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Glen T. Winstein

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Experiments 3 

  "Fascism or Freedom" Judge Rutherford October 2, 1938

  The first thing he says on it is that Jesus was resurrected exactly 1935 years
ago, which in 1938 would have been 3 AD.  That's usually put around 33 AD.
(I'm guessing it's his version of Jesus' birth on Earth.)

  He then makes his case of equating the clergy of Jesus' time (the Pharisees)
with Catholic and Protestant (anything Christian and non-Rutherford) clergy of
Rutherford's time as Satanic, and characterizes all of both groups as fascists
who have intended to keep people from learning God's truth (Jesus' and Ruther-
ford's stances).  Rutherford characterizes his stances as having been like Je-
sus' in having been honest but persecuted.

  Rutherford's record "Religion is a Snare and a Racket":