that cause someone to follow him, he can skip to his location be-
fore the person that follows him gets in the Taxi.  (Thanks Snuvs)

  To choose a custom destination, bring up the start menu and put a waypoint on
the map.

  You can have Niko drive fast into markers since they stop his car.  When Niko
is part of a vehicle chase, the one he's chasing goes slower if Niko stays back
about a third of a block, so have him go at the speed that lets you handle it

  I just learned of the gimmick of having Niko shoot a yellow marker instead of
going into it to activate it (see V.11  Hung Out to Dry).  I haven't tested it
otherwise as of this writing but it probably helps speed up other missions such
as giving Niko a head start for races.

  You can use Autosave then load the save when you want Niko to teleport to his
nearest save place after missions.

  I give tips in the sections for specific missions in this walk-through.  Some
good sources for speed tips:

  "Grand Theft Auto IV Classic% Speedrun WR: 07:02:32" by Dispersor

  "Grand Theft Auto 4 Speedrun (4:40:02) Part 1" by MSuraev tips

  40. Key To The City: 100% completion of the game (I.3.f). 100 points

  I.5.c  Multiplayer

  The PC version uses Games for Windows Live.  According to Wikipedia, "It ena-
bles Windows PCs to connect to the Live service."  "Users, each with a unique
Gamertag that carries over from Xbox Live, are able to play online, keep track
of their friends' status, send and receive messages, gain and keep track of
Achievements, voice chat across platforms, and more."

  Thanks to the "GTA:IV Multiplayer F.A.Q." at GTA Forums (angrybanana5000,,, and for most of the explana-
tions below about multiplayer games.  (Disclaimer: I haven't played multiplayer
to double check.)

  After Niko gets a cell phone--"It's Your Call" (V.1)--press Up to access the
cell phone then use Up, Down, and Enter to choose the Phone menu, choose Multi-
player, choose the game mode, and choose from ranked matches or player matches.

  To play ranked games with friends, choose Multiplayer and click "party mode"
which should load you on the map.  Invite the people you want, use a phone to
choose "ranked," then choose the game mode.

  There are 15 game modes and a maximum of 16 players. The modes are:

  Team Deathmatch  Team players try to kill the other team and earn money.  The
team with the most money at the end of the game wins.

  Supports 2 to 8 teams

  Team Mafia Work  Team players work together to complete tasks such as steal-
ing cars, escorting wanted men, etc.  The team earns money with each task com-
pleted.  The team with the most money at the end of the game wins.

  Supports 2 to 8 teams

  Team Car Jack City  The team tries to steal the cars which are parked around
the game area and take the stolen cars to a drop-off point.  The amount of cash
earned depends on the condition of the car unless the car is filled with drugs.
 The team with the most cash at the end of the game wins.

  Supports 2 to 8 teams

  Cops N' Crooks  The Crooks must get their boss to the drop-off point while
the Cops must kill the Crook's boss.  A team wins if either the boss is killed
or the boss gets to the drop-off point.

  There are two sub-modes:

  - All-for-One--there are two teams: one is Crooks with a Boss and the other
is Cops. The Cops try to kill the Boss while the Crooks try to get him to safe-

  - One-for-All--there are the same two teams but no Boss.  The Cops try to
kill all the Crooks and the Crooks try to get to a getaway vehicle.  Only four
people can get into the getaway vehicle.  There is no respawning.

  Supports 2 teams

  Turf War  A "capture the flag"-type mode (similar to the Domination mode of
"Call of Duty 4").  Each of the two teams must capture bases by standing near
them--the more teammates that stand near the base, the faster it gets captured.
The more bases your team captures, the more money your team earns.  The team
with the most money at the end wins.

  Supports 2 teams

  Hangman's Noose  This mode is different from all the other modes. It is a
co-op story mode mission. Mafia boss Petrovic has flown into Francis Inter-
national Airport and you must escort him to safety while being chased by the
N.O.O.S.E. team.

  Supports 2 to 4 players

  Bomb Da Base II  You and the other players must take explosives from a con-
voy, put them on a helicopter, plant them on a ship and then watch them ex-
plode.  Supports 2-4 players.

  Deathmatch  Free-for-All. You must kill all other players in the location
chosen by the host. You gain cash from killing other players. The player with
 the most cash at the end of the round wins.

  Supports 2 to 16 players

  Mafia Work  Just like Team Mafia Work, without the teams. You must complete
the tasks set-up by Kenny Petrovic. You gain cash by completing tasks. The
player with the most cash at the end wins.

  Supports 2 to 8 players

  Car Jack City  This is like "Team Car Jack City" except without teams.  You
try to steal the target cars and take them to the drop-off point.  You earn
money by delivering the cars to the drop-off point.  The better the condition
of the car, the more cash you get.  The player with the most cash at the end

  Supports players

  Deal Breaker  You and your team goes where the drug dealers are meeting, rips
them off, and kill all the witnesses.

  Supports 2 to 4 players

  Free Mode  You can roam freely around the city with friends--no score, objec-
tives, or rules except as may be determined by the host.

  You cannot:
  - buy food, clothes, or weapons
  - play minigames like pool, darts, or bowling
  - do missions like Vigilante or taxi driver
  - get drunk
  - pick up hookers
  - use public transportation--taxis, trains, etc.

  Supports 1 to 16 players

  Race  The host determines the vehicles you can use and the race track.  The
two sub-modes are Free Race and Cannonball Run.

  - Free Race--a point to point race
  - Cannonball Run--go through the checkpoints to win

  Supports 2 to 16 players

  GTA Race  It's like "Race" except you can use weapons.  You drive over weap-
ons to pick them up.  You can only hold one weapon at a time.

  You may enter other vehicles.  You can choose which weapons spawn on the
track (All Weapons, Off, Health Only, Pistols, Shotguns, SMGs, All Guns or Guns
& Grenades) and whether or not to use Auto-Aim (Allow or Disallow).  The Rocket
Launcher and Molotov Cocktails only appear on the "All Weapons" setting.  If
you die you respawn next to a Faggio near your last completed Checkpoint.

  These races can be cheap and turn into impromptu Deathmatches as other play-
ers may block off the road near a weapon location and kill other players, often
getting more money than the winner of the race, and ruining other's fun.

  Supports 2 to 16 players

  You rank up by earning money in ranked game modes--you can't rank up in play-
er matches.  Ranking up gives you more clothes for your character.

  Rank 1:            $5,000
  Rank 2:          $20,000
  Rank 3:          $50,000
  Rank 4:        $100,000
  Rank 5:        $250,000
  Rank 6:        $500,000
  Rank 7:     $1,000,000
  Rank 8:     $2,500,000
  Rank 9:     $5,000,000
  Rank 10: $10,000,000

  To customize your character: access the phone in story mode and go to "Multi-
player" then "Player Model."  You can also customize your character in the game

  Don't use phone call codes or whatever cheats or trainers.

  If you enter Playboy X's safehouse during multiplayer you can see the TV about
to start multiplayer in "GTA IV."  (Thanks to SmellyBobIV)

  I.5.d  Multiplayer Achievements

  The Xbox 360 version uses the same Achievements.

  41. Teamplayer: kill five players who aren't on your team in any ranked mul-
tiplayer team game. 10 points

  Team Deathmatch (ranked) is the easiest for this.

  42. Cut Your Teeth: earn a personal rank promotion in multiplayer. 5 points

  Play a few matches of ranked multiplayer to rank up to level one.

  Wanted: achieve the highest personal rank in multiplayer. 20 points

  The highest rank is ten, which may take you a while.

  43. Join The Midnight Club: win a ranked multiplayer race with damage enabled
without damaging your vehicle much. 10 points

  It's easier if you repeat races with only one or two others.  If you get to
be the host, you could set the lap number to one for a helicopter race.

  44. Fly The Co-op: beat Rockstar's times in ranked versions of "Deal Breaker,"
"Hangman's NOOSE," and "Bomb da Base II." 15 points

  The times to beat:

  "Deal Breaker": 7:04
  "Hangman's NOOSE": 2:32
  "Bomb da Base II": 5:56

  007craft made a few helpful videos of possible ways to beat those times:

  Deal Breaker in under 7:03

  Hangman's Noose in under 2:32

  Bomb da Base II in under 5:34

  This mission has the same title as a "GTA III" mission except with "II"

  45. Taking It For the Team: be on the winning team in all ranked multiplayer
team games. 10 points

  Play till your team wins in each of the ranked team games.

  46. Top Of The Food Chain: kill 20 players with a pistol in a ranked multi-
player deathmatch. 10 points

  Have a game with just pistols.

  47. Top The Midnight Club: come in first in 20 different ranked standard mul-
tiplayer races. 20 points

  48. Wanted: achieve the highest personal rank in multiplayer. 20 points

  49. Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic: win all ranked multiplayer variations, all
races, and "Cops 'n Crooks" as either side. 30 points

  50. Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie: kill a Rockstar developer in a ranked multi-
player match. 10 points

  The target doesn't have to be a Rockstar developer--it can also be someone
who killed one, or someone who killed someone who killed one, etc.

  I.6.a  Some distinctions between the console and PC versions

  A plethora of custom settings, including
     Custom view distance
     Custom resolution
     Reflection quality
     Texture quality
     Traffic density
     Shadow density
     Windowed mode

  First proper support of various widescreen resolutions. 
  The Video Editor: the ability to view, edit, and publish videos created with-
in the game.
  A custom radio station called Independence FM which includes a DJ who always
criticizes the music
  Manual aiming with the mouse by default; guns have pinpoint accuracy with man-
ual aiming (only for mouse and keyboard, if using a gamepad, the accuracy re-
mains the same as the console version).
  The player limit in multiplayer was expanded from 16 to 32 players.
  Certain suits at Perseus were retextured.
  Vehicles have a "dirt" attribute so poor and run-down cars no longer look as
shiny as sports cars.
  The ability to toggle the "blur filter" with the press of a button.
  The glitch involving the phone stopping cars was fixed.
  Before The Lost and Damned was released, bikes exclusive to the Lost and
Damned were hidden within the game files
  In the latest patch the shadows are no longer dimply; they are much more
sharp and clear.
  Latest patch also introduces Car's Headlight shadows.
  The Combat Pistol (Desert Eagle) has a different shooting animation.  It
looks like it has more recoil than in the console version.
  The animation for the closing of car doors was changed.
  The reload animation for the MP5 is different.

  I.6.b  Adapters for PS2 and Xbox controllers

  Check this first since it makes a difference which version of the game you're
trying to use the controller with:

  Currently Supported Controllers for GTA IV PC

  If you want to use an adapter that lets you use your PS2 or Xbox controls for
PC, Gamespy, Aug., 2005, recommended these USB adapters, about $12 each, you
can plug them into:

  SmartJoy PLUS - PlayStation 2-USB adapter
  SmartJoy X - Xbox-USB adapter

  Smartjoy has become inactive so you may need to look for products by it on

  According to ikt you can use a PS3 controller by getting this...

  XBOX 360 Controller emulator

  ... and configure it to your PS3 controller.  Extract the .exe file to your
GTA IV folder.  Connect your PS controller and start the .exe.  It will detect
your controller and you can assign buttons to the X360 counterpart.  Once you
save your settings and exit, GTA IV will detect your controller properly and
you can play nicely on your PC.

  Do mind that the SIXAXIS doesn't get emulated but as far as I think to know
you could assign the SIXAXIS motion sensor the left stick, too.

  How To Use A PS2/3/4 Controller On PC

  I.6.c  Gamepad controls

  I prefer the keyboard and mouse, but if you're going to use a gamepa I rec-
ommend a Logitech gamepad controller which is like a PS2 controller and is much
easier to connect to your PC.

  If you leave the gamepad attached while you use the mouse and keyboard, I as-
sume you may get the glitch found in previous GTAs of the "camera" circling the
protagonist uncontrollably.  If that happens, unplug the gamepad.

  Left Trigger - Brake/Reverse
  Left Bumper - Fire Weapon
  Right Trigger - Accelerate
  Right Bumper - Handbrake
  Left Stick - Steering
  Right Stick - Rotate Camera/Aiming
  Left Stick button - Horn/Engage Slow Motion while in Cinematic Camera
  Right Stick button - Look Behind
  Y button - Exit Vehicle
  B button - Cinematic Camera/Mobile Phone Back/Hangup
  A button - Handbrake/Mobile Phone Forward/Answer
  X button - Change Weapon/(Hold) Headlights
  D-pad UP - Mobile Phone Up/Use Mobile Phone
  D-pad RIGHT - Next Radio Station/(Hold) Next User Song
  D-pad DOWN - Mobile Phone Down/Skip Mobile Conversation/Zoom Out Mini-Map/
(Hold) Turn Off Radio
  D-pad LEFT - Previous Radio Station/(Hold) Previous User Song
  BACK button - Cycle Camera Modes/(Hold) Capture Clip
  START button - Pause Menu

  Left Trigger - Target Lock On/(Half Hold) Free Aim
  Left Bumper - Pick Up/Context
  Right Trigger - Fire Weapon/(Half Hold) Free Aim
  Right Bumper - Enter/Exit Cover
  Left Stick - Movement
  Right Stick - Rotate Camera/Switch Targets
  Left Stick button - Crouch
  Right Stick button - Look Behind/Zoom Aim (When Targeting)
  Y button - Enter Vehicle/Mount Ladder/Melee (Alternative Punch/Counter)
  B button - Reload Weapon/Mobile Phone Back/Hangup/Melee (Punch/Counter)
  A button - (Hold) Run/(Tap) Sprint/Mobile Phone Forward/Answer/Melee (Block/
  X button - Jump/Climb/Melee (Kick)
  D-pad UP - Mobile Phone Up/Use Mobile Phone
  D -pad RIGHT - Next Weapon
  D-pad DOWN - Mobile Phone Down/Skip Mobile Conversation/Zoom Out Mini-Map
  D-pad LEFT - Previous Weapon
  BACK button - Cycle Camera Modes/(Hold) Capture Clip
  START button - Pause Menu


  I.7    Controls

  A couple of instant replays that should have been (and other odd moments)
  WTF screenshots

  Patches and onward allow you to remap controls in the Controls menu
by selecting Custom mapping.

  To remap controls go to Controls > Keyboard/Mouse Options > Custom Mapping.

  Front End

  Pause menu                 Esc
  Up/Down/Left/Right      W/S/A/D
  Accept                          Enter
  Map zoom                    Mouse scroll
  Place waypoint             RMB
  Grab and drag map      LMB (hold) + mouse movement


  Change camera             V  You can press V to choose the mid-distance "cam-
                                                  era," hold the RMB to bring up a gun reticle and
                                                  press V to choose the long distance "camera," and
                                                  afterward the "camera" will stay that far back
                                                  when he aims and fires
  Cell phone take out        Up arrow
  Cell phone put away      Down arrow
  Radar zoom                   T
  Look behind                   C    I remap it to NP1
  Zoom in while aiming     Mouse wheel up         I add X as a secondary key
  Zoom out while aiming   Mouse wheel down    I add Z as a secondary key
  Text chat team               U
  Text chat all                    Y
  Definition                        P
  Clip capture                    F2


  I.7.a  Foot Controls

  Forward              W
  Backward            S
  Left                     A
  Right                   D
  Aim                     Mouse aim
  Sprint            Left shift added to W, S, A, or D

  2:17  In  "IV" you can assign a key to be the alternate for "Sprint" and have
three choices: On Foot (W, the default), Sprint (Left Shift), and, the third,
jog (assign a key).
  "Fan Facts #30 (GTA IV)" by whatever57010

  Jump              Spacebar  Niko can go up or down stairs faster by jumping.
                                               He can climb over a small wall or fence.
                                               If a ledge is up to several feet higher, he can
                                                  jump to grab it.  While he's holding onto it,
                                                  use A or D to have him go sideways.  Press
                                                  Spacebar again to have him climb over or onto
                                                  the ledge.  Press F to have him release the
  Enter vehicle/use
       ladder                 F             While Niko uses a ladder, press W or S to have
                                                      him go up or down the ladder.  To have him go
                                                      faster, use W + Left Shift or S + Left Shift.
  Action                     E             I remap it to Caps Lock

  I.7.b   Firing/Fight move Controls

  Attack/shoot        LMB
  Free Aim/Melee
     Lock On            RMB
  Crouch                Left Ctrl  I remap it to C
  Enter/exit cover   Q           I'd remap it since it's annoying to keep pressing it
  Next/previous weapon   Mouse wheel up/down
  Zoom in while aiming     Mouse wheel up
  Zoom out while aiming   Mouse wheel down
  Reload                 R

  How to have a standard third person shooter "camera" with free aim

  This camera distance is different from that of the usual on-foot camera dis-
tance.  You can play the game as a standard third person shooter with free aim
by moving the aiming camera all the way back and keeping the on-foot camera as
neutral.  This stops the camera from zooming rashly on the protagonist's
shoulder and weapon whenever you want him to aim or shoot.  This feature has
been removed in "V" where the on-foot and aiming camera settings aren't separ-
ate anymore. (Thanks to Grievous)


  Combat moves for weapons that can be fired or throwable items: Grenades, Molo-
    tovs, and various objects (drinking cups, etc.)

  Target lock                 RMB  It brings up a reticle or scope.
                                               For weapons that can be fired it brings up a
                                                   reticle or scope to help aim the projectile.
                                               For weapons/items that can be thrown holding
                                                   the RMB when pressing the LMB allows those
                                                   weapons/items be thrown--pressing the LMB
                                                   alone causes them to be dropped.
                                               Holding the RMB when pressing the LMB directs
                                                   weapons/items that can be thrown in the di-
                                                   rection indicated by the reticle.
                                               Target lock can also be used while moving Niko
                                                   with W, S, A, or D, any of which can be made
                                                   faster by adding Left Shift.
  Pick up item               While using Fist press Action (E--I remap it to Caps
                                                   Lock).  Niko picks up the item and the Fist
                                                   symbol changes to an open hand with an arrow
                                                   across it.  The item can then be thrown or
                                                   dropped.  See "Target Lock" above.
  Fire                            LMB
  Throw or drop            LMB  See "Target Lock" above.
                                              For thrown items, you can hold the LMB shorter
                                                  or longer before releasing it to have him
                                                  throw the item a shorter or longer distance.

  Things Niko can pick up and throw: a coffee or soda drinking cup, Sprunk or
raine or hot sauce bottle, soda can, hot dog, Cluckin' Bell cluckin' burger
box, tube of paint, spray paint can, cigarette butt, CoK cigarette pack, com-
puter mouse, camera, cell phone, tablet, etc.

  Roll to the side              While Niko is crouching, armed with a weapon that
                                             can be fired and uses a reticle, and you're hold-
                                             ing the RMB to bring up the reticle, add Space + A
                                             or Space + D.

  Combat moves for Fist, Baseball Bat, or Knife

  Target lock                     RMB  .It brings up an auto-aim target/lock on target.
                                                       The person targeted can be changed by the
                                                       scroll wheel or by releasing the RMB and aim-
                                                       ing Niko in the direction of another person
                                                       before holding the RMB again.
                                                   Target lock can also be used while moving Niko
                                                       with W, S, A, or D, any of which can be made
                                                       faster by adding Left Shift.
  Punch 1                            LMB
  Punch 2                            R
  Kick (while locked on)      Q
  Block (while locked on)    Space  Hold
  Dodge (while locked on)  Space  Tap repeatedly as an opponent's punch is
                                                           about to land.
                                                       To have Niko counterattack (still locked on)
                                                           quickly press the LMB, R, or Q.

  Weapon selection keys

  Unarmed               1
  Melee                    2
  Handgun               3 (also works in vehicles)
  Shotgun                4
  Submachine gun   5 (also works in vehicles)
  Automatic rifle       6
  Sniper rifle            7
  Heavy weapon      8
  Grenade/Molotov  9 (also works in vehicles)
  Special                  0

  Cover            Q

  You can have Niko attack from behind cover.  When Niko is close to something
suitable for cover press Q to have him get behind it for cover.  If you have
him run toward it and press Q he'll slide or dive and roll for cover.  While he
uses something for cover you can press A or D to have him go from one side to
the other of it.  To have him stop using cover press Q again or have him jump.


  Having Niko punch his neighbors to get to know them

  "GTA 4 Tutorial - fighting combos PC" by vici30

  "Grand Theft Auto 4 (PC) - All Finishing Moves" by teoleo22vn

  GTA Forums fight moves including disarming enemies

  "Niko's Fight Moves (GTA IV)" by whatever57010


  This is taught in "Bleed Out" (V.4): "tap SPACE to dodge then press R or LMB
to disarm."

  Stun punch

  This can only be used for "Clean Getaway" (V.12) and on the bouncers at the
Perestroika club.  Hold the RMB to lock onto an unsuspecting target, have Niko
approach them unarmed, and, when the reticle changes, press Fire (LMB).  This
knocks the target to the ground.

  An option if Niko can spare the Health and a policeman comes by is to not
have Niko fight back so the policeman engages Niko's attacker.

  Have Niko get a police car, lose his wanted level, and get in a fight by the
car.  As soon a policeman begins to arrest Niko's attacker, have Niko get back
in the police car and the others will get in, too.  (author?)


  I.7.c   Vehicle Controls

  I note where I remap some of the keys: Horn from G to Left Shift, and Lean
forward/back from Left Shift/Left Control to NP9/NP6, etc.  These are personal
recommendations and won't interfere with the walk-through.

  Niko can scare a driver out of a vehicle by targeting them with a weapon.
Press F/Enter to have Niko yank out the driver and get in.  If the vehicle has
no driver but the door is locked, press F/Enter to have Niko break the window
open.  You can speed up the hotwiring process by pressing Attack (LMB) repeated-

  If Niko shoots a moving vehicle, it may scare the driver to run away, fight
with Niko, or drive away.  You can have Niko shoot the driver in the head but
Niko's more likely to get a wanted rating.

  Besides controlling the vehicles given in the next sections, Niko can also
take a helicopter tour, ride the subway, and get a ride in a taxi cab.  Once the
ride is underway, you can skip the ride to get to the destination faster.

  Niko can ride on the subway (see the map at the next links) except he can't
ride it into areas that aren't available yet or when his wanted rating is three
stars or higher.

  Taxi rides are available after "Bull in a China Shop" (V.10).  Hold F/Enter
to have Niko enter a Taxi he's near as a passenger.  Once Niko has a 60% like
stat in his friendship with Roman Bellic (V.6), Niko can ride for free until
"Roman's Sorrow" (V.31).  After that, you can have Niko fire a weapon near the
end of a ride to scare off the driver and not pay the fare.

  Once Algonquin is available, Niko can go to southeast Algonquin and pick from
six different helicopter rides offered by the Heli Tours company.  Once Niko has
a 75% like stat with Brucie (VII.11), he can call Brucie for a helicopter ride,
too, and pick the destination.

  I.7.d  Land vehicle Controls

  Patches and onward allow you to remap controls in the Controls menu by
selecting Custom mapping.

  Accelerate              W
  Steer left/right         A/D
  Reverse (also
    fast Brake)            S
  Handbrake              Spacebar
  Lean forward/back   Left Shift/Left Ctrl
                                       I remap these to NP9/NP6.
  Exit vehicle              F  Hold F to turn off the engine and tap F to leave it on.
                                       As Niko exits press a motion key to have him leave the
                                           door open.
    shoot                      LMB
  Free aim                   RMB
  Next weapon            Q  I remap it to X
  Previous weapon     Z
  Headlights                H
  Drop weapon (GTA
    Race only)              R
  Hotwire                     W/S
  Horn                          G  I remap it to Left Shift
  Look behind              C  I remap it to NP1
  Change camera        V
  Cinematic camera/
     Zoom to target
     vehicle                   Caps Lock  I remap it to C
    radio station            Mouse wheel up/down
    song                        N/B
  Turn off radio             X  I remap it to M


  While holding down the Cinematic Camera key press the Horn key to toggle slow
motion.  You can cycle through slow motion modes (25%, 50%, 75%) and normal
speed using Left Alt + NP0 with the Simple Trainer.

  Leaving the door open after exiting some cars, such as the Admiral, causes
"door ajar" beeping. (Thanks to top gear)

  Thanks to the FAQ/Walkthrough by ElectroSpecter for the following vehicle in-

  To have Niko use weapons from a vehicle press the LMB to have him break the
window open before you can have him fire or drop the weapon.
  You can use handguns, submachine guns, thrown weapons from a vehicle.  Press Q
and Z to cycle through weapons.
  Just use the LMB, not the RMB, to drop Grenades and Molotovs.  (GTW note: I've
mainly found use for thrown weapons for drive-bys after stopping a vehicle by
Niko's driver's window, having him drop the weapon, then having him speed away.)

  Flipping a car doesn't cause it to light on fire and explode as in earlier
GTAs.  (GTW note: you can use Right Ctrl + NP2 with the Simple Trainer to unflip

  If Niko's vehicle is on fire it will probably explode so have him get out im-
mediately.  You might try to have him drive over a fire hydrant to put the burn-
ing part of the car.  It can also be done with the water from a fire truck.
(Thanks to timekiller 92)

  If Niko's vehicle is going fast enough when it hits something immovable he'll
fly through the windshield and lose Health.

  If a vehicle engine stops working you can start it again by having Niko call
911 from his car and hang up.

  The things you can find in the back of trucks

  I.7.e   Stunt information

  "GTA 4 - AMAZING Bike Stunts (2 Minute Quickie)" by css172

  "GTA 4 - AMAZING Bike Stunts 4" by css172

  "GTA IV Stunt Montage (YYZ - The Temples of Syrinx)" by DanK3670

  "GTA TBoGT Jump Like A Skydiver (If You're Gonna...)" by DanK3670

  "ControL" by Turtle boy, Morbidxxx, Sufs, and Juan

  Ultra Ben Buja's "Stunt Montage IV--A New Dawn"

  "GTA 4 - The AMAZING Stuntman 3" by css172

  "????????????? [GTA 4 Stunt]" by nocrashk

  "GTA 4 - BLOOPERS IV" by math22math22


  When using a 'cycle for a loop de loop, release acceleration to avoid the
glitch that causes the 'cycle to not compete the loop smoothly.  (Thanks to Ben


  "GTA IV Segments - Lambo Wall Ride" by CranberryCoombs


  "GTA4 STUNTS - Beyond The Wall Of Fire" by NOAHofDEATH

  "GTA 4 : STUNT ADDICTION" by So0ulraf

            Car to Packer Tanker (C2PT)

  "GTA IV Stunt - The GuideD And BlesseD - HD" by MurphyNightLong


  "GTA 4 - Stunt method - Exploring the grabs - HD" by NOAHofDEATH


  Use the swing glitch (also in "Fun glitches, gimmicks, etc." I.12.b).

  Back the back end of a four wheel vehicle up to or onto the middle support bar
of the north swing set in Firefly Projects, south of the east end of Mohegan
Ave..  In multiplayer, you can use the front or back of the vehicle.  (If you
use a 'cycle, Niko will probably fly off and probably die.)

  The Two Wheeler gimmick

  The "Vice City" and "San Andreas" gimmick of getting a two wheeler stat by
holding a helicopter down on one rail by holding the key for Down while main-
taining balance with the banking keys then getting into or onto a land vehicle
works with "IV."  I found it harder to do for more than a short time with a "IV"
Maverick, though.

  Here are several YouTube videos showing you how to do it with a land vehicle

  I.7.f  Helicopter Controls

  If the tail breaks off of the helicopter Niko is flying you can still control
up and down and make gentle nudges to the side.

  In "Vice City" you could use Left Shift as a brake to keep the helicopter sta-
tionary in the air but I haven't noticed one for a helicopter in "IV."

  The Annihilator has miniguns and the Buzzard (TBOGT) has miniguns and rockets.

  Shoot                       LMB (Annihilator and Buzzard)
  Shoot Secondary     Left Shift (Buzzard)
  Throttle Up               W
  Throttle Down          S
  Pitch Forward          NP8    I add NP9 as a secondary key
  Pitch Back               NP2    I add NP6 as a secondary key
  Bank left                  A
  Bank right                D
  Rotate Left              NP4  I add Q
  Pivot right                NP6  I change to E


  I.8    A rundown of some of the vehicles and some of their real names

  As in SA, you can have the lead character rescue a "drowned" vehicle.

  I.8.a      Four wheel vehicles

  GTA Wiki

  GTA IV Car Encyclopedia: Real Car Comparison vehicle comparisons

  bobster uk  BETA 2 - 76 CARS RENAMED

  You might have Niko avoid wrecks by pumping the brakes lightly instead of
slamming them, but if a wreck seems likely you could have him make a turning
sliding brake so he won't go through the windshield when he wrecks.

  Have Niko dial anything on his phone to revive a stalled car.

  You can have Niko turn a four wheel vehicle in midair by pressing accelera-
tion and brake at the same time then turning.

  How to make any vehicle Everything Proof--see "Fun glitches, gimmicks, etc"

  Fast: Comet, Turismo, Coquette, Infernus, Banshee, Super GT

  As in earlier GTAs, the lead character can get a little Health the first time
he enters an individual spawn of an Ambulance and get five Shotgun shells the
first time he enters an individual spawn of a Police car.  In "IV" your lead
character only gets up to another 20% Armor the first time he enters an indi-
vidual spawn of an Enforcer.


  Four wheel vehicles

  Admiral  The Dundreary Admiral is a '03 Toyota Crown Majesta with headlights
from the '03-'11 Mercury Grand Marquis and some likenesses to the Lexus GS
S160.  The Stretch is now the Limo version and seen more often.  It's heavy,
fast, and durable but acceleration and handling are just okay.  It may appear
at Francis International Airport and in The Triangle, etc.

  Airtug  The HVY Airtug is an airport baggage handler.  You may have Niko get
one from the tarmac without a wanted level by going to it in a police car then
transferring to it and leaving quickly.  Police car radio calls indicate the
Airtug is made by HVY.  It has good acceleration but poor performance and is

  Ambulance  The Ambulance has a Brute badge on the front but it's a modifica-
tion of the Declasse Burrito.  Niko can get an Ambulance by dialing 911, having
the call received, and choosing Ambulance by dialing 2.  As in recent GTAs the
lead character gets a little Health after he enters an individual spawn of an
Ambulance for the first time.

  Banshee  The Bravado Banshee resembles a second generation Dodge Viper SR but
has side pipe exhaust and a shorter roofline like the third generation or
fourth generation.  The front fascia loosely resembles the Marcos Mantis while
the tail lights resemble those of the Aston Martin DB9.  The interior seems to
be inspired by the MKIV Toyota Supra with the auxiliary dashboard controls fac-
ing the driver.  Unlike the real-life Viper's V10 engine, the Banshee has a
4.9L twin-turbocharged V8 according to the AutoEroticar website.

  You can save Stevie's yellow Comet after "No. 1" for Brucie Kibbutz.  You can
save one during Brucie's "Exotic Exports" and "Stevie's Car Thefts."  During
the "Random Encounter" with Hossan Ramzy you can have Niko kill his debtor and
save his white Banshee with a black stripe which is pink-lustered.

  Benson  The Vapid Benson is a heavy cube truck.  The cab resembles an '89-'01
International 4000 Series but the design is different than the Securicar which
is based on the same truck series.  It has poor handling but good durability.
It appears in the Industrial area in Bohan, Acter Industrial Park and Tudor,
Alderney, etc.

  Biff  The HVY Biff looks like a Kenworth T800.  The name refers to Biff Tan-
nen (Thomas F. Wilson) from the 1985 movie "Back to the Future" in which his
car crashes into a dumptruck filled with manure.  The Biff is slow and heavy.
It appears in a construction site near Gainer Street, South Bohan, around Acter
Industrial Park, Alderney, etc.

  Niko can car surf in the bed of the dump truck version.

  Blista Compact  The Dinka Blista Compact is a Honda CR-X.  It may have a
spoiler and twin exhaust making it resemble the CR-X SiR.  The back hatch is
bullet-proof.  It appears commonly in the game.  It's the second lightest and
seventh fastest car in "IV" with good performance.

  Bobcat  The Vapid Bobcat is like the 1981 Chevrolet C.  It's slow but acceler-
ates quickly.  Niko could get hurt or killed trying to use it to car surf.  It
appears around East Hook and Beachgate, Broker, and North Holland and East Hol-
land, Algonquin.

  Boxville  The Brute Boxville resembles a GMC Step Van/Chevrolet Step Van.
It's heavy and slow.  It's seen in Acter Industrial Park and around Bohan In-

  Bucanneer  The Albany Buccaneer resembles the '71-'73 Buick Riviera and the
'70-'72 Monte Carlo.  It's heavy and prone to fishtailing on corners.  It main-
ly asppears in Beachgate, Firefly Island, and Hove Beach, Broker.

  Buffalo  The Bravado Buffalo is a sports sedan based on the Sixth generation
Dodge Charger as well as the Ford Mustang GT for the greenhouse area, front
fascia and headlights.  In "IV" it's not available as a consumer model--the
player can only get the FIB version--but it's available in TBoGT.

  Burrito   The Declasse Burrito resembles a '96-'02 Chevrolet Express from the
front with an altered grille and the sides are like a third-generation Chevro-
let Van.  It's the fastest van and heavy but has poor acceleration.  It's
parked in several places in Alderney such as at the Multistory carpark in West-

  Bus  The Brute Bus is like a New Flyer D901 (with an evenly angled windshield
from a New Flyer D40 HF.  The side windows resemble those of the old GM New
Look Bus (GM TDH-5303), TMC RTS, or the Flexible New Look bus although they're
style is more modern.  It's fast but has poor acceleration and handling.  It's
parked in Star Junction and by the Helitours pads, etc.

  Cabby  The Schyster Cabby is one of three yellow taxis and is based on a
fourth generation Dodge Caravan or Chrysler Voyager in real life and the Vapid
Minivan seen in the game.  It's slow with better handling than the Minivan.
It's mainly seen in Algonquin.

  Cavalcade  The Albany Cavalcade is based on the '02-'06 Cadillac Escalade
with traits of the Chevrolet Tahoe/GMC Yukon.  It's used by Roman's Taxi ser-
vice after "Hostile Negotiation."  It has good acceleration and decent han-
dling.  The Cavalcade FXT is the four door pickup truck version.

  Chavos  The Dinka Chavos is based on a -03-'07 Honda Accord with a front
based on the '97-'98 Nissan 200SX. (S14).  "Chavos" is slang for "Money."  It's
fast and good for drifting.  It's found in Hove Beach.

  Cognoscenti  The Enus Cognoscenti is based on the Maybach 62 for the green-
house and Bentley Continental Flying Spur for the front. In Italian "Cognoscen-
ti" means connoisseurs or experts in a certain field--usually the fine arts.
It can be spawned by the phone code 227-555-0142.  It's fast and heavy but
doesn't have good handling.

  Comet  The Pfister Comet is based on the Porsche 911 and resembles the 911SC
Targa from the late '70's or the early '80s.  The two sport seats in black
leather resemble Lamborghini's seat design.  It's the fastest car and has ex-
cellent handling.

  The gold Comet Niko uses in "No. 1" can be saved.  In Brucie's Races an oppo-
nent may have a Comets which can be stolen though this will forfeit the race.
The Comet in the beginning of "Hating the Haters" can be saved and the mission
continued in another car.  It may have an unusual dark grey color that looks
red at certain angles.  The plum or bronze Comet stolen for Stevie's Car Thefts
can be saved and another will spawn its place.

  If Niko drives a Comet in South Bohan you may see Comets parked in rows.  It
can be spawned with the phone code 227-555-0175 which doesn't adversely affect
saved games.

  Contender  The Vapid Contender is like the third generation Ford SVT Light-
ning concept with colors like most modern Ford F-150s.  It has a grille and
headlights like the '07 Chevrolet Avalanche.  It's an unimpressive performer
but durable.

  Coquette  The Invetero Coquette resembles a '97-'04 Chevrolet Corvette C5 al-
though with projector-style headlamps and a front like the '02-'05 Honda/Acura
NSX.  One paint job is like that on the Corvette that Templeton "Faceman" Peck
(Dirk Benedict) drove in the 1983-1987 TV series "The A-Team."  A "Coquette" is
a chatty flirtatious woman.  It's like a newer model of a "Vice City" Banshee.
The Italian Mafia and the Algonquin Triads use it as a gang car.

  It's nimble and quick with excellent handling.

  The white/red Coquette is based on the Corvette that Face drove in "The A-
Team." (Thanks to Benzoboy)

  DF8-90  The Imponte DF8-90 looks like the Pontiac G6 (main shape and the bot-
tom of the front), the '99-'05 Pontiac Grand Am (the roof), and the Saturn Ion
(the shape of the back doors).  There are two motors: a V6 SPORT or a V8 TUR-
BO--you have to zoom in on the rear to see which.  It's fast with good handling
and good for drifting (and the swing glitch).

  Dilettante   The Karin Dilettante is based on the '00-'03 Toyota Prius with
headlights from an '06-'07 Citroen C4 and a body shape similar to the Honda In-
sight.  The word "Dilettante" is French for "a dabbler in fine arts or a con-
noisseur" and can also mean "amateurish or superficial."  It was revealed that
Rockstar named the car (and company) after a videogame violence researcher
named Karen Dill.  It's slow with poor acceleration.

  Dukes  The Imponte Dukes is mainly based on the '68-'70 Dodge Charger.  The
front bumper is based on the '68-'69 Pontiac LeMans GTO or the '68-'69 Fire-
bird.  The Imponte name is on the right grille of the front bumper like the
Pontiac name found on '68-'69 Firebird.  The tail lights are like those on the
'70 Dodge Challenger with aspects like those on the Charger.  The name refers
to the '79-'85 TV series "The Dukes of Hazzard" which features a '69 Dodge

  It appears in the parking area next to the abandoned Sprunk Factory, Argus
Street, Tudor, Alderney, in Stevie's Car Thefts, and in "Lure."

  Enforcer  The Brute Enforcer is based on an armored 1989-2001 International
4000 Series without front turn signal lights.  It's fast, has fair to good han-
dling, and is strongly bullet-proof.

  It's used by NOOSE and appears at a four star wanted level and during "Blow
Your Cover."

  As in recent GTAs the lead character gets a little Body Armor after he enters
an individual spawn of an Enforcer for the first time.

  Esperanto  The Albany Esperanto bumpers, sides, and bustle-back styling (most
of the chassis) is based on the Seventh Generation ('82-'87) Lincoln Continent-
al.  The grille and headlights are like those of an '82-'83 Chevrolet Malibu
(the shorter width of the grille makes it look like an '84-'85 Chevrolet Cele-
brity, but the Albany signature on the grille and flatter headlights are more
like the Malibu); and the taillights are based on an '80-'81 Pontiac Bonne-
ville/'85-'86 Pontiac Parisienne.  The combined look seems like an early Cadil-
lac Seville.  It's slow with poor acceleration and acceptable handling.  It's
found in Broker and Bohan.

  Roman's Taxi is a black variation driven by Roman Bellic and at hi depot till
"Roman's Sorrow."  It can be obtained in Roman's missions but you can't steal
the one Roman sends to pick up Niko as the doors are locked.  (It changes to a
Cavalcade after Roman purchases a penthouse in Algonquin.)

  FIB Buffalo  It's based on the 2006-2010 Dodge Charger Police Package but the
tail lights, headlights, and rear license plate have been changed and the front
fascia is a bit like the 2005?2009 Ford Mustang.  It's fast and durable.  It's
the fastest law enforcement vehicle and has a smooth ride.

  It can be attained in specific missions, when the player attains a wanted
level of four or more stars, or by using the cheat code 227-555-0100.  (GTW
note: you could also just spawn one with the Simple Trainer.)

  It's the only law enforcement vehicle that Niko's female friends will accept
for dates.

  Faction  The Willard Faction resembles an '82-'87 Buick Regal with some as-
pects like the Buick Grand National and Regal T-Type.  It's like the Sabre.  It
has good acceleration and handling.

  Feltzer  The Benefactor Feltzer is based on the Mercedes-Benz SL-Class R230
with the rear based on the second and third generation Mercedes-Benz SLK.
There are three versions of the Feltzer convertible in "IV"--one with a folding
hardtop, one with a soft top, and one with the top down.  It's the eighth fast-
est car in "IV" and good for drifting.

  It's found in Hove Beach, Broker, and Star Junction and The Exchange, Algon-
quin, etc.

  Feroci  The Bravado Feroci is based on the '95-'99 Infiniti I30 with similar-
ities to the Honda Accord, Mazda 3, and Lexus GS.  A FlyUS verion is at Francis
International Airport.  There's also a black sport version.  It's fast and good
for drifting.

  The Triads use a dark blue sport version with a spoiler and Chinese knotting
hung from the rearview mirror.  It's called the JDM VIP, has better perfor-
mance, and is found in Chinatown, Algonquin.  (They also use an Intruder VX.)

  Fire Truck  The MTL "V 24 Supercharged" Pumper is the FDLC's fire truck.  For
a big vehicle it's good at climbing and turning.  It has a water cannon that
can be operated and puts out fires.  If used against peds it can create a six
star wanted level without killing anyone.  The Fire Truck can be summoned by
dialing 911 and requesting the fire emergency service.  It rarely appears due
to fires then just drives away.

  Flatbed  The MTL Flatbed resembles a Peterbilt 379.  The Flatbed badge is
like that of the Phantom whch is also based on a Peterbilt.  Like other trucks
it can be found in the industrial areas of Bohan.  It may be unloaded or carry-
ing a shipping container or a crane attachment.

  Forklift  The HVY Forklift has rear wheel steering.  The fork doesn't go up
and down in "IV."  It has a propane tank on the back--if you have Niko shoot it
a flame shoots out and if you have him shoot it more it blows up.  It has good
acceleration but a low top speed.

  It may appear near the Homebrew Cafe, Broker, near the north boat wharf on
Happiness Island, and in Acter Industrial Park, Port Tudor, and Tudor, Alder-

  Fortune  The Vapid Fortune has sports styling like the Sentinel sports com-
pact.  The body shape is still based on the '89-'93 Thunderbird but the front
is more generic (like the Uranus in "San Andreas") and the tail lights have a
design like '97-'98 Lincoln Mark VIII which is based on the Thunderbird.  The
front is loosely based on the '94 Nissan Silvia S14 (Silvia in Japan, 200SX in
Europe, and 240SX in North America) and the head lights may be based on the 6th
generation Toyota Corolla (E90).  The Fortune is based on a combination of the
'89-'93 Thunderbird and some Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) sport coupes like
the Toyota Corolla Levin (E90) and the Nissan Silvia S14 but the rear end
may be based on the '90-'95 Mazda Cosmo Sports car.  Mazda and Ford were part-
ners from '78 to '10.

  It's fast and handles well.  It appears in "Search and Delete," Bohan, and
Middle Park, Algonquin.

  Futo  The name "Futo" is derived from the Japanese word "Dorifuto" meaning
"Drift" which may refer to the real-life counterpart as a popular drifting car.
It's based on the '84-'87 Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 GT-Apex Coupe and the
front, some parts, shape, and the paintjob on a '83-'85 Nissan Skyline DR30 RS
Turbo.  It's made by Karin and has fast acceleration and a high top speed.

  "Futo" is an anagram of the word "tofu" which could refer to the anime that
increased the AE86's popularity: "Initial D."  In it the main character uses an
AE86 hatchback as a tofu delivery car and a touge racer.

  The Futo & Futo GT is like a Toyota Corolla GT-S (AE86) Trueno (fixed lights
opposed to pop-up lights).  (Thanks to FBDriver)

  Habanero  It's mainly based on the '04-'09 Lexus RX (a rebadge of the Japa-
nese Toyota Harrier) but it's slightly bulkier like the Toyota Venza.  The tail
lights are like those on the '05-'07 Mitsubishi Outlander.

  Hakumai  The exterior is a combination of of three late-'80s Hondas: the
fourth generation Honda Civic, the third generation Honda Accord, and the third
generation Honda Prelude.  The body resembles the 4-door Accord with slightly
modified turn signals and the tail light cluster is similar to that of the Pre-
lude and Civic.  It features hidden headlights like the ZR-350.  It's fast but
not durable.

  The name means "rice" in Japanese so may refer to the term "ricer" or a car
that has cosmetic parts which do nothing to increase performance.  Most Hondas
from the early-1990s to the early-2000s are popular cars among ricers.

  Huntley Sport  It resembles the '06-present Range Rover Sport although it's
slightly boxier.

  A special edition of the Huntley Sport is unlocked after completing Little
Jacob's drug deals.  It's a Huntley Sport with a yellow and green paint job
called the Rasta Huntley.  Brucie gives Noko one with a olive and yellow paint
job after a boating trip.

  Infernus  It's manufactured by Pegassi (a play on the names of the Italian
supercar manufacturers Pagani and Lamborghini) and is largely based on the
first generation Lamborghini Murciélago with the side paneling of a Lamborghini
Diablo (notably the side windows) and the rear fascia and venting of an early
model Pagani Zonda and Spyker C8.

  It can be found during Brucie's street races and is given as a reward after
completing Bernie Crane's missions.

  Ingot  It's a station wagon mainly based based on the '92-'97 Audi 100/A6 (C4
Chassis) with some influence from a '93-'97 Volkswagen Passat (B4) and a rear
end more like a '96-'01 Nissan Stagea.  "Ingot" means "a mass of metal cast
into a convenient shape for storage or transportation to be later processed"
which could refer to the square design and it being inexpensive.

  Intruder  The Karin Intruder resembles the '02-'06 Infiniti Q45 but the rear
seems based on a '96 or '97 Infiniti I30.  It has a few features of a '00-'04
Toyota Mark II (X110).  The rear lights could be based on an E100 Toyota Corolla
or Opel Senator A2.  It doesn't have reverse lights.

  Landstalker  The Dundreary Landstalker resembles a third generation Ford Ex-
pedition in shape (and Dundreary is based on Mercury).  The grille and front
fascia is likely modeled after a first generation Lincoln Navigator.  The head-
lights resemble those of the '06?present Range Rover or Lincoln Navigator and
the taillights are somewhat like those of the '06 Ford Explorer/Range Rover
Sport.  It's the largest SUV.

  A black edition is found around North Holland.  It has a chrome side scuff
bar, no luggage rails on top, and if you move the "camera" to the back you see
TVs stored on the front seats.

  It no longer suffers from roll over but it oversteers and gets some under-

  Lokus  It resembles a second generation Lexus GS with headlights like a '04?
'10 Mercedes-Benz CLS and a split grille design like some Nissan models.  The
tail lights resemble those of the BMW E46 3-Series and it has a strong resem-
blance to a '99-'04 Peugeot 406.

  Manana  The front detailing resembles that of a '75 Buick LeSabre but the
overall design is derived from a '67 or '68 Cadillac Eldorado.  The front bump-
er is derived from neither and has a late '70s look.  It's available as a coupe
and a convertible.

  Marbelle  The styling is blend of '70s/'80s (North American) Ford Granadas
and Lincolns.  The headlights and turn signals somewhat resemble a '77?'79 Lin-
coln Versailles but the taillights are closer to those of an '81-'89 Lincoln
Town Car.  The sides, front bumper, windows and roof pillars resemble those of
the '75-'80 Ford Granadas (and are also similar to the '77-'78 Lincoln Ver-
sailles).  There are also vents surrounding the headlights much like those from
the '75-'77 Granadas.  Performance is above average for its type.

  Merit  The Declasse Merit looks like the '99-'05 Chevrolet Impala LS with a
back like a fifth generation '95-'97 Honda Accord.  The headlights and front
grille are reminiscent of a fourth generation Pontiac GTO while the taillightd
looks similar to those of a BMW E46 M3.  It's the base for the Police Patrol
and Taxi.  It's a fairly good all-rounder.

  Minivan  It's modeled after the fourth generation Dodge Caravan except with
lower ground clearance and sleeker design.  The grill is modeled after that of
the fourth generation Chrysler Town and Country SX/LX.  The rear of the Minivan
resembles that of the Second Generation Mazda MPV.  It's the basis for the Cab-

  Moonbeam  The Declasse Moonbeam is based on a '85?'94 Chevrolet Astro/'85?'94
GMC Safari but the front end incorporates more detailing and design cues and
supporting one- or two-tone body colors.

  Mr. Tasty  It resembles a '98 Chevrolet P30 Ice Cream Truck.  It has several
jingles toggled by tapping the horn key which produces a different jingle each
time--the tempo is coordinated with the speed of the truck and reversing the
truck reverses the jingle.  When it's moderately damaged the jingle distorts.
When severely damaged, the music does not play at all although the horn still

  "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy" (Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky)
  "Greensleeves" (trad. English folk song)
  "Scarborough Fair" (trad. ballad of Great Britain about the Yorkshire town of
  "Flight of the Bumblebee" (Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov)
  "Ride of the Valkyries" (Richard Wagner)
       and the "IV" theme song "Soviet Connection" (Michael Hunter)

  Reversing with no jingle causes a "ding-a-ling" noise instead of the standard
"beep" found on most industrial vehicles.

  If the player calls ZiT! while the "GTA IV" jingle is playing it activates a
health cheat ("DOC" on the cell phone) which blocks certain Trophies/Achieve-

  Mule  The Maibatsu Mule resembles a mid '90's Mitsubishi Fuso FM series and
the fifth generation Isuzu Elf N-Series.  "Mule" is a reference to "drug
mule"--someone that smuggles drugs for someone else.  To have Niko enter the
back of the Mule have him shoot the back doors lightly then climb onto the

  NOOSE Cruiser  The NOOSE (National Organization of Security Enforcement)
Cruiser shares the chassis of the Police Cruiser (based on a second generation
Mercury Grand Marquis) but with an LED light bar in place of the Police Cruiser
spinning V-bar and NOOSE livery rather than that of the LCPD.  Like the NOOSE
Patriot, the LED light bar does not make a distorted sound after being crushed
or shot with a weapon like the Police Cruiser/Patrol V-bar.  It's fast and a
good performer.

  NOOSE Patriot  It's based on the Patriot SUV (which is based on a Hummer H2)
but has an LED lightbar, the NOOSE livery, and wheels with sturdier black rims
and tires.  The paint is loosely based on that of Homeland Security vehicles.
Like other law enforcement vehicles it can't used with a Pay 'n' Spray or a car
wash.  It has better speed and handling than the civilian Patriot but you
should avoid rollover on turns.

  Oracle  The Ubermacht Oracle XS basically replaces the Sentinel of "San An-
dreas."  It resembles the BMW 7 Series E65--particularly pre-facelift models
('02-'05).  The grille resembles that of a second generation Lexus LS.  A
slightly modified variant of the Oracle--driven by members of the Irish Mob
mainly in Steinway--is based on the Alpina B7 and is dark green.  It has good
handling and is durable.

  "Oracle" could be a reference to the BMW Oracle Racing team as Übermacht is
based on BMW.  The name may also be due to the fact that a sentinel and an ora-
cle both observe or watch.

  A rare Oracle XS can be obtained in "Taking in the Trash."  Highly modified
Oracle XS's can be found driving near Ray Bulgarin's house if the player is
driving a Schafter.  The Oracle XS is mostly be found after game completion
when it spawns more than the original Oracle.

  PMP 600  The PMP 600 closely resembles a Chrysler 300C SRT-8 but with a more
chopped greenhouse area and a different front fascia giving it a further gang-
ster appearance playing to the 300C's gangster reputation.  The modded PMP 600
often driven by the Mafia is commonly found in Westdyke and Leftwood Alderney,
and Little Italy, Algonquin.

  Packer  The MTL Packer is based on the Kenworth K-100.  The ramp doesn't low-
er to the ground.  It comes with flatbed and tanker variations.

  A Packer with the ramp down (useful for stunts) exists in the TLAD game files
but doesn't spawn.

  Patriot  The Mammoth Patriot is based on the GMT800 2003-2006 Hummer H2 with
minor alterations like the taillights.  The grille design is like that of an
'87-'90 Dodge Caravan.  It lacks the Cavalcade's top speed but easily outmaneu-
vers it and accelerates faster.  It has high ground clearance and is durable.

  Perennial  The Dinka Perennial is based on the second generation Honda
Stream.  It's a parody car mainly based on Honda models--mainly the Stream and
with details like windows from the '07-'11 Honda CR-V and the Honda Stream.
The rear of the sides and rear window are similar to those of a Mercedes-Benz
R-Class and Audi A4 B8 Avant.  It's the only vehicle in "IV" with a fully
glassed roof which is reminiscent of the ill-fated Renault Avantime though it
was a coupe and not an MPV.  The taillights loosely resemble a '06-present Toy-
ota Previa.  Instead of fog lights the Perennial has daytime running lights
that are always on similar to those of a second generation Acura MDX.  The
seating is part leather and part cloth like that of the Honda CRV.

  The closest identification is with the Honda Stream or Mercedes-Benz R-Class.
It also resembles a 4th-Gen Honda Odyssey but the 4th generation started pro-
duction in August '10 almost two years after the release of "IV."

  Peyote  The Vapid Peyote resembles a Ford Thunderbird (first generation) but it
has double taillights instead of single ones giving the rear end the appearance
of Cadillacs from the early '60s ('61, '63).  The headlights are loosely based
on a '66 or '67 Pontiac GTO with bigger lights and somewhat altered headlight
bezels to fit into the styling of the mid-'50s era.

  Phantom  It resembles a Peterbilt 359 EXHD.  The trucks in "IV" can't be at-
tached to any of the trailers parked throughout the city.  Cornering is slug-
gish but it's fast and durable.

  There's a Phantom in the lot south of the FIA warehouse that's south of the
airport terminal and one in Dukes at the Ron gas station on the south side of
the east end of Dukes Dr.

  The name is probably a reference to the story song about a big rig truck
driver--"Phantom 309" (Tommy Faile).  A hitchhiker is given a ride by the truck
driver then learns at a diner the truck driver died earlier swerving to miss a
school bus.  The song was covered by Red Sovine in '67 and others including,
with altered lyrics, Tom Waits on the '75 live album "Nighthawks at the Diner."

  Pinnacle  The Pinnacle is mostly based on the sixth generation Nissan Maxima.
The rear resembles a '04-'08 Nissan Maxima with the tailights influencing the
'00-'07 Ford Mondeo Sedan, while the front end and body resembles a '03-'08
Nissan Teana.  The area around the back license plate is arranged similarly to
those on many older Infinitis and Mitsubishis.  The car bears many similarities
to the Ford Five Hundred.  Instead of fog lights, the Pinnacle is equipped with
daytime running lights where the lights are always on regardless of time of day
similar to those of the second generation Acura MDX.  The name "Pinnacle" may
be a play on "Maxima" as both of the names suggest an uppermost extreme.

  Police Cruiser  The Vapid Police Cruiser, based on the Stanier, is one of the
two main police cars used by the LCPD.  It's faster and more agile than the Po-
lice Patrol but has very soft suspension.

  It's based on the second generation Mercury Grand Marquis.  The tail lights
are similar to those of a '92-'94 model; the chassis, including: windows, head-
lights, and front and rear bumpers resemble those of the '92-'97 models; and
the grille and hood look like those of the '98-'11 models.

  Police Patrol  The Declasse Police Patrol is modeled after the eighth genera-
tion Chevrolet Impala Police Edition while the back is from the ninth genera-
tion.  It's generally used as a patrol vehicle rather than a pursuit vehicle
due to it being slower and heavier than the Police Cruiser.

  The light bar on top, as with those on other vehicles, has a distorted sound
if it's damaged.  A problem with saving police vehicles is that an officer may
drive it away.

  As in recent GTAs, the lead character gets five Shotgun shells after he en-
ters an individual spawn of a Police car for the first time.  If he doesn't
already have a Shotgun, he gets a Shotgun with 5 shells.

  Police Stockade   It's based on the Securicar except it has a police paint
job and a light bar.

  Premier  resembles a Chevrolet Cobalt LS Sedan (has different taillights com-
pared to the SS version). The front bumper might be a result of things being re-
arranged (as Rockstar has done with other vehicles).

  Premier  The Declasse Premier resembles a cross a Chevrolet Cobalt and a
Daewoo Lacetti with some details that resemble a '05-'11 T250 Chevrolet Aveo
sedan (for its four-door design but also for its taillight design).  The front
of the car is similar to a Chevrolet Cobalt sedan and the '01-'06 Toyota Corol-
la E120.  The enlarged grille in the bumper region resembles that of a 9th gen-
eration Chevrolet Impala.  The taillights are similar to the '05-'11 Chevrolet
Aveo tailights and are like those of the '06-'09 Ford Fusion.
  It's fast and has good handling but the suspension is soft.

  Presidente  It's based on the first generation Cadillac CTS though the head-
lights resemble those of the second generation CTS, albeit widened, and the
grille resembles that of a first generation Ford Fusion.

  The "SPORT" supercharged variants of the Presidente driven by the Korean Mob
are based on the Cadillac CTS-V.  The variant has a different front grille with
a "supercharged" badge, black rims, dark blue metallic paint, and a rear spoil-

  A police variant of the Presidente, the Police Stinger, is available in "The
Ballad of Gay Tony."

  Primo  The Albany Primo retains its four-door sedan design, similar to the
'92-'97 Cadillac Seville, with the grille, front headlights and taillights of
the '87-'93 Cadillac Allante, but it looks a bit like the '88-'92 Toyota Cres-
sida.  The supercharged Primo has changes that are just cosmetic.  Both are
fast but have poor acceleration and handling.

  Rancher  The Declasse Rancher resembles a Cheyenne Trim '89-'91 K5 Blazer.
The taillights and the slight lean of the rear of the cab resemble '80-'96 Ford
Broncos.  The overall body design resembles that of the 2-door version of the
Jeep Cherokee XJ.  It creates a lot of body roll but is good off road.

  Rebla  The Übermacht Rebla resembles a '03-'09 BMW X3 BMW X3 but the RWD
makes it better resemble the Mercedes-Benz M-class.  The sheer size makes it
like the BMW X1.  The overall shape resembles a SsangYong Kyron.  A sports ver-
sion of the Rebla, found in Hove Beach and driven by the Russian Mafia, is
black.  It's fairly fast and agile for an SUV and is durable and unlikely to
cause windshield ejection.  It's common in the first tweo main areas of the

  Ripley  The HVY Ripley is a large airliner tug found on the tarmac at the
airport.  The name is an homage to Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) of the "Ali-
en" films.  A featured vehicle in the movie "Aliens" is the US Colonial Ma-
rines' M577 Armored Personnel Carrier.  Prop designers for the movie used a de-
commissioned airliner tug to create the M577 which is why the tug in "IV" bears
the "Aliens" reference.

  Roman's Taxi  The Albany Roman's Taxi is based on the near-identical Esperan-
to.  Roman's Taxis are only driven by Mohammed.  It's dark grey.  It's fast and
has good handling.  After unlocking the Algonquin safehouse--when Roman makes
more money and lives in a high-class apartment--Roman's Taxis are replaced by
Cavalcades which are still driven by Mohammed.

  Romero  The Albany & Chariot Romero resembles a Washington sedan.  It's a
hearse but doesn't have a coffin inside except during "Undertaker" in which you
have Niko drive to a funeral with Derrick McReary's/Francis McReary's coffin
inside.  After the mission the Romero will drive past--you can obtain it if you
have Niko shoot the driver's head.  Romeros will appear in traffic if Niko
drives a Romero, particularly in Westdyke, Steinway, and Colony Island.  It was
named after George A. Romero--the director of the "Night of the Living Dead"
movie series.

  Ruiner  The Ruiner is based on the third generation GM F-Body (seen in the
period's third-generation Pontiac Firebird, and third-generation Chevrolet Cam-
aro).  It has a T-Top roof with either glass or solid panels.  The ground ef-
fects on the front end are reminiscent of 1985-1990 Pontiac Trans Ams.  The
wheels resemble those of the Mitsubishi Starion.  Some Ruiners feature license
plate frames that say "Ruining Imports Since '67" which is the year the afore-
mentioned GM F-body coupes debuted (however, this seems contradicted since it
has some Nissan influence).

  It appears more often if the player is driving a Stallion.  It's fast with
good handling.

  Sabre  The Declasse Sabre is based on the '78-'88 GM G-body.  The headlights
and front fascia are based on the '82-'87 Buick Regal while the grille is taken
from the '83-'88 Chevrolet Monte Carlo.  The front fascia resembles that of the
Dodge 400 and 600.  It's one of the few cars that can be found as a "beater"--
a rusted out version.  It's fairly fast, handles acceptably, and is durable.

  Sabre GT  The back and sides resemble a '70 Oldsmobile Cutlass but the sides
could be from a '69 Chevelle SS.  The front is similar to a 70' Buick GSX (the
headlights and the shape of the bumper is also very similar to a '70 Cutlass)
and the front bumper's round turning signals are similar to a 69' Dodge Coro-
net.  The wheels are like those on a '70 Pontiac Firebird.  The paintjob looks
like that of a Mustang Mach 1 with some characteristics of a Shelby Mustang.
The engine is a turbocharged 550ci V8 and it definitely sounds like it with the
turbo whistle evident at higher speeds.  The rusty Sabre has inferior perfor-

  Schafter  It's based on the Mercedes-Benz S-Class W220 but with a smaller
body and less flamboyant fascias.  The rear fascia seems to be derived from a
Mercedes-Benz CL-Class C215--most likely the AMG variant.  The front resembles
the Ssangyong Chairman H (which is based on a Mercedes Benz model) with the
headlights of a Maybach 57 and Maybach 62.  (In TBoGT it's based on a Mercedes-
Benz E-Class W212.)  It's fairly fast with good handling but accelerates slow-
ly.  The Russian Mafia in Hove Beach drives a black version.

  Securicar  The Brute Securicar truck chassis is based on an armored Freight-
liner FL-60 without front turning signals.  The cargo area roof is shaped like
the "San Andreas" rendition.  The basic chassis is shared with the NOOSE En-
forcer and Police Stockade.  The Securicar has bullet-proof side windows.

  The Securicar will create a lot of money if blown up but doing so with weap-
ons causes a two star wanted level.  To avoid this, the player can use one of
the car-bombs supplied by Patrick McReary (his friendship bonus) to blow up the
car or damage it enough while driving it that it will burst into flames and ex-

  The handling and acceleration have been greatly enhanced for "IV."  It's very
resistant to gunfire and vehicle damage but it is not explosion- or fire-proof
so can be destroyed by a single grenade placed beneath it or with a rocket.

  The name "Securicar" may be a pun of "Securicor"--a British security company
that merged with Belgium-based security company Group 4 Falck in '04 to form
the infamous Group 4 Securicor (now known as G4S).  Renditions of the Securi-
car in GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA Liberty City Stories, and GTA Vice City
Stories have "Gruppe Sechs" logos on the side--a German language pun on both
"Group 4" and "group sex."  In "IV" the fleet markings render the company name
as "Gruppe 6" but the vehicle still features "Gruppe Sechs" decals in much
smaller print on various surfaces.

  Sentinel  The Übermacht (the "IV" version of BMW) Sentinel resembles an E46
BMW M3 Coupe.  The tail lights seem to be inspired by the older E36 3 Series
and E39 5 Series.  It has tiny STD badges in front of the doors near the side-
skirts and front wheel wells.  STD stands for "Sentinel Tuning Division," like-
ly a play on Subaru's STi marque and BMW's in-house tuning division, BMW M, but
also a reference to the acronym for "sexually transmitted disease."

  If you get the hood off and keep the engine bay in good condition you can see
a centrifugal-type supercharger on the left side of the engine bay.  This makes
the latest Sentinel the fastest iteration yet.  It has good handling (be care-
ful at high speeds) and durability.  You can save the one needed for Stevie be-
fore delivering another that spawns at that spot.

  Solair  The Willard Solair resembles a '00?'03 Ford Taurus wagon.  The tail-
lights are like those on an eighth generation Lincoln Continental.  Speed and
handling are okay but the durability is better.

  Speedo  The Vapid Speedo resembles a '03-present Chevrolet Express van.
Every Speedo in the game is commercial and belongs to a business.  Billboard
ads depict a speedo with no business logo on the side and the slogan "No Man-
ners Required."  It's fairly fast but the most agile van.

  Stallion  The Classique Stallion is like a '68-'69 Oldsmobile Cutlass with
lights like a '70 Plymouth Hemi Barracuda.  The sides bear the lines of '70-'72
Oldsmobile Cutlasses.  The rear end looks like that of a '71 or '72 Cutlass (it
says "STALLION" above the bumper much like the "OLDSMOBILE" counterpart) with
extra lights.  It has good power, handling, and acceleration but be careful of
it sliding out on turns.

  Steed  The Vapid Steed is like a '92-'96 Ford Econoline delivery truck.  It
has a good top speed but poor acceleration and handling.  It's used by various
businesses.  It's parked in Fulcrum Avenue, Tudor, Alderney, and found on
Charge Island and the East Borough Bridge.

  Stratum  The Zirconium Stratum '98-'01 Citroën Xantia estate and the fifth
generation Honda Accord station wagon or Saturn SL1 (with the same added pil-
lars as the previous rendition), albeit with a front end derived from the R32
Nissan Skyline.  The rear end resembles the first generation Subaru Impreza
station wagon (or even a Z30 Toyota Soarer/first generation Lexus SC, albeit in
wagon form), and C-pillars which may be derived from the '96-'01 Toyota Camry

  It's found in Broker, South Bohan, and Easton and The Triangle in Algonquin.
It has decent acceleration and speed and good handling.

  Stretch  The Dundreary Stretch is the limo version of the Admiral which is based
on the Mercury Grand Marquis and the Toyota Crown Majesta.  It's prone to body
roll.  It's most generally found in Middle Park and Lancaster, Algonquin.

  Sultan  The Karin Sultan is mostly based on the first-generation Lexus IS
(aka the Toyota Altezza) though certain elements, such as the rear lamp units,
are inspired by a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IV.  Other elements (such as the
bonnet and spoiler of the Korean Mob variant) bear resemblance to the Mitsubi-
shi Lancer Evolution VII.  There are three variants: the regular car, the tuned
car, and the Sultan RS (RS is a popular abbreviation for performance models of
mainstream cars).  It's fast, grippy, and easy to drive with superior traction
and handling.  It's found around Firefly Projects.  Driving an Infernus in Mid-
dle Park East will spawn Sultans.

  Sultan RS  It's based on the first generation Lexus IS (aka the Toyota Altez-
za) with a few minor influences from a range of second generation Subaru Im-
prezas.  Though the Lexus IS or Toyota Altezza never had a two-door coupé ver-
sion they've influenced the RS.  The front and shape of the car resembles that
of a '01 Lexus IS with a body kit.  The big rear spoiler is usually a stock
feature of the Subaru Impreza WRX STi.  The rear is like the Mitsubishi Lancer
Evolution IV.  It's possible to find one after doing one of Brucie's street

  It has the best acceleration (not counting the Forklift due to slow top
speed) and is one of the best handling vehicles but due to the stiff suspension
it's better on smooth dry roads.  It has a much lower ground clearance than the
Sultan.  There are several variations in the Sultan RS's engine redline (maxi-
mum RPM)--some can reach a higher RPM than others.

  It's partly hidden by shrubs behind the one story red brick garage/storage
building past the north end of the main branch of dirt roads in northeast Al-

  Super GT  The Super GT (branded as a Dewbauchee car although police radio
chatter refers to it as a Pfister) is a grand tourer based on the Aston Martin
DB9 and the Aston Martin V8 Vantage due to its greenhouse area, front and sides
(except the vents) with design cues from the Jaguar X150.  The rear resembles
that of the Aston Martin Vantage V600, Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, or the Ferrari
575M Maranello.  It's the sixth fastest car in the game, has superior accelera-
tion, and is good for drifting.

  It's found outside the main entrance of the house where you have Niko find
and kill Chubby Charlie in "Trespass."  It's part of Stevie's Algonquin vehicle
collection--you can save one and take the respawn to Stevie.  You can use a
phone number code to spawn one: 227-555-0168.

 .Taxi  There are two taxi sedans in "IV": one built by Declasse based on the
Merit, which is the 2000-2005 Chevrolet Impala, and the other based on a Stan-
ier, built by Vapid, influenced by the second generation Mercury Grand Marquis
with frontal design cues more similar to a '98?present model.  They both have
good speed and handling and six horn sounds.  The Vapid taxi shares the same
body design as the LCPD Police and NOOSE Cruisers.

  Trashmaster  The Jobuilt Trashmaster is realistic with LSD workers hanging on
the back, etc.  It resembles a DSNY (Department of Sanitation New York) Mack LE
Refuse Collection Truck but the front is altered.  It usually appears in the
early morning of Tuesday and Friday.  The compacter can be operated by pressing
the sprint button.  This comes up during "Taking in the Trash"--the men Niko
works with will only throw bags into the truck when the rear lid is open.  It
can't be opened before or after the mission--trying to do so will only stop the
truck.  It's slow but durable.

  Turismo  The Grotti Turismo in GTA IV is based on the Ferrari 360 and, to a
lesser extent, the Ferrari F430.  The front fascia resembles the Mclaren MP4-
12C though the resemblance is coincidental--the 12C was only an idea when "GTA
IV" was developed.  The rear fascia has a sleek tail light-ra-diator cluster
with four-sided taillights as opposed to the circular lights of the 360.  The
rims, which resemble three-piece OZ Racing Superleggera rims, are installed
over cross-drilled brake rotors.

  There's a Turismo parked in the driveway of Faustin's mansion on the west
side of the south end of Shinnecock Ave., Beachgate.  A bronze Turismo is
parked by the Dawkins' Mansion on Owl Creek Ave. in Westdyke, Alderney for
Stevie's Car Thefts.  The Grotti dealership with eight Turismos is on the
northwest corner of Pyrite St. and Bismarck Ave. in Algonquin.  Stealing one
gives Niko a one star wanted level even if there are no police in the area but
it's easy to park it by the nearby safe house.

  It can also be obtained with a phone code: 227-555-0147.

  Uranus  The Vapid Uranus is based on the first generation Ford Escort with
the front inspired more by the '85-'89 Merkur XR4Ti and its European counter-
part the Ford Sierra XR4i.  The sides are like the '87 Dodge Charger "Shelby
Edition."  The rear fascia loosely resembles the XR4Ti.  There are some design
features from the third generation Ford Mustang such as black pieces of trim
and the shape of the side window.  The Russian Mafia of Hove Beach has a cus-
tomized version.  It has a decal on the windshield--"LOZSPEED"--"lose speed"--
referring to the nature of cars like this.  It's a fair performer.  The name is
a pun.

  Vigero  The Declasse (Chevy) Vigero has the design and role previously filled
by the Sabre.  It resembles a '69 Chevrolet Camaro with the rear and front fas-
cia like the '70 or '71 Plymouth Barracuda and Mk.1 Toyota Celica.  It resem-
bles the Camaro in the front bumper, wheel wells, and boxy rear but with softer
lines and a less pointed grill.  The double headlight design may be taken from
various cars but probably the first generation Pontiac Firebird.

  The Vigero performs better than the other muscle cars of the game with good
speed and braking but in wet conditions has poor traction and is unstable.  It
may appear in "beater" (rusty) form which has worse performance.

  Vincent  The Maibatsu Corporation Vincent is like the BMW 8 Series.  There
are two versions--the standard model and the LX2007, a sportier version.  They
perform the same.  It's fast with good handling but the braking ability is
among the worst in the game.

  Virgo  The Dundreary Virgo is based on a '77-'79 Mercury Cougar with some
hints of a '77-'79 Lincoln Mark V.  The taillights are similar to both the '77-
'79 Ford Thunderbird and Mercury Cougar.  The beta model for "Vice City" was
called the Cougar reinforcing the idea that the vehicle is based on a Mercury
Cougar.  It's fast and corners particularly well.

  Little Jacob's Virgo is available in the beginning of "Concrete Jungle"--you
can have Niko save it and complete the mission in another car.  You can have
him take it when he's escaped the police in "Russian Revolution"--you can have
him save it and complete the mission in another vehicle.  You can have him take
Little Jacob's Virgo from a church in Suffolk in the mission "Mr and Mrs Bel-
lic" if Niko is wearing casual clothes (otherwise the cutscene won't happen).

  Voodoo  The Declasse Voodoo has the Chevy Impala trademark six tail lights
and its rear is still modeled after the '60 Impala.  The grille is like that of
a '64 Impala (but "H" shaped like the '65 Rambler Classic or the '68 Plymouth
Roadrunner).  The roof, windows, and body style resemble those of the third
generation Impala.  The tailights are those of a '59 Ford Edsel.  The Voodoo
rear fascia is taken from the '59 Impala featuring an indented trunk with a
chrome strip.  It has mono- and two-tone body colors and all Voodoos feature
"S.S." and "Limited Edition" badging and a heart-shaped hood ornament.  A line
through the center of the badge resembles a "D" as in "Declasse."  The ceiling
light turns on when a door is opened.  The Jamaican Posse uses a custom version
in Schottler, Beechwood City, and Willis.

  Both versions are durable but poor performers.

  Washington  The Albany Washington is based on the '03-'11 Lincoln Town Car
and shares styling elements with the Cadillac Catera and '06-'09 Ford Fusion.
The back of the greenhouse has an unusually round shape like a fourteenth gen-
eration Chrysler New Yorker and the rest of the rear bears a subtle resemblance
to it.  It bears a subtle resemblance to a '06-'11 Cadillac DTS.  It's usually
found around Algonquin and Alderney.  A wagon version is used for the Romero
hearse.  The name is a change-up of names of presidents: Washington instead of

  It's a durable but poor performer.

  Willard   The Willard Willard looks like an '86-'91 Buick LeSabre--the main
difference is the taillights.  It has similarities with the first generation
Proton Saga (Saloon) and the fourth generation Toyota Carina.  According to the
"San Andreas" vehicle chart the name may come from the '71 movie of the same
name as "it squeaks and it's hard to get rid of."

  It has good handling and durability but is slow to accelerate.

  Yankee  The Vapid Yankee has the design of a 1980's International Harvester
S-Series/1980's GMC Topkick.  It usually features logos for various businesses.
Except for the flatbed version it goes much slower after being repaired at a
Pay 'n'Spray.  One spawn spot is an industrial yard near Honkers on Tinderbox
Ave. in Tudor, Alderney.  ("The Lost and Damned" has an open bed Yankee.)  It's
a poor performer.