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Glen T. Winstein

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  When modifying the files for my various starter packages for Windows 10 64 bit first right click the folder it uses in the game folder to bring up the Properties menu and uncheck box for
  Attributes: Read-only (Only applies to files in folder)
  Click Apply to bring up the Confirm Attribute Changes menu, click OK and it
disappears, and click OK on the first menu.

  If the page is intended to contain widgets the menu "Only secure content is displayed" appears at the bottom of the screen. If it doesn't appear refresh the page so it appears.  Click the part of that menu that says "Show all content."

  If I want to go to the Desktop (such as for Google) during a game, I go to Resume on the pause screen, simultaneously press Ctrl, Alt, and Delete, and get a screen on which Task Manager is a choice.  I click Task Manager and go to the Desktop on which the Task Manager appears.  I "x" out the Task Manager, use the Desktop, then go back to the game.

Early 1960's Christmas recordings

Grand Theft Auto III

Glenster's "GTA III" Starter Package   GTA III Steam Starter Package

Glenster's Guide to Some of Vice City

Glenster's Guide 1 Glenster's Guide 2 Glenster's Guide 2_mp3 suppl Glenster's Guide 3 Glenster's Guide 4 

(Version made with Icey's parser): Glenster's Guide to Some

Glenster's Some of Vice City Starter Saves   Steam ver   LC Mod ver

GTA Vice City mods

Glenster's Glimpse into San Andreas

Glenster's Glimpse 1 Glenster's Glimpse 2 Glenster's Glimpse 3 Glenster's  Glimpse 4 Glenster's Glimpse 5
(Version made with Icey's parser): Glensters Glimpse into San A

Glenster's Go On, San Andreas, v.1 Mission Select SaveGames
San Andreas Steam Starter Package

Glenster's Drawer of Some GTA IV

Glenster's Drawer 1 Glenster's Drawer 2 Glenster's Drawer 3 Glenster's Drawer 4 Glenster's Drawer 5

(Version made with Icey's parser): Glensters Drawer of GTA IV

Glenster's GTA IV Starter Package

Glenster's Side of Episodes from Liberty City

Glenster's Side 1 Glenster's Side 2 Glenster's Side 3

(Version made with Icey's parser): Glenster's Side of Episodes from Liberty City

Glenster's Drive by GTA V

Glenster's Drive 1 Glenster's Drive 2 Glenster's Drive 3 Glenster's Drive 4

(Version made with Icey's parser) Glenster's Driveby GTA V
Glenster's GTA V Starter Package

Glenster's Guid Haven for "Mafia: the City of Lost Heaven"

"Mafia: the City" Page 2     "Mafia: the City" Page 3
 (Version made with Icey's parser)

Glenster's "Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2" PC walkthrough"
(Version made with Icey's parser)  

 "Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2" PC mods

Glenster's "Morrowind" starter save: Jane True, Dunmer

Free PC Pinball, mods for lots of games, etc.

Basics How to have belief or non-belief in God without harm

Basics Page 2

Basics Page 3

Basics Page 4

Basics Page 5

Glenster's Guide to GTJ Brooklyn

GTJ Brooklyn Index
GTJ Brooklyn 1
GTJ Brooklyn 1a
GTJ Brooklyn 1a cont.

GTJ Brooklyn 1b
GTJ Brooklyn 1c
GTJ Brooklyn 1d
GTJ Brooklyn 2
GTJ Brooklyn 3
GTJ Brooklyn 4
GTJ Brooklyn 5
GTJ Brooklyn 6
GTJ Brooklyn 6a

GTJ Brooklyn 6b
GTJ Brooklyn 7
GTJ Brooklyn 8
GTJ Brooklyn 9
GTJ Brooklyn 10

  • GTJ Brooklyn 11
  • GTJ Brooklyn 12
  • GTJ Brooklyn 13
  • GTJ Brooklyn 13a
  • GTJ Brooklyn 14
  • GTJ Brooklyn 14a
  • GTJ Brooklyn 15
  • GTJ Brooklyn 16
  • GTJ Brooklyn 17
  • GTJ Brooklyn 18
  • GTJ Brooklyn 19
  • GTJ Brooklyn 20
  • GTJ Brooklyn 21
  • GTJ Brooklyn 22
  • GTJ Brooklyn 23
  • GTJ Brooklyn 24
  • GTJ Brooklyn 25
  • GTJ Brooklyn 26
  • GTJ Brooklyn 27
  • GTJ Brooklyn 28
  • GTJ Brooklyn 29
  • GTJ Brooklyn 30
  • GTJ Brooklyn 31
  • GTJ Brooklyn 32
  • GTJ Brooklyn 33
  • GTJ Brooklyn 34
  • GTJ Brooklyn 35
  • GTJ Brooklyn 36
  • GTJ Brooklyn 37
  • GTJ Brooklyn 38
  • GTJ Brooklyn 39
  • GTJ Brooklyn 40
  • GTJ Brooklyn 41
  • GTJ Brooklyn 42
  • GTJ Brooklyn 43
  • Experiments 1
  • Experiments 2
  • Experiments 3
  • Experiments 4
  • Experiments 5
  • Led Zeppelin Lift-Offs

  • Why I'm not a JFK conspiracy theorist 

  •     "Baby Let's Swing"/"The Last Thing You Said"/"Don't Tie My Hands"
  •      Runt (Todd Rundgren 1970)
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