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Glen T. Winstein

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  Charles Russell's family tree: a real tree
  One of these is an Old World monkey that almost looks human
  The other is a Lesula


What's Goin' On  Marvin Gaye

Mercy Mercy Me  Marvin Gaye

My Sweet Lord  George Harrison

Instant Karma  John Lennon
Birthday  Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr

Honeysuckle Rose  RCA All Stars (Fats Waller, Bunny Berigan, Tommy Dorsey)

Traffic Jam  Artie Shaw (with Buddy Rich)

In the Mood and Chattanooga Choo Choo  Glenn Miller and his Orchestra

Route 66  Nat King Cole

Wand'rin' Star  Lee Marvin (Paint Your Wagon)

Pete Seeger and Arlo Guthrie   Precious Friend  This Land is Your Land

Waltz of the Flowers (Tchaikovsky)  Osaka Philharmonic Orch., Eiji Oue conductor

A few basics about photo manipulation:
  A demon look can be created with horns (push up at two places below the hair-
line and push down the forehead or hair between them) and elf ears (push out and up on the
ears).  For some reason, Henschel is easy to do this with.
  You can get some strange effects, like a tongue sticking out or even teeth,
by pulling down from the line between the lips and manipulating the results.
  You can make the head shape different by pulling out from it or pushing in
toward it.
  When you're done, press "Animate."
  How fast the faces morph can be adjusted, too, by setting the "Timeframe"
slider before you press "Animate."  A higher number makes the picture morph
slower, which can look more effective.
 Even if you don't have anything special in mind for the body, you may want to
push it down.  When it animates, it looks like it's exhaling the change to
the head.
(Sorry about the inactive imageshack links.  I have the screenshots on storage
drives.  If I ever come into money so can afford to keep the screenshots stored
on the Internet I can put them back up.)
In a 1969 interview with Nathan Knorr, he compares his claim that
most clergymen are hypocrites, such as for agreeing with teachings
about evolution, with Jesus' accusations of hypocrisy, says God may
use atomic energy for Armageddon, and gives the JWs leaders' stance
requiring JWs to refuse the medical use of blood.  (link inactive)
Despite the buildup to Sept.5, 1975 being the end of the last days
(some followers even selling their homes to devote time to missionary
work), and that despite an uncertain gap between Adam's creation and
the end of the 6th day when Eve was created (I'm not kidding), Knorr's
1975 speech, pre-Sept.5, is a general speech about "now" being the
time to stand with Jehovah.  Then Fred Franz made another general
speech simply claiming they were closer to the end.  Kind of a prepara-
tory anti-climax--an expectation blocker.